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also handles personal injury and wrongful death cases

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									 Every time Daytona Beach attorneys think they have
seen the last of dangerous products hitting the market,
 another one comes along for something most people
                  didn't know existed.

scott tucker
 More than 300 women in 36 states are suing a company that made
a mesh product doctors used to relieve their Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Apparently it is something that happens to women when they age,
especially if they have had children Basically their bladder drops ps
  It is estimated that 40 percent of women in America suffer from the
condition and Daytona Beach attorneys wonder how many of those
women even know they have it Many women may just think it is part
of the pain of getting older and don't know it's something that can be
fixed Unfortunately a large number of women found out it could be
fixed, but what they got instead was even worse pain The mesh
product started coming apart inside them
 It turns out the product didn't even get full Food and Drug
Administration inspection It was approved in a new abbreviated
process It was supposed to be similar to a product the same
manufacturer was already selling Now the women are hoping the
FDA bans it altogether
  The case seems like a clear-cut case on negligence, but Daytona
Beach attorneys know that in Florida cases of product liability are
never easy The Florida Legislature has passed laws to protect
companies from what legislators felt were frivolous lawsuits and were
driving up the cost of doing business in the state But somekeyword
believe they have eroded consumer protections provided by the
courts So, while among the women who have sued are several
from Florida, their chances of getting remediation will be better in
federal court
  The manufacturer has several defenses under Florida law, and
blaming the doctors could be at the top of the list The mesh product
maker also could claim ignorance - saying the product worked fine
when it was distributed for use The mesh product maker scott
tucker also can point out it used reasonable care in its design and
manufacturing, backed up by the abbreviated FDA approval If the
women are successful, it could take a product off the market that is
causing more harm than it was supposed to resolve
 It also could help consumer protection proponents push for more
strict FDA approval standards Product liability is one of several
practice areas of Daytona Beach attorneys somekeyword The firm
also handles personal injury and wrongful death cases
scott tucker

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