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Welcome to Tay Mills Residences!

Flats 81 - 90
The Residences Office staff wish you a very warm welcome to your accommodation
and trust that you enjoy the experience of living within Tay Mills. We also wish you
every success with your studies at the University.

The aim of this booklet is to provide you with as much information as possible whilst
living at Tay Mills. It is very important that you take some time to read through it
and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Accommodation
Management Staff on site or at the main Reception Office, which is located at the
Residences Office (on the main University campus).

The Tay Mills Phase III complex accommodates 20 post-graduate residents within 10
flats and is within 3 minutes walk of the main University campus and city centre. The flats
have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, shared kitchen, and some have a separate dining area.

The nearby Hawkhill and Perth Road areas offer shops, restaurants, post-office, banks
and pubs.

Tay Mills is managed by a dedicated team of staff responsible for ensuring that your
stay is comfortable, safe and enjoyable. The University also has a student support

The Student Support Team is also part of Student Services and deals with students’
welfare in University Residential Accommodation. This includes domestic problems due
to living in student accommodation, personal problems, loneliness, and any situation
which is causing distress and unhappiness. Appointments can be made through the
Residences Office or by emailing: i.s.stefanov@dundee.ac.uk. Normal working hours
are 12.00hrs – 20.00hrs, Monday – Friday.

Please can we draw your particular attention to the sections ‘Fire Safety’ and
‘Inventories’ as it is important that you know about these as soon as you arrive.

Please keep this booklet for future reference.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Tay Mills!
Residences Management and Front of House Team                                                      A–Z
     Residences Officer                              Margaret Wyllie                               ABSENCE FROM THE RESIDENCE
     Allocations Manager                             Neil Croll                                    Please inform your fellow resident if you intend to be away from the Residence for longer than
                                                                                                   one night. If you intend to be away from your flat for a prolonged period please advise the
     Property Manager                                Janice Guthrie                                Office leaving a contact number. (This is important in the event of a fire or other emergency.)
     Caretaker                                       David Melville
     Reception – Cross Row Office                    Beverly Grant                                 ACCIDENTS
                                                                                                   If you have an accident on site you should report it to the Office as you will be required to
                                                                                                   complete an accident report form. If you become aware of any hazards or un-safe conditions
                                                                                                   within the accommodation which may cause an accident, you should report the problem to the
Definitions:                                                                                       Office as a matter of urgency.

Office -                  Administration Office - means the Residences Office, 3 Cross Row,        ALCOHOL
                          telephone 01382 384040 or                                                It is policy that alcohol will not be consumed in public areas of the Residences (e.g. Corridors
                                                                                                   etc). Please remember that the consumption of alcohol outdoors in Dundee is prohibited under
Tay Mills Office -        is within Tay Mills Complex, telephone 01382 226924                      local bye-law.

The Manager -             means the Property Manager                                               ANIMALS
                                                                                                   No pets (except Guide Dogs) are permitted within the flats (this includes fish, birds, hamsters etc.).
Authorised Officer-       In accordance with the University Ordinance 40, - Student Discipline,
                          Authorised Officers include the Principal, Vice-Principal, Deputy        BEDROOMS
                          Principal, Deans, Director of Student Services or Residences Officer,    We provide a bed, desk with shelving, desk chair, wardrobe and curtains/blind within the
                          Wardens, Librarian, Director of IT Services, and the University          bedroom.
                          Security Manager
                                                                                                   BEHAVIOUR OF YOU AND YOUR GUESTS
Staff -                   means all Residences Office staff - Manager, Caretaker and Domestic      Staff can request persons they encounter within any residence to cease any noisy, damaging or
                          Assistants, the University’s Student Support Worker and Residences       dangerous activities. They may also request proof of residency by production of either your room
                          Staff, employees of the University’s Estates & Buildings and employees   key or your student ID card and are also authorised to refuse entry to, or eject non-residents
                          of any of the University’s contractors                                   from the premises if they believe their presence is not conducive to the well being of either the
                                                                                                   property or the residents.
The University Residences Office is located on the ground floor of 3 Cross Row, behind the main    There is a bicycle store located to the right of the Tay Mills Office. Keys are available from the
library. The office is staffed by the Residences Team - Monday to Friday 10.00hrs - 16.00hrs.      Office. You must advise the Office as soon as possible of any loss of key. A charge of £10 is made
The University Residences Office deal with all matters relating to lease agreements, rent and      for a replacement key. Bikes are NOT permitted within the flats, bedrooms, stairwells, corridors
welfare issues.                                                                                    or chained to railings anywhere on the complex grounds. This may cause an obstruction in the
                                                                                                   case of an emergency. Bikes found in any of the above areas will be removed.
     • In the event of an emergency dial the following number which always gives access to         In addition to café’s located in and around the campus, the Residences Office manage a café
       the emergency services - 01382 384141                                                       located within the main University Tower Building called ‘Top of the Tower Café. It is open
                                                                                                   Monday to Friday, 08.45 hrs – 15.45hrs and offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and snacks at
           The above number should be used day or night.                                           reasonable prices.

