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Scholarship Opportunitiesat Four-Year by wuyunyi


 Opportunities at Four-Year
            Colleges and Universities

         Hudson Valley Community College’s
         Center for Counseling and Transfer

         Siek Campus Center, Room 260
         (518) 629-7320
Transfer Scholarship
Hudson Valley Community College transfer graduates can find scholarship
information and assistance at many four-year colleges and universities.
Through the years, Hudson Valley students have received academic scholar-
ships and financial aid that have helped them continue their education at
many four-year institutions. The awards usually provide partial tuition assis-
tance, although full-time scholarships also may be granted.

This publication contains a partial listing of the four-year colleges that offer
transfer scholarships. For additional information regarding these awards and
other transfer scholarship options, contact the specific four-year college
Financial Aid or Admissions Office.

Please Note: All efforts are made to ensure that the information included in
this guide is accurate. However, the information is subject to change. Please
check with the four-year college or university for the most up-to-date scholar-
ship material.

Financial Need
Various merit-based, need-based, and combined merit- and need-based
scholarships are available at four-year colleges. In most instances, an
applicant is required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student
Aid (FAFSA). This form is available at

Deadline Dates
Deadline dates for scholarship consideration may vary. Early inquiry and
application to the four-year college is recommended.

Specialized Scholarships
In addition to traditional transfer scholarships and financial aid, specialized
scholarships also are available. These scholarships are sometimes specific to
certain majors (e.g. business, nursing, biology) or specific to minority popula-
tions. This brochure includes a comprehensive list of four-year colleges and
universities as well as a resource page of other helpful scholarship sites.
Please contact the Center for Counseling and Transfer if you need any
assistance or further information.

Center for Counseling and Transfer
Hudson Valley Community College
Siek Campus Center, Suite 260

(518) 629-7320
Transfer Scholarship Opportunities at Four-Year Colleges and Universities
Private Colleges                                    activities. Generally, candidates with at least a   erally awarded to transfer students from
                                                    2.7 cumulative GPA are considered for admis-        community colleges who have earned the
Adelphi University                                  sion. International student scholarships also       distinction of Phi Theta Kappa. Awards range
Garden City, NY 11530                               are available.                                      up to $4,000 per year.
1-800-ADELPHI                                                                                           Recognition awards are awarded to transfer                                     American International College
                                                                                                        students who demonstrate exceptional leader-
Scholarships are available for transfer stu-        Springfield, MA 01109
                                                                                                        ship skills or a high level commitment to ex-
dents entering Adelphi. Provost Scholarships        800-242-3142
                                                                                                        tracurricular or community service activities.
are awarded to entering full-time transfer
                                                                                                        Awards range from $500 to $6,000 and are
students with excellent academic perform-           American International College offers a
                                                                                                        renewable each year for two years. You should
ance and co-curricular activities. In general,      number of transfer scholarships to students.
                                                                                                        submit an activity résumé with your admis-
Provost Scholars have a minimum transfer            • Transfer Trustee Scholarship -
                                                                                                        sions application highlighting your extra-
GPA of 3.5. The range of this award is $7,500         $6,000/yr., 3.8-4.0 GPA
                                                                                                        curricular activities and leadership positions.
to $11,000. The Adelphi University Full-Time        • Transfer Presidential Scholarship -
Transfer Merit Award is offered to new, full-         $5,000/yr., 5-3.79 GPA
                                                    • Transfer Provost Scholarship -                    Castleton State College
time students who demonstrate high aca-
                                                      $3,000/yr., 3.0-3.49 GPA                          Castleton, VT 05735
demic achievement. For new transfers, an
                                                    • Transfer Opportunity Scholarship -                800-639-8521
initial criterion includes a transfer G.P.A. of
                                                      $2,500/yr., 2.7-2.99 GPA                
at least 3.0. This award can range up to
                                                    Students must have filed their FAFSA to             The Transfer Student Scholarship is open
$9,000 depending upon the individual's aca-
                                                    qualify for any transfer scholarship.               to students transferring in with 12 or more
demic profile. Students must have their FAFSA
                                                                                                        credits during the fall semester. Competitive
on file to qualify for any scholarships. To learn
                                                                                                        scholarships of up to $3,000 per year will be
more about Adelphi scholarships, visit their        Bentley University
                                                                                                        awarded to deserving students. Considera-
site:            Waltham, MA 02452
                                                                                                        tions of the committee include: grade point
scholarships_grants.php.                            781-891-2000
                                                                                                        average, academic rigor, dedication to a
                                                                                                        school or community-based organization,
Albany College of Pharmacy                          Bentley College scholarships and grants are
                                                                                                        volunteer program or employment. There is
Albany, NY 12208                                    awarded based on financial need, academic
                                                                                                        not a separate application for this scholarship
888-203-8010                                        promise, special skills, or some combination
                                                                                                        as all decisions will be based on information                                         thereof. Bentley also accepts a number of out-
                                                                                                        from the student’s admissions file. Awards are
The Albany College of Pharmacy offers state         side scholarships. For more information, con-
                                                                                                        renewable for up to three years of continuous
and federal aid as well as institutional aid,       tact their Financial Aid office at 781-891-3441.
                                                                                                        enrollment at Castleton as long as the stu-
college-based endowment fund scholarships,                                                              dent maintains a 3.0/4.0 grade point average.
alumni association-based scholarships and           Bryant University
special scholarship funds. To review the            Smithfield, RI 02917
                                                                                                        Canisius College
college’s financial aid opportunities, visit        401-232-6000
                                                                                                        Buffalo, NY 14208    
                                                    Outstanding, full-time, transfer students
Alfred University                                   are eligible for scholarships ranging from
                                                                                                        Students may qualify for the Canisius College
Alfred, NY 14802                                    $10,000 to $22,000. Scholarships are based
                                                                                                        Transfer Scholarship, ranging from $2,000 to
607-871-2115                                        on academic performance, rigor of the prior
                                                                                                        $10,000 based on academic merit (rigor of                                      curriculum, and community leadership and
                                                                                                        coursework and grades). Scholarships are
Alfred University offers the Transfer Presiden-     involvement. A separate application is not
                                                                                                        renewable for a total of six undergraduate
tial Scholarship and the Dean’s Transfer            required. Scholarships are renewable.
                                                                                                        semesters, so long as the student maintains
Scholarship, awards that range from $5,000                                                              a Q.P.A. of 2.0 and full-time status. Phi Theta
to $13,000 per year. Eligibility is based on a      Caldwell College                                    Kappa Scholarship / Alpha Beta Gamma Schol-
minimum 3.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) in a          Caldwell, NJ 07006                                  arship qualifications: transfer students with a
rigorous academic program. Phi Theta Kappa          973-618-3221                                        3.0 Q.P.A. and proof of induction. Students
scholarships, which range from $8,500 to                                      may receive only one of either the Alpha Beta
$13,000 per year, are available for PTK mem-        Trustee Scholarships are generally awarded          Gamma or the Phi Theta Kappa scholarships.
bers. These awards are only for PTK members.        to students transferring from another college       Either of these awards can be received in
They are renewable for a maximum of four            with college grade point averages exceeding         addition to the Canisius Transfer Scholarships.
semesters, provided students maintain full-         3.3. Awards range from $10,000 to $14,000           Awards: $2,000 per year based upon merit.
time enrollment and a 3.0 cumulative GPA.           and are renewable each year for two years.          Awards are renewable for a total of six under-
Award values vary per academic department.          Deans Scholarships are generally awarded to         graduate semesters, so long as the student
The Transfer Jonathan Allen Award for Leader-       full-time students transferring from another        maintains good academic standing and full-
ship acknowledges transfer students who have        college with college grade point averages ex-       time status. No separate applications are nec-
demonstrated leadership and made significant        ceeding 3.0. Awards range from $6,000 to            essary. All students are encouraged to complete
contributions through volunteer work in             $10,000 and are renewable each year for two         the FAFSA and Canisius College Aid Application
school, community, church or public service         years. Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships are gen-        to be considered for need-based aid.
