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					Importance and benefits of quantity surveyor’s job

Numerous people having a similar thought about quantity surveyors job as a tedious and
unimpressive one. Many may think there is no scope and value in the quantity surveying field.
But the actual fact is quantity surveying field is also one of the most interesting and prestigious
field like medicine and law. Since surveying has more responsibilities and tasks to perform it is
considered as the busiest field sometimes. However this article is to make you understand about
the importance and the benefits of quantity surveyor’s role. This will help you to get ideas and
thoughts about quantity surveying and how it is necessary for various applications. Surveyor’s
roles and responsibilities include estimation of budget cost and expenses for construction,
preparing tax schedules, preparing documents needed to get approval from the government,
maintaining various incomes and outcomes of the property, proposing plan for the construction
and so on. But mostly quantity researcher’s job is carried out in construction companies.

In order to define a short summary about surveyors, every quantity surveyor has huge roles and
responsibilities not only in estimations but also in various other operations as mentioned above.
Their duty starts right from the beginning of the construction and continues to proceed till the
completion of the project. Each operations and processes are complex to carry out. This
surveying field requires more skills and knowledge for a surveyor to accomplish in his career. A
surveyor needs to be well trained and certified from a reputed surveyor’s society of professionals
before performing his tasks as a surveyor. The professional organization will train every trainee
with basic concepts of construction and this will help surveyors to gain more knowledge about
the process of surveying.

Job can be positioned either in public or private concern which depends on their preference and
interest. But wherever they work, they must have a deep knowledge about various processes
involved in construction projects in order to become as an efficient surveyor. Duties and
responsibilities must be performed not only in estimations and documentations but also be
performed in managing different activities in constructing a building. Researcher must prepare
various tax schedules for tax depreciation of the property and also needs to prepare documents to
get approval from the government before starting the construction. Estimator is also responsible
for maintaining contract agreement documents and managing cost and expenses under the
proposed budget level.

When it comes to a quantity surveyor, there are also specializations and departments in
surveying field. This will help contract owners or business owners to approach a correct surveyor
for the required job. This specialization will make surveyors to become an expert in their field.
When a person practices and performs tasks related to his field, this will make him an expert in
his specialization. Hope the above said facts and explanations will be helpful for you to know
about the importance and benefits of quantity surveyor’s role and position.

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