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					                            Internship Guidance

Dear Students , here are some instruments required for your internship program.
1-First of all , you need to submit "Request form for reference letter" to VU
Internship Instructor after filling with some preliminary information about
organization where you want to do internship.


Please fill in the form and submit it (soft copy) to your Course Instructor
You are required to provide precise information for the issuance of IRL
in the appropriate places mentioned below. Before submitting the
request, make sure the information provided is complete and correct
OTHERWISE it may result in rejection of your request or delay in

Before sending your request for the issuance of internship reference
letter, make sure that the organization is willing to provide you
internship and require a reference letter.

Please provide your answers to the below mentioned statements in

            Is the mentioned organization willing to offer you internship?
            Have you done the preliminary arrangements regarding
        internship by meeting/contacting the
            concerned/authorized person in the organization? Yes/No
            Do you receive post via TCS at your address?

Organization’s Information

Name of concerned
Name of the


      All fields should be in Title Case.
      Designation should be clear. Avoid using abbreviations like AVP,
       OM etc.
      Provide complete postal address which should clearly depict
       location of the organization.
      Specify the name of branch as well (if required).

Note:You have to take permission letter from concerned organization in
order to do internship in that organization. For that , you will submit an
application for internship in that organization.They will forward your
application for internship to their MAIN HEAD OFFICE for
approval. Concerned organization will allow you for internship only after
getting approval from HEAD OFFICE.

Student’s Personal Information

Student Name

Student ID
Complete Postal

Current Contact Number


      All fields should be in Title Case.
      The student name should be complete as mentioned on VU ID
      Postal Address should be complete on which the student is
       expecting to receive his/her internship reference letter. Don’t skip
       house number, street number or anything else related to address.

2- VU instructor will post a reference letter at your postal address which
you will forward as it is to your concerned organization.Now, you will
start your internship program at your selected organization.Then you
will have to prepare internship report as per procedure given by VU.

3-You need to paste the scanned copy of your internship completion
certificate issued by the organization and letter of undertaking after
signing it in your internship report.You will have to post original copy of
your completion certificate to VU instructor at postal address given in
your LMS.(Don't forget to take scanned copy of this original certificate
before posting to VU.You have to paste scanned copy of "ORIGINAL

                           LETTER OF UNDERTAKING

I ………………………………… Student VU ID…………………………. hereby confirm that
the internship report I have provided is solely my own effort. I did not copy my
report partially or completely from any other student or from any other source
either against payment or free and I did not provide any plagiarized material in
any section of my report. I further confirm that the documents (internship
completion certificate & evaluation form) that I have provided are genuine (i.e.
not forge/fake) and have been issued by the authorized person in the
organization. If I am found guilty of misstating, misleading or concealing the
facts about my activities (either academic or non-academic but relevant to this
course) at any stage, the university is authorized to take disciplinary action
against me according to university policies and regulations.
I hereby also confirm that I have carefully read and understood all the
guidelines, rules and regulations provided by the course instructor on VULMS. I
assure that I will follow the instructions regarding presentation & viva voce and
will appear on the scheduled date for presentation & viva voce which will be
intimated to me at my VU-email ID by the Course Instructor. In case of any
negligence, I shall be held responsible.

4-Here is evaluation form which will be filled and posted by Operations
manager of the bank or organization where you did your internship. Its
confidential instrument , student must not be informed about the points
assigned by the operation manager to the internee in this form.
Operation manager will directly post this evaluation letter to VU at
XYZ619 department's postal address given in your LMS.

5-Internship Report Formate:( This formate is only for finance students ,
for other specializations formate can be little bit changed)


                Masters of Business Administration (Finance)
1. Title page
The title page of the report will include:

a. Name of the organization
b. Name of the internee, Student ID and session
c. Submission date of the internship report
d. Name of the University
e. VU logo

2. Letter of Undertaking
You are required to fill in the Letter of Undertaking provided in the
‘Download’ section of the course VULMS and attach here the scanned
copy after signing it.

3. Scanned copy of the internship certificate (provided by the
Attach the scanned copy of your (original) Internship Completion
certificate provided by the organization.

4. Dedication (Optional)
If you want to dedicate your work to someone, you may write the
dedication note under this section of your internship report.

5. Acknowledgement
In this section you should acknowledge the help and support of all the
people who helped you in the compilation of your internship and
internship report e.g. the library staff, instructor, family, or any other

6. Executive summary
An executive summary previews the main points of an in-depth report.
It helps the reader to get a quick glance at the report before reading it
in detail. It can be called as micro image of the report. Every thing
important that you have done, discovered and concluded should be
mentioned but briefly and concisely.

