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									TITLE                     AUTHOR              LENGTH CURRICULUM              LEXILE READING INTEREST
                                                     CONNECTIONS             LEVEL LEVEL      LEVEL
11 Birthdays              Mass, Wendy         267 p. Fiction                              4.1 3-6

39 Clues: The Maze of the Riordan, Rick       220 p.   Fiction                           4.3 3-6

Abel's Island             Steig, William      117 p.   Language Arts                     5.5 3-6

Adam of the Road          Vining, Elizabeth   317 p.   Historical Fiction,               6.1 5-8
                          Gray                         Newbery

Adventurous Deeds of      Hemphill, Helen     228 p.   Historical Fiction,               4.6 5-8
Deadwood Jones                                         Cowboys, African
                                                       Americans, Race

Aesop's Fables            McGovern, Ann       78 p.    Language Arts                       5 5-8
Afternoon of the Elves    Lisle, Janet Taylor 122 p.   Language Arts                     5.1 3-6

Akhenaten adventure,      Kerr, P.B.          355 p.   Fantasy                           5.4 5-8
The: Children of the lamp

Al Capone does my shirts Choldenko,           228 p.   Language Arts                      4 5-8

Alice in Wonderland       Carrol, Lewis       159 p.   Fantasy                           6.6 3-6
April's Song             Paulsen, Gary       88 p.    Realistic Fiction     5.4 5-8

Among the Hidden         Haddix, Margaret    153 p.   Language Arts         4.7 3-6

Amos Fortune, Free Man Yates, Elizabeth      181 p.   Historical Fiction,    5 YA

Anastasia Krupnik        Lowry, Lois         113 p.   Language Arts         6.6 3-6

And Now Miguel           Krumgold, Joseph 245 p.      Language Arts,        6.6 5-8

Angel on the Square      Whelan, Gloria      293 p.   Historical Fiction    8.1 5-8

Anna All Year Round      Hahn, Mary          133 p.   Historical Fiction    4.1 3-6

Anne of Green Gables     Montgomery, L.M. 304 p.      Historical Fiction    6.1 5-8

Art of Keeping Cool, The Lisle, Janet Taylor 250 p.   Historical Fiction    6.2 5-8

Attaboy, Sam             Lowry, Lois         116 p.   Language Arts         5.3 3-6

Babe: the Gallant Pig    King-Smith, Dick    118 p.   Language Arts         5.8 3-6
Baby                      MacLachlan,        132 p.   Language Arts        5.4 5-8

Babymouse 2, Our Hero     Holm, Jennifer     91 p.    Fantasy               2 3-6

Ballad of Lucy Whipple,   Cushman, Karen     218 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 5-8

Bandit's Moon             Fleischman, Sid    136 p.   Historical Fiction   4.5 3-6

Banner in the Sky         Ullman, James      285 p.   Language Arts        5.1 YA
Bat 6: a novel            Wolff, Virginia    230 p.   Historical Fiction   4.8 5-8

Battle for the Castle, The Winthrop,         211 p.   Fantasy              6.1 3-6

Be a Perfect Person in Just Manes, Stephen   76 p.    Language Arts        4.5 3-6
Three Days!

Beany and the Dreaded     Wojciechowski,     121 p.   Language Arts        4.4 3-6
Wedding                   Susan

Bear Dancer: the Story of Wyss, Thelma       181 p.   Historical Fiction   5.1 3-6
a Ute Girl

Beasts of Tarzan, The     Burroughs, Edgar   240 p.   Language Arts         6 AD

Because of Mr. Terupt     Rob Buyea          269 p.   Fiction              4.6 3-6

Because of Winn-Dixie     DiCamillo, Kate    182 p.   Language Arts        3.8 3-6
Becoming Naomi Leon      Ryan, Pam Muñoz 246 p.      Language Arts        5.8 5-8

Behind the Bedroom Wall Williams, Laura F. 169 p.    Historical Fiction   4.8 5-8

Bella at Midnight        Stanley, Diane     278 p.   Fantasy              6.3 5-8

Ben and Me: a new and     Lawson, Robert    113 p.   Historical Fiction   7.3 3-6
astonishing life of
Benjamin Franklin as
written by his good mouse
Best Christmas pageant    Robinson, Barbara 80 p.    Language Arts        5.1 3-6
ever, The

Best School Year Ever,   Robinson, Barbara 117 p.    Language Arts        5.4 3-6
BFG, The                 Dahl, Roald        219 p.   Fantasy              4.9 3-6

Binky the Space Cat      Spires, Ashley     64 p.    Graphic Novels,       3 2-6

Black Beauty             Sewell, Anna       258 p.   Language Arts        6.2 5-8

Black Cauldron, The      Alexander, Lloyd   182 p.   Fantasy              5.2 5-8

Black Stallion           Farley, Walter     197 p.   Language Arts        6.5 5-8

Blood on the River       Elisa Carbone      237 p.   Historical Fiction   4.8 5-8

Bloomability             Creech, Sharon     273 p.   Language Arts        4.2 3-6
Blue Fingers: A ninja's   Whitesel, Cheryl   252 p.    Historical Fiction   6.3 5-8
tale                      Aylward

Book Without Words: a Avi                    203 p.    Fantasy              4.4 5-8
Fable of Medieval Magic

Borrowers, The            Norton, Mary       180 p.    Fantasy              5.9 3-6

Boston Jane: an           Holm, Jennifer     273 p.    Historical Fiction   8.2 5-8

Bound for Oregon          Van Leeuwen, Jean 167 p.     Historical Fiction   6.1 5-8

Boxcar Children, The      Warner, Gertrude   150 p.    Mystery              2.1 3-6
(Series)                  Chandler

Boy at War, A: a Novel of Mazer, Henry       104 p.    Historical Fiction   8.5 5-8
Pearl Harbor

Boy Who Saved Baseball Ritter, John          216 p.    Language Arts        6.5 5-8

Boy Who Saved             Giblin, James      64 p.     Historical Fiction   4.5 3-6
Cleveland                 Cross

Boy: Tales of childhood   Dahl, Roald        176 p.    Biography            6.4 5-8

Brian's Winter            Paulsen, Gary      133 p.    Survival             6.2 5-8

Bridge to Terabithia      Paterson, Katherine 128 p.   Language Arts         6 5-8
Brighty of the Grand       Henry, Marguerite 222 p.     Language Arts         5.8 5-8

Bronze Bow, The            Speare, Elizabeth   254 p.   Historical Fiction,   6.5 5-8
                           George                       Newbery

Bud, not Buddy             Curtis, Christopher 245 p.   Historical Fiction    5.6 5-8

Bully for You, Teddy       Fritz, Jean         127 p.   Biography             6.8 3-6

Bunnicula: a rabbit tale of Howe, Deborah      98 p.    Language Arts         4.9 3-6

Cabin Faced West, The      Fritz, Jean         124 p.   Historical Fiction    4.5 3-6

Caddie Woodlawn            Brink, Carol Ryrie 242 p.    Historical Fiction,   5.3 5-8
Cages                      Kehret, Peg         150 p.   Language Arts         5.7 5-8

Caleb's Story              Patricia MacLahlan 134 p.    Social Studies,       3.5 3-6
                                                        Historical Fiction
Calico Captive             Speare, Elizabeth 274 p.     Historical Fiction    6.9 5-8
Call it Courage            Sperry, Armstrong 95 p.      Language Arts         3.8 5-8
Candy Shop War, The        Mull, Brandon       409 p.   Fantasy               6.1 5-8

Case of the Missing        Springer, Nancy     216 p.   Mystery               6.6 5-8
Marquess, The: an Enola
Holmes mystery

Castle in the Attic, TheWinthrop,              179 p.   Fantasy                5 3-6
Cat Who Went to Heaven, Coatsworth,            62 p.    Language Arts,        6.6 5-8
The                     Elizabeth                       Newbery

Cay, The                   Taylor, Theodore    137 p.   Language Arts         6.3 5-8

Chalk Box Kid              Bulla, Clyde R.     56 p.    Language Arts         3.2 K-3

Charlie and the Chocolate Dahl, Roald          155 p.   Language Arts         5.3 3-6
Charlie and the Great       Dahl, Roald        159 p.   Language Arts         5.4 3-6
Glass Elevator
Charlotte's Web             White, E.B.        184 p.   Language Arts         4.4 3-6

Chasing Redbird             Creech, Sharon     261 p.   Language Arts         5.2 3-6

Chasing Vermeer             Balliett, Blue     254 p.   Language Arts,        5.4 3-6
Children of the River       Crew, Linda        213 p.   Historical Fiction    5.6 YA

Chocolate Fever             Smith, Robert      93 p.    Language Arts         4.7 3-6

Chocolate Touch, The        Catling, Patrick   126 p.   Fantasy               4.5 3-6
Choke                       Skye, Obert        327 p.   Magical Fiction       4.8 4-6

Christmas Box, The          Evans, Richard     89 p.    Language Arts         6.1 5-8

Christmas Carol, A          Dickens, Charles   152 p.   Language Arts         6.7 5-8

Cinderellis and the Glass   Levine, Gail       104 p.   Fantasy               4.4 3-6
Hill                        Carson

Circle of Gold              Boyd, Candy        134 p.   Realistic Fiction     5.1 5-8
City of Ember               DuPrau, Jeanne     270 p.   Fantasy               5.6 5-8

Clementine                  Pennypacker, Sara 133 p.    Realistic Fiction     4.5 3-6

Color Me Dark: the diary McKissack,            218 p.   Historical Fiction     6 5-8
of Nellie Lee Love, the  Patricia C.
great migration north
Corn Grows Ripe, The     Rhoads, Dorothy       88 p.    Language Arts,         5 3-6
                                                        Newbery Honor

Courage of Sarah Noble,     Dalgliesh          52 p.    Historical Fiction,   4.4 3-6
The                                                     Newbery Honor

Cracker Jackson             Byers, Betsy       146 p.   Realistic Fiction     5.5 3-6
Crash                      Spinelli, Jerry    162 p.   Realistic Fiction     4.8 3-6

Crazy Lady                 Conly, Jane Leslie 180 p.   Realistic Fiction     4.9 5-8

Cricket in Times Square,   Selden, George     132 p.   Fantasy               5.5 3-6

Crispin: The Cross of      Avi                262 p.   Historical Fiction,   5.3 5-8
Lead                                                   Newbery

Dancing in the Cadillac    Holt, Kimberly     167 p.   Language Arts         6.1 5-8
Light                      Willis

Daniel's Story             Matas, Carol       136 p.   Historical Fiction    6.3 5-8

Daphne's Book              Hahn, Mary         177 p.   Language Arts         7.1 5-8

Dead Man in Indian Creek Hahn, Mary           130 p.   Mystery               6.5 5-8
Dear Mr. Henshaw         Cleary, Beverly      133 p.   Language Arts,         5 3-6

Detectives in Togas        Winterfield, Henry 249 p.   Historical Fiction    6.2 5-8

Devil's Arithmetic         Yolen, Jane        170 p.   Historical Fiction    5.2 5-8

Dive (Series)              Korman, Gordon     150 p.   Language Arts         5.3 3-6

Door in the Wall, The      DeAngeli,          120 p.   Historical Fiction,   6.5 3-6
                           Marguerite                  Newbery

Dragon Rider               Funke, Cornelia    523 p.   Fantasy               5.2 3-6

Dragon's Gate              Yep, Laurence      273 p.   Historical Fiction,    6 YA
                                                       Newbery Honor

Dragonslayers, The         Coville, Bruce     119 p.   Fantasy               4.6 3-6
Dragonsong                McCaffrey, Anne     192 p.   Language Arts          6 YA

Earthquake Terror         Kehret, Peg         132 p.   Survival              4.2 5-8

Egypt Game, The           Snyder, Zilpha      215 p.   Mystery               6.6 3-6

Ella Enchanted            Levine, Gail        232 p.   Fantasy               4.2 3-6
Encyclopedia Brown        Sobol, Donald       80 p.    Mystery               4.8 3-6

Endless Steppe: growing   Hautzig, Esther     243 p.   Memoir                6.8 YA
up in Siberia

Enormous Egg, The         Butterworth, Oliver 187 p.   Fantasy               5.4 3-6

Esperanza Rising          Ryan, Pam Muñoz 262 p.       Historical Fiction    6.2 5-8

Everest (series)          Korman, Gordon      150 p.   Survival              5.5 3-6

Every Living Thing        Rylant, Cynthia     81 p.    Language Arts          6 5-8

Everything on a Waffle    Horvath, Polly      149 p.   Language Arts         5.9 5-8

Everywhere                Brooks, Bruce       70 p.    Language Arts         6.3 3-6

Evolution of Calpurnia    Kelly, Jacqueline   340 p.   Historical Fiction,   5.3 5-8
Tate                                                   Family life,
                                                       Naturalists Fiction

Extra Credit              Clements, Andrew 183 p.      Fiction               5.2 3-6

Eye of the Great Bear     Wallace, Bill       161 p.   Language arts         4.3 3-6

Fablehaven                Mull, Brandon       351 p    Fiction                5 5-8
Fair Weather              Peck, Richard      146 p.   Historical Fiction   6.3 5-8

Fairest                   Levine, Gail       326 p.   Fantasy              3.9 5-8

Fame and Glory in         O'Connor, Barbara 104 p.    Language Arts        4.3 3-6
Freedom, Georgia

Family under the Bridge   Carlson, Natalie   123 p.   Language Arts        5.1 3-6
Fantastic Mr. Fox         Dahl, Roald        81 p.    Language Arts        4.1 3-6

Farmer Boy                Wilder, Laura      372 p.   Historical Fiction    5 3-6
Fever, 1793               Anderson, Laurie   251 p.   Historical Fiction    5 5-8

Finding Buck McHenry      Slote, Alfred      250 p.   Historical Fiction   4.1 3-6

Flea Circus Summer        Ware, Cheryl       135 p.   Language Arts        5.7 3-6

Flipped                   Van Draanen,       212 p.   Language Arts        5.9 5-8

Flunking of Joshua T.     Susan Shreve       82 p.    Writing, Bully       3.2 3-6
Bates, The                                            Issues & learning
Flush                     Hiaasen, Carl      263 p.   Language Arts         5 5-8

Flying Solo               Fletcher, Ralph    138 p.   Language Arts        5.8 5-8

Fog Magic                 Sauer, Julia       107 p.   Language Arts,        5 3-6
                                                      Newbery Honor
Follow My Leader          Garfield, James B. 191 p.   Language Arts         5 3-6

Footprints at the Window Naylor, Phyllis     175 p.   Historical Fiction   5.7 5-8
Forests of Silence, The   Emily Rodda        131 p.   Read Aloud,            5 5-8

Forging of the Blade, The Lafevers, R.L.     123 p.   Language Arts         2.8 3-6

Forgotten Door, The       Key, Alexander     140 p.   Fantasy               4.6 3-6

Foster's War              Reeder, Carolyn    267 p.   Historical Fiction    7.5 5-8

Frankenbug                Cousins, Steven    151 p.   Science, Insects      4.4 3-6

Freckle Juice             Blume, Judy        40 p.    Language Arts         3.6 3-6

Freedom Walkers: The      Freedman, Russell 114 p.    Nonfiction            5.5 3-6
story of the Montgomery
bus boycott

Friendship, The           Taylor, Mildred    53 p.    Historical Fiction    5.1 3-6

Frindle                   Clements, Andrew 105 p.     Language Arts         4.8 3-6

From the Mixed-up Files   Konigsburg, E.L.   182 p.   Language Arts,        5.6 3-6
of Mrs. Basil E.                                      Newbery
Gathering Blue            Lowry, Lois        215 p.   Language Arts          5 5-8

Gathering of Days, A      Blos, Joan         144 p.   Historical Fiction,    6 5-8

Gawgon and the Boy, The Alexander, Lloyd     199 p.   Language Arts         5.9 5-8
George Washington's        Woodruff, Elvira   166 p.   Historical Fiction    5.9 3-6

George's Marvelous         Dahl, Roald        88 p.    Language Arts         4.5 3-6

Ghost of Fossil Glen, The Alphin, Elaine      167 p.   Mystery               6.6 3-6
Giant Rat of Sumatra or Fleischman, Sid       194 p.   Historical Fiction    5.7 5-8
Pirates Galore

Gold Cadillac, The         Taylor, Mildred    43 p.    Historical Fiction     6 3-6

Gold Dust                  Lynch, Chris       196 p.   Historical Fiction    6.2 5-8

Golden and Grey (An        Arnold, Louise     267 p.   Language Arts         6.1 3-6
unremarkable boy and a
rather remarkable ghost)
Golden Goblet              McGraw, Eloise     248 p.   Historical Fiction,   6.3 5-8
                                                       Newbery Honor
Good Master, The           Seredy, Kate       196 p.   Language Arts,         5 3-6
                                                       Newbery Honor

Good Night, Maman          Mazer, Norma Fox 185 p.     Historical Fiction     5 5-8

Good Night, Mr. Tom        Magorian, Michelle 318 p.   Historical Fiction    5.9 5-8

Gooney Bird Greene         Lowry, Lois        88 p.    Language Arts          5 3-6

Gossamer                   Lois Lowry         140 p    Fiction               4.9 5-8

Granny Torrelli Makes      Creech, Sharon     141 p.   Language Arts         4.5 3-6

Grasshopper Summer         Turner, Ann        149 p.   Language Arts         5.2 3-6

Great Brain, The (Series) Fitzgerald, John D. 175 p.   Historical Fiction    4.8 3-6

Great Gilly Hopkins, The Paterson, Katherine 148 p.    Language Arts         5.3 5-8
Green Book, The               Walsh, Jill Paton   69 p.    Science Fiction      5.5 5-8

Gregor the Overlander         Collins, Suzanne    311 p.   Fantasy               6 3-6

Guests                        Dorris, Michael     119 p.   Historical Fiction   5.6 3-6

Gypsy Game                    Snyder, Zilpha      217 p.   Language Arts        5.9 3-6

Half and Half                 Namioka, Lensey     136 p.   Language Arts         5 3-6

Half Magic                    Eager, Edward       217 p.   Fantasy              6.2 3-6

Harriett's Hare               King-Smith, Dick    104 p.   Language Arts        4.2 3-6

Harry Potter and the          Rowling, J.K.       341 p.   Fantasy               7 5-8
Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the          Rowling, J.K.       734 p.   Fantasy              7.2 5-8
Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the          Rowling, J.K.       435 p.   Fantasy              6.9 5-8
Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the          Rowling, J.K.       309 p.   Fantasy              5.3 5-8
Sorcerer's Stone

Hatchet                       Paulsen, Gary       195 p.   Language Arts,        6 5-8
                                                           Newbery Honor

Heartbeat                     Creech, Sharon      180 p.   Language Arts        5.4 5-8

Heaven                        Johnson, Angela     138 p.   Language Arts         6 YA

Helen Keller: toward the      Graff, Stewart and 80 p.     Biography            3.9 3-6
Light                         Polly Ann
Hello, My Name is             Gilson, Jamie      159 p.    Historical Fiction   4.6 3-6
Scrambled Eggs
Help! I'm a Prisoner in the   Clifford, Eth       96 p.    Language Arts         4 3-6
Henry Reed, Inc.         Robertson, Keith   239 p.   Language Arts        5.7 3-6

Hero Revealed            Boniface William   294 p.   Language Arts        5.6 3-6

Hero, The                Woods, Ron         215 p.   Realistic Fiction    6.7 5-8

High King, The           Alexander, Lloyd   253 p.   Fantasy              6.1 5-8

Holes                    Sachar, Louis      233 p.   Language Arts,       6.5 5-8

Homecoming, The          Voight, Cynthia    402 p.   Realistic Fiction    4.8 5-8

Homer Price              McCluskey, Robert 149 p.    Language Arts        7.3 3-6

Honus and Me             Gutman, Dan        138 p.   Language Arts        3.5 5-8

Hoot                     Hiaasen, Carl      292 p.   Language Arts        5.1 YA

House of Sixty Fathers   DeJong, Meindert   189 p.   Historical fiction    5 5-8

House on Hackman's Hill Nixon, Joan         126 p.   Mystery              6.1 3-6

How to Eat Fried Worms Rockwell, Thomas 115 p.       Language Arts        3.5 3-6

Hundred Dresses, The     Esters, Eleanor    80 p.    Language Arts,       4.8 3-6
                         Ruth                        Newbery

Hundred Penny Box, The Mathis, Sharon       47 p.    Language Arts        3.4 K-3

I Have a Dream: the story Davidson,         127 p.   Biography            4.8 3-6
of Martin Luther King     Margaret

Iceberg Hermit, The      Roth, Arthur       219 p.   Historical Fiction   5.9 5-8
Ida B. and Her Plans to     Hannigan,          246 p.   Language Arts        6.3 3-6
Maximize Fun, Avoid         Katherine
Disaster and (Possibly)
Save the World

Ida Early Comes over the Burch, Robert         145 p.   Historical Fiction   6.2 3-6

I'm Not Who You Think I Kehret, Peg            154 p.   Language Arts        5.9 5-8
Impossible Journey, The Whelan, Gloria         248 p.   Historical Fiction

In the Year of the Boar     Lord, Bette Bao    169 p.   Historical Fiction   3.8 3-6
and Jackie Robinson
In-between Days             Bunting, Eve       118 p.   Language Arts        4.3 3-6

Incredible Journey          Burnford, Sheila   148 p.   Language Arts        6.5 5-8

Indian Captive: the story   Lenski, Lois       298 p.   Historical Fiction   5.7 5-8
of Mary Jemison

Indian in the Cupboard      Banks, Lynne Reid 229 p.    Fantasy               5 3-6

Inkheart                    Funke, Cornelia    534 p.   Language Arts         7 5-8

Into the Wild               Hunter, Erin       272 p.   Language Arts        5.1 5-8

Iron Dragon Never Sleeps, Krensky, Stephen     90 p.    Historical Fiction   4.4 3-6

Island (Series)             Korman, Gordon     130 p.   Language Arts        5.9 3-6

Island of the Blue Dolphin O'Dell, Scott       181 p.   Language Arts        5.5 5-8

Island on Bird Street       Orlev, Uri         162 p.   Historical Fiction    5 5-8
It's Like This, Cat        Neville, Emily     180 p.   Language Arts,       6.1 5-8
                           Cheney                      Newbery

Jack Black and the Ship of Hughes, Carol      229 p.   Language Arts        6.2 5-8
Jacob's Rescue: a          Drucker, Malka     117 p.   Historical Fiction   5.3 5-8
Holocaust story

Jaguar                     Smith, Roland      247 p.   Language Arts        4.8 5-8

James and the Giant Peach Dahl, Roald         126 p.   Fantasy              5.6 3-6

Janitor's Boy, The         Clements, Andrew 140 p.     Language Arts        5.4 3-6

Jason's Gold               Hobbs, Will        221 p.   Historical Fiction   5.1 5-8

Jennifer, Hecate,       Konigsberg, E.L.      117 p.   Language Arts,       4.5 3-6
Macbeth, William                                       Newbery Honor
McKinley and Me,
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Coville, Bruce        151 p.   Language Arts        4.9 3-6
Johnny Tremain          Forbes, Esther        269 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 5-8

Joshua's Song              Harlow, Joan Hiatt 143 p.   Historical Fiction   5.3 3-6

Journal of Jasper Jonathan Rinaldi, Ann       155 p.   Historical Fiction   6.1 5-8
Pierce: a pilgrim boy

Journey                    MacLachlan,        83 p.    Language Arts        4.8 3-6

Journey to America         Levitin, Sonia     150 p.   Historical Fiction   5.7 5-8

Journey to the New         Lasky, Kathryn     173 p.   Historical Fiction    6 5-8
World: the diary of
Remember Patience
Journey to the River Sea   Ibbotson, Eva      298 p.   Historical Fiction   6.3 5-8
Journey to Topaz: a story Uchida, Yoshiko 149 p.       Historical Fiction   6.9 5-8
of the Japanese-American
Judy Moody                McDonald, Megan 160 p.       Language Arts        3.6 3-6

Jump Ship to Freedom       Collier, James     198 p.   Historical Fiction   5.4 5-8

Junebug                    Mead, Alice        135 p.   Language Arts        3.7 3-6

Kid in the Red Jacket, The Park, Barbara      113 p.   Language Arts        4.5 3-6

Kidnappers, The: a         Roberts, Willo     137 p.   Language Arts        4.8 3-6
mystery                    Davis

King of the Wind: the      Henry, Marguerite 172 p.    Language Arts        5.5 5-8
story of Goldolphin
Kiss the Dust              Laird, Elizabeth   278 p.   Historical Fiction    6 YA

Kneeknock Rise             Babbitt, Natalie   126 p.   Language Arts        4.4 3-6

Kokopelli's Flute          Hobbs, Will        148 p.   Language Arts        6.5 5-8

Land I lost, The:          Nhuong, Huynh      127 p.   Memoir                6 3-6
adventures of a boy in     Quang
Landry News, The: a        Clements, Andrew 138 p.     Language Arts        6.1 3-6
brand new school story

Last Lobo, The             Smith, Roland      178 p.   Language Arts        5.7 5-8

Last Man's Reward, The     Patneaude, David   192 p.   Language Arts        4.8 5-8

Last of the Really Great   Edwards, Julie     277 p.   Language Arts        7.3 3-6
Whangdoodles, The          Andrews

Last Safe House, The       Greenwood,         119 p.   Historical Fiction    6 3-6
Leanin' Dog                Nuzum, K.A.        250 p.   Fiction, Animal      5.4 5-6
                                                       Rescue, Grief.

Legend of Jimmy Spoon,     Gregory, Kristiana 202 p.   Historical Fiction   5.3 5-8

Letter, the Witch, and the Bellairs, John     188 p.   Language Arts        4.7 3-6
Ring, The

Letters from Rifka         Hesse, Karen       148 p.   Historical Fiction   5.1 3-6

Leven Thumps and the       Skye, Obert        368 p.   Fantasy              5.6 3-6
Gateway to Foo

Liberation of Gabriel      Going, K.L.        151 p.   Historical Fiction   4.5 5-8
King, The
Light at Tern Rock, The    Sauer, Julia       62 p.    Language Arts        5.4 5-8

Light in the Forest, The   Richter, Conrad    162 p.   Historical Fiction   5.8 5-8

Light in the Storm, A:    Hesse, Karen        169 p.   Historical Fiction   5.6 5-8
civil war diary of Amelia
Lighting thief, Percy     Riordan, Rick       377 p.   Fiction, Voyages     4.9 5-8
Jackson of the Olympians                               and Gods Fiction

Lion, the Witch and the  Lewis, C.S.          189 p.   Fantasy              5.5 5-8
Wardrode (Narnia series)

Listening for Lions        Whelan, Gloria     194 p.   Historical Fiction    6 5.8

Little House on the Prairie Wilder, Laura     335 p.   Historical Fiction   4.3 3-6
(series)                    Ingalls

Little Princess, A         Burnett, Francis   245 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 3-6
Lone Wolf                 Franklin, Kristine   214 p.    Realistic Fiction     4.8 5-8

Long Walk to Water        Linda Sue Park       121 p.    Survival Fiction      5.9 5-8

Long Way from Chicago     Peck, Richard        148 p.    Historical Fiction,   4.2 5-8
                                                         Newbery Honor

Lord of the Deep          Salisbury, Graham 182 p.       Language Arts         4.1 YA

Loser                     Spinelli, Jerry      218 p.    Language Arts         5.2 3-6

Louis Braille: the boy who Davidson,           80 p.     Biography             4.2 K-3
invented books for the     Margaret
Love that dog              Creech, Sharon      86 p.     Poetry                4.1 3-6

Love, Ruby Lavender       Wiles, Deborah       188 p.    Realistic Fiction     4.2 3-6

M.C. Higgins, the great   Hamilton, Virginia 232 p.      Historical Fiction,    6 YA

Maggie's door             Giff, Patricia Reilly 158 p.   Historical Fiction    5.2 5-8

Magic Thief               Sarah Prineas        419 p.    Langauge Arts,        4.5 3-6

Maniac Magee              Spinelli, Jerry      184 p.    Language Arts,         5 3-6

Matchlock gun, The        Edmonds, Walter      50 p.     Historical Fiction,   5.7 3-6

Matilda                   Dahl, Roald          240 p.    Language Arts         5.2 3-6
Mayfield Crossing        Nelson, Vaunda     88 p.    Historical Fiction    3.3 3-6

Maze of Bones: 39 Clues Riordan, Rick       220 p.   Mystery, Historical   4.5 3-6
                                                     Family fiction

Me and the Pumpkin       Kennedy, Marlane 181 p.     Fiction, Single-      4.5 3-6
Queen                                                Parent families

Measle and the           Ogilvy, Jan        210 p.   Fantasy               6.4 5-8

Mercy Watson to the      DiCamillo, Kate    68 p.    Language Arts         2.7 K-3

Midnight for Charlie Bone Nimmo, Jenny      401 p.   Fantasy               4.3 3-6

Midnight Fox             Byars, Betsy       134 p.   Language Arts          6 3-6

Midnight Magic           Avi                247 p.   Language Arts          5 5-8

Midnight Rider           Harlow, Joan Hiatt 372 p.   Historical Fiction    5.5 5-8

Midwife's Apprentice, The Cushman, Karen    122 p.   Historical Fiction,    6 YA

Milkweed: a novel        Spinelli, Jerry    208 p.   Historical Fiction     6 YA

Minstrel in the Tower,   Skurzynski, Gloria 60 p.    Historical Fiction    4.8 3-6

Miracles on Maple Hill   Sorenson, Virginia 232 p.   Language              4.9 5-8

Miraculous Journey of    DiCamillo, Kate    198 p.   Language Arts         4.9 3-6
Edward Tulane, The

Miss Hickory             Bailey, Carolyn S. 120 p.   Language               6 3-6
Missing May              Rylant, Cynthia    89 p.    Language              6.7 5-8
Mississippi Bridge         Taylor, Mildred     62 p.    Historical Fiction   4.8 3-6

Moccasin Trail             McGraw, Eloise      247 p.   Historical Fiction   7.5 5-8

Molly Moon's Incredible    Byng, Georgia       371 p.   Language Arts        5.5 3-6
Book of Hypnotism

Monkey Island              Fox, Paula          151 p.   Language Arts        6.5 5-8

Moon Over Manifest         Clare Vanderpool    351 p.   Historical Fiction   5.3 5-8

More Perfect Than the      Patricia MacLahlan 80 p.     Forshadowing,        3.2 3-6
Moon                                                    Langauge Arts

Mr. Lincoln's Drummer      Wiser, G. Clifton   131 p.   Historical Fiction   6.4 5-8

Mr. Popper's Penguins      Atwater, Richard    138 p.   Language             6.3 3-6
Mr. Tucket                 Paulsen, Gary       166 p.   Historical Fiction    5 5-8

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats   O'Brien, Robert C. 233 p.    Language             5.4 3-6
of NIMH                                                 Arts/Newbery
Mudville                   Scaletta, Kurtis    265 p.   Fiction              4.6 3-6

Murder at Mill Hollow      Barton, Peggy       66 p.    Language Arts         5 3-6
Music of Dolphins, The      Hesse, Karen     181 p.   Language Arts        3.5 3-6

