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									                                                   Call for Applications
                                                   Asia Pacific Forum on Women,
                                          Law and Development (APWLD) in cooperation with
                                                     Ain-O-Salish Kendra (ASK)
                                                         Invite Applications

                                               Regional Feminist Legal Theory and Practice
                                                            (FLTP) Training

                                                                  Dhaka, Bangladesh
                                                                  1 – 5 October 2012

APWLD is Asia Pacific’s leading        Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) will be
feminist, membership                   conducting a Feminist Legal Theory and Practice (FLTP) Training, which
driven network. We hold                will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 1 – 5 October. This year, the
                                       Regional FLTP will focus on building the capacity of lawyers, activists,
consultative status with the
                                       paralegal, prosecutors, case workers and defence lawyers from across
Economic and Social Council of the     the region of Asia-Pacific.
United Nations. Our 180 members
represent groups of diverse women      FLTP training has been a significant activity of APWLD and has grown into
from 25 countries in the region. For   a dynamic program that offers a unique model in the region. It enables
nearly 25 years APWLD has been         participants to use feminist analysis and perspectives in legal practice
                                       and legal activism. The FLTP framework has feminism as its core and
empowering women to use law as
                                       human rights as its foundation. The training seeks to challenge the
an instrument of change for            traditional notion that law is a neutral, objective and rational set of rules,
equality, justice, peace and           unaffected by the perspective of those who wield power in societies.
development. We use research,          Participants address the social, cultural and political contexts that shape
training, advocacy and activism to     the legal system. Given that law (as a culture, system and as an
claim and strengthen women’s           institution) is a reality that women face and engage with, it is essential
                                       for women’s rights activists to explore how law can be utilised to
human rights.
                                       transform women’s lives. During the course participants apply the
                                       principles to a particular law, policy or practice limiting women’s human
                                       rights and are encouraged to develop strategies to change the practice.
CONTACT APWLD                              To apply, please review details below and email/fax completed
                                                   application form to APWLD to the attention of:
189/3 Chagklan Road
Amphoe Muang                                                        Diyana Yahaya
Chiang Mai 50101                                Programme Officer, Feminist Law & Practice, APWLD
Call: (66) 53 284527, 284856                            
Fax: (66) 53 280847                        For applications through email, please indicate in the subject line
Email: or                           “Application for Regional FLTP Training 2012”
The specific objectives of the training are:                   academics engaging with the law for
   • To enable participants to share their                     women’s human rights and social justice.
       experiences of feminist legal advocacy              •   Preference given to individuals with
   • To deve
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