An Introduction to TTA Standardization Activities by ewghwehws


									                    An Introduction to
               TTA Standardization Activities
                      1st CJK Standards Information Exchange Meeting
                                 26 June 2002, TTA, Korea
                                            Hong Won Kim
                                 Director, International Cooperation

                                       Telecommunications Technology Association
Telecommunications Technology Association
               Historical Review

                      The latter of 1980’s, Global Transition of Telecommunication Market
                       moved fast forward to Privatization, Competition, and Deregulation

                     April 1988, Communication Technology Promotion Council examined
                      the feasibilities to establish a Civilian Standardization Organization

                      December 1988, Establishment of TTA ( by the Article 32, Civil Law )

                     August 1992, Establishment of TTA ( by the Article 30, The
                      Framework Act on Telecommunications )

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                2/18
               Major Activities
                  Establishment of Standards in the field of Info-Communication

                 Dissemination of Standards and the Result of Research in the area
                 of Info-Communication Standard and Technology

                 International Standardization Activities
                 - TTA was qualified ITU-T Standard Referenced Organization
                 - Collaboration with Standards Developing Organizations (GTSC/GRSC)
                 - 3GPP, 3GPP2, MESA Project
                 - MoU with ACIF, ETSI, ITU-AJ, TTC, ARIB, T1, TSACC

                 IT Testing and Certification Services
                 - Network equipment, Software, and Digital Broadcasting equipment

Telecommunications Technology Association                                            3/18
               Status of TTA Membership
                As of June, 2002

                                                          Telecom. Operators

                                             13                 Related Associations
                                                                and Academic circles
                                                                  Research Institutes
                                    Total         3
                                     117                  2         Broadcasting Companies

                                                                    Categories          Year 2002
                                                                    Regular                 88
                                                                    Observer                10
                                                                    Cooperative              7
                                                                    Associate               12
                                                                    Total                  117

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                           4/18
               Standardization Procedures

                   Telecom. Operators,
                    Manufacturers,             Proposal of Standardization
                    Research Institutes

                   Technical Committee or
                    Project Group             Review and Preparation of Draft

                   TTA Secretariat                         Open Hearing
                                                                (4 weeks)
                   Technical Committee or
                    Project Group
                                              Examination of Draft Standards
                                                                 (6 weeks)

                   Technical Assembly                    Approval of TTAS                            TTA Standards

                    Ministry of Information
                    & Communication                   Proclamation of KICS                           National Standards

                                               KICS : Korean Information & Communication Standards

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                                       5/18
               Organizational Structure
                Technical Assembly, Secretariat

                    Board of Directors                                Technical Assembly

                    Secretary General
                                                         Strategy &                  Technical
                                                         Operation                   Committees(11)
                              Administration Dept.
                                                              Special                      Groups(40)
                             Standardization Dept.            Committees(3)
                                                              Ad-hoc (2)
                          Standardization Planning &
                               Research Dept.                                        Groups(2)

                      Information & Telecommunications                                     Working
                             Testing Laboratory                                            Groups(9)

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                        6/18
               Standardization Organization
                Technical Assembly, Technical Committees, Project Groups

                  Technical Assembly                       TC2   Telecommunication Network (4SGs)

                                                           TC3   Transmission (5SGs)
                   Strategy & Operation Committee
                                                           TC4   Network Operation & Management (4SGs)

                                                           TC5   Broadcasting (3SGs)
                         SC1 Strategic & Planning
                                                           TC6   Radiocommunication (7SGs)
                         SC2 Testing & Certification
                                                           TC7   Informatization (4SGs)
                         SC3 International Cooperation
                                                           TC8   Data Engineering (3SGs)
                         Adhoc#2 User Group
                                                           TC9   Software Engineering (2SGs)

                                                           TC10 Information Security (3SGs)

                                                           TC11 IC Card (2SGs)
                          Chairman of TA                   TC12 NGIS (3SGs)
                          • Dr. Sang-Hoon Lee
                            (Executive Vice President of
                             KT)                           PG1   IMT-2000 (6WGs, 2adhocs)
                          Vice Chairman of TA
                          • Dr. Ki-Shik Park               PG4   ITS (3WGs)
                            (Director of PEC, ETRI)
                          • Vice Chairman of TSAG

