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									 As a landlord, you could be in a precarious
   situation if you have to evict a tenant.

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 The Daytona Beach lawyers at Rice & Rose know what can happen if
state and local regulations aren't followed Each state has slightly
different rules and many local governments have yet more rules Also,
federal discrimination laws also could come into play ay As a landlord,
you definitely should consult with Daytona Beach lawyers before starting
the eviction process In Florida, there are several steps you have to take
 You can't just post a sign on the door that says get out First you must
give a three-day notice It can be delivered by mail (registered mail would
be a good idea), by hand or posted on the door If you're lucky, the
tenant will leave and you'll be spared a lot of costs If not, you'll have to
file an eviction complaint along with the three-day notice, possibly the
lease agreement, and pay filing fees and a summons fee So, are you
finished? Not yet
 You'll need copies more info here of the eviction notice, verifying the
correctness of the address in order for the sheriff to deliver a five-day
summons to the tenant You'll need to supply envelopes for the
documents that will be delivered to each tenant, including the eviction
notice and the lease/rental agreement And don't forget the postage All
of this will also have to be filed with the county clerk or court, who offers
several payments options The sheriff demands a certified check or
money order for his fee The process also takes a lot of time
 Besides the three-day notice and the time it will take to get everything
filed and for the sheriff to schedule the service, then you have to wait
another five days for the tenant to respond Then there is even more
work and more forms to file, including a motion for default and a final
judgment as well as a writ of possession All of this will need to be filed
and then finally, if the tenant hasn't left, the sheriff can go and take
possession of the property for you Daytona Beach lawyers note that all
of this is for the state process You'll also need to make sure, if your
property is within an incorporated area, about the municipality's rules
The federal government comes in if your tenant claims discrimination on
the usual race, sex, religion, nationality, age or family status
 Also, you must abide by fair credit rules and disability rules And there's
a new one If you buy a foreclosed property, you have to honor the
previous rental agreements as long as they are still in effect, or you have
to give 90-days notice if they don't have a lease somekeyword are
available to consult on eviction and all other landlord-tenant issues
somekeyword is a Daytona Beach-based law firm that specializes in real
estate law as well as many other practice areas
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