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									Brief Introduction of the Organization’s business Sector:
Askari Bank incorporated in the month of October 1991, the Bank began its operations in April
1992, and increased since in national with the modern technology in the bank sector. The bank
connected online customers supported with the network of automatic distributors of bills.
During the years, the Askari Bank proved his force as taking containing the sector entity with the
never engagements increases to its customers, by the strategic investment in the electronic
technology. Askari Bank attained to follow it first in the bank Operations of Pakistani one.

    First Pakistani Bank to offer online in real time counts on the country bases.
    First wide Pakistani bank with the national network of ATM’s.
    First bank in Pakistan, foreigner or local, to introduce bank operations to internet in the
    The first bank to Pakistan, together with the ABN-Amro bank, to develop the inter-bank
     switch For the ATM’s.

Islamic Banking Network: A range completes products of Islamic
bank Operations and of services is offered, to meet the request of the
customer of Shariah the Reconciling bank Operations, in the following

     The bank Operations of Islamic business
     The bank Operations of Islamic Investments
     The Finance of Islamic Commerce
     The bank Operations of Islamic Generals
     The Islamic Consumer of the products
Islamic bank Operations were approved by the Advisor of Shariah of the Bank. As by the
conditions of Shariah, the funds and the products of Islamic bank Operations separately are
managed Conventional Bank side. All the obtained funds invested and took part in the methods
of Halal & the investments, under the check of the Advisor of Shariah.

Agriculture Banking Network:
The farming role to Pakistan economy is crucial nature. Because of the various, geographic and
climatic conditions, the country have the potential fantastic one for the growth and the
agricultural development. The farming of Askari Bank’s Agriculture and Rural Business
Division (ARBD) won the amplest force with the improved and effective delivery and the check
mechanism to meet the increased request for the credit by the farmers in the easy, accessible and
reasonable manner. With an innovative range of produce one, better is evaluated in the market,
the Bank continues to surpass its allocated targets for the farming financing.

I net Banking:
Overview of the Organization:
Askari Bank Limited works as a Unity of Confidence of Well-being of Army was established for
the Well-being of Officers of Army. The office of Confidence of Well-being of Army is situated
instead of AWT, Rawalpindi. AWT offers the “AW T Saving Scheme” to the army officers only.
AWT has its units as in under:

      Askari Associates.
      Askari Leasing.
      Askari General.
      Private Business.
      Textile Mills.
      Cement Industry.
      Askari Bank Limited

  Brief History of the Organization:

 Askari Bank is an important one to Pakistan industries of financial service. The Bank takes
now manner to the bank operations the most modern and most dynamic ones in the Pakistan.
The bank is continues the success in the competition. The better Bank of Detail to Pakistan
rewards is given by the Asian Banker. Contain also received the Reward of business of
Excellence for the financial sector from the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) for the
years 2002 and 2003. The bank was given “The Best Bank in Pakistan” the reward by
Magazine of Global Finance two times i.e. for the years 2001 and 2002.

 Business volume of the Askari Bank Limited:

         Share Capital                                    6,427,440.000
         Reserves                                         7,691,319.000
         Un-appropriated Profit                            701,819.000
         Surplus on revaluation of assets                 1,183,564.000
          Organizational Hierarchy Chart:

                                                         Branch Manager

                                                      Operation Manager

       Foreign               Finance             General                          Accounts        IT
                           Department            Banking                         Department   Department

Imports           Export          Refinancing

                   Accounts                   Clearing                  Online


                                        TDR                Remittance


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