MyBrother Made Me Do        Kehret, Peg      130 p.   Language Arts        5.4 3-6

My Name is Not Angelica O'Dell, Scott        130 p.   Historical Fiction   5.1 5-8

My Secret War: the World Osborne, Mary       186 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 5-8
War II diary of Madeline Pope
My Side of the Mountain George, Jean         177 p.   Survival             6.7 5-8

My Teacher is an Alien      Coville, Bruce   123 p.   Language Arts        5.4 3-6

Mystery at Blackbeard's     Penn, Audrey     351 p.   Mystery              5.2 5-8

Naked Mole Rat Letters,     Amato, Mary      266 p.   Language Arts        4.6 3-6

Naya Nuki, Shoshone Girl Thomasma,           175 p.   Historical Fiction   5.8 5-8
Who Ran                  Kenneth

Next Spring an Oriole       Whelan, Gloria   60 p.    Historical Fiction   4.1 3-6

Niagara Falls or Does It?   Winkler, Henry   133 p.   Language Arts         4 3-6

Nightmare Mountain          Kehret, Peg      164 p.   Mystery              5.2 5-8

No Dogs Allowed!            Wallace, Bill    214 p.   Language Arts         4 3-6

No Talking                  Clements, Andrew 146 p.   School Fiction        5 3-6

Noonday Friends, The        Stolz, Mary      182 p.   Realistic Fiction    5.7 3-6
Nory Ryan's Song           Giff, Patricia Reilly 148 p.   Historical Fiction   4.9 5-8

Not-just-anybody Family, Byars, Betsy           176 p.    Language Arts        4.7 3-6

Nowhere to Call Home       DeFelice, Cynthia    199 p.    Historical Fiction   5.2 5-8

Number the Stars           Lowry, Lois          137 p.    Historical           4.9 5-8

Old Willis place, The: a   Hahn, Mary           199 p.    Mystery              4.2 5-8
ghost story                Downing

Old Yeller                 Gipson, Fred         181 p.    Historical Fiction   5.4 5-8

On My Honor                Bauer, Marion        90 p.     Language Arts        5.6 5-8

On the Far Side of the     George, Jean         170 p.    Language Arts        5.8 5-8
Mountain                   Craighead

On the Wings of Heroes     Peck, Richard        160 p.    Historical Fiction    5 5-8

Once Upon a Marigold       Ferris, Jean         266 p.    Fantasy              6.9 5-8

One Eye Giant              Osborne, Mary    105 p.        Mythology            4.8 3-6
Onion John                 Krumgold, Joseph 248 p.        Language             5.1 5-8

Orphan Train Adventures Nixon, Joan             160 p.    Historical Fiction   6.8 5-8
(Series)                Lowery

Otherwise Known as         Blume, Judy          138 p.    Language Arts        4.2 3-6
Sheila the Great

Our only May Amelia        Holm, Jennifer       253 p.    Historical Fiction   6.5 5-8

Over Sea, Under Stone      Cooper, Susan        196 p.    Fantasy              5.9 5-8

Owls in the Family         Mowat, Farley        91 p.     Language Arts         5 3-6
P.S. Longer Letter Later   Danziger, Paula    234 p.    Language Arts        5.9 5-8

Paint the Wind             Ryan, Pam Muñoz 327 p.       Historical Fiction   4.9 3-6

Pedro's Journal: a voyage Conrad, Pam         80 p.     Historical Fiction   5.5 5-8
with Christopher
Peppermints in the Parlor Wallace, Barbara    198 p.    Mystery              6.6 3-6
Perloo the Bold           Avi                 225 p.    Fantasy              5.5 3-6

Peter and the Starcatchers Barry, Dave        451 p.    Fantasy              5.6 3-6

Phantom Tollbooth          Juster, Norton     255 p.    Fantasy              5.4 5-8

Philip Hall Likes Me. I    Greene, Bette      135 p.    Language             5.2 3-6
Reckon Maybe.                                           Arts/Newbery
Pictures of Hollis Woods Giff, Patricia Reilly 166 p.   Language             6.4 5-8
Pillage                    Skye, Obert        312 p.    Magical Fiction      5.2 5-6

Pinballs                   Byars, Betsy       136 p.    Realistic Fiction    4.9 3-6

Pippi Longstocking         Lindgren, Astrid   160 p.    Language Arts        5.2 3-6

Poppy                      Avi                156 p.    Fantasy              4.8 3-6

Postman Always Brings      Holm & Hamel       129 p.    Mystery              5.1 3-6
Mice, The

Prince and the Pauper      Twain, Mark        294 p.    Language Arts         7 YA

Princess Academy           Hale, Shannon      314 p.    Fantasy              6.2 5-8

Pushcart War, The          Merrill, Jean      222 p.    Language Arts        6.7 5-8
Rainbow People, The         Yep, Laurence        194 p.    Folk tales           5.2 5-8

Ralph S. Mouse (series)     Cleary, Beverly      160 p.    Fantasy                5 3-6
Ramona (series)             Cleary, Beverly      180 p.    Realistic Fiction    5.3 3-6

Ramona and Her Father       Cleary, Beverly      186 p.    Realistic Fiction    5.2 3-6

Ravenmaster's Secret:    Woodruff, Elvira        224 p.    Historical Fiction    6 3-6
Escape from the Tower of

Regarding the Fountain: a Klise, Kate             138 p.   Language Arts        4.8 5-8
tale, in letters, of liars and
Reluctant God, The             Service, Pamela F. 182 p.   Fantasy              7.1 5-8

Ribsy                       Cleary, Beverly      190 p.    Realistic Fiction    5.3 3-6

Riding Freedom              Ryan, Pam Muñoz 138 p.         Historical Fiction   4.8 3-6

Rifles for Watie            Keith, Harold        332 p.    Historical           7.1 5-8
River, The                  Paulsen, Gary        132 p.    Survival             6.3 5-8

Robin Hood of Sherwood McGovern, Ann             128 p.    Language Arts        6.1 3-6
Rodzina                Cushman, Karen            215 p.    Historical Fiction   5.9 5-8

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Taylor, Mildred         276 p.    Historical           6.9 5-8
Cry                                                        Fiction/Newbery

Roller Skates               Sawyer, Ruth         186 p.    Historical           6.7 3-6

Rosa Parks, My Story        Parks, Rosa          192 p.    Autobiography        6.5 5-8

Rowan of Rin                Rodda, Emily         151 p.    Fantasy              4.7 3-6

Ruby Holler                 Creech, Sharon       310 p.    Language Arts         6 3-6

Ruby Lu, Brave and True Look, Lenore             105 p.    Realistic Fiction    3.9 K-3
Ruins of Gorlan, The       Flanagan, John     249 p.   Fantasy              7.6 5-8

Rules                      Lord, Cynthia      200 p.   Realistic Fiction    3.9 3-6

Running Out of Time        Haddix, Margaret   184 p.   Language Arts        6.4 5-8

Sadako and the Thousand    Coerr, Eleanor     80 p.    Biography             5 3-6
Paper Cranes
Sammy Keyes and the        Van Draanen,       163 p.   Mystery              5.9 5-8
Hotel Thief                Wendelin
Sarah Bishop               O'Dell, Scott      230 p.   Historical Fiction   6.8 5-8

Sarah, Plain and Tall      MacLachlan,        58 p.    Historical           3.9 3-6
                           Patricia                    Fiction/Newbery

Sasquatch                  Smith, Roland      188 p.   Language Arts        5.2 5-8

School Spirits             Tunnell, Michael   201 p.   Mystery              5.5 3-6

School Story, The          Clements, Andrew 196 p.     Language Arts        5.2 3-6

Search for the             Nixon, Joan        149 p.   Mystery              6.5 5-8
Shadowman                  Lowery

Secret Garden              Burnett, Francis   358 p.   Language Arts        6.8 5-8

Secret of Platform, 13,    Ibbotson, Eva      231 p.   Fantasy              7.5 5-8

Secret of the Andes, The   Clark, Ann Nolan   120 p.   Language             5.5 3-6

Secret School, The         Avi                157 p.   Historical Fiction   4.2 3-6

Sees Behind Trees          Dorris, Michael    104 p.   Language Arts        5.9 3-6
Series of Unfortunate     Snicket, Lemony     220 p.   Language Arts         6 5-8

Serpent Tide              Fogg, K.L.          391 p.   Language Arts        5.3 5-8

Seven Wonders of          Birney, Betty G.    210 p.   Language Arts        4.8 3-6
Sassafras Springs

Shades of Gray            Reeder, Carolyn     152 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 3-6

Shadow of a Bull          Wojciechowska,      165 p.   Language             5.2 5-8
                          Maia                         Arts/Newbery

Shadows on the Sea        Harlow, Joan Hiatt 244 p.    Historical Fiction   6.6 5-8

Shakespeare Stealer, The Blackwood, Gary      216 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 3-6

Sherlock Holmes (series) Doyle, Arthur        250 p.   Mystery               6 YA
Shiloh                   Naylor, Phyllis      137 p.   Language              5 3-6
                         Reynolds                      Arts/Newbery

Sideways Stories form     Sachar, Louis       118 p.   Language Arts        3.9 3-6
Wayside School (series)

Sign of the Beaver, The   Speare, Elizabeth   135 p.   Historical Fiction   5.7 5-8

Silent thunder: a Civil   Pinkney, Andrea     218 p.   Historical Fiction    6 5-8
War story                 Davis

Sing Down the Moon        O'Dell, Scott       137 p.   Historical Fiction   5.3 5-8

Sisters Grimm, The        Buckley, Michael    280 p.   Fantasy              5.2 3-6

Skinnybones               Park, Barbara       111 p.   Language Arts        4.1 3-6

Smart Dog                 Vande Velde,        146 p.   Language Arts        5.8 3-6

Snow Treasure             McSwigan, Marie     196 p.   Historical Fiction   5.3 3-6
Soft Rain: a story of the   Cornelissen,       115 p.   Historical Fiction   4.3 3-6
Cherokee Trail of Tears     Cornelia

Soldier's Heart: a novel of Paulsen, Gary      106 p.   Historical Fiction    6 YA
the Civil War

Someone Was Watching        Patneaude, David   220 p.   Mystery               6 YA

Song of the Wanderer        Coville, Bruce     330 p.   Fantasy

Sounder                     Armstrong,         116 p.   Historical           6.5 5-8
                            William Howard              Fiction/Newbery

Spiderwick Chronicles       DeTerlizzi, Tony   120 p.   Fantasy              5.3 3-6

Stepping on the Cracks      Hahn, Mary         216 p.   Historical Fiction   6.3 3-6

Sticks                      Bauer, Joan        182 p.   Language Arts        4.8 3-6

Stinker from Space          Service, Pamela F. 84 p.    Fantasy              5.3 3-6

Stone Fox                   Gardiner, John     83 p.    Language Arts        4.5 3-6

Stones in Water             Napoli, Donna Jo   209 p.   Historical Fiction   6.5 5-8

Story of Benjamin        Davidson,             92 p.    Biography            4.8 3-6
Franklin: amazing        Margaret
American, The
Story of Harriet Tubman, Sterling, Dorothy     191 p.   Biography             4 5-8
The: Freedom Train

Story of MyLlife: Helen     Keller, Helen      225 p.   Autobiography         6 YA
Stray, The                  King-Smith, Dick   139 p.   Language Arts        5.5 3-6

Strider                     Cleary, Beverly    179 p.   Language Arts        5.6 3-6
Stuart Little              White, E.B.       131 p.   Fantasy              5.4 3-6

Summer of the Bonepile     Henderson, Aileen 137 p.   Language Arts        4.5 5-8
Monster, The               Kilgore

Summer of the Monkeys, Rawls, Wilson         290 p.   Language Arts        5.9 YA

Summer of the Swans,       Byars, Betsy      142 p.   Realistic Fiction     5 3-6

Superfudge                 Blume, Judy       178 p.   Language Arts        3.9 3-6

Surviving Brick Johnson    Myers, Laurie     74 p.    Language Arts        3.5 3-6

Swift Rivers               Meigs, Cornelia   267 p.   Historical Fiction   6.5 5-8

Swiss Family Robinson,     Wyss, Johann      341 p.   Language Arts        7.9 5-8
The                        David

Tale of Desperaux, The: DiCamillo, Kate      267 p.   Fantasy              4.6 3-6
being the tale of a mouse,
a princess, some soup and
a spool of thread

Tales of a Fourth Grade    Blume, Judy       120 p.   Language Arts        3.8 3-6
Taste of Blackberries, A  Smith, Doris       58 p.    Language Arts        4.6 3-6
Teacher's Funeral, The: A Peck, Richard      190 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 5-8
comedy in three parts

The Silver Crown           Robert O'Brian    322 p.   Fantasy              4.9 3-6

The Year the Swallows      Fitzmaurice,      277 p.   Fathers and          4.8 3-6
Came Early                 Kathryn                    daughters Fiction

There's a Boy in the Girls Sachar, Louis     195 p.   Language Arts         5 3-6

There's an Owl in the      George, Jean      133 p.   Language Arts        5.5 3-6
Shower                     Craighead
Thief and the Beanstalk,   Cantanese, P.W.     272 p.   Fairy Tale           5.1 5-8

Thief Lord, The            Funke, Cornelia     349 p.   Language Arts        6.8 5-8

Things Not Seen            Clements, Andrew 251 p.      Language Arts         5 5-8

Thomas A. Edison: boy      Guthridge, Sue      192 p.   Biography             4 3-6

Three Cups of Tea: Young Morentson, Greg       209 p.   Non Fiction          5.6 3-6
Readers Edition          Adapted by
                         Thomson, Sarah

Thunder Cave               Smith, Roland       250 p.   Language Arts        5.2 5-8

Thunder from the Sea       Harlow, Joan Hiatt 243 p.    Language Arts        5.7 5-8

Thunder Rolling in the     O'Dell, Scott       128 p.   Historical Fiction    5 YA

Time Cat: the remarkable Alexander, Lloyd      206 p.   Language Arts        3.9 5-8
journeys of Jason and

Time for Andrew: a ghost Hahn, Mary            165 p.   Language Arts        5.9 5-8
story                    Downing

Toothpaste Millionaire,    Merrill, Jean       129 p.   Language Arts        4.9 3-6

Tracker                    Paulsen, Gary       90 p.    Language Arts        5.8 5-8

Trapped in Death Cave      Wallace, Bill       170 p.   Mystery              4.5 3-6

Trial by Journal           Klise, Kate         238 p.   Language Arts        8.9 5-8

Tripods, The (series)      Christopher, John   200 p.   Science Fiction      6.8 5-8
Trouble River               Byars, Betsy       106 p.   Historical Fiction   5.8 3-6

True Confessions            Tashjian, Janet    169 p.   Language Arts        5.9 5-8

True Confessions of         Avi                278 p.   Historical Fiction   5.3 5-8
Charlotte Doyle

Trumpet of the Swan         White, E.B.        251 p.   Language Arts        5.3 3-6

Truth is a Bright Star      Price, Joan        150 p.   Historical Fiction   5.7 5-8

Tuck Everlasting            Babbitt, Natalie   139 p.   Language Arts        5.4 5-8

Tucket's Travels (series)   Paulsen, Gary      166 p.   Historical Fiction    6 5-8

Twenty-one Balloons         DuBois, William    179 p.   Language             6.7 3-6
                            Pene                        Arts/Newbery

Two Princesses of           Levine, Gail       241 p.   Fantasy              5.8 5-8
Bamarre, The                Carson

Under the Blood-red Son Salisbury, Graham 246 p.        Historical Fiction   5.8 5-8

Upstairs Room, The          Reiss, Johanna     196 p.   Memoir               5.9 5-8

Velveteen Rabbit, The       Williams, Marjorie 44 p.    Language Arts        4.2 3-6

View from Saturday, A       Konigsberg, E.L.   163 p.   Language             4.8 3-6

View from the Cherry        Roberts, Willo     181 p.   Mystery              6.6 3-6
Tree, The                   Davis
Wait 'Till Helen Comes      Hahn, Mary         184 p.   Language Arts        4.7 5-8
Wanderer, The            Creech, Sharon      305 p.   Language             5.7 3-6

Wanted: Mud Blossom      Byars, Betsy        148 p.   Language Arts        4.8 3-6

War with Grandpa, The    Smith, Robert       140 p.   Language Arts        4.5 3-6
Watchdog and the         Wallace, Bill       104 p.   Language Arts        3.7 3-6

Water Buffalo Days       Nhuong, Huynh       116 p.   Memoir               6.8 3-6

Water Horse, The         King-Smith, Dick    118 p.   Fantasy              5.2 3-6

Watsons go to            Curtis, Christopher 210 p.   Historical            5 5-8
Birmingham - 1963: a     Paul                         Fiction/Newbery
novel                                                 Honor
Weasel                   DeFelice, Cynthia   119 p.   Historical Fiction    7 5-8

Wednesday Wars           Schmidt, Gary       264 p.   Historical Fiction   5.6 5-8

Weedflower               Kadohata, Cynthia 260 p.     Historical Fiction   5.4 5-8

Week in the Woods, A     Clements, Andrew 190 p.      Language Arts        6.3 5-8

Westing Game, The        Raskin, Ellen       182 p.   Mystery/Newbery       7 5-8

Wheel on the School, The DeJong, Meindert    298 p.   Language             5.7 5-8
When Hitler Stole Pink   Kerr, Judith        191 p.   Historical Fiction   5.1 5-8

When My Name Was         Park, Linda Sue     199 p.   Historical Fiction    5 5-8

When the Circus Came to Horvath, Polly       138 p.   Language Arts        5.9 3-6

When the Soldiers Were   Propp, Vera W.      101 p.   Historical Fiction   4.2 5-8
When You Reach Me          Rebecca Stead      199 p.   Language Arts,       5.6 5-8

When Zachary Beaver        Holt, Kimberly     227 p.   Historical Fiction    5 5-8
Came to Town               Willis

Where I Live               Spinelli, Eileen   112 p.   Poetry                3 3-6

Where the Mountain         Lin, Grace         278 p.   Fairy Tales,         5.5 3-6
Meets the Moon                                         Dragons Fiction &
                                                       Moon Fiction

Where the Red Fern         Rawls, Wilson      212 p.   Language Arts        6.4 5-8
Grows: the story of two
dogs and a boy

Whipping Boy, The          Fleishman, Sid     90 p.    Language             4.8 3-6

White Fang                 London, Jack       206 p.   Language Arts         7 YA

White Star: a dog on the   Crisp, Marty       150 p.   Historical Fiction   6.3 3-6

Wind in the Door           L'Engle, Madeleine 245 p.   Fantasy              5.3 5-8

Wind in the Willows, The Grahame, Kenneth 244 p.       Fantasy              7.5 5-8

Windcatcher                Avi                120 p.   Mystery              5.3 3-6

Winter of the Red Snow, Gregory, Kristiana 173 p.      Historical Fiction   4.8 5-8
The:P the Revolutionary
War diary of Abigail Jane
Winter Room, The          Paulsen, Gary    103 p.      Language             5.6 5-8

Wish Giver, The: three     Brittain, Bill     181 p.   Fantasy/Newbery      4.7 3-6
tales of Coven Tree                                    Honor
Witch of Blackbird Pond, Speare, Elizabeth    205 p.   Historical            6 5-8
The                      George                        Fiction/Newbery

Witches, The              Dahl, Roald         201 p.   Fantasy              4.7 3-6

Wizard of Oz              Baum, Frank         187 p.   Fantasy              6.9 5-8

Wolf Brother              Paver, Michelle     295 p.                        4.4 5-8

Wonderful Flight to the   Cameron, Eleanor    195 p.   Fantasy              6.2 3-6
Mushroom Planet, The

Word Eater, The           Amato, Mary         151 p.   Fantasy               5 3-6

Words of Stone            Henkes, Kevin       152 p.   Realistic Fiction     5 3-6

World According to        Birney, Betty G.    124 p.   Language Arts        4.2 3-6
Humphrey, The

Wrinkle in Time, A        L'Engle, Madeleine 203 p.    Fantasy, Newbery     4.7 5-8

Year of Impossible Good- Choi, Sook Nyui      171 p.   Historical Fiction   6.3 5-8

Year of Miss Agnes, The   Hill, Kirkpatrick   115 p.   Historical Fiction   4.2 3-6

Year of the Panda, The    Schlein, Miriam     83 p.    Realistic Fiction     4 3-6

Yellow Star               Roy, Jennifer       227 p.   Historical Fiction   5.2 5-8

Yolonda's Genius          Fenner, Carol       211 p.   Realistic Fiction    4.2 5-8
Zach's Lie                   Smith, Roland       211 p.   Realistic Fiction   8.1 5-8

Zeely                        Hamilton, Virginia 122 p.    Language Arts       4.6 5-8

Zlata's Diary: a child's life Filipovic, Zlata   197 p.   Autobiography        4 5-8
in Sarajevo

After celebrating their first nine same-day birthdays
together, Amanda and Leo, having fallen out on
their tenth and not speaking to each other for the
last year, prepare to celebrate their eleventh
birthday separately but peculiar things begin to
happen as the day of their birthday begins to repeat
itself over and over again.
When their beloved Aunt Grace dies, Dan, 11, and
Amy, 14-along with other Cahill descendants-are
faced with an unusual choice: inherit one million
dollars or participate in a perilous treasure hunt. As
the siblings work together to solve puzzles and
survive dangers, they develop into well-drawn
individuals with their own strengths and
personalities. Supporting Cahill cast members come
across as intentionally exaggerated caricatures,
adding to the tale's breathless fun.

Castaway on an uninhabited island, Abel, a very
civilized mouse, finds his resourcefulness and
endurance tested to the limit as he struggles to
survive and return to his home.
The adventures of an eleven-year-old boy in 13th
century England as he searches for his father and
his dog.
Thirteen-year-old Prometheus Jones and his eleven-
year-old cousin Omer flee Tennessee and join a
cattle drive that will eventually take them to Texas,
where Prometheus hopes his father lives, and they
find adventure and face challenges as African-
Americans in a land still recovering from the Civil
67 fables, with a short profile of Aesop
As Hillary works in the miniature village, allegedly
built by elves, in Sara-Kate's backyard, she becomes
more and more curious about Sra-Kate's real life
inside her big, gloomy house with your mysterious,
silent mother. Deals with poverty, neglect, and
prejudice. Teacher discussion needed.

John & Phillipa, twelve-year old twins discover
they are djinn, they go to live with their uncle in
England, where takes them to Egypt to learn about
their extraordinary powers.
Twelve-year-old Moose moves to Alcatraz Island in
1935 when guards' families were housed there, and
has to contend with his extraordinary new
environment in addition to life with his autistic
sister. For mature 5th & 6th graders.

A little girl falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a
world of nonsensical and amusing characters.
A fourteen-year-old boy who has been neglected by
irresponsible parents spends a wonderful summer
on a farm where his grandmother cooks for two
elderly brothers.
In a future where the Population Police enforce the
law limiting a family to only two children, Luke has
lived all his twelve years in isolation and fear on his
family's farm, until another "third" convinces him
that the government is wrong. World governments,
5th & 6th grades.
The life of an eighteenth-century African prince
who after being captured by slave traders, was
brought to Massachusetts where he was a slave until
he was able to buy his freedom at the age of sixty.

Anastasia's 10th year has some good things like
falling in love and really getting to know her
grandmother and some good things like finding out
about an impending baby brother.
Miguel lives with his family on a sheep ranch in
New Mexico. More than anything else, he longs to
go with the men to the Sangre de Christo
Mountains. More for boys, role of females is
In 1913 Russia, twelve-year-old Katya eagerly
anticipates leaving her St. Petersburg home, though
not her older cousin Misha, to join her mother, a
lady in waiting in the household of Tsar Nicholas II,
but the ensuing years bring world war, revolution,
and undreamed of changes to her life.

Eight year old Anna experiences a series of
episodes, some funny others sad, involving family
and friends during a year in Baltimore just before
World War One.
Anne, an eleven-year-old orphan, is sent by mistake
to live with a lonely, middle-aged brother and sister
on a Prince Edward Island farm and proceeds to
make an indelible impression on everyone around
In 1942, Robert and his cousin Elliot uncover long-
hidden family secrets while staying in their
grandparents' Rhode Island town, where they also
become involved with a German artist who is
suspect of being a spy. Graphic persecution
scenes, suicide, shooting. Grades 5 & 6
Sam is able to help his sister Anastasia with the
poem she is writing for their mother's birthday, but
his own efforts to create a special perfume are
A piglet destined for eventual butchering arrives at
the farmyard, is adopted by an old sheep dog, and
discovers a special secret to success.
Taking care of a baby left with them at the end of
the tourist season helps a family come to terms with
the death of their own infant son. 5th & 6th grade,
An imaginative young mouse is terrified to face her
enemy in dodge ball, but with the help of her best
friend and support from her mother, she not only
plays the game, she proves herself a hero. Graphic
In 1849, twelve-year-old California Morning
Whipple, who renames herself Lucy, is distraught
when her mother moves the family from
Massachusetts to a rough California mining town.
Blunt terms
Twelve-year-old Annyrose, left behind when her
brother joins the Gold Rush, escapes the
unscrupulous woman with whom she is staying and
sets out on a grand adventure with the notorious
bandit Joaquin Murieta and his band of outlaws.

Sixteen-year-old Rudi dreams of being the first to
climb the highest mountain in Switzerland.
In a small town, in post-Word War II Oregon,
twenty-one 6th grade girls recount the story of an
annual softball game, during which one girl's
bigotry comes to the surface. 5th & 6th grade.
References to religion and an illegitimate baby.
Twelve-year-old William uses the magic token to
return, through the toy castle in his attic, to the
medieval land of Sir Simon, which is now menaced
by a skeleton ship bearing a plague of ravenous rats.

Milo, tired of problems with his sister, parents, and
classmates, finds a book in the library which
promises to make him perfect in just three days.
Beany loves her cousin Amy but is worried about
something going wrong if she agrees to be the
flower girl in Amy's wedding.
Elk girl, a member of the Ute tribe is captured by
the Cheyenne during the 1860s, sold to an Arapaho
warrior, rescued by a white soldier, and finally
returned to her family.
Stranded on a deserted island, Tarzan, now Lord
Greystoke, calls upon the beasts of the jungle to
help him save his abducted wife and son.

Seven fifth-graders at Snow Hill School in
Connecticut relate how their lives are changed for
the better because of their teacher Mr. Terupt.
Ten-year-old, India Opal Buloni describes her first
summer in the town of Naomi, Florida and all the
good things that happen to her because of her big
ugly dog Winn-Dixie.
When Naomi's absent mother resurfaces to claim
her, Naomi runs away to Mexico with her great-
grandmother and younger brother, in search of her
Ten year old Korinna must decide whether to report
her parents to her Hitler Youth group when she
discovers they are hiding Jews in a secret place
behind Korinna's bedroom wall. Gifted 5th or 6th
Bella's peasant life is changed when her real father,
a knight who abandoned her when she was a baby,
comes and reclaims her, moving her to his home
where lives with a resentful stepmother and two
horrible stepsisters and learns about a plot to kill
her friend, Prince Julian.
Benjamin's Franklin companion, Amos the mouse,
recounts how he was responsible for Franklin's
inventions and discoveries.

The six mean Herdman kids lie, steal, smoke cigars
and then become involved in the community
Christmas pageant.
The six horrible Herdman kids cause mayhem
throughout the school year.
Kidsnatched from her orphanage by the BFG(Big
Friendly Giant) who spends his life blowing happy
dreams to children, Sophie concocts a plan with
him to save the world from nine other man-gobbling
canny-bull giants.
"A Binky adventure"--Cover. Binky, a house cat
who believes the family home is actually a space
station, trains and prepares to travel into outer
space, where his humans go everyday and need his
protection. (Instructional Recommendations-Good
for a storyboard and writing or Read Aloud.)

A horse in 19th century England recounts his
experiences with both good and bad masters.
Taran, assistant pig-keeper of Prydain, faces even
more dangers as he seeks the magical black
cauldron, the chief implement of the evil powers of
Arawn, lord of the land of Death.
The story of the understanding and love between a
boy and a magnificent wild horse and the
adventures and dangers they share.
Traveling to the New World in 1606 as the page to
Captain John Smith, when an orpahn, Samuel
Collier, settles in the new colony of James Town.
When her aunt and uncle take her from New
Mexico to Lugan, Switzerland, to attend an
international school, thirteen-year-old Dinnie
discovers her world expanding.
Having failed apprenticeship as a dye maker, Koji
is captured and forced to train as a ninja, where he
remains disloyal until samurai have burned his
former village.
Thorston, an alchemist who has spent his life trying
to decipher the secret to immortality is on the brink
of realizing his dream when he drops dead.

Miniature people survive in an old country house by
borrowing things from the humans who live there
Miss Jane Peck of Philadelphia finds little use for
manners during her long sea voyage to the Pacific
Northwest and while living among American traders
and Chinook Indians. Reference to female
anatomy and references to mature adult
interpersonal relationships. For grades 5 & 6.

Mary Ellen Todd and her family travel from their
home in Arkansas westward over the Oregon trail in
1852. They encounter stroms, Indians, disease and
death. Science and health
A series of mysteries, solved by four siblings,
featuring simple vocabulary and sentence structure

While fishing with his friends in Honolulu, Adam is
caught in the midst of the Japanese attack and tries
to find his father who was serving on the U.S.S.
Arizona. Discusses racist views toward the
The fate of a small California town rests on one
baseball game, and Tom Gallagher hopes to lead his
team to victory with the secrets of a disgraced
During a malaria epidemic in late eighteenth
century Cleveland, ten-year old Seth Doan surprises
everyone by having enough strength and energy to
grind enough corn to feed everyone

Humorous anecdotes from the author's childhood,
including his summer vacations in Norway and life
at an English boarding school.
Instead of being rescued from a plane crash, as in
Hatchet, this story portrays what would have
happened to Brian had he been forced to spend a
winter in the wilderness.
The life of a ten-year old boy in rural Virginia
expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer
who subsequently meets an untimely death trying to
reach their hideaway Terabithia during a storm.
Brighty is the story of a free-spirited wild donkey.
As he roams the Grand Canyon he encounters an
old miner, President Teddy Roosevelt, and a
ruthless claim-jumper. Desert biomes.
A young boy seeks revenge from the Romans for
killing his parents, but is turned away from
vengeance by Jesus
A motherless boy living in Flint, Michigan during
the Great Depression escapes a bad foster home and
sets out in search of his father.
Follows the life of the dynamic 26th President
including his conservation work, hunting
expeditions, family life and political career.
Though scoffed at by Harold the dog, Chester the
cat tries to warn his human family that their
foundling baby bunny must be a vampire.
Ten-year old Anna overcomes loneliness and learns
to appreciate the importance of her role in settling
the wilderness of Western Pennsylvania.
Caddie grows up with her six brothers and sisters on
the Wisconsin frontier.
Kit gains a new perspective on life when she is
sentenced to twenty hours of volunteer work at the
humane society for shoplifting. Addresses issues of
abuse, alcoholism.
Sequel to: Skylark

Miriam Willard becomes a captive during the
French and Indian war in 1754. 5th & 6th grade.
Mafatu overcomes his terrible fear of the sea
When four fifth graders meet the owner of the new
candy shop in town, and are given a magical candy,
they acquire super powers that come with
dangerous consequences.
Enola Holmes the younger sister of Sherlock
Holmes, must travel to London in disguise to
unravel the mystery of her missing mother.
Advanced 5th & 6th graders
A gift of a toy castle, complete with a toy knight
starts William on a magical quest.
The tale of a cat who brings good fortune to a
painter. The painter knows that the cat wants to be
in his painting, but it will ruin his reputation
After the freighter on which Philip and his mother
were traveling is torpedoed, the boy finds himself
dependent on an old West Indian man for survival

Gregory's house does not have room for a garden,
so he creates a garden in an unusual place.

