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					Re Ev                                                 Book/Publication
      Author(s)              Article/Chapter Title                            Editor/Translator
co ol                                                 Title
m uti Aall, Pamela                                    International Peacekeeping
                             NGOs, Conflict Management and Peacekeeping.
                                                      Guide to IGOs, NGOSs, and the Military in Peace and Relief O
      Aall, Pamela; Miltenberger, Daniel T; Weiss, Thomas G.
                             Misinterpreting Ethnic Conflicts in Africa.
      Aapengnuo, Clement Mweyang                      Joint Force Quarterly
Y     Abaya, Hernando J.                              Betrayal in the Philippines
Y Y Abd el-Krim                                       Memoires d'Abd el Krim (Memoirs of Abd el Krim)
      Abiew, Francis K.                                in Peace Operations.
                             NGO-Military RelationsInternational Peacekeeping
      Abizaid, John P.                                Military
                             Lessons for Peacekeepers. Review
                             Preparing                Special Warfare
      Abizaid, John P.; Wood, John R. for Peacekeeping: Military Training and the Peacekeeping Environment.
Y     Abraham, A. J.                                  The Lebanon War
Y     Abrashoff, D. Michael                           Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Nav
      ABT Associates                                  Counter-Insurgency Game Design Feasibility and Evaluation S
      Abuza, Zachary                                  CTC at the Abu
                             The Philippines Chips Away Sentinel Sayyaf Group’s Strength.
Y     Abuza, Zachary                                  Balik Terrorism: The Return of Abu Sayyaf
                             Powers Peace Processes
      Accord International Review ofof Persuasion: Incentives, Sanctions and Conditionality in Peacemaking.
      Acharya, Amitav                                 Pacific and the
                             Cambodia, the United NationsReview Problems of Peace.
      Adam, Hussein M.                                Durable Peace: Challenges for Peacebuilding in Africa
                                                                               at Taisiser M. and
                             Somalia: International Versus Local Attempts Ali,Peacebuilding. Robert O. Matthew
                             Columbia vs FARC and ELN.
      Adams (2Lt), Amorim (2Lt), Brady (2Lt), Croft (2Lt), Greer (2Lt), Green (2Lt), Jones (2Lt)
      Adams, David A et al Follow the Bear.           Proceedings: U.S. Naval Institute
      Adams, Gordon                                   Smart Power: Rebalancing the Foreign Policy/National S
      Adams, Henry                                    Military Affairs
                             Operation of an American Military Government Detachment in the Saar, 1944-45.
      Adams, James                                    in Peacekeeping
                             The Role of the Media Special Warfare Operations.
      Adams, Martin P.                                Strategic Review
                             Peace Enforcement versus American Strategic Culture.
      Adams, Paul D.                                  The Peacekeeper's Friend or Foe?
                             Rules of Engagement: Marine Corps Gazette
      Adams, Richard N et al                          Social Change in Latin America Today: Its Implications for Un
                                                      Special Warfare
      Adams, Thomas K. SOF [Special Operations Forces] in Peace-Support Operations.
      Adams, Thomas K. The New Mercenaries and the Privatization of Conflict.
                             Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989).
      Adamson (2Lt), Cork (2Lt), Herbort (2Lt), Loubiere (2Lt), Picha (2Lt), White (2Lt)
Y     Adamson, Martin        War in the 21st Century: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly—Knowing and Finding th
      Adebajo, Adekeye                                 Hegemonic Peacekeeping
                             In Search of Warlords: International Peacekeeping in Liberia and Somalia.
      Adebajo, Adekeye                                Africa
                             The UN's Unknown Effort. Report
      Adebajo, Adekeye                                Liberia's Civil War: Nigeria, ECOMOG, and Regional Security
      Adebajo, Adekeye and Chandra L. Sriram          Managing Armed Conflicts in the 21st Century
                              Chris Landesberg         Peacekeeping in Africa.
      Adebajo, Adekeye andBack to the Future: UNInternational Peacekeeping
      Adekson, J. Bayo                                Mau Revolts: A Comparative Study in Revolutionary Warfare.
                             The Algerian and Mau Comparative Strategy
Y                                                     Military Review
      Adiseshiah, W.T.V. Human Relations in Military Societies.
      Adler, Amy B; Paul T Bartone, and Mark A Vaitkus Stress and Adjustment during a Peacekeeping Deploy
                                                      Military Intelligence
      Adolph, Robert B., Jr. Peacekeeping: Our Least Understood Mission.
                                                      Special Warfare
      Adolph, Robert B., Jr. U.N. Military Civic Action in Cambodia.
      Afghanistatn Research and Evaluation Unit The A to Z Guide to Afghanistan Assistance
      Aggestam, Karin                                 International Peacekeeping
                             Conflict Prevention: Old Wine in New Bottles?
      Ahmad, Abdel Ghaffar Mohamed                    Sudan Peace Agreements: Current Challenges and Future Pr
      Ahmad, Khabir          Aiding the Aiders.       Lancet
      Ahmad, Khabir                                   Lancet
                             Health and Money in Afghanistan.
      Ahmed, Nafeez M.                                The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked,
      Ahmed, Nafeez M.                                The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation and the Anatomy of T
      Aikins, Matthieu                                Harper's Magazine
                             The Master of Spin Boldak: Undercover with Afghanistan's Drug-trafficking Border P
Y     Ailey, Henry                                    In Order to Die
    Akashi, Yasushi                                 International Peacekeeping
                           The Challenge of Peacekeeping in Cambodia.
    Akashi, Yasushi                                 Harvard International Transitional Authority in Cambodia.
                           To Build a New Country: The Task of the UNReview
Y   Akbar, M. J.                                    The Shade of Swords: Jihad and the Conflict between Islam
    Akbar, M. K.                                    Kargil: Cross Border Terrorism
    Akehurst, John                                  We Won a War: The Campaign in Oman, 1965-1975
                                                    The National (Abu Dhabi)
    Al Qadhi, Mohammed Al Houthis Say Saudi Air Force Hit Villages.
Y   Al-Ashmawy, Said                                                       Fluehr-Lobban, Carolyn, editor
                                                    Against Islamic Extremism: The Writings of Muhammad
Y   Alastos, Doros                                  Cyprus Guerrilla: Grivas, Mararious and the British
Y   Alberts, David S and Richard E Hayes            Command Arrangements for Peace Operations
                                                    U.S. Department of State Dispatch
    Albright, Madeleine K. Advancing American Interests through the United Nations.
    Albright, Madeleine K. Myths of Peace-Keeping. Department of State Dispatch
                                                    U.S. Department of State Dispatch
    Albright, Madeleine K. Reinforcing Haitian Democracy.
                                                    U.S. Department of Haiti.
    Albright, Madeleine K. Shared Resolve in Restoring Democracy inState Dispatch
                                                    U.S. Department of State Dispatch
    Albright, Madeleine K. The Tragedy in Rwanda: International Cooperation to Find a Solution.
                                                    U.S. Department of State Dispatch
    Albright, Madeleine K. U.N. Reform for Peacekeeping, Collective Security.
                                                    U.S. Department of State Dispatch
    Albright, Madeleine K. U.S. Support for UN Security Council Resolutions Concerning Bosnia.