Cazenovia College                               Clarkson University                                Clark University
Cazenovia, NY 13035                             Potsdam, NY 13699                                  Worcester, MA 01610
800-654-3210                                    800-527-6577                                       508-793-7431                                              
Cazenovia College offers a comprehensive        More than 90 percent of Clarkson University’s      Clark University offers several scholarships
Academic Achievement Award Program for          transfer students receive financial assistance     and grants to transfer students who have
new freshmen and transfer students who          in the form of merit and/or need-based fund-       distinguished themselves through academic
have attained an associate’s degree prior to    ing. Transfer students are eligible for Clarkson   achievement or by demonstrating outstand-
attending the college. This program supports    Merit Awards of up to $10,000 per year.            ing potential. These awards are given to do-
the college’s belief that freshmen and trans-   Merit-based awards require students to             mestic* transfer students without regard to
fers should be rewarded for the academic        maintain at least a 3.25 GPA. Phi Theta            a family's demonstrated financial need. While
accomplishments achieved prior to enrolling     Kappa/Alpha Beta Gamma scholarships are            scholarship winners will not be eligible for
at Cazenovia. All freshmen and qualified        awarded to members of those respective             multiple merit-based awards, they may be
transfer students are automatically consid-     organizations. Clarkson also offers two spe-       eligible for additional need-based financial
ered for this program once they have applied    cial scholarships to transfer students, the        assistance. Admission applications and
for admission. Students transferring to         Transfer Leadership Award and the Transfer         supporting credentials must be submitted by
Cazenovia College may qualify for one of the    Achievement Award, providing $11,000 and           November 1 for Spring admission and April 1
following scholarships: Presidential Transfer   $9,000 per year, respectively. If you are inter-   for Fall admission. The Scholarship Committee
Scholarship, students with an associate de-     ested in being nominated for one of these          will give special consideration to the strength
gree, graduating with honors and planning       awards, please visit Hudson Valley’s Center        of the applicant's curriculum, recommenda-
to live on campus will be awarded up to 65      for Counseling and Transfer. International         tions and personal qualities as well as leader-
percent of tuition renewable for a second       student scholarships also are available.           ship skills and/or extracurricular involvement
year; Transfer Honors Scholarship, $5,000                                                          in school or community. No separate applica-
(per year) for members of Phi Theta Kappa       Charter Oak State College                          tion is required for consideration; all appli-
and is renewable if a 3.5 or higher GPA is      New Britain, CT 06053                              cants who meet the criteria will be given
maintained. Associate Degree Scholarship,       860-832-3800                                       scholarship consideration. More information
$3,000 (per year) for students graduating                                 is available at:
with an associate’s degree who have a mini-     Charter Oak State offers academic scholar-
mum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA. International      ships to undergraduate students majoring           College of New Rochelle
student scholarships are also available.        in a number of different programs. To be           New Rochelle, NY 10805
                                                eligible for any scholarships that are avail-      914-654-5000
                                                able, you must be currently matriculated at
                                                Charter Oak and be in good academic stand-         The College of New Rochelle recognizes
                                                ing. Charter Oak is offering a new $1,000          superior academic achievement through
                                                transfer scholarship for incoming students.        merit scholarships based on previous college
                                                Please contact Charter Oak’s admissions            cumulative GPA. The President's Scholarship
                                                office for more information relating to the        awards $16,000 per year. Students receive
                                                scholarships available to students.                $8,000 per semester (fall and spring). To
                                                                                                   remain eligible for the scholarship, students
                                                                                                   must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. The
                                                                                                   Academic Scholarship awards $14,000 per
                                                                                                   year. Students receive $7,000 per semester
                                                                                                   (fall and spring). To remain eligible for the
                                                                                                   scholarship, students must maintain a 3.0
                                                                                                   cumulative GPA. The Dean's Scholarship
                                                                                                   awards $12,000 per year. Students receive
                                                                                                   $6,000 per semester (fall and spring). To
                                                                                                   remain eligible for the scholarship, students
                                                                                                   must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. The St.
                                                                                                   Angela Award provides students with $6,000
                                                                                                   per year. Students receive $3,000 per semes-
                                                                                                   ter (fall and spring). To remain eligible for
                                                                                                   the scholarship, students must maintain a
                                                                                                   2.7 cumulative GPA. When students complete
                                                                                                   their application, they are automatically con-
                                                                                                   sidered for CNR's merit scholarships. Recipi-
                                                                                                   ents are notified shortly after their
Coastal Carolina University                        Dowling College                                    Achievement Scholarship for Transfer Students
Conway, SC 29528                                   Oakdale, NY 11769                                  are awarded to all accepted transfer students
843-349-2308                                       1-800-DOWLING                                      who have a combined cumulative GPA at all                                                              colleges previously attended of 3.0 -3.29 on a
Costal Carolina offers a number of scholar-        In recognition of exceptional academic per-        scale of 4.0. Beginning with transfer students
ships to undergraduate students. The Phi           formance at a community college, Dowling           entering Elmira College in the Fall of 2009,
Theta Kappa Scholarship offers active PTK          offers one-half tuition scholarships to stu-       $7,500 per year. These are renewable with an
members a $1,000 award per academic year.          dents who have earned a cumulative G.P.A.          Elmira College GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 for
Up to four awards are made annually to             of at least 3.8 and are entering Dowling           the number of terms normally required to
accepted transfer students. For a complete         directly from that institution. This scholarship   earn the baccalaureate degree.
list of all scholarships offered at Coastal        is for full-time study, and students must earn
Carolina University, contact them at               a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.3 to main-        Empire State College
800-277-7000 ext. 2308, or visit                   tain the scholarship. Students who graduate        Saratoga Springs, NY 12866                      from an Honors Program with academic dis-          800-847-3000
                                                   tinction may receive an additional $1,000
The College of Saint Rose                          scholarship to supplement this scholarship. In-    Empire State College offers a number of
Albany, NY 12203                                   coming transfer students who hold an associ-       awards, scholarships and fellowships. Founda-
800-637-8556                                       ate’s degree or equivalent (60 credits) from an    tion scholarships are also available, including                                     accredited community college, have an aver-        the Academy for Learning in Retirement and
The College of Saint Rose offers an Art            age of 3.0, and are entering directly from         Adirondack Trust Company scholarships. For
Academic Scholarship and Music Academic            that institution are eligible for Transfer Merit   a detailed list of scholarships, call Empire
Scholarship to students pursuing a degree in       Scholarships. Full-time scholarship recipients     State College or visit
the arts or music, respectively. Both scholar-     must maintain a minimum average of B (3.0).        cialServices. The Empire State College-Stew-
ships reward students who display extraordi-       Full-time students will receive $1,750-$5,000      art’s Shops Community College Scholarship
nary academic achievement and artistic or          per year with an incoming GPA between 3.0-         Program is available for Hudson Valley Com-
musical talent. Department faculty recom-          4.0. Students who graduate from an Honors          munity College graduates.
mends candidates for these scholarships.           Program with academic distinction may
Visit for art portfolio      receive an additional $1,000 scholarship           Fairleigh Dickinson University
review dates. Cultural Diversity Scholarships      to supplement their Transfer Scholarship.          Madison, NJ 07940 or Teaneck, NJ 07666
offer between $1,000 and $5,000 per year           Part-time incoming transfer students who           973-443-8800 or 201-692-2000
to students showing extraordinary academic         meet the criteria established above are also
achievement and a commitment to learning           eligible. Recipients must complete a minimum       Fairleigh Dickinson offers specific Transfer
about, and living in, a culturally diverse envi-   of six credits each semester and maintain          Scholarships to students.
ronment. Transfer Scholarships offer between       an average of B (3.0). Part-time students will     • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships -
$4,000 and $5,500 per year to transfer stu-        receive $875-$2,500 per year with an incom-           This $16,000 per year award recognizes
dents with a least a cumulative 3.0-4.0 GPA        ing GPA between 3.0-4.0.                              transfer students who are members of Phi
from previous college work.                                                                              Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK). Proof
                                                   D’Youville College                                    of PTK membership must be attached to
Cornell University                                 Buffalo, NY 14201                                     application for admission. Candidates
Ithaca, NY 14850                                   800-777-3921                                          must have completed at least 24 credits
607-254-4636                                                                        of college-level work. These are renewable                                    At D’Youville College, applicants are rewarded        annually.
Financial awards are all based on demon-           with academic and achievement scholarships         • Transfer Scholarships -
strated financial need only. Cornell offers no     in recognition of their accomplishments. All          These $7,000 to $14,000 per year scholar-
athletic scholarships. All Cornell scholarships    awards are renewable and not based on finan-          ships are open to transfer students who
that reward grades, leadership ability, or other   cial need. Transfer Achievement Scholarships          have completed at least 24 college credits.
special academic talents are need-based.           are available for students with a 2.75 GPA or      The recommended application deadlines are
                                                   higher, in the amounts of $1,000 to $5,000         May 1 for fall entry; Dec. 1 for spring entry.
Daemen College                                     annually based on qualifications and the           These are renewable for a maximum of three
Amherst, NY 14226                                  student maintaining a GPA of a 2.5 or higher.      years.