Five children win a trip in Mr. Wonka's mysterious
chocolate factory.
Charlie, his family and Mr. Wonka find themselves
launched into space.
Wilbur, the pig, is desolate, when he discovers that
he is destined to be the farmer's Christmas dinner.

Zinnia deals with the deaths of her cousin Rose and
her Aunt Jessie while growing up in an eccentric
family in Kentucky.
Petra and Colder combine their talents to solve an
international art scandal. Math skills used.
Having fled Cambodia to escape the Khmer Rouge
army, 17 year old Sundara is torn between
remaining faithful to her own people and adjusting
to life as an American in Oregon. For mature 6th
grade girls.
Henry breaks out in brown bumps from eating too
much chocolate which helps him foil some
A boy acquires a magical gift, that turns everything
his lips touch into chocolate.
Using his renowned lack of common sense, fifteen-
year-old Beck Phillips gets himself and his friends
Kate and Wyatt embroiled in more dragon
adventures, as they discover and hatch the last
remaining dragon stone.
A young family moves in with a widow and
together they discover the first gift of Christmas.
Deals with the death of a child.
A miser learns the true meaning of Christmas when
A male Cinderella story in which a lonely young lad
uses his inventive ability to win the hand of a
Mattie copes with the loss of her father and her
mixed feelings towards her mother.
The city of Ember is running out of Electricity.
Lina must find a way for the people of Ember to
return to Earth
Clementine gains several unique hairstyles while
helping her father banish the pigeons from their
apartment building.
Nellie's family moves from Tennessee to Chicago,
hoping to escape the racism of the South behind.
Deals with prejudice.
Tigre, a Mayan boy, living in the Yucatan, must
learn to be a man when his father is injured.
Glossary for Spanish & Mayan words.
Sarah finds courage to go alone with her father to
build a new home in the Connecticut wilderness
among the Indians. Reference to Bible reading.
After attempting to save his ex-babysitter from wife
abuse, Cracker gains insight into the sadness of
failed heroics. Deals with spouse & child abuse.
John is a bully until his grandfather moves in and
has a stroke and her considers the importance of
family. For mature students.
A young boy discovers that sometimes the people
you and your friends make fun of can turn out to be
friends , even though they may have problems.
(Alcoholism, mental retardation)
The adventures of a country cricket who
unintentionally arrives in New York and is
befriended by Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat.
Falsely accused of theft and murder, an orphaned
peasant boy in 14th century England flees his
village and meets a juggler who holds a dangerous
secret. For 6th grade only.
Jaynell's life in Moon, Texas is enlivened when her
eccentric grandpap comes to live with her and her
Daniel whose family suffers as the Nazis rise to
power, describes his imprisonment in a
concentration camp. Graphic portrayal of
Holocaust. Mature 6th grade only.
Two seventh grade girls are paired for a picture
book contest. Daphne's life as an orphan living
with an impoverished and unstable grandmother
troubles both girls.
Matt and Parker learn the body the found in Indian
Creek is a drug related death.
In letters to his favorite author, Leigh copes with his
parents' divorce and being the new boy in school.

A group of young friends living in ancient Rome,
search for the culprit who scrawled graffiti on the
temple wall. 6th grade
Hannah resents the traditions of her Jewish heritage
until time travel places her in the middle of a small
Jewish village in Nazi-occupied Poland.
Four students work as interns for an oceanography
institute. Treasure hunters try to prevent the kids
from keeping the treasure they find.

A handicapped boy in 14th century England proves
his courage and earns recognition from the king.

Firedrake, a silver dragon is joined by a brownie
and an orphan boy embark on a journey to magical
lands where they meet marvelous creatures and one
ruthless villain.
A young boy must leave China and join his father
and uncle working on the transcontinental railroad
in the Sierra Nevada mountains. For high readers.

Witch Grizelda creates a dragon so fierce that it
frightens even the king's knights.
Forbidden by her father to indulge in music, a girl
on planet Pern runs away, taking shelter with fire
Jonathan must help his handicapped sister, when an
earthquake his an island in California where they
are camping.
A group of children are visited by an oracle,
befriend a professor and become involved in a
Ella struggles against a childhood curse that forces
her to obey any order given to her.
Each book has ten cases solved by a boy detective.
Solutions provided in the back of the book.

The author recounts five years of hardship and trials
spent in Siberia after she and her family were
arrested in Poland during World War II.
Problems develop when Nate's hen lays an egg that
hatches into a dinosaur.
Esperanza and her mother are force to leave their
life of wealth and privilege in Mexico to go work in
the labor camps of Southern California during the
Great Depression.
Four climbers enter a contest to be the youngest
person to climb Mt. Everest and face life or death
Twelve stories in which animals change peoples
lives for the better. For pet lovers.
Primrose lives in a fishing village in British
Columbia. She recounts her adventures as an
orphan trying to prove her parents did not perish in
a storm.
Afraid that his grandfather will die after suffering a
heart attack, a boy joins his friend in performing a
mysterious ritual called soul switching.Confusing
story line
In central Texas in 1899, eleven-year-old Callie
Vee Tate is instructed to be a lady by her mother,
learns about love from the older three of her six
brothers, and studies the natural world with her
grandfather, the latter of which leads to an
important discovery.
Three young middle-school-age children, Abby,
Amira, and Sadeed, exchange letters back and forth
between the prairies of Illinois and the mountains of
Afghanistan and begin to bridge a gap across
cultural and religious divides.
Bailey Trumbull proves his courage when he
confronts a bear in Montana
Kendra and Seth find themselves in the midst of a
battle between good and evil when they visit their
grandparents' estate and discover that it is a
sanctuary for magical creatures.
Rosie and her family travel from their Illinois farm
to Chicago in 1893 to attend the World's Columbian
Exposition, which turns out to be a life changing
experience for everyone.
An unattractive woman with a magical voice, learns
to balance her appearance with her talent, while the
queen attempts to use her talents for her own gain.

Burdette Weaver persuades a new boy at school,
whom everyone thinks is mean and dumb, to be her
partner for the spelling bee and try to win a trip to
Disney World.
An old hobo in Paris finds his life changed when he
discovers three children under a bridge.
Three farmers, each one meaner than the next, try
all-out warfare to get rid of Mr. Fox and his family.

Almanzo lives with his family on a big farm in New
York State at the end of the 19th century.
In 1793 Philadelphia, Matilda Cook learns about
perseverance and self-reliance when she is forced to
cope with the horrors of a Yellow Fever epidemic

Jason enlists his custodian Buck McHenry as the
coach of his baseball team when he finds he is a
famous pitcher from the old Negro league. Note:
No consequences for lying and deceiving others.
Venola, West Virginia's best newspaper carrier tells
humorous stories in letters to her friend and the
Underwater Flea Circus Co.Light & funny.
Two teenagers describe who their feelings about
themselves, each other, and their families change
over the years.
A Yearling book." Driving home from the beach on
Labor Day, Joshua receives some shocking news
from his mother: he must repeat third grade.
With their father jailed for sinking a river boat,
Noah and his sister gather evidence that the owner
of a floating casino is emptying his bilge tank into
the protected waters of the Florida Keys. For
advanced 6th grade students
Rachel, who chooses to be mute, after the death of a
classmate, chooses along with her classmates not to
report that the substitute teacher does not arrive.
Teaches Voice 6-traits.
A child of Nova Scotia who loves the fog, is
transported by it to a secret world.
After being accidently blinded by a firecracker,
Jimmy learns to live a normal life with the help of
Leader, his seeing eye dog.
Dan travels to the past and becomes involved in a
calamity involving the Black Death.
Lief and Barda search for the seven lost stones of
the Belt of Deltora, hoping to rid their land of the
evil Shadow Lord, who has enslaved Deltora's
people and hidden the stones in the most dangerous
places in the kingdom.
Kenric sets off to find his father who has been
kidnapped by the evil Lord Mordig. He receives
help from goblins and Fey fold. Easy read for low
readers 4th & 5th grade.
After falling through a forgotten door and ending up
on the strange planet Earth, Jon discovers he has put
the lives of a friendly family in danger and must
find the secret passage home.
When his older brother joins the army during WW
II and his best friend, a Japanese boy, is sent to a
camp, Foster must deal with the rages of his harsh
father. Japanese are referred to as "Japs"

Bug lover Adam Crinklestein decides to create a
monster bug that will protect him from the school
bully. Science & insects
Andy wants freckles so badly that he buys Sharon's
freckle recipe for fifty cents.
The story of the Montgomery bus boycott, includes
key people and events that contributed to the year-
long struggle for civil rights on Montgomery's city
Four children witness a confrontation between an
elderly African-American man and a white
storekeeper in rural Mississippi in the 1930s.
Racial tensions
Nick Allen creates a new word and begins a chain
of events that quickly moves beyond his control.
Claudia and her brother run away to the
Metropolitan Museum of Art and embark on a
Three orphaned children hold the continuation of a
society's culture in their hands. The book alludes to
cultural segregation based on personal physical
characteristics and violent treatment of certain
societal members. Recommended for mature
readers with teacher discussion.

The journal of a 14-year-old girl, kept the last year
she lived on the family farm, records daily events in
her small New Hampshire town, her father's
remarriage, and the death of her best friend.
In depression-era Philadelphia, 11-year old David is
too ill to attend school, he is tutored by his
adventurous Aunt Annie which greatly enriches his
life. For 5th & 6th grades
Five children find themselves transported back to
the time of George Washington where the learn the
sober realities of war
George decides that his grumpy, selfish old
grandmother must be a witch and concocts some
medicine to take care of her.
Allie hears a voice and sees in her mind's eye a girl
who is asking for help.
A cabin boy on a pirate ship finds himself in San
Diego in 1846 as war breaks out between the
United States and Mexico.
Two black girls living in the north are proud of their
families Cadillac until they take it on a visit to the
South and encounter racial prejudice.
Richard befriends Napoleon, a newcomer to Boston
from the Caribbean. He teaches him baseball, and
sees him face racial prejudice.
The adventures of a downhearted ghost who
befriends a boy, who is an outcast.

A young Egyptian boy struggles to reveal a hideous
crime and reshape his own destiny.
Two cousins spend an adventurous summer on a
ranch on the Hungarian plains. Their attitude and
behavior change as she is led by the good master

After spending year fleeing the Nazis two children
find a new home in a refugee camp in Oswego, New
A battered child learns to embrace life when he is
adopted by an old man in the English countryside
during World War II. Deals with child abuse.

A student who loves being the center of attention
entertains her class with absolutely true stories. Use
for writing.
While learning to bestow dreams, a young dream
giver tries to save an eight-year old boy from the
effects of both his abusive past an the nightmares
inflicted on him by the frightening Sinsteeds.

With the help of her wise old grandmother Rosie
works out problems with her best friend Bailey and
hears stories of Italy.
In 1874 Sam and his family move from Kentucky to
the Dakota territory where a plague of hungry
grasshoppers threaten their chances for survival.
The exploits of the Great Brain of Adenville, Utah
are related by his younger brother. He schemes for
prestige and money.
A foster child copes with her longings and fears as
she schemes against everyone who tries to be
A group of refugees from Earth struggles to make
their strange new planet provide necessities.
Environmental and survival issues
When Gregor and his sister are pulled into a strange
underground world, they trigger an epic battle
involving humans, rats, bats, cockroaches and
An Algonquin boy and girl struggle with the
problems of growing up in the Massachusetts area
during the time of the first Thanksgiving.
Six school makes embark on a game in which they
pretend to be gypsies, but one of the boys runs away
and takes up with a group of homeless people.

Fiona and her brother are torn between trying to
make their Chinese grandmother and their Scottish
grandparents happy.
Four children find themselves in a series of
extraordinary adventures after one of them finds a
magic coin.
A young girl's life with her father on a farm in
England is changed when she befriends a talking
hare. Recommended for lower level readers.
Second year student, Harry Potter, finds himself in
danger from a dark power that has been released on
the school.
Fourth year student, Harry Potter. longs to escape
his family and live as a normal wizard. For mature
Third year student, Harry Potter, must confront the
devious and dangerous wizard that killed his
parents. Teachers that the love of a mother and
father is a most powerful force.
Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and
uncle, Harry discovers his own powers when he is
invited to attend the sorcerers' academy.

After a plane crash, Brian spends 54 days in the
wilderness, learning to survive with only the aid of
a hatchet.
Annie ponders the many rhythms of life, the year
her mother gets pregnant, her grandfather becomes
faltering and her best friend becomes distant.

Marley's life seems perfect in Heaven, Ohio, until
she discovers that her mother and father are not her
real parents. Swearing and reference to scars of
self mutilation.
Helen Keller rises above her physical disabilities to
achieve international renown.
When his parents host a Vietnamese family, Harvey
enjoys Americanizing 12-year old Tuan.
Two girls spend an adventurous night trapped in the
public library during a blizzard.
Henry Reed keeps a journal of his summer activities
which include a number of profitable projects.

When an ordinary boy wishes for super hero
powers, he finds himself in situations that require
bravery and courage. Graphic novel
Despite his father's rules and his own fear of the
water, Jamie and his cousin take their raft out on the
river where a tragic accident occurs. Read the
book thoughtfully before using it for study.
Discusses values, ethics and gray areas.
In this final part of the chronicle of Prydain, the
forces of good and evil meet in an ultimate
confrontation, which determines the fate of Taran,
the Assistant Pig-Keeper who wanted to be a hero.

Stanley Yelnats is sent to a juvenile detention
center, where he finds his first real friend, a
treasure, and a sense of himself. High ability
readers, teacher direction to appreciate the
Abandoned by their mother, four children begin a
search for a home and an identity.
Four episodes about Homer, including one about a
pet skunk and another about a doughnut machine.

Joey, finds a valuable 1909 Honus Wagner card and
travels back in time to meet him.
In his small Florida community, Roy tries to save
the burrowing owl from a proposed construction
site. Environmental lesson.
Alone in his sampan, with his pig and three
ducklings, A Chinese boy begins a dangerous
journey in search of his family after they escape
from the Japanese army.
Two children find a stolen Egyptian mummy in an
old house and become trapped there by snow.

Two boys set out to prove that worms can make a
delicious meal.
In winning a medal she is no longer there to receive,
a tight-lipped Polish girl teaches her classmates a
Michael's love for his great-great aunt leads him to
intercede with his mother, who wants to toss out all
her old things. Sophisticated theme and style.
Teaching should be teacher directed.
A brief biography explaining the conflicts and
politics that influences the civil rights movement.

Shipwrecked in 1757, in the Arctic seas with an
orphaned polar cub, 17 year old Allan begins a
struggle for survival.
In Wisconsin, Ida B. spends happy hours being
home schooled, until her mother begins treatment
for breast cancer and they must sell part of the
orchard and send her to public school.

Tough times in rural Georgia during the depression,
take a lively turn when Ida is hired as a housekeeper
for four children whose mother has died.

Ginger becomes the target of a disturbed woman
who claims to be her birth mother.
Marya and her brother set out on a journey to
Siberia to find their mother. Sequel to Angel on the
Square .
In 1947, a Chinese child comes to Brooklyn where
she develops a love for baseball.
George is bothered that his father has a girlfriend,
so he comes up with a terrible plan to get rid of her.
He then apologizes and things work out.

A Siamese cat, a bull terrier, and Labrador retriever
travel 250 miles through the Canadian wilderness to
find their family.
In 1758, Mary is captured by a Shawnee war party
during the French and Indian war, she is rescued but
chooses to live her life with the Indians

A 9-year old boy received a toy Indian, a cupboard
and a key for his birthday and embarks on an
adventure when the Indian comes to live.

Meggie learns that her father Mo can bring
characters out of books to life. He bring an evil
ruler into Meggie's world and must stop the magic
and restore peace.
Rusty, a bored house kitten, is apprentice by the
ThunderClan, and becomes the bravest warrior of
all when the feral cats are threatened by the
In 1867, Winnie meets a Chinese boy, and tensions
arise over working conditions while building the
Intercontinental Railroad. Chinese racial
Six children try to survive after being shipwrecked,
they meet up with some dangerous smugglers.

A young Indian girl spends 18 years alone on an
island off the coast of California, she learns to
survive and finds a measure of happiness in her
solitary life.
A Jewish boy is left on his own for months in a
Ghetto in Poland where he must learn to survive
under life-threatening conditions. Caution:
A quietly humorous story of one kind of
contemporary New York city boyhood, a 14-year-
old and his family, his friends, and a stray tomcat.

Jack blunders into a feud on a pirate ship and
encounters danger, intrigue and treachery.
A man recalls the terrifying years of his childhood
when a brave Polish couple hid him from the Nazis.

While accompanying his father on an expedition up
the Amazon river to a jaguar preserve, Jacob, must
contend with dangerous animals and fortune
hunters. Violence and unmarried couple living
A young boy escapes from two wicked aunts and
meets six giant insects inside a peach.
Jack finds himself the subject of ridicule when it
becomes known that his father is one of the janitors,
and he turns his anger on his father.
Jason embarks on a 10,000 mile journey in 1897 in
hopes of striking it rich in Canada's Yukon territory.

Elizabeth is very lonely until she meets Jennifer
who is a witch and teaches Elizabeth to become a

Jeremy unknowingly buys a dragon's egg. Shows
love and honesty with a great moral.
A silversmith's apprentice in Boston, becomes a
messenger for the Sons of Liberty in the days before
the American Revolution.
During the 1919 influenza pandemic in Boston, a
boy must support his family by selling newspapers.
He becomes involved in the "Great Molasses
An indentured servants keeps a journal of his
experiences on the Mayflower and during the
building of Plimoth Plantation in 1620
Journey, 11 and his sister are left by their mother.
He searches photographs for answers and finds that
the camera is a means of finding things his naked
eye missed.
A Jewish family fleeing Nazi Germany in 1938,
endures innumberable separations before the are
reunited again.
Mem records the trip she and her family made on
the Mayflower in 1620 and their first year in the
New World.

Sent by her governess to live with the dreadful
Carter family in exotic Brazil in 1910, Maia
endures many hardships before fulfilling her dream
of exploring the Amazon river.
After the Pearl Harbor attack and 11 -year old and
her family are forced to go to an aliens camp in
Third grader, Judy Moody is in a bad mood until
she gets an assignment to create a collage about
herself. Good for 4th grade and below.
By rights young Daniel and his mother, slaves in
Captain Ivers house in Connecticut in the 1770's
should be free, but instead the Captain sells Daniel
on board a ship to the West Indies. Racial issues

Junebug is a 4th grade boy who lives in an inner
city black community and encounters manyu
difficult situations.
Howard has to move with his family to a distant
state, adjust to a new school and get used to being
shadowed by a little girl.
Joey claims to have witnessed the kidnapping of the
class bully outside their expensive private school.

Sham and the stable boy Agba travel from Morocco
to France to England, where Sham's majesty is
A 12-year old and her Kurdish family are trapped in
the IranIraq war and a daring escape. This is a tale
of courage. Advanced 5th & 6th grade readers.

Egans senses a spell cast over the villagers and he
climbs a peak for answers.
Tepary discovers an old flute in a cliff dwelling in
New Mexico and through its power learns about
Native American magic
The author tells of his youth in a hamlet in the
highlands of Vietnam. Not well written and slow
A 5th grader starts a newspaper with an editorial
that prompts her burnt out teacher to start really
teaching again.
When Jake takes his grandfather on a visit to their
Hopi homeland, he finds himself fighting to save
the endangered wolf.
Albert and his four friends hide a secret box with a
treasure, vowing that its valuable contents will
belong to the one who is the last man in their
neighborhood. Advanced 5th & 6th graders.

With help from an eccentric professor, three
children go on a quest for the elusive whangdoodle
and learn valuable lessons. Discusses cloning

Eliza Jackson is on the run from a souothern
plantation. She follows the network of hiding
places into Canada.Includes activities
Eleven-year-old Dessa Dean, mourning the death of
her mother, finds an injured dog on her porch,
which allows both Dessa and the dog to heal
together with a friendship that shapes both of their
Jimmy Spoon lives in Salt Lake City in the mid
19th century. When two Shoshone boys offoer hm
a horse, he discovers that he is expected to stay with
Following clues in a mysterious deathbed letter,
Rita and a friendy witch are let into the world of the
A young Jewish girl chronicles her family's flight
from Russia in 1919.
"Book one" Fate brings fourteen-year-old Leven
Thumps and thirteen- year-old Winter together, as
they discover that for mankind to continue
dreaming, the gateway between reality and the land
of dreams and hopes--Foo--must be found and
demolished. Read aloud only 4th grade.
Classroom approved 5-6.
Gabriel, a white boy is being bullied while Grita a
black girl faces prejudice in Georgia in 1976.
Ronnie and his aunt take care of the light house.
The book deals lwith anger and broken promises.

John Cameron Butler, kidnapped by the Lenne
Indians when he was only 4 years old, is returned to
his white family eleven years later and struggles to
fit in to the unfamiliar culture.Violence, mature
theme requires teacher discussion, for mature
5th & 6th grades.

Amelia lives at a light house on an island off the
coast of Delaware, and tells how the Civil War
divides and devastates her state.
After learning that he is the son of a mortal woman
and Poseidon, god of the sea, twelve-year-old Percy
is sent to a summer camp for demigods like himself,
and joins his new friends on a quest to prevent a
war between the gods.
Four English children find their way to Narnia and
meet Aslan, the lion and the White Witch

Left an orphan in the influenza pandemic of 1919,
Rachel who lives in Africa is tricked into assuming
a neighbor's identity returns to England where her
goal is to raise money to rebuild her parent's
A family moves from the big woods of Wisonsin to
the prairie, meet Indians, dig a well and face a
prairie fire
Sara Crew, living in Victorian England, is left in
poverty when her father dies
Perry is hurt by his sister's death and his parents
divorce, but a friendship helps him deal with his
When the Sudanese civil war reaches his village in
1985, elevan-year old Salva becomes separated
from his family and must walk with other Dinka
tribe members through southern sudan, Ethiopia,
and Kenya in search of a safe haven. Based on the
life of Salva Hut, who, after emigrating to America
in 1996, began a project to dig water wells in the
A boy recounts his visit to his larger than life
grandmother in rural Illinois during the great
Mikey works with is father on a fishing boat in
Hawaii. He learns about fishing, taking risks,
making sacrifices and making difficult choices.
Zinkoff is labeled a loser, but he loves school, is
persisten and keeps trying
The story of the 19th century Frenchman who was
blinded at three and invented a system of reading
for the blind.
A young student learns to love poetry and writes his
own inspired poem. Six-trait writing, voice

Ruby learns to survive on her own in Mississippi,
she befriends chickens, the new girl in town and
deals with her grandfather's death.

As a slag heap in Ohio, gets closer to his home,
M.C. his torn between moving his family and
fighting for his home.
Nora and her friend Sean set out separately on a
dangerous journey from famine-plagued Ireland to
Conn's life is forever changed when he tries to pick
the pocket of the wizard Nevery and instead gets a
strong jolt of magic, but, instead of punishing the
boy, Nevery takes Conn under his wing, teaches
him magic, and enlists his help in finding the person
responsible for stealing the city's dwindling magic
After the death of his parents, Jeffrey Magee's life
becomes legendary as he accomplishes athletic
In 1756, during the French and Indian war, 10-year
old Edmund tries to protect his family with a much
to heavy gun.
Matilda applies her untapped mental powers to rid
the school of the evil, child-hating headmistress.
A small town school is shut down and forces the
children to attend a large school where the black
children encounter racial prejudice for the first time.
A baseball game breaks the ice. Deals with racial
problems, school integration.
Amy and Dan, members of the powerful Cahill
family, try to uncover the thirty-nine clues which
will reveal the secrets of their lineage and find out
what really happened to their parents.
Although Aunt Arlene tries to interest her in
clothing and growing up, ten-year-old Mildred is
entirely focused on growing a pumpkin big enough
to win the annual Circleville, Ohio, contest, as her
mother dreamed of doing before she died.

12-year old orphan Measle Stubbs is shrunk down
to half an inch tall and placed in a train set by his
evil guardian, Wrathmonk.
After Mercy the pig snuggles up to sleep with the
Watson family all three wake up to find the bed
teetering over a big hole in the floor. Great for
struggling readers or ESL students.
Charlie Bone discovers he can hear people in
photographs talking and his horrible aunts send him
off to Bloor's Academy for Gifted Children.

A young boy saves the life of a fox that has been
raiding his uncle's farm.
In Italy in 1491, Mangus the magician and his
apprentice are summoned to the Palace to see if the
Princess is being haunted by a ghost.
14-year old Hannah, an orphan indentured to the
family of a British general in 1775, begins attending
meetings of the Sons of Liberty disguised as a boy.

In medieval England, a nameless, homeless girl is
taken in by a sharp-tempered midwife. Approved
for 6th grade only.
An orphan boy living in a Warsaw ghetto in Nazi
occupied Poland learns to steal to exist. For sixth
grade only.
In 1195, during the crusades, Roger and his sister
travel through the French countryside in search of
their uncle.
After her father returns from the war moody and
tired the family relocates to the Pennsylvania
countryside and their spirits are restored.
Edward Tulane a cold-hearted toy rabbit loves only
himself until he is separated from the little girl who
adores him. For younger readers.
The adventures of a country doll made of a twig and
a hickory nut.
After the death of her beloved Aunt, Summer and
her uncle leave their West Virginia trailer in search
of the strength to go on living.
During a heavy rainstorm in 1930s Mississippi a
bus driver orders all the blacks off the
bus."Nigger" is used, for 5th & 6th grades only.

A pioneer boy brought up by Crow Indians is
reunited with his family and must orient himself to
white culture.
Molly Moon lives in a dreary orphanage in a small
English town. She discovers she has a talent for
hypnotism and uses it to achieve stardom in New
York City
Forced to live on the streets of New York after his
mother disappears, Clay is befriended by two
homeless men who help him survive.
After a life of riding the rails with her father, 12
year old Abilene can't understand why he sent her
away. She goes to Manifest Missouri to stay with
Pastor Shady Howard and Abilene quickly finds
friends and uncovers a local mystery. The "spy hunt'
reveals deep-seated secrets and helps restore
residents' faith in the bright future once promised on
the town's sign.
Sequel to: Caleb's story. Eight-year-old Cassie
Witting is upset when she finds out that her mother,
Sarah, is expecting a baby, but writing in the journal
that belonged to her brother Caleb helps her sort out
her feelings and understand that Sarah will always
love her.
Willie becomes and 11-year old Civil War drummer
and the youngest recipient of the Medal of Honor

Mr. Popper starts out with one penguin in his house,
but before he knows it there are twelve.

In 1845 while on a wagon train headed to Oregon
Francis Tucket is kidnapped by Pawnee Indians,
then falls in with a one-armed trapper who teaches
him survival skills.
A field mouse asks the clever escaped lab rats to
help save her son.
Twelve-year-old Roy McGuire, an aspiring major
leaguer, does not get much time to practice as it has
been raining in his town for over twenty years, but
when foster child Sturgis comes to live at his house,
the rain finally stops, giving the boys a chance to
organize a baseball team--an endeavor that changes
their lives.
Cousins Peter and Catherine go to a remote science
camp while their parents are in London. While there
they become involved in a murder mystery.
A tragic story of a young girl, who was raised by
dolphins and what happens to her when society tries
to do what is best for her and it backfires.

Julie writes letters to her 89-year old pen pal and
tells about her juvenile arthritis, and running in a
A young Senegalese girl is brought as a slave to the
island of St. John and participates in the Great
Salve Rebellion of 1733.Some disturbing
Madeline reveals her experiences living on Long
Island during World War II, while her father is
away in the Navy.
A young boy relates his adventures during the year
he spends living alone in the Catskill Mountains,
and his struggle to survive.
After Susan sees Mr. Smith, their substitute teacher
peel off his face she knows he is an alien and the
adventure begins.
After giving their friend, Mrs. McNemish a pirate
burial at sea, four friends in Okracoke Island, North
Carolina find themselves on a treasure hunt
involving Blackbeard. Read aloud only for 5th &
6th grade students. Teachers should pre-read to
edit for language and intense scenes.

Frankie, a seventh grade girl, begins acting out
when she discovers her father is dating someone.

After being taken prisoner by an enemy tribe, a
Shoshone girl escapes and makes a 1,000 mile
journey in search of her people.
In 1937, 10 year old Libby journey by covered
wagon to the Michigan frontier, where they live
near friendly Indians.
Hank enlists the help of his friends to stop his
parents from attending parent-teacher conference
because he thinks he is failing 4th grade. Teaches
Molly's visit to her aunt & uncles llama ranch in
Washington lead to unexpected adventure and
Kristina is struggling to come to terms with the
death of her beloved horse. She finds it difficult to
accept the new dog she receives for her birthday.

The noisy fifth grade boys of Laketon Elementary
school challenge the equally noisy girls to a "no
talking" contest.
A family tries to make ends meet. Fanny has to do
her share by tending her little brother after school.
She longs to be able to spend more time with her
friends. Set in the mid 1960s
When a terrible blight attacks Ireland's potato crop
in 1845 Nory's courage and ingenuity help her
family survive.
With a young brother in the hospital and a
grandfather in jail, and their mother traveling with
the rodeo. Maggie and Vern must solve the family
problems. For grades 4 & 5.
When her father kills himself after losing his
money, Frances jumps a train and lives as a hobo.
For mature 5th & 6th graders only
In 1943 during the German occupation of Denmark,
Annemarie learns how to be brave when she
shelters her Jewish friends from the Nazis.

Diana befriends the daughter of the new caretaker
and release the spirit of an evil crazy woman who
once ruled the place.
In the late 1860s in Texas, a boy and a big yellow
dog form a close loving relationship.
When his best friend drowns when they are both
swimming in a treacherous river that they had
promised never to go near, Joel is devastated at
facing the consequences.
Sam's peaceful existence is disrupted when his
sister runs away and his pet falcon is confiscated by
a conservation officer.
An Illinois boy remembers the home front years,
during WW II and especially his two heroes, his
brother and his father.
A young man with a mysterious past leaves the troll
who raised him, meets an unhappy princess and
discovers a plot against her father. Six tr aits:
voice, word choice.
A retelling of the battle between Odysseus and the
His friendship with the town's odd-jobs man, Onion
John causes conflict between a boy and his father.

