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The Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts                                                                              October 2000

MacKenzie Clear Winner in
Waltham Debate
Sponsored by the League of Women              MacKenzie was, by all accounts, the best
Voters, the Waltham Candidates Forum          spoken of the group. His articulation
on September 12th included two                and humor allowed the audience to
Democratic contenders, one Republican         clearly understand his Libertarian posi-
and our own Libertarian candidate Dan         tions. For example, when a question was
MacKenzie for the currently open 9th          raised concerning possible conflict of
Middlesex State Representative seat.          interest MacKenzie’s response was:
The forum was broadcast several times                                                                 Harry Brown addresses the crowd at MassCann. Story
over Waltham Community Access Cable             Well you know, I do have a conflict of                 on page seven. Photo by Jeff Chase.
on Sept. 16 and 17.                             interest… I want to reduce the size
                                                of government but I recently                          MacKenzie clearly and effectively stated
MacKenzie and the Libertarian ideas he          received a call from the OCPF. It                     his Libertarian position: He “wants you
explained were very well received by the        turns out that I had not signed a                     to live your life as you want.” As a State
local crowd of about fifty people.              form in the proper place and had to                   Representative, his focus would be on
Audience members were equally divided           correct this mistake. So here I am                    creating a government that allows indi-
in their support for each candidate.            supporting smaller government and                     vidual liberty and encourages personal
                                                unintentionally increasing govern-                    responsibility.
This forum focused on local issues and          ment by keeping the OCPF busy….
the candidates responded to questions                                                                 MacKenzie was also invited the audi-
from the audience in addition to provid-      On the subject of transportation,                       ence to consider the other Libertarian
ing prepared statements. Issues includ-       MacKenzie offered a privatized solution.                candidates on the ballot in this district.
ed the city involvement in Hardy Pond,        He noted that the current MBTA system                   He mentioned the Browne and Howell
child labor laws and whether or not the       is particularly inefficient. The other can-              campaigns and directed the audience to
candidate would be a full time State          didates all offered more buses, addi-                   the LPMA web site for additional infor-
Representative. Other issues raised           tional specific routes and no new ideas.                 mation.
were the MCAS tests and the MBTA.

New Bedford Libertarians Lead the Charge
2000 has been called the year                                                                                         Massachusetts U.S. Rep-
of the third party, and resi-                                                                                         resentative seat. A great
dents of South Eastern                                                                                                success, this debate was
Massachusetts share the                                                                                               professionally organized
nation’s dissatisfaction with                                                                                         and run despite short
the limited choices of major                                                                                          notice. Local media person-
party    candidates.     Laura                                                                                        alities served on the panel
Hirschmann and Mike Conway                                                                                            asking questions, serving as
have been working hard to                                                                                             moderator and covering the
bring the Greater New Bedford                                                                                         event. David Euchner was
Libertarian Association to the                                                                                        very active in his defense of
forefront of South Shore poli-                                                                                        Liberty on behalf of his
tics… and it is working!                                                                                              potential constituents.
September was a busy month                                                                                            Next was the Libertarian
with many events geared to                                                                                            Candidates Forum on
bring our candidates to a vari-   Art Olivier, David Euchner, and Carla Howell at the New Bedford Candidates Forum.
                                                                                                                      Friday, September 15th. The
ety of forums.                                                  Photo by Dean Hodgkins.                               GNBLA arranged to have
                                                                                                                      David     Euchner,    Carla
First was the David Euchner,
Barney Frank and Marty Travis debate in the race for the 4th                                                                  (continued on page five)
                                  letter from the chair
                                           What a difference!                                    Instead of our usual single table with
                                  We now return to our previously sched-                         10 or 12 volunteers, we had five tables:
                                  uled message of hope.                                          two from the LPMA State Committee,
                                                                                                 two for the Carla Howell campaign, and
                                  So many things have gone so well since                         one from the Pioneer Valley
 Massachusetts                    I wrote to you last that I don’t know if I                     Libertarians. Altogether, there were
                                  can fit them all in to my usual space.                          more than SIXTY activists there hand-
    Liberty                       I’m sure that our excellent newsletter                         ing out literature for the party, for Carla
      October 2000                editor Peter Schoaff1 will provide better                      Howell, and for Harry Browne. In con-
                                  coverage than I can on these and other                         trast to previous years, we almost never
                                  happenings, but I just had to mention        Elias Israel      ran into anyone who hadn’t heard of
                                  a few of the highlights:                                       the Libertarian Party.
     Peter C. Schoaff
                                                                                      And both Carla Howell and Harry Browne gave
                                        David Euchner Debates Barney Frank            blockbuster speeches to the crowd, and the
     Contributors                                                                     crowd simply ate it up. We have never been bet-
         Jeff Chase               I was extremely pleased to be able to attend the
                                  terrific debates that were staged by the Greater     ter received or more well-known at a MassCann
      Laura El-Azem               New Bedford Libertarians between incumbent          event, and I’m sure it’s just a taste of what’s to
     Ilana Freedman               Democrat Barney Frank, Libertarian David            come in future years.
   Laura Hirschmann               Euchner, and Republican Martin Travis. Not
     Dean Hodgkins                only was it a victory for Libertarians to be seen         News Editors Deluged with Messages
        Elias Israel              taking their place at the table, the event itself
                                  was so enjoyable and well-run that its creators,    Here’s my favorite item: we’re breaking through
        Doug Krick                Laura Hirschmann and the returning Mike             the media blockade, and it’s thanks to your
         Eve Maler                Conway, received well-deserved compliments          help. Last month, I wrote to ask you to send a
        Kay Pirrello              from Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans       message to the Globe and the Herald to require
       Muni Savyon                alike.                                              them to pay attention to our party and our can-
                                                                                      didates. At about the same time, the Carla
    Christine Schoaff             If you missed the first debate between these         Howell campaign sent a similar message to its
       Jim Sullivan               three candidates, never fear: there are two more    own activist lists.
                                  repeats coming, so be sure to check the event
                                  calendar and go to support our candidate.           The results have been astounding. Because of
  Mailing Address                                                                     your help (politely but firmly) pounding down
  Mass. Liberty Editor                                                                the doors of the news media, they are starting
  Post Office Box 2610,                    Carla Howell Ads are Everywhere             to get the message: the Libertarian Party and its
   Boston, MA 02208               Just when the media thought that they could         candidates have much, much more support
                                  safely ignore Carla Howell, the most exciting       than they ever dreamed, and we do rate greater
   E-Mail Address                 Libertarian candidate for Senate ever, her cam-     coverage.             paign began airing their hard-hitting radio ads,    Some news editors report that they’ve received
                                  and began placing ads on more than 151 movie        between 50 and 100 messages a day asking
    Next Deadline                 screens in Massachusetts theatres.                  them to cover our candidates and especially
     October 9, 2000                                                                  our standard-bearer Carla Howell. Some papers
                                  Talk about making a difference! The day the
                                  radio ads hit, press coverage of the campaign       have even printed a request for us to stop
 Massachusetts Liberty is the
                                  started to reappear. The press are now begin-       because the volume is so great!
 official newsletter of the       ning to say what we’ve known all along. Today,      But we shouldn’t stop. If you have sent mes-
 Libertarian      Party     of    as I write this, the Boston Herald admits that      sages to the press, then my thanks go out to
 Massachusetts, a state affil-     the GOP contender, Jack Robinson, is not a seri-    you. Only through efforts like yours can people
 iate of the Libertarian Party    ous candidate. According to the Herald article,     see the support there is for Small Government!
 of the United States.
                                  by Karen Crummy, this fact “… leaves only           If you haven’t sent a message to the press yet,
                                  Howell as serious opposition to Kennedy -           then there’s no time like the present. Fire up
 Massachusetts Liberty is pub-    regardless of what polls say - because she          your computer or your typewriter or just a pad
 lished twelve times a year.      treats the issues and her candidacy seriously.”     and pen and write a letter or an email to all of
 Subscriptions are $15 per        And it gets better: major news media editors,       the media outlets you can find. Let’s let them
                                  writers, and even Barney Frank are now calling      hear what they should be hearing.
                                  for Senator Kennedy to debate Carla Howell.
 Send changes of address,         Kennedy’s office says that it will consider “such
 subscription requests, and       things” when the Senate’s legislative session       Victory!
 materials for publication to     closes at the beginning of October. Stay tuned!
 Massachusetts Liberty’s e-mail
                                                                                      1 Send him email at and
 address or mailing address.          MassCann Freedom Rally is a Triumph             tell him what a great job he’s doing. Better yet,
 All submissions are subject      At the MassCann Freedom rally on September          send him an article about what the Libertarians
 to editing. Deadline is the      16, Libertarians not only went to the event,        in your part of the state are up to.
 fifteenth day of every           Libertarians practically owned the event.