800- 462-7652/716-839-8225                                                                            *Note: Need-based programs require financial                                     Elmira College                                     need as determined by the Free Application
Daemen College offers scholarship opportuni-       Elmira, NY 14901                                   for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). New and
ties for transfer students. Transfer students                                     returning students should file the FAFSA as
are eligible for the President’s Scholarship       Transfer Honor Scholarships of $10,000 per         soon as possible after Jan. 1. The FAFSA must
($6,000 to $7,000 per year, renewable upon         year are awarded to all accepted transfer          be filed annually for renewal.
maintaining a 3.0 GPA), Dean's Scholarship         students who have a combined cumulative
($4,500 per year, renewable upon maintaining       GPA at all colleges previously attended of 3.3
a 3.0 GPA), and the Alumni Grant ($2,500 -         on a scale of 4.0.. These are renewable with
$3,000 renewable upon maintaining a 2.0            an Elmira College GPA of 3.3 on a scale of
GPA). Visit Daemen College’s Financial Aid         4.0, for the number of terms normally re-
Web page for further details on scholarship        quired to earn the baccalaureate degree.
Hartwick College                                   amount of $1,500 per year, is awarded to            Johnson State College
Oneonta, NY 13820                                  students who have earned at least 58 credits        Johnson, VT 05656
607-431-4000                                       and a 3.5 GPA. A letter of recommendation           800-635-2356                                   must be provided to the associate director
Hartwick offers a wide range of scholarships       of financial aid by May 1 to qualify. The PTK       The largest source of scholarships at Johnson
for academic achievement and school and            Scholarship is offered in the fall semester only.   State College is institutional merit scholar-
community involvement. Eligibility for these       A limited number are available.                     ships. Institutional merit scholarships are
scholarships/awards is not contingent upon                                                             generally awarded based on stated criteria
qualifying for financial aid. Transfer students    Houghton College                                    such as grade point average, SAT or ACT
are eligible for Academic Honors Awards in         Houghton, NY 14744                                  score, or exceptional talent. Other scholar-
the amounts of $15,000-$18,000, renewable          800-777-2556                                        ships may be awarded based on affiliation
up to four years and the Nelson Scholarship                                    with a certain group, or interest in a specific
in the amounts of $8,000-$12,000, renew-           Academic Excellence Scholarships range from         subject area like math or science, etc. Need-
able up to four years. Student must meet both      $1,250 to $7,500 per year and are awarded to        based scholarships and grants are awarded
Transfer and High School eligibility. Phi Theta    transfer students based on their GPA. A mini-       based upon a student's financial need. Some
Kappa Awards are also available to transfer        mum 3.25 GPA is required. Transfer students         scholarships are awarded based on both
students. For more information, please visit       who are members of Phi Theta Kappa will re-         merit and financial need.
Hartwick’s Web site.                               ceive a Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship of $2,000
                                                                                                       Current full- and part-time students, new
                                                   per year. Music, fine arts, athletic and interna-
                                                                                                       students and transfer students are invited
Hilbert College                                    tional student scholarships also are available.
                                                                                                       and encouraged to apply for a scholarship.
Hamburg, NY 14075
716-649-7900                                       Iona College                                        Johnson and Wales University                                    New Rochelle, NY 10801
                                                                                                       Providence, RI 02903
Transfer Articulation Scholarships are awarded     914-633-2502
by the Office of Admissions to a limited num-
ber of students who have completed an asso-        Iona scholarships include: Academic Excel-
                                                                                                       Johnson and Wales University participates in
ciate’s degree at one of the more than two         lence, Iona Scholarship, Deans Scholarship,
                                                                                                       a variety of federal, state, private and institu-
dozen two-year colleges which participate          Iona Incentive, Transfer Scholarship, Pipers.
                                                                                                       tional programs, which help ease the financial
in an articulation agreement with Hilbert.         These scholarships are determined by the
                                                                                                       burden that the cost of education may pose.
The awards are $1,250 per semester for four        admissions office at the time of acceptance
                                                                                                       Students who demonstrate financial need,
consecutive semesters as long as the student       to the college. They will remain the same for
                                                                                                       superior academic achievement or other
maintains good academic standing.                  all four years provided the student maintains
                                                                                                       circumstances will be considered for grants,
                                                   the agreed upon GPA and files a FAFSA annu-
                                                                                                       loans, scholarships and other forms of aid.
Hobart and William Smith Colleges                  ally by April 15. Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships
                                                                                                       JWU offers many different types of scholar-
Geneva, NY 14456                                   are guaranteed for members in good stand-
                                                                                                       ships. Some you may apply for; some you may
800-852-2256                                       ing; a letter from the student’s Phi Theta
                                                                                                       be automatically eligible for upon acceptance;                                        Kappa advisor indicating that he or she is in
                                                                                                       and others you may be awarded based on es-
The Phi Theta Kappa Trustee Scholarship for        good standing must be included with admis-
                                                                                                       tablished criteria. Each scholarship has set cri-
Academic Excellence for Graduates of Two-          sions application.
                                                                                                       teria that determines who may be eligible to
Year Colleges is the only merit-based scholar-                                                         receive it. For more information, contact the
ship available for transfer students. Students     Ithaca College                                      student financial services at 401-598-1468.
must have completed, or nearly completed,          Ithaca, NY 14850
a two-year degree from a community or junior       800-429-4274                                        Keuka College
college. A separate application and interview
                                                                                                       Keuka Park, NY 14478
are required by April 1. Awards range from         President’s and Dean’s and ALANA Scholar-
$5,000 to $20,000 annually.                        ships ranging from $3,000 to $16,000 per
                                                   year are awarded to students of superior
                                                                                                       Keuka College offers the Keuka Transfer Schol-
Hofstra University                                 academic achievement with the expectation
                                                                                                       arship (amounts vary). Students must main-
Hempstead, NY 11549                                of continuing pursuit of academic excellence.
                                                                                                       tain a 2.0 GPA and remain in full-time status
516-463-6700                                       These scholarships are renewed annually for
                                                                                                       to continue to receive the full amount of the                                    the duration of the student’s undergraduate
Hofstra University evaluates all students for      study as long as the student maintains full
scholarships after an admission decision is        time enrollment and a minimum GPA of a              The Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship is an aca-
reached. This includes all full-time, part-time,   3.00 as well as satisfactory progress toward        demic scholarship for traditional undergradu-
and international transfer students. Hofstra       a degree. Phi Theta Kappa members with              atestudents valued at $2,000 per academic
University also offers need-based financial        at least sophomore standing and a 3.5 GPA           year. This scholarship is renewable if the stu-
aid by filing the FAFSA. Awards range up to        qualify for a minimum of $6,000 in merit-           dent remains in good academic standing and
$10,000 per year with a minimum 3.0 GPA            based aid. Students who continue to demon-          maintains full-time status. Applicants must be
and 12 college credits earned after high           strate need after consideration of merit,           a current member of Phi Theta Kappa and
school. Apply early to receive full considera-     federal and state aid, may receive additional       provide proof of membership at the time of
tion for an academic scholarship. A competi-       Ithaca College need-based access grants.            application.
tive Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, in the           International student scholarships are also
Le Moyne College                                   Manhattanville College                              Monroe College
Syracuse, NY 13214                                 Purchase, NY 10577                                  Bronx, NY or New Rochelle, NY
800-333-4733                                       914-694-2200                                        718-933-6700/914-632-5400                                              
Le Moyne College offers the following Trans-       Manhattanville has a long history of reward-        The Baccalaureate Scholarship is available to
fer Merit Scholarships for entering students       ing students of high academic achievement           students transferring to Monroe College with
per year: $2,500 for a 3.0 to 3.24 GPA, $4,000     regardless of their financial need. We also are     45 or more transferable credits. This scholar-
for a 3.25 to 3.49 GPA, $6,000 for a 3.50 to       committed to making it possible for students        ship is awarded in three different levels -
3.74 GPA and $7,500 for a 3.75 to 4.0 GPA.         of limited financial resources to attend the col-   Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Each level requires
To be eligible, students must have completed       lege. Each applicant is automatically evaluated     a GPA between a 3.75-3.25 and awards rang-
a minimum of 24 credit hours and plan to at-       for merit awards and no outside application or      ing from $1000- $600 per semester. There are
tend Le Moyne College as a full-time student.      supplement is needed for consideration. The         deadlines - Fall Semester/August 15, Winter Se-
Scholarships are renewable for students main-      Transfer Student Merit awards include the PTK       mester/Dec. 15, and Spring Semester/April 15.
taining good academic and social standing          Scholarship for $10,000 per year, the Presi-
at Le Moyne College. Members of Phi Theta          dent’s Scholarship for $9,000 per year, the Hu-     Mount Holyoke College
Kappa also may be eligible for a $2,500 per        manities Scholarship for $7,500 per year, the       South Hadley, MA 01075
year PTK Scholarship. Students are encour-         Science/Math Scholarship for $7,500 per year,       413-538-2000
aged to file the FAFSA and the supplemental        and the Merit Award for $5,500 per year.  