A young widow makes the ultimate sacrifice and
sends her children west on the orphan train to find
better lives.
A summer in Tarrytown, N.Y. is fun for Sheila even
though her friends make her face up to some self-
As the only girl in a Finnish-American family of
seven children, Amelia resents being asked to act
like a lady in Washington in 1899.
Three children on a vacation in Cornwall find an
ancient manuscript which sends them on a
dangerous quest.
A young boy decides to raise two owlets as pets.
They provide excitement for the boy in Saskatoon,
Best friends Elizabeth and Tara continue their
friendship through letters. Approved only for 6th
grade students. The girls are physically
maturing, and their letters talk about this and
After her overprotective grandmother has a stroke,
Maya leaves her restricted life in California to live
with her mother's family on a remote ranch in
Written as a diary by Columbus' cabin boy, presents
a personal view of the discover of America.

Newly orphaned Emily enters their once happy
mansion to find unimaginable horrors.
Perloo is assigned to be the leader of the furry
underground people, and soon finds himself in
Peter, an orphan boy, and his friend Molly fight off
thieves and pirates in order to keep the secret away
from the evil Black Strache. A pre-Peter Pan story.

Milo travels through a magical tollbooth and begins
a journey to the kingdom of wisdom.
Beth thinks Philip likes her but often wonders

Hollis is a a12-year old orphan who has been in
foster homes for years. She yearns for a place to
belong. A happy ending
Upon his mother's death, fifteen-year-old Beck
Phillips is sent to live with an eccentric uncle he
had never met in a remote manor house, where he
learns that his family suffers from a curse that
allows him to make plants grow on command and
dragon eggs hatch.
Three lonely foster children learn to care about
themselves and each other.
Escapades of a lucky little girl who lives with a
horse and a monkey, but no parents, on the edge of
a Swedish village.
Poppy, a deer mouse urges her family to move, but
a terrifying owl. Mr. Ocax has other plans. For
lower level 4th grade
A dashing British feline spy finds himself stranded
in New Jersey, and is adopted by a family where he
puts his talents to work.
The boy kind, Edward the VI of England, and a
poor boy accidentally change places.
While attending a strict academy for potential
princesses, Miri discovers unexpected talents and
connections to her homeland. Curriculum tie to
A satire on modern city life, depicting a war
between truck drivers and pushcart peddlers.
20 Chinese folk tales, under the categories of
Trickster, Fools, Virtues and Vices, Chinese
America and Love.
The adventures of a motorcycle riding mouse.
The adventures of Ramona, a precocious,
mischievous girl and her family
The family routine is upset when Ramona is in
second grade and her father loses his job.
The son of the Ravenmaster befriends a Jacobite
rebel being held prisoner. Presents the life and
difficulties of the Middle Ages. 6th grade
When a principal asks a fifth grader to write a letter
regarding the purchase of a new drinking fountain,
chaos ensues.
While his brother prepares to mount the throne of
Egypt, the teenage prince Ameni, in sealed in a
secret tomb, to be revived 4,000 years later. Use
with caution for 6th graders only.
Ribsy gets separated from his owner and begins a
series of bewildering adventures.
Charlotte runs away from an orphanage, poses as a
boy, moves to California where she is injured and
loses an eye. She is the first woman to vote.
Jeff faces struggles on his 300 mile escape route
during the Civil War.
After surviving in the wilderness, Brian is asked to
undergo a similar experience to help scientists
understand the psychology of survival.
10 adventures of Robin Hood and his band of loyal
A 12-year old Polish American girl is loaded on an
orphan train Spouse/child abuse, sexual innuendo,
abandonment. 5th & 6th grades
An African-American family living in Mississippi
during the Great depression face prejudice and
discrimination. For 6th grade only.
The discoveries and adventures of 10-year old
Lucinda as she spends a year discovering the New
York of the 1890s. Slow-moving
Rosa reveals the deliberate choices she made to
earn the title "Mother of the Movement"
Only Rowan can read the magical map, he faces a
dragon to saves his village.
Twins Dallas and Florida have grown up in a
terrible orphanage, but their lives change when a
sweet older couple take them each on an adventure.
We see the power of love and kindness

Ruby Lu , an 8-year old Asian American girl,
spends time with her baby brother, goes to Chinese
school, and performs magic tricks
Will is rejected by battleschool, and becomes the
reluctant apprentice to the mysterious Ranger Halt,
where he protects the kingdom from danger.
Frustrated at life with an autistic brother, Catharine
longs for a normal existence, while making friends
with a paraplegic.
When a diphtheria epidemic hits her 1840s village,
Jessie discovers it is actually a tourist site run by
heartless scientists. Complex issues of right &
wrong, values, acceptance. Teacher discussion
Hospitalized with leukemia, a child races against
time to fold 1,000 paper cranes
Sammy involves herself in the investigation of a
robbery at a seedy hotel.
Sarah struggles to shape a new life in the wilderness
after the deaths of her father and brother who took
opposite sides in the War for Independence.

Caleb and Anna are captivated by the mail-order
bride their father has invited to live with them in
their prairie home.
Dylan follows his father into the woods on the
slopes of Mt. St. Helens, which is on the brink of
eruption, to protect the Sasquatch.
When Patrick moves to a new town he has problems
with bullies and meets a ghostly boy who asks for
Natalie writes a wonderful novel and her friend Zoe
helps her get it published. Teaches how a book is
A 7th grade boy unveils a family secret as he does a
genealogy project for school. Techniques for
doing family history. For 4th & 5th grade.

10-year old Mary comes to live in a lonely house on
the Yorkshire moors and discovers an invalid
cousin and the mysteries of a locked garden.

Under Platform 13 on a busy train station in
London is an old doorway, Behind it is a magical
island kingdom with mermaids, ogres, and mist
makers. A beastly woman kidnaps the island's
young prince.
An Indian boy who tends llamas in a hidden valley
in Peru learns the traditions and secrets of his
Incans ancestors. Discusses blood sacrifice and
chewing coca leaves.
In 1925,14-year old Ida takes over as a teacher in a
one room schoolhouse in rural Colorado, when the
board closes it unexpectedly.
A native American boy with a special gift to "see"
beyond his poor eyesight journeys with an old
warrior to a land of mystery and beauty.
Tales of three likeable, resilient, unfortunate
Baudelaire orphans in search of a home. The
stories are irreverent, literary and hilarious.
Wesley Vandergrift, whose mother is a billionaire
mother, wonders why he isn't like the other boys in
his coastal South Carolina town. Soon he is on an
adventure involving shipwrecks, venomous snakes
and kidnappers.
Eben McAlister searches his small town to see if he
can find anything comparable to the seven wonders
of the world.
At the end of the Civil War, Will, having lost all his
family, leaves his home in Virginia to live with his
Northern cousins, whom he considers to be traitors.

Manolo has to make a decision; follow in his
father's footsteps and become a bullfighter or follow
his heart and become a doctor.
In 1942, Jill goes to Maine to stay with her
grandmother where she discovers that the war is
closer than she thought.
A young orphaned boy is ordered by his master to
infiltrate Shakespeare's acting troop and to copy the
play Hamlet. Should he betray his cruel master or
his new friends
Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Watson solve
mysteries in 19th century England.
When he finds a lost beagle near his West Virginia
home, Marty hides it from his family and the dog's
abusive owner.
Humorous episodes from the classroom on the 13th
floor of the Wayside school, which was built
Left alone to guard the family's wilderness home in
Maine, a boy has a struggle to survive until the
Indians teach him their skills.
In 1862 Summer and her brother, slave children on
the Parnell plantation, learn to read and wish for
freedom.Six traits: voice
A young Navajo girl recounts the events of 1864,
when her tribe was forced to march to Fort Sumner,
New Mexico as prisoners of white soldiers.

Orphans Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are sent to
live with their eccentric grandmother who they
believed was dead.
Alex's sense of humor helps him get by in a hectic
Amy finds her life is complicated when she finds
and tries to hide a smart, talking dog who has
escaped from a university lab.
In 1940 when the Nazi invasion of Norway reaches
his village, Peter use their sleds to transport nine
million dollars worth of gold.
Soft Rain, a Cherokee girl, is forced to relocate
along with her family from North Carolina to the
Charlie has a change of heart after experiencing the
physical horrors and mental anguish of Civil War
combat. Graphic descriptions, suicide.
When his baby sister disappears from the river,
Chris fights the assumption that she has drowned.

Having jumped in Luster, land of the unicorns, Cara
makes a perilous journey to bring back her
grandmother, "The Wanderer".
Angry and humiliated when his sharecropper father
is jailed for stealing food, a young boy grows in
courage and understanding with the help of his
devoted dog.
When the Grace children go to live at their great
aunt Lucinda's very worn Victorian house, they
discover a field guide to fairies and other creatures
and have some unusual adventures.
In 1944 while her brother is overseas fighting
World War II, Margaret finds that the school bully
is hiding his brother, who is a desert.
Mickey prepares to compete in the most important
pool championship of his life. A hilarious novel.
An agent from the Sylon Confederacy, fleeing from
enemy ships, crash lands on Earth, transfers his
mind to the body of a skunk, and enlists the aid of
two children to return to his planet.

Little Willie hopes to pay the back taxes on his
grandfather's farm with the prize from a dog sled
race he enters.
After being taken by German soldiers, along with
other Italian boys and his Jewish friends, Roberto is
forced to work in Germany, and survive a Ukrainian
winter, as he tries to make his way back home.
Shows the horrid aspects of war, reference to
Biography of the writer, inventor and statesman.

Harriet Tubman, known as the Moses of her people,
escapes slavery, then risks her life to bring other
slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad

Helen Keller tells of her early life and her
relationship with her teacher, Anne Sullivan.
75 year old Henny runs away from the hold folks
home, she meets five children and her parents how
welcome them into their home.
Leigh tells how he comes to terms with his parents'
divorce, joins the track team and adopts an
abandoned dog.
After being adopted by a human family, a tiny
mouse sets out to befriend a resentful new brother
and fend off a gang of cats.
Hollis and his sister Lou are sent to live with their
blind great-grand mother. The discover some dark
family secrets.
In rural Oklahoma at the turn of the century, Jay
discovers a tree full of monkeys, and learns
important life lessons.
A teenage girl gains new insight into herself and her
family when her mentally handicapped brother gets
Peter describes the highs and lows of his life with
his younger brother, Fudge.
Nick signs up for Karate to prepare to defend
himself against the school bully, but instead
discovers how to forge a great friendship.
Community of caring.
In 1835 Chris decides to harvest some of the timber
on his grandfather's land in Minnesota, and float the
logs down the Mississippi.
Relates the fortunes of a shipwrecked family as they
adapt to life on an island. Sophisticated
vocabulary, tedious reading.
The adventures of a small mouse who is sent to the
dungeon to be eaten by rats. He escapes and has
adventures saving a princess.

Peter finds his demanding two-year old brother an
ever increasing problem.
A young boy recounts his efforts to adjust to the
accidental death of his best friend.
In rural Indiana in 1904, Russell's dream of quitting
school his changed when his older sister becomes
his teacher. Read aloud, much background
knowledge needed.
On her birthday, Ellen wakes up to find a siver
crown on her pillow. When her parents disappear,
she is launched on an adventure involving a trek
through the woods, a castle full of captives, and the
powerful Hieronymus Machine which wants her
After her father is sent to jail, eleven-year-old
Groovy Robinson must decide if she can forgive the
failings of someone she loves.
An unmanageable, but lovable 11 year old misfit,
learns to believe in himself when he gets to know
the school counselor, who is also a misfit.

When a young boy brings home an injured owl, his
father is angry because the owl's endangered status
threatens his livelihood. Environmental lessons
Nick joins a band of thieves and must break into a
large white castle that allegedly holds an old man,
Jack--rich from a quest up a magical beanstalk--but
when Nick has to journey up the same beanstalk, it
holds unfamiliar foes.
Orphaned brothers run away from their cruel aunt
and uncle and hide in Venice. They meet the Thief
Lord, who leads a crime ring of street children.

When Bobby wakes up and finds himself invisible,
he and his blind girl friend tries to find out what
caused it and how to reverse it. Mature 5th & 6th
This biography focuses on the childhood of Thomas
Edison, showing how his curiosity led to his
inventions. Science
Adapts for young readers Greg Mortenson's book in
which he recounts the experiences he had while
trying to help impoverished villages in Pakistan's
Karakoram Himalaya build schools for their
Jacob goes to Kenya in search of his father, and
with his Masai friend help save the elephants from
Set in Newfoundland in 1929. Tom is adapted by a
family and rescues a dog, but faces challenges
when his adoptive mother becomes pregnant and
another family claims the dog.
In late 19th century, a young Nez Perce girl relates
how her people were driven off their land. Violent
Jason and his magic cat travel through time to visit
countries throughout the world and throughout
history. Shallow plot and characters.

Andrew is drawn 80 years into the past to trade
places with his great-great uncle who is dying of
Kate explains how her friend went from being a
poor sixth grade to a millionaire by manufacturing
toothpaste. Economics
John must track a deer in the Minnesota woods for
his family's winter meat and examines how he feels
about hunting.
Gary sets out to find treasure and his grandfather's
Twelve-year old Lily finds herself on the jury of a
murder trial while conducting her own undercover
Will Parker and his companions hope to escape
from the ruling Tripods to capture mature human
beings and make them obedient, docile servants.
A twelve year old boy builds a raft which becomes
the only means of escape for him and his
grandmother when hostile Indians threaten their
prairie home.
Tru tells of her desire to cure her handicapped twin
brother and her desires to create a television show.

As the lone young lady on a transatlantic voyage,
Charlotte learns that the captain is murderous and
the crew rebellious.
A voiceless trumpeter Swan, tries to win the love of
Serena and learns to play the trumpet.
Loma, a young Hopi girl, kidnapped by Spanish
soldiers and sold into slavery, forms a friendship
with his owner.
The Tuck family is confronted with an agonizing
situation when they discover that a malicious
stranger has discovered a secret about a spring
whose water prevents anyone who drinks it from
growing older.
Francis Tucket is a traveler during the time of the
Oregon trail. Realistic violence and mature
themes in books 3,4 & 5)
Three weeks after leaving San Francisco in a
balloon to fly across the Pacific, Professor Sherman
is picked up in the Atlantic clinging to wreckage.

With her adventurous sister Meryl suffering from
the gray death, meek and timid Princess Addie must
go to find a cure and fight ogres, specters, gryphons
and dragons.
Everything changes for Tomi, a Japanese boy living
in Hawaii in 1941, when Pearl Harbor is attacked.
He must accept extra responsibilities when his
father is taken into custody and deal with fears of
people about his ancestry. Grades 5 & 6.

A Dutch-Jewish girl describes the 2 1/2 years she
spent in hiding in the upstairs bedroom of a farmer's
house during World War II
By the time the Velveteen Rabbit is dirty, worn out
and about to be burned, he has almost given up
hope of finding the magic called Real.
Four students develop a special bond and attract the
attention of their teacher, a paraplegic, who chooses
them to represent the school in an Academic bowl
competition. Deals with prejudice, bullies and
Rob admits having seen a murder, but no one
believes him, except the murderer.
Molly and Michael dislike their spooky new
stepsister, but realize they must try to save her when
she seems ready to follow a ghost child to her
Sophie and her family set sail on "The Wanderer"
across the Atlantic Ocean towards England. Sophie
faces memories of her forgotten past and the crew
discover the joys & trials of belonging to a family.

Convinced the Mud is responsible for the
disappearance of the school hamster, Junior decides
to try the dog for his crime.
Pete declares war on his Grandfather after having to
give up the room he loves to him.
Sweetie, a watchdog must protect his home and
friends when coyotes and a burglar come to the
The author describes his close relationship with two
water buffalo, that were a part of his family while
growing up in the highlands of Vietnam.
In 1930s on the coast of Scotland, Kirstie finds a
large egg which hatches into an unusual sea
creature. For younger readers.
The lives of the Watsons, who live in Flint,
Michigan in 1963 are drastically changed when they
go to visit Grandma in Alabama.Cussing
Alone in the frontier wilderness, in the winter of
1839, Nathan runs afoul of a renegade killer and
learns about revenge.
During the 1967 school year, 7th grader Holling
Hoodhood stays after school with Mrs. Baker and
reads the plays of Shakespeare, while learning
about the world around him.
Sumiko and her family are relocated from the
flower farm in Southern California to an internment
camp on the Mojave Indian reservation and
befriends an Indian.
The fifth grade's annual camping trip in the woods
test Mark's survival skills and his ability to relate to
a teacher who is out to get him.
They mysterious death of an eccentric millionaire,
brings together the heirs who must uncover the
circumstances of his death before they can claim the
The residents of a small town in Holland try to
bring storks to nest in their village.
The adventures of a 9-year old Jewish girl and her
family as they travel from Germany to England in
the 1930s
A brother and sister face the occupation of Korea
by Japan. They are forced to take Japanese names
and speak only Japanese.
Not all the townspeople are thrilled to have the
circus people as neighbors. A funny book that
teaches about acceptance.
After the German occupation of the Netherlands,
Benjamin leaves the Christian family with whom he
has been hiding, and adjusts to his real Jewish
As her mother prepares to be a contestant on the
1980s television game show, "The $20,000
Pyramid," a twelve-year-old New York City girl
tries to make sense of a series of mysterious notes
received from an anonymous source that seems to
defy the laws of time and space.
During the summer of 1971 in a small Texas town,
Toby and Cal meet Zachary, the fattest boy in the
world. Acceptance, Vietnam war.
In a series of poems, Diana writes about her life
before and after her family moves far away to live
with Grandpa Joe.
Includes bibliographical references. Minli, an
adventurous girl from a poor village, buys a magical
goldfish, and then joins a dragon who cannot fly on
a quest to find the Old Man of the Moon in hopes of
bringing life to Fruitless Mountain and freshness to
Jade River.
A young boy living in the Ozarks achieves his
heart's desire when he becomes the owner of two
redbone hounds and teaches them to be champion
A bratty prince and his whipping boy have many
adventures when the inadvertently trade places and
become involved with dangerous outlaws.

The adventures of a dog who is part wolf as he
makes his peace with man in the Canadian
Sam, a passenger on the Titanic, volunteers to help
care for the dogs, and befriends an Irish setter.

With Meg's help, the dragon's her brother saw in the
vegetable garden, play an important part in the
struggle between life and death.
The adventures of four animal friends, Toad, Mole,
Rat, and Badger who live along a river on the
English countryside.
While learning to sail along the Connecticut shore,
Tony becomes excited by rumors of sunken treasure

Abigail tells of life in Valley Forge during the
winter of 1777 as George Washington prepares his
troops to fight the British.

A young boy growing up on a Northern Minnesota
farm describes the scenes around him and tell tales
of his Norwegian uncle's logging past.

When a strange little man promises to give people
exactly what they ask for, three people make wishes
with unexpected results.
In 1687 in Connecticut, Kit feels out of place in the
Puritan household of her aunt and befriends a
woman who is considered a witch and finds herself
on trial for witchcraft.
A young boy and his Norwegian grandmother, who
is an expert on witches, foil the witches' plan to
destroy the world's children by turning them into
After a cyclone transports her to the land of Oz,
Dorothy seeks the help of the Great Wizard to
return to Kansas.
Tarak and his guide, a wolf cub, set out on a
dangerous journey to "The Mountain of the World
Spirit" to fulfill an oath made to his dying father.
Graphic depiction of an animal attack.
A mystery man inspires two boys to build a
spaceship and fly it to the Mushroom Planet. Goes
well with Planet X science unit form William &
Lerner Chanse, a new student at Cleveland Park
Middle School, finds a worm that magically makes
things disappear and she hopes it will help her fit in
or get revenge.
Busy trying to deal with his many fears and his
troubled feelings for his dead mother, 10-year old
has his life changed when he meets the boisterous
and irresistible Joselle.
Humphrey, pet hamster at Longfellow school,
learns that he has an important role to play in
helping his classmates and teacher.
Three extraterrestrial beings take Meg and her
friends to another world.
A young Korean girl survives the oppressive
Japanese and Russian occupation of North Korea
during the 1940s, to later escape to freedom in
South Korea. 6th grade, Implication that girls
will be forced in prostitution.
Fred narrates the story of school and village life
among the Athabascans in Alaska during 1948
when Miss Agnes arrives as the new teacher and
opens a new world for her students.
A Chinese boy rescues a starving baby panda and
learns why they are endangered and what the
government is doing to save them.
From 1939 to 1945, Sylvia, a Jewish girl struggle to
survive in a ghetto in Poland during the Nazi
occupation. Told in free verse.
After moving from Chicago to Grand River,
Michigan, big and strong for her age, determines to
prove that her brother is not a slow learner, but a
true musical genius. Refers to drugs and street life
in Chicago. For mature 5th & 6th graders.
When Jack Osborne is befriended by his school's
custodian and a Basque girl, he begins to adjust to
his family's sudden move to Elko, Nevada after
entering the Witness Security program: Refers to
drug dealing, confusing reading with flashbacks.

Geeder's summer at her uncles farm is made special
because of her friendship with a very tall, composed
woman who raises hogs and looks like a Watusi
queen. African History
The diary of a girl living in Sarajevo, begun when
she was eleven and there was still peace in her
TITLE                     AUTHOR             LENGTH CURRICULUM             LEXILE READING INTEREST
                                                    CONNECTIONS            LEVEL LEVEL    LEVEL

Across Five Aprils        Hunt, Irene        212 p.   Historical Fiction               6.5 5-8

Across the Wide and       Gregory, Kristiana 168 p.   Historical Fiction               5.2 5-8
Lonesome Prairie: the
Oregon Trail Diary of
Hattie Campbell
After the Dancing Days    Rostkowski,        217 p.   Historical Fiction               5.8 5-8

After the Goat Man        Byars, Betsy       126 p.   Language Arts                    3.2 3-6

April Morning             Fast, Howard       202 p.   Historical Fiction                8 YA

Are You There God? It's   Blume, Judy        149 p.   Language Arts                    4.1 3-6
Me, Margaret

Baseball in April and     Soto, Gary         111 p.   Language Arts                     6 5-8
other Stories

Beardance                 Hobbs, Will        197 p.   Language Arts                    6.1 5-8
Bearstone               Hobbs, Will        154 p.   Language Arts             5.3 5-8

Belle Prater's Boy      White, Ruth        196 p.   Language Arts             5.5 5-8

Black Cauldron, The     Alexander, Lloyd   182 p.   Language Arts             5.2 5-8

Black Pearl, The        O'dell, Scott      140 p.   Language Arts             5.2 5-8

Book of Three, The      Alexander, Lloyd   188 p.   Language Arts             4.8 5-8

Call of the Wild, The   London, Jack       201 p.   Language Arts             5.1 3-6

Canyons                 Paulsen, Gary      184 p.   Language Arts             4.9 YA

Carlota                 O'Dell, Scott      141 p.   Historical Fiction   YA      YA

Cassie Binegar          MacLachlan,        120 p.   Language Arts             4.8 3-6
Castle of Llyr          Alexander, Lloyd   174 p.   Language Arts             5.4 5-8
Catherine Called Birdy   Cushman, Karen    212 p.   Historical Fiction        5.9 YA

Cheaper by the Dozen     Gilbreth, Frank   207 p.   Language Arts        YA      YA

City Boy: the Adventures Wouk, Herman      317 p.   Language Arts        AD      AD
of Herbie Bookbinder
Dealing with Dragons     Wrede, Patricia   212 p.   Language Arts             7.3 YA

Dicey's Song             Voight, Cynthia   196 p.   Language Arts             5.2 5-8

Do Bananas Chew Gum? Gilson, Jamie         158 p.   Language Arts             5.3 3-6

Dogsong                  Paulsen, Gary     177 p.   Language Arts             5.2 YA

Down the LongHills       L'Amour, Louis    150 p.   Language Arts             5.8 YA

Fledgling, The           Langton, Jane     207 p.   Language Arts             5.8 5-8
Flint                   L'Amour, Louis     185 p.    Language Arts   6.9 YA

Ghost Belonged to Me,   Peck, Richard      159 p.    Language Arts   5.9 5-8

Ghosts I Have Been      Peck, Richard      214 p.    Language Arts   5.7 5-8

Gift of Magic, A        Duncan, Lois       230 p..   Language Arts   5.2 5-8

Gifted Hands: the Ben   Carson, Benjamin   232 p.    Biography        8 YA
Carson Story

Girl Who Owned a City   Nelson, O.T.       189 p.    Language Arts   4.9 5-8

Giver, The              Lowry, Lois        180 p.    Language Arts    6 5-8

Halloween Tree          Bradbury, Ray      145 p.    Language Arts   4.7 5-8

Harriet the Spy         Fitzhugh, Louise   300 p.    Language Arts   5.9 5-8

Haymeadow, The          Paulsen, Gary      195 p.    Language Arts   5.4 5-8
Hidden Talents            Lubar, David       213 p.    Language Arts   5.3 6-8

High King, The            Alexander, Lloyd   253 p.    Language Arts   6.1 5-8

Homeless Bird             Whelan, Gloria     216 p.    Language Arts   4.1 3-6

It's Like This, Cat       Neville, Emily     180 p.    Language Arts   6.1 5-8

It's Not the End of the   Blume, Judy        169 p.    Language Arts   3.9 3-6

Jacob Have I Loved        Paterson, Katherine 216 p.   Language Arts   5.8 5-8

Joey Pigza Loses Control Ganto, Jack         195 p.    Language Arts   5.9 5-8

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Ganto, Jack         153 p.    Language Arts   5.1 5-8
Julie                  George, Jean       226 p.   Language Arts                     5.6 5-8

Julie of the Wolves    George, Jean       170 p.   Language Arts                     5.6 5-8

Jungle Book, The       Kipling, Rudyard   181 p.   Language Arts                     5.3 5-8

Just Like Martin       Davis, Ossie       215 p.   Historical Fiction                5.9 5-8

Liar                   Morris, Winifred   161 p.   Language Arts                      6 YA

Lightning Thief, The   Riordan, Rick               Language Arts        740 L        4.7 YA

Limit, The             Kristen Landon     291 p.   Language Arts                        YA

Locked in Time         Duncan, Lois       210 p.   Language Arts                     6.5 YA

Lost World, The        Doyle, Arthur      172 p.   Language Arts                AD      AD
Lost Years of Merlin, The Barron, T.A.       326 p.   Language Arts        5.1 5-8

Mandy                      Edwards, Julie    304 p.   Language Arts        4.8 3-6

Missing May                Rylant, Cynthia   89 p.    Language Arts        6.7 5-8

Mossflower                 Jacques, Brian    373 p.   Language Arts        5.5 5-8

Mr. Tucket                 Paulsen, Gary     166 p.   Historical Fiction    5 5-8

My Own True Name: New Mora, Pat              81 p.    Poetry               5.9 YA
and Selected Poems for
Young Adults

Nothing but the Truth: A   Avi               212 p.   Language Arts        3.6 YA
Documentary Novel

One-Eyed Cat               Fox, Paula        216 p.   Language Arts        5.7 3-6

Pistachio Prescription     Danziger, Paula   154 p.   Language Arts        5.1 5-8
Place of Lions, The        Campbell, Eric      196 p.   Language Arts             7.3 5-8

Plain Girl                 Sorensen, Virginia 151 p.    Language Arts             5.5 5-8

Prairie Songs              Conrad, Pam         167 p.   Historical Fiction        5.2 5-8

Princess of Mars           Burroughs, Edgar    186 p.   Language Arts        AD      AD

Queenie Peavy              Burch, Robert       151 p.   Language Arts             6.7 5-8

Racing the Sun             Pitts, Paul         150 p.   Language Arts             5.2 5-8

Rascal                     North, Sterling     189 p.   Language Arts              7 5-8

Red Dog                    Wallace, Bill       185 p.   Language Arts             5.8 3-6

Sackett's Land             L'Amour, Louis      185 p.   Language Arts        AD      AD

Scary Stories to Tell in the Schwartz, Alvin   111 p.   Folktales                 4.5 5-8
Séance, The              Nixon, Joan        210 p.   Language Arts        4.7 YA

Seedfolks                Fleischman, Paul   69 p.    Language Arts         5 5-8

Sing Down the Moon       O'Dell, Scott      137 p.   Historical Fiction   5.3 5-8

Single Shard, A          Park, Linda Sue    152 p.   Historical Fiction   6.7 5-8

Skin I'm In, The         Flake, Sharon G.   171 p.   Language Arts         5 5-8

Slake's Limbo            Holman, Felice     117 p.   Language Arts         7 YA

So Far from the Bamboo   Watkins, Yoko      183 p.   Historical Fiction    6 5-8

Something Upstairs       Avi                119 p.   Historical Fiction   5.1 5-8
Song of Hiawatha         Longellow, Henry   282 p.    Poetry               YA      YA

Spell for Chameleon, A   Anthony, Piers     344 p.    Language Arts        YA      YA

Summer of My German      Greene, Betty      230 p..   Historical Fiction        7.4 YA

Taking Sides             Soto, Gary         138 p.    Language Arts             5.7 5-8

Taran Wanderer           Alexander, Lloyd   222 p.    Language Arts             6.6 5-8

Transall Saga            Paulsen, Gary      248 p.    Language Arts        YA      YA

Trapped in Death Cave    Wallace, Bill      170 p.    Language Arts             4.5 3-6

Treasure Island          Stevenson, Robert 290 p.     Language Arts        YA      YA

Two Old Women: An        Wallis, Velma      140 p.    Language Arts             6.4 AD
Alaska Legend of
Betrayal, Courage, and
Water Sky                 George, Jean       212 p.   Language Arts              7 5-8

What Hearts               Brooks, Bruce      202 p.   Language Arts             6.9 YA

What Jamie Saw            Coman, Carolyn     126 p.   Language Arts              6 5-8

Wish, The                 Levine, Gail       197 p.

Wolves of Willoughby      Aiken, Joan        181 p.   Language Arts             5.6 5-8

Words by Heart            Sebestyen, Ouida   135 p.   Historical Fiction        5.3 5-8

Year of the Three-Legged Clifford, Eth       164 p.   Historical Fiction   YA      YA

Young Jethro Creighton grows from a boy to a man
when he is left to take care of the family farm in
Illinois during the difficult year of the Civil War.

In her diary, 13-year old Hattie chronicles her
family's arduous 1847 journey from Missouri to
Oregon on the Oregon Trail.

A forbidden friendship with a badly disfigured
soldier in the aftermath of World War I forces
thirteen-year-old Annie to redefine the word "hero"
and to question conventional ideas of patriotism.

An overweight sensitive boy gains insight and
strength to overcome his problems through his
search for and discovery of a friend's grandfather,
known as the Goat Man.
Adam Cooper signs up on the muster roll of the
Lexington Militia on April 19th, 1775, and then
lives through the first day of conflict with the
British, during which his father is killed.
Faced with difficulties of growing up and choosing
a religion, a twelve-year-old girl talks over her
problems with her own private God.
A collection of eleven short stories focusing on the
everyday adventures of Hispanic young people
growing up in Fresno.
While accompanying an elderly rancher on a trip
into the San Juan Mountains, Cloyd, a Ute Indian
boy, tries to help two orphaned grizzly cubs survive
the winter and, at the same time, complete his spirit
A troubled Indian boy goes to live with an elderly
rancher whose caring ways help the boy become a
When Woodrow's mother suddenly disappears, he
moves to his grandparents' home in a small Virginia
town where he befriends his cousin and together
they find the strength to face the terrible losses and
fears in their lives.
Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper of Prydain, faces even
more dangers as he seeks the magical Black
Cauldron, the chief implement of the evil powers of
Arawn, lord of the Land of Death.
In claiming as his own the magnificent black pearl
he finds, a sixteen-year old.
Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper to a famous oracular
sow, sets out on a hazardous mission to save
Prydain from the forces of evil.
Buck, a part St. Bernard, part Scotch shepherd, that
is forcibly taken to the Klondike goldfields where
he eventually becomes the leader of a wolf pack.