2 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                        October 2000
libertarian events
             Senate Race Documentary
                                                    LSaturday, Social Maler .
WGBH AirsWGBH followed Carla Howell’s campaign to a At ibertarian October 21, 3:00and. Elias Israel, 105 Lexington
    Monday, October 2
Last month                                             the home of Eve

number of campaign events to collect material for a docu-         Street, Burlington. RSVP (781) 270-9441 or
mentary on her race against Ted Kennedy. The documentary is       Call for directions.
scheduled to air for the first time on the evening of October 2.
                                                                  Come hungry, because there will be a lot of food! Feel free to

P   rovincetown Town Committee Meeting
    Wednesday, October 4, 7:00 P.M.
At the Provincetown Inn on the first Wednesday of each
                                                                  bring your beverage or dessert of choice. We will also be
                                                                  showing a Libertarian movie (title to be announced) at 5pm,
                                                                  but seating is limited. If you want to see the movie, RSVP early
month. Coffee and pastries will be on hand and the commit-        so we can plan accordingly.
tee will be working to make an event of each meeting.
Everyone is welcome. Contact Dave Atkinson at 508/487-0759
for more information or directions.                               Worcester County Libertarian. Association Everyone is
                                                                      Sunday, October 15, 6:00   PM
                                                                  Tweed's Pub Restaurant, 231 Grove St., Worcester.
WhitmanRoom at TJ’sTown Committee 18 near Route 27 in
    Tuesday, October 10, 6:45 .
The Glass
                       Pub, on Route
                                     Meeting                      invited and welcome. Interested activists can contact Kevin
                                                                  Haskell at for more information.

Whitman. Pizza and soda available starting at 6:30 P.M..
                                                                  LPMA Board Meeting 9, 10:00
                                                                    Saturday, December             A.M.

N    ashoba Valley Libertarians Meeting
     Wednesday, October 11, 7:00 P.M.
At the home of Peter and Christine Schoaff, 1 Sweetwood
                                                                  Location to be Determined.

Circle, Westford. All Libertarians in Westford, Chelmsford,
Littleton, and nearby towns are encouraged to attend.

                Libertarian Association
Pioneer ValleyOctober 11,The PioneerMeeting
Bickford’s, Springfield.
                           7:00 .PM
Association meets the second Wednesday of every month at
Bickford's on Boston Road in Springfield.

Elected Libertarian List Continues to Grow
Three new members have joined our ranks of elected                Ilana Freedman          Town Meeting Member, Billerica
Libertarians. John Beauregard, Alvin See, and Linwood Gay                                 Conservation Commission, Billerica
are all working for freedom in their local government.                                    Arts Council, Billerica
                                                                                          Industrial Financing Auth., Billerica
In addition Ilana Freedman has been appointed to a number                                 Middlesex Canal Commission
of positions in Billerica. This brings our totals to 22 office-    Richard Freedman        Town Meeting Member, Billerica
holders in 33 positions.                                          Linwood A. Gay          Moderator, Onset Fire District
                                                                  Russ Hamilton           Mohawk Trail Regional School Board
                                                                  Jack Hirschmann         Town Meeting Member, Dartmouth
David Atkinson        Selectman, Provincetown                     Laura Hirschmann        Town Meeting Member, Dartmouth
Richard Avery         Town Meeting Member, Arlington              Ron “Rocky” Jepson      Town Meeting Member, Saugus
Bill Bates            Planning Board, Ludlow                                              Finance Committee, Saugus
                      MA Open Space Planning Comm.                Craig Mathias           Chairman, Ashland Board of Select.
                      USDA Farm Service Agency,                   Jim Mollison            Town Meeting Member, Billerica
                      Hamden County                               Bob O’Keefe             Town Meeting Member, Dedham
John “Jay” Beauregard Town Meeting Member, Plymouth               Raymond Phoenix         Planning Board, Ludlow
John Brickner         Planning Board, Wales                                               Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
                      Commissioner, Pioneer Valley                Ben Rivard-Rapoza       Town Meeting Member, Dartmouth
                      Planning Commission                         Robert D. Ruplenas      Chairman, Weymouth Cultural Cncl.
                      Capital Planning Committee,                 Christine Schoaff       Library Board of Trustees, Westford
                      Town of Wales                               Alvin See               Flood Control Board, Westfield
Steven Epstein        Zoning Board of Appeals, Georgetown
Jerome Erickson       Town Meeting Member, Holbrook

