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									14th Annual Georgia College Student Research Conference | Friday, 4/15/11 | 8:30am-5:15pm | GC Health Sciences Buildin
Time                 Event(s)                                                              Location
8:30-9:00am          Registration & Check-In                                               GC Health Science Building
9:00-10:00am         Paper Session #1                                                      GC Health Science Building
10:15-11:15am        Paper Session #2                                                      GC Health Science Building
11:15am-12:45pm      Reception, Keynote Address, & Poster Session                          GC Health Science Building
12:45-1:45pm         Paper Session #3                                                      GC Health Science Building
2:00-3:15pm          Paper Session #4                                                      GC Health Science Building
          "          Faculty Best Practices in Undergraduate Research Panel Session        GC Health Science Building
          "          Students Best Practices in Undergraduate Research Panel Session       GC Health Science Building
3:15-5:15pm          Happy Hour Reception                                                  GC Health Science Building

Georgia College Showcase of Graduate Research at the GC Macon Center | Thursday, 4/14/11 | 4:45-7:15pm | Schedule Ov
Time                Event(s)                                                               Location
4:45-5:00pm         Registration & Check-In                                                GC Macon Center | 4th Flo
5:00-6:00pm         Paper Session #1                                                       GC Macon Center | 4th Flo
6:00-6:15pm         Reception & Poster Session                                             GC Macon Center | Room 5
6:15-7:15pm         Paper Session #2                                                       GC Macon Center | 4th Flo
| GC Health Sciences Building | Schedule Overview

 GC Health Science Building | 3rd Floor Student Commons
 GC Health Science Building | 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Floors
 GC Health Science Building | 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Floors
 GC Health Science Building | 3rd Floor Student Commons & Movement Lab
 GC Health Science Building | 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Floors
 GC Health Science Building | 1st & 2nd Floors
 GC Health Science Building | Room 300
 GC Health Science Building | Room 304
 GC Health Science Building | 3rd Floor Student Commons

4:45-7:15pm | Schedule Overview

 GC Macon Center | 4th Floor
 GC Macon Center | 4th Floor
 GC Macon Center | Room 533/534
 GC Macon Center | 4th Floor
14th Annual Georgia College Student Research Conference | Friday, 4/15/11 | 8:30am-5:15pm | GC Health Sciences Building | Paper Presentation Schedule
8:30-9:00am | Registration & Check-In | 3rd Floor Student Commons
9:00-10:00am | Paper Session #1 | Room & Topic        9:00-9:15                               9:15-9:30
Room 103 | Criminal Justice                         Amber Williams - White Collar Crime: A Study    Julia Oliver - An Evaluation of Georgia College's
                                                    of Nursing Home Abuse                           Sexual Assault Prevention Program "Can I Kiss
Room 105 | Art History                              Lauren V. Masters - Between the Margins: Cha- Curtis M. Williams - Paul Gauguins The Ants
                                                    U-Kao in Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's Elles      and the Grasshoppers: A Souvenir from
                                                    Series, 1896                                    Martinique an Example of His Search for
                                                                                                    Authentic Art
Room 121 | Citizen-Scholar                          Alissa Torchia and Colin Moore - Friends of the Jane L. Curry - Towards Understanding the
                                                    Greenway Nonprofit Management Course            African American Community's Cynicism of the
                                                    Project                                         American Criminal Justice System: Lessons for
                                                                                                    21st Century Criminology
Room 201 | Education - Student Assessment           Matthew Chapman - Be Your Own Critic            Jamie Nevin - Effects of Student Self-

Room 202 | Education - Teaching Strategies          Katelyn Seymour - Rhyme Time in the Sixth        Kimberly Chatham - Empathy Strategies for
                                                    Grade                                            Historical Understanding
Room 207 | Biological & Environmental Sciences      Kyle Lashly and Michael Alex Thomas - A New      Michael Alex Thomas - The Occurrence of
                                                    Method for Detecting Microbial Contamination     Antibiotic Resistance Genes in
                                                    of Kaolin Products                               Anthropogenically Undisturbed Grassostrea
                                                                                                     virginica Beds and Environmental Factors
                                                                                                     Impacting Their Distribution and Abundance