Le Moyne College Transfer Financial Aid Appli-     Mahattanville also offers additional transfer       Mount Holyoke College has always supported
cation for additional financial aid opportuni-     scholarships; more information is available         an economically diverse student body, making
ties. Merit-based scholarships also are            on their Web site.                                  an extraordinary education available to upper,
available for international students.                                                                  middle and low income students alike. Be-
                                                   MCLA: Massachusetts College of                      cause Mount Holyoke is committed to educat-
Lesley University                                  Liberal Arts                                        ing exceptionally talented women, we offer
Cambridge, MA 02138                                North Adams, MA 01247                               both merit-based and need-based aid to quali-
617-349-8504                                       413-662-5000                                        fied applicants. Moreover, our financial aid                                                                   packages completely cover institutionally
Graduates from Hudson Valley Community             After admission to MCLA, students may be            determined eligibility. Contact Mt. Holyoke’s
College who are admitted and enrolled full time    awarded scholarships. The scholarships do           Financial Aid office for more information.
at the Art Institute of Boston or Lesley College   require an additional application beyond the
are guaranteed a $8,000 per year scholarship.      admission application. MCLA offers the Aca-
This scholarship is offered in recognition of      demic Merit Scholarship to transfer students
Lesley University’s commitment to accessing        maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the
private higher education. If you have any ques-    range of $750 to $3,000 per year. The Flynt
tions regarding this scholarship, please contact   Scholarship is awarded to preferably New York
the Lesley College Admission Office 617-349-       state students who are financial aid eligible
8800 or by e-mail,        and meet the standards of MCLA.

LIM: The College for
the Business of Fashion
New York, NY 10022
LIM offers a number of scholarships to trans-
fer students. The awards range from $500 up
to the cost of one fourth of tuition per year.
Students need to maintain a GPA of at least
a 2.75 to qualify for the scholarships and also
need to apply for them at certain dates. For
more information, visit the college Web site.

Long Island University,
C.W. Post Campus
Brookville, NY 11548
800- 548-7526
Long Island University offers five different
types of transfer scholarships. Students trans-
ferring to C.W. Post with a 3.0 cumulative
GPA or better and at least 24 credits are eligi-
ble for scholarships ranging from $2,000-
$14,000. Please call or visit
transfer for more information.
Mount Saint Mary College                            New York Institute of Technology                     Pace University
Newburgh, NY 12550                                  Old Westbury, NY • Manhattan, NY                     NYC, NY and Westchester, NY
845-561-0800                                        800-345-NYIT                                         866-722-3338                                                             
High achieving transfer students with GPA           New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) offers       Pace offers a variety of transfer scholarships
of 3.0 or better qualify for a Merit Award of       transfer scholarships in the amounts of $4,000       to transfer students. The Dean’s Scholarship
$2,000 or $4,000 per year (award amount             to $8,000. These scholarships are granted to         is available to incoming, full-time transfer stu-
varies according to residency status).              qualified incoming students who have earned          dents. Students must show academic achieve-
Students who also have financial need (as           either a minimum of 24 credits from an ac-           ment as measured by their previous college
determined by filing the Free Application for       credited college or an associate’s degree.           average. Matriculation is required. Students
Student Aid) may also qualify for an additional     Students must have a minimum cumulative              must be enrolled in 12 credits or more per
MSMC Grant of up to $3,000 per year.                GPA of 2.5 from all previously attended insti-       semester. The length of award: is for four years,
                                                    tutions to be considered for scholarships.           excluding summer sessions. Students must
Nazareth College                                                                                         maintain academic progress and a cumulative
Rochester, NY 14618                                 Niagara University                                   GPA of 3.0 at Pace. To meet the due date for
585-389-2860                                        Niagara University, NY 14109                         priority consideration, students should have a                                         800-462-2111                                         completed undergraduate application for ad-
Nazareth College offers a number of merit-                                      mission on file by February 15. The Transfer
based transfer scholarships. Students who           Entering transfer students at Niagara University     Incentive Award is available to incoming, full-
have completed more challenging academic            who have earned a minimum of 24 credit hours         time transfer students showing academic prom-
programs with high honor grades are given           from an accredited college with an overall GPA       ise. Students must be enrolled in 12 credits or
preference. Award amounts annually range            of 2.5 or above are eligible for transfer scholar-   more per semester. Matriculation is required.
from $1,000 to $6,000. Additional scholar-          ships ranging in amounts from $5,000 to              The length of award is carried over four years,
ships and grants based on academic perform-         $8,500 per year. Niagara University transfer         excluding summer sessions. Students must
ance and demonstrated need are also                 scholarships are renewable for up to three           maintain academic progress and a cumulative
available. Scholarships are renewable depend-       years; students must maintain a 2.75 average         GPA of 2.0 at Pace. Due date priority will be
ing on the number of credits transferred to         at NU. NU also offers Phi Theta Kappa Awards         given to students who have an application for
Nazareth College and are awarded at the             of $1,000 per year. Students are required to         admission on file by February 15. The Pace
time of admission. A minimum 3.0 GPA must           forward a letter from their PTK advisor stating      Grant is available to full-time students display-
be maintained. For Phi Theta Kappa members,         that they are a member in good standing.             ing academic promise and a level of financial
a $2,000 per year scholarship is offered and        Athletic, community-service and ROTC scholar-        need. Students must be enrolled in 12 credits
is renewable when a 3.0 GPA is maintained.          ships are offered. International student scholar-    or more per semester. Matriculation is required.
Proof of membership is required. File the           ships for Canadian residents are also available.     Student must be a U.S. citizen or permanent
FAFSA and Nazareth College Financial Aid                                                                 resident. Students must file a FAFSA. The length
Form before March 15 to request additional          Nyack College                                        of the award is one year. Students must reapply
need-based assistance. International student        Nyack, NY 10960                                      for Pace Grants each year. Awards only apply to
scholarships also are available.                    845-358-1710                                         fall and spring semesters. Students must main-
                                                                                  tain academic progress and a cumulative GPA
New England College                                 Transfer Academic Grants of $1,500-$3,000            of 2.0 at Pace, and continue to demonstrate
Henniker, NH 03242                                  are awarded to students transferring from            financial need to be considered for a new
603-428-2000                                        programs at other eligible institutions. Recipi-     award each year. Due date: Priority will be                                         ents must have a minimum cumulative GPA              given to students who have an application for
Incoming students are automatically reviewed        of 3.0 to receive this grant. Awards range           admission on file by February 1 and a FAFSA
for scholarship eligibility. Merit-based scholar-   from $1,500 to $3,000 based on GPA. A stu-           on file by February 15. Pforzheimer Foundation
ships are awarded to New England College’s          dent must have transferred at least 20 credits       Endowed Scholarship Fund is available to stu-
undergraduate students upon admission to            to be eligible for this grant (if transferred in     dents nominated by the Office of Admission
the college and renewed based on the follow-        less than 20 credits, they will be considered        who have demonstrated exemplary community
ing criteria: maintain the minimum grade            for the Nyack Scholars Program Grant).               service and show significant financial need
point average required by the scholarship;          A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is                   based on their FAFSA application. Require-
cannot not be placed on any kind of academic        required for award renewal.                          ments: Transfer students must have a minimum
or social probation; make minimum academic                                                               3.0 GPA from their previous college. Matricula-
progress toward their degree; maintain full-                                                             tion is required. Students must be enrolled in
time status or your award will be pro-rated                                                              12 credits or more per semester. Students must
according to your registered course load;                                                                file a FAFSA.
maintain half-time status or you cannot                                                                  Length of award: The award is renewed annu-
receive scholarship funding for that term.                                                               ally if the recipient continues to demonstrate
New England College students are considered                                                              financial need, community service involve-
for a range of merit and need-based endowed                                                              ment, maintain academic progress, and a cu-
scholarships. Students should contact the                                                                mulative GPA of 3.0 at Pace. Due date: Priority
Office of Student Financial Services for addi-                                                           will be given to students who have an appli-
tional information.                                                                                      cation for admission on file by February 15.
                                                                                                         For more information, contact Office of Finan-
                                                                                                         cial Aid at (877) 672-1830 in New York City or
                                                                                                         (877) 672-1830 in Westchester.
