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     exhibitions available for tour
                                                                                      Issue Number 36, 2007

                       ZOE JOHANSEN, BIG BUSINESS (detail), 2006, Acrylic, 240 x 120 x 1.2cm, (Maryborough State
                       High School) from the 2007 Education Minister's Awards for Excellence in Art

                                                                              TOURING EXHIBITION PROGRAM
                                                                              Fiona Marshall Exhibition Program Manager
                                                                              Ph 07 3215 0826
MUSEUM & GALLERY SERVICES QUEENSLAND                                          Em fiona.marshall@magsq.com.au

LEVEL 3, 381 BRUNSWICK STREET, FORTITUDE VALLEY QLD 4006 Jodi Ferrari Exhibition Development Coordinator
                                                         Ph 07 3215 0825
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C O N T e NT S                                        STAFF CONTACTS
great! walks                                      2
Education Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Art     Debra Beattie, Acting Executive Director
2007 Touring Exhibition                           2   debra.beattie@magsq.com.au
Life on the Line                                  3
From the South Seas                               3   Leisha Lawrence, Information Officer
Contemporary Wearables                            4   information@magsq.com.au
Diaspora: Mapping Migration in Textiles           4
Beyond Diamonds                                   5   Rebecca Cason, MAQ/RGAQ Membership Officer
Chinchilla Gold                                   5   rebecca.cason@magsq.com.au
Gift from China                                   6
Linked Landscapes: Anneke Silver                  6
Compact Prints                                    7
                                                      Fiona Marshall, Exhibition Program Manager
EY! Iran: Contemporary Iranian Photography        7
New Deities: The art and cult of celebrity        8
Room                                              8   Jodi Ferrari, Exhibition Development Officer
Step Right Up: the circus in Australian art       9   jodi.ferrari@magsq.com.au
Andrew Christofides: A Survey 1982 - 2006         9
Centre Bounce - Football from Australia’s Heart 10    training   &   professional development
Memento Australia Awards National Touring
Exhibition                                       10   Ann Baillie, Manager Training & Professional
The Vernacular Terrain                           11   Development
You Can’t Sit Down                               11   ann.baillie@magsq.com.au
Hoon                                             12
M.A.I.D. 4.T.                                    12   Kerri Laidlaw, Training and Professional
Indigenous artists of Australia                  13   Development Coordinator
A Child’s Life on a Station                      13   kerri.laidlaw@magsq.com.au
Across Antarctica                                14
One Suitcase: Stories of Migration               14

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great! walks                                                                                  2007 Education
ORGANISeD BY: Museum & Gallery Services QLD
                                                                                              Minister’s Awards for
                                                                                              Excellence in Art
                                                                                              ORGANISeD BY: Education Queensland

                                                MARIAN DREW, BOAT LAKE MACKENZIE,
                                                (detail) 2006, from the series The Perfect
                                                Place, giclee photographic print, 94 x 78cm
                                                                                              TOUReD BY: Museum & Gallery Services Queensland

                                                from great! walks Touring Exhibition
                                                                                              The Education Minister's Awards for Excellence in Art 2007
                                                                                              invites the community to experience artworks by some of
                                                                                              Queensland's outstanding senior visual arts students. The 2007
                                                                                              touring exhibition showcases the artwork of 52 senior students
                                                                                              from both state and non-state schools in every region of the

                                                                                              The Awards encourage students to achieve high standards as well
                                                                                              as promote visual arts in schools and the wider community. They
                                                                                              also demonstrate the degree of sophistication in concepts,
                                                                                              diversity of artforms and media, and the high standard of arts
                                                                                              programs in Queensland secondary schools.
great! walks showcases extraordinary artworks inspired by
Queensland’s spectacular environments and natural wonders.
                                                                                              The tour commences in October 2007 and will continue into 2008.
The great! walks touring exhibition features a selection of
                                                                                              It provides students with an opportunity to present their works to
commissioned works and photodocumentation of ephemeral
                                                                                              the community in a professional exhibition context.
works created on location, together with artworks produced as
part of regional workshop program linked to artist residencies as
part of the The Great Walks Art and Environment Program,
funded by the EPA and Powerlink.

Curated by Beth Jackson, the exhibition tour is designed to help
bring an awareness of art and the environment to a large cross-
section of the community and is an ideal catalyst for art and
environment projects and workshops in each region.

Beth Jackson

Marian Drew              Jill Chism            Zane Saunders
Craig Walsh              Barbara Pierce        Ruth Parry
Sebastian Moody          Anne Lord             Shane Fitzgerald
Jeremy Hynes             Ben Trupperbaumer     Glen Skien
Elizabeth Woods          Brian Robinson        Nathan Corum
Fiona Foley              BONEMAP               Holly Grech
Maree Edmiston-Prior     (Rebecca Youdell &    Marion Gaemers
                                                                                                KRISTEN MCKENZIE, WEST END, 2006, Lino print, 45 x 35cm,
Barbara Hart             Russell Milledge)                                                      (Mansfield State High School) from the 2007 Education Minister's
                                                                                                Awards for Excellence in Art

  WHO TO CONTACT: Museum & Gallery Services Qld
  Fiona Marshall        Phone: 07 3215 08256
  Email: fiona.marshall@magsq.com.au
                                                                                                 WHO TO CONTACT: Museum & Gallery Services Qld
  COST: tba (subject to funding)                                                                 Fiona Marshall        Phone: 07 3215 08256
                                                                                                 Email: fiona.marshall@magsq.com.au
  SIZE: tbc
                                                                                                 COST: $800 + GST
  SUPPORT MATERIAL: Full colour 63 page book featuring
  images and information about the earlier project. Public                                       SIZE: 52 works
  programmes will include website links, educational material
  focused broadly on art and environment.                                                        SUPPORT MATERIAL: Invitation postcards, posters,
                                                                                                 electronic images, catalogue and press release.
  AVAILABLE: From mid 2008
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Life on the Line                                                                     From the South Seas:
ORGANISeD BY: The Workshops Rail Museum
                                                                                     Australian South Sea
                                                                                     Islander Descendants
                                                                                     ORGANISeD BY: Tweed River Art Gallery

                                                                                     Gilbert Bel-Bachir's From the South Seas is a series of 35 portraits
                                                                                     of Australian descendants of South Sea Islanders who were
                                                                                     brought to this country during the 19th and early 20th century.
                                                                                     Over 50,000 people (mainly young men) were kidnapped from the
                                                                                     South Pacific islands and forcibly brought to Australia to work. As
                                                                                     indentured labourers in the sugar cane and cotton industries of
                                                                                     Queensland and Northern NSW, they were, in effect, slaves. With
                                                                                     no protection under law, the workers were, for generations, subject
                                                                                     to racist legislation that denied them access to employment and