7. Table of contents
i. List the important headings and sub headings in the report with their
respective page numbers.
ii. Also make a separate list of tables and figures in the table of contents
if you have used any.

8. Brief introduction of the organization’s business sector (minimum
word limit: 400-500 words)
Describe overview of the complete sector in which the organization falls
according to current scenario. "Brief introduction of the business sector"
refers to the main area which the organization deals in i.e. consumer
consumable, consumer durable or services, e.g. Textile, Dairy or
Telecom etc. But you should discuss the main sector and NOT
the organization under consideration.
9. Overview of the organization (minimum word limit: 800-1000 words)
a. Brief history
b. Nature of the organization
c. Business volume (Total number of stock, shares, bonds/ commodities,
future contracts planned for a particular period etc).
d. Product lines (A complete range of products/ services of the
e. Competitors

10. Organizational structure (minimum word limit: 700-900 words)
a. Organizational Hierarchy chart
b. Number of employees
c. Main offices
d. Introduction of all the departments
e. Comments on the organizational structure (You would have to
comment or give your opinion on the structure of the organization as a
whole that whether the adopted structure and practices fulfill the
requirements of the organization or not.)
In section # 8-10, students are expected to collect information from
various sources such as within the organization (managers, internship
supervisor and other concerned persons) and company’s website,
documents, brochures etc. but it is necessary to mention the sources of
information in APA format.
11. Plan of your internship program (minimum word limit: 200-300
a. A brief introduction of the branch where you did your internship
b. Starting and ending dates of your internship
c. Names of the departments in which you got training and the duration
of your training

12. Training program (minimum word limit: 2000-2200 words)
a. Detailed description of the operations/activities performed by the
department(s) you worked in.
b. Detailed description of the tasks assigned to you.
Detailed description of the project (s) assigned to you.

13. Structure of the Finance Department (minimum word limit: 150-200
a. Departmental hierarchy
b. Number of employees working in the finance department
c. Finance & accounting operations

14. Functions of the Finance Department (minimum word limit: 600-700
a. Accounting system of the organization
b. Finance system of the organization
c. Use of electronic data in decision making
d. Sources of funds
e. Allocation of funds

15. Critical analysis (minimum word limit: 2500-3500 words)
Relate the theoretical concepts with your practical experience during
your internship with the finance department.
a. Financial analysis
A document "Essentials for Financial Statement Analysis" is available
under the ICON of "DOWNLOADS" on VULMS of this course. You are
required to provide the critical analysis of most recent three years.
Critical analysis based on the financial data older than recent three
years will NOT be considered.
i) Ratio Analysis
ii) Horizontal Analysis
iii) Vertical Analysis
iv) Industry Analysis (comparison with its industry or with
its competitors)
v) Trend Analysis
b. Future prospects of the organization.

16. SWOT analysis of organization (in bullets) (minimum word limit:
300-400 words)
SWOT analysis clearly describes the strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats to the organization in which you have done
internship. Remember that strengths and weaknesses are internal to the
organization and represent its culture while opportunities and threats
correspond to the environment outside the organization. It is required to
be discussed in bullets.

17. Conclusion (minimum word limit: 150-200 words)
In this section, you are required to describe the organization according
to your evaluation/assessment in the light of critical and SWOT

18. Recommendations for improvement (minimum word limit: 200-250
In this section, you are required to suggest solutions for all the
problems or discrepancies (you have pointed out in critical and SWOT
analysis) found in the organization.
Section # 11-18 are NOT expected to be copied from anywhere, the
student must provide information in these sections based on his/her
personal observation, learning and experience gained during the
internship. Cheating or copying in these sections is NOT acceptable and
hence the entire internship report can be completely rejected as per
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY of the university. The university may also
take a legal action according to plagiarism policy as defined by HEC
(Higher Education Commission).
19. Reference & Sources used
In this section, provide all the references and sources in APA format that
you have used for data collection in your internship Report.

20. Annexes
At the end of your report, attach all of the supportive material you have
used for the preparation of your report, like brochures, forms,
newsletters, interviews, questionnaires etc.
You must provide scanned copies of all the financial statements used for
financial analysis. (If you have downloaded the financial statements
from internet then its source or web link should be provided. Scanned
copies are not required in such case).

