; How to Attract 18-36 Listings: Old School + New School = Relevant Marketing
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How to Attract 18-36 Listings: Old School + New School = Relevant Marketing


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									What’s Working Now
To Take
More Listings ?
         What’s Possible?
2010 = 19 Closed Transactions
2011 = 28 Closed Transactions
       o  20 Listings Taken
       o  15 Listings Sold
       o  13 Buyer Sales

   2012 Goals = 47 Closed Transactions
What’s the #1 Question You’re Asked?
  How’s The Market?
 Well that depends!

        Are you looking to buy, sell, invest or rent?
 Are you asking for a friend or family member! or curious about your own

 I’m curious . . . with the number of home owners upside down with property
 values who do you know that may need help with a short sale?
  Lead Generation
Past Clients & Sphere
Marketing and Meetings
     Changing Market Dialogues
The Perfect Reason
To Set An Appointment Today
“The Market is Making Lots Of Adjustments!
Many In Your Favor! And I Was Wondering!
What Would Be The Best Time For Us To Get
Together So I Can Update You On The
Changes In The Market?”
       Schedule More Coffee Meetings
Four Questions To Ask EVERYONE
1. Do You Have Any Interest in Buying, Selling or Investing?

2. Do You Know Anyone Who Has Interest in Buying, Selling Or
3. Do You Know Anybody Who Tried to Sell in the Last Couple Years
       and it Didn’t Work Out?
4. Do You Know Anyone Who is Interested in/or Has Questions About
       Distressed Properties?
Lead Generation
  Open Houses
  The Super Open House
Monday:      Record a Video Invitation to the
             Open House (Why?)

Tuesday:     Email to Your Database

Thurs/Fri:   Knock On 100 to 200 Doors Inviting
             The Neighbors

Sunday:      Put Your Open House Signs Up (2 to 20 Signs Up)
             Neighbors Lunch/Wine And Cheese
             Do The Open House
Lead Generation
Lost Offer Strategy
Lead Generation
  “Two a Days”
Lead Generation
Geographic Farming
          Geographic Farming
1.  Selecting Your Area
     •  500 to 1,000 Properties
     •  5% or Higher Annual Turnover Of Properties
     •  A Varied Price Range (Low To High)
     •  Able to Door Knock

2.  Marketing Materials
     •  Monthly Newsletters – Market Updates
     •  Open House Invitations
     •  Just Listed and Just Solds
Do The Thing,
Have The Power.
Do Not The Thing,
Have Not The Power.
            - Emerson
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