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									Africa Programme of Action (2006-2015) Partners Supporting Activities

STRATEGIC AREAS         Major Area of Activity 1.     Major Area of Activity 2.         Major Area of Activity 3.    Major Area of Activity 4.     Major Area of Activity 5. Major Area of Activity   Major Area of Activity 7. Major Area of Activity   Major Area of Activity 9.
OF INTERVENTION         Enhancing and                 Strengthening institutional       Incorporating disaster       Increasing resource           Strengthening capacities 6.                                                  8.
1. Increase political   strengthening                 frameworks and defining           risk reduction into          allocation for disaster       of the regional inter-
commitment to           mobilization for political    the structures of disaster        national legislation         risk reduction                government commission
Disaster Risk           commitment,                   risk reduction                                                                               (AU Commission) / NEPAD
Reduction (DRR)         responsibility and                                                                                                         Planning and Coordinating
                        accountability                                                                                                             Agency and Regional
                                                                                                                                                   Economic Communities
                                                                                                                                                   (RECs) for implementation
                                                                                                                                                   of this Strategy

                        • Burkina Faso: various       Key outcomes under AAP            Incorporating disaster risk Increasing resource            The Regional Bureau for
                        workshops targeted at         include “Strengthening long-      reduction into national     allocation for disaster risk   Africa is building on the
                        stakeholders from             term planning to enable           legislation and District    reduction (VSF Belgium)        value adding opportunities
                        different national            countries to manage both          level contingency planning                                 that AAP provides to pilot
                        institutions and Ministries   existing and future risks         (VSF Belgium)                                              the creation of strategic
                        have been completed for       associated with climate                                                                      frameworks that aim to
                        resource mobilization and     change” and “Building                                                                        harmonize all UNDP/EEG
                        synergizing climate           effective leadership and                                                                     climate related projects, for
                        change adaptation / DRR       institutional frameworks for                                                                 enhanced management and
                        knowledge and projects        enhanced coordination and                                                                    delivery of technical
                        • Namibia: extensive          cohesion of programmes”                                                                      assistance within the
                        training has been             AAP Example:                                                                                 country office and
                        completed, particularly       • Malawi: 4 work packages                                                                    government setting. The
                        with Government               underway—Capacity                                                                            success of this initiative will
                        agencies and                  Development and Training                                                                     enhance the achievement of
                        parliamentarians.(AAP)        Needs Assessment work                                                                        AAP outcomes in addition to
                                                      package was completed; 12                                                                    reducing the impact of
                                                      members of the Malawi                                                                        project fatigue caused by
                                                      Government’s Climate                                                                         too many unrelated and ad
                                                      Change Technical                                                                             hoc projects being
                                                      Committee were trained.                                                                      implemented in countries.
                                                      (AAP)                                                                                        (AAP)
                        Advocating for the            Establishing disaster risk        Support countries to         One of the 5 key              The GoE works very closely
                        mainstreaming of climate      management sub-regional           identify climate-related     outcomes under AAP is         with regional forums like
                        change and DRR in areas       or regional facility to support   risks to their national      to help countries identify    Intergovernmental Authority
                        of focus (Education;          national programmes in            development priorities       a range of financing          on Development (IGAD) and
                        Water, Sanitation and         southern Africa, to provide       design and implement         options for sustained         its affiliates like Regional
                        Hygiene promotion; Child      technical support sustained       holistic climate-resilient   adaptation, which             Food Security & Risk
                        Protection; Health;           to mainstream DRR policies        adaptation and disaster      includes DRR. (AAP)           Management Programme
                        Nutrition) at major global    (UN HABITAT)                      risk reduction plans to                                    (REFORM) (GoE)
                        events such as the                                              address these risks (AAP)
                        UNFCCC COPs.

                        Sharing of lessons and        Bridging the gap between    Ethiopia – DRM policy in           Working with the GEF          o Training on contingency
                        best practicesfrom Kenya      the space and the disaster- 10th draft, soon to be             and other funds               planning, risk analysis and
                        and Ethiopia through          risk management             adopted (FAO Ethiopia)             dedicated to climate          emergency preparedness
                        forums ( COOPI in             communities (UN SPIDER)                                        change adaptation.            for UN and governments
                        collaboration with FAO                                                                       (UNICEF)                      and supporting review of
                        and ISDR)                                                                                                                  disaster risk management
                                                                                                                                                   policies (OCHA ROSEA)
Enhancing the use of           The nodal agency on DRM                             DRR has been accorded
                                                               Ethiopia already has the                         Support to Regional
space-based information        in Ethiopia – DRMFSS – is       National Policy on  primary significance in      Economic Commissions by
to support the full disaster   led by a State Minister                             both the DRM Strategic
                                                               Disaster Prevention &                            posting of regional DRR
management cycle (UN           within the Ministry of                              Programme and
                                                               Management (1993). The                           Advisors. (UNISDR Africa)
SPIDER)                        Agriculture, while the          government has now  Investment Framework
                               National Disaster               developed a         and National Policy and
                               Prevention and                                      Strategy on Disaster Risk
                                                               comprehensive National
                               Preparedness Committee is                           Management. This paves
                                                               Policy and Strategy on
                               led by the Prime Minister.      Disaster Risk       ground and way for
                               There are similar                                   enhanced resource
                                                               Management which will be
                               institutional arrangements      approved in the nearallocation for DRR. Within
                               and structures at each          future. (GoE)       the Disaster Risk
                               levels of government (i.e. at                       Management & Food
                               Regional, Zonal, and                                Security Sector
                               Woreda levels). (GoE)                               (DRMFSS), the lead
                                                                                   government agency on
                                                                                   DRM, increased
                                                                                   budgetary and human
                                                                                   resources allocation has
                                                                                   been granted for DRR
                                                                                   activities. This is also
                                                                                   apparent at different
                                                                                   levels of government
                                                                                   (region, zone,
                                                                                   woreda/district). (GoE)
The Government of         AUC under it's Department Coordinating international National and district level
Ethiopia (under the aegis of Rural Economy and         partner input to the 2010 advocacy on DRR issues,
of DRMFSS) is in the      Agriculture developed a      revision of SADC’s DRR      including adequate
process of preparing a    Policy Framework for         strategy; and 2)            institutional support for
DRM Strategic             Pastoralism in Africa, which advocating for ISDR to      local and District level
Programme and             also considers DRR and       undertake capacity and      Civil Protection
Investment Framework      encourages mitigation        mandate mapping of          Committees structures
which will guide the DRM measures. (AUC)               international actors in the taking into account the
process in the country as                              region. (OCHA ROSEA)        experience in
well as build ground for                                                           Mozambique. (GOAL
harmonised DRM funding.                                                            Malawi)
Promoting a common        Support to National          Support to national
DRR and CC Advoacy        Platforms for DRR and        counterparts in developing
Strategy among members implementing partners to        DRR policies, strategies
of the IAWG Working       strengthen coordination and and plans. (UNISDR
Group on DRR and CC for institutional mechanisms.      Africa)
East and Central Africa   (UNISDR Africa)
(IAWG Disaster
Preparedness Central and
East Africa)
                          Awareness raised at the      Support and participate in
Establishment and
                          municipal level to develop   the development of the
operationalisation of
                          municipal ordinances on the national disaster
different DRR/M
                          establishment of various     management policy and
management committees
                          committees (FAO              its legislation (FAO ERCU
                          Madagascar)                  Malawi)
                                                          Corsortia of international
                                                          agencies including Tear
                             Progressive integration of
                                                          Fund, Action Aid, Oxfam
 Exchange visits            community agents to serve
                                                          and Christian Aid to lobby
organised between local in the intervention
                                                          the UN and Department of
authorities for information communes (first points of
                                                          Disaster and Management
exchange (FAO               contact for intervention)
                                                          affairs to establish a
Madagascar)                 (ICCO/SAF & FAO
                                                          national DRR
                                                          coordinating body in
                                                          Malawi (CA/EAM)
                                                          Coordination meetings to
                           Participation of political     lobby for the
                           authorities in the CCGRC,      implementation of
                           CDGRC structures ( ICCO        Malawian government
                           SAF & FAO Madagascar)          DRR Framework.
                           Support the Department of
                           Disaster Management
                           Affairs to develop an
                           effective coordination
                           mechanism (GOAL Malawi)