                            Anthony Lake, and Wesley Clark on Reforming Multilateral Peace Operations.
                                                    U.S. Policy
    Albright, Madeleine K.;The Clinton Administration'sDepartment of State Dispatch
                                                    British Army Review
    Alderson, Alexander Counter-Insurgency: Learn and Adapt? Can We Do Better?
    Alderson, Alexander Doctrine for Counter Insurgency: The British Army's Experience.
                                                    The RUSI Journal
    Alderson, Alexander Learning, Adapting, Applying: US Counter-Insurgency Doctrine and Practice.
                                                    The Counter-Insurgency Doctrine.
    Alderson, Alexander Revising the British Army’s RUSI Journal
                                                    The RUSI Journal
    Alderson, Alexander The Army Brain: A Historical Perspective on Doctrine, Development and the Challeng
    Alderson, Alexander The Validity of British Army Counterinsurgency Doctrine after the War in Iraq, 2003-2
                                                     Practice: An
    Alderson, Alexander US COIN Doctrine andParameters Ally’s Perspective.
    Aldrich, Richard J.                             International Affairs
                           Transatlantic Intelligence and Security Cooperation.
    Alexander, Ian         There Oughta Be a Law.   National Review
    Alexander, Matthew Martyrdom, Interrupted. ational Interest
    Alexander, McGill                               An African Rapid-Deployment Force for Peace Operations on
    Al-Faisal, Saud                                 The RUSI Journal
                           International Co-operation in Fighting the Terrorist Threat.
    Al-Faqih, Abdullah                              and Fighting Terrorism:Crotty, William, editor
                           Promoting Democracy Democratic DevelopmentA& Political Terrorism: The Global Pe
Y   Al-Fasi, 'Alal                                  Independence Movements in Arab North Africa
                           Operational Design for Joint Force Quarterly
    Alford, Julian D. and Scott A. Cuomo             ISAF [International Security Assistance Force] in Afghanistan
    Ali, Ayaan Hirsi                                Wall Street Journal
                           How to Win the Clash of Civilizations.
    Al-Jabouri, Najim Abed                          Strategic Forum
                           Iraqi Security Forces after U.S. Troop Withdrawal: An Iraqi Perspective.
    Allard, C. Kenneth                              Joint Force Quarterly
                           Lessons Unlearned: Somalia and Joint Doctrine.
Y   Allard, C. Kenneth                              Somalia Operations: Lessons Learned
    Allen, Charles                                  God's Terrorists
    Allen, Charles D.                               Armed Forces Journal
                           Lessons Not Learned: Civil-Military Disconnect in Afghanistan.
    Allen, Charles D.                               Armed Forces Surge
                           The Danger of Déjà Vu: Why the Iraq JournalIs Not a Lesson for Afghanistan.
Y   Allen, Robert L.                                Soviet Economic Warfare
Y   Allen, William E. D.                            Guerrilla War in Abyssinia
Y   Allied Expeditionary Force Supreme Command      Combatting the Guerrilla
                           Plan, Proclamations and Instructions.
    Allied Military Government of Occupied Territories (AMGOT)
    Allin, Dana H.                                  NATO's Balkan Interventions
    Allin, Dana H., et al                           What Status for Kosovo?Triantaphyllou, Dimitrios, editor
    Allison, Graham                                   Terrorism Skeptics.
                           A Response to NuclearBrown Journal of World Affairs
    Allison, Roy                                    Peacekeeping in the Soviet Successor States
                                                    The Myth of Delusion
    Al-Masri, Abu Jihad (nom de guerre, written by Muhammad Khalil al-Hakaymah)
                           Batelelan Congo Uprisings vs (2Lt), Marietta 1897-1900.
    Almazaid (2Lt), Bivins (2Lt), Collins (2Lt), Lashbrook Belgium 1895, (2Lt), Smith (2Lt), Volz (2Lt)
    Almog, Doron                                     and the War
                             Cumulative DeterrenceParameters on Terrorism.
    Almond, Gabriel A et al                         The Appeals of Communism
    Almond, Gabriel A., and James S. Coleman The Politics of the Developing Areas
                                                    Air at the Low End of
    Alnwick, Kenneth J. Perspectives on Airpower University Review the Conflict Spectrum.
    Alpern, Stephen I.                              Asian Survey
                             Insurgency in Northeast Thailand: A New Cause for Alarm.
Y   al-Qaeda                 Al-Qaeda Manual.       Small Wars Journal
                             Saudi                  The RUSI Journal
    Al-Saud, Naef Bin Ahmed Arabia's Strategy to Combat Terrorism: An Insider's Perspective.
Y   al-Zawahiri, Ayman Letter from al-Zawahiri to al-Zarqawi.
    al-Zawahiri, Ayman                              The Power of Truth
    Amend, Kurt                                     Orbis
                             Counterinsurgency Principles for the Diplomat.
    Amer, Ramses                                    Contemporary Southeast Asia
                             The United Nations' Peacekeeping Operation in Cambodia: Overview and Assessme
    Amery, Hussein A., and Aaron T. Wolf                                     Amery, Hussein of and Aaron T. Wolf
                                                    Water in the Middle East: A Geography A., Peace
    American Foreign Policy Council                 Confronting Terrorism Financing
    American Society of International Law           International Legal Materials
                                                    Coalition Operations
    American, British, Canadian, Australian (ABCA) Program Office Handbook
    Amesty International                            International Criminal Court: Timor-Leste Justice in the Shad
Y   Amstutz, J. Bruce                               Afghanistan: The First Five Years of Soviet Occupation
    Anceschi, Luca                                  International and the
                             The Islamic World between Europe Politics United States.
                             Michael For Asymmetric Warfare.
    Ancker, Clinton J, and Doctrine D. Burke        Military Review
                             Field Manual 5-0:      Military Review
    Ancker, Clinton J., III and Michael Flynn Exercising Command and Control in an Era of Persistent Conflict.
    Anderson, Claire V.                             United States Army Reserve Support to Peace Operations
    Anderson, David                                 Histories of the Hanged: The Dirty War in Kenya and the End
Y                            Preparing for Economics in Stability Operations.
    Anderson, David A. and Andrew Wallen            Military Affairs
    Anderson, Donald                                When War Becomes Personal: Soldiers' Accounts from the C
Y   Anderson, Fred                                  Crucible of War: The Seven Year’s War and the Fate of Empi
    Anderson, Fred and Andrew R.L. Cayton           The Dominion of War: Empire and Liberty in North America, 1
    Anderson, Gary                                  Small
                             A Third Way in Afghanistan. Wars Journal
                             III                    Military Review
    Anderson, George E., Winning the Nationbuilding War.
    Anderson, Joseph                                Military Review
                             Military Operational Measures of Effectiveness for Peacekeeping Operations.
Y                                                   Combined Arms Control.
    Anderson, Joseph, and Gary Volesky Approach to PopulationCenter Special Edition – Counterinsurgency
                             A Synchronized                                  Whetstone, Robert A., editor
                             The Implications       Publius
    Anderson, Liam, and Gareth Stansfield of Elections for Federalism in Iraq: Toward a Five-Region Model.
    Anderson, Peter                                 History Review
                             Reds versus Whites: an Overview.
Y   Anderson, R. N.                                 Marine Corps Gazette
                             Search Operations in Palestine.
                                                    International Peacekeeping
    Andersson, Andreas Democracies and UN Peacekeeping Operations, 1990-1996.
    Andrade, Dale                                   Ashes to Ashes: The Phoenix Program and the Vietnam War