                                                                                                   The use or storage of any type of candle or fragrance burner is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, as they
                                                                                                   pose a serious fire hazard. Any candles found in the Residence will be removed by staff and may
     • Residences Reception (Mon – Fri 10.00 – 16.00) 01382 384040
                                                                                                   result in a report being sent to a disciplinary officer.
     • University Tower Reception 01382 388188 (telephone for urgent maintenance
       when Residences Reception is closed)
                                                                                                   CARS & MOTORCYCLES
     • Tayside Police Headquarters 01382 223200
                                                                                                   Tay Mills car parking is owned by Crosslane (Dundee) who have an administration office on site.
     • Tayside Hospitals 01382 660111
                                                                                                   Parking at Tay Mills is limited and occupation of accommodation does not guarantee a parking
     • Hydro Electric emergencies 0800 300999
                                                                                                   space. For current car parking charges and further information contact Crosslane (Dundee)
     • Gas emergencies 0800 111999
                                                                                                   Reception at 21 Brown Street, Dundee on 01382 322650.
CASH DISPENSER                                                                                             DENTISTS
The nearest cash dispensers are located at the students union.                                             There are limited NHS dentists in the area. For further details check the telephone book. Dundee
                                                                                                           Dental Hospital provides an emergency service and is on the University Campus.
All residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their own rooms and have joint responsibility         DISPOSAL OF REFUSE AND PERSONAL ITEMS
for the cleanliness of the communal areas within the flats. There is no cleaning service provided          All household waste should be disposed of in the bins provided. It is the responsibility of each
within flats, however a limited service is provided for the stairwell areas. Domestic assistants will      resident to remove rubbish from the flats and dispose of in the bins in the refuse areas in the
visit your flat to service any vacant rooms following the departure of a resident, usually within          complex. There are three enclosed bin stores two of which are located at both the top and bottom
24 hours of departure (not including weekends), and to clean the kitchen cupboard associated               corners of the building. The third is in the centre area of the building that has metal clad doors.
with the vacant room. Please ensure that the kitchen area is kept in a reasonable condition and            Please ensure when using this bin store that you close the door securely behind you on your
rubbish is taken to the bin recesses regularly. If there is a vacant room within your flat a new           departure. Note that the central bin store is covered by CCTV cameras and misuse or non securing
resident may be allocated that room at any time during the session.                                        of the area may result in a fine. All bin stores are accessed using the following code: C021YZ.
                                                                                                           Refuse bags are provided by the Caretaker. At no time should refuse bags or other rubbish
Inspections are carried out three times a year and if your flat is found to be in an unacceptable          obstruct corridors or exits. Any large items will not be taken away by the refuse collectors. It is
level of cleanliness, contract cleaners may be employed at your expense to return the area to a            your responsibility to dispose of such items by telephoning the Council on 01382 432750.
satisfactory level. The invoice for this will be divided between the residents within the flat. A letter
will be sent to the flat giving at least 48 hours notice of these inspections.                             Broken Glass - must be well wrapped before disposal in waste, or brought to the Office for
                                                                                                           disposal in broken glass bin.
If your home address and/or emergency contact details change, you must inform the University               Condoms – should be wrapped in several sheets of tissue paper and placed in the bin. Please do
Registry Office in writing immediately.                                                                    not flush condoms down the toilet, as they can cause problems with the plumbing.

