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									NSF Programs:
 An Overview

 Stephanie G. Adams
 Division of Engineering Education and Centers
 Barbara Anderegg
 Division of Undergraduate Education
              Workshop Outcomes

   After the workshop you should
    1.   Have an awareness of funding opportunities at the National
         Science Foundation

    2.   Be able to find out more information on NSF Programs
         using various NSF tools.

                             A Look at NSF
                          National Science         Director
                               Board             Deputy Director

Inspector General                                                      Staff Offices

                  Information                                           Mathematical
Biological                         Engineering        Geosciences        & Physical
Sciences            Science
                 & Engineering                                           Sciences

  Social, Behavioral         Education       Budget, Finance        Information
    & Economic                & Human           & Award              Resource
       Sciences              Resources        Management            Management

       Sources of Information on
      NSF Funding Opportunities

• Web: www.nsf.gov
• Program Solicitations
• NSF – Awards:
• Program Officer

      My NSF

NSF Awards Search:

Division of Undergraduate Education

Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory
Improvement (CCLI)
•CCLI seeks to improve the quality of STEM
education for all students by targeting activities
affecting learning environments, course content,
curricula, and educational practices
•Supports projects at all levels of undergraduate
•Supports activities in the classroom, laboratory,
and field settings

•NSF 05-559, CCLI Phase 1 this spring

CCLI Goals and Objectives: A New Emphasis

   Provide a framework for projects to maximize their
    effectiveness in improving undergraduate STEM

   Increase the emphasis on projects that build on prior
    work and contribute to the knowledge base of STEM
    education research and practice

   Contribute to building a community of scholars who
    work in related areas of education

   Explicitly identify a set of measurable outcomes that
    will be used in the project management and evaluation

CCLI: Cycle of innovation with 5 Components

    Conducting Research on STEM Teaching and

    Creating Learning Materials and Teaching Strategies

    Developing Faculty Expertise

    Implementing Educational Innovations

    Assessing Learning and Evaluating Innovations

                           CCLI: 3 Phases

   Phase 1 – Exploratory Projects
    Involve exploratory, initial investigation or adaptation in one of the
    component areas.

   Phase 2 – Expansion Projects
    Build on smaller scale but proven innovations, refine and test innovations on
    diverse users

   Phase 3 – Comprehensive Projects
    Several diverse institutions, evaluation or assessment activities–deep &
    broad, combine proven results and mature innovations from several
    component areas, sustainability, national dissemination, etc.

Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Mathematics Talent Expansion
Program (STEP)
•STEP seeks to increase the number of
students (U.S. citizens or permanent residents)
receiving associate or baccalaureate degrees
in established or emerging fields within
science, technology, engineering, and
mathematics (STEM).

•NSF 06-502, Letter of Intent August 15, 2006
             Full Proposal September 26, 2006
Bridge programs that enable additional preparation
 for students

Programs that focus on the quality of student learning
   high-caliber teaching in smaller classes
   new pedagogical approaches
   training of teaching assistants

Programs to encourage undergraduate research
Programs that provide financial incentives to students
Many others

NSF Scholarships in Science,
Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics (S-STEM)
Goal: Provides institutions funds to provide
scholarships to academically talented, but financial
needy, students. Students can be pursuing
associate, baccalaureate, or graduate degrees.

•NSF 06-527 Letter of Intent March 15, 2006
            Full Proposal April 12, 2006

Major Features
 Eligible disciplines extended to include biology,
 physical and mathematical sciences, computer
 and information sciences, geosciences, and engineering

 Maximum scholarships increased to $10,000
  (but still based on financial need)

 Grant size increased to $500,000

 One proposal per constituent school or college

 About $50 million available in FY’06
Special Program Features
 Has a faculty member in a STEM discipline as the PI.

 Involves cohorts of students.

 Provides student support structures.

 Includes optional enhancements such as research
 opportunities, tutoring, internships, etc.

 Enrolls students full time.

 NSF Crosscutting Activities

        CAREER: Faculty Early Career
           Development Program

   CAREER recognizes and supports the early career-
    development activities of those teacher-scholars who
    are most likely to become the academic leaders of
    the 21st century.
   CAREER awardees are selected on the basis of
    creative career-development plans that effectively
    integrate research and education within the context of
    the mission of their institution.

   NSF 05-579, July 18-20, 2006.