                            Facilitate capacity
                           development for District
                           Assembly and District Civil
                           Protection Committees staff
                           and sectoral ministry staff
                           (GOAL MALAWI)
                           Facilitate development of an
                           all hazard District Disaster
                           risk management plan
                           (DRMP) for Malawi
                           National workshop on
                           preparedness and risk
                           reduction to share best
                           practices and lessons learnt
                           in Malawi. (CA/EAM)
Promoting a common         Madagascar:                    Provide support to
DRR and ACC                implementation and             national platforms or
(adaptation to climate     support of local and           DIPECHO partners to
change) regional-level     communal DRR                   develop advocacy
advocacy strategy          committees by decree           strategy mainstreaming
aligned with national-     while initiating               ACC in DRR action plans
level strategies           mobilization actions at the    - (CLaSP CARE project :
(Mozambique, Malawi,       ground level (Médecins du      south east of Africa and
and Madagascar) is         Monde)                         south west Indian
underway - (CLaSP                                         Ocean)
CARE project: south
east of Africa and south
west Indian Ocean)
                                                     Mozambique: District                                        Mozambique: Advocacy
                                                     Technical and its                                           activities aimed at
                                                     institutions strengthened,                                  resources mobilization
                                                     integrate DRR actions in                                    to be initiated (Moz
                                                     their plans and                                             platform partners).
                                                     collaborate very closely at                                 Inclusion of risk
                                                     community, province and                                     management in the
                                                     regional levels                                             sectoral plans will allow
                                                     (GAA/Concern, CARE,                                         resources allocation at
                                                     OIKOS)                                                      different government
                                                                                                                 levels (all Moz platform
STRATEGIC AREAS          Major Area of Activity 1.   Major Area of Activity 2.         Major Area of Activity 3. Major Area of Activity 4.        Major Area of Activity 5.     Major Area of Activity Major Area of Activity 7. Major Area of Activity   Major Area of Activity 9.
OF INTERVENTION          Improving the quality of    Improving identification,         Strengthening capacities Compiling and                     Cooperating regionally        6. To develop                                    8.
2. Improve               information and data on     assessment and                    and resource base for     standardising, as                and internationally to        framework for action to
identification and       disaster risks              monitoring of hazards,            institutions involved in  appropriate, statistical         assess and monitor            reduce urban multi-
assessment of disaster                               vulnerabilities and               early warning systems, information and data on             regional and trans-           dimensional
risks                                                capacities                        risk mapping including    regional disaster risks          boundary hazards              vulnerability, with
                                                                                       observational and         and vulnerabilities,                                           impact in different type
                                                                                       research sub-systems      impacts and losses                                             of urban risks

                         One of AAP’s 5 key          Conducts drought and              • Burkina Faso: Status:       • Tunisia: actions to        AAP’s Inter-regional          AAP assists countries to
                         outcomes is to Build        floods related assessments        various workshops             protect coastal areas and    Technical Support             develop holistic plans for
                         knowledge management        , monitoring of hazards and       targeted at stakeholders      to increase underground      Component (IRTSC) has         minimizing the dynamic
                         systems and promoting       vulnerabilities of pastoralists   from different national       recharge through             been supporting country       risks and ever-changing
                         information sharing         communities in Kenya,(            institutions and Ministries   utilization of used waters   teams. AAP has also           vulnerabilities in urban
                         AAP Example:                including Uganda and              have been completed for       are being implemented;       worked closely with the       areas.
                         • Kenya: The Dynamic        Sudan) where we operate           resource mobilization and     several studies were         Africa-Asia Drought Risk
                         Modeling Tool under         (VSF Belgium)                     synergizing climate           elaborated—the Tunisian      Management Peer
                         MPND & V2030 was                                              change adaptation             Coastal Adaptation to        Assistance Project (the
                         procured in October 2010;                                     knowledge/projects;           Climate Change Strategy,     Drought Network).
                         the T21 workshop was                                          Meteorological Service        integrated regional plans    AAP Country Example:
                         held from 17-19                                               personnel have received       to adapt, mapping of         • Ethiopia: one regional
                         November 2010; certain                                        training on the generation    vulnerability to climate     adaptation programme has
                         T21 technical meetings                                        of climate extreme indices    change of Tunisian           been completed
                         have been held; the                                           for climate risk              coastal area, and
                         training is on schedule;                                      management. (AAP)             evaluation and updating
                         and all data sets                                                                           of proposed solutions to
                         available. (AAP)                                                                            fight against marine
                                                                                                                     erosion. (AAP)
                         Regular collect and         • Ghana: assessments of           Support early warning         Documentation and            Facilitate sharing of         Urban risks have been
                         update of data on           the needs of the Disaster         systems to become more        sharing of social and        community contingency         given high importance in
                         expanded DRR focusing       Management Agency and             effective at local level in   economic implications of     plans across Kenya Ethiopia   the draft policy as well
                         on natural hazards,         the Met Agency have been          southern Ethiopia             conflict in DRR strategies   Border. (COOPI)               as framework. (GoE)
                         epidemics and conflict      completed; an awareness-          (COOPI)                       in Northern Kenya and
                         (DRR+) to guide             raising programme (with a                                       Southern Ethiopia
                         programming and             video production) has been                                      (COOPI)
                         planning. (UNICEF)          completed; a workshop on
                                                     Scenario Mapping was
                                                     carried out; an MOU was
                                                     signed with the Ghana
                                                     Meteorological Agency for
                                                     implementation of the Early
                                                     Warning System. (AAP)
The GoE has launched a        Recently developed Pre           The government has             One of the primary        Ethiopia actively participates       Facilitate review and/
comprehensive multi-          and In-crisis indicators for     recently restructured the      outputs of the disaster   in all regional forums on            drafting of flood
hazard and multi-sector       the education sector include     Early Warning monitoring       risk profiling programme DRM. (GoE)                            contingency plans at
information management        measurement of DRR               tools collected on weekly      is to produce databases                                        Traditional authority level
system on various             institutionalisation within      and monthly basis from         on risks and its                                               including at household
components of DRR –           education sector planning.       districts and regions in the   constituent elements that                                      level. (CA/EAM, Malawi)
including risk                (UNICEF)                         country. In collaboration      will be accessible by all
assessments, early                                             with World Food                stakeholders at federal,
warning, contingency                                           Programme and other            regional and district
planning, etc. (GoE)                                           partners, the government       levels. (GoE)
                                                               is also implementing a
                                                               weather-based indexing
                                                               tool (LEAP) that includes
                                                               a software platform. (GoE)