                                                                                     Bel-Bachir’s portraits were taken between 1988 and 1995, a time
ThAT'S DEDICATION, photograph, 1936 from Life on the Line Image courtesy
                                                                                     leading up to the first recognition by the Australian government of
of Gold Coast City Council Library Services. A station officer sits in the remains   South Sea Islanders as a distinct ethnic group in Australia with
of his office at Loganlea station doing paperwork. The building was blown down       their own history and culture. This recognition was brought about
by a severe storm.                                                                   as a result of civil rights struggles within the community beginning
                                                                                     in the 1950s.
Life on the Line is a photographic exhibition illustrating some of
the myriad of jobs that railway staff were employed to do over the
past 140 years. Queensland Railways was once the largest single                      ARTISTS
employer in the State.The selection of photographs comes from                        Gilbert Bel-Bachir
Queensland Rail’s own collection as well as photographs taken by
private individuals.                                                                 CURATORS
                                                                                     The artist in collaboration with Tweed River Art Gallery
In early years the tasks could be arduous and were sometimes
lonely but there was a mateship amongst railway workers which is

                                                                                                                               GILBERT BEL-BACHIR, SUE ANNE
                                                                                                                               TANNER, BUNDABERG QLD, 1988
so typical of life in Australia. The railway workforce has been
reduced considerably in recent years as machines and computers

                                                                                                                               from From the South Seas
have taken over many tasks.

The exhibition is divided into two sections. ‘Working on the
Railway’ shows railway staff driving locomotives, shunting and
other duties on trains. The second illustrates railway staff engaged
in a range of duties from signalmen, ticket sellers, booking clerks,
workshops staff and track workers whose job it is to ‘Keep the
Trains Running’.

David Mewes
                                                                                       WHO TO CONTACT: Tweed River Art Gallery
                                                                                       Gail McDermott Phone: (02) 6670 2790
  WHO TO CONTACT: The Workshops Rail Museum                                            Email: gmcdermott@tweed.nsw.gov.au
  John Vink/ Bernadette MacCormack Phone: 07 3432
  5100                                                                                 COST: $1000 +GST plus freight
  Email: john.vink@workshops.qm.qld.gov..au
  bernadette.maccormack@workshops.qm.qld.gov.au                                        SIZE: 35 black and white framed photographs 63.5 x
                                                                                       48.3cm, requires approx 35 running metres.
  COST: $1500–$2000 + GST (tbc)
                                                                                       SUPPORT MATERIAL: Exhibition labels, media package,
  SIZE: 47 lineal metres for images and graphic panels, 6 sq                           draft floorsheet
  metres required for Theodolite and stairs
                                                                                       EDUCATION/ PUBLIC PROGRAMS: Public programs to
  SUPPORT MATERIAL: Soundscape CD, some contextual                                     be arranged directly with artist (expenses to be covered by
  objects                                                                              venue)

  EDUCATION/ PUBLIC PROGRAMS: Activity Kit                                             AVAILABLE: early April – early June 2008; end September
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Contemporary                                                        Diaspora: Mapping
Wearables                                                           Migration in Textiles
ORGANISeD BY: Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery                        ORGANISeD BY: Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

                                                                    Diaspora: mapping migration in textiles draws on Jill Kinnear’s
                                                                    personal experience of migration from Scotland to Australia – the
This exciting exhibition showcases artworks in metal and other      myths and memories of migratory experience and the journey
wearable media by experienced craft practitioners, many of whom     between these geographic extremes. Expressed in the form of
are internationally known. Young, innovative artists contribute     printed textiles, Diaspora is a contemporary acknowledgement of
their unique and often challenging works which adds a further       the history of Australian Celtic migration as well as innovative
dimension to the show.                                              possibilities generated by the migrant experience of dislocation.

Leading jewellery artists from Australia and New Zealand enter      The textiles in this exhibition originate from constructions of steel
the Contemporary Wearables biennial award and works selected        and other metal elements. These units were transported to the
are shown at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery and then are        departure lounge at Brisbane International Airport and passed
available to tour.                                                  through the baggage x-ray machine. The artist retains the unique
                                                                    colour and characteristics of these x-ray images and reconfigures
These awards are emerging as a major showcase for designer/         them as a vibrant collection of tartans and paisley in silk, cotton
makers in the field.                                                and wool. The exhibition consists of digitally printed fabrics,
                                                                    garments and shawls. Kinnear received several research grants
                                                                    to produce this body of work. Her research in Scotland is
                                                                    supported by Arts Queensland and the exhibition is supported by
                                                                    the Australia Council’s Visual Arts Board.

                                                                    Jill Kinnear’s public art and design commissions, exhibitions,
                                                                    publications and lectures have contributed to the understanding of
                                                                    the need for innovative craft. In 2005 she received the overall
                                                                    Design Excellence Award at the Queensland Design Awards run
                                                                    by the Design Institute of Australia.

                                                                    Jill Kinnear

                                                                                                                                    JILL KINNEAR, EMPIRE DRESS, 2005 from Diaspora:
                                                                                                                                    Mapping Migration in Textiles
KATH INGLIS, ShADOW CUFFS, 2005, Five hand dyed PVC bangles, each
with silver clip, 7.5 cm from Contemporary Wearables

 WHO TO CONTACT: Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
 Lorraine Brown        Phone: 07 4688 6652                            WHO TO CONTACT: Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
 Email: artgallery@toowoomba.qld.gov.au                               Lorraine Brown        Phone: 07 4688 6652
                                                                      Email: artgallery@toowoomba.qld.gov.au
 COST: $1800 - $2000 + GST (tbc)
                                                                      COST: tbc
 SIZE: 50 to 60 artists displaying up to 80 works.
 Approximately 70 square metres of floor area. Venues                 SIZE: 30-40 running metres, 50-100 square metres
 require lockable display cases.
                                                                      SUPPORT MATERIAL: Colour catalogue, didactic panels
 SUPPORT MATERIAL: Full colour catalogue                              on processes and techniques, promotional material.

