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					Artist                           Album                          Year   Media MP3
Andreas Vollenweider             Kryptos                        1997   1CD    Y
Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice   Jesus Christ Superstart        1970   2CDs   Y
Ann Peebles                      Fill This World With Love      1996   1CD
Ann Peebles                      Fill this world whith love     1996   1CD    Y
Antinio Vivaldi                  Four Seasons..                 1995   2CDs   Y
Bernie Senensky Quintet          New Horizons                   1999   1CD    Y
Billy Joel                       Greatest Hits vol.3            1997   1CD    Y
Bob Dylan                        The bootleg series v1.2.3      1991   3CDs
Boozoo Bajou                     Remixes                        2003   1CD    Y
Bruce Springsteen                Human Touch                    1992   1CD
Bruce Springsteen                Born in the USA                1984   1CD
Bruce Springsteen                Nebraska                       1982   1CD
Bruce Springsteen                The ghost of tom joan          1995   1CD
Bruce Springsteen                Born to run                    1975   1CD
Bruce Springsteen                In concert (plugged)           1992   1CD
Bruce Springsteen                18 tracks                      1999   1CD
Café del Mar                     Compiled by Jose Padilla       2003   2CDs   Y
Cake                             Prolonging the Magic           1998   1CD    Y
David Byrne                      David Byrne                    1994   1CD    Y
David Gilmour                    In Concert                     2002   DVD
Depeche Mode                     Ultra                          1997   1CD    Y
Depeche Mode                     best (bootleg)                 ?      1CD
Depeche Mode                     Exciter                        2001   1CD    Y
Duke Ellington                   Soul Call                      1999   1CD
Duke Ellington                   Soul Call                      1999   1CD    Y
Duran Duran                      Greatest                       1998   1CD    Y
Eric Clapton                     Unplugged                      1992   1CD    Y
Frank Zappa                      Thing Fish                     1984   2CDs
Frank Zappa                      Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar     1981   3CDs
Frank Zappa                      Broadway the Hard Way          1989   1CD
Frank Zappa                      Sheik Yerbouti                 1979   1CD
Frank Zappa                      Hot Rats                       1969   1CD
Frank Zappa                      Strictly Commercial            1995   1CD
Frank Zappa                      Joe's Garage                   1979   2CDs
Frank Zappa                      Strictly Genteel               1997   1CD
Frank Zappa                      Cheap Thrills                  1998   1CD
Frank Zappa                      You can't do it on stage v.2   1974   2CDs
Frank Zappa                      Complete Zappa.MP3                    8CDs   Y
Glenn Miller                     Candelight Miller                     1CD
Glenn Miller                     The #1 Hits                           1CD
Gotan Project                    la revancha del tango          2003   1CD    Y
Jimi Hendrix                     Are You Experienced                   1CD
Jimi Hendrix                     Are You Experienced?                  1CD    Y
Jonny Lang                       Long Time Coming               2003   1CD    Y
Jonny Lang                       Wander this World              1998   1CD    Y
Jonny Lang                       Lie To Me                      1996   1CD    Y
Lemon Jelly                      Lost Horizons                  2002   1CD    Y
Lemon Jelly                      Lemon Jelly.Ky                 2000   1CD    Y
Melissa Etheridge                Yes, I am Melissa              1993   1CD
Midnight Oil                     Blue Sky Mining                1990   1CD
Mothers of Invention             Ahead of Their Time            1968   1CD
Mothers of Invention      Weasels Ripped My Flesh        1970   1CD
Neil Young                soundtrack for Dead Man        1996   1CD    Y
Nightmares On Wax         Smokers Delight                1995   1CD    Y
Nitin Sawhney             Prophesy                       2001   1CD    Y
Oscar Peterson            Live at the Salle Pleyel       1996   2CDs   Y
Oscar Peterson            Live at the Town Hall          1997   1CD    Y
Peter Gabriel             US                             1992   1CD    Y
Pink Floyd                The Wall                       1982   DVD
Pink Floyd                Money (bootleg)                       1CD
Pink Floyd                The Wall                              2CDs
Pink Floyd                The Final Cut                  1983   1CD
Pink Floyd                Dark Side of The Moon                 1CD
Pink Floyd                Wish You Were Here             1992   1CD
Pink Floyd                A Momentary Lapse of Reason    1987   1CD
REM                       Out of Time                    1991   1CD    Y
Run-D.M.C.                Raising Hell                   1986   1CD    Y
Sting                     Brand New Day                  1999   1CD    Y
Sting                     Field of Gold                  1994   1CD    Y
Talking Heads             Little Creatures               1985   1CD    Y
The Beatles               Help!                          1965   1CD
The Beatles               Revolver                       1966   1CD
The Beatles               Let it Be                      1970   1CD
The Blues Brothers        The Definite Collection        1992   1CD
The Blues Brothers        Soundtrack                     1980   1CD
The Blues Brothers 2000   Soundtrack                     1997   1CD
The Doors                 The Doors                      1967   1CD
The Doors                 Soft Parade / Morrison Hotel   1970   1CD
The Doors                 LA Woman                       1971   1CD
The Doors                 Waiting For The Sun            1968   1CD
