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 Temporary living quarters for guests (→ Final
  tourism product)
 Variety of sources & classifications
 Providing accommodations to the traveling
  public requires:
  - Training
  - Dedication to detail
  - Strong desire to welcome and serve each guest
 “Come in, please be my guest” is more than just
      Classifications & Rating
 A wide variety of lodging properties
 To communicate the differences in facilities and
  services to the guest
 No worldwide classification
 - Michelin Guide
  - American Automobile Association (AAA),
  - American Hotel & Lodging Association system
       Commercial Hotels
• Cater to business travelers
• Usually in downtown or business
• Largest group of hotel types
         Airport Hotels
• Near airports
• Cater to passengers with overnight
  layovers or canceled flights
• Cater to airline passengers
• Many have conference rooms (targets
  fly in, meet, fly out clientelle)
           Suite Hotels
• Appeal to people who need
  temporary living quarters, frequent
  travelers, vacationing families and
• Feature more complete living quarters
  but limited public spaces and guest
• May or may not have kitchenette
     Extended Stay Hotels
• Offer services to people who will be
  staying five days or longer and do not
  need as many services
• Usually offer kitchen amenities
        Residential Hotels
• Offer homes and limited services to
  people who stay for a long period of
          Resort Hotels
• Attract vacationers
• Feature recreational features and
• Destination within a destination
    Bed & Breakfast Hotels
• Provide an intimate setting for
  vacationers and others
• Host/hostess usually live on the
• Serve from continental to full
      Vacation Ownership &
      Condominium Hotels
• Vacation ownership:
  – Purchased by people who plan to
    vacation in that location each year
  – Purchase a specific period of time
  – Management company can rent it out for
  – Can trade ownership with other owners
    in other locations (trade time for time)
     Vacation Ownership &
     Condominium Hotels
• Condominium ownership:
 – One owner
 – Management company rents unit when
   owner not using it
 – Revenue goes to owner
           Casino Hotels
• Provide guestrooms for the guests of
  a gaming establishment
• Casino operations primary function
• Cater to leisure and vacation travelers
      Conference Centres
• Meet the needs of meeting planners
  and organizers charge meeting
  planners a single price
  – Price encompasses all expenses: guest
    room, meeting room, meals, equipment
       Convention Hotels
• Large properties that can house large
  conventions and all of the attendees
• Contain exhibit halls, ballrooms, full
  line of business services and
Service Levels
        World-Class Properties
• Serve for top business executives, entertainment
  celebrities, high ranking political figures, wealthy people
• Services can include:
   –   Upscale restaurants
   –   Exquisite décor
   –   Concierge services
   –   Opulent meeting and dining facilities
   –   Oversized guestrooms
   –   Heated and plush bath towels
   –   Many amenities
   –   Nightly turn-down service
   –   Personalized guest services
   –   High employee to guest ratios
 World-class-service in mid-range-service hotels
              “Executive Floor”
• Some-mid-range-service hotels may dedicate
  certain floors (usually the top floors) to world-
  class service
• Executive floors can provide world-class service
  to a limited number of guests
• there may be a concierge or personal butler on
  each executive floor
• has large and deluxe rooms
• has upgrade furnishings, decor and amenities
• Access to the floor may be limited to those with
  a key
           Mid-Range Service
• Mid-service appeals to the largest segment of travelers
  e.g. business travelers on expense accounts, tourists or
  families taking advantage of special children’s rates
• Provide modest but sufficient service
• Services may include uniformed guest services, airport
  limousine service, and food and beverage room service
• There may be food and beverage outlets (e.g. specialty
  restaurants, coffee shop, lounge etc)
• Properties appeal to people who desire some hotel
  services, but not luxury-style service
• Has management staff: consists of a general manager
  and several department managers
         Mid-range-service hotel
                  “Suite Hotels”
• provide a small living room and a bedroom with
  a king-size bed, some provide a kitchenette
• serve for frequent travelers, families interested in
  nonstandard hotel accommodations, preferred
  by executives
• housekeeping labor expenses may be higher
  because of the larger size of rooms.
• have less public space and fewer guest services
  than a typical mid-range-service hotel
    Economy/Limited Service
• Limited service does not mean “poor” service – guests
  should receive good service regardless of the type of
  hotel they are staying in
• Economy properties provide clean, comfortable,
  inexpensive rooms to meet the basic needs of guests
• Appeal to budget minded travelers e.g. families with
  children, bus tour groups, business travelers,
  vacationers, retirees, groups of conventioneers
• May provide a continental breakfast, has limited food &
  beverage service, do not offer room service, uniformed
  service, banquet rooms, health clubs
• Typically provide telephone, soap, television with cable
  or satellite, swimming pools, playgrounds, and small
  meeting rooms
• the staff consists of owners as managers, room
  attendants, front desk agent, sometimes a maintenance
Ownership & Affiliation
       Independent Hotel
• Are not related to any other hotel
• The owner has complete autonomy
  and is often able to be more flexible
  than a larger chain
• Does not have the same broad
  advertising exposure or management
  insight, nor is it able to take
  advantage of bulk purchasing
           Chain Hotel
• A chain hotel is one where the
  owners have several properties that
  may have the same name, structure,
  and standards
• Chains can pool resources to make
  volume purchases and market their
            Chain Ownership
• Management contracts are used for properties that
  are owned by one person or group and managed by
  another organization, known as a management
• Every franchise property must follow the patter or
  format of the franchisor. They typically establish
  standard design, décor, equipment, and operating
• Referral groups are otherwise independent hotels
  that have banded together for a specific purpose,
  such as reservations or puchasing.
 Under the Gavel: Hotel Management Contracts, pg 13
         Under the Gavel: Franchising, pg 14
 Sources of Room Reservations

1. Direct telephone call from the guest
2. Travel agents
3. Reservation system from chain or referral system
4. Hotel sales staff (telephone or e-mail)
5. Hotel or chain website
6. Intermediary website (,
7. Conventions
8. Presold room through tour operators
 Achieving Profitable Operation

 → Maximum occupency at the best price
 → Different price rates at different time
 Rack Rate
 Long term contracts
 Groups
 Travel agents & tour operators
 → Overbooking.

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