Developing a regional         Training of 10 communities       Capacity development on        Training on data            Mapping key stakeholders           Train Area and Village
vulnerability analysis tool   in Kenya and Ethiopia in         DRR and CC across the          collection (3W and          and their activities in DRR        Civil Protection
which will draw on more       disaster risk analysis,          members. (IAWG Disaster        contact directories); and   and CC and identifying gaps        Committees, general
locally available data        vulnerability assessment         Preparedness Central and       IM roles and                and opportunities (IAWG            target communities and
currently not captured in     and preparation of               East Africa)                   responsibilities in the     Disaster Preparedness              special groups and
global models, including      contingency plans for                                           cluster approach. Direct    Central and East Africa)           floods management.
OCHA’s Global Focus           communities (COOPI)                                             IM services provided                                           (CA/EAM, Malawi)
Model and Integrated                                                                          upon request, including
Food Security Phased                                                                          the development of
Classification (IPC)                                                                          information management
(OCHA ROSEA)                                                                                  strategies, mapping, IM
                                                                                              inventory and gap
                                                                                              identification. (OCHA
Compilation of baseline       A programme on                   Planned mainstreaming      Development of                  Facilitate the establishment
database with data            preparation of district-level    training in Africa for     informative materials           of institutional links for early
outlining the FS and DRR      disaster risk profiles has       UNCTs representatives                                      warning and emergency
vulnerabilities of target     been launched that               and other ISDR                                             preparedness between
communities in Malawi,        captures every information       stakeholders. Additionally                                 Malawi and Mozambique in
Mozambique and                on hazards, vulnerabilities      CADRI will run other                                       the lower Shire valley.
Madagascar (FAO)              and capacities at sub-           courses on demand, e.g.                                    (GOAL MALAWI)
                              district levels. This forms      Overview course on DRR
                              the basis of all DRR             for UNDP staff and
                              activities taking place in the   national stakeholders from
                              district, including location-    Arab States. (CADRI)
                              specific early warning
                              systems, contingency plans
                              and DRR Plans. This risk
                              assessment exercise is
                              being supported by multiple
                              agencies through technical,
                              financial and logistical
                              support while bulk of the
                              work is being done by the
                              government staffs. (GoE)
Madagascar: completion     Development of data-            Madagascar: information       Development of a tool       Support and strengthen risk
of risk mapping at the     sharing protocols between       system functional at the      for assessing the           identification strategies
Commune level              ECOWAS members states.          local, municipalities, and    impacts of DRR              related to crops and
(Médecins du Monde)        (UNISDR and ECOWAS)             region levels and early       activities on the           livestock (FAO ERCU
                                                           warning system (EWS)          resiliencec of              Malawi)
                                                           implemented at the            communities to natural
                                                           municipal level. rendre       hazards is underway by
                                                           fonctionnel les systèmes      the CERED (centre
                                                                                         d'études et de
                                                                                         économiques pour le
                                                                                         développement) from
                                                                                         the University of
                                                                                         Antananarivo -
                                                                                         Madagascar (CLaSP
                                                                                         CARE: south east of
                                                                                         Africa and south west
                                                                                         Indian Ocean)
Madagascar: pooling of     Madagascar: a system for        Common baseline survey        Madagascar:
GIS database on the        measuring the level of          and analysis guidelines       developing a common
risks with DIPECHO         rivers and rainfall to better   developed for                 toolkit from previous
partners in Madagascar     anticipate flooding is          implementation in Malawi,     experiences of each
via the regional program   functional (Medair)             Mozambique and                promoter. Thematic
COOPI. (Médecins du        Capacity building of local      Madagascar for FS/DR          exchanges, common
Monde)                     actors (local and               project to map                assessment and
                           municipal DRM                   vulnerability and needs       capitalization will be
                           committees) on the              (FAO)                         performed to properly
                           identification of risks:                                      line up this action (ICCO
                           vulnerability mapping,                                        - ICPM)
                           increasing resilience
                           (roles and activities
                           integrated in contingency
                           plans), and for damage
                           assessment (national
                           assessment sheet multi-
                           hazard) (Médecins du
                        Madagascar: increasing             Establishment of DRR          Common M&E framework
                        the communities                    committees at fokotany,       developed for
                        resilience by                      commune and district          implementation in Malawi,
Accurate diagnosis of
                        implementing mitigation            levels (CARE Antalaha)        Mozambique and
FS/DRR needs using
                        activities and the                                               Madagascar for FS/DRR
participatory rural
                                                                                         project (FAO)
appraisal methodologies emergency preparedness
at village level        plans (EPP), by
(CARE Antalaha)         conducting simulation
                        exercises at schools,
                        municipal and district
                        levels (CARE)
                        Madagascar: inter-                 Training of beneficiaries
                        municipal unit of                  and organisations on
Development of
                                                           disaster risk reduction and
emergency Preparedness information management
                        is functional (Medair)             the transmission of DRR
plans (CARE Antalaha)
                                                           messages (CARE
Design of DRR data and
information management
                                                             Realisation of simulation
programme with the
                               Training of CGRC on           exercises in which
national office for DRR
                               cyclones (formation,          participants include
(BNGRC) and training of
                               evolution, movement, etc)     delegates from the
regional, district and
                               (CARE Antalaha)               intervention (ICCO/SAF,
urban commune
technicians on its use
(CARE Antalaha)
   sensitise and make
 accountable DRM actors
                                                              Reinforce the capacity of
  and reach a common           Reinforce the capacity of
                                                                 the CLGRC in the
 understanding about the       different committees on
                                                               completion of the EIMA
 concepts of prevention,       Early Warning Systems,
                                                                documents and other
preparation and mitigation     contingency planning
                                                             relevant tools (ICCO/SAF,
   to reduce the risk of       (ICCO/SAF, Madagascar)
  disasters (ICCO/SAF,
                               1. Basin survey and           Donation of equipment to
Standardisation of all the
                               technical assessment of       District and Area Civil
 data related to disasters
                               critical intervention sites   Protection Committees
at the level of the regional
                               together with DCPC and         (GOAL MALAWI)
  DRM committee so that
                               Public Works staff. GOAL
     official results are
  transmitted to BNGRC)
(ICCO/SAF, Madagascar)
Support establishment of                                      Support development of
an improved early                                              communication & alert
warning, food security                                           protocol between
information, monitoring                                       Department of Disaster
and mitigation systems                                          Management Affairs,
Consistent Flood early                                        District Authorities, and
warning systems and data                                        communities, using
collection improved(FAO                                          agreed upon early
ERCU Malawi)                                                  warning system. (GOAL
Joint review meetings of
effectiveness of existing                                         Conduct scientific
local and scientific early                                   validation & explanation of
warning systems and                                            traditionally used early
communication                                                 warning signals (GOAL
procedures.(CA/EAM,                                                    MALAWI)
Facilitate production flood                                     Facilitate simulation
zone maps for target                                            exercises involving
communities. (CA/EAM,                                         VCPCs, ACPCs and the
Malawi)                                                        DCPC, in coordination
                                                                with DoDMA (GOAL
Planning and
implementation of flood
management - land use
plan zoning of flood prone        Facilitate capacity
lands assessment of            development of VCPC
management of                     members in new
watershed ( socio-           intervention areas. (GOAL
ecological and physical               MALAWI)
characteristics) to inform
planning (CA/EAM,
Facilitate meetings with
Department of Disaster
and Management Affairs,      Provision of early warning
Meteorological                   and/or response
Department and Water          equipment to VCPCs in
Department to lobby use      coordination with DoDMA.
of community based early          (GOAL Malawi)
warning systems.
(CA/EAM, Malawi)
Implementation of a cash
versus seeds for work
study using PRA
methodologies and               Identify and install
households socio-                  appropriate
economic analysis to           complementary early
contribute to a database         warning systems
to analyse the short-term           (CA/EAM)
benefits of each strategy
for household income.
(COOPI, Malawi)
                                Train contact persons
                                 (hydrometric gauge
                             readers) in data collection,
                                     analysis and
                              dissemination. (CA/EAM)
                                   Procurement of
                             communication equipment
                              for early warning system.
                                Conduct community
                                  mobilisation and
                                sensitization on the
                                importance of early
                                 warning systems.
                             Training Area and Village
                                  Civil protection
                             Committees in their roles
                                and responsibilities.
STRATEGIC AREAS         Major Area of Activity 1.    Major Area of Activity 2.         Major Area of Activity 3.   Major Area of Activity 4.    Major Area of Activity 5.                         Major Area of Activity 7. Major Area of Activity
                                                                                                                                                                               Major Area of Activity                                                Major Area of Activity 9.
OF INTERVENTION         Improving dissemination      Promoting integration of          Expanding the role of       Strengthening the role       Strengthening the role of      6.                 Operationalising             8.
3. Increase public      and communication of         DRR in the formal and             the media                   and experience in DRR        women, youth and other                            guidelines for
awareness of disaster   information                  informal education                                            of traditional and local     vulnerable groups in                              mainstreaming DRR
risk reduction                                       systems and specifically                                      authorities and other        decision making in DRR                            into sector and cross-
                                                     the health sector                                             opinion leaders              issues                                            cutting sector
                                                                                                                                                                                                  development policies
                                                                                                                                                                                                  and programmes,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  particularly in
                                                                                                                                                                                                  agriculture, health and
                                                                                                                                                                                                  climate change
                                                                                                                                                                                                  adaptation and drought
                                                                                                                                                                                                  and desertification
                        One of AAP’s 5 key           • Niger: curriculum changes       We support local            • Morocco: Morocco has       the Cross-Practice Strategy Mozambique: assisting Reinforce partners' and
                        outcomes is to build         including climate change          community institutions      achieved very concrete       has been launched, which     the government in    farmers'          technical
                        knowledge management         adaptation/DRR in primary         (peace committees , youth   synergies with               brings together experts from establishing and     agricultural     capacities
                        systems and promoting        and secondary schools.            groups, PFS groups) in      governance programs in       UNDP’s core practice areas training and           (multiplication of short
                        information sharing.         • Morocco: Part of                early detection of          terms of climate risk        such as poverty reduction, strengthening of local cycle     seed varieties,
                        Various activities for       Morocco’s AAP capacity            disasters and timely        management, climate risk     gender, capacity             disaster management improved          cultivation
                        visibility and outreach      development plan has been         dissemination of            and natural disaster         development, policy          committees (CARE,    techniques, post-harvest
                        have been undertaken,        the formation of                  information for rapid       assessment, and has          planning, and provides       OIKOS, and           handling and storage
                        including presentations at   partnerships with high            response. (VSF Belgium)     already started new early    integrated services to       GAA/Concern)         techniques, conservation
                        the UNFCCC meeting,          schools and higher-level                                      warning systems in the       countries                                         agriculture,           seed
                        CIF meeting, Africa          institutions—partnering with                                  Oasis areas, including       • Kenya: Kenya is currently                       selection,     agroforesty,
                        Development Forum            academics for topics of                                       the set up of                working to mainstream                             among others (FAO)
                        (ADF), Tokyo International   infrastructure and water                                      communication plans for      gender into climate change
                        Conference for African       • Kenya: extensive training                                   direct information sharing   adaptation and other
                        Development (TICAD);         of focal points/stakeholders                                  with local farmers.          development planning
                        AAP has also worked          and curriculum changes for                                    Morocco’s communication      (AAP)
                        closely with the Africa-     primary/secondary schools.                                    strategy is underway with
                        Asia Drought Risk            (AAP)                                                         the recruitment process
                        Management Peer                                                                            and will include a focus
                        Assistance Project (the                                                                    on local communities
                        Drought Network).                                                                          /farmers. (AAP)