Room 209 | Chemistry & Physics                      Burkett, Stephanie - Synthesis of an             Kidus Debesai - Characterization and
                                                    Octafluorinated Water-Soluble Cobalt             computational study of Fe(III) porphyrin
Room 300 | Mass Communication                       Kelley Bowers, Emily Bryson, Kyle Lowez, and     Brooke Brookins, Spencer Paige, Desiree
                                                    Zara-Gray Rowe - Social Media's Most             Maynard, Avery Christian, and William Ellis -
                                                    Beneficial Role in Nonprofit Organizations       Relationships Affected by Facebook Usage
Room 304 | Music Therapy & Nursing                  Stephanie Griffin, Jared Brodie, Rebecca         Jenna Watkins and Sarah Seo - Entrainment:
                                                    Jenkins, Megan Shaw, Lauren Miller -             The Effect of a Drum Circle on Class
                                                    Community Assessment of Lizella, Georgia         Participation
10:15-11:15am | Paper Session #2 | Room & Topic     10:15-10:30                                      10:30-10:45
Room 103 | Politics & Victimization                 Andrew Whittaker - The Tribulations of the       Lindsay Ryan McCoy - Political Cartoons: Just
                                                    Trials of Orestes and Socrates                   For Looks?
Room 105 | Art History                            Britta S. Gervais - Jules Chret and Feminine    Lauren Kuik - An Explanation of Decamps
                                                  Desire in Posters                               Farmyard

Room 121 | Citizen-Scholar                        Heather Lluyk - Shared Demographic              Yi'Sheika Bell, Sierra Busch, Jennifer
                                                  Characteristics and Their Effects on the Impact Cornicchione, Kristen D. Andrea, Margaret O.
                                                  of High-Risk Youth                              Des Jardines, Chelsea Dickson, Megan E. Hill,
                                                                                                  Alexandra Lampp, Candace K. Lattanze, Angela
                                                                                                  Lisowski, Morgan R. Neal, Samantha Severin,
                                                                                                  Laura E. Smith, and Jordan Via - Citizen Scholars
                                                                                                  Make a Food Guide: The Science and Sociology
                                                                                                  of Your Food
Room 201 | Education - Classroom Environment      Valeria Williams - Block Scheduling: How Does Courtney Mayo - Emerging Technology in the
                                                  It Affect Students and Teachers?                Classroom: Which Technology is Most
Room 202 | Education - Teaching Strategies        Kelsey Jones - Worlds Apart: Using Analogies    Stephanie Grno - Emotions and History:
                                                  and Metaphors to Increase the Retention of      Connecting for Understanding
                                                  Curriculum Content
Room 207 | Biological & Environmental Sciences    Blair Borries - A Combined Automated Stream Jeffrey T. Brittain - A Comprehensive Study of
                                                  Design and Groundwater Model that Predicts the Water Quality of the Lower Oconee River at
                                                  Changes in the Near Channel Groundwater         Milledgeville, Georgia
                                                  Levels of Restoration Alternatives

Room 209 | Chemistry & Physics                    Christina Hamilton - Computational           Jeffery A. Ivie - Theoretical Studies on the
                                                  Investigations of a Copper Dioxygenase Model Mechanism of Copolymerization of Oxetane
                                                  Complex                                      and Carbon Dioxide via (Salen)Chromium
Room 300 | Mass Communication                     Katelyn Hebert, Shannon Twomey, Amelia       Benjamin Elliott, Brett Norwood, Caleb Rule,
                                                  Smith, Matthew Manning, and Chidi Ifionu -   Lisa Lotyczewski - Is On-Demand Changing the
                                                  Are Traditional Methods of News Gathering    Game?
                                                  Becoming Extinct?
Room 304 | Music Therapy                          Ting Ting Chang - Does Eurhythmics Practice  Stephen Montgomery - How Does Participating
                                                  Affect People's Speech Accuracy?             in a Drum Circle Affect Heart Rate?