October 2000                                                                                                 Massachusetts Liberty 3
campaign 2000
Patrick El-Azem Kicks Off Campaign                                                                                                         Christine Schoaff
Patrick El-Azem and his campaign                                                                                         that isn’t possible in the short
team officially started the cam-                                                                                         term, I want to work to improve
paign season with a well attend-                                                                                         the system that we have. So
ed kick-off event. Over thirty peo-                                                                                      school choice is one big part of
ple filled the El-Azem home in                                                                                           that and the other is to reduce the
Chelmsford, enjoying good com-                                                                                           current regulatory burden on pri-
pany and good food. Patrick El-                                                                                          vate and parochial schools.”
Azem is running for State
Representative in 16th Middlesex                                                                                         “One way to really improve
district covering Carlisle and                                                                                           schools and education in the
Chelmsford.                                                                                                              Commonwealth and in my dis-
                                                                                                                         trict, will be to return power to the
El-Azem’s kick off speech was well                                                                                       local administrators and princi-
received. El-Azem wants to return                                                                                        pals. Local school boards know
fiscal responsibility to the State                                                                                        who to run their schools well.
House, If elected he will focus on            Patrick El-Azem addresses supporters at his September campaign kick-off.
                                                                                                                         Bureaucrats in Boston are too far
the budget, taxes, school choice                                    Photo by Christine Schoaff.                          removed to do a good job.”
and health care.
                                                       the reasons for those votes immediately                  El-Azem’s focus on health care stems
El-Azem decided to run for State                       available to the public through a web                    from a recent personal experience.
Representative last spring. The news                   site. He vowed to include even those                     Since he recently changed jobs, El-Azem
reports of un-professional conduct by                  votes which were not roll-called. If elect-              tried to purchase a private insurance
state legislators was a deciding factor.               ed, El-Azem’s goal will be to vote in                    policy for himself and his family.
El-Azem wants to return propriety and                  accordance with the majority of his con-                 Unfortunately, state regulations prohib-
decorum to the State House.                            stituents as well as to stand firmly for                  it insurance companies from selling
                                                       his own convictions.                                     individual policies unless the individual
“It took over 200 years for the state bud-                                                                      meets a whole set of criteria.
get to reach $10 billion,” noted El-Azem.              “Electing two or three Libertarians this
“It required only an additional 10 years               year will not magically provide good,                    “I would need to be a recent immigrant
to double this to over $20 billion, “ he               thrifty, small government,” said El-                     from Mars to qualify to purchase a poli-
added. “Its time to reign in the outra-                Azem, “ but it will move the state house                 cy here in Massachusetts,” said El-
geous growth of our state government.                  in the right direction and I will bring                  Azem, “and this is just wrong.” In speak-
The state budget has been growing at                   more accountability to you, my con-                      ing with his doctors, El-Azem also dis-
twice the rate of inflation. Every dollar               stituents.”                                              covered that they said that half of their
spent by state legislator was part of                                                                           office staff is generally devoted to gov-
someone’s paycheck or fixed income.                    Part of the El-Azem campaign will focus                  ernment mandated paperwork and
The majority of current state representa-              on the repeal of the “temporary income                   reports. “We need fewer regulations on
tives have forgotten this fact and are                 tax hike.” “It has been 11 years since this              doctors and more accountability,” says
wantonly and recklessly spending too                   temporary tax was enacted,” says El-                     El-Azem. “I would work to open up the
much of your money.”                                   Azem, “I want to go to the State House                   medical practice so that you the con-
                                                       to ensure that it is finally repealed. With               sumer could purchase the insurance you
“Above and beyond fiscal prudence, I                    this great economy, now is the time to                   wanted and you could easily get infor-
want to be a fiscal watchdog.”                          repeal this increase. Once there is a                    mation to use to compare doctors.”
                                                       slowdown in the economy, it will be too
El-Azem wants to focus his efforts on                  late and our currently outrageous                        Overall, El-Azem is running for State
“good government, properly funded.” He                 spending practices will be even more                     Representative so that he can bring back
promised to make all of his votes and                  difficult to support. Now is the time to                  the sprit and attitude of public service.
                                                       reign in spending and lower taxes.”                      “State Representatives are employee’s
                                                                                                                of the people.” Further information
                                                       With regards to education, El-Azem                       about the El-Azem for State
                                                       investigated the issue and discovered                    Representative campaign is available at
                                                       that the Pioneer Institute, a public poli-     
                                                       cy think tank based in MA, had already
                                                       done a study on the subject of school                    Anyone who is in the greater Lowell
                                                       choice. “What they found is that school                  area, especially Chelmsford or Carlisle,
                                                       choice helps everyone: students and                      and would like to help out the El-Azem
                                                       school districts alike.”                                 campaign by volunteering some time,
                                                                                                                sporting one of their spiffy bumper
                                                       “Students who transfer to other schools                  stickers, or by making a donation to pay
                                                       benefit immensely and school districts                    for yard signs, please get in touch with
                                                       who are loosing students begin to                        Laura             El-Azem             at
                                                       respond to competition and provide a            s
                                                       better education to stem the losses. It
                                                       would be wonderful to have a complete-
 The El-Azem campaign team: Bill Woods, Patrick El-    ly non-governmental system but since
     Azem, Laura El-Azem, and Barbara Galasso

4 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                                          October 2000
Activist Krick Founds Pink Pistols
A new group has formed in Boston, MA                                                          The organization has drawn their name
named, “The Pink Pistols”. In less than a                                                     from an article by Jonathan Rauch of the
month of starting the formation                                                               Independent Gay Forum, and Salon
process, a new chapter arose in                                                               Magazine. The name was deliberately
Baltimore, MD. The Pink Pistols is tar-                                                       chosen because it draws on existing
geted at protecting the firearm rights of                                                      public imagery.
the “alternative sexuality” communities.
Instead of protecting just the rights of                                                      Currently the Pink Pistols has approxi-
the traditional Gay and Lesbians, they                                                        mately 20 members in the Boston area
also are inclusive to the Bisexual,                                                           and 20-30 members nationally. The idea
Transgender,      BDSM,       and     the                                                     has taken off rather quickly — shortly
Polyamarous communities.                                                                      after Krick started the Boston chapter, a
                                                                                              Pink Pistols formed in Baltimore,
Each chapter meets at least once a                                                            Maryland. Chapters are also starting in
month to go shooting at a local gun                                                           Minnesota and Delaware. The organiza-
range to practice their skills. Details                                                       tion has been featured in stories in Bay
regarding the times and locations of the                                                      Windows, and Newsweek magazine.
shoots can be found on the Pink Pistols                 Pink Pistols founder Doug Krick
web site,                                                         From the article in Newsweek:
                                                Howell also earned points for her state-            Gay Voices in The Gun Lobby
The Pink Pistols also rates candidates          ment that “all adults should be treated         And George Bush thinks debates are
for public office based on a survey of           equally under the law. As a politician it’s     tricky. The Pink Pistols, a new pro-
their positions on issues such as gay           not my job condone nor condemn any              gun, pro-gay political-action group,
civil rights and the right of all citizens to   particular lifestyle.”                          is asking candidates if they support
bear arms without restrictions. A list of                                                       the sale of hollow-point bullets and
the questions asked of each candidate           “I’m excited by the amount of interest          the right of marriages involving
can also be found on the web site.              already expressed the Pink Pistols”, said       three or more people. With an infor-
Unlike most PACs (Political Action              founder Douglas Krick. “I’ve already            mational Web site and no fund-rais-
Committees), the candidate’s answers            received interest in our group from             ing, these Boston-based recreation-
are also made available to the public.          places as far away as Minnesota. At this        al shooters of “alternative sexuality”
Libertarian candidate Carla Howell, who         rate, I expect that we will grow and            hope to influence the gun-rights
is challenging Ted Kennedy’s seat in the        become a truly national organization in         issue. Founder Doug Krick, a
U.S. Senate, scored an A+ for her               a relatively short time.”                       “polyamorous bisexual” who favors a
responses, including her declaration                                                            Glock .40, admits it’s “an unusual
that she “is a 100% pro-gun candidate.”                                                         combination.” s