 AVAILABLE: From January 2008                                         AVAILABLE: July 2008 - June 2009
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Beyond Diamonds                                                        Chinchilla Gold
ORGANISeD BY: Pine Rivers Regional Art Gallery                         ORGANISeD BY: Chinchilla White Gums Gallery

Beyond Diamonds is an exhibition of contemporary jewellery with
works by eleven jewellery makers using a wide range of alternative
materials including leather, porcelain, glass, laser etched acrylic,
paper, Tupperware, silk, felt and found objects.

Despite working with gold and diamonds every day, curator and
manufacturing jeweller Tracey Wallace always wanted to "mix it
up", explore textures and colours regardless of their preciousness
and use every day affordable materials to create something
beautiful. This exhibition explores these possibilities.
Tracey Wallace

Sue Ford                     Liana Kabel
Robyn Kirkman                Eric Morgan
Ann O’Connor                 Loraine Tinniswood
Wendy Sonnenburg             Angela Ryder                                     GRACE LITHGOW, ACACIA ChINChILLENSIS (detail), ink on
                             Rebecca Ward                                     paper from Chinchilla Gold
Tracey Wallace
Jackie Wright
                                                                       Grace Lithgow is an acclaimed botanist who has illustrated a book
                                                                       entitled 67 Wattles of the Chinchilla and Murilla Shires. Chinchilla
                                                                       Gold features the original botanical drawings from the book as an

                                                                       The exhibition also includes ten A3 photographs and five A1
                                                                       poster sized photographs of the different varieties of wattle,
                                                                       framed samples of wool dyed with wattle bark, flowers and leaves
                                                                       and four works made from wattle wood.

                                                                       Didactic panels show the area where the wattle grows and
                                                                       information about the author.

                                                                       Grace Lithgow

  TOTEMS, BLACK AND RED FUSIONS from Beyond Diamonds

                                                                         WHO TO CONTACT: Chinchilla White Gums Gallery
 WHO TO CONTACT: Pine Rivers Regional Art Gallery                        Joan hubbard     Phone: 07 4668 9908
 Karen Tyler        Phone 3480 6942                                      Email: lenandjoan@bigpond.com
                                                                         COST: $800 + GST plus freight
 COST: $ 600 + GST plus freight (plinths & covers
 available)                                                              SIZE: 30 running metres: 30 framed sets of drawings, 10
                                                                         A3 framed photographs, 5 A1 poster sized framed
 SIZE: 11 plinths at 60cm sq. each [floor area approximately             photographs
 4 metres x 7 metres) incorporating 15 running metres.
                                                                         SUPPORT MATERIAL: 50 invitations, 5 A3 didactic
 SUPPORT MATERIAL: 11 x A1 size laminated posters,                       panels, Books and postcards for sale travel with the
 exhibition/education kit, advertising posters, text panels,             exhibition.
 labels and invitations.
                                                                         AVAILABLE: From January 2008
 AVAILABLE: From January 2008
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Gift from China                                                     Linked Landscapes:
ORGANISeD BY: Hervey Bay Regional Gallery
                                                                    Anneke Silver
                                                                    ORGANISeD BY: Cairns Regional Gallery

                                                                    Linked Landscapes is a selection of works by Anneke Silver, one
                                                                    of Far North Queensland’s most highly regarded and established
                                                                    artists The exhibition demonstrates contemporary engagement
                                                                    with ancient Antipodean landscapes.

                                                                    Nature’s sacredness and immensity is an ongoing emphasis in
                                                                    Anneke’s work. Linked Landscapes does not present quickly
                                                                    captured snapshots or tidy tourist visions. Rather, Linked
                                                                    Landscapes enjoys the landscape in its entirety: the crevices and
                                                                    trickling water of the gorge; dusty rocks and windy shadows of
                                                                    grasslands; silhouetted mountains, rain bearing clouds; and the
                                                                    river’s reflection of submerged tree trunks. With a gentle lyricism,
                                                                    Linked Landscapes speaks of the powerful connectedness of

   WANG CHUAN, TRAP, PURSUIT, SIEGE, 1999, Chinese ink, 90cm x
   96cm, collection of the He Xiangning Art Museum from Gift from

Gift from China showcases contemporary Chinese paintings on
tour from He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, Guangdong
Province, China. The exhibition consists of works by well-
established and young emerging artists selected from the
Museum’s collection developed over the past 10 years.

The exhibition has been initiated as part of an exchange of          ANNEKE SILVER, SECRETS OF ThE GRASSLANDS (detail), 2003-04 from
exhibitions between Hervey Bay Regional Gallery and He               Linked Landscapes: Anneke Silver
Xiangning Art Museum to celebrate each gallery’s 10th Birthday in

Shenzhen is a young and vibrant city situated in the southern tip
of Guangdong Province, just north of Hong Kong. Manufacturing,      ARTISTS
foreign trade and commercialisation are driving phenomenal          Anneke Silver
growth in the development of this city, which is embraced by
people from every province in China who make Shenzhen their
home.                                                               CO-CURATORS
                                                                    Anneke Silver and Michael Marzik
Gift from China will present an opportunity to reflect on some of
the influences and explore the approaches to art making being
adopted by urban artists in China today.                              WHO TO CONTACT: Cairns Regional Gallery
                                                                      Susan Reid Phone: (07) 4046 4809
Liu Ying Jiu                                                          COST: $2000 + GST

                                                                      SIZE: 4 large, multi-panelled works; 1 x 8 Panel work 2m
                                                                      x 8m; 1 x 16 panel work 1.2m x 6m; 1 x 6 panel work 2.4m
  WHO TO CONTACT: hervey Bay Regional Gallery                         x 3.64m; 1 x 15 panel work 1.2m x 6m
  Marj Sullivan Phone: (07) 41974210
                                                                      SUPPORT MATERIAL:               A4, full colour exhibition
  COST: $2000 + GST                                                   catalogue.

  SIZE: 50 – 70 running metres                                        EDUCATION/ PUBLIC PROGRAMS: Education Kit
                                                                      consisting of a series of worksheets aimed at primary and
  SUPPORT MATERIAL: catalogue and didactics (in English               secondary school students.
  and Chinese)
                                                                      AVAILABLE: January – December 2008; January – April
  AVAILABLE: From July 2008                                           2009; July – December 2009; January – December 2010.
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Compact Prints                                                        EY! Iran: contemporary
ORGANISeD BY: Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts
                                                                      Iranian Photography
This touring exhibition was developed and curated at Umbrella         ORGANISeD BY: Gold Coast City Gallery
Studio to showcase contemporary works that encompass all
traditional and technological printmaking methods including relief,
intaglio, serigraph and digital. There is no specific theme or
restriction other than size. It features the works of 124 local and
international printmakers. The prints are displayed in CD jewel

A full colour CD catalogue is included and can be set up with a lap
top to accompany the exhibition. The CD includes an image of
every print and artist statement; a foreword by Scott Betz,
participating artist, and Associate Professor of Art, Winston-Salem
State University, USA, and an introduction by Vicki Salisbury,
Director of Umbrella Studio. Additional copies of the CD catalogue
are available for sale.

