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                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
TITLE                                                        ARTIST                                      DISC
3 AM                                                         Matchbox 20                                 BP98-02
3 AM                                                         Matchbox 20                                 RC-06-07
7                                                            Prince                                      S-006-18
45                                                           Shinedown                                   ZPC-543-14
360                                                          Hoge, Josh                                  ZPC-2627-03
409                                                          Beach Boys                                  S-070-02
808                                                          Blaque                                      BB99-05
911                                                          Jean, Wyclef w/ Blige, Mary J.              HHD-82-14
1979                                                         Smashing Pumpkins                           MB-18-05
1984                                                         Van Halen                                   S-050-01
1985                                                         Bowling For Soup                            ZPC-575-04
1999                                                         Prince                                      S-006-09
3-6-9                                                        Kent, Willie                                BB98-08
"The Third Man" Theme                                        Lombardo, Guy & His Royal Canadians         F50-05-15
(Can't Get My) Head Around You [Album Version]               Offspring                                   ZPC-555-12
(Don't Fear) The Reaper                                      Blue Oyster Cult                            S-083-11
(Everybody’s Gotta) Song To Sing                             Group 1 Crew                                ZPC-2636-19
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You                            Adams, Bryan                                MB-02-17
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You                            Annette                                     ZPC-637-01
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You [DJ Italiano Radio Edit]   DJ Italiano                                 ZPC-579-15
(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song homas, B. J.                              CC-04-08
(How Little It Matters) How Little We Know                   Sinatra, Frank                              S-033-13
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction                                Rolling Stones                              MB-08-16
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction                                Rolling Stones, The                         S-079A-03
(I Just Want It) To Be Over [Main Version]                   Cole, Keyshia                               ZPC-614-09
(I Know) I'm Losing You                                      Stewart, Rod                                S-015-04
(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden                         Anderson, Lynn                              MC-08-03
(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden                         McBride, Martina                            ZPC-630-11
(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight                               Cetera, Peter                               MB-14-15
(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right            Mandrell, Barbara                           CC-09-08
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life                               Medley, Bill                                MB-11-01
(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet                                   Reflections, The                            S-111-05
(La La) Colette (Samba)                                      Murray, Arthur                              BRD-01-09
(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave                                   Martha & The Vandellos                      S-154-03
(Love Is) The Tender Trap                                    Sinatra, Frank                              S-033-10
(Now You See Me) Now You Don't                               Womack, Lee Ann                             HHC-090-05
(She's) Sexy + 17                                            Stray Cats                                  S-029-03
(Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay                             Redding, Otis                               S-148-03
(Taking My) Life Away [Radio Version]                        Default                                     ZPC-538-15
(There's Gotta Be) More To Life                              Orrico, Stacie                              ZPC-522-04
(There's Gotta Be) More To Life [Dr. Octavo Radio Edit]      Orrico, Stacie                              ZPC-527-16
(There's) No Getting Over Me                                 Milsap, Ronnie                              CC-03-08
(They Long To Be) Close To You                               Carpenters, The                             S-086-20
(Turn Out The Light And) Love Me Tonight                     Chesney, Kenny                              S-128-07
(U Drive Me) Crazy                                           Spears, Britney                             HT18-42-01
(When You Fall In Love) Everything's A Waltz                 Bruce, Ed                                   MC-02-08
(When You Gonna) Give It Up To Me                            Sean Paul Feat. Keyshia Cole                ZPC-2626-07
(When You Say) Can You Hear Me Now? [Amended Version]        Lil' Kim Feat. Missy Elliott                ZPC-524-08
(Without You) What Do I Do With Me                           Tucker, Tanya                               S-049-03
(You Drive Me) Crazy                                         Spears, Britney                             HHD-73-02
(You Drive Me) Crazy                                         Spears, Britney                             NMT-27-04
(You Want To) Make A Memory[Country Version]                 Bon Jovi                                    ZPC-2712-10
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher               McDonald, Michael                           ZPC-2801-02
                                                                 1                             Last updated: 8/14/08
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                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
(You're The) Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me    Knight, Gladys                                            S-149-11
(You're) Having My Baby                             Anka, Paul & Coates, Odia                                 DM-02-09
(You're) Having My Baby                             Anka, Paul & Coates, Odia                                 ERG-02-11
1, 2 Step [Ford's E-Hop Club Mix]                   Ciara Feat. Missy Elliott                                 ZPC-603-18
1, 2 Step [Main]                                    Ciara Feat. Missy Elliott                                 ZPC-590-06
1,2,3,4 (Sumpin' New)                               Coolio                                                    MB-16-05
10 Ton Brick                                        Hurt                                                      ZPC-2731-14
100 Million[Clean]                                  Birdman Feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Young Jeezy          ZPC-2747-09
100 Stories [Josh Harris Vocal Club Edit]           Burns, Andrea                                             ZPC-2636-17
100 Years                                           Five For Fighting                                         ZPC-540-02
100% Pure Love                                      Waters, Crystal                                           MB-02-10
12:51[Album Version]                                Strokes                                                   ZPC-531-13
1234[Radio Version]                                 Feist                                                     ZPC-2743-15
15 Minutes Of Shame[Radio Edit]                     Cook, Kristy Lee                                          ZPC-2831-11
16 @ War[Album Version]                             Pasian, Karina                                            ZPC-2814-07
18 Video Tapes'                                     Meadows, Jason                                            ZPC-2719-12
19-2000                                             Gorillaz                                                  ZPH2-02-07
1973[Radio Edit]                                    Blunt, James                                              ZPC-2730-03
19th Nervous Breadkown                              Rolling Stones, The                                       S-079A-07
1st Time [Radio]                                    Yung Joc Feat. Marques Houston                            ZPC-2649-06
2 Become 1                                          Jewel                                                     ZPC-541-02
2 Step [Amended]                                    DJ UNK                                                    ZPC-2701-06
21 Questions [Clean]                                50 Cent                                                   ZPC-506-06
24 [Radio Remix]                                    Jem                                                       ZPC-605-01
24 Hours                                            Vengaboys                                                 S-036-15
24/7                                                Edmonds, Kevon                                            NMT-38-09
24's [Clean]                                        T.I.                                                      ZPC-522-06
25 Reasons                                          Nivea                                                     ZPC-516-06
26 Cents                                            Wilkinsons, The                                           BC98-13
26 Miles (Santa Catalina)                           Four Preps, The                                           F50-07-14
29 Nights                                           Leigh, Danni                                              HHC-087-10
3 Minute Song[Album Version]                        Wilson, Josh                                              ZPC-2822-19
30 Something [Amended]                              Jay-Z                                                     ZPC-2704-06
3's & 7's[LP]                                       Queens Of The Stone Age                                   ZPC-2733-13
4 Ever [Album Version]                              Lil' Mo Feat. Fabolous                                    ZPC-504-08
4 In The Morning[Radio Edit]                        Stefani, Gwen                                             ZPC-2717-01
4 In The Morning[Thin White Duke Edit]              Stefani, Gwen                                             ZPC-2718-18
4 Minutes [LP Version]                              Avant                                                     ZPC-2605-06
4 Minutes[Radio Edit]                               Madonna & Justin Timberlake                               ZPC-2812-04
4 To 1 In Atlanta                                   Byrd, Tracy                                               HHDC-06-09
40 Days [Album Version]                             Third Day                                                 ZPC-480-18
40 Kinds Of Sadness [Radio Version]                 Cabrera, Ryan                                             ZPC-609-03
455 Rocket                                          Mattea, Kathy                                             HHDC-08-07
4ever                                               Veronicas                                                 ZPC-633-03
4ever [Claude Le Gache Radio Edit]                  Veronicas                                                 ZPC-640-19
4th Of July [Single Version]                        Jennings, Shooter                                         ZPC-621-11
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover [Macq Radio Mix]        Plummet                                                   ZPC-618-18
5000 Ones[Amended]                                  Drama Feat. Nelly, T.I., Diddy, Yung Joc, Willie The Kid  ZPC-2752-08
57 Chevrolet                                        Spears, Billie Jo                                         MC-04-20
7 Days                                              Craig, David                                              ZPH2-02-02
7 Little Steps                                      Janet, Joanna                                             ZCH2-06-11
7 Things                                            Cyrus, Miley                                              ZPC-2820-04
'73                                                 Hanson, Jennifer                                          ZPC-2807-12
8 Days Of Christmas [Album Version]                 Destiny's Child                                           ZPC-494-05
                                                        2                                           Last updated: 8/14/08
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                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
8th Of November [Radio Edit]                              Big & Rich With Kris Kristofferson Intro              ZPC-2622-11
8th World Wonder                                          Locke, Kimberley                                      ZPC-548-03
9 To 5 [Remix Edit]                                       Parton, Dolly                                         ZPC-552-18
99 Problems [Amended]                                     Jay-Z                                                 ZPC-567-06
99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before)                  McComas, Brian                                        ZPC-505-09
ABC                                                       Jackson 5, The                                        S-093-02
ABC                                                       Jackson 5                                             S-147-10
A Bay Bay                                                 Hurricane                                             ZPC-2720-06
A Beautiful Beginning                                     Clark, Bev                                            WED-03-12
A Big Hunk O' Love                                        Presley, Elvis                                        S-010-12
A Bitter End                                              Dodd, Deryl                                           HHC-083-10
A Boy Named Sue                                           Cash, Johnny                                          S-143-10
A Breton carol                                            Celtic - The Chieftains                               S-119-02
A Chance                                                  Chesney, Kenny                                        HHC-73-14
A Country Boy Can Survive                                 Williams, Hank Jr.                                    CC-03-11
A Country Boy Can Survive                                 Williams, Hank Jr.                                    S-019-09
A Country Boy Can Survive (Y2K version)                   Brock, Chad w/Williams Jr., Hank & Jones, George      HHC-095-07
A Country Boy Can Survive [25th Anniversary Remix]        Williams, Jr., Hank                                   ZPC-2648-10
A Day Without Rain                                        Enya                                                  S-044-01
A Decade Under The Influence                              Taking Back Sunday                                    ZPC-574-13
A Different Kind Of Pain                                  Cold                                                  ZPC-649-14
A Different World                                         Covington, Bucky                                      ZPC-2703-11
A Favor House Atlantic [Radio Version]                    Coheed And Cambria                                    ZPC-570-13
A Feelin' Like That                                       Allan, Gary                                           ZPC-2643-12
A Few Questions                                           Walker, Clay                                          ZPC-510-11
A Fifth Of Beethoven                                      Murphy, Walter                                        S-022-06
A Girls Night Out                                         Judds, The                                            S-129-06
A Good Day To Run                                         Worley, Darryl                                        HHC-103-08
A Good Man                                                Emerson Drive                                         ZPC-2611-11
A Great Big Sled                                          Killers Feat. Toni Halliday                           ZPC-2751-15
A Guy Is A Guy                                            Day, Doris                                            F50-06-13
A Hard Day's Night                                        Beatles, The                                          S-072-06
A Horse With No Name                                      America                                               S-088-12
A Kiss To Build A Dream On                                Armstrong, Louis                                      S-097-02
A Kiss To Remember                                        Brown, Les & His Orchestra & Day, Doris               BAND-07-06
A Lifetime                                                Better Than Ezra                                      ZPC-609-01
A Little Bit                                              Simpson, Jessica                                      HHD-88-01
A Little Bit                                              Simpson, Jessica                                      ZPH1-07-10
A Little Bit In Love                                      Loveless, Patty                                       CC-09-01
A Little Bit of You                                       Parnell, Lee Roy                                      HHDC-04-10
A Little Gasoline                                         Clark, Terri                                          HHC-101-02
A Little Left Of Center                                   Travis, Randy                                         HHC-099-04
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"   Fall Out Boy                                          ZPC-2609-13
A Little Luck Of Our Own                                  Urban, Keith                                          S-127-06
A Little More [Radio Edit]                                Skillet                                               ZPC-588-19
A Little More You                                         Little Big Town                                       ZPC-2707-10
A Little Past Little Rock                                 Womack, Lee Ann                                       HHC-082-05
A Little Too Late [Radio Edit]                            Keith, Toby                                           ZPC-2615-12
A Lot Of Things Different                                 Chesney, Kenny                                        ZPC-478-10
A Love Forever                                            West, Christopher                                     S-138-03
A Love Song                                               Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                                 S-055-06
A Love Song                                               Loggins, Kenny                                        ZPC-2707-01
A Man Ain't Made Of Stone                                 Travis, Randy                                         HHC-092-13
A Man Holdin' On                                          Herndon, Ty                                           BC98-10
                                                              3                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
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                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
A Man Holdin' On                                                 Herndon, Ty                                           HHC-077-07
A Matter Of Time                                                 Sellers, Jason                                        HHC-092-10
A Memory Like I'm Gonna Be                                       Tucker, Tanya                                         ZPC-482-12
A Milli[Clean]                                                   Lil Wayne                                             ZPC-2831-04
A Moment Like This                                               Clarkson, Kelly                                       ZPC-479-03
A New York Christmas                                             Thomas, Rob                                           ZPC-598-17
A Night To Remember                                              Diffie, Joe                                           HHC-088-13
A Pirate Looks At 40                                             Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                                 S-055-10
A Pirate Looks At Forty                                          Buffett, Jimmy                                        S-151-16
A Place In The Sun                                               McGraw, Tim                                           S-004-14
A Place In The Sun                                               Wonder, Stevie                                        S-096-09
A Poor Man's Roses Or A Rich Man's Gold                          Cline, Patsy                                          MC-09-05
A Praise Chorus [Album Version]                                  Jimmy Eat World                                       ZPC-485-12
A Public Affair [Album Version]                                  Simpson, Jessica                                      ZPC-2626-04
A Public Affair [Frank Pellegrino Radio Mix]                     Simpson, Jessica                                      ZPC-2630-18
A Real Fine Place To Start                                       Evans, Sara                                           ZPC-614-11
A Romantic Interlude                                             Clark, Bev                                            WED-03-08
A Satisfied Mind                                                 Wagoner, Porter                                       MC-06-12
A Soldier's Prayer[Country Version]                              Raye, Collin                                          ZPC-2722-10
A Song For Mama                                                  Boyz II Men                                           S-012-05
A Song For You                                                   Abenaa                                                ZPC-538-01
A Sorta Fairytale [Single Version]                               Amos, Tori                                            ZPC-476-03
A String Of Pearls                                               Miller, Glenn                                         BAND-02-02
A Tear Fell                                                      Brewer, Teresa                                        F50-07-15
A Teenager In Love                                               Dion & The Belmonts                                   S-109-06
A Thousand Beautiful Things [Gabriel And Dresden Techfunk Mix]   Lennox, Annie                                         ZPC-541-14
A Thousand Days [Radio Edit]                                     Aiken, Clay                                           ZPC-2702-01
A Thousand miles                                                 Carlton, Vanessa                                      ZPH2-02-14
A Thousand Winters Melting                                       Myriad                                                ZPC-2807-20
A Toast To Men [Edited Version W/O Intro]                        Ford, Willa Feat. Lady May                            ZPC-538-05
A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)                                    Megadeth Feat. Cristina Scabbia Of Lacuna Coil        ZPC-2714-13
A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)                        Robbins, Marty                                        F50-06-06
A Whole New Word (Theme From Aladdin)                            Bryson, Peabo                                         MB-07-15
A Wink And A Smile                                               Connick, Harry, Jr                                    S-097-08
A Woman In love                                                  Milsap, Ronnie                                        CC-05-21
A Woman Left Lonely                                              Joplin, Janis                                         S-095-07
A Woman's Got The Power                                          Holliday, Jennifer                                    HT18-31-01
A Woman's Love                                                   Jackson, Alan                                         ZPC-2650-10
A Woman's Threat                                                 Kelly, R.                                             TRBH-02-03
A Woman's Touch                                                  Parton, Stella                                        MC-06-15
A Year At A Time                                                 Denney, Kevin                                         ZPC-535-11
A.D.I.D.A.S. [Clean Edit]                                        Killer Mike Feat. Big Boi                             ZPC-500-08
Abilene                                                          Hamilton IV, George                                   MC-08-05
About A Girl                                                     Academy Is...                                         ZPC-2830-16
About Us [Main]                                                  Hogan, Brooke Feat. Paul Wall                         ZPC-2630-06
About Us [Moran & Rigg Up In My Bizness Edit]                    Hogan, Brooke                                         ZPC-2635-16
About You [Radio Edit]                                           ZOEgirl                                               ZPC-608-20
Above The Clouds                                                 Amber                                                 RC-10-05
Above The Clouds                                                 Lauper, Cyndi With Jeff Beck                          ZPC-2612-02
Abracadabra                                                      Steve Miller Band                                     S-156-06
Absence Of The Heart                                             Carter, Deana                                         BC98-09
Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)                                     Nine Days                                             HHD-77-11
Absolutely (Story of A Girl)                                     Nine Days                                             HHD-78-04
Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)                                     Nine Days                                             RC-11-04
                                                                    4                                        Last updated: 8/14/08
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                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Accept Me [Juniors 27th Street Mix]                     Mitchell, Vernessa                      ZPC-626-15
Accidentally In Love                                    Counting Crows                          ZPC-563-05
Achy Breaky Heart                                       Cyrus, Billy Ray                        ERG-04-10
Achy Breaky Heart                                       Cyrus, Billy Ray                        MB-05-06
Acquiesce [Radio Edit]                                  Oasis                                   ZPC-2640-14
Across The Field - OH State U Fight Song                All-American Marching Band              S-141-13
Act A Fool [Clean]                                      Lil Jon Feat. Three 6 Mafia             ZPC-2645-08
Act A Fool [Radio]                                      Ludacris                                ZPC-512-08
Action [Album Version]                                  Powerman 5000                           ZPC-534-13
Adagio For Strings [Radio Edit]                         Tiesto                                  ZPC-620-17
Adalida                                                 Strait, George                          HHDC-03-08
Adalida                                                 Strait, George                          S-063-04
Addicted                                                Saving Abel                             ZPC-2809-16
Addicted [Album Version]                                Simple Plan                             ZPC-511-05
Addicted [Radio Edit]                                   Iglesias, Enrique                       ZPC-536-04
Addicted [Scumfrog Remix Edit]                          Iglesias, Enrique                       ZPC-542-15
Addicted To Bass [Different Gear Mix - Radio Version]   Puretone                                ZPC-482-17
Addicted To Love                                        Clayton, Kimber                         HHDC-10-03
Addicted To Love                                        Palmer, Robert                          S-024-03
Addiction                                               Leslie, Ryan Feat. Cassie               ZPC-2822-08
Adia                                                    McLaghlan, Sarah                        BP98-06
Adore                                                   Prince                                  S-006-12
Adrenaline                                              12 Stones                               ZPC-2826-16
Adrenaline                                              Rossdale, Gavin                         ZPC-476-02
Adrienne                                                Calling, The                            ZPH2-04-08
Affirmation                                             Savage Garden                           HHD-81-05
Africa                                                  Toto                                    RUSA-02-05
After A kiss                                            Tillis, Pam                             HHC-092-06
After All                                               James, Brett                            ZPC-499-11
After All [Album Edit]                                  Delerium Feat. Jael                     ZPC-520-18
After All These Years                                   Journey                                 ZPC-2820-03
After Awhile                                            Blind Mice                              HHC-094-15
After I Fall                                            Womack, Lee Ann                         S-057-03
After Midnight                                          Cale, J.J.                              S-088-03
After Midnight                                          Clapton, Eric                           S-089-02
After Party                                             Young Rome Feat. Omarion                ZPC-567-07
After The Lovin'                                        Humperdinck, Engelbert                  MB-04-15
After The World[Album Version]                          Disciple                                ZPC-2736-20
Afterglow [Album Version]                               INXS                                    ZPC-2610-02
Afterlife[Radio Version]                                Avenged Sevenfold                       ZPC-2822-15
Aftermath [Album Version]                               R.E.M.                                  ZPC-595-16
Afternoon Delight                                       Ferrell, Will                           ZPC-571-03
Again                                                   Kravitz, Lenny w/Outkast                RC-12-02
Again                                                   Kravitz, Lenny                          TPH-01-07
Again [Radio Edit]                                      Evans, Faith                            ZPC-607-06
Again And Again [Album Version]                         Jewel                                   ZPC-2607-02
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) [Radio Edit]   Kira                                    ZPC-2652-16
Against The Grain                                       Brooks, Garth                           S-122-01
Aggie War Hymn - TX A&M U Fight Song                    All-American Marching Band              S-141-22
Ahh                                                     Ciara Feat. J-Hood                      ZPC-2802-05
Ain't Coming Home                                       Silvertide                              ZPC-578-15
Ain't Enough Roses                                      Brokop, Lisa                            HHC-087-11
Ain't Goin' Down (On Brokeback Mountain) [Bleeped]      Saddlesores                             ZPC-2624-08
Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)                Brooks, Garth (Live)                    S-043B-01
                                                            5                         Last updated: 8/14/08
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                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Ain't Gon' Beg You [Main Mix]                                  Fantasia                                       ZPC-634-08
Ain't Got Nothing [Clean]                                      Banner, David Feat. Magic & Lil' Boosie        ZPC-618-10
Ain't Got You                                                  Michael, Kevin                                 ZPC-2821-07
Ain't It Funny                                                 Lopez, Jennifer                                HHD-89-04
Ain't It Man [X-Tra]                                           Boo & Gotti Feat. Lil Wayne                    ZPC-517-08
Ain't My Day To Care                                           Bomshel                                        ZPC-2624-10
Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)               AC/DC                                          S-035-07
Ain't No Mountain High Enough                                  Gaye, Marvin & Terrell, T.                     S-085-03
Ain't No Mountain High Enough                                  McDonald, Michael                              S-154-26
Ain't No Mountain High Enough [Album Version]                  McDonald, Michael                              ZPC-535-02
Ain't No Other Man [Ospina & Sullivan Remix]                   Aguilera, Christina                            ZPC-2631-14
Ain't No Other Man [Xtra Clean Radio Edit]                     Aguilera, Christina                            ZPC-2623-06
Ain't No Sunshine                                              Withers, Bill                                  S-098-05
Ain't No Sunshine                                              Lighthouse Family                              S-098-09
Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me                           Raye, Collin                                   ZCH1-06-08
Ain't Nothing 'Bout You                                        Brooks & Dunn                                  TCH-02-12
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing                              Gaye, Marvin & Terrell, Tammi                  S-154-13
Ain't Nothing Wrong [Clean]                                    Houston                                        ZPC-588-04
Ain't Sayin' Nothin'[Clean Album Version]                      Fat Joe Feat. Plies & Dre                      ZPC-2818-09
Ain't That A Shame                                             Domino, Fats                                   F50-09-10
Ain't That Love                                                Chesney, Kenny                                 S-128-02
Ain't Too Proud To Beg                                         Temptations, The                               MB-08-03
Ain't Too Proud To Beg                                         Temptations, The                               S-154-11
Ain't Wastin' Good Whiskey On You                              Trick Pony                                     ZPC-633-11
Ain't What It Used To Be                                       Mullins, Megan                                 ZPC-2613-11
Air [Radio Edit]                                               Sparta                                         ZPC-496-13
Air Force Ones [Amended Album Version]                         Nelly                                          ZPC-485-07
Air from Water Music (Handel)                                  O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                            WED-02-04
Air from Water Music (Handel)                                  Ultimate Wedding Album                         WED-04-05
Air On A G String - Arioso (Bach)                              Clark, Bev                                     WED-03-01
Air On A G String (Bach)                                       O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                            WED-02-03
Air On G String (Bach)                                         Ultimate Wedding Album                         WED-04-03
Alabama Clay                                                   Brooks, Garth                                  S-007-06
Alabama Clay                                                   Brooks, Garth                                  S-125-06
Alabama Song                                                   Doors, The                                     S-157-07
Alcohaulin' Ass[Amended]                                       Hellyeah                                       ZPC-2731-13
Alcohol                                                        Paisley, Brad                                  ZPC-616-12
Alfie                                                          Wonder, Stevie                                 S-096-10
Alive                                                          Brown, Jennifer                                NMT-37-08
Alive                                                          P. O. D.                                       ZPH2-02-10
Alive [Album Version]                                          St. James, Rebecca                             ZPC-643-17
Alive [Radio Edit]                                             Shepherd, Kenny Wayne                          ZPC-580-14
Alive [Thunderpuss Club Mix]                                   Lopez, Jennifer                                ZPC-476-16
Alive With The Glory Of Love [Intro Edit - Clean]              Say Anything                                   ZPC-2634-12
All [Radio Mix #1]                                             Avalon                                         ZPC-551-18
All About Love [Album Version]                                 Chapman, Steven_Curtis                         ZPC-505-18
All About Our Love                                             Sade                                           S-058-05
All About Us [Dave Aude Big Mixshow]                           t.A.T.u.                                       ZPC-637-19
All Around Me                                                  Flyleaf                                        ZPC-2715-15
All Around The World                                           Stansfield, Lisa                               ZEW-90-07
All Around The World (Punk Debutante)[Static Revenger Remix]   Cooler Kids                                    ZPC-497-16
All Around The World [Album Version]                           Souljahz                                       ZPC-484-18
All Around The World[Bob Sinclar Remix - Radio Edit]           Richie, Lionel                                 ZPC-2716-17
All At Once                                                    Houston, Whitney                               S-069A-04
                                                                  6                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
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                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
All At Once                                                   Fray                                                   ZPC-2730-01
All At Sea [Radio Edit]                                       Cullum, Jamie                                          ZPC-566-02
All Because Of Jesus                                          Fee                                                    ZPC-2805-20
All Because Of You [Album Version]                            Emerson, Chris                                         ZPC-479-02
All Because Of You [Album Version]                            U2                                                     ZPC-595-15
All Because Of You [Main Mix]                                 Houston, Marques                                       ZPC-608-06
All By Myself                                                 Francis, Connie                                        S-118-07
All Cried Out                                                 Allure                                                 RC-05-07
All Downhill From Here                                        New Found Glory                                        ZPC-561-13
All Falls Down [Clean]                                        West, Kanye Feat. Syleena Johnson                      ZPC-556-10
All For Love                                                  Stewart, Rod                                           S-030-15
All For You                                                   Janet                                                  HHD-85-02
All For You                                                   Janet                                                  RC-12-08
All For You                                                   Janet                                                  TPH-02-01
All Good Things (Come To An End)[Dave Aude Edit]              Furtado, Nelly                                         ZPC-2725-15
All Good Things (Come To An End)[Radio Edit]                  Furtado, Nelly                                         ZPC-2713-04
All I Ask Of You                                              Streisand, Barbra                                      MB-15-09
All I Ask Of You                                              Romantic Strings                                       S-131-01
All I Ask Of You                                              West, Christopher                                      S-138-08
All I Ask Of You from The Phantom Of The Opera                Clark, Bev                                             WED-03-09
All I Cold Do Was Cry                                         James, Etta                                            S-062-03
All I Do [Main]                                               B5                                                     ZPC-614-08
All I Ever Wanted                                             Becker, Margaret                                       S-073-05
All I Ever Wanted                                             Wicks, Chuck                                           ZPC-2813-13
All I Ever Wanted                                             Wicks, Chuck                                           ZPC-2813-13
All I Have [Album Version]                                    Lopez, Jennifer Feat. LL Cool J                        ZPC-491-06
All I Have To Do Is Dream                                     Campbell, Glen & Gentry, Bobbie                        DM-02-07
All I Have To Do Is Dream                                     Everly Brothers, The                                   MC-01-12
All I Have To Give                                            Backstreet Boys                                        S-038-05
All I Know [Radio Edit]                                       Field Mob Feat. Field Mob, Cee-Lo and Jazze Pha        ZPC-510-08
All I Long For                                                English, Michael & Ashton, Susan                       S-073-08
All I Need                                                    Chapman, Donovan                                       ZPC-2715-12
All I Need                                                    Dillon, Bethany                                        ZPC-577-20
All I See                                                     Minogue, Kylie Feat. Mims                              ZPC-2812-03
All I Wanna Do                                                Crow, Sheryl                                           MB-02-04
All I Want [Voodoo & Serano Mix]                              Gardeweg                                               ZPC-530-16
All I Want For Christmas (Is To Get Krunk)                    Dirty Boyz                                             ZPC-650-11
All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan [Album Version]   Chesney, Kenny                                         ZPC-598-13
All I Want For Christmas Is You                               Carey, Mariah/ Dupri, Jermaine/ Lil Bow Wow S-066B-14
All I Want Is Everything                                      McCready, Mindy                                        NMT-27-10
All I Want Is Forever                                         Taylor, J.T. & Belle, Regina                           DM-01-12
All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side)                            Frampton, Peter                                        S-153-07
All I Want To Do[Album Version]                               Sugarland                                              ZPC-2821-13
All In All [Album Version]                                    Charmaine                                              ZPC-529-19
All In The Serve                                              Smith, Michael W.                                      ZPC-2604-18
All In The Suit That You Wear [Album Version]                 Stone Temple Pilots                                    ZPC-537-13
All In The Way [Single]                                       Earth, Wind & Fire                                     ZPC-519-01
All Jacked Up                                                 Wilson, Gretchen                                       ZPC-630-12
All Lit Up In Love                                            Murphy, David Lee                                      HHC-070-03
All Mixed Up                                                  311                                                    RC-03-06
All My Friends Say [Edit]                                     Bryan, Luke                                            ZPC-2704-11
All My Life                                                   America                                                S-042-04
All My Life                                                   Foo Fighters                                           ZPC-479-14
All My Praise [Radio Edit]                                    Selah                                                  ZPC-595-20
                                                                  7                                        Last updated: 8/14/08
                                     B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                        MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)                     Williams, Hank Jr.                             S-019-10
All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight                 Williams, Hank Jr.                             CC-08-21
All Night Long                                               Montgomery Gentry                              HHC-103-06
All Night Long                                               Boyz II Men                                    S-012-10
All Night Long (All Night)                                   Richie, Lionel                                 S-147-20
All Night Long [Radio]                                       McKnight, Brian feat. Nelly                    ZPC-518-06
All Night Passion                                            Vengaboys                                      S-036-14
All Nite (Don't Stop)                                        Jackson, Janet                                 ZPC-565-03
All Nite (Don't Stop) [Low End Specialists Radio Edit]       Jackson, Janet                                 ZPC-572-16
All Or Nothing At All                                        James, Harry w/ Frank Sinatra, vocals          BAND-04-04
All Or Nothing At All                                        Sinatra, Frank                                 S-021-14
All Over Me                                                  Shelton, Blake                                 HHC-112-13
All Over Me                                                  Shelton, Blake                                 ZCH2-01-04
All Over The World                                           Tree63                                         ZPC-2627-19
All Over You[Album Version]                                  Spill Canvas                                   ZPC-2752-13
All Revved Up With No Place To Go                            Meat Loaf                                      S-028-04
All Right Now                                                Free                                           MB-21-08
All Right Now                                                Free                                           S-087-03
All Right Now                                                Free                                           S-088-06
All She Wrote [Single Mix]                                   Default                                        ZPC-572-01
All Shook Up                                                 Presley, Elvis                                 S-010-07
All Star                                                     Smash Mouth                                    BP99-05
All Star                                                     Smash Mouth                                    HHD-72-03
All Star                                                     Smash Mouth                                    RC-09-09
All Star                                                     Smash Mouth                                    RR99-07-07
All Summer Long[Radio Edit]                                  Kid Rock                                       ZPC-2810-16
All That I Am [Album Version]                                Afters                                         ZPC-2618-20
All That I Can Do [Album Version]                            Dillon, Bethany                                ZPC-624-18
All That I Need [Radio Edit]                                 Winans, CeCe                                   ZPC-627-03
All That I'm Allowed [Radio Edit]                            John, Elton                                    ZPC-606-02
All That I've Got [Amended]                                  Used                                           ZPC-594-12
All That's Left                                              Thrice                                         ZPC-525-14
All The Above[Clean]                                         Beanie Sigel Feat. R. Kelly                    ZPC-2741-10
All The Gold In California                                   Gatlin Brothers, The                           MC-01-09
All The Man That I Need                                      Houston, Whitney                               S-069A-08
All The Same                                                 Sick Puppies                                   ZPC-2708-15
All The Things She Said [Extension 119 Club Edit]            t.A.T.u.                                       ZPC-478-16
All The Things She Said [Radio Version]                      t.A.T.u.                                       ZPC-492-04
All The Things You Are                                       Kenton, Stan & His Orchestra                   BAND-06-13
All The Things You Are                                       Romantic Piano                                 S-137-11
All The Way                                                  Sinatra, Frank                                 S-033-17
All The World[Radio Mix With Count Off Vocal Up]             Point Of Grace                                 ZPC-2728-19
All The Young Dudes                                          Mott The Hoople                                S-083-19
All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)[Album Version]   Bullet For My Valentine                        ZPC-2713-13
All These Things That I've Done [Edit]                       Killers                                        ZPC-625-12
All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)                        Widelife w/Denny, Simone                       ZPC-542-04
All Things Considered                                        Yankee Grey                                    HHC-093-03
All Things New [Radio Edit]                                  Chapman, Steven Curtis                         ZPC-571-20
All You Get From Love Is A Love Song                         Carpenters, The                                S-086-09
All You Need Is Love                                         Beatles, The                                   S-072-18
Alla Danza - Hornpipe from Water Music (Handel)              Clark, Bev                                     WED-03-19
All-American Girl                                            Underwood, Carrie                              ZPC-2750-14
Allegheny Moon                                               Page, Patti                                    F50-04-03
Allegheny Moon                                               Page, Patti                                    MC-07-14
                                                                8                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                   MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Alley Cat                                           Fabric And His Piano,                          MB-21-07
Alley Oop                                           Hollywood Argyles, The                         S-105-01
Almost                                              Bowling For Soup                               ZPC-603-02
Almost Doesn't Count                                Brandy                                         BB99-06
Almost Easy                                         Avenged Sevenfold                              ZPC-2738-14
Almost Home                                         Morgan, Craig                                  ZPC-490-07
Almost Honest [Album Edit]                          Kelley, Josh                                   ZPC-2602-04
Almost Lover[Radio Edit]                            A Fine Frenzy                                  ZPC-2733-02
Almost Made Ya                                      Ali & Gipp Feat. Letoya Luckett                ZPC-2727-09
Almost Over You                                     McCann, Lila                                   HHC-077-05
Almost Paradise (Love Theme From Footloose)         Reno, Mike & Wilson, Ann                       DM-02-01
Almost Perfect [Radio Edit]                         Ingram Hill                                    ZPC-607-03
Almost Persuaded                                    James, Etta                                    S-062-10
Alone                                               Holmes, Monty                                  HHC-084-11
Alone                                               Dion, Celine                                   ZPC-2816-01
Alone This Holiday                                  Used                                           ZPC-598-18
Along Comes A Woman                                 Chicago                                        S-013-10
Along Comes Mary                                    Association, The                               S-101-08
Along Comes Mary                                    Association, The                               S-106-01
Alphabet St.                                        Prince                                         S-006-14
Already Gone                                        Eagles, The                                    S-092-04
Already Over                                        Red                                            ZPC-2652-18
Alright                                             Jackson, Janet                                 S-065-08
Alright [Album Version]                             Casting Pearls                                 ZPC-631-20
Alright [Brad Carter Radio Edit]                    Red Carpet                                     ZPC-2601-16
Alright [Callea + Rispoli Radio Edit]               Murk (Oscar G. & Ralph Falcon)                 ZPC-520-16
Alright[Radio Edit #1]                              Ledisi                                         ZPC-2752-06
Always                                              Atlantic Starr                                 MB-18-16
Always                                              Saliva                                         ZPC-480-14
Always [Album Version]                              Blink-182                                      ZPC-578-14
Always And Forever                                  Heatwave                                       MB-03-15
Always And Forever                                  Houston, Marques                               ZPC-2748-06
Always Be                                           Jimmy Eat World                                ZPC-2747-15
Always Be My Baby                                   Carey, Mariah                                  S-066B-02
Always On My Mind                                   Nelson, Willie                                 MB-08-09
Always On Your Side                                 Crow, Sheryl & Sting                           ZPC-2606-02
Always Was                                          Tippin, Aaron                                  ZCH1-06-07
Always Where I Need To Be                           Kooks                                          ZPC-2812-16
Alyssa Lies                                         Carroll, Jason Michael                         ZPC-2641-06
Am I Dreaming[Radio]                                DeLuna, Kat                                    ZPC-2732-04
AM To PM                                            Milian, Christina                              HHD-88-05
Ama'ama                                             Brother Iz                                     S-140-03
Amarantine                                          Enya                                           ZPC-641-01
Amarillo Sky                                        Aldean, Jason                                  ZPC-2626-13
Amazed                                              Lonestar                                       BC99-01
Amazed                                              Lonestar                                       HHC-089-08
Amazed                                              Lonestar                                       RC-10-17
Amazin' [Radio]                                     LL Cool J Introducing Kandice Love             ZPC-510-06
Amazing                                             Kelley, Josh                                   ZPC-518-01
Amazing [Full Intention Radio Mix]                  Michael, George                                ZPC-559-16
Amazing Grace                                       Zschech, Darlene                               ZPC-574-19
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)[Album Version]   Tomlin, Chris                                  ZPC-2737-20
Amazing[Album Version]                              Seal                                           ZPC-2745-01
Amazing[Thin White Duke Edit]                       Seal                                           ZPC-2741-18
                                                       9                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Amen                                                  Cole, Paula Band                                        HHD-75-07
Amen! Praise & Glory                                  Card, Micael                                            S-073-07
Amen[Rock Edit] (Lyrics!)                             Kid Rock                                                ZPC-2746-15
America [Album Version]                               Santana Feat. P.O.D.                                    ZPC-490-10
America A O                                           Carter, Aaron                                           ZPC-495-03
America Pie                                           McLean, Don                                             S-088-14
American Baby [Radio Edit]                            Matthews Band, Dave                                     ZPC-611-15
American Boy[Radio Edit]                              Estelle Feat. Kanye West                                ZPC-2811-08
American Boy[Soulseekerx Radio]                       Estelle                                                 ZPC-2832-18
American Child                                        Vassar, Phil                                            ZCH2-05-14
American Girl                                         Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                          S-027-01
American Girls                                        Counting Crows                                          ZPH2-05-07
American Honky-Tonk Bar Association                   Brooks, Garth (Live)                                    S-043B-08
American Idiot [Radio Edit]                           Green Day                                               ZPC-579-13
American Life [Oakenfold Radio Edit]                  Madonna                                                 ZPC-509-16
American Life [Radio Edit]                            Madonna                                                 ZPC-507-04
American Made                                         Oak Ridge Boys                                          CC-03-18
American Patrol                                       Miller, Glenn                                           BAND-02-08
American Pie                                          McLean, Don                                             MB-16-10
American Pie                                          Madonna                                                 NMT-38-01
American Pie (Full Version)                           McLean, Don                                             ERG-02-14
American Soldier [Album Version]                      Keith, Toby                                             ZPC-540-10
American Witch [Album Version]                        Zombie, Rob                                             ZPC-2616-12
American Woman                                        Kravitz, Lenny                                          RR99-07-05
American Woman                                        Guess Who, The                                          S-083-02
Amie                                                  Pure Prairie League                                     MB-23-06
Amnesia                                               Cherish                                                 ZPC-2819-11
Among My Souvenirs                                    Francis, Connie                                         S-118-01
Amsterdam (Gonna Write You A Letter) [Remix]          Guster                                                  ZPC-524-02
Amusement Park[Edited]                                50 Cent                                                 ZPC-2720-04
Amy Time                                              Fisher, Eddy & Winterhalter, Hugo & His Orch.           F50-04-13
An Affair To Remember                                 20th Century Fox                                        S-097-10
An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down               Stewart, Rod                                            S-015-03
Analyse                                               Cranberries                                             ZPH1-06-13
Anchor                                                Cave In                                                 ZPC-515-13
And All That Jazz [Radio Edit]                        Catherine Zeta-Jones                                    ZPC-509-03
And I [Main]                                          Ciara                                                   ZPC-629-07
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going [7" Anthem]        Holliday, Jennifer With Rosabel                         ZPC-2705-16
And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going [Album Version]     Hudson, Jennifer                                        ZPC-2704-09
And It Stoned Me                                      Morrison, Van                                           S-080-01
And The Angels Sing                                   Goodman, Benny w/ Martha Tilton, vocals                 BAND-01-09
And The Angel's Sing (Big Band)                       Old Fashioned Wedding Dance                             BRD-02-02
And The Crowd Goes Wild [Album Version]               Wills, Mark                                             ZPC-525-10
And Then We Kiss [Junkie XL Remix]                    Spears, Britney                                         ZPC-2602-18
And Then What [Radio]                                 Young Jeezy Feat. Mannie Fresh                          ZPC-618-09
And When I Die                                        Blood, Sweat & Tears                                    S-083-17
And When I Die                                        Blood, Sweat & Tears                                    S-088-13
Andante from Brandenburg Concerto No.2 (Bach)         The Wedding Album                                       WED-01-18
Angel                                                 McLachlan, Sarah                                        HHP-67-05
Angel                                                 Shaggy                                                  RC-12-05
Angel                                                 Stewart, Rod                                            S-015-17
Angel                                                 Shaggy w/Rayvon                                         TPH-01-02
Angel                                                 Bedingfield, Natasha                                    ZPC-2830-04
Angel                                                 Jones Gang                                              ZPC-638-01
                                                         10                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                                B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Angel [Album Version]                                              Perez, Amanda                                ZPC-500-06
Angel Baby                                                         Rosie & The Originals                        S-109-07
Angel Eyes                                                         Healy, Jeff Band                             ZEW-89-06
Angel Eyes [Album Version]                                         Cantrell, Jerry                              ZPC-485-13
Angelicus [Andy Moor Radio Edit]                                   Delerium                                     ZPC-2702-19
Angelina/ Zooma, Zooma                                             Prima, Louis                                 S-159-12
Angels                                                             Travis, Randy                                ZPC-625-11
Angels [Album Version]                                             Simpson, Jessica                             ZPC-567-03
Angels Amoung Us                                                   Hobbs, Becky                                 MC-06-10
Angels In Waiting                                                  Cochran, Tammy                               HHC-107-09
Angie                                                              Rolling Stones, The                          S-079B-07
Animal I Have Become                                               Three Days Grace                             ZPC-2614-14
Animals [Album Version]                                            Nickelback                                   ZPC-645-15
Anna (Samba)                                                       Murray, Arthur                               BRD-01-23
Anna-Molly                                                         Incubus                                      ZPC-2641-13
Annie's Song                                                       Romantic Strings                             S-135-05
Anniversary Song                                                   Jolson, Al                                   ERG-06-15
Anniversary Waltz                                                  Howard, Eddy                                 MB-12-10
Announcement[Clean]                                                Common Feat. Pharrell                        ZPC-2829-07
Anonymous[Clean]                                                   Valentino, Bobby Feat. Timbaland             ZPC-2709-07
Another Brick [Foundation Radio Edit]                              DJ Russ Harris Vs. Pink Floyd                ZPC-508-17
Another Brick In The Wall (Parts 1, 2, 3)                          Korn                                         ZPC-592-13
Another Dumb Blonde                                                Hoku                                         HHD-77-06
Another Friday Night                                               Chesney, Kenny                               S-128-08
Another Hero Lost[Edit]                                            Shadows Fall                                 ZPC-2745-13
Another Night                                                      Real McCoy                                   MB-11-05
Another Nine Minutes                                               Yankee Grey                                  HHD-76-13
Another Nine Minutes                                               Yankee Gray                                  NMT-37-11
Another One Bites The Dust                                         Queen                                        AE80-01-01
Another One Bites The Dust                                         Queen With Wyclef                            RC-07-03
Another One Bites The Dust [Cedric Gervais & Second Sun Radio Edit]Queen Vs. Miami Project                      ZPC-2706-17
Another Postcard (Chimps) [Album Version]                          Barenaked Ladies                             ZPC-530-03
Another Saturday Night                                             Stevens, Cat                                 S-011-12
Another Side Of You                                                Nichols, Joe                                 ZPC-2717-09
Another Try[Album Version]                                         Turner, Josh                                 ZPC-2801-09
Another White Dash                                                 Butterfly Boucher                            ZPC-562-03
Answer In The Sky                                                  John, Elton                                  ZPC-580-01
Anthem Of Our Dying Day                                            Story Of The Year                            ZPC-563-15
Ants Marching                                                      Matthews Band, Dave                          MB-02-15
Any Man Of Mine                                                    Twain, Shania                                HHDC-04-02
Any Man Of Mine                                                    Twain, Shania                                MB-16-12
Any Way You Want It                                                Journey                                      S-032-06
Anybody Seen My Baby?                                              Rolling Stones, The                          S-079B-14
Anyone Else                                                        Raye, Collin                                 BC99-05
Anyone Else                                                        Raye, Collin                                 HHC-087-03
Anyone Else But You                                                Cera, Michael & Ellen Page                   ZPC-2805-04
Anything [Album Version]                                           Calling                                      ZPC-583-01
Anything But Down                                                  Crow, Sheryl                                 BP99-10
Anything But Mine [Edit]                                           Chesney, Kenny                               ZPC-599-07
Anything For Love                                                  Reina                                        NMT-27-09
Anything Is Possible                                               McVie, Christine                             ZPC-581-02
Anything[LP Version]                                               JoJo                                         ZPC-2712-02
Anytime                                                            McKnight, Brian                              BP98-10
Anytime                                                            McKnight, Brian                              RC-06-08
                                                                     11                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Anytime You Need A Friend                                         Carey, Mariah                           S-066A-12
Anyway (Men Are From Mars) [DJ Encore Radio Edit]                 Amber                                   ZPC-491-17
Anyway [Radio Fade]                                               McBride, Martina                        ZPC-2646-12
Anywhere But Here                                                 Cagle, Chris                            ZPC-2616-10
Anywhere But Here [Album Version]                                 Long, Brice                             ZPC-646-09
Anywhere For You                                                  Backstreet Boys                         S-038-06
Apologize[LP Version]                                             Timbaland Feat. OneRepublic             ZPC-2737-05
April Love                                                        Boone, Pat                              F50-03-04
A-Punk[Single Version]                                            Vampire Weekend                         ZPC-2807-13
Arctic Snow [Album Version]                                       Burning Brides                          ZPC-502-11
Are The Good Times Really Over (I Wish A Buck Was Still Silver)   Haggard, Merle                          S-018-12
Are You Gonna Be My Girl                                          Jet                                     ZPC-531-12
Are You Happy Now?                                                Branch, Michelle                        ZPC-515-03
Are You Jimmy Ray                                                 Ray, Jimmy                              RC-06-04
Are You Lonesome Tonight                                          Presley, Elvis                          S-010-15
Are You Lonesome Tonight?                                         Presley, Elvis                          L60-01-01
Are You Ready For Love [Ashley Beedle Remix]                      John, Elton                             ZPC-544-15
Are You Ready For Love [Radio Edit]                               John, Elton                             ZPC-531-05
Are You Ready?                                                    Creed                                   TRH-01-03
Are You Sincere?                                                  Williams, Andy                          F50-06-15
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way                                Jennings, Waylon                        CC-04-17
Are You That Somebody                                             Aaliyah                                 RC-07-12
Arioso (Handel)                                                   Clark, Bev                              WED-03-03
Arlington [Edit]                                                  Adkins, Trace                           ZPC-621-12
Army                                                              Ben Folds Five                          RR99-07-09
Around The World                                                  Daft Punk                               RC-05-08
Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba (Handel)                            The Wedding Album                       WED-01-03
Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba (Handel)                            Ultimate Wedding Album                  WED-04-08
Arriverderci Roma                                                 Tuscany, An Evening in                  S-120-11
Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do) - Natural Sounds        Solitudes                               S-139-09
As Good As I Once Was [Album Version]                             Keith, Toby                             ZPC-617-11
As If                                                             Evans, Sara                             ZPC-2732-14
As Long As You Follow                                             Fleetwood Mac                           S-031-08
As Long As You Love Me                                            Backstreet Boys                         BPH8-02-03
As Long As You Love Me                                            Backstreet Boys                         S-038-03
As Long As You're Loving Me                                       Vitamin C                               HHD-85-13
As The Rush Comes [Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Edit]       Motorcycle                              ZPC-544-13
As Time Goes By                                                   Wilson, Dooley                          MB-17-02
As Time Goes By                                                   Durante, Jimmy                          S-097-01
As Two Become One                                                 West, Christopher                       S-138-09
ASAP [Radio]                                                      T.I.                                    ZPC-618-06
Ashes By Now                                                      Womack, Lee Ann                         HHC-103-05
Ashes By now                                                      Womack, Lee Ann                         S-057-07
Ask The Lonely                                                    Journey                                 S-032-07
Ass Like That [Xtra Super Clean]                                  Eminem                                  ZPC-613-07
At Last                                                           James, Etta                             S-062-01
At Last [Album Version]                                           Dion, Celine                            ZPC-489-01
At The End Of The Day [Single Version]                            Coffey, Kellie                          ZPC-477-11
At The Hop                                                        Danny & The Juniors                     ERG-05-10
At The Hop                                                        Danny & The Juniors                     F50-08-09
At The Hop                                                        Danny & The Juniors                     MB-07-05
At The Hop                                                        Danny & The Juniors                     S-107-02
At The Woodchopper's Ball                                         Brown, Les & His Orchestra              BAND-07-03
At This Moment                                                    Vera &, Billy                           MB-15-15
                                                                    12                          Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Atmosphere                                           TobyMac                                        ZPC-607-20
Attack                                               30 Seconds To Mars                             ZPC-622-13
Attitude                                             Wynonna                                        ZPC-638-14
Auctioneer, The                                      VanDyke, Leroy                                 MC-04-13
Auld Lang Syne                                       Lombardo, Guy                                  ERG-07-16
Auld Lang Syne                                       Lombardo, Guy                                  MB-12-11
Austin                                               Shelton, Blake                                 HHC-108-08
Autobiography                                        Simpson, Ashlee                                ZPC-590-03
Automatic                                            Collapsis                                      NMT-38-17
Automatic [Radio Edit]                               Ultra Nate                                     ZPC-2714-17
Autumn Leaves                                        Williams, Roger                                F50-03-03
Avalon                                               Goodman, Benny                                 BAND-01-11
Avalon [Jacques Lu Cont Mix]                         Juliet                                         ZPC-605-18
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) w/Luciano Pavorotti          Ultimate Wedding Album                         WED-04-12
Ave Maria (Schubert                                  O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                            WED-02-09
Ave Maria (Schubert) w/Luciano Pavarotti             Ultimate Wedding Album                         WED-04-10
Awake[Edit (Live Version)]                           Groban, Josh                                   ZPC-2815-02
Awake[Edit (Studio Version)]                         Groban, Josh                                   ZPC-2814-01
Awaken                                               Grant, Natalie                                 ZPC-2705-19
Awakening[Album Version]                             Switchfoot                                     ZPC-2713-01
Aware[Album Version]                                 Salvador                                       ZPC-2828-19
Away From Me [Radio Edit]                            Puddle Of Mudd                                 ZPC-536-14
Away From The Sun [Album Version]                    3 Doors Down                                   ZPC-549-12
Aweful, Beautiful Life[New Edit]                     Worley, Darryl                                 ZPC-575-11
Axel F                                               Crazy Frog                                     ZPC-619-17
Ayo                                                  Mya                                            ZPC-2635-06
Ayo Technology[Clean]                                50 Cent Feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland ZPC-2730-07
B More Shake [Marcos Carnaval vs. Mavi Club Mix]     Bambaataa, Afrika                              ZPC-625-16
B R Right [Amended Album Version]                    Trina Feat. Ludacris                           ZPC-489-09
Babies                                               Hamm, Regie                                    ZPC-488-01
Baby (Somethin's Happening)                          Frampton, Peter                                S-153-05
Baby [Clean]                                         Fabolous                                       ZPC-597-06
Baby Bend Over [Radio Version]                       Field Mob                                      ZPC-2627-05
Baby Blue Eyes                                       Stray Cats                                     S-029-06
Baby Boy                                             Beyonce Feat. Sean Paul                        ZPC-525-04
Baby Boy [Junior Vasquez Club Mix]                   Beyonce Feat. Sean Paul                        ZPC-535-16
Baby C'Mon                                           Boyz II Men                                    S-012-08
Baby Come On                                         (+44)                                          ZPC-2707-14
Baby Doll                                            Green, Pat                                     ZPC-608-08
Baby Don't Go[Radio]                                 Fabolous Feat. T-Pain                          ZPC-2732-08
Baby Girl                                            Sugarland                                      ZPC-578-11
Baby Girl, I'm A Blur[Radio Edit]                    Say Anything                                   ZPC-2743-12
Baby Got Back                                        Sir Mix-A-Lot                                  MB-06-01
Baby I Lied                                          Brown, Shannon                                 HHC-111-05
Baby I Lied                                          Allen, Deborah                                 MC-07-18
Baby I Lied                                          Brown, Shannon                                 ZCH2-01-10