New Bedford Leads the Way in Activism
(continued from first page)                      editorial staff noted that they had           ber of radio stations including
                                                received over 400 letters in support of       WBSM(1420) and WINQ(99.7),
Howell and Art Olivier, our Vice                debates in the U.S. Senate race.
Presidential Candidate speak to a good                                                        As Muni Savyon notes, “The Greater
crowd of enthusiastic supporters and            In addition, ABC Channel 6 ran a story        New Bedford Libertarian Association is
voters interested in what the LP has to         on the candidates forum, including            turning into the most active local group
offer. They arranged a full weekend of          Carla Howell’s speech in its nightly          in Massachusetts, at least in terms of
events for Mr. Oliver as well. He spoke at      broadcast. Media coverage also includ-        media handling and coverage. They
the candidates forum at the Melville            ed BSM radio and the Associate Press.         organize events, send press releases,
Towers and was well received by an              Media     coverage     for     the    U.S.    invite the media, and — surprise! — it
elderly audience.                               Representative debates was extensive          works.”
                                                as well, including almost one dozen
The New Bedford Standard Times has clearly      reporters and camera-people. Articles         The GNBLA meets regularly at the
noticed all the activity. The ran a front       ran in the Standard Times, The Boston Globe   Wamsutta club in New Bedford. You can
page article including color pictures           and other papers.                             reach the GNBLA at their new phone
covering Mr. Olivier’s campaign events.                                                       number 508-996-VOTE. At this number
They also ran an editorial that clearly         The final event of the week was a speak-       you can reach Laura Hirschmann, Brian
stated their new found respect for the          ing slot at the Autumn Air Festival in        Thomas, Mike Conway or find out about
Libertarian party, its candidates and its       Fitchburg at the Fitchburg Airport. Both      upcoming events.
local organization. In support of debates       Mr. Olivier and Ms. Howell were able to
between Carla Howell and her oppo-              address a large crowd and advance the         “We are now known as a player in this
nents, the Standard Times printed Ms.           Libertarian Party and their own cam-          area,” says Laura Hirschmann,, “and we
Howell’s open letter to Kennedy (see            paigns. In addition to the speaking           intend to keep up our efforts to get our
page eight) and a letter from an sub-           events, Laura Hirschmann arranged for         Libertarian candidates elected.” s
scriber in support of the debates. The          Mr. Olivier to be interviewed by a num-
October 2000                                                                                                       Massachusetts Liberty 5
notes from around the state
  LPCA Welcomes Student Activists            a big help in this effort, And you might        Freedman Speaks at MSPCC Panel
                                             get to be on TV too!
Libertarian student activists will be                                                       On Friday, September 8th, Ilana
interested in the LP Campus Activist           So You Want To Be on Television?             Freedman took part in a panel held by
(LPCA) discussion group moderated by           Become a Libertarian Candidate!              the    Massachusetts     Society    for
Marc Brandl. LPCA was born in January                                                       Prevention of Cruelty to Children. The
of 2000 and has quickly become the           Peter Schoaff and Patrick El-Azem have         panel included an incumbent State
largest libertarian campus activist dis-     been scheduled to appear on ATT                Senator,     an    incumbent      State
cussion group in the world. With more        Channel 3, the local cable access news         Representative, an aide presenting the
than 100 members representing 26             station based in Lowell. Channel 3 will        views of another State Rep., and anoth-
states, 4 countries, 30 campus groups        be broadcasting the primary night elec-        er challenger.
and growing all the time, LPCA is the        tion returns live. Peter and Patrick will
best way to get connected with the bur-      be conducting a mini-debate with their         The audience, composed almost entire-
geoning Libertarian student movement.        opponents while they wait for poll num-        ly of women who worked in the social
                                             bers to be reported.                           services field and mothers of special
LPCA is meant for Libertarian student                                                       needs children, voiced their concerns
activists of all stripes, whether they are   That same night Laura El-Azem is               and complaints about the failures of the
involved in a College Libertarian style      appearing on local TV show Politically         current system. Ilana Freedman had sev-
club, drug reform, philosophy, student       Incorrectable on a three-person (one L,        eral opportunities to praise and urge
government, etc..                            one R, one D) panel talking about the          further support of private initiatives or
                                             Presidential election. Carla Howell is         public-private collaborations. She was
The purpose of LPCA is for students to       scheduled for the second half hour of          joined by several in the audience in her
discuss the mechanics of activism and        this show after the panel.                     criticism of the bureaucratic obstacles
to bring Libertarian student activists                                                      to the proper functioning of the system,
into contact with another from disparate        National Volunteer Site Working             including their focus on the system
parts of the country and the world. For                    Wonders!                         rather than on the children.
more information contact Marc Brandl
at            has a great web site.            Libertarians Outpoll Opponents
                                             We’re getting offers of time and effort
    MacKenzie Organizes Waltham              from people almost every day! Now              A surprising new poll says more
            Stand-Outs                       LPMA needs a Volunteer Coordinator to          Americans are libertarians than conser-
                                             help get these new volunteers in touch         vatives or liberals — suggesting that the
State Representative candidate Dan           with the activists and campaigns in their      traditional Left/Right political spectrum
MacKenzie is organizing Libertarian          area. Please contact Christine Schoaff if      has become obsolete in the 21st centu-
sign stand-outs in Waltham. These will       you want to help make a difference for         ry, the Libertarian Party said today.
include one event at the corner of           Liberty!
Lexington Street and Trapelo Road                                                           According to a just-released survey by
among others. They are expected to             Ziobro Protests Debate Spending              Rasmussen Research, 16% of Americans
happen on each Saturday from now                                                            — about one of every six voters —
until the election from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m..   After discovering that the State of            strongly support libertarian positions
For more information or to volunteer         Massachusetts had spent close to a mil-        on issues, compared to only 13% who
please        contact        Dan        at   lion dollars in taxpayers money to pre-        are staunchly liberal and 7% who are                         pare UMass Boston for a presidential           consistently conservative.
                                             debate between Bush and Gore, Walter
Saugus Organizing and Preparing for          Ziobro drafted the following resolution        In response to the individual questions,
          Cable Access                       which was passed by the LP State               surprisingly large numbers of Americans
                                             Committee.                                     supported       supposedly     “radical”
Ron Jepson is working to organize a                                                         Libertarian positions on issues, noted
Saugus Libertarian Town Committee.           "WHEREAS,          the     University     of
                                             Massachusetts has offered a location at it     Dasbach. For example:
Please contact him if you would like to
                                             campus in Boston for the purpose of host-
be involved. Also, Ron is going to be        ing a debate for the Presidential candi-       • 28% agreed that drug laws did more
looking into starting a local cable access   dates, and WHEREAS the Commonwealth            harm than good and should be
libertarian program. If you have ideas or    has made available to the University           repealed.
suggestions, please contact Ron as well.     $900,000 of the taxpayers’ money for the
                                             purpose of this debate, and WHEREAS the        • 30% agreed that all foreign aid should
     Cable Access in Marblehead?             Presidential Debate Commission has             be privately funded.
                                             failed to invite Harry Browne, the
Dave Rizzo was involved with a panel         Presidential candidate of the Libertarian      • 42% agreed that businesses and farms
discussion program on his local cable        Party, a fully qualified Party under the laws   should operate without government
access station in Marblehead. The host       of Massachusetts, WE, the              State   subsidies.
has since moved on but the rest of the       Committee of the Libertarian Party of
group has approached Dave about con-         Massachusetts, do hereby demand the            • 36% agreed that “we should end taxes”
tinuing the program this fall. The only      return of the $900,000 from the University     and Americans should pay for govern-
                                             of the Massachusetts to the General Fund       ment services with user fees.
change they want to make is to provide       of the Commonwealth."
a more libertarian point of view! As
always, an extra pair of hands would be

