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					          Why Choosing A Travel System Can Save You Hassle and Money!

 Prams & Travel Systems are an essential purchase, but what is the best option to buy? Here we
look at why a travel system can offer an all round great package for new parents.
It can be daunting when choosing the right travel system for your new baby, especially with such a
huge variety of brands and models to choose from. Most manufacturers now sell within their
ranges travel systems, which are usually a coordinating set which includes a pram, buggy and car

The idea behind travel systems centre on the ability to use one chassis for different uses, i.e. with
the car seat or with a carry cot. These add on pieces simply click in and out of the chassis, which
can be very handy if your baby is asleep in the car seat and you do not wish to disturb them when
moving to the buggy.

There are some great advantages of buying your travel equipment in this way. Aesthetically it is a
nice way to purchase as all items as they coordinate together to offer one look, ideal for style
conscious parents. Another advantage is that you can remove the carry cot and use it as a moses
basket, ideal for travelling with baby.

An online baby shop which offers parents a wide range of prams & strollers, travel systems and
travel accessories which can be purchased on-line, along with some great advice for new mums
and dads. One of the most popular models is the Hauck Condor All in One system which
combines a buggy, pram, car seat, and foot muff and change bag for a one purchase travel
solution. This system comes in a variety of different fashion colours including red, lime, black
silver, plum and the ever popular Mickey Mouse Classic design.

Buying all items together can also appeal to budget conscious parents as savings can be made
compared to buying each item individually, although it does mean you have to outlay all the
payment in one go compared to at the different times if you purchased separately as some items
won't be used initially.

When making your final selection, it is a good idea to make your choice based on the car seat.
This should be based on how tightly it fits in your car and how easy it is to install. Preferably it
should have a 5 point harness for an infant seat and can be installed without the travel system
base, in case you need to change vehicles quickly.
If you plan to keep the system in your car, see how well it fits and if there is room for extra space,
to allow for shopping or luggage for example. You may also wish to see how lightweight each
component is as you will want to be able to move the additional pieces easily in and out of the car.

Travel systems are designed with baby and parent in mind to help ensure getting out and about
with baby is simple and affordable.Babycity is a one stop baby shop for parents to buy Travel
Systems. Their range of baby toys offer great choice for parents, all at affordable prices.

Baby Travel System
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