Top Three Beaches to Visit in Sydney

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					Top Three Beaches to Visit in Sydney by Roberta Stuart

 It is no secret that Australian beaches are world renowned for the beauty and serenity that can be
enjoyed by both young and old. Whole subcultures have been spawned and thrive on the beach
culture that is enjoyed by the locals and those staying in one of the many Sydney 5 star hotels
located along the coast

Whether you enjoy a moonlit stroll or splashing about in the warm water, these pristine beaches are
waiting to welcome you with a friendly wave or two. Throw on your swimming trunks, splash on
some sunscreen and head off to discover what all the locals are raving about.

No.3: Bronte Beach

Located just eight kilometres from the city centre, this beach is well known for having scenic cliff top
walking paths that hug the edges of Bronte Park. If you are lucky enough to be staying nearby in one
of the Sydney 5 star hotels, then head down for some breathtaking sunset views as the beach basks
in a warm golden glow. Visit one of Bronte Park’s hidden gems, a spectacular sandstone cave that
has been carved out of the rocky cliffside.

No.2: Manly Beach

If you are staying in one of the Sydney 5 star hotels, then hop on to the harbour ferry and enjoy
spectacular views of the city centre whilst heading towards this scenic peninsula. Surrounded by
harbours on each side, this white sand beach with its warm turquoise waters has become an
international destination for travellers the world over.

Shallow waters and slow currents make this beach favourable to swimmers and paddlers looking to
splash around in the warm Pacific waves. Take the time to enjoy the cuisine from one of the many
world class restaurants located nearby, and be sure to explore the many coves that are scattered
along the length of this stunning coastline.

No.1: Bondi Beach
If you’re looking to hang out with the hip and cool, then is the place to be! Bondi Beach is Australia’s
most famous beach - immortalised in movies and in the minds of surfers around the world. It
attracts a friendly and fashionable crowd that loves to hang out in the many bars, clubs and
restaurants along the waterfront.

Bondi’s waves are world famous and often play host to world class international surfing
competitions which have the beach teaming with visitors throughout the year. If you are staying
nearby in one of the Sydney 5 star hotels, you can enjoy amazing views overlooking this little slice of

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