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					                      How to Pick the Right Custom Men’s Suits

When you’re trying to look your best, sometimes a suit straight off the rack isn’t what
you need, custom men’s suits can help you get that perfect fit and sharp look that you
need. When you decide to get custom men’s suits, be sure to take your budget into
consideration. There are different levels of suit customization, each with a different price
range. Bespoke suits ($1,000 - $5,000) are suits that are fully custom made. They
require multiple fittings and are sewn exactly to your measurements. Made to Measure
suits ($1,000 - $8,000) are when the tailor makes adjustments to a standard pattern and
then provides final adjustments at your fitting. Off the rack altered suits ($200 - $6,000)
can be the most affordable option. These suits are sewn to a standard pattern and then
they are adjusted to fit you after you purchase it.

Choosing the right level of customization isn’t just about the money. Custom men’s suits
that are sewn entirely to your exact measurements will give you a better fit than a suit
that is adjusted after the fact. Because everyone’s body is different, and nothing is
exactly even, a fully custom suit allows the tailor to account for the broadness of your
shoulders, whether your arms are slightly different lengths, etc, which will provide you
with a better looking fit in the end.

You will also need to talk to your tailor about what style of custom men’s suits you would
like. Certain styles, such as a three piece suit, or peaked lapels are meant to give a
sharper or more stylish appearance. You need to consider what occasion the suit is for,
as well as what looks best on you, before you make your final decision. Don’t assume
that just because the sales clerk can help you find a suit that they know what particular
style is best for you. Take your time trying on different suits and doing your research on
what kind of look you want.

The right fabric is even more important than the style of the suit. Select the highest
grade of fabric that your budget can afford. A cheaper fabric can give even the best
tailored suit a cheaper look. Color depends on what the suit is for. Charcoal grey is a
great color for interviews and jobs, while black is a more formal option. In the end, be
sure to get quotes on the cost of your custom men’s suits from your tailor and be sure to
discuss your options to get the best looking suit possible.
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When it comes to getting a custom men’s suit, you need to take into account your
budget, the style you want, and the color and fabric of the suit. Learn more about the
process here.

When getting a custom tailored suit, don’t be afraid to talk to your tailor about your
options and go in for multiple fittings. The right custom suit will have you looking your
best all day long.

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The perfectly fitting suit is worth the time and effort it takes to get it done, and it doesn’t
even have to drain your bank account. Learn more about custom tailored suits here.

Do you know what colors and styles are appropriate for a formal occasion? Or for a day
at the office, or an important interview? Learn more here about how to pick the right look
for any occasion.

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