11:15am-12:45pm | Reception, Keynote Address, & Poster Session | 3rd Floor Student Commons & Movement Lab
12:45-1:45pm | Paper Session #3 | Room & Topic    12:45-1:00                                1:00-1:15
Room 103 | Socialization                          Joanna Glasser - Immigrant Experience in        Samantha Jackson - The Effects of Food
                                                  Education in the U.S. and Spain                 Commercials on Kids and the Increasing
                                                                                                  Obesity Rate
Room 105 | Art History                                      Paige Jackson - The Religious Symbolism Behind Joseph Cornelison - Reproduction and the
                                                            Hugues Merles in Maternal Love                 Avant-Garde in Nineteenth-Century France

Room 121 | Citizen-Scholar                                Andrea Kristle, Rachel Smith, Laura Rampley -       Valrie Sinchak, Brandon Williams, and Aaron
                                                          Applying the Community Nursing Process:             Jones - Fire Safety Educational Intervention in a
                                                          Eatonton, Georgia                                   Rural Head Start Program
Room 201 | Education - Addressing Students' Learning NeedsBradley Winger - Flexible Grouping and the          Jamie Wayland Ammons - Gender Pairing in
                                                          Effects on Engagement                               Science Classrooms
Room 202 | Education - Teaching Strategies                Lauren Smith - What is the Effect of                Christopher Washington - A Study on Guided
                                                          Metacognition on Student Ability to Solve           Notes in Mathematics Courses
                                                          Mathematical Word Problems?
Room 207 | Biological & Environmental Sciences            Blair Borries - A Comparison of the Diversity of    Ray J. Cornay - Analysis of Enamel Hyplasia in
                                                          Dragonflies at St. Catherine's Island: Nymphs       Virginia Opossums, Baldwin County, Georgia
                                                          vs. Adults
Room 209 | Chemistry & Physics                            Brian McKinnon - Procedural Developments in         Croix W. Snapp - White Dwarf Modeling
                                                          Molecular Docking via Autodock

Room 300 | Literature                                       Kelsey Brennan - Gender Roles in Corneille and Drew Thomas - The American Persona in Ralph
                                                            Diderot                                        Waldo Emerson's Self-Reliance
2:00-3:15pm | Paper Session #4 | Room & Topic               2:00-2:15                                         2:15-2:30
Room 105 | Art History                                      Tyler Griffin - Impression of the Oise River: A   Rebecca Skuse - Prostitution, Bourgeoisie, and
                                                            Primal View of Landscape                          Toulouse-Lautrecs Series Elles

Room 201 | Athletic Training & Exercise Science             Micah Hudgins                                     Jessica Sethman and Julia Borland - The Effects
                                                                                                              of Caffeine on Cycling Time-Trial Performance

Room 202 | Education - Teaching Strategies                  Kasey Walden - Musical Engagement                 Laurene Greene - Music in Art Education

Room 300 | Faculty Best Practices in Undergraduate Research Panel Session
Room 304 | Student Best Practices in Undergraduate Research Panel Session
3:15 - 5:15pm | Happy Hour | 3rd Floor Student Commons
r Presentation Schedule

           9:30-9:45                                         9:45-10:00
           Amanda Hamel - Analyzing Georgia College
           Students’ Victimization Rates

           Marie Bormolini - There's More Than Meets         Rachel Graham - Acceptance
           the Eye

           Victor Pulizzi - Advanced Audio                   Ryan Cheek - Genetic Algorithms and Video
                                                             Game AI

           Jessica Broadnax - Alleviating Mathematical      Elizabeth Anne Gaylor - "I Hate These Tests!":
           Performance Anxiety Among Advanced               Investigating the Effect of Anxiety-Reduction
           Placement Calculus Students                      Strategies on 7th Graders' Perceptions of Test
           Katherine Godwin - Group and Individual Work Kathryn Hurd - Evolving Views of Ophelia
           John Paul Valenzuela - 17-beta Estradiols Affect Chelsea Baskin - Molecular detection of
           in the Feminization of Crayfish in the Oconee Helicobacteria pylori in the Marine
           Watershed                                        Environments of Georgia, Puerto Rico and

