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									 Even kids who are interested in cars can get
 bored at a Daytona 500 party without some
  fun; kid oriented party activities and crafts.
 However, you'll find that it's easy to keep the
 kids entertained by letting them create their
    very own personalized license plates.

Personalized License Plates For this party item you'll need the following
supplies; pre-cut rectangular pieces of foam with rounded corners,
pre-cut foam frame piece with rounded corners, markers, stickers, glitter
to decorate, and craft glue Have the kids decide what they would want
on their personalized license plates
 You may have to help them with spelling if they are very young Then
help them write the word they want on the plate in block letters
 You may also pick up a few letter templates that the kids can just follow,
to make it easier and create more consistent looking license plates From
here the kids can fill in their block letters anyway they like, from using
black markers to fill them in or applying glue and glitter to make the
personalized Daytona 500 plates
 From here you can decorate the foam frame for the license plate You'll
find that it's easy to spread a thin layer of craft glue around the frame and
give it a good coating of glitter for a very sparkly effect
From here use the craft glue to apply the license plate frame to your
Daytona 500 craft item
 Let dry continue and viola! You have your very own personalized license
plates for the kids
This makes an excellent craft idea to have the guests create at your
Daytona 500 party
 If you are looking for something fun that will keep the kids entertained
while the adults sit and watch the racing, you'll find that this is just the
project for your party!

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