Paul Smith’s College                                 Transfer Articulation Scholarship -                Rochester Institute of Technology
Paul Smiths, NY 12970                                ($2,000 - $8,000)                                  Rochester, NY 14623
800-421-2605                                         Quinnipiac University has established articula-    585-475-6631                                   tion agreements with several community and
Paul Smith’s College offers scholarships to          two-year colleges in New England. Articula-        RIT Trustee Scholarships for Transfer Students
new entering transfer students. The Transfer         tion scholarships are merit-based and              are awarded to transfer applicants with a 3.3
Recognition Scholarship is for students with         awarded to selected students from each             GPA or higher who will complete an associ-
a 2.0 - 2.9 GPA and is valued at $4,000. For         school graduating with an associate’s degree       ate’s degree before entering RIT. A $15,000
students with a GPA above 3.0 the Transfer           and high academic standing. Students trans-        scholarship ($7,500 a year) is available for
Excellence Scholarship valued at $5,000 is           ferring from other four-year colleges with a       students with 3.6 GPA or higher. A $12,000
available. Scholarships are renewable for up         minimum 3.5 GPA may also be considered for         scholarship ($6,000 per year) is available for
to eight semesters as long as the student is         an award. Students must have a complete ad-        students with a 3.3 to 3.59 GPA. Achievement
enrolled full time at PSC and maintains the          missions application on file by April 1. Re-       Scholarships for Transfer Students are
required cumulative GPA (Transfer Excellence         newal is based upon continuing as a full-time      awarded to students with a 3.3 GPA or higher
Scholarship recipients must maintain a 2.5           student while maintaining satisfactory aca-        and 30 semester or 45 quarter hours com-
GPA; Transfer Recognition Scholarship recipi-        demic progress as outlined in the Quinnipiac       pleted at a previous institution, providing
ents must maintain a 2.0 GPA). No separate           University Catalog.                                $6,000 per academic year. All required admis-
scholarship application is required for scholar-                                                        sion application documents for both scholar-
ship consideration.                                  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                   ships must be submitted by April 1 for
                                                     Troy, NY 12180                                     summer/fall entry, Oct. 1 for winter entry and
Post University                                      518-276-6000                                       Jan. 15 for spring entry. Phi Theta Kappa
Waterbury, CT 06723                                                                Scholarships for Transfer Students, totaling
800-345-2562                                         Financial aid professionals at Rensselaer          $2,000 per year, are available to PTK members                                         Polytechnic Institute will help students choose    with an associate’s degree. These may be
A number of programs are available to stu-           from a wide range of financial aid options.        combined with a Trustee Scholarship or
dents who are have demonstrated exceptional          The Award for Excellence offers $10,000 per        Achievement Scholarship. Additional college
talents and academic abilities. The Trustee          year to the top student transferring into a        specific scholarships may also be awarded.
Scholarship Annual Scholarship Award: this is        non-engineering program from two-year
an academic achievement based scholarship            affiliated colleges. The Joseph H. Smith Jr. ’45   Roger Williams University
award of $10,000 per year. To be eligible, a         Award offers $10,000 to the most outstanding       Bristol, RI 02809
student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and           student in the engineering science program at      401-253-1040
a 1650 SAT or 24 ACT score. This is a renew-         an affiliated community college. The Garnet D.
able scholarship. The Presidential Scholarship       Baltimore Rensselaer Award and Scholarship         Roger Williams University offers four different
Annual Scholarship Award: this is an academic        for Minority Students offers a $10,000 annual      transfer awards to students. The Phi Theta
achievement based award of $8,000 per year.          scholarship to the qualifying African American,    Kappa Scholarship is awarded to Phi Theta
To be considered, a student must have a              Hispanic, or Native American student with the      Kappa scholars holding an associate’s degree.
cumulative GPA of 2.5. This is a renewable           highest combined average in mathematics            Recipients must enroll in the university full
scholarship. Post Scholarship Annual Scholar-        and science at two- and four-year affiliated       time and maintain the required GPA. This
ship Award: this is an achievement based             colleges. All Phi Theta Kappa transfer students    award is renewable and may be awarded for
award of $6,000 per year that is awarded for         who are accepted and subsequently enroll at        a total of two years (three years for students
academic achievement and leadership quali-           Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will receive a    in the undergraduate Architecture pro-
ties demonstrated through participation in           $5,000 annual scholarship.                         gram).The Presidential Transfer Scholarship is
various service organizations. The scholarship                                                          awarded to students holding an associate’s
will be awarded to students who have a mini-         Roberts Wesleyan College                           degree who have achieved a minimum GPA
mum cumulative GPA of 2.0. This is a renew-          Rochester, NY 14624                                of 3.5. Recipients must enroll in the university
able scholarship.                                    585-594-6400                                       full-time and maintain the required GPA. This
                                                                               award is renewable and may be awarded for
Quinnipiac University                                Students transferring to Roberts Wesleyan          a total of two years (three years for students
Hamden, CT 06518                                     College are eligible to receive academic           in the undergraduate Architecture pro-
203-582-8200                                         scholarships based on their cumulative GPA.        gram).The Dean's Transfer Scholarship is                                   Full-time students graduating with a minimum       awarded to students holding an associate’s
Scholarships are awarded to incoming students        3.3 GPA are eligible for the $4,000 per year       degree who have achieved a minimum GPA
through the Admissions Office and there are no       Dean’s Scholarship, renewable if a 3.2 GPA is      of 3.0. Recipients must enroll in the university
special applications to complete. Scholarships       maintained. Full-time students graduating          full-time and maintain the required GPA. This
are renewable for up to four years of under-         with a minimum 3.6 GPA are eligible for the        award is renewable and may be awarded for
graduate study, unless specified otherwise on        $5,000 per year Presidential Scholarship, re-      a total of two years (three years for students
the initial scholarship letter, and are NOT avail-   newable if a 3.3 GPA is maintained. Phi Theta      in the undergraduate Architecture program).
able to students who did not receive them in         Kappa members will automatically receive the       The Transfer Achievement Scholarship is
their incoming year regardless of their current      $5,000 Presidential Scholarship. Other grants      awarded to select students on the basis of
GPA. In order to be considered a candidate for       and scholarships are available for transfer        academic merit. This award is available to US
a scholarship, qualified applicants must meet        students in certain majors, programs, and          citizens and US permanent residents only.
all standards listed below.                          those meeting specific criteria or for students
                                                     with financial need.
Russell Sage College                               Siena College                                         St. Bonaventure University
Troy, NY 12180                                     Loudonville, NY 12211                                 St. Bonaventure, NY 14778
888-837-9724                                       888-AT-SIENA                                          716-375-2000                                                        
Russell Sage College for women offers merit-       Siena College offers a merit-based scholarship        St. Bonaventure offers merit awards to
based scholarships to full-time transfer stu-      to full time matriculated students. The Siena         transfer students. The amount of the award
dents who have earned a minimum 3.0 GPA.           Franciscan Scholarship is awarded based on            is based on a student’s GPA. The student must
Transfer Excellence Awards of up to $9,000         the student’s strong record of academic               also have a FAFSA on file to qualify for any
per year are renewable for up to three years       achievement (3.4 cumulative GPA or higher).           scholarships.
provided the student remains in good aca-          The college also offers a number of endowed           Transfer Merit Award Amount
demic standing. The Phi Theta Kappa Award,         scholarships. In order to be considered, Siena        3.75+                $12,000
providing up to $12,000 per year, is available     asks that you review the list and submit a            3.50-3.74            $11,500
to all Phi Theta Kappa members who enroll          letter in writing asking to be considered for         3.30-3.49            $11,000
at Russell Sage College. All student applicants    the endowed scholarship(s) that may be appli-         3.00-3.29            $10,500
are considered when reviewed for admission         cable to you. In order to be eligible for en-         2.70-2.99            $7,800
to the college.                                    dowed scholarships or need-based aid,                 2.50-2.69            $5,200
                                                   students must submit a FAFSA. If you would            St. Bonaventure University Phi Theta
Sacred Heart University                            like more information regarding scholarships          Kappa/Honor Scholarship
Fairfield, CT 06432                                at Siena, please contact the Admissions Office.       For those students who have excelled in their
203-371-7880                                                                                             studies, and who have participated in either                                Skidmore College                                      Phi Theta Kappa or any recognized academic
Sacred Heart University offers an unlimited        Saratoga Springs, NY 12866                            honor society, St. Bonaventure offers a $500
number of Transfer Achievement Scholarships        518-580-5750                                          scholarship, in addition to any merit scholar-
ranging from $1,500 to $3,500 per year to                                      ships, for those students who have partici-
students who have an overall GPA ranging           Skidmore College awards students merit                pated in such honor societies and can show
from 3.2 to 4.0. Scholarship amounts are de-       awards and outside scholarships. The Filene           proof of membership. This scholarship is
termined by the final GPA from all previous        Music Scholarships are awarded each year              renewable annually as well.