6 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                  October 2000
Libertarians Excite Crowd at Freedom Rally
Over forty thousand people filled                                                                                     the event reported that the mem-
the Boston Common on Saturday,                                                                                        bers of the crowd here more aware
September 16th to call for an end to                                                                                  of the Libertarian Party than in past
marijuana prohibition. They were                                                                                      years. Fewer quizzes were given
treated to speeches by U.S. Senate                                                                                    because many in the crowd were
candidate Carla Howell and                                                                                            already familiar with the party plat-
Presidential    candidate      Harry                                                                                  form.
Browne who called for an end to the
war on drugs.                                                                                                         Congressional candidate David
                                                                                                                      Euchner worked the crowd during
‘’The war on drugs is a tragic, flawed                                                                                 the event, signing up new
failure,’’ said Browne. “It’s not a war                                                                               Libertarians and building support
on drugs, it’s a war on the American                 U.S. Senate candidate Carla Howell addresses the Freedom Rally   for his campaign.
                                                                                                              The     Pioneer     Valley   Liberty
‘’It is not the government’s business to tell people what they                       Association was out in force at the event. A number of volun-
should or should not put in their bodies. If elected president,                      teers helped out at their table including many candidates.
I would pardon every nonviolent federal drug prisoner to                             These included State Representative candidate Alan Wilcox,
                                                   make room                         Governors Council candidate Richard Watras, State Senate
                                                   for the mur-                      Candidate Michael Froimowitz, State Representative candi-
                                                   derers,                           date Terry Franklin, Michael Serafin, George Phillies, Pit
                                                   rapists, and                      Warren, Kevin Haskell, and Jeff Chase.
                                                   child moles-
                                                   ters who get                      At the end of the day, volunteers had distributed over 40,000
                                                   out        of                     Carla Howell flyers, 40,000 Harry Browne flyers, signed up new
                                                   prison early
                                                   on plea bar-
                                                   gains and
                                                   e a r l y
                                                   release,’’ he
                                                    C a r l a
The Pioneer Valley Liberty Association was out in force. Photo
                        by Jeff Chase.
                                                   Howell dif-
herself from her opponent saying, “U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy
is a right-wing hawk in this war against marijuana users.
Senator Kennedy has voted for mandatory minimums for mar-
ijuana convictions. Voted for asset forfeiture. Voted for the war
on drugs time after time after time. Refused to allow states to
legalize medical marijuana.”
While Browne and Howell pumped up the crowd, Libertarian
activists worked the crowed handing out pamphlets, adminis-
tering the worlds smallest political quiz, and registering new
Libertarian voters. Over 50 volunteers manned tables from the
Libertarian Party of Massachusetts, the Pioneer Valley Liberty                          Congressional candidate David Euchner works the crowd. Photo by Jeff Chase.
Association, and the Carla Howell and David Euchner cam-
                                                                                     members, registered new Libertarian voters, and delivered the
Carla Howell signs were seen throughout the crowd which                              Libertarian message of smaller government loud and clear. s
responded enthusiastically to the Libertarian message of
individual liberty and personal responsibility. Volunteers at