Finding a skull on a camping trip in the canyons
outside El Paso, Texas, Breenan becomes involved
with the fate of a young Apache Indian who lived in
the late 1800s.
A young girl relates her feelings and experiences as
a participant of the battle of San Pasqual during the
last days. (Supplementary)
During the summer Cassie learns to accept change
and to find her own space.
When Princess Eilonwy is sent to the Isle of Mona
for training, she is bewitched by the evil
enchantress Achren, so Taran and other friends
must try to rescue her.
The daughter of an English country knight keeps a
journal in which she records the events of her life,
particularly her longing for adventures beyond the
usual role of women and her efforts to avoid being
married off. Middle Ages Fiction.
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are industrial engineers
who also have adventures raining a family of twelve
The adventures of 11-year-old Herbie Bookbinder
as he pursues the redheaded Lucille.
Bored with traditional palace life, a princess goes
off to live with a group of dragons and soon
becomes involved with fighting against some
disreputable wizards who want to steal way the
dragons' kingdom.
Now that the four abandoned Tillerman children are
settled in with their grandmother, Dicey finds that
their new beginnings require love, trust, humor, and
Able to read and write at only a second grade level,
sixth-grader Sam Mott considers himself dumb until
he is prompted to cooperate with those who think
something can be done about his problem.

A 14-year-old Eskimo boy who feels assailed by the
modernity of his life takes a 1400-mile journey by
dog sled across ice, tundra, and mountains seeking
his own "song" of himself.
As the only survivors of an Indian attack on their
wagon train, young Hardy Collins and little Betty
Sue struggle to survive and find help on the
deserted prairie.
Georgie's fondest hope, to be able to fly, is
fleetingly fulfilled when she is befriended by a
Canada goose.
After his wife tries to kill him, Jim Kettleman heads
back West to die alone at an old friend's hide-out.

In 1913 in the Midwest, a quartet of characters
share adventures from exploding steamboats to
"exorcizing" a ghost.
Blossom Culp's gift of second sight, which she
discovers gradually, leads her into some unusual
Until she learns to control it, Nancy's gift of
extrasensory perception brings her more trouble
than she can handle.
Captures the physicians' fight to beat the odds, the
secret behind his outstanding accomplishments, and
what drives him to take risks

When plague sweeps over the earth, killing
everyone except children under twelve, ten-year-old
Lisa organizes a group to rebuild a new way of life.

Given his lifetime assignment at the Ceremony of
Twelve, Jonas becomes the receiver of memories
shard by only one other in his community and
discovers the terrible truth about the society in
which he lives.
A group of children and a spirit go back through
time to discover the beginnings of Halloween.
Eleven-year-old Harriet keeps notes on her
classmates and neighbors in a secret notebook, but
when some of the students read the notebook, they
seek revenge.
14-year-old John comes of age and gains self-
reliance during the summer he spends up in the
Wyoming mountains tending his father's herd of
Thirteen-year-old Martin, a new student at an
alternative school for misfits and problem students,
falls in with a group of boys with psychic powers
and discovers something surprising about himself.
In this final part of the chronicle of Prydain, the
forces of good and evil meet in an ultimate
confrontation, which determines the fate of Taran,
the Assistant Pig-Keeper who wanted to be a hero.

Thirteen-year-old Koly enters into an ill-fated
arranged marriage and must either suffer a destiny
dictated by India's customs or find the courage to
oppose tradition.
A quietly humorous story of one kind of
contemporary New York city boyhood, a 14-year-
old and his family, his friends, and a stray tomcat.
When her parents divorce, a sixth grader struggles
to understand that sometimes people are unable to
live together.
Filled with resentment over the attention showered
upon her twin sister, and awaiting the day she can
leave her town behind, young Louise meets a wise
old sea captain and begins learning how to let go of
her anger.
Sequel to: Joey Pigza swallowed the key. Joey, who
is still taking medication to keep him from getting
too wired, goes to spend the summer with the hard-
drinking father he has never known and tries to help
the baseball team he coaches win the championship.
To the constant disappointment of his mother and
his teachers, Joey has trouble paying attention or
controlling his mood swings when his prescription
meds wear off and he starts getting worked up and
acting wired.
When Julie returns to her father's Eskimo village,
she struggles to find a way to save her beloved
wolves in a changing Arctic world and she falls in
love with a young Siberian man.
While running away from home and an unwanted
marriage, a 13-year-old Eskimo girl becomes lost
on the North Slope of Alaska and is befriended by a
wolf pack.
The adventures of Mowgli, a young boy raised by
animals in the jungles of India.
Isaac Stone desperately wants to participate in the
Freedom march of 1963 in Washington D.C., but
his father, a bitter Korean War veteran, forbids him
from going and Isaac attempts to change his mind.

Fourteen-year-old Alex struggles to rise above the
life events which seem to conspire against him,
from a mother who lies, to a probation officer who
won't give him a break, to bullies at his new school.

Percy and his friends have just ten days to find and
return Zeus's stolen property and bring peace to a
warring Mount Olympus. (Approved for 7th grade
Core English)
An eighth-grade girl was taken today….In a world
too far removed from our own, kids are being taken
away to special workhouses if their families exceed
the monthly debt limit imposed by the government.
Approved for 7th grade.
Nore arrives at her stepmother's Louisiana
plantation to find her new family odd, and an aura
of evil and mystery about the place.
Professor Challenger leads an expedition to explore
an isolated plateau rising above the Amazon jungles
where they discover dinosaurs, primitive ape-men,
and prehistoric monsters.
A young boy has no identity nor memory of his past
washes ashore on the coast of Wales and finds his
true name after a series of fantastic adventures.

Longing for a place of her own, a 10-year-old
orphan creates a secret home in a deserted cottage
in the village of St. Martin's Green.
After the death of the beloved aunt who has raised
her, 12-year-old Summer and her uncle Ob leave
their West Virginia trailer in search of the strength
to go on living.
Martin the warrior mouse and Gonff, the mousethief
set out to find the missing ruler of Mossflower,
while the other animal inhabitants of the woodland
prepare to rebel against the evil wildcat who was
seized power.
In 1848 while on a wagon train headed for Oregon
14-year-old Francis Tucket is kidnapped by Pawnee
Indians and then falls in with a one-armed trapper
who teaches him how to live in the wild.

More than sixty poems, some with Spanish

A 9th grader's suspension for singing "the Star-
Spangled Banner" during homeroom becomes a
national news story.
An 11-year-old shoots a stray cat with his new air
rifle, subsequently suffers from guilt, and eventually
assumes responsibility for it.
A high school "freshperson" attempts to rise above
such inconveniences of life as her older sister,
parents, and school.
When the plane flying Chris and his father crashes
on the Serengeti Plain, Chris sets out to find help
and finds that his journey is paralleled by that of an
aging lion.
Despite her father's objections, a young Amish girl
secretly looks forward to attending public school
where she makes a best friend and gains a new
perspective on her family's way of life.
Louisa's life in a loving pioneer family on the
Nebraska prairie is altered by the arrival of a new
doctor and his beautiful, tragically frail wife.
John Carter, a Civil War veteran, finds himself
mysteriously transported to the planet Mars, where
he finds enemies, comrades-in-arms and the love of
his life.
Tormented by taunts that her father is in prison, 13-
year-old Queenie retaliates by causing a lot of
trouble until she discovers something important
about her father and herself.
Being an American Indian is not something 12-year-
old Brandon wants to advertise. Then his Navajo
grandfather moves into the lower bunk of his room.

The author recalls his carefree life in a small
Midwestern town at the close of WW I, and his
adventures with his pet raccoon, Rascal.
Living with his family in the rugged, often
dangerous, Wyoming mountains in the 1860's, 12-
year-old Adam finds his courage put to the test
when he is left in charge of the household during his
stepfather's absence.
The adventures of members of the Sackett family in
the frontier West.
Stories of ghosts and witches, "jump" stories, scary
songs, and modern-day scary stories
Lauren's misgivings about participating in a séance
turn to real fear when two of the girls who
participated in the event are murdered.
One by one, a number of people of varying ages and
backgrounds transform a trash-filled inner-city lot
into a productive and beautiful garden, and, in
doing so, the gardeners are themselves transformed.

A young Navajo girl recounts the events of 1864
when her tribe was forced to march to Fort Sumner,
New Mexico, as prisoners of the white soldiers.

Tree-ear, a 13-year-old orphan in medieval Korea,
lives under a bridge near a potters' village and longs
to learn how to throw the delicate celadon ceramics
Thirteen-year-old Maleeka Madison, insecure about
her very dark skin, rejects the support of a new
teacher, Miss Saunders, whose skin looks blotched
because of a rare medical condition--but soon
Maleeka begins to see that Miss Saunders could be
a role model, and that she must learn to love herself
and accept love from others.
13-year-old Aremis Slake, hounded by his fears and
misfortunes, flees into New York City's subway
tunnels, never again, he believes to emerge.

A fictionalized autobiography in which 11-year-old
Yoko escapes from Korea into Japan with her
mother and sister at the end of WW II.
When he moves from Los Angeles to Providence,
Rhode Island, Kenny discovers that his new house
is haunted by the spirit of a black slave boy who
asks Kenny to return with him to the early
nineteenth century and prevent his murder by slave
An epic poem about the prophet Hiawatha, a
magical Native American man who brings the gift
of civilization to the world.
Exiled from the land of Xanth, 25-year-old Bink
must prove to his people that he holds magical
When German prisoners of war are brought to her
Arkansas town during WW II, 12-year-old Patty, a
Jewish girl, befriends one of them and must deal
with the consequences of that friendship.
14-year-old Lincoln Mendoza, an aspiring
basketball player, must come to terms with his
divided loyalties when he moves from the Hispanic
inner city to a white suburban neighborhood.

The fourth book of the Prydain cycle tells of the
adventrues that befell Taran when he went in search
of his birthright and the truth about himself.

While backpacking in the desert, thirteen-year-old
Mark falls into a tube of blue light and is
transported into a more primitive world, where he
must use his knowledge and skills to survive.
A posthumous letter referring to buried treasure
convinces Gary that his grandfather did not die a
natural death and with his friend Brian, he sets out
to find both the treasure and his grandfather's killer.

A tale of adventure, mystery, piracy and hidden
treasure featuring Long John Silver and his friend
and enemy Jack Hawkins, the cabin boy.
The story of the survival of two elderly women
abandoned by a migrating tribe in the Arctic.
While searching for his uncle in Barrow, Alaska, a
young boy joins the crew of an Eskimo whaling
captain and learns the importance of whaling to the
Eskimo culture.
After his mother divorces his father and remarries,
Asa's sharp intellect and capacity for forgiveness
help him deal with the instabilities of his new
Having fled to a family friend's hillside trailer after
his mother's boyfriend tried to throw his baby sister
against a wall, nine-year-old Jamie finds himself
living an existence full of uncertainty and fear.

Wilma, granted her wish to be the most popular girl
in school, forgets that she will graduate from eighth
grade in three weeks and her popularity will vanish.

Surrounded by villains of the first order, brave
Bonnie and gentle cousin Sylvia conquer all
obstacles in this Victorian melodrama.
A young African-American girl struggles to fulfill
her papa's dream of a better future for their family
in the southwestern town where, in 1910, they are
the only African-Americans.
A year in the life of an early nineteenth-century
white fur trader and his Native American family in
frontier Indiana.
A classic of mythic proportions and a non-stop thrill
ride. Percy Jackson is about to be kicked out of
boarding school again. Lately, mythological
monsters and the gods of Mount Olympus seem to
be walking straight out of the pages of Percy's
Greek mytholology textbook and into his life. Now
Percy and his friends
TITLE                      AUTHOR             LENGTH CURRICULUM             LEXILE READING INTEREST
                                                     CONNECTIONS            LEVEL LEVEL      LEVEL
Adventures of Tom          Twain, Mark        319 p. Language Arts                       7.5 5-8
Sawyer, The
After the Rain             Maser, Norma       249 p.   Language Arts                    3.7 YA

Anna and the King of       Langdon, Margaret 360 p.    Biography                         7 AD

Anthem                     Rand, Ayn          253 p.   Language Arts                    6.1 YA

Black Arrow, The           Stevenson, Robert 269 p.    Historical Fiction                9 YA

Bridges at Toko-ri         Michener, James    126 p.   Historical Fiction               7.3 YA

Bull Run                   Fleischman, Paul   128 p.   Historical Fiction                5 YA

Bumblebee Flies Anyway, Cormier, Robert       241 p.   Language Arts                    7.3 YA

Cage, The                  Sender, Ruth       264 p.   History                          5.5 YA

Can You Sue Your           Danziger, Paula    152 p.   Language Arts                    5.1 YA
Parents for Malpractice?

Captains Courageous        Kipling, Rudyard   182 p.   Language Arts                     8 YA

Cat Ate My Gym Suit,       Danziger, Paula    147 p.   Language Arts                    4.5 5-8
Catherine, Called Birdy   Cushman, Karen    169 p.   Historical Fiction            5.9 YA

Chernowitz!               Arrick, Fran      183 p.   Language Arts                 6.8 YA

Compound, The             S.A. Bodeen       248 p.   Fic/Flashback        570 lexile    YA

Contender, The            Lypsyte, Robert   219 p.   Language Arts                     5 YA

Curses, Inc.: and Other   Vande Velde,      226 p.   Short Stories                 5.7 YA
Stories                   Vivian
Damien the Leper          Farrow, John      272 p.   Biography                         6 YA

Dark Is Rising, The       Cooper, Susan     244 p.   Language Arts                 6.7 5-8

Deathwatch                White, Robb       220 p.   Language Arts                     6 YA

Diary of a Young Girl     Frank, Anne       283 p.   History, Biography                6 YA

Down a Dark Hall          Duncan, Lois      181 p.   Language Arts                 6.6 YA

Downriver                 Hobbs, Will       204 p.   Language Arts                     6 YA

Dragon's Gate             Yep, Laurence     273 p.   Historical Fiction            5.3 YA
Dreadful Future of          Peck, Richard        183 p.   Language Arts        5.6 5-8
Blossom Culp

Durango Street              Bonham, Frank        190 p.   Language Arts        4.6 5-8

Fail-Safe                   Burdick, Eugene      285 p.   Language Arts         6 YA

Farthest Shore, The         LeGuin, Ursula       259 p.   Language Arts        6.1 5-8

Fever, 1793                 Anderson, Laurie     251 p.   Historical Fiction    5 5-8

Forgotten Beasts of Eld,    McKillip, Patricia   343 p.   Language Arts        5.8 YA

Freak the Mighty            Philbrick, W.R.      169 p.   Language Arts        6.3 5-8

Friedrcih                   Richter, Hans        149 p.   Historical Fiction   6.6 5-8

Gentlehands                 Kerr, M.E.           201 p.   Historical Fiction    5 YA

Girl with the White Flag,   Higa, Tomiko         127 p.   History, Biography

Golden Compass, The         Pullman, Philip      574 p.   Language Arts        6.7 5-8

Greenwitch                  Cooper, Susan        147 p.   Language Arts        5.3 5-8

Grey King, The              Cooper, Susan        208 p.   Language Arts        6.1 5-8
Haunted Mesa, The         L'Amour, Louis      362 p.   Language Arts         6 AD

Hero and the Crown, The McKinley, Robin       246 p.   Language Arts        6.9 5-8

Homecoming                Voight, Cynthia     312 p.   Language Arts        4.8 5-8

Hound of the Baskervilles, Doyle, Arthur      246 p.   Language Arts        8.3 YA
The                        Conan

House of Dies Drear, The Hamilton, Virginia 246 p.     Historical Fiction    5 5-8

I am Regina               Keehn, Sally        250 p.   Historical Fiction    6 5-8

I am Rosemarie            Moskin, Marietta             Historical Fiction    6 YA

I, Juan de Pareja         Trevino, Elizabeth 180 p.    Historical Fiction   6.4 YA

In My Father's House      Rinaldi, Ann        323 p.   Historical Fiction    5 YA

Ishi, the Last of His Tribe Kroeber, Theodora 213 p.   History, Biography    5 YA

Jonathan Livingston       Bach, Richard       93 p.    Language Arts         6 YA

Kidnapped                 Stevenson, Robert 304 p.     Language Arts         8 YA

Kidnapping of Christina   Nixon, Joan         305 p.   Language Arts         5 YA
Lattimore, The

Killing Mr. Griffin       Duncan, Lois        223 p.   Language Arts        6.2 YA
King's Fifth, The          O'Dell Scott       264 p.   Language Arts        7.4 5-8

Lantern in Her Hand, A     Aldrich, Bess      251 p.   Language Arts        6.4 YA

Life with Father           Lindsay, Howard    109 p.   Play                  6 AD

Mutation                   Cook, Robin        338 p.   Science               6 YA

My Brother Sam Is Dead     Collier, James     216 p.   Historical Fiction   5.8 5-8

My Friend Flicka           O'Hara, Mary       300 p.   Language Arts        6.8 5-8

Never to Forget: the Jews Meltzer, Milton     217 p.   History              7.7 YA
of the Holocaust

Nightjohn                  Paulsen, Gary      92 p.    Historical Fiction   4.2 YA

Other Side of Dark, The    Nixon, Joan        185 p.   Language Arts         6 YA

Outsiders, The             Hinton, S.E.       136 p.   Language Arts         6 YA

Red Planet                 Heinlein, Robert   229 p.   Language Arts         7 AD

Reflections on a Gift of   Various poets      139 p.   Poetry                7 YA
Watermelon Pickle
Remember Me to Harold      Danziger, Paula    139 p.   Language Arts        4.9 5-8

Ruby in the Smoke, The     Pullman, Philip    230 p.   Language Arts        5.3 YA
Save Queen of Sheba        Moeri, Louise       116 p.   Historical Fiction   5.6 3-6

Scary Stories to Tell in the Schwartz, Alvin   111 p.   Folktales            4.5 5-8
Seventeenth Summer           Daly, Maureen     291 p.   Language Arts        5.9 YA

Seventh Son                Card, Orson Scott   241 p.   Language Arts        5.9 YA

Shadow Club, The           Shusterman, Neal    199 p.   Language Arts        7.2 YA

Slave Dancer, The          Fox, Paula          152 p.   Language Arts         6 YA

Sniper                     Taylor, Theodore    229 p.   Language Arts        5.2 YA

Someone Is Hiding on       Bunting, Eve        136 p.   Language Arts        4.9 5-8
Alcatraz Island

Something for Joey         Peck, Richard       184 p.   Biography             8 YA

Song of the Buffalo Boy    Garland, Sherry     282 p.   Language Arts         9 YA

Stargirl                   Spinelli, Jerry     186 p.   Language Arts        6.1 5-8

Stranger with My Face      Duncan, Lois        235 p.   Language Arts        6.1 YA
Subtle Knife             Pullman, Philip     326 p.   Language Arts        6.7 5-8

Summer of Fear           Duncan, Lois        207 p.   Language Arts        6.1 YA

Sword of Shannara, The   Brooks, Terry       726 p.   Language Arts        8.7 YA

Tangerine                Bloor, Edward       312 p.   Language Arts        4.3 YA

Thief, The               Turner, Megan       219 p.   Language Arts        5.5 5-8

Tombs of Atuan           LeGuin, Ursula      163 p.   Language Arts        5.8 5-8

Twisted Window, The      Duncan, Lois        183 p.   Language Arts        6.2 YA

Up a Road Slowly         Hunt, Irene         197 p.   Language Arts        6.9 5-8

Walk Two Moons           Creech, Sharon      280 p.   Language Arts        6.6 5-8

When the Tripods Came    Christopher, John   151 p.   Language Arts        5.2 5-8

Wind, Sand, and Stars    Saint-Exupery,      229 p.   Biography             6 AD
                         Antoine de

Witch Child              Rees, Celia         261 p.   Historical Fiction    6 YA
Witches of Worm, The    Snyder, Zilpha    183 p.   Language Arts        5.6 3-6

Wizard of Earthsea, A   LeGuin, Ursula    183 p.   Language Arts        6.6 5-8

Year Down Yonder, A     Peck, Richard     130 p.   Language Arts        5.2 5-8

Young Pioneers          Lane, Rose Wilder 175 p.   Historical Fiction   4.8 5-8

The tale of a mischievous boy growing up in a
nineteenth-century Mississippi River town.
After discovering her grandfather is dying, 15-year-
old Rachel gets to know him better than ever before
and finds the experience bittersweet.
Recounts the experiences of the English governess,
Anna Leonowens, at the Siamese court in the 1860s.

In a future world, only one man dares to think,
strive, and love as an individual in the midst of a
paralyzing collective humanity.
A young Englishman, seeking to avenge the death
of his father, becomes involved in the band of the
Black Arrow and the events of the War of the
Story of the men of a naval task force operating in
the icy waters off the Korean shore with a vital
mission to perform; to destroy with jet bombers the
heavily guarded bridge at Toko-ri and thus to stop
essential supplies from moving to the Communist
front lines.
A heartbreaking and remarkably vivid portrait of
the Civil War. Through the alternating viewpoints
of 16 characters from various walks of life, readers
gain insight into the first battle of the Civil War and
into the nature of war in general. Poignant, dramatic
cameos seamlessly woven together make for
compelling historical fiction.

16-year-old Barney is amnesic but, as a voluntary
patient, he knows he is different from terminally ill
patients. His involvement with the bitter, slowly
dying Mazzo brings Barney hope, pain, and a
moment of heroic glory.
A teenage girl recounts the suffering and
persecution of her family under the Nazi's-in a
Polish ghetto, during deportation, and in a
concentration camp.
Confused about her life at home and at school, 14-
year-old Lauren learns the importance of being her
own person.
The adventures of the spoiled son of an American
millionaire who is washed overboard off
Newfoundland and must share the hard life and
labor of the fishermen who rescue him.
13-year-old Marcy Lewis, a ninth grader, hates
school and life in general until she meets her
English teacher, Ms. Finney, who seems to have a
new approach to teaching and actually treats kids
like human beings.
The daughter of an English country knight keeps a
journal in which she records the events of her life,
particularly her longing for adventures beyond the
usual role of women and her efforts to avoid being
married off. (Supplementary)
A boy who suffers anti-Semitic abuse at the hands
of a classmate during his ninth and tenth grade
years plots revenge against his tormentor.
Fifteen-year-old Eli, locked inside a radiation-proof
compound built by his father to keep them safe
following a nuclear attack, begins to question his
future, as well as his father's grip on sanity as the
family's situation steadily disintegrates over the
course of six years.
After a successful stint in a boxing career, a Harlem
high school dropout decides that competing in the
ring isn't enough of life and resolves to aim for
different goals.
Ten short stories about spells, hauntings and curses.

A biography of Damien de Veuster, a priest and a
leper, who served those without hope in the South
Sea Islands.
On his 11th birthday, Will Stanton discovers that he
is the last of the Old Ones, destined to seek the six
magical Signs that will enable the Old ones to
triumph over the evil forces of the Dark.
Needing money for school, a college student
accepts a job as a guide on a desert hunting trip and
nearly loses his life.
A 13-year-old Dutch-Jewish girl records her
impressions of the two years she and seven others
spent hiding from the Nazis before they were
discovered and taken to concentration camps.

Suspicious and uneasy about the atmosphere at her
new boarding school, 14-year-old Kit slowly
realizes why she and the other three students were
Jessie and the other rebellious teenage members of
a wilderness survival school team abandon their
adult leader and try to run the dangerous white
water of the Grand Canyon.
When he accidentally kills a Manchu, a 15-year-old
Chinese boy is sent to America to join his father, an
uncle, and other Chinese working to build a tunnel
for the transcontinental railroad through the Sierra
Nevada mountains in 1867.
Blossom, not the most popular member of her
freshman class in 1914, travels ahead seventy years,
and returns in time to make Halloween a memorable
night for her classmates and teachers.

As headman of his teenage gang, Rufus Henry has
to deal not only with other gangs, but also with the
police sanctioned sponsor who has involved himself
with Rufus and his friends.
A malfunction in a computer defense system leads
to a nuclear cataclysm between two superpowers.

A young prince joins forces with a master wizard on
a journey to discover a cause and remedy for the
loss of magic in Earthsea.
In 1793 Philadelphia, 16 year-old Matilda Cook,
separated from her sick mother, learns about
perseverance and self-reliance when she is forced to
cope with the horrors of a yellow fever epidemic.

Raised on Eld mountain with only her father's
magical menagerie for company, a young wizard is
drawn irrevocably into the human world with all its
sorrows and delights when a baby comes into her
At the beginning of eighth grade, Max, who has a
learning disability, and his new friend Freak, whose
birth defect has affected his body but not his
brilliant mind, find that when they combine forces
they make a powerful team.
A young German boy recounts the fate of his best
friend, a Jew, during the Nazi regime.
A teenage boy falls in love with an upper-class girl
and gets to know his estranged grandfather in one
heartbreaking summer which climaxes in a
shattering search for Nazi war criminals.
Higa tells he story of how she survived the Battle of
Okinawa during WW II at the age of seven after she
became separated from her family.
Accompanied by her daemon, Lyra Belacqua sets
out to prevent her best friend and other kidnapped
children from becoming the subject of gruesome
experiments in the Far North.
Jane's invitation to witness the making of the
Greenwitch begins a series of sinister events in
which she and her two brothers help the Old ones
recover the grail stolen by the Dark.
Will Stanton, visiting in Wales, is swept into a
desperate quest to find the golden harp and to
awaken the ancient Sleepers.
Internationally renown investigator of unexplained
phenomena, Mike Raglan, receives a desperate
letter from an old friend. When Mike goes to the
desert, he learns the astonishing legacy of the
Anasazi. (Supplementary)
Aerin, with the guidance of the wizard Luthe and
the help of the blue sword, wins the birthright due
her as the daughter of the Damarian king and a
witchwoman of the mysterious, demon-haunted
Abandoned by their mother, four children begin a
search for a home and an identity.
Sherlock Holmes is asked to investigate the tale of a
hound that haunts the lonely moors around the
Baskervilles' ancestral home.
An African-American family moves into a house
once used as a hiding place for runaway slaves and
soon come to believe that their new home is
possessed by the spirit of a murdered abolitionist,
Dies Drear.
In 1755, as the French and Indian War begins, 10-
year-old Regina is kidnapped by Indians in western
Pennsylvania, and she must struggle to hold on to
memories of her earlier life as she grows up under
the name of Tskinnak and starts to become Indian
Tells of the suffering of Rosemarie as she enters a
concentration camp during the period of the Jewish
Juan de Pareja, a slave, and his mater, Velazquez,
the 17th century Spanish court painter, develop a
relationship of friendship and equality.
For two sisters growing up surrounded by the Civil
War, there is conflict both outside and inside their
A biography of the last of the Yahi Indians, who for
many years lived in hidden villages and caves in
northern California.
An unusual seagull becomes an outcast from his
flock because of his search for a higher purpose in
life and his quest for more freedom.
A 16-year-old orphan is kidnapped by his villainous
A teenage girl is kidnapped, but when freed, is
accused of masterminding the scheme to extort
money from her wealthy grandmother.
A teenager casually suggests playing a cruel trick
on the English teacher, but did he intend it to end
with murder?
A tale of seven adventurers who left the summer
camp of Coronado's army and struck out into the
great Southwest to find the golden cities of Cibola.

After marrying Will Deal and moving to Nebraska,
Abbie endures the difficulties of frontier life and
raises her children to pursue the ambitions that were
once her own.
A family struggles to decide whether or not to have
their father properly baptized.
Ob/Gyn and biomolecular researcher Dr. Victor
Frank attempts to create a superior being, his son, in
a dangerous experiment. (GT Students)
Tragedy strikes the Meeker family during the
Revolution when one son joins the rebel forces
while the rest of the family tries to stay neutral in a
Tory town.
An aimless Wyoming teenage at odds with his
practical father finds purpose when he befriends a
wild filly.
An account of the Nazi destruction of 6 million
Jews during WW II, with personal experiences of
life in the ghettos and concentration camps recorded
in letters, diaries, memoirs, poems, and songs.

12 year-old Sarney's brutal life as a slave becomes
even more dangerous when a newly arrived slave
offers to teach her how to read.
17-year-old Stacy awakens from a four-year coma
ready to identify, locate, and prosecute the young
man who murdered her mother and wounded her.

Rivalry between rich and poor gangs in 1960s
Oklahoma leads to the deaths of three teenagers and
intense soul-searching for one of the kids involved,
a sensitive 14-year-old named Ponyboy.

A young colonist on Mars befriends a strange round
creature called Willis who gets him into trouble
when he goes away to school, but whose presence
and friendship finally enable the colonials to
negotiate a treaty with the Martians.
Young people helped the compilers select these 114
When Frank spends the summer with Kendra and
her family in their New York City apartment, a
friendship develops as the two teenagers set off on a
scavenger hunt exploring the city's museums,
restaurants, and other landmarks.
In 19th century London, 16 year-old Sally, a recent
orphan, becomes involved in a deadly search for a
mysterious ruby.
After miraculously surviving a Sioux Indian raid on
the trail to Oregon, a brother and sister set out with
few provisions to find the rest of the settlers.

Stories of ghosts and witches, "jump" stories, scary
songs, and modern-day scary stories.
The summer after high school graduation, 17-year-
old Angie finds herself in love for the first time.

Alvin, the seventh son of a seventh son, is born with
a destiny to become something great, perhaps even
a Maker.
When a junior high school boy and his friends
decide to form a club of "second bests" and play
anonymous tricks on each other's arch rivals the
harmless pranks escalate until they become life-
Kidnapped by the crew of an Africa-bound ship, a
13-year-old boy discovers to his horror that he is on
a slaver and his job is to play music for the exercise
periods of the human cargo.
15-year-old Ben must cope alone when a mysterious
sniper begins shooting the big cats in his family's
private zoological preserve.
When he offends the toughest gang in his San
Francisco school, Danny tries to elude them by
going to Alcatraz only to find himself land a Park
Service employee trapped by the gang in an old
prison cell block.
Biography of football player John Cappelletti,
winner of the 1973 Heisman Trophy, and his
younger brother Joey, who fought a losing battle
with leukemia.
Shunned and mistreated because of her mixed
heritage, and determined to avoid an arranged
marriage, 17-year-old Loi runs away to Ho Chi
Minh City with the hope that she and the boy she
loves will be able to go to the United Stated to find
her American father. Reference to prostitution.

