The Importance of Assessments and Testing

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					 The Importance of Assessments and Testing

   MathWizard is a math and English tutoring facility with English & Math Learning Center
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Why is it necessary and what role does it play in the school system? What are the benefits of
classroom and standardized testing?

Students despise them, and teachers favor them. So what are these objects of hatred and
pleasure? They are grade determining forms of evaluation, better known as tests. Why are tests
necessary and important? They are not only significant in the classroom but also are used
across the nation to test student proficiency. . Without testing, school systems would be unable
to regulate their curriculum or monitor the performance of students and teachers.
The main goal of standardized tests is to answer an important question: has your student
mastered the grade’s curriculum? A student may be capable of sufficiently completing
homework and in-class assignments. However, these leisurely situations allow students the
luxury of using notes while asking questions. By taking tests, students can demonstrate that
they are independently capable of expressing their understanding of the material. This also
gives teachers the opportunity to analyze each student’s understanding and ability to apply
learned information. Teachers can then decide whether the class as a whole or individual
students need more opportunities to practice the material to better their understanding.

Teachers also use testing as a way to reflect on their own methodology. If students perform well
on tests, teachers should assume they taught the material in a manner that their class was able
to understand and independently utilize. If test scores were poor, teachers must assume the
opposite. The teacher may need to try a different approach in order to meet the needs of the

Regular testing provides students with the motivation to do well in school. It gives them the
initiative to complete their homework to the best of their ability. By completing assignments,
studying, or even acquiring extra tutoring if necessary, they are more likely to do well on tests.
Also, the grades they receive on tests greatly affect their overall grade. These grades are
reported not only to their teachers, but to their schools and to parents as well. Tests are
evidence of individual performance, and they mark a student’s progress, strengths, and
weaknesses. If a child expresses signs of academic distress, a parent may then decide to
improve academic performance by seeking an English or math tutor locally. Many facilities, such
as in Ohio, New Jersey, and Illinois provide families with math or English tutoring learning
centers, complete with a math or English tutor.

The pressure students are placed under to perform well on standardized testing may hinder the
outlook of whether or not this type of testing is necessary. However, the scores and results from
these tests provide a controlled standard of measurement used to compare students in a class,
school, or district. These scores can be evaluated amongst each other or against a broader
spectrum, such as state-wide or nationally. Standardized testing also enforces that teachers
teach the required material to their classes, and effectively so that students are capable of
performing well. These test scores not only report the progress of students, but the quality of a
teacher, school, and school district. In order to eliminate the anxiety students obtain from
standardized testing, teachers can introduce test-taking skills to improve performance and
confidence. By implementing exercises and curriculum that will adequately prepare students for
tests, it will aid in eliminating nervousness brought on by the pressure to perform well.

If a student is struggling not only in their test-taking abilities, but also in their over-all academic
performance, a math or English learning center may be an appropriate option. Math and English
learning centers provide students with the opportunity to learn from a tutor who will provide
them with academic enrichment. These learning centers may also supply students with regular
assessments, to monitor progress. The math and English tutor can use these assessments, just
like in a regular school setting, to determine strengths and weaknesses. The tutor can then use
resources at the math and English learning center to develop and strengthen the skills
necessary for a student to perform well in school.

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Description: MathWizard is a math and English tutoring facility with English & Math Learning Center locations in Ohio, New Jersey, and Illinois. We also have a math and English mail tutoring program which services the continental United States and Canada.