COMMENTS/CONCERNS/GENERAL ENQUIRIES                                                                        Needles and syringes - (e.g. for the treatment of diabetes etc) should be placed in safety disposal
General enquiries can be made to the Office on weekdays 10.00hrs – 16.45hrs. When the                      bins. If you require this service, please contact the Health Service for advice.
Residences Office is closed if you experience any difficulties and in the case of an urgent
maintenance matter you should telephone University Tower Reception 01382 388188.                           Razor Blades – should be returned to safety packaging wherever possible before being placed
                                                                                                           in the bin. If this cannot be done, please wrap them in several layers of tissue or other paper.
Whilst we endeavour to ensure that your stay within our residence is a pleasant and trouble free           Sanitary Towels – should be wrapped in several layers of tissue paper, then placed in the paper
one, should the need arise, there is a formal complaints procedure in place. Please call at the            bags provided and disposed of in your bedroom bin, which must be emptied regularly in tied
Office for further information.                                                                            bags and placed in the outside bins.

CONFIDENTIALITY                                                                                            DOCTOR
We will not disclose any information about residents to outside parties other than the police,             You are required to register with a local GP. This should be done as soon as possible after your
immigration or other legitimate authorities.                                                               arrival in Dundee. You may not expect to get ill and probably won’t, but don’t create a problem
                                                                                                           for yourself. The University Health Service is situated on the ground floor at 1 Cross Row, close
DAMAGES                                                                                                    to the Counselling Service and across from the Main Library.
You are responsible for your own actions and those of your guests. In addition, you have a
shared liability for any losses incurred by Residences Office where it is not possible to identify         DRUGS
individual responsibility. Therefore:                                                                      Dundee University expressly forbids the use of illegal substances within our Accommodation.

     • You are responsible for the cost of repairing any breakage, damage, and the                         ELECTORAL ROLL
       replacement costs of anything that is missing from your room. It is your responsibility to          You can apply to have your name added to the electoral roll if you wish by completing a
       check and return the ‘blue copy’ of the inventory at the start of your occupancy                    registration form and sending it to ERO at 20 City Square, Dundee DD1 9XE. The form can be
       to prevent the risk of your being charged for any damages which happened prior to                   downloaded from Dundee City Council website or contact Support Services on 01382 434444.
       your occupancy (retain the ‘yellow copy’ for your future reference).
     • You are responsible for the cost of repairing any breakage, damage, and the                         ELECTRIC METERS AND FUSE BOXES
       replacement costs of anything that is missing from your flat for which you or any of your           Occasionally a fuse may ‘trip’ if there is a sudden surge of power. Please contact the Office
       guests are responsible.                                                                             or University Tower Reception, who will contact relevant personnel, as access to fuse boxes is
     • You are responsible for an equal share of the cost of repairing any breakage, damage,
       and the replacement cost of anything that is missing from the flat which is unattributable
       to any individual. Such a share to be calculated on the basis of the total of such costs
       divided by the total number of students resident in the flat.
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT                                                                                     Steam from Bathing - keep bathroom door shut at all times and keep light and extractor fan on
In the interest of safety, the following restrictions apply on electrical items within the residences:   until steam is removed.

1.   The following items are not permitted:                                                              Household Dust - clean and dust surfaces on a regular basis.
     Any heating appliances including electric fires or any incandescent burners. Fridges,
     freezers, and any other white domestic appliances not supplied by the University of Dundee.         Aerosol Spray - avoid spraying aerosols under the smoke detectors.

