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                                                                                             Kansas City, Mo. 64151
                                      H: 816-746-4746║║C:816-550-6829


Results-oriented Account Director/Sales Manager with career success in serving as customer’s primary point
of coordination for operating companies of Johnson and Johnson. Provided innovative solutions for products and
resources that support mental health caregivers, health care providers and practitioners in mental health and
long term care.

▪   Influence and Impact – Influence with an extensive network of benefactors and contacts throughout the
    Midwest upon which support for actions and initiatives were driven.
▪   Business Acumen: - Contract negotiations, strategic implementation of business plans, and business
▪   Customer Management – Became a part of the fabric of institutions and accounts by serving as a valuable
    business consultant to staff, decision makers, and key opinion leaders.
▪   Proven Leadership – Strong communication skills, clarity in direction and motivating direct reports,
    demonstrated results in adverse business environments.
▪   Adapting & Prioritizing – Mentor others on devising and instituting a fully customized approach to
    business, prioritizing activities and applying resources to support success.


Alternate Care Consultant - Worked with Sunovion Pharmacutical in developing an                      2011 – Present
Alternate Care Account Team.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON – JANSSEN ORTHO-MCNEIL, TITUSVILLE N.J.                                               2007 – 2011
Area Business Manager – Midwest Region
Led district of nine representatives throughout the state of Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas in strategizing and
positioning of long acting injectable therapies involving Invega Sustenna and Risperdal Consta. Developed and
implemented productive strategic growth plans. Nurtured relationships with key decision makers in large mental
health clinics and hospitals within the three-state District. . Served as key contact and communication liaison for all
major contracted accounts. Managed strategic internal partnerships between direct reports, support managers,
and home office support staff. .
▪   Engineered business plan involving key CMHC’s as well as identifying areas of opportunity for
    Medicare Part D and Medicaid throughout the three state district.
     Results: Central Plains District moved from 20/24 to 9/24 and first in the Western Region in 2009.
      points in declining market.
▪   Led 2009 Call Activity within the Region at a rate of 10% above the Region and National averages. .
     Results: Higher call activity with a strong sales message produced a growth rate that positioned the
      District as first in the Region and 9 in the company.
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JOHNSON & JOHNSON HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS, PISCATAWAY, N.J.                                              1999 – 2007
Account Director – Midwest Region, continued
▪ Executed and partnered strategically with Omnicare, the largest pharmacy provider in the United
   States in growing contracted sales from 100 million to 280 million in a four year period. Held
   account responsibilities both clinical and contractual at Omnicare during a four year period for the Long
   Term Care Group within J&J.
    Results: Generated J&J as the number one company in customer satisfaction in the long term care
      arena for a three year period.
▪   Received Best Account Director Award from the Long Term Care Pharmacy Executives 2006 Long
    Term Care Industry Trends and Health Strategies Report.
▪   Received LTC 2005 Regional Account Director Award for sales generated throughout 2005. The
    results were for all strategic product line above LTC average.
▪   Started the Nursing Home Corporation Business Segment which allowed for a foundation for which
    the Long Term Care group could drive initiatives.
▪   Received LTC 2001 Region Award for Achievement for sales results generated throughout 2001,
    which for all strategic products were above LTC average, and the boarder relationship generated with the
    key account-Omnicare that provided additional opportunities and product initiatives throughout 2001.
▪   Produced preferred status formulary for both Risperdal and Procrit at Health Systems Inc., which
    generated sales increases for both products while acting as the Director of Nursing Home Segment for
    Long Term Care Business Group.
▪   Generated favorable positioning of Risperdal, Procrit, Ultram, Levaquin, and Duragesic while working
    within the clinical arena of Omnicare resulting in sales increases. As the Omnicare Account Director,
     Managed clinical and contractual issues
     Managed stability testing and packaging for Risperdal
     Conducted annual business reviews and clinical updates
     Developed contract Research organizations testing of products.
▪   Synergized efforts for strategic products with all three operating companies within the Long Term Care
    marketplace resulting in a greater appreciation and funding for the business segment.
▪   Managed Coram Healthcare as Account Director producing an interest in Home Health Care as a new
    business segment for the LTC group.
▪   Collaborated with Brand Teams resulting in development of resources and programs within the business
▪   Trained three LTCBM employees impacting the future business of the LTC Group


Bachelor of Science in Marketing, 1980

Avila College – Graduate Program 1994-1998
Classes taken: Economic Concepts
                Marketing Strategy
                International Marketing
                Special Problems in Healthcare
                Managerial Accounting

National Association of Medical Sales Representative – RMSR Certificate Number 79382011 – December

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