           Tseng Xiong - Synthesis and Spectroscopic         Matthew Yonz - Characterization of
           Investigations of Octabromoporphyrin              Acetone:TMOS Sol-gels Doped with THPP
           Kelsi Nilsson, Jessica Newland, Melissa Brown,    Mary Bess Parks, Alexandra Taylor, Cristyn
           Magdaline Irungu, and Ian Bridgeforth -           Farrell, and Mitchell Davis - Media Effects on
           Stereotypical Gleeks                              Academic Performance
           Sean Richardson - A Comparison of Music           Sarah Davis - Peroneal Subluxation in a High
           Medicine and Music Therapy Interventions on       School Football Player
           Anxiety Levels
           10:45-11:00                                       11:00-11:15
           Kaitlin Mullins and Cayla McMichael - Suicide     Jamie Knox - Overcoming Gender Myths in the
           Prevention Practices in Correctional Facilities   Workplace: Shortening the Gender Gap
Danielle Stephens - Troubles of the Nineteenth- Timothy J. Little - Woman Looking Into a
Century French Laundress                         Handheld Mirror: A Reflection of Cultural
Patricia Fredrickson and Becca Dinoff - Creating Rebecca Bentley, Megan Savransky, and Ryan
a Positive Classroom Culture in Public           Ussery - Community Health Education for a
Achievement                                      Better Tomorrow: Toomsboro Healthfair 2011

Joshua Miller - Using Primary Documents from Tiffany Shoham - Effects of Real-World
Georgia College in the Classroom              Applications on Physical Science Students
                                              Concept of Topics
Amy Suzanne Williamson - Point System to      Patrick A. McAfee - Teacher Movement and
Earn Class Incentives                         Energy Levels and Their Relation to Student
Ruth B. Eilers - Algae in the Classroom: From Michele Weilbacher, Joseph Dominy - Diatom
Gross to Great!                               Species Development and Growth under
                                              Diffferent in Vitro Conditions

Thomas Pangia - Formal Synthesis of Members Amber M. Pentecost - H2Oconne and Beyond:
of the Schweinfurthin Series                Testing the Waters

Alana Baker, Claire Childs, Chandler English,   Madeline Dobbs, Taylor Goodman, Thomas
Courtney Kelly, and Chelsea Thomas - The        Smith, and Caroline Davis - Senior Research
Perception of 3-D Movies and Their Genres       Project

Mark Toole - A Survey of Music Therapist'
Awareness of the Field of Fostercare

1:15-1:30                                       1:30-1:45
Stephanie Waddell - Study Abroad Creating       Lisa Noelle Baer, Kacie Caudle, and Megan
Global Citizens                                 Cosco - Cross-Cultural Comparisons on Personal
                                                beliefs and Family Values Between Hungarian
                                                and American College Students
Cynthia M. Stone - Moulin Rouge: A Shift from Hilary L. Thompson - Jacques Louis Gautier:
Whore House to Entertainment Hall             Nineteenth-Century French Art and the Occult

Richard Jordan, Bradley Cook, and Cami
Lawson - Hardwick Community Assessment

Nathaniel Smith - Student Interest and       Heather M. Wilson - Warm-Up to Learning
Meghan Roper - A Picture is Worth a Thousand
Words: Image Analysis in History Curriculum

Sergio A. Patitucci - A Survey of Small
Vertebrates Inhabiting a Central Georgia
Piedmont Forest
Stephen L. Higgins, Dimitr Kakavelakis, and          Samuel Ovett, Emily Hill, Katie Angell, and
Brad Williams - Development of an Advanced           Kristian Page - GCSU Campus Energy Audit
Physics Laboratory at GC
Kaoru Kobori - Moral Ambiguities in Willa            Abigail Gibson - Power Accrual Via Language
Cather's A Lost Lady
2:30-2:45                                            2:45-3:15                                     3:00-3:15
Ellen O'Brien - Alphonse Muchas La
Samaritaine and the Inextricable Links Between
Poster Art and the Modern Woman

