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									 A massive fraud case like that of Bernard Madoff
   makes the big headlines and dominates the
  attention of the nation, and understandably so.

scott tucker
 The amount of money involved in the Madoff case was huge For
example, just recently (October 2011) victims in the case got their first
repayment from the fraud In the first payout, $312 million was distributed
That was after three years of not having anything
 While some of the victims were people with jobs or large organizations,
some were retirees who were living off the return they were getting on
their money ey The big cases are the ones you've heard about, but
Daytona Beach lawyers know there are smaller cases going on across
the country all the time That's why it is best to have a lawyer represent
you before you sign any contract to invest money
  While it is still ongoing, there is a case against Ormond Beach, Fla ,
businessman Tomas Loebel, who is accused of taking money from
investors in two separate deals Both of the deals have been called Ponzi
schemes by law enforcement officials
  The case has made the local news, but not much on the national scene
That's because the financial amounts involved are relatively small, only a
little more than $1 million The case only has a few victims, although the
financial loss probably is just as bad for them as Madoff's victims
 There is one thing the big case and small one have in common Both
Madoff and Loebel were respected businessmen and people wouldn't
expect them to be doing something shady So, no matter how
well-known the person is, Madoff was chairman of NASDAQ for
goodness sakes, that doesn't mean everything they do is on the up and
  While stopping the fraud before it happens to you is the best way to
handle it scott tucker You're still going to need help if you are victimized
and somekeyword can consult with you about your rights They also can
investigate ways to help you through the lean times
 There is no way to stop all fraudsters out there As long as man finds
himself going in the wrong direction, he seems to just make that direction
as big a mess as possible But as more cases come out, hopefully, more
people will be more wary in the future
  The Daytona Beach lawyers of somekeyword can consult with you
about financial fraud cases and many other legal issues The full service
law firm covers a wide range of practice areas
scott tucker

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