At first students at the high school are captivated by
Stargirl Caraway's unusual, carefree behavior;
however, she is soon shunned for everything that
makes her unique in this story that pits individuality
against conformity.
A 17-year-old senses she is being spied on and
probably impersonated, but when she discovers
what is actually occurring, it is more unbelievable
than she ever imagined.
As the boundaries between worlds begin to
dissolve, Lyra and her daemon help Will Parry in
his search for his father and for a powerful, magical
knife. (Recommended for Honors)
Soon after the arrival of cousin Julia, insidious
occurrences begin that convince Rachel she is a
witch and must be stopped before her total
monstrous plan can be effected. (Supplemental)
In spite of his protests that he is only an ordinary
man and not a hero, Shea Ohmsford eventually
accepts his role as the leader of his people in the
struggle against the Lord of Evil.
12-year-old Paul, who lives in the shadow of his
football hero brother Erik, fights for the right to
play soccer despite his near blindness and slowly
begins to remember the incident that damaged his
Gen flaunts his ingenuity as a thief and relishes the
adventure which takes him to a remote temple of the
gods where he will attempt to steal a precious stone.

Arha's isolated existence as high priestess in the
tombs of Atuan is jarred by a thief who seeks a
special treasure.
Tracy, a high school junior, becomes embroiled in
the problems of a strange boy, who asks her
A 7-year-old orphan goes to live with her aunt,
where she learns new values as she grows to young
womanhood. There are many happy memories and
sad times, too; jealousy of her sister, death of a
schoolmate, and disappointment of first love.

After her mother leaves home suddenly, 12-year-old
Sal and her grandparents take a car trip retracing
her mother's route. Along the way, Sal recounts the
story of her friend Phoebe, whose mother also left.

14-year-old Laurie and his family attempt to flee
England when the Tripods descend from outer
space and begin brainwashing everyone with their
hypnotic Caps.
The author recounts his experiences as a mail pilot
in the late 1920s and early 1930s in South America
and Africa.
In 1659, 14-year-old Mary Newbury keeps a journal
of her voyage from England to the New World and
her experiences living as a witch in a community of
Puritans near Salem, Massachusetts.
A lonely 12-year-old is convinced that the cat she
finds is possessed by a witch and is responsible for
her own strange behavior.
A boy grows to manhood while attempting to
subdue the evil he unleashed on the world as an
apprentice to the master wizard.
During the recession of 1937, 15-year-old Mary
Alice is sent to live with her feisty, larger-than-life
grandmother in rural Illinois and comes to a better
understanding of this fearsome woman.
After getting married and settling at Wild Plum
Creek, David's and Caroline's lives are turned
upside down when disaster strikes and David must
go east to find work for the winter.
TITLE                      AUTHOR             LENGTH CURRICULUM              LEXILE READING INTEREST
                                                     CONNECTIONS             LEVEL LEVEL      LEVEL
After the First Death      Cormier, Robert    233 p. Language Arts                        6.8 YA

Alas, Babylon              Frank, Pat         323 p.    Language Arts                    6.1 YA

Are You in the House       Peck, Richard      156 p.    Language Arts                    5.2 YA

Bell for Adano, A          Hersey, John       269 p.    Historical Fiction               5.9 AD

Bless the Beasts and the   Swarthout,         196 p.    Language Arts                     5 5-8
Children.                  Glendon

Bone from a Dry Sea, A     Dickinson, Peter   199 p.    Language Arts                    6.8 YA

Bulfinch's Mythology       Bulfinch, Thomas   732 p.    Language Arts                     8 YA

Canterville Ghost          Wilde, Oscar       36 p.     Language Arts                     6 YA

Castle Roogna              Piers, Anthony     329 p.    Language Arts                    6.1 AD

Children's Story, The      Clavell, James     96 p.     Language Arts                    4.2 YA

Christy                    Marshall, Catherine 501 p.   Historical Fiction               6.2 YA

Cimarron                   Ferber, Edna       388 p.    Historical Fiction                7 AD

Clay Marble, The           Ho, Minfong        163 p.    Historical Fiction               6.8 5-8

Connecticut Yankee in      Twain, Mark        361 p.    Language Arts                    9.2 YA
King Arthur's Court
Count of Monte Cristo       Dumas, Alexandre 509 p.      Language Arts        8.8 YA

Daughter of Time, The       Tey, Josephine      206 p.   Language Arts         7 YA

Day John Met Paul, The: O'Donnell, Jim          169 p.   History               6 AD
an hour-by-hour account
of how the Beatles began
Dog Who Wouldn't Be         Mowat, Farley       211 p.   Biography            7.9 YA

Dragonwings                 Yep, Laurence       248 p.   Language Arts         6 5-8

Drums along the Mohawk Edmunds, Walter          592 p.   Historical Fiction   6.2 AD

Education of Little Tree,   Carter, Forrest     216 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 YA

Ender's Game                Card, Orson Scott   226 p.   Language Arts        5.5 YA

Escape from Warsaw          Serraillier, Ian    218 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 YA

Eva                         Dickinson, Peter    219 p.   Language Arts         7 YA

Flatland: A Romance of      Abbott, Edwin       160 p.   Mathematics           6 AD
Many Dimensions

Forbidden City              Bell, William       199 p.   Historical Fiction   6.3 YA

Great Expectations          Dickens, Charles    514 p.   Language Arts        9.2 AD

Green Mansions: A           Hudson, W.H.        315 p.   Language Arts        7.8 AD
Romance of the Tropical
Habibi                   Nye, Naomi Shihab 271 p.    History, Language          7.5 YA

Hawk that Dare Not Hunt O'Dell, Scott       182 p.   Historical Fiction         6.1 YA
by Day, The

Heart of a Champion      Deuker, Carl       192 p.   Language Arts              4.2 YA

Hiding Place, The        Ten Boom, Corrie 241 p.     History, Biography         6.4 YA

House of Stairs          Sleator, William   166 p.   Language Arts               6       8-May

Human Comedy, The        Saroyan, William   192 p.   Historical Fiction         5.8 AD

Hunger Games, The        Collins, Susan              Language Arts        810   5.3 YA

I Am the Cheese          Cormier, Robert    234 p.   Language Arts              5.2 YA

I Know What You Did      Duncan, Lois       199 p.   Language Arts              5.8 YA
Last Summer

Illusions: The Adventures Bach, Richard              Language Arts               6 AD
of a Reluctant Messiah

Illustrated Man, The     Bradbury, Ray      185 p.   Language Arts              4.4 YA
Inherit the Wind         Lawrence, Jerome   89 p.    Language Arts                6 AD
Jackaroo                  Voight, Cynthia     291 p.   Language Arts        5.6 YA

Jurassic Park             Crichton, Michael   399 p.   Language Arts        7.3 YA

Last Book in the Universe Philbrick, W.R.     223 p.   Language Arts         5 5-8

Lost Horizon              Hilton, James       231 p.   Language Arts        9.5 YA

Martian Chronicles, The   Bradbury, Ray       182 p.   Language Arts        6.2 YA

Memory Boy                Weaver, Will        230 p.   Language Arts         9 YA

Miracle Worker, The       Gibson, William     120 p.   Biography            7.1 YA

Mississippi Trial         Crowe, Chris        231 p.   Historical Fiction   5.5 7-12

Mrs. Mike: The Story of Freedman,             284 p.   Language Arts        5.3 AD
Katherine Mary Flannigan Benedict

Much Ado about Nothing Shakespeare,           120 p.   Language Arts        10 YA

Mutiny on the Bounty      Nordhoff, Charles   379 p.   Language Arts        8.4 AD

Night                     Wiesel, Elie        193 p.   Biography, History    7 YA
Night to Remember, A    Lord, Walter       182 p.   History                       7 YA

No Promises in the Wind Hunt, Irene        223 p.   Language Arts                5.6 YA

Oliver Twist            Dickens, Charles   427 p.   Language Arts                11 AD

Pigman The              Zindel, Paul       182 p.   Language Arts                5.9 YA

Planet of the Apes      Boulle, Pierre     268 p.   Language Arts                 7 AD

Ransom                  Duncan, Lois       172 p.   Language Arts                 6 YA

Raptor Red              Bakker, Robert     256 p.   Language Arts                6.8 AD

Rebecca                 DuMaurier,         380 p.   Language Arts                6.8 AD

Romeo and Juliet        Shakespeare,       166 p.   Language Arts                10 AD
Shane                   Schaefer, Jack     135 p.   Language Arts                6.1 5-8

Shining Company, The    Sutcliff, Rosemary 295 p.   Language Arts                7.9 5-8

Sky: A True Story of    Ippisch, Hanneke   139 p.   Historical Fiction   1020L      AD
Courage During WW II
Snow Bound              Mazer, Harry       142 p.   Language Arts                5.2 5-8

Sound of Waves, The     Mishima, Yukio     182 p.   Language Arts                 9 YA

Story of My Life        Keller, Helen               Biography                    6.8 YA
Swiftly, Tilting Planet, A L'Engle Madeleine 278 p.   Language Arts        5.7 3-6

Tale of Two Cities, A     Dickens, Charles   488 p.   Language Arts        10 AD

Taming of the Shrew, The Shakespeare,        253 p.   Language Arts         8 AD

Tex                       Hinton, S.E.       211 p.   Language Arts         6 YA

That was Then, This is    Hinton, S.E.       159 p.   Language Arts        4.6 YA

Third Eye, The            Duncan, Lois       220 p.   Language Arts        6.6 YA

This Place Has No         Danziger, Paula    156 p.   Language Arts        4.6 5-8

To Kill a Mockingbird     Lee, Harper        323 p.   Language Arts        10 YA

Tree Grows in Brooklyn,   Smith, Betty       493 p.   Language Arts        5.8 YA

Tunes for Bears to Dance Cormier, Robert     101 p.   Language Arts        5.2 YA

Twelfth Night             Shakespeare,       118 p.   Language Arts         9 AD

Underground Man           Meltzer, Milton    261 p.   Historical Fiction   4.9 5-8

Vanishing Hitchhiker,     Brunvand, Jan      208 p.   Language Arts         6 YA
The: American Urban       Harold
Legends and Their
Very Far Away from       LeGuin, Ursula      133 p.   Language Arts        5.4 YA
Anywhere Else

Waiting for the Rain     Gordon, Sheila      224 p.   Historical Fiction   5.2 6-9

Walkabout                Marshall, James     158 p.   Language Arts         6 YA

War Between the Classes, Miklowitz, Gloria   158 p.   Language Arts        6.1 YA

West Side Story          Bernstein, Leonard 160 p.    Language Arts        5.2 YA

Yearling, The            Rawlings, Marjorie 444 p.    Language Arts         7 YA

The hijacking of a bus of children by terrorists is
described from the perspectives of a hostage, a
terrorist, an Army general involved in the rescue
operation, and the general's son who has been
chosen as the go-between.
A group of people rely on their own courage and
ingenuity to survive in a small Florida town that
escaped nuclear bombing.
Gail Osborne, a high school girl in suburban
Connecticut, is swept up into a world of terror when
she begins receiving threatening and obscene notes
and telephone calls.
During WW II an American Major is placed in
charge of the Italian village of Adano.
Ostracized by their peers at Box Canyon Boys
Camp in Arizona, six teenage boys from
dysfunctional homes band together to free a heard
of buffalo to be used as game in a state-sanctioned
guided hunt.
In two parallel stories, an intelligent female member
of a prehistoric tribe becomes instrumental in
advancing the lot of her people, and the daughter of
a paleontologist visits him on a dig in Africa when
important fossil remains are discovered.
Tales of monsters, heroes, deities and tragic lovers
are narrated in this anthology of ancient legends.

Worn out after 300 years of haunting, the
Canterville Ghost, finds an ally in helping him reach
the Garden of Death.
The 12-year-old magician, Dor, embarks on a quest
into the past to prove his right to rule Xanth 800
years in the future.
A new teacher arrives to take charge of a grade
school classroom after the U.S. has been conquered
by an enemy nation.
In 1912, 19-year-old Christy Huddleston leaves her
comfortable home to teach in a one-room
schoolhouse in an isolated area of the Great
Newspaper editor and lawyer, Yancey Cravat, his
wife Sabra, and their son Cim live in Osage,
Oklahoma in the years before the territory becomes
a state.
In the late 1970s twelve-year-old Dara joins a
refugee camp in war-torn Cambodia and becomes
separated from her family.
19th-century mechanic Hank Morgan suffers a blow
to the head and wakes up in King Arthur's Court
where he tries to introduce modern technology and
political ideas to the inhabitants.
Edmond Dates, a young sailor is falsely imprisoned,
escapes, and assumes a new identity on the island of
Monte Cristo.
Alan grant, an injured policeman currently
hospitalized and bored, searches for the truth
behind the belief that Richard III murdered the little
princes in the tower.
Describes how John Lennon met Paul McCartney.

Describes the author's boyhood on the Canadian
prairies and his adventures with Mutt, a dog of
indeterminate breed who displayed superior hunting
In the early 20th century, a young Chinese boy joins
his father in San Francisco and helps him realize his
dream of making a flying machine. (GT Students)

Gilbert Martin and his young wife, Lana, struggle to
survive along the Mohawk Valley during the
Revolutionary War.
An orphaned boy in 1930s Appalachian Tennessee
learns about his cultural heritage when he is
adopted by his Native American grandparents and
learns about prejudice when he is sent to a boarding
Young Ender Wiggin may prove to be the military
genius Earth needs to fight a desperate battle
against a deadly alien race that will determine the
future of the human race.
During 1942 Warsaw, Edek shoots a Nazi Storm
Trooper. Edek and his two sister must escape from
the secret police.
After a terrible accident, a young girl wakes up to
discover that she has been given the body of a
A. Square, a resident of Flatland, a place limited to
two dimensions and peopled by a hierarchy of
geometrical forms-stirs up trouble when he is
visited by a sphere and begins to speak openly
about worlds with three and four dimensions.
(Advanced math students)
17-year-old Alex joined his father, a cameraman for
the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, in China in
1989. As outsiders they face a time of upheaval as
political demonstrations began in Tiananmen
Pip, an orphan in Victorian England, is plucked
from a life of poverty and informed he is to be
raised and educated as a gentleman.
Abel, a poet and political exile, arrives at a savage
village in South America where he becomes a
naturalist, and there in the forest he falls in love
with a mysterious girl.
When fourteen-year-old Liyanne Abboud, her
younger brother, and her parents move from St.
Louis to a new home between Jerusalem and the
Palestinian village where her father was born, they
face many changes and must deal with the tensions
between Jews and Palestinians.
Amid political turmoil and threats of plague, young
Tom Barton accepts the risks of helping William
Tyndale publish and smuggle into England the
Bible he has translated into English.

Seth faces a strain on his friendship with Jimmy,
who is both a baseball champion and something of
an irresponsible fool, when Jimmy is kicked off the
The memoirs of a Dutch woman who was sent to
Ravensbruck concentration camp during WW II as
a result of her activities in the anti-Nazi
Five 16-year-old orphans of widely varying
personality characteristics are involuntarily placed
in a house of endless stairs as subjects for a
psychological experiment on conditioned human
Working as a telegraph messenger in California
during WW II, 14 year-old Homer Macauley gains
an understanding of the world and an acceptance of
his brother's death.
A futuristic society wiith an overpowering
government controls the lives and resources of its
citizens. (Although marketed as adolescent
literature, the theme of fighting to the death and the
violence of the events that occur in the arena,
involving children, has brought with it some
controversy. Approved ONLY for 9th grade and
A young boy's desperate search for his father leads
him to discover secrets of his past that might very
well threaten his life.
Four teenagers who have desperately tried to
conceal their responsibility for a hit-and-run
accident are pursued by a mystery figure seeking
A Midwest barnstormer/writer befriends a fellow
flyer, an unusual sort of man who turns out to be a
messiah, or, rather, a master of illusions.

18 science fiction stories.
A play based loosely on the events which took place
in Dayton, Tennessee during the Scopes Trial in
July of 1925 which opened the debate over the
teaching of creationism and evolution.
When hard times among the People revive the old
stories of the hero Jackaroo, an innkeeper's
daughter follows her own quest to unlock the secret
reality behind the legend.
An account of the attempt, through a hair-raising 24-
hours on a remote jungle island, to avert a global
emergency- a crisis triggered by today's rush to
commercialize genetic engineering.

After an earthquake has destroyed much of the
planet, an epileptic teenage nicknamed Spaz begins
the heroic fight to bring human intelligence back to
the Earth of a distant future.
Conway, one of four people whose plane crashed
while they were fleeing a civil war in a foreign land,
is rescued along with the rest of his group by a
mysterious Chinese man who takes them to safety in
Sangri-la , a land of peace and beauty where they
are offered near immortality on the condition that
they never leave.

Chronicles the early attempts by humans to colonize
an inhabited Mars by transforming the Red planet
into a mirror image of the world they left behind.

Sixteen-year old Miles and his family must flee
their Minneapolis home and begin a new life in the
wilderness, after a chain of cataclysmic volcanic
explosions creates dangerous conditions in their
A play about teacher Annie Sullivan's determined
quest to give 12-year-old Helen Keller, blind, deaf,
and mute, the gift of language.

In Mississippi in 1955, a 16-year old finds himself
at odds with his grandfather over issues surrounding
the kidnapping and murder of a 14-year old African-
American from Chicago.
A young woman who has been raised in Boston
marries a member of the Northwest Mounted Police
and goes with him to live in the Canadian
To pass the time before their wedding, Claudio and
Hero conspire to get two antagonistic people,
Beatrice and Benedick, to fall in love, unaware that
they themselves are the target of a more sinister
A fictionalized account of the 1789 mutiny in which
the crew of the "H.M.S. Bounty" rebelled against
the tyrannical Captain Bligh and set him overboard
along with 11 other crew members.
A true account of the author's experiences as a
Jewish boy in a Nazi concentration camp.
A true account of the sinking of the "Titanic," a
reputedly unsinkable ship that went down in the
Atlantic on April 10, 1912 after hitting an iceberg,
resulting in the deaths of over 1,500 people.

A young man struggles to find a life for himself in
the turbulent depression of the 1930s.

In 19th century England, a young orphan boy lives
in the squalid surroundings of a workhouse until he
becomes involved with a gang of thieves.

A teenage boy and a girl, high school sophomores
from unhappy homes, tell of their bizarre
relationship with an old man.
Explorers in space find a planet that is identical to
Earth, with the exception that on the planet
Betelgeuse the roles of ape and human are reversed.

Five high school students from a wealthy
neighborhood are kidnapped while on their way
home in the school bus and try to find a way to
escape their captors while their parents scrape to
meet the ransom demands.
When a raptor in prehistoric Utah loses her mate,
she struggles for survival with her sister's clan and
searches for a new mate.
For months after her death, the memory of Rebecca
de Winter continues to dominate everyone at her
former home, Manderley, an English country house.

A tragic love story of children of feuding families.

Shane rides into a Wyoming valley in 1889 and
becomes involved in a feud between big cattle
dealers and homesteaders.
In 600 A.D. in northern Britain, Prosper becomes a
shield bearer with the Companions, an army made
up of three hundred younger sons of minor kings
and trained to act as one fighting brotherhood
against the invading Saxons. (GT, mature students)

Recommended for reluctant readers. Some
Two teenagers caught in a snowstorm face a fight
for survival after they become stranded in a desolate
area of New York.
In their Japanese fishing village, Shinji falls in love
with Hatsue and they must have the courage to
battle ugly gossip. (Mature students)

An autobiography of Helen Keller, tells of her early
life, her relationship with her teacher Anne
Sullivan, and her struggles to triumph over
blindness and deafness.
The youngest of the Murry children must travel
through time and space in a battle against an evil
dictator who would destroy the entire universe.
Set in 1859 Paris and London during the French
Revolution. Charles Darnay renounces his position
and leaves his country, then returns during the
Terror to save the life of a servant, putting himself
in grave danger.
Describes the volatile courtship between the
shrewish Katherine and the canny Petruchio, who is
determined to subdue Katherine's legendary temper
and win her dowry.
The love between two teen-age brothers helps to
alleviate the harshness of their usually parentless
life as they struggle to grow up.
16-year-old Mark and Bryon have been like
brothers since childhood, but now, as their
involvement with girls, gangs, and drugs increases,
their relationship seems to gradually disintegrate.

High school senior Karen, who worries that her
psychic powers will make her seem different from
other people, is frightened when a young policeman
asks her to use her gift to help locate missing
Popular 15-year-old Aurora is happy with her life
on Earth in 2057, until suddenly her parents
announce they are moving to the moon.

Scout Finch, the young daughter of a local attorney
in the Deep South during the 1930s, tells of her
father's defense of an African-American man
charged with the rape of a white girl.

Young Francie Nolan, having inherited both her
father's romantic and her mother's practical nature,
struggles to survive and thrive growing up in the
slums of Brooklyn in the early twentieth century.

11-year old Henry escapes his family's problems by
watching the woodcarving of Mr. Levine, an elderly
Holocaust survivor, but when Henry is manipulated
into betraying his friend he comes to know true evil.

Shipwrecked Viola, disguises herself as a boy and
enters the service of Duke Orsino, creating a chain
of chaos.
A courageous young white man aids slaves escaping
from Kentucky in pre-Civil War days.
A collection of contemporary urban American
folklore and a discussion of their meanings.
Owen Griffiths, a 17-year-old outsider, learns to
find his own way to a future in science through a
friendship with a girl whose life is dedicated to
Chronicles nine years in the lives of two South
African youths--one black, one white--as their
friendship ends in a violent confrontation between
student and soldier. Substantial background
information on apratheid should supplement the
study of this novel.
Mary and Peter are stranded in the wilderness of the
Australian outback. They meet an Aboriginal youth
on a walking journey and he helps them to undergo
a journey of their own in order to survive.

17-year-old Emiko, brought up in a strict Japanese-
American family, is in love with handsome blond
Adam, although she realizes her old-fashioned
father expects her to find a Japanese husband.

Love among gangs and a poignant portrayal of
A young boy living in the Florida backwoods is
forced to decide the fate of a fawn he has lovingly
raised as a pet.
TITLE                      AUTHOR           LENGTH CURRICULUM                   LEXILE READING INTEREST
                                                   CONNECTIONS                  LEVEL LEVEL     LEVEL
1776: (A musical play)     Edwards, Sherman 176 p. Drama                                      7 AD

1984: (A novel)            Orwell, George     294 p.     Language Arts                      10 AD

20,000 Leagues Under the Verne, Jules         325 p.     Language Arts                       8       8-May
2001: A Space Odyssey Clark, Arthur           296 p.     Language Arts                       9 YA
Accidental Tourist, The  Tyler, Anne          329 p.     Language Arts                      6.5 AD

Adam Bede                  Eliot, George      612 p.     Language Arts                      9.4 AD

Adventures of              Twain, Mark        300 p.     Language Arts                       6 YA
Huckleberry Finn
Alchemist, The             Coelho, Paulo      189 p.     Allegory                            8 AD

Alice in Wonderland        Carroll, Lewis     408 p.     Language Arts                       8 YA

Alive                      Read, Piers Paul   318 p.     History                            7.7 YA

All but My Life            Klein, Gerda       261 p.     History, Biography                 5.9 YA
All Creatures Great and    Herriot, James     437 p.     Memoir, Animals                    6.9 YA
All Quiet on the Western   Remarque, Erich    295 p.     Historical Fiction                  6 YA
Front                      Maria
All the King's Men         Warren, Robert     661 p.     Language Arts                      6.8 YA
American Dream, The        Albee, Edward      127 p.     Drama                               8 AD

American Short Story,      Skaggs, Calvin     394 p., 451 Language Arts                      9 YA
Vol. 1 & 2                 (ed.)              p.

                                                                              Page 123
American, The            James, Henry        374 p.   Language Arts                 AD

Amusing Ourselves to     Postman, Neil       184 p.   Non-Fiction                   AD
An American Tragedy      Dreiser, Theodore 972 p.     Language Arts              8.5 AD

And Then There Were      Christie, Agatha    183 p.   Language Arts              5.7 AD
Andromeda Strain         Crichton, Michael   331 p.   Language Arts              6.6 YA

Animal Farm              Orwell, George      113 p.   Language Arts              7.3 AD

Anna and the King of     Landon, Margaret    360 p.   Language Arts              7.2 AD
Anna Karenina            Tolstoy, Leo        852 p.   Language Arts              9.6 AD

Anthem                   Rand, Ayn           253 p.   Language Arts              6.1 YA

Arrowsmith               Lewis, Sinclair     459 p.   Language Arts              9.5 YA

As I Lay Dying           Faulkner, William 267 p.     Language Arts              5.4 YA

Assault on Reason        Gore, Al            308 p.   Non-Fiction                   AD

Assistant, The           Malamud, Bernard 246 p.      Language Arts              5.9 AD

Awakening, The           Chopin, Kate        190 p.   Language Arts              8.3 YA

Babbitt                  Lewis, Sinclair     365 p.   Language Arts               9 AD

Ballad of the Sad Café   McCullers, Carson 152 p.     Language Arts               8 YA

Bean Trees               Kingsolver,         232 p.   Language Arts              5.6 YA

                                                                      Page 124
Becket, or, The Honor of Anouilh, Jean        118 p.   Language Arts                        4.3 YA
Beloved                  Morrison, Toni       316 p.   Language Arts                         6 AD

Beowulf, a New Telling     Nye, Robert        103 p.   Language Arts                        5.5 5-8

Billy Budd                 Melville, Herman   130 p.   Language Arts                        10 YA

Black Boy                  Wright, Richard    419 p.   Language Arts                        7.4 YA

Black Like Me              Griffin, John      188 p.   Language Arts,                        7 AD
                           Howard                      Social Studies
Bless Me, Ultima           Anaya, Rudolfo     262 p.   Language Arts                        5.4 AD

Blues for Mister Charlie   Baldwin, James     121 p.   Drama                                 9 AD

Brave New World            Huxley, Aldous     176 p.   Language Arts                        10 AD

Brave New World            Huxley, Aldous     123 p.   Language Arts                        11 AD
Braveheart                 Wallace, Randall   288 p.   Historical Fiction              AD      AD

Brian Piccolo: A Short     Morris, Jeannie    159 p.   Biography                            6.6 AD
Brian's Song               Blinn, William     119 p.   Drama                                5.5 5-8

Briar Rose                 Yolen, Jame        190 p.   Historical Fiction                    5 YA

Bridge at Andau, The       Michener, James    277 p.   History                               7 YA

Bridge of San Luis Rey     Wilder, Thornton   138 p.   Language Arts                        7.1 YA

Brothers Karamazov, The Dostoyevsky,          796 p.   Language Arts                        10 AD

                                                                            Page 125
Butterfly Revolution, The Butler, William     221 p.   Language Arts               9 YA

Candide                   Voltaire            122 p.   Language Arts              7.3 AD

Canterbury Tales          Chaucer, Geoffrey 504 p.     Language Arts              8.1 AD

Catcher in the Rye        Salinger, J.D.      214 p.   Language Arts              4.7 AD

Caves of Steel, The       Asimov, Isaac       270 p.   Language Arts              6.1 YA

Ceremony                  Silko, Leslie       262 p.   Language Arts               9 YA

Cherry Orchard, The       Chekhov, Anton      40 p.    Drama                         AD

Cheyenne Autumn           Sandoz, Mari        282 p.   History                    6.9 YA

Childhood's End           Clarke, Arthur      218 p.   Language Arts              7.7 YA

Children of the River     Crew, Linda         213 p.   Language Arts              4.3 YA

Chosen, The               Potok, Chaim        284 p.   Language Arts               8 AD

Clergyman's Daughter      Orwell, George      320 p.   Language Arts               8 AD

Cold Sassy Tree           Burns, Olive        391 p.   Language Arts              5.3 YA

Come Along with Me        Jackson, Shirley    254 p.   Language Arts               7 AD

Congo                     Crichton, Michael   442 p.   Language Arts              7.5 AD

Consider This, Senora     Doerr, Harriet      241 p.   Language Arts               7 AD

Crime and Punishment      Dostoyevsky,        537 p.   Language Arts              8.7 AD

                                                                       Page 126
Cross and the            Wilkerson, David   173 p.   Social Studies              6.2 YA
Switchblade, The
Crucible, The            Miller, Arthur     94 p.    Drama                       4.9 AD

Cry in the Night, A      Clark Mary         340 p.   Language Arts                6 AD
Cry, the Beloved Country Paton, Alan        316 p.   Language Arts               6.2 AD

Crystal Cave, The        Stewart, Mary      494 p.   Language Arts               5.7 YA

Custer Died for Your      Deloria, Vine     278 p.   History                     5.7 AD
Sins: An Indian Manifesto
Cyrano de Bergerac        Rostand, Edmond   216 p.   Drama                       7.6 YA

Dandelion Wine           Bradbury, Ray      239 p.   Language Arts               6.2 YA

David Copperfield        Dickens, Charles   817 p.   Language Arts               9.5 AD

Dawn                     Wiesel, Elie       81 p.    Language Arts               5.4 AD

Day No Pigs Would Die,   Peck, Robert       150 p.   Language Arts                5 5-8
Death Be Not Proud       Gunther, John      205 p.   Biography                    8 YA

Death Comes to the       Cather, Willa      297 p.   Language Arts               7.9 AD
Death in the Family, A   Agee, James        310 p.   Language Arts               6.1 AD

Death of a Salesman      Miller, Arthur     104 p.   Drama                       6.2 AD

Death of Bernadette       Querry, Ronald    218 p.   Language Arts                7 AD
Demian: the Story of Emil Hesse, Hermann    158 p.   Language Arts                9 AD
Sinclair's Youth

                                                                      Page 127
Desert Solitaire: A Season   Abbey, Edward      269 p.   Social Studies               7 YA
in the Wilderness
Dinky Hocker Shoots          Kerr, M.E.         215 p.   Language Arts                5 YA
Dinner at the Homesick       Tyler, Anne        303 p.   Language Arts               5.3 AD
Doctor Zhivago               Pasternak, Boris   510 p.   Language Arts               8.2 AD

Doll's House, A              Ibsen, Henrik      72 p.    Drama                       5.9 AD

Dracula                      Stoker, Bram       402 p.   Language Arts               6.6 YA

Dune                         Herbert, Frank     517 p.   Language Arts               5.7 YA

Ear, The Eye, and the   Farmer, Nancy           311 p.   Language Arts               4.7 YA
Arm, The
Effect of Gamma Rays on Zindel, Paul            56 p.    Drama                       4.2 YA
Marigolds, TheThe
Elephant Man,           Pomerance,              71 p.    Drama                        9 YA
Ellen Foster            Kaye Gibbons            126 p.   Language Arts                  YA

Emma                         Austen, Jane       328 p.   Language Arts               9.3 AD

Emperor Jones                O'Neill, Eugene    198 p.   Drama                        8 AD

Endless Steppe, The:         Hautzig, Esther    243 p.   History                     6.8 YA

Eric                         Lund, Doris        342 p.   Biography                   5.2 YA

Ethan Frome                  Wharton, Edith     182 p.   Language Arts               7.6 YA

Everyman                     Anonymous          35 p.    Drama                        8 AD

                                                                          Page 128
Executioner, The          Bennett, Jay      175 p.   Language Arts                        3.4 YA

Exodus                    Uris, Leon        599 p.   Language Arts                        6.7 AD

Fahrenheit 451            Bradbury, Ray     179 p.   Language Arts                        5.2 YA

Fall, The                 Camus, Albert     147 p.   Language Arts                         9 AD

Fallen Angels             Meyers, Walter    309 p.   Historical Fiction              YA      YA
Fantastic Voyage          Asimov, Isaac     202 p.   Language Arts                         6 YA