Thievery Corporation      Departures                     2000   1CD    Y
Thievery Corporation      DJ Kicks                       1999   1CD    Y
Tina Turner               Simply the Best                1991   1CD    Y
Tom Waits                 The Early Years V.1            1991   1CD
Tom Waits                 The Early Years V.2            1992   1CD
Tom Waits                 Romeo is Bleeding (bootleg)    1979   1CD
Tom Waits                 Nighthawk at the Diner         1975   1CD
Tom Waits                 Small Change                   1976   1CD
Tom Waits                 Foreign Affairs                1977   1CD
Tom Waits                 The Heart of Saturday Night    1974   1CD
Tom Waits                 Frank's Wild Years             1987   1CD
Tom Waits                 Mule Variations                1999   1CD
Tom Waits                 Beautiful Maladies             1998   1CD
Tom Waits                 Heartattack and Vine           1980   1CD
Tom Waits                 Bone Machine                   1992   1CD
Tom Waits                 Big Time                       1988   1CD
Tom Waits                 Rain Dogs                      1985   1CD
Tom Waits                 Swordfishtrombones             1983   1CD
U2                        Unforgettable Fire             1984   1CD    Y
U2                        Joshua Tree                    1987   1CD    Y
Ultra Lounge              The Crime Scenes               1996   1CD
Ultra Lounge              Leopard Sampler                2001   1CD    Y
Ultra Lounge              Tiki Sampler                   1999   1CD    Y
Acid Jazz, Collection 2   1991 1CD
Artist                  Album                                          Year Media MP3
David Bowie             Hunky Dory                                     1971        Y
David Bowie             Let's Dance                                    1983        Y
Delerium                Karma (Disc 2)                                 1997        Y
Depeche Mode            Black Celebration                              1986        Y
Depeche Mode            Songs Of Faith And Devotion                    1993        Y
Erasure                 The Innocents                                  1988        Y
Erasure                 The Innocents                                  1988        Y
Madonna                 American Life                                  2003        Y
Pet Shop Boys           Introspective                                  1988        Y
Sting                   Mercury Falling                                1996        Y
Sting                   ...All This Time                               2001        Y
The Cranberries         Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?   1993        Y
The Cure                Boys Don't Cry                                 1979        Y
The Philosopher Kings   Famous, Rich and Beautiful                     1997        Y
The Tragically Hip      Road Apples                                    1991        Y
U2                      All That You Can't Leave Behind                2000        Y
                        Classic Chillout Album CD2                     2001        Y
                        Chillout 2001 V1                               2001        Y
                        Trainspotting                                  1996        Y
                        ChillOutMix 2000                               2000        Y
Artist             Album   Year Media MP3
Моральный Кодекс                1CD    Y
Title                                  Screen Format Edition   Media      Rating
Amelie                                                                         7
American Beauty                        Widescreen                DVD           8
Blues Brothers                         Widescreen    Collector's DVD           8
Chicago                                Widescreen                DVD           7
Donnie Darko                           Widescreen                DVD           7
Ferris Bueller's Day Off               Widescreen                DVD           8
Human Traffic                          Widescreen                2SVCDs        7
Forrest Gamp                           Widescreen    Collector's 2DVDs         7
Labyrinth                              Widescreen                DVD           8
Lock, Stock, and two smoking barrels   Fullscreen                DivX          7
Matrix                                 Widescreen                DVD           7
Mulholland drive                       Widescreen                3SVCDs        8
Run Lola Run                                                     2SVCDs        7
Shrek                                  Widescreen    Special     2DVDs         9
Snatch                                 WS and FS     Special     2DVDs         8
The Addams Family Weird is relative    Widescreen                DVD           8
Thomas Crown Affair                    Widescreen                DVDr          6
Waking Life                            Widescreen                DVDr          7
Usual Suspect                          Widescreen                Ogg           7
Magnolia                               Widescreen                DivX          7
Gattaca                                Widescreen                DivX          7
Natural Born Killers                   Widescreen                DivX          7
Lost Higway                            Widescreen                DivX          7
Sex and Lucia                          Widescreen                4SVCDs        7
Blade Runner                           Widescreen                DivX          7
Memento                                Widescreen                DivX          7
Fight Club                             Widescreen                DivX          7
Vanilla Sky                            Widescreen                DivX          7
Title               Screen Format Edition   Media   Rating
Два капитана -2     Fullscreen              DivX         7
Птицы               Widescreen              DivX         7
Собачье Сердце      Fullscreen              2VCD         7
Покровские ворота   Fullscreen              2VCD         7

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