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									                                                                                  Revised 6/17/11
                            East-West Center Association (EWCA)
                                HAWAII CHAPTER BOARD


Dr. Carl Hefner, President                                              Term: 1/1/02-4/4/14
Arts & Sciences Division
Associate Professor
Univ. of Hawaii-Kapiolani Community College
4303 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI 96816
Phone: 734-9438
Fax: 734-9151
E-mail: hefner@hawaii.edu
Residence Address (Preferred):
3596 Loulu Street
Honolulu, HI 96822-1120
Phone: 988-3828
ICC: Ph.D. Anthropology, 1979-1984

Ms. Susan Heftel-Liquido, Vice President for Fundraising                Term: 1/1/01-5/31/13
Heftel Management
4811 Aukai Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816-5208
Cell: 271-5743
Phone (R): 732-6871
E-mail: shliquido@aol.com
EAPI: JD, Law 1980-1981

Dr. Heather Diamond, Vice President for Networking                      Term: 6/1/10-5/31/13
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Dept. of American Studies
Residence Address (Preferred):
666 Prospect Street #208
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 548-5897
E-mail: hdiamond@hawaii.edu
ASDP: PA, Infusing Asian Studies Undgrad Curr, 1997
ASDP: Fld, Asian Studies Development Program, 1997
ET: PA, National Identity in China, 1998
ASDP: Fld, 1999 ASDP China Field Study, 1999
GDF: PhD, American Studies, 1999-2003
ASDP: Fld, 2006 China Field Seminar, 2006

                                   1                              Hawaii Chapter Board List.doc
Ms. Chenling Chou, Vice President for Participant Activities         Term: 3/2/10-4/11/13
Phone: 366-2120
E-mail: 808translate@gmail.com
GDF, MA, English as a Second Language, 1998-2000
AFF, Curriculum & Instruction, 2000-2005

Ms. Ethel A. Ward, Treasurer                                         Term: 1/1/02-4/4/14
Retired State DOE Educational Specialist
46-166 Yacht Club Street
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Phone/Fax: 235-8589
E-mail: ecyaward@aol.com
ISI: MA TESL 1961-62
CLI: TESOL Administrators Institute 1976

Dr. Pat Masters, Secretary                                           Term: 4/11/10-4/11/13
Associate Director
Student Equity, Excellence, and Diversity (SEED)
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Phone: 956-9317
Residence Address (Preferred):
2721 Puuhonua Street
Honolulu, HI 96822
Cell: 226-0980
E-mail: PMasters@hawaii.edu
PI: PA, Women in Cities Wkng Grp, 1979
ICC: PhD, Political Science, 1990-1992
ICC: PA, Cultural Id & Natl Histories, 1992
Assoc: VFI, Associate Office, 1997
ASDP: WCS, Infusing SE Asian Std Ungrad Cur, 2002
ASDP: WCS, NEH Inst on: Ideal & Real: Arcs, 2007

Board Members:

Dr. Linda Furuto                                                     Term: 5/8/07-5/31/13
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu
96-129 Ala Ike
Pearl City, HI 96782
Phone: 454-4830
Fax: 453-6176
Residence Address (Preferred):
2640 Dole Street Apt. #E 255
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: 957-3059
E-mail: lindafuruto@hotmail.com
E-mail 2: lindafuruto@post.harvard.edu
APLP: Asia Pacific Leadership Program, 2006-2007

Mr. Paul Meyers                                                      Term: 6/1/10-5/31/13
Residence Address (Preferred):
                                    2                          Hawaii Chapter Board List.doc
45-138 D William Henry Road
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Email: kilaboy2000@yahoo.com
Phone for emergency contact only: 383-9436 (Julienne, landlady)
ISI: Program Officer, 1965-1968

Dr. Chifumi Nagai, Ph.D.                                                  Term: 1/1/03-4/4/14
Senior Research Scientist
Hawaii Agriculture Research Center
P.O. Box 100
Kunia, HI 96797
Web: www.hawaiiag.org/harc
Phone: 621-1385
Fax: 621-1399
OG: PhD, Horticulture, 1977-1981