                                                                         GHAZALE HEDAYAT, FROM ThE SERIES MY ESFEhAN, 2002, Type
                                                                         C print 28 x 42cm from EY! Iran

                                                                      In EY! Iran social realities of hope, temptation, nostalgia and
                                                                      introspection are captured through the Persian lens.

                                                                      Contemporary Persian culture is set against a backdrop of
                                                                      densely populated cityscapes and expansive open spaces where
                                                                      mosque domes dot the horizon. The artists in EY! Iran depict a
                                                                      country and culture that is at times surprisingly familiar to
                                                                      Australians - narratives of family life and suburban sprawl and
                                                                      poignant observations only an Iranian could make on a culture
                                                                      immersed in longstanding customs and traditions. This
                                                                      photographic exhibition deals with issues of identity, gender,
                                                                      urban life, mass culture and social restrictions. The artists capture
                                                                      a side of the Iranian population and its landscape which is at times
                                                                      contrary to the depictions of Iran by Western media.
                                                                      Mandana Mapar                          Shadi Ghadirian
     GLEN SKIEN, LETTER FROM AMERICA, 2006, drypoint
     etching, 12 x 12cm from Compact Prints Origin: Mackay, QLD       ARTISTS
                                                                      Dadbe Bassir                           Mohammadreza Mirzaie
                                                                      Shadi Ghadirian                        Mehran Mohajer
  WHO TO CONTACT: Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts
                                                                      Amirali Ghassem                        Reza Paydari
  Vicki Salisbury, Director Phone: 07 4772 7109
                                                                      Mohammad Ghazali                       Leila Pazooki
                                                                      Arash Hanaei                           Sadegh Tirafkan
  COST: $500 + GST
                                                                      Ghazale Hedayat                        Hamila Vakili
                                                                      Peyman Houshmandzadeh                  Hossein Valamanesh
  SIZE: There are 124 prints in Compact Prints. The prints
                                                                      Bahman Jalali                          Angela Valamanesh
  are presented encased in a CD Jewel case with velcro dots
                                                                      Hana Mirjanian                         Mohsen Yazdipour
  on the rear ready to attach to accompanying dots on the
                                                                       WHO TO CONTACT: Gold Coast City Art Gallery
                                                                       Mandana Mapar           Phone: 07 55816 520
  SUPPORT MATERIAL: Labels for each print, including
                                                                       Email: mapar@gcac.com.au
  title, artist name, artist country, medium and year are
  printed onto foam core and included in the exhibition. A full
                                                                       COST: $3000 + GST
  colour CD catalogue is included and can be set up with a
  lap top to accompany the exhibition.
                                                                       SIZE: 70 running metres, 40 framed photographic works;
                                                                       two PC based interactive works and a collection of DVD
  EDUCATION/ PUBLIC PROGRAMS: Discussion questions
  and four A4 foam core information labels with brief
  explanation on the history of Compact Prints and didactics
                                                                       SUPPORT MATERIAL: 30 page exhibition catalogue for
  describing various printmaking techniques.
                                                                       sale, exhibition labels, didactic panels, education kit.
  AVAILABLE: 2007 – 2009
                                                                       AVAILABLE: June - November 2007; January - April 2008
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New Deities: The art                                                                       Room
                                                                                           ORGANISeD BY: CAST Touring
and cult of celebrity
ORGANISeD BY: Devonport Regional Gallery
           2002, Production still, Photography Ondrej Host.,

           Commissioned by Performance Space, Sydney, 2002.
           from New Deities Courtesy the Artist, Sherman
           Galleries, Sydney and Karen Woodbury Gallery,

New Deities includes works by eight artists exploring the cult of                          SIMON HORSBURGH, BORROWED LIGhT, 2004 from Room
celebrity. The exhibition will examine the transformation of pop                           Courtesy of the artist
culture ephemera into images with iconic status.
                                                                                           The exhibition Room explores how the artworks each relate to the
Celebrities have come to represent the new deities, the demi-gods                          space in which they are encountered, together composing and
of contemporary society, where celebrity worship is a new religion.                        occupying a room. As well as describing a physical, architectural
The exhibition touches on a wide range of issues that explore and                          space, the exhibition aims to evoke the private, psychological,
question our fascination and zealous devotion to celebrities.                              interior space of subjectivity that is the site of our imagination.
Never before have we admired and worshiped stars and high
status individuals as fervently as we do at this point in history. As                      In Room, a familiar, domestic space of material reality, the
the decline in organised religion continues, the tendency towards                          imagined – animism, shadows, sorcery – can be either unnerving
celebrity worship increases.                                                               or, as a child’s belief in the fantastic world of its own creation,
                                                                                           desirous. An enclosed defined space, a space to occupy, a space
The exhibition will examine the ways in which contemporary artists                         in which to manoeuvre and a space to transcend, Room operates
explore society’s obsession with fame, using the images sourced                            as an open-ended metaphor inviting the viewer to join the artists
from mass media and the internet to highlight issues surrounding                           in imagining.
this cultural phenomenon.
CURATOR                                                                                    Derek Hart
Catherine Wolfhagen
ARTISTS                                                                                    Kathryn Faludi Ball, Tas        Matt Warren, Tas
Emily Hunt, NSW                                                Monika Tichacek, NSW        Kylie Stillman, NSW             Catriona Stanton, NT
Raquel Welch, NSW                                              John Vella, TAS             Katrina Simmons, SA             Stephen Garrett, Vic
Jonathan Nichols, VIC                                          Tiffany Winterbottom, TAS   Simon Horsburgh, Vic
Grant Stevens, QLD                                             Paul Wrigley, VIC

  WHO TO CONTACT: CAST Touring                                                               WHO TO CONTACT: CAST Touring
  Fiona Lee         Phone: (03) 6233 2681                                                    Fiona Lee         Phone: (03) 6233 2681
  Email: fiona@castgallery.org                                                               Email: fiona@castgallery.org

  COST: $2000 + GST plus freight                                                             COST: tbc