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                           7/18
               Standardization Work Items
                Number of Work Items assigned to Technical Committees, Project Groups

                                              Areas                    No. of Items
                      SC2 Testing and Certification                          4
                      TC2    Telecommunication Network                      103
                      TC3    Transmission                                   43
                      TC4    Network Operation & Management                  8
                      TC5    Broadcasting                                   11
                      TC6    Radiocommunication                             28
                      TC7    Infomatization                                 110
                      TC8    Data Engineering                               13
                      TC9    Software Engineering                           23
                      TC10 Information Security                             25
                      TC11 IC Card                                          20
                      TC12 NGIS                                             21
                      PG1     IMT-2000                                      529
                      PG4     ITS                                           14
                                                Total                       952

Telecommunications Technology Association                                               8/18
               Priority Standardization Area
                Harmonization with GTSC/GRSC

                   Telecommunications Area - GTSC
                    - Next Generation Network
                     Architecture & Protocol, End to End QoS, Service Platforms, Network Mgt,
                     Lawful/Legal Interception, Security

                  Radiocommunication Area - GRSC
                  - Identification & Location Services
                  - Measurement Uncertainties in Radio and Terminal Equipment

                  Joint Area - GTSC/GRSC
                  - IMT-2000 (****)
                  - Public Safety & Disaster Relief

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                  9/18
               Status of Established TTA Standards
                As of December, 2001

                Yearly Status                  Classified by Areas

                                                 368(22%)              Radiocommunication


                                            Information Technologies

                                                 Total Accomplishment
                                                  - Standards [Revised]         1,685[56]
                                                  - Technical Reports           10
                                                  - Guidelines                  2

Telecommunications Technology Association                                         10/18
               Participating scheme in International
               Provide contributions, participate to meeting in ITU, ISO, …
               Standardization Flow in Korea

                                                                                                                        ISO, IEC            International
                                                                                   ITU                                                      Standards
                                                                                                      Cooperation       ISO/IEC JTC1

                                                                                                                     MOCIE                  National
                    ACIF, ARIB, ETSI, T1,                                          MIC
                   TIA, TSACC, TTA, TTC                                                                                            ATS
                                                                                   TTA                                     KISI             Standards

                                                                              ETRI       NCA            KISA

                                 Telecommunications                                User Group
                                 Operators, Manufacturers,
                                 Academic circles                        CCPA, TIAK, RAPA, DPC

                         MIC     Ministry of Information & Communication                 KISA    Korea Information Security Agency
                         MOCIE   Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy                 CCPAK   Computer & Communications Promotion Association of Korea
                         ATS     Agency for Technology and Standards                     RAPA    Korea Radio Promotion Association
                         KISI    Korean Industrial Standards Institute                   DPC     Korea Database Promotion Center
                         ETRI    Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute
                         NCA     National Computerization Agency

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                                                                      11/18
               TTA Web
               Electronic Support for Standardization,
                  Standardization Activities
                  - Committee’s Activities (Electronic Balloting), Proposal of Standard, etc.

                  Standard Information
                  - View/Download of Standards, Electronic Dictionary (30,000 Words)

                  Meeting Document Services
                   - Meeting Notification, Meeting Docs, Participants, Minutes, etc.

                  Standardization Work
                  Item’s Record Handling
                   - Keeping a historical
                     record of each Stan-
                     dardization Work Item

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                       12/18
               Electronic Information Dissemination Service
               Standard Free Downloading, IT Standard Weekly News

                  Number of Standard Monthly Free Downloading since Year 2000
                   ( Number of Stored Standards in Server: 1,894 Standards, Full text )

                   IT Standard Weekly Service – Selected
                   Dissemination Information Service (Jun. 2001)
                    - Providing IT Technology & Standardization
                     Information via TTA Web, Mailing Group.