Dr. Joseph L. Overton                                                    Term: 2/8/04-5/31/13
Kapiolani Community College
Office of International Affairs
4303 Diamond Head Road, Olona 212
Honolulu, HI 96816
Phone (B): 734-9832
Phone (R): 988-1319
Fax: 734-9151
Email: overton@hawaii.edu
PE: PA, Asian Studies Dev Prog/ Fac Dev Inst, 1991
ASDP: FLD, China Field Study Seminar, 1993
ASDP: PA, Japan Field Study, 1995
ASDP: FEL, NEH Faculty Graduate Study Program, 1996
ASDP: PA, US-China Scholarly Exchange Mtg & Summ Inst on Korean Cul & Society, 1997
ASDP: FLD, Majority & Minority Ident in Asia, 1999
ASDP: PA, Infusing Asian Studies Undgrad Curr, Morgan State Univ Summer Program, ASDP 2000
National Conference, 2000
ASDP: FLD, Pearl River Delta Seminar/Fld. Study, 2001

Dr. Chhany Sak-Humphry                                                    Term: 1/1/02-4/4/14
Associate Professor of Khmer
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Hawaiian & Indo-Pacific Languages & Literature
Spalding 255, 2540 Maile Way
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: 956-8070
Fax:    956-5978
Cell: 561-6850
E-mail: sak@hawaii.edu
Website: www.hawaii.edu/khmer
Residence Address (Preferred):
3579 Nipo Street
Honolulu, HI 96822-1142
Phone: 988-3721
Cell: 561-6850
                                     3                              Hawaii Chapter Board List.doc
OG: MPH, Public Health, 1979-1981
OG: PA, EWCA Chapter Representative, 1992

Ms. Itsuko Masuda Suzuki                                   Term: 1/1/00-4/6/12
3972 Old Pali Road
Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone (B): 944-7388
E-mail (B): SUZUKII@eastwestcenter.org
E-mail (H): IMASUDASUZUKI@hawaii.rr.com
ISI: MA, Social Work, 1962-1964

Ms. Margo Vitarelli                                        Term: 6/1/10-5/31/13
Education Director
Manoa Heritage Center
Phone (B): 988-1287
Residence Address (Preferred):
2241 Saint Louis Drive
Honolulu, HI 96816
Cell: 722-7918
E-mail: margovitarelli@yahoo.com
OG: MA, Pacific Islands Studies Program, 1980-1982

                                   4                 Hawaii Chapter Board List.doc

EWCPA Representative (2010-2011)
Mr. Kahlan C. Salina                                                      Starting 10/18/10
Student Affiliate, JD/MBA (Law and Business)
Email: ksalina@gmail.com
Cell: 509-205-2440

EWCA Executive Board

Dr. Ricardo Trimillos – President
Graduate Chair, Asian Studies Program
SHAPS, University of Hawaii at Manoa
1890 East-West Road, Moore 416
Honolulu, HI 96844-2318
Phone: 808-956-5752
Email: rtrimil@hawaii.edu
EWC Affiliation: ISI, MA, Ethnomusicology, 1962-64
                CLI, Fel, Culture & the Arts, 1983
                ICC, Fel, Culture & the Arts, 1984
                APEd, WCS, Asia in the Curriculum Symposium, 2005
Residence Address (Preferred):
469 Ena Road #2807
Honolulu, HI 96815-1411
Phone: 808-946-6904
Email: rtrimil@hawaii.edu

East-West Center

Ms. Noreen Tanouye
Assistant Alumni Officer
Associates Office
East-West Center
1601 East-West Road, JAB 1065
Honolulu, HI 96848-1601
Phone: 944-7201
Fax: 944-7502
E-mail: tanouyen@EastWestCenter.org

                                    5                               Hawaii Chapter Board List.doc

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