  SIZE: 50 running metres                                                                    SIZE: 50 running metres

  SUPPORT MATERIAL:             Colour catalogue, handling                                   SUPPORT MATERIAL: Catalogue, handling manual,
  manual, education kit, wall labels, media release                                          media release, education kit and labels

  AVAILABLE: July 2007 - August 2008                                                         AVAILABLE: August 2007 - December 2008
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Step Right Up: the                                                                                         Andrew Christofides:
circus in Australian art                                                                                   A Survey 1982 – 2006
ORGANISeD BY: Albury Regional Art Gallery                                                                  ORGANISeD BY: Wollongong City Gallery

                                               ANNE ZAHALKA, LAChLAN MCAULAY AND JASON KOTZUR

                                               Polapan Pro 100 Cross Process (chocolate) from Step Right
                                               - ADAGIO, BASE AND FLYER (#1), 2006, Polaroid photograph,

                                                                                                                                                                    ANDREW CHRISTOFIDES, FALLING ChILDREN, 1999,
                                                                                                                                                                    Synthetic polymer paint on canvas from Andrew Chriostofides:
                                               Up, Albury Regional Art Gallery Collection

                                                                                                                                                                    A Survey 1982 - 2006 Courtesy the artist
In partnership with the internationally renowned Flying Fruit Fly
Circus, the Albury Regional Art Gallery brings together an
appealing and challenging exhibition about circus from a fine arts

Newly commissioned works, together with an historical survey,
explore the many mythologies of the circus – as a refuge from real                                         This exhibition surveys the work of Sydney based artist, Andrew
life, as an imaginary world of exaggerated good and evil, of                                               Christofides, from 1982 to 2006, when he returned to Australia
physical achievement and mystery. The exhibition presents a                                                after an extended period of study and travel in England and
range of ways that the circus has been represented by Australian                                           Europe. The work in this exhibition reflects Christofides' continued
artists over time and aims to offer intellectual access for a broad                                        interest in Modernism's search for purity of process and form
range of audiences from children to adults, from circus lovers to                                          within the broader context of Western European Painting.
art lovers.
An Albury Regional Art Gallery Visions Touring Exhibition.                                                 Andrew Christofides

ARTISTS                                                                                                    CURATOR
Tom Alberts           Warren Langley                Arthur Wicks                                           Louise Brand, Curator Wollongong City Gallery
Graeme Drendel        Nerrisa Lea                   Anne Zahalka
James Guppy           Stewart McFarlane
Petrina Hicks         Alex Seton                                                                             WHO TO CONTACT: Wollongong City Gallery
                                                                                                             Louise Brand     Phone: 02 4228 7500
CURATOR                                                                                                      Email: lbrand@wollongong.nsw.gov.au
Rita Lazauskas
                                                                                                             COST: $1000 + GST plus freight
  WHO TO CONTACT: Albury Regional Art Gallery                                                                SIZE: 70 – 100 running metres (works can be selected for
  Rita Lazauskas    Phone: 02 6051 3483                                                                      display to fit venue exhibition space).
  Email: rlazauskas@alburycity.nsw.gov.au
                                                                                                             SUPPORT MATERIAL: 36 page full colour exhibition
  COST: approx $3000 + GST (tbc)                                                                             catalogue, with a foreword by Nick Waterlow, an essay by
                                                                                                             Christopher heathcote, and 20 images, for sale or return
  SIZE: approx. 70 – 80 metres                                                                               Touring manual including installation & packing instructions,
                                                                                                             media disc and press release, exhibition labels, venue
  SUPPORT MATERIAL: Catalogue, signage, labels, tour                                                         response form.
  manual, condition reports, media kit, education resource
  kit, inter-active website for kids, merchandise.                                                           EDUCATION/ PUBLIC PROGRAMS: Education kit / room
                                                                                                             sheet, public programs available by negotiation with
  EDUCATION/ PUBLIC PROGRAMS: Curator's talk, kids                                                           Andrew Christofides.
  circus workshops (tbc, subject to funding).
                                                                                                             AVAILABLE: November 2007 to end 2008
  AVAILABLE: December 2008 – December 2009
                                                                                                                                                            Page 10

Centre Bounce –                                                                        Memento Australia
Football from Australia's                                                              Awards National Touring
Heart                                                                                  Exhibition
ORGANISeD BY: Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery                                          ORGANISeD BY: Memento Australia

Curated by Annette Welkamp, Centre Bounce is a series of black                         The Memento Australia Awards National Touring Exhibition invites
and white photographs by award-winning Melbourne photographer,                         artists, educational facilitators, businesses and the community to
Jesse Marlow. The works depict football in Northern Territory                          view a selection of winners and finalists from the past 8 years of
Aboriginal communities with great moments of mateship, passion                         the Memento Australia Awards program.
and kinship.
                                                                                       Memento Australia Awards rewards and promotes Indigenous and
Teams and families can travel up to 1000 km for a weekly game,                         non-indigenous artists, designers and craftspeople who create
players paint their names and numbers on their cars, kids and                          innovative, quality and authentic mementos for the tourism and gift
dogs line the boundary line like interchange players, the desert                       retail markets. Mementos presented as entries into the awards
landscape becomes the changing-rooms and team lists are drawn                          have been inspired by the diverse aspects of Australian life, land
into the red dirt instead of whiteboards … Indigenous football is                      or spirit and are designed and made by artists and craftspeople
about community and place. Jesse Marlow                                                living and working throughout urban, regional, rural and remote
Centre Bounce takes the viewer on a journey through the red
dusty grounds of Central Desert communities, reminding us that                         The awards program encourages designers to create items and
the spirit of football is alive and kicking in remote northern                         products that can be reproduced and are available for sale to
Australia.                                                                             domestic and international consumers thus providing a sustainable
                                                                                       income for the artist.
Annette Welkamp                                                                        This tour features 20 selected ‘ready to market’ designer products
                                                                                       and 4 artists' success stories. The artists' stories include
                                                                                       inspirations, product development, finished presentation and
ARTIST                                                                                 business outcomes enjoyed by the artist, from recognition received
                                                                                       from the Memento Australia Awards.
                                                 JESSE MARLOW, CENTRE BOUNCE
                                                 SERIES, ThE BOUNDARY LINE
                                                 (PAPUNYA, NT), 2002, Pegasus print,
                                                 51cm x 61cm from Centre Bounce,

                                                                                                                     FRANK ANTONI, BOx JELLY from Memento
                                                 Collection of the artist