                             CORDS/Phoenix:         Military Review
    Andrade, Dale, and James H. Willbanks Counterinsurgency Lessons from Vietnam for the Future.
    Andreas, Peter                                  International Studies Quarterly
                             The Clandestine Political Economy of War and Peace in Bosnia.
    Andres, Richard B.                              Joint Force Quarterly
                             Energy and Environmental Insecurity.
                             Winning and Thomas International
                                                     E. Griffith, Value of the
    Andres, Richard B., Craig Wills,with Allies: The Strategic JrSecurity Afghan Model.
    Anglin, Douglas G.                              Journal of Modern African Studies
                             The Life and Death of South Africa's National Peacekeeping Force.
    Annabi, Hedi                                    The United Nations at Fifty: Sovereignty, Peacekeeping, and H
                                                                             Snider, Don
                             The Recent Evolution and Future of UN Peacekeeping. M. and Stuart J.D. Schwar
    Annan, Kofi A.                                  Vital Speeches of on Day
                             Keeping the Peace: Working for Change the a Global Level.
    Annan, Kofi A.           Peace Operations and the United Nations: Preparing for the Next Century.
    Annan, Kofi A.                                  Harvard International Review
                             The Path of Peace-Keeping: Translating Commitment into Action.
    Annan, Kofi A.                                  NATO and Cooperation with NATO.
                             UN Peacekeeping OperationsReview
    Anonymous                                       Handbook for the Volunteers of the Irish Republican Army
    Ansbach, Mark A.                                Klepsudra [Water Thief]: How the Rio Grande Treaty Increas
                                                     Tragedy: A Relations
    Anstee, Margaret J. Angola: The Forgotten InternationalTest Case for U.N. Peacekeeping.
                             Peacemaking in         Marine Corps Gazette
    Antal, John F., and Robert L Dunaway Somalia: A Background Brief.
    Applegate, R A D.                              The Force in Complex Emergencies.
                          Observations on the Use ofRUSI Journal
    Appy, Christopher G.                           Patriots: The Vietnam War Remembered from All Sides
                                                   Army AL&T
    Aragon, Arthur J. Jr. Non-Lethal Capabilities of the Future.
    Archer, Chalmers, Jr.                          Green Berets in the Vanguard: Inside Special Forces, 1953-1
    Archer, Sarah E.                               Military
                          Kosovo Present and Future. Review
    Argersinger, Steven J.Peacekeeping, Peace Enforcement, and the United States.
                                                   US Strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan
    Armitage, Richard L, Samuel R. Berger, and Daniel S. Markey
    Armony, Ariel C.                               Argentina, the United States, and the Anti-Communist Crusad
                                                    the Age: Principles for Naval
    Armstrong, Benjamin The Most Daring Act ofNaval War College Review Irregular Warfare.
                                                   Marine Corps Gazette
    Armstrong, Charles L. From Futility to Insanity-A Brief Overview of United Nations Failures.
Y   Armstrong, Hamilton Fish                       Tito and Goliath
Y   Armstrong, Karen                               Islam: A Short History
    Armstrong, Kimberly K. rmy Medical Department Support to Stability Operations.
                          Harnessing Post-Conflict Transitions: A Conceptual Primer.
    Armstrong, Nicholas and Jacqueline Chura-Beaver
                                                   Indicators Templating: A Reference Aid to Insurgency/Counte
    Army-Air Force Center for Low Intensity Conflict
                                                   Psychological Operations in Low-Intensity Conflict
    Army-Air Force Center for Low Intensity Conflict
    Army-Air Force Center for Low Intensity Conflict Military Civic Action in Honduras, 1982-1985: Tactical Su
Y   Arnery, Julian                                 Sons of the Eagle
                          A Note on the            Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic
    Arnold, David, and Albert Mitchum United Nations' Best Laid Plans: Now What?Policy
    Arnold, James R.                               Jungle of Snakes: A Century of Counterinsurgency
    Arnold, Mark C.       Special-Operations Forces’ Interoperability with Coalition Forces.
                                                   Special Warfare
    Arnold, Matthew                                Small Wars Journal
                          Human Terrain Mapping in Kapisa Province.
    Arnold, Matthew B.                             The RUSI Journal
                          The U.S. 'Surge' as a Collaborative Corrective for Iraq.
    Arnold, S. L.                                   Other Review
                          Somalia: An OperationMilitaryThan War.
                          A Power                  Parameters
    Arnold, S.L., and David T. StahlProjection Army in Operations Other Than War.
Y   Arnold, Theodore                               Bulletin of the Institute for the Study of the USSR
                          The Technique of the Revolutionary War.
    ARSOF [Army Special Operations Forces] Capstone Concept 2010
    Arthur, Paul          ‘Reading’ Violence: Ireland.Legitimization of Violence
                                                   The                       Apter, David E., editor
Y   Ashdown, Paddy                                 Swords and Ploughshares: Building Peace in the 21st Century
    Asian Peoples’ Anti-Communist League           A Research on Mao Tse-tung’s Thought of Military Insurrectio
    Asian Peoples’ Anti-Communist League           How to Counteract Communist Guerrilla Warfare
    Aspin, Les                                     Report on the Bottom-Up Review
Y   Asprey, Robert                                 Marine Corps Gazette
                          Counterinsurgency: A Realistic Appreciation.
    Asprey, Robert        Special Forces: Europe.  Special Warfare
Y   Asprey, Robert B.                              War in the Shadows: The Guerrilla in History
    Atkins, Arthur G.                              Arms Control Today
                          New Presidential Directive Gives U.S. Peacekeeping Guidelines.
                                                   Marine Corps Gazette
    Atkinson, James D. American Military Policy and Communist Unorthodox Warfare.
Y   Atkinson, James D.                             The Edge of War
    Atkinson, Rick                                 In the Company of Soldiers: A Chronicle of Combat
    Atkinson, Ronald R.                            From Uganda to the Congo and Beyond: Pursuing the Lord's
    Atlantic Research Corporation                  Castro-Communist Insurgency in Venezuela: A Study of Insur
    Atwood, J. Brian                               Journal of International Affairs
                          The Development Imperative: Creating the Preconditions for Peace.
    Augustin, Pierre                               Doctrine, General
                          Operation Concordia/Altair in Macedonia.Military Review (French Armed Forces)
    Aussaresses, Paul                              The Battle of the Casbah: Terrorism and Counterterrorism in
    Auster, Bruce B.      Lost in the Balkans. U.S. News & World Report
Y   Austin, M.                                     Australian Tropical Warfare.
                          Some Thoughts on Ambushes in Army Journal
                          U.S. Military Attitudes toward Post-Cold Society
    Avant, Deborah, and James Lebovic              Armed Forces & War Missions.
    Axelrod, Alan                                  America's Wars
    Axelrod, Nelson                                Special Warfare
                          The World's Top Jungle Fighters.
Y   Axinn, Sidney                                 A Moral Military
    Ayers, Charles M. et al                       Operational Considerations for Military Involvement in Low Int
    Ayers, William, Bernardine Dohrn, and Jeff Jones Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, Po
                                                  Counterinsurgency Operations.
    Aylwin-Foster, Nigel Changing the Army for Military Review
    Ayres, Thomas E.                               Operations
                          ‘Six Floors’ of DetaineeParameters in the Post-9/11 World.