                        Improving dissemination      Establishing disaster risk        AAP launched the Media      Participating and            Organisation of training and
                        and communication of         management sub-regional           Awareness Project in        supporting local             other capacity development                              Technical support to
                        information via the UN-      or regional facility to support   conjunction with the        stakeholders experience      activities (UN SPIDER)                                  partners,         including
                        SPIDER knowledge portal      national programmes in            Special Unit for South-     sharing forums in                                                                    (among              others)
                        ( UN       southern Africa to train          South Cooperation in Dec    collaboration with the                                                               procurement of climate
                        SPIDER                       national authorities (UN          2010                        local government                                                                     adapted short-cycle /
                                                     HABITAT)                                                      authorities and line                                                                 improved seed varieties,
                                                                                                                   departments (COOPI)                                                                  provision of inputs and
                                                                                                                                                                                                        small          agricultural
                                                                                                                                                                                                        materials, certification of
                                                                                                                                                                                                        multiplied          seeds,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        monitoring             and
                                                                                                                                                                                                        evaluation, gender and
                                                                                                                                                                                                        HIV/Aids Mainstreaming,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        food security (FAO)
Regular early warning         Integration of                 Both print and electronic      Organising regional and      The risk profiling activity is
bulletins are disseminated    environmental/DRR              media are actively             international workshops      conducted at the community
to all relevant actors and    education into primary and     involved in all DRM-           and expert meetings (UN      level to elicit information
agencies in DRM and also      secondary and production       related events. An             SPIDER)                      from all vulnerable groups.
published on the website.     of educational materials in    Information Officer has                                     Further, based on the
(GoE)                         Angola, Benin, Guinea          been appointed at the                                       profiles the DRR plans and
                              Bissau, Nigeria, Togo and      federal level to strengthen                                 contingency plans will again
                              Zimbabwe. (UNICEF)             relations with media.                                       be developed starting from
                                                             (GoE)                                                       the community level. The
                                                                                                                         revise policy and the DRM
                                                                                                                         framework provide
                                                                                                                         conducive environment for
                                                                                                                         these group to properly and
                                                                                                                         effectively play their roles.

OCHA support to the           Facilitating Pastoralists field Link climatic data from the   Training programmes on
SADC DRR Unit for the         schools involvement in DRR SADC Southern Africa               risk assessments and
                                                                                                                         Involvement of different
creation of a SADC DRR        (COOPI)                         Regional Climate Outlook      early warning systems
                                                                                                                         social classes, women, and
website. The website                                          Forum (SARCOF) to             have been custom-based
                                                                                                                         youth in problem and risk
seeks to be a platform                                        planning for possible         for authorities at various
                                                                                                                         analysis; the formulation of
that will enable sharing of                                   impacts in all key sectors    levels which are being
                                                                                                                         solutions and small-scale
regional DRR good                                             through the creation of a     cascaded down to the
                                                                                                                         projects as well as the
practices and other DRR                                       standing international        lowest level through a
                                                                                                                         planning of activities in the
related information among                                     partner advisory group        streamlined capacity
                                                                                                                         PPU. (CARE Antalaha)
SADC Member States.                                           within SADC/SARCOF            development process.
(OCHA ROSEA)                                                  (OCHA ROSEA)                  (GoE)
Identify most appropriate     Promoting the use of space- Support to capacity               training on emergency
resources including good      based information in the        building of Journalists on    preparedness is provided
practices to promote          national education systems DRR within Africa.                 to governments and
greater integration of risk   (UN SPIDER)                     (UNISDR Africa)               partners by OCHA.
reduction approach                                                                          Following annual regional
across the region (IAWG                                                                     consultations, OCHA
Disaster Preparedness                                                                       supports countries (with
Central and East Africa)                                                                    broad participation from
                                                                                            all stakeholders) as     Project targeting the most
                                                                                            needed to update their   vulnerable social classes,
                                                                                            contingency plans, based including marginalised
                                                                                            on regional forecast     women and girls (who, one
                                                                                            (OCHA ROSEA)             may say, constitute their
                                                                                                                     own most vulnerable social
                                                                                                                     class) (CARE Fenerive Est)
ISDR Global Campaign          Some higher learning           Media is invited to            Provide technical        Reinforce yam cultivation
on "Resilient Cities".        institutions have included     participate in the             consultation and support including the management
(UNISDR Africa)               DRM in their regular           workshops implemented          on official request of   of distribution centres
                              curriculum of which Bahir      as part of the project         African governments by through intermediaries with
                              Dar University grants a        (CARE Antalaha)                means of Technical       technical and practical
                              regular Undergraduate and                                     Advisory Missions (TAM). training on the production,
                              Masters programme in                                          (UN SPIDER)              management and sale of
                              DRM. Further work is                                                                   yams (targeting women's
                              underway in order to                                                                   groups). These skills will be
                              integrate DRM into the                                                                 valued by the community
                              curriculum for elementary,                                                             and gives them means to
                              secondary and tertiary                                                                 face hazards (CARE
                              levels. (GoE)                                                                          Fenerive Est)
 The analysis of the                                        Media is invited to                                         Organisation of thematic
FS/DRR coordination                                         participate in the                                            days about water and
mechanisms in the 7           Integrating Disaster Risk     workshops implemented         Training the Ray aman-        sanitation (8 March) with
intervention areas            Reduction into school         as part of the project        dreny and Tangalamena        widespread participation of
highlights the where the      programmes (CARE              (CARE Antalaha)               with DRM Committees             women from all of the
needs to improve              Antalaha)                                                   (CARE Antalaha)              communes targeted by the
information flows exists                                                                                                   project (ICCO/SAF,
(FAO MG)                                                                                                                      Madagascar)
                                                                                                                      Support the establishment
Aligned with result 3, the                                                                                            of Community based
relevant information                                                                                                  Disaster Risk Management
resulting from the FS/DRR                                                                                             Forums (FAO ERCU
project will be synthesised                                                                                           Malawi)
into appropriate
                              Training of the Regional
information dissemination                                   Development of help lines Showcase of the project
                              Chief of Academic
tools, including monthly                                      at local level by giving activities at national level
                              Presentations on DRR,
newsletters, a DRR                                              them crank radios         (RNM) (ICCO/SAF,
                              climate change and
website, 3 technical                                        (ICCO/SAF, Madagascar)            Madagascar)
                              HIV/Aids (CARE Antalaha)
briefs, 2 network papers
and a policy brief as well
as fact sheets/case
studies distributed widely
to FS/DRR stakeholders
in the region (FAO)
                                                                                                                      Youth groups are mobilised
                                                              Existence of a certified
Training local radio                                                                                                  to perform educational
                                                              training in DRM at the    Different publications in
television and radio          Organisation of inter-                                                                  drama to inform surrounding
                                                                    University of         national newspapers
journalists, television       scholastic competitions                                                                 villages on DRR and
                                                              Antananarivo; and the    about the success stories
presenters on disaster risk   (radio crochet) on DRM                                                                  environmental issues
                                                                 inclusion of these    of the project (ICCO/SAF,
reduction (CARE               (ICCO/SAF, Madagascar                                                                   (COOPI, Malawi)
                                                              students in the project         Madagascar)
                                                            (ICCO/SAF, Madagascar)
                                                              Training media personnel    Strengthen the capacities   Identifying gender sensitive
                                                              to broadcast DRR            of Civil Protection         activities and considerations
 Periodic publications of     Training of teachers in DRM
                                                              messages on local radios.   Committees through          to ensure women's
 information journals by          to introduce relevant
                                                              (CA/EAM, Malawi)            identified training needs   participation in FS/DRR
    the ICPM project          activities into their curricula
                                                                                          and support ( FAO ERCU      activities in Malawi,
       (ICCO/SAF)              (ICCO/SAF, Madagascar)
                                                                                          Malawi)                     Mozambique and
                                                                                                                      Madagascar (FAO)
                                                            Press releases on floods      Train faith leaders on      Madagascar: at least 50%
                                                            management. (CA/EAM,          flood management and        of the target population
                                                            Malawi)                       supporting action plans.    appropriates the culture of
                                                                                          (CA/EAM, Malawi)            risk and adopt a positive
 Publication of articles in                                                                                           behavioural change
 the monthly newsletter       Organisation of DRM days                                                                through awareness
   organised by FAO            in schools (ICCO/SAF)                                                                  sessions (Medair).
       (ICCO/SAF)                                                                                                     Promote women's
                                                                                                                      participation in local DRM
                                                                                                                      committees (Médecins du
Facilitate the development                                      Development of partner-    All local leaders in the      Madagascar: development
or improvement of                                               populated website to       intervention area are         of IEC tools (Medair)
emergency response             Active participation of the      provide a forum on         required to attend river      Promoting women's
plans for floods and            DRM sub-programme of            experiences and best       basin protection training     participation in aid actions
cholera. (GOAL MALAWI)             SAF FJKM at the              practices in FS/DRR        (COOPI, Malawi)               - Training of 4 aid workers
                               educational cluster level in     interventions in Malawi,                                 in the village of lepers
                                Madagascar (ICCO/SAF,           Mozambique and                                           within the area of
                                     Madagascar)                Madagascar (FAO)                                         intervention (Médecins du