institutions. An unlimited number of Phi Theta     through a performance competition coordi-
Kappa Scholarships in the amount of $4,500         nated by Skidmore’s Department of Music.              St. John Fisher College
per year are available to PTK members. Only        Each Filene Scholarship carries with it a four-       Rochester, NY 14618
one scholarship will apply. Students will auto-    year award totaling $40,000. The Porter               585-385-8064
matically renew their scholarship on a yearly      Presidential Scholarships in Science and    
basis as long as the student is enrolled full      Mathematics are awarded on the basis of               St. John Fisher College awards transfer schol-
time and maintains at least a 3.2 GPA. Interna-    superior accomplishment and exceptional               arships to academically-qualified candidates
tional student scholarships are also available.    promise, without regard to financial need.            pursuing full-time study. Students transferring
                                                   Each Porter Scholar is awarded a $40,000              to St. John Fisher with a cumulative GPA of
Sage College of Albany                             scholarship ($10,000 per year). Students also         3.0 or higher will qualify for the Transfer
Albany, NY 12208                                   are encouraged to search and apply for online         Achievement Scholarship. These awards pro-
888-837-9724                                       scholarships.                                         vide between $5,000 and $6,000 per year.                                                                                             An additional $1,000 per year is awarded to
Students are eligible to receive only one          Southern Vermont College                              Phi Theta Kappa members. Candidates will
award, which is renewable for two additional       Bennington, VT 05201                                  receive full consideration upon completion
years, provided the student remains full-time      802-442-5427                                          of the Transfer Application for Admission and
and maintains more than a 3.0 GPA. All appli-                                           receipt of official transcripts from all previ-
cants are evaluated for scholarships when          Southern Vermont College offers scholarships          ously attended institutions.
reviewed for admission and no separate             and grants designed to assist in payment of the
application is required. For Transfer Excellence   tuition bill. Eligibility for these awards is based   St. Johns University
Scholarships, consideration is given to stu-       on a variety of criteria, including but not limited   Queens, NY 11439
dents who have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (up            to, academic merit, financial need and commu-         718-990-2000
to $5,000 per year). For Phi Theta Kappa           nity service. Regardless of the type of institu-
Awards, consideration is given to full-time        tional award, it may not exceed the cost of           The University Transfer Scholarship is available
transfer applicants who are members of Phi         tuition when combined with other awards that          to transfer students. Students can receive up
Theta Kappa and have a cumulative GPA of           are designed for tuition only. All students who       to $10,000, depending on their academic
3.0 (up to $7,000 per year). Additional awards     receive Southern Vermont College Grants/              record. To be considered, transfer students
may be available in combination with the           Scholarships are required to maintain at least a      must have earned a minimum of 24 credits
transfer specific scholarships. International      2.0 GPA. Students who earn less than this stan-       from an accredited institution of higher learn-
student scholarships are also available.           dard will have an opportunity to appeal if there      ing. Recipients must have an average GPA
                                                   were extenuating circumstances that occurred          of over 3.0. Eligibility is determined based
                                                   during the academic year.                             on the overall strength of the academic pool.
                                                                                                         Please note that all university financial aid
                                                                                                         resources may be applied only to the fall and
                                                                                                         spring semesters.
St. Joseph College                                 Union College
West Hartford, CT 06117                            Schenectady, NY 12308
860-232-4571                                       518-388-6000                              
Saint Joseph College Scholarships and              Union College offers aid
Awards - These scholarships are based on           and scholarships to
merit and awarded to students prior to or at       students. Endowed and
the time of admission. They are renewable          annual scholarships are
up to a maximum of four years provided the         available. These are the
student maintains full-time status and satis-      largest source of assistance
factory academic standing.                         available to students.
                                                   The minimum scholarship
St. Thomas Aquinas College                         award is $1,000. Students
Sparkill, NY 10976                                 must be enrolled full-time.
845-398-4100                                       Standard application pro-                                       cedures apply.
The Presidential Transfer Scholarship is
available for entering transfer students.          University of
This $6,500 annual scholarship is based on         Massachusetts
a transfer grade point average of 3.6 or           at Amherst
higher. The Dean’s Transfer Scholarship is         Amherst, MA 01003
available for entering transfer students. This     413-545-0222
$4,500 annual scholarship is awarded to  
incoming transfers with a transfer GPA of          UMass Amherst awards
3.4-3.59.The Alumni Transfer Scholarship is        a variety of scholarships
available for entering transfer students. This     for entering students. Some
$2,500 annual scholarship is awarded to in-        scholarships are based solely
coming transfers with a transfer GPA of 3.0-       on academic record, while others
3.39. If a transfer student attended more than     are based on both academic perform-
one college, the transfer GPA is taken from        ance and personal characteristics. There are
the last college attended as long as they have     also scholarships available that are need-
earned 15 or more credits at that college.         based and others that are merit-based. For
                                                   more details and a list of UMass Amherst         University of Massachusetts
Springfield College                                scholarships and other Massachusetts             at Lowell
Springfield, MA 01109                              Scholarship Programs, go to Scholarships for     Lowell, MA 01854
413-748-3000                                       Entering Students:          978-934-4000                                   sions/scholarships/.                   
President’s Achiever’s Scholarship awards
                                                                                                    Thirty scholarships are available each year for
are made to students by the Admissions             University of Massachusetts                      fall and spring enrollment at UMASS Lowell.
Office and are renewable, pending the pub-
                                                   at Boston                                        To receive scholarships, students must met
lished guidelines. These awards are based on
                                                   Boston, MA 02125                                 the specific criteria. Please contact a financial
academic and personal merit, not on financial
                                                   617-287-5000                                     aid counselor (978-934-4220) at Lowell to
need. For more information please contact
                                                                               discuss the scholarship process.
the financial aid office at Springfield College.
                                                   UMass Boston is proud to offer many scholar-
                                                   ship opportunities to students. The Office for   University of Hartford
Syracuse University                                Merit Based Scholarships manages scholar-        Hartford, CT 06117
Syracuse, NY 13244                                 ship programs funded through the university.     860-768-4100
315-443-1870                                       During the 2005-06 academic years, the of-                                   fice oversaw the distribution of approxi-        Admitted transfer students may be consid-
Syracuse University offers need-based scholar-     mately $1.6 million in scholarship funding.      ered for need-based grants by filing the
ships and grants up to full tuition. An unlim-     Unlike financial aid which is based on need,     FAFSA and demonstrating financial need.
ited number of Phi Theta Kappa scholarships        most scholarships at UMass Boston are based      Transfer students may also qualify for other
are available in the amount of $2,000 to           on merit. Merit almost always means aca-         merit-based scholarships. Please contact
qualified students, regardless of financial        demic performance, but can also mean             the Financial Aid office (860-768-4296) at
need. Syracuse University also awards merit        community service or excellence in the           Hartford to discuss scholarship options and
scholarships to entering transfer students in      arts. For more information on the different      qualifications.
the form of Chancellor’s Scholarships ($8,000      types of scholarship opportunities
each) and Dean’s Scholarships ($6,000 each).       at UMass Boston, please visit
These are awarded regardless of financial
need and are renewable each year.
University of New Haven                            Beginning in fall 2009, all qualified veterans     Wentworth Institute of Technology
New Haven, CT 06516                                of the United States Armed Forces admitted         Boston MA, 02115
1-800-DIAL-UNH                                     to the university will receive the Rochester       617-989-4590                                   Pledge. This scholarship, in combination with
The Transfer Presidential Scholarship is in-       the G.I. Bill and any other federal or state aid   Wentworth Institute of Technology's financial
tended for students who are transferring from      awarded, will cover full tuition for veterans      aid award is offered as a "package" which
another college or university and have com-        with at least 36 months of service who are         can consist of a combination of scholarships,
pleted 12 credit hours at their transferring       pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. For vet-   grants, loans and employment. By following
institution and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.         erans with less than 36 months of service, the     the application procedures, you will be con-
The scholarship awards vary depending on           scholarship amount will be pro-rated based         sidered for all aid for which you qualify. You
the student's GPA but range from $9,000 -          on length of service. To be considered for the     will be notified of your eligibility in the form
$15,000. If a transferring student demon-          Rochester Pledge, you must complete the Free       of an award letter, which will clearly outline
strates academic success but has less than         Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).       the types and amounts of each program you
12 credit hours completed, the student will        If a student is seeking additional financial as-   are eligible for. You may be offered assistance
be evaluated for a scholarship based on the        sistance (e.g. for room and board), please also    from one or more of the programs. Merit
freshmen academic scholarships. The Transfer       be sure to complete the CSS PROFILE.               Award Scholarship: Wentworth offers merit-
Presidential Scholarship is renewable each                                                            based scholarships in addition to need-based
year provided the student remains a full-time      Utica College                                      aid. All applicants are automatically consid-
undergraduate while maintaining satisfactory       Utica, NY 13502                                    ered for Merit Awards - no additional applica-
progress towards a bachelor's degree and a         800-782-8884                                       tion is necessary. Merit Scholarships ranged
B (3.0) cumulative grade point average. A                                      from $1,000 to $7,000 for the entering class
student who has been inducted into the Phi         Utica College offers access to a broad range       of Fall 2010. The Merit evaluation is deter-
Theta Kappa honor society may be considered        of scholarships, including direct aid from the     mined by the Admissions Office and begins in
for an additional $2,000 scholarship. This         college, endowed grants and annual awards.         mid-January. The scholarship may be renewed
award is in addition to being considered for       Eligibility is determined on the basis of a stu-   for up to five years, depending on the length
the Transfer Presidential Scholarship. The PTK     dent’s financial aid application. Transfer         of the recipient’s bachelor’s degree program.
