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					Video Reveals Weird Trick
To Slash Your Power Bill & Beat
Obama's Electricity Monopoly For Good
video below a must watch

Dear Fellow Patriot,
What I’m about to tell you in the next 5
minutes could get me in a lot of trouble...
I'm going to expose the electricity monopolies
and government agencies for what they really
are... Incompetent, lying crooks who are
counting on your ignorance and fear to keep
your electric and heating bills criminally high.
"And I’m Going To Show You 'The Secret' Of How I Beat Them, And How You Can Beat Them Too!"
My name is Frank Bates.
I live in a small town outside of Nashville, Tennessee with my wife Michelle and our 2 kids Jack and
Samantha. And if you’re anything like me, you’re flat out sick and tired of watching helplessly as your
power bills skyrocket even though you’re doing everything you can to conserve. It’s maddening! And
this is happening while the big corporations are laughing all the way to the bank.
I bet you’re completely fed up with being dependent on those “fat cat” power monopolies that raise
their rates again and again. Up to over $1,419 per year according to this recent article on
                            Look at that headline! Electricity costs skyrocket
                           $300 more per household over the last five years.)
...Even though we’re in the middle of a recession and people everywhere are hurting.
No doubt you’re terrified about how you’ll keep your family safe and warm when a power crisis
happens (and you know it will happen). Here’s the dirty little secret that president Obama and the big
energy monopolies have been trying to bury. The shocking truth is that having power rates skyrocket is
actually all part of their plan!
Some would call it a “conspiracy.” Others have called it a massive “cover up.” And even more
alarming, this conspiracy runs all the way to the top. You are being played like a puppet!
I know you may be a bit skeptical, but it’s true, and I’ll prove it to you. Keep reading this short letter
and you’re gonna be shocked!
                              "Well, I’m Here Today To Tell You That You
                              Don’t Have To Take This 'B.S.' Lying Down!"
You are now reading the story of how I found the secret to slashing my electric and heating bills, while
my home stays warm, cozy and comfortable. And best of all, my family is 100% protected from power
outages, black outs, storms and domestic emergencies...
Sounds pretty good, right?
Well, keep on reading for the next few minutes, and I’ll do more than just tell you my story...
I’ll give you the secret for how you can get the exact same peace of mind and cut your power and
heating bills by up to 75%! (And don’t worry, this is 100% legal and will work for you even if you don’t
have a lot of money to spend or think you’re not “handy”).
Before we get started, I need to warn you that I don’t know how long I’ll be able to leave this site up.
Because this webpage contains a lot of information that the big power companies (and their “lap dogs”,
the government regulators) don’t want you to know.
So please, stop whatever else you’re doing and read this quick letter. You’ll be glad you did!
                                     "My Story Is Probably Going To
                                      Sound Very Familiar To You..."
I used to live up in the northeast, where power is notoriously expensive and unreliable. I used to flinch
every time the electric bill came, or the heating oil truck pulled up to my house. It was like watching
the cash being sucked right out of my pocket right in front of my eyes! Our rates just kept climbing
and climbing, and there was nothing we could do about it.
We had no choice about which power company to use, and as for the oil companies, they could charge
whatever the heck they wanted.
I had no control!
And if we weren’t dealing with rolling blackouts during the hot summer “peak days,” it was downed
power lines after even the mildest storm. And in the middle of winter storm season?
Forget it!
I can still remember the sick feeling in my stomach when I would listen to the weather forecast and see
a storm headed our way.
                                      "I Knew The Power Was Pretty
                                      Much Guaranteed To Go Out..."
The only questions were:
    • How long would it be out this time?
    • How much of our carefully prepared (and expensive) frozen food
      would have to get thrown out?
    • How long would my family be without heat?
    • Would our pipes freeze and burst?
And did I mention we had a well with an electric pump? So no power meant no water! Quite frankly, I
just wanted to pull my hair out! When my little girl begged me to, “Turn the lights on, Daddy!” OR
“Make the house warmer!” made me sick to tell her there was nothing I could do to fix it. (Talk about feeling helpless.)
This happened so often that I started to get really worried. If they couldn’t keep the power on during a
simple storm, what chance did we have if things really got bad?
                                   "You And I Both Know This Country
                                 Is Headed In A Pretty Scary Direction..."
And frankly, thanks to the shaky state the liberals have put our country in, our government isn’t ready
to handle the situations that are coming our way. They’re not ready to handle much of anything. Ask
anyone who lived through Hurricane Katrina!