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                 13/18
               The Result of Survey on the Utilization of
               In Standards
                  Year 2001

                     Outstanding Queries and it's Responses (Total 2,300 respondents)

              1)     Recognition and Utilization of Standards
                     - Recognition: ITU(43%)>TTA(36%)>ISO(22%)>IEEE(18%)>IETF(14%)
                     - Utilization : Forum(26%)>ITU(26%)>ISO/IEC(22%)>TTA(18%)>Others(5%)

              2)     Priority using Standard(s) in area: Local Loop(56%), Security(24.4%),
                     Transmission(23.3%), Broadcasting(22.2%), Networks(19.5%)

              3)     Quality of Standard(s): Satisfied(24.5%), Medium(52%), Not-satisfied*(6%)
                     * Uncleared expression(17.8%), Not properly maintaining in time(13.9%)

              4)     Required area of Standard(s) development: IMT-2000 Core Networks, Wireless
                     Home LAN, Security, Internet Web Appl., Hi-Speed Data Comm, etc.

              5)     Required area of Conformance Testing: IMT-2000 System/Service,
                     Security/ETS, Internet, Multimedia Terminals, ATM, D-Broadcasting, etc.

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                      14/18
               Rules of Procedures, Guidelines

                   Articles of Association of TTA

                   Rules of Membership in TTA

                   Rules of Composition and Management of Organizational Structure and
                   Procedures for Standardization Process and Activities of TTA

                   Guidelines for the Handling of IPR in Connection with TTA Standards

                   Elaboration and presentation of texts and development of terminology
                   and other means of expression for TTA Standard(Korean language version only)

                   Transposition of foreign standard into TTA Standard as English TTA
                    Standard (Korean language version only)

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                 15/18
              Cooperative Relationship with domestic fora
               Selected 30 fora for promotion of de facto standardization

                         Areas                                                                                  No. of
                                                                    Domestic Fora                               Forum
                                            IPv6 Forum Korea, VoIP Forum, URI Forum, Korea Wireless
              Internet                      Internet Standardization Forum, Internet Appliance                     5
                                            Standardization Forum
                                            Internet Security Technology forum, Korea Electronic Payment
              eCommerce &
                                            Forum, Integrated Forum on Electronic Commerce, Korea PKI              4
                                            Advanced Digital Broadcasting Standardization Forum, MPEG
                                            Korea Forum

                                            Next-Generation Open Network Forum, Korea Optical Network
              Network and
                                            Forum, High speed wireless LAN Forum, Korea Bluetooth Forum,
                                            Korea xDSL Forum, Integrated Network Management Forum, Next
                                            Generation Consolidation Network, Korea Ethernet Forum
              Software                      Software Component Standardization Forum                               1
              Semiconductor                 System on Chip Forum                                                   1
                                            Logistics Information Forum, ITS Forum, IAB Forum, Grid Forum
                                            Korea, Wireless Internet Content Selection Standardization Forum,
                                            Korea Biometrics Association, Speech Information technology
              Digital Contents              DRM Forum, Electronic Book Standardization Forum                       2

Telecommunications Technology Association                                                                       16/18
               IT Testing and Certification Services

                   - Maximizing the practical use of Standard(s)
                   - Securing Compatibility, Interconnectivity, Interoperability, and the quality of
                      the IT products, etc.

                  Major Activities
                   - Providing IT Testing, Certification Services, Open Testing Lab

                  Testing & Certification Service Area
                   - Network Equipments (Ethernet NIC, Router, WLAN, ADSL, VoIP, VDSL, etc)
                   - Softwares (Component, Mobile, Embedded, Web-based S/W, etc)
                   - D-Broadcasting Equipments (DVB-MHP, ATSC-DASE, Digital TV, etc)
                   - Cell Phone (D-Cellular Phone Charger, I/O Connection Interface)

                  Open Testing Lab Service
                   - Providing Testing environment for Network Equipment testing
                     (Ethernet, ATM, MPLS, IPv6, VoIP, ADSL, etc.)
Telecommunications Technology Association                                                         17/18
               IT Testing and Certification Services
               .. continue

              Certifying that        Verifying that      Confirming that
              the product has        the product         the product
              met the                has met the          has been tested
              certification          requirements        in accordance
              criteria               requested by        with the test spec.
              prepared by the        the client          prepared by the
              local/foreign                              TTA and the
              standardization                            client

               Certifying that       Verifying that      Verifying that
               the product has       the product has     the product has
               met the               met the             met the
               requirements          requirements set    requirements set
               specified in the      forth by the ‘Up-   forth by the
               Quality               to-Spec’            ‘Tolly verified’
               Certification         standards of the    standards of the
               Standards of          Tolly Group         Tolly Group

Telecommunications Technology Association                                      18/18

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