                                                                                                                     Australia Awards

 WHO TO CONTACT: Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery
 Phone: 02 4965 8260
 Email: artgallery@lakemac.nsw.gov.au

 COST: $1500 + GST                                                                       WHO TO CONTACT: Memento Australia
                                                                                         Kim Meacham     Phone: 1300 787 991
 SIZE: 50 – 60 running metres                                                            Email: info@mementoaustralia.com

 SUPPORT MATERIAL: 200 x 2-fold black and white room                                     COST: $3000 + GST
 brochures (printed on 100% Enviocare), comprehensive
 education kit with worksheets, wall text and labels.                                    SIZE: 50 - 70 square metres

 EDUCATION/ PUBLIC PROGRAMS: Jesse Marlow                                                SUPPORT MATERIAL: Didactics & display panels,
 available for workshops and artist talks, by arrangement                                images, catalogue and promotional flyers. A Memento
 with artist. Suggested activity is documentary photography                              Australia Presenter will be available to open the exhibition
 workshops resulting in local sports/football exhibition.                                (expenses to be covered by venue)

 AVAILABLE: November 2007 onwards                                                        AVAILABLE: November 2007 - November 2008
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The Vernacular Terrain                                                You Can’t Sit Down
ORGANISeD BY: International Digital Art Projects                      ORGANISeD BY: Flying Arts Inc. in partnership with
                                                                      Queensland Performing Arts Centre

      DIGITAL ART AWARDS, 2006, installation view at The Block,
      QUT Creative Industries Precinct

The Vernacular Terrain explores environmental, political and
cultural place and will present works from leading Australian new
media artists Briele Hansen, James Lynch, Magda Matwiejew,
David Rosetzky and Monika Tichacek.                                   GLEN O’MALLEY, MARCIE JONES, KYNETON 19 APRIL 2005, black and white
                                                                      photograph from You Can’t Sit Down
The Vernacular Terrain will be exhibited internationally in 2007 at
the Beijing Film Academy (BFA) and the Songzhuang Art Museum
in China and the Yokohama Art Museum in Japan, in a tour              You Can’t Sit Down is an exhibition of recent photographic
supported by IDAP and QUT Precincts.                                  portraits from the Queensland music scene of the 50s, 60s and
                                                                      70s by Glen O'Malley.
ARTISTS                                                               When Glen O'Malley was a teenager, Saturday night social life
Jongbum Choi (KOREA)              Davide Quagliola and Chiara
                                                                      usually centred around the Anglican church run rock venue, The
Peter Greenaway (UK)              Horn – HFR Lab (UK)
                                                                      64 Club. Occasionally he'd sneak down to the Prim to listen to The
Ben Hibon (UK)                    Cui Xuiwen (CHINA)
                                                                      Purple Hearts. He was shy then. A few years later there was also
Istvan Horkay (HUNGARY)           Wang Ya-hui (TAIWAN)
                                                                      The Folk Club and The Cement Box. He was not quite so shy.
Faiyaz Jafari Bam-b (US)          Chen Yung – Hsien (TAIWAN)
Kim Joon (KOREA)                  Larry Clark's Destricted project
                                                                      Over the last few years Glen has been finding characters from the
Jonas Mekas (US)                  (featuring Marina Abramovic,
                                                                      music scene of that time. With the brashness of age he has been
Maleonn (CHINA)                   Matthew Barney, Marco
                                                                      taking photographic portraits of musical talents he would not have
Bill Morrison (US)                Brambilla, Gaspar Noe, Richard
                                                                      been game to speak to then. Rock musicians, folk singers,
Katrina Neiburga (LATVIA)         Prince and Sam Taylor-Wood)
                                                                      composers as well as entrepreneurs, DJs and groupies have been
Michael Roulier (FRANCE)
                                                                      photographed in their new millennium environment. If the musos
                                                                      haven't moved sideways into other creative fields like visual art,
CURATOR                                                               then they're still playing music. Like the Purple Hearts song of the
Stephen Danzig, Founder/Director, IDAP and Xu Dawei, Lecturer         60s, they can't sit down.
(New Media Art, BFA)
                                                                      Glen O’Malley
  WHO TO CONTACT: International Digital Art Projects
  Benjamin Milton hampe Phone: 0402 173 288
  Email: ben@internationaldigitalart.com
                                                                        WHO TO CONTACT: Flying Arts Inc.
  COST: Negotiable                                                      Phone: 07 3853 3271
                                                                        Email: info@flyingarts.org.au
  SIZE: Tailored to suit venue
                                                                        COST: $1100 + GST
                                                                        SIZE: 40 - 50 running metres
  EDUCATION/ PUBLIC PROGRAMS: Negotiable                                SUPPORT MATERIAL: Press releases, labels, catalogue,
                                                                        invitations, electronic images, organised public programs
  AVAILABLE: International Digital Art Awards and Harries               (expenses to be covered by venue)
  National Digital Art Awards – available NOW;
  The Vernacular Terrain – available late 2007                          AVAILABLE: From mid November 2007
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Hoon                                                                  M.A.I.D. 4.T.
ORGANISeD BY: Daniel Wallwork                                         ORGANISeD BY: Miles Regional Arts Council
MANAGeD BY: Queensland Arts Council                                   TOUReD BY: Queensland Arts Council

Produced by Daniel Wallwork, hoon is an exhibition presented by
Queensland Arts Council's Ontour byrequest to tour statewide.

                                                                                                                                     LADIES FROM CHOICES, ThE TEAT TOTALLER, 2006 from
Daniel is a Cairns based professional artist, emerging curator,
youth arts worker, graphic designer, automotive spraypainter and
legal graffiti artist.

In his latest exhibition, Wallwork explores the vast Australian car
culture and takes the ambiguous brush of language to label all
modified and performance car owners and their vehicles as
'Hoons'…., himself included.

His work gives the audience a perspective beyond the subculture
of ‘drag racing’ and ‘burnouts’. He creates a shiny, minimalistic
style by using high gloss automotive 2-Pack paint, custom
techniques, various metal surfaces, chrome badges, stencils and
fluffy dice. Wallwork uses his trade skills as an automotive
spraypainter to playfully embrace various aesthetics and

                                                                                                                                     M.A.I.D. 4.T.
stereotypes of many 'Hoon' subcultures.

hoon is coming…… Wanna Race?

                                                                      Anyone for tea?

