Arlington Cosmetic Dentistry: Saving Smiles

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					                Arlington Cosmetic Dentistry: Saving Smiles

  “This article describes the many treatments offered by cosmetic dentists to patients that
                 aren’t happy with the color, shape or quality of their smiles.”

Your smile is one of your most important personal assets because it provides the most
intimate insight into the full spectrum of emotion. A single smile can make amends, can lift
a friend’s spirits or arrest a future-lover’s heart. But with the incredible power your smile
gives you as a social being, comes the risk of self-consciousness and low self-esteem when
you are unhappy with the quality of your teeth. Not all of us are born with perfectly white,
even and symmetrical teeth, says the Arlington cosmetic dentist. But this doesn’t need to
stop you from flashing your pearly whites with pride and confidence! Arlington cosmetic
dentistry offers a whole host of treatments and restorative procedures designed to
improve symmetry, even out flaws and brighten the luster of your teeth. And the difference
is incredible. Patients leave the office of Arlington cosmetic dentists with a brand new lease
on life because all the self-consciousness they formerly felt has been replaced with a
confident, beautiful and healthy-looking smile.

So, what are the various procedures and treatments available for the cracked, worn or
dulled smile?

Treatments Offered by Arlington Cosmetic Dentistry: Dental Bonding

It only takes a single cracked, chipped or discolored tooth to distract your audience from
your smile. But for many patients, aesthetic problems go a little further than having a single
marred tooth! Whether one of your teeth has become accidentally chipped, or you were
born with large gaps between all of your teeth, Arlington cosmetic dentistry professionals
can make use of bonding to improve their shape, color and symmetry. The procedure itself
involves the application of a durable resin material (the same color as dental enamel) to the
surface of your teeth. It is subsequently hardened with a special light, thus ‘bonding’ the
material in place. This enables the Arlington cosmetic dentist to:

   •   Even out the appearance of jagged, chipped or cracked teeth
   •   Reduce large spaces between teeth
   •   Improve the overall cosmetic appearance of teeth
   •   Protect worn and sensitive teeth from cavities

Treatments Offered by Arlington Cosmetic Dentistry: Porcelain Caps/Crowns

While bonding is generally used to improve the appearance and health of teeth that have
minor flaws in them, such as cracks, chips or fractures, Arlington cosmetic dentists will
make use of porcelain caps or crowns to restore teeth that have sustained substantial
damage or decay. When a large amount of the tooth structure needs to be removed due to
decay, or has already been removed as a result of accidental trauma, a ceramic crown offers
a fantastic aesthetic and functional solution. For people born with teeth that just aren’t red-
carpet worthy (Tom Cruise is an excellent example), crowns can be placed by Arlington
cosmetic dentistry professionals to provide a whole smile make-over!

Treatments Offered by Arlington Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening or bleaching is perhaps the simplest and least expensive of all the
procedures offered by the Arlington cosmetic dentist. You don’t need to be a smoker or
drink an excessive amount of coffee, red wine or dark sodas to have pearly whites that
aren’t, well, that pearly white! Some people are born with darker, more yellow enamel. A
teeth whitening treatment can be performed by the Arlington cosmetic dentistry to
brighten and lift years off the quality of your smile!

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Description: This article describes the many treatments offered by cosmetic dentists to patients that aren’t happy with the color, shape or quality of their smiles.