                               Develop disaster           The quarterly newsletter         Madagascar: integration
Disseminate the learning
from the project at a local,   preparedness lesson plans  of the CLaSP project             of chiefs of sector into
district, national and         and design materials for the
                                                          ("DRR Matters" in 3              the local DRM
                               life skills for primary school
                                                          languages) has been              committees (village
global level (including
                               curriculum. (CA/EAM,       published since                  level) (Médecins du
participate in and co-
organise the planned           Malawi)                    February 2011. Each              Monde)
2011 DIPECHO national                                     issue focuses on a
consultation meeting).                                    specific theme as
(GOAL Malawi)                                             DRR/best practices or
                                                          success stories, DRR
                               Coordination meetings      Madagascar: production           Madagascar:
                               national and international films, newspapers and a          involvement of a
                               agencies involved with DRR virtual library that would       community leader in
                               to discuss the DRR         multiply the effects of          addition to the local
                               education materials.       actions conducted by             president of village into
                               (CA/EAM, Malawi)           DIPECHO partners and             the local DRM
Support the Village Civil
Protection Committees                                     local target groups              committees -
and Area Civil Protection                                 (ICCO - ICPM)                    Involvement of
Committees s in the                                                                        traditional healers in
district to organise risk                                                                  surveillance of epidemic
awareness                                                                                  disease in collaboration
communication events                                                                       with public health
(GOAL MALAWI)                                                                              centres (municipal level)
                                                                                           - training of the first aid
                                                                                           team involved in the
                                                                                           local DRM committees.
                                                                                           (Médecins du Monde)

Production of information,     Training teachers on flood       Madagascar: training of
education and                  management and                   radio and Television
communication (IEC)            supporting action plans.         presenters in DRM, AIDS
materials on flood             (CA/EAM, Malawi)                 and climate change
preparedness. (CA/EAM,                                          matters (CARE)
Public awareness               Support schools disaster         Mozambique: District
campaigns on floods and        preparedness activities          and inter-district wide
natural resource               (students clubs, sports          land and sea early
management. (CA/EAM)           competitions, drama,             warning and disaster
                               quizzes, songs, poems and        response system linked
                               simulation exercises).           up to provincial level
                               (CA/EAM, Malawi)                 and scaled-up in Ilha de
                                                                Moçambique, Mossuril
                                                                and Mogincual Districts
                                                                though local radio
                                                                stations (OIKOS)
Improved coordination of    Madagascar: training of
interventions in            public college teachers on
agricultural emergencies    the use of DRM materials
in the livestock and crop   (Médecins du Monde)
production sectors (FAO
ERCU Malawi)
                           Madagascar: integrating
                           awareness training into
                           the colleges curricula of
                           target municipals in
                           partnership with regional
Document the               authorities - Integration of
experiences of the         DRM concepts in health
FS/DRR activity            care activities at the
implementation on a blog public health centres
that will be posted on the (strengthening the
COOPI and DRR websites
(COOPI, Malawi)
                           surveillance system,
                           creation of emergency
                           response team at the
                           district level) (Médecins
                           du Monde)
The website                 CARE Madagascar (Nord
http://www.drrlearningpo    et Est): organizing DRM is functional       awareness days at
since March 2011 in         primary schools and
three languages             training of heads of
(Portuguese, English,       schools in DRM (CARE)
and French). This
website contains
information about
activities of
partners in the region,
news and events,
resources, and forum
space on various topics
south east of Africa and
south west Indian
Madagascar: 54 most         Mozambique: School
vulnerable villages are     environment, teachers
equipped with an            and students, improved
effective communication     risk knowledge,
system (Medair)             preparedness
                            mechanisms and pro-
                            activeness to respond to
                            multi-hazard disasters
STRATEGIC AREAS           Major Area of Activity 1.    Major Area of Activity 2.     Major Area of Activity 3.       Major Area of Activity 4.     Major Area of Activity 5.       Major Area of Activity      Major Area of Activity 7.   Major Area of Activity     Major Area of Activity 9.
OF INTERVENTION           Assessing the existing       Harmonizing DRR policies      Developing and                  Strengthening                 Promoting public/private        6. Increasing gender        Operationalising            8. Including DRR           Strengthening and
4. Improve governance     capacities, specifically     & strategies at regional      strengthening national          decentralization of DRR       partnerships to advance         sensitivity of DRR          guidelines for              concerns in public         expanding social
of disaster risk          in the health and            and national levels           platforms for DRR at            interventions                 DRR in practice                 policies, legislation and   mainstreaming DRR           regulation on land use,    protection mechanisms
reduction institutions    education sector                                           required level                                                                                programmes                  into sector and cross-      physical development
and reduce the                                                                                                                                                                                                 sector development          and infrastructure
underlying risk factors                                                                                                                                                                                        policies and                development,
                                                                                                                                                                                                               programmes,                 emphasising the
                                                                                                                                                                                                               particularly in             importance of safe
                                                                                                                                                                                                               agriculture, health and     schools and hospitals
                                                                                                                                                                                                               climate change
                                                                                                                                                                                                               adaptation, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                               drought and
                                                                                                                                                                                                               desertification control
                          • Lesotho: base-line         • Rwanda: a national          • Sao Tome & Principe: a        • Namibia: criteria for       We support partnerships of      the Cross-Practice          the Cross-Practice          • Sao Tome & Principe      • Niger: studies were
                          studies have been            strategy on Climate Change    climate change platform         Community Based               local CBOS, NGOs and            Strategy has been           Initiative mobilizes the    several studies on agro-   launched on the
                          completed in the energy      and a Low Carbon              has been created at the         Adaptation Projects were      community groups                launched, which brings      expertise of UNDP’s         forestry have been         economic, social and
                          and health sectors. (AAP)    Economy has been              Ministry of Environment         defined; extensive            (pastoralists field schools,    together experts from       practice groups such as     elaborated for the         environmental impacts of
                                                       developed.                    (AAP)                           training has been             land use committees and         UNDP’s core practice        poverty, governance,        forestry programme.        climate change and on
                                                       • Morocco: Morocco has                                        completed (AAP)               peace committees) to            areas such as poverty       capacity development,       (AAP)                      the integration of
                                                       achieved very concrete                                                                      promote good governance         reduction, gender,          gender,                                                monitoring and rapid
                                                       synergies with governance                                                                   in reduction of disaster risk   capacity development,       communications/knowled                                 response systems
                                                       programs in terms of                                                                        factors. (VSF Belgium)          policy planning, and        ge and policy groups to                                interface to climatic
                                                       climate risk management,                                                                                                    provides integrated         provide comprehensive                                  induced catastrophes
                                                       climate risk and natural                                                                                                    services to countries       integrated support to                                  (AAP)
                                                       disaster assessment, and                                                                                                    • Kenya: Kenya is           countries.
                                                       has already started new                                                                                                     currently working to        • Senegal: 3 studies
                                                       early warning systems in                                                                                                    mainstream gender into      have been launched on
                                                       the Oasis areas, including                                                                                                  climate change              integration of
                                                       the set up of communication                                                                                                 adaptation and other        adaptation/DRR in
                                                       plans for information                                                                                                       development planning        vulnerable sectors:
                                                       sharing for local farmers.                                                                                                  (AAP)                       agriculture, tourism, and
                                                       (AAP)                                                                                                                                                   biodiversity. (AAP)