The cold hard truth is that our power grid is completely outdated, not to mention incredibly vulnerable
to terrorist attacks and natural disasters. And no one in the government even seems to care! They keep
telling us “everything is fine” and that we don’t need to worry about it.
I don’t know about you, but when big government tells me not to worry, I know it’s time to worry! And
you can forget about the power companies and big oil
They’re more interested in spending millions flying their
private jets to Washington to lobby the government for more fat
tax breaks than in figuring out how to solve our power crisis!
Now I’m a red-blooded American, and I’m not ashamed of it.
You’d better believe I wasn’t about to rely on corporate
America or Big Government to help me out! With gas prices
the way they are these days, a fancy generator just wasn’t an
option. I knew that wasn’t the answer.
The real, hard truth was I really didn’t want to rely on the
power company to keep my lights on and my family safe and
warm! And...
              "I Was Sick And Tired Of Paying
           More And More Money For Electricity..."
And when the power crisis finally happens, I knew I didn’t
want to have to go running to some government agency full of useless bureaucrats like FEMA. So I
put some good old American ingenuity to work, and started trying to figure out how to solve the
                                             If I wanted to save money and make sure my family was
                                             safe and secure, I needed to generate my own power. That
                                             way it wouldn’t matter if the power went out for everyone
                                             It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t have a generator and
                                             stockpiled gasoline. It wouldn’t matter if the cost of
                                             electricity doubled or tripled like many experts think is
                                             going to happen in the next few years.
                                             It wouldn’t matter if the whole world was suffering from
                                             blackouts or brownouts...
                                             Or if we ran out of oil or coal...
Or if something terrible happened to a nuclear reactor like it did in Japan.
Here’s what I realized did matter: If I could create my own power, my family would be safe, warm and
protected, no matter what happened. My home would be a little island of light and warmth, even if it
was dark everywhere else.
I started doing hours of research on wind power, solar power and heating, and...
 "I Started To Get More And More Excited About The Possibility That I Could Create My Own Power
                    System, Using Free, Abundant, Natural Sources Of Energy..."
I knew I had found the answer! There was just one problem.
When I started contacting installation companies about solar and wind power systems I felt like I’d
been mugged! They were charging thousands, just for a few solar panels!
Way too much for a regular guy like me to afford. And when I questioned their high prices, they would
blow me off and say, “We’ve got a 3 month backlog. Tons of people want solar and wind power for
their home. So you’ll pay what we say.” Or they would try to sell me some overpriced, underpowered
equipment made with cheap parts from China.
But as I started digging and did more research I discovered what those big companies selling this stuff
don’t want you to know! All the components you need to build your own “home power plant,”
including solar panels, batteries and even wind turbines are surprisingly affordable!
Well it made me furious to see how companies were re-packaging these basic parts and marking them
up like crazy to take advantage of unsuspecting patriots like you and me.
I decided to do about it. I made up my mind to find a way to “beat the system.” I knew there had to be a
better way.
                                 "That’s When I Discovered 'The Secret'
                                  That Changed Everything For Me..."
I met Brian Clark, an underground solar power expert who has built power systems all over the world
that are completely “off the grid.” He showed me how to “crack the solar code” and build my own
powerful, independent power system for a fraction of what those big companies were trying to charge.
He even showed me where I could get all the information I needed to build my own wind power system
so I would be covered no matter what happened. Not only does this guy know everything there is to
know about generating power, he’s also a stand-up guy who has personally built hundreds of solar
panels and taught people all over the world how to build their own independent power systems.
Well, you’d better believe I didn’t waste any time sitting this guy down, and picking his brain about
everything he knew. And what he told me blew my mind!
He told me that as recently as a few years ago, average folks like you and me didn’t have access to
solar cells or hard-to-find electronic components. But now, with the rise of online vendors and sites like
eBay, anyone with a valid shipping address can buy whatever materials they need to build a solar panel
that rivals any commercial panel in performance and durability for a fraction of the cost!
    "Brian Showed Me Where To Get The Materials I Needed At The Best Prices, And Walked Me
          Through The Whole Process Of Building My 'Home Power Plant' Step-By-Step!"
I couldn’t believe that someone like me, who had barely picked up a set of tools since high school shop
class was able to build my own home power system from start to finish!
But the best news of all? From the very first month I had my system up and running, I started to see my
               electric bill go down for the first time ever. And it just kept getting better!
Once I got my wind turbine set up, the numbers just kept going down! And when I really got going and
added a solar water heater? Well, I don’t have to tell you, it made me feel great to be able to tell the oil
company: “Nope, we don’t need our oil tank refilled this month… maybe next month.” (or not!) I really
got a charge out of using simple ideas and a little ingenuity to “outsmart” the power company who
thought they had me over a barrel not to mention the big corporations who had tried to rip me off for
solar and wind power!