Baby I Love U [Edit]                                 Lopez, Jennifer                                ZPC-525-03
Baby I Love U [Remix]                                Lopez, Jennifer Feat. R. Kelly                 ZPC-554-05
Baby I Love Your Way                                 Big Mountain                                   REG-01-16
Baby I'm Back [Clean]                                Baby Bash Feat. Akon                           ZPC-599-05
Baby It's You [Remix]                                JoJo Feat. Bow Wow                             ZPC-580-05
Baby Likes To Rock It                                Tractors, The                                  HHDC-03-01
Baby Likes To Rock It                                Tractors, The                                  MB-03-13
Baby Love                                            Supremes, The                                  ERG-05-11
                                                       13                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Baby Love                                       Supremes, The                                 S-147-03
Baby Love[Dave Aude Edit]                       Scherzinger, Nicole Feat.           ZPC-2750-18
Baby Love[Radio Edit]                           Scherzinger, Nicole Feat.           ZPC-2738-05
Baby Mama [Album Version]                       Fantasia                                      ZPC-604-05
Baby Mama [Clean]                               Holla Point                                   ZPC-572-04
Baby Mama Love [Clean Radio Version]            N2U Feat. Jermaine Dupri                      ZPC-604-08
Baby One More Time                              Spears, Britney                               RC-08-05
Baby What You Want Me To Do                     Reed, Jimmy                                   BLUE-02-08
Baby You Make My Day                            Rowe, Charles A. & Peck, Danielle             HHC-095-15
Baby, Come Over                                 Mumba, Samantha                               HHD-84-14
Baby, Come To Me                                Austin, Patti & Ingram, James                 DM-02-03
Baby, I Love Your Way                           Frampton, Peter                               S-153-06
Baby, I'm In Love [Boris & Beck Radio Edit]     Thalia                                        ZPC-540-17
Baby, It's Cold Outside                         Stewart, Rod with Dolly Parton                ZPC-596-03
Baby, It's Cold Outside                         Simpson, Jessica Feat. Nick Lachey            ZPC-650-09
Baby, It's Cold Outside[Album Version]          Martin, Dean And Martina McBride              ZPC-2751-11
Baby, Please Don't Go                           Aerosmith                                     ZPC-557-14
Baby, What A Big Surprise                       Chicago                                       S-084-02
Baby[Album Version (Edited)]                    LL Cool J Feat. The-Dream                     ZPC-2826-08
Baby[Craig C Master Radio Edit]                 Stone, Angie Feat. Betty Wright               ZPC-2745-17
Baby's Gone [Album Version]                     Emerson, Chris                                ZPC-523-03
Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On                    McDaniel, Mel                                 CC-01-14
Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On                    McDaniel, Mel                                 MC-02-06
Back 2 Good                                     Matchbox 20                                   BP99-12
Back Again [Radio]                              Dilated Peoples                               ZPC-2604-03
Back At One                                     Wills, Mark                                   HHC-095-02
Back At One                                     McKnight, Brian                               HHD-73-07
Back Beat Boogie                                James, Harry                                  BAND-04-06
Back Door Man                                   Wolf, Howlin'                                 BLUE-01-06
Back Door Santa                                 Jet                                           ZPC-650-19
Back For Good                                   Take That                                     MB-13-17
Back Here                                       BBMak                                         HHD-78-06
Back In My Arms Again                           Chesney, Kenny                                S-128-01
Back In The Day (Puff) [Album Version]          Badu, Erykah                                  ZPC-542-08
Back In The Mudd [Radio Edit]                   Sparxxx, Bubba                                ZPC-547-04
Back In The Saddle                              Aeorsmith                                     S-040-06
Back In The Saddle Again                        Autry, Gene                                   S-097-06
Back In The Streets [Clean]                     Lil' Rob                                      ZPC-637-07
Back In Your Head[Zoned Out Remix]              Tegan And Sara                                ZPC-2804-18
Back Like That [Main (Xtra Clean)]              Ghostface Killah Feat. Ne-Yo                  ZPC-2606-08
Back Of Da Club [Radio Edit]                    Mashonda                                      ZPC-607-08
Back Of The Bottom Drawer                       Wright, Chely                                 ZPC-567-12
Back That Thang Up                              Juvenile                                      HHD-78-03
Back That Thing Up                              Moore, Justin                                 ZPC-2828-11
Back Then [Radio Edit]                          Jones, Mike                                   ZPC-618-08
Back To Basics [Radio Edit]                     Shape: UK                                     ZPC-629-18
Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)           Soul II Soul                                  ZEW-89-01
Back To The Cross[AC Mix Edit]                  Our Heart's Hero                              ZPC-2741-19
Back To The Sixties                             Tight Fit                                     MB-23-01
Back Up [Clean]                                 Pitbull                                       ZPC-573-07
Back When [Radio Edit]                          McGraw, Tim                                   ZPC-585-09
Back When I Knew It All                         Montgomery Gentry                             ZPC-2807-10
Back Where I Come From                          Chesney, Kenny                                S-128-04
Backflip                                        Raven-Symone                                  ZPC-585-03
                                                   14                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                     B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus                             Evans, Sara                                  ZPC-503-10
Bad Bad Leroy Brown                                     Croce, Jim                                   S-064-06
Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That [Clean Version]              Bad Boy's Da Band                            ZPC-534-09
Bad Boys (Theme From COPS)                              Inner Circle                                 MB-15-04
Bad Boys (Theme From COPS)                              Inner Circle                                 REG-01-05
Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)                 Palmer, Robert                               S-024-01
Bad Chick [Clean]                                       Webbie                                       ZPC-628-05
Bad Day                                                 R.E.M.                                       ZPC-531-14
Bad Day [Album Version]                                 Powter, Daniel                               ZPC-647-01
Bad Day To Let You Go                                   White, Bryan                                 HHC-078-07
Bad For Me                                              Peck, Danielle                               ZPC-2724-12
Bad Girl                                                ZZ Top                                       S-130-11
Bad Girl                                                Danity Kane Feat. Missy Elliott              ZPC-2827-04
Bad Girl [Radio]                                        Black Buddafly Feat. Fabolous                ZPC-2607-08
Bad Girlfriend[Cleaner Version]                         Theory Of A Deadman                          ZPC-2820-15
Bad Moon Rising                                         CCR                                          S-076-04
Bad Things [Album Version]                              Everett, Jace                                ZPC-642-11
Bad To The Bone                                         Thorogood, George                            GR70-03-03
Bad To The Bone                                         Thorogood, George                            MB-03-01
Bad Touch, The (Eiffel 65 Mix)                          Bloodhound Gang                              NMT-37-04
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown                                    Croce, Jim                                   MB-11-02
Bada Boom [Clean]                                       B2K Feat. Fabolous                           ZPC-541-05
Badd [Clean]                                            Ying Yang Twins Feat. Mike Jones             ZPC-624-08
Badonkadonk [Single Edit]                               Adkins, Trace                                ZPC-636-12
Bagpipes Cryin'                                         Rushlow Harris                               ZPC-2643-11
Bailamos                                                Iglesias, Enrique                            HHD-72-01
Bailamos                                                Iglesias, Enrique                            RC-09-08
Bailando                                                Angelina                                     HT18-42-09
Baker Street [Mikem Radio Edit]                         Sax Brothers                                 ZPC-531-17
Ball And Chain                                          Joplin, Janis                                S-095-06
Balla Baby [Radio]                                      Chingy                                       ZPC-583-06
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen                               Cash, Johnny                                 MC-10-06
Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde                              Haggard, Merle                               MC-08-06
Ballroom Blitz                                          Sweet                                        ERG-02-02
Ballroom Blitz                                          Sweet                                        GR70-03-01
Bama Breeze [Single Edit]                               Buffett, Jimmy                               ZPC-2634-11
Banana Boat Song (Day-O)                                Belafonte, Harry                             F50-08-07
Banana Boat Song (Day-O)                                Belafonte, Harry                             MB-09-07
Band Of Gold                                            Cherry, Don                                  F50-05-06
Band Of Gold                                            Locke, Kimberley                             ZPC-2732-01
Band Of Gold[Almighty 7" Anthem Mix]                    Locke, Kimberley                             ZPC-2738-17
Bandages [Radio Mix]                                    Hot Hot Heat                                 ZPC-514-14
Bandolera (Merengue)                                    Murray, Arthur                               BRD-01-06
Bang Bang Boom [Squeaky Clean]                          Drag-On                                      ZPC-545-07
Bang The Drum All Day                                   Rundgren, Todd                               MB-18-06
Bar…Ked                                                 Hewitt, Jennifer Love                        ZPH2-06-03
Barbara Ann                                             Beach Boys, The                              MB-03-09
Barbara Ann                                             Beach Boys                                   S-070-15
Barbarella                                              Weiland, Scott                               RA98-05-14
Barbed Wire & Roses                                     Pinmonkey                                    ZCH2-05-13
Barefoot Children                                       Buffett, Jimmy                               S-151-10
Barry Williams Show, The[Radio Edit - Adulterated Ver   Gabriel, Peter                               ZPC-475-12
Bartender                                               T-Pain Feat. Akon                            ZPC-2718-06
Bartender Song (Sittin' At A Bar)[Country Version]      Rehab Feat. Hank Williams Jr.                ZPC-2829-10
                                                          15                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                           B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                             MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Bartender[Clean]                             T-Pain Feat. Akon                                     ZPC-2722-06
Bartender's Blues                            Jones, George & Taylor, James                         CC-02-20
Bat Country [Radio Edit]                     Avenged Sevenfold                                     ZPC-631-14
Bat Out Of Hell                              Meat Loaf                                             S-028-01
Bawitdaba                                    Kid Rock                                              BR99-04
Bawitdaba                                    Kid Rock                                              RC-09-04
Be Bop Baby                                  Nelson, Ricky                                         S-064-20
Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazon)          Martin, Ricky w/Madonna                               S-005-05
Be Easy [Amended]                            T.I.                                                  ZPC-539-07
Be Good To Yourself                          Journey                                               S-032-15
Be Lifted High                               Smith, Michael W.                                     ZPC-2717-18
Be Love                                      Plus One                                              ZPC-552-20
Be Mine                                      Gioia                                                 ZPC-583-18
Be Mine [Remix]                              Gray, David                                           ZPC-496-01
Be My Escape                                 Relient K                                             ZPC-594-19
Be My Love                                   Lanza, Mario                                          F50-01-12
Be My Love                                   Romantic Strings                                      S-133-02
Be My Love w/ Jose Carreras                  Ultimate Wedding Album                                WED-04-15
Be My Lover                                  La Bouche                                             MB-13-16
Be My Lover                                  La Bouche                                             RC-01-01
Be My Lover                                  Alice Cooper                                          S-081-05
Be My Somebody                               Jones, Norah                                          ZPC-2728-01
Be My World [Radio Edit]                     Milky                                                 ZPC-622-19
Be Somebody [Xtra Clean]                     Dre Feat. Keyshia Cole                                ZPC-2638-07
Be Still[Album Version]                      StorySide:B                                           ZPC-2731-20
Be The Girl                                  Aslyn                                                 ZPC-592-01
Be Thou My Vision                            Selah                                                 ZPC-618-21
Be True To Your School                       Beach Boys                                            S-070-08
Be With You                                  Iglesias, Enrique                                     HHD-77-08
Be With You                                  Iglesias, Enrique                                     NMT-38-06
Be Without You [Kendu Mix]                   Blige, Mary J.                                        ZPC-643-08
Be Yourself                                  Audioslave                                            ZPC-610-15
Beaches Of Cheyenne, The                     Brooks, Garth                                         S-123-07
Beast And The Harlot [Radio Edit]            Avenged Sevenfold                                     ZPC-2613-13
Beast Of Burden                              Rolling Stones, The                                   S-079B-04
Beat It                                      Fall Out Boy Feat. John Mayer                         ZPC-2810-17
Beatnik Fly                                  Johnny & The Hurricanes                               S-116-04
Beautiful                                    Dayne, Taylor                                         ZPC-2802-01
Beautiful                                    10 Years                                              ZPC-2805-16
Beautiful                                    Dillon, Bethany                                       ZPC-556-20
Beautiful [Al B Rich Radio Mix]              Aguilera, Christina                                   ZPC-502-04
Beautiful [Album Version]                    Aguilera, Christina                                   ZPC-486-05
Beautiful [Christmas Version]                Brickman, Jim Feat. Wayne Brady                       ZPC-2651-06
Beautiful [Edit]                             Avion                                                 ZPC-610-01
Beautiful [Full Length]                      Brickman, Jim Feat. Wayne Brady                       ZPC-637-03
Beautiful [Radio Edit]                       Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell And Uncle Charlie Wilson    ZPC-499-05
Beautiful Boy                                Dion, Celine                                          ZPC-588-01
Beautiful Day                                U2                                                    HHD-83-05
Beautiful Day [Radio Edit]                   Christie, DJ Jackie Feat. Discomind                   ZPC-590-16
Beautiful Day [Vocal Up Version]             Santus Real                                           ZPC-542-18
Beautiful Disaster                           McLaughlin, Jon                                       ZPC-2720-01
Beautiful Girl                               Kingston, Sean                                        ZPC-2720-03
Beautiful Goodbye                            Hanson, Jennifer                                      ZPC-481-08
Beautiful In My Eyes                         Kadison, Joshua                                       MB-09-05
                                               16                                        Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Beautiful Liar [Freemasons Radio Vox]                           Beyonce Feat. Shakira                         ZPC-2714-15
Beautiful Liar[Radio Mix]                                       Beyonce Feat. Shakira                         ZPC-2710-06
Beautiful Love [Radio Version]                                  Afters                                        ZPC-608-01
Beautiful Mess                                                  Diamond Rio                                   ZCH2-05-07
Beautiful Name [Radio Mix #1]                                   ZOEgirl                                       ZPC-556-19
Beautiful News[Radio Version]                                   Redman, Matt                                  ZPC-2735-20
Beautiful Soul [Radio Edit]                                     McCartney, Jesse                              ZPC-585-02
Beautiful Stranger                                              Madonna                                       RC-09-05
Beautiful Things [Photon Project Radio Mix]                     Andain                                        ZPC-562-18
Beautiful Ways [Single Version]                                 McGee Band, Pat                               ZPC-562-04
Beautiful You                                                   Hennessy, Carly                               ZPH1-07-06
Beautiful You [AC Edit]                                         Springfield, Rick                             ZPC-565-01
Beautiful[Hex Hector's Radio Edit]                              Dayne, Taylor                                 ZPC-2803-17
Beauty                                                          Woods, Ayiesha                                ZPC-2717-19
Beauty And The Beast                                            Dion, Celine                                  MB-05-10
Beauty Of Grace                                                 Meyers, Krystal                               ZPC-2650-18
Beauty Of Who You Are, The                                      Broussard, Marc                               S-142-03
Be-Bop-A-Lula                                                   Vincent, Gene                                 MB-23-04
Because I Love You (Postman Song)                               Stevie B.                                     ZEW-90-08
Because Of You                                                  Bennett, Tony                                 F50-02-12
Because Of You                                                  McEntire, Reba Duet With Kelly Clarkson       ZPC-2721-09
Because Of You                                                  Nickelback                                    ZPC-582-14
Because Of You                                                  Clarkson, Kelly                               ZPC-631-04
Because Of You [Jason Nevins Remix]                             Clarkson, Kelly                               ZPC-644-18
Because Of You [Radio Edit]                                     Houston, Marques                              ZPC-558-08
Because Of You [Radio]                                          Ne-Yo                                         ZPC-2706-04
Because Of You[Josh Harris Radio Edit]                          Ne-Yo                                         ZPC-2735-18
Because Of Your Love [New Light Mix]                            Baloche, Paul                                 ZPC-2631-17
Because The Night[Radio Mix]                                    O, Linda                                      ZPC-2728-18
Because w/ Pacido Domingo                                       Ultimate Wedding Album                        WED-04-13
Because You Live [Chris Lord-Alge Mix]                          McCartney, Jesse                              ZPC-633-04
Because You Love Me                                             Messina, Jo Dee                               NMT-37-13
Because You Loved Me                                            Dion, Celine                                  MB-03-10
Becausee I Got High                                             Afro Man                                      ZPH1-06-04
Becoming The Bull["No Bull" Edit]                               Atreyu                                        ZPC-2728-15
Bed[Radio Edit]                                                 Holiday, J.                                   ZPC-2726-06
Bedroom Boom [Amended]                                          Ying Yang Twins Feat. Avant                   ZPC-2601-06
Beds Are Burning [Radio Edit]                                   Novaspace                                     ZPC-550-15
Been Down So Long                                               Doors, The                                    S-082-03
Beep                                                            Pussycat Dolls Feat.                ZPC-649-02
Beer & Bones                                                    Montgomery, John Michael                      CC-07-22
Beer Barrel Polka                                               Traditional                                   MB-12-15
Beer For My Horses [Album Version]                              Keith, Toby Duet With Willie Nelson           ZPC-507-09
Beer In Mexico                                                  Chesney, Kenny                                ZPC-2701-12
Beer Man                                                        Willmon, Trent                                ZPC-560-13
Beer thirty                                                     Brooks & Dunn                                 HHC-094-14
Before He Cheats                                                Underwood, Carrie                             ZPC-2632-11
Before I Forget [Single Mix]                                    Slipknot                                      ZPC-607-12
Before I Knew Better                                            Martin, Brad                                  ZCH2-04-03
Before It's Too Late (Sam And Mikaela's Theme)[Album Version]   Goo Goo Dolls                                 ZPC-2722-02
Before The Next Teardrop Falls                                  Fender, Freddy                                CC-04-06
Before The Next Teardrop Falls                                  Fender, Freddy                                ERG-08-02
Before The Next Teardrop Falls                                  Fender, Freddy                                MC-09-06
Before Tomorrow Comes[Album Version]                            Alter Bridge                                  ZPC-2816-13
                                                                  17                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                           B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                             MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Before Your Love                             Clarkson, Kelly                                   ZPC-487-05
Beg For It                                   Omarion                                           ZPC-2716-05
Beggin'                                      Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons                    S-059-07
Begin The Beguine                            Shaw, Artie                                       MB-22-17
Begin The Beguine                            Romantic Strings                                  S-136-05
Begin To Spin Me Around                      Minogue, Dannii Vs. Dead Or Alive                 ZPC-534-04
Behind Blue Eyes [Clean Version]             Limpbizkit                                        ZPC-544-10
Behind Closed Doors                          Rich, Charlie                                     CC-06-16
Behind Closed Doors                          Rich, Charlie                                     MC-09-20
Behind Closed Doors                          Romantic Strings                                  S-135-11
Behind These Hazel Eyes [Album Version]      Clarkson, Kelly                                   ZPC-613-04
Behind Those Eyes [Radio Edit]               3 Doors Down                                      ZPC-612-11
Believe                                      Cher                                              HHP-67-13
Believe                                      Bravery                                           ZPC-2734-16
Believe                                      Murk (Oscar G & Ralph Falcon)                     ZPC-543-16
Believe                                      Groban, Josh                                      ZPC-593-01
Believe [Single Edit]                        Brooks & Dunn                                     ZPC-639-12
Believe In Me [Single Edit]                  ATB                                               ZPC-641-19
Believe In You                               Marshall, Amanda                                  HHP-67-10
Believe Me Now [Radio Edit]                  Chapman, Steven Curtis                            ZPC-630-20
Believe[Album Version]                       Britt Nicole                                      ZPC-2819-20
Believe[Radio Edit]                          Staind                                            ZPC-2826-15
Bella (She's All I Ever Had)                 Martin, Ricky                                     S-005-13
Belly Dancer (Bananza) [Clean]               Akon                                              ZPC-621-08
Ben                                          Jackson, Michael                                  S-078-07
Bennie And The Jets                          John, Elton                                       S-090-07
Bent                                         Matchbox 20                                       RC-11-06
Besame Mucho (Strings)                       Old Fashioned Wedding                             BRD-03-09
Best Best                                    Elliott, Missy                                    ZPC-2825-05
Best Days                                    Colton, Graham                                    ZPC-2747-01
Best Friend [Remix]                          50 Cent And Olivia                                ZPC-2605-08
Best I Ever Had                              Allan, Gary                                       ZPC-620-12
Best Is Yet To Come, The                     Sinatra, Frank                                    S-021-07
Best Mistake I Ever Made                     Fowler, Kevin                                     ZPC-2748-10
Best Of Intentions                           Tritt, Travis                                     HHC-103-02
Best Of Me[Main]                             Chrisette Michele                                 ZPC-2726-02
Best Of My Love                              Emotions                                          MB-19-17
Best Of My Love                              Eagles, The                                       S-092-10
Best Of You                                  Foo Fighters                                      ZPC-616-14
Bet That [Clean]                             Trick Daddy Feat. Chamillionaire And Goldrush     ZPC-2648-09
Bet Your Heart On Me                         Lee, Johnny                                       MC-07-15
Betcha Can't Do It Like Me [Radio Edit]      D4L                                               ZPC-647-07
Bette Davis Eyes                             Carnes, Kim                                       ERG-03-08
Bette Davis Eyes                             Carnes, Kim                                       RUSA-02-14
Better [Rock Radio Mix]                      Plumb                                             ZPC-642-19
Better As A Memory                           Chesney, Kenny                                    ZPC-2812-11
Better Class Of Losers                       Travis, Randy                                     CC-07-14
Better Days [Album Version]                  Goo Goo Dolls                                     ZPC-637-02
Better Get To Livin'                         Parton, Dolly                                     ZPC-2740-13
Better In Time[Single Mix]                   Lewis, Leona                                      ZPC-2823-04
Better Life [Edit]                           Urban, Keith                                      ZPC-631-13
Better Man                                   Black, Clint                                      CC-05-01
Better Man                                   Warren Brothers, The                              HHC-086-11
Better Now [Album Version]                   Collective Soul                                   ZPC-602-13
                                               18                                    Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Better Off Alone                                     Deejay, Alice                                NMT-38-04
Better Off Alone                                     Alice Deejay                                 RC-10-15
Better Places Than This                              Byrd, Tracy                                  ZPC-2715-11
Better Start Talking [Clean]                         Jones, Donell Feat. Jermaine Dupri           ZPC-641-08
Better Than Me [Pop Mix]                             Hinder                                       ZPC-2702-04
Better Things To Do                                  Clark, Terri                                 HHDC-04-07
Better[Radio Recut]                                  Spektor, Regina                              ZPC-2752-01
Bettin' Forever On You                               Toliver, Tony                                HHDC-07-09
Betty's Takin' Judo                                  Carson, Jeff                                 HHDC-07-10
Between Raising Hell And Amazing Grace               Big & Rich                                   ZPC-2732-12
Between The Devil And Me                             Jackson, Alan                                HHC-73-01
Between You & Me                                     Ja Rule w/ Milian, Christina                 HHD-82-03
Beverly Hills                                        Weezer                                       ZPC-611-14
Beware Of The Boys                                   Panjabi MC Feat. Jay-Z                       ZPC-507-07
Bewitched                                            Romantic Strings                             S-136-06
Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered [Album Version]     Stewart, Rod duet with Cher                  ZPC-536-02
Beyond The Grey Sky [Radio Edit]                     311                                          ZPC-537-15
Beyond The Sea                                       Darin, Bobby                                 MB-21-21
Big Bad John                                         Dean, Jimmy                                  S-064-07
Big Balls                                            AC/DC                                        S-035-03
Big Blue Note [Album Version]                        Keith, Toby                                  ZPC-635-12
Big Boss Man                                         Reed, Jimmy                                  BLUE-01-07
Big Boss Man                                         Rich, Charlie                                MC-07-11
Big Brat                                             Phantom Planet                               ZPC-553-15
Big Casino                                           Jimmy Eat World                              ZPC-2736-15
Big Chips [Radio]                                    Jay-Z & R. Kelly                             ZPC-587-06
Big City                                             Haggard, Merle                               CC-03-12
Big City                                             Haggard, Merle                               S-018-11
Big Enough                                           Rowe, Charles Alan                           HHDC-10-11
Big Enough                                           Woods, Ayiesha Feat. TobyMac                 ZPC-2636-20
Big Girl                                             Ammons, Angela                               HHD-86-11
Big Girls Don't Cry (Remix)                          Fergie Feat. Sean Kingston                   ZPC-2735-06
Big Girls Don't Cry[Radio]                           Fergie                                       ZPC-2719-04
Big Guitar                                           Blackhawk                                    HHDC-06-06
Big Love                                             Byrd, Tracy                                  HHDC-07-08
Big Love                                             LeDoux, Chris                                S-009-04
Big Love                                             Fleetwood Mac                                S-031-14
Big Machine                                          Goo Goo Dolls                                ZPH2-06-02
Big Ol' Truck                                        Keith, Toby                                  HHDC-04-05
Big Picture                                          Brokop, Lisa                                 ZPC-628-11
Big Pimpin'                                          Jay-Z                                        S-159-16
Big River                                            Cash, Johnny                                 S-143-06
Big Star                                             Chesney, Kenny                               ZPC-495-11
Big Things Poppin[Radio Edit]                        T.I. Vs. TIP                                 ZPC-2717-06
Big Time                                             Big & Rich                                   ZPC-605-12
Big Yellow Taxi                                      Counting Crows Feat. Vanessa Carlton         ZPC-489-03
Bigger Than My Body                                  Mayer, John                                  ZPC-526-03
Biker Chick                                          Messina, Jo Dee                              ZPC-2728-13
Billie Jean                                          Jackson, Michael                             MB-01-12
Billie Jean [Beat Mix]                               Sound Bluntz                                 ZPC-492-18
Billion Dollar Babies                                Alice Cooper                                 S-081-11
Bills, Bills, Bills                                  Destiny's Child                              BB99-07
Bills, Bills, Bills                                  Destiny's Child                              HHD-72-11
Bills, Bills, Bills                                  Destiny's Child                              HT18-32-02
                                                       19                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Billy Club                                             Junkie XL                                    RA98-05-18
Billy The Kid                                          LeDoux, Chris                                S-009-08
Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On                        McCoy, Neal                                  ZPC-626-09
Birthday                                               Beatles, The                                 MB-12-05
Bitter Sweet Symphony                                  Verve, The                                   BPH8-02-01
Bitter Sweet Symphony                                  Verve, The                                   RC-06-09
Bittersweet                                            Fuel                                         BR99-11
Bizarre Love Triangle                                  New Order                                    MB-10-07
Black And Gold                                         Sparro, Sam                                  ZPC-2823-02
Black And Gold[Phones Hard As Diamonds Edit]           Sparro, Sam                                  ZPC-2827-18
Black Balloon                                          Goo Goo Dolls                                HHD-72-05
Black Betty                                            Ram Jam                                      GR70-03-02
Black Betty                                            Ram Jam                                      MB-21-12
Black Betty                                            Spiderbait                                   ZPC-586-15
Black Cat                                              Jackson, Janet                               S-065-11
Black Denim Trousers & Motorcycle Boots                Monroe, Vaughn                               F50-07-06
Black Eyes, Blue Tears                                 Twain, Shania                                S-008-13
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree                          Tunstall, KT                                 ZPC-2608-01
Black Magic Woman                                      Santana                                      S-087-04
Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen                        Santana                                      S-047-02
Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen (Live)                 Santana                                      S-047-12
Black Night                                            Brown, Charles                               BLUE-01-10
Black Rain                                             Osbourne, Ozzy                               ZPC-2747-16
Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)                       Smith, Will                                  ZPH2-05-13
Black Sweat [Album Edit]                               Prince                                       ZPC-2606-04
Black Velvet                                           Myles, Alannah                               MB-19-08
Black Velvet Band                                      Irish Rovers, The                            ERG-03-15
Black Water                                            Doobie Brothers, The                         S-077-08
Black-Eyed Blues                                       Cocker, Joe                                  S-091-04
Blackout [Edit]                                        (hed) Planet Earth                           ZPC-500-15
Blackout [Radio Edit]                                  Mashonda Feat. Nas                           ZPC-625-06
Blades Of Glory[Radio Edit]                            Bice, Bo                                     ZPC-2716-03
Blame It On Mama                                       Jenkins                                      ZPC-559-11
Blame It On My Youth                                   Francis, Connie                              S-118-05
Blame It On The Weatherman                             B'Witched                                    NMT-27-06
Blanket On The Ground                                  Spears, Billie Jo                            MC-05-15
Bleed It Out[Clean Album Version]                      Linkin Park                                  ZPC-2726-13
Bleed Like Me [Kuppers Klub Extravaganza Radio Edit]   Garbage                                      ZPC-630-17
Bleed Like Me [Radio Edit]                             Garbage                                      ZPC-617-14
Bleeding Love[Radio Edit]                              Lewis, Leona                                 ZPC-2806-04
Bless The Broken Road                                  Selah                                        ZPC-2613-19
Bless The Broken Road                                  Rascal Flatts                                ZPC-589-11
Blessed                                                McBride, Martina                             ZCH2-01-03
Blessed Be Your Name [AC Mix]                          Tree63                                       ZPC-554-18
Blind [Radio Edit]                                     Lifehouse                                    ZPC-636-01
Blind Man[Radio Edit]                                  Black Stone Cherry                           ZPC-2824-16
Blinded (When I See You) [Radio Edit]                  Third Eye Blind                              ZPC-508-03
Blindfold Me [Main]                                    Kelis Feat. Nas                              ZPC-2634-04
Blindsided [Radio Remix]                               Woodward, Lucy                               ZPC-513-03
Blink Of An Eye                                        Ricochet                                     HHC-071-08
Bliss [Edit]                                           Peacock, Alice feat. Mayer, John             ZPC-515-02
Blister In The Sun                                     Violent Femmes                               MB-18-13
Blood Red Summer [Album Version]                       Coheed And Cambria                           ZPC-592-12
Blow My Mind[Clean]                                    Styles P                                     ZPC-2743-06
                                                          20                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Blow The Whistle [Clean]                          Too $hort                                    ZPC-2609-05
Blowin' In The Wind                               Dylan, Bob                                   S-056-02
Blowin' In The Wind                               Wonder, Stevie                               S-096-16
Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love) [Radio Edit #1]     Chasez, JC                                   ZPC-491-05
Blue                                              Rimes, LeAnn                                 MB-13-01
Blue (Da Ba Dee)                                  Eiffel 65                                    HHD-76-02
Blue [Album Version]                              Thorns                                       ZPC-543-01
Blue [Album Version]                              A Perfect Circle                             ZPC-577-14
Blue And Sentimental                              Basie, Count                                 S-026-09
Blue And Yellow [Album Version]                   Used                                         ZPC-519-16
Blue Bayou                                        Romantic Strings                             S-133-04
Blue Blue Day                                     Kendalls, The                                MC-10-17
Blue Christmas                                    Bon Jovi, Jon                                ZPC-494-17
Blue Christmas                                    Jewel                                        ZPC-598-07
Blue Clear Sky                                    Strait, George                               S-063-07
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain                      Nelson, Willie                               CC-04-10
Blue Fiddle Waltz                                 West, Dottie                                 MC-03-13
Blue Guitar                                       Moody Blues, The                             S-094-10
Blue Jeans [Radio Mix]                            Silvertide                                   ZPC-605-13
Blue Jeans [Rizzo's Bellbottom Mix Show Edit]     Yasmeen                                      ZPC-476-06
Blue Magic                                        Jay-Z                                        ZPC-2741-06
Blue Monday                                       Orgy                                         BR99-14
Blue Monday                                       Orgy                                         RC-08-04
Blue Moon                                         Marcels, The                                 S-114-03
Blue Moon [Album Version]                         Stewart, Rod Feat. Eric Clapton              ZPC-604-02
Blue Moon Of Kentucky                             Willie, Box Car                              MC-10-16
Blue Orchid                                       White Stripes                                ZPC-615-14
Blue Skies                                        Nelson, Willie                               CC-02-11
Blue Suede Shoes                                  Perkins, Carl                                F50-09-14
Blue Suede Shoes                                  Presley, Elvis                               MB-01-19
Blue Tango                                        Anderson, Leroy & His "Pops" Concert Orch    F50-03-10
Blue Velvet                                       Vinton, Bobby                                L60-01-02
Blue Velvet                                       Vinton, Bobby                                S-115-06
Blue Water [Radio]                                Black Rock Feat. Debra Andrew                ZPC-637-18
Blue World                                        Moody Blues, The                             S-094-15
Blueberry Hill                                    Fats Domino                                  ERG-01-12
Blueberry Hill                                    Domino, Fats                                 F50-04-16
Bluer Than Blue                                   Johnson, Michael                             MC-05-06
Bluest Eyes In Texas                              Restless Heart                               CC-05-08
Blurry                                            Puddle Of Mudd                               ZPH2-03-01
Bob Robert's Society Band                         Buffett, Jimmy                               S-151-15
Bob That Head                                     Rascal Flatts                                ZPC-2825-12
Bobbin' My Head [Radio Edit Clean]                Blak Jak                                     ZPC-2639-06
Body                                              Ja Rule Feat. Ashley                         ZPC-2736-05
Body (Reach Out) [Radio Edit]                     Trent, Faith                                 ZPC-490-16
Body On Me                                        Nelly Feat. Ashanti & Akon                   ZPC-2822-09
Body Rock [Radio]                                 Purple Ribbon All-Stars                      ZPC-2604-06
Bodyrock                                          Moby                                         HHD-78-11
Bodyrock                                          Moby                                         NMT-27-16
Bodyrock                                          Moby                                         RR99-07-06
Bodysnatchers[Mastered Version]                   Radiohead                                    ZPC-2744-14
Bohemian Rhapsody                                 Queen                                        S-159-15
Bojangles [Radio Edit]                            Pitbull                                      ZPC-2618-05
Bom Bom Bom                                       Living Things                                ZPC-637-15
                                                    21                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                          B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                            MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Bombs Below [Album Version]                   Living Things                                         ZPC-2615-15
Bones [Album Version]                         Killers                                               ZPC-2648-15
Bonnie & Clyde 2003 [Clean]                   Jay-Z Feat. Beyonce                                   ZPC-484-06
Boo Woo                                       James, Harry w/ Pete Johnson, piano                   BAND-04-11
Boogie Nights                                 Heatwave                                              MB-24-18
Boogie Shoes                                  KC & The Sunshine Band                                S-022-14
Boogie Woogie                                 Dorsey, Tommy                                         BAND-03-04
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy                       Andrews Sisters                                       MB-23-11
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Big Band)            Old Fashioned Wedding Dance                           BRD-02-08
Boom [Remix]                                  Mario Feat. Juvenile                                  ZPC-634-04
Boom Boom                                     Hooker, John Lee                                      BLUE-01-08
Boom Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)     Lekakis, Paul                                         MB-24-06
Boom Shakalak                                 Apache Indian                                         REG-01-14
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!                      Vengaboys                                             S-036-02
Boomer Sooner - U of OK Fight Song            All-American Marching Band                            S-141-14
Boondocks                                     Little Big Town                                       ZPC-624-09
Boot Scootin' Boogie                          Brooks & Dunn                                         MB-09-10
Boots I Came To Town In, The                  Hobbs, Becky                                          MC-07-07
Booty Music[Album Version (Edited)]           Git Fresh                                             ZPC-2821-08
Bootylicious                                  Destiny's Child                                       HHD-87-01
Bop                                           Seals, Dan                                            CC-01-15
Bop                                           Seals, Dan                                            ERG-01-10
Bop                                           Seals, Dan                                            MB-21-14
Border Song                                   John, Elton                                           S-090-10
Borderline                                    Madonna                                               S-067-03
Born A Woman                                  Posey, Sandy                                          MC-02-16
Born In Bethlehem                             Third Day                                             ZPC-2751-17
Born On Christmas Day[Single Edit]            Paisley, Brad                                         ZPC-2751-10
Born Slippy Nuxx [Paul Oakenfold Mix]         Underworld                                            ZPC-547-15
Born To Be Alive                              Hernandez, Patrick                                    MB-18-15
Born To Be Wild                               Steppenwolf                                           ERG-07-05
Born To Be Wild                               Steppenwolf                                           MB-06-05
Born To Fly                                   Evans, Sara                                           HHC-101-13
Born To Lead [Album Version]                  Hoobastank                                            ZPC-2638-15
Born Too Slow [Album Version]                 Crystal Method                                        ZPC-545-11
Born Too Slow [Erik Morillo Edit]             Crystal Method                                        ZPC-555-17
Borrow Mine                                   Norman, Bebo                                          ZPC-639-20
Boss' Life[Clean]                             Snoop Dogg Feat. Nate Dogg                            ZPC-2710-09
Bossy [Clean]                                 Kelis Feat. Too $hort                                 ZPC-2621-05
Bossy [Redsoul 8055y Remix]                   Kelis Feat. Too $hort                                 ZPC-2632-18
Boston                                        Augustana                                             ZPC-2623-01
Bother                                        Stone Sour                                            ZPC-477-14
Bottle It Up                                  Bareilles, Sara                                       ZPC-2810-01
Bottle Poppin'[Radio Edit]                    Yung Joc Feat. Gorilla Zoe                            ZPC-2739-07
Bottom Of A Bottle                            Smile Empty Soul                                      ZPC-512-13
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [Edit]             Green Day                                             ZPC-588-12
Bounce                                        Bon Jovi                                              ZPC-492-15
Bounce                                        Fatty Koo                                             ZPC-616-04
Bounce [Album Version]                        Garfunkel, Art With Maia Sharp & Buddy Mondlock       ZPC-484-02
Bounce [Radio Version W/O Rap]                Connor, Sarah                                         ZPC-549-03
Bounce With Me                                Lil Bow Wow w/Xscape                                  HHD-79-12
Bow Down To Washington - U of WA Fight Song   All-American Marching Band                            S-141-23
Bow Wow (That's My Name)                      Lil Bow Wow                                           HHD-83-06
BOW WOW (That's My name)                      Lil Bow Wow                                           TRBH-01-10
                                                 22                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                 MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Boy (I Need You) [Radio Edit]                    Carey, Mariah Feat. Cam'Ron                    ZPC-497-08
Boy Looka Here[Clean]                            Rich Boy                                       ZPC-2712-08
Boy You Knock Me Out                             Ali, Tatyana                                   HHP-67-08
Boyfriend [Eddie Baez Radio Edit]                Simpson, Ashlee                                ZPC-649-17
Boyfriend [Radio Edit]                           Simpson, Ashlee                                ZPC-635-05
Boyfriend/Girlfriend                             C-SIDE                                         ZPC-2752-05
Boys                                             Spears, Britney                                ZPH2-06-06
Boys Of Summer [Original Extended Version]       DJ Sammy                                       ZPC-486-18
Boys Of Summer [Radio Version]                   DJ Sammy                                       ZPC-493-03
Braid My Hair [Radio Edit]                       Mario                                          ZPC-480-06
Braid My Hair[Radio Edit]                        Owen, Randy                                    ZPC-2809-13
Brand New [Xtra Clean Radio Edit]                Rhymefest Feat. Kanye West                     ZPC-635-10
Brand New Day                                    Morrison, Van                                  S-080-08
Brand New Day[AC Radio Mix With Strings]         Fireflight                                     ZPC-2818-20
Brand New Girlfriend                             Holy, Steve                                    ZPC-2609-11
Brand New Life [Album Version]                   Lampa, Rachael                                 ZPC-498-18
Brand New Man                                    Brooks & Dunn                                  CC-07-01
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)                      Looking Glass                                  S-083-03
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)                      Looking Glass                                  S-087-10
Brass In Pocket [Chris The Greek Radio Mix]      Ultra Nate                                     ZPC-526-16
Brave [Radio Mix]                                Nordeman, Nichole                              ZPC-615-19
Brave[Edit]                                      Menzel, Idina                                  ZPC-2803-01
Bread and Butter                                 Newbeats, The                                  S-100-04
Break Anotha[Album Version]                      Lewis, Blake                                   ZPC-2745-03
Break Bread [Clean]                              I-20 Feat. Ludacris and Bone Crusher           ZPC-579-08
Break Down Here                                  Roberts, Julie                                 ZPC-555-11
Break 'Em Off [Clean]                            Paul Wall Feat. Lil Keke                       ZPC-2705-08
Break It Off [Main]                              Rihanna Feat. Sean Paul                        ZPC-2644-02
Break On Through                                 Doors, The                                     S-157-01
Break The Ice[Main Version]                      Spears, Britney                                ZPC-2807-04
Break The Ice[Wideboys Edit]                     Spears, Britney                                ZPC-2813-18
Break The Ice[Wideboys Edit]                     Spears, Britney                                ZPC-2813-18
Break The Silence[Album Version]                 Lewis, Jon Peter                               ZPC-2819-02
Break The Walls                                  Secada, Jon                                    TPH-02-10
Breakaway [Album Version]                        Clarkson, Kelly                                ZPC-574-03
Breakdown                                        Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                 S-027-02
Breakdown                                        Tantric                                        TRH-01-08
Breakin'                                         Music                                          ZPC-591-15
Breakin' Dishes[Soul Seekerz Remix]              Rihanna                                        ZPC-2748-17
Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart             Francis, Connie                                S-118-04
Breaking Me Down [Album Version]                 Downhere                                       ZPC-549-17
Breaking The Habit [Album Version]               Linkin Park                                    ZPC-569-14
Breath                                           Breaking Benjamin                              ZPC-2702-17
Breath                                           Etheridge, Melissa                             ZPC-544-02
Breath [Chris Cox Penetrating Club Mix Edit]     Branch, Michelle                               ZPC-542-14
Breathe                                          Hill, Faith                                    HHC-093-01
Breathe                                          Hill, Faith                                    HHD-75-04
Breathe                                          Nickelback                                     TRH-01-06
Breathe                                          Branch, Michelle                               ZPC-532-03
Breathe (2am) [Radio Edit]                       Nalick, Anna                                   ZPC-592-02
Breathe (Don't Stop) [Radio Edit]                Mr. On vs. Jungle Brothers                     ZPC-554-16
Breathe [Album Edit Amended]                     Fabolous                                       ZPC-582-04
Breathe [Andy & The Lamboy Radio Edit]           Cantrell, Blu                                  ZPC-503-05
Breathe [Edit]                                   Telepopmusik                                   ZPC-488-05
                                                    23                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Breathe [LMC Radio Edit]                               Erasure                                        ZPC-602-17
Breathe [Watkins 'Mark-Us Of Respect']                 Telepopmusik                                   ZPC-498-15
Breathe In [Radio Edit]                                Frou Frou                                      ZPC-492-03
Breathe In Breathe Out                                 Kearney, Mat                                   ZPC-2742-03
Breathe Into Me[Album Version]                         Red                                            ZPC-2727-13
Breathe Today                                          Flyleaf                                        ZPC-604-19
Breathe Today[Album Version]                           Flyleaf                                        ZPC-2748-14
Breathe Your Name [Album Version]                      Greenwheel                                     ZPC-475-13
Breathe Your Name [Album Version]                      Sixpence None The Richer                       ZPC-480-02
Breathe, Stretch, Shake                                Ma$e                                           ZPC-578-06
Breathing                                              Lifehouse                                      ZPH1-07-09
Breathless                                             River Road                                     HHC-099-09
Breathless                                             Corrs, The                                     HHD-80-05
Breed                                                  Nirvana                                        S-046-04
Brick                                                  Ben Folds Five                                 BR98-05
Brick House                                            Commodores                                     MB-11-16
Brick House 2003 [Amended Album Version]               Zombie, Rob Feat. Richie, Lionel & Trina       ZPC-511-13
Bridal Chorus (Wagner)                                 Clark, Bev                                     WED-03-13
Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin (Wagner)                  The Wedding Album                              WED-01-02
Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin (Wagner)                  Ultimate Wedding Album                         WED-04-06
Bridge Over Troubled Water                             Aiken, Clay                                    ZPC-517-02
Bridge Over Troubled Water                             Smith, Michael W.                              ZPC-606-18
Bridge Over Troubled Waters                            Romantic Piano                                 S-137-09
Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Natural Sounds           Solitudes                                      S-139-02
Bright Lights                                          Matchbox Twenty                                ZPC-525-01
Brighter Than Sunshine [Album Version]                 Aqualung                                       ZPC-647-02
Brilliant Conversationalist                            Brown, T. Graham                               MC-07-10
Bring 'Em Out [Clean]                                  T.I. Feat. Jay-Z                               ZPC-593-07
Bring It All To Me                                     Blaque                                         HHD-74-02
Bring It Back [Main Clean]                             Lil' Wayne Feat. Mannie Fresh                  ZPC-562-08
Bring It Back Again                                    Stray Cats                                     S-029-09
Bring It On                                            Harling, Keith                                 HHC-094-09
Bring It On                                            Kravitz, Lenny                                 ZPC-2745-16
Bring It On Home                                       Williamson, Sonny Boy                          BLUE-02-06
Bring It On Home [Single Edit]                         Little Big Town                                ZPC-2613-09
Bring Me Down                                          Lambert, Miranda                               ZPC-614-12
Bring Me Down [Radio Edit]                             Pillar                                         ZPC-585-13
Bring Me To Life                                       Evanescence                                    ZPC-495-12
Bring Me Your Cup                                      UB40                                           S-152-03
Bring My Family Back                                   Faithless                                      HHD-72-10
Bring Out The Freak In You [Clean]                     Lil' Rob                                       ZPC-647-06
Bring The Rain[Album Version]                          MercyMe                                        ZPC-2715-19
Bringin' On The Heartbreak [Global Soul Radio Edit]    Carey, Mariah                                  ZPC-529-16
Bringin' On The Heartbreak [Mainstream AC Version]     Carey, Maria                                   ZPC-519-02
Bristol Stomp                                          Dovells, The                                   MB-24-07
Broadway                                               Goo Goo Dolls                                  HHD-77-05
Broken                                                 Seether Feat. Amy Lee                          ZPC-565-15
Broken & Beautiful                                     Schultz, Mark                                  ZPC-2631-19
Broken [Album Version]                                 Haun, Lindsey                                  ZPC-2635-11
Broken Again                                           Another Animal                                 ZPC-2739-12
Broken Arrow                                           Stewart, Rod                                   S-030-13
Broken Down [Amended Album Version]                    Sevendust                                      ZPC-552-13
Broken Heart [Radio Version]                           Emerson, Chris                                 ZPC-502-02
Broken Hearted [Radio Edit]                            Eighteen Visions                               ZPC-2648-13
                                                          24                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Broken Sunday[Radio Edit]                                    Saliva                                                   ZPC-2716-15
Broken Wings [Single Edit]                                   Springfield, Rick Feat. Richard Page                     ZPC-615-01
Broken[Radio Version (Edit)]                                 Lifehouse                                                ZPC-2826-03
Brokenheartsville [Album Version]                            Nichols, Joe                                             ZPC-485-09
Brooklyn Roads                                               Diamond, Neil                                            S-016-05
Brother [Album Version]                                      Dark new Day                                             ZPC-614-14
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show                      Diamond, Neil                                            S-016-02
Brown Eyed Girl                                              Morrison, Van                                            MB-04-04
Brown Eyed Girl                                              Buffett, Jimmy                                           S-150-19
Brown Sugar                                                  Rolling Stones, The                                      S-079B-02
Bubba Hyde                                                   Diamond Rio                                              HHDC-03-10
Bubba Shot The Jukebox                                       Chesnutt, Mark                                           ERG-08-11
Bubble Toes                                                  Johnson, Jack                                            ZPC-487-01
Bubbly                                                       Caillat, Colbie                                          ZPC-2730-02
Bucci Bag [Sieg & Mouzaki's Blue Steel Mix]                  Doria, Andrea                                            ZPC-522-17
Buckaroo                                                     Womack, Lee Ann                                          HHC-078-08
Buddy [Radio]                                                Musiq                                                    ZPC-2702-08
Build Me Up Buttercup                                        Foundations                                              MB-16-16
Build My World [Album Version]                               Chasez, JC                                               ZPC-574-05
Building Bridges                                             Brooks & Dunn Feat. Sheryl Crow And Vince Gill           ZPC-2620-09
Built For Bluejeans                                          Dean, Tyler                                              ZPC-2636-12
Built To Last                                                Heartland                                                ZPC-2650-11
Bullet                                                       Kearney, Mat                                             ZPC-641-20
Bullet With A Name                                           Nonpoint                                                 ZPC-647-14
Bullet-Proof Skin [Radio Edit]                               Institute Feat. Gavin Rossdale                           ZPC-630-14
Bump This [Radio]                                            LL Cool J Feat. Lloyd Banks & Hot Rod                    ZPC-2625-09
Bump, Bump, Bump [Radio Edit]                                B2K Feat. P. Diddy                                       ZPC-488-07
Bumper Of My S.U.V.                                          Wright, Chely                                            ZPC-596-10
Bumpin My Music [Squeaky Clean]                              Cash, Ray Feat. Scarface                                 ZPC-2613-08
Bunny Hop                                                    Da Entourage                                             ZPC-507-05
Bunny Hop, The                                               Anthony, Ray                                             ERG-01-11
Bunny Hop, The                                               Anthony, Ray                                             MB-12-01
Buried Myself Alive [Radio Edit]                             Used                                                     ZPC-501-13
Burn [Radio Mix]                                             Usher                                                    ZPC-555-05
Burn And Shine                                               Elms                                                     ZPC-519-19
Burn Down The Trailor Park                                   Cyrus, Billy Ray                                         TCH-01-08
Burn For You [Heated Up Mix]                                 TobyMac                                                  ZPC-627-19
Burn It Up [Main]                                            Kelly, R. Feat. Wisin And Yandell                        ZPC-635-09
Burn The Witch [LP]                                          Queens Of The Stone Age                                  ZPC-638-15
Burned With Desire [Radio Edit]                              Van Buuren, Armin Feat. Justine Suissa                   ZPC-561-15
Burnin' Out [Friscia & Lamboy's Burning Anthem Radio Edit]   Hildebrandt, Lauren                                      ZPC-628-18
Burnin' Up                                                   Jonas Brothers                                           ZPC-2826-05
Burning [Robbie Rivera Mix]                                  Rivera, Robbie and Axwell Feat. Susan Brittan            ZPC-551-14
Burning Bridges                                              Brooks, Garth                                            S-122-04
Burning Bright [Album Version]                               Shinedown                                                ZPC-589-14
Burning Down The House                                       Talking Heads                                            MB-20-20
Bust A Move                                                  Young M. C.                                              ZEW-89-03
Bust It Baby (Part 2)[Main]                                  Plies Feat. Ne-Yo                                        ZPC-2811-04
Busted [Radio Edit]                                          Isley Brothers Feat. Ronald Isley aka Mr. Biggs And JS   ZPC-524-07
Busy Being Fabulous                                          Eagles                                                   ZPC-2803-12
Busy Child                                                   Crystal Method                                           BPH8-01-01
Busy Child[Hyper Remix]                                      Crystal Method                                           ZPC-2742-17
Busy Man                                                     Cyrus, Billy Ray                                         HHC-085-04
Busy man                                                     Cyrus, Billy Ray                                         HHDC-12-08
                                                                25                                          Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
But For The Grace Of God                              Urban, Keith                                              HHC-103-09
But For The Grace Of God                              Urban, Keith                                              S-127-03
Butterfly                                             Williams, Andy                                            F50-09-06
Butterfly                                             Crazy Town                                                HHD-82-11
Butterfly                                             Crazy Town                                                RC-12-12
Butterfly                                             Carey, Mariah                                             S-066B-06
Butterfly                                             Crazy Town                                                TRH-01-02
Butterfly Kisses                                      Carlisle, Bob                                             S-003-01
Butterfly Kisses                                      West, Christopher                                         S-138-04
Buttons                                               Pussycat Dolls Feat. Big Snoop Dogg                       ZPC-2615-03
Buttons [Dave Aude Button Fly Mix]                    Pussycat Dolls                                            ZPC-2634-17
Buy Me A Rose [Album Version]                         Vandross, Luther                                          ZPC-554-03
Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')[Main]                 T-Pain Feat. Yung Joc                                     ZPC-2707-08
By Heart                                              Brickman, Jim                                             MB-09-11
By His Wounds [Radio Edit]                                                                                      ZPC-2702-20
                                                      Glory Revealed Feat. Mac Powell, Mark Hall, Steven Curtis Chapman and Brian Littrell
By Myself [Clean]                                     Ying Yang Twins                                           ZPC-481-04
By The Book                                           Peterson, Michael                                         HHC-084-04
By The Way [Al B. Rich Radio Mix]                     Drey, Jenna                                               ZPC-2701-18
By The Way[Album Version]                             Hinder                                                    ZPC-2741-04
By Your Side                                          Sade                                                      S-058-01
Bye Bye Blackbird                                     Cocker, Joe                                               S-097-07
Bye Bye[Radio Edit]                                   Carey, Mariah                                             ZPC-2816-06
Bye, Bye, Bye                                          'N Sync                                                  RC-10-01
BYOB [Clean Version]                                  System Of A Down                                          ZPC-612-13
Cab                                                   Train                                                     ZPC-645-01
Cab Driver [Radio Edit]                               Hall, Daryl                                               ZPC-520-02
Cadillac Cowboy                                       LeDoux, Chris                                             S-023-10
Cadillac Ranch                                        Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                                    ERG-04-14
Cadillac Ranch                                        LeDoux, Chris                                             S-023-06
Cadillac Style                                        Kershaw, Sammy                                            CC-07-06
Cadillac Tears                                        Denney, Kevin                                             ZCH2-05-12
Cadillac Tears                                        Denney, Kevin                                             ZPC-478-13
Cafe del Mar [Three 'n One Update (Radio Edit)]       Energy 52                                                 ZPC-486-17
Cali Iz Active [Clean]                                Dogg Pound Feat. Snoop Dogg                               ZPC-2617-07
California                                            Etheridge, Melissa                                        ZPC-2741-01
California                                            Kravitz, Lenny                                            ZPC-577-16
California Girls                                      Roth, David Lee                                           RUSA-01-12
California Girls                                      Beach Boys                                                S-070-14
California Girls [Album Version]                      Wilson, Gretchen                                          ZPC-2622-12
California Love                                       2Pac                                                      MB-15-10
California Love                                       2Pac                                                      RC-01-06
Call It Stormy Monday But Tuesday Is Just As Bad      Walker, T-Bone                                            BLUE-03-01
Call Me                                               Le Click                                                  RC-04-08
Call Me [Riddler Radio]                               Vissi, Anna                                               ZPC-609-18
Call Me Crazy                                         Lost Trailers                                             ZPC-2612-12
Call Me Mellow                                        Tears For Fears                                           ZPC-576-01
Call Me When You're Sober                             Evanescence                                               ZPC-2632-17
Call My Name [Album Version]                          Prince                                                    ZPC-566-06
Call My Name[Album Version]                           Third Day                                                 ZPC-2816-17
Call On Me                                            Jackson, Janet Feat. Nelly                                ZPC-2625-05
Call On Me [Tony Moran Radio Dance Remix]             Jackson, Janet Feat. Nelly                                ZPC-2630-17
Callin' Baton Rouge                                   Brooks, Garth (Live)                                      S-043A-01
Callin' Me                                            Lil' Zane w/ 112                                          HHD-81-07
Calling                                               Taproot                                                   ZPC-628-17
                                                         26                                        Last updated: 8/14/08
                          B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                            MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Calling [Radio Edit]                        Koishii & Hush Feat. Suzanne Shaw             ZPC-2627-16
Calling All Angels [Radio Version]          Train                                         ZPC-509-02
Calling All Girls [Radio]                   ATL                                           ZPC-523-06
Calling Me                                  Rogers, Kenny Feat. Don Henley                ZPC-2708-11
Calling On Mary[Album Version]              Mann, Aimee                                   ZPC-2751-02
Calling You                                 Blue October                                  ZPC-550-04
Calypso Breakdown                           McDonald, Ralph                               S-022-09
Cameltoe [Radio Edit]                       Fannypack                                     ZPC-517-06
Camera Phone [Radio]                        Da Musicianz Feat. Mr. Collipark              ZPC-2608-06
Can I Get Your Number                       No Authority                                  HHD-81-06
Can I Go Now [Radio Mix]                    Hewitt, Jennifer_Love                         ZPC-495-04
Can I Have It Like That [Clean]             Pharrell Feat. Gwen Stefani                   ZPC-640-09
Can I Live? [Main]                          Cannon, Nick Feat. Anthony Hamilton           ZPC-625-09
Can I Take U Home [Radio Edit]              Foxx, Jamie                                   ZPC-2628-06
Can U Believe[Album Version]                Thicke, Robin                                 ZPC-2724-08
Can U Werk Wit Dat                          Fixxers Feat. DJ Quick & AMG                  ZPC-2713-09
Can We                                      SWV                                           RC-04-04
Can We Chill[Radio Edit]                    Ne-Yo                                         ZPC-2732-03
Can You Feel It                             3rd Party                                     RC-04-09
Can You Feel The Love Tonight               John, Elton                                   MB-09-12
Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You?         Gearing, Ashley                               ZPC-522-09
Can You Stand The Rain                      Boyz II Men                                   S-012-06
Canadian Sunset                             Winterhalter, Hugo & His Orchestra            F50-09-13
Candle In The Wind                          John, Elton                                   S-090-08
Candles                                     Pru                                           TRBH-01-08
Candy                                       Moore, Mandy                                  HHD-73-09
Candy Kisses                                Perez, Amanda                                 ZPC-2721-05
Candy Shop [Super Clean]                    50 Cent                                       ZPC-603-07
Candyman [Album Version]                    Aguilera, Christina                           ZPC-2705-04
