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					     Dale Veitch, Orlando, Florida based pioneer and
  visionary has been working in the financial services
  industry for over 18 years. He earned an Honorable
Discharge Certificate from the United States Air Force
      in 1990. Dale received a Bachelor's Degree in
        Business Administration from Embry Riddle
      Aeronautical University in 1993 and completed
    Graduate Studies in Financial Planning (Certified
Financial Planning Course) in 1997 from the University
of Central Florida. In 1986, he worked as an analyst for
 Central Insurance Underwriters and later in 1993, he
  worked for Metropolitan where he prepared and sold
 strategies to assist high net worth clients in protecting
     their assets. In 1998 Dale Veitch started his own
 independent wealth management firm and served as
    its owner, Director of Investments and Director of
 Operations. Owing to the hard work and efforts put in
 by somekeyword, in 2001 this firm was recognized as
  one of the top 100 independent investment advisory
         firms in the country by Bloomberg Wealth

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In 2002, Dale's vision led him to develop a multi-family office which is
now popular as Lexington Family Office Services This business has
been recognized as one of the fastest growing firms among multifamily
offices surveyed by The Family Wealth Alliance
 Dale serves this business as the CEO/Family Liaison and formulates the
Family's Strategy and coordinates advice from all team players in order to
ensure that the drafted plan is implemented in an efficient and timely
manner er
 In addition to this, Dale Veitch also takes pride in monitoring the
implemented plan from time to time and teaching all the generations
about the impact of the family's scott tucker wealth on their individual
 Besides being a talented and extensively experienced professional in the
financial services industry, Dale has been the past president of the
Oceanside Daytona Beach Rotary Club
 This organization aims at helping people in the local community as well
as abroad
Apart from this, Dale Veitch has also served on The Stetson University
Family Enterprise Center Advisory Board
 Dale is an avid archery hunter, an accomplished former motorcycle road
racer and enjoys offshore fishing during free time
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