Y                                              The Limits of
                                               World Today Jungle
    B. N. R. (pseudonym) The Campaign in Malaya: Tactics of Power: Fighting.
                                               The End of American
    Bacevich, Andrew J.                        Exceptionalism
                         The End of (Military)
    Bacevich, Andrew J. History.               American Military
    Bacevich, Andrew J.,                       Policy in Small Wars:
    et al                                      The Case of El

Y   Bacha, Julia                                 Burdus from the
    Baclagon, Uldarico                           Huk Campaign in the
Y   S.                    Peace-Keeping as a     Philippines
                          Challenge to
    Baev, Pavel K.        European Borders.      Security Dialogue
                                                 Foundations of
    Bailey, Charles M.                           Peace Operations

    Bailey, F. M.                                Mission to Tashkent
                          Partisans and          Time-Life Series on
    Bailey, Ronald H.     Guerrillas
                          Early Recovery in      World War II
    Bailey, Sarah         Appeals.
                          Which End-Game in
    Bair, Andrew          Bosnia?                Strategic Forum
                                                 Newsletter: Stability
                          The Sri Lankan         Operations in
    Bajoria, Jayshree
    Bakarat, Sultan,      Conflict.              Southern Asia no 10-
                                                 The Reconstruction
    Steven A. Zyck, and                          of Gaza: A Guidance
    Jenny E. Hunt                                The for Study
                                                 NoteIraq Palestinian
    Baker III, James A.                          Group Report: the
    and Lee H. Hamilton                          New Forward - A
                                                 Way Partnerships for
                                                 a New Era:
    Baker, Deane-Peter                           Enhancing the South
                                                 The Politics of
    Baker, James A III    Policy Challenges of   Diplomacy
                          UN Peace
Y   Baker, James H.       Operations.
                          Systems Thinking       Parameters
    Baker, Jim            Counterinsurgencies. Parameters
                          Forging a U.S. Policy
    Baker, Pauline H.     toward Fragile States. Prism
                            HUMINT-Centric          Combined Arms
                            Operations:             Center Special           Whetstone, Robert
Y   Baker, Ralph O.         Developing
                            Pakistan Floods:        Edition –                A., editor
                            Why Aid is so Slow
    Baldauf, Scott          Compared to Haiti

Y   Baldwin, William W.                             Mau Mau Man-Hunt
                                                    Fighting for Fallujah:
    Ballard, John R.        Trafficking in Human A New Dawn for Iraq
                            Beings and              Connections: the
    Ballesteros, Alvaro     International
                            The Persistent          Quarterly Journal
    Baloyra-Herp,           Conflict in El
    Enrique                 Salvador. of USAID
                            The Role                Current History
    Baltazar, Thomas,       and Development
Y   Elisabeth Kvitashvili   Assistance in
                            The Army and            Military Review
    Bankus, Brent C.,       Marines and Military Small Wars and
    and James Kevit         Government.
                            The Religious           Insurgencies Journal
                            Sources of Islamic
    Bar, Shmuel             Terrorism.
                            Post-Saddam Iraq:       Policy Review
                            Deconstructing a        Third World
    Barakat, Sultan         Regime,                 Quarterly
    Barakat, Sultan         Reintegration of        Afghanistan
                                                    After the Conflict:
    Barakat, Sultan and     Former Combatants: Reconstruction and
    Barakat, Ozerdem
    Alpaslan Sultan,        With Specific
                            Attributing Value:      Development in the
    Margaret Chard, and     Evaluating Success Third World
    Richard Jones           and Failure in Post- Quarterly
                            Understanding al
                            Qaeda and               International
    Barber, Jordan E.       Hezbollah.              Relationsof the
                                                    The War
                                                    Running Dogs:
Y   Barber, Noel                                    Malaya 1948-1960
                                                    Internal Security and
    Barber, Willard F.,                             Military Power:
    and C. Neal Ronning     The Role of the         Counterinsurgency
                            United Nations in the
    Bardehle, Peter         Settlement of the Iran- Conflict Quarterly
    Bardos, Gordon N.
    Barge, Hezekiah, Jr.,   Containing Kosovo. Quarterly
                                                    Field Level
    Mark S. Davis, and                              Information
    John T. Schwent, Jr.                            Collaboration during