Candyman[Radio Edit]                        Aguilera, Christina                           ZPC-2711-04
Canon in D (Pachelbel)                      The Wedding Album                             WED-01-05
Canon in D (Pachelbel)                      O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                           WED-02-06
Canon in D (Pachelbel)                      Clark, Bev                                    WED-03-11
Canon in D (Pachelbel)                      Ultimate Wedding Album                        WED-04-09
Can't B Good[Radio Edit]                    Jackson, Janet                                ZPC-2817-07
Can't Behave [Radio Edit]                   Jaye, Courtney                                ZPC-614-03
Can't Believe It                            T-Pain Feat. Lil Wayne                        ZPC-2829-03
Can't Buy Me Love                           Beatles, The                                  S-072-05
Can't Find The Words[Album Version]         Karina                                        ZPC-2825-08
Can't Forget About You [Radio]              Nas Feat. Chrisette Michele                   ZPC-2701-09
Can't Get Away[Main Mix]                    Rush Of Fools                                 ZPC-2810-20
Can't Get Enough                            Loveless, Patty                               HHC-086-02
Can't Get Enough                            Bad Company                                   S-087-02
Can't Get Enough                            Tamia                                         ZPC-2710-07
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe         White, Barry                                  S-074-03
Can't Get It Back                           Blaque                                        HHD-89-09
Can't Get Used To Losing You                Williams, Andy                                L60-01-04
Can't Go On [Radio Edit]                    Rizzo, Mike Presents Allie                    ZPC-588-15
Can't Go On[Red Hot Mix]                    Group 1 Crew                                  ZPC-2731-19
Can't Help But Wait[Album Version]          Trey Songz                                    ZPC-2731-08
Can't Help Falling In Love                  Presley, Elvis                                L60-01-10
Can't Help Falling In Love                  Presley, Elvis                                MB-08-02
Can't Help Falling In Love                  UB40                                          S-152-10
Can't Hold Us Down [Radio Edit]             Aguilera, Christina & Lil' Kim                ZPC-521-04
                                              27                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Can't Hold Us Down [Sharp Boys Orange Vocal Mix]    Aguilera, Christina & Lil' Kim                 ZPC-532-15
Can't Keep It In                                    Stevens, Cat                                   S-011-03
Can't Leave 'Em Alone                               Ciara Feat. 50 Cent                            ZPC-2724-04
Can't Let Go                                        Carey, Mariah                                  S-066A-06
Can't Let Go [Main Version]                         Hamilton, Anthony                              ZPC-640-08
Can't Let Go [Radio Edit]                           Pigg, Landon                                   ZPC-2621-01
Can't Let Go[Radio Edit With Guitars]               Kiraly, Linda                                  ZPC-2726-04
Can't Let Her Go                                    Boyz II Men                                    S-012-07
Can't Let You Go [Main Clean]                       Fabolous Feat. Mike Shorey & Lil' Mo           ZPC-500-10
Can't Nobody [Radio Edit]                           Rowland, Kelly                                 ZPC-498-06
Can't Nobody [ Retro-House Remix]        Rowland, Kelly                                 ZPC-505-15
Can't Nobody Love You                               Wynonna                                        NMT-37-12
Can't Repeat                                        Offspring                                      ZPC-618-16
Can't Say                                           5th Ring                                       ZPH1-06-14
Can't Stop [Album Version]                          Red Hot Chili Peppers                          ZPC-490-11
Can't Stop Loving You                               Collins, Phil                                  ZPC-480-01
Can't Stop Loving You [Radio Edit]                  Firstman, Joe                                  ZPC-573-01
Can't Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That                      Ricochet                                       HHC-085-14
Can't Stop Won't Stop [Radio]                       Young Gunz                                     ZPC-518-09
Can't Take My Eyes Off You                          Valli, Frankie                                 MB-13-18
Can't Take My Eyes Off You                          Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons                 S-059-08
Can't Take My Eyes Off You [Album Version]          Manilow, Barry                                 ZPC-2637-03
Can't Take That Away                                Carey, Mariah                                  S-066B-13
Can't Tell Me Nothin'[Radio]                        West, Kanye                                    ZPC-2722-08
Can't Wait [Radio Edit]                             Avant                                          ZPC-600-07
Can't We Try                                        Hill, Dan & Sheppard, Vonda                    DM-02-10
Can't You Tell                                      Diamond Rio                                    ZPC-574-11
Capital G[Edit]                                     Nine Inch Nails                                ZPC-2717-15
Captain And The Kid, The                            Buffett, Jimmy                                 S-151-18
Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars          Bon Jovi                                       S-039-09
Captivated[Radio Edit]                              McDonald, Shawn                                ZPC-2733-19
Car Crash[Album Version]                            Nathanson, Matt                                ZPC-2745-02
Car Wash                                            Rose Royce                                     ERG-06-08
Car Wash                                            Rose Royce                                     MB-17-09
Car Wash [Radio]                                    Aguilera, Christina & Missy Elliott            ZPC-581-06
Cara Mia                                            Jay & The Americans                            S-099-11
Cara Mia                                            Jay & The Americans                            S-112-08
Cara Mia                                            Tuscany, An Evening in                         S-120-10
Caramel                                             City High                                      HHD-89-07
Caravan                                             Morrison, Van                                  S-080-04
Caress Me Down                                      Sublime                                        RA98-05-13
Caribbean Queen                                     Ocean, Billy                                   MB-20-01
Carlene                                             Vassar, Phil                                   HHC-095-12
Carol Of The Bells                                  Hoey, Gary                                     ZPC-494-15
Carolina In My Mind                                 Taylor, James                                  S-048-02
Carried Away                                        Strait, George                                 S-063-06
Carroll Couny Accident                              Wagoner, Porter                                MC-08-14
Carry On                                            Green, Pat                                     HHC-111-11
Carry On                                            McGraw, Tim                                    S-004-11
Carry On                                            Green, Pat                                     ZCH1-06-10
Carry You Home[Radio Remix]                         Blunt, James                                   ZPC-2811-02
Carrying Your Love With Me                          Strait, George                                 S-063-03
Cars                                                Numan, Gary                                    RUSA-02-18
Cars Hiss By My Window                              Doors, The                                     S-082-04
                                                      28                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)              Mya                                               HHD-80-08
Cash Flow[Clean]                               Ace Feat. T-Pain & Rick Ross                      ZPC-2812-09
Cash Machine                                   Hard-Fi                                           ZPC-649-16
Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes                     Ruff Endz                                         HHD-88-11
Catch A Falling Star                           Como, Perry                                       F50-01-02
Catch A Wave                                   Beach Boys                                        S-070-07
Catch Me While I'm Sleeping [Radio Edit]       Pink                                              ZPC-547-02
Catch Your Wave                                Click Five                                        ZPC-643-05
Cater 2 U [Album Version]                      Destiny's Child                                   ZPC-607-05
Cath...[Radio Edit]                            Death Cab For Cutie                               ZPC-2831-16
Cattle Call, The                               Arnold, Eddy                                      F50-02-06
Caught In A Dream [Radio Edit]                 Tesla                                             ZPC-550-12
Caught In The Rain                             Revis                                             ZPC-504-14
Caught In The Sun                              Course Of Nature                                  ZPH2-04-09
Caught Up [Radio]                              Ja Rule Feat. Lloyd                               ZPC-605-07
Caught Up [Remix]                              Usher Feat. Fabolous                              ZPC-593-05
Caution                                        Marley, Bob                                       S-146-10
Cecilia [Radio Remix]                          Cecilia                                           ZPC-536-01
Celebration                                    Kool & The Gang                                   MB-05-13
Celebrity [Single Edit]                        Paisley, Brad                                     ZPC-505-10
Celebrity Chick[Clean Radio]                   Ludacris, Chingy, Small World & Steph Jones       ZPC-2728-10
Celebrity Skin                                 Hole                                              RC-08-10
Certified[Clean]                               Glasses Malone Feat. Akon                         ZPC-2746-11
C'est La Vie                                   Nevil, Robbie                                     AE80-02-19
Cha Cha                                        Chelo                                             ZPC-2613-17
Cha Cha Heels [Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit]      Rosabel with Jeanie Tracy                         ZPC-578-17
Cha Cha Slide [Radio Edit]                     DJ Casper                                         ZPC-557-18
Chain Hang Low                                 Jibbs                                             ZPC-2630-03
Chain Of Fools                                 Franklin, Aretha                                  S-148-10
Chain Of Fools [Album Version]                 Cocker, Joe                                       ZPC-616-02
Championship Pop Bottles[Clean]                Birdman Feat. Lil Wayne                           ZPC-2729-09
Chances Are                                    Mathis, Johnny                                    F50-02-10
Change [AC Edit]                               Locke, Kimberley                                  ZPC-2704-01
Change Clothes [Radio]                         Jay-Z                                             ZPC-539-06
Change Me [Radio Edit]                         Studdard, Ruben                                   ZPC-2631-05
Change Of Heart                                Judds, The                                        S-129-07
Change The Game                                Jay-Z                                             HHD-84-10
Change The Game                                Jay-Z                                             TRBH-01-12
Change The World                               Clapton, Eric                                     MB-14-10
Change The World                               P.O.D.                                            ZPC-551-12
Change Your Mind                               Sister Hazel                                      HHD-79-08
Change[Jason Nevins Dance Radio Edit]          Locke, Kimberley                                  ZPC-2719-17
Changes                                        2Pac                                              RC-08-11
Changes [Radio Edit]                           Lake, Chris Feat. Laura V.                        ZPC-2702-18
Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes     Buffett, Jimmy                                    S-150-15
Chanson d'Amour                                Todd, Art & Dotty                                 F50-08-16
Chante's Got A Man                             Moore, Chante' w/Dupri, Jermaine & R.O.C.         BB99-04
Chantilly Lace                                 Big Bopper, The                                   F50-07-01
Chapel Of Love                                 Dixie Cups                                        MB-03-08
Charade                                        Williams, Andy                                    DM-03-12
Chariot [Radio Edit]                           DeGraw, Gavin                                     ZPC-607-02
Charlene [Radio Edit]                          Hamilton, Anthony                                 ZPC-574-09
Charlie Last Name: Wilson [Album Version]      Wilson, Charlie                                   ZPC-629-10
Chasing Cars [Edit]                            Snow Patrol                                       ZPC-2622-02
                                                 29                                    Last updated: 8/14/08
                          B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                            MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Chattahoochee                                 Jackson, Alan                                   MB-01-04
Chattanooga Choo-Choo                         Miller, Glenn                                   BAND-02-05
Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy                   Foley, Red                                      F50-03-06
Ch-Check It Out [Clean Version]               Beastie Boys                                    ZPC-565-13
Cheatin'                                      Evans, Sara                                     ZPC-640-14
Check On It [Album Version]                   Beyonce Feat. Slim Thug                         ZPC-641-04
Check On It [Maurice Nu Soul Mix]             Beyonce                                         ZPC-2605-18
Check Yes Juliet                              We The Kings!                                   ZPC-2831-02
Check Yes Or No                               Strait, George                                  HHDC-04-13
Cheek To Cheek                                Romantic Strings                                S-136-01
Cheesburger In Paradise                       Buffett, Jimmy                                  S-150-08
Cheeseburger In Paradise                      Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                           S-055-09
Chelsea [Chris Cox Radio Mix]                 Stefy                                           ZPC-2633-18
Chemicals React                               Aly & AJ                                        ZPC-2625-03
Chemistry                                     Semisonic                                       TPH-02-11
Cherish                                       Madonna                                         S-067-14
Cherish                                       Association, The                                S-099-06
Cherish                                       Association, The                                S-104-06
Cherish                                       Association, The                                S-112-05
Cherish [Radio Edit]                          NewSong                                         ZPC-578-20
Cherish The Day [Antillas Radio Edit]         Plummet                                         ZPC-584-18
Cherokee (Parts 1 & 2)                        Basie, Count                                    S-026-13
Cherry Bomb                                   1 Plus 1                                        HHD-82-10
Cherry Oh Baby                                UB40                                            S-152-09
Cherry Pie                                    Warrant                                         S-051-06
Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White             Prado, Perez & His Orchestra                    F50-01-15
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (Rumba)   Murray, Arthur                                  BRD-01-20
Chevy Ridin' High [Xtra Clean]                Dre Feat. Rick Ross                             ZPC-2613-07
Chicken Dance                                 Sorta Crackers Band                             MB-12-03
Chicken Noodle Soup [Radio Edit So Tight]     Webstar & Young B Feat. The Voice Of Harlem     ZPC-2636-08
Chicks Dig It                                 Cagle, Chris                                    ZPC-520-12
Children                                      Miles, Robert                                   RC-02-16
China Grove                                   Doobie Brothers, The                            S-077-06
Ching A Ling[Radio Edit]                      Elliott, Missy                                  ZPC-2803-07
Chivirico (Mambo)                             Murray, Arthur                                  BRD-01-14
Chocolate                                     Snow Patrol                                     ZPC-603-15
Choices                                       Jones, George                                   HHC-090-01
Chop Chop [Xtra Clean]                        Youngbloodz                                     ZPC-2601-03
Choppa Style [Clean]                          Choppa Feat. Master P                           ZPC-503-09
Christmas Came To The Ghetto                  Avant                                           ZPC-2651-12
Christmas Celebration                         Weezer                                          ZPC-2651-16
Christmas Cookies                             Strait, George                                  ZPC-494-08
Christmas Day                                 Dido                                            ZPC-494-18
Christmas In America                          Etheridge, Melissa                              ZPC-2651-09
Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You       SR-71                                           ZPC-494-13
Christmas Love                                3LW                                             ZPC-546-07
Christmas Time                                Osmond, Donny                                   ZPC-2651-03
Christmas Time Again [Album Version]          Ashanti                                         ZPC-598-11
Christmas Time Is Here                        MercyMe                                         ZPC-2751-19
Christmas Time Is Here                        Braxton, Toni                                   ZPC-650-01
Christmas With You                            Black, Clint                                    ZPC-2651-13
Chrome                                        Adkins, Trace                                   ZPC-480-09
Chug-A-Lug                                    Miller, Roger                                   MC-09-16
Church[Clean]                                 T-Pain Feat. Teddy Verseti                      ZPC-2741-09
                                                30                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Cider drinking song                           Celtic - The Chieftains                     S-119-07
Cinderella                                    Chapman, Steven Curtis                      ZPC-2805-01
Cinnamon Girl                                 Prince                                      ZPC-591-04
Circle [Main Mix]                             Houston, Marques                            ZPC-2649-04
Circle Circle Dot Dot[Radio Edit]             Kennedy, Jamie & Stu Stone                  ZPC-2709-03
Circle Of Love                                Walker, Tamara                              ZPC-514-19
Circles                                       Incubus                                     ZPC-478-15
Circles[Radio Edit]                           Crime Mob                                   ZPC-2732-05
Ciribiribin                                   James, Harry                                BAND-04-01
City Of Blinding Lights [Radio Edit]          U2                                          ZPC-621-13
Clair De Lune (Debussy)                       The Wedding Album                           WED-01-04
Clap Back [Suburbs]                           Ja Rule                                     ZPC-536-06
Clarity [Album Version]                       Mayer, John                                 ZPC-545-01
Class Reunion (That Used To Be Us) [Edit]     Lonestar                                    ZPC-600-09
Classic (Better Than I Ever Been)[Clean]      West, Kanye Feat. Nas, KRS-One & Rakim      ZPC-2709-09
Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)            Atkins, Rodney                              ZPC-2739-10
Clear Across America Tonight                  Alabama                                     S-041-03
Clint Eastwood                                Gorillaz                                    HHD-88-02
Clint Eastwood                                Gorillaz                                    RC-13-17
Clint Eastwood                                Gorillaz                                    ZPH1-06-08
Clock Strikes (Remix)                         Timbaland & Magoo                           RC-06-11
Clock Work [Radio]                            Santana, Juelz                              ZPC-2616-03
Clocks [Edit]                                 Coldplay                                    ZPC-488-04
Clocks [Latin House Krew Remix]               Coldplay                                    ZPC-513-17
Clones (We're All)                            Alice Cooper                                S-081-21
Close To You                                  Romantic Strings                            S-136-02
Closer                                        Ne-Yo                                       ZPC-2813-06
Closer                                        Ne-Yo                                       ZPC-2813-06
Closer Now [Original Mix]                     Filo And Peri Feat. Fisher                  ZPC-641-18
Closest Thing To Heaven                       Tears For Fears                             ZPC-548-01
Closing Time                                  Semisonic                                   RA98-05-03
Closure                                       Chevelle                                    ZPC-530-13
Clothes Off![Amended]                         Gym Class Heroes                            ZPC-2717-02
Clothes Off![Josh Harris Radio Edit]          Gym Class Heroes                            ZPC-2736-19
Club Foot                                     Kasabian                                    ZPC-596-15
Clubbin' [Radio]                              Houston, Marques Feat. Joe Budden           ZPC-525-07
Clumsy[Radio Edit]                            Fergie                                      ZPC-2737-04
C'Mon C'Mon                                   Von Bondies                                 ZPC-559-13
C'Mon C'Mon[Radio Edit]                       Def Leppard                                 ZPC-2825-17
C'mon Marianne                                Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons              S-059-09
C'mon 'N Ride It (The Train)                  Quad City DJ's                              MB-15-14
C'mon 'N Ride It (The Train)                  Quad City DJ's                              RC-02-13
C'Mon, C'Mon [Radio Edit]                     Crow, Sheryl                                ZPC-489-02
Coal Miner's Daughter                         Lynn, Loretta                               CC-06-02
Coal Miner's Daughter                         Lynn, Loretta                               MC-01-05
Coalmine                                      Evans, Sara                                 ZPC-2614-12
Cocaine                                       Clapton, Eric                               S-089-06
Cochise                                       Audioslave                                  ZPC-483-15
Coconut Telegraph                             Buffett, Jimmy                              S-150-14
Code Of The West                              Black, Clint                                ZPC-637-12
Coffee Shop                                   Yung Joc                                    ZPC-2717-03
Cold                                          Crossfade                                   ZPC-566-16
Cold (But I'm Still Here)                     Evans Blue                                  ZPC-2602-15
Cold And Empty [Album Version]                Kid Rock                                    ZPC-549-02
                                                31                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                           B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                             MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Cold Day In July                             Dixie Chicks                                      HHC-101-03
Cold Day In July                             Dixie Chicks                                      HHD-78-14
Cold Hard Bitch                              Jet                                               ZPC-553-16
Cold One Comin' On                           Montgomery Gentry                                 HHC-112-04
Cold Outside                                 Big House                                         HHDC-08-03
Cold Rock A Party                            MC Lyte                                           RC-03-02
Cold Shot                                    Vaughn, Stevie Ray                                S-034-05
cold Shoulder                                Brooks, Garth                                     S-122-08
Cold, Cold Heart                             Bennett, Tony                                     F50-06-07
Collide [Radio Edit]                         Day, Howie                                        ZPC-603-03
Colorful [Album Version]                     Deluca, Rocco And The Burden                      ZPC-2646-03
Colors                                       Crossfade                                         ZPC-619-13
Colour Everywhere                            Diaz, Dian                                        ZPC-2606-01
Colour My World                              Chicago                                           MB-15-17
Come A Little Closer                         McCann, Lila                                      HHC-108-10
Come A Little Closer                         Bentley, Dierks                                   ZPC-627-10
Come And Get Your Love                       Redbone                                           S-083-14
Come Around                                  Broussard, Marc                                   S-142-05
Come As You Are                              Nirvana                                           S-046-03
Come Away With Me                            Jones, Norah                                      ZPC-502-03
Come Baby Come                               K7                                                S-071-06
Come Back Home                               Yorn, Pete                                        ZPC-514-15
Come Back To Me                              Jackson, Janet                                    S-065-14
Come Back To Me [Album Version]              Hudgens, Vanessa                                  ZPC-2640-05
Come Back To Me [Chris Cox Club Edit]        Hudgens, Vanessa                                  ZPC-2647-16
Come Back To Me Blues                        Hawkins, Brad                                     HHDC-11-05
Come Back To Sorrento                        Tuscany, An Evening in                            S-120-04
Come Be With Me                              Grant, Amy Feat. Keb' Mo'                         ZPC-587-02
Come Clean [Radio Mix]                       Duff, Hilary                                      ZPC-549-04
Come Close To Me [Radio]                     Common Feat. Mary J. Blige                        ZPC-492-08
Come Down To Me                              Saving Jane                                       ZPC-2637-04
Come Fly With Me                             Sinatra, Frank                                    S-033-18
Come Friday                                  Tippin, Aaron                                     ZPC-624-11
Come Get It [Main]                           Bingham, Yummy Feat. Jadakiss                     ZPC-630-09
Come Get Some [Radio Edit]                   TLC Feat. Lil' Jon & Sean Paul of YoungBloodz     ZPC-541-08
Come Get To This                             Gaye, Marvin                                      S-045-05
Come Go With Me                              Dell-Vikings, The                                 S-085-11
Come Hell Or High Water                      Brown, T. Graham                                  MC-09-12
Come Home Soon                               SHeDAISY                                          ZPC-572-09
Come Into My World                           Minogue, Kylie                                    ZPC-484-03
Come Into My World [Fischerspooner Mix]      Minogue, Kylie                                    ZPC-487-17
Come Live With Me                            Clark, Roy                                        MC-09-03
Come Monday                                  Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                             S-055-04
Come Monday                                  Buffett, Jimmy                                    S-150-05
Come On                                      Boyz II Men                                       S-012-09
Come On (Pt. III)                            Vaughn, Stevie Ray                                S-034-13
Come On [Album Version]                      Jelen, Ben                                        ZPC-555-04
Come On Back                                 Carter, Carlene                                   CC-07-07
Come On Back To Me [Album Version]           Third Day                                         ZPC-563-20
Come On Eileen                               Dexy's Midnight Runners                           AE80-01-04
Come On Eileen                               Dexy's Midnight Runners                           MB-06-10
Come On In[Radio With Rap]                   Garrett, Sean Feat. Akon And Plies                ZPC-2829-09
Come On Over                                 Twain, Shania                                     S-008-06
Come On Over                                 Simpson, Jessica                                  ZPC-2822-14
                                               32                                    Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Come On Over (All I Want Is You)                    Aguilera, Christina                            HHD-80-03
Come On Rain                                        Holy, Steve                                    ZPC-2645-12
Come On, Come In                                    Velvet Revolver                                ZPC-623-16
Come Out And Play                                   Offspring                                      MB-14-19
Come Over [LP Version]                              Aaliyah                                        ZPC-512-04
Come Rain Or Come Shine                             Charles, Ray                                   S-085-10
Come Rain Or Come Shine                             Francis, Connie                                S-118-12
Come Running                                        Morrison, Van                                  S-080-06
Come Sail Away                                      Styx                                           S-087-06
Come Thou Fount[Album Version]                      Lavik, Jadon                                   ZPC-2807-18
Come To Bed                                         Wilson, Gretchen Feat. John Rich               ZPC-2641-09
Come To Me [Radio]                                  Diddy Feat. Nicole Scherzinger (from PCD)      ZPC-2629-06
Come To The Cross                                   Smith, Michael W.                              ZPC-2637-18
Come Together                                       Aeorsmith                                      S-040-09
Come Together                                       Beatles, The                                   S-072-25
Come With Me                                        Sammie                                         ZPC-2701-05
Come With Me (Lullaby)                              Collins, Phil                                  ZPC-503-02
ComeOn In My Kitchen (Live)                         Steve Miller Band                              S-156-12
Comin' Home                                         Eve To Adam                                    ZPC-2828-14
Comin' On Strong                                    Lee, Brenda                                    MC-01-07
Comin' To Your City                                 Big & Rich                                     ZPC-637-11
Coming Back For You                                 Harling, Keith                                 HHC-081-06
Coming Back To Life[Album Version]                  Echoing Angels                                 ZPC-2727-19
Coming Undone                                       Korn                                           ZPC-2607-14
Coming Undone [Dummies Radio Mix]                   Korn                                           ZPC-2619-18
Coming Undone Wit It [Clean]                        Korn Vs. Dem Franchize Boys                    ZPC-2622-13
Common Ground [Original Club Vocal]                 Aude, Dave & Tall Paul                         ZPC-2638-18
Commotion                                           CCR                                            S-076-07
Complete [AC Version]                               Chrisman, Andy                                 ZPC-596-19
Complete [Radio Version]                            J, Mila                                        ZPC-2611-07
Complete[Album Version]                             Kutless                                        ZPC-2829-19
Complicated                                         Johnson, Carolyn Dawn                          HHC-108-12
Complicated                                         Lavigne, Avril                                 ZPH2-04-06
Complicated Disaster                                Turner, Tina                                   ZPC-633-01
Compton [Radio Edit]                                Guerilla Black Feat. Beenie Man                ZPC-580-10
Conceited (There's Something About Remy) [Clean]    Remy Ma                                        ZPC-2603-09
Concerto For Trumpet                                James, Harry                                   BAND-04-09
Concrete Angel [Single Version]                     McBride, Martina                               ZPC-488-10
Confessions Part II                                 Usher                                          ZPC-563-07
Conga                                               Miami Sound Machine                            MB-08-11
Connected [Radio Edit]                              Van Dyk, Paul Feat. Vega 4                     ZPC-593-17
Conquest                                            White Stripes                                  ZPC-2801-13
Constantly                                          Cross Canadian Ragweed                         ZPC-544-09
Contract On Love                                    Wonder, Stevie                                 S-096-01
Control                                             Jackson, Janet                                 S-065-09
Control [Radio Edit #1]                             Mute Math                                      ZPC-589-20
Control Myself [Radio]                              LL Cool J Feat. J-Lo                           ZPC-2603-06
Controversy                                         Dizmas                                         ZPC-623-21
Conversation [Clean]                                Fresh, Mannie Feat. Tateeze                    ZPC-609-08
Convinced[Radio Remix With Edit]                    Mullen, Nicole C.                              ZPC-2723-19
Coo Coo Chee                                        Ric-A-Che                                      ZPC-564-05
Cookie Jar[Radio Edit]                              Gym Class Heroes Feat. The-Dream               ZPC-2829-04
Cool [Album Version]                                Stefani, Gwen                                  ZPC-623-02
Cool [Photek Remix]                                 Stefani, Gwen                                  ZPC-636-18
                                                       33                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Cool Blues Walk                                            Clearwater, Eddie ("The Chief")                BB98-09
Cool To Be A Fool [Album Version]                          Nichols, Joe                                   ZPC-532-09
Cop That Sh**! [Radio]                                     Timbaland & Magoo Feat. Missy Elliot           ZPC-521-07
Copacabana (At The Copa)                                   Manilow, Barry                                 MB-02-03
Copacabana (At The Copa)[2008 Acoustic Version]            Manilow, Barry                                 ZPC-2803-02
Copacabana 2005                                            Manilow, Barry                                 ZPC-587-01
Copacabana 2005 [Ralphi Rosario's Club Vocal Radio Edit]   Manilow, Barry                                 ZPC-594-15
Copperhead Road                                            Earle, Steve                                   ERG-05-06
Corazon (You're Not Alone)[Radio Version]                  Prima J                                        ZPC-2825-04
Corn Fed [Radio Edit]                                      Brown, Shannon                                 ZPC-638-12
Cornerstone [Acoustic Mix]                                 Day Of Fire                                    ZPC-586-20
Cotton Eye Joe                                             Bayou City Beats                               MB-10-12
Cotton Eye Joe                                             Rednex                                         MB-16-01
Cotton Eye Joe [Radio Edit]                                Rednex                                         ZPC-484-16
Could I Have This Dance                                    Murray, Anne                                   CC-03-21
Could I Have This Dance                                    Murray, Anne                                   MB-03-02
Could I Have This Kiss Forever                             Houston, Whitney & Iglesias, Enrique           S-069A-18
Could It Be                                                Calling, The                                   ZPH2-06-10
Couldn't Have Said It Better [Radio Edit]                  Meat Loaf                                      ZPC-531-01
Couldn't Last A Moment                                     Raye, Collin                                   S-075-16
Couldn't Stand The Weather                                 Vaughn, Stevie Ray                             S-034-02
Count Me In[Radio Version]                                 Leeland                                        ZPC-2749-19
Count On Me                                                Default                                        ZPC-632-13
Count On Me [Radio Edit]                                   Carlson, Katrina                               ZPC-555-02
Counting Blue Cars                                         Dishwalla                                      RC-02-15
Counting The Days                                          Collective Soul                                ZPC-587-13
Country Ain't Country [Album Version]                      Tritt, Travis                                  ZPC-498-10
Country Boy                                                Skaggs, Ricky                                  CC-01-22
Country Boy [Clean Version]                                Tyra                                           ZPC-591-10
Country Bumpkin                                            Smith, Cal                                     MC-01-20
Country Comes To Town                                      Keith, Toby                                    HHC-099-14
Country Girl                                               DF Dub                                         ZPC-496-03
Country Grammar                                            Nelly                                          HHD-81-02
Country Man                                                Bryan, Luke                                    ZPC-2810-13
Country Music Love Song                                    Bomshel                                        ZPC-2609-10
Country Pie                                                Drake, Pete                                    MC-02-17
Country Road                                               Taylor, James                                  S-048-05
Country Thang [Album Version]                              Montgomery, John_Michael                       ZPC-497-11
County Fair                                                LeDoux, Chris                                  S-023-02
Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue (The Angry American)     Keith, Toby                                    ZCH2-04-01
Cowboy Bill                                                Brooks, Garth                                  S-007-08
Cowboy Bill                                                Brooks, Garth                                  S-125-08
Cowboy In The Jungle                                       Buffett, Jimmy                                 S-151-12
Cowboy Take Me Away                                        Dixie Chicks                                   HHC-095-01
Cowboy Town                                                Brooks & Dunn                                  ZPC-2742-12
Cowboys And Angels                                         Brooks, Garth                                  S-123-02
Cowboys Like Us                                            Strait, George                                 ZPC-526-11
Cowgirls                                                   Harvick, Kerry                                 ZPC-583-09
Cracklin Rosie                                             Diamond, Neil                                  S-016-06
Cradle Of Love                                             Idol, Billy                                    ZEW-90-11
Crank Dat Batman[Main]                                     Pop It Off Boyz                                ZPC-2745-04
Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Supaman)                             Soulja Boy                                     ZPC-2727-08
Crank It Up [Radio]                                        Banner, David Feat. Static                     ZPC-550-07
Crash                                                      Stefani, Gwen                                  ZPC-2602-05
                                                             34                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Crash & Burn                                   Savage Garden                              HHD-77-03
Crash Here Tonight                             Keith, Toby                                ZPC-2633-12
Crashed[Album Version]                         Daughtry                                   ZPC-2735-16
Crawling Back To You                           Backstreet Boys                            ZPC-639-01
Crawling King Snake                            Doors, The                                 S-082-08
Crazy                                          Cline, Patsy                               ERG-08-10
Crazy                                          Cline, Patsy                               MB-02-14
Crazy                                          Romantic Strings                           S-131-07
Crazy                                          Simple Plan                                ZPC-635-04
Crazy [Album Version]                          Gnarls Barkley                             ZPC-2616-02
Crazy [Cicada Vocal Remix]                     Bell, Andy                                 ZPC-644-19
Crazy [Claude Le Gache Mixshow]                Morissette, Alanis                         ZPC-648-18
Crazy [Glen Ballard Mix]                       Morissette, Alanis                         ZPC-639-02
Crazy [Main]                                   Dream Feat. Loon                           ZPC-517-05
Crazy Beat [Album Version]                     Blur                                       ZPC-505-12
Crazy Beautiful                                Chasen                                     ZPC-2740-19
Crazy Bitch [Amended]                          Buckcherry                                 ZPC-2610-14
Crazy 'Bout You Baby                           Cyrus, Billy Ray                           HHC-107-14
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend                            Lambert, Miranda                           ZPC-2646-10
Crazy For This Girl                            Evan & Jaron                               HHD-81-12
Crazy For You                                  Madonna                                    S-067-06
Crazy In Love [Album Version]                  Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z                        ZPC-514-05
Crazy In Love [Radio Edit]                     Sponberg, Nicol                            ZPC-2619-04
Crazy Little Thing Called Love                 Yoakam, Dwight                             HHC-089-07
Crazy Little Thing Called love                 Yoakam, Dwight                             HHDC-12-02
Crazy Love                                     Morrison, Van                              S-080-03
Crazy Love [Radio Edit]                        Serah                                      ZPC-486-01
Crazy Mary                                     FM Static                                  ZPC-531-19
Creatures (For A While) [Radio Edit]           311                                        ZPC-521-14
Creola                                         Buffett, Jimmy                             S-151-14
Cripple Creek                                  Malones, The                               HHDC-10-14
Crocodile Rock                                 John, Elton                                MB-03-20
Crocodile Rock                                 John, Elton                                S-090-11
Crooked Little Heart                           Haynes, Susan                              ZPC-627-09
Crooked Teeth [Album Version]                  Death Cab For Cutie                        ZPC-2603-13
Crossroads                                     Cream                                      GR70-01-04
Crowded [Album Version]                        Ortega, Jeannie Feat. Papoose              ZPC-2617-03
Crush                                          Paige, Jennifer                            BPH8-02-05
Crush                                          McCann, Lila                               HHC-092-08
Crush                                          Moore, Mandy                               HHD-87-07
Crush                                          Moore, Mandy                               ZPH1-06-09
Crush [Radio Edit]                             Van Dyk, Paul Feat. Second Sun             ZPC-565-18
Crush On You                                   Jets, The                                  ERG-02-06
Crush On You [Radio Version]                   Mr. Cheeks Feat. Mario Winans              ZPC-499-08
Crush Tonight [Clean]                          Fat Joe Feat. Ginuwine                     ZPC-481-05
CrushCrushCrush[Radio Edit]                    Paramore                                   ZPC-2742-13
Cry                                            Gayle, Crystal                             CC-08-11
Cry                                            Ray, Johnnie                               F50-06-09
Cry                                            Hill, Faith                                ZCH2-06-01
Cry                                            Hill, Faith                                ZPC-475-10
Cry                                            Moore, Mandy                               ZPH2-01-07
Cry For You[Radio Mix]                         September                                  ZPC-2713-17
Cry Holy [Album Version]                       Sonicflood                                 ZPC-527-19
Cry Me A River                                 Cocker, Joe                                S-091-06
                                                 35                             Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Cry Me A River                                        Timberlake, Justin Feat. 50 Cent                  ZPC-502-07
Cry Me A River [Album Version]                        Timberlake, Justin                                ZPC-489-04
Cry Me A River [Dirty Vegas Mix]                      Timberlake, Justin                                ZPC-497-17
Cry Myself To sleep                                   Judds, The                                        CC-05-15
Cry Myself To Sleep                                   Judds, The                                        S-129-09
Cry No More [Clean]                                   Shareefa                                          ZPC-2643-06
Cry On My Shoulder                                    Overflow                                          ZPC-606-19
Cry Out To Jesus [Album Version]                      Third Day                                         ZPC-638-21
Cry Over Me                                           Meat Loaf                                         ZPC-2719-02
Cry! Cry! Cry!                                        Cash, Johnny                                      S-143-01
Cry, Cry, Cry                                         Highway 101                                       CC-05-02
Cryin' Days                                           Mullins, Megan                                    ZPC-2714-08
Cryin' Game                                           Evans, Sara                                       HHC-081-12
Crying                                                Romantic Strings                                  S-134-08
Crying My Heart Out Over You                          Skaggs, Ricky                                     CC-03-09
Crying Out For Me[Radio Edit]                         Mario                                             ZPC-2732-06
Crystal Baller [Radio Edit]                           Third Eye Blind                                   ZPC-529-03
Crystal Village [Album Version]                       Yorn, Pete                                        ZPC-521-02
Cuddle Up                                             Pretty Ricky                                      ZPC-2822-06
Culo [Clean]                                          Pitbull Feat. Lil' Jon                            ZPC-560-07
Cult Of Personality                                   Living Colour                                     S-051-08
Cum On Feel The Noize                                 Quiet Riot                                        RUSA-01-03
Cup Of Life, The                                      Martin, Ricky                                     RC-09-02
Cup Of Life, The                                      Martin, Ricky                                     S-005-09
Cupid Shuffle[Clean]                                  Cupid                                             ZPC-2720-07
Cupid Shuffle[Solitaire Radio Edit]                   Cupid                                             ZPC-2725-17
Cupids Chokehold [Album Version]                      Gym Class Heroes Feat. Patrick Stump              ZPC-2650-04
Curbside Prophet [Album Version]                      Mraz, Jason                                       ZPC-566-01
Curious [Clean]                                       Yayo, Tony Feat. Joe                              ZPC-631-07
Customer[Album Version]                               Devaughn, Raheem                                  ZPC-2805-07
Cut Across Shorty                                     Stewart, Rod                                      S-015-02
Cut Off Time[Single Version]                          Omarion Feat. Kat DeLuna                          ZPC-2743-07
Cut The Cake                                          AWB                                               MB-08-08
Cut You In                                            Cantrell, Jerry                                   BR98-12
Cut You In                                            Cantrell, Jerry                                   RA98-05-12
Cutie Pie (Original Mix)                              One Way                                           ERG-02-15
Cutty Buddy                                           Jones, Mike Feat. T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Twista      ZPC-2828-08
Cyclone                                               Baby Bash Feat. T-Pain                            ZPC-2717-05
D.O.A.                                                Foo Fighters                                      ZPC-633-16
Da Cookie Man [Clean]                                 Citty                                             ZPC-2619-06
Da Doo Ron Ron                                        Crystals                                          S-117-02
Da Hype [Vocal Edit Mix]                              Junior Jack Feat. Robert Smith                    ZPC-571-18
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?                                 Stewart, Rod                                      S-068-12
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? [Craig J's Gospel Love Mix]     Stewart, Rod                                      ZPC-597-16
Da'Butt                                               E.U.                                              MB-06-15
Daddy Won't Sell The Farm                             Montgomery Gentry                                 HHC-095-14
Daddy Won't Sell The Farm                             Montgomery Gentry                                 HHD-76-14
Daddy's Hands                                         Dunn, Holly                                       S-014-05
Daddy's Home                                          Jackson 5, The                                    S-093-08
Daddy's Home                                          Shep & The Limelights                             S-114-08
Daddy's Little Girl                                   Martino, Al                                       ERG-01-14
Daddy's Little Girl                                   Martino, Al                                       MB-12-06
Daddy's Little Girl [Album Version]                   J., Frankie                                       ZPC-2646-05
Daddy's Money                                         Ricochet                                          HHDC-06-02
                                                         36                                   Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Daddy's Money                                         Ricochet                                     MB-14-09
Daisy                                                 Halfway To Hazard                            ZPC-2714-11
Daisy Jane (Live)                                     America                                      S-042-16
Dakota (You Made Me Feel Like The One)                Stereophonics                                ZPC-628-14
Dale Don Dale (Remix) [Short LP Version]              Omar, Don Feat. Fabolous                     ZPC-647-10
Dallas Days And Fort Worth Nights                     LeDoux, Chris                                S-009-02
Damaged [Radio Mix]                                   TLC                                          ZPC-503-04
Damaged[Radio Edit]                                   Danity Kane                                  ZPC-2805-06
Dammit (Growing Up)                                   Blink 182                                    BR98-08
Damn [Xtra Clean]                                     Shawnna Feat. Smoke (Of Field Mob)           ZPC-2625-08
Damn Right                                            Clark, Terri                                 ZPC-2605-12
Damn! [Radio Edit]                                    YoungBloodz Feat. Lil' Jon                   ZPC-524-09
Dance and song from the Leon country                  Celtic - The Chieftains                      S-119-05
Dance For Me                                          Sisqo                                        HHD-87-06
Dance from Breton Cornwall                            Celtic - The Chieftains                      S-119-08
Dance from the Fisel country                          Celtic - The Chieftains                      S-119-03
Dance Hall Days                                       Wang Chung                                   ERG-07-10
Dance In My Blood                                     Men Women & Children                         ZPC-2618-17
Dance Like Sunday [Album Version]                     Trin-I-Tee 5:7                               ZPC-491-19
Dance Like There's No Tomorrow                        Abdul, Paula                                 ZPC-2804-04
Dance Of The Manatee[Edit]                            Fair To Midland                              ZPC-2715-13
Dance To The Music                                    Sly & The Family Stone                       MB-05-03
Dance To The Music [Radio Mix]                        Panaflex, Laszlo                             ZPC-490-15
Dance To The Rhythm [Peter Bailey Mix]                Friburn & Urik                               ZPC-501-18
Dance With A Stranger [Mike Rizzo Global Club Edit]   Leana                                        ZPC-621-16
Dance With Me                                         Morgan, Debelah                              RC-11-01
Dance With Me Henry (The Wallflowere)                 Gibbs, Georgia                               F50-07-03
Dance With My Father                                  Vandross, Luther                             ZPC-516-02
Dance With My Father                                  Coffey, Kellie                               ZPC-570-12
Dance, Dance                                          Fall Out Boy                                 ZPC-642-16
Dance, Dance [Tommie Sunshine's Radio Edit]           Fall Out Boy                                 ZPC-2603-17
Dance, Dance, Dance                                   Beach Boys                                   S-070-11
Dance, Dance, Dance                                   Steve Miller Band                            S-155-10
Dancin' Cowboys                                       Bellamy Brothers, The                        MC-04-08
Dancing In The Dark                                   Springsteen, Bruce                           MB-06-07
Dancing Machine                                       Jackson 5, The                               S-093-11
Dancing Queen                                         Abba                                         MB-10-03
Dancing With The Angels                               Monk & Neagle                                ZPC-591-18
Dang Me                                               Miller, Roger                                MC-07-04
Danger (Been So Long) (Clean Version)                 Mystikal w/Nivea                             TRBH-01-02
Danger [Radio Mix]                                    Badu, Erykah                                 ZPC-526-09
Danger Of A Stranger                                  Parton, Stella                               MC-01-15
Dangerous                                             Doobie Brothers, The                         S-077-20
Dangerous                                             Kardinal Offishall Feat. Akon                ZPC-2817-06
Dangerous [Radio]                                     Ying Yang Twins Feat. Wyclef Jean            ZPC-2646-09
Dani California                                       Red Hot Chili Peppers                        ZPC-2614-15
Daniel                                                John, Elton                                  S-090-02
Danny Boy                                             McDermott, John                              ERG-05-15
Danny Boy                                             Twitty, Conway                               MC-03-06
Dansero (Rumba)                                       Murray, Arthur                               BRD-01-05
Dare                                                  Gorillaz Feat. Shaun Ryder                   ZPC-640-15
Dare [Chab Radio Edit]                                Gorillaz Feat. Shaun Ryder                   ZPC-2611-18
Dare You To Move [Edit]                               Switchfoot                                   ZPC-558-20
Dark Beat [Radio Mix]                                 G, Oscar & Ralph Falcon                      ZPC-491-18
                                                        37                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Dark Road[Album Version]                                  Lennox, Annie                                  ZPC-2740-01
Darlin'                                                   Backstreet Boys                                S-038-09
Darling Be Home Soon                                      Cocker, Joe                                    S-091-10
Darling Nikki                                             Foo Fighters                                   ZPC-542-12
Dashboard [Album Version]                                 Modest Mouse                                   ZPC-2702-15
Dat Boy Chevy [Clean Version]                             Noah                                           ZPC-634-07
Dat Girl [Radio Version]                                  Potzee                                         ZPC-2622-07
Datz Me [Clean]                                           YoungBloodz Feat. Young Buck                   ZPC-599-06
Daughters [Album Version]                                 Mayer, John                                    ZPC-580-03
Day Dreaming [Album Version]                              Cole, Natalie                                  ZPC-2638-02
Day To Day [Josh Harris Radio Edit]                       Tricky Bizzniss Feat. Trixie Reiss             ZPC-2652-15
Day Tripper                                               Beatles, The                                   S-072-12
Daydreamin'                                               Lupe Fiasco Feat. Jill Scott                   ZPC-2642-07
Daylight[Album Version Radio Edit]                        Remedy Drive                                   ZPC-2831-19
Days Go By                                                Urban, Keith                                   ZPC-572-10
Days Like This                                            Proctor, Rachel                                ZPC-512-12
Days Of America                                           Blackhawk                                      ZCH2-01-11
Days Of Our Lives                                         Otto, James                                    ZPC-535-12
Days Of Thunder                                           Wills, Mark                                    ZPC-2722-12
Dazz                                                      Brick                                          MB-21-02
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground                          White Stripes                                  ZPC-477-15
Dead Man (Carry Me)                                       Jars Of Clay                                   ZPC-2643-19
Dear God                                                  Boyz II Men                                    S-012-13
Dear God                                                  Jonas, Nicholas                                ZPC-586-21
Dear Heart                                                Romantic Strings                               S-132-01
Dear John Letter                                          Shepard, Jean & Husky, Ferlin                  MC-07-19
Death Or Glory [Radio Edit]                               Social Distortion                              ZPC-617-13
December 1943 [Album Version]                             Montgomery, John Michael                       ZPC-598-15
December Makes Me Feel This Way                           Koz, Dave w/Loggins, Kenny                     ZPC-546-03
December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)                         Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons                 S-059-14
Deck The Halls                                            Taylor, James                                  ZPC-595-02
Dedicate[Remix]                                           Perez, Amanda Feat. Layzie Bone                ZPC-575-10
Deep [Radio Edit]                                         Blackstreet                                    ZPC-491-11
Deep Purple (Fox Trot)                                    Murray, Arthur                                 BRD-01-17
Deeper Life [Radio Edit]                                  Grant, Natalie                                 ZPC-540-19
Deeva Feeva                                               Glasgow Funk Tracs                             HT18-41-06
Deja Vu                                                   Uptown Baby                                    RC-06-06
Deja Vu                                                   Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z                            ZPC-2625-04
Deja Vu (All Over Again)                                  Fogerty, John                                  ZPC-577-01
Deja Vu (It's Hard To Believe) [Johnny Budz Radio Edit]   Roc Project Feat. Tina Novak                   ZPC-566-17
déjà vu [Freemasons Radio Mix]                            Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z                            ZPC-2634-16
Delia's Gone                                              Cash, Johnny                                   S-143-16
Delicate[Radio Edit]                                      Operator                                       ZPC-2812-17
Delicious Surprise (I Believe It) [Radio Edit]            Messina, Jo Dee                                ZPC-622-10
Delirious Love [Album Version]                            Diamond, Neil With Brian Wilson                ZPC-2602-03
Deliverance                                               Sparxxx, Bubba                                 ZPC-512-09
Delta Dawn                                                Harvey, Alex                                   MC-10-03
Delta Lady                                                Cocker, Joe                                    S-091-09
Dem Boyz [Radio Edit]                                     Boyz N Da Hood                                 ZPC-615-05
Dem Boyz [Radio Version]                                  Lil' Mo                                        ZPC-623-08
Dem Jeans [Xtra Clean]                                    Chingy Feat. Jermaine Dupri                    ZPC-2638-08
Denial                                                    Sevendust                                      BR99-10
Deora Ar Mo Chroi                                         Enya                                           S-044-05
Department of Youth                                       Alice Cooper                                   S-081-15
                                                             38                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Dependin' On You                                  Doobie Brothers, The                           S-077-16
Der Kommissar                                     After The Fire                                 AE80-02-03
Desert Rose                                       Sting                                          NMT-38-19
Design [Tidal Radio Edit]                         Origene                                        ZPC-639-18
Desire [Burns Dirty F*cker Remix]                 Gus Gus                                        ZPC-485-15
Desperado                                         Eagles, The                                    MB-21-04
Desperado                                         Rodriguez, Johnny                              MC-06-16
Desperado                                         Alice Cooper                                   S-081-03
Desperado                                         Eagles, The                                    S-092-05
Desperado Love                                    Twitty, Conway                                 CC-08-07
Desperately                                       Strait, George                                 ZPC-549-11
Desperation Samba                                 Buffett, Jimmy                                 S-151-09
Destination Unknown [J-Reverse Radio Mix]         Gaudino Feat. Crystal Waters                   ZPC-571-17
Destroyer[Amended]                                Static-X                                       ZPC-2707-13
Detainer                                          Day Of Fire                                    ZPC-605-20
Devil And The Cross[Radio Edit]                   Halfway To Hazard                              ZPC-2736-09
Devil Inside [Richard Vission Radio Edit]         Utada                                          ZPC-581-18
Devil With A Blue Dress On                        Ryder, Mitch & Detroit Wheels                  MB-09-15
Devil With The Blue Dress On                      Ryder, Mitch                                   S-108-10
Devil With The Blue Dress On                      Ryder, Mitch                                   S-110-03
Devils And Angels                                 Lightman, Toby                                 ZPC-551-01
Devils And Dust [Album Version]                   Springsteen, Bruce                             ZPC-613-11
Devil's Daughter [Radio Version]                  Silvertide                                     ZPC-641-15
Devil's Got A Holda Me                            Colour                                         ZPC-2641-10
Devil's Got A New Disguise                        Aerosmith                                      ZPC-2640-13
Devoted To You                                    Everly Brothers, The                           MC-10-12
Devotion                                          Newsboys                                       ZPC-609-20
Devour                                            Shinedown                                      ZPC-2819-18
Diamond Girl                                      Nice-N-Wild                                    MB-02-16
Diamond Girl[Main]                                Leslie, Ryan                                   ZPC-2806-11
Diamond In The Back [Radio]                       Ludacris                                       ZPC-565-08
Diamonds                                          Los Lonely Boys                                ZPC-2619-01
Diamonds & Pearls                                 Prince                                         S-006-17
Diamonds [Clean]                                  West, Kanye                                    ZPC-616-07
Diamonds And Guns [Amended Album Version]         Transplants                                    ZPC-490-12
Diamonds On My Neck [Radio Edit]                  Smitty                                         ZPC-629-09
Diamonds On The Inside [Radio Edit]               Harper, Ben                                    ZPC-543-02
Diamonds[Clean]                                   Fabolous Feat. Young Jeezy                     ZPC-2707-06
Diana                                             Anka, Paul                                     F50-07-07
Diary [Album Version]                             Keys, Alicia Feat. Tony! Toni! Tone!           ZPC-569-09
Diary [Hani Radio Edit]                           Keys, Alicia Feat. Tony! Toni! Tone!           ZPC-586-17
Did I Shave My Legs For This                      Carter, Deana                                  HHC-73-02
Did My Time                                       Korn                                           ZPC-522-15
Did Ya' Understand That                           Ford, Willa                                    ZPH2-01-10
Did You Wrong                                     Pleasure P                                     ZPC-2831-06
Didn't I                                          Montgomery Gentry                              ZCH2-03-13
Didn't I                                          Proctor, Rachel                                ZPC-543-11
Didn't We Almost Have It All                      Houston, Whitney                               S-069A-06
Die Another Day                                   Madonna                                        ZPC-482-02
Die Another Day [Thee Retroelectro Mix]           Madonna                                        ZPC-485-16
Die Dead Enough                                   Megadeth                                       ZPC-583-15
Die Of A Broken Heart                             Johnson, Carolyn Dawn                          ZPC-567-11
Differences                                       Ginuwine                                       ZPH2-01-04
Different [Edit]                                  Acceptance                                     ZPC-608-14
                                                    39                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Different Breed                                                   Carter's Chord                                     ZPC-2818-13
Dig (Clean Version)                                               Mudvayne                                           TRH-02-03
Dig [Album Version]                                               Incubus                                            ZPC-2701-16
Dig In                                                            Kravitz, Lenny                                     HHD-89-05
Dig In                                                            Kravitz, Lenny                                     ZPH2-01-03
Dig Two Graves                                                    Travis, Randy                                      ZPC-2826-11
Diggin Up Bones                                                   Travis, Randy                                      CC-08-01
Dilemma [Jason Nevins Big Banger Mix]                             Nelly Feat. Kelly Rowland                          ZPC-488-16
Dime Piece [Xtra Clean Radio]                                     Cannon, Nick                                       ZPC-2609-04
Dinosaur Adventure 3D [Funk D Void Vocal Remix]                   Underworld                                         ZPC-502-15
Dip It Low                                                        Milian, Christina Feat. Fabolous                   ZPC-561-05
Dip It Low [Full Intention Radio Edit]                            Milian, Christina                                  ZPC-561-17
Dirrty                                                            Aguilera, Christina                                ZPC-479-05
Dirt Off Your Shoulder [Amended]                                  Jay-Z                                              ZPC-548-05
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap                                       AC/DC                                              S-035-01
Dirty Dog                                                         ZZ Top                                             S-130-09
Dirty Girl                                                        Clark, Terri                                       ZPC-2710-13
Dirty Little Rock Star[Radio Edit]                                Cult                                               ZPC-2730-14
Dirty Little Secret                                               All-American Rejects                               ZPC-639-03
Dirty Little Thing [Album Version]                                Velvet Revovler                                    ZPC-597-13
Dirty Sticky Floors [Lexicon Avenue Vocal Mix Edit]               Gahan, Dave                                        ZPC-518-15
Disappear [Radio Edit]                                            Norman, Bebo                                       ZPC-576-20
Disappear [Radio Edit]                                            Hoobastank                                         ZPC-587-03
Discipline[Radio Edit]                                            Nine Inch Nails                                    ZPC-2818-15
Disco Inferno                                                     Lauper, Cyndi                                      HT18-31-02
Disco Inferno                                                     Trammps                                            MB-18-18
Disco Inferno                                                     Trammps, The                                       S-022-17
Disco Inferno [Xtra Clean]                                        50 Cent                                            ZPC-595-07
Disco Mix                                                         Lennon-McCartney                                   ZPC-515-17
Disconnected (Out Of Touch)                                       Trapt                                              ZPC-2618-14
Discotech [The Lindbergh Palace Radio Edit]                       Young Love                                         ZPC-2650-17
Disease [Album Version]                                           Matchbox Twenty                                    ZPC-482-04
Distant Lover                                                     Gaye, Marvin                                       S-045-06
Disturbia[Album Version]                                          Rihanna                                            ZPC-2824-05
Dive [Chris Cox Club Anthem Radio Edit]                           Holiday, Debby                                     ZPC-582-16
Diverse City [Radio Edit                                          TobyMac                                            ZPC-2610-19
D-I-V-O-R-C-E                                                     Wynette, Tammy                                     MC-01-01
Dixie Chicken                                                     Little Feat                                        MB-18-12
Dixie Chicken                                                     Brooks, Garth                                      S-126-06
Dixie Lullaby                                                     Green, Pat                                         ZPC-2640-12
Dixie On My Mind                                                  Williams, Hank Jr.                                 S-019-06
Dixie Road                                                        Greenwood, Lee                                     CC-01-21
Dixie Road                                                        Greenwood, Lee                                     MC-06-04
                                                                  Willmon, Trent
Dixie Rose Deluxe's Honky Tonk, Feed Store, Gun Shop, Used Car, Beer, Bait, BBQ, Barber Shop, Laundromat             ZPC-577-11
Dizzy                                                             Lee, Scooter                                       HHDC-10-12
Dizzy                                                             Roe, Tommy                                         S-104-11
DJ Nation                                                         Nukleuz DJ's                                       ZPC-479-19
DJ Play A Love Song [Radio Edit                                   Foxx, Jamie Feat. Twista                           ZPC-2610-08
Do I Have To Cry For You [Album Version]                          Carter, Nick                                       ZPC-486-06
Do I Make You Proud                                               Hicks, Taylor                                      ZPC-2622-03
Do It                                                             Lil Rob                                            ZPC-2714-05
Do It                                                             Furtado, Nelly Feat. Missy Elliott                 ZPC-2728-03
Do It Again                                                       Jay-Z                                              HHD-76-10
Do It Again[Radio Edit]                                           Chemical Brothers                                  ZPC-2728-17
                                                                     40                                    Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Do It Alone                                                     Sugarcult                                    ZPC-2633-15
Do It For Me Now                                                Angels & Airwaves                            ZPC-2631-12
Do It To It [Clean]                                             Cherish Feat. Sean Paul of YoungBloodz       ZPC-2615-09
Do It Well                                                      Lopez, Jennifer                              ZPC-2732-10
Do It Well[Moto Blanco Remix Radio Edit]                        Lopez, Jennifer                              ZPC-2739-16
Do It[Passengerz Radio Edit]                                    Furtado, Nelly                               ZPC-2744-18
Do Somethin' [Amended]                                          Spears, Britney                              ZPC-623-05
Do That There[Clean]                                            Yung Berg Feat. Dude 'N Nem                  ZPC-2815-10
Do That... [Radio Edit]                                         Baby Feat. P. Diddy                          ZPC-484-05
Do Wah Diddy Diddy                                              Mann, Manfred                                ERG-06-12
Do Wah Diddy Diddy                                              Mann, Manfred                                MB-17-14
Do We Still [Album Version]                                     Lynn, Rockie                                 ZPC-2615-11
Do What You Do, Do Well                                         Miller, Ned                                  MC-10-08
Do What You Want [Radio Edit]                                   OK Go                                        ZPC-2704-13
Do Ya Thing [Radio Version]                                     P$C Feat. Young Dro                          ZPC-2601-04
Do Yo Dance                                                     Cupid Feat. Aubrey                           ZPC-2736-06
Do You Believe Me Now[Radio Edit]                               Wayne, Jimmy                                 ZPC-2811-09
Do You Call My Name [Radio Edit]                                Ra                                           ZPC-488-14
Do You Feel Like We Do                                          Frampton, Peter                              GR70-01-10
Do You Feel Like We Do                                          Frampton, Peter                              S-153-14
Do You Hear What I Hear [Album Version]                         G, Kenny                                     ZPC-546-02
Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)                               Iglesias, Enrique                            ZPC-2716-04
Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)[Ralphi Rosario And Craig CJS Radio Edit] Enrique                           ZPC-2722-17
Do You Love As Good As You Look                                 Bellamy Brothers, The                        MC-09-07
Do You Love Me                                                  Contours                                     MB-03-21
Do You Love Me                                                  Contours, The                                S-147-02
Do You Miss Me                                                  Enriquez, Jocelyn                            RC-03-03
Do You Really Want Me                                           Robyn                                        RC-06-15
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me                                   Culture Club                                 AE80-01-09