volunteer opportunities
Massachusetts Liberty Needs Writers                                                  Operation Politically Homeless
Massachusetts Liberty is looking for a few people to write our                       Volunteers are needed to staff Libertarian outreach booths at
regular articles and cover interesting Libertarian events. Most                      conventions, fairs, gun shows, and similar events around the
notably we need someone to contact the town committees                               state. In addition the party needs a volunteer to coordinate
each month and write up the one page “Notes From Around                              OPH events. For more information please contact Elias Israel
the State.” The time commitment would be about 2 hours a                             at 888-627-2725. s
month. If you’re interested, please contact ma-
October 2000                                                                                                                               Massachusetts Liberty 7
campaign 2000
Carla Howell Challenges Kennedy to Debate
Recently Carla Howell has made news with                                                           Senator Kennedy, can’t you rise to
her open letter to Ted Kennedy. News out-                                                          the level of Senator Robert
lets have been deluged with letters in sup-                                                        Kennedy?
port of Ms. Howell, and even Barney                                                                I’m Carla Howell, the Libertarian
Frank has called for a debate.                                                                     candidate for the U.S. Senate seat
Dear Senator Kennedy,                                                                              you currently hold.
Your staff and the Greater Boston                                                                  The voters and citizens of
News Media say you’re too busy to                                                                  Massachusetts have made my cam-
campaign for U.S. Senate in                                                                        paign the best-funded, most widely
Massachusetts. Until October.                                                                      supported Third Party Grass Roots
After all, you are a 38-year Senior                                                                campaign in America.
U.S. Senator. You have bills to pass.                                                              Bigger than Jesse Ventura’s 1998
Regulations to put into law. Senate                                                                campaign in Minnesota.
votes to influence.                                                                                 Is this why you won’t face me? The
Senator John McCain faced the                                                                      chance of a Jesse Ventura upset here
same challenges you do. Yet he              Carla Howell at the candidates forum in New Bedford    in Massachusetts?
found time to vigorously campaign                                                                  Some reporters and political insid-
for the Presidency across New                                           ers say that you’re not campaigning because you don’t have
England, then the rest of America. Senator John McCain had to. Why take a chance? Why give Bay Staters a chance of elect-
time to meet voters retail. To attend town forums. To debate ing a “Rocky” or a Jesse Ventura? Why not play it safe?
his opponents. He debated the other candidates 18 times.                Pretend you’re above it all. Act like you’re going for a corona-
In 1980, when you launched your campaign for the Presidency, tion, rather than running to represent the people.
against sitting Democrat President Jimmy Carter, you made Other reporters and political insiders say you don’t have a fire
time to campaign. You campaigned retail in New England, in your belly. After 38 years, you’re worn out, your skills are
then across America. You went to town meetings. And you did stale, and you just don’t have what it takes.
                                                                        Senator Kennedy, I don’t believe these charges. I think you’re
Your brother John never ducked a debate. He viewed it as a getting bad advice from people who don’t want you to do the
public responsibility. In 1962, when President John F. Kennedy right thing.
was asked how he felt about the 1964 Presidential election, he
said he looked forward to debating Senator Barry Goldwater.             Senator Kennedy, let’s debate the issues. Health Care. Gun
                                                                        Control VS. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms. War on Drugs.
President John F. Kennedy eagerly anticipated debating the Social Security. You and I are diametrically opposed on these
fundamental differences between his New Frontier Liberalism issues and the fundamental issues facing America.
and Barry Goldwater’s Western Conservatism.
                                                                        This is the kind of debate that your brother John wanted to
Your brother John knew that debates were good for America. have against Barry Goldwater. They can’t have this debate. But
He was a man of courage.                                                you and I can. A debate of ideas. A debate for Massachusetts
Your brother Robert never ducked a debate. Against tremen- voters. A debate that could ignite more interest in politics in
dous odds, he launched a campaign for the Presidency in this state. A debate that could answer Harvard University’s
1968. He did it to stop the No-Win, Morally Wrong War in “Vanishing Voter Project” by involving more voters.
Vietnam. He debated Vice-President Hubert Humphrey. He Senator Kennedy, I propose that the Boston Globe, the Boston
debated Senator Eugene McCarthy. He looked forward to Herald, other major newspapers, and the major Massachusetts
being nominated for the Presidency and debating President TV stations sponsor 3 prime time debates. All 3 major candi-
Richard Nixon.                                                          dates - Ted Kennedy, Jack Robinson, and Carla Howell -
Your brother Robert knew that debates were good for should face the cameras and face the voters.
America. He was a man of courage.                                       I look forward to a spirited debate on the issues.
Senator Kennedy, can’t you rise to the level of Senator John small government is beautiful,
                                                                        Carla Howell
Senator Kennedy, can’t you rise to the level of President John Libertarian for U.S. Senate
F. Kennedy?

                                          Submissions Welcomed
           Liberty Cat asks...
           Do you have news to share about a Libertarian event in Massachusetts? Photographs of a freedom rally? Are you
           looking for volunteers for an outreach booth or a campaign? Why not write a quick article for Massachusetts Liberty
 and submit it by sending e-mail to ma–liberty@la–, or by USPS to Mass. Liberty Editor, Post Office Box 2610, Boston,
 MA 02208.

8 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                    October 2000
campaign 2000
Libertarian David Euchner Debates Barney Frank
The Greater New Bedford Libertarian                                                       and stories about the debate appeared
Association organized and sponsored a                                                     in The Boston Globe and The Standard
debate for the 4th Massachusetts district                                                 Times.
U.S. Representative seat. Libertarian
David Euchner, Republican Marty Travis                                                    Laura Hirschmann and Mike Conway
and Democratic incumbent Barney Frank                                                     were the driving force behind the organi-
all participated. The debate was a great                                                  zation and presentation of this debate.
success, professionally organized and                                                     Steve Olson from the Whitman
run. Local media luminaries comprised                                                     Libertarian Town Committee was instru-
the panel including Ron Harbaugh,,                                                        mental in setting up the entire debate
news anchor ABC-6 Providence/New                                                          series.
Bedford, Brian Higgins, talk radio host                                                      The Euchner Campaign is running full
WMEX and Steve Urbon, Editor,                                                                speed ahead. Two more debates are
Standard-Times. Brian Higgins is a local                                                     scheduled. In addition, Euchner regular-
libertarian as well.                                                                         ly speaks at the Whitman Town
The room at the Wamsutta club was                                                            Committee meetings. He also appeared
packed with over 100 people. Supporters                                                      at a Portuguese Immigration event in
were approximately equally divided                                                           New Bedford. Unlike the other candi-
among all the candidates. Prior to the Art Olivier and David Euchner at the New Bedford can- dates and officials who spoke at this
beginning of the debate, supporters of didates forum. Photo by Dean Hodgkins.                event, Euchner clearly stated his
each candidate held signs at the parking                                                     Libertarian position that immigration
lot entrance to raise the ante for their candidate. Balloons                                 controls should be removed and that
and signs added to the excitement of the events.                    local control of criminal matters is paramount. Local control
                                                                    is important to immigrant communities across the
Issues discussed ranged from Social Security to foreign poli- Commonwealth because currently the distant INS oversees
cy, to the MCAS tests. David Euchner provided a principled many deportations and other issues. Euchner and Mike
discussion of his Libertarian points of view. When he declared Conway both heard from attendees after the event that
that the MCAS tests should not be mandatory, he received Euchner was the only believable candidate present.
spontaneous applause from the whole crowd. Euchner clearly
differentiated the Libertarian positions from the positions of Next was the GNBLA’s candidate forum with Vice Presidential
his two opponents. He was articulate and very well spoken by candidate Art Olivier and US Senate Candidate Carla Howell.
all accounts.                                                       Although the crowd was small, the response was good and
                                                                    this was another opportunity to bring the Libertarian ideas to
Overall, the debate was an example of civility and a great more of the local voters.
example of local activists making a difference during the elec-
tion season.                                                        Saturday found the Euchner campaign busy at the Mass Cann
                                                                    Rally. Although not a featured speaker, Euchner helped at the
This debate is one of three, each sponsored by the party of tables passing out LP brochures, answering questions and
one of the candidates. Euchner will have a few weeks to prac- generally being a great ambassador for Libertarians every-
tice his debating skills and to coordinate additional informa- where.
tion on the history of his opponents and the issues.
                                                                    Sunday, he is off to a Republican Pig-Roast. This is a public
ATT Broadband taped the debate an will be broadcasting it event to which Euchner was invited by Libertarian leaning
throughout out the district (from New Bedford to Brookline). Republican in his district. As always, you never know where
Numerous newspapers in the area carried coverage of the you will find support so it is important to treat all voters with
debate. Reporters from the Associated Press were on hand respect. s