    Bar-Lev, Amir           The Great Iraqi         The Tillman Story
                            Revolt: The 1919–20
Y   Barnard, Daniel         Insurrections against
                            Low Priority for UN     Asia-Pacific Defence
    Barnes, Fred            Peace Operations.
                            HUMINT [Human           Reporter
    Barnett, Gary G.        Collection during       Military Intelligence
                           Building a Republican
                           Peace: Stabilizing
    Barnett, Michael       States after in
                           Challenges War.          International Security
                           Fighting a Global
Y   Barno, David W.        Insurgency. Other
                           Fighting 'the            Parameters
                                                    Combined Arms
                           War':                    Center Special
Y   Barno, David W.        Counterinsurgency        Edition –
                           Military Adaptation in
    Barno, David W.        Complex Operations.
                           The UN's Response        Prism
                           to the Yugoslav          International
    Baros, Miroslav        Crisis: Turning the
                           Toward a Theoretical     Peacekeeping
    Barreto, Amilcar       Explanation of           Development &            Crotty, William,
    Antonio                Political Extremism.     Political Terrorism:
                                                    Trauma and               editor
                                                    Transitional Justice
    Barsalou, Judy                                  in Divided Societies
                                                    U.S. Army War
    Bartholomees,          A Survey of the          College Guide to         Bartholomees, Jr.,
    Boone J.               Theory of Strategy.      National Security
                                                    Afghan Wars: And         J. Boone, editor
                                                    the North-West
Y   Barthorp, Michael                               Frontier 1839-1947
                           Jungle-Bashing for       New York Times
Y   Bartlett, Vernon       C.T.'s.                  Magazine

Y   Bartlett, Vernon                                Report from Malaya
                                                    Salient Operational
                                                    Aspects of
Y   Barton, Fred H.        Who Will Pay for         Paramilitary Warfare
                           Peace? The UN
    Barton, W. H. T.,
    Bartone, Paul          Crisis.                  Social the Headlines
    Mark S. Vaitkus, and                            Issues in the
    Amy B. Adler                                    Adaptation of a US
                           Airpower and
    Bash, Brooks L.        Peacekeeping.            Airpower Journal
                                                    The Role of United
                                                    States Air Power in
    Bash, Brooks L.                                 Peacekeeping
                           A Dual Strategy for
Y   Bashore, Boyd T.       Limited War.             Military Review

    Bashore, Boyd T.       Soldier of the Future. Special Warfare
                           Vertical Counter-
                           Attack by Counter-
    Bashore, Boyd T.       Insurgents.

Y   Bass, Robert           Under the Influence:     Swamp Fox
                           Going it Alone in        World Politics
    Bast, Andrew           Afghanistan.
                           Napoleonic Know-         Review
                           How for Intelligence
Y   Baston, Douglas        and Stabilitythe
                           Human Terrain:
    Baston, Douglas E.     Valuation of
                                                Unconventional Wars
Y   Baumann, Robert F.                          in the Caucasus,the
                                                My Clan against
    and Lawrence A.                             World: US and
    Yates                                       Coalition Forces in
                         U.S. Aid for Foreign
    Bayley, David H.     Justice and Police.    Orbis
                                                Democratizing the
                                                Police Abroad: What
    Bayley, David H.
    Bayly, Christopher                          to Do and How to Do
    A., Timothy N.
    Harper                                      Forgotten Wars: Freedom and Revolution in Southeast Asia
                                                150 Questions for a
Y   Bayo, Alberto        The Impact of          Guerrilla            Robert K. Brown
                         HIV/AIDS [Human        Jane's Intelligence
    Bazergan, Roxanne    Immunodeficiency       Review General
                         Cities are the Way     Military Review
    Bazin, (Colonel)     Leading to Peace.      (French Armed

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    Coalition Provisional Authority

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                           Release and Reintegration of Child Soldiers: One Part of a Bigger Puzzle.
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                            R. Jebb                Beginning or
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      Marks, Thomas A.                             Insurgency in Nepal
      Marks, Thomas A.                             Sustainability of Colombian Military-Strategic Support for “Dem
      Marks, Thomas A.                             Small Ethnic Focus or Old Cold
                             Ideology of Insurgency: NewWars and Insurgencies War Distortions?
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Y     Marks, Thomas A.                             Maoist People's War in Post Vietnam Asia
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                             Anthropology Goes to War.
      Marnika, Maurice                             International Peacekeeping & International Relations
                             of the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations.
      Marnika, Maurice                             Peacekeeping & International Relations
                             Rwanda and UNAMIR [UN Assistance Mission for Rwanda] -The Backlash to Ethnic
      Marnika, Maurice                             Peacekeeping in the Former Relations
                             Some Comments on the UN Mandate& International Yugoslavia.
      Marnika, Maurice                             Peacekeeping & International Relations
                             The Challenge for Peacemaking in Africa: Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolutio
      Marnika, Maurice                             Peacekeeping Yugoslavia.
                             The Unending Predicament in Former& International Relations
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                             and Found in the Jungle: The Indian and British Army Jungle Army and the LessonsB
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Naylor, Sean D.                                  Security in
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Y   Y                        Army
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Y   Y                        Army
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Y                            Army
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Y   Y                        Army
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Y                            Army
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Y   Y                        Army
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Y   Y                        Army                    .
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Y   Y                        Army
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Y   Y                         Army
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Y   Y                         Army
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Y   Y                         Army
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Y                             Army
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Y   Y                         Army                   Counterinsurgency
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Y   Y                         Army                   Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA Pam) 20-240
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Y     US Institute for Peace                                      Guidelines for Relationships between U.S. Armed Forces and
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Y                           Did
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    Zittel, Brian E.                               a Glance.
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Y   Zurcher, Erik J.                              Arming the State : Military Conscription in the Middle East and
    Zwack, Peter B.                               Parameters
                          A NATO-Russia Contingency Command.
                                                  UN Chronicle
                          30,000-Strong UN Force Steps in to Restore Hope.
                                                  U.S. News & World Rescue
                          A Creeping Mission: Only U.S. Forces CanReport Haiti from Chaos: But at What C
                                                  UN International Tribunal Begins Work.
                          A Terrible War Rages On: Chronicle
                                                  Foreign on Peacekeeping Operations.
                          Administration Policy DecisionsPolicy Bulletin
Y                                                 Military Review
                          Agents and Propaganda in Partisan Warfare.
                          Aid and Violence: Development Policies and Conflict in Nepal.
Y                                                 Aeroplane
                          Air Operations in the Malay Campaign.
Y                                                 Canadian Army Journal
                          Air Supply in Malaya District.
                          Airport Security Concerns: France Warns of New Terror Threat from ‘Body Bombs.'
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                                                  New York on US
                          Ambassador Eikenberry's CablesTimes Strategy in Afghanistan.
                                                  The RUSI Journal
                          An African Answer to an African Problem: Keeping the African Peace in the 21st Cen
Y                                                 Officers' Call
                          Antiguerrilla Operations.
                          Asia-Pacific Nations Meet to Discuss Peace Operations.

