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									                                 THE CULTURE OF FISHING

                     ORNAMENTAL FISH OSCAR (Astronatus ocellatus)

The Oscar fish is a species of freshwater fish from the Amazon River, Panama, Paraguay and
Latin Black River-South guy, and you can develop the culture of Indonesia.
Oscar fish has an interesting shape and color. Black body with a mixture of reddish yellow color.
Unlike other ornamental fish, oscar fish requires some special treatment in the farming, so this
Oscar fish including fish that expensive.

II. Spawning

1. Parental Choice

a. A good father
1.5 years of age to 2 years dipijahkan with a body length of 15 cm and 10 cm high and bright
b. Selection of parents begins when the fish are still Oscar (5 ~ 6 months), teens by mixing 5
males and 5 females. Fish Oscar teenagers will seek their own partners. After each pair
pulling apart in the same tub to be a father.

2. Differences in male and female

Male Female Parents Parents
Relatively long-term weight
-More prominent genitals
-The parent who has bloated stomach
Larger hole sex

3. Method of spawning

a. As a concrete double measuring 1 1/2 x 1 x 0.5 m3, filled with water which has been deposited
on 12 ~ 24 hours at 30 ~ 40 cm.
b. If the tub area of marriage, can be divided.
c. A pair of father Oscar has a mature egg is inserted into the bath.
d. In each column is given a flat stone on top of it and closed dark most of the atmosphere in
order to shade the column.
e. Oscar held a late night spawning and immediately fertilized by the males.
f. Eggs that are above the flat stone that had been fertilized diangakat put in the tank hatch.
Aquarium measures 70 x 40 x 40 cm 3 with water as high as 10 cm, for holding a couple of eggs.
g. In the aerated tank (aeration) with a weak force.
h. Is completed in 3 days the eggs usually begin to hatch.
i. The water is mixed or Emalin methylene blue.

III. Maintenance of seed
A. These fish up to 4 days of age should not be fed, because they still have food in sacknya egg
yolk (egg yolk).

2. On day 5 seeds were given food Rotifera. The food should not be too late for Oscar fish are
3. On day 10 to be given a flea that has been filtered.
4. After about 2 weeks seedlings of age, began leaking water gave lice and worms begin to treat
the hair.

5. The seeds are capable of being transferred to the tub / pool was greater after 25 days.

IV. Extension

A. The expansion of the fish after 25 days old seedlings.
2. The seeds produced approximately 1000 s / d 3000 tail to hatch once.
3. Bak used a 2 x 1 x 1 m 3, and full of water as high as 20-25 cm.
4. For the first time can be extended to more than 300 fish stocked.
5. To reduce the sun's heat during the day, in a water bath of the plants are given as Hydrilla
verticilata. To prevent the entry of rain water in excess, at the top of the container is closed with
a plastic zinc.
6. Dilution is carried out after the seeds are in the bath for one month with a number of queue
200 to
7. The food provided in the form of hair worms.
8. After the fish was 5 ~ 6 months, the fish can be selected to be one of the parents, the food was
always fresh shrimp replaced by a time / life, can also be Rebón shrimp are fresh .
9. Pair of parents can produce 1000 eggs s / d 4000 points after spawning.

For a beautiful Oscar fish color, food must contain calcium (chitin) started small, such as water
fleas (Moina), rotifers, worms hair, Artemia, shrimp or prawns Rebón times.

Oscar fish have a high economic value.
A maintenance mode to its Oscar fish, can be added to the production of a family.

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