Do You Wanna Dance                                              Freeman, Bobby                               S-107-04
Do You Wanna Dance?                                             Beach Boys                                   S-070-12
Do You Want Fries With That?                                    McGraw, Tim                                  ZPC-620-11
Do You Want To [Amended]                                        Franz Ferdinand                              ZPC-632-12
Do You Want To Know A Secret                                    Kramer, Billy J                              S-117-11
Do You[Radio]                                                   Ne-Yo                                        ZPC-2718-05
Do Your Thang                                                   Ice Cube                                     ZPC-2828-03
Doctor Pressure [Clean Radio Edit]                              Mylo Vs. Miami Sound Machine                 ZPC-2601-14
Doe Boy Fresh [Clean]                                           Three 6 Mafia Feat. Chamillionaire           ZPC-2703-06
Does Anybody Hear Her                                           Casting Crowns                               ZPC-2641-17
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind                            Strait, George                               CC-01-04
Does My Ring Burn Your Finger                                   Womack, Lee Ann                              HHC-112-14
Does My Ring Burn Your Finger                                   Womack, Lee Ann                              S-057-11
Does My Ring Burn Your Finger                                   Womack, Lee Ann                              ZCH2-01-07
Doesn't Really Matter                                           Janet                                        HHD-80-02
Doesn't Really Matter [Radio Edit]                              Murk                                         ZPC-617-18
Doesn't Remind Me                                               Audioslave                                   ZPC-625-14
Dog Eat Dog                                                     Nugent, Ted                                  GR70-02-01
Doin' It Right                                                  Azar, Steve                                  ZPC-615-12
Doin' Just Fine                                                 Boyz II Men                                  S-012-01
Doin' That[Xtra Clean Version]                                  Carson, Clyde                                ZPC-2736-08
Doing Too Much [Radio Edit (With Rap)]                          DeAnda, Paula Feat. Baby Bash                ZPC-2614-04
Dollar Wine Dance                                               Lee, Byron                                   MB-02-09
Dolphin's Cry, The                                              Live                                         BR99-08
Dominique                                                       Singing Nuns, The                            S-115-07
                                                                  41                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Don;t Be That Way                                      Goodman, Benny                             BAND-01-08
Done Too Soon                                          Diamond, Neil                              S-016-08
Donk[Main]                                             Soulja Boy Tell 'Em                        ZPC-2820-06
Donna                                                  Valens, Ritchie                            S-109-08
Don't                                                  Presley, Elvis                             S-010-10
Don't                                                  Currington, Billy                          ZPC-2827-12
Don't                                                  Twain, Shania                              ZPC-601-11
Don't Ask Me How I Know                                Pinson, Bobby                              ZPC-610-10
Don't Be Angry                                         Jackson, Stonewall                         MC-04-14
Don't Be Cruel                                         Presley, Elvis                             F50-02-03
Don't Be Cruel                                         Presley, Elvis                             S-010-04
Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)                  Twain, Shania                              S-008-04
Don't Blink                                            Chesney, Kenny                             ZPC-2734-08
Don't Bother                                           Shakira                                    ZPC-640-05
Don't Bother [ATFC Radio Mix]                          Shakira                                    ZPC-2601-17
Don't Break My Heart                                   UB40                                       S-152-08
Don't Break My Heart Again [Radio Edit #1]             Green, Pat                                 ZPC-580-11
Don't Break The Heart That Loves You                   Francis, Connie                            L60-01-08
Don't Bring Me Down                                    Electric Light Orchestra                   S-087-18
Don't Call Me Baby                                     Madison Avenue                             RC-11-14
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You                          Sugarloaf                                  ERG-01-09
Don't Cha [Radio Edit]                                 Pussycat Dolls                             ZPC-612-02
Don't Cha [Radio Mix]                                  Alamaze, Tori                              ZPC-594-05
Don't Cha [Ralphi's Hot Freak Radio Mix]               Pussycat Dolls                             ZPC-625-17
Don't Come Around Here No More                         Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers             S-027-11
Don't Come Crying To Me                                Gill, Vince                                HHC-086-13
Don't Cry Baby                                         James, Etta                                S-062-06
Don't Cry For Me Argentina                             Madonna                                    RC-03-15
Don't Cry Out Loud                                     DeGarmo, Diana                             ZPC-573-03
Don't Do Me Like That                                  Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers             S-027-06
Don't Do Me No Good                                    Wilson, Gretchen                           ZPC-2826-09
Don't Dream It's Over [Radio Edit]                     Sixpence None The Richer                   ZPC-495-02
Don't Forbid Me                                        Boone, Pat                                 F50-07-02
Don't Forget About Us                                  Carey, Mariah                              ZPC-640-06
Don't Forget To Remember Me [Single Edit]              Underwood, Carrie                          ZPC-2612-10
Don't Get It Twisted [Edited]                          Mr. Capone-E Feat. Twista                  ZPC-2630-07
Don't Give Up [Album Version]                          Sanctus Real                               ZPC-2703-19
Don't Go                                               Le Click                                   RC-05-13
Don't Go (Girls And Boys)                              Dobson, FeFe                               ZPC-570-04
Don't Go Out                                           Tucker, Tanya                              S-049-05
Don't Happen Twice                                     Chesney, Kenny                             TCH-02-05
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue                       Gayle, Crystal                             CC-02-15
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue                       Gayle, Crystal                             ERG-04-01
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue                       Gayle, Crystal                             MC-05-01
Don't Know Much                                        Ronstadt, Linda                            MB-19-18
Don't Know Why I Love You                              Wonder, Stevie                             S-096-15
Don't Laugh At Me                                      Wills, Mark                                HHC-082-06
Don't Leave Home                                       Dido                                       ZPC-556-01
Don't Leave Me This Way                                Houston, Thelma                            MB-14-03
Don't Leave Me This Way                                Houston, Thelma                            S-154-21
Don't Leave Me This Way [Friburn & Urik Tribal Mix]    E-N Feat. Ceevox                           ZPC-493-14
Don't Let Go                                           En Vogue                                   RC-03-12
Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away [Album Version]    Collins, Phil                              ZPC-583-03
Don't Let It Go To Your Head [Radio Edit]              Dobson, FeFe                               ZPC-629-06
                                                         42                             Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight                       Taylor, James                                         S-048-07
Don't Let Me Die [Radio Version]                     Kelly, R. & Jay-Z                                     ZPC-587-07
Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away               Gill, Vince                                           S-020-09
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me                      John, Elton                                           S-090-09
Don't Let Them [Radio]                               Ashanti                                               ZPC-611-05
Don't Lie                                            Adkins, Trace                                         HHC-095-06
Don't Lie [Radio Edit]                               Black Eyed Peas                                       ZPC-629-05
Don't Listen To The Radio                            Vines                                                 ZPC-2609-15
Don't Look Back                                      Boston                                                GR70-02-02
Don't Make Me [Single Version]                       Shelton, Blake                                        ZPC-2645-11
Don't Make Me Beg                                    Holy, Steve                                           NMT-37-10
Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You           Strait. George                                        TCH-01-01
Don't Matter                                         Akon                                                  ZPC-2701-04
Don't Mess With My Heart [Radio Mix]                 Black Eyed Peas                                       ZPC-618-04
Don't Mess With My Man [Version 1]                   Nivea Feat. Brian & Brandon Casey Of Jagged Edge      ZPC-477-09
Don't Phunk With My Heart[Radio Mix]                 Black Eyed Peas                                       ZPC-614-04
Don't Play Any Love Songs                            Clark, Jameson                                        HHC-111-12
Don't Rock My Boat                                   Marley, Bob                                           S-146-11
Don't Rock The Jukebox                               Jackson, Alan                                         MB-04-02
Don't Say Goodbye                                    Rubio, Paulina                                        ZPH2-04-05
Don't Shut Me Out                                    Urban, Keith                                          S-127-09
Don't Speak                                          No Doubt                                              RC-03-10
Don't Stop                                           Radford                                               HHD-77-09
Don't Stop                                           Carey, Mariah                                         HHD-89-06
Don't Stop                                           Fleetwood Mac                                         S-031-02
Don't Stop                                           Fleetwood Mac                                         S-088-10
Don't Stop                                           Rolling Stones, The                                   S-079B-05
Don't Stop [Clean]                                   Sigel, Beanie Feat. Snoop Dogg                        ZPC-610-07
Don't Stop [Radio Edit]                              Rolling Stones                                        ZPC-478-01
Don't Stop [Riton Re-Rub]                            Brazilian Girls                                       ZPC-616-16
Don't Stop Believin'                                 Journey                                               S-032-02
Don't Stop Dancing [Album Version]                   Creed                                                 ZPC-483-06
Don't Stop The Music[Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit]    Rihanna                                               ZPC-2730-17
Don't Stop The Music[Radio Edit]                     Rihanna                                               ZPC-2752-04
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough                       Jackson, Michael                                      MB-24-16
Don't Stop[Clean]                                    Baby Bash Feat. Keith Sweat                           ZPC-2811-07
Don't Take Her She's All I Got                       Byrd, Tracy                                           HHDC-08-12
Don't Take Your Love Away [Album Version]            Avant                                                 ZPC-553-09
Don't Talk                                           Jon B                                                 HHD-84-11
Don't Talk                                           Jon B                                                 TRBH-01-11
Don't Tell Me                                        Womack, Lee Ann                                       HHC-094-07
Don't Tell Me                                        Lavigne, Avril                                        ZPC-555-03
Don't Tell Me What To Do                             Tillis, Pam                                           CC-07-19
Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time     Gilley, Mickey                                        CC-04-07
Don't Think I Can't Love You                         Owen, Jake                                            ZPC-2832-14
Don't Think I Don't Think About It                   Rucker, Darius                                        ZPC-2817-10
Don't Touch Me                                       Scott, E. C.                                          BB98-14
Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em)[Clean]        Busta Rhymes                                          ZPC-2816-08
Don't Tread On Me                                    Metallica                                             S-037-06
Don't Tread On Me                                    311                                                   ZPC-628-16
Don't Turn Around                                    Aswad                                                 REG-01-02
Don't Turn Back[Main]                                O'Donis, Colby                                        ZPC-2828-05
Don't Turn Off The Lights                            Enrique Iglesias                                      ZPH2-05-02
Don't Wait                                           Dashboard Confessional                                ZPC-2621-15
                                                       43                                        Last updated: 8/14/08
                              B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Don't Wanna Fight                               Qwote Feat. Shaggy                              ZPC-2818-04
Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling                   Minogue, Dannii                                 ZPC-561-18
Don't Wanna Think About You                     Simple Plan                                     ZPC-557-04
Don't Wanna Try                                 Frankie J                                       ZPC-513-04
Don't Wanna Try [Al B. Rich Mix]                Frankie J                                       ZPC-517-18
Don't Want You Back [Squeaky Clean Version]     Eamon                                           ZPC-553-06
Don't Waste My Time                             Little Big Town                                 ZCH2-04-07
Don't Worry [Radio]                             Chingy Feat. Janet Jackson                      ZPC-597-08
Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing                       SHeDAISY                                        ZPC-602-12
Don't Worry, Be Happy                           McFerrin, Bobby                                 AE80-01-20
Don't Worry, Be Happy                           McFerrin, Bobby                                 MB-20-18
Don't You Evah                                  Spoon                                           ZPC-2750-17
Don't You Ever Give Up [Album Version]          Sounds Of Blackness                             ZPC-493-17
Don't You Know                                  Reese, Della                                    F50-04-10
Don't You Know You're Beautiful                 Pickler, Kellie                                 ZPC-2821-12
Don't You Want Me                               Human League                                    MB-15-07
Doo Wop                                         Hill, Lauryn                                    BPH8-01-02
Doobie Wah                                      Frampton, Peter                                 S-153-11
Dope Girl [Clean]                               Valentine, Brooke Feat. Pimp C                  ZPC-2622-09
Dosed [Edit]                                    Red Hot Chili Peppers                           ZPC-513-14
Dot Com [Edit]                                  Usher                                           ZPC-613-05
Double Shot Of Your Love                        Rowe, Charles Alan                              HHC-087-15
Double Trouble                                  Lynyrd Skynyrd                                  S-145-04
Double Vision                                   Foreigner                                       S-087-12
Down                                            Social Burn                                     ZPC-489-15
Down [Album Version]                            Blink-182                                       ZPC-567-16
Down And Out                                    Tantric                                         ZPC-2828-15
Down And Out [Single Edit]                      Rogers Band, Randy                              ZPC-644-11
Down And Out [Xtra Clean]                       Cam'ron Feat. Kanye West & Syleena Johnson      ZPC-602-09
Down At The Twist And Shout                     Carpenter, Mary-Chapin                          MB-17-08
Down For Me [Radio Edit]                        Loon Feat. Mario Winans                         ZPC-532-07
Down In Mississippi (Up To No Good)             Sugarland                                       ZPC-2610-10
Down In The Dirty[Clean]                        Ludacris Feat. Rick Ross & Bun B                ZPC-2744-10
Down On Me                                      Joplin, Janis                                   S-095-02
Down On The Corner                              Creedence Clearwater                            MB-19-07
Down On The Corner                              CCR                                             S-076-08
Down The Road                                   Alabama                                         S-041-09
Down To My Last Teardrop                        Tucker, Tanya                                   CC-07-15
Down To My Last Teardrop                        Tucker, Tanya                                   S-049-04
Down Under                                      Men At Work                                     AE80-01-06
Down Under                                      Men At Work                                     RUSA-02-09
Down, Down The Field - Syracuse U Fight Song    All-American Marching Band                      S-141-21
Downfall [Album Version]                        Matchbox Twenty                                 ZPC-553-02
Downtown Train                                  Stewart, Rod                                    S-030-12
Downtown Train                                  Stewart, Rod                                    S-068-06
Dozen Roses (You Remind Me) [Amended]           Monica                                          ZPC-2641-05
Draggin' The Line                               James, Tommy                                    S-088-11
Dragnet                                         Anthony, Ray                                    MB-22-13
Drain The Blood                                 Distillers                                      ZPC-543-13
Drain You                                       Nirvana                                         S-046-08
Drama Queen                                     Switches                                        ZPC-2805-15
Drama Queen (That Girl) [Album Version]         Lohan, Lindsay                                  ZPC-558-05
Draped Up [Radio]                               Bun B                                           ZPC-644-06
Draw The Line                                   Aeorsmith                                       S-040-07
                                                  44                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Dream                                                                Martin, Freddy Orchestra & Wayne, Artie         BAND-06-01
Dream                                                                Forest For The Trees                            RC-05-10
Dream Big                                                            Shupe, Ryan & The Rubberband                    ZPC-619-09
Dream Lover                                                          Nelson, Ricky                                   S-064-21
Dream On                                                             Aeorsmith                                       S-040-01
Dream On                                                             Sweet, Kelly                                    ZPC-2737-02
Dream Walkin'                                                        Keith, Toby                                     HHDC-10-04
Dream Weaver                                                         Wright, Gary                                    S-088-05
Dream-A-Lot's Theme (I Will Live For Love) [12" Extended Remix Edit] Summer, Donna                                   ZPC-564-16
Dreamer                                                              Livin' Joy                                      MB-16-18
Dreamer [Radio Edit]                                                 Dillon, Bethany                                 ZPC-642-02
Dreamer [Supreme DJ's Mix]                                           CK & Supreme Dream Team                         ZPC-498-17
Dreamgirl [Radio Mix]                                                Matthews Band, Dave                             ZPC-629-01
Dreamin'[Radio]                                                      Young Jeezy Feat. Keyshia Cole                  ZPC-2715-08
Dreaming [Radio Mix]                                                 Hannah-Rose                                     ZPC-569-18
Dreaming With A Broken Heart[Album Version]                          Mayer, John                                     ZPC-2722-01
Dreamland [Edit]                                                     Hornsby, Bruce Feat. Elton John                 ZPC-640-02
Dreamlover                                                           Carey, Mariah                                   S-066A-09
Dreams                                                               Fleetwood Mac                                   S-031-09
Dreams                                                               Deep Dish Feat Stevie Nicks                     ZPC-2609-19
Dreams [Edited]                                                      Game                                            ZPC-620-04
Drift Away [Album Version]                                           Uncle Kracker                                   ZPC-498-02
Drifter Radio Edit With :00 Intro]                                   DecembeRadio                                    ZPC-2635-19
Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie                                            Peterson, Michael                               HHDC-09-07
Drinkin' Bone [Album Version]                                        Byrd, Tracy                                     ZPC-523-10
Drinkin' In My Sunday Dress                                          Haynes, Susan                                   ZPC-649-10
Drinkin' Me Lonely                                                   Young, Chris                                    ZPC-2629-12
Drinkin' Songs And Other Logic                                       Black, Clint                                    ZPC-649-11
Drive                                                                Incubus                                         RC-12-17
Drive                                                                Carlson, Katrina                                ZPC-581-01
Drive (For Daddy Gene)                                               Jackson, Alan                                   ZCH2-03-01
Drive Away                                                           Gratitude                                       ZPC-603-16
Drive Me Crazy                                                       Lyttle, Kevin                                   ZPC-586-04
Drive My Car                                                         Beatles, The                                    MB-14-05
Driven Under                                                         Seether                                         ZPC-504-15
Driven[Clean Edit]                                                   Sevendust                                       ZPC-2725-13
Drivin' Into The Sun                                                 Austin, Sherrie                                 ZPC-555-10
Drivin' My Life Away                                                 Akins, Rhett                                    HHC-078-10
Drivin' My Life Away                                                 Rabbitt, Eddie                                  MC-03-07
Drivin' Rain                                                         Gov't Mule                                      ZPC-487-14
Drop And Gimme 50[Super Clean]                                       Jones, Mike Feat. Hurricane Chris               ZPC-2748-09
Drop Dead Legs                                                       Van Halen                                       S-050-05
Drop It Like It's Hot [Radio Edit #1]                                Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell                       ZPC-582-08
Drop It On Me [Album Version]                                        Martin, Ricky Feat. Daddy Yankee                ZPC-641-05
Drop[Clean]                                                          Ying Yang Twins                                 ZPC-2809-06
Drowning                                                             Crazy Town                                      ZPC-487-15
Drug Problem[Radio Edit]                                             Bellamy Brothers                                ZPC-2804-11
Drugs Or Jesus                                                       McGraw, Tim                                     ZPC-604-10
Drums In The Club[Squeaky Clean]                                     DJ Russ Harris Feat. DJ Keri & Bam Bam Buddha ZPC-2710-16
Drunker Than Me                                                      Tomlinson, Trent                                ZPC-641-13
Duality [Edit]                                                       Slipknot                                        ZPC-563-16
Duck And Run                                                         3 Doors Down                                    TRH-01-04
Dude [Radio Edit]                                                    Beenie Man Feat. Ms. Thing                      ZPC-550-05
Duffle Bag Boy[Radio]                                                Playaz Circle Feat. Lil Wayne                   ZPC-2730-10
                                                                       45                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Duke Of Earl                                        Chandler, Gene                                 S-103-08
Duke Of Earl                                        Chandler, Gene                                 S-105-08
Duke Of Earl                                        Chandler, Gene                                 S-111-08
Dull Boy[Radio Edit]                                Mudvayne                                       ZPC-2744-16
Dumb Girls [Single Version W/ Guitars Down]         Woodward, Lucy                                 ZPC-498-04
Dungaree Doll                                       Fisher, Eddie                                  F50-09-03
Dunn, Dunn[Clean]                                   Shawty Lo                                      ZPC-2812-07
Dust In The Wind                                    Kansas                                         S-087-09
Dust My Broom                                       James, Elmore                                  BLUE-01-03
Dust On The Bottle                                  Murphy, David Lee                              HHDC-04-04
Dust.wav [Polarbabies Radio Edit]                   Perpetuous Dreamer                             ZPC-512-17
DWIOU                                               Pettersen, Ed & The High Line Riders           HHDC-09-10
Dying To Live                                       Jonah33                                        ZPC-2752-19
dy-na-mi-tee [Swizz Beatz Remix]                    Ms. Dynamite Feat. Nas                         ZPC-530-08
E.I.                                                Nelly                                          HHD-82-04
E.I. [Clean Tipdrill Remix Edit]                    Nelly Feat. St. Lunatics                       ZPC-559-07
Earth Angel                                         Crew-Cuts, The                                 F50-05-08
Earth Angel                                         Avalon, Frankie                                S-064-01
Earth Intruders[Radio Edit]                         Bjork                                          ZPC-2715-14
East Texas Pines                                    Sweeney, Sunny                                 ZPC-2825-11
East To West[Album Version]                         Casting Crowns                                 ZPC-2729-19
Easy [Edit]                                         Groove Armada                                  ZPC-516-17
Easy Comes                                          Thornley                                       ZPC-577-15
Easy Does It                                        Hot Apple Pie                                  ZPC-2609-12
Easy For Me To Say                                  Black, Clint & Black, Lisa H.                  HHC-112-02
Easy Lovin'                                         Hart, Freddie                                  CC-06-03
Easy[Aspuration Radio Remix]                        DeAnda, Paula                                  ZPC-2731-16
Easy[Radio]                                         DeAnda, Paula Feat. Bow Wow                    ZPC-2719-08
Eat You Alive [Radio Edit]                          Limpbizkit                                     ZPC-527-14
Ebb Tide                                            Righteous Brothers                             MB-03-14
Echo [Album Version]                                Trapt                                          ZPC-550-14
Echo Beach                                          Martha & The Muffins                           ERG-01-07
Echoes Of Love                                      Doobie Brothers, The                           S-077-13
Eight Days A Week                                   Beatles, The                                   S-072-08
Eight Easy Steps [Album Version]                    Morissette, Alanis                             ZPC-577-05
Eight Miles High                                    Byrds, The                                     GR70-02-12
Eighteen                                            Cooper, Alice                                  S-084-08
Eighteen                                            Alice Cooper                                   S-088-04
El Baich (Samba)                                    Murray, Arthur                                 BRD-01-02
El Nicoya                                           Santana                                        S-047-09
El Paso City                                        Robbins, Marty                                 CC-04-11
Eleanor                                             Low Millions                                   ZPC-594-01
Elected                                             Alice Cooper                                   S-081-06
Electric Avenue                                     Grant, Eddy                                    REG-01-15
Electric Boogie                                     Griffiths, Marcia                              MB-11-13
Electric Slide (Shall We Dance) '92                 Grandmaster Slice                              MB-18-17
Electrical Storm                                    U2                                             ZPC-478-02
Electrical Storm [William Orbit Mix Radio Edit]     U2                                             ZPC-478-03
Electropop[Radio Edit]                              Jupiter Rising                                 ZPC-2811-03
Elenor Rigby                                        Beatles, The                                   S-072-16
Elenore                                             Turtles, The                                   S-113-12
Elevator                                            Flo Rida Feat. Timbaland                       ZPC-2806-08
Elf's Lament                                        Barenaked Ladies Feat. Michael Buble           ZPC-650-02
Elizabeth                                           Statler Brothers, The                          CC-08-08
                                                      46                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Elmer's Tune                                          Miller, Glenn                                 BAND-02-10
Elvira                                                Oak Ridge Boys                                ERG-08-14
Elvira                                                Oak Ridge Boys                                MB-03-17
Embraceable You                                       Romantic Strings                              S-133-06
Emerge [Dave Clarke Remix]                            Fischerspooner                                ZPC-475-15
Emotion                                               Destiny's Child                               HHD-88-14
Emotion                                               Destiny's Child                               ZPH1-07-04
Emotional [Top 40 Radio Mix]                          DeGarmo, Diana                                ZPC-596-04
Emotional Girl                                        Clark, Terri                                  HHDC-08-10
Emotional Rescue                                      Rolling Stones, The                           S-079B-18
Emotional Rollercoaster                               Green, Vivian                                 ZPC-489-06
Emotional[Urban Edit]                                 Casely                                        ZPC-2804-07
Emotions                                              Carey, Mariah                                 S-066A-05
Empires [Illicit Mixshow]                             Lamya                                         ZPC-478-17
Empty Arms                                            James, Sonny                                  CC-06-09
Empty Me[Single Version]                              Sligh, Chris                                  ZPC-2811-19
Empty Walls                                           Tankian, Serj                                 ZPC-2737-16
Encore [Xtra Amended Album Version]                   Eminem Feat. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent              ZPC-592-04
End Of The Road                                       Boyz II Men                                   MB-18-14
End Of The World, The                                 Davis, Skeeter                                L60-01-11
End Of The World, The                                 Davis, Skeeter                                MC-10-10
Endless Love                                          Ross, Diana & Ritchie, Lionel                 DM-01-18
Endless Love                                          Ross, Diana & Ritchie, Lionel                 MB-09-03
Endless Love                                          Carey, Mariah & Vandross, Luther              S-066A-13
Endless Love                                          Ross, Diana & Richie, Lionel                  S-154-23
Enemies[Album Version]                                Ashes Divide                                  ZPC-2825-16
Enemy                                                 Days Of The New                               HHD-73-06
Enemy                                                 Drowning Pool                                 ZPC-2801-14
Enemy [Radio Clean Mix]                               Sevendust                                     ZPC-530-12
Enemy Within                                          McDonald, Michael                             ZPC-2828-01
Energy                                                Natalie Feat. Baby Bash                       ZPC-617-04
Energy[Main]                                          Hilson, Keri                                  ZPC-2825-06
Engine Engine #9                                      Miller, Roger                                 MC-05-03
England Swings                                        Miller, Roger                                 MC-02-19
Enjoy The Silence 04 [Jason Nevins Radio Edit]        Depeche Mode                                  ZPC-599-15
Enough [Hot AC Mix]                                   BarlowGirl                                    ZPC-2635-20
Enough Cryin [Radio Edit]                             Blige, Mary J. Feat. Brook-Lyn                ZPC-2612-08
Enough Of Me                                          Etheridge, Melissa                            NMT-37-16
Enter Sandman                                         Metallica                                     S-037-01
Entourage [Radio Edit]                                Omarion                                       ZPC-2622-08
E-Pro [Radio Edit]                                    Beck                                          ZPC-605-14
Err Time                                              Nelly Feat. Jung Tru & King Jacob             ZPC-610-02
Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen (Brahms)                   The Wedding Album                             WED-01-13
Es Tont Ein Voller Harfenklang (Brahms)               The Wedding Album                             WED-01-06
Escapade                                              Jackson, Janet                                S-065-05
Escape                                                Iglesias, Enrique                             ZPH2-02-05
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)                         Holmes, Rupert                                MB-20-15
Esctasy Dancin'                                       C & R Project                                 HT18-32-04
Eternally                                             Vale, Jerry                                   F50-05-14
Evangeline                                            Brock, Chad                                   HHDC-11-03
Even If                                               Helton, RJ                                    ZPC-567-20
Even The Losers                                       Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                S-027-07
Even Then                                             Nordeman, Nicole                              ZPC-550-19
Ever Present Past                                     McCartney, Paul                               ZPC-2718-02
                                                        47                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Ever The Same                                         Thomas, Rob                                   ZPC-644-02
Everlasting                                           Rowe, George                                  ZPC-539-19
Everlasting God [Full Mix]                            Brewster, Lincoln                             ZPC-2647-19
Everlasting Love                                      Smith, Rex & Sweet, Rachel                    DM-02-12
Every 1's A Winner                                    Hot Chocolate                                 ERG-06-07
Every Day Is Exactly The Same [LP Version]            Nine Inch Nails                               ZPC-648-13
Every Day[Single Version]                             Rascal Flatts                                 ZPC-2808-12
Every Friday Afternoon                                Morgan, Craig                                 ZPC-525-09
Every Kinda People                                    Palmer, Robert                                S-024-10
Every Little Thing                                    Jamie O'Neal                                  ZPC-516-10
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic                  Ra                                            ZPC-630-03
Every Man For Himself                                 McCoy, Neal                                   HHC-102-13
Every Man[Radio Edit]                                 Casting Crowns                                ZPC-2807-19
Every Mile A Memory                                   Bentley, Dierks                               ZPC-2627-08
Every Now And Then                                    Brooks, Garth                                 S-126-04
Every Other Time                                      LFO                                           RC-13-14
Every Other Weekend                                   McEntire, Reba Duet With Skip Ewing           ZPC-2809-11
Every Picture Tells A Story                           Stewart, Rod                                  S-015-09
Every River [Single Remix]                            Brooks & Dunn                                 ZPC-475-11
Every Rose Has Its Thorn                              Poison                                        ERG-02-07
Every Ship Must Sail Away [Edit]                      Blue Merle                                    ZPC-630-02
Every Time                                            Tillis, Pam                                   HHC-083-09
Every Time I Breathe                                  Big Daddy Weave                               ZPC-2709-19
Every Time I Get Around You                           Murphy, David Lee                             HHDC-06-10
Every Time I Hear Your Name [Edit]                    Anderson, Keith                               ZPC-648-10
Every Time I Roll The Dice                            LeDoux, Chris                                 S-023-11
Every Time That It Rains                              Brooks, Garth                                 S-007-05
Every Word                                            Sade                                          S-058-08
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)                         Backstreet Boys                               S-038-04
Everybody Doesn't                                     Amanda                                        TPH-02-07
Everybody Everybody                                   Black Box                                     MB-04-17
Everybody Get Up [Radio Edit]                         Pitbull Feat. Pretty Ricky                    ZPC-646-07
Everybody Happy [Almighty Radio Edit]                 Kenne                                         ZPC-585-18
Everybody Knows                                       Dixie Chicks                                  ZPC-2619-11
Everybody Loves                                       Constantine                                   ZPC-2731-01
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven                       Chesney, Kenny                                ZPC-2831-10
Everybody Want's To Rule The World [Radio Edit]       Chosen Few Vs. Tears For Fears                ZPC-648-16
Everybody Wants You [Radio Edit]                      Kelley, Josh                                  ZPC-556-03
Everybody, Everybody                                  Black Box                                     ZEW-90-04
Everybody[Single Edit]                                Urban, Keith                                  ZPC-2734-11
Everybody[Single Edit]                                Urban, Keith                                  ZPC-2735-12
Everybody's Everything                                Santana                                       GR70-02-11
Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime                    Sons Of The Desert                            HHC-101-05
Everybody's On The Phone                              Buffett, Jimmy                                ZPC-2649-09
Everybody's Sombody's Fool                            Francis, Connie                               S-118-02
Everybody's Talkin'                                   Buffett, Jimmy                                S-151-02
Everyday                                              Daniels, Jessie                               ZPC-2626-20
Everyday                                              Bon Jovi                                      ZPC-475-04
Everyday                                              Dave Matthews Band                            ZPH2-02-12
Everyday (When Will You Be Mine)                      McRae, Hilary                                 ZPC-2825-02
Everyday America                                      Sugarland                                     ZPC-2720-11
Everyman... Everywoman… [Dave Aude Str8 Radio Edit]   Ono                                           ZPC-589-17
Everyone                                              Morrison, Van                                 S-080-09
Everyone                                              Socialburn                                    ZPC-513-15
                                                        48                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Everyone Falls In Love                         Tanto Metro & Devonte                       RC-09-07
Everyone Nose                                  N*E*R*D                                     ZPC-2823-07
Everything                                     Buble, Michael                              ZPC-2712-01
Everything [Clean Edit]                        Morissette, Alanis                          ZPC-558-02
Everything [Hot AC Radio Edit]                 Dobson, FeFe                                ZPC-545-02
Everything [Radio Edit]                        Buckcherry                                  ZPC-2701-15
Everything [Radio Edit]                        Kaskade                                     ZPC-610-18
Everything About You                           Poltz, Steve                                S-098-11
Everything About You [Rock-N-Roll Version]     Sanctus Real                                ZPC-568-19
Everything Burns [Radio Remix]                 Moody, Ben Feat. Anastacia                  ZPC-624-05
Everything Changes                             Little Big Town                             ZCH2-06-09
Everything Changes [Tom Lord-Alge Mix]         Staind                                      ZPC-2605-13
Everything Glorious[CHR Version]               Crowder Band, David                         ZPC-2728-20
Everything I'm Not [Jason Nevins Remix Edit]   Veronicas                                   ZPC-2624-15
Everything Is Beautiful                        Stevens, Ray                                MC-06-09
Everything Is Beautiful [Radio Edit]           Starfield                                   ZPC-2645-19
Everything Is Everything                       Hill, Lauryn                                RC-09-10
Everything Is Fine[Album Version]              Turner, Josh                                ZPC-2832-12
Everything I've Known [Amended]                Korn                                        ZPC-562-15
Everything There Is To Know About You          Wills, Mark                                 HHC-102-08
Everything To Me                               Phair, Liz                                  ZPC-629-04
Everything To Me[Album Version]                Schultz, Mark                               ZPC-2803-18
Everything U R                                 Pagano, Lindsay                             HHD-88-12
Everything U R                                 Pagano, Lindsay                             ZPH1-06-11
Everything You Want                            Vertical Horizon                            HHD-75-05
Everything You Want                            Vertical Horizon                            RC-11-13
Everything's Beautiful (In It's Own Way)       Nelson, Willie & Parton, Dolly              DM-01-11
Everything's Changed                           Lonestar                                    HHC-081-07
Everything's Magic                             Angels & Airwaves                           ZPC-2736-13
Everytime [Above & Beyond Radio Remix]         Spears, Britney                             ZPC-574-16
Everytime [Album Version]                      Spears, Britney                             ZPC-563-06
Everytime I Cry                                Clark, Terri                                HHC-088-03
Everytime I Think About Her [Radio Edit]       Jaheim Feat. Jadakiss                       ZPC-637-09
Everytime Tha Beat Drop [Clean]                Monica Feat. Dem Franchize Boys             ZPC-2624-06
Everytime That It Rains                        Brooks, Garth                               S-125-05
Everytime We Touch [Radio Mix]                 Cascada                                     ZPC-636-17
Everytime You Go Away [Radio]                  McKnight, Brian                             ZPC-599-01
Everywhere                                     Branch, Michelle                            RC-13-11
Everywhere                                     Fleetwood Mac                               S-031-05
Evil                                           Interpol                                    ZPC-609-15
Evolution[Dave Aude Radio Remix]               Korn                                        ZPC-2731-17
Evolution[Super Clean]                         Korn                                        ZPC-2721-16
Ex Ex Girlfriend [DND Radio Edit]              DND Feat. Angie Irons                       ZPC-575-17
Excited [Tribal O Edit]                        O, Bobby                                    ZPC-627-18
Excuse Me Miss [Radio]                         Jay-Z                                       ZPC-498-07
Ex-Factor                                      Hill, Lauryn                                BB99-02
Ex-Girlfriend                                  No Doubt                                    NMT-37-15
Exhale (Shoop Shoop)                           Houston, Whitney                            S-069A-12
Exodus                                         Marley, Bob & The Wailers                   REG-01-18
Exodus [Radio]                                 Ja Rule                                     ZPC-647-05
Exodus '04 [Double J Radio Mix]                Utada                                       ZPC-626-17
Expresss Yourself                              Madonna                                     S-067-13
Extraordinary                                  Moore, Mandy With The Weepies               ZPC-2708-04
Extraordinary                                  Phair, Liz                                  ZPC-544-01
                                                  49                             Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Eye Candy [Radio]                                           Brown, Nino Feat. Baby Bash                  ZPC-621-09
Eyes Closed So Tight                                        VI3                                          ZPC-501-06
Eyes Closed So Tight [Maurice Joshua Nu Soul Remix]         VI3                                          ZPC-506-03
Eyes Of A Woman                                             McGraw, Tim                                  S-004-13
F**k It [Clean]                                             Eamon                                        ZPC-537-04
F*cking Boyfriend [Ralphi Roasrio And Jody DB Radio Edit]   Bird And Bee                                 ZPC-2640-18
F.U.R.B [Extra Clean].                                      Frankee                                      ZPC-556-05
Fabulous                                                    Jaheim Feat. Tha Rayne                       ZPC-482-09
Face Down                                                   Red Jumpsuit Apparatus                       ZPC-2629-14
Face To Face                                                Brooks, Garth                                S-126-11
Fad Of The Land [Lounge Mix]                                Newsboys                                     ZPC-484-19
Fade Away                                                   Day Of Fire                                  ZPC-626-14
Fade Away[Album Version]                                    Another Animal                               ZPC-2823-15
Faded                                                       Souldecision                                 HHD-80-09
Faeries [Album Version]                                     Mannheim Steamroller                         ZPC-492-01
Failure                                                     Unloco                                       ZPC-505-14
Faint                                                       Linkin Park                                  ZPC-517-14
Faith [Stonebridge Radio Mix]                               Leana                                        ZPC-2622-18
Faith Holds On [Radio Edit]                                 Slocum, Jamie                                ZPC-517-19
Faith In You                                                Travis, Randy                                ZPC-2815-12
Faith Like That [CHR Mix (Radio Edit)]                      Jonah33                                      ZPC-540-18
Faithfully                                                  Journey                                      MB-02-02
Faithfully                                                  Journey                                      S-032-04
Faithfully [Valentin's Dance Edit]                          Torres, Judy                                 ZPC-647-18
Fake [Love To Infinity Classic Radio Mix]                   Simply Red                                   ZPC-547-14
Fake It                                                     Seether                                      ZPC-2736-16
Fall                                                        Walker, Clay                                 ZPC-2713-12
Fall                                                        Locke, Kimberley                             ZPC-2811-01
Fall Back Down                                              Rancid                                       ZPC-523-14
Fall Behind Me                                              Donnas                                       ZPC-584-15
Fall For You                                                Secondhand Serenade                          ZPC-2813-05
Fall For You                                                Secondhand Serenade                          ZPC-2813-05
Fall Into Me                                                Emerson Drive                                ZCH2-06-08
Fall Into Sleep [Album Version]                             Mudvayne                                     ZPC-2601-10
Fall To Pieces [Album Version]                              Velvet Revolver                              ZPC-578-12
Fall To Pieces [Album Version]                              Lavigne, Avril                               ZPC-613-03
Fallen                                                      McLachlan, Sarah                             ZPC-531-02
Fallen [Radio Mix]                                          Mya                                          ZPC-539-05
Fallen Angels                                               Ra                                           ZPC-624-14
Fallen Embers                                               Enya                                         S-044-07
Fallin'                                                     Keys, Alicia                                 RC-13-05
Falling                                                     Staind                                       ZPC-637-17
Falling Down                                                Duran Duran                                  ZPC-2736-01
Falling Down[Album Version]                                 Atreyu                                       ZPC-2803-15
Falling For The First Time                                  Barenaked Ladies                             HHD-89-14
Falling For The First Time                                  Barenaked Ladies                             ZPH2-01-13
Falling In Love                                             O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                          WED-02-01
Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop[Shortened Radio Edit]      Pigg, Landon                                 ZPC-2806-03
Falling In Love With Love                                   Romantic Strings                             S-136-10
Falling Into You[Radio Edit]                                Whiskey Falls                                ZPC-2746-12
Falling Slowly                                              Hansard, Glen And Maketa Irglova             ZPC-2809-01
Falls Apart [Edit]                                          Hurt                                         ZPC-2629-16
Falls On Me                                                 Fuel                                         ZPC-524-15
False Pretense                                              Red Jumpsuit Apparatus                       ZPC-2709-14
                                                              50                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                 MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Falsetto[Radio Edit]                                   Dream                                          ZPC-2745-05
Family Affair                                          Blige, Mary J.                                 HHD-88-03
Family Affair                                          Blige, Mary J.                                 RC-13-13
Family Portrait [Radio Edit]                           Pink                                           ZPC-479-04
Family Tradition                                       Williams, Hank Jr.                             CC-02-01
Family Tradition                                       Williams, Hank Jr.                             S-019-01
Family Tree                                            Worley, Darryl                                 ZPC-481-09
Famous In A Small Town                                 Lambert, Miranda                               ZPC-2711-11
Famous Last Words [Alternate]                          My Chemical Romance                            ZPC-2649-11
Famous[Radio Version]                                  Puddle Of Mudd                                 ZPC-2720-15
Fanatic [Radio Edit]                                   Green, Vivian                                  ZPC-514-07
Fantasy                                                Carey, Mariah                                  RC-01-04
Fantasy                                                Carey, Mariah                                  S-066A-14
Fantasy Reality [DJ Disciple Sinister Mix]             Cyn                                            ZPC-499-16
Far Away                                               By The Tree                                    ZPC-532-18
Far Away                                               12 Stones                                      ZPC-576-14
Far Away [Radio Edit]                                  Nickelback                                     ZPC-2623-02
Far Behind[Amended]                                    Social Distortion                              ZPC-2724-14
Far Cry[Radio Edit]                                    Rush                                           ZPC-2711-15
Farther                                                Outspoken                                      ZPC-498-13
Farther Up The Road                                    Bland, Bobby                                   BLUE-02-11
Farther Up The Road[Album Version]                     Hucknall, Mick                                 ZPC-2819-03
Fascinated [Original Mix]                              Palmer, Suzanne                                ZPC-635-19
Fascination (From The Movie "Love In The Afternoon")   Morgan, Jane & The Troubadours                 F50-04-07
Fascination (Strings)                                  Old Fashioned Wedding                          BRD-03-03
Fashionista [Original Radio]                           James, Jimmy                                   ZPC-2620-18
Fast As You Can                                        Apple, Flona                                   HHD-74-11
Fast Car[Fugee Remix]                                  Wyclef Jean Feat. Lupe Fiasco                  ZPC-2816-07
Fast Cars And Freedom                                  Rascal Flatts                                  ZPC-611-12
Faster Kill Pussycat [Single Edit]                     Oakenfold, Paul Feat. Brittany Murphy          ZPC-2615-19
Fat Bottomed Girls                                     Queen                                          S-159-04
Father And Daughter [Album Version]                    Simon, Paul                                    ZPC-486-02
Father And Son                                         Stevens, Cat                                   S-011-09
Favorite Girl [Album Version]                          Houston, Marques                               ZPC-2633-07
Favorite State Of Mind                                 Gracin, Josh                                   ZPC-2606-11
Fearless [Junior Sanchez Radio Mix]                    Bravery                                        ZPC-635-18
Fearless [Main Mix]                                    Building 429                                   ZPC-2602-20
February Song[Radio Mix]                               Groban, Josh                                   ZPC-2711-01
Feedback                                               Jackson, Janet                                 ZPC-2752-03
Feedback[Moto Blanco Radio Edit]                       Jackson, Janet                                 ZPC-2808-18
Feel [Hot Single Mix]                                  Chicago                                        ZPC-2612-01
Feel [Radio Edit]                                      Williams, Robbie                               ZPC-505-01
Feel Good Time                                         Pink Feat. William Orbit                       ZPC-515-04
Feel Good, Inc [Amended].                              Gorillaz                                       ZPC-612-14
Feel It                                                Tamperer, The                                  RC-07-07
Feel It [Radio Edit]                                   Sermon, Erick Feat. Sean Paul & Sy Scott       ZPC-564-08
Feel It Boy                                            Beenie Man with Janet                          ZPH2-06-04
Feel It In The Air [Radio]                             Sigel, Beanie Feat. Melissa                    ZPC-603-10
Feel Like Makin' Love [Radio Edit]                     Kid Rock                                       ZPC-536-15
Feel My Way To You                                     Restless Heart                                 ZPC-579-10
Feel So Good [Main]                                    Razah                                          ZPC-592-06
Feel You [Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit]                   Alyson                                         ZPC-593-18
Feelin' Alright                                        Grand Funk Railroad                            S-088-09
Feelin' Freaky [Main]                                  Cannon, Nick Feat. B2K                         ZPC-525-05
                                                         51                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Feelin' Go Good                                      Lopez, Jennifer                            RC-10-06
Feelin' So Good                                      Lopez, Jennifer                            HHD-76-03
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good [Edit]                     Nickelback                                 ZPC-564-12
Feeling Alright                                      Cocker, Joe                                S-091-08
Feeling This                                         Blink-182                                  ZPC-535-14
Feelings                                             Romantic Strings                           S-133-03
Feels Just Like It Should                            Green, Pat                                 ZPC-2620-11
Feels Like Love                                      Gill, Vince                                HHC-099-03
Feels Like Love                                      Tiffany                                    ZPC-2719-01
Feels Like Today                                     Rascal Flatts                              ZPC-571-13
Feels Like Tonight[Album Version]                    Daughtry                                   ZPC-2750-05
Feels So good                                        Santiago, Lina                             RC-01-09
Feels So Good [Clean]                                Remy Ma Feat. Ne-Yo                        ZPC-2620-06
Feels So Right                                       Eagle-Eye Cherry                           ZPH2-01-06
Feliz Navidad                                        Secada, Jon                                ZPC-2651-02
Feliz Navidad [Album Version]                        Walker, Clay                               ZPC-546-14
Fell In Love With A Boy [Album Version]              Stone, Joss                                ZPC-560-05
Fellow Traveler [Radio Edit]                         Owens, Ginny                               ZPC-646-17
Fence Riders[Radio Edit]                             Needham, Jimmy                             ZPC-2739-18
Fergalicious [Amended]                               Fergie Feat.                     ZPC-2639-04
Ferry 'Cross The Merrsey                             Gerry & The Pacemakers                     S-099-10
Ferry 'Cross The Merrsey                             Gerry & The Pacemakers                     S-108-03
Ferry 'Cross The Mersey                              Gerry & The Pacemakers                     S-112-07
Fever                                                Moore, Jeff                                HHDC-07-06
Fever [Adam Freeland Remix]                          Vaughan, Sarah                             ZPC-613-16
Fever [L.E.X. Bette's On Fire Radio Mix]             Midler, Bette                              ZPC-2609-17
Fever For The Flava [Radio Edit]                     Hot Action Cop                             ZPC-504-13
Fiction (She Dreams In Digital)                      Orgy                                       HHD-80-10
Fidelity [Album Version]                             Spektor, Regina                            ZPC-2649-01
Fields Of Grace [Radio Mix]                          Big Daddy Weave                            ZPC-534-18
Fifteen Years Ago                                    Twitty, Conway                             MC-08-08
Fight For California - U of CA Berkeley Fight Song   All-American Marching Band                 S-141-03
Fight On - U of So CA Fight Song                     All-American Marching Band                 S-141-20
Fight On, State - Penn State U Fight Song            All-American Marching Band                 S-141-17
Fighter                                              Aguilera, Christina                        ZPC-504-02
Fightin' For                                         Cross Canadian Ragweed                     ZPC-639-11
Figured You Out                                      Nickelback                                 ZPC-539-13
Filipino Baby                                        Tubb, Ernest & Jones, George               MC-03-11
Fill Me In                                           David, Craig                               HHD-87-04
Fill The Earth [Radio Edit]                          4Him                                       ZPC-543-19
Filled With Your Glory [CHR Mix]                     Starfield                                  ZPC-565-19
Finally                                              Peniston, Cece                             MB-14-01
Finally[Radio Edit]                                  Fergie                                     ZPC-2809-02
Find A New Way[Dave Aude Club Edit]                  Young Love                                 ZPC-2735-17
Find A Way [Album Version]                           Dwele                                      ZPC-520-07
Find Love[AC Mix]                                    Mullins, Shawn                             ZPC-2709-01
Find Me Tonight                                      Everyday Sunday                            ZPC-2707-18
Find Myself [Radio Edit]                             Presta + Stakey                            ZPC-556-18
Find Out Who Your Friends Are                        Lawrence, Tracy                            ZPC-2708-10
Find The Real [Radio Edit]                           Alter Bridge                               ZPC-591-13
Find You Waiting[With Intro, Alt Vocal, No BGV]      DecembeRadio                               ZPC-2746-19
Find Your Way Home                                   REO Speedwagon                             ZPC-2812-02
Find Your Wings                                      Harris, Mark                               ZPC-2617-19
Finder Of Lost Loves                                 Warwick, Dionne & Jones, Glenn             DM-02-14
                                                       52                             Last updated: 8/14/08
                              B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                 MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Findin' A Good Man [Radio Edit Intro]            Peck, Danielle                                           ZPC-2608-10
Finding My Way Back Home [Radio Edit]            Womack, Lee Ann                                          ZPC-2635-10
Finding Out True Love Is Blind                   Louis XIV                                                ZPC-609-13
Fine                                             Houston, Whitney                                         S-069B-01
Fine Line                                        McCartney, Paul                                          ZPC-630-01
Fine Line[Edit]                                  Little Big Town                                          ZPC-2828-12
Finer Things[Clean]                              DJ Felli Fel Feat. Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Fabolous & JermaineZPC-2808-10
Finger Poppin' Time                              Ballard, Hank                                            S-116-02
Finish Last [Radio Remix]                        Stellar Kart                                             ZPC-646-18
Fins                                             Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                                    S-055-13
Fins                                             Buffett, Jimmy                                           S-150-17
Fire (Yes, Yes Y'all) [Clean]                    Budden, Joe feat. Busta Rhymes&Redman                    ZPC-521-08
Fire And Rain                                    Taylor, James                                            S-048-03
Fire And Rain                                    Edmonds, Kenny "Babyface"                                ZPC-2733-03
Fire Down Below                                  Collie, Mark&Tippin, Aaron&Wood, Jeff                    HHC-071-12
Fire It Up [Album Version]                       Black Label Society                                      ZPC-624-12
Fire[Clean]                                      50 Cent Feat. Young Buck & Nicole Scherzinger            ZPC-2750-10
Firecracker                                      Turner, Josh                                             ZPC-2727-12
Firecrackers And Ferris Wheels                   Blue County                                              ZPC-2625-10
Fireman [Radio Edit]                             Lil' Wayne                                               ZPC-639-07
Firing Line [Edit]                               Allman Brothers Band                                     ZPC-504-12
First [Album Version]                            Lohan, Lindsay                                           ZPC-618-03
First Cut Is The Deepest                         Stewart, Rod                                             S-030-08
First Date                                       Blink 182                                                ZPH2-02-09
First Straw [Album Version]                      311                                                      ZPC-569-15
First Time                                       Lifehouse                                                ZPC-2718-03
Fishin' In The Dark                              Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                                   CC-05-12
Five To One                                      Doors, The                                               S-157-08
Fix You [Edit]                                   Coldplay                                                 ZPC-632-15
Flagpole Sitta                                   Danger, Harvey                                           RA98-05-15
Flagpole Sitta                                   Danger, Harvey                                           RC-07-06
Flake                                            Johnson, Jack                                            ZPH2-05-09
Flap Ya Wings [Radio Edit]                       Nelly                                                    ZPC-570-06
Flashing Lights                                  West, Kanye Feat. Dwele                                  ZPC-2746-08
Flathead                                         Fratellis                                                ZPC-2708-16
Flawless (Go To The City) [Shapeshifters Mix]    Michael, George                                          ZPC-579-16
Flies On The Butter (You Can't Go Home Again)    Wynonna Feat. Naomi Judd                                 ZPC-549-09
Flipside [Radio]                                 Freeway Feat. Peedi Crakk                                ZPC-516-08
Flirtin' With Disaster                           Molly Hatchet                                            GR70-02-05
Float On                                         Modest Mouse                                             ZPC-557-15
Floating [Radio]                                 Rochell, Megan                                           ZPC-2632-07
Floetic [Radio Mix]                              Floetry                                                  ZPC-475-09
Flora's Secret                                   Enya                                                     S-044-06
Flossin' [Clean]                                 Jones, Mike                                              ZPC-644-07
Flow                                             Sade                                                     S-058-02
Flutter                                          Ingram, Jack                                             HHC-070-11
Fly                                              Thomas, Dante                                            HHD-89-12
Fly                                              Thomas, Dante                                            ZPH2-01-11
Fly (The Angel Song)                             Wilkinsons, The                                          HHC-084-01
Fly [Album Version]                              Duff, Hilary                                             ZPC-579-02
Fly Away                                         Kravitz, Lenny                                           RC-07-14
Fly Away                                         Nelly                                                    ZPC-639-04
Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day)              Dropline                                                 ZPH2-04-04
Fly From The Inside [Album Version]              Shinedown                                                ZPC-514-12
                                                    53                                        Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Fly Like A Bird                                      Carey, Mariah                                    ZPC-2609-03
Fly Like An Eagle                                    Miller, Steve                                    S-087-05
Fly Like An Eagle                                    Steve Miller Band                                S-155-07
Fly Like Me[Album Version (Edited)]                  Chingy Feat. Amerie                              ZPC-2744-05
Fly Me Away [Ladytron Remix]                         Goldfrapp                                        ZPC-2637-16
Fly Me To The Moon                                   Sinatra, Frank                                   S-021-08
Fly So High [Original Radio]                         B.M.C.                                           ZPC-646-16
Flying Without Wings                                 Studdard, Ruben                                  ZPC-517-03
Follow Me                                            Uncle Kracker                                    HHD-84-03
Follow The Boys                                      Francis, Connie                                  S-118-14
Follow The Sun Down [Album Version]                  Dark new Day                                     ZPC-2628-14
Follow Through [Album Version]                       DeGraw, Gavin                                    ZPC-630-04
Follow Through [Radio Edit]                          DeGraw, Gavin                                    ZPC-520-03
Follow You Down                                      Gin Blossoms                                     RC-01-07
Followed The Waves [Radio Edit]                      Auf der Maur                                     ZPC-563-14
Folsom Prison Blues                                  Cash, Johnny                                     MC-05-08
Folsom Prison Blues                                  Cash, Johnny                                     S-143-03
Folsom Prison Blues                                  Everlast                                         ZPC-2828-13
Food For Thought                                     UB40                                             S-152-17
Fool (If You Think It's Over)[Almighty Radio Edit]   Nemesis Rising                                   ZPC-2807-17
Fool For Your Love                                   Gilley, Mickey                                   MC-08-10
Fool To Cry                                          Rolling Stones, The                              S-079B-10
Fool, I'm A Woman                                    Evans, Sara                                      HHC-089-11
Fooled Around And Fell In Love [Album Version]       Stewart, Rod                                     ZPC-2702-03
Foolish Mind Games [Radio Mix]                       Walker, Jason                                    ZPC-577-18
Foolish[Main]                                        Shawty Lo                                        ZPC-2818-06
Fools Rush In                                        Nelson, Ricky                                    S-064-22
Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)           Dorsey, Tommy Orchestra & Sinatra, Frank         BAND-06-06
Footlights                                           Haggard, Merle                                   S-018-05
Footloose                                            Loggins, Kenny                                   MB-19-06
Footprints                                           T.O.K.                                           ZPC-635-06
For All Time                                         Soluna                                           ZPH2-03-14
For All We Know                                      Carpenters, The                                  S-086-01
For All We Know                                      Carpenters, The                                  S-086-21
For Crying Out Loud                                  Cochran, Anita                                   HHC-091-09
For Crying Out Loud                                  Meat Loaf                                        S-028-07
For Once In My Life                                  Wonder, Stevie                                   S-096-12
For The Beauty Of The Earth[Nativity Version]        BarlowGirl                                       ZPC-2751-16
For The First Time                                   Stewart, Rod                                     S-030-02
For The First Time [Radio Mix]                       Harris, Mark                                     ZPC-624-19
For The Good Times                                   Price Ray                                        CC-06-11
For The Nasty [Clean]                                Q-Tip Feat. Busta Rhymes                         ZPC-620-08
For These Times[Radio Version]                       McBride, Martina                                 ZPC-2739-09
For You                                              Otto, James                                      ZPC-2821-14
For You [Radio Edit]                                 Russell, Jack                                    ZPC-476-01
For You I Will                                       Tippin, Aaron                                    HHC-082-10
For You I Will                                       Tippin, Aaron                                    HHDC-12-11
For You I Will (Confidence)                          Geiger, Teddy                                    ZPC-2602-06
For Your Love                                        LeDoux, Chris                                    S-023-03
For Your Love [Radio]                                Young Rome Feat. Marques Houston                 ZPC-638-09
'Fore She Was Mama                                   Walker, Clay                                     ZPC-2640-10
Forever                                              Cousins, Tina                                    HT18-42-07
Forever                                              Carey, Mariah                                    S-066B-03
Forever                                              Papa Roach                                       ZPC-2703-14
                                                       54                                   Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Forever                                              Brown, Chris                                ZPC-2815-04
Forever [Bobby Blanco And Miki Moto Radio Edit]      Lake Street Project                         ZPC-2626-18
Forever [Radio Edit]                                 Vertical Horizon                            ZPC-621-03
Forever And For Always                               Twain, Shania                               ZPC-507-11
Forever And For Always [Pop Edit]                    Twain, Shania                               ZPC-511-02
Forever Autumn                                       Moody Blues, The                            S-094-12
Forever Everyday                                     Womack, Lee_Ann                             ZPC-483-13
Forever For You                                      Hall, Daryl & John Oates                    ZPC-485-01
Forever Girl [Xtra Clean Radio]                      Q. Amey Feat. Jazze Pha                     ZPC-2612-07
Forever In Love                                      G, Kenny                                    MB-21-09
Forever In Love                                      O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                         WED-02-16
Forever Love                                         McEntire, Reba                              HHC-082-03
