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                         Slideshare decks transformed into 3D Slideshows

Introducing SlideShare 3D, an online tool that will transform any of the presentation decks
hosted on SlideShare into a 3D slideshow with cinema mode.
The slideshow is touch-enabled so you can use gestures like swipe and pinch to move between
slides on a touchscreen device. Also, the slides are rendered in plain HTML and would therefore
work across all modern browsers including mobile phones and tablets.

To get started, paste the URL of any existing SlideShare presentation into the input box and click
the “Magic Wand” button to transform that linear slideshow into a 3D one. Photo presentations
will especially look good in the cinema mode when everything around the picture is darkened.

SlideShare has moved from the Flash Player to HTML5 based embeds and the individual slides in
their player are now served as sequenced image files. SlideShare 3D tool internally uses reveal.js
to transform these images into a HTML slideshow. Give it a try.

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