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                                SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT


     The purpose of this service level agreement (SLA) is to define the rights and
     responsibilities of both the school and the Council in respect of this service.
     The SLA sets out, in particular, the details of the service that will be provided, its cost,
     performance standards, who will provide it and how it will be monitored. It also details
     any responsibilities that must be met by the school to enable the service to be


     HEALTH AND SAFETY:                  Geraldine Austen-Reed      0208 583 2173
                                         (Lead Health, Safety Adviser)

                                         Adam Stonely 0208 583 2610
                                         (Designated Health and Safety Adviser for

     OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH:               Claire Douglas        0208 583 5978
                                       (Occupational Health & Wellbeing Manager)


     This agreement commences on 1 April 2010 and ends on 31 March 2011.


      The charges to schools will be in accordance with the level of service that is
     purchased. Payment is to be annually in January and an invoice will be issued
     accordingly. Schools will receive a separate invoice for any additional services that are
     purchased. Payment is to be made within 30 days of the invoice date.

      Summary of Service

      The Occupational, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team will provide an independent,
      expert advisory, consultancy and policy development service to schools through a
      wide range of health, safety, wellbeing and medical services.

      The Occupational, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team consist of professionally
      qualified Occupational Health Advisers and Health and Safety Advisers. An
      independent Occupational Health Physician provides professional medical expertise.

       A telephone Consultancy Service is offered on all aspects of Health, Safety and
      Wellbeing during core office hours and with a 24 hour telephone answering service.

       For any queries on services provided or any aspect of service delivery please write,
      telephone or e-mail Geraldine Austen-Reed for Health & Safety queries or Claire
      Douglas for Occupational Health & Wellbeing queries.


       The following key services will be provided:

      Occupational Health

            Pre-employment health assessments to include scrutiny of health
             questionnaires requiring further health assessment and telephone or face to
             face interviews where required. (Note 1)

            To provide an opinion on the health of existing staff with regard to sickness
             absence, after injury or illness or where management concerns exist to aid
             Headteachers and Governing Bodies in managing such situations effectively.
             (Note 1)

          To provide on request health surveillance as necessary, for staff working with
            particular hazardous substances as identified by local risk assessment, eg. D/T
            teachers and technicians exposed to wood dust etc. This will also include
            undertaking baseline health surveillance for new staff working with hazardous
            substances on request of the school. (Note 2)

            Ongoing Medical Advice and Guidance.

          Advice regarding external provision of health promotion issues relevant to
            schools e.g. Voice training, Stress, Stop Smoking Programs etc.

          Advice and guidance regarding the implementation of any necessary hygiene,
            infection and welfare control procedures, along with the provision of any
            vaccination programmes required, e.g. Hepatitis B, Flu etc. (Please see note

            Information regarding the Occupational Health service will be available on the

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                       HVEC website and appropriate forms will be available for use e.g. the
                       management referral form

      Health and Safety

         A designated health and safety adviser will be assigned to schools. The Unit
           undertakes to act as the primary source of information to schools about existing
           and impending Health and Safety law and to provide assistance on how best to
           comply with the requirements laid down.

         Provision of the Borough’s Corporate Health and Safety Manual and update
           service via the Hounslow Virtual Education Centre (HVEC) website, which
           consists of Policies, Procedures and Guidance.

         The Unit will provide assistance to Headteachers and Governing Bodies in the
           development/preparation of their school’s Health and Safety management
           system, and guidance on drafting other legally required Health and Safety
           documentation (Often this will be in the form of model policies, procedures and
           risk assessments).

         The Unit can provide competent advice on the current requirements for
           performance monitoring and risk assessments in schools and the necessary
           systems and procedures to ensure they are carried out and reviewed for safety

         The Unit will provide advice and assistance during the planning stage of school
           trips and guidance on the drafting of the required risk assessments. The Unit will
           scrutinise and endorse all satisfactory completed ‘Category A’ trip paperwork and
           carry out random monitoring of ‘Category B’ trip paperwork.

           On behalf of Headteachers and Governors, the Unit will advise on the
            investigation of accidents/incidents occurring to staff, pupils and visitors and
            liaise with the Health and Safety Executive in respect of all legally notifiable
            accidents occurring on school premises. Incomplete reports will be followed up
            with the specific schools. Independent investigations will be conducted for any
            fatalities, near fatalities, dangerous occurrences or serious health & safety
            management system failures. i.e. those incidents that meet the reporting criteria
            under the Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences (RIDDOR)
            Regulations 1995.

           Under the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2007
            schools have defined responsibilities as the "client". The Unit offers specialist
            advice on work of this type at the planning stage and throughout the duration of
            the project.

