June 2012 Severe Hearing Loss and How to Overcome It by hearingaustintx


									         Severe Hearing Loss and How to Overcome It

                   Hearing aids work by taking the sounds in the
                   environment and amplifying them to make them easier
                   for the ear to hear. The more intense the loss of hearing
                   is the higher degree of amplification one will need. There
                   are multiple styles of including:

                   • Behind the Ear – this model consists of a plastic casing
                   that is worn behind the ear, in conjunction with a mold
                   that is worn inside of the outer ear
                   • Open Fit – they are worn entirely behind the ear with
                   only a thin tube to reach inside of the ear canal
• In the Ear – these are worn entirely inside of the outer ear
• Canal – this model fits nicely inside of the ear canal

Hearing aids are not always the solution for people who have severe levels
of hearing loss. People who are able to benefit from hearing instruments will
normally find the ones worn behind the ear to be the most beneficial. That
particular model offers the highest degree of flexibility in the amount of
programming options, not to mention they have more power than their

Styles that are lighter in weight and offer more versatility are not as capable
of reaching the level of power that some of the other devices are able to.
However, there are times when there is no level of power that is going to be
strong enough to do the job. If the inner ear has too much damage, it will
not be able to convert the sound into a signal that the brain is going to be
able to understand.

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