2.   In addition to the restrictions in 1. above, all electrical items brought into the Residence        Detector Heads - do not tamper with or remove detector heads. This causes a fault in the system
     which are recognised as permissible, should be fitted with a correctly rated fuse, a correctly      and may endanger lives.
     wired plug and a cable in good working order.
                                                                                                         FIRE ALARM TESTING
If Accommodation Management staff are in doubt as to the safety of your personal electrical              Fire Alarm Testing is carried out on a weekly basis on Tuesday mornings at approx. 11.30hrs.
equipment the following will be carried out:
                                                                                                         FIRE DOORS
1.   The appliance will be inspected by the Caretaker and if in doubt, the item will be removed          The door into the kitchen and all bedrooms are fire doors installed for your safety. These doors
     to storage leaving a letter advising of this course of action. If the item is too large for the     must not be propped open at any time. The door closers must not be adjusted by residents. Any
     Caretaker to remove, it will be labelled “CAUTION - DO NOT USE” - and you must then                 problems with the door closer should be reported to the Office for repair.
     contact the Office as soon as possible.
                                                                                                         FIRE EQUIPMENT
2.   It will be your responsibility to get the appliance checked and obtain a record confirming          You must NOT tamper with any item of safety equipment (extinguishers, fire hoses, alarms,
     that the item has been tested before it can be reinstalled in the accommodation.                    detectors etc.). In particular the use or storage of electrical or other forms of cooking and
                                                                                                         heating appliances is not permitted in the bedrooms. Candles and fragrance burners must not be
3.   If you do not wish to have the appliance checked, then it will remain in storage until you          kept or used anywhere within the residences.
     leave the accommodation - when you may collect it immediately prior to your departure. If
     you do not collect it you will be charged for any costs incurred in its disposal.                   FIRE PRECAUTIONS
                                                                                                         Please read the emergency procedures displayed in your accommodation and familiarise
END OF YEAR ARRANGEMENTS                                                                                 yourself with the layout of the building. Please note: The fire alarm system is not connected
Information regarding end of year arrangements will be circulated at least four weeks before             directly to the Fire Brigade, therefore you must always telephone 01382 384141 – do not assume
the end of the session. Rights of occupancy cease at 10.00hrs on the last day of the lease,              that someone else will! In the event of a fire, you must evacuate the building immediately and
therefore you must remove all of your belongings and clean your bedroom, and your share of               await the arrival of the Fire Brigade. You must congregate in the courtyard car park area near
the kitchen, bathroom and toilet prior to this and, return your keys to the Office by 10.00hrs on        the exit of the complex, and remain there until you are informed by Fire Brigade personnel that
your departure day. Charges may be applied for keys that are not returned on your departure              it is safe to re-enter the building.
day and for rooms that are not left in a clean condition. Please be aware that there are no
storage facilities available during vacation periods, however there are leaflets for storage             UNLAWFUL INTERFERENCE WITH SAFETY EQUIPMENT WILL BE REPORTED TO THE PRINCIPAL OF THE
companies available at the Office.                                                                       UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE WITH A RECOMMENDATION THAT THE OFFENDING STUDENT BE BARRED FROM
                                                                                                         RESIDENCE IN THE UNIVERSITY’S ACCOMMODATION.
Tay Mills is fitted with the following fire alarm equipment:                                             FIRST AID
                                                                                                         Staff have access to first-aid boxes and there are designated staff trained in basic first-aid
     •   Smoke detectors in each hallway                                                                 procedures.
     •   Fire extinguisher (powder) in each hallway
     •   Fire blanket in each kitchen                                                                    FLAT INSPECTIONS
     •   Heat detectors and break-glass alarms in outer hallways                                         Flat and room inspections are carried out regularly to ensure the equipment we provide is in a
                                                                                                         good state of repair and that flats are acceptably clean and hygienic. A minimum of 48 hours
Smoke detectors are especially sensitive, they will not only detect smoke caused by fire but may         notice is given for each inspection.
also be activated by the following:
Steam vapour from hairdryers, hair straighteners, etc - please ensure that you do not use this           At present there is no guest accommodation available during term time, however guests may stay
equipment under the detector in your room as it is likely to trigger the fire alarm. Please ensure       in your room for a maximum of two nights. Overnight guest forms must be completed prior to
that your window is open when drying or straightening your hair.                                         their stay and you must obtain agreement from your flatmate. Forms are available from the Office.