Far from the Madding      Hardy, Thomas     433 p.   Language Arts                        9.7 YA
Farewell to Arms          Hemingway, Ernest 332 p.   Language Arts                         6 AD

Farewell to Manzanar      Houston, Jeanne   174 p.   Memoir                               6.7 AD
Fellowship of the Ring    Tolkein, J.R.R.   398 p.   Language Arts                        6.1 YA

Fifty Short Science       Collection        287 p.   Language Arts                         8 YA
Fiction Tales
Fine and Private Place, A Beagle, Peter     296 p.   Language Arts                        6.2 YA

Fixer, The                Malamud, Bernard 335 p.    Language Arts                         7 AD

Flags in the Dust         Faulkner, William 433 p.   Language Arts                        8.2 AD
For Whom the Bell Tolls   Hemingway, Ernest 471 p.   Language Arts                        5.8 YA

Foundation                Asimov, Isaac     244 p.   Language Arts                        6.4 AD

Foundation and Empire     Asimov, Isaac     282 p.   Language Arts                        6.4 YA

                                                                          Page 129
Frankenstein                Shelley, Mary      216 p.    Language Arts                        12.4 AD

Franny and Zooey            Salinger, J.D.     202 p.    Language Arts                         6.3 AD

Ghosts of Now, The          Nixon, Joan        179 p.    Language Arts                         5.7 YA
Giants in the Earth: A      Rolvaag, O.E.      531 p.    Language arts                         8.4 AD
Saga of the Prairie
Girl with a Pearl Earring   Chevalier, Tracy   233 p.    Language Arts                         5.4 AD

Glass Castle                Walls, Jeanette    288 p.    Memoir                          AD       AD

Glass Menagerie, The        Williams,          105 p.    Drama                                 5.3 AD
Go Tell It on the           Baldwin, James     291 p.    Language Arts                         6.5 YA
Going after Cacciato        O'Brien, Tim       336 p.    Historical Fiction                    4.6 YA

Gone with the Wind          Mitchell, Margaret 1037 p.   Historical Fiction                    7.1 YA

Grapes of Wrath             Steinbeck, John    464 p.    Historical Fiction                    10 YA

Great Gatsby, The           Fitzgerald, F.     180 p.    Language Arts                         7.3 YA
Grendel                     Gardner, John      174 p.    Language Arts                         5.9 YA

Gulliver's Travels          Swift, Jonathan    293 p.    Language Arts                         7.5 5-8

Hamlet                      Shakespeare,                 Drama                                  9 AD
Hard Times                  Dickens, Charles   316 p.    Language Arts                         9.3 AD

Haunting of Hill House,     Jackson, Shirley   174 p.    Language Arts                          9 AD

                                                                              Page 130
Having Our Say: The         Delany, Sarah     229 p.    History                     5.9 AD
Delany Sister's First 100   Louise
Years is a Lonely Hunter,
Heart                       McCullers, Carson 430 p.    Language Arts               6.3 AD
Heart of Darkness           Conrad, Joseph     136 p.   Language Arts                7 AD

Hedda Gabler                Ibsen, Henrik      75 p.    Drama                        9 AD

Henderson, the Rain King Bellow, Saul          341 p.   Language Arts               6.3 YA

Hiroshima                   Hersey, John       196 p.   History                     8.4 YA

Hobbit, The                 Tolkein, J.R.R.    306 p.   Language Arts               6.6 YA

Hollow Hills, The           Stewart, Mary      475 p.   Language Arts               6.2 YA

Hondo                       L'Amour, Louis     194 p.   Language Arts               5.1 AD

House of Seven Gables       Hawthorne,         328 p.   Language Arts               5.9 YA
House on Mango Street,      Cisneros, Sandra   110 p.   Language Arts               4.5 YA
How Green Was My            Llewellyn, Richard 495 p.   Language Arts               5.7 AD
How to Be a Survivor        Ehrlich, Paul      208 p.   Science                      7 AD

Hunchback of Notre-         Hugo, Victor       510 p.   Language Arts              11.8 AD
Dame, The
I Heard the Owl Call My     Craven, Margaret   159 p.   Language Arts               6.8 YA
I Know Why the Caged        Angelou, Maya      289 p.   Memoir                      6.7 AD
Bird Sings
I Never Promised You a      Greenberg, Joanne 282 p.    Biography                   6.7 AD
Rose Garden

                                                                        Page 131
I Remember Mama           Van Druten, John    82 p.    Drama                                7 AD

I, Robot                  Asimov, Isaac       272 p.   Language Arts                       6.1 YA

Iliad, The                Homer               464 p.   Language Arts                        8 AD

Importance of Being       Wilde, Oscar        151 p.   Language Arts                       6.9 AD
Earnest, The
In Dubious Battle         Steinbeck, John     274 p.   Language Arts                       4.5 YA

In This Sign              Greenberg, Joanne 275 p.     Language Arts                       6.7 YA

Incident at Hawk's Hill   Eckert, Allan       207 p.   Language Arts                       7.2 5-8

Into the Wild             Krakauer, Jon       207 p.   Language Arts              1270 L

Into Thin Air             Krakauer, Jon       293 p.   Autobiography              1320L       YA

Intruder in the Dust      Faulkner, William 241 p.     Language Arts                       7.8 YA

Invisible                 Hautman, Pete       149 p.   Language Arts              YA          YA

Invisible Man             Wells, H.G.         150 p.   Language Arts                       7.7 AD

Ishmael                   Quinn, Daniel       263 p.   Language Arts                        9 AD

Izzy, Willy-Nilly         Voigt, Cynthia      327 p.   Language Arts                        6 5-8

J.B.: A Play in Verse     MacLeish,           153 p.   Drama                               11 AD
Jamaica Inn               DuMaurier,          302 p.   Language Arts                        9 AD
Jane Eyre                 Bronte, Charlotte   578 p.   Language Arts                       7.9 AD

                                                                       Page 132
John Brown's Body        Benet, Stephen      336 p.    Poetry                                8 AD
Jordi: Lisa and David    Rubin Theodore      144 p.    Mental Health                         7 AD

Joy in the Morning       Smith, Betty        296 p.    Language Arts                        4.9 YA

Joy Luck Club, The       Tan, Amy            288 p.    Language Arts                        5.7 AD

Jubilee                  Walker, Margaret    497 p.    Historical Fiction                   6.4 AD

Julius Caesar            Shakespeare,        128 p.    Drama                                 8 AD
Jungle, The              Sinclair, Upton     349 p.    Historical Fiction                    8 AD

Killer Angels, The       Shaara, Michael     355 p.    Historical Fiction                   4.7 YA

King Lear                Shakespeare,        356 p.    Drama                                 8 AD
Kite Runner              Hosseini, Khaled    324 p.    Historical Fiction              AD      AD

Kon Tiki: Across the     Heyerdahl, Thor.    240 p.    Geography                             8 YA
Pacific by Raft
Lake Wobegon Days        Keillor, Garrison   337 p.    Language Arts                         8 YA

Last Unicorn, The        Beagle, Peter       212 p.    Language Arts                        6.2 AD

Laughing Boy             LaFarge, Oliver     193 p.    Language Arts                        5.7 YA

Learning Tree, The       Parks, Gordon       240 p.    Language Arts                         5 AD

Les Miserables           Hugo, Victor        1260 p.   Language Arts                           AD

Lesson before Dying, A   Gaines, Ernest      256 p.    Language Arts                        4.4 AD

                                                                            Page 133
Life of Pi                Martel, Yann        319 p.   Language Arts               830 L      AD

Little Foxes, The         Hellman, Lillian    81 p.    Drama                                6 AD

Little Prince, The        Saint-Exupery,      83 p.    Language Arts                       6.2 5-8
Long Day's Journey into   O'Neill, Eugene     179 p.   Drama                                8 AD
Look Homeward, Angel: Wolfe, Thomas           528 p.   Language Arts                       7.7 AD
A Story of the Buried Life
Lord Jim                   Conrad, Joseph     271 p.   Language Arts                       9.1 YA

Lord of the Flies         Golding, William    210 p.   Language Arts                        5 AD

Macbeth                   Shakespeare,        210 p.   Drama                               10 AD
Madame Bovary             Flaubert, Gustave   247 p.   Language Arts                       10 AD

Major Barbara             Shaw, Bernard       83 p.    Drama                               6.7 AD

Mama's Girl               Chambers,           194 p.   Autobiography               YA         YA
Man for All Seasons, A    Bolt, Robert        163 p.   Drama                               4.6 AD

Man Who Killed the Deer, Waters, Frank        266 p.   Language Arts                       6.1 YA
Man's Search for Meaning Frankl, Viktor       165 p.   History, Philosophy                  9 AD

Marvin's Room             McPherson, Scott    68 p.    Drama                                7 AD

Mary Reilly               Martin, Valerie     263 p.   Language Arts                        7 AD

Mayor of Casterbridge     Hardy, Thomas       330 p.   Language Arts                       9.5 AD

                                                                        Page 134
Meadow, The               Galvin, James      230 p.   Language Arts                           7 AD

Measure of a Man, The     Poitier, Sidney    255 p.   Memoir                                 7.7 AD

Member of the Wedding, McCullers, Carson 163 p.       Language Arts                          6.3 AD
Merchant of Venice, The Shakespeare,     129 p.       Drama                                  10 AD
Metamorphosis, The      Kafka, Franz     201 p.       Language Arts                          10 YA

Midsummer's Night         Shakespeare,       156 p.   Drama                                  10 YA
Dream, A                  William
Mila 18                   Uris, Leon         563 p.   Language Arts                           7 YA

Moby Dick                 Melville, Herman   527 p.   Language Arts                          10 YA

Monkey Bridge             Cao, Lan           260 p.   Historical Fiction                        AD

Monster                   Myers, Walter      281 p.   Language Arts                          5.1 YA
Montana 1948              Watson, Larry      169 p.   Language Arts                          5.5 AD

Moon Dancer               Rostkowski,        180 p.   Language Arts                   790L      YA
                          Margaret I.
Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Heinlein, Robert   382 p.   Language Arts                           7 YA
Mosquito Coast, The       Theroux, Paul      374 p.   Language Arts                           7 AD

Moves Make the Man,      Brooks, Bruce       252 p.   Language Arts                          5.4 YA
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones Head, Ann           189 p.   Language Arts                          6.8 YA

Murder in the Cathedral   Eliot, T.S.        88 p.    Drama                                  8.7 YA

                                                                           Page 135
Mutant Message: Down     Morgan, Marlo      187 p.   Language Arts                          7 AD
My Antonia               Cather, Willa      286 p.   Language Arts                         6.9 YA

My Name is Asher Lev     Potok, Chaim       369 p.   Language Arts                         4.2 YA

Nectar in a Sieve        Markandaya,        190 p.   Language Arts                         6.2 AD
Nigger: An               Gregory, Dick      209 p.   Memoir                                 7 AD
Night Thoreau Spent in   Lawrence, Jerome   103 p.   Drama                                 3.9 AD
Jail, The
Nine Stories             Salinger, J.D.     198 p.   Language Arts                         5.5 YA

Obasan                   Kogawa, Joy        300 p.   Historical Fiction                    6.6 YA

October Sky              Hickham, Homer     428 p.   Historical Fiction              AD       AD

Odyssey, The             Homer              515 p.   Language Arts                        10.3 AD

Oedipus Trilogy          Sophocles          267 p.   Language Arts                         10 AD

Of Human Bondage         Maugham, W.        611 p.   Language Arts                         8.3 AD
Of Mice and Men          Steinbeck, John    105 p.   Language Arts                         4.5 AD

Old Man and the Sea, The Hemingway, Ernest 127 p.    Language Arts                         5.1 YA

On the Beach             Shute, Nevil       278 p.   Language Arts                         6.3 YA

Once and Future King,    White, T.H.        677 p.   Language Arts                          8 YA
One Hundred Years of     Garcia Marquez,    417 p.   Language Arts                         8.7 AD
Solitude                 Gabriel

                                                                          Page 136
Othello                   Shakespeare,       268 p.   Drama                      10 AD
Our Town                  Wilder, Thornton   181 p.   Drama                      3.9 YA

Ox-Bow Incident, The      Clark, Walter      225 p.   Language Arts              5.4 AD

Pearl, The                Steinbeck, John    90 p.    Language Arts              6.5 YA

Pere Goriot               Balzac, Honore de 297 p.    Language Arts              7.2 AD

Phantom of the Opera,     Leroux, Gaston     264 p.   Language Arts              7.1 AD
Piano Lesson, The         Wilson, August     108 p.   Drama                      0.5 YA

Pickwick Papers, The      Dickens, Charles   740 p.   Language Arts                 YA

Picture of Dorian Gray,   Wilde, Oscar       254 p.   Language Arts              7.7 AD
Pigman's Legacy, The      Zindel, Paul       168 p.   Language Arts                 YA

Plague, The               Camus, Albert      308 p.   Language Arts              8.2 AD

Playboy of the Western    Synge, J.M.        68 p.    Drama                       7 YA
World, The
Poisonwood Bible, The     Kingsolver,        546 p.   Language Arts              6.6 AD
Portrait of a Lady        James, Henry       656 p.   Language Arts              9.6 YA

Portrait of the Artist as a Joyce, James     318 p.   Language Arts              8.7 AD
Young Man
Power and the Glory, The Greene, Graham      221 p.   Language Arts              5.9 AD

Pride and Prejudice       Austen, Jane       458 p.   Language Arts              10 AD

                                                                      Page 137
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Spark, Muriel      150 p.   Language Arts                          9 AD

Prince and the Pauper,     Twain, Mark       294 p.   Language Arts                         9.3 AD
Princess Bride, The        Goldman, William 429 p.    Language Arts                         5.8 YA

Promise, The               Potok, Chaim      368 p.   Language Arts                         4.8 YA

Pygmalion                  Shaw, Bernard     112 p.   Drama                                  9 AD

Raisin in the Sun          Hansberry,        135 p.   Drama                                 5.5 AD
Reading in the Dark        Deane, Seamus     245 p.   Memoir                                 7 AD

Red Badge of Courage,      Crane, Stephen    138 p.   Historical Fiction                     8 YA
Red Pony, The              Steinbeck, John   95 p.    Language Arts                         6.1 YA

Return of the King, The    Tolkien, J.R.R.   440 p.   Language Arts                         6.2 YA

Return of the Native, The Hardy, Thomas      404 p.   Language Arts                        10.2 AD

River Runs through It, A   Maclean, Norman   161 p.   Language Arts                         6.1 YA

Road, The                  McCarthy, Cormac 287 p.    Language Arts                   AD       AD

Robinson Crusoe            Defoe, Daniel     302 p.   Language Arts                        12.3 AD

Rosshalde                  Hesse, Hermann    213 p.   Language Arts                          7 AD

Rules of the Road          Bauer, Joan       201 p.   Language Arts                   YA       YA

Rumble Fish                Hinton, S.E.      135 p.   Language Arts                         4.1 YA

                                                                           Page 138
Samurai's Garden, The       Tsukujama, Gail   211. p   Historical Fiction              YA      YA

Sandcastle, The             Murdoch, Iris     312 p.   Language Arts                         7 AD

Scarlet Letter, The         Hawthorne,        180 p.   Language Arts                        11 AD
Science Fiction Hall of     Various           560 p.   Language Arts                         8 AD
Fame, Vol. 1
Sea of Grass, The           Richter, Conrad   149 p.   Language Arts                         7 YA

Sea-Wolf, The               London, Jack      355 p.   Language Arts                        5.2 5-8

Second Foundation           Asimov, Isaac     279 p.   Language Arts                        6.9 AD

Secret Life of Bees, The    Kidd, Sue Monk    301 p.   Historical Fiction                    8 AD

Secret Sharer, The          Conrad, Joseph    268 p.   Language Arts                         9 AD

Seize the Day               Bellow, Saul      114 p.   Language Arts                        5.6 AD

Selected Short Stories of   Hawthorne,        254 p.   Language Arts                         8 YA
Nathaniel Hawthorne         Nathaniel
Separate Peace, A           Knowles, John     204 p.   Language Arts                        6.9 YA

Shabanu: Daughter of the Staples, Suzanne     240 p.   Language Arts                        5.9 YA
Shipping News, The       Proulz, Annie        337 p.   Language Arts                        4.8 AD

Siddhartha                  Hesse, Hermann    152 p.   Language Arts                        7.1 AD

Silas Marner                Eliot, George     262 p.   Language Arts                        9.7 AD

Silence                     Endo, Shusaku     201 p.   Language Arts                         7 AD

                                                                            Page 139
Silent Spring             Carson, Rachel     378 p.   Science                         11.5 AD

Sister Carrie             Dreiser, Theodore 409 p.    Language Arts                    6.4 AD

Snow Falling on Cedars    Guterson, David    345 p.   Language Arts                     7 AD

Something Wicked this     Bradbury, Ray      293 p.   Language Arts                    4.8 YA
Way Comes
Sorrows of Young          Goethe, Johann     144 p.   Language Arts                     8 AD
Sound and the Fury, The   Faulkner, William 427 p.    Language Arts                     7 YA

Speak                     Anderson, Laurie   197 p.   Language Arts                    4.8 YA

Spoon River Anthology     Masters, Edgar     308 p.   Poetry                            6 YA

Steppenwolf               Hesse, Hermann     218 p.   Language Arts                    10 AD

Stones for Ibarra         Doerr, Harriet     214 p.   Language Arts                    7.1 AD

Stop Pretending: What     Sones, Sonya       148 p.   Language Arts                     5 5-8
Happened When My Big
Stranger is Crazy
Sister WentWatching, A    Clark, Mary        283 p.   Language Arts              AD
Stranger, The             Camus, Albert      123 p.   Language Arts                    6.8 YA

Street Lawyer, The        Grisham, John      452 p.   Language Arts                    5.7 AD

Summer                    Wharton, Edith     255 p.   Language Arts                     7 AD

Sun Also Rises, The       Hemingway, Ernest 251 p.    Language Arts                    4.4 AD

Tao of Pooh, The          Hoff, Benjamin     158 p.   Philosophy                        4 AD

                                                                      Page 140
Tears of a Tiger            Sharon M. Draper            Reading                       YA
Tess of the D'Urbervilles   Hardy, Thomas      407 p.   Fundamentals
                                                        Language Arts              9.5 AD

Their Eyes Were             Hurston, Zora      231 p.   Language Arts              5.6 YA
Watching God                Neale
Thief of Time, A            Hillerman, Tony    334 p.   Language Arts              4.7 YA

Things Fall Apart           Achebe, Chinua     209 p.   Language Arts              6.2 AD

This Boy's Life             Wolff, Tobias               Memoir                     5.6 YA

Thread that Runs So True, Stuart, Jesse        293 p.   Memoir                      6 YA
Three Faces of Eve, The Thigpen, Corbett       308 p.   Mental Health               8 AD

Three Musketeers, The       Dumas, Alexandre 704 p.     Language Arts              11 AD

Time Machine, The           Wells, H.G.        128 p.   Language Arts              7.4 AD

To the Lighthouse           Woolf, Virginia    209 p.   Language Arts              7.2 AD

Touching Spirit Bear        Mikaelsen          241 p.   Language Arts              6.7 5-8

Town Like Alice, A          Shute, Nevil       279 p.   Language Arts              5.8 YA

Tragedy of Dr. Faustus,     Marlowe,           144 p.   Drama                       9 AD
The                         Christopher
Travels with Charley: In    Steinbeck, John    277 p.   Memoir                      7 YA
Search of America
Tuesdays with Morrie        Albom, Mitch       192 p.   Memoir                     5.5 AD

Turn of the Screw, The      James, Henry       146 p.   Language Arts              8.3 YA

                                                                        Page 141
Two Towers, The           Tolkien, J.R.R.      352 p.    Language Arts                    6.3 YA

Uncle Tom's Cabin         Stowe, Harriet       515 p.    Language Arts                    9.3 AD
Vanity Fair               Thackeray,           889 p.    Language Arts                   12.4 AD
Victory: An Island Tale   Conrad, Joseph       385 p.    Language Arts                     9 AD

Virginian, The            Wister, Owen         452 p.    Historical Fiction               6.3 AD

Visions of Wonder: The Various                 798 p.    Language Arts                     9 AD
Science Fiction Research
Walden                   Thoreau, Henry        275 p.    Philosophy                       10 AD
Walk Across America      Jenkins, Peter        290 p.    Memoir                           6.4 YA

Walking Drum, The         L'Amour, Louis       468 p.    Language Arts                    6.3 AD

War and Peace             Tolstoy, Leo         1273 p.   Language Arts                    10 AD

War of the Worlds, The    Wells, H.G.          228 p.    Language Arts                    7.6 5-8

Warriors Don't Cry        Melba Patillo Beals 226 p.     Language Arts                       AD

Waterlily                 Deloria, Ella Cara   244 p.    Historical Fiction                9 AD

Watership Down            Adams, Richard       429 p.    Language Arts                    7.4 YA

Way to Rainy Mountain     Momaday, N. Scott 88 p.        Language arts                    5.9 YA

We Have Always Lived in Jackson, Shirley       214 p.    Language Arts                     7 YA
a Castle
Wedding of Zein         Salih, al-Tayib        120 p.    Language Arts                     7 AD

                                                                              Page 142
When The Legends Die      Borland, Hal       294 p.   Language Arts                    5.2 YA

Where Are the Children?   Clark, Mary        288 p.   Language Arts                    5.3 AD
Where the Lilies Bloom    Cleaver, Vera      174 p.   Language Arts                    5.5 5-8

Who Moved My Cheese? Johnson, Spencer        94 p.    Social Studies                    8 AD

Wide Sargasso Sea         Rhys, Jean         192 p.   AP English                          AD
Wild Duck, The            Ibsen, Henrik      87 p.    Drama                             9 AD

Winter of Our Discontent, Steinbeck, John    276 p.   Language Arts                    4.4 AD
Witness                   Hesse, Karen       161 p.   Historical Fiction               5.1 5-8

Wizard of Oz, The         Baum, L. Frank     219 p.   Language Arts                     7 YA

Wolf Rider                Avi                202 p.   Language Arts                    3.6 YA

Woman of the People, A    Capps, Benjamin    248 p.   Language Arts                     7 YA

Woman Warrior, The        Kingston, Maxine   209 p.   Memoir                           5.7 YA
Wuthering Heights         Bronte, Emily      385 p.   Language Arts                   11.3 AD

Yellow Raft in Blue       Dorris, Michael    372 p.   Language Arts                    5.8 AD
You Can't Take It with    Hart, Moss         87 p.    Drama                             6 AD
You Story
Zoo                       Albee, Edward      42 p.    Drama                             8 AD

                                                                           Page 143

Follows the events of the Second Continental
Congress, from May 8 to July 4, 1776, leading up to
the signing of the Declaration ifMinistry of Truth in
Winston Smith, a worker at the Independence.
the future political entity of Oceania, put his life on
the line when he joins a his companions are in
A French professor and covert brotherhood trapped
aboard a futuristic submarine with a mad sea
captain and come face to face with exotic outer edge
The spacecraft Discovery journeys to the ocean
of the solar system, and two navigators become
uneasy when Hal, lonely author of guidebooks for
Macon Leary, the the craft's talking computer
traveling businessmen, has become very set in his
ways, but early forced into anEnglish countryside, an
Set in the he is 19th century engagement with life
English squire yields to the temptations of an
innocent country girl,boy, his friends and their lives
The story of a young and crime, remorse, and
and adventures on the Mississippi River in the
1800s. an Andalusian shepherd boy, sets out
from his home in Spain to the Egyptian desert in
search of buried treasure, butfalls down a rabbit hole
The story of a little girl who through his
and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing
characters.the ordeal of the survivors of an airplane
crash in 1972 in the Andes wilderness.
The author tells of the three years she endured as a
slave laborer of the Nazis during WW II.
A young English veterinarian starts his career in the
Depicts the experiences of a group of young
German soldiers fighting and suffering during the
last days of WW I.
Willie Stark, a well-intentioned, idealistic, back-
country lawyer is unable to resist greed for power
Beneath the complacent surface of American an
and lust for politics during his rise and fall as life
Albee seeks out the hidden sources of our violence.
Presents a collection of short stories by famous
American writers, such as Hawthorne and Twain.

                                                          Page 144
Christopher Newman, a wealthy American, goes to
Europe to enjoy his wealth and becomes engaged.
Her familythe against of television on American
Examines is effects the engagement and has it
society, arguing that media messages, which are
Clyde Griffiths, an serious, and rational when in
generally coherent, impoverished young man whose
dreams of self-betterment lead him to commit a
horrible murder. with a sordid past, are
Ten strangers, each
summoned by an absent millionaire to a private
island off the coast of Devon and begin to die one
For five days, American scientists struggle to
identify and control a deadly new form of life.
A political satire in which the animals take over
running the farm but find their utopian state turning
into a dictatorship.
Recounts the experiences of Anna Leonowens, at
the Siamese court in the 1860s.
In 19th century Russia, the wife of an important
government official loses her family and social
status when she chooses theman dares to think,
In a future world, only one love of Count Vronsky
strive, and love as an individual in the midst of a
The story collective who struggles to maintain his
paralyzingof a doctor humanity.
integrity as he is forced to give up successive
positions as family's struggle to get their small town,
Describes a an instructor in medicine, a mother
properly buried, while they encounter catastrophes
The former fire, as well as the chaos of their own
of flood andvice-president presents his analysis of
how the politics of fear and secrecy has created a
societya troubled, somewhat desperate, Italian
Frank, and environment dangerously hostile to
American, works long hours in the grocery store of
a struggling Jewish family in a Brooklyn mother, is
Edna Pontellier, a Victorian-era wife and
awakened to the full force of her desire for love and
freedomBabbitt, a successfulenamored with Robert
George when she becomes middle-aged business
living in 1920s Ohio, is shocked when his best
In the is convicted of murder.
friend rural south of the early 20th century, Amelia
and her crooked-back nephew open a café.
Taylor, a poor Kentuckian, makes her way west
with an abandoned baby girl and stops in Tucson.
There she finds friends and discovers resources in

                                                          Page 145
Portrays the conflict of loyalties to church and state
as they influenced the lives of two powerful men in
English history. slave living in post-Civil War
Sethe, an escaped
Ohio, struggles to keep Beloved, an intruder, from
gaining possession of her present while throwing off
A prose retelling of the epic "Beowulf", in which a
Great warrior comes to the aid of the Danish king
Hrothgar when aof innocence victimized bykilling
A powerful tale terrifying monster begins harsh
reality on the high seas.
The autobiography of an African-American writer,
recounting his early years and the harrowing
experiences a white man, recounts his experiences
The author, he encountered drifting from Natchez
when he darkened his skin and traveled through the
South as an African-American man.spiritual journey
6 year old Antonio embarks upon a (Mature
under the watchful guidance of Ultima, a healing
A small that leads him is thrown into faith and
woman, Southern town to question his turmoil when
Richard, a young African-American man who has
returned home to about the utopia of after a career as
A satirical novel his minister father the future, a
world in which babies are decanted from bottles and
the great Ford is worshipped. the concerns
The author discusses some of
addressed in "Brave New World," covering such
issues thebrainwashing, overpopulation, and the use
Amid as color, pageantry, and violence of
thirteenth-century Scotland unfurls the resplendent
Biography of football star Brian Piccolo, who by
tale of the legendary William Wallace, farmer died
at the age of twenty-six after a seven-month battle
with a rare from of Brian Piccolo, who
Screenplay about football
died at twenty-six after a seven-month battle against
cancer.retelling of "Sleeping Beauty," a young
In this
woman learns that her grandmother had a secret
past tied to the Holocaust. with refugees, the
Recounts through interviews
1956 Hungarian revolt against Russia.
A tiny footbridge in Peru breaks, and five people
hurl to their deaths. For Brother Juniper, a humble
monksons of Fyodor Karamazov, a man of immoral
Four who witnesses the catastrophe, the question
character, must contend with a criminal
investigation and with their own inner questions

                                                         Page 146
The activities at High Pines Summer Camp for boys
are generally hiking, swimming, canoeing, and arts
and crafts.of a simple optimistic man whose travels
The story But this summer, a revolution led by
take him from one disaster to another. (Mature)
A company of 31 pilgrims tell their stories on the
way to the shrine of St. Thomas at Canterbury.
An adolescent boy, knowing he is about to be
dropped by his school, spends three days and nights
in New York City. (Jr. policeman must work with a
An Earth plain clothes honors, mature)
robot from another world to solve the murder of a
Spacer on earth. young Native American, after his
Follows Tayo, a
release from a veteran's hospital following WW II
as he searches for meaning and sanity in his life.the
Classic of world drama concerns the passing of
old semifeudal order in turn-of-the-century Russia,
Recounts the the sale of the of a band of Northern
symbolized in1,500 mile trek cherry orchard owned
Cheyenne from a Oklahoma reservation in 1878 to
their homeOverlords first came to Earth, they
When the on the Yellowstone.
brought peace and prosperity with them, but it soon
Having apparent that their years earlier to
became fled Cambodia fourpurpose was the escape
the Khmer Rouge army, 17-year-old Sundara is torn
betweenMalter and faithful Saunders, one an and
Reuven remaining Danny to her own people
orthodox Jew, the other the son of a Hasidic rabbi,
grow up in Brooklyn and become friends.grows up
Dorothy Hare, the clergyman's daughter,
with a tyrannical father, but when she blacks out
one day and ends up with amnesia, wandering the
Grandpa Blakeslee marries a young milliner just
three weeks after Granny Blakeslee has gone to her
Unfinished novel Shirley Jackson this act but
reward. Young Will is boggled bywas working on
at the time of her death in 1965. Published by her
Three adventurers trek into the Congo in search of
the diamonds of the Lost City of Zinj.
The story of four expatriate Americans who buy
land on a hillside adjacent to a small Mexican
village. Each offormerinteracts with the landscape
Raskolnikov, a them Russian student, murders an
old pawnbroker and her sister for money, and then
must struggle to live with the guilt that comes as a

                                                        Page 147
A minister who left his small church in
Pennsylvania to go to New York City relates his
experiences working with witchcraft trial in Salem,
Set during a 17th century street gang members.
Massachusetts, the play is based on historical
Jennie's only hope for Arthur Miller's unraveling
people and real events.happiness lies in play uses the
the truth about the past, a truth hidden in the great
house that has become her prison. to
Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo travels
Johannesburg on an errand for a friend and to visit
Merlin, Absalom, a Welsh princess, survives a
his son, the son of only to learn Absalom has been
perilous childhood on his way to fulfill his destiny
as mentor,American Indian affairs and Arthur.
Discusses advisor, and friend to King destroys
stereotypes and myths. Each generation will have to
Presents reread Vine Deloria s Manifesto to
read and the classic play about an unattractive
swordsman who falls in love with a beautiful
woman, but courts 1929, a a handsome boyslow-
In a small town in her for 12-year-old but savors
the magic of childhood and the wonders of summer.
Orphan David Copperfield grows up in 19th century
An 18-year-old terrorist spends a night waiting to
kill an English officer in Palestine as a reprisal for
Britain's execution of a Jewish prisoner. father
To a 13-year-old Vermont farm boy whose
slaughters pigs for a living, maturity comes early as
Biography of the author's son be done," especially
he learns "doing what's got to who died at seventeen
after a fourteen month illness caused by a brain
The literal and spiritual journey of two French
priests who come to the American Southwest as
The story of in the mid-1800s.
missionaries a family for the first few days after the
accidental death of the 35-year-old husband and
father.Loman, a 63-year-old traveling salesman, is
force to face the reality he has avoided all his life.
Gracie Lefthand tries to make sense of the brutal
murder of her sister, Bernadette, while Bernadette's
Anglo employer, Starr Stubbs, uncovers a tale of to
Young, docile Emil Sinclair heads down the road
destruction when he rebels against convention, gets
involved in the world of petty crime, and discovers

                                                         Page 148
Author's account of his three seasons as a park
ranger in Southeastern Utah.
Many things change in a teenage boy's life when he
meets the overweight girl who answers his
advertisement for thereturn to their home to watch
Pearl Tull's children cat he must give away.
their mother die, and while they are there, they are
forced to deal with the issuesyounghave with their
In Russia, Yuri Zhivago is a they doctor and poet
trying to care for his wife and family when he meets
Lara, the love of Henrik Ibsen's revolution breaks
Norwegian-born his life. When classic play
examines complex human interactions and the
relationship between the sexes. The struggle graves
A dreary castle, blood-thirsty vampires, open
at midnight, and other gothic touches fill this
chilling tale about a young Englishman's
The story of a young prince, Paul Artreides, scion
of a star-crossed dynasty, and of his journey from
In 2194 in Zimbabwe, of a dying planet three
boy to warrior to ruler General Matsika'sdestined to
children are kidnapped and put to work in a plastic
mine, while three mutant detectives use theiron her
An embittered mother vents her frustrations special
two daughters.
A horribly deformed young man in 19th century
England becomes a favorite among the aristocracy
and literati.
A tale of Ellen Foster, a brave and engaging
heroine. Wise, funny, affectionate, and true, Ellen
Foster is as much a part of the backwoods South as
Emma Woodhouse, young, well-to-do and bored
learns a thing or two about true class, and love, after
anplay about a Pullman porter, who becomes an
A eventful turn as a matchmaker.
oppressive dictator on an island. The Emperor
Jones is an expressionistic playhardship spent in
The author recounts 5 years of much-admired for
Siberia, after she and her family were arrested in
Poland by the Russians as politicalvictim describes
The mother of a teenage leukemia enemies during
the courageous way her son spent the years before
his death.
Ethan Frome, a poor farmer in 19th-century
Starkfield, Massachusetts, sets off a devastating
chain of events when he falls in love with the
The script of the 15th-century morality play in
which Everyman is called, woefully unprepared, to
face God on Judgment Day.