Scholarship is renewable each year provided        Achievement Awards are for transfer students       Recipients must be enrolled full-time and
the student remains a full-time undergraduate      who have completed, and will transfer, a           maintain a 2.5 institutional cumulative GPA.
while maintaining satisfactory progress to-        minimum of 30 hours of college work. A 3.0
wards a bachelor's degree and a B (3.0) cu-        GPA or better is required for eligibility and      Western New England College
mulative grade point average.                      renewal. Awards vary based on academic             Springfield, MA 01119
                                                   ability and special achievements.                  413-782-3111
University of Rhode Island                                                                  
Kingston, RI 02881                                 Wagner College                                     Merit scholarships are awarded annually to
401-874-9500                                       Staten Island, NY10301                             transfer students who enroll with at least 12                                        718-390-3100                                       transfer credits. For consideration, students
The university has many grants/scholarships                                     must have at least a 3.0 grade point average
provided by organizations, corporations and        Students with outstanding academic records         from their previous college. The scholarship
alumni. Funding levels may vary from year          or exceptional talent in theatre, music or         is renewable if a 2.70 Western New England
to year. Most scholarships are chosen by the       athletics may be eligible to receive scholar-      College grade point average is maintained.
academic department and/or the Enrollment          ships based on those abilities. Academic           Eligibility for the Phi Theta Kappa and Transfer
Services office if there is a financial need re-   scholarships do not require special applica-       Scholarships is normally based only on grades
striction. If you have any questions regarding a   tion. All scholarships are awarded at the time     for college-level courses, usually referred to as
particular scholarship, please e-mail Enrollment   of admission. For more information on differ-      100-level (or higher) courses. A composite col-
Services or contact the department directly.       ent types of scholarships offered, contact the     lege GPA will be calculated for students who
                                                   Financial Aid office at Wagner College.            attended more than one college. Students
University of Rochester                                                                               who have at least a 3.50 GPA will usually be
Rochester, NY 14627                                Wells College                                      awarded a $7,000 merit scholarship while
585-275-3221                                       Aurora, NY 13026                                   students whose GPA is 3.00-3.49 will usually                                  315-364-3266                                       be awarded a $5,000 merit scholarship.
Merit-based scholarships range from $2,000
per year to full-tuition. They are awarded to      Transfer scholarships are awarded to students      Westfield State College
students who demonstrate outstanding aca-          who transfer from an accredited college or uni-    Westfield, MA 01086
demic achievement and potential, regardless        versity. Applicants for these scholarships must    413-572-5300
of financial circumstances. All undergraduate      have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Trans-
applicants are considered for merit scholar-       fer Scholarships are awarded up to $3,000 per      Westfield State does offer scholarships to
ships. Transfer scholarships generally range       year. Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society transfer       students. There are merit based awards and
from $3,000 to $10,000 per year. Phi Theta         scholarships are awarded to students who           foundation scholarships that you can qualify
Kappa honor society members are awarded            transfer from a two-year college and are mem-      for when applying to Westfield. For more
at least $5,000 per year.                          bers in good standing of Phi Theta Kappa and       information, please contact the Financial Aid
                                                   have graduated (or will graduate) with an A.A.     office 413-572-5218.
                                                   or A.S. degree. These scholarships are awarded
                                                   up to $5,000 per year.
SUNY Colleges and Universities                     The College at Brockport, SUNY                   SUNY Cortland
                                                   Brockport, NY 14420                              Cortland, NY 13045
University at Albany                               585-395-2751                                     607-753-4711
Albany, NY 12222                                               
518-442-5435                                       Entering transfer students with a grade point    Transfer students who have completed four                                     average of 3.25 or higher will be considered     full-time academic semesters prior to attend-
A limited number of transfer students are          for entering student scholarships and awards.    ing SUNY Cortland, and have a 3.5 cumula-
selected each fall for the Transfer Presidential   The Scholarship Office will mail application     tive GPA or higher, will be considered priority
Scholars Program. The University at Albany         forms directly to all accepted students who      candidates for the Merit and other endowed
welcomes nominations and applications of           qualify academically starting in January.        scholarships. SUNY Cortland does not require
students who are completing their associate’s      Scholarship forms and applications may also      a formal scholarship application. Scholarships
degrees in May and enrolling for the fall          be picked up in the Office of Undergraduate      are awarded automatically at the time of
semester. The annual program will provide          Admissions or in the Scholarship Office.         admission or once a completed financial aid
a merit scholarship and benefits to students                                                        application is on file.
who have distinguished themselves academi-         SUNY Canton
cally and through their contributions to their     Canton, NY 13617                                 SUNY College of Environmental
two-year college.                                  800-388-7123                                     Science and Forestry
                                                                            Syracuse, NY 13210
Alfred State College                               SUNY Canton offers numerous scholarships         800-777-7373
Alfred, NY 14802                                   for students who demonstrate academic ex-
800-4-ALFRED                                       cellence. In order to be eligible for SUNY       Transfer applicants who have earned a college                                Canton’s Transfer Merit Scholarship, students    grade point average of 3.40 or higher will be
Transfer Scholarships of $1,000 are awarded        must have a 2.75 cumulative GPA or higher.       considered for ESF Presidential Scholarships
to transfer students, with preference given to     They must be enrolled in a four-year curricu-    of up to $3,000 per year for New York
associate’s degree graduates entering a            lum and return the scholarship application.      State residents or up to $6,000 per year for
corresponding baccalaureate degree program.        This scholarship is retainable after one year    out-of-state residents.
Scholarships are academically competitive.         as long as the student earns at least a 3.0      Many transfer students qualify for Phi Theta
Students must have a 3.25 cumulative GPA           cumulative GPA. Transfer students also are       Kappa Scholarships at ESF. These are valued
and demonstrate continuous, full-time college      eligible for the SUNY Canton Foundation          at $1,500 per year and may be combined
attendance for consideration.                      scholarships. For more information, contact      with other aid. Proof of PTK honor society
                                                                    membership must be provided along with
Binghamton University                                                                               ESF’s application for admission. Approxi-
Binghamton, NY 13902                               SUNY Cobleskill                                  mately 300 merit- and need-based scholar-
607-777-2000                                       Cobleskill, NY 12043                             ships are available for transfer students at                                                      the College of Environmental Science and
Scholarships are awarded by the Admissions         SUNY Cobleskill awards incoming student          Forestry. The criteria vary for each award.
Office, the Office of Student Financial Aid and    scholarships in four areas:                      Amounts of awards vary from $300-$5,000.
Employment or by individual schools within         • Academic Scholarships: These are scholar-      Students must file the FAFSA to apply for
the university. Scholarships are based on aca-       ships that support students who are            scholarship aid.
demic merit, financial need or a combination         admitted to specific academic programs.
of merit and need. There also may be other         • Alumni Scholarships: The SUNY Cobleskill       SUNY Delhi
criteria established by the donors which recip-      Alumni Association offers several annual       Delhi, NY 13753
ients must meet. Unless specified at the time        scholarships to outstanding students.          1-800-96-DELHI
of selection, scholarships are for one year and    • General Scholarships: These are scholarships
are non-renewable. Except for a few scholar-         that support students, which are not limited   The number of scholarships awarded varies
ships, no separate application is required.          to specific academic programs.                 based on available funding. Scholarship
Recipients are selected based on their admis-      • Student Ambassador Scholarships:               amounts are based on students' need. For
sions and financial aid applications. To be          These are scholarships funded by SUNY          a complete list of scholarships, please visit
considered for need-based scholarships, you          Cobleskill to support the College's Student    Delhi’s Web site or contact the Delhi Financial
must complete a FAFSA. Applicants to the             Ambassador program.                            Aid office; Phone: 607-746-4570 or e-mail:
Decker School of Nursing, School of Education                                             
and Human Development, and Watson School
of Engineering should contact the individual                                                        SUNY Farmingdale
school. Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are of-
                                                                                                    Farmingdale, NY 11735
fered and applications are available at the
college’s Web site.