IGERT: Integrative Graduate Education and
     Research Traineeship Program

   Innovative research-based graduate education
   Organized around an interdisciplinary research theme
   Provides a framework for integrating research and education and
    promoting collaborations across departments and institutions
   Involves a diverse group of faculty members
   Students gain a breadth of skills and understanding to work in
    interdisciplinary environments while being grounded with knowledge of
    disciplinary field
   NSF 05-517, preproposal ~ March, 2006, full proposal ~ August, 2006

GK-12: NSF Graduate Teaching Fellows
         in K-12 Education

   Supports fellowships and training to place science
    and engineering graduate students in K-12 schools
   Collaboration between university and local school
   $200,000-$500,000 per year for 3 years
   NSF 05-553
   Letters of Intent deadline, ~May, 2006
    Full proposal deadline, ~ June, 2006

  Graduate Research Fellowships

• awarded for graduate study leading to
  research-based masters or doctoral degrees
• in the fields of science, mathematics, and
• intended for students at or near the beginning
  of their graduate study
• handled through the Division of Graduate
• NSF 05-601
• Submission Deadline – November 2-9, 2005

  Major Research Instrumentation
• designed to improve the condition of scientific
  and engineering equipment and facilities for
  research and research training
• awards for instrumentation will range from
  $100,000 to $2 million.
• Cost sharing at a level of 30% of total eligible
  costs is required.
• NSF 05-515, 4th Thursday in January, annually

Overview of Engineering

                  Engineering Directorate
                             Assistant Director, Interim
                                  Richard Buckius                        Senior Advisor
                             Deputy Assistant Director                  Nanotechnology
                                Michael Reischman                           Mike Roco

          Bioengineering &                Civil &                 Chemical &
           Environmental                Mechanical                 Transport
              Systems                    Systems                   Systems
                BES                       CMS                        CTS
           Bruce Hamilton                Adnan Akay         Geoffrey Prentice, Acting

     Office of           Design &               Electrical &              Engineering
    Industrial         Manufacturing          Communications              Education &
   Innovation           Innovation               Systems                    Centers
OII (SBIR/STTR)            DMI                     ECS                       EEC

Kesh Narayanan         Warren DeVries           Usha Varshney            Gary Gabriele

Bioengineering and Environmental Systems (BES)
                              Division Director         Senior Advisor
                               Bruce Hamilton            Marshall Lih

        Biochemical             Environmental
                                                        Engineering and
         Engineering             Engineering/
                                                         Research to Aid
      and Biotechnology          Technology
                                                        Disabled Persons

           Program Director         Program Director          Program Director
            Fred Heineken            Cynthia Ekstein           Leon Esterowitz

           Program Director         Program Director          Program Director
           William Weigand               Open                   Gilbert Devey

           Program Director         Program Director          Program Director
            Lenore Clesceri          Patrick Brezonik          Semahat Demir

           Program Director

Chemical and Transport Systems (CTS)
                         Division Director, Acting
                             Geoffrey Prentice
                         Deputy Division Director
                               Robert Wellek

                    Transport, and              Fluid and
 Reaction                                                           Thermal Systems
                     Separation             Particle Processes

                           Interfacial,           Particulate and
   Catalysis and                                                         Combustion and
                         Transport and              Metaphase
    Biocatalysis                                                         Plasma Systems
                        Thermodynamics              Processes
   Glenn Schrader                                                          Linda Belvins
                          Robert Wellek                Open

   Process and          Separation and                                       Thermal
                                                 Fluid Dynamics           Transport and
    Reaction              Purification
                                                 And Hydraulics            Processing
   Engineering            Processes
                                                 Michael Plesniak         Alfonso Ortega
   Maria Burka          Geoffrey Prentice

Civil and Mechanical Systems (CMS)
                              Division Director
                                 Adnan Akay

  Engineered                   Intelligent Civil            Infrastructure Systems
  Materials and                and Mechanical                     and Hazard
   Mechanics                      Systems                          Mitigation
       Mechanics and                     Information
                                                                   Geotechnical and
        Structure of                   Technology and
                                                                  Geohazards Systems
         Materials                 Infrastructure Systems
                                                                   Richard Fragaszy
         Ken Chong                    Jesus de la Graza
      Materials Design                                             Structural Systems
        and Surface                  Control Systems              and Hazard Mitigation
        Engineering                    Mario Rotea                    of Structures
       Yip-Wah Chung                                                  Doug Foutch

       Infrastructure              Sensor Technologies               Infrastructure
   Materials and Structural            for Civil and              System Management
         Mechanics                 Mechanical Systems             and Hazard Response
     Jorn Larsen-Basse                  Shi-Chi Liu                  Dennis Wegner

        Nano and Bio                                                   Network for
        Mechanics of                 Dynamic Systems             Earthquake Engineering
          Materials                   Eduardo Misawa                    Simulation
        K.Jimmy Hsia                                                  Joy Pauschke