                                                          Page 149
Three survivors of an automobile crash in which the
driver was killed are threatened by an executioner
who founding they too, should die. Israel is vividly
The believes of the new nation of
portrayed in this novel about an American nurse
A book burner in a freedom fighter.
and a young Israeli future fascist state finds out
books are a vital part of a culture he never knew. He
clandestinely pursues reading, until he is Parisian
A man recalls his past life as a respected betrayed.
lawyer until his predicted downfall, in one terrible
Seventeen-year-old Richie Perry, just out of his
Harlem high school, enlists in the Army in the
summer of 1967miniaturizedaand sent on ayear on
Five people are and spends devastating rescue
mission through a man's body where they have sixty
minutes Oak, in love with the beautiful clot in his
Gabriel to reach and break up a blood heiress
Bathsheba Everdene, waits patiently while she
works her way through the hearts of local men.
An American ambulance driver serving on the
Austro-Italian front in WW I becomes entangled
with author recounts her experiences join her after
The an English nurse and deserts to of living at the
Manzanar internment camp during WW II and how
it influenced her life. a band of warriors from the
Frodo the hobbit and
different kingdoms set out to destroy the Ring of
Power before the evil Sauron grasps control.
50 science fiction short stories.

Conversing in a mausoleum with the dead, an
eccentric recluse is given a final chance at
happiness. a Jewish handyman, is accused of the
Yakov Bok,
murder of a young Russian boy and refuses to
confess Sartoris returns from service in WW Iof the
Bayard to a crime he did not commit in spite to his
home in Mississippi where he sets about pursuing a
death wish he has developedan American fighting
The story of Robert Jordan, as a result of the guilt
during the Spanish Civil War with the anti-fascist
guerillas in the mountains of Spain
As the Galactic Empire declines, psychohistorian
Hari Seldon and his band of psychobiologists form
the Foundation, designed to be and nucleus of an
The Galactic Empire declines, the a period of
disruption ensues, followed by the emergence of the
Foundation, creation of psychohistorian Hari

                                                        Page 150
Victor Frankenstein has discovered the secret of
generating life from lifeless matter, and has created
a monster being by using everything, has a
Franny, dissatisfied with this terrible power.
disastrous date with her boyfriend, Lane. When she
returns home, her older brother helps her solve her
High school senior Angie Dupree stirs up animosity
and danger in the small west Texas community
where her family has recentlystruggles with she sets
A Norwegian pioneer family moved when the land
and the elements of the Dakota Territory in their
efforts to make a new life in America. Vermeer's
Imagines a young woman Johannes
mysterious painting as a 16-year-old Dutch girl
names Griet who sparks the interestup in a artist
The author recalls her life growing of the
dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father and a
distant mother and describes how she and match her
Amanda, a faded southern belle, hopes to her
daughter, Laura, with a gentleman caller while her
son Tom supports the family.several members of a
Describes a day in the life of
Harlem fundamentalist church. The saga of three
generations is soldier in Vietnam decides to leave
An American told.
the war and simply walks out of the jungle, with the
After of Civil to Pairs.
intent the going War sweeps away the genteel life to
which she has been accustomed, Scarlett O'Hara
setsOklahoma farm family is drivenhome.their
An about to salvage her plantation from
home and forced to travel to California during the
Great the tragic love story of Gatsby and Daisy
Tells Depression of the 1930s.
Buchanan, a dashing, enigmatic millionaire
obsessed the monster, tells his side of thewoman.
Grendel, with an elusive, spoiled young Beowulf
story, and compares his values with the chief values
of human beings. Englishman carry him to a land
The voyages of an
of people six inches high, a land of giants, an island
of Danish prince sets out to avenge his father's of
A sorcerers, and a land where horses are masters
murder after being visited by his ghost. Hamlet is
without a doubt Shakespeare's finest work. Aside
Mr. Thomas Gradgrind, school headmaster in
Cokestown, an English village beset by
industrialism,look for haunting evidence at the a
Four seekers runs his family and his school with
abandoned old mansion called Hill House. Their
stay begins as a spooky encounter, but the house is

                                                         Page 151
Chronicles the experiences of two African-
American women growing up in North Carolina at
the turn-of-the-century. his only friend to a
A deaf-mute who has lost
hospital for the insane becomes the recipient of the
Marlow comes face to other town residents.
confidences of several face with the corruption and
despair that lies at the heart of human existence
when he undertakes has married beneath of a
Hedda Gabler, who a journey on behalf herself,
becomes trapped in a prison of her own making,
Henderson, a to advance American millionaire,
when she triesmiddle-agedher husband's career by
travels to Africa in search of a more rewarding life,
and finds himself regarded as the messiah when he
The story of six people who lived through the
explosion of the atomic bomb in 1945 Hiroshima.
A story of middle earth and dwarf-like creature who
embark on a quest to reclaim a stolen treasure.
Merlin keeps watch over his young Arthur, until he
fulfills his destiny by pulling a fabled sword from a
stone to claim lonely harsh man, yet (Supplemental)
The story of a the throne of Britain. beneath the
harshness and the necessary violence, he was a kind
Follows the who had family who lived for
and just manPyncheon come to terms with the land
generations under a deadman's curse until his death
restored theirliving in a Hispanic neighborhood in
A young girl house.
Chicago ponders the advantages and disadvantages
A her environment and mining district of South
of boy's childhood in thedevaluates her relationships
Examines environmental and social problems, and
provides suggestions on how to overcome them,
discussing pollution, environmental deterioration,
In 15th century Paris, a disfigured man named
Quasimodo, who was abandoned as an infant in the
cathedral of with an Indian tribe in lives in its bell
Sent to live Notre-Dame and now British
Columbia, a young minister learns not to fear his
impending death. of the childhood and coming of
Autobiography tells
age of this actress, poet, and journalist. (Mature
students) the three-year battle of a mentally ill, but
perceptive, teenage girl against a world of her own
creation, emphasizing her relationship with a doctor

                                                         Page 152
A loving and capable Norwegian woman, guides
her son and three daughters through childhood in
early 20th Calvin, the first great practitioner of the
Dr. Susan century San Francisco.
new science of robopsychology in 2008, looks back
Story career with War, and the on the occasion of
on herof the TrojanU.S. Robotics wrath of Achilles.
This universally acclaimed modern verse is the
world's greatestcreates a fictitious brother Earnest
Jack Worthing war story. Rage-Goddess, sing the
who lives in London to escape his dull country
Jim Nolan, finds member of the Communist Party,
routine, buta new the lie backfiring when he falls in
struggles to keep a cool head when he leads nine
hundred migratory workers in a strike the school for
A loving, newly married couple leave against
the handicapped and find the hearing world an
immense barrier. Four generations describe the
A shy, lonely 6-year-old wanders into the Canadian
prairie and spends a summer under the protection of
a badger. 1991 Christopher Johnson gave away his
In April of
savings to charity and hitchiked into the wilderness
to begin a new life. Four months later, his body was
Heroism and sacrifice triumph over foolishness,
fatal error, and human frailty in this bone-chilling
narrativeain which the author boy, repays a debt he
Charles, 16-year-old white recounts his
owes to an elderly black man, Lucas. After Lucas is
accused ofAndy are unlikely best friends--one a
Doug and murdering a white man, Charles proves
loner obsessed by his model trains, the other a
popular student involved in football and theater--
The tale of a scientist who discovers how to make
his body become invisible, but, when he can't make
himself visible again, becomes violently insane.
Records the philosophical conversations that take
place between a man and gorilla named Ishmael
A car accident causes an advertisement for a pupil
after the man answers 15-year-old Izzy to lose one
leg and face the need to start building a new life as
an amputee.
Uses the biblical figure of Job as an illustration of
the suffering and injustice in the 20th century.
High-spirited Mary Yellan was too young to suspect
the truth about her new home on the moor. Yet she
beganato wonder why no one came in 19th century
Jane, plain and penniless orphan to Jamaica Inn
England, accepts employment as a governess at
Thornfield Hall and soon finds herself in love with

                                                         Page 153
A long narrative poem covering the Civil War, and
individual figures of both North and South, soldiers
and civilians.of childhood schizophrenia, and a
A case study
story of a relationship that bloomed between two
exceptional children at a residential treatment
The story of a young couple from Brooklyn who
marry young, have little money, and face bitter
parental four Chinese women began meeting in San
In 1949 opposition, but are determined to make
Francisco to play mah jong. They called their
gathering the Joy Luck Club. Forty years later they
Chronicles the experiences of Vyry, the child of a
white plantation owner and his slave mistress,
discussing her life as a slave during the Civil War,
Betrayal in ancient Rome leads to the death of
Julius Caesar
Describes the conditions of the Chicago stockyards
through the eyes of a young immigrant struggling in
America. account of four days in July, 1863 at the
A fictional
Battle of Gettysburg discussing tactics, plans and
preparations three daughtersboth thedeal with their
The story of for battle from as they Northern and
aging father. Tragedy in five acts by William
Shakespeare, performed in 1605-06 and published
Amir, haunted by his betrayal of Hassan, the son of
his father's servant and a childhood friend, returns
to Kabul as of aadult after he learns Hassan has been
The record an 4,300 nautical mile journey across
the Pacific Ocean by raft.
Recalls the early history of the fictional Lake
Wobegon and many of its memorable characters.
With the assistance of Schmendrick the Magician,
an immortal, beautiful unicorn searches for her lost
fellows. silversmith, Laughing Boy, falls in love
A young
with Slim Girl, a beautiful educated Navajo girl,
however their relationship is in a small town in
An African-American youth threatened by the
Kansas finds himself the only witness to a murder.
Jean Valjean, a peasant who is released from prison,
where he spent 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread
for his starving family, is threatened by people and
A young African-American man sentenced to death
for a murder he did not commit, and a teacher who
tries to impart to him his learning and pride before

                                                        Page 154
Pi Patel, having spent an idyllic childhood in
Pondicherry, India, as the son of a zookeeper, sets
off with his family at the stealof 16 to from anew in
Oscar and Ben Hubbard age money start their
ailing brother-in-law to fund a cotton mill.
An aviator whose plane is forced down in the
Sahara Desert encounters a little prince from a
small planetstruggles of the Tyrone familyseeking
Depicts the who relates his adventures in as they
face drug addiction, alcohol abuse, tuberculosis,
and lost dreams.
Describes the coming of age of Eugene Gant, his
boyhood in North Carolina and his growing passion
to man who has been branded a coward earns the
A experience life.
respect of the Malay people.
Shipwrecked children turn to primitive savagery in
a portrayal of the collapse of social order into
chaos. kills the king in an attempt to seize the
crown of Scotland. The Tragedy of Macbeth
(commonly called Macbeth) is of play by William
Emma Bovary, the bored wife a a provincial
doctor, has her desires and illusions shattered when
reality catches up with her. and the poor to bring
Characters represent the rich
out the theme of societal salvation and salvation of
the human's life growing up as an
 Memoir of the
overachiever in an underpriviledged family,
chroniclingon the historical relationship forged with
Play based the blessed relationship she between
Henry VIII and Thomas More whom he appointed
Bishop of of Martiniano, a Pueblo Indian story of
The story Canterbury. The story takes place in 16th
sin and redemption and of the conflict between
Indian and white laws.
Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl examines his experiences
during the Holocaust and those of his patients to
discuss having dedicated hersuffering, introducing
Bessie, ways of coping with life to caring for her
elderly father and aunt, is forced to call upon her
estranged sister and Dr. Jekyll, finds herself she is
Mary, employed by nephews for help when the
keeper of her Master's house, the guardian of his
sanity, and the only an unemployed farmhand, gets
Michael Henchard, one in possession of the dark
drunk and sells his wife and baby daughter. Years
later, when he is the Mayor of Casterbridge, his

                                                        Page 155
The 100 year story of a meadow in the mountains of
the Colorado/Wyoming border and the people who
are possessed byhis public and private life as he
Poitier recounts this terrain.
broke racial barriers to launch a pioneering acting
career playing characters who said something
Frankie Addams, a motherless 12-year-old raised by
her father and the family's African-American cook,
struggles with conflicting feelings aboutpayment of
A creditor demands a pound of flesh in her
a defaulted debt and a lover chooses among three
A young man wakes up to morning to of
caskets in a riddle gameonewin the handfindahimself
transformed into a giant beetle-like insect. He
becomes an lovers getdisgrace to woods andand an
Two sets of object of lost in the his family become
caught up in a dispute between a fairy king and
A handful of with a group of in the Warsaw
queen, along men and womenlocal artisans ghetto,
knowing they will almost certainly die, gather their
meager resourcesjoins the a revolt against the Nazis
A young seaman to stage crew of the whaling ship
Peqod, led by the fanatical Captain Ahab, a sailor
Mai Nguyen, a young pursuing the white whale
whose obsession with Vietnamese girl, immigrates
to America after the end of the Vietnam War and
moves on trial as an accomplice to a murder, 16-
While into a Vietnamese community in Virginia
year-old Steve Harmon records his experiences in
prison and in the courtroom in the form of a filmof
David's life is profoundly affected by the events
the summer of 1948 when his father, the town
sheriff, is forced to choose between loyalty to his
Mira makes some surprising discoveries about
herself on a Utah compain trip.
In 2075, exiles living on Earth's penal colony on the
moon use a master computer to start a revolution.
Disgusted with modern American culture, Allie Fox
takes his family to live in the jungles of Central
America. and an emotionally trouble white boy
A black boy
in North Carolina from a precarious friendship.
A pregnant 16-year-old bride and her 17-year-old
groom have serious problems adjusting to their new
life. (Mature students only) state in 12th century
A conflict between church and
England culminates in the murder of Thomas
Becket in Canterbury Cathedral.

                                                        Page 156
An American woman's spiritual quest through the
Outback of Australia when a group of Aborigines
challenge herlawyer remembersabout their culture
A successful to learn firsthand his boyhood in
Nebraska and his friendship with an immigrant
Bohemian girl. into a devout Jewish family and
Asher Lev, born
community, struggles to reconcile his burning need
to traditionalwith the restrictionsearly expectations
A create art peasant woman in and 20th century
India struggles with poverty and the changes
arriving in her agrarian village, particularly the
African-American comedian and political activist
Dick Gregory tells his life story up to 1963,
describing his poor childhood in St. Louis, spent in
Focuses on the time Henry David Thoreau
jail for refusing to pay taxes due to his disapproval
of the Mexican of stories deals mainly with civil
This collection War, and explores themes of
sensitive and troubled adolescents and children.
Naomi Nakane, a child of Japanese immigrant
parents, is interned by the Canadians at the
beginning of WW IIintrospectivefive yearsmine
Homer Hickam, the when she is son of a old.
superintendent and a mother determined to get him
Odysseus makes West Virginia forever, journey
out of Coalwood,his long and treacherousnurtures a
home from the Trojan War while his wife and son
are force thescheme to protect Colonus and
Oedipus to King, Oedipus at his throne.            The
Antigone. (Greek mythology.) Oedipus the King
Philip Carey, a Οἰδίπους Τύραννος, is brought
(ancient Greek: handicapped orphan, Oidipous up
by a self-indulgent Victorian clergyman, sheds his
religious faiththe hope of someday owning tofarm of
Sustained by as a young man, and begins a study
their own, two migrant laborers arrive to work on a
ranch in central California. sea and sharks to bring
An old fisherman battles the
home the giant marlin he caught.
Survivors of an atomic war face an inevitable end as
radiation poisoning moves toward Australia from
the north. epic of King Arthur and Camelot,
The fantasy
telling the story of how Wart, the adopted son of Sir
Ector, becomes the King ofdeath of the mythicalsent
The rise and fall, birth and England when he is
town of Macondo as told through the history of the
Buendia family. (A.P. only)

                                                         Page 157
Iago, jealous of Othello's successes in the army of
Venice, plants seeds of doubt about the faithfulness
of his wife, Desdemona. Corner, New Hampshire, in
Portrays life in Grover's
the early 1900s through the routine daily events and
A posse captures and the lives of George Gibbs,
the major moments inhangs three men believed to
be guilty of cattle rustling and murder, only to learn
later thatevents follow the discovery of a
Terrible the men were innocent.
magnificent pearl by a poor Mexican fisherman.
Through parental love Goriot is willingly reduced
to poverty so that he may satisfy the demands of his
well-married butOpera House daughters.
Under the Paris debt-ridden lives a disfigured
musical genius who uses music to win the love of a
beautiful opera struggles as they
An African-American
consider selling a prized possession, an ornate
Retired business order to buy Pickwick land upon
upright piano, in man, Samuelthe tract ofand the
other members of the Pickwick club embark on a
series of comic adventures in England. Gray, meets
A remarkably handsome youth, Dorian
Lord Henry Wotton and is corrupted into a life of
terrible evil.the memory of a dead friend, two
Haunted by
teenagers join an old man in a series of
misadventures. Algeria is struck by bubonic
A coastal city in
plague and is shut off from the world for months.
Christy Mahon becomes a hero after announcing at
a local pub in County Mayo that he has killed his
father, but hisand his dimmed whento the Belgian
Nathan Price star is family move his father shows
Congo in 1959, and the experiences they have while
living in Africa affect each member of the family in
Young American Isabel Archer charms European
society, but falls prey to the machinations of a
calculating older woman and finds herselfin order to
A young man severs all conventional ties in an
test his singular vision against the reality of an
indifferent world.
In anticlerical Mexico after the revolution of 1919,
the last priest left, the worldly "whiskey priest"
seeks to reconcilewoman innature 19th centurysinner
A spirited young his dual early as saint and
England must cope with the courtship of a snobbish
gentlemen, as well as the romantic entanglements of

                                                         Page 158
A teacher at a girls' school in Edinburgh, Scotland,
Miss Jean Brodie was a woman of ideas, wit, and
charm who had a lover. Oneof England, and she
They boy King, Edward VI of the students a poor
boy accidentally change places.
Westley, a farm boy, goes off to seek his fortune
shortly after declaring his love for Buttercup, but
their relationshipand Reuven Malter, now separated
Danny Saunders is put to the test when his ship is
by occupation and personal involvements, are
brought together by Michael Gordon,Doolittle, a
Henry Higgins attempts to turn Eliza an adolescent
poor, young beggar, into a lady of society by
teaching her proper language skills and better in
A middle class African American family living
Chicago in the 1950s surmounts obstacles to remain
whole and free.
Follows the narrator's childhood in Northern Ireland
during the 1950s as he learns about the pain and
ambiguity that come withCivil War, a he becomes
During his service in the maturity as young Union
soldier matures to manhood and finds peace of
mind as old comes to grips with his conflicting
10 year he Jody learns about life and death through
her ownership of a beautiful red pony
Frodo and Sam struggle to end the great darkness
with the Ring of Power.
Clym Yeobright, tired of Parisien city life, returns
to Egdon Heath to open a school. There he marries
a pleasure-loving girl and tragedy follows.
Set in Montana, this is about the relationship,
between a father and his two sons, bound together
by lovethe journey of a father and his son as they
Traces and fly fishing. (Supplementary reading)
walk alone after a great fire has consumed the
nation and left everything in ashes. of a shipwreck
An Englishman is the sole survivor
and lives for nearly thirty years on a desert island.
Johann Veraguth, successful artist, is estranged
from his wife but is bound to the estate Rosshalde
because of his son, but after a job driving the elderly
Sixteen-year-old Jenna gets an unexpected tragedy,
owner of a chain of successful shoe stores from
Chicago to Texas to confront the son olderis trying
A junior high school boy idolizes his who brother,
the coolest, toughest guy in the neighborhood, and
wants to be just like him.

                                                          Page 159
On the eve of World War II a young Chinese man is
sent to his family's summer home in Japan to
recover from tuberculosis. His ownBill Mor,
Politically ambitious schoolmaster adventure
unhappy but resigned to his life and marriage to
Hester shaken condemned by Puritan when wear
Nan, is Prynne, out of his complacency law to he
the scarlet letter "A" for adulteress, endures her
ostracism withof science fiction stories is tormented
An anthology dignity, while her lover that have
been chosen as the best of the genre.
Lutie Brewton, a cultivated lady from the city,
leaves her husband, children, and life on a huge
cattle ranch to return to the city.finds himself sailing
When Humphrey Van Weyden Twenty years later
to Japan aboard the Ghost, he has to face weeks of
brutality at the hands of Captain Wolf Larsen, until
An intricate plot is devised by the Second
Foundation to overthrow the mule. Third novel in
the trilogy.
Fourteen-year-old Lily and her companion,
Rosaleen, an African-American woman who has
A young Lily since her mother's death ten years
cared for captain is confronted with a dangerous
A day in the life of Tommy Wilhelm, a man on the
brink of despair.
Fifteen short stories by this 19th century American
Gene Forrester looks back fifteen years to a WW II
year in which he and his best friend Phineas were
roommates in a New Hampshire boarding school.
11-year old Shabanu, the daughter of a nomad in
the Cholistan Desert of present-day Pakistan, is
Quoyle in his two to an older disturbed daughters
return to the family ancestral home in
Newfoundland to start new lives. (Gradesoul's
A moral allegory, set in India, about one 12,
quest for the ultilmate answer to the enigma of
Embittered by a world. The hero, Siddhartha,
man's role in thisfalse accusation and disappointed
in friendship and love, the weaver Silas Marner
retreats century Portuguese preistloom and his gold.
A 17th into a life alone with his faces persecution
in Japan. (A.P. supplementary only)

                                                           Page 160
Identifies the dangers of indiscriminate pesticide
The story of a young woman from Wisconsin who
goes to Chicago, becomes an actress, marries and
goes to New York, and when her husband loses a
When a newspaper journalist covers the trial of his
Japanese American accused of murder, he must
comeboys, bestwith his own small midwestern town,
Two to terms friends in a past.(Supplemental,
finally come to understand that of all the terrors
threatening them from Cooger and Dark's
A young artist falls for a young married woman and
takes drastic measures to relieve the misery of his
unrequited love. a genteel Southern family are
The members of
portrayed as petty failures, drunkards, suicides,
pathologicalthe end ofand idiots. has a devastating
A rape near perverts, the summer
effect on Melinda's freshman year in high school.
(Strong teacher guidance recommended)
A series of dramatic monologues, in which
inhabitants of the cemetery on the hill overloooking
SpoonHaller,reveal the reclusive intellectual, finally
Harry River a joyless shocking scandals and tragic
learns to reconcile the warring parts of his
personality after meeting Hermine, a woman who
Richard and Sara Everton learn many lessons about
life and fate when they leave America to go to live
in younger sister has aIbarra, Mexico, where to life
A the small village if difficult time adjusting
after her older sister has a mental breakdown.
Written in poetry.
The family of a murder victim, a journalist opposed
to capital punishment, and the man convicted of the
killing find their livesforces he does not understand,
Caught in the grip of bound together as the
a quiet, ordinary clerk in Algiers commits a murder.
Young lawyer, Michael Brock's investigation into
the motives of a homeless gunman who was killed
by police after taking Brock and eight of his origins,
Charity Royall, a New Englander of humble fellow
begins a torrid love affair with aristocratic Lucius
Harney against all societal norms.Americans who
Focuses on a "lost generation" of
fought in France during WW I and who expatriated
themselves from America Taoism through Winnie-
Explains the principles of after the war.
the-Pooh and explains Winnie-the-Pooh through the
secret wisdom of the Taoists. Recommended for

                                                         Page 161
Andy Jackson was driving the car that crashed one
night after girl is forced to Robert Washington, his
A country a game, killing sin against her will.

An African-American woman searches for a
fulfilling relationship through two loveless
A noted anthropologist arrives the Anasazi Tea
marriages and finally finds it inat anperson of Indian
ruin to dig for clay pots and is terrified by what
looms an Ibo the darkness. Weeks later she is
Set in out of village in Nigeria, this novel shows
pre-Christian tribal life and shows how the coming
Recounts the author to the breaking up of the old
of the white man led growing up in the 1950s, with a
mother constantly on the move, a cruel stepfather
and his ultimate re-creation of himself.
Describes Stuart's experiences as a school teacher
for twenty years until he became a sheep farmer.
Presents the clinical observations of Eve, a woman
diagnosed with multiple personality disorder who
appears in three distinct guises. his noble
The heroic young d'Artagnan and
compatriots Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are pitted
A scientist master a intrigue, Cardinal Richelieu,
against the invents oftime machine and uses it to
travel into the future, where he discovers the
childlike Eloi and gathered at aunderground
Describes a party the hideous house on the
Scottish coast, in later years only caretakers have
After his anger erupts into violence, 15 year house
the house, and in the last part of the story theold
Cole, in order to avoid going to prison, agrees to be
sent to a remote Alaskan island.
Jean starts out on a journey, following the memory
of a lost love in Malaya who she met during WW II
when she survived a Japanese death march. bargain
The ambitious scholar Dr. Faustus makes a
with the devil.
Observations about life and descriptions of nature
by Steinbeck as he travels with his poodle, Charley.
The author tells of his meetings with a former
professor who suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease
and of the lessonshaunted by the evil spirits of two
Two children are he learns about life and death.
former servants.

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Recounts the deeds of the members of the
Fellowship of the Ring and follows Frodo and Sam
on their continuing quest to destroy thehis human
Uncle Tom, an elderly slave maintains Ring of
dignity in the face of cruelty, suffering, and death.
A satirical look at Victorian manners recounting the
experiences of two finishing school graduates,
Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley Heyst rescues a
A mysterious drifter names Axel
"bad girl" from a seedy tropical hotel and takes her
home to Samburan, his cattleisland in the East
The foreman of a large own ranch on the
Wyoming frontier lives by the honor code of the
West even though it means helping lynch a friend or
A collection of science fiction stories and critical
essays about the genre.
Thoreau's 1854 text in which he offers his
philosophy of life and observations of nature
gleaned over the course of two years of solitary two
The author describes his experiences during the
years he spent walking across the United States,
from Alfred, New York, to the Gulf ofembarks on a
Kerbouchard, daring son of a corsair, Mexico.
dangerous journey to find and rescue his father.
An epic novel about the lives of five aristocratic
families in Moscow and St. Petersburg against the
backdrop of the becomes impossible, 1805 to 1814.
As life on Mars Napoleonic Wars of Martians and
their terrifying machines invade the earth.
An innocent teenager. An unexpected hero. In 1957,
Melba Pattillo turned sixteen. That was also the
year she everyday life and experiences of a Dakota
Story of became a warrior on the front lines of a
Indian woman, Waterlily, before the advent of
white settlers on the western plains. of rabbits
Chronicles the adventures of a group
searching for a safe place to establish a new warren
where they canmyths the learned from his
Retells Kiowa live in peace.
grandmother and describes the Indian life he knew
as a child.
Merricat Blackwood protects her sister, Constance,
from the curiosity and hostility of the villagers after
murders occur on the family estate. village in
Zein, an eccentric Muslim, in a small
Sudan, falls in love and marries a beautiful woman,
in this fable-like story

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An orphaned Ute Indian boy wins stardom on the
rodeo circuit but, disillusioned by his success,
returns Harmon, freed his ancestors. witness in her
Nancy to the ways of when the main
trial for the murder of her children flees the country,
In the Great Smoky and moves to the a 14-year
changes her identity Mountains region,east coast, old
girl struggles to keep her family together after their
father dies.parable in which two mice, Sniff and
Presents a
Scurry, and two tiny mouse-sized people, Hem and
The story of a Creole to deal successfully with
Haw, try to find a wayheiress who grew up in the
West Indies on a decaying plantation. When she
comes of age she is married off to an impact on an
A play that illustrates the destructive Englishman,
average family of a neurotic fanatic who fails to
In a moment of moral crisis, of his behavior.
understand the consequencesEthan Hawley, a clerk
in a New England grocery store, departs from his
high standards to provide forcharacters, a story
Told in the voices of eleven the material comforts
about two young girls, one Jewish and the other
Whisked from Kansas to the magical land of of
African-American, who come to the attentionOz,the
Dorothy a scarecrow, a Tin Woodsman and a
Cowardly Lion,an apparent crank call find theman
After receiving and they all set off to from a
claiming to have committed murder, 15-year old
Captured by the Comanches at the age of father
Andy finds his close relationship with his nine,
Helen dreams of escape for more than fourteen
years, yet, when thedaughter of Chinese immigrants
An American-born time comes to choose freedom
lives within the traditions and fears of the Chinese
Wuthering as the is the only novel of Emily
past as wellHeightsrealities of the alien modern
Bronte, who died a year after its publication, at the
age of thirty. A generations of Indian women, beset
A saga of three brooding Yorkshire tale of a love
by hardship and torn by angry secrets, yet joined by
the indissoluble bonds of kinship.from a happy, but
Alice Sycamore, a young woman
very eccentric family has second thoughts about her
A young vagrant is starved for company.

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