Westford TC Takes Libertarianism to Schools
An organizer from the Abbot Elementary       and then an election on November 7th.        know about the opportunities of the
school in Westford contacted Christine                                                    Libertarian Party,” says Christine
Schoaff to provide Libertarian point of      Cliff Ryding will present the positions of   Schoaff, LPMA Executive Director.
view during the mock election activities     the Libertarian party and Harry Browne.
over the next few months.                    This whole set of events is sponsored by     “On a related note, the Libertarian Party
                                             the JFK library and the University of        was included because the Town Clerk in
Between now and November 7th, chil-          Massachusetts Boston. Is your local          Westford saw that we were active with
dren in grades 3, 4, 5,and 6 will be         school participating? Have you offered       candidates and a town committee. She
involved in a mock election process.         to represent the LP?                         new who to contact in town to reach
This includes an explanation of the why                                                   Libertarians. Again, just a few small
people vote, how to register, an oppor-      “These are the next generation of voters.    activities really add up and pay off in
tunity to register, a debate among repre-    It really is a long term investment to       the long run, “ adds Christine Schoaff. s
sentative of the Presidential candidates     take a few minutes to be sure that
                                             today’s elementary school children
October 2000                                                                                                    Massachusetts Liberty 9
                 Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Contact List
web                                                          email                                                         phone 800-JOIN-LPM
                           Chair                                                  Board Member                                             Littleton Town Committee
Elias Israel                      Mark Tuniewicz                   Kamal Jain                      
105 Lexington St.                           781-434-0610    3 Indian Cove Way                    508-230-2356 eve         26 Cedar Road                                978-952-2472
Burlington, MA 01803                   781-634-7686 (fax)   Easton, MA 02375                    508-236-6620 day          Littleton, MA 01460
                         Secretary                                              Board Member                                      Provincetown Libertarian Town Committee
Laura El-Azem                     Celeste Parent                      David Atkinson                           508-487-0759
4 Donna Road                            978-455-1155 eve    448 Old Connecticut Path #10                                  4 Priscilla Alden Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824                     978-455-1156 fax   Framingham, MA 01701                                          Provincetown, MA 02657
               Communications Director                                            Board Member                                      Waltham Libertarian City Committee
Elaine Berchin                   Craig Mathias                      Dan MacKenzie           
P.O. Box 439                     508-634-9684 (media)       7 Whippoorwill Lane                         508-881-4561      215 Hardy Pond Rd.                        781-891-1104
Mendon, MA 01756                    508-634-0654 (fax)      Ashland, MA 01721                                             Waltham, MA
                 Volunteer Coordinator                                            Board Member                                     Watertown Libertarian City Committee
Carol Lapin                        Richard Freedman                  Edward McCormick        
112 Bellingham Street #3                   617-889-4768     6 Biagiotti Way                           978-362-2140        60 Salisbury Road                         617-926-2214
Chelsea, MA 02150                                           N. Billerica, MA 01862                                        Watertown, MA 02472
                Social Night Coordinator                                        Board Member                                        Westford Libertarian Town Committee
Carmen Pepicelli               George Coffey                       J. Brian DeRosa             
978-937-1562 (eve)               617-876-0086 x303 (day)    897 Washington Street                          781-447-2889                877-550-6634
                                                            Whitman, MA 02382
               Massachusetts Liberty Editor                                                                                        Whitman Libertarian Town Committee
P. Christopher Schoaff                               Board Member                            George Coffey             
1 Sweetwood Circle                          978-692-7422    Robert O’Keefe                  
Westford, MA 01886                                          149 Curve Street                              617-590-4060            Worcester County Libertarian Association
                                                            Dedham, MA 02026                                              Kevin Haskell               
        Membership & Corresponding Secretary                                                                              80 Stanton Street, Apt 36
David W. Roscoe                                       Board Member                              Worcester, MA 01605                        508-757-4117
30 Worthen St., Apt. A9            978-256-3159(day)        Sue Poulin                      
Chelmsford, MA 01824               978-256-3159(eve)        11 Independence Drive                         781-935-1509       Town Committees In Development
                                                            Woburn, MA 01801
                       Vice Chair                                                                                                                  Amherst
              Greater Lowell Regional Chair                                       Board Member
                                                                                                                          Brian Holt Hawthorne       
Kamal Jain                          Sally Howes                                   413-536-4986
26 Cedar Road                               978-952-2472    74 Knollwood Circle                                                                   Arlington
Littleton, MA 01460-1821                                    Holyoke, MA 01040                                             W. Scott Meeks                
                   Executive Director                                           Electronic Outreach                                                Beverly
Christine Schoaff       Muni Savyon                            Dean Cook                       
1 Sweetwood Circle                          978-692-7422    31 Crafts St.                                 781-642-6864
Westford, MA 01886                                          Waltham, MA 02154                                                                     Burlington
                                                                                                                          Elias Israel                   
                         Treasurer                                          Candidate Coordinator                                                                      781-434-0610
Walter J. Ziobro, Jr.             Dennis Corrigan         
32 Whitman Rd. Unit B1                 617-451-1978(day)    145 Lake Shore Road                      978-352-4435                                  Dedham
Waltham, MA 02154                      781-647-5743(eve)    Boxford, MA 01921-1005              978-352-4415 (fax)        Bob O’Keefe                   
                 Assistant Treasurer
Dave Rizzo                                         Student Groups                                                         Holyoke
77 Green Street                             781-631-1484                  UMass Libertarian Society                       Sally Howes                                   413-536-4986
Marblehead, MA 01794                                        Michael Froimowitz                                     Lexington
              Western MA Regional Chair                                                                                   Warren Roberts               
                                                                             Brandeis Libertarians
Alvin See                                
PO Box 444                                413-568-7597                                                                                           Marblehead
                                                            Michael Strum          
Southwick, MA 01077                                                                                    781-529-6131
                                                                                                                          Dave Rizzo                      
               Central MA Regional Chair
Raymond Phoenix                                 Town Committees                                                       Middlefield
43 Simonds Street                        413-547-8683                                                                     Alvin See                         
Ludlow, MA 01077                                                      Billerica Libertarian Town Committee                                                              413-568-7597
                                                            Jim Mollison                
              Cape and Islands Regional Chair                                                            978-670-8187                            New Bedford
David Atkinson                                                                                Lee Nason                      
4 Priscilla Alden Road                      508-487-0759                Boston Libertarian City Committee
Provincetown, MA 02657                                      Doug Krick                                               Norwood
                                                            79 Chittick Road #2                   617-678-LPMA(day)       Jim Carrol                     
               North Shore Regional Chair                   Hyde Park, MA 02136                    617-364-9331(eve)
Ron Jepson                                                                                                               Quincy
26 Henry Street                            781-233-7478               Cambridge Libertarian City Committee                Scott Coughlin              
Saugus, MA 01906                                            Jeff Chase                                                                       617-376-0106
                                                                                                   617-441-0909 x206                               Scituate
              South Shore Regional Chair
Steven Olson                               Chelmsford Libertarian Town Committee                 Bill Wyatt                     
688 Washington Street                508-337-2400 x206      Edward Hayes                                                 Somerville
Abington, MA 02351                                             978-250-8947        Andrew Hall                       
                 Boston Regional Chair                              Dartmouth Libertarian Town Committee                                          Tewksbury
Heather Ashcraft                Laura Hirschmann                Matthew Daly               
69 Park Drive                            617-266-4063                                                                                                               978-851-6456
Boston, MA 02215                                                    Framingham Libertarian Town Committee
                                                            Raymond Hoyland                                             Woburn
                GLBT Outreach Chairman                      403 Pleasant Street                                           Jim and Sue Poulin             
Doug Krick                     Framingham, MA 01701                                                                                       781-935-1509
79 Chittick Road #2                 617-678-LPMA(day)
Hyde Park, MA 02136                  617-364-9331(eve)