Didier Sauersinger - The Effect of Visual Literacy
on Students
14th Annual Georgia College Student Research Conference | Friday, 4/15/11 | 11:30am-12:30pm | GC Health Sciences Buil
Mike Arnold, Matthew Yonz, and Ben Ottoson - Study of the Improved Gelation Times of TMOS: Acetone Sol-Gels
Loribeth Berry - Modeling Potential Impacts of Kaolin Mining and Agriculture on Microbial Transport in Washington County,Georgia
Bryan Bill and Kristopher Schock - Calibration of Sound Frequencies Using the fast Fourier transform (FFT)
Jeff Brittain - An Ecological View of the Lake Sinclair Dam
Amanda Burke - Impacts of NAFTA on Maize Diversity in Mexico
Will Carter - An Updated Beers Law Experiment for Quantitative Analysis Laborator
Michael Christopher - Development of Molecular Protocols for Efficient Algal Genomic DNA Extraction
Ashley Collins and Allison Barfield - Investigation of Water Quality in the Oconee River Basin
Haley S. Davis - Feeding Adaptations of the Osprey, Pandion Haliaetus
Paige Eber - Synthesis of Transition Metal Complexes of a Perfluorinated Porphyrin
Caitlin Eilers - Algal Reference Database
J. Whitney Evans, Kimberly Love, Andrew Paracca, Nicole Wagner, and Ansley Campbell - The Effect of Structure on Motivation in Adven
Katie Fredo - TLC of Over-the-Counter Drugs
Zachary A. Gilbert - Tellico OHV Closing and the Associated Economic Impacts
Stephanie Griffin, Kimberly Van Ness, Charlotte Peacock, Michelle Dinser, and Mikayla Latham - Community Assessment Intervention o
Cameron Hatlevig, Chandler Murray, Lacy Foster, Kelly Smith, Anna Winkler, and Kayla Pippin - Hardwick Community Intervention
Nathan Holman - Water Privatization
Nathan Holman, Brendan McGee and Blair Borries - Comparing ArcGIS Groundwater Toolbox to MODFLOW Groundwater VISTAS
Laurel Jenkins, Zachery Deckner, Cara Teske, and Jessica Miller - Modeling a Cure for Amyloids and Prions in Yeast
Marissa Johnsey and Chelsey Williams - Identification of Benzene from Fabric Samples Contaminated with Cigarette Smoke
Colin Maldonado - Overview on Production and Implementation of Biofuels
Branden J. McGee and Nathan Holman - Using Chemical Analysis to Study Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions of a Lake at And
Christine Melvin, Charles Lampkin, and Evan Crowe - The Hydrology of the Oconee River Greenway (ORG) Wetlands in Milledgeville, Ge
Amy Nation, Sarah Coxwell, Megan McFaddin, Jamie Hayes, Lisa Galetta, and Samantha Arthur - Implementing Plans for Promoting the
Drew Norby - Microscale Extraction of Lycopene
Lauren Renee Palmer - Broken Fibula in a High School Senior Football Player
David Patch - Tibia Tubercle Transfer
Heather Pederson, Jessica Christopher, Kait Finley, Bethany Harrison, James Latty, and Natalie Mosher - Fire Safety Educational Interven
Mary Alice Richardson - The Slide Collection of Georgia College
Michael Rodriguez and Brad Williams - Investigating Magnetic Propulsion for Zero Emission Vehicles
Sasha Rojas - Desalination strives to become the solution to freshwater shortages, but at what cost? Insight of how an eastern Australia
Kathleen Roll - Analysis of Urban Storm Water Runoff in Milledgeville, Georgia
Maria (Victoria) Rowe - Nitrogen Deposition
Andre Miller, Ashley Godby, Elaine Denovellis, Erin Oshust, Evelyn Larson, and Lindsey Jenkins - Community Health Education for a Bett
Samendra Prasad Sherchan - Evaluation of Microbiological Parameters of Water Quality and Detection of Fecal Pollution in the Andalus
Samendra Prasad Sherchan - The Presence of Atrazine Degrading Bacteria in the Water Samples from Puerto Rico
Josh Smith - Nicaragua Fair-Trade Coffee
Katie M. Smith - The Role of Deprotonation in Flavonoid Activity: A Computational Investigation
Heather Snyder - Bait Cars: A New Form of Entrapment
Evan Sova, David Wilder, Matt Hilliard, Jim McPhail, and Kyle Dickens - Production of Biodiesel Through Ozonolysis and the Clemmensen
Marsha Stinson - Steel Magnolias : A Backstage Look at Hair, Makeup, and Costumes
Lauren Vason - Water Recovery Through the Use of Constructed Wetlands
Trisha (Phillips) Walker - Shigella-like Toxin in Marine Environments of the Caribbean
Emily Wilkinson - Sec15p: A Screen for Novel Suppressors of the Sec15-1 Mutants and Characterization of Additional Sec15 Mutants
Chelsey William - Water Quality Study in Kenya, Africa during the Summer of 2010
GC Health Sciences Building | 3rd Floor Movement Lab | Poster Presentations