                                                                      M.A.I.D. 4.T. is an exhibition of tea cosies, selected from The
ARTIST                                                                World Tea Cosy Championships, initiated by the Miles Regional
Daniel Wallwork                                                       Arts Council Inc. in partnership with Murilla Shire Council. In
                                                                      M.A.I.D. 4.T the humble tea cosy is elevated from a domestic
                                                                      object to an artform in its own right. In this collection of tea cosies
                                                                      some of the creations have freed their form from the conventional
                                                                      object completely.

                                                                      The exhibition showcases a diverse range of tea cosies, from the
                                                                      traditional knitted and crocheted, to many exciting and
                                                                      contemporary textile art forms. Methods include mosaic, metal
                                                                      work, embroidery, appliqué, patchwork, weaving, quilting and free-
                                                                      form fabric work, while materials are as diverse as dried teabags
                                                                      and aircraft fabrics.

                                                                      Over 400 tea cosy entries from across Australia and as far afield
                                                                      as Ireland, Scotland, Canada, U.S.A., South Africa, England and
                                                                      New Zealand have been featured in The World Tea Cosy
                                                                      Championships since its inception two years ago.
DANIEL WALLWORK, SCREAMING x-U1 (detail), 2006, 2-Pack paint, zinc
anneal from Hoon
                                                                      You will never look at a tea cosy in the same way again!

  WHO TO CONTACT: Queensland Arts Council                               WHO TO CONTACT: Queensland Arts Council
  Jenni Regnart      Phone: (07) 3004 7512                              Jenni Regnart      Phone: (07) 3004 7512
  Email: jenni.regnart@qac.org.au                                       Email: jenni.regnart@qac.org.au

  COST: $600 + GST plus part cost freight                               COST: $600 + GST plus part cost freight

  SIZE: 4 running metres, 20 works                                      SIZE: 2 running metres, 20 - 30 works

  SUPPORT MATERIAL:           Media release, newspaper                  SUPPORT MATERIAL:           Media release, newspaper
  advertisement and artwork labels.                                     advertisement and artwork labels.

  AVAILABLE: June 2007 to December 2008                                 AVAILABLE: June 2007 to December 2008
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Indigenous Artists of                                                       A Child's Life on the
Australia                                                                   Station
ORGANISeD BY: Queensland Arts Council                                       ORGANISeD BY: Queensland Arts Council

Indigenous Artists of Australia is a photographic exhibition collated       Presented by Queensland Arts Council's Ontour byrequest, A
by photographer Silvana van Dijk after years of involvement as              Child's Life on the Station is a multimedia exhibition which
director with Culturebank productions in Brisbane and the                   captures the lifestyle of children on Australia's outback stations.
internationally acclaimed Australian Reconciliation Company                 Although station life is seen as a unique existence and as a
(ARC dreaming).                                                             significant part of Australian culture, this rich and distinctive way
                                                                            of life is only appreciated through a veil of mystery in mainstream
This exhibition is a portrayal of confidence, beauty and aesthetic          Australia.
understanding celebrating the achievements of Indigenous artists
at the highest level. The rich wildlife and nature photography,             This exhibition was produced in South-Western Queensland by
combined with montage, invokes an intimate experience of the                those who know this lifestyle. A Child's Life on the Station
landscape, culture and totems of the Nunukul and Yuggera                    provides a true portrayal of these children's lives through emotive
peoples of the east coast of Australia.                                     photographs, accompanied by a short story, that give the viewer a
                                                                            greater insight into the captured moment. A DVD providing the
In the mid 90s Culturebank productions created a platform for               sounds these children experience everyday on the land plays as
upcoming Indigenous musicians, singers and dancers, plus youth              the viewers walk around the exhibition.
at risk, willing to explore the possibilities for a career in the Arts on
an International level. The documentary Long Road to Olympia,               From the never-ending delight of a newborn animal to the cruel
can also be shown to encourage a greater understanding of the               death of stock in drought, these children witness life at its grass
work of Culturebank productions.                                            roots. These images provide valuable insight into the rich and
                                                                            distinctive lifestyle of outback children and personify the fabric of
Indigenous Artists of Australia gives a rare insight into contemporary      the Australian character. A Child's Life on the Station is a poignant
Australian Indigenous culture and multiculturalism in action.               and striking view into a life so few of us experience yet it is where
                                                                            the heart of Australia still remains.

                                                                            This exhibition is proudly sponsored by Epic Energy and the
                                                                            Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). RADF is a joint
                                                                            Queensland Government and Booringa Shire Council partnership
                                                                            to support local arts and culture.

SILVANA VAN DIJK, ShARMAN, 2001, Colour photograph from Indigenous
Artists of Australia                                                        BOY ON A hORSE 19 (detail), Black and white photograph from A Child’s
                                                                            Life on the Station

  WHO TO CONTACT: Queensland Arts Council                                     WHO TO CONTACT: Queensland Arts Council
  Jenni Regnart      Phone: (07) 3004 7512                                    Jenni Regnart      Phone: (07) 3004 7512
  Email: jenni.regnart@qac.org.au                                             Email: jenni.regnart@qac.org.au

  COST: $600 + GST plus part cost freight                                     COST: $600 + GST plus part cost freight

  SIZE: 10 running metres, 20 - 30 works                                      SIZE: 25 running metres, 33 works and DVD

  SUPPORT MATERIAL: Media release, newspaper                                  SUPPORT MATERIAL: Media release, newspaper
  advertisement, artwork labels and DVD.                                      advertisement, artwork labels and DVD.

  AVAILABLE: June 2007 to December 2008                                       AVAILABLE: June 2007 to December 2009
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Across Antarctica                                                        One Suitcase:
                                                                         Stories of Migration
ORGANISeD BY: Jon Stephenson

                                                                         ORGANISeD BY: Florence Teillet

                                                                                                One of participant’s photographs from
                                                                                                One Suitcase: Stories of Migration
LEWIS, 1767, Photograph from Across Antarctica

