The Nature of Cancer by DickMoulton


									                     The Nature of Cancer
                     By Richard W. Moulton, M.S., M.Div., D.Min.

                      A series of articles for Christians with Cancer

In God’s original creation, order and            Left to themselves, these rebellious cells
peace reigned. God’s creation included           will consume and destroy their host—
living    things—both     earthly   and          and themselves—in the process. This is
spiritual—that were bestowed with free           the ultimate consequence of rebellion:
will. This free will allowed them to             destruction, not only of self but of
follow, worship and serve God without            others as well. The solution to
being coerced or having no choice but            rebellion? Repentance and obedience.4
to do so. However, this free will could
also manifest rebellion which caused             God always provides a means for
(and still causes) separation from God           rebellion to be countered. However, if
and challenge of his sovereignty.                the rebellious remains unrepentant, it
                                                 must be destroyed. This is, for example,
This rebellion happened first on the             the purpose of the process known as
spiritual level with Lucifer and other           apoptosis in the body—where cells that
angels who followed his lead.1                   lose their normal functioning are
                                                 “wired” to self-destruct.5 We see this in
This rebellion later happened on the             many Old Testament events that form
human level with the fall of Adam and            Israel’s history.6 If the rebellious does
Eve.2                                            repent but does not comply with
This rebellion also appears to happen            complete obedience, then discipline
on the microbiological level as some             follows to produce godly behavior.7
cells display a will to forsake their God-       While most readers are no doubt
designed functioning and begin to act            familiar with these processes and
in ways foreign to their purpose.                events on the human level, applying
This is the nature of cancer: Rebellious         terms like “rebellion,” “obedience,”
cells wage war against the body’s                “destruction”    and      “discipline”  to
mechanisms that are designed by God              microbiological processes still seems
to    produce      healthy   functioning         very foreign. Yet, in many ways, what
resulting in well-being.3                        goes on in our bodies at the
                                                 microbiological level is very amenable to
In cancer, this rebellion is manifested          description with these terms. Ralph
in    seven    hallmarks—or    common            Winter        observes        that     the
activities—that have been identified by          anthropomorphisms used by scientists
cancer researchers. Each hallmark is a           to describe the activity of cancer is one
unique “battlefield” where cellular              indication that cancer is more than just
rebellion co-opts normal body processes          the result of random processes.8
to produce harmful effects.
Let me digress for a moment and make         weapons are that will be effective on the
something clear. There have been some        battlefield.
who say that cancer is the result of
personal sin. They believe that people       Why not just leave the battle to the
with cancer can only be healed if they       medical practitioners? Certainly there is
repent and believe. Please hear me—          much they can do to help, but their
this is not what I am saying. What I am      weapons are most often not targeted,
saying is this: We live in a world where     and where they are targeted, the enemy
there is a thief (who is Satan) who          is very adept at moving to evade
comes to steal, kill and destroy.9 It is     destruction.11 In short, the medical
not unreasonable to believe that this        approach still has many shortcomings
happens in not only in the visible realm     when it comes to fighting rebellious
but also in the microbiological realm.       cancer cells. Anna Deavere Smith says,
While I agree that sin can (and does)        “Cancer therapy is like beating the dog
lead to grave problems, I believe that       with a stick to get rid of his fleas.”12
cancer is warfare that happens on the        But can a spiritual approach have any
microbiological level, independent of the    physical effect? Look at ancient Israel.
level of sin, repentance or non-             Their approach to battle was always
repentance in our lives. Granted, there      spiritual first, then physical. And what
are behaviors in our lives that can          kind of a result did they have? Physical.
make us more vulnerable to cancer,           They physically overcame the enemy by
and these are documented and                 following a spiritual approach to
discussed by many authors.10                 warfare. Jesus always spoke in warfare
When we find ourselves beset with            terminology when He referred to Satan,
cancer, we are victims of a battle going     who He called “the one who can destroy
on at the microbiological level that we      both soul and body,”13 referring to both
have most likely been totally unaware        spiritual and physical destruction. The
was being waged. Most often, we come         only way you can combat an enemy
to the battle late, at a disadvantage        who fights from a physical and spiritual
because we don’t know the enemy              dimension is with a physical and
(other than the “C” word), how to wage       spiritual approach.
battle (other than what the doctors tell     This is why the approach presented in
us to do), or how to emerge victorious       The Cancer Cure Experiment is
(other than hoping that the medical          complementary to medical treatment.
regimens will work).                         The spiritual view provides an avenue
However, no matter how late we come          toward healing that works alongside the
to the battle, there is much we can do       medical approach. In fact, the spiritual
from a spiritual perspective to wage war     view targets the same hallmarks your
against the rebellion going on at the        medical treatment is targeting, but from
microbiological level in our body. It is a   a different, unexpected approach. Sun-
matter of learning what the battlefield      Tzu, the Chinese general who authored
looks like and learning what the             The Art of War, says “…in battle one
engages with the orthodox and gains           So what is the spiritual view? See
victory through the unorthodox. The           Figure 1 below. This figure shows the
one who excels at sending forth the           hallmarks of cancer in the outer circle,
unorthodox is as inexhaustible as             the medical approaches used to combat
Heaven…”14                                    each hallmark around the middle circle,
                                              and the spiritual views necessary to
What      makes    the    spiritual   view    overcome each hallmark, or stronghold,
unorthodox? Its approach counters             of cancer in the center of the circle.
common       sense:    it  sees     battles
differently than the medical approach         Boice writes, “If you are a Christian,
and is as “inexhaustible as Heaven”—          you are a soldier in God’s army and are
meaning there are no destructive side-        engaged in a war where many enemy
effects with the spiritual view. Stanford     strongholds need to be conquered.”17
Cancer Institute associate director           That is exactly the case with cancer.
Branimir Sitic said, “Maybe half of all       Each stronghold must be conquered so
patients with common cancers are              that cancer no longer has any ability to
resistant and don’t benefit from the          survive in your body. We will discuss
treatment. But they all get toxic side        the spiritual view of each stronghold—
effects.”15 Others have noted that            and overcoming each stronghold—In
prayer has no harmful side effects, as        detail in separate articles.
do continued chemo and radiation
Figure 1 The Spiritual Views of the Seven Hallmarks of Cancer
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