Design and Manufacturing Innovation (DMI)
                                  Division Director
                                   Warren DeVries

      Manufacturing               Office of Small Business &   Engineering Decision
       Process and                       Development             Systems Cluster
 Equipment Systems Cluster        Office of Small Business &
                                  Disadvantaged Business
           Materials Processing            Utilization               Engineering Design
            And Manufacture
             Mary Lynn Realff
                                   Grant Opportunities for             Delcie Durham
                                    Academic Liaison with
             Manufacturing                  Industry
              Machines and               Donald Senich              Operations Research
               Equipment                                               Stephen Nash
             George Hazelrigg

                                                                     Service Enterprise
              Kevin Lyons
                                                                       Matthew Realff

                                                                     Enterprise Systems
                                                                       Abijit Deshmukh

Electrical and Communications Systems (ECS)

                            Division Director          Senior Engineering
                             Usha Varshney             Lawrence Goldberg

       Electronics,                                       Controls,
                              Integrated, Hybrid
      Photonics and                                     Networks and
                                 and Complex            Computational
       Technologies                Systems               Intelligence

         Program Director           Program Director          Program Director
              Open                      Vittal Rao            Radhakisan Baheti

         Program Director           Program Director        Program Director
          Rajinder Kholsa             Leda Lunardi           Kevin Tomsovic

         Program Director                                    Program Director
           James Mink                                          Paul Werbos

   Engineering Education &Centers (EEC)
   Deputy Division         Division Director           Deputy Division
Director for Education       Gary Gabriele            Director for Centers
    Sue Kemnitzer                                         Lynn Preston
                              CAREER Program
          Research              Coordinator       Industry/University     Nano Cluster &
          Experience          Sharon Middledorf      Cooperative        Manufacturing ERCs
         For Teachers                              Research Center         Bruce Kramer
          Mary Poats                               Alex Schwartzkopf
                                 NASA IPA
                                                                          Engineering and
           Research            Robert Norwood        I/UCRC IPA         Infrastructure ERCs
          Experience                                  Ed Clancy            Vilas Mujumdar
      For Undergraduates          Program
         Esther Bolding       Assessment and                            Bioengineering ERCs
                                Evaluation                                  Sohi Rastegar
                                Linda Parker
                                                                           ERC Education
                                Partnerships                                 Programs
                               For Innovation                                Win Aung
                                  John Hurt
                              Sharon Middledorf
                                                                            Mary Poats

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

      Emphasis is on providing a meaningful research experience with
       significant student-faculty interaction
      REU Sites Competition:
         10-12 week summer programs
         8-12 students
         Total project costs = $600-$650/student/week
         NSF 05-592, August 17, 2006
      REU Supplements
         Support research of 1-2 undergraduates
         Awarded as supplement to existing NSF grant
         Contact your program officer!

Research Experiences for Teachers (RET)

   Build long term collaborative relationships between K-12 teachers of
    science and mathematics and the NSF research community
   RET Site Program
      Directorate for ENG, NSF 03-554, 10/10/06
      Up to $450,000 total for 3 years
      Includes community college faculty
   REU Supplements - $10,000/teacher/year
      ENG (03-554), BIO (05-524), GEO (05-047), CISE (02-
        102),MPS/OMA, SBE
      1-year supplements to current NSF awards
      Contact your program officer!
Engineering Education Programs (EEP)

     Research is sought that contributes to our basic
      understanding of how students learn engineering. We are
      interested in research that addresses:
         the aims and objectives of engineering education,
         the content and organization of the curriculum,
         how students learn problem solving, creativity and design,
         new methods for assessment and evaluation of how students
          learn engineering, and
         research that helps us understand how to attract a more
          talented and diverse student body to all levels of engineering
     PD 05-1340
     Full Proposal Target Date: August 15, 2006

  Other NSF-wide Opportunities

• Ethics and Education in Science and Engineering [05-
• Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program [05-
• Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NSE) Program
  [NSF 04-43]
• Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education [05-543]
• Science of Learning Centers (SLC) [NSF 05-509]
• Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) [NSF 00-

           Grant Proposal Guide

• Provides guidance for preparation of proposals
• Specifies process for deviations, such as individual
  program announcements
• Describes process -- and criteria -- by which
  proposals will be reviewed
• Describes process for withdrawals, returns &
• Describes the award process and procedures for
  requesting continued support
• Identifies significant grant administrative highlights

   Information Sources
     Read the solicitation!
        Read the GPG!

 Read the solicitation!
   Read the GPG!

Read the solicitation!
  Read the GPG!

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