                          Including DRR in             Cross border risk             Training project staff, local    (a) Building capacities of   AAP is developing               The draft National Policy   Development of              Development of disaster    Support priority activities
                          education in emergencies     assessment and mapping of     authorities and                 community based service       strategies to engage the        and Strategy on Disaster    Guidance notes to help      resistant school           within community disaster
                          training and sensitisation   natural resources             government line ministries      providers in                  private sector in national      Risk Management is          Ministry of Education       construction standards     management plans that
                          sessions for Ministry of     (specifically grazing         key personnel in                administration and            development and leverage        guided by concerns for      Officials integrate         (UNICEF)                   reduce drought on
                          Education Officials          corridors) for the Somali     community managed               implementation of             additional financing for        specific vulnerabilities    emergencies, including                                 livelihood assets and their
                          (UNICEF)                     clans inhibiting Northern     disaster risk reduction         community based               adaptation.                     arising from differences    DRR, in education sector                               productivity (COOPI)
                                                       Kenya and Southern            strategies (ToT training)       disaster management                                           in gender. (GoE)            plans (UNICEF)
                                                       Ethiopia (COOPI)              (COOPI)                         plans. (b) training of
                                                                                                                     natural resources user
                                                                                                                     groups (water
                                                                                                                     committees, grazing/land
                                                                                                                     use committees) on
                                                                                                                     drought risk reduction
One of the first steps after   Capture and harmonise the      National and regional          The regional and sub-         In the draft DRM Strategic                                  The draft National Policy   The DRM Strategic           In collaboration with
the finalisation and           various existing initiatives   platforms in DRM/DRR           regional bureaus take the     Programme and Investment                                    and Strategy on Disaster    Programme and               Ministry of Labour and
endorsement of the DRM         that are contributing to       have been established in       lead in terms of              Framework the private                                       Risk Management once        Investment Framework        Social Affairs, the
Strategic Programme and        helping African countries to   the country, viz. Rural        implementation of DRR         sector has been mentioned                                   approved and legislated     provides for such           DRMFSS also leads the
Investment Framework           access and use space-          Economic Development &         activities, with guidance     as an important partner in                                  will provide a legal        regulations, particularly   social protection
will be to do a multi-sector   based technologies for         Food Security Sector           from the federal and          the implementation of most                                  framework for all sectors   in the urban areas.         mechanism in the country
capacity gap analysis to       disaster management and        Working Group, DRM             regional bureaus              DRR activities. The federal                                 to integrate DRR into       (GoE)                       and leads the SP
build strengths in a           risk reduction as well as to   Technical Working Group        respectively. (GoE)           government, for example,           The use of a gender      sector-development                                      platform. This ensures
targeted way. (GoE)            explore possibilities of       (and sector task forces                                      has built decentralized          approach in all activities policies and                                            that SP programmes are
                               capacity development and       within DRMTWG). (GoE)                                        preparedness with the view          of the project that     programmes.                                             directed towards DRR.
                               institutional strengthening.                                                                to facilitating timely              concern water and       Nevertheless, this is                                   (GoE)
                               (UN SPIDER)                                                                                 response in times of              sanitation (ICCO/SAF, currently being done
                                                                                                                           disasters (for types of                Madagascar)          through signing formal
                                                                                                                           disasters it responsible for).                              agreements with other
                                                                                                                           (GoE)                                                       sectors and ministries.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Such agencies are also
                                                                                                                                                                                       involved in sector task
                                                                                                                                                                                       forces within national
                                                                                                                                                                                       DRM platforms. (GoE)

Madagascar:                    The federal government         ECOWAS Secretariat                                                                            Assessment of gender      Rehabilitation of 3 ha of
assessment of local            works in close conjunction     developed guidelines for                                                                      mainstreaming needs       mangroves in
capacity of health             with all sub-national          national platforms and                                                                        and implementation in     intervention areas.
services to respond to         authorities for                trained country officials in                                                                  FS/DRR activities to      Establishment of 10
emergency situation and        implementation of all DRM      how to use this                                                                               promote policy            watersheds(10 pilot
reinforcement and/or           activities. The regional and   information. (ECOWAS)                                                                         recommendations for       sites) 40% of farmers
creation of mobile             sub-regional offices and                                                                                                     gender and HIV/Aids in    living in intervention
emergency teams at the         staffs have high                                                                                                             the field of FS/DRR       areas participating in
                               involvement in execution of                                   In the framework of                                            (FAO)                     agroforestry, growing
health district centres -
                               risk assessments and other                                    coordination, FAO is                                                                     cash crops (cacao,
                               programmes. (GoE)                                             providing support to          Partnership developed with                                 cloves, coffee,
contingency plans
                                                                                             establish a regional food     the SOC/MAEP to certify                                    cinnamon, pepper), fruit
(Médecins du Monde)
                                                                                             security cluster in once of   the rice seeds multiplied in                               trees (avocado, mango,
                                                                                             the FS/DRR intervention       the FS/DRR project (FAO                                    etc). (CARE Antalaha)
                                                                                             areas (FAO Madagascar)        Madagascar)
FAO provides FS/DRR            Mozambique: school             Support to National
technical assistance and       environment and                Platforms for DRR in
support based on regular       students, improved risk        Ethiopia, Kenya and
                                                                                                                       Involvement of different
field analyses and visits      knowledge, preparedness        Uganda on drought risk
                                                                                                                      levels of the DRM
with partners in Malawi,       mechanisms and pro-            reduction. (UNISDR
                                                                                                                      structures: decentralised
Mozambique and                 activeness to respond to       Africa)                        Establishment of DRM
                                                                                                                      technical series (public
Madagascar (FAO)               multi-hazard disasters                                        committees at various                                                                    Creation of 2 small-scale
                                                                                                                      services), private economic
                               (GAA/Concern). Hazard                                         levels (fokotany,                                                                        transformation unites.
                               maps and action plans in                                      commune, district) (CARE                                                                 (CARE Antalaha)
                                                                                                                      NGOs/Associations (Red
                               schools that allows the                                       Antalaha)
                                                                                                                      Cross, Caritas, local
                               involvement of the                                                                     associations etc.) (CARE
                               education sector in                                                                    Antalaha)
                               reducing risk