Across Antarctica is a photographic exhibition that commemorates         This community project explores issues of cultural diversity and
the 50th anniversary of the first crossing of the Antarctic continent.   displacement. It celebrates stories of ordinary local residents,
Australia was one of four Commonwealth nations that funded the           particularly senior citizens, who migrated to Australia, most of
Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1955-58) led by Dr              them arriving with just one suitcase.
Vivian Fuchs.
                                                                         This exhibition creates an opportunity to learn more about different
The exhibition consists of A3 size, matt laminated, photographic         cultures, post war migration and discover the journey of some truly
enlargements, a sequence of maps and detailed explanations to            remarkable people.
describe the course of this expedition. The original photographs,
taken by Jon Stephenson, the expedition’s geologist and Australian       The Project Coordinator, Florence Teillet, has worked in the field
representative, are now held in the photo library of the Royal           of community arts and multiculturalism issues for 24 years.From
Geographical Society in London. Many of these photographs have           2004, she has researched and interviewed senior citizen migrants
not been previously exhibited. The images are arranged in                living on the Sunshine Coast and collected their personal stories,
sequence to tell the story of the expedition’s journey.                  as well as gathered information on their vision for our youth, what
                                                                         really matters in life, their regrets and aspirations.
This exhibition recognises Australia’s sustained and significant
involvement in Antarctic exploration and science.                        She believes it is vitally important to document and celebrate
                                                                         personal stories of people not necessarily famous but all the same
This project has been supported through an RADF grant to Jon             valued members of our community.
Stephenson. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland
Government and Townsville City Council partnership to support            ARTISTS
local arts and culture. Three Townsville sponsors have also              Florence Teillet (written stories) and Chris Peckham (DVD)
supported the preparation of the exhibition materials.

                                                                           WHO TO CONTACT: Florence Teillet
  WHO TO CONTACT: Jon Stephenson                                           Phone: 07 5473 0760
  Phone: (07) 4771 6387
  Email: jon.stephenson@jcu.edu.au                                         COST: Postal cost (fits in an A3 envelope)

                                                                           SIZE: 8 x A3 laminated stories; 20 x A4 laminated additional
  COST: $100
  SIZE: 70 x A3 colour photographic enlargements                           SUPPORT MATERIAL: 8 minutes DVD (power point type
                                                                           presentation with photos, music and text). - can be played
  SUPPORT MATERIAL: Didactic panels                                        as DVD or on computer (on a loop).

  AVAILABLE: From mid 2007                                                 AVAILABLE: From 20 June 2007
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A is for Art                                                                                                   Lunch for the Trades
ORGANISeD BY: Gold Coast City Art Gallery                                                                      ORGANISeD BY: Ruth Downes

                                                        52.4 x 60cm, Collection Gold Coast City Art Gallery.
                                                        MATT HOYLE, GOGGLE GIRL, 2003, lambda print,

                                                                                                                                                                        silicone 30 x 30 x 20cm from Lunch for the
                                                                                                                                                                        MINESTRONE. Hub cap, tools, car parts,
                                                                                                                                                                        RUTH DOWNES, MEChANIC'S
                                                        from A is for Art.

                                                                                                               This exhibition is for people who appreciate fine craftsmanship
                                                                                                               and elegant design – as well as a good pun. Sculptor Ruth
                                                                                                               Downes has created a whole menu of “lunches” and served them
                                                                                                               in a cafeteria-style setting.
A is for Art is an exhibition for children that explores the alphabet
through imagery drawn from our collection.                                                                     Downes wanted to make a tribute to the trades people upon whom
                                                                                                               she relies for help with her work in public art and design. Her work
Children are guided through the exhibition by Frosty the Polar                                                 is a recognition of talent and expertise that she believes is
Bear, a ceramic sculpture by Scott Redford, and the clues on a fun                                             undervalued in our society.
worksheet provided.
                                                                                                               Lunch is a menu of visual puns. For Starters, she has Bricklayer's
Works are displayed low on the wall and hung in alphabetical                                                   – a stack with spread – and a hairdresser's Bread Basket – with
order. The individual letters may begin a subject that you have to                                             buns, rolls and braids. Mains include Jeweller's – brazed Silver
find, eg 'V' for volcano, or an action, eg 'J' for Journey, or a mood                                          Dory with onion rings (made of sterling silver, pearls, anthracite
created by the work like sadness or happiness.                                                                 and velvet); the Plumber's – pasta with mushroom and leak
                                                                                                               sauce; Electrician's – spaghetti with light source; and Computer
An ideal excursion opportunity for pre and early readers from                                                  Technician's – micro fiche and chips. For dessert, how about an
childcare centres and primary classes.                                                                         Upholsterer's Coconut Torte?

ARTISTS                                                                                                        Lunch for the Trades has particularly broad appeal – recommended
Scott Redford           John Russell             Allan Mitelman                                                for galleries seeking to develop their audience. Suitable for
Lionel Lindsay          Matt Hoyle               Karen Genoff                                                  children 8 yrs and above and adults of all ages.
L Roy Davies            Alasdair McIntyre        Anne Zahalka
Darren McGinn           Merran Esson             England Bangala                                               ARTIST
John Nixon              Sid Long                 Julie Fragar                                                  Ruth Downes
Terry Batt              Robert Boynes            Jack Noel Kilgour
Rodney Broad            John Perceval            Eugene Carchesio
Dean Bowen              Noel McKenna             Suzanne Archer                                                  WHO TO CONTACT: Ruth Downes
John Olsen              Petrina Hicks            and more                                                        Phone: 0418 250 197 or 02 9555 7460
                                                                                                                 Fax: 02 9555 7889 Email: ruthdownes@ozemail.com.au

                                                                                                                 COST: $2,800 (approx) includes freight, insurance, crates.
  WHO TO CONTACT: Virginia Rigney, Curator Public                                                                Plus travel and accommodation for artist to supervise
  Programs, Gold Coast City Art Gallery                                                                          installation and de-mount.
  Phone: (07) 5581 6578
  Email: rigney@gcac.com.au                                                                                      SIZE: 20 running metres. Flexible configuration. There are
                                                                                                                 22 “meals”, each identified by a metal meal sign and affixed
                                                                                                                 to a plastic cafeteria tray. The trays are displayed on
  COST: $3000 + GST                                                                                              continuous tubular stainless steel racks. A menu board and
                                                                                                                 cutlery containers (with tools of the trades) accompany the
  SIZE: 100 running metres                                                                                       lunch spread.

  SUPPORT MATERIAL: Labels, text panels, Children's                                                              SUPPORT MATERIAL: Text panels, catalogues rrp $4.00
  workshee,. 6 plinths, 1 x DVD monitor required.                                                                each

  AVAILABLE: Until June 2009                                                                                     AVAILABLE: From late August 2007
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                           Museum & Gallery Services Queensland is part of the National
                           Exhibition Touring Support (NETS AUSTRALIA), committed to
                           promoting and presenting contemporary visual arts and crafts
                             through touring exhibitions of excellence across Australia.

Museum and Gallery Services Queensland Ltd is funded by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, and is supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy,
an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments and is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory

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