                                                                                                    Financial assistance based on merit and/or
                                                                                                    need that does not have to be repaid. Several
                                                                                                    scholarships are available to new and contin-
                                                                                                    ued students. Contact the Financial Aid Office
                                                                                                    at 631-420-2578 for any additional scholar-
                                                                                                    ships that may be available.
SUNY Fredonia                                     SUNY at New Paltz                                   SUNY Plattsburgh
Fredonia, NY 14063                                New Paltz, NY 12561                                 Plattsburgh, NY 12901
716-673-3251                                      845-257-3200                                        888-673-0012                                                  
There are a number of transfer scholarship        Limited New Paltz Foundation Scholarships           Transfer students accepted to SUNY Plattsburgh
awards ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.             for transfer students are determined by Ad-         will be eligible for a one-time merit scholarship
Scholarships are offered only to fall transfer    missions upon a student’s acceptance to the         if they complete 57 transferable semester hours
students who have received an associate’s         college. SUNY New Paltz has made a commit-          with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA and are
degree from an accredited two-year college.       ment to award up to three, full-time tuition,       planning to enroll in classes as a full-time stu-
For consideration, students should have a 3.5     2-year scholarships for Team 1 members of           dent (12 or more semester hours). The scholar-
cumulative average. Students must live in the     Phi Theta Kappa. Contact the SUNY New Paltz         ships include a $500 Transfer Merit Scholarship
college residence halls. Students must main-      Admissions Office for scholarship information.      and a $500 Transfer Housing Grant, the latter
tain an overall cumulative 3.25 GPA to retain                                                         of which is available to students intending to
the scholarship for the second year and main-     SUNY Oneonta                                        live on campus who have met the above crite-
tain the college residency requirement.           Oneonta, NY 13820                                   ria. Recipients for these awards are identified
Transfer students are eligible for additional     800-786-9123                                        through the admissions process. International
scholarships such as the Fredonia Award for                                     student scholarships are also available.
Excellence, out-of state student awards, and      Transfer students are eligible for several schol-
minority scholarships.                            arships which are based on cumulative GPA.          SUNY Potsdam
                                                  Phi Theta Kappa students are also considered        Potsdam, NY 13676
SUNY Institute of Technology                      for special scholarships. Applicants considered     877-POTSDAM
Utica, NY 13504                                   for scholarships must have a minimum 3.5  
866-2-SUNYIT                                      GPA and must be scheduled to complete an            The SUNY Potsdam Transfer Scholars Program                                    associate’s degree. There are no additional ap-     is designed to provide support to our high-
More than 100 merit-based academic scholar-       plications for scholarships other than the ap-      achieving students. The scholarship commit-
ships are awarded on the basis of transfer        plication for admission and, in the case of         tee will consider cumulative college GPA,
GPA. Students with a 3.25 GPA are automati-       financial need as selection criteria, the FAFSA.    essay, and a history of participation and
cally considered for merit scholarships at the    Scholarships range from $500 to $1,250 and          leadership in extracurricular activities and
time of their application beginning Dec. 1.       are either renewable or one-time awards.            community service. This program is available
Awards include: $1,000 President’s Scholar-                                                           to entering matriculated undergraduate trans-
ships, $750 Dean’s Scholarships and $2,000        SUNY Old Westbury                                   fer students applying for fall admission. The
Diversity Honors Scholarships. Phi Theta          Old Westbury, NY 11568                              SUNY Potsdam Transfer Scholarship is renew-
Kappa Scholarships, Residence Hall Scholar-       516-876-3000                                        able for one subsequent year by maintaining
ships and other restricted awards are also                                 a minimum cumulative 3.25 GPA. To be
available. Most scholarships are renewable        In addition to state and federal aid programs,      considered for the Transfer Scholars Program
for the second year of attendance. Applicants     students of SUNY College at Old Westbury            you must complete a scholarship application,
must apply for full-time study to be consid-      can take advantage of an array of scholarship       the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
ered for an academic scholarship. Interna-        opportunities. Whether to cover tuition, hous-      (FAFSA), and submit a letter of recommenda-
tional student scholarships are also available.   ing or travel, the college itself and the Old       tion from a professor or advisor. Transfer
                                                  Westbury College Foundation, Inc. work to-          Scholars Program recipients must maintain
SUNY Morrisville                                  gether to help you explore every option for         full-time enrollment. International student
Morrisville, NY 13408                             getting the money you need to attend Old            scholarships are also available.
1-800-258-0111                                    Westbury. The Presidential Scholarship is for                               transfer students; the award amount is varied.      Purchase College
Students who have not completed an associ-        For more information, please contact the            Purchase, NY 10577
ate’s or bachelor’s degree and have obtained      Office of Academic Affairs, 516-876-3446.           914-251-6300
at least a 3.0 GPA may apply for the Dean’s                                                 
or Presidential Level Scholarships. Those who     SUNY Oswego                                         Transfer students are evaluated by the Office
have obtained at least a 2.5 GPA may apply        Oswego, NY 13126                                    of Admissions for scholarships on the basis
for the Mustang Awards. Applicants must           315-312-2250                                        of college GPA. There is no formal application
meet all high school requirements for the                                      process at Purchase College for institutional
designated scholarship as well.                   SUNY Oswego offers $1,000 Merit Scholar-            scholarships. Scholarship criteria vary for stu-
Transfer students who have completed either       ships to transfer students who are applying         dents in the Liberal Arts and Sciences and stu-
an associate’s or bachelor degree and ob-         for full-time undergraduate study and who           dents in the Visual and Performing Arts. The
tained a 3.0 GPA or higher are eligible for up    have completed approximately 57 credit              directors of the Visual and Performing Arts pro-
to $6,000 over two years. Yearly renewal is       hours with a minimum 3.3 GPA. Priority              grams award scholarships to students in their
contingent upon full time status (at least 12     consideration will be given to applications         respective programs. While some scholarships
credit hours) and a minimum 3.0 GPA. For          completed by April 1 for fall applicants.           are awarded on the basis of merit only, others
more information, contact the Admissions          International student scholarships are also         require documentation of financial need as
Office at 315-684-6046 or 1-800-258-0111          available.                                          well. To be considered for scholarships based
or e-mail                                                                 on financial need you must complete a FAFSA,
                                                                                                      no later than Feb. 1. Please check with your di-
                                                                                                      vision for specific scholarship information. In-
                                                                                                      ternational scholarships are also available.
Private Scholarship Search Engines and Databases
The Web sites listed below allow students to apply for scholarships. Please remember that scholarships may require an application,
recommendations, transcripts, essays and interviews.
                    Broke Scholar:
                    College Answers (by Sallie Mae, Inc.):
                    College Board:
                    College NET:
                    College Connection Scholarships:
                    Fast Web:
                    Gates Millennium Scholars:
                    Hispanic Scholarship Fund:
                    International Student Resource:
                    Mapping Your Future:
                    Minority Scholarships:
                    National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators:
                    Next Student:
                    Scholarship Resource Network Express:
          , LLC:
                    Scholarship Hunter:
                    Scholar Site:
                    Target Scholarships:
                    The Coca Cola Scholars Foundation:
                    The College Connection:
                    The H. Truman Scholarship Foundation:
                    The Jackie Robinson Foundation:
                    The Princeton Review:
                    Tylenol Scholars:
                    United Negro College Fund Scholarships:
                    Wired Scholar:
                    Government Aid: FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid-

NYSTAA Scholarship Available!
NYSTAA is the New York State Transfer and Articulation Association, a consortium of 600 advisors and others involved in the transfer process at
more than 100 colleges and universities within and outside the state. NYSTAA provides students graduating with associate’s degrerom member
two-year schools, such as Hudson Valley Community College, and transferring to member four-year institutions the opportunity to obtain financial
help through the NYSTAA scholarship.
For NYSTAA Scholarship information visit:
         Center for Counseling and Transfer
          Siek Campus Center, Room 260 / (518) 629-7320 / Toll-free: (877) 325-HVCC
     80 Vandenburgh Avenue / Troy, NY 12180-6096
         Part of the State University of New York • Sponsored by Rensselaer County

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