                          Basmachis, The.        Central Asia Review

Y                                               U. Castro, and
                          Big Build-Up to OverthrowS. News The.World Report
                          Bosnia.               Economist
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                          Bosnia-Herzegovina: To the Brink of Stronger Action--And Back.
                                                Counter Insurgency Operations: Strategic and Operational G
                          British Army Field Manual Volume 1 Part 10
                                                Countering 1 Part 10
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    British Reconquest of the Sudan (1896-1899).
                             UN Chronicle
    Broader Horizons: Growing Responsibilities.
                             UN to the World's Conscience.
    Brutal Conflict: An AffrontChronicle
                             Journal of Democracy
    Building Democracy after Conflict.
    Building on Brahimi: Peacekeeping in an Era of Strategic Uncertainty.
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    Buildup of US Special Forces.
    Cabañas: Training for Peace.
    Cabañas: Training for Peace.'
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    Cambodia: Voter Registration a Success; Cease-Fire Violations Continue.'
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    Can Peacekeeping Survive?'
    Canada's Engagement In Afghanistan: Quarterly Report to Parliament for the Period
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    Changes in U.S. War Strategy? and World Report
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    Chapter X, Warfare Against Service Regulation, Part I, Operations
Y                            Canadian Army Journal
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                             Strategic Peace
    Coalition Command and Control:Forum Operations.
    Coalition Operations Demand Technology Solutions: Warfighting across Half the Glo
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    Combat in Russian Forests and Swamps.Army Pamphlet
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    Completed and Current UN Peacekeeping Operations as of October 1994.
                             Military of UN Peacekeeping Operations.
    Composition and Organization Technology
                             Global Governance
    Conflict Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect.
    Conflict, Fragility and Aid Effectiveness.
    Counter-Revolutionary Land Operations, Volume III
    Counter-Revolutionary Land Operations, Volume III
Y   Cuba--Getting Ready. Time
    Desperate Fight for Freedom, A.
                             UN Chronicle
    Despite Successes, UN Operations Need More Support.
                             International Social Science Journal
    Dilemmas in Nation-Building.
    Embattled.               Economist
    Emergency in Malaya. The Army Quarterly

    Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States
Y                                              Peclard, Didier, editor
    Environmental Peacebuilding: Managing Natural Resource Conflicts in a Changing W
    Europe: A Balkan Quagmire Beckons.
    Exploring Concepts: Human Security and Peacebuilding.
    Failed States: The 2011 Index. Policy
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                                                   Lynn, John A., Ages
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                                                   Compiled by Robert
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    Focus on the United Nations: UN Peacekeeping Operations.
                           FAO Food Security Information for
    Food Security in Protracted Crises: What Can be Done? Action Programme
    Free Access to Primary Health Care: A Rewarding Strategy. Appeal to the G8.

                         to State-Building.
    From Nation-BuildingThird World Quarterly
                        UN Chronicle
    Fundamental Review of UNOSOM II [UN Operation in Somalia] Follows Violence.

                             The Unleashing
    Geneva Conventions at 60:Economist the Laws of War, The.
Y                            Military Guerrillas.
    German Tactics of Combating Review
Y   Goodwill in Malaya.      The Asiatic Review
                             International Peacekeeping
    Haiti: United Nations Security Council Resolution 940 (1994).
    Here We Go Again. Newsweek
    Home Page.               International Forum for the Challenges of Peace Operations
Y                            Life Magazine            MacLeish, Kenneth and Timothy Foote
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    In the Cause of Peace.   External Affairs Bulletin (Canada)
                             New York.
    Joint Meetings Held in UN Chronicle,
    Jungle Warfare is Not Guerrilla Warfare.
Y                            The Annals of the        Burr, Academy editor.
    Latin American Nationalistic Revolutions. American Robert N.,of Political and Social S
                             Inside Defense
    Leaders May Drop 'Irregular Warfare' Moniker in Upcoming QDR.
                             UN Chronicle
    Lebanon Force Mandate Extended for another Six Months.
    Mainstreaming a Gender Perspective in Multidimensional Peacekeeping Oper
                             Gender Links
                             UN Chronicle
    Mandate Ends, UN Presence Diminishes: Violence on Upswing.
                              II Revised: Coercive Methods Not to Be Used.
    Mandate for UNOSOMUN Chronicle
    Mass Atrocity Response Operations: A Military Planning Handbook.
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    Massacres, Mindless Violence and Carnage Rage in Rwanda: Council Expands UNA
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    Military Implications of McNairNationsSeventeen   Lewis, Operations.
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    Multinational Interoperability Counci. Council Coalition Building Guide, Change 1
                             Marine Corps Gazette Experts Answer.
    NATO and Guerillas: Three Questions Some Asprey, Robert B., editor
    Naylor, Sean.            Not a Good Day to Die The Untold Story of Operation Anacon
                             UN Chronicle
    New UN Peace-Keeping Operation Launched to Verify Cease-Fire Pact.
    No Peace in Peacekeeping. Times
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    Non-Traditional Missions and the Use of Force: Affairs
    Obama's War.                                      Smith, Martin, director.
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    Operation Enduring Freedom SecurityAssistance in Afghanistan Initial Impressions R
    Papers of the Civil Affairs Training School, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinoi
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                             UN Chronicle
    Peace Process in Danger of Paralysis.
                               Ten Years Peacekeeping
    Peace without Politics?Internationalof International State-Building in Bosnia.
                      UN Set Out by
Peace-Keeping GuidelinesChronicle Security Council.
                      Military Review
Peacekeeping Operations.
                      UN Chronicle
Peace-Keeping: A Whole New Range of Responsibilities.
                       Updates (April-June 1995).
Peacekeeping: MissionInternational Peacekeeping
                      UN Continue
Peacemaking Efforts Must Chronicle Despite Persistent Problems: Secretary-Genera
                      Philippines Armed Forces Troop Information Monthly
Philippine Constabulary, The.
Princeton During World War II.
Rebuilding Infrastructure in Iraq. Special issue.
                     Army AL&T
Reconstruction Post Saddam Iraq: A Quixotic Beginning to the ‘Global Democ
                     Third World Quarterly
Red Army in Turkestan. Central Asian Review
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Region of Peace Called For: El Salvador Elections Near.
Report by General Jacob L. Devers, USA (retired) on UN observers in Kashmir.
Research and Sources. S Marines Small Wars Center of Excellence
Rwanda: Short Memories.Economist
                        Horrors Be Prevented?
Rwanda's Agony: Can World Press Review
                       UN Chronicle
Security Council Discusses Supplement to 'Agenda for Peace'.
                       UN Chronicle
Security Council Renews Force Mandate: No Agreement on Confidence-Building Pa
Shamed Are the Peacekeepers.
Single Canadian Defense Force, 1960-1974, Peacekeeping.
                       Foreign Policy Bulletin
Somalia Policy Debate: Walk, Don't Run, to the Nearest Exit, August 27-October 7, 1
Somalia: After Clinton's Boys Go Home.
Somalia: The End of the Chapter.
                       U.S. News & World Report
Somalia: What Went Wrong?
                       Georgia Journal Democracy: The Effort to Establish Market D
Special Conference: From Autocracy toof International and Comparative Law
                       Third World Quarterly
Special Issue: War, Peace and Progress: Conflict, Development, (In)Security and Vio
                       Security Dialogue
Special Section on Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: Security, Welfare and Representatio
                        Order Campaign, The.
State of the Peace andPhilippine Armed Forces Journal
                        Contributions & UN Peacekeeping Operations by Countries.
Summary of PersonnelPeacekeeping to International Relations, each issue
                       The Army Quarterly
Tactical Doctrine Up-To-Date: Field Service Regulations, Part II, 1935.
                       UN Chronicle
Tajikistan Operation Established.
                       UN [UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus] Funding Changed.
Talks Continue, UNFICYP Chronicle,
                       UN Chronicle
The 38th Floor: An Agenda for Peace.
                       UN Chronicle
The 38th Floor: Assembly Elaborates on 'Agenda for Peace'.
                       UN Chronicle
The 38th Floor: Security Council Concludes 'Agenda for Peace' Meetings.
                       UN Chronicle
The 38th Floor: Security Council Considers 'An Agenda for Peace' Proposals.
    The Balkan
Y                       World
    The Campaign in Malaya.' Today

