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					This Life
By Oluwaseun Bamgbopa

Life is a work in progress; it is so full with ups and down. Life is so unpredictable and full of challenging
situation. I have traveled many roads and I've realized where I have been and exactly where I want to
go, sometimes I felt like going back and starting all over again and other times I just wanted to enjoy the
moment. I have transformed my mistakes into lessons well learned and I carried the experience with me
everywhere I go. There is one thing I realize and that is no matter what I face, besides God I am helpless
because I can't turn back the hands of time just for the sake of undoing my wrongs.

It's never time wasted if you've grown as a better person. Life is what makes you who you are and what
you are likely to be. It feels so good to appreciate all the simple, beautiful things in life. Be it if it comes
from sitting out on the deck drinking a cup of coffee and petting the dogs or admiring the blue sky and
the green fields, truly life is so beautiful.

Who am I? I am a man who everyday strives to be a better person; I believe it's not about getting what I
want; it's about wanting what I have so I tried as much as possible in my capacity to be contented with
my possession and to always strive for excellence. I am so grateful to have been touched by beautiful
people in my life who have continued to believe in me and inspire me.

I have been in love once and now I will say love is rare it only existed in the heart of pure and unique
people who had the fear of God in their heart. I am an easy going, hard working, ambitious and God
fearing person. I am in-dependable and I know what is right for me probably in most cases. I will say am
also eager to learn and grow because I believe that is the essence of live.

I love the beach, the sunset and quite talks, I love music because it makes me feel alive and relaxed. I
write at my leisure time, it's my passion and I really hope to excel in it. But my greatest fear is not to be
known for something of notable worth. I want to be fulfilled in this life, I want to make my mark and also
set my pace for generations to follow. I want to be remembered for ever; in short I want to write my
name on the wall of time. I believe all these I will achieve soon enough and the whole world will
celebrate me.

Life is a teacher, but it doesn't give you the answer, it only points out the ways and lets you make your
own choices, your own mistakes. That way, you get all the glory and at that time, you will deserve it.

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