Forever Loving You                                   Rich, John                                  HHC-107-10
Forever Young                                        DJ Company                                  RC-05-16
Forever Young                                        Stewart, Rod                                S-030-14
Forever Young                                        Stewart, Rod                                S-068-16
Forever Young [Radio Edit]                           Interactive                                 ZPC-506-18
Forever[Randolph Radio Edit]                         Alyson                                      ZPC-2713-18
Foreverandever, Etc. [Album Version]                 Crowder Band, David                         ZPC-2644-18
Forget About It                                      Krauss, Allison                             HHC-091-13
Forget To Remember [Radio Mix]                       Mudvayne                                    ZPC-627-13
Forget You                                           L.A.X.                                      ZPC-2703-03
Forgive                                              Howard, Rebecca Lynn                        ZCH2-04-13
Forgive [Valentin Radio Edit]                        Reina                                       ZPC-622-17
Forgive Me                                           Cnote                                       ZPC-2815-01
Forgiven                                             Wank                                        RA98-05-10
Forgiveness                                          Witter, Jim                                 ZPC-479-20
Forgot About Dre                                     Dr. Dre w/Eminem                            HHD-78-05
forthenight (For The Night) [Radio]                  Musiq                                       ZPC-538-07
Fortunate                                            Maxwell                                     BB99-03
Fortunate Son                                        CCR                                         S-076-09
Fortune Faded                                        Red Hot Chili Peppers                       ZPC-539-12
Found By You [AC Radio Mix]                          Across The Sky                              ZPC-533-19
Four Letter Word                                     Def Leppard                                 ZPC-489-13
Four Walls                                           Reeves, Jim                                 F50-09-12
Four Walls                                           Travis, Randy                               ZPC-589-12
Four-Wheel Drive                                     Montgomery, John Michael                    ZPC-513-11
Foxy Foxy                                            Zombie, Rob                                 ZPC-2606-15
Frankie                                              Francis, Connie                             S-118-11
Frantic                                              O'Neal, Jamie                               ZCH2-03-12
Frantic [Edit]                                       Metallica                                   ZPC-527-15
Freak On A Leash                                     Korn                                        BR99-03
Freak On A Leash [Unplugged]                         Korn Feat. Amy Lee                          ZPC-2706-13
Freakin' It                                          Smith, Will                                 HHD-76-05
Freaks [Radio]                                       Play-N-Skillz Feat. Krazie Bone             ZPC-565-09
Freakshow (Mix 13)                                   Cure                                        ZPC-2824-17
Freaky As She Wanna Be [Radio Edit]                  Dem Franchize Boyz Feat. Trey Songz         ZPC-2630-08
Freaky Girl                                          Shaggy                                      HHD-86-01
Freaky Gurl[Clean Mix]                               Gucci Mane                                  ZPC-2727-06
Freddie's Dead (Theme From "Superfly")               Mayfield, Curtis                            S-084-06
Free                                                 Train                                       BR99-09
Free                                                 Mya                                         HHD-84-07
Free                                                 Powerman 5000                               ZPC-507-13
Free [Album Version]                                 McDonald, Shawn                             ZPC-2609-20
                                                       55                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Free [Radio Edit]                               Secada, Jon                                    ZPC-2624-01
Free [Radio Edit]                               Plumb                                          ZPC-518-18
Free [Swiss American Federation Club Edit]      Brightman, Sarah                               ZPC-558-17
Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go)[Edit]        Bentley, Dierks                                ZPC-2720-10
Free Bird                                       Lynyrd Skynyrd                                 S-145-10
Free Fallin'                                    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                 S-027-14
Free Fallin'[Live]                              Mayer, John                                    ZPC-2830-01
Free Loop                                       Powter, Daniel                                 ZPC-2629-01
Free Me [Full Intention's Sultra Radio Edit]    Bunton, Emma                                   ZPC-590-17
Free Me [LP Version]                            Hyperstatic Union                              ZPC-2633-19
Free Ride                                       Winter, Edgar Group                            GR70-02-03
Free Your Mind [Vocal Version]                  Sapphirecut                                    ZPC-499-17
Free Yourself [Album Version]                   Fantasia                                       ZPC-615-06
Freedom Fighters                                Music                                          ZPC-584-14
Freefalling [Radio Edit]                        Kat People                                     ZPC-599-17
Freek-A-Leek [Clean Version]                    Pablo, Petey                                   ZPC-544-06
Freeze [Album]                                  Pay The Girl                                   ZPC-497-02
Freeze [Radio]                                  LL Cool J Feat. Lyfe Jennings                  ZPC-2615-08
Freeze Frame                                    Geils, J.                                      AE80-01-16
Frenesi (Big Band)                              Old Fashioned Wedding Dance                    BRD-02-07
Fresh Azimiz [Radio Edit]                       Bow Wow Feat. J-Kwon & Jermaine Dupri          ZPC-641-09
Friday Night [Clean]                            Young Gunz                                     ZPC-561-07
Friend [Radio Edit]                             McVie, Christine                               ZPC-582-02
Friend Like That[Album Version]                 Nelson, Hawk                                   ZPC-2804-20
Friend Of God                                   Phillips, Craig & Dean                         ZPC-619-18
Friend Of Mine                                  Price, Kelly                                   BPH8-01-03
Friends And Lovers                              Loring, Gloria & Anderson, Carl                DM-01-16
Friends For Life                                Boone, Debby                                   S-073-11
Friends In Low Places                           Brooks, Garth                                  MB-08-13
Friends In Low Places                           Brooks, Garth                                  S-025-05
Friends In Low Places                           Brooks, Garth                                  S-121-05
Friends In Low Places (Long Version)            Brooks, Garth (Live)                           S-043B-11
Frolic Room [Album Remix]                       311                                            ZPC-2624-13
From A Distance                                 Romantic Strings                               S-134-05
From A Distance - Natural Sounds                Solitudes                                      S-139-05
From A Distance[Christmas Version]              Midler, Bette                                  ZPC-2751-03
From A Jack To A King                           Miller, Ned                                    MC-02-12
From Here To Eternity                           Peterson, Michael                              HHC-071-05
From Me To You                                  Beatles, The                                   S-072-02
From My Head To My Heart                        Evan & Jaron                                   HHD-85-04
From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace [Radio Edit]      Snoop Dogg                                     ZPC-484-08
From The Bottom Of My Heart                     James, Harry w/ Frank Sinatra, vocals          BAND-04-08
From The Bottom Of My Heart [Radio Edit]        Wonder, Stevie                                 ZPC-622-01
From The Heart                                  Another Level                                  S-098-10
From The Heart                                  Clark, Bev                                     WED-03-06
From The Inside                                 Alice Cooper                                   S-081-20
From This Moment On                             Twain, Shania                                  S-008-05
From This Moment On                             Romantic Piano                                 S-137-01
From This Moment On                             O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                            WED-02-14
From Yesterday [Album Version]                  30 Seconds To Mars                             ZPC-2642-13
From Your Mouth                                 God Lives Underwater                           RA98-05-02
Frontin' [Radio Mix]                            Pharrell Feat. Jay-Z                           ZPC-517-07
Frozen[Main]                                    Chynn, Tami Feat. Akon                         ZPC-2827-03
Fruitcakes                                      Buffett, Jimmy                                 S-150-06
                                                  56                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
FU Pay Me[Clean]                                     Sunny Valentine Feat. Yung Joc & Nitti         ZPC-2707-07
Fuego[Ranny's Radio Edit]                            Cheetah Girls                                  ZPC-2747-17
Full Moon                                            Brandy                                         ZPH2-04-07
Fully Alive [Radio Version]                          Flyleaf                                        ZPC-2623-17
Fun, Fun, Fun                                        Beach Boys, The                                ERG-03-13
Fun, Fun, Fun                                        Beach Boys, The                                MB-16-07
Fun, Fun, Fun                                        Beach Boys                                     S-070-09
Funky Cold Medina                                    Tone Loc                                       ZEW-89-04
Funkytown                                            Lipps, Inc.                                    MB-18-02
Funny Face                                           Fargo, Donna                                   ERG-08-12
Funny How Time Slips Away                            Walker, Billy                                  MC-08-15
Funplex[Radio Edit]                                  B-52's                                         ZPC-2805-14
Furious Angels [Radio Edit]                          Dougan, Rob                                    ZPC-519-18
Further From Myself [Album Version]                  Pillar                                         ZPC-548-18
Fussin' and Fighting                                 Marley, Bob                                    S-146-08
Future Funk [D.Ramirez Turbo Funk Mix]               Lawrence, Seth                                 ZPC-534-16
Futures                                              Jimmy Eat World                                ZPC-618-15
Gabriel [Album Mix]                                  K, Suzy                                        ZPC-540-01
Gallery [Radio Edit]                                 Vazquez, Mario                                 ZPC-2611-06
Galvanize [Edit]                                     Chemical Brothers Feat. Q-Tip                  ZPC-601-16
Game Of Love                                         Fontana, Wayne                                 S-104-04
Game Of Love                                         Fontana, Wayne                                 S-110-07
Game Over (Flip) [Amended Album Version]             Lil' Flip                                      ZPC-552-09
Game's Pain[Clean]                                   Game Feat. Keyshia Cole                        ZPC-2818-10
Games People Play                                    South, Joe                                     S-099-09
Games People Play                                    South, Joe                                     S-112-06
Gamma Ray                                            Beck                                           ZPC-2827-17
Gangsta Girl [Radio Clean]                           Big Tymers Feat. R. Kelly                      ZPC-540-08
Gangsta Nation [Clean]                               Westside Connection                            ZPC-538-08
Gangsters And Thugs [Radio Edit (Rob Version)]       Transplants                                    ZPC-620-13
Garden Party                                         Nelson, Ricky                                  MC-08-04
Garden Party                                         Nelson, Ricky                                  S-064-23
Gasolina                                             Daddy Yankee                                   ZPC-596-05
Gasoline                                             Seether                                        ZPC-528-15
Gasoline Alley                                       Stewart, Rod                                   S-015-08
Geek In The Pink                                     Mraz, Jason                                    ZPC-643-02
Gemini Dream                                         Moody Blues, The                               S-094-14
Gene And Eddie                                       Stray Cats                                     S-029-08
Generation Landslide                                 Alice Cooper                                   S-081-09
Genie In A Bottle                                    Aguilera, Christina                            BP99-01
Genie In A Bottle                                    Aguilera, Christina                            HT18-41-04
Genie In A Bottle                                    Aguilera, Christina                            HT18-42-02
Genie In A Bottle                                    Aguilera, Christina                            RC-09-11
Genuine Rednecks                                     Murphy, David Lee                              HHDC-07-13
Georgia                                              Johnson, Carolyn Dawn                          HHC-103-10
Georgia [Clean]                                      Ludacris & Field Mob Feat. Jamie Foxx          ZPC-643-09
Georgia On My Mind                                   Morrison, Van                                  ZPC-487-02
Georgia Peach [Clean]                                Rasheeda                                       ZPC-629-08
Georgia Rain [Radio Edit]                            Yearwood, Trisha                               ZPC-615-10
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackt Fight Song                 All-American Marching Band                     S-141-06
Get Away [Clean]                                     Ross, Rick Feat. mario Winans                  ZPC-2646-08
Get Back                                             Beatles, The                                   S-072-22
Get Back [Superclean]                                Ludacris                                       ZPC-590-08
Get Better [Radio Version]                           KMC Feat. Sandy                                ZPC-560-19
                                                        57                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Get Born Again                                                  Alice In Chains                                         BR99-05
Get Born Again                                                  Alice In Chains                                         RR99-07-02
Get Buck In Here[Super Clean]                                   DJ Felli Fel Feat. Akon, Ludaris, Diddy & Lil Jon       ZPC-2739-08
Get Buck[Edited]                                                Young Buck                                              ZPC-2708-07
Get Busy [Album Version]                                        Paul, Sean                                              ZPC-501-07
Get By [Clean]                                                  Kweli, Talib                                            ZPC-509-06
Get Crunk [Xtra Clean]                                          Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz Feat. Bo Hagon             ZPC-616-09
Get Down (You're The One For Me)                                Backstreet Boys                                         S-038-10
Get Down Like A Pimp [Radio Edit]                               Banner, David                                           ZPC-509-08
Get Down Tonight                                                KC & The Sunshine Band                                  MB-13-12
Get Drunk And Be Somebody                                       Keith, Toby                                             ZPC-649-12
Get It Big[Clean]                                               Trap Starz                                              ZPC-2740-06
Get It Off [That Kid Chris Edit]                                Monica                                                  ZPC-545-17
Get It On [Radio Edit]                                          Intenso Project Feat. Lisa Scott-Lee                    ZPC-611-16
Get It On Tonite                                                Jordan, Montell                                         HHD-74-04
Get It On…Tonight (Rap Version)                                 Jordan, Montell & LLCool J                              RC-10-12
Get It Poppin' [Clean]                                          Fat Joe Feat. Nelly                                     ZPC-618-05
Get It Shawty                                                   Lloyd Feat. Yung Joc                                    ZPC-2707-04
Get It Together [Peter Rauhofer's Classic Club Mix]             Seal                                                    ZPC-529-17
Get It Together [Radio Mix]                                     Seal                                                    ZPC-576-04
Get It While You Can                                            Joplin, Janis                                           S-095-12
Get Like Me[Clean]                                              Banner, David Feat. Chris Brown                         ZPC-2809-08
Get Loose                                                       D4                                                      ZPC-498-14
Get Low [Clean Edit]                                            Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Feat. Ying Yang Twins      ZPC-507-08
Get Low [Radio Remix]                                                                                                   ZPC-531-08
                                                                Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Feat. Busta Rhymes, Beenie Man And Elephant Man
Get Me Bodied[Album Version]                                    Beyonce                                                 ZPC-2718-07
Get Me Out Of Jail[Clean]                                       Petey Pablo                                             ZPC-2713-07
Get My Drink On[Album Version]                                  Keith, Toby                                             ZPC-2742-10
Get No Better [Squeaky Clean Radio Edit]                        Cassidy Feat. Mashonda                                  ZPC-562-10
Get No Ooh Wee [Main]                                           Tyra Feat. Penelope                                     ZPC-619-05
Get Off Of My Cloud                                             Rolling Stones, The                                     S-079A-14
Get Out Again                                                   Starship                                                ZPC-2742-01
Get Out Of My Mind                                              Hootie & The Blowfish                                   ZPC-2610-03
Get Out The Door                                                Velvet Revolver                                         ZPC-2803-16
Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car                            Ocean, Billy                                            RUSA-02-12
Get Outta My Way                                                Carolina Rain                                           ZPC-2623-15
Get Over It [Edit]                                              OK Go                                                   ZPC-477-05
Get Over Yourself                                               SheDaisy                                                ZCH2-03-04
Get Ready                                                       Rare Earth                                              MB-23-03
Get Ready 4 This                                                2 Unlimited                                             S-071-02
Get Ready For This                                              2 Unlimited                                             MB-16-17
Get Rhythym                                                     Cash, Johnny                                            S-143-05
Get Right                                                       Lopez, Jennifer Feat. Fabolous                          ZPC-600-05
Get Right [Album Version]                                       Pearl Jam                                               ZPC-502-12
Get Right [Louie Vega Radio Edit]                               Lopez, Jennifer                                         ZPC-608-17
Get Silly[Radio Edit]                                           V.I.C.                                                  ZPC-2810-05
Get Stoned                                                      Hinder                                                  ZPC-629-15
Get The Party Started                                           Pink                                                    ZPH2-01-01
Get The Party Started[Shirley Bassey Vs. Chris Cox Radio Mix]   Bassey, Dame Shirley                                    ZPC-2804-17
Get This Party Started [Album Version]                          Mac, Toby                                               ZPC-480-17
Get Throwed [Clean]                                             Bun B Feat. Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Pimp C And Z-Ro         ZPC-2602-09
Get To Me [Edit]                                                Train                                                   ZPC-624-01
Get Together                                                    Madonna                                                 ZPC-2623-20
Get Together                                                    Wilson Phillips                                         ZPC-584-01
                                                                    58                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Get Up                                                Larrieux, Amel                                HHD-75-09
Get Up [Main]                                         Ciara Feat. Chamillionaire                    ZPC-2626-06
Get Up Offa That Thing                                Brown, James                                  ERG-03-11
Get Up Offa That Thing                                Brown, James                                  MB-24-08
Get Ur Freak On                                       Elliot, Misty w/ Nelly                        RC-13-12
Get With Me [With Rap]                                3rd Storee Feat. Joe Budden                   ZPC-481-06
Get XXX'd [Clean]                                     J-Kwon Feat. Petey Pablo and Ebony Eyez       ZPC-609-06
Get Ya Party On                                       Baha Men                                      S-017-03
Get Yourself High [Radio Edit]                        Chemical Brothers Feat. K-OS                  ZPC-553-17
Getaway Car                                           Jenkins                                       ZPC-578-10
Getaway Car [Radio Version]                           Hall, Daryl & John Oates                      ZPC-533-03
Getcha Some                                           Keith, Toby                                   HHC-083-07
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It                                  Smith, Will                                   BP98-05
Gettin' Some [Clean]                                  Shawnna                                       ZPC-2606-07
Getting Away With Murder                              Papa Roach                                    ZPC-574-15
Getting Back To You                                   Dern, Daisy                                   HHC-112-08
Getting Freaky [Clean]                                Play-N-Skillz Feat. Pitbull                   ZPC-2618-09
Getting Hotter                                        Baha Men                                      S-017-04
Getting' In The Mood                                  Setzer, Brian Orchestra, The                  HHD-81-03
Getting There                                         Clark, Terri                                  HHC-109-07
Ghetto [Charles Webster Vocal Mix]                    Supreme Beings Of Leisure                     ZPC-502-14
Ghetto [Clean]                                        Akon                                          ZPC-591-09
Ghetto Girls                                          Lil' Bow Wow                                  HHD-87-13
Ghetto Mindstate (Can't Get Away) [Radio Version]     Lil Flip Feat. Lyfe Jennings                  ZPC-2649-08
Ghetto Musick [Radio Mix]                             Outkast                                       ZPC-591-06
Ghetto Story [Radio]                                  Cham Feat. Alicia Keys                        ZPC-2629-08
Gia [Radio Edit]                                      Vandi, Despina                                ZPC-550-16
Gift Of Cool [Radio Mix #1]                           Rock & Roll Worship Circus                    ZPC-572-19
Gift Of Love (Water Is Wide Melody)                   O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                           WED-02-11
Gifts                                                 J, Ray                                        ZPC-2824-06
Gigolo [Main]                                         Cannon, Nick Feat. R. Kelly                   ZPC-534-07
Gimme All Your Lovin                                  ZZ Top                                        S-130-01
Gimme Back My Bullets [Amended Album Version]         Lynyrd Skynyrd Feat. Kid Rock                 ZPC-515-10
Gimme Dat[Clean]                                      Chingy Feat. Ludacris & Bobby Valentino       ZPC-2804-09
Gimme More                                            Spears, Britney                               ZPC-2736-04
Gimme More[Kaskade Radio Edit]                        Spears, Britney                               ZPC-2742-16
Gimme Shelter                                         Rolling Stones, The                           S-079A-02
Gimme Some Lovin'                                     Blues Brothers, The                           MB-17-07
Gimme Some Lovin'                                     Davis, Spencer Group                          S-098-07
Gimme That (Remix) [Main Version]                     Brown, Chris Feat. Lil' Wayne                 ZPC-2612-09
Gimme The Light [Buzz Riddim][Clean]                  Paul, Sean                                    ZPC-479-09
Gimme Three Steps                                     Lynyrd Skynard                                MB-11-06
Gimme Three Steps                                     Lynyrd Skynyrd                                S-145-03
Gimmie Some love                                      G., Gina                                      RC-04-07
Gipsy [Clean Radio Version]                           Gipsy                                         ZPC-586-19
Girl                                                  Destiny's Child                               ZPC-609-04
Girl [Album Version]                                  Beck                                          ZPC-619-12
Girl [JS Club Mix]                                    Destiny's Child                               ZPC-622-18
Girl [Radio]                                          Wall, Paul                                    ZPC-2606-05
Girl All The Bad Guys Want [Not Mastered]             Bowling For Soup                              ZPC-478-07
Girl Can't Help It                                    Journey                                       S-032-13
Girl From Impanema, The                               Getz, Stan & Gilberto, Astrud                 DM-02-05
Girl From Impanema, The                               Getz, Stan                                    MB-19-09
Girl From Ipanema                                     Romantic Strings                              S-136-07
                                                         59                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                              B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                 MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Girl Gone Bad                                    Van Halen                                              S-050-08
Girl I'm A Bad Boy [Amended Album Version]       Fat Joe & P. Diddy Feat. Dre                           ZPC-528-10
Girl In Love                                     English, Robin                                         HHC-112-09
Girl In The Life Magazine                        Boyz II Men                                            S-012-04
Girl Most Likely, The                            Riley, Jeannie C.                                      MC-09-15
Girl Next Door                                   Saving Jane                                            ZPC-645-03
Girl Next Door[Album Version]                    Deggs, Cole & The Lonesome                             ZPC-2741-11
Girl On The Verge                                Hudson, Sarah                                          ZPC-563-04
Girl On TV                                       LFO                                                    HHD-74-03
Girl Talk [Radio Mix]                            TLC                                                    ZPC-482-10
Girl Tonight [Clean]                             Twista Feat. Trey Songz                                ZPC-633-08
Girl, You Know                                   Scarface                                               ZPC-2750-07
Girlfight [Clean Radio Edit]                     Valentine, Brooke Feat. Big Boi & Lil' Jon             ZPC-602-05
Girlfriend                                       Pebbles                                                RUSA-02-08
Girlfriend                                       Guiney, Bob                                            ZPC-539-03
Girlfriend [Main Version]                        B2K                                                    ZPC-502-06
Girlfriend[Clean]                                Lavigne, Avril                                         ZPC-2710-03
Girlfriend[Radio Edit]                           Bow Wow & Omarion                                      ZPC-2742-04
Girls & Boys [Album Version]                     Good Charlotte                                         ZPC-521-05
Girls [Radio]                                    Beenie Man Feat. Akon                                  ZPC-2618-07
Girls [Radio]                                    Cam'ron Feat. Mona Lisa                                ZPC-592-07
Girls Around The World[Main]                     Lloyd Feat. Lil Wayne                                  ZPC-2819-09
Girls' Best Friend                               Jay-Z                                                  BB99-10
Girls' Best Friend                               Jay-Z                                                  HHD-73-10
Girls Dem Sugar                                  Beenie Man w/ Mya                                      HHD-82-07
Girls Girls Girls                                Motley Crue                                            RUSA-01-10
Girls In Their Summer Clothes[Winter Mix]        Springsteen, Bruce                                     ZPC-2746-03
Girls Just Want To Have Fun                      Lauper, Cyndi                                          MB-18-04
Girls Just Want To Have Fun [Funky House Mix]    Dirt Brothers                                          ZPC-645-17
Girls Kiss Girls                                 Pittsburgh Slim                                        ZPC-2740-07
Girls Lie Too                                    Clark, Terri                                           ZPC-562-13
Girl's Not Grey [Album Version]                  AFI                                                    ZPC-499-12
Git It [Xtra Clean]                              Ying Yang Twins Feat. Bun B                            ZPC-2604-05
Give A Little Bit [Album Version]                Goo Goo Dolls                                          ZPC-587-04
Give A Little Love                               Judds, The                                             S-129-04
Give It 2 Me                                     Madonna                                                ZPC-2825-03
Give It All                                      Rise Against                                           ZPC-599-13
Give It All Away [Light Mix]                     Shust, Aaron                                           ZPC-2647-20
Give It Away                                     Strait, George                                         ZPC-2626-14
Give It To Me                                    Drama Kidz                                             HT18-32-07
Give It To Me [Clean]                            Timbaland Feat. Nelly Furtado And Justin Timberlake    ZPC-2705-06
Give It To Me [Xtra Clean]                       Mobb Deep Feat. Young Buck                             ZPC-2619-07
Give It To Me Baby                               James, Rick                                            S-147-18
Give It To You                                   Knight, Jordan                                         HT18-31-03
Give It To You[Radio]                            Eve Feat. Sean Paul                                    ZPC-2730-05
Give It Up                                       Steve Miller Band                                      S-156-07
Give It Up [Clean Version]                       Pablo, Petey                                           ZPC-643-10
Give It Up [Radio Mix]                           Midtown                                                ZPC-573-13
Give It Up [Tribalist Radio Edit]                Aviance, Kevin                                         ZPC-545-16
Give It Up To Me [Radio Edit]                    Sean Paul                                              ZPC-2618-04
Give It Up[Radio]                                Twista Feat. Pharrell                                  ZPC-2723-03
Give Me Amazing Grace [Lead Vox Up]              Waters, Jackson                                        ZPC-2646-19
Give Me Back My Wig                              Allison, Luther                                        BB98-02
Give Me Back My Wig                              Vaughn, Stevie Ray                                     S-034-12
                                                   60                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Give Me Danger[Michael Skype/Ssigler Mix]                Dangerous Muse                                ZPC-2726-17
Give Me Forever (I Do)                                   Tesh, John                                    S-001-01
Give Me Jesus[Album Version]                             Camp, Jeremy                                  ZPC-2743-19
Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)                       98 Degrees                                    HHD-81-04
Give Me That [Clean]                                     Webbie Feat. Bun                              ZPC-610-05
Give Me Words To Speak[Album Mix]                        Shust, Aaron                                  ZPC-2722-19
Give Me Your Eyes[Album Version]                         Heath, Brandon                                ZPC-2822-18
Give Me Your Love [Valentino Kanzyani Mixshow]           Cox, Carl Feat. Hannah Robinson               ZPC-2608-16
Give My Heart To You                                     Cyrus, Billy Ray                              HHC-090-12
Give My Love To Rose                                     Cash, Johnny                                  S-143-19
Give Myself To You [Album Version]                       Train                                         ZPC-2615-01
Give Until There's Nothing Left To Give[Album Version]   Relient K                                     ZPC-2732-19
Give You Glory                                           Camp, Jeremy                                  ZPC-2713-20
Give You The World                                       Dey                                           ZPC-2806-12
Give You What You Want                                   DeBarge, Chico                                HHD-74-09
Given Up[Clean Version]                                  Linkin Park                                   ZPC-2811-13
Givin' Me A Rush                                         Bolling, Tyra                                 ZPC-2744-06
Giving You The Rest Of My Life                           Carlisle, Bob                                 S-073-01
Glad Tidings                                             Morrison, Van                                 S-080-10
Glad To Be Alive                                         Fisher, Lisa & Pendergrass, Teddy             DM-02-08
Glamorous                                                Fergie Feat. Ludacris                         ZPC-2702-05
Gloria                                                   Branigan, Laura                               MB-01-09
Gloria                                                   Shadows Of Knight                             S-108-04
Glorious One[Medium Mix]                                 Fee                                           ZPC-2749-20
Glory Defined [AC Mix]                                   Building 429                                  ZPC-557-20
Glory Of Love                                            Romantic Strings                              S-133-09
Go All The Way                                           Raspberries, The                              GR70-03-10
Go Away                                                  Morgan, Lorrie                                HHDC-09-13
Go Back                                                  Tennison, Chalee                              HHC-104-14
Go Daddy-O [Radio Mix]                                   Miner, Tod                                    ZPC-2608-18
Go Deep                                                  Jackson, Janet                                RC-07-05
Go DJ [Amended Album Version]                            Lil' Wayne                                    ZPC-584-09
Go Easy On Me                                            McCann, Lila                                  ZPC-605-10
Go Getta [Radio]                                         Young Jeezy Feat. R. Kelly                    ZPC-2701-07
Go Girl[Clean]                                           Pitbull Feat. Young Boss & Trina              ZPC-2813-09
Go Girl[Clean]                                           Pitbull Feat. Young Boss & Trina              ZPC-2813-09
Go 'Head [Xtra Clean Version]                            Ali & Gipp Feat. Chocolate Tai                ZPC-2621-08
Go Jimmy Go                                              Clanton, Jimmy                                S-110-02
Go Light Your World [Radio Edit]                         Rice, Chris                                   ZPC-573-19
Go Now                                                   Moody Blues, The                              S-094-01
Go On                                                    Strait, George                                HHC-101-01
Go On Girl[Radio]                                        Ne-Yo                                         ZPC-2748-03
Go Tell It On The Mountain                               Little Big Town                               ZPC-2751-07
Go Tell It On The Mountain                               Big Daddy Weave                               ZPC-649-20
Go There With You                                        Chapman, Steven Curtis                        S-073-04
Go To Church [Edited]                                    Ice Cube Feat. Snoop Dogg                     ZPC-2628-08
Go To Sleep [Album Version]                              Radiohead                                     ZPC-528-14
Go Too Far [LP Version]                                  Jibbs Feat. Melody Thorton from PCD           ZPC-2701-02
Go U Northwestern -                                      All-American Marching Band                    S-141-11
Go With The Flow                                         Queens Of The Stone Age                       ZPC-506-15
Go Your Own Way                                          Fleetwood Mac                                 S-031-03
Go Your Own Way                                          Wilson Phillips                               ZPC-563-02
Go! [Dave Aude Radio Mix]                                Jupiter Rising                                ZPC-2648-17
Go! [Radio Edit]                                         Common                                        ZPC-624-07
                                                            61                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
God Bless The U.S.A.                                American Idol Finalists                      ZPC-510-04
God Bless The USA                                   Greenwood, Lee                               MC-10-19
God Bless The USA [2003]                            Greenwood, Lee                               ZPC-509-09
God Can You Hear Me [Album Version With Fade]       Tait                                         ZPC-564-18
God Causes All Things To Grow                       Green, Steve                                 S-073-06
God Don't Make Mistakes[Edit]                       O'Neal, Jamie                                ZPC-2721-10
God Gave Me You                                     White, Bryan                                 HHC-094-13
God Is A DJ [Clean]                                 Pink                                         ZPC-540-04
God Is A DJ [D-Bop Remix]                           Pink                                         ZPC-553-18
God Must Be Busy                                    Brooks & Dunn                                ZPC-2743-08
God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You       Alabama & 'N Sync                            BC99-06
God Must Have Spent A little More Time On You       Alabama & 'N Sync                            HHC-090-03
God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You       Alabama & 'N Sync                            HHD-72-12
God Only Cries                                      Diamond Rio                                  ZPC-2610-12
God Only Knows                                      Beach Boys                                   S-070-18
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen                         Rascal Flatts                                ZPC-494-09
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [Album Version]         Barenaked Ladies w/McLachlan, Sarah          ZPC-546-17
God Will Lift Your Head Up                          Jars Of Clay                                 ZPC-609-19
God With Us[Album Version]                          MercyMe                                      ZPC-2742-18
Godfather Waltz                                     Tuscany, An Evening in                       S-120-02
God's Will [Single Version]                         McBride, Martina                             ZPC-593-10
Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) [Album Version]             Dixie Chicks                                 ZPC-516-09
Goes Down Easy[Radio Edit]                          Van Zant                                     ZPC-2732-13
Goin' Crazy                                         Natalie                                      ZPC-596-08
Goin' Down [Radio Edit]                             Yung Joc                                     ZPC-2611-08
Goin' Through The Big D                             Chesnutt, Mark                               HHDC-03-14
Goin To The Chapel                                  Marvelettes                                  S-064-11
Going In Blind [Radio Edit]                         P.O.D.                                       ZPC-2642-15
Going On                                            Gnarls Barkley                               ZPC-2818-16
Going To The Country                                Steve Miller Band                            S-155-04
Going Under                                         Evanescence                                  ZPC-517-13
Gold                                                Harris, Emmylou                              ZPC-2826-12
Gold Digger [Radio Edit]                            West, Kanye Feat. Jamie Foxx                 ZPC-627-07
Gold Lion                                           Yeah Yeah Yeahs                              ZPC-2608-14
Golden                                              Scott, Jill                                  ZPC-573-06
Golden Rings                                        Wynette, Tammy & Jones, George               MC-06-02
Golden Touch [Radio Edit]                           Razorlight                                   ZPC-597-15
Gone                                                Husky, Ferlin                                MC-03-12
Gone                                                Pearl Jam                                    ZPC-2635-14
Gone                                                Montgomery Gentry                            ZPC-593-11
Gone [Album Version]                                Switchfoot                                   ZPC-528-19
Gone [Edit]                                         TobyMac                                      ZPC-587-20
Gone [Jason Nevins Radio]                           Sun                                          ZPC-2638-19
Gone Crazy                                          Jackson, Alan                                HHC-087-01
Gone Daddy Gone                                     Gnarls Barkley                               ZPC-2632-15
Gone From Love Too Long                             Wilkinson, Amanda                            ZPC-543-10
Gone Going [Album Version]                          Black Eyed Peas Feat. Jack Johnson           ZPC-2612-03
Gone Till November                                  Whyclef Jean                                 RC-06-14
Gonna Be Some Changes Made [Short Edit]             Hornsby, Bruce                               ZPC-577-03
Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)                    Conti, Bill                                  MB-15-13
Gonna Get A life                                    Chesnutt, Mark                               HHDC-04-01
Gonna Get It                                        Mercado, Syesha & Boney James                ZPC-2821-03
Gonna Make You Sweat                                C+C Music Factory                            MB-09-14
Gonna Make You Sweat                                C&C Music Factory                            S-071-08
                                                      62                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Gonna Tell Everybody [Radio]                         Milian, Christina                                ZPC-2621-07
Good (I've Got A Lot To Learn)                       Dakona                                           ZPC-527-03
Good As Gone                                         Little Big Town                                  ZPC-2639-10
Good Boys [Good Boys Gone Clubbin' Edit]             Blondie                                          ZPC-558-18
Good Boys [Radio Edit]                               Blondie                                          ZPC-555-01
Good Day [Radio Version]                             Jewel                                            ZPC-2626-01
Good Day[Album Version]                              Greg Street Presents Nappy Roots                 ZPC-2823-09
Good Directions                                      Currington, Billy                                ZPC-2638-12
Good Friend                                          Nine Days                                        ZPC-475-03
Good Friend                                          Nine Days                                        ZPH2-06-12
Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine                      Rimes, LeAnn                                     ZPC-2805-11
Good Golly Miss Molly                                Little Richard                                   S-061-04
Good Golly Miss Molly                                Little Richard                                   S-064-10
Good Good[Album Version]                             Ashanti                                          ZPC-2827-06
Good Hearted Man [Country Version]                   Merritt, Tift                                    ZPC-602-10
Good Is Good                                         Crow, Sheryl                                     ZPC-629-03
Good Life                                            West, Kanye Feat. T-Pain                         ZPC-2739-04
Good Little Girls                                    Blue Country                                     ZPC-534-11
Good Lookin' Out [Radio Edit]                        J, Mila Feat. Marques Houston                    ZPC-2626-10
Good Love[Clean]                                     Sheek Louch                                      ZPC-2812-08
Good Lovin'                                          Young Rascals                                    MB-10-13
Good Luck [Summer Bootleg Remix]                     Basement Jaxx Feat. Lisa Kekaula                 ZPC-580-16
Good Luck Charm                                      Presley, Elvis                                   S-010-17
Good Luck Charm [Radio Edit]                         Jagged Edge                                      ZPC-2609-06
Good Morning Planetarium[Album Version]              Falling Up                                       ZPC-2820-19
Good Ol' Fashioned Love                              Byrd, Tracy                                      HHC-071-07
Good Ole Days                                        Vassar, Phil                                     ZPC-622-11
Good People                                          Bates, Jeff                                      ZPC-623-14
Good People                                          Johnson, Jack                                    ZPC-631-15
Good Ride Cowboy                                     Brooks, Garth                                    ZPC-640-13
Good Things[Clean]                                   Rich Boy Feat. Polow, Da Don And Keri Hilson     ZPC-2722-09
Good Time [Single Edit]                              Andrews, Jessica                                 ZPC-523-11
Good Time[Single Edit]                               Jackson, Alan                                    ZPC-2815-11
Good Times                                           Cochran, Anita                                   HHC-100-11
Good Times                                           Chic                                             MB-13-10
Good Times                                           Lee, Tommy Feat. Butch Walker                    ZPC-631-03
Good Times [Clean]                                   Pitch Black                                      ZPC-566-05
Good Times Bad Times[Album Version]                  Godsmack                                         ZPC-2741-15
Good To Be Free [Album Version]                      FFH                                              ZPC-559-19
Good To Go                                           Corbett, John                                    ZPC-2605-11
Good Vibrations                                      Beach Boys                                       S-070-19
Goodby (Closing Theme)                               Goodman, Benny                                   BAND-01-12
Goodbye [Radio Edit]                                 Audio Adrenaline                                 ZPC-2642-19
Goodbye Cruel World                                  Darren, James                                    S-114-10
Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution[Radio Edit]      Black Crowes                                     ZPC-2804-13
Goodbye Earl                                         Dixie Chicks                                     HHD-77-13
Goodbye For Now [Radio Edit]                         P.O.D.                                           ZPC-644-15
Goodbye Girl                                         Hootie & The Blowfish                            ZPC-542-02
Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go                       Hayes, Wade                                      HHC-099-10
Goodbye My Lover [Single Version]                    Blunt, James                                     ZPC-2633-03
Goodbye On A Bad Day                                 Lawson, Shannon                                  ZCH2-03-07
Goodbye Time                                         Shelton, Blake                                   ZPC-604-11
Goodbye To Love                                      Carpenters, The                                  S-086-08
Goodbye To You [Radio Remix]                         Branch, Michelle                                 ZPC-475-05
                                                       63                                   Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road                               John, Elton                                       S-090-04
Goodbye's (The Saddest Word) [Radio Edit]               Dion, Celine                                      ZPC-486-03
Goodies [Main (Rap)]                                    Ciara Feat. Petey Pablo                           ZPC-571-05
Goodnight And Go [Immi's Radio Mix]                     Heap, Imogen                                      ZPC-2617-01
Goodnight Goodnight                                     Hot Hot Heat                                      ZPC-607-13
Goodnight Irene                                         Jenkins, Gordon & His Orch. & The Weavers         F50-03-14
Goodnight Irene                                         Little Richard                                    S-061-14
Goodnight My Love                                       Estefan, Gloria                                   MB-18-11
Goodnight Sweetheart                                    Spaniels, The                                     MB-22-09
Goodnight Sweetheart                                    Platters, The                                     S-064-14
Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight                        McGuire Sisters, The                              F50-06-16
Google Me[Main]                                         Taylor, Teyana                                    ZPC-2808-08
Gorgeous[Redtop In The Remix]                           Menzel, Idina                                     ZPC-2805-18
Gossip Folks [Amended Version]                          Elliott, Missy_"Misdemeanor" Feat. Ludacris       ZPC-491-07
Gossip Folks [Fatboy Slim Radio Mix]                    Elliott, Missy_"Misdemeanor" Feat. Ludacris       ZPC-504-16
Gossip[Clean]                                           Lil Wayne                                         ZPC-2747-05
Got 2 Be Down[Album Version]                            Thicke, Robin Feat. Faith Evans                   ZPC-2740-10
Got A Good Day                                          Johnson, Carolyn Dawn                             ZPC-2716-10
Got A Hold On Me                                        McVie, Christine                                  RUSA-02-11
Got It Twisted [Squeaky Clean]                          Mobb Deep                                         ZPC-563-08
Got Me Going[Radio Edit]                                Day26                                             ZPC-2810-08
Got Me Under Pressure                                   ZZ Top                                            S-130-02
Got Money                                               Lil Wayne Feat. T-Pain                            ZPC-2822-10
Got My MoJo Working                                     Waters, Muddy                                     BLUE-01-04
Got Some Teeth [Clean]                                  Trice, Obie                                       ZPC-531-07
Got To Be There                                         Jackson, Michael                                  S-078-01
Got To Be There                                         Jackson 5, The                                    S-093-06
Got To Give It Up (Pt 1)                                Gaye, Marvin                                      S-147-16
Gots Ta Be                                              B2K                                               ZPH2-05-03
Gotta Get Over You                                      Aslyn                                             ZPC-626-01
Gotta Get Thru This [Passengerz Violation Vox Club Mix] Bedingfield, Daniel                               ZPC-480-15
Gotta Get Up From Here [Radio Edit]                     Lawson, Ellie                                     ZPC-593-02
Gotta Getcha [Radio]                                    Dupri, Jermaine                                   ZPC-623-11
Gotta Go [Radio]                                        Trey Songz                                        ZPC-643-06
Gotta Go, Gotta Leave (Tired)                           Green, Vivian                                     ZPC-612-07
Gotta Make It [Radio Version]                           Trey Songz                                        ZPC-617-05
Gotta Tell You                                          Mumba, Samantha                                   HHD-81-08
Gotta Tell You                                          Mumba, Samantha                                   RC-12-13
Grace Is Gone [Remix Edit]                              Matthews, Dave Band                               ZPC-477-04
Grace Kelly                                             Mika                                              ZPC-2703-02
Grace Like Rain [CHR Radio Mix]                         Agnew, Todd                                       ZPC-545-18
Granada                                                 Romantic Strings                                  S-132-07
Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days)               Judds, The                                        S-129-05
Grapefruit / Juicy Fruit                                Buffett, Jimmy                                    S-150-13
Gravedigger                                             Matthews, Dave                                    ZPC-527-01
Gravity [Album Version]                                 Mayer, John                                       ZPC-2650-01
Gravity [Radio Mix]                                     McDonald, Shawn                                   ZPC-575-21
Grazin In The Grass                                     Friends Of Distinction                            S-112-09
Grease                                                  Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons                    S-059-15
Grease Megamix                                          Travolta, John                                    MB-02-01
Great And Mighty                                        Caedmon's Call                                    ZPC-2604-19
Great Balls Of Fire                                     Lewis, Jerry Lee                                  MB-03-03
Great DJ[7th Heaven Radio Remix]                        Ting Tings                                        ZPC-2828-17
Great Pretender, The                                    Platters, The                                     F50-08-04
                                                           64                                   Last updated: 8/14/08
                          B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                            MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Greatest Love Affair                        Osborne, Jeffrey                                       MB-17-04
Greatest Love Of All                        Houston, Whitney                                       S-069A-03
Greatest Love Of All                        Romantic Strings                                       S-133-05
Greatest Love Of All (Remix)                Houston, Whitney                                       S-069B-16
Greatest Time Of Year                       Aly & AJ                                               ZPC-2751-06
Green Door, The                             Lowe, Jim                                              F50-09-08
Green Green Grass Of Home                   Wagoner, Porter                                        MC-05-11
Green Light                                 Legend, John Feat. Andre 3000                          ZPC-2828-06
Green River                                 CCR                                                    S-076-06
Greenback Dollar                            Kingston Trio, The                                     S-117-06
Greensleeves                                The Wedding Album                                      WED-01-09
Grey [Album Version]                        BarlowGirl                                             ZPC-2632-20
Grey Street [Rock Remix]                    Matthews, Dave Band                                    ZPC-487-04
Grill 'Em [Clean]                           Writer, JR                                             ZPC-2624-04
Grillz [Radio Edit]                         Nelly Feat. Paul Wall                                  ZPC-642-06
Grind With Me [Radio Version]               Pretty Ricky                                           ZPC-610-06
Grippin'[Clean]                             Garrett, Sean                                          ZPC-2808-11
Grits Ain't Groceries                       Little Milton                                          BLUE-01-12
Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)              DJ Spiller                                             HHD-86-10
Groovy Little Suzy                          Little Richard                                         S-061-08
Groupie Luv [Radio]                         213                                                    ZPC-576-07
Grow Old With Me                            Carpenter, Mary-Chapin                                 MB-14-04
Grow Old You You                            Sandler, Adam                                          S-054-12
Growing Older But Not Up                    Buffett, Jimmy                                         S-150-03
Growing On Me [Album Version]               Darkness                                               ZPC-565-14
Grown And Sexy [Main (Clean)]               Chamillionaire                                         ZPC-2624-05
Grown-Up Christmas List                     Streisand, Barbra                                      ZPC-494-01
G-Slide (Tour Bus)[Radio]                   Lil Mama                                               ZPC-2738-03
Guarded [Album Version]                     Disturbed                                              ZPC-625-13
Guerilla Nasty [Clean Version]              Guerilla Black Feat. Jazze Pha & Brooke Valentine      ZPC-557-08
Guess Things Happen That Way                Cash, Johnny                                           S-143-07
Guess What [Album Version]                  Johnson, Syleena                                       ZPC-497-07
Guess Who Loves You More [Radio Edit]       Devaughn, Raheem                                       ZPC-577-09
Guide Me God [Jet Radio Edit]               Ghostland Feat. Sinead O'Connor & Natacha Atlas        ZPC-510-16
Guilt By Association                        Louis XIV                                              ZPC-2746-17
Guilty                                      Warren Brothers, The                                   HHC-084-13
Guilty Pleasure[Radio Edit]                 Cobra Starship                                         ZPC-2824-04
Guitar                                      Prince                                                 ZPC-2725-09
Guitar Slinger                              Crossin Dixon                                          ZPC-2721-12
Guitar Town                                 Earle, Steve                                           CC-01-02
Guitar Town                                 Earle, Steve                                           ERG-07-06
Guitars, Cadillacs                          Yoakam, Dwight                                         CC-01-01
Gunpowder & Lead[Radio Edit]                Lambert, Miranda                                       ZPC-2750-12
Guy Like Me [Album Version]                 Green, Pat                                             ZPC-545-09
Guys Like Me                                Church, Eric                                           ZPC-2702-12
Gypsies In The Palace                       Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                                  S-055-12
Gypsy                                       Fleetwood Mac                                          S-031-06
Hail New Mexico                             All-American Marching Band                             S-141-10
Hail Purdue - Purdue U Fight Song           All-American Marching Band                             S-141-18
Hail To The Geek[No A** Edit]               Deaf Pedestrians                                       ZPC-2730-13
Hail Varsity - U of NE Fight Song           All-American Marching Band                             S-141-09
Hair                                        Cowsils, The                                           S-106-03
Hair Braider[LP Version]                    Kelly, R.                                              ZPC-2817-08
Hairtrigger Colt's                          LeDoux, Chris                                          S-009-09
                                              65                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                          B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                            MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Half A Heart Tattoo                            Hanson, Jennifer                       ZPC-524-10
Half A Man                                     Smith, Anthony                         ZPC-498-11
Half A Mile Away [Scotty K's Radio Edit]       Holiday, Debby                         ZPC-599-16
Half As Much                                   Clooney, Rosemary                      F50-06-10
Half The Way                                   Gayle, Crystal                         MC-07-01
Hallelujah                                     Sponberg, Nicol                        ZPC-2609-21
Hallelujah                                     Sammy And The Wabo's                   ZPC-513-13
Hallelujah, I Love Him So                      Francis, Connie                        S-118-15
Hallelujah[Radio Edit]                         Buckley, Jeff                          ZPC-2813-02
Hallelujah[Radio Edit]                         Buckley, Jeff                          ZPC-2813-02
Hammer To My Heart                             Tamperer, The                          HT18-42-11
Hammerhead                                     Offspring                              ZPC-2820-18
Hand Clap                                      Hurricane Chris                        ZPC-2734-05
Hand Of Fate                                   Sons Of The Desert                     HHC-071-13
Handbags & Gladrags                            Stewart, Rod                           S-015-05
Handlebars[Album Version]                      Flobots                                ZPC-2815-14
Handprints On The Wall                         Rogers, Kenny                          ZPC-534-10
Hands Down                                     Dashboard Confessional                 ZPC-525-12
Hands Of A Working Man                         Herndon, Ty                            HHC-086-07
Hands Off The Wheel                            Oleander                               ZPC-501-14
Hands Open                                     Snow Patrol                            ZPC-2615-17
Hands Up                                       Sway                                   MB-10-11
Hands Up [Clean]                               Banks, Lloyd Feat. 50 Cent             ZPC-2627-06
Hands Up [Radio Mix]                           TLC                                    ZPC-496-04
Hands Up To Heaven [Spray Mix]                 Heaven 17                              ZPC-2620-17
Hang Me Up To Dry                              Cold War Kids                          ZPC-2706-14
Hang On                                        Smash Mouth                            ZPC-540-03
Hang On Sloopy                                 McCoys, The                            MB-14-12
Hanginaround                                   Counting Crows                         HHD-75-14
Hanging By A Moment                            Litehouse                              RC-13-06
Hanging By A Moment                            Lifehouse                              ZPH1-06-02
Hanging On                                     Kimball, Cheyenne                      ZPC-2621-03
Hanging On [MacQ Remix Radio Edit]             Kimball, Cheyenne                      ZPC-2631-15
Happens All The Time                           Cold                                   ZPC-631-16
Happily Ever After                             Case                                   BB99-01
Happy                                          Woods, Ayiesha                         ZPC-2622-20
Happy                                          Rolling Stones, The                    S-079B-06
Happy (Love Theme From Lady Sings The Blues)   Jackson, Michael                       S-078-06
Happy [Album Version]                          Saving Jane                            ZPC-2619-05
Happy [Mainstream Edit]                        Ashanti                                ZPC-475-06
Happy Birthday                                 Howard, Eddy                           MB-12-07
Happy Birthday Darlin'                         Twitty, Conway                         CC-02-10
Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen                  Sedaka, Neil                           MB-21-17
Happy Christmas (War Is Over)                  Maroon 5                               ZPC-650-18
Happy Endings                                  Brice, Lee                             ZPC-2738-11
Happy Girl                                     McBride, Martina                       BC98-08
Happy Hour [Xtra Clean Radio]                  Jazze Pha Feat. Cee-Lo                 ZPC-636-09
Happy Organ, The                               Cortez, Dave "Baby"                    F50-07-09
Happy People [Radio Edit]                      Kelly, R.                              ZPC-558-06
Happy Together                                 Turtles, The                           S-099-05
Happy Together                                 Turtles, The                           S-102-09
Happy Together                                 Turtles, The                           S-108-07
Happy Together [Clean]                         Young, K.                              ZPC-607-07
Happy Trails                                   Rogers, Roy & Evans, Dale              ERG-08-16
                                                  66                        Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Happy Trails                                             Rogers, Roy & Evans, Dale                   MB-23-20
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)[Tom Lord-Alge Radio Mix]        McLachlan, Sarah                            ZPC-2751-05
Happy? [Radio Edit]                                      Mudvayne                                    ZPC-605-15
Harbor Lights                                            Kaye, Sammy & His Orchestra                 F50-06-11
Harbor Lights                                            Platters, The                               S-116-09
Hard Call To Make                                        Harter, J Michael                           ZCH2-06-10
Hard Habit To Break                                      Chicago                                     S-013-09
Hard Headed Woman                                        Presley, Elvis                              S-010-11
Hard Headed Woman                                        Stevens, Cat                                S-011-04
Hard Sun[Album Version]                                  Vedder, Eddie                               ZPC-2743-13
Hard To Beat [Radio Edit]                                Hard-Fi                                     ZPC-2618-15
Hard To Say I'm Sorry / Get Away                         Chicago                                     S-013-01
Harden My Heart                                          Quarterflash                                RUSA-01-13
Harder Cards                                             Rogers, Kenny                               ZCH2-04-11
Harder To Breathe [Album Version]                        Maroon 5                                    ZPC-493-10
Hardly A Day [Valentin Radio Edit]                       QED Feat. Kristine Hendricks                ZPC-572-17
Harem [Robbie Rivera Vocal Mix]                          Brightman, Sarah                            ZPC-523-17
Harmonicas & Tambourines                                 Hot Hot Heat                                ZPC-2749-14
Harper Valley PTA                                        Riley, Jeannie C.                           MC-03-19
Haru [Widelife Mix Edit]                                 Haru                                        ZPC-550-17
Hate (I Really Don't Like You)                           Plain White T's                             ZPC-2637-15
Hate It Or Love It [Edited]                              Game Feat. 50 Cent                          ZPC-606-07
Hate Me [Radio Edit (Without Intro)]                     Blue October                                ZPC-2604-13
Hate That I Love You[Radio Edit]                         Rihanna Feat. Ne-Yo                         ZPC-2731-05
Hats Off To Larry                                        Shannon, Del                                S-101-04
Hava Nagilah                                             Silberstein, Moshe                          MB-12-16
Havana Daydreamin'                                       Buffett, Jimmy                              S-151-08
Have A Good Time [Radio Edit]                            3 Speaker High                              ZPC-595-18
Have A Little Faith In Me                                Moore, Mandy                                ZPC-529-05
Have A Nice Day                                          Bon Jovi                                    ZPC-628-01
Have A Party [Clean]                                     Mobb Deep Feat. 50 Cent & Nate Dogg         ZPC-2602-08
Have I Told You Lately                                   Morrison, Van                               MB-07-02
Have I Told You Lately                                   Stewart, Rod                                S-030-05
Have I Told You Lately                                   Stewart, Rod                                S-068-03
Have I Told You Lately?                                  Romantic Strings                            S-132-04
Have I Told You Lately?                                  West, Christopher                           S-138-06
Have Love Will Travel [Album Version]                    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers              ZPC-506-14
Have Mercy                                               Judds, The                                  CC-08-13
Have Mercy                                               Judds, The                                  S-129-08
Have You Ever Been In Love [Album Version]               Dion, Celine                                ZPC-510-02
Have You Ever Been Lonely, Have You Ever Been Blue       Whitman, Slim                               MC-05-19
Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman                       Romantic Piano                              S-137-04
Have You Ever Seen The Rain [Album Version]              Stewart, Rod                                ZPC-2632-02
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?                             CCR                                         S-076-17
Have You Ever?                                           Brandy                                      BP99-11
Have You Forgotten? [Original Version]                   Worley, Darryl                              ZPC-504-10
Have You Seen Your Mother Baby?                          Rolling Stones, The                         S-079A-10
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas                   Messina, Jo Dee                             ZPC-546-12
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Album Version]   Taylor, James                               ZPC-491-02
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [Album Version]   Taylor, James                               ZPC-546-04
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [Album Version]   Coldplay                                    ZPC-546-19
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Album Version]   Houston, Whitney                            ZPC-598-10
Haven't Found [Main]                                     Pras Michel Feat. Sharli McQueen            ZPC-614-07
Havin' A Party                                           Southside Johnny                            MB-24-02
                                                           67                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Hawai'I '78                                     Brother Iz                                        S-140-15
Hawai'I '78 Introduction                        Brother Iz                                        S-140-01
Hawaii Five-O                                   Ventures                                          MB-18-20
Hawaii Five-O                                   Ventures, The                                     S-112-04
Hawaiian War Chant                              Dorsey, Tommy                                     BAND-03-11
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother                 Hollies, The                                      S-083-20
He Believed [Album Version]                     Tippin, Aaron                                     ZPC-2647-11
He Didn't Have To Be                            Paisley, Brad                                     HHC-093-06
He Drinks Tequila                               Morgan, Lorrie & Kershaw, Sammy                   TCH-02-10
He Gets That From Me                            McEntire, Reba                                    ZPC-580-12
He Hates Me                                     Johns, Sarah                                      ZPC-2801-11
He Is [Junior's Mixshow Edit]                   Headley, Heather                                  ZPC-493-15
He Loves Me All The Way                         Wynette, Tammy                                    CC-06-07
He Oughta Know That By Now                      Womack, Lee Ann                                   ZPC-614-10
He Reigns                                       Newsboys                                          ZPC-506-20
He Said She Said [Album Version]                Tisdale, Ashley                                   ZPC-2704-04
He Said She Said[Von Doom Radio Edit]           Tisdale, Ashley                                   ZPC-2743-16
He Stopped Loving Her Today                     Jones, George                                     CC-03-16
He Stopped Loving Her Today                     Jones, George                                     MC-01-02
He Went To Paris                                Buffett, Jimmy                                    S-151-13
He Will Carry Me [Album Version]                Schultz, Mark                                     ZPC-590-19
Head [Chris Cox Radio Edit]                     Thunderpuss & Barnes                              ZPC-498-16
Head Bussa [Radio Edit]                         Lil' Scrappy                                      ZPC-551-05
Head On Collision [Album Version]               New Found Glory                                   ZPC-490-13
Head Over Heels (In This Life)[Album Version]   Switchfoot                                        ZPC-2747-19
Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)               Spice Girls                                       ZPC-2744-03
Heads Carolina, Tails California                Messina, Jo Dee                                   HHDC-06-07
Heads Explode                                   Monster Magnet                                    TRH-02-04
Headsprung [Radio]                              LL Cool J                                         ZPC-571-06
Headstrong [Radio Version]                      Trapt                                             ZPC-491-15
Headz Up [Video Version]                        Nappy Roots                                       ZPC-493-06
Heal The Pain                                   Michael, George Feat. Paul McCartney              ZPC-2827-02
Healing Rain                                    Smith, Michael W.                                 ZPC-579-19
Hear Me (Tears Into Wine)                       Brickman, Jim Feat. Michael Bolton                ZPC-612-01
Heard 'Em Say                                   West, Kanye Feat. Adam Levine                     ZPC-640-07
Heard The World [Radio Edit]                    O.A.R.                                            ZPC-2633-02
Heart Cries Holy [Album Version]                Big Daddy Weave                                   ZPC-561-19
Heart Full Of Black (Lyrics!)                   Burning Brides                                    ZPC-567-15
Heart In A Cage [Clean Version]                 Strokes                                           ZPC-2601-11
Heart Of Every Girl, The                        John, Elton                                       ZPC-542-01
Heart Of Glass                                  Blondie                                           MB-09-13
Heart Of Glass (Original Disco Mix)             Blondie                                           ERG-01-03
Heart Of Rock & Roll, The                       Lewis, Huey & The News                            ERG-03-09
Heart Of The Matter [Radio Edit]                India.Arie                                        ZPC-2631-02
Heart Won't Lie, The                            Gill, Vince & McEntire, Reba                      S-020-08
Heartache Tonight                               Eagles, The                                       MB-09-08
Heartaches By The Number                        Mitchell, Guy                                     F50-02-17
Heartaches By The Number                        Kendalls, The                                     MC-07-05
Heartbreak Hotel                                Nelson, Willie & Russell, Leon                    MC-01-04
Heartbreak Hotel                                Presley, Elvis                                    S-010-01
Heartbreak Hotel                                Houston, Whitney & Evans, Faith & Price, Kelly    S-069A-15
Heartbreak Hotel (Remix)                        Houston, Whitney & Evans, Faith & Price, Kelly    S-069B-05
Heartbreaker                                    Benatar, Pat                                      GR70-03-08
Heartbreaker                                    Carey, Mariah                                     NMT-27-03
                                                  68                                    Last updated: 8/14/08