Smoke or steam from burning/cooking food - keep kitchen door shut at all times. Where extractor
fans are not connected to appliances please ensure they are switched on whilst cooking.
HEATING TIMES AND HOT WATER                                                                             They are happy to share their experience with you to help you get started and settled in quickly.
All flats in Phase III are supplied by gas central heating and timings are as follows:                  When you arrive you will meet our friendly Peer Connectors out and about on campus wearing
                                                                                                        yellow Peer Connections t-shirts or logo pin badges. Ask them questions and get information /
ON – 06.00 hours         OFF – 10.00 hours                                                              ideas from these experienced students. You can also contact them at the email address given
ON – 12 noon             OFF – 13.00 hours                                                              below. Peer Connectors regularly visit the Residences to keep in contact with students. They work
ON – 15.00 hours         OFF – 02.00 hours                                                              together with the SSA and the Student Support Worker and can also refer you to other support
                                                                                                        within the University.
Whilst the central heating is operating, hot water is supplied through the system, otherwise hot
water is provided through an immersion heater switch within each kitchen.                               Regular Drop In sessions are held on Thursday evenings Level 4 DUSA 6.30pm – 8.30pm which
                                                                                                        are staffed by two Peer Connectors. Taking students and their concerns seriously; they will listen
If you experience any problems with either your hot water or heating please contact the Office          and respond non-judgmentally on issues and concerns no matter how large or small. The Drop-
as soon as possible.                                                                                    In is a good opportunity to meet Peer Connectors and, if needs be, arrange a more convenient
                                                                                                        time for a peer support.
The Student Support Worker is available to help you with any student welfare issues. These may          For more information see our web page www.dundee.ac.uk/studentservices/pconnect/
be domestic or personal problems, loneliness or any situations causing you to be distressed or          or Contact Peer Connections Room 4.22 Level 4 DUSA, phone 01382 384932 or email
unhappy. The Student Support Worker liaises closely with other units of the Student Services            peerconnections@dundee.ac.uk
Department and can quickly refer you to any of them for specialist help or advice. Student
Support is located on Level 4 DUSA (Dundee University Students Association), at the heart of the        HOSPITALS
University Campus. The Student Support Worker is available between 12pm and 8 pm Monday                 The main hospital for emergencies is Ninewells Hospital. (Telephone 01382 660111).
to Friday. Appointments can also be made by contacting Illiyan Stefanov via the Group Wise
e-mail system (i.s.stefanov@dundee.ac.uk) or just call 01382 385534. In case of an emergency            INSURANCE
outwith these hours, you may contact the SMS Duty Manager on 07776 298696.                              Your accommodation fees include a block policy. A leaflet is included in your offer pack. Please
                                                                                                        read this information carefully and consider whether or not you wish to take out any additional
In addition to the Student Support Worker, there are two Student Support Assistants living in           cover.
each Residence helping to provide welfare support. The Student Support Assistants (SSA) are
students with sufficient experience and understanding of student life away from home who have           INTERNET CONNECTION
undergone specialised training including the initial Peer Connections Volunteer training. Support       There is no University network provision within Tay Mills. However, if you wish to arrange private
Assistants live in the residences, thus becoming a convenient first point of call/contact for any       (broadband) connection in your room, you can visit the Office where staff will be happy to
student with a welfare problem. SSA working together and under the supervision of the Student           advise you.
Support Worker, will deal with any issues which affects the welfare of the residents within the
Residences as above and including flat disputes; noise related issues; relationships between            INVENTORIES
two or more flat mates; loneliness; homesickness; self harm; depression; alcohol misuse; stress         Please check your room inventory on arrival and note any defects or shortages against the
related issues; bullying and harassment. They will also help to direct students to appropriate          relevant item. You must return the ‘blue copy’ of the inventory to the Office as soon as possible
services within the University. Although they will not deal with discipline matters as such, they       (within 2 days of arrival). Remember if you do not check and return your inventory you may be
will provide full co-operation to the Authorised Officer in the University when necessary. Students     liable for any pre-existing damages or shortages when you leave.
in University Residences also have the support from the Peer Connectors Team as well as all of
Student Services in the University.                                                                     KEYS/SECURITY
                                                                                                        On arrival you will receive a set of 3 keys - one which opens the security entrance door, one
Make sure you get to know your SSA as soon as you have moved in and keep in touch with                  which opens the flat front door, and one which opens the bedroom door and the laundry.
them throughout your stay here. They are exactly like you, just a bit more experienced and able
to deal with things you might find challenging at first. Below are their names and residential          We strongly advise that you lock your bedroom and flat door at all times. Keep keys with you
addresses, so that you can find them any time you need them.                                            at all times, do not give your keys to anyone else, and you must advise the Office as soon as
                                                                                                        possible of any loss of keys. A charge of £10 per key is made for replacements. You may also
Chowdhury Siddiki (Ishrak)     -    Flat 37 Tay Mills                                                   be charged for replacing locks if this is required.
Hogmagni Choudhury             -    Flat 37 Tay Mills