Soon, my friends and neighbors started asking me to show them how I did it. They wanted to know the
secret to slashing their power bill while breaking free of the government’s energy “choke hold.” And
that’s when I realized: This wasn’t just about me or the folks in my town.
  "I Knew There Were Thousands Of Americans Out There Who Were Just As Angry As I Was About
                            Rising Electricity And Heating Costs..."
I knew there were other patriots like
me, who could see the “writing on
the wall” about where this country
is going. Who wanted to step up and
take charge of their own lives. These
are the folks who are confident and
fearless in the face of a crisis, ready
to take responsibility for their
homes and families. This information was too important to
keep to myself.
So I sat Brian down (to be honest I practically tied him to
a chair!) And forced him to reveal all his hard-won,
underground knowledge about building and installing solar
panels and wind power. We spent hours shooting video
footage. Months writing detailed manuals, not to mention
testing everything to make sure anyone could use it, and
after a lot of hard work.
                                The Power4 Patriots System was born!
Power4Patriots is a simple, step-by-step system that slashes your power bill by up to 75%, freeing you
forever from slavery to utility monopolies so you can protect your home and family no matter what
We worked hard to design this from the ground up so it would be easy to use for as many people as
possible, so as long as you can use a few simple tools...
  "You Can Build And Install Your Own Solar Panels, Wind Power And Even Solar Heating On Your
                                Before I get into exactly what’s inside Power4Patriots, I want to let
                                you know I’ve lined up some amazing free goodies just for folks
                                reading this page right now. So keep reading all the way!
                                Here’s what you’ll get with the Power4Patriots system:
                                6 professionally produced videos that will show you every step in the
                                process of building your own super-efficient 70-watt solar panels for a
                                fraction of the cost of pre-fabricated panels, including:
                                    • How to choose the right materials
                                    • How to find the perfect site for your new solar array
                                    • How to avoid the one costly mistake that could compromise
                                      your whole system
                                    • How to make a few simple but critical tweaks to your panels
                                      during the building process so you maximize your power
And because I know it can be hard to watch a video while you’re hard at work in your garage or
I’m also including 2 companion manuals to go along with the videos.
Complete with step-by-step illustrated instructions and detailed information about all the components
you’ll need.
These 6 easy-to-follow videos and 2 manuals will finally unlock the “solar secrets” that the big energy
companies have been keeping to themselves!
Ready for more?
                                 "I Like To Think Of Solar And Wind
                                As The “Tag Team” Of FREE Power..."
So you’ll also get 4 more professional-quality videos that walk you through how to build your own
compact wind turbine that can start generating hundreds of watts of free power for you as soon as it’s
                                In these videos you’ll learn:
                                     • The best sources for parts for your wind turbine (including
                                       some surprising items you may already have lying around the
                                     • The one simple step you just can’t skip if you want your system
                                       to work
                                     • How to fine tune your turbine to draw maximum power from
                                       the air on your property
                                     • How you can find the perfect spot for your turbine in minutes
                                And of course, I'm going to include 2 detailed, fully illustrated
                                companion manuals to go with your videos. These manuals essentially
                                "take you by the hand" and walk you through the entire process. You'll
be amazed how easy it is.
These 4 videos and 2 manuals will show you how to build a simple, durable wind turbine for under
$200 in materials. That's a fraction of the cost of a prefab system and will give you even more free
electricity for years to come!
But that's not everything. Not by a long shot! I know you're going to want to take it to the next level.
You probably knew that you could harness the power of the sun to provide free power your home.


                     Little peepers everywhere
July 25, 2012

IN FEBRUARY 1928 the Supreme Court heard the
case of Roy Olmstead, whose conviction on
bootlegging charges relied on evidence obtained by
tapping his phones. Olmstead contended that this
violated the fourth amendment, which protects against
“unreasonable searches and seizures”. The court
disagreed: it held that the fourth amendment protected
Olmstead’s person, home and office, but that
telephone wires “are not part of his house or office
any more than the highways along which they are stretched.” As telephones became more common, the
Olmstead standard grew more untenable. It ended in 1967, when the court decided that fourth
amendment protections extend anywhere a person has “a reasonable expectation of privacy”. If police
wanted to wiretap a phone, they now needed a warrant, just as they would if they wanted to search a
                                          person’s home.
                                          But the warrant requirement applies only to the actual
                                          conversation, not to the numbers dialled from a phone.