    The Failed States Index 2010. Policy
                              to Fight Him.
    The Guerrilla and How Fleet Marine Force Reference Publication (FMFRP) 12-25
    The Muslim Brothers: Appease or Oppose? A Secretive Group Faces Dilemmas ac
                              Huk Struggle.
    The Reality of the NewPhilippines Armed Forces Journal
                             Foreign Policy Policy;
    The Shifting Priorities of U.S. Foreign Bulletin Peacekeeping Downgraded.
    The United Nations: Heart of Gold, Limbs of Clay.
                              in Bosnia.
    The UN's Last Chance Economist
                             UN Chronicle
    Three Separate Operations Created on 31 March.
                             Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations
    Through Sovereign Borders: Population Migrations.
                             Army Combat Forces Journal
    TRUST: Mission Accomplished.
                             Foreign Policy Bulletin
    U.N. Forces Assume Peace-Keeping Role in Haiti.
                             Foreign Policy Bulletin
    U.N. Forces in the Former Yugoslavia: Caught Between Withdrawal and Escalation.
    U.S. Forces on the Golan Heights? A Special Report.
                             External Irian.
    UN Administration Leaves WestAffairs Bulletin (Canada)
                             Foreign Policy
    UN Forces Withdraw from Somalia. Bulletin
                             UN Chronicle
    UN Operation in Full Swing; Force of 6,000 Deployed.
                             UN Chronicle
    UN Operations: Not Only Expanding, But Breaking New Ground.
                             UN Chronicle
    UN Peace-Keepers to Withdraw by End of March 1995.
                             International to Present [1994].
    UN Peacekeeping Operations 1948 Peacekeeping
                             Foreign Policy Bulletin
    UN Troops, Strongly Supported by U.S. Forces, Respond to Attacks by Followers of
    United Nations and Somalia: Orderly Retreat, with Luck.
                             DISAM Journal of - 1995.
    United Nations Peacekeeping OperationsInternational Security Assistance Managem
    United Nations Peacekeeping.
                             Asian Defence Journal
    United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC).
                             External Affairs Bulletin in Palestine.
    United Nations Truce Supervision Organization(Canada)
                             UN Chronicle
    UNOSOM [UN Operation in Somalia] Objectives Affirmed, Despite Continuing Violen
                             UN Chronicle
    UNOSOM [UN Operation in Somalia] Withdrawal Completed Virtually without a Hitch
                             UN Chronicle
    UNOSOM II [UN Operation in Somalia] Mandate Extended: Mission's Future Ponder
                             UN Chronicle
    UNOSOM II [UN Operation in Somalia] Mandate Renewed, Humanitarian Aspect Str
                           UN Chronicle
    UNOSOM II [UN Operation in Somalia] Takes Decisive Action to Restore Peace: Kill
                           UN Chronicle
    UNTAC [UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia] Mandate Ends: New Constitution, G
Y                          U. S. in Asia--An Eyewitness
    Up Front With U.S. GuerillasNews and World Report Report.
Y   War Against Castro: How Big? What Chance of Success?
    War in the Congo.      Foreign Policy in Focus Turner, Thomas, and Martha Honey, T
                           Years On, The.
    War over Kosovo: Ten International Affairs
    What the United Nations Learnt in Cambodia.
    White Paper of the Interagency Policy Group's Report on US Policy toward Afghanis
    Who Commands Whom?     Peacekeeping & International Relations
                           Competing Networks and Narratives Weekly
    Would-Be Child Suicide Bomber Offers Competing Narrative.
                            Economic Development Howard S., editor.
                                                   Donini, Antonio, Norah Niland, and Kar
                            Nation-Building Unraveled?: Aid, Peace and Justice in Afgha
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Y                                                  Garland, Albert N., editor.
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                           Reconstruction and
                           Development in the Barakat, Sultan,
                           Aftermath of War        editor