ngton County,Georgia

 e on Motivation in Adventure Education Environments

ssessment Intervention of Lizella, GA
munity Intervention

oundwater VISTAS

 rette Smoke

eractions of a Lake at Andalusia Farm in Milledgeville, GA
lands in Milledgeville, Georgia
 Plans for Promoting the Health of the Eatonton Community

afety Educational Intervention in a Rural Head Start Program

 how an eastern Australian desalination plant has taken measures to reduce adverse effects

ealth Education for a Better Tomorrow: Toomsboro Health Fair 2011
 Pollution in the Andalusia Farm

lysis and the Clemmensen Reduction

tional Sec15 Mutants
Georgia College Showcase of Graduate Research at the GC Macon Center | Thursday, 4/14/11 | 4:45-7:15pm | Paper Prese
4:45-5:00pm | Registration & Check-In
5:00-6:00pm | Paper Session #1 | Room & Topic      5:00-5:15
Room 406 | Master of Arts in Teaching              Tashina Johnson - How Does Study
                                                   Opportunities, Questions's Asked, and Study
                                                   Guides Affect Performance of Currently Failing
Room 407 | Master of Arts in Teaching              Meredith Wood - Facilitating Student's Timely
                                                   Achievement of Proficiency in a Blended
                                                   Learning Chemistry Class
Room 408 | Master of Arts in Teaching              Josh Hollar - The Power of Choice

Room 426 | Master of Arts in Teaching              Shelton Brown - All I Do is Win Win Win!

Room 429 | Nursing                                 Andrew Dasher, Heather Story, Sabrina
                                                   Fortuny, Candice Tate, Derrick Collier, Brandi
                                                   Swats, and Kristi Gatlyn - A Comparison of
                                                   Awareness of Serving Sizes Between
                                                   Adolescent Males and Adolescent Females

6:00-6:15pm | Reception & Poster Session | Room 533/534
6:15-7:15pm | Paper Session #2 | Room & Topic      6:15-6:30
Room 406 | Master of Arts in Teaching              Laurie Pippen - Effective Teaching Strategies

Room 407 | Master of Arts in Teaching              Jarrett Moore - Let's Get Critical: Teaching
                                                   Critical Thinking in Social Studies
Room 408 | Master of Arts in Teaching              Allison Cavallo - Using Literacy Strategy, SQRW,
                                                   To Improve Reading Comprehension in Social
                                                   Studies Classrooms

Room 426 | Master of Arts in Teaching              Eleta Andrews - Making Student-Teaching
                                                   Connections Through Daily Content-Based
Room 429 | Nursing                                 Tammie Ann Williams - The Role of the Nurse
                                                   Practitioner in the Prevention of CA-MRSA
4/14/11 | 4:45-7:15pm | Paper Presentation Schedule

           5:15-5:30                                           5:30-5:45
           Mary Allene Veazey - Interactive Notebooks in Nicki Leigh Neufeld - To Know or Not to Know .
           the Science Classroom                         . . A Question of Multiple Intelligences