10 Massachusetts Liberty                                                                                                                                            October 2000
The Partnership For a Free Massachusetts                                                                             Muni Savyon

The most important task before the LPMA is recruiting new         The program will run until December 31, 2000, but don’t wait
dues-paying members, and you can help. You can recruit a          until the last minute. We will publish the names of the
family member, a friend, or a co-worker. Here how it works:       recruiters in Massachusetts Liberty starting on October.
• Recruit the new member: Use the form on the other side of       • It is tempting, but please don’t buy the membership for your
this page. Have the new member fill in the form and write a        friends or family members – they have to pay for it them-
check for the yearly membership fee of $25, payable to LPMA.      selves. You can offer, if you want to, to pay $5, or pay half of
                                                                  their second year membership, but if they don’t pay anything,
• Thank the new member, and tell them that within few weeks       they will not appreciate it and most likely will not renew.
they will receive a welcome letter, and every month they will
receive LP News and Massachusetts Liberty. Don’t forget to take   • Who not to recruit: 1. People who are obviously non-liber-
the form and the check.                                           tarians. The whole purpose of the program is to grow the
                                                                  party. Your friends or family members who believe in Big
• Send the form – the whole page, with your name on it – and      Government may join as a personal favor to you, but they are
the check to LPMA, P.O. Box 2610, Boston, MA 02208.               not going to help making the LP stronger. 2. You can ask your
                                                                  employer or your supervisor to join, but not your employees -
That’s it. David Roscoe, our membership secretary, will           this is a touchy area that you’d better avoid.
process the form and record the fact that you recruited a new
member. All recruiters will be honored and mentioned in           • Out of state new members - with every member that you
Massachusetts Liberty, and the top 3 recruiters will also         recruit you make the LP stronger, but this is an LPMA pro-
receive:                                                          gram. Dave will be happy to process the new members from
                                                                  other states, but only new members from Massachusetts will
        Third place: “The Essence of Political Persuasion”, a     count towards the prizes.
                3-tape set by Michael Cloud.
                                                                  • Lines you can use persuading people to join: “$25/year is
        Second Place: Michael Cloud’s new 2-CD set,               just 7 cents a day – I’m sure you can afford 7 cents a day for
              “Personal Responsibility” and “Liberty or           Liberty.” “You vote Libertarian, and you consider yourself a
              License?”, introduced by Jim Sullivan.              libertarian – give the LP a try. If the LP doesn’t meet your val-
        First place: Both the 3-tape and the 2-CD sets.           ues, you don’t have to renew.”

In addition, the 2001 Convention Committee of the LPMA will       • Want to recruit more that one person a month, or you want
give a free ticket to one new member, and a free ticket to the    to keep the whole issue of Mass Liberty? Make a photocopy of
member who recruited him/her – the more new members you           the last page, or use other membership forms and add a note
recruit, the better your chances are.                             with your name and address, so Dave Roscoe can give you the
                                                                  credit for the new members you recruit. Remember to mail it
                                                                  to the address of the LPMA, not to the National LP.

volunteer opportunities
Rizzo Campaign Seeks Volunteers                                   Ilana Freedman campaign Seeks Volunteers
Dave Rizzo’s campaign is actively seeking volunteers in the       The Freedman Committee is gearing up for a major campaign
North Shore area to do all the things campaigns do: write         push. This means major television and print advertising, door-
press releases, develop a web site, write position papers, get    to-door campaigning, massive mailings, major fund raising
bumper stickers, yard signs and letterhead, fund raise, contact   events, and a lot more.
the media, and walk the district door-to-door. Please contact
Mr. Rizzo at 781-631-1484.                                        This is going to be a hard-hitting, high profile campaign as
                                                                  Ilana Freedman takes on the establishment and demands that
Wilcox Campaign Seeks Volunteers                                  the lobby-driven state government is given back to the people
                                                                  of Massachusetts.
The Alan Wilcox campaign in the 2nd Hampden district is also
looking for volunteers. This district covers Hampden,             Join the team to elect Ilana Freedman to the State Senate by
Longmeadow, Wales, and pieces of other towns in the area. To      calling 978/362-2140 or visit the Freedman web site at
volunteer please contact Mr. Wilcox at 413-596-8507.    

Carla Howell campaign wants your help                             Euchner Campaign Needs Volunteers

Want to help spread the words “small government is beauti-        Help is needed for our campaign. We are now holding month-
ful”? Arrange to have Carla Howell, Libertarian candidate for     ly meetings to organize volunteer activities. Please contact
U.S. Senate speak to your church, civic organization, class-      the campaign at, or visit www.euchn-
room, or club anywhere in Massachusetts. Or just send a con- s
tact name and phone number to Kay Pirrello at kpirrello@car- or call (978) 741-2581.

October 2000                                                                                                 Massachusetts Liberty 11
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