Your work will not be considered or accepted in case you do not provide
scanned copies or source of original financial statements.
• Complete all the required parts as mentioned in the format of
Internship Report. Remember, each part is essential, therefore, DO NOT
skip any part as every part is included in evaluation criteria.
• Minimum words required for internship report are 8000 – 10,000.
• There should be harmony among the ideas that you describe in the
Critical analysis, SWOT analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations.
• Internship Report should be submitted within the due date as
mentioned in the Semester Calendar’. Submissions made after due date
shall not be considered.
• Students are required to upload their Internship Reports on VULMS of
the course against the relevant assignment. Internship Reports
submitted via e-mail will not be accepted. Students can upload their
Internship Reports only once that will be considered as their final
submission and will not be replaced in any case.
6-You can download all these instruments from your
LMS (FINI619>Course website>downlaod).For more information and
guidance keep in touch with your instructor and regularly take lessons
from MDB section in your LMS.
                           Rules for Internship

1-In order to enroll for an Internship Program or a Final Project,
students must have:

               i.   achieved a CGPA of 2.0 or higher

              ii.   earned 45 or more credit hours
                iii.     selected an area of specialization.

2-In order to enroll for a Final Project, students must have

        i. passed STA630 Research Methods course (**Effective from Fall

3--Regular Students (non job holders)

          i.   are required to select “Internship Course” when offered in
               their scheme of studies, instead of a Final Project
         ii.   must undergo a 6 to 8 week internship in an organization,
               preferably relevant to their selected area of specialization
        iii.   will be required to submit an Internship Report and
               Internship Completion Certificate at the end of the
               internship program
        iv.    will be required to request their internship supervisor(s) to
               send a performance report of the internee by filling up the
               prescribed evaluation form and submitting it in a sealed
               envelope to the University.

4-On Job Students

               i. are required to select “Final Project” relevant to their
               selected area of specialization instead of undergoing an

               ii. must submit a Job Confirmation Letter from their current
               employer and claim exemption from the internship.

(Note: Evaluation of the course “Final Project” / “Internship Report” will
   be based on pass/fail criteria and will not affect a student's CGPA.
 However, being a compulsory requirement, it is necessary to pass this
                           course to fulfill the

                       requirements of the degree program).

At the time of applying for internship you need to submit following documents.

1-Application for internship
2-Your degrees, certificates or result cards of matric, intermediate,
graduation and MBA 3rd sem result.(You can download 3rd sem result from
3-Your CNIC copy
Bank manager will add following 2 documents and will submit to HEAD
OFFICE for permission letter.
4- Request form for internship sent by VU to that org.
5-Another request letter which is written by bank operation manager will be
enclosed with all these documents and will be submitted to HEAD OFFICE
for permission.
Note: Never ever rely on bank manager that he/she will do every thing.They
might busy in their own responsibilities so try to do all work by yourself and
keep supervising that whether your request form has been applied or have
manager applied for completion letter?(I have been suffered due to rely on

 As far as your responsibilities are concerned , you have to go through all
the areas of organization. But they will not give you access to some specific
confidential areas.As per my experience , they cooperate with internees
and give them little work according to their capability.But it depends on
"manager " or your internship supervisor " that how much cooperative and
sensible he is.


Important Note:

Subject: procedure of submitting request form for reference letter
Respectable sir, I want to know the procedure for submission of request form ,
when will we send this letter or can we send 2 times in case if we want to change
our organization because university has given a particular date for submission of
this form. My second question is about the duration of internship please confirm
me the duration its 4 weeks or 8 weeks, which one will be acceptable?
                                                            Post Your Comments
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Instructor's Reply:

Dear                                                             Student,
The proper way of requiring reference letter is that first you should seek
internship opportunity in an organization where you can gain practical
knowledge according to your area of specialization. Confirm from that
organization that either they are willing to give you training in their
organization. After confirmation you are required to download the
request form for reference letter available in the Downloads section of
this course, fill in the required information and send it to your course
instructor                      at          
The minimum acceptable duration of internship is 6-8 weeks. We will
not accept any internship which will be of less than 6 weeks.

Shared by Omer Chaudhry

1) If we were doing job in past, can we get exemption from internship on
the basis of that?

2) If we select internship now, and then get some job instead of internship,
can we submit this job certificate in place of internship letter? Or we would
have to do internship?

(Instructor's reply of my questions about internship, start reading from

(1) No. Current job is considered only.

(2) Once enrolled in the course you should complete your internship of 6-8
weeks. If you could not be able to complete your internship and join any job
you are required to intimate your course instructor.


Talha, there are 4 options in CS619. You have to select one. Otherwise

if you dont like the options you can send your own proposal. But in
that case you will be alone (or two) doing that project. After
slection VU will publish the list of students and the project they are

There are 4 instructors , one for each project. They do reply the
answers but most of the work is done by the students himself.

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