Peer Connections is run by Student Services using student volunteers called Peer Connectors.
These are students just like yourself – they have been here, usually, for a year or two and know
how if feels to start at the University. They are trained student volunteers who are caring, friendly
and open-minded, who want to help other students at University of Dundee.
KITCHEN TIDINESS                                                                                        MICROWAVE OVENS
Remember you are sharing communal facilities with another resident so please be considerate to          When using the microwave please follow these instructions to ensure no damage is caused to
your flatmate. It is in everyone’s interest to maintain the kitchen in a hygienic and safe condition.   yourself or the oven.
Apart from the health hazard to your co-resident, a messy or dirty kitchen represents a potential
fire risk. Planning a kitchen and domestic rota between you and your flatmate does help take the            • Do not operate when empty
strain out of daily and periodic chores!                                                                    • If you are unfamiliar with microwave techniques always refer to a microwave cookbook
                                                                                                              as a guide
Here are a few basic hints to help:                                                                         • Do not use the oven for any reason other than food preparation
                                                                                                            • Do not put anything metal (e.g. tin foil, spoons) wooden, or plastic bags into the oven
     • Always wipe down the cooker/hob after use.                                                           • If any spillages occur wipe up immediately
                                                                                                            • Never use glass or Pyrex that is chipped, or scratched. Damaged glass may explode
     • Always wipe down the work surface after use.                                                         • Pressure will build up inside sealed containers and foods with a skin. Do not use
                                                                                                              capped bottles, vacuum tight containers and sealed jars. Do not cook eggs or nuts in
     • Remove rubbish to the bin recess regularly.                                                            their shells
                                                                                                            • The skin of potatoes, apples or any similar fruit or veg and egg yolks must be pierced
     • Wash, dry and put away dishes and utensils after use.                                                  before cooking
                                                                                                            • Do not heat up oil for frying or deep frying – the temp of the oil cannot be controlled
     • Mop up any spillage on the floor immediately to prevent any slips or falls.                          • Do not put popcorn in the microwave unless it is specifically designed for use in a
                                                                                                              microwave oven
We do not provide any pots, pans, crockery or cutlery. We do provide a cooker, microwave,                   • Ensure the oven is kept clean and dry. Do not use abrasive cloths or pads, as this will
fridge freezer, kettle, iron, ironing board, and vacuum cleaner.                                              damage the oven. The microwave should be wiped clean after each use.

Your fridge is not frost free therefore you should follow these tips. Defrosting regularly creates a    NOISE
more efficient cooling system and decreases the amount of electricity being consumed. To defrost        Please be considerate to other residents and neighbours who may be trying to work or sleep.
your freezer:                                                                                           In the evenings do not congregate in the courtyards, or on stairwells. At all times, please keep
                                                                                                        volume of televisions, radios, stereos (and your voice!) at a low volume and shut doors quietly.
     • Turn the fridge off
     • Place a bowl of boiling water in the freezer compartment and an empty basin in the               NOTICE BOARDS
       fridge to catch the water                                                                        To protect the walls, please only attach photos, posters etc. to the notice boards and nowhere
     • Allow the freezer to defrost, then dry out the cavity before switching the fridge back on        else, using the white-tac provided in your welcome pack. There are notice boards in the bedrooms
     • You should not scrape the ice off using anything other than a plastic scraper or you will        for residents to use. Residents should note the use of blue-tac, drawing pins, sticky tape, nails
       damage the cavity                                                                                etc on the walls is strictly prohibited. Any damage to walls that is attributable to a resident will
                                                                                                        be charged to them. There are notice boards in the main entrance. Unauthorised notices will be
It is in your own interests to empty and defrost the refrigerator. Should any fault in the fridge       removed. Banners/flags etc hanging from the property are not permitted and will be removed
occur then please inform the Office as soon as possible. Costs involved in repairing faults due to      by members of staff.
lack of care will be passed to the residents involved.
LAUNDRY FACILITIES                                                                                      If you are planning a party, please request permission from the Office and your flatmate at least
Coin operated washing machines and tumble driers are provided for your convenience. The                 48 hours in advance and complete a Party Authorisation form. Parties are only permitted if they
laundry is located behind the Tay Mills Office. Please note that you must use only detergent            have been authorised and there should be a maximum of 15 guests – parties must end before
designed for automatic washing machines.                                                                0100hrs or if noise is excessive at the request of the Tower Campus Security Staff.

