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					     An Exemplary scholar
Human being have to adapt to a complex life style in today’s competitive world
This complexity is enhanced due to the development of science and technology,
Telecommunication and differences in the tastes of people .however the more
You understand the differences in expectations and desires of people you can Live
without imitating others. Imitating without considering whether something Is
fruitful or not has become a social issue today. Improving desirable qualities is
essential in this context. Qualities of amicable living .important among them are
trying to be happy constantly, contentment ,an unassuming life. The aim of this
lesson is to help you to identify the social problems that you will have to face if
you do not practice these qualities and to inculcate the skills that you will require
to make these desirable qualities relevant to your day to day life.

Mrs. Swarnamalie , a teacher at rendenigama perakum Maha vidyala initiated a
new venture with the grade 9 students. In the very first week of the new school
term . that was to prepare a monthly wall news paper for the subject life
competence and citizenship education. Student had to design this monthly wall
news paper containing articles, creative writing , extracts, photographs etc.
according to a theme given by the teacher . it was named as ‘skillful thoughts’
and five students were appointed as the board of editors of this wall newspaper .

After writing on the blackboard several characteristics which essential for a
quality life , the teacher asked her students to find articles which highlight the
ideas written on the board for this month’s newspaper.

According to the instructions of the teacher all the students had submitted their
articles after a week. Even the teacher had submitted one article. Some of the
articles which were selected by the teacher and the board of editors for the wall
newspaper are included in this lesson
There was a great scholar in Bengal, India called ishware Chandra windya sagara
who was very popular among the people. From his childhood, this scholar had
tried to understand himself.

Climbing the ladder of success step by step, he became a supervisor of Sanskrit
school in which he had studied. Later he became a supervisor of Sanskrit school in

Even after achieving so much recognition, he did not stop wearing his Bengali
national dress which was made of the cheapest white cloth. He travelled third
class in trains. He spent most of his salary on the education of clever students
who could not afford to pay for their studies and on the illnesses of the poor. He
was a kind person in the real sense of the word. He was simple and humble too.

One day he got into a third class compartment of a train to go to a town called
‘Badrawan’ in Calcutta. The train reached that town late in the evening . At the
station , this great scholar overheard a young person, who was dressed in
western clothes, shouting at the station Master. The young person who as
travelled second class in the train was blaming the station Master. The station
Master ad there was no porter to carry his luggage

The young person demanded that he should be provided with a porter some how.
The station master was explaining that there were no porters and even the
available porters would not like to carry luggage for a small amount of money at
that time of the night.

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