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Are you looking for the best in sanding your hardwood floors? B & G Hardwood uses the latest
in dustless sanding technology, the “Oneida Dustless Sanding Systems,” which keeps most dust
from contaminating the air, ensuring a successful sand and finishing for hardwood floors. Want
to know more? Click here now.

Whether you’re a new or veteran homeowner, you deserve the best in quality hardwood floors. B
& G Hardwood Flooring believes in developing long-lasting relationships with their customers.
Advice is always free, so click here now to start taking advantage of our services now.

Did you know that both pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors can be completed in as
little as under a week? Customized with borders and medallions and so much more, your new
hardwood floor could add a lifetime of beauty and value to your home. Click here to learn more.


Anyone out there used the “Oneida Dustless Sanding Systems” to finish sanding their new
hardwood place? What did you think of it? B&G Hardwood wants to know.

Who doesn’t appreciate quality home improvement advice? Especially when it’s free. Like B&G
Hardwood Flooring now.

What would your ideal custom hardwood floor job be? Fancy borders? Medallions? B&G
Hardwood Flooring wants to know.


Sanding floors sans the dust through B&G Hardwood Flooring

Did you know that new hardwood floors could be completed in under a week?

Want a new hardwood floor at an awesome price? Check out B&G Hardwood Flooring!

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