LIGHT BULBS                                                                                             POLICE STATION
Light bulbs are replaced by Tay Mills staff via the Office.                                             The nearest police station is the police headquarters in Bell Street (opposite Tay Mills flats on
                                                                                                        Lochee Road). To contact police headquarters, telephone 01382 223200. For lost property call
MAIL                                                                                                    01382 591591.
Mail is delivered to your flat, your postal address is
Flat ___ Room ___                                                                                       REPAIRS
Tay Mills Flats                                                                                         Any faults must be reported to the Tay Mills Office as soon as possible. The need for repairs
                                                                                                        usually results from normal wear and tear, but any damage resulting from carelessness or
23 Brown Street                                                                                         maliciousness will be charged to those responsible (or to all residents if those responsible are
Dundee DD1 5EF                                                                                          not known). Please note that we rely on you telling us when something doesn’t work - if we don’t
                                                                                                        know it’s broken we can’t fix it.
Where serious issues are reported to us in the morning we will endeavour to have repairs carried         TELEPHONES
out the same day. When the Residences Office is closed if you experience any difficulties and            The nearest payphones are located :
in the case of an urgent maintenance matter you should telephone University Tower Reception
01382 388188.                                                                                            West Port (beside The Globe Bar)

There will be occasions when the caretaker, window cleaners, joiners, electricians, etc will require     TELEVISION LICENCE
access to your flat or your room. Please ask for ID before allowing any tradesman to enter the           If you bring a TV into the flat you are responsible for purchasing a TV licence, or for any fines
premises. Where practical and possible, you will be given advance notification of these visits.          which result from not having one. (Available online).

SECURITY                                                                                                 TRANSPORT
Look after your own property and that of your co-resident. Keep bedroom and flat doors locked            Local buses regularly operate on routes throughout Dundee. Information can be obtained from
at all times. Do not leave main entrance doors open at any time. Keep all windows closed when            the Travel Centre at 92 Commercial Street or by telephoning 01382 340006/7. Taxi numbers
you are not in your room.                                                                                can be found in the yellow pages of the Phone Book.

SHOWER AND BATHROOM HYGIENE                                                                              WINDOW SAFETY
In the interests of hygiene, please clean the shower area/bathroom after use – your flatmate             For health and safety reasons the windows should only be able to open by approx. 10cm.
will be using the facilities after you. Please keep the drain in the shower clear at all times to        Please do not attempt to open the window fully.
avoid flooding. You should notify the Caretaker immediately if there is a problem with water
draining away. Remember to keep the shower curtain inside the bath when showering. Damage                The top floor flats have roof windows fitted. Operation of these windows is as follows:
to flooring caused by ignoring this request will result in the repair costs being passed on to the
residents responsible.                                                                                   To use the ventilation flap - to enjoy fresh air even when the window is fully closed, pull the top
                                                                                                         control bar downwards. The first position opens the ventilation flap. The window will remain
SMOKING                                                                                                  locked but air can enter the room through the built-in air filter which keeps out dust and insects.
All residences are Non Smoking therefore smoking is banned in all areas of all buildings
including bedrooms. Any student found in breach of this will be reported to an authorised                To open and close your window - a further pull on the top control bar will open the window.
disciplinary officer.                                                                                    Friction springs in the hinges allow the sash to be located in an open position. The window is
                                                                                                         closed by pushing firmly upwards on the control bar to lock the sash and close the ventilation flat.
You must allow access to any authorised person who needs entry to your room. Access is                   If you experience any difficulties with the operation of your window, please contact the Office.
required to assess standards of cleaning service, redecoration and repair requirements, other
management reasons and for the carrying out of repair and maintenance work.

Such persons requiring access are: The Manager, Caretaker, Domestic Assistants, Student Support          We hope that you have found this document useful, if you wish to make a positive
Worker, Residences Officers, employees of the University’s Estates & Buildings, employees of             contribution to the content for future residents please feel free to email your
any of the University’s contractors, employees of the local authority Council and Fire Brigade.          suggestions to residences@dundee.ac.uk
Except in an emergency, access to your room will be restricted to normal working hours.

Outwith these hours, access to the Caretaker and Property Manager cannot be denied but such
access will only take place when there are reasonable grounds to believe that a disturbance is           Enjoy your year!!!
taking place, there are prohibited persons present, the occupants are at risk or that the security
or good order of the Flat is at risk.

External contractors will require access to all self catered properties on a quarterly basis to
‘chlorinate’ shower heads and test the water supply. This is likely to be carried out during the first
3 weeks of November, February, May and August. Each flat will be advised in advance. This is
a legal requirement and access must be given.

If you wish you may purchase a Bedding Pack (duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillowcase, sheet)
whilst stocks last from the Sanctuary Management Services (office located at Heathfield) after
arrival. Alternatively, there are a selection of shops in nearby city centre selling household
Residences Office
3 Cross Row

Tel :    01382 384040
Fax :    01382 202605
Email:   residences@dundee.ac.uk
Web:      www.dundee.ac.uk/residences

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