                              B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Heartbreaker                                                    Carey, Mariah & Jay-Z                          S-066B-11
Heartbreaker[Radio Edit]                                        Tank                                           ZPC-2728-07
Hearts Aren't Made To Break (They're Made To Be Broken)         Greenwood, Lee                                 MC-02-11
Hearts Burst Into Fire[U.S. Radio Edit]                         Bullet For My Valentine                        ZPC-2825-14
Hearts Of Stone                                                 Fontane Sisters, The                           F50-03-12
Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)[Radio Edit] arilyn Manson                                ZPC-2722-13
Heat Is On, The                                                 Frey, Glenn                                    ERG-06-03
Heat It Up [Clean]                                              Bubba Sparxxx                                  ZPC-2614-06
Heat Of The Moment                                              Asia                                           AE80-02-16
Heather's Wall                                                  Herndon, Ty                                    ZCH2-03-11
Heaven                                                          Warrant                                        ZEW-89-07
Heaven                                                          Legend, John                                   ZPC-2647-05
Heaven                                                          Live                                           ZPC-509-01
Heaven                                                          Los Lonely Boys                                ZPC-557-01
Heaven                                                          Salvador                                       ZPC-589-21
Heaven                                                          Mary Mary                                      ZPC-637-20
Heaven [Candlelight Mix]                                        DJ Sammy & Yanou Feat. Do                      ZPC-482-03
Heaven Above [Rave Mix]                                         Future Breeze                                  ZPC-484-17
Heaven Baby                                                     Hogan, Brooke Feat. Beenie Man                 ZPC-2649-03
Heaven Can Wait                                                 Meat Loaf                                      S-028-03
Heaven Help Me                                                  Wynonna                                        ZPC-530-10
Heaven Help Us All                                              Wonder, Stevie                                 S-096-07
Heaven Is A Place On Earth                                      Carlisle, Belinda                              RUSA-02-13
Heaven Knows[Radio Edit]                                        Hicks, Taylor                                  ZPC-2721-03
Heaven Sent[Main]                                               Cole, Keyshia                                  ZPC-2818-07
Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love[Radio Edit]             Yearwood, Trisha                               ZPC-2729-10
Heaven's Just A Sin Away                                        Kendalls, The                                  CC-02-02
Heaven's Just A Sin Away                                        Kendalls, The                                  MC-02-10
Heavy                                                           Collective Soul                                BR99-01
Heavy Liftin' [Album Version]                                   Shelton, Blake                                 ZPC-508-10
Heel Over Head                                                  Puddle Of Mudd                                 ZPC-552-14
Held [Single Version]                                           Grant, Natalie                                 ZPC-612-19
Helena (So Long & Goodnight)                                    My Chemical Romance                            ZPC-609-12
Hell And High Water [Album Version]                             Black Stone Cherry                             ZPC-2702-14
He'll Have To Go                                                Reeves, Jim                                    F50-01-16
Hell No (Leave Home)[Radio Edit]                                Monica Feat. Twista                            ZPC-2721-08
Hell Yeah                                                       Rev Theory                                     ZPC-2817-17
Hell Yeah                                                       Montgomery Gentry                              ZPC-523-12
Hell Yeah [Radio Edit]                                          Ginuwine Feat. Baby                            ZPC-497-09
Hell Yeah [Remix Radio Edit]                                    Ginuwine Feat. R. Kelly, Baby And Clipse       ZPC-506-09
Hella Good                                                      No Doubt                                       ZPH2-03-05
Hello                                                           Romantic Piano                                 S-137-05
Hello Darlin'                                                   Twitty, Conway                                 CC-06-05
Hello Darlin'                                                   Twitty, Conway                                 ERG-08-04
Hello Darlin'                                                   Twitty, Conway                                 MC-02-03
Hello Hooray                                                    Alice Cooper                                   S-081-08
Hello Lonely (Walk Away From This) [Radio Edit]                 Theory Of A Deadman                            ZPC-633-13
Hello Mary Lou                                                  Nelson, Ricky                                  S-064-24
Hello Walls                                                     Young, Faron                                   MC-10-11
Hello, Goodbye                                                  Beatles, The                                   S-072-19
Hello, I Love You                                               Doors, The                                     S-158-01
Help                                                            Beatles, The                                   S-072-10
Help Me                                                         Alkaline Trio                                  ZPC-2815-16
Help Me                                                         Carter, Nick                                   ZPC-478-04
                                                                  69                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Help Me Make It Through The Night                      Smith, Sammi                                   CC-06-10
Help Me Make It Through The Night                      Smith, Sammi                                   MC-03-02
Help Me Understand                                     Adkins, Trace                                  ZCH2-03-05
Help Me, Rhonda                                        Beach Boys                                     S-070-13
Help Pour Out The Rain (Lacey's Song)                  Buddy Jewell                                   ZPC-514-09
Help Somebody                                          Van Zant                                       ZPC-610-11
Helpless When She Smiles                               Backstreet Boys                                ZPC-2746-02
Helplessly, Hopelessly                                 Andrews, Jessica                               HHC-109-08
Henehene Kou 'Aka                                      Brother Iz                                     S-140-09
Her                                                    Tippin, Aaron                                  HHC-090-07
Her Eyes                                               Monahan, Pat                                   ZPC-2735-01
Here (In Your Arms)                                    Hellogoodbye                                   ZPC-2650-14
Here (In Your Arms)[Tommie Sunshine Dance Edit]        Hellogoodbye                                   ZPC-2711-16
Here And Now                                           Vandross, Luther                               MB-06-03
Here By Me [Album Version]                             3 Doors Down                                   ZPC-628-02
Here Comes My Girl                                     Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                 S-027-08
Here Comes The Night                                   James, Harry w/ Frank Sinatra, vocals          BAND-04-10
Here For The Party                                     Wilson, Gretchen                               ZPC-571-12
Here I Am                                              Downhere                                       ZPC-2831-20
Here I Am                                              Adams, Bryan                                   ZPH2-05-06
Here I Am (Come And Take Me)                           UB40                                           S-152-02
Here I Am [AC Remix]                                   Smith, Michael W.                              ZPC-622-21
Here I Am[Clean]                                       Ross, Rick Feat. Nelly                         ZPC-2820-08
Here I Go Again                                        Whitesnake                                     RUSA-01-18
Here I Go Again [Radio Edit]                           Mario                                          ZPC-624-06
Here Is Our King [Radio Version]                       Crowder Band, David                            ZPC-632-19
Here It Goes Again [Chris Lord-Alge Edit]              OK Go                                          ZPC-2636-13
Here We Go                                             Trina Feat. Kelly Rowland                      ZPC-636-07
Here We Go Again [Album Version]                       Charles, Ray with Norah Jones                  ZPC-601-02
Here With Me                                           MercyMe                                        ZPC-561-20
Here Without You                                       3 Doors Down                                   ZPC-522-13
Here You Come Again                                    Parton, Dolly                                  CC-02-07
Here?s My Life                                         Evans, Anthony                                 ZPC-572-20
Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)              Tritt, Travis                                  CC-07-05
Here's My Life[Radio Edit]                             BarlowGirl                                     ZPC-2725-18
Here's To Heroes                                       Ten Tenors                                     ZPC-2636-01
Here's To The Night                                    Eve 6                                          TRH-02-08
Hero                                                   Carey, Mariah                                  MB-13-09
Hero                                                   Carey, Mariah                                  S-066A-10
Hero                                                   Superchic[k]                                   ZPC-513-19
Hero                                                   Iglesias, Enrique                              ZPH1-07-01
Hero [Pop Radio Mix]                                   Stuart, Mark & St. James, Rebecca              ZPC-516-18
Hero/Heroine                                           Boys Like Girls                                ZPC-2740-03
Hero[Album Version (Edited)]                           Nas Feat. Keri Hilson                          ZPC-2825-09
Heroes                                                 Shinedown                                      ZPC-2627-14
He's A Pirate [Tiesto's Radio Edit]                    Pirates Of The Caribbean                       ZPC-2627-15
He's A Rebel                                           Crystals                                       S-103-09
He's A Rebel                                           Crystals                                       S-105-09
He's A Rebel                                           Crystals                                       S-111-04
He's Alive                                             A Girl Called Jane                             ZPC-2708-03
He's Alive[Ralphi Rosario And Craig Cjs Radio Edit]    A Girl Called Jane                             ZPC-2712-17
He's All I Want                                        Angelmoon                                      NMT-37-02
He's Back And I'm Blue                                 Desert Rose Band, The                          CC-09-09
He's Got You                                           Brooks & Dunn                                  HHC-73-03
                                                         70                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
He's So Fine                                   McNichol, Kristy & JImmy                                DM-02-04
Hey Baby                                       No Doubt                                                ZPH1-07-08
Hey Baby (After The Club)                      Ashanti                                                 ZPC-2740-08
Hey Baby (Jump Off)                            Bow Wow & Omarion                                       ZPC-2802-07
Hey Bartender                                  Blues Brothers, The                                     MB-22-20
Hey Bartender                                  Lee, Johnny                                             MC-10-04
Hey Bitty [Clean]                              Nitty                                                   ZPC-600-06
Hey DJ [Radio Mix]                             PPK                                                     ZPC-479-18
Hey Driver                                     Lucky Boys Confusion                                    ZPC-542-03
Hey Girl                                       O.A.R.                                                  ZPC-513-01
Hey Good Lookin'                               Buffett, w/Black, Chesney, Jackson, Keith and Strait    ZPC-566-10
Hey Hey                                        Cage, Athena                                            HHD-87-11
Hey Jude                                       Beatles, The                                            S-072-21
Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)             Blessid Union Of Souls                                  BP99-09
Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)             Blessed Union Of Souls                                  RC-09-17
Hey Love                                       Wonder, Stevie                                          S-096-11
Hey Lover                                      LL Cool J                                               RC-01-16
Hey Ma [Mainstream Pop Edit]                   Cam'Ron Feat. Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey & Toya       ZPC-480-04
Hey Ma [Radio Version]                         Cam'Ron Feat. Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey & Toya       ZPC-476-08
Hey Mama [Remix]                               Black Eyed Peas                                         ZPC-545-04
Hey Now                                        Tantric                                                 ZPC-545-13
Hey Now (Mean Muggin') [Clean]                 Xzibit                                                  ZPC-590-05
Hey Paula                                      Paul & Paula                                            S-105-10
Hey Paula                                      Paul & Paula                                            S-115-03
Hey Porter                                     Cash, Johnny                                            S-143-02
Hey There                                      Clooney, Rosemary                                       F50-05-01
Hey There Delilah[No Strings Version]          Plain White T's                                         ZPC-2709-13
Hey Tonight                                    CCR                                                     S-076-18
Hey Ya! [Radio Mix]                            Outkast                                                 ZPC-527-05
Hey Young Girl [Main]                          Lloyd                                                   ZPC-580-07
Hey! Baby                                      Channel, Bruce                                          S-105-07
Hey! Baby                                      Channel, Bruce                                          S-111-10
Hey, Mr. DJ (Keep Playin' This Song)           Backstreet Boys                                         S-038-07
Hey, Mr. President                             Warren Brothers                                         ZPC-508-11
Hi Hater[Amended Album Version]                Maino                                                   ZPC-2826-07
Hicktown [Radio Edit]                          Aldean, Jason                                           ZPC-613-09
Hidden Agenda                                  David, Craig                                            ZPC-492-05
Hide [Album Version]                           Williams, Joy                                           ZPC-613-18
Hide Away                                      Vaughn, Stevie Ray                                      S-034-10
Hideaway [Edit]                                Rock Kills Kid                                          ZPC-2631-13
High [Radio Edit]                              Blunt, James                                            ZPC-2614-01
High Cotton                                    Alabama                                                 CC-05-20
High Energy                                    Thomas, Evelyn                                          MB-24-03
High Hopes                                     Sinatra, Frank                                          S-033-19
High Horse                                     Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                                  CC-08-06
High Lonesome                                  Hughes, Jedd                                            ZPC-565-11
High Maintenance Woman                         Keith, Toby                                             ZPC-2706-11
High Noon                                      DJ Shadow                                               RA98-05-07
High Of 75                                     Relient K                                               ZPC-2627-20
High On Love                                   Loveless, Patty                                         HHC-081-05
High School Never Ends [Amended]               Bowling For Soup                                        ZPC-2642-02
High Time We Went                              Cocker, Joe                                             S-091-11
Higher                                         Creed                                                   RC-11-11
Higher [Radio]                                 D.O.D. Feat. Kanye West                                 ZPC-577-07
                                                 71                                          Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Higher Ground                                       UB40                                           S-152-11
Highway 60 Revisted                                 Winter, Johnny                                 GR70-02-10
Highwayman                                          Nelson, Jennings, Cash & Kristofferson         CC-01-05
Highwayman                                          Cash, Johnny                                   S-143-14
Hill Street Blues Theme                             Romantic Strings                               S-134-10
Hillbillies                                         Hot Apple Pie                                  ZPC-618-13
Hillbilly Deluxe [Remix]                            Brooks & Dunn                                  ZPC-2644-08
Hillbilly Nation                                    Cowboy Crush                                   ZPC-2608-11
Hillbilly Rock                                      Stuart, Marty                                  CC-07-18
Hillbilly Rock                                      Stuart, Marty                                  ERG-08-07
Hillbilly Shoes                                     Montgomery Gentry                              HHC-089-04
Hillbilly Shoes                                     Montgomery Gentry                              HHDC-12-01
Hip Hop Hooray                                      Naughty By Nature                              MB-20-10
Hip Hop Horray                                      Naughty By Nature                              S-071-09
Hip Hop Is Dead [Radio]                             Nas                                            ZPC-2645-06
Hip Hop Police[Clean]                               Chamillionaire Feat. Slick Rick                ZPC-2726-09
Hip-Hop Saved My Life                               Lupe Fiasco                                    ZPC-2824-08
Hippy Hippy Shake                                   Georgia Satellites                             MB-24-12
Hips Don't Lie                                      Shakira Feat. Wyclef                           ZPC-2607-03
His Kind Of Money (My Kind Of Love)                 Church, Eric                                   ZPC-2813-11
His Kind Of Money (My Kind Of Love)                 Church, Eric                                   ZPC-2813-11
History [Album Version]                             West, Matthew                                  ZPC-2624-19
Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)                            Cantrell, Blu                                  ZPH1-07-02
Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)                             Cantrell, Blu                                  RC-13-16
Hit Me Up [Radio Edit]                              Farrell, Gia                                   ZPC-2643-04
Hit Me With Your Best Shot                          Benatar, Pat                                   ERG-01-01
Hit Me With Your Best Shot                          Benatar, Pat                                   MB-20-09
Hit My Heart [Radio Edit]                           Benassi Bros. Feat. Dhany                      ZPC-597-17
Hit Or Miss                                         New Found Glory                                HHD-85-09
Hit That                                            Offspring                                      ZPC-539-15
Hit The Dancefloor[Clean]                           UNK Feat. Baby D                               ZPC-2747-10
Hit The Floor [Clean]                               Twista Feat. Pitbull                           ZPC-639-08
Hit The Freeway [Radio Edit]                        Braxton, Toni Feat. Loon                       ZPC-485-08
Hit The Road Jack                                   Charles, Ray                                   MB-17-19
Hmm Hmm [Radio]                                     Beenie Man                                     ZPC-2613-05
Ho Ho Vengaboys!                                    Vengaboys                                      S-036-03
Ho! Ho! [Amended]                                   Ying Yang Twins                                ZPC-598-12
Hokey Pokey, The                                    Anthony, Ray                                   ERG-05-13
Hokey Pokey, The                                    Anthony, Ray                                   MB-12-04
Hold Fast                                           MercyMe                                        ZPC-2714-20
Hold It, Don't Drop It[Moto Blanco Radio Mix]       Lopez, Jennifer                                ZPC-2736-18
Hold Me                                             McKnight, Brian                                BPH8-02-11
Hold Me                                             Fleetwood Mac                                  S-031-04
Hold Me Jesus[Album Version]                        Big Daddy Weave                                ZPC-2749-18
Hold Me Now [Giuseppe D.'s Gemini Remix Edit]       Lasgo                                          ZPC-2627-17
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me                         Carter, Mel                                    ERG-07-11
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me                         Carter, Mel                                    MB-20-17
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me                         Francis, Connie                                S-118-16
Hold On                                             Stellar Kart                                   ZPC-2649-19
Hold On                                             Tunstall, KT                                   ZPC-2729-02
Hold On                                             Jonas Brothers                                 ZPC-2734-02
Hold On                                             Korn                                           ZPC-2739-14
Hold On [Album Version]                             Good Charlotte                                 ZPC-534-03
Hold On Loosely                                     38 Special                                     S-051-12
                                                      72                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Hold On To Me                                            Love, Courtney                                              ZPC-560-15
Hold Out Your Heart                                      Simon, Carly                                                ZPC-2821-01
Hold The Line                                            Toto                                                        S-087-16
Hold Up [Radio Edit]                                     Murphy Lee Feat. Nelly                                      ZPC-565-04
Hold You Down [Clean]                                    Alchemist & Nina Sky and Prodigy                            ZPC-600-08
Hold You Down [Clean Spring Mix]                         Lopez, Jennifer Feat. Fat Joe                               ZPC-619-03
Hold You Down [Radio Edit]                               Lopez, Jennifer Feat. Fat Joe                               ZPC-606-04
Hold You High [Radio Edit]                               By The Tree                                                 ZPC-597-19
Hold Your Head Up                                        Argent                                                      S-087-11
Holding Me Down                                          Lightman, Toby                                              ZPC-2623-03
Holding On To Something                                  Carson, Jeff                                                HHDC-06-03
Hole In The Earth [Album Version]                        Deftones                                                    ZPC-2636-14
Hole In The Head [Full Intention Vocal Edit]             Sugababes                                                   ZPC-559-15
Hole In The Head [Radio Edit]                            Sugababes                                                   ZPC-560-04
Hole In The World                                        Eagles                                                      ZPC-515-01
Holes In The Floor Of Heaven                             Wariner, Steve                                              BC98-02
Holidae In [Super Clean Version]                         Chingy Feat. Ludacris & Snoop Dogg                          ZPC-529-08
Holiday                                                  Naughty By Nature                                           HHD-74-05
Holiday                                                  Madonna                                                     S-067-01
Holiday                                                  Madonna                                                     S-054-11
Holiday (Live)                                           Buffett, Jimmy                                              S-150-04
Holiday [Amended]                                        Green Day                                                   ZPC-607-15
Holier Than Thou                                         Metallica                                                   S-037-03
Holla At Me [Xtra Clean Radio Edit]                                                                                  ZPC-2619-09
                                                         DJ Khaled Feat. Paul Wall, Lil' Wayne, Pitbull, Fat Joe And Rick Ross
Hollaback Girl [Xtra Clean]                              Stefani, Gwen                                               ZPC-609-05
Holler                                                   Spice Girls                                                 HHD-82-02
Holler Back                                              Lost Trailers                                               ZPC-2819-15
Hollow                                                   Submersed                                                   ZPC-594-13
Holly Holy                                               Diamond, Neil                                               S-016-04
Hollywood                                                Collective Soul                                             ZPC-2722-16
Hollywood [Clean (Radio Edit)]                           Jay-Z Feat. Beyonce                                         ZPC-2702-07
Hollywood [Edit]                                         Madonna                                                     ZPC-514-04
Hollywood [Oakenfold 7" Full Remix]                      Madonna                                                     ZPC-521-18
Hollywood Swingin' [Ralphi Rosario's Old School Vocal]   Kool And The Gang Feat. Jamiroquai                          ZPC-619-14
Hollywood's Not America                                  Ferras                                                      ZPC-2808-03
Holy Diver                                               Killswitch Engage                                           ZPC-2742-14
Holy Is The Lord                                         Tomlin, Chris                                               ZPC-603-20
Holy Water [Single Edit]                                 Big & Rich                                                  ZPC-584-12
Home                                                     Broussard, Marc                                             S-142-01
Home                                                     Shelton, Blake                                              ZPC-2811-12
Home [Album Version]                                     Simply Red                                                  ZPC-582-01
Home [Album Version]                                     Buble, Michael                                              ZPC-602-02
Home [Edit]                                              Three Days Grace                                            ZPC-587-15
Home [Radio Edit]                                        Broussard, Marc                                             ZPC-626-02
Home [Radio Mix]                                         Palmer, Suzanne                                             ZPC-606-17
Home [Radio Version]                                     Bone Thugs-N-Harmony                                        ZPC-506-08
Home Alone                                               Kelly, R. & Murray, Keith                                   RC-08-15
Home Sweet Holiday Inn                                   Willmon, Trent                                              ZPC-592-10
Home Sweet Holiday Inn [Motivo Hi-Lectro Radio Mix]      Simply Red                                                  ZPC-596-18
Home To You                                              Montgomery, John Michael                                    HHD-74-12
Home[Album Version]                                      Daughtry                                                    ZPC-2710-04
Homecoming                                               Metheny, Pat                                                HHD-75-06
Homecoming Queen[Alt Version]                            Hinder                                                      ZPC-2726-14
Homecoming[Clean Version]                                West, Kanye Feat. Chris Martin                              ZPC-2817-03
                                                           73                                            Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Homeland                                       Rogers, Kenny                             ZCH2-01-13
Homesick                                       MercyMe                                   ZPC-593-19
Homewrecker [Album Version]                    Wilson, Gretchen                          ZPC-606-10
Honest Mistake [Amended]                       Bravery                                   ZPC-604-12
Honestly                                       Cartel                                    ZPC-2646-04
Honestly [Album Version]                       Zwan                                      ZPC-490-14
Honesty (Write Me A List)                      Atkins, Rodney                            ZPC-518-11
Honey                                          Goldsboro, Bobby                          ERG-04-07
Honey                                          Carey, Mariah                             RC-05-04
Honey                                          America                                   S-042-08
Honey                                          Carey, Mariah                             S-066B-05
Honey [Above And Beyond Radio Edit]            Martin, Billy Ray                         ZPC-508-18
Honey Bee                                      Vaughn, Stevie Ray                        S-034-07
Honey Do                                       Walker, Mike                              HHC-108-09
Honey Do                                       Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                     S-055-08
Honey Please Can't Ya See                      White, Barry                              S-074-04
Honey, I'm Home                                Twain, Shania                             BC98-14
Honey, I'm Home                                Twain, Shania                             S-008-11
Honey[Clean]                                   Badu, Erykah                              ZPC-2747-06
Honeycomb                                      Rodgers, Jimmie                           F50-04-06
Honeymoon Feeling                              Clark, Roy                                MC-08-18
Honeysuckle Rose                               Basie, Count                              S-026-02
Honky Cat                                      John, Elton                               S-090-03
Honky Tonk America                             Kershaw, Sammy                            HHC-082-08
Honky Tonk Baby                                Ricochet                                  HHC-081-14
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk [70's Groove Mix]       Adkins, Trace                             ZPC-2607-17
Honky Tonk Man                                 Yoakam, Dwight                            CC-08-12
Honky Tonk Truth                               Brooks & Dunn                             HHC-071-01
Honky Tonk Truth                               Brooks & Dunn                             HHDC-10-09
Honky Tonk U                                   Keith, Toby                               ZPC-604-09
Honky Tonk Women                               Rolling Stones, The                       S-079A-18
Honky Tonk World                               LeDoux, Chris                             S-009-01
Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best                  Stuart, Marty & Tritt, Travis             HHDC-06-08
Hooch                                          Everything                                BP98-04
Hood Boy [Radio Edit]                          Fantasia Feat. Big Boi                    ZPC-2645-07
Hood Boy[Migtight Electro Radio]               Fantasia                                  ZPC-2708-17
Hood Figga[Clean]                              Gorilla Zoe                               ZPC-2725-07
Hood Hop [Clean]                               J-Kwon                                    ZPC-568-07
Hooked                                         Blige, Mary_J. Feat. P. Diddy             ZPC-505-05
Hooked On A Feeling                            Thomas, B.J.                              MB-19-11
Hooked On An 8 Second Ride                     LeDoux, Chris                             S-023-09
Hooked On Big Bands                            Barber Orchestra, Frank                   MB-24-19
Hope                                           Shaggy                                    NMT-27-05
Hope                                           Johnson, Jack                             ZPC-2828-16
Hope [Radio]                                   Twista Feat. Faith Evans                  ZPC-594-06
Hope For Me Yet                                Broussard, Marc                           S-142-10
Hope You're Feeling Better                     Santana                                   S-047-08
Horndog [Radio Edit]                           Overseer                                  ZPC-522-14
Hornpipe In D (Handel)                         The Wedding Album                         WED-01-12
Hornpipe In D (Handel)                         Ultimate Wedding Album                    WED-04-16
Horny                                          Mousse T vs. Hot 'N' Juicy                RC-08-16
Horse With No Name (Live)                      America                                   S-042-20
Hot                                            Lavigne, Avril                            ZPC-2740-02
Hot & Wet [Radio]                              112 & Ludacris                            ZPC-533-07
                                                 74                            Last updated: 8/14/08
                              B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                 MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Hot 2Nite                                                        New Edition                                    ZPC-574-08
Hot Damn [Super Clean Radio Mix]                                 Clipse Feat. Ab-Liva & Roscoe P.Coldchain      ZPC-515-07
Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)                                   Como, Perry                                    F50-02-16
Hot For Teacher                                                  Van Halen                                      S-050-06
Hot Hot Hot                                                      Poindexter, Buster                             MB-01-01
Hot Hot Hot                                                      Arrow                                          REG-01-03
Hot In Herre                                                     Nelly                                          S-159-13
Hot Legs                                                         Stewart, Rod                                   S-068-11
Hot Mama                                                         Adkins, Trace                                  ZPC-531-09
Hot Picante Sauce & 'Tato Chips                                  Rowe, Charles Alan                             HHC-091-15
Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)[Craig C Master Mix]                      David, Craig                                   ZPC-2829-17
Hot Stuff[Original Version]                                      David, Craig                                   ZPC-2814-04
Hot, Bangin', Supa, Sexy                                         Audio Club                                     ZPC-2727-03
Hotel [Radio Edit]                                               Cassidy Feat. R. Kelly                         ZPC-549-06
Hotel Aquarium[Album Version]                                    Falling Up                                     ZPC-2745-20
Hottie                                                           Ballard, Ashley                                TPH-02-08
Hound Dog                                                        Thornton, Willie Mae "Big Mama"                BLUE-02-09
Hound Dog                                                        Presley, Elvis                                 S-010-03
Hound Dog                                                        Little Richard                                 S-061-05
House Of Doom                                                    Black Label Society                            ZPC-562-14
House Of Pain                                                    Van Halen                                      S-050-09
Houston (Means One Day Closer To You)                            Gatlin, Larry & Gatlin Brothers Band           CC-03-06
How About You                                                    Staind                                         ZPC-541-13
How Am I Doin'                                                   Bentley, Dierks                                ZPC-566-11
How 'Bout Them Cowgirls[Album Version]                           Strait, George                                 ZPC-2732-11
How 'Bout Us                                                     Hugh, Grayson & Wright, Betty                  DM-01-06
How 'Bout You [Amended]                                          Church, Eric                                   ZPC-2607-11
How Can I Breathe[Main]                                          Mario                                          ZPC-2715-06
How Can I Keep From Singing [Album Version]                      Tomlin, Chris                                  ZPC-2706-19
How Can I Live [Radio Edit]                                      Ill Nino                                       ZPC-532-13
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart                                  Green, Al                                      S-098-06
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart                                  Buble, Michael                                 ZPC-528-03
How Come [Xtra Clean]                                            D12                                            ZPC-568-05
How Cool Is That                                                 Griggs, Andy                                   HHC-109-11
How Could I Lie [Ralphi's Radio Edit]                            Angel                                          ZPC-597-18
How Could You [Radio Edit]                                       Mario                                          ZPC-605-04
How Deep Is Your Love                                            Hill, Dru                                      BPH8-02-06
How Deep Is Your Love                                            Bee Gees, The                                  S-022-02
How Did You Know                                                 Kurtis Mantronik Presents Chamonix             ZPC-561-16
How Did You Know/77 Strings                                      Mantronik, Kurtis Presents Chamonix            ZPC-525-16
How Did You Know? [Mynt Original Radio Edit]                     Mynt Feat. Kim Sozzi                           ZPC-592-18
How Do I Deal                                                    Hewitt, Jennifer Love                          HHP-67-02
How Do I Feel                                                    Hoku                                           HHD-79-11
How Do I Get There                                               Carter, Deana                                  HHC-070-02
How Do I Love Her [Radio Mix #1]                                 Chapman, Steven Curtis                         ZPC-526-18
How Do You Fall In Love                                          Alabama                                        HHC-081-03
How Do You Get That Lonely                                       Larsen, Blaine                                 ZPC-591-12
How Do You Like Me Now?!                                         Keith, Toby                                    HHC-095-04
How Do You Love [Album Version]                                  Collective Soul                                ZPC-637-05
How Do You Sleep At Night                                        Hayes, Wade                                    HHC-081-10
How Far [Album Version]                                          McBride, Martina                               ZPC-561-10
How Far We've Come[Radio Edit]                                   Matchbox Twenty                                ZPC-2729-03
                                                                 Matchbox Twenty
How Far We've Come[Ralphi Rosario And Craig J Rock Royalty Radio Edit]                                          ZPC-2801-15
How Forever Feels                                                Chesney, Kenny                                 BC99-02
                                                                     75                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
How Forever Feels                                   Chesney, Kenny                                    HHC-086-03
How Great Is Our God [Radio Edit]                   Tomlin, Chris                                     ZPC-649-19
How High The Moon                                   Brown, Les & His Orchestra                        BAND-07-15
How I Could Just Kill A Man                         Charlotte Sometimes                               ZPC-2824-01
How I Feel[Single Edit]                             McBride, Martina                                  ZPC-2716-11
How I Love You [Clean]                              Sheek Louch Feat. Styles P.                       ZPC-547-06
How Lonely Looks[Radio Edit]                        Gill, Vince                                       ZPC-2740-11
How Long                                            Hinder                                            ZPC-2640-15
How Long                                            Eagles                                            ZPC-2734-12
How Long Gone                                       Brooks & Dunn                                     HHC-081-02
How Long Gone                                       Brooks & Dunn                                     HHDC-11-12
How Love Should Be                                  Hilton, Tyler                                     ZPC-617-02
How Many Times, How Many Lies                       Pussycat Dolls                                    ZPC-2648-02
How Many Words[Album Version]                       Lewis, Blake                                      ZPC-2809-05
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)                Taylor, James                                     S-048-09
How To Deal [CeCe Mix]                              J, Frankie                                        ZPC-614-06
How To Save A Life                                  Fray                                              ZPC-2627-13
How To Touch A Girl                                 JoJo                                              ZPC-2645-04
How We Do [Edited]                                  Game Feat. 50 Cent                                ZPC-590-09
How We Do It (Around My Way)                        Lloyd Feat. Ludacris                              ZPC-2809-09
How Will I Know (Remix)                             Houston, Whitney                                  S-069B-15
How Would U Feel [Radio]                            Morales, David Feat. Lea-Lorien                   ZPC-585-16
How You Gonna Act Like That [Radio Edit]            Tyrese                                            ZPC-488-08
How You Gonna See Me Now                            Alice Cooper                                      S-081-19
How You Live (Turn Up The Music)[Album Version]     Point Of Grace                                    ZPC-2740-18
How You Want That [Radio Edit]                      Loon Feat. Kelis                                  ZPC-513-08
How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica                          Byrd, Tracy                                       ZPC-557-10
Howdy                                               Groovegrass Boyz                                  HHDC-11-08
How's It Gonna Be                                   Third Eye Blind                                   RC-05-03
Human Beings                                        Seal                                              HHP-67-06
Human II (Don't Turn Your Back On Me)               Boyz II Men                                       S-012-11
Humanity[Radio Edit]                                Scorpions                                         ZPC-2736-14
Hump De Bump[Album Version]                         Red Hot Chili Peppers                             ZPC-2710-14
Humpty Dumpty Heart                                 Thompson, Hank                                    MC-10-15
Hung Up [Radio Version]                             Madonna                                           ZPC-641-03
Hurricane                                           Benet, Eric                                       ZPC-625-02
Hurt                                                Cash, Johnny                                      S-143-21
Hurt                                                Cash, Johnny                                      ZPC-501-05
Hurt [Album Version]                                Aguilera, Christina                               ZPC-2637-05
Hurt [Deeper-Mindset Mixshow]                       Aguilera, Christina                               ZPC-2645-17
Hurt So Bad                                         Little Anthony & The Imperials                    S-113-05
Hurt[Radio]                                         T.I. Feat. Alfamega & Busta Rhymes                ZPC-2742-06
Hurting Each Other                                  Carpenters, The                                   S-086-13
Hurts So Good                                       Cougar, John                                      MB-07-11
Husbands & Wives                                    Brooks & Dunn                                     HHC-083-02
Husbands And Wives                                  Miller, Roger                                     MC-03-17
Hush [Radio]                                        LL Cool J Feat. 7 Aurelius                        ZPC-582-07
Hustler Musik [Radio Edit]                          Lil' Wayne                                        ZPC-2607-06
Hustler[Amended A-Trak Remix]                       Simian Mobile Disco                               ZPC-2801-16
Hustlin' [Clean]                                    Ross, Rick                                        ZPC-2612-05
Hyacinth House                                      Doors, The                                        S-082-07
Hydrolics[Radio Edit]                               B5 Feat. Bow Wow                                  ZPC-2734-07
Hypnotic [Clean Radio Edit With DJ Clue]            Johnson, Syleena Feat. R. Kelly & Fabolous        ZPC-615-03
Hypnotic Tango [Original House Mix]                 Master Blaster                                    ZPC-523-16
                                                      76                                    Last updated: 8/14/08
                                     B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                        MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Hypnotising [Fashionista Edit]                          Kid Creme Feat. Charlise                  ZPC-514-16
Hypnotize                                               System Of A Down                          ZPC-640-16
Hypnotized[Clean]                                       Plies Feat. Akon                          ZPC-2735-08
Hysteria (I Want It Now) [Album Version]                Muse                                      ZPC-579-11
I                                                       Taproof                                   TRH-02-07
I Ain't No Quitter                                      Twain, Shania                             ZPC-616-11
I Ain't Scared                                          Carolina Rain                             ZPC-583-11
I Ain't The One                                         Lynyrd Skynyrd                            S-145-09
I Ain't Your Mama                                       Dotson, Amber                             ZPC-632-10
I Already Do                                            Wright, Chely                             HHC-077-13
I Always Liked That Best                                Thompson, Cyndi                           ZCH2-01-06
I Am                                                    Train                                     NMT-37-17
I Am                                                    Schultz, Mark                             ZPC-633-20
I Am [Amended Album Version]                            Kid Rock                                  ZPC-570-14
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow                           Soggy Bottom Boys                         HHC-107-07
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow                           Soggy Bottom Boys                         ZCH2-03-10
I Am Made Of You                                        Martin, Ricky                             S-005-06
I Am Mine                                               Pearl Jam                                 ZPC-481-02
I Am Not Alone [Edit]                                   Grant, Natalie                            ZPC-576-02
I Am Not My Hair [Wiggedout Radio Edit]                 India.Arie                                ZPC-2617-17
I Am Tha 1 [T Funk Radio Edit]                          Mr. Timothy And Inaya Day                 ZPC-642-18
I Am The Highway [Album Version]                        Audioslave                                ZPC-533-13
I Am…I Said                                             Diamond, Neil                             S-016-12
I Apologize                                             Ruff Endz                                 TRBH-02-11
I Believe                                               Blessed Union Of Souls                    ERG-05-01
I Believe                                               Laine, Frankie                            F50-05-09
I Believe [Album Version]                               Third Day                                 ZPC-566-19
I Believe [Josh Harris Radio Mix]                       Porgie, Georgie                           ZPC-2647-17
I Believe [Radio Edit]                                  Cox, Chris Vs. Happy Clappers             ZPC-502-16
I Believe [Radio Edit]                                  Fantasia                                  ZPC-571-04
I Believe [Radio Version]                               Diamond Rio                               ZPC-487-10
I Believe [Trip Rock Mix]                               ZOEgirl                                   ZPC-496-17
I Believe I Can Fly - Natural Sounds                    Solitudes                                 S-139-06
I Believe I Can Fly [Radio Edit]                        G, Kenny Feat. Yolanda Adams              ZPC-620-02
I Believe In A Thing Called Love [Single Version]       Darkness                                  ZPC-544-11
I Believe In Love                                       Cole, Paula Band                          HHD-73-12
I Believe In You                                        Williams, Don                             CC-03-20
I Believe In You                                        Williams, Don                             ERG-08-06
I Believe In You                                        Minogue, Kylie                            ZPC-602-18
I Believe In You And Me                                 Houston, Whitney                          MB-15-16
I Believe In You And Me                                 Four Tops, The                            MB-23-17
I Believe In You And Me                                 Houston, Whitney                          S-069A-14
I Believe You                                           Carpenters, The                           S-086-02
I Belong To Me                                          Simpson, Jessica                          ZPC-2638-04
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor                   Arctic Monkeys                            ZPC-2609-14
I Break Things                                          Erika Jo                                  ZPC-618-12
I Breathe In, I Breathe Out                             Cagle, Chris                              HHC-112-12
I Call It Love                                          Richie, Lionel                            ZPC-2625-02
I Call It Love [Moto Blanco Radio Edit]                 Richie, Lionel                            ZPC-2628-17
I Can [Radio Edit]                                      Nas                                       ZPC-500-07
I Can Dream About You                                   Hall, Daryl & John Oates                  ZPC-613-01
I Can Feel It                                           Third Day                                 ZPC-2617-20
I Can Only Imagine                                      MercyMe                                   ZPC-510-01
I Can See Clearly Now                                   Nash, Johnny                              MB-19-03
                                                          77                            Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I Can See Clearly Now                                  Nash, Johnny                                       S-083-08
I Can See Clearly Now                                  Nash, Johnny                                       S-149-09
I Can Sleep When I'm Dead                              Carroll, Jason Michael                             ZPC-2802-09
I Can Still Feel You                                   Raye, Collin                                       BC98-12
I Can Still Feel You                                   Raye, Collin                                       HHC-078-02
I Can Still Feel You                                   Raye, Collin                                       S-075-14
I Can Still Make Cheyenne                              Strait, George                                     S-063-09
I Can Tell                                             Monifah                                            HHD-83-07
I Can Tell by The Way You Dance                        Gosdin, Vern                                       CC-01-07
I Cannot Turn Away [Album Version]                     Slocum, Jamie                                      ZPC-529-18
I Can't Be Your Friend                                 Rushlow                                            ZPC-514-10
I Can't Begin To Tell You                              Kaye, Sammy Orchestra & Normand, Nancy             BAND-06-05
I Can't Get Next To You                                Temptations, The                                   S-147-08
I Can't Get Over You                                   Brooks & Dunn                                      BC99-13
I Can't Get Over You                                   Brooks & Dunn                                      HHC-086-04
I Can't Hate You Anymore                               Lachey, Nick                                       ZPC-2629-03
I Can't Help It                                        Gibb, Andy & John, Olivia Newton                   DM-02-06
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)            Four Tops                                          S-154-09
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)           Four Tops, The                                     ERG-07-12
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)           Four Tops, The                                     MB-17-17
I Can't Hide My Heart                                  Alabama                                            S-041-05
I Can't Lie To Me                                      Davidson, Clay                                     HHC-101-04
I Can't Love You Any Less                              Alabama                                            S-041-06
I Can't Love You Anymore                               Nichols, Gary                                      ZPC-2638-11
I Can't Move                                           Everlast                                           TRH-01-12
I Can't Quit You Baby                                  Rush, Otis                                         BLUE-02-07
I Can't Sleep                                          Walker, Clay                                       ZPC-541-10
I Can't Stand It No More                               Frampton, Peter                                    S-153-10
I Can't Stop Lovin' You                                Gibson, Don                                        MC-09-10
I Can't Take You Anywhere [Album Version]              Emerick, Scotty & Special Guest Keith, Toby        ZPC-522-10
I Can't Tell You Why                                   Gill, Vince                                        S-020-14
I Can't Unlove You                                     Rogers, Kenny                                      ZPC-648-12
I Can't Wait                                           Nu Shooz                                           RUSA-01-17
I Can't Wait [Clean Version]                           Sleepy Brown Feat. Outkast                         ZPC-550-08
I Changed My Mind [Radio Version]                      Cole, Keyshia Feat. Shyne                          ZPC-582-09
I Choose You [Album Version]                           Point Of Grace                                     ZPC-584-20
I Could [Album Version]                                Locke, Kimberley                                   ZPC-620-01
I Could Fall In Love                                   Selena                                             MB-02-06
I Could Fall In Love With You[Monteverde Radio Edit]   Erasure                                            ZPC-2715-16
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man               Prince                                             S-006-10
I Could Not Ask For More                               Evans, Sara                                        TCH-02-07
I Count The Minutes                                    Martin, Ricky                                      S-005-12
I Cross My Heart                                       Strait, George                                     MB-08-05
I Cry                                                  Chochran, Tammy                                    ZCH2-01-09
I Cry[Edited]                                          LL Cool J                                          ZPC-2823-06
I Dare You [Rock Mix]                                  Shinedown                                          ZPC-2602-16
I Did It                                               Matthews Band, Dave                                TPH-01-12
I Did Yo Boyfriend[Clean Album Version]                Melody                                             ZPC-2737-08
I Do                                                   Blaque                                             HHD-77-07
I Do                                                   Toya                                               ZPH1-07-03
I Do (Cherish You)                                     Wills, Mark                                        BC98-04
I Do (Cherish You)                                     98 Degrees                                         BP99-13
I Do (Cherish You)                                     Wills, Mark                                        HHC-077-06
I Do (Cherish You)                                     98 Degrees                                         HHD-72-02
                                                         78                                     Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I Do (Cherish You)                                                   98 Degrees                                     S-098-03
I Do (Wanna Get Back To You)                                         3LW                                            ZPH2-06-14
I Do[Radio Edit]                                                     Jewel                                          ZPC-2824-14
I Don't                                                              Peck, Danielle                                 ZPC-638-13
I Don't Care                                                         Apocalyptica Feat. Adam Gontier                ZPC-2824-15
I Don't Care                                                         Martin, Ricky Feat. Amerie & Fat Joe           ZPC-632-03
I Don't Care [Ralphi Rosario Club Mix]                               Martin, Ricky Feat. Amerie & Fat Joe           ZPC-640-18
I Don't Dance With Strangers                                         Hobbs, Becky                                   MC-10-18
I Don't Feel Like Dancin' [Radio Edit]                               Scissor Sisters                                ZPC-2631-11
I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today                                   Wilson, Gretchen                               ZPC-640-12
I Don't Have To Be Me                                                Azar, Steve                                    ZCH2-02-06
I Don't Have To Be Me ('til Monday)                                  Azar, Steve                                    HHC-111-09
I Don't Know                                                         Lostprophets                                   ZPC-590-14
I Don't Know A Thing About Love                                      Twitty, Conway                                 S-014-06
I Don't Know What She Said                                           Larsen, Blaine                                 ZPC-2617-09
I Don't Know When To Quit                                            Road Hammers                                   ZPC-2747-11
I Don't Like The Look Of It (Oompa) [Radio]                          Da Back Wudz Feat. Caz Clay                    ZPC-2611-10
I Don't Love You Like That                                           Jypsi                                          ZPC-2749-10
I Don't Wanna Cry                                                    Carey, Mariah                                  S-066A-04
I Don't Wanna Know                                                   Winans, Mario Feat. P.Diddy                    ZPC-554-09
I Don't Wanna Know                                                   New Found Glory                                ZPC-589-16
I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love                                 Chicago                                        S-013-08
I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love                                         Gayle, Crystal                                 S-014-09
I Don't Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You                   'N Sync                                        ZPC-494-04
I Don't Wanna Stop                                                   Osbourne, Ozzy                                 ZPC-2716-14
I Don't Wanna Stop [Molella Club Mix]                                ATB                                            ZPC-522-18
I Don't Want Anything To Change [Edit]                               Raitt, Bonnie                                  ZPC-2602-02
I Don't Want To                                                      Monroe, Ashley With Ronnie Dunn                ZPC-2636-09
I Don't Want To Be [Radio Edit]                                      DeGraw, Gavin                                  ZPC-559-03
I Don't Want To Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)[Album Version]       Good Charlotte                                 ZPC-2729-05
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing                                         Chesnutt, Mark                                 BC99-11
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing                                         Chesnutt, Mark                                 HHC-085-07
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing                                         Aerosmith                                      RC-07-16
I Don't Want To See You                                              Uncle Sam                                      BPH8-02-07
I Don't Want To Talk About It                                        Stewart, Rod                                   S-030-09
I Don't Want You To Go                                               Johnson, Carolyn Dawn                          ZCH2-02-04
I Dreamed A Dream                                                    Romantic Strings                               S-135-12
I Drive Myself Crazy                                                  'N Sync                                       HT18-32-06
I Drove All Night                                                    Pinmonkey                                      ZPC-489-12
I Drove All Night                                                    Dion, Celine                                   ZPC-497-03
I Drove All Night [Hex Hector Radio Mix - Purple Wolf Extended Edit] Dion, Celine                                   ZPC-500-16
I Fall In Love Too Easily                                            Romantic Piano                                 S-137-08
I Fall To Pieces                                                     Randolph, Boots & Davis, Danny                 MC-01-11
I Feel Fine                                                          Beatles, The                                   S-072-07
I Feel For You                                                       Chaka Khan                                     AE80-02-08
I Feel For You                                                       Prince                                         S-006-04
I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something                                 Womack, Lee Ann                                S-057-09
I Feel Love [Single Edit]                                            Blue Man Group Feat. Venus Hum                 ZPC-535-05
I Feel You [DIY Radio Edit]                                          Schiller Feat. Heppner                         ZPC-614-18
I Fell In Love Again Last Night                                      Forester Sisters, The                          CC-08-15
I Fell In Love Again Last Night                                      Forester Sisters, The                          S-014-03
I Finally Found Someone                                              Streisand, Barbra                              MB-18-01
I Fought The Law                                                     Green Day                                      ZPC-555-13
I Found Forever                                                      Fighting Instinct                              ZPC-2622-15
                                                                        79                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                           B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I Get A Kick Out Of You                       Sinatra, Frank                                S-021-03
I Get A Kick Out Of You                       Sinatra, Frank                                S-033-03
I Get Around                                  Beach Boys                                    S-070-10
I Get It                                      Chevelle                                      ZPC-2723-15
I Get Money[Clean]                            50 Cent                                       ZPC-2729-07
I Get To                                      Blue County                                   ZPC-2643-13
I Give You My Heart [Album Version]           Deyo, Jeff                                    ZPC-533-18
I Give, You Take [Edit]                       Maria                                         ZPC-527-04
I Go Back                                     Chesney, Kenny                                ZPC-565-12
I Go Crazy                                    Griggs, Andy                                  HHC-092-04
I Go Crazy [Furious F. Radio Edit]            D.H.T. Feat. Edmee                            ZPC-2642-17
I Got A Feelin' [Album Version]               Currington, Billy                             ZPC-545-10
I Got It From My Mama[Radio]                                             ZPC-2731-06
I Got Mexico                                  Raven, Eddy                                   CC-08-19
I Got Mexico                                  Raven, Eddy                                   MC-04-17
I Got More                                    Deggs, Cole & The Lonesome                    ZPC-2704-10
I Got My                                      Static Major Feat. Lil Wayne                  ZPC-2827-07
I Got My Game On                              Adkins, Trace                                 ZPC-2731-11
I Got The Girl                                Bon Jovi                                      S-039-11
I Got The Six                                 ZZ Top                                        S-130-05
I Got What I Wanted                           Benton, Brook                                 S-117-04
I Got You                                     Lil' Johnny                                   HHD-87-09
I Got You (I Feel Good)                       Brown, James                                  MB-09-01
I Got You [Radio Edit]                        Morgan, Craig                                 ZPC-648-11
I Got You Babe                                Sonny & Cher                                  DM-01-05
I Got You Babe                                UB40 & Hynde, Chrissie                        S-152-01
I Gotta Dolla[Clean]                          YV Feat. Polow Da Don                         ZPC-2823-11
I Gotta Thang For You                         Trina Feat. Keyshia Cole                      ZPC-2819-08
I Guess Things Happen That Way                Cash, Johnny                                  MC-07-02
I Hate Everything                             Strait, George                                ZPC-574-10
I Hate Everything About You                   Three Days Grace                              ZPC-526-14
I Hate You Then I Love You                    Dion, Celine & Pavarotti, Luciano             S-060-13
I Have Nothing                                Houston, Whitney                              S-069A-10
I Hear A Symphony                             Supremes, The                                 S-085-05
I Hear You Knocking                           Storm, Gale                                   F50-08-14
I Heard It Through The Grape Vine             Gaye, Marvin                                  MB-11-15
I Heard It Through The Grapevine              CCR                                           S-076-16
I Heard It Through The Grapevine              Gaye, Marvin                                  S-154-14
I Heard It Through The Grapevine              McDonald, Michael                             ZPC-516-03
I Hope You Dance                              Womack, Lee Ann                               S-057-02
I Just Called To Say I Love You               Wonder, Stevie                                MB-04-16
I Just Came Back (From A War)                 Worley, Darryl                                ZPC-2641-08
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself      White Stripes                                 ZPC-548-11
I Just Love You                               Five For Fighting                             ZPC-2743-01
I Just Wanna Be Mad                           Clark, Terri                                  ZPC-478-12
I Just Wanna Know [Radio Edit]                Cruz, Taio                                    ZPC-2647-09
I Just Wanna Live                             Good Charlotte                                ZPC-592-15
I Just Want To Be With You                     'N Sync                                      HT18-41-01
I Just Want To Dance With You                 Strait, George                                BC98-07
I Just Want To Dance With You                 Strait, George                                HHC-078-01
I Keep Coming Back                            Gracin, Josh                                  ZPC-2642-12
I Keep Looking                                Evans, Sara                                   ZCH2-03-08
I Kissed A Girl[Radio Edit]                   Perry, Katy                                   ZPC-2819-05
I Knew I Loved You                            Singletary, Daryle                            HHC-101-10
                                                 80                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I knew I Loved You                                     Savage Garden                                        HHD-74-07
I Know                                                 Bell, Drake                                          ZPC-2650-02
I Know How The River Feels                             Diamond Rio                                          HHC-088-07
I Know One                                             Brooks, Garth                                        S-125-10
I Know One                                             Brooks, Garth                                        S-007-10
I Know What You Want [Amended Album Version]           Busta Rhymes Feat. Mariah Carey & The Flipmode Squad ZPC-502-08
I Know Why The River Runs                              Womack, Lee Ann                                      S-057-05
I Know You By Heart [Christmas Version - Radio Edit]   Carlson, Katrina With Benny Mardones                 ZPC-598-06
I Know You By Heart [Radio Edit]                       Katrina Carlson With Benny Mardones                  ZPC-522-02
I Know You Don't Love Me [Edited]                      Yayo, Tony Feat. G-Unit                              ZPC-648-08
I Know You See It [Radio]                              Yung Joc                                             ZPC-2626-09
I Know You Want Me [Radio Edit]                        Young Buck Feat. Jazze Pha                           ZPC-2638-09
I Know You're Out There Somewhere                      Moody Blues, The                                     S-094-17
I Know[Album Version]                                  Jay-Z                                                ZPC-2801-03
I Learned From The Best                                Houston, Whitney                                     RC-10-03
I Learned From The Best (Remix)                        Houston, Whitney                                     S-069B-06
I Left My Heart In San Francisco                       Bennett, Tony                                        MB-02-11
I Left Something Turned On At Home                     Adkins, Trace                                        HHDC-08-05
I Like Beer                                            Hall, Tom T.                                         ERG-04-11
I Like It [Radio Edit]                                 Narcotic Thrust                                      ZPC-576-18
I Like It Like That                                    Blackout Allstars                                    RC-03-01
I Like It Like That, Part 1                            Kenner, Chris                                        S-114-07
I Like It, I Love It                                   McGraw, Tim                                          MB-15-08
I Like Love (I Love Love) [Radio Edit]                 Solitaire                                            ZPC-560-18
I Like That [Radio]                                    Houston Feat. Chingy, I-20 and Nate Dogg             ZPC-566-07
I Like The Way [Bimbo Jones Delano Radio Edit]         Bodyrockers                                          ZPC-630-18
I Like The Way She Do It[Super Clean]                  G-Unit                                               ZPC-2815-09
I Live [Album Version]                                 Daily Planet                                         ZPC-502-17
I Live For The Day                                     Lohan, Lindsay                                       ZPC-648-03
I Lost It                                              Chesney, Kenny                                       HHC-102-05
I Love                                                 Hall, Tom T.                                         CC-04-19
I Love A Rainy Night                                   Rabbitt, Eddie                                       CC-03-17
I Love A Rainy Night                                   Rabbitt, Eddie                                       MC-02-05
I Love Her, She Hates Me                               Worley, Darryl                                       ZPC-629-11
I Love My Chick [Xtra Clean]                           Busta Rhymes Feat. & Kelis                 ZPC-2616-08
I Love My Life [Edit]                                  O'Neal, Jamie                                        ZPC-644-13
I Love Rock 'N Roll                                    Jett, Joan                                           MB-24-17
I Love The Way [Radio Edit]                            Owens, Ginny                                         ZPC-560-20
I Love The Way You Love Me                             Montgomery, John Michael                             MB-17-05
I Love This Bar [Single Version]                       Keith, Toby                                          ZPC-527-12
I Love This Song[Album Version]                        Marcel                                               ZPC-2820-11
I Love You                                             McBride, Martina                                     BC99-12
I Love You                                             McBride, Martina                                     HHC-092-03
I Love You                                             McBride, Martina                                     HHD-74-14
I Love You                                             Dennis, Cheri                                        ZPC-2614-05
I Love You [Clean]                                     Junebug Slim Feat. Nino Brown & Brown Boy            ZPC-2631-07
I Love You [Radio]                                     Hill, Dru                                            ZPC-505-06
I Love You Always Forever                              Lewis, Donna                                         MB-19-02
I Love You Always Forever                              Lewis, Donna                                         RC-02-07
I Love You 'Cause I Have To                            Dogs Die In Hot Cars                                 ZPC-584-13
I Love You For Sentimental Reasons (Strings)           Old Fashioned Wedding                                BRD-03-05
I Love You This Much [Single Version]                  Wayne, Jimmy                                         ZPC-527-10
I Love You Truly (Strings)                             Old Fashioned Wedding                                BRD-03-01
I Loved Her First                                      Heartland                                            ZPC-2628-12
                                                         81                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I Luv It [Radio]                                           Young Jeezy                                    ZPC-2640-07
I Luv Your Girl[Squeaky Clean]                             The-Dream                                      ZPC-2813-08
I Luv Your Girl[Squeaky Clean]                             The-Dream                                      ZPC-2813-08
I May Hate Myself In The Morning [Radio Edit]              Womack, Lee Ann                                ZPC-590-10
I Meant To                                                 Cotter, Brad                                   ZPC-568-09
I Melt                                                     Rascal Flatts                                  ZPC-521-11
I Met Her In Miami                                         Liberty City FLA                               TRBH-02-12
I Might Even Quit Lovin' You                               Chesnutt, Mark                                 HHC-077-02
I Miss My Friend                                           Worley, Darryl                                 ZCH2-03-06
I Miss Us [Radio Edit]                                     Loggins, Kenny                                 ZPC-550-02
I Miss You                                                 Klymaxx                                        ERG-07-07
I Miss You [Album Version]                                 Blink-182                                      ZPC-548-12
I Miss You[Clean]                                          Webbie Feat. Letoya Luckett                    ZPC-2808-09
I Need A Breather [Original Version]                       Worley, Darryl                                 ZPC-517-11
I Need A Vacation                                          Howard, Rebecca Lynn                           ZPC-538-13
I Need An Angel [Radio Edit]                               Studdard, Ruben                                ZPC-591-08
I Need Someone [Kobbe And Austin Leeds Remix Radio Edit]   Falcon, Ralph                                  ZPC-2650-15
I Need To Be In Love                                       Carpenters, The                                S-086-18
I Need To Know                                             Anthony, Marc                                  HHD-73-03
I Need To Know                                             Anthony, Marc                                  HT18-41-03