                                                                                                                                                                                      Popularisation of yams,
                                                                 Existence of various
                                                                                        The making available of                                                                       especially in the targeted
                                                              platforms: NGOs working                             Reinforce gender sensitive
                                                                                         the working tools of the                                                                     areas (east coast).
                                                              on FS linked to DRR, the                            approaches (CARE
                                                                                          CLGRC and CCGRC                                                                             Established objective:
                                                                  ICPM (ICCO/SAF,                                 Antalaha)
                                                                                       (ICCO/SAF, Madagascar)                                                                         10000 households
                                                                                                                                                                                      (CARE Antalaha)
Promoting agreements                                   Facilitate meetings between
with national platforms                                private sector, ILLOVO and
to develop national                                    the community on their
advocacy strategies,                                   social responsibility.
documentation of                                       (CA/EAM, Madagascar)
specific themes,           District-level roundtable                                 Production of short cycle
implementation of some discussions on river basin                                    rice seed varieties
activities of the national study (COOPI, Malawi)                                     (CARE Antlalaha)
advocacy strategy
...(CLaSP CARE: south
east of Africa and south
west Indian Ocean)

strengthening local
committees (local,
municipal, and district
levels) to assume their
rôles in updating DRR
plans - 3 simulation
exercises are conducted
(at the district level) in
which participants are        Targeting of 6 Civil
                                                                                     Rehabilitation of 10 KM
evaluated according to      Protection Committees
                                                                                     of roads to facilitate
the benchmarks set by      and 4 CBOs with training
                                                                                     market access (CARE
the regional project       on DRR and food security
(Medair)                       (COOPI, Malawi)
Participation through the
joint project ICPM in
strengthening national
platforms (BNGRC) and
by producing awareness
tools such as video clips
(Médecins du Monde)

Development of a            Madagascar: support
structured advocacy         decentralized                                            Rehabilitation of 100 ha
strategy to influence       committees at the local                                  of rice fields:
regional and national DRR   level based on national                                  construction or
food security policy is     DRM policy (Médecins                                     rehabilitation of dams
developed collaboratively   du Monde)                                                and tarpaulins and
with partners at the                                                                 irrigation canals in 10
completion of the project                                                            pilot sites (CARE
(FAO)                                                                                Antalaha)

                                                                                     Production of short cycle
                                                                                     rice seed varieties at
                                                                                     groupment level (1000
                                                                                     kg of seed distributed)
                                                                                     (CARE Antlaha)
                                                                                     Construction of 12 small
                                                                                     storage facilities in
                                                                                     cement, with a capacity
                                                                                     of 2.5 Tons (CARE
Establishment wind-
break crops;
reforestation of 1 ha in
each commune (CARE
Organisation of
agricultural fairs (CARE
Improve communities'
capacity to manage
shellfish and fish nesting
sites in the two
mangrove rehabilitation
sites (CARE Antalaha)
Popularisation of yams in
the cyclone-prone areas
(east coast) (CARE

Fight against food
insecurity: provision of
PPN and food products
to 25% of households in
the district for
rehabilitation of roads,
improvement of culinary
practices and nutritional
education to households
at the targeted level.
(CARE Antalaha)

Promotion of yams as a
crop that can survive
cyclones and serves as
an alternative food (and
income) source. In terms
of food security yams
meet the three criteria:
availability, accessibility
and nutritional quality.
Only the improved
techniques for
production and
organisation need to be
reinforced to meet food
Fenerive Est)
Multiplication of seeds
with the target lead
farmer groups (3 in the
counter season and 5 in
the grande
saison)multiplication de
semence avec les GPS
(3 durant la contre
saison et 5 durant la
contre saison) (CARE
Fenerive Est)
Establish 7
distributed distribution
centres for inputs and as
a central point for
technical advice on
agriculture (CARE
Fenerive Est.

Popularisation pf the use
of short-cycle seed
varieties. These varieties
should be mature before
the onset of cyclone
season or other hazards.
Improved production will
also allow for a surplus
of food. (CARE Fenerive
Popularisation of the
conservation and
conditioning techniques
of agricultural products in
preparation for hazards
and cyclones (CARE
Fenerive Est)
Rehabilitation of
hydraulic systems in the
high potential rice fields.
This should allow
cultivation on the entire
rice field in the
rehabilitated fields
(CARE Fenerive Est)

Rehabilitation      of     17
hydro-agricultural areas
(activities    under      the
HIMO           of         the
rehabilitation of irrigation
and drainage canals,
/rehabilitation of irrigation
systems)       (ICCO/SAF,
Multiplication of short
cycle     seed      varieties
Support             targeted
households to manage
production        surpluses

Diversification of crops
and implementation of
agroforestry (ICCO/SAF,
Construction of 12 village-
based shared granaries
and facilitation of access
to           micro-finance
Support households in
their small-scale income
generation generation
activities and in the
repayment of their
financing (ICCO/SAF,
Community training and
promotion of climate
shock resistant crops
and soil conserving
agricultural practices

Provision of inputs for
sustainable agricultural
practices and drought
resistant varieties of
crops. (GAOL MALAWI)
Pilot seed multiplication
and flood resistant
community seed storage
facilities in vulnerable
communities (GOAL

Advocacy for food
security investment and
natural resource
management in Nsanje
district. (GOAL MALAWI)
Training on HFA/DRR of
government staff form
the Ministries of
Agriculture and Natural
Resources at district
level. (CA/EAM, Malawi)
1. Community training
and promotion of climate
shock resistant crops
and soil conserving
agricultural practices

Provision of inputs for
sustainable agricultural
practices and drought
resistant varieties of
crops. (GAOL MALAWI)
Pilot seed multiplication
and flood resistant
community seed storage
facilities in vulnerable
communities (GOAL

Advocacy for food
security investment and
natural resource
management in Nsanje
district. (GOAL MALAWI)
Training on HFA/DRR of
government staff form
the Ministries of
Agriculture and Natural
Resources at district
level. (CA/EAM, Malawi)
Targeting 6 CPCs and 4
CBOs with short cycle
seeds, seeds/cash for
work, fertiliser, inputs,
irrigation schemes to
increase their resilience
to hazards (COOPI,
Riverbank stabilisation
using cash/seed for work
incentives (COOPI,
Farmer and/or youth
groups targeted with 3
small dam irrigation
schemes (COOPI,
Development, publication
and distribution of gain
silo manuals (COOPI,

Reduce cultivation time
of crops by using short
cycle seeds to decreases
exposure time to hazards
and reduce losses
(Oikos, Mozambique)

Train and technically
support lead farmers on
seed multiplication
(Oikos, Mozambique)
Technically support crop
monitoring and extension
services (Oikos,
Construction of
emergency grain silos to
protect seed and food
stores against natural
hazards (Oikos,
Year round production of
appropriate crops in
lowland areas even out
of the rainy season
(Oikos, Mozambique)
Promotion of DRR-
adapted conservation
agriculture techniques to
increase fast maturity of
short cycle crop varieties,
increase yields to allow
surplus for sale and
emergency storage in
intervention areas to
reduce vulnerability and
increase resilience of
target households to
disaster. (FAO ERCU

FAO provides partners
with technical support
and assistance in
procuring appropriate
seeds, improved
agricultural technologies
and practices, DRR
aspects of the project, as
identified through field
visits and partner
requests (FAO)
Madagascar: advocacy
on mainstreaming DRR
into national policies on
climate changes
through the joint
project ICPM (NGO
platform) (Médecins du
STRATEGIC AREAS         Major Area of Activity 1.     Major Area of Activity 2.    Major Area of Activity 3.   Major Area of Activity 4.     Major Area of Activity 5.    Major Area of Activity Major Area of Activity 7. Major Area of Activity   Major Area of Activity 9.
OF INTERVENTION         Advocating the inclusion      Preparing and                Facilitating the            Facilitating the              Strengthening and when       6. Promoting the                                 8.
5. Integrate disaster   of DRR in emergency           disseminating guidelines     orientation of emergency    strengthening of              necessary developing         establishment of
risk reduction in       risk management at            for integrating disaster     response management         contingency planning          coordinated regional         emergency funds,
emergency response      local, national, sub-         risk reduction in            towards disaster risk       and emergency                 approaches, and creating     where and as
management              regional and regional         emergency response and       reduction                   response towards DRR          or upgrading regional        appropriate, to support
                        levels                        management                                                                             policies, operational        response, recovery
                                                                                                                                             mechanisms, plans and        and preparedness
                                                                                                                                             communication systems to     measures
                                                                                                                                             prepare for and ensure
                                                                                                                                             rapid and effective
                                                                                                                                             disaster response in
                                                                                                                                             situations that exceed
                                                                                                                                             national coping capacities