                                          Tracking these numbers requires a “pen/trap” tap (pen
                                          registers track the numbers called out from a phone, trap-and-
                                          trace devices record the numbers calling in). In 2001 the
                                          Patriot Act allowed pen/traps to be served on internet-service
                                          providers (ISPs) as well, where they reveal e-mail senders
                                          and recipients, the size of each e-mail sent and received, the
                                          IP address with which a computer communicates and the sites
                                          visited while browsing the web. The standards for getting a
pen/trap approved are far lower than for getting a
wiretap. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act
(ECPA), which was passed in 1986 and remains the
main law governing access to electronic
communication, requires police only to certify to a
court that the information is relevant to an
investigation. For a wiretap, police must show both
probable cause and that “normal investigative
procedures have been tried and failed.”
Wiretaps, which have increased almost tenfold since
data was first reported in 1969, are only the tip of the
surveillance iceberg. In 2011 federal and state courts
approved a total of 2,732 wiretaps; but government agencies made over 1.3m requests for data to
mobile-phone companies. That figure includes wiretaps and pen/traps, but it also includes requests for
stored text messages, device locations and tower dumps, which reveal the presence of everyone—
suspects and not—within range of a particular mobile-phone tower at a particular time. Most of these
requests require no warrants at all. Sometimes all it takes is a subpoena from a prosecutor.
Internet companies have also seen a sharp rise in requests from law-enforcement agencies for
information about their users. Between July and December 2010 Google received 4,601 requests; in the
same period last year that number jumped to 6,321. Among the things that Google is typically asked for
are account information and location data. Twitter, a microblogging service, received 679 requests from
American authorities for information about users in the first half of this year, which is more than it got
in all of 2011. The firm says it complied with three-quarters of these requests, though it does not say
whether it handed over all or simply a fraction of the information requested in each case. Google,
which says it complied with 93% of the requests from American officials in its most recent reporting
period, is similarly vague about what it coughs up.
Web firms say that police tend to grab as much information as they can rather than targeting specific
items relevant to a case, so they have to vet requests carefully. Twitter is also pushing back in court.
Earlier this month a judge in New York ordered Twitter to hand over almost three months’ worth of
messages from a protester involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement accused of disorderly
conduct. Twitter opposed the request, arguing that its users have a reasonable expectation of privacy
(perhaps oddly, given that anyone can follow a twitterer). The judge disagreed; on July 18th, Twitter
                                                 The previous day, the American Civil Liberties Union
                                                 (ACLU) appeared in federal court to force the
                                                 Department of Justice (DoJ) to make public how often
                                                 it uses pen/traps. That would be a welcome
                                                 development. The eight mobile-phone companies that
                                                 were asked collectively for data 1.3m times last year
                                                 revealed that information by choice, in response to a
                                                 letter from a congressman who was prompted to inquire
                                                 by an article in the New York Times. The Pen Register
                                                 Statute, passed as part of the ECPA, requires the DoJ to
                                                 report its use of pen/traps to Congress. But it has
                                                 published no reports since 2009.
                                                 The ECPA could also do with a thorough scouring.
                                                 When it became law there were only 340,000 mobile-
phone subscribers in America, and the
internet was the province of hobbyists and
academics. Distinctions that made sense
then no longer do. E-mail is subject to
differing sets of protections when it is
being typed, sent and stored. A bank
statement printed out and kept in a drawer,
saved on a personal computer or stored in
a private e-mail account is also subject to
varying standards.
Metadata (the records of who people call
and e-mail, and when, as distinct from the
content of conversations) can now be
amassed on a vast scale, and run through
powerful software that can use it to create
a fairly complete portrait of a person’s life
and habits—often far more complete than just a few recorded conversations. It deserves more
protection than it now receives. And citizens, especially those suspected of no crime whose data is
gathered up in a dragnet, deserve more clarity on what law enforcement does with their data and how
long they keep it. Even with the best of intentions, the ECPA is almost impossible to apply consistently
or fairly. Such murkiness serves no one well.
Beyond such changes lies America’s vast national-security apparatus. Among the many expansions of
government snooping power contained in the Patriot Act after the attacks of September 11th, 2001, it
became far easier for the FBI to issue national-security letters, which compel service providers to turn
over vast amounts of data about the recipients of such letters without a court order. The FISA (Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Act) Amendments Act allows intelligence agencies to eavesdrop on
communications between Americans and people overseas without a probable-cause warrant. FISA
investigations require an order from the FISA Court—which meets in secret, and in the 32 years from
1979 to 2011 rejected a grand total of 11 applications. They are subject to no other review.

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