I Need To Know                                             R Angels                                       NMT-38-02
I Need To Know                                             Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                 S-027-04
I Need To Wake Up                                          Etheridge, Melissa                             ZPC-2710-01
I Need U Bad                                               Sullivan, Jazmine                              ZPC-2822-11
I Need You (Live)                                          America                                        S-042-17
I Need You [Album Version]                                 McGraw, Tim with Faith Hill                    ZPC-2714-10
I Need You Now                                             Fisher, Eddie                                  F50-08-13
I Need You To Love Me                                      BarlowGirl                                     ZPC-2603-19
I Need You Tonight                                         INXS                                           AE80-02-12
I Need You Tonight                                         ZZ Top                                         S-130-04
I Needed To Fall                                           REO Speedwagon                                 ZPC-2715-02
I Never Cry                                                Alice Cooper                                   S-081-17
I Never Had A Chance                                       Griggs, Andy                                   ZPC-647-13
I Never Knew                                               Gaynor, Gloria                                 ZPC-477-01
I Never Knew [Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix]                  Gaynor, Gloria                                 ZPC-481-15
I Only Have Eyes For You                                   Garfunkel, Art                                 MB-09-06
I Only Have Eyes For You                                   Flamingos, The                                 S-085-02
I Pity The Fool                                            Bland, Bobby                                   BLUE-03-10
I Pray                                                     Perez, Amanda                                  ZPC-564-03
I Pray For You                                             Rich, John                                     HHC-101-11
I Put A Spell On You                                       CCR                                            S-076-02
I Ran (So Far Away)                                        Flock Of Seagulls                              RUSA-01-14
I Ran (So Far Away)[Radio Mix]                             A Flock Of Seagulls Vs. Angry Kids             ZPC-2736-17
I Really Like It                                           Harlem World                                   RC-08-13
I Remember[Album Version]                                  Cole, Keyshia                                  ZPC-2750-08
I Run For Life                                             Etheridge, Melissa                             ZPC-641-02
I Run This[Album Version (Edited)]                         Birdman Feat. Lil Wayne                        ZPC-2821-09
I Saw God Today                                            Strait, George                                 ZPC-2806-14
I Saw Her Standing There                                   Beatles, The                                   MB-06-02
I Second That Emotion                                      Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles                S-147-05
I See Me                                                   Tritt, Travis                                  ZPC-606-08
I See You In A Different Light                             Moore, Chante'                                 HHD-73-11
I Shot The Sheriff                                         Clapton, Eric                                  REG-01-06
I Shot The Sheriff                                         Clapton, Eric                                  S-089-01
                                                             82                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I Should Be Sleeping                                 Emerson Drive                                          HHC-112-11
I Should Be Sleeping                                 Emerson Drive                                          ZCH2-01-08
I Should Be... [Radio]                               Hill, Dru                                              ZPC-483-07
I Should Have Cheated [Main Radio]                   Cole, Keyshia                                          ZPC-632-07
I Showed Her [Radio Edit]                            O-Town                                                 ZPC-498-05
I Smoke I Drank [Clean]                              Mr. Magic Feat. Youngbloodz                            ZPC-581-10
I Stand For You                                      Tree63                                                 ZPC-642-20
I Still Believe                                      Carey, Mariah                                          RC-08-07
I Still Believe                                      Carey, Mariah                                          S-066B-10
I Still Believe In You                               Gill, Vince                                            S-020-10
I Still Love You [Radio]                             702                                                    ZPC-510-07
I Still Miss Someone                                 McBride, Martina With Dolly Parton                     ZPC-2603-10
I Still Miss You                                     Anderson, Keith                                        ZPC-2802-12
I Still Remember [Radio Edit]                        Bloc Party                                             ZPC-2701-13
I Swear                                              Montgomery, John Michael                               MB-05-05
I Swear                                              All-4-One                                              MB-14-11
I Swear                                              Montgomery, John Michael                               MB-15-02
I Think About It All The Time                        Berry, John                                            ERG-04-13
I Think About You                                    Raye, Collin                                           S-075-11
I Think Dey Like Me (Remix) [Clean]                                                                         ZPC-630-10
                                                     Dem Franchize Boys Feat. Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat & Bow Wow
I Think I'll Just Stay Here & Drink                  Haggard, Merle                                         S-018-09
I Think I'm In Love With You                         Simpson, Jessica                                       HHD-79-05
I Think I'm In Love With You                         Simpson, Jessica                                       RC-11-09
I Think It's Going To Rain                           Cocker, Joe                                            S-091-05
I Think The World Needs A Drink                      Clark, Terri                                           ZPC-592-09
I Think We're Alone Now                              Tiffany                                                ERG-07-02
I Think You're Beautiful                             Dalley, Amy                                            ZPC-529-11
I Thought I'd Seen Everything                        Adams, Bryan                                           ZPC-2814-02
I Thought You Knew                                   Urban, Keith                                           S-127-12
I Told You So                                        Travis, Randy                                          CC-05-03
I Told You So[Edit]                                  Urban, Keith                                           ZPC-2716-12
I Touch Myself                                       B, Lenny Feat. Kristy Kay                              ZPC-631-19
I Tried [Clean]                                      Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Feat. Akon                        ZPC-2706-09
I Tried To Rock You But You Only Roll                Naess, Leona                                           ZPH1-06-12
I Try                                                Gray, Macy                                             HHD-78-09
I Try                                                Gray, Macy                                             NMT-37-07
I Try                                                Gray, Macy                                             RC-10-02
I Try To Think About Elvis                           Loveless, Patty                                        HHDC-03-02
I Turn To You                                        Aguilera, Christina                                    HHD-77-02
I Walk The Line                                      Cash, Johnny                                           MC-04-01
I Walk The Line                                      Cash, Johnny                                           S-143-04
I Wanna Be Bad                                       Ford, Willa                                            HHD-86-06
I Wanna Be That Girl                                 Wilkinsons, The                                        HHC-107-12
I Wanna Be There                                     Blessed Union Of Souls                                 RC-04-12
I Wanna Be Where You Are                             Jackson, Michael                                       S-078-02
I Wanna Be Where You Are                             Jackson 5, The                                         S-093-09
I Wanna Be With You                                  Moore, Mandy                                           HHD-77-04
I Wanna Be Your Man                                  Endeverafter                                           ZPC-2749-15
I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever)                        Urban, Keith                                           S-127-05
I Wanna Dance For You                                Angel                                                  HT18-32-03
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Remix)   Houston, Whitney                                       S-069B-14
I Wanna Dance With Somebody [Radio Edit]             Flip & Fill                                            ZPC-499-15
I Wanna Do It All                                    Clark, Terri                                           ZPC-528-12
I Wanna Feel Something [The Single Mix]              Adkins, Trace                                          ZPC-2714-09
                                                       83                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                                B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I Wanna Go To The Sun                             Frampton, Peter                           S-153-02
I Wanna Know What Love Is                         Foreigner                                 AE80-02-20
I Wanna Live[Album Version]                       Stellar Kart                              ZPC-2729-20
I Wanna Luv You [Xtra Clean]                      Akon & Snoop Dogg                         ZPC-2643-09
I Wanna Make You Cry [Album Version]              Bates, Jeff                               ZPC-550-10
I Wanna Talk About Me                             Keith, Toby                               HHC-111-14
I Wanna Talk About Me                             Keith, Toby                               ZCH1-06-03
I Wanna Thank Ya [Maximum Room Radio Mix]         Stone, Angie                              ZPC-580-17
I Wanna Thank Ya [Radio Edit]                     Stone, Angie Feat. Snoop Dogg             ZPC-566-08
I Want It That Way                                Backstreet Boys                           RC-09-01
I Want More (Cling To Me)                         Amuka                                     ZPC-2610-17
I Want My Baby Back                               Chesnutt, Mark                            ZPC-486-12
I Want My Money Back                              Kershaw, Sammy                            ZPC-503-11
I Want To Be Loved [Album Version]                Bon Jovi                                  ZPC-2603-14
I Want To Hold Your Hand                          Beatles, The                              S-072-04
I Want To Know What Love Is [Album Version]       Wynonna Feat. Jeff Beck                   ZPC-552-03
I Want To Know What Love Is [Piper Radio Mix]     Wynonna Feat. Jeff Beck                   ZPC-596-16
I Want To Live                                    Gracin, Josh                              ZPC-557-12
I Want You                                        Savage Garden                             RC-04-03
I Want You                                        Dylan, Bob                                S-056-08
I Want You                                        Jackson, Janet                            ZPC-555-06
I Want You [Pablo Remix]                          Thalia Feat. Fat Joe                      ZPC-527-17
I Want You [Pop Edit]                             Thalia Feat. Fat Joe                      ZPC-512-07
I Want You Back                                    'N Sync                                  BPH8-01-05
I Want You Back                                    'N Sync                                  RC-06-05
I Want You Back                                   Jackson 5                                 S-154-15
I Wan't You Back                                  Jackson 5, The                            S-093-01
I Want You Bad                                    Robison, Charlie                          HHC-107-08
I Want You To Want Me                             Yoakam, Dwight                            HHC-109-06
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You                Presley, Elvis                            S-010-02
I Want You[Album Version]                         Common                                    ZPC-2741-08
I Was Made To Love Her                            Wonder, Stevie                            S-096-14
I Was Raised On The Blues                         Jones, Johnny                             BB98-05
I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Nite [Clean]          Federation Feat. E-40                     ZPC-2627-07
I Wear Your Love                                  Angelle, Lisa                             HHC-094-12
I Will [Ellis Miah Original Radio Mix]            Dolce                                     ZPC-2624-16
I Will Always Love You                            Parton, Dolly                             CC-03-10
I Will Always Love You                            Houston, Whitney                          MB-03-04
I Will Always Love You                            Gill, Vince & Parton, Dolly               S-020-15
I Will Always Love You                            Houston, Whitney                          S-069A-11
I Will Always Love You (Remix)                    Houston, Whitney                          S-069B-10
I Will Be                                         McCann, Lila                              HHC-095-10
I Will Be [Radio Edit]                            Grant, Natalie                            ZPC-495-17
I Will Be Here (Steven Curtis Chapman)            O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                       WED-02-10
I Will Be There For You                           Andrews, Jessica                          HHC-086-09
I Will Buy You A New Life                         Everclear                                 RC-06-16
I Will Carry You [Album Version]                  Aiken, Clay                               ZPC-574-04
I Will Follow You Into The Dark [Album Version]   Death Cab For Cutie                       ZPC-2627-11
I Will Lift My Eyes                               Norman, Bebo                              ZPC-2648-19
I Will Love Again                                 Fabian, Lara                              HHD-78-12
I Will Not Be Broken                              Raitt, Bonnie                             ZPC-631-01
I Will Not Be Moved[Radio Edit]                   Grant, Natalie                            ZPC-2814-19
I Will Possess Your Heart[Radio Edit]             Death Cab For Cutie                       ZPC-2813-14
I Will Possess Your Heart[Radio Edit]             Death Cab For Cutie                       ZPC-2813-14
                                                     84                           Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I Will Stand                                                       Chesney, Kenny                                 HHC-082-11
I Will Stand [Tony Moran And Warren Rigg Radio Edit]               Claudja                                        ZPC-2620-16
I Will Survive                                                     Wild Horses                                    HHC-112-07
I Will Survive                                                     Gaynor, Gloria                                 MB-01-10
I Will...But                                                       SHeDaisy                                       HHC-100-02
I Wish                                                             Kelly, R.                                      HHD-82-13
I Wish                                                             Messina, Jo Dee                                ZPC-529-09
I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas                            Bon Jovi                                       ZPC-546-06
I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair) [Radio Mix]   Thom, Sandi                                    ZPC-2645-03
I Wish I Wasn't [New Radio Edit]                                   Headley, Heather                               ZPC-508-07
I Wish I Wasn't [Thick Dick Mix]                                   Headley, Heather                               ZPC-524-17
I Wish The Best For You[Album Version]                             Hart, Emerson                                  ZPC-2750-03
I Wish You [Album Version]                                         Estefan, Gloria                                ZPC-558-03
I Wonder                                                           Pickler, Kellie                                ZPC-2706-12
I Wonder Do You Think Of Me                                        Whitley, Keith                                 CC-05-05
I Won't Back Down                                                  Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                 S-027-12
I Won't Be Home For Christmas                                      Blink-182                                      ZPC-598-16
I Won't Be The One To Let Go [Album Version]                       Streisand, Barbra Feat. Barry Manilow          ZPC-491-03
I Won't Go On And On                                               Prather, Colt                                  ZPC-553-10
I Won't Last A Day Without You                                     Carpenters, The                                S-086-19
I Won't Leave You Lonely                                           Twain, Shania                                  S-008-14
I Won't Lie                                                        Brown, Shannon                                 HHC-085-11
I Won't Stand In Your Way                                          Stray Cats                                     S-029-04
I Won't Tell                                                       Fat Joe Feat. J. Holiday                       ZPC-2748-04
I Work Hard[Album Version (Edited)]                                Yung Ralph                                     ZPC-2802-08
I Would                                                            Vassar, Phil                                   ZPC-2827-13
I Would Cry                                                        Dalley, Amy                                    ZPC-590-12
I Wouldn't Tell You No Lie                                         Tractors, The                                  HHDC-12-03
I Would've Loved You Anyway                                        Yearwood, Trisha                               TCH-02-11
I Write A Little                                                   Alabama                                        S-041-08
I Write Sins Not Tragedies [Edit]                                  Panic! At The Disco                            ZPC-2617-02
I Write The Songs                                                  Romantic Strings                               S-131-11
I Write The Songs                                                  Romantic Strings                               S-134-11
I. Train                                                           Shootyz Groove                                 RR99-07-12
I.O.U.                                                             Greenwood, Lee                                 MC-07-16
I.O.U. Me                                                          Bebe & Cece                                    S-073-02
Ice Box [Radio]                                                    Omarion                                        ZPC-2645-05
Ice Box[Mr. Mig Mixshow Extended Remix]                            Omarion                                        ZPC-2715-17
Ice Cream [Album Version]                                          JS                                             ZPC-514-06
Ice Ice Baby                                                       Vanilla Ice                                    ZEW-90-06
Icky Thump[Edit]                                                   White Stripes                                  ZPC-2718-14
Icy [Clean]                                                        Gucci Mane                                     ZPC-610-04
I'd Be Lying                                                       Cagle, Chris                                   ZPC-550-09
I'd Do Anything [Album Version]                                    Simple Plan                                    ZPC-493-04
I'd Like To[Radio Edit]                                            Bailey Rae, Corinne                            ZPC-2721-02
I'd Love To Change The World                                       Ten Years After                                GR70-01-06
I'd Love To Lay You Down                                           Twitty, Conway                                 CC-09-02
I'd Love To Lay You Down [Album Version]                           Singletary, Daryle                             ZPC-484-11
I'd Rather Go Blind                                                James, Etta                                    S-062-11
I'd Still Have You                                                 Pierce, John                                   ZPC-2602-14
Idlewild Blue (Don'tchu Worry 'Bout Me) [Main Version]             Outkast                                        ZPC-2629-09
If                                                                 Romantic Strings                               S-131-02
If Everyone Cared [Album Version]                                  Nickelback                                     ZPC-2650-03
If Feels So Good                                                   Sonique                                        HHD-77-01
                                                                     85                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
If God Made You                                     Five For Fighting                               ZPC-604-01
If He Can't Be                                      J, Frankie                                      ZPC-2705-05
If Heaven                                           Griggs, Andy                                    ZPC-588-09
If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away                        Akins, Rhett                                    ZPC-2633-10
If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me                         Tippin, Aaron                                   ZPC-484-10
If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me [Album Version]         Anderson, John                                  ZPC-2631-10
If I Ain't Got You [Radio Edit]                     Keys, Alicia                                    ZPC-554-08
If I Am                                             Nine Days                                       HHD-81-14
If I Can't [Amended Album Version]                  50 Cent                                         ZPC-533-05
If I Can't Have You                                 Elliman, Yvonne                                 S-022-05
If I Close My Eyes [Jack D. Elliot Radio Mix]       Reina                                           ZPC-574-17
If I Could Go! [Radio Version]                      Martinez, Angie Feat. Lil' Mo & Sacario         ZPC-477-08
If I Could Only Flag Her Down                       ZZ Top                                          S-130-10
If I Could Only Win Your Love                       Louvin, Charlie                                 MC-10-09
If I Could Only Win Your Love                       Harris, Emmylou                                 S-014-01
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time              Kelly, R.                                       HHD-73-08
If I Die Tomorrow                                   Motley Crue                                     ZPC-596-13
If I Don't Make It Back                             Lawrence, Tracy                                 ZPC-644-12
If I Fall You're Going Down With Me                 Dixie Chicks                                    HHC-107-02
If I Fall You're Going Down With Me                 Dixie Chicks                                    TCH-02-01
If I Fell                                           Romantic Strings                                S-131-06
If I Had A Chance                                   Cynthia                                         BPH8-01-11
If I Had A Hammer                                   Lopez, Trini                                    S-117-03
If I Had A Nickel (One Thin Dime)                   Redmon & Vale                                   HHC-089-09
If I Had Eyes                                       Johnson, Jack                                   ZPC-2748-01
If I Lost You                                       Tritt, Travis                                   HHC-082-02
If I Never See Your Face Again                      Maroon 5 Feat. Rihanna                          ZPC-2819-04
If I Ruled the World                                Nas                                             RC-02-04
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body                  Bellamy Brothers, The                           CC-02-08
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body                  Bellamy Brothers, The                           MC-03-01
If I Should Die Tonight                             Gaye, Marvin                                    S-045-03
IF I Told You That                                  Houston, Whitney & Michael, George              S-069B-02
If I Was Your Man [Main Version]                    Joe                                             ZPC-2702-09
If I Were You                                       Raye, Collin                                    S-075-08
If I Were You [Hit Radio Mix]                       Candee Jay                                      ZPC-567-18
If I Were You [Radio Edit]                          Hoobastank                                      ZPC-2607-15
If I Were Your Woman                                Knight, Gladys & The Pips                       S-147-13
If It Happens Again                                 UB40                                            S-152-07
If It's Lovin' That You Want [Radio]                Rihanna                                         ZPC-632-05
If My Heart Had Wings                               Hill, Faith                                     TCH-01-12
If Nobody Believed In You                           Nichols, Joe                                    ZPC-559-09
If Only                                             Walker, Tamara                                  ZPC-488-03
If She Were Any Other Woman                         Jewell, Buddy                                   ZPC-605-09
IF She Would Have Been Faithful                     Chicago                                         S-013-11
If Something Should Happen                          Worley, Darryl                                  ZPC-606-11
If That Ain't Country                               Smith, Anthony                                  ZCH2-04-09
If That's Love [Album Version]                      Pausini, Laura                                  ZPC-506-02
If That's Love [DB Boulevard Club Mix]              Pausini, Laura                                  ZPC-510-17
If The Jukebox Took Teardrops                       Leigh, Danni                                    HHC-083-14
If Tomorrow Never Comes                             Brooks, Garth                                   S-007-03
If Tomorrow Never Comes                             Keating, Ronan                                  ZPC-608-02
If Tomorrow Never Comess                            Brooks, Garth (Live)                            S-043B-09
If Tomorrow Never Comess                            Brooks, Garth                                   S-125-03
If Tomorrow Never Comess                            Romantic Strings                                S-134-07
                                                       86                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                              B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                 MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
If We Are The Body                                                  Casting Crowns                               ZPC-537-19
If We Fall In Love Tonight                                          Stewart, Rod                                 S-030-01
If We Make It Through December                                      Haggard, Merle                               CC-04-16
If We're Not Back In Love By Monday                                 Haggard, Merle                               CC-09-10
If We're Not Back In Love By Monday                                 Haggard, Merle                               S-018-01
If You Can Do Anything Else                                         Strait, George                               TCH-02-02
If You Can't Rock Me                                                Setzer, Brian Orchestra, The                 HHD-75-02
If You Change Your Mind                                             Cash, Rosanne                                CC-05-09
If You Could Only See                                               Tonic                                        RC-04-06
If You Could Read My Mind                                           Stars On 54                                  RC-07-15
If You Didn't Love Me[Album Version]                                Stacey, Phil                                 ZPC-2809-12
If You Don't Know Me By Now                                         Melvin, Harold & The Blue Notes              S-149-05
If You Don't Know Me By Now [Johnny Budz Radio Mix]                 Aubrey                                       ZPC-610-16
If You Ever Feel Like Lovin' Me Again                               Walker, Clay                                 HHC-109-13
If You Ever Have Forever In Mind                                    Gill, Vince                                  BC98-11
If You Ever Stop Loving Me [Radio Edit]                             Montgomery Gentry                            ZPC-552-11
If You Got Crew [Radio]                                             Sly Boogy Feat. Jagged Edge                  ZPC-595-09
If You Had My Love                                                  Lopez, Jennifer                              BP99-03
If You Leave Me Now [Live, 2004]                                    Chicago Feat. Philip Bailey                  ZPC-603-01
If You Love Me                                                      Mint Condition                               NMT-27-08
If You Love Somebody                                                Sharp, Kevin                                 HHDC-09-05
If You Really Love Me                                               Wonder, Stevie                               S-096-06
If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful                                    Houston, Whitney & Jackson, Jermaine         S-069A-05
If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode) [No Intro]              People In Planes                             ZPC-2604-12
If You Wanna Stay                                                   Urban, Keith                                 S-127-08
If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!                                        Twain, Shania                                S-008-09
If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)             Backstreet Boys                              S-038-12
If You Were Mine                                                    Hernandez, Marcos                            ZPC-633-06
If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight                                    Tucker, Tanya                                S-049-09
If You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)          Atkins, Rodney                               ZPC-2602-12
If You're Gonna Leave                                               Hart, Emerson                                ZPC-2725-01
If You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band) Alabama                                      CC-08-20
If You're Not The One [Radio Edit]                                  Bedingfield, Daniel                          ZPC-504-03
If You're Not The One [The Passengerz Girlfriend Club Mix]          Bedingfield, Daniel                          ZPC-511-16
If You're Reading This[Live Version (Mastered)]                     McGraw, Tim                                  ZPC-2724-10
If[Dave Aude Radio Mix]                                             Colette                                      ZPC-2747-18
Ignition [Album Version]                                            Kelly, R.                                    ZPC-487-07
Ignition [Remix]                                                    Kelly, R.                                    ZPC-506-05
Iko Iko                                                             Belle Stars                                  MB-21-03
Il Mondo (My World) [Album Version]                                 Patrizio                                     ZPC-2634-02
I'll Always Be Your Baby                                            Grant, Natalie                               ZPC-511-18
I'll Always Come Back                                               Oslin, K. T.                                 CC-05-04
I'll Always Love You                                                Dayne, Taylor                                ERG-03-07
I'll Always Love You                                                Dayne, Taylor                                MB-15-12
I'll Be                                                             McCain, Edwin                                BP98-07
I'll Be                                                             McCain, Edwin                                RA98-05-05
I'll Be Alright Without You                                         Journey                                      S-032-05
I'll Be Around                                                      Spinners, The                                S-084-04
I'll Be Around                                                      Brown, Sawyer                                ZPC-526-12
I'll Be Around                                                      Hall, Daryl & John Oates                     ZPC-582-03
I'll Be Around [Radio Mix]                                          Cee-Lo                                       ZPC-543-05
I'll Be Home For Christmas                                          Nickel Creek                                 ZPC-494-10
I'll Be Home For Christmas[Live Single Version]                     Groban, Josh                                 ZPC-2751-04
I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time                                          Carey, Mariah Feat. T.I.                     ZPC-2826-06
                                                                      87                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                     B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                        MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I'll Be Right Here Loving You                           Travis, Randy                                HHC-101-08
I'll Be Seeing You                                      Dorsey, Tommy w/ Frank Sinatra, vocals       BAND-03-12
I'll Be There                                           Carey, Mariah                                MB-19-10
I'll Be There                                           Carey, Mariah & Lorenz, Trey                 S-066A-08
I'll Be There                                           Jackson 5, The                               S-093-04
I'll Be There                                           Jackson 5                                    S-147-12
I'll Be There                                           Jackson 5                                    S-148-04
I'll Be There [Soul Mekanik Remix]                      Weekend Players                              ZPC-509-15
I'll Be There For You                                   Rembrandts, The                              MB-12-17
I'll Be There For You [Album Version]                   Nash, Graham                                 ZPC-482-01
I'll Be Waiting                                         Kravitz, Lenny                               ZPC-2744-01
I'll Do Anything[CTGP Radio Mix]                        Wroda, Matthew                               ZPC-2822-17
I'll Fly Away                                           Jars Of Clay Feat. Sarah Kelly               ZPC-639-19
I'll Fly With You                                       D'Agpostino, Gigi                            RC-13-04
I'll Fly With You                                       D'Agostino, Gigi                             ZPH1-07-13
I'll Give You Money                                     Frampton, Peter                              S-153-12
I'll Go On Loving You                                   Jackson, Alan                                HHC-081-01
I'll Keep Your Memory Vague                             Finger Eleven                                ZPC-2818-14
I'll Make Love To You                                   Boyz II Men                                  MB-05-08
I'll Make Love To You                                   Boyz II Men                                  S-154-25
I'll Never Break Your Heart                             Backstreet Boys                              S-038-08
I'll Never Fall In Love Again                           Warwick, Dionne                              S-084-07
I'll Never Smile Again                                  Dorsey, Tommy w/ Frank Sinatra, vocals       BAND-03-03
I'll Never Stop Loving You                              Morris, Gary                                 CC-08-04
I'll See You In My Dreams                               Garver, Jan & His Orchestra                  BAND-06-07
I'll Still Love You More                                Yearwood, Trisha                             HHC-089-05
I'll Take Love Over Money                               Tippin, Aaron                                ZCH2-04-12
I'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song)              Vassar, Phil                                 ZPC-591-11
I'll Take Today                                         Allan, Gary                                  HHC-085-13
I'll Think Of A Reason Later                            Womack, Lee Ann                              HHC-086-08
I'll think Of A Reason Later                            Womack, Lee Ann                              HHDC-12-09
I'll Try Anything                                       Dotson, Amber                                ZPC-608-10
I'll Wait                                               Van Halen                                    S-050-07
I'll Wait For You                                       Nichols, Joe                                 ZPC-2640-11
I'll Walk[Album Version]                                Covington, Bucky                             ZPC-2816-09
Illegal [Album Version]                                 Shakira Feat. Carlos Santana                 ZPC-2641-01
Illegal [Johnny Vicious Warehouse Radio Mix]            Shakira                                      ZPC-2649-16
Illusion [Sfaction Radio Edit]                          Benassi Bros. Feat. Sandy                    ZPC-563-19
I'm A Balla (Flip My Chips) [Clean Single Version]      Lil' Flip                                    ZPC-2621-09
I'm   A Believer                                        Smash Mouth                                  HHD-88-04
I'm   A Flirt (Remix)[Clean]                            Kelly, R. Feat. T.I. & T-Pain                ZPC-2708-08
I'm   AG                                                Lil Keke Feat. Birdman                       ZPC-2747-07
I'm   A G[Clean]                                        Yung Joc Feat. Bun B & Young Dro             ZPC-2801-07
I'm   A Hustla [Clean Version]                          Cassidy                                      ZPC-604-07
I'm   A King [Radio Version]                            P$C Feat. T.I. and Lil' Scrappy              ZPC-628-09
I'm   A Man                                             Diddley, Bo                                  BLUE-02-05
I'm   A Mess [Radio Edit]                               Hamilton, Anthony                            ZPC-612-06
I'm   A Saint                                           Chesnutt, Mark                               ZPC-601-10
I'm   A Survivor                                        McEntire, Reba                               ZCH1-06-01
I'm   About To Come Alive                               Nail, David                                  ZPC-2817-11
I'm   Already Taken                                     Wariner, Steve                               HHC-091-07
I'm   Already There                                     Lonestar                                     HHC-108-01
I'm   Bout Money[Clean]                                 Baby D                                       ZPC-2808-07
I'm   Completely Satisfied With You                     Morgan, Lorrie & Morgan, George              MC-09-08
                                                           88                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I'm   Diggin' It                                            Elliott, Alicia                                         HHC-094-11
I'm   Done                                                  Messina, Jo Dee                                         ZPC-2806-15
I'm   Done [Radio Edit]                                     King Brain Presents N.I.C.                              ZPC-600-16
I'm   Eighteen                                              Alice Cooper                                            S-081-01
I'm   Every Woman (Remix)                                   Houston, Whitney                                        S-069B-08
I'm   Feeling You [Radio Edit]                                     Santana Feat. Michelle Branch & The Wreckers     ZPC-635-03
I'm   For You[AC Version]                                          TobyMac                                          ZPC-2723-20
I'm   From The Country                                             Byrd, Tracy                                      HHDC-10-01
I'm   Gettin' Sentimental Over You                                 Dorsey, Tommy                                    BAND-03-01
I'm   Getting Semtimental Over You                                 Romantic Strings                                 S-131-05
I'm   Getting Sentimental Over You (Big Band)                      Old Fashioned Wedding Dance                      BRD-02-03
I'm   Glad [Album Version]                                         Lopez, Jennifer                                  ZPC-508-04
I'm   Glad [Ford's Siren Mix]                                      Lopez, Jennifer                                  ZPC-513-18
I'm   Going To Be Warm This Winter                                 Francis, Connie                                  S-118-13
I'm   Gone                                                         Thompson, Cyndi                                  ZCH2-04-06
I'm   Gone, I'm Going                                              Roy, Lesley                                      ZPC-2823-03
I'm   Gonna Be [Main]                                              Jones, Donell                                    ZPC-2612-06
I'm   Gonna Be A Country Girl Again                                Spears, Billie Jo                                MC-06-18
I'm   Gonna Be Alright                                             Lopez, Jennifer                                  ZPH2-04-02
I'm   Gonna Getcha Good! [Country Edit]                            Twain, Shania                                    ZPC-483-11
I'm   Gonna Getcha Good! [Pop Edit]                                Twain, Shania                                    ZPC-485-05
I'm   Gonna Love You Anyway                                        Adkins, Trace                                    HHC-102-07
I'm   Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby                      White, Barry                                     S-074-07
I'm   Gonna Miss Her                                               Paisley, Brad                                    ZCH2-03-03
I'm   Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter                 Williams, Billy                                  F50-08-06
I'm   Gonna Take The Mountain                                      McEntire, Reba                                   ZPC-528-11
I'm   Grown                                                        Evans, Tiffany Feat. Bow Wow                     ZPC-2802-06
I'm   Holdin' On To Love                                           Twain, Shania                                    S-008-02
I'm   In                                                           Kinleys, The                                     HHC-104-12
I'm   In Heaven [Radio Edit]                                       Nevins, Jason Presents Holly                     ZPC-518-16
I'm   In Love With A Married Woman                                 Chesnutt, Mark                                   ZPC-501-10
I'm   In Love With You                                             Dean, Billy                                      ZPC-536-12
I'm   In You                                                       Frampton, Peter                                  S-153-13
I'm   Just A Girl                                                  Carter, Deana                                    ZPC-511-12
I'm   Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)                      Moody Blues, The                                 S-094-09
I'm   Just Talkin' About Tonight                                   Keith, Toby                                      HHC-108-03
I'm   Leaving                                                      Tippin, Aaron                                    HHC-087-05
I'm   Leaving It Up To You                                         Dale & Grace                                     S-115-08
I'm   Letting Go[Radio Edit]                                       Battistelli, Francesca                           ZPC-2820-20
I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (MeFall Out Boy
                                                                    & You)                                          ZPC-2744-04
I'm Lovin' It                                                      Timberlake, Justin                               ZPC-527-06
I'm Making Believe                                                 Brown, Les & His Orchestra & Day, Doris          BAND-07-08
I'm Missing You                                                    Rogers, Kenny                                    ZPC-510-10
I'm Movin' On                                                      Rascal Flatts                                    HHC-112-06
I'm N Luv (Wit A Dancer) [Video Edit]                              T-Pain Feat. Mike Jones                          ZPC-648-09
I'm Not Alright [Album Version]                                    Sanctus Real                                     ZPC-2610-18
I'm Not Breakin' [Radio Edit]                                      Holy, Steve                                      ZPC-479-12
I'm Not In Love                                                    Olive                                            RC-11-12
I'm Not In Love                                                    Springfield, Rick                                ZPC-636-02
I'm Not Jesus[Amended]                                             Apocalyptica                                     ZPC-2807-14
I'm Not Lisa                                                       Colter, Jesse                                    CC-04-20
I'm Not Missing You                                                Orrico, Stacie                                   ZPC-2622-04
I'm Not Missing You [Jason Nevins Radio Edit]                      Orrico, Stacie                                   ZPC-2643-16
I'm Not Okay (I Promise) [Radio Edit]                              My Chemical Romance                              ZPC-586-13
                                                                     89                                   Last updated: 8/14/08
                                     B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                        MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I'm   Not Over                                          Carolina Liar                                           ZPC-2821-19
I'm   Not The Girl [Radio Edit]                         Farris, Rachel                                          ZPC-508-01
I'm   Not Who I Was                                     Heath, Brandon                                          ZPC-2711-19
I'm   One Of You                                        Williams Jr., Hank                                      ZPC-533-12
I'm   Only In It For The Love                           Conlee, John                                            CC-09-06
I'm   Outta Love                                        Anastacia                                               HHD-77-12
I'm   Over It                                           Everlife                                                ZPC-611-20
I'm   Ready                                             Cherie                                                  ZPC-560-03
I'm   Ready [Dave Aude Edit]                            Cherie                                                  ZPC-568-18
I'm   Real                                              Lopez, Jennifer                                         HHD-87-03
I'm   Real                                              Lopez, Jennifer                                         ZPH1-06-01
I'm   Really Hot [Amended Nu Radio Edit]                Elliott, Missy                                          ZPC-549-07
I'm   Ridin' Big Yo [Clean]                             Pastor Troy                                             ZPC-554-07
I'm   Right Here                                        Mumba, Samantha Feat. Damian Marley                     ZPC-477-06
I'm   Shakin' [Radio Version]                           Rooney                                                  ZPC-558-04
I'm   So Excited                                        Pointer Sisters, The                                    MB-03-16
I'm   So Excited                                        Pointer Sisters, The                                    RUSA-01-08
I'm   So Fly [Clean]                                    Banks, Lloyd                                            ZPC-580-08
I'm   So Hood[Radio Edit]                               DJ Khaled Feat. T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Plies & Rick Ross  ZPC-2733-08
I'm   So Sick [Radio]                                   Flyleaf                                                 ZPC-647-17
I'm   So Sorry                                          MC Potts                                                HHDC-08-11
I'm   Sorry (Live Performance)                          Lee, Brenda                                             MC-04-11
I'm   Sprung [With Short Intro]                         T-Pain                                                  ZPC-628-06
I'm   Still A Guy[Radio Edit]                           Paisley, Brad                                           ZPC-2808-13
I'm   Still Here (Jim's Theme) [Album Version]          Rzeznik, John                                           ZPC-482-05
I'm   Still Here [Adult Mix]                            Vertical Horizon                                        ZPC-524-01
I'm Still In Love With You [Seven Inch Radio Edit]      Paul, Sean feat. Sasha                                  ZPC-538-06
I'm   Taking The Wheel                                  SHeDAISY                                                ZPC-643-12
I'm   The One                                           Static-X                                                ZPC-622-15
I'm   Throwed[Radio Edit]                               Paul Wall Feat. Jermaine Dupri                          ZPC-2711-07
I'm   Too Sexy                                          Right Said Fred                                         ERG-03-10
I'm   Too Sexy                                          Right Said Fred                                         MB-17-18
I'm Too Sexy 2007 [Tastemakers Radio Mix]               Right Said Fred                                         ZPC-2714-16
I'm Tryin'                                              Adkins, Trace                                           ZCH1-06-02
I'm Walkin'                                             Nelson, Ricky                                           S-064-25
I'm Walking Behind You                                  Fisher, Eddie                                           F50-01-03
I'm With Stupid [Abe Duque Mix]                         Pet Shop Boys                                           ZPC-2634-18
I'm With The Band[Single Edit]                          Little Big Town                                         ZPC-2737-12
I'm With You                                            Lavigne, Avril                                          ZPC-486-04
I'm Wondering                                           Wonder, Stevie                                          S-096-18
I'm Your Baby Tonight (Remix)                           Houston, Whitney                                        S-069B-12
I'm Your Boogie Man                                     KC & The Sunshine Band                                  MB-24-11
I'm Your Boogie Man                                     K.C. & The Sunshine Band                                S-084-03
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man                            Waters, Muddy                                           BLUE-02-01
I'm Your Man                                            Sellers, Jason                                          HHC-070-09
I'm Yours                                               Davis, Linda                                            HHC-084-05
I'm Yours[Radio Edit]                                   Mraz, Jason                                             ZPC-2807-02
Image Of The Invisible                                  Thrice                                                  ZPC-637-14
Imagination (Strings)                                   Old Fashioned Wedding                                   BRD-03-10
Imagine                                                 Lennon, John                                            MB-16-13
Imagine                                                 A Perfect Circle                                        ZPC-586-14
Imagine That                                            Diamond Rio                                             HHC-73-05
Immigrant                                               Sade                                                    S-058-09
Immortality                                             Dion, Celine                                            S-060-02
                                                           90                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Impacto (Remix)[Clean]                        Daddy Yankee Feat. Fergie                    ZPC-2716-08
Impossible [Amended Radio]                    West, Kanye Feat. Twista And Keyshia Cole    ZPC-2620-05
Imprint                                       doubleDrive                                  ZPC-507-14
Impulsive                                     Wilson Phillips                              RUSA-02-06
In A Little While [Radio Edit]                Uncle Kracker                                ZPC-476-04
In A Mellow Tone                              Manhattan Transfer, The                      DM-03-03
In A Perfect World                            Manchester, Melissa                          DM-03-14
In A Real Love                                Vassar, Phil                                 ZPC-564-09
In Another World                              Diffie, Joe                                  ZCH1-06-06
In Better Hands[Single Version]               Grant, Natalie                               ZPC-2747-20
In Bloom                                      Nirvana                                      S-046-02
In Christ Alone                               Littrell, Brian                              ZPC-610-20
In Color                                      Johnson, Jamey                               ZPC-2812-13
In Da Club [Clean]                            50 Cent                                      ZPC-496-06
In Da Club [Clean]                            Beyonce                                      ZPC-505-04
In Da Club [Radio]                            Yonnie Feat. Ying Yang Twins                 ZPC-585-07
In God's Hands                                Furtado, Nelly Feat. Keith Urban             ZPC-2814-03
In Lonesome Dove                              Brooks, Garth                                S-122-10
In Love At Christmas [Album Version]          Price, Kelly Feat. Mary Mary                 ZPC-494-06
In Love Wit Chu [Radio Edit]                  Da Brat                                      ZPC-509-07
In Love With A Girl[Radio Edit]               DeGraw, Gavin                                ZPC-2808-04
In Love With A Thug [Radio Edit]              Sharissa Feat. R. Kelly                      ZPC-627-08
In My Arms[Album Version]                     Plumb                                        ZPC-2725-19
In My Arms[Bimbo Jones Radio Edit]            Plumb                                        ZPC-2734-18
In My Bedroom                                 B5                                           ZPC-2746-07
In My Daughter's Eyes [Album Version]         McBride, Martina                             ZPC-539-09
In My Dreams [Single Version]                 Trevino, Rick                                ZPC-533-11
In My Head [Radio]                            Queens Of The Stone Age                      ZPC-619-11
In My Life [Clean]                            Juvenile feat. Mannie Fresh                  ZPC-542-07
In My Mind [Radio Edit                        Headley, Heather                             ZPC-2610-07
In My Next Life                               Haggard, Merle                               S-018-20
In My Next Life                               Clark, Terri                                 ZPC-2744-13
In My Pocket                                  Moore, Mandy                                 HHD-86-02
In Some Small Way [Radio Edit]                Dion, Celine                                 ZPC-609-02
In Terms Of Love                              SHeDAISY                                     ZPC-2618-12
In The Air Tonight [Radio Edit]               Nonpoint                                     ZPC-594-11
In The Ayer                                   Flo Rida Feat.                     ZPC-2818-08
In The Blink Of An Eye [Radio Edit]           MercyMe                                      ZPC-622-20
In The Burning                                Something Like Silas                         ZPC-597-20
In The Clouds[Tall Paul Radio Edit]           Under The Influence Of Giants                ZPC-2712-18
In The Crossfire [Radio Version]              Starsailor                                   ZPC-2645-15
In The End                                    Linkin Park                                  ZPH2-02-01
In The Jailhouse Now                          Willie, Box Car                              MC-05-10
In The Misty Moonlight                        Wallace, Jerry                               MC-03-18
In The Mood                                   Miller, Glenn                                BAND-02-01
In The Mood                                   Miller, Glenn                                MB-12-09
In The Mood (Big Band)                        Old Fashioned Wedding Dance                  BRD-02-09
In The Morning                                Razorlight                                   ZPC-2623-18
In The Navy                                   Village People                               MB-23-15
In The Rough [Radio Version]                  Nalick, Anna                                 ZPC-640-01
In The Shadows                                Rasmus                                       ZPC-572-03
In The Shelter                                Buffett, Jimmy                               S-151-07
In The Still Of The Night                     Platters, The                                S-064-15
In The Summertime                             Mungo Jerry                                  S-083-15
                                                 91                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning                Sinatra, Frank                                       S-033-07
In The Wee Small Hous Of The Morning                 Simon, Carly                                         S-097-05
In These Last Few Days                               Gill, Vince                                          ZPC-556-12
In This Diary [Single Version]                       Ataris                                               ZPC-500-14
In This Life                                         Raye, Collin                                         S-075-02
In This Life                                         Goodrem, Delta                                       ZPC-2832-01
In This Life                                         Kreviazuk, Chantal                                   ZPC-503-01
In This River [Album Version]                        Black Label Society                                  ZPC-641-14
In Those Jeans [Album Edit]                          Ginuwine                                             ZPC-512-05
In Wonder                                            Newsboys                                             ZPC-2739-20
In Yo Face                                           DJ UNK                                               ZPC-2821-06
In Your Eyes                                         Gabriel, Peter                                       MB-20-05
In Your Life [Shane 54 Vocal Mix]                    La Bouche                                            ZPC-500-17
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida                                   Iron Butterfly                                       S-088-07
Incident At Neshabur                                 Santana                                              S-047-04
Incomplete [Album Version]                           Backstreet Boys                                      ZPC-613-02
Inconsolable                                         Backstreet Boys                                      ZPC-2732-02
Inconsolable[Soul Seekerz Remix]                     Backstreet Boys                                      ZPC-2743-17
Indecision                                           Eagle Eye Cherry                                     HHP-67-12
Independent                                          Webbie Feat. Lil Boosie                              ZPC-2741-07
Indescribable [Radio Mix]                            Tomlin, Chris                                        ZPC-578-19
Indian Flute [Radio Edit]                            Timbaland & Magoo Feat. Sebastian and Raje Shwari    ZPC-536-08
Indian Reservation                                   Revere, Paul & The Raiders                           S-102-10
Industry Groupie                                     Chamillionaire                                       ZPC-2739-06
Infatuated [Radio]                                   Memphis Bleek Feat. Boxie                            ZPC-617-07
Infra-Red                                            Placebo                                              ZPC-2619-14
Inhale [Radio Edit]                                  Stone Sour                                           ZPC-501-15
Innervision                                          System Of A Down                                     ZPC-489-14
Innocence                                            Buxton, Sarah                                        ZPC-2630-10
Innocence                                            Hootie & The Blowfish                                ZPC-501-02
Innocent                                             Fuel                                                 TRH-01-09
Innocent (Misunderstood)[Radio Edit]                 Cassidy                                              ZPC-2750-09
Innocent [Album Version]                             Our Lady Peace                                       ZPC-476-13
Insane                                               Dark Monks Feat. Mim                                 ZPC-481-17
Insatiable [Club Mix]                                Thick Dick                                           ZPC-475-16
Inside Of You                                        Hoobastank                                           ZPC-2618-16
Inside Out                                           Eve6                                                 RC-07-04
Inside Out                                           VonRay                                               ZPC-491-16
Inside Outside [Audiostar Radio Edit]                Delirious?                                           ZPC-608-19
Inside The Fire                                      Disturbed                                            ZPC-2813-16
Inside The Fire                                      Disturbed                                            ZPC-2813-16
Inside Your Heaven [Studio Version]                  Underwood, Carrie                                    ZPC-622-04
Inspiration [New Mix]                                Murphy, David Lee                                    ZPC-586-11
Inspiration [Radio Edit]                             Ian Van Dahl                                         ZPC-612-17
Instead                                              Orrico, Stacie                                       ZPC-562-21
Instigator [Radio Edit]                              Brown, Kaci                                          ZPC-2608-02
Intergalactic                                        Beastie Boys                                         BPH8-01-06
Intergalactic                                        Beastie Boys                                         RC-07-13
International Affair                                 Ronson, Mark Feat. Sean Paul and Tweet               ZPC-533-09
International Harvetser                              Morgan, Craig                                        ZPC-2736-11
International Players Anthem (I Choose You)[Clean]   UGK Feat. Outkast                                    ZPC-2715-09
Into The Day                                         Norman, Bebo                                         ZPC-2721-19
Into The Great Wide Open                             Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                       S-027-16
Into The Groove                                      Madonna                                              S-067-07
                                                       92                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Into The Light [Dave Aude Extended Club Mix]                    Cause & Effect                                 ZPC-549-14
Into The Mystic                                                 Morrison, Van                                  S-080-05
Into The Night[Album Version]                                   Santana Feat. Chad Kroeger                     ZPC-2736-03
Into The Nightlife[Soul Seekerz Radio]                          Lauper, Cyndi                                  ZPC-2830-19
Into The Ocean [Album Version]                                  Blue October                                   ZPC-2633-14
Into The West [Acoustic Edit]                                   Lennox, Annie                                  ZPC-548-02
Into You [Amended Album Version]                                Fabolous Feat. Ashanti                         ZPC-515-05
Intoxicated [Radio]                                             ODB Feat. Method Man, Raekwon & Macy Gray      ZPC-610-08
Intuition [Album Version]                                       Jewel                                          ZPC-510-03
Intuition [Bastone and Burnz Radio Mix]                         Hall, Daryl & John Oates                       ZPC-533-15
Intuition [Todd Terry In-House Mix]                             Jewel                                          ZPC-516-16
Invincible                                                      Crossfade                                      ZPC-2626-17
Invisible                                                       Simpson, Ashlee                                ZPC-2623-04
Invisible                                                       Aiken, Clay                                    ZPC-532-02
Invisibly Shaken                                                Atkins, Rodney                                 ZPC-2812-12
Invitation To The Blues                                         Brown, Les & His Orchestra & Day, Doris        BAND-07-02
Ireland                                                         Brooks, Garth                                  S-123-11
Iris                                                            Goo Goo Dolls                                  BP98-01
Iris                                                            Goo Goo Dolls                                  RA98-05-11
Irish Blood, English Heart                                      Morrissey                                      ZPC-566-14
Ironic                                                          Morissette, Alanis                             RC-01-02
Irreplaceable [Album Version]                                   Beyonce                                        ZPC-2642-05
Irreplaceable [Ralphi And Craig Club Remix Radio Edit]          Beyonce                                        ZPC-2704-17
Irresistible                                                    Simpson, Jessica                               HHD-85-01
Irresistible! [Radio Mix]                                       Superchumbo                                    ZPC-489-18
Is It Any Wonder?                                               Keane                                          ZPC-2620-01
Is It Any Wonder? [Tall Paul Edit]                              Keane                                          ZPC-2636-18
Is It Love [Radio Edit]                                         iiO                                            ZPC-2637-17
Is It My Body                                                   Alice Cooper                                   S-081-02
Is She Really Going Out With Him?                               Sugar Ray                                      ZPC-519-05
Is That Your Chick (Edited Version)                             Memphis Bleek                                  TRBH-01-06
Is There A Ghost[Album Version]                                 Band Of Horses                                 ZPC-2752-12
Island (Float Away)                                             Starting Line                                  ZPC-2726-15
Islands In The Stream                                           Rogers, Kenny & Parton, Dolly                  CC-03-19
Isn't Life Strange                                              Moody Blues, The                               S-094-08
Isn't She                                                       Carolina Rain                                  ZPC-2648-12
Isn't That Everything                                           Peck, Danielle                                 ZPC-2641-07
Israelites                                                      Desmond Dekker                                 REG-01-07
It Ain't Easy                                                   Fante, Ricky                                   ZPC-571-01
It Ain't Easy Being Easy                                        Fricke, Janie                                  MC-10-05
It Ain't Me Babe                                                Dylan, Bob                                     S-056-04
It Ain't No Crime[Radio Edit]                                   Nichols, Joe                                   ZPC-2749-09
It Could Happen To You                                          James, Harry Orchestra & Kallen, Kitty         BAND-06-16
It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You                                McHayes                                        ZPC-521-09
It Ends Tonight                                                 All-American Rejects                           ZPC-2640-04
It Feels So Good                                                Sonique                                        RC-11-07
It Had To Be You                                                Connick, Jr., Harry                            MB-06-17
It Just Comes Natural [Album Version]                           Strait, George                                 ZPC-2639-08
It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'                                     Tillotson, Johnny                              MC-02-09
It Keeps You Runnin'                                            Doobie Brothers, The                           S-077-10
It Makes A Difference [Tony Moran and Warren Rigg Radio Edit]   English, Kim                                   ZPC-2616-15
It Must Be Love                                                 Herndon, Ty                                    HHC-082-12
It Must Be Love                                                 Jackson, Alan                                  HHC-099-01
It Must Have Been Love [Radio Edit]                             McGee Band, Pat                                ZPC-618-01
                                                                   93                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
It Never Rains In Southern California[Album Version]             Manilow, Barry                                              ZPC-2735-03
It Only Hurts When I Cry                                         Yoakam, Dwight                                              CC-07-04
It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing [Country Version]               Twain, Shania                                               ZPC-552-10
It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing [Pop Version]                   Twain, Shania                                               ZPC-557-03
It Takes Two                                                     Base, Rob                                                   MB-01-05
It Takes Two                                                     Base, Rob                                                   S-071-07
It Was                                                           Wright, Chely                                               HHC-093-12
It Was A Very Good Year                                          Sinatra, Frank                                              S-021-09
It Was Almost Like A Song                                        Milsap, Ronnie                                              CC-02-05
It Was Almost Like A Song                                        Romantic Strings                                            S-134-06
It Wasn't Me                                                     Shaggy                                                      HHD-83-01
It Won't Be Christmas Without You                                Brooks & Dunn                                               ZPC-546-13
It Won't Be Me                                                   Tucker, Tanya                                               S-049-10
It’s You [CHR Mix]                                               Fireflight                                                  ZPC-2650-19
It'll Go Away                                                    Denney, Kevin                                               ZPC-484-09
It's A Beautiful Thing                                           Brandt, Paul                                                HHC-094-06
It's A Big Wide Wonderful World (Waltz)                          Murray, Arthur                                              BRD-01-15
It's A Cheating Situation                                        Bandy, Moe                                                  CC-02-03
It's A Girl Thing                                                Cornell, Kristina                                           ZPC-2730-11
It's A Great Day To Be Alive                                     Tritt, Travis                                               TCH-01-09
It's A Heartache                                                 Trick Pony                                                  ZPC-606-09
It's A Journey                                                   Christian, Neil w/Rose Tea                                  HT18-32-08
It's A Little Too Late                                           Chesnutt, Mark                                              HHDC-08-13
It's A Little Too Late                                           Tucker, Tanya                                               S-049-01
It's A Love Thing                                                Urban, Keith                                                HHC-095-09
It's A Plain Shame                                               Frampton, Peter                                             S-153-03
It's About Time                                                  Lillix                                                      ZPC-507-03
It's About Time                                                  Sallie, Nate                                                ZPC-515-19
It's About Time                                                  Van Halen                                                   ZPC-569-16
It's All About You Not About Me                                  Spencer, Trancie                                            BB99-14
It's All Been Done                                               Barenaked Ladies                                            HHP-67-04
It's All Coming Back To Me Now                                   Meat Loaf Feat. Marion Raven                                ZPC-2642-01
It's All Good [Radio Edit]                                       Fantasia                                                    ZPC-628-04
It's All Good [Scumfrog Mixshow]                                 Fantasia                                                    ZPC-609-17
It's All How You Look At It [Album Version]                      Lawrence, Tracy                                             ZPC-570-10
It's All I Can Do                                                Cars, The                                                   S-054-02
It's All In The Game                                             Edwards, Tommy                                              F50-09-07
It's All In The Game                                             Edwards, Tommy                                              MB-08-10
It's All In The Mind                                             Baha Men                                                    S-017-07
It's All In Your Head                                            Diamond Rio                                                 HHDC-07-11
It's All Over Now                                                Stewart, Rod                                                S-015-06
It's All Over Now                                                Rolling Stones, The                                         S-079A-19
It's All Right                                                   Neville, Aaron                                              ZPC-2637-01
It's Always Somethin'                                            Diffie, Joe                                                 HHD-78-13
It's Another You Day [Album Version]                             Fordham, Julia                                              ZPC-484-01
It's Been A Great Afternoon                                      Haggard, Merle                                              S-018-03
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere                                      Jackson, Alan & Buffett, Jimmy                              ZPC-518-10
It's Gettin' Hot [Radio]                                         Team                                                        ZPC-601-06
It's Getting Better All The Time [Single Version]                Brooks & Dunn                                               ZPC-594-10
It's Going To Take Some Time                                     Carpenters, The                                             S-086-03
It's Gonna Be Me                                                  'N Sync                                                    RC-11-05
It's Good To Be Us[Single Version]                               Covington, Bucky                                            ZPC-2734-09
It's Hard To Be Humble                                           Davis, Mac                                                  ERG-08-08
                                                                    Notorious Cherry Bombs Edit]                             ZPC-577-10
It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your @%! Out All Day Long [Single Version With Feat. Rodney Crowell and Vince Gill
                                                                      94                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
It's Impossible                                           Romantic Strings                             S-132-10
It's In His Kiss (The Shoop, Shoop Song)                  Everett, Betty                               S-101-09
It's Late                                                 Nelson, Ricky                                S-064-26
It's Like That                                            Carey, Mariah Feat. Fatman Scoop & J.D.      ZPC-601-05
It's Like That [David Morales Radio Mix]                  Carey, Mariah                                ZPC-612-16
It's Me Snitches                                          Swizz Beatz                                  ZPC-2709-04
It's Midnight Cinderella                                  Brooks, Garth                                S-123-09
It's My Life                                              Bon Jovi                                     S-039-01
It's My Life                                              No Doubt                                     ZPC-536-03
It's My Life [Amended Mike Rizzo Radio Mix]               Ensign, Sean                                 ZPC-2621-18
It's My Life [Jacques Lu Conts Thin White Duke Mix]       No Doubt                                     ZPC-554-15
It's My Party                                             Gore, Leslie                                 S-099-03
It's My Time                                              McBride, Martina                             TCH-01-04
It's My Time (Waste It If I Want To)                      Holy, Steve                                  ZPC-633-12
It's Never Easy To Say Goodbye                            Chesney, Kenny                               S-128-11
It's No Good                                              Depeche Mode                                 RC-04-16
It's No Sin                                               Howard, Eddy & His Orch.                     F50-05-16
It's Not Enough                                           Who                                          ZPC-2639-14
It's Not For Me To Say                                    Mathis, Johnny                               F50-07-17
It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad)                          Haggard, Merle                               MC-01-08