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                                                   in the
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                           Challenges of Peacekeeping and Peace Support into the 21st
                                                    States Symmetrically and
                           Challenging the UnitedMatthews, Lloyd J., editor. Asymmetric
                           Civil Affairs Handbook, Italy (Section 2: (Supplement Allied Mi
                           Civilian-Military Operations Guide
                           Coalition Bulletin
        Coalition Chronicle
                               Winkler, Theodor H., the Security Sec
        Combating Terrorism and Its Implications forAnjah Ebnöther a
        Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) Sentinel
        Combating Terrorism in a Globalized World
Y       Combined Arms Center Special Edition – Counterinsurgency
                               Whetstone, Robert A., editor
Y       Conduct of Anti-Terrorist Operations in Malaya, The
        Conference of American Armies Lessons Learned System
        Conference of American Armies Peace Operations Manual
Y                              Cole, Allan B, editor
        Conflict in Indochina and International Repercussions
        Counter Insurgency Operations
                               Forest, James in the 21st Century
        Countering Terrorism and Insurgency J. F., editor.
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        Countering Terrorism and WMD: Creating a Global Counter-T
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        Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare and Carter Malkasian,
                               Salem, Norma,
        Cyprus: A Regional Conflict and Its Resolution
Y                               Edelman, Vietnam
        Dear America: Letters Home FromBernard, editor.
Y                               French School
        Death Squadrons: TheRobin, Marie-Monique, director, with W
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        Demilitarizing the Mind: African Agendas for Peace and Secur
                               Inbar, Efraim, editor.
        Democracies and Small Wars
        Early Warning and Early Response: Conceptual and Empirica
                               Goldstone, Jack
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        Encyclopedia of the American Military: Studies of the History,
                               Pfaltzgraff, Robert L., Jr., and Shultz, R
        Ethnic Conflict and Regional Instability: Implications for US Po

                                Ebnoether, Anja H., Ernst M Felberbau
        Facing the Terrorist Challenge Central Asia's Role in Regiona
        Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping Source
Y   Y                           Translated by US Field Manual
        Fighting the Guerrilla Bands, WehrmachtArmy Intelligence Div

                                 Beaver, Paul,
        Force for Peace          editor.
        Foreign Language Center
                                 Maley, William, Charles Sampford, an
        From Civil Strife to Civil Society: Civil and Military Responsibil
                                 Halbe, Silja, editor.
        From Conflict to Peacebuilding: The Role of the Natural Reso
        Fund for Peace. Conflict Assessment System Tool (CAST)
                                  Ideas from Counterinsurgency and Co
        Gangs and Guerrillas: Freeman, Michael and Hy Rothstein, e
Y                                Gilbert, Rodney, editor.
        Genocide in Tibet: A Study In Communist Aggression

Y       George Washington’s Generals and Opponents: Their Exploit
                            Billias, George Athan, editor
Y   German Anti-Guerrilla Operations in the Balkans (1939-1944)
Y   German Military Government over Europe
    Global Terrorism Resource Database
    Government of the "New Philippine, The
                            Kakonen, Jyrki, editor.
    Green Security or Militarized Environment
Y                           Chaliand, Anthology from
    Guerrilla Strategies: An HistoricalGérard, editor the Long Ma
                            Schultz, Richard H., Jr., et al., editors.
    Guerrilla Warfare and Counterinsurgency: U.S.-Soviet Policy
                            Perito, Robert editor
    Guide for Participants in Peace, Stability, and Relief Operation
                             Use of John E. and Robert W. Coakle
    Guide to the Study andJessup, Military History
    Handbook on Bandit Suppression
                            Forest, James J. F., editor.
    Homeland Security: Protecting America's Targets
    Human Terrain System
                            O'Neill, Bard E, and William R. Heaton
    Insurgency in the Modern World
    Intelligence Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region: Establishi

    Implication of a
    Common Alignment
    of World Regions
    among Select
    Federal Agencies
Y                            Guttieri, Karen, and Jessica Piombo, e
    Interim Governments: Institutional Bridges to Peace and Dem
                             Nesi, Giuseppe, editor
    International Cooperation in Counter-Terrorism: The United N
    International Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT)
Y   Japanese Administration of Burma
Y   Japanese Administration of Malaya
Y   Japanese Techniques of Occupation: Key Laws and Official D
    Journal of International Peace Operations
                            Doyle, Michael UN Ian Stone, in Camb
    Keeping the Peace: Multidimensional W., Operationsand Rob
                            Schneider, Barry Leaders and their St
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    Law in the War on International Terrorism
                            US Army Training and Doctrine
    Leader Development Strategy for a 21st Century Army Comm
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    Low-Intensity Warfare: Klare, Michael T. and Peter Kornbluh, e
Y                           Paret, Peter, editor
    Makers of Modern Strategy from Machiavelli to the Nuclear Ag
    Medical Support Manual for United Nations Peacekeeping Op
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    Modern Guerrilla Warfare: Fighting Communisteditor
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    My Neighbor, My Enemy: Justice and Community in the Afterm
Y                           Zinner, Paul E., editor
    National Communism and Popular Revolt in Eastern Europe
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    Nation-Building: Beyond Afghanistan and Iraq
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    Nation-Building: Five Southeast Asian Histories
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    New Dimensions of Peacekeeping
                            Pfeffer, Richard M, editor.
    No More Vietnams: The War and the Future of American For
                            for the US Military in the Post-Cold Wa
    Non-Combatant Roles Graham, James R., editor.
                            Sarkesian, Sam C,
    Non-Nuclear Conflicts in the Nuclear Age editor.
    North China Area Operations
    Operations Other than War OOTW): The Technological Dime
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    Other Side of the Mountain: Mujahideen Tactics in the Soviet
                            Schmidl, and Peace
    Peace Operations between WarErwin A., editor.
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    Peace Operations: Recent Hands-on Experience
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    Peace Support Operations and the U.S. Military
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    Peacebuilding and Police ReformT., and Espen B. Eide, edito
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    Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution
                            de Millennium: Lessons Learned from
    Peacekeeping in the New Coning, Cedric H., and Kwezi Mngq
Y                           De Jong, Ben, Concepts for the Future
    Peacekeeping Intelligence: Emerging Wies Platje, and Robert
                            Smith, the Future
    Peacekeeping: Challenges forHugh, editor.
                            Mokhtari, Fariborz L., editor.
    Peacemaking, Peacekeeping and Coalition Warfare: The Futu
                            Oakley, Robert B., and Michael J. Dzie
    Policing the New World Disorder: Peace Operations and Publ
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    Postconflict Development: Meeting New Willemijn Verkoren, e
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    Prelude to Tragedy: Vietnam 1960-1965 John O’Donnell, e
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