           Whitney S. Rhodes - Once Upon a Time: Story         Christopher Andrew Landers - 21st Century
           Telling in the Chemistry Classroom                  Technology for the 21st Century Student

           Lesley Murphey - Journals in Math Class . . . Are   Taneisha E. Favors - Instructional Strategies
           You Serious?                                        That Increase Reading Comprehension
           Melissa Wood - Encouraging Participation of         Ashlee N. Jelks - Do Students Really Care About
           Resistant Learners                                  What They Do?
           Charles Kitchens, Kristi Gatlyn, Faybria O'Neal,    Andrew Dow - Healthcare and the Hispanic
           Nicole Elder, and Ryan Moyer - Activity Specific    Population: Recognizing the Gap and Need for
           Factors for Dietary Needs                           Change

           6:30-6:45                                           6:45-7:00
           Sophe Cook Pope - Yo quiero el ipad                 Jacob Quilliams - Teacher Questioning
           Chad A. Ekey - Oh My Blog: Critical Thinking        Kristen D. Tilson - Curriculum
           Through Technology and Digital Dialogue
           Richard Thornton - Creativity as the Instigator     Christopher Cox - Learning as You Go:
           of Inquiry                                          Evaluating Supplementary Resources for World
                                                               History Teachers

           Michael Mosely - The Introduction of                Brittany McKneely - Cooperative Learning
           Constructivist Methods in the History
           Rachel Sposito - Preconception Care: Do
           Women Know They Need It?

Steven Batchelder - Life's Just a Game

Georgia College Showcase of Graduate Research at the GC Macon Center | Thursday, 4/14/11 | 6:00-6:15pm | Room 533/5
Jennifer Blackwell - Student Engagement in High School Math Warm-Up Activities
Karen Clubb, RN, BSN, CNOR, RNFA and Delia Collins, RN, BSN - Perception of Health in the Tindall Heights Community
Anna Ethridge, Gwendolyn Green, Sharon McClung, Robert Sloan, and Kemberly Smith - The Effect of a Local Farmer's Market on the Da
Kimberly T. Evans and Cassie Smith - Correlates of Commitment to Stop Smoking in Women with Known Coronary Heart Disease
Jessica Fason - In What Ways Can Technology Aid in Literacy Promotion in an ELA Classroom?
Margo Gaskins, Cayce Curry, Tracy Johns, Ali Robbins, and Angela Wells - Vegetarian Diets and Lab Tests
Jonathan K. Grantham, Jr. - SMART Boards in the Social Studies Classroom
Megan Hanse, Chasity Carswell, Camille Lundi, Jennifer Kildow, and Kim Yakhou - Nutrition in Burn Patients
Melissa Hardison, Alexandra Herren, Mia Hurt, Lindsay Kimbell, and Sharron Whipple - Disparities in Obesity Prevalence Among First an
Allison Lynne Layfield - Motivation in the Classroom
Cynthia M. Madison - Does Knowing the Context of My Students Influence How I Teach History?
Thomas Rogers - Motivating Shy Students to be More Involved In the Classroom Community
William Rogers - Writing + Math Class = ?
Penny W. Sherman - Children at Increased Risk for Behavioral or Emotional Problems
Ashley Shull and Jessica Simpson - The Impact of Assigning Roles for Collaborative Student Groups
Lisa Sifford, Shannon Carr, Adrienne Earl, Jennifer Gibbs, Terri Harper, and Lawrence Howard - Meeting Required USDA Guidelines for L
Jessica Simpson and Ashley Shull - The Impact of Assigning Roles for Collaborative Student Groups
Andrew Wells - Mutligenre Projects
0-6:15pm | Room 533/534 | Poster Presentations

armer's Market on the Daily Intake of Fruits and Vegetables of Community Dwellers
ary Heart Disease

revalence Among First and Second Generation Hispanic Immigrants

ed USDA Guidelines for Lunches in Bibb County Public and Private Schools for 6th-8th Grade

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