It's Not Me [Album Version]                               3 Doors Down                                 ZPC-608-11
It's Not My Time                                          3 Doors Down                                 ZPC-2807-15
It's Not Over [Radio Edit]                                Daughtry                                     ZPC-2647-03
It's Not Right But It's Okay (Remix)                      Houston, Whitney                             S-069B-03
It's Not Unusual                                          Jones, Tom                                   S-085-09
It's Not Your Fault                                       New Found Glory                              ZPC-2630-14
It's Now Or Never                                         Presley, Elvis                               S-010-14
It's Okay (One Blood) [Xtra Clean]                        Game Feat. Junior Reid                       ZPC-2633-09
It's Only Love That Gets You Through                      Sade                                         S-058-11
It's Only Make Believe                                    Twitty, Conway                               MC-01-13
It's Only Rock'n'Roll                                     Rolling Stones, The                          S-079B-19
It's Over My Head                                         Hayes, Wade                                  HHDC-08-14
It's Over Now                                             112                                          TPH-01-11
It's Raining Men                                          Weather Girls                                MB-06-08
It's The Love Thing                                       Urban, Keith                                 S-127-01
It's The Talk Of The Town                                 Goodman, Benny Orchestra & Lund, Art         BAND-06-11
It's The Things You Do                                    Five                                         HHP-67-07
It's The Way [Mr. Mig Radio Edit]                         Todd, Bryan                                  ZPC-588-16
It's Too Late                                             Foreigner                                    ZPC-2825-01
It's Too Late To Worry                                    Messina, Jo Dee                              ZPC-2626-12
It's Tricky [JKL Club Vocal]                              Run-D.M.C. Vs. Jacknife Lee                  ZPC-507-17
It's Way Too Close To Christmas To Be This Far From You   Tippin, Aaron                                ZPC-546-11
It's You [JJ Flores Remix Radio Edit]                     Sin Plomo                                    ZPC-587-18
It's Your Love                                            McGraw, Tim & Hill, Faith                    S002-01
It's Your Song                                            Brooks, Garth (Live)                         S-043A-10
I've Been Everywhere                                      Cash, Johnny                                 S-143-18
I've Been Thinking About You                              Londonbeat                                   RUSA-02-07
I've Been Thinking About You [Radio Edit]                 Damae Feat. Londonbeat                       ZPC-627-16
I've Changed                                              Jaheim                                       ZPC-2815-05
I've Found Someone                                        White, Barry                                 S-074-08
I've Found Someone Of My Own                              Smith, Cal                                   MC-05-17
I've Got A Crush On You [Album Version]                   Stewart, Rod Duet With Diana Ross            ZPC-642-03
I've Got A Feeling[Album Version]                         Tesla                                        ZPC-2735-15
I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo                               Miller, Glenn                                BAND-02-09
                                                            95                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
I've Got A Good Thing Going                                  Brooks, Garth                                S-007-02
I've Got A Good Thing Going                                  Brooks, Garth                                S-125-02
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm                             Brown, Les & His Orchestra                   BAND-07-10
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Fox Trot)                  Murray, Arthur                               BRD-01-12
I've Got So Much To Give                                     White, Barry                                 S-074-09
I've Got The World On A String                               Sinatra, Frank                               S-033-01
I've Got You                                                 Anthony, Marc                                ZPH2-04-11
I've Got You Under My Skin                                   Sinatra, Frank                               S-021-11
I've Got You Under My Skin                                   Sinatra, Frank                               S-033-12
I've Got You Under My Skin                                   Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons               S-059-05
I've Got You Under My Skin                                   Romantic Strings                             S-131-03
I've Had It                                                  Brisebois, Danielle                          NMT-27-15
I've Heard That Song Before                                  James, Harry Orch & Forrest, Helen           DM-03-02
I've Loved And Lost Again                                    Cline, Patsy                                 MC-04-02
I've Never Been Anywhere                                     Kershaw, Sammy                               ZPC-526-10
Iz U [Radio Edit]                                            Nelly                                        ZPC-535-06
Izzo (H. O. V. A.)                                           Jay-Z                                        HHD-88-07
Jack's Suite[Paul Oakenfold Radio Edit]                      Zimmer, Hans                                 ZPC-2722-18
Jackson                                                      Cash, Johnny                                 S-143-09
Jackson                                                      Phoenix, Joaquin & Reese Witherspoon         ZPC-649-09
Jackson, Mississippi [Radio Edit]                            Kid Rock                                     ZPC-553-14
Jaded                                                        Aerosmith                                    RC-12-06
Jaded (These Years)                                          Mest Feat. Madden, Benji                     ZPC-530-05
Jailhouse Rock                                               Presley, Elvis                               MB-09-02
Jailhouse Rock                                               Presley, Elvis                               S-010-09
Jaleo [Roger Sanchez Club Mix]                               Martin, Ricky                                ZPC-538-18
Jalousie                                                     Romantic Strings                             S-133-10
Jamaica Farewell                                             Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                        S-055-14
Jambi [Half Solo Edit]                                       Tool                                         ZPC-2705-14
Jamboree                                                     Naughty By Nature                            RC-09-03
James Bond Theme (Bond Vs. Oakenfold)[Extended Dialog Mix]   Oakenfold, Paul                              ZPC-488-15
James Dean (I Wanna Know)                                    Bedingfield, Daniel                          ZPC-490-01
James Dean (I Wanna Know)                                    Bedingfield, Daniel                          ZPC-492-02
Jamestown Ferry                                              Tucker, Tanya                                MC-10-02
Jamming                                                      Marley, Bob                                  MB-11-17
Jealous Bone                                                 Loveless, Patty                              CC-07-03
Jekyll And Hyde                                              Petra                                        ZPC-521-19
Jenny From The Block [No Rap Version]                        Lopez, Jennifer                              ZPC-482-08
Jenny From The Block [Rap Version]                           Lopez, Jennifer                              ZPC-483-09
Jenny From The Block [Seismic Crews Latin Disco Trip]        Lopez, Jennifer                              ZPC-496-15
Jenny Jenny                                                  Little Richard                               S-061-11
Jenny Wren [Radio Edit]                                      McCartney, Paul                              ZPC-648-01
Jenny[Single Version]                                        Click Five                                   ZPC-2716-02
Jerk It Out [New Brauer Mix]                                 Caesars                                      ZPC-609-14
Jessie's Girl                                                Frickin' A                                   ZPC-601-03
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Bach)                           The Wedding Album                            WED-01-11
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Bach)                           O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                          WED-02-07
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Bach)                           Clark, Bev                                   WED-03-10
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Bach)                           Ultimate Wedding Album                       WED-04-01
Jesus Hold Me[Radio Mix]                                     Carlton, Andrew                              ZPC-2730-19
Jesus Is [AC Mix]                                            Velasquez, Jaci                              ZPC-524-18
Jesus Is Just Alright                                        Doobie Brothers, The                         S-077-02
Jesus Loves You[Album Version]                               Stellar Kart                                 ZPC-2806-21
Jesus Messiah[Radio Edit]                                    Tomlin, Chris                                ZPC-2827-19
                                                                96                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Jesus Of Suburbia [Clean]                     Green Day                                 ZPC-646-12
Jesus On The Radio                            All Star United                           ZPC-2716-19
Jesus Walks [Clean]                           West, Kanye                               ZPC-565-06
Jesus Was A Country Boy                       Walker, Clay                              ZPC-573-11
Jesus, Take The Wheel                         Underwood, Carrie                         ZPC-641-11
Jesus[Album Version]                          Brand New                                 ZPC-2721-15
Jet Airliner                                  Steve Miller Band                         S-156-04
Jetstream [Richard X Remix (Edit)]            New Order                                 ZPC-628-20
Jezebel                                       Wright, Chely                             ZCH2-02-07
Jiggle It[Radio]                              Young Leek                                ZPC-2615-05
Jigglin' [Super Clean]                        Ying Yang Twins                           ZPC-2647-08
Jimmy Choo [Radio]                            Shyne Feat. Ashanti                       ZPC-580-09
Jingle Bell Rock                              Platters, The                             S-064-16
Jingle Bell Rock                              Setzer Orchestra, Brian                   ZPC-2651-17
Jingle Bells                                  Chesney, Kenny                            ZPC-650-16
Jingle Bells [Album Version]                  Setzer, Brian Orchestra                   ZPC-546-15
Jive At Five                                  Basie, Count                              S-026-15
Jive Talkin'                                  Bee Gees, The                             S-022-12
Jodie                                         Stewart, Rod                              S-015-12
Joe Knows How To Live                         Raven, Eddy                               CC-05-17
Joe Sure Knows How To Live                    Raven, Eddy                               MC-06-08
John J. Blanchard                             Smith, Anthony                            ZPC-480-11
Johnny & Mary                                 Palmer, Robert                            S-024-11
Johnny And June                               Newfield, Heidi                           ZPC-2814-12
Johnny B. Goode                               Berry, Chuck                              ERG-06-13
Johnny B. Goode                               Berry, Chuck                              MB-08-14
Johnny Cash                                   Aldean, Jason                             ZPC-2708-12
Johnny One Time (Live performance)            Lee, Brenda                               MC-08-16
John's Idea                                   Basie, Count                              S-026-05
Join Me [Strongroom Mix]                      HIM                                       ZPC-2645-16
Join The Song                                 Beeching, Vicky                           ZPC-2708-20
Joker & The Thief [Edit]                      Wolfmother                                ZPC-2635-13
Jolene                                        Parton, Dolly                             CC-04-15
Jolly Man Sing                                Buffett, Jimmy                            S-150-09
Jolly Mon                                     Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                     S-055-11
Jolly Old St. Nicholas [Album Version]        Chicago                                   ZPC-598-03
Jose Cuervo                                   Clayton, Kimber                           HHDC-08-02
Joseph’s Lullaby [Intro Edit 1]             MercyMe                                   ZPC-649-21
Joshua                                        Parton, Dolly                             CC-06-12
Joy [Evergreen Edit]                          Selah                                     ZPC-485-18
Joy And Pain                                  Base, Rob                                 MB-18-08
Joy To The World                              Three Dog Night                           MB-01-18
Joy To The World (A Christmas Prayer)         Jonas, Nicholas                           ZPC-650-03
Joyride                                       Hanson, Jennifer                          ZPC-2730-12
Judy In Disguise                              Fred, John & The Playboy Band             S-108-09
Judy In Disguise                              Fred, John & The Playboy Band             S-112-10
Judy's Turn To Cry                            Gore, Leslie                              S-113-02
Juicebox                                      Strokes                                   ZPC-640-17
Juicy                                         Better Than Ezra                          ZPC-2610-01
Juicy [Nevin's Remix Edit]                    Better Than Ezra                          ZPC-2602-19
Juicy[Radio Edit]                             Candy Hill                                ZPC-2722-05
Juke Box Baby                                 Como, Perry                               F50-09-02
Juke Box Saturday Night                       Miller, Glenn                             BAND-02-11
Jukebox Hero                                  Foreigner                                 RUSA-02-10
                                                97                            Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Jump                                                          Van Halen                                             S-050-02
Jump [Axwell Remix]                                           Madonna                                               ZPC-2644-17
Jump [Edit]                                                   Madonna                                               ZPC-2639-01
Jump Around                                                   House Of Pain                                         MB-16-08
Jump In Line                                                  Belafonte, Harry                                      MB-22-07
Jump Off [Clean]                                              Simms, Sterling Feat. Sean Paul Of The YoungBloodz    ZPC-2650-08
Jump Right In                                                 The Urge                                              BR98-07
Jump, Jive & Wail                                             Setzer, Brian Orchestra, The                          RC-07-18
Jumpin' At The Woodside                                       Basie, Count                                          S-026-11
Jumpin' Jack Flash                                            Rolling Stones, The                                   S-079A-05
Jumpin Jumpin                                                 Destiny's Child                                       HHD-79-03
Jungle Love                                                   Steve Miller Band                                     S-156-01
Just A Dream[Single Edit]                                     Underwood, Carrie                                     ZPC-2828-10
Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody                            Roth, David Lee                                       AE80-02-14
Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody                            Roth, David Lee                                       MB-22-06
Just A Girl [Radio Edit]                                      Ian Van Dahl                                          ZPC-2701-17
Just A Lil' Bit [Amended]                                     50 Cent                                               ZPC-611-06
Just A Little Bit                                             Gordon, Rosco                                         BLUE-03-11
Just A Little Bit Of Love                                     Dion, Celine                                          S-060-11
Just A Little Bit Of You                                      Jackson, Michael                                      S-078-09
Just A Little More Love [Wally Lopez Remix Edit]              Guetta, David Feat. Chris Willis                      ZPC-548-14
Just A Little While [Edit]                                    Jackson, Janet                                        ZPC-552-06
Just A Little While [Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit]               Jackson, Janet                                        ZPC-563-17
Just A Moment [Clean Single Version]                          Nas Feat. Quan                                        ZPC-605-08
Just A Touch [Radio Edit]                                     Funkmaster Flex Feat. 50 Cent And Paul Wall           ZPC-649-08
Just Another Day                                              Secada, Jon                                           MB-23-05
Just Another Day In Paradise                                  Vassar, Phil                                          HHC-100-12
Just As Though You Were Here                                  Morgan, Russ Orchestra & Morgan, Russ                 BAND-06-02
Just Because                                                  Jane's Addiction                                      ZPC-517-12
Just Between You And Me                                       April Wine                                            MB-18-10
Just Came Here To Chill [Radio]                               Isley Brothers                                        ZPC-2603-07
Just Can't Get Enough                                         Depeche Mode                                          S-054-08
Just Dance[HCCR's Bambosa Radio Edit]                         Lady Gaga Feat. Colby O'Donis                         ZPC-2818-19
Just Dance[Main]                                              Lady Gaga Feat. Colby O'Donis                         ZPC-2817-04
Just Don't Wait Around Til She's Leavin'                      Murphy, David Lee                                     HHDC-09-12
Just Don't Wait Around Til She's Leaving                      Murphy, David Lee                                     HHC-73-09
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)   Rogers, Kenny                                         MC-05-04
Just Feel Better [Album Version]                              Santana Feat. Steven Tyler                            ZPC-643-03
Just Fine[Main Version]                                       Blige, Mary J.                                        ZPC-2740-09
Just For You [Radio Edit]                                     Richie, Lionel                                        ZPC-556-04
Just Friends                                                  Musiq                                                 HHD-82-09
Just Friends [Radio Version]                                  LSG Feat. Loon                                        ZPC-511-09
Just Got Started Lovin' You                                   Otto, James                                           ZPC-2733-09
Just In Time [Album Version]                                  Bennett, Tony With Michael Buble                      ZPC-2638-03
Just Let Me Be In Love                                        Byrd, Tracy                                           HHC-111-06
Just Like A Pill                                              Pink                                                  ZPH2-05-01
Just Like A Redneck                                           Lawson, Shannon                                       ZPC-570-11
Just Like A Woman                                             Dylan, Bob                                            S-056-10
Just Like You                                                 Three Days Grace                                      ZPC-560-14
Just Lose It [Xtra Clean]                                     Eminem                                                ZPC-586-05
Just Might (Make Me Believe)                                  Sugarland                                             ZPC-635-13
Just Might Have Her Radio On                                  Tomlinson, Trent                                      ZPC-2711-10
Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)                    Temptations, The                                      S-147-14
Just Older                                                    Bon Jovi                                              S-039-06
                                                                 98                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Just Say The Word [Album Version]             Kelley, Josh                               ZPC-2652-02
Just So You Know                              Palmer, Holly                              ZPC-524-03
Just Stop [Album Version]                     Disturbed                                  ZPC-2601-12
Just The Girl                                 Click Five                                 ZPC-623-04
Just The Same [Album Version]                 Big Dismal                                 ZPC-559-18
Just The Two Of Us                            Smith, Will                                BPH8-02-04
Just The Way You Are                          Joel, Billy                                MB-05-11
Just The Way You Are                          Romantic Strings                           S-133-11
Just The Way You Are [Original FM Cut]        Milky                                      ZPC-523-18
Just To Be Your Man                           Turner, Josh                               ZPC-628-10
Just To Feel That Way [Radio Remix]           Hicks, Taylor                              ZPC-2705-02
Just To Keep You Satisfied                    Gaye, Marvin                               S-045-08
Just Walking In The Rain                      Ray, Johnny                                F50-05-02
Just Want You To Know [Radio Edit]            Backstreet Boys                            ZPC-627-04
Just Watch Me[Main Version]                   McCoy, Jordan                              ZPC-2726-03
Just What I Do                                Trick Pony                                 ZCH2-02-08
Justify My Love                               Madonna                                    S-067-16
Ka Huila Wai                                  Brother Iz                                 S-140-02
Ka Pua U'i                                    Brother Iz                                 S-140-07
Kansas City                                   Harrison, Wilbert                          BLUE-03-07
Kansas City                                   Harrison, Wilbert                          F50-07-08
Kansas City                                   Harrison, Wilbert                          MB-01-13
Kansas City                                   Harrison, Wilbert                          S-102-05
Kansas City                                   Lopez, Trini                               S-117-08
Karma                                         Diffuser                                   TRH-01-10
Karma (Remix) [Clean Version]                 Banks, Lloyd Feat. Avant                   ZPC-588-05
Karma [Radio Edit]                            Keys, Alicia                               ZPC-590-04
Karmastition [Radio Edit]                     Keys, Alicia                               ZPC-607-04
Katie Wants A Fast One                        Wariner, Steve & Brooks, Garth             HHC-102-02
Kaulana Kawaihae                              Brother Iz                                 S-140-13
Kaw-Liga                                      Williams, Hank Jr.                         S-019-05
Kaya                                          Marley, Bob                                S-146-14
Keep Getting' It On                           Gaye, Marvin                               S-045-04
Keep Holding On                               Lavigne, Avril                             ZPC-2647-02
Keep On Lovin' Me Baby                        Rush, Otis                                 BB98-03
Keep On Loving You                            REO Speedwagon                             MB-15-05
Keep On Moving                                Marley, Bob                                S-146-07
Keep On Trucking (Pt 1)                       Kendricks, Eddie                           S-147-15
Keep Your Hands To Yourself                   Georgia Satellites                         AE80-02-18
Keep Your Hands To Yourself                   Georgia Satellites                         MB-20-03
Keep Your Hands To Yourself                   Georgia Satelites                          RUSA-01-07
Keep Your Hands To Yourself                   Sawyer Brown                               ZPC-2619-10
Keepin' Up                                    Alabama                                    HHC-085-05
Keeping Me Alive                              Afters                                     ZPC-2815-20
Keg In The Closet                             Chesney, Kenny                             ZPC-615-09
Kennedy                                       Kill Hannah                                ZPC-529-14
Kern River                                    Haggard, Merle                             S-018-18
Kernkraft 400                                 Zombie Nation                              RC-11-17
Kerosene [Album Version]                      Lambert, Miranda                           ZPC-638-11
Key To The Highway                            Little Walter                              BLUE-01-05
Keys To Your Love                             Rolling Stones, The                        S-079B-13
Kick A Little                                 Little Texas                               HHDC-03-06
Kick Start My Heart                           Myles, Alannah                             S-159-09
Kickout [Radio Mix]                           Exies                                      ZPC-515-12
                                                 99                            Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Kicks                                             Revere, Paul & The Raiders                            S-108-05
Kiddio                                            Benton, Brook                                         S-116-14
Kids Of The Baby Boom                             Bellamy Brothers, The                                 MC-07-17
Kill Me Now                                       Rio Grand                                             ZPC-2616-09
Kill Rock & Roll [Clean Album Version]            System Of A Down                                      ZPC-2621-13
Kill The Sunshine                                 Jackyl                                                ZPC-482-15
Killa[Clean]                                      Cherish Feat. Yung Joc                                ZPC-2803-06
Killer 2005 [Peter Rauhofer Remix Pt. 2]          Seal                                                  ZPC-600-18
Killin' Me                                        Drowning Pool                                         ZPC-606-13
Killin' Me [Mike Rizzo Radio Mix]                 Drey, Jenna                                           ZPC-619-16
Killing Loneliness                                HIM                                                   ZPC-2620-15
Killing Me Softly                                 Fugees, The                                           MB-17-12
Killing Me Softly                                 Fugees, The                                           RC-02-01
Kimberly Cooper's Eyes                            West, Elbert                                          ZPC-597-12
Kind Of A Drag                                    Buckinghams, The                                      S-102-08
Kind Of A Drag                                    Buckinghams, The                                      S-104-07
Kindly Keep It Country                            Gill, Vince                                           HHC-083-01
King [Album Version]                              Tree63                                                ZPC-584-21
King [Radio Edit]                                 Audio Adrenaline                                      ZPC-632-20
King Kong [Main]                                  Jibbs Feat. Chamillionaire                            ZPC-2648-07
King Of All Excuses [Album Version]               Staind                                                ZPC-2625-14
King Of Sorrow                                    Sade                                                  S-058-03
King Of Sorrow                                    Sade                                                  TRBH-02-09
King Of The Cowboys                               Amazing Rhythm Aces, The                              MC-10-13
King Of The Dancehall[Single Version]             Beenie Man                                            ZPC-578-08
King Of The Mountain                              Strait, George                                        S-063-11
King Of The Road                                  Willie, Box Car                                       MC-07-03
King Porter Stomp                                 Goodman, Benny                                        BAND-01-07
King Without A Crown [Live]                       Matisyahu                                             ZPC-642-14
Kingdom[Digitalism Remix]                         Gahan, Dave                                           ZPC-2745-18
Kings & Queens                                    Aeorsmith                                             S-040-08
Kingston Town                                     Lord Creator                                          REG-01-12
Kingston Town                                     UB40                                                  S-152-06
Kiss                                              Art Of Noise, The & Jones, Tom                        ZEW-89-05
Kiss                                              Korn                                                  ZPC-2814-16
Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'                        Pride, Charlie                                        CC-06-13
Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'                        Pride, Charlie                                        MC-07-08
Kiss Kiss                                         Brown, Chris Feat. T-Pain                             ZPC-2735-07
Kiss Me In The Dark [Album Version]               Rogers Band, Randy                                    ZPC-2642-10
Kiss My Country (SFX)                             Akins, Rhett                                          ZPC-646-10
Kiss My Eyes [Radio Edit]                         Sinclar, Bob                                          ZPC-552-17
Kiss Of Fire                                      Gibbs, Georgia & Orch. conducted by Osser, Glen       F50-05-03
Kiss The Sky [Mike Rizzo Global Radio Edit]       Bollinger, Danielle                                   ZPC-2612-17
Kiss This                                         Tippin, Aaron                                         HHC-100-06
Kiss You [Album Version]                          iiO                                                   ZPC-2612-18
Kiss, Kiss                                        Soleif, Stella                                        RC-12-07
Kissing A Fool [Edit]                             Buble, Michael                                        ZPC-516-01
K-Jee                                             M.F.S.B.                                              S-022-16
Knees Of My Heart                                 Buffett, Jimmy                                        S-151-06
Knights Of Cydonia [Edit]                         Muse                                                  ZPC-2625-15
Knock Knock [Radio Edit]                          Monica                                                ZPC-529-07
Knockin' Boots '08                                Pretty Ricky                                          ZPC-2830-11
Knockin' On Heaven's Door                         Clapton, Eric                                         S-089-03
Know What I'm Doing                               Birdman & Lil Wayne Feat. Rick Ross                   ZPC-2649-07
                                                    100                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Knuck If You Buck [Clean]                       Crime Mobb Feat. Lil' Scrappy                   ZPC-572-08
Kokomo                                          Beach Boys, The                                 MB-20-14
Kokomo                                          Beach Boys                                      S-070-20
Krafty [Andy Green Remix]                       New Order                                       ZPC-618-19
Krazy In Luv [Rockwilder Remix]                 Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z                             ZPC-521-17
Krispy[Clean]                                   Kinfolk Kia Shine                               ZPC-2717-04
Kristofferson                                   McGraw, Tim                                     ZPC-2810-11
Kryptonite                                      3 Doors Down                                    HHD-80-13
Kryptonite [Radio]                              Purple Ribbon All-Stars Feat. Big Boi           ZPC-636-10
Kuhio Bay                                       Brother Iz                                      S-140-06
Kung Fu Fighting                                Douglas, Carl                                   MB-21-10
L.A. Woman                                      Doors, The                                      S-082-05
L.A. Woman                                      Doors, The                                      S-158-03
L.I.F.E.[Main Version]                          Lil Mama                                        ZPC-2821-11
L.O.V.E. [Album Version]                        Simpson, Ashlee                                 ZPC-647-03
La ' Elima                                      Brother Iz                                      S-140-10
La Bamba                                        Los Lobos                                       MB-04-07
La Bamba                                        Los Lobos                                       RUSA-02-15
La Bamba                                        Valens, Richie                                  S-064-19
La Isla Bonita                                  Madonna                                         S-067-11
La La                                           Simpson, Ashlee                                 ZPC-591-05
La La [Sharp Boys Vocal Edit]                   Simpson, Ashlee                                 ZPC-600-17
La Mucara                                       Mavericks, The                                  HHDC-12-14
La Raspa (Mexican Hat Dance)                    Dorsey, Tommy Orchestra, The                    ERG-07-15
Ladies & Gentlemen                              Saliva                                          ZPC-2644-14
Ladies [Radio Edit]                             Sarai                                           ZPC-516-07
Ladies Love Country Boys                        Adkins, Trace                                   ZPC-2636-10
Ladies Man                                      Changing Faces                                  HHD-83-09
Ladies Night [Album Version]                    Atomic Kitten                                   ZPC-542-16
Lady                                            Kravitz, Lenny                                  ZPC-581-03
Lady In Red                                     Romantic Strings                                S-134-04
Lady in Red                                     DeBurgh, Chris                                  S-159-14
Lady In Red. The                                DeBurgh, Chris                                  MB-05-16
Lady Is A Tramp, The                            Sinatra, Frank                                  S-021-17
Lady Is A Tramp, The                            Sinatra, Frank                                  S-033-14
Lady Madonna                                    Beatles, The                                    S-072-20
Lady Marmalade                                  Aguilerra, C., Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink             S-053-01
Lady Marmalade                                  LaBelle                                         S-083-09
Lady Willpower                                  Puckett, Gary & The Union Gap                   S-112-02
Lady With A Bluebird                            America                                         S-042-13
Laffy Taffy [Clean]                             D4L                                             ZPC-634-06
Laid To Rest [Radio Edit]                       Lamb Of God                                     ZPC-599-10
Lake Michigan[Radio Edit]                       Rogue Wave                                      ZPC-2750-15
La-La-La (Excuse Me Again) [Radio Edit]         Jay-Z                                           ZPC-515-06
L'America                                       Doors, The                                      S-082-06
Land Of 1000 Dances                             Pickett, Wilson                                 MB-18-07
Land Of Confusion [Version 2]                   Disturbed                                       ZPC-2626-16
Land Of The Living                              Tillis, Pam                                     HHC-071-03
Land Of The Living                              Tillis, Pam                                     HHDC-10-10
Landing In London (All I Think About Is You)    3 Doors Down Feat. Bob Seger                    ZPC-643-04
Landslide                                       Dixie Chicks                                    ZPC-477-13
Landslide                                       Seven Places                                    ZPC-555-19
Landslide [Sheryl Crow Remix]                   Dixie Chicks                                    ZPC-485-02
Laredo                                          Cagle, Chris                                    TCH-02-08
                                                 101                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Larger Than Life                              Backstreet Boys                                        HHD-73-01
Larger Than Life                              Backstreet Boys                                        HT18-42-03
Larger Than Life                              Backstreet Boys                                        NMT-27-01
Largo from Xerxes (Handel)                    Ultimate Wedding Album                                 WED-04-04
Lasia Ch'io Pianga - Largo                    Clark, Bev                                             WED-03-05
Last Beautiful Girl                           Matchbox Twenty                                        HHD-89-13
Last Beautiful Girl                           Matchbox Twenty                                        ZPH1-07-11
Last Call                                     Womack, Lee Ann                                        ZPC-2824-13
Last Child                                    Aeorsmith                                              S-040-05
Last Cowboy Song, The                         Bruce, Ed                                              MC-08-20
Last Dance                                    Summer, Donna                                          MB-04-10
Last Day Of My Life                           Vassar, Phil                                           ZPC-2604-10
Last Dollar (Fly Away)                        McGraw, Tim                                            ZPC-2702-11
Last Good Time                                Flynnville Train                                       ZPC-2707-11
Last Kiss                                     Pearl Jam                                              RR99-07-03
Last Mango In Paris                           Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                                  S-055-03
Last Mango In Paris                           Buffett, Jimmy                                         S-150-16
Last Name                                     Underwood, Carrie                                      ZPC-2811-11
Last Night (I Didn't Sleep At All)            Fifth Dimension, The                                   S-149-07
Last Night [Amended DJ Noodles Mix]           Diddy Feat. Pharrell, T.I. & Keyshia Cole              ZPC-2703-08
Last One Standing [Radio Edit]                Emerson Drive                                          ZPC-560-11
Last Request                                  Nutini, Paolo                                          ZPC-2714-01
Last Resort                                   Papa Roach                                             RC-12-09
Last Thing On My Mind [Single Version]        Rimes, LeAnn Feat. Ronan Keating                       ZPC-569-03
Last Time[Radio Edit]                         Trey Songz                                             ZPC-2809-07
Last Train Home [Radio Edit]                  Lostprophets                                           ZPC-545-12
Last Train Running                            Whiskey Falls                                          ZPC-2717-10
Late At Night [Tomcraft Remix]                Futureshock                                            ZPC-536-17
Lately                                        Divine                                                 RC-07-10
Lately (Dreamin' 'Bout Babies)                Byrd, Tracy                                            ZPC-490-08
Laughed Until We Cried                        Aldean, Jason                                          ZPC-2733-10
Laundromat [Xtra Clean Radio Edit]            Nivea                                                  ZPC-498-08
Lawdy Miss Clawdy                             Little Richard                                         S-061-10
Lay Down [Hex Hector Radio]                   Ten Monkeys Feat. Abigail                              ZPC-2703-17
Lay Down [Radio Edit]                         Floetry                                                ZPC-648-05
Lay Down My Pride                             Camp, Jeremy                                           ZPC-623-20
Lay Down Sally                                Clapton, Eric                                          S-089-07
Lay Lady Lay                                  Drake, Pete                                            MC-09-17
Lay Me Down                                   Crosby & Nash                                          ZPC-607-01
Lay Me Down [Hot Version]                     Jade                                                   ZPC-2619-02
Layla                                         Derek & The Dominos                                    GR70-01-12
Layla                                         Clapton, Eric                                          S-089-05
Lazy Days                                     Enya                                                   S-044-11
Lazy Eye                                      Silversun Pickups                                      ZPC-2652-12
Lazy Mary (Luna Mess O Mare)                  Monte, Lou                                             F50-08-15
Le Disko [Radio Edit]                         Shiny Toy Guns                                         ZPC-2701-14
Le Freak                                      Chic                                                   MB-17-21
Le Freak                                      GTS Feat. Norma Jean & Luci Martin                     ZPC-623-19
Lead Me On                                    Twitty, Conway & Lynn, Loretta                         CC-06-19
Lead Me On [Radio Edit]                       Dillon, Bethany                                        ZPC-599-18
Lead On                                       Strait, George                                         S-063-05
Leader Of The Pack                            Shangri-Las, The                                       S-104-01
Leader Of The Pack                            Shangri-Las, The                                       S-111-03
Lean Back [Clean]                             Terror Squad Feat. Fat Joe (aka Joey Crack) & Remy     ZPC-570-09
                                               102                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Lean Like A Cholo[Clean]                                 Down aka Kilo                                         ZPC-2721-07
Lean On Me - Natural Sounds                              Solitudes                                             S-139-07
Lean Wit It Rock Wit It [Clean]                          Dem Franchize Boys                                    ZPC-645-08
Leap Frog                                                Brown, Les & His Orchestra                            BAND-07-01
Learn Chinese [Radio Edit (Clean)]                       Jin                                                   ZPC-543-06
Learnin' The Blues                                       Sinatra, Frank                                        S-033-08
Learning How To Bend                                     Allan, Gary                                           ZPC-2810-10
Learning The Hard Way                                    Gin Blossoms                                          ZPC-2644-01
Learning To Fly                                          Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                        S-027-15
Learning To Love Again                                   Brooks, Garth                                         S-126-07
Least Of These[Radio Edit]                               DecembeRadio                                          ZPC-2716-18
Leave (Get Out) [Radio Edit - Main]                      JoJo                                                  ZPC-559-04
Leave It To Me                                           Shaggy                                                ZPH1-07-12
Leave Out All The Rest                                   Linkin Park                                           ZPC-2829-14
Leave The Pieces [Album Version]                         Wreckers                                              ZPC-2613-10
Leavin'                                                  McCartney, Jesse                                      ZPC-2809-03
Leavin'[Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit]                       McCartney, Jesse                                      ZPC-2813-17
Leavin'[Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit]                       McCartney, Jesse                                      ZPC-2813-17
Leaving 99                                               Audio Adrenaline                                      ZPC-550-20
Left Outside Alone [Jason Nevins Global Club Edit]       Anastacia                                             ZPC-562-17
Left Outside Alone [Radio Edit]                          Anastacia                                             ZPC-561-02
Legacy                                                   Nordeman, Nicole                                      ZPC-507-18
Legacy                                                   Coty, Neal                                            HHC-104-09
Legs                                                     ZZ Top                                                RUSA-01-01
Legs                                                     ZZ Top                                                S-130-06
Lei Lo Lai                                               Latin Project                                         ZPC-534-17
Lemonade                                                 Rice, Chris                                           ZPC-2719-20
Lengua Afuera (Ay Chico) [Radio]                         Pitbull                                               ZPC-2639-05
Leonard                                                  Haggard, Merle                                        S-018-08
Les Bicyclettes De Belsize                               Humperdinck, Engelbert                                DM-03-15
Lessons Learned                                          Lawrence, Tracy                                       HHC-095-05
Let A Song Go Out Of My Head                             Torme, Mel                                            DM-03-04
Let Forever Be                                           Chemical Brothers                                     RR99-07-11
Let Go                                                   Frou Frou                                             ZPC-586-01
Let Go [Radio Edit]                                      BarlowGirl                                            ZPC-628-21
Let Go [Radio]                                           Rochell, Megan                                        ZPC-2652-04
Let Go[Album Version]                                    Grey Holiday                                          ZPC-2732-20
Let Go[Radio Edit]                                       Van Dyk, Paul                                         ZPC-2749-17
Let It Be                                                Beatles, The                                          S-072-26
Let It Be Christmas                                      Jackson, Alan                                         ZPC-546-10
Let It Die[Album Version]                                Foo Fighters                                          ZPC-2816-14
Let It Fade                                              Camp, Jeremy                                          ZPC-2718-20
Let It Go                                                McGraw, Tim                                           ZPC-2829-12
Let It Go[Radio Edit]                                    Cole, Keyshia Feat. Missy Elliott And Lil' Kim        ZPC-2723-07
Let It Grow                                              Clapton, Eric                                         S-089-11
Let It Happen                                            Jimmy Eat World                                       ZPC-2814-15
Let It Rise [Album Version Edit]                         Big Daddy Weave                                       ZPC-2632-21
Let It Rock[Radio Edit]                                  Rudolf, Kevin Feat. Lil Wayne                         ZPC-2830-05
Let It Slide [Radio Edit]                                Joanna                                                ZPC-2620-03
Let It Snow                                              Simon, Carly                                          ZPC-2651-01
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let I Snow!                    Simpson, Jessica                                      ZPC-595-04
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! [Album Version]   Nichols, Joe                                          ZPC-650-13
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow                    Buble, Michael                                        ZPC-598-04
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow [Album Version]    McBride, Martina                                      ZPC-598-14
                                                           103                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Let It Whip                                           Dazz Band                                     S-147-19
Let Love In [Radio Edit]                              Goo Goo Dolls                                 ZPC-2640-02
Let Me                                                Black Tide                                    ZPC-2824-18
Let Me                                                Green, Pat                                    ZPC-2825-13
Let Me Be The One                                     Alexander, Sasha                              HHD-84-09
Let Me Be Your Car                                    Stewart, Rod                                  S-015-14
Let Me Be Your Fantasy [Soda Club Radio Mix]          Jade, Ashley                                  ZPC-607-17
Let Me Blow Your Mind                                 Eve w/ Stefani, Gwen                          RC-13-08
Let Me Call You Sweetheart                            Welk, Lawrence                                MB-24-09
Let Me Go [Rock Version]                              3 Doors Down                                  ZPC-593-12
Let Me Go Lover                                       Weber, Joan                                   F50-05-05
Let Me Hold You [Radio Version]                       Bow Wow Feat. Omarion                         ZPC-617-09
Let Me In [Clean Version]                             Young Buck                                    ZPC-572-05
Let Me In[JNRSNCHZ Remix]                             Hot Hot Heat                                  ZPC-2739-17
Let Me In[Radio Edit]                                 Hot Hot Heat                                  ZPC-2730-15
Let Me Leave                                          Broussard, Marc                               S-142-11
Let Me Let Go                                         Hill, Faith                                   HHC-083-06
Let Me Love You                                       Lonestar                                      ZPC-2815-13
Let Me Love You                                       Mario                                         ZPC-590-07
Let Me Out                                            Future Leaders Of The World                   ZPC-574-14
Let Me Show You                                       Boxie Feat. Juelz Santana                     ZPC-2828-07
Let Me Think About It[Fedde Le Grand Radio Edit]      Corr, Ida                                     ZPC-2733-17
Let The Joy Rise                                      Abigail                                       HT18-31-05
Let The Music Play                                    Shannon                                       MB-22-14
Let The Sunshine In [Radio Mix]                       Milk & Sugar                                  ZPC-572-18
Let Them Be Little                                    Dean, Billy                                   ZPC-581-12
Let U Go [Main]                                       Angel, Ashley Parker                          ZPC-2606-03
Let You Go [Album Version]                            Turner, Lane                                  ZPC-2627-09
Let Your Love Flow                                    Bellamy Brothers, The                         MC-10-20
Let Your Will Be Done [Boris & Beck's Extended Mix]   Nesby, Ann Feat. Ricky Dillard & New G        ZPC-476-15
Lete Me Blow Ya Mind                                  Eve f/Gwen Stefani                            HHD-86-03
Let's Be Lovers Again                                 Money, Eddie & Carter, Valerie                DM-02-02
Let's Be Us Again                                     Lonestar                                      ZPC-554-10
Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room                Haggard, Merle                                CC-08-02
Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room                Haggard, Merle                                S-018-17
Let's Cheat [Radio Edit]                              Tango Redd Feat. Lloyd                        ZPC-646-06
Let's Dance                                           Bowie, David                                  AE80-01-11
Let's Dance                                           Brown, Les & His Orchestra                    BAND-07-07
Let's Dance (Opening Theme)                           Goodman, Benny                                BAND-01-01
Let's Get Away [Edited]                               T.I.                                          ZPC-567-05
Let's Get Blown [Radio]                               Snoop Dogg                                    ZPC-595-10
Let's Get Dirty                                       Heartland                                     ZPC-2713-11
Let's Get Down                                        Tony Toni Tone                                RC-03-08
Let's Get Down [Album Version]                        Bow Wow Feat. Baby                            ZPC-519-10
Let's Get Down [Vocal Radio Mix]                      Hernandez Vs. DJ Tyo                          ZPC-2646-17
Let's Get It On                                       Gaye, Marvin                                  S-045-01
Let's Get It On                                       Gaye, Marvin                                  S-154-19
Let's Get It Right [Radio Cut]                        K, Krystal                                    ZPC-571-19
Let's Get It Started [Radio Edit]                     Black Eyed Peas                               ZPC-569-06
Let's Get Loud                                        Lopez, Jennifer                               HHD-81-01
Let's get Ready To Rumble                             Buffer, Michael                               S-071-01
Let's Go [Amended]                                    Trick Daddy Feat. Twista & Lil' Jon           ZPC-583-04
Let's Go Back                                         Everyday Sunday                               ZPC-2733-20
Let's Go Crazy                                        Prince                                        S-006-08
                                                       104                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                           B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                             MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Let's Go To Vegas                            Hill, Faith                                HHDC-04-09
Let's Hang On                                Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons             S-059-02
Let's Hear It For The Boy                    Williams, Denice                           AE80-01-19
Let's Here It For The Boy                    Williams, Denise                           RUSA-02-02
Let's Kill Saturday Night                    Pinmonkey                                  ZPC-557-11
Let's Live For Today                         Grass Roots, The                           S-108-06
Let's Make Love                              Hill, Faith w/McGraw, Tim                  HHC-100-01
Let's Make Love [Clean Radio Edit]           Deep Side Feat. R.Kelly                    ZPC-2622-10
Let's Ride [Clean]                           Game                                       ZPC-2647-06
Let's Roll [No Rap]                          DC Talk                                    ZPC-486-20
Let's Spend The Night Together               Rolling Stones, The                        S-079A-20
Let's Start Livin'                           Grand, Gil                                 HHC-087-08
Let's Stay Together                          Green, Al                                  S-085-12
Let's Stay Together                          Green, Al                                  S-149-02
Let's Stay Together [Radio Edit]             Jennings, Lyfe                             ZPC-2644-05
Let's Talk About Love                        McCready, Mindy                            HHC-084-12
Let's Talk About Love                        Dion, Celine                               S-060-15
Let's Try Goodbye                            Dalley, Amy                                ZPC-2725-11
Let's Twist Again                            Checker, Chubby                            MB-02-07
Let's Twist Again                            Checker, Chubby                            S-113-01
Let's Wait Awhile                            Jackson, Janet                             S-065-15
Let's Work[Xtra Clean]                       Trick Trick                                ZPC-2807-07
Letter To Me[Radio Edit]                     Paisley, Brad                              ZPC-2741-14
Letters From Home                            Montgomery, John Michael                   ZPC-550-11
Letters From The Wasteland                   Wallflowers, The                           TPH-02-02
Letters From War                             Schultz, Mark                              ZPC-564-19
Level                                        Raconteurs                                 ZPC-2634-15
Level [Album Version]                        Raconteurs                                 ZPC-2649-14
Liar (It Takes One To Know One)              Taking Back Sunday                         ZPC-2644-11
Liberate [Clean Version]                     Disturbed                                  ZPC-521-13
Lie About Us                                 Avant & Nicole Scherzinger                 ZPC-2628-07
Lie Lie Lie[Album Version]                   Tankian, Serj                              ZPC-2825-15
Lie To Me                                    12 Stones                                  ZPC-2720-16
Lies                                         MC Magic Feat. Krystal Melody              ZPC-2652-06
Lies[Morgan Page Remix Radio Edit]           Kamera                                     ZPC-2750-19
Life Ain't Always Beautiful                  Allan, Gary                                ZPC-2601-08
Life Ain't Easy                              Cleopatra                                  HHP-67-09
Life Don't Have To Be So Hard                Lawrence, Tracy                            HHC-111-13
Life Goes On                                 Prosser, James                             HHC-087-09
Life Goes To A Party                         James, Harry                               BAND-04-05
Life Happened                                Cochran, Tammy                             ZCH2-05-08
Life In My Day [Radio Edit]                  Newsong                                    ZPC-522-19
Life Is A Highway                            Rascal Flatts                              ZPC-2625-11
Life Is Beautiful                            Vega4                                      ZPC-2721-01
Life Is Beautiful                            Sixx A.M.                                  ZPC-2728-16
Life Is Good                                 Stellar Kart                               ZPC-628-22
Life Less Frightening                        Rise Against                               ZPC-648-15
Life Less Ordinary                           Carbon Leaf                                ZPC-605-02
Life Of Da Party[Clean]                      Snoop Dogg Feat. Too $hort                 ZPC-2809-10
Life Wasted [Album Version]                  Pearl Jam                                  ZPC-2618-13
Lifesong [Album Edited Mix]                  Casting Crowns                             ZPC-630-21
Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous            Good Charlotte                             ZPC-478-14
Lift It Up [Original Radio Edit]             Inaya Day                                  ZPC-613-17
Light In Your Eyes                           Crow, Sheryl                               ZPC-563-03
                                               105                            Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Light My Fire                                         UB40                                                S-152-16
Light My Fire                                         Doors, The                                          S-157-02
Light Of The World                                    LeDoux, Chris                                       S-009-10
Light Of The World [Album Version]                    Watermark                                           ZPC-2601-19
Light Up The Sky                                      Yellowcard                                          ZPC-2723-13
Light Your Ass On Fire [Radio Mix Clean]              Busta Rhymes                                        ZPC-522-08
Lightening Does The Work                              Brock, Chad                                         HHC-090-08
Lighters Up [Amended]                                 Lil' Kim                                            ZPC-635-07
Lightnin' Strikes                                     Christie, Lou                                       S-104-03
Lightning Blue Eyes [Radio Edit]                      Secret Machines                                     ZPC-2620-12
Lights                                                Journey                                             S-032-10
Lights And Sounds                                     Yellowcard                                          ZPC-643-14
Lights Out [Album Version]                            P.O.D.                                              ZPC-2614-16
Lights Out [Edit]                                     Presley, Lisa_Marie                                 ZPC-501-04
Like A Boss [Radio Edit]                              Slim Thug                                           ZPC-595-11
Like A Boy [Main]                                     Ciara                                               ZPC-2706-05
Like A Boy[Soul Seekerz Radio Edit]                   Ciara                                               ZPC-2711-18
Like A Feather                                        Costa, Nikka                                        HHD-86-09
Like A Prayer                                         Madonna                                             S-067-12
Like A Prayer [Radio Edit]                            Mad'House                                           ZPC-483-04
Like A Rolling Stone                                  Dylan, Bob                                          S-056-05
Like A Star [Album Version]                           Bailey Rae, Corinne                                 ZPC-2645-01
Like A Stone [Album Version]                          Audioslave                                          ZPC-496-12
Like A Virgin                                         Madonna                                             S-067-04
Like Glue                                             Paul, Sean                                          ZPC-519-07
Like I Love You [Album Version]                       Timberlake, Justin                                  ZPC-477-07
Like Me[Main]                                         Girlicious                                          ZPC-2818-03
Like Red On A Rose                                    Jackson, Alan                                       ZPC-2628-11
Like That [Radio]                                     Memphis Bleek                                       ZPC-611-07
Like This[Clean]                                      Mims                                                ZPC-2712-06
Like This[Radio]                                      Rowland, Kelly Feat. Eve                            ZPC-2711-06
Like This[Redline Radio Remix]                        Rowland, Kelly Feat. Eve                            ZPC-2729-17
Like To Get To Know You                               Spanky & Our Gang                                   S-106-05
Like Toy Soldiers [Xtra Clean]                        Eminem                                              ZPC-600-04
Like Water Into Wine                                  Loveless, Patty                                     HHC-084-14
Like We Never Loved At All [Album Version]            Hill, Faith                                         ZPC-633-10
Like You [Album Version]                              Bow Wow Feat. Ciara                                 ZPC-630-05
Like You [Amended]                                    Daddy Yankee                                        ZPC-618-07
Like You'll Never See Me Again[Radio Edit]            Keys, Alicia                                        ZPC-2745-07
Lil Love                                              Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Feat. Mariah Carey & Bow Wow ZPC-2720-09
Lil More Love [Radio Mix]                             Austin, Johnta                                      ZPC-628-07
Limbo Rock                                            Checker, Chubby                                     MB-06-11
Lines On My Face                                      Frampton, Peter                                     S-153-04
Lip Gloss[Main]                                       Lil Mama                                            ZPC-2715-05
Lips Of An Angel                                      Hinder                                              ZPC-2613-15
Lips Of An Angel [Single Version]                     Ingram, Jack                                        ZPC-2647-10
Lipstick [Single Radio Edit]                          Lynne, Rockie                                       ZPC-643-11
Lipstick On Your Collar                               Francis, Connie                                     F50-07-12
Lisbon Antigua (In Old Lisbon) (Cha-Cha)              Murray, Arthur                                      BRD-01-07
Listen To A Country Song                              Anderson, Lynn                                      MC-05-05
Listen To Her Heart                                   Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                      S-027-03
Listen To The Music                                   Doobie Brothers, The                                S-077-01
Listen To Your Heart [Edmee's Unplugged Vocal Edit]   D.H.T.                                              ZPC-616-03
Listen To Your Heart [Furious F. EZ Radio Edit]       D.H.T.                                              ZPC-596-17
                                                        106                                     Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
L'Italiano [DJ Serg Club Mix]                  Sicilians Feat. Angelo Venuto                ZPC-492-17
Lithium                                        Nirvana                                      S-046-05
Little Bird                                    Austin, Sherrie                              HHC-094-05
Little Bit Of Life                             Morgan, Craig                                ZPC-2634-09
Little Bitty                                   Jackson, Alan                                HHDC-07-07
Little Bitty Pretty One                        Lewis, Huey & The News                       MB-17-10
Little Black Backpack                          Stroke 9                                     NMT-27-14
Little Brown Jug                               Miller, Glenn                                BAND-02-03
Little Darlin'                                 Diamonds, The                                F50-08-01
Little Duece Coupe                             Beach Boys                                   S-070-06
Little Girl Blue                               Joplin, Janis                                S-095-09
Little Good-Byes                               SheDaisy                                     HHC-088-09
Little GTO                                     Jan & Dean                                   S-064-04
Little Honda                                   Hondells, The                                S-113-08
Little Lies                                    Fleetwood Mac                                S-031-12
Little Lover's So Polite[Radio Edit]           Silversun Pickups                            ZPC-2808-15
Little Man                                     Jackson, Alan                                BC99-07
Little Man                                     Jackson, Alan                                HHC-090-02
Little Mary Snowflake [Album Version]          Rockapella                                   ZPC-546-01
Little Miss Honky Tonk                         Brooks & Dunn                                HHDC-03-07
Little Miss Obsessive                          Simpson, Ashlee                              ZPC-2809-04
Little Moments                                 Paisley, Brad                                ZPC-530-09
Little Old Lady From Pasadena                  Jan & Dean                                   S-064-05
Little Red Corvette                            Prince                                       S-159-08
Little Red Rodeo                               Raye, Collin                                 S-144-13
Little Red Rooster                             Wolf, Howlin'                                BLUE-03-09
Little Rock                                    Raye, Collin                                 S-075-06
Little Sister                                  Queens Of The Stone Age                      ZPC-602-14
Little Star                                    Elegants, The                                F50-07-16
Little Star                                    Elegants, The                                S-103-02
Little Things [Main]                           India.arie                                   ZPC-478-09
Little Things Mean A Lot                       Kallen, Kitty                                F50-03-13
Little Wonders [Radio Edit]                    Thomas, Rob                                  ZPC-2705-01
Live                                           Marks, Jennifer                              ZPC-570-01
Live A Lie [Album Version]                     Default                                      ZPC-485-04
Live For Today [Album Version]                 3 Doors Down                                 ZPC-630-15
Live For Today [Radio Edit]                    Grant, Natalie                               ZPC-590-20
Live For You[Radio Mix 2 (Hotter)]             Connersvine                                  ZPC-2802-18
Live In The Sky [Radio Version]                T.I. Feat. Jamie Foxx                        ZPC-2633-08
Live Like You Were Dying                       McGraw, Tim                                  ZPC-568-11
Live To Tell                                   Madonna                                      S-067-08
Live You All Over [Radio Edit]                 Moran, Tony Feat. Deborah Cooper             ZPC-619-15
Live, Laugh, Love                              Walker, Clay                                 HHC-092-07
Lively Up Yourself                             Marley, Bob                                  S-146-02
Livin' For Love                                Cole, Natalie                                HHD-83-08
Livin' In The Projects[Clean]                  Lil Scrappy                                  ZPC-2724-06
Livin' It Up                                   Ja Rule                                      HHD-89-02
Livin' La Vida Loca                            Martin, Ricky                                BP99-14
Livin' La Vida Loca                            Martin, Ricky                                HT18-31-10
Livin' La Vida Loca                            Martin, Ricky                                S-005-01
Livin' La Vida Loca (Spanish Version)          Martin, Ricky                                S-005-11
Livin' On A Prayer [Radio Edit]                James, Jordan                                ZPC-575-19
Livin' On Borrowed Time                        Puddle Of Mudd                               ZPC-2831-15
Livin' On The Run [New Radio Edit]             Grimes, Scott                                ZPC-629-02
                                                 107                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Livin' Our Love Song                                  Carroll, Jason Michael                         ZPC-2712-11
Living In A House Full Of Love                        Allan, Gary                                    HHC-071-14
Living In America                                     Brown, James                                   MB-23-09
Living In Fast Forward                                Chesney, Kenny                                 ZPC-2601-09
Living In The U.S.A.                                  Steve Miller Band                              S-155-01
Liza Jane                                             Gill, Vince                                    CC-07-17
Liza Jane                                             Gill, Vince                                    S-020-04
Local Girls                                           Milsap, Ronnie                                 ZPC-2611-12
Lock U Down[Clean]                                    Mya Feat. Lil Wayne                            ZPC-2707-05
Locked Up [Remix Clean]                               Akon & Styles P.                               ZPC-573-08
Loco                                                  Murphy, David Lee                              ZPC-551-08
Lodi                                                  CCR                                            S-076-05
Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)[Clean]                    Three 6 Mafia Feat. Project Pat                ZPC-2814-09
Lollipop                                              Chordettes, The                                F50-09-01
Lollipop [Josh harris Miami Freedom Radio Edit]       Moss-Scott, Brandy                             ZPC-2648-16
Lollipop[Clean]                                       Lil Wayne Feat. Static Major                   ZPC-2812-10
London Bridge [Oh Snap W/Siren]                       Fergie                                         ZPC-2629-05
Lone Ranger[Radio Edit]                               Sallie, Nate                                   ZPC-2722-20
Lonely                                                Lawrence, Tracy                                HHC-099-11
Lonely & Gone                                         Montgomery Gentry                              HHC-092-05
Lonely [Clean Edit]                                   Akon                                           ZPC-606-05
Lonely Day                                            System Of A Down                               ZPC-2605-15
Lonely Night In Georgia                               Broussard, Marc                                S-142-07
Lonely No More                                        Thomas, Rob                                    ZPC-605-03
Lonely Street                                         Cline, Patsy                                   MC-03-05
Lonely Too                                            Womack, Lee Ann                                S-057-10
Lonely Train                                          Black Stone Cherry                             ZPC-2620-13
Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone                           Adkins, Trace                                  HHC-077-08
Lonesome Day [Album Version]                          Springsteen, Bruce                             ZPC-483-03
Lonesome Guitar Man                                   Bell, Lurrie                                   BB98-12
Lonesome Town                                         Nelson, Ricky                                  S-064-27
Long As I Can See The Light                           CCR                                            S-076-15
Long As I Live                                        Montgomery, John Michael                       MB-20-02
Long Black Train                                      Turner, Josh                                   ZPC-515-08
Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)                    Hollies                                        MB-04-20
Long Goodbye                                          Brooks & Dunn                                  HHC-112-05
Long Goodbye                                          Brooks & Dunn                                  ZCH2-01-02
Long Line Of Love                                     Murphey, Michael Martin                        S-014-04
Long Long Way To Go [Radio Edit]                      Richie, Lionel                                 ZPC-588-02
Long Road To Ruin                                     Foo Fighters                                   ZPC-2746-16
Long Tall Sally                                       Little Richard                                 S-061-01
Long Time [Original Mix]                              Static Revenger Feat. The Mullet Men           ZPC-487-16
Long Train Runnin'                                    Doobie Brothers, The                           S-077-04
Long Train Runnin' [Lee Cabrera Whte Label]           Doobie Brothers                                ZPC-543-15
Long Trip Alone                                       Bentley, Dierks                                ZPC-2644-09
Long Way 2 Go [Radio]                                 Cassie                                         ZPC-2630-04
Long, Slow Kisses [Single Remix]                      Bates, Jeff                                    ZPC-600-11
Longneck Bottle                                       Brooks, Garth (Live)                           S-043A-09
Look After You [Radio Edit]                           Fray                                           ZPC-2706-03
Look At Her [Main Version]                            One Chance Feat. Fabo                          ZPC-2640-09
Look At Little Sister                                 Vaughn, Stevie Ray                             S-034-11
Look At Me Now                                        Sixwire                                        ZCH2-04-14
Look At That Cadillac                                 Stray Cats                                     S-029-05
Look At Us                                            Paris, Sarina                                  HHD-84-08
                                                       108                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Look At Us                                                       Paris, Sarina                                 RC-12-18
Look At Us                                                       Gill, Vince                                   S-020-05
Look At Us                                                       Morgan, Craig                                 ZPC-562-12
Look At You Girl                                                 LeDoux, Chris                                 S-023-08
Look Away                                                        Chicago                                       S-013-02
Look On The Floor [Angel City Short Mix]                         Bananarama                                    ZPC-2619-17
Look Through My Eyes                                             Collins, Phil                                 ZPC-530-02
Look What You've Done                                            Jet                                           ZPC-585-14
Lookin' Boy                                                      Hot Stylz Feat. Yung Joc                      ZPC-2820-07
Lookin' For A Good Time                                          Lady Antebellum                               ZPC-2824-12
Lookin' For Love                                                 Lee, Johnny                                   CC-03-13
Lookin' For Love                                                 Lee, Johnny                                   MC-04-16
Lookin' For Love                                                 Lee, Johnny                                   S-014-02
Lookin' For Love                                                 Sawyer Brown                                  TCH-01-06
Lookin' Out My Back Door                                         CCR                                           S-076-14
Looking Down [Single Edit]