                        • Niger: evaluation models    A series of fora were        The DRM policy, the         Facilitating the                                           Promoting the
                        were launched for the         organized and implemented    Framework, and strategic    strengthening of                                           establishment of
                        impacts of climate change     to that effect, while        and annual plans of the     contingency planning and                                   emergency funds, where
                        at the local and regional     familiarizing the new DRM    DRMFSS/EWRD                 emergency response                                         and as appropriate, to
                        levels; studies were          approach in the              emanating from the new      towards DRR for local                                      support response,
                        launched on the               country.(GoE)                DRM approach focus on       institutions in Turkana,                                   recovery and
                        economic, social and                                       that and contribute         Karamoja and Somali                                        preparedness measures
                        environmental impacts of                                   towards its                 ecosystems (VSF                                            linked to village
                        climate change and on                                      realization.(GoE)           Belgium)                                                   community banks (VSF
                        the integration of                                                                                                                                Belgium)
                        monitoring and rapid
                        response systems
                        interface to climatic
                        induced catastrophes
                        Based on the district risk    Facilitate the development   Establishment of task        Facilitating establishment                                African Risk Capacity
                        profiles, contingency         or improvement of            forces such as the "La      of linkages between                                        Project of the AUC, a
                        plans will be developed at    emergency response plans     Nina Task Force" as         communities and                                            pan-African disaster risk
                        the district level, which     for floods and cholera.      appropriate, including      contingency funding                                        pool would provide
                        will be implemented when      (GOAL MALAWI)                humanitarian actors.        mechanisms and                                             participating AU Member
                        the early warning system                                   (IAWG Disaster              strengthening the local                                    States with readily-
                        triggers responses . There                                 Preparedness Central and    coordinating mechanisms                                    available resources
                        is also a mechanism (risk                                  East Africa)                (COOPI)                                                    (contingency funds) in
                        financing) in order to link                                                                                                                       the event of a natural
                        emergency response to                                                                                                                             disaster (WFP Ethiopia)
                        DRR in Productive Safety
                        Net Programme, the
                        largest Social
                        Protection/DRR related
                        programme in Sub-
                        Saharan Africa. (GoE)
                                SouthWest DRR                  Madagascar: integrating    Support to improvement      Support to priority
Development of a                Consortium to distribute       DRR issues while           of institutional and       activities within the
structured advocacy             DRR standards, protocols to    establishing emergency     technical capacities of    community disaster
strategy, based on best         organisations implementing     response team at the       Government and             management plans in
practices, trends and           development projects (         district health services   communities to prepare     northern Kenya and
tendencies identified           especially agriculture/food    (Médecins du Monde).       and respond to disasters   southern Ethiopia
through the M&E                 security/watsan projects) in                              (FAO ERCU Malawi)          (COOPI)
framework to influence          target communities in four
national and regional           districts. (CA/EAM)
FS/DRR stakeholders and
policies and to mobilise
resources for the inclusion
of FS/DRR in emergency
policies . (FAO)
Participation in various        Best Practices and                                                                   The DRM Strategic
advocacy platforms for          innovative DRR approaches                                                            Programme and
DRM/DRR (ICCO/SAF,              promoted ( improved and                                                              Investment Framework
Madagascar)                     adaptable short cycle                                                                provisions for the
                                varieties, CA and                                                                    establishment of a
                                community based DRR                                                                  Contingency Fund for
                                promoted) (FAO ERCU                                                                  response and recovery
                                Malawi)                                                                              measures. Currently,
                                                                                                                     there is a pool of fund
                                                                                                                     kept as Contingent Fund
                                                                                                                     to scale up public works
                                                                                                                     programme in districts
                                                                                                                     covered under safety-net
                                                                                                                     programme. The country
                                                                                                                     also has a National
                                                                                                                     Disaster Prevention and
                                                                                                                     Preparedness Fund and
                                                                                                                     a Humanitarian
                                                                                                                     Response Fund. (GoE)

Support and strengthen                                                                                               Facilitate establishment
livelihood recovery and                                                                                              and construction of
diversification of livelihood                                                                                        community seed and
options to affected                                                                                                  grain banks and good
farming communities                                                                                                  storage technologies.
(FAO ERCU Malawi)                                                                                                    (CA/EAM, Malawi)
FAO shares best                 3 technical briefs are to be                                                         Train seed/grain bank
practices in 2 policy           developed around the                                                                 committee in post-
discussion events at            practices implemented in                                                             harvest handling of seed
national and regional level     the FS/DRR intervention in                                                           and grain as well as
(FAO)                           the 3 countries (Malawi,                                                             management of the
                                Mozambique, Madagascar)                                                              seed/grain bank.
                                (FAO)                                                                                (CA/EAM, Malawi)
                                                                                                                     Procure and distribute
                                                                                                                     initial stock of seed and
                                                                                                                     grain for seed and grain
                                                                                                                     bank establishment.
                                                                                                                     (CA/EAM, Malawi)
                                                                                                                     Establishment of
                                                                                                                     community emergency
                                                                                                                     grain silos to generate
                                                                                                                     income and to safeguard
                                                                                                                     seed and food stocks
                                                                                                                     against natural hazards
                                                                                                                     (COOPI, Malawi)
                                                                                                                                                                          Development of a long-
                                                                                                                                                                          term proposal based on
                                                                                                                                                                          the best practices
                                                                                                                                                                          identified in the FS/DRR
                                                                                                                                                                          intervention activities to
                                                                                                                                                                          encourage longer-term
                                                                                                                                                                          financing of activities
STRATEGIC AREAS          Major Area of Activity 1.    Major Area of Activity 2.       Major Area of Activity 3.   Major Area of Activity 4.   Major Area of Activity 5.   Major Area of Activity Major Area of Activity 7. Major Area of Activity   Major Area of Activity 9.
OF INTERVENTION          Providing secretariat        Co-ordinating the               Leading the process of      Co-ordinating the           Facilitating the            6.                                               8.
6. Support Overall co-   support to AU                mapping of the priority         linking the                 collaboration with          development of sub-
ordination and           Commission and NEPAD         needs in the region             implementation of the       development partners        regional strategies and
monitoring of the        Planning and                                                 strategy with the           for the integration of      plans in order to
implementation of the    Coordination Agency                                          outcomes of the World       DRR into development        harmonise with the
Strategy                 (NPCA) in their efforts to                                   Conference on Disaster      programmes in Africa        Strategy and ISDR
                         pursue the                                                   Reduction (WCDR)
                         implementation of the
                         Strategy and
                         Programme of Action
                                                      Co-ordination, mapping of       All DRM policies,           Facilitate coordination
                                                      the priority needs in the       frameworks and activities   meeting between District
                                                      Turkana, cross border areas     emanating from the new      Disaster Management
                                                      of Karamoja and Garissa         DRM approach in the         Officers (DDMOs)from
                                                      ecosystems in Kenya (VSF        country adopt the HFA as    flood prone district and
                                                      Belgium)                        the guiding principle.      neighbouring districts of
                                                                                      (GoE)                       Chikhwawa in the
                                                                                                                  Southern Region of
                                                                                                                  Malawi. (CA/EAM,
                                                      • Kenya: the “T21” systems                                  Facilitate meeting to
                                                      modelling process was                                       develop SouthWest DRR
                                                      started; a pilot project for                                Consortium natural
                                                      the mapping of actors and                                   resource management
                                                      agencies involved in climate                                proposal. (CA/EAM,
                                                      change was started and is                                   Malawi)
                                                      providing interesting results
                                                      • Niger: a review study
                                                      advanced to draw lessons
                                                      from past and ongoing
                                                      adaptation to climate
                                                      change projects and
                                                      programmes; evaluation
                                                      models were launched for
                                                      the impacts of climate
                                                      change at the local and
                                                      regional levels
                                                      • Tunisia: several studies
                                                      were elaborated—the
                                                      Tunisian Coastal Adaptation
                                                      to Climate Change Strategy,
                                                      integrated regional plans to
                                                      adapt, mapping of
                                                      vulnerability to climate
                                                      change of Tunisian coastal
                                                      area, and evaluation and
                                                      updating of proposed
                                                      solutions to fight against
                                                      marine erosion. (AAP)
Based on the river basin   Coordinate a lesson
study contribute to maps   sharing meeting among
(COOPI, Malawi)            Chikwhwa and
                           neighbouring districts in
                           Malawi. (CA/EAM,
                           Promotion of results of
                           FS/DRR project in to
                           national and regional
                           stakeholders to
                           encourage increased
                           profile and funding for
                           FS/DRR in the transition
                           between emergency and
                           development (FAO)

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