         The Unit will provide competent advice and guidance to schools on necessary
           health and safety training and how it might be implemented. Access to the
           Borough’s Corporate Health and Safety Training Programme, in conjunction with
           Children’s Services Professional Development, is also available (Please see note

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           The Unit will provide specialist advice and guidance on Key risk areas such as the
            management of:-

                 Asbestos containing materials
                 Legionella and water hygiene
                 Hazardous substances.

           The Health & Safety Adviser will facilitate the School Health & Safety Co-ordinator
            meetings held once a term at Hounslow Education Centre. Minutes will be widely
            circulated as well s posted on the Hounslow Virtual Education Centre (HVEC)

           The Health & Safety Adviser will endeavour to produce termly health & safety
            bulletin for schools, which will be a round-up of any legislative and best practice
            updates and any relevant health and safety related news articles. These will be
            circulated to schools and posted on the Hounslow Virtual Education Centre
            (HVEC) website.

           The Health & Safety Adviser will facilitate introductory general health & safety
            briefings to groups of governors and new and acting Headteachers and Deputy
            Head teachers. The frequency of these briefings will be according to need as
            advised by Governing Body Support and NQT Co-ordinator.

           The Health & Safety Adviser will carry out pre-arranged audits within schools on a
            3 year rolling programme to monitoring the school’s health & safety performance
            and evaluating the effectiveness of its Health & Safety Management System. The
            Audit methodology will be in accordance with the council’s Health & Safety
            Management System, which is based on HSE HS(G) 65 and BS:OHSAS

           The Health & Safety Adviser will issue a non-conformity report to the school,
            highlighting remedial action and provide recommendations for improvement. These
            audits do not form part of the the schools annual audits using their School’s Self
            Assessment Tool.


        1. The payment of GP/Consultant fees for medical reports is not included in the buy
           back charges. Cost of such reports will be the responsibility of the School
           concerned and can vary. Occupational Health has no control over the amount
           chargeable by a GP/Specialist.

        2. Health surveillance will be available on request where local risk assessment
           determines the need for the intervention. As a matter of good practice, all new
           starters working with substances hazardous to health should be referred to
           Occupational Health on commencement of employment to assess their baseline
           health status.

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      3. The cost of Occupational Vaccinations is not included within the buy back cost of
         the service and will be charged according to usage.

      4. Attendance at any of the courses will be charged at an economic rate of
         approximately £60.00 per day per individual.

      5. Refer to Financing of Maintained Schools Regulations Schedule 1 in England and
         Schedule 2 in Wales. The role of the LA is set out in paragraphs 18-21 in SIM
         7/2001/36 on Fair Funding.

Other services available on request:

       The following additional services can be purchased outside of the SLA charge

      o Osteopathy/physiotherapy services.

      o Flu Vaccination Programme for staff.

      o Individual health checks for staff.

      o Alternative therapy treatments.


         Occupational Health endeavour to clear pre employment questionnaires within two
          working days of receipt in the OH department. There may be occasions where
          delays occur due to difficulty in contacting the prospective employee and arranging

       An initial appointment will be offered within 7 working term time days of receipt of
         referral for an appointment with an Occupational Health Adviser.

       An initial appointment will be offered within 10 working term time days of receipt of
         referral for an appointment with the Occupational Health Physician.

         Please note that the above response times are dependant on information received
          from Schools, the employee in question being able to attend on the date offered,
          and the availability of GP/Consultants’ reports.

       The service will comply with all Borough standards in terms of responding to
         correspondence and telephone calls.

         Nominations for training courses will be confirmed within 5 working days.


      Schools will have the opportunity to review the provision of the service on at least an
      annual basis. Headteachers may request a review meeting with the Geraldine Austen-

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      Reed and or Claire Douglas at any point during the Service Level Agreement period at
      a mutually convenient date.

      The Occupational, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team seeks to continually improve
      its standard of performance within the period of the service level agreement. Any
      suggestions on ways that the service can be improved should be addressed to
      Geraldine Austen-Reed and Claire Douglas.


      Complaints about this service should be addressed in the first instance to the
      Geraldine Austen-Reed and or Claire Douglas. If you are not satisfied that your
      complaint has been resolved properly, you should write to the Head of HR/OD within
      the Corporate Services Department, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow,
      Middlesex TW3 4DN.


      This agreement runs on a financial year cycle. Termination, on either side of the
      agreement, will be in writing based on a 6 months rolling notice period.


      Before termination of contract all community and voluntary controlled schools need to
      inform the local authority, as the employer, as to whom they will be engaging to
      provide competent Health and Safety advice and Occupational Health & Surveillance
      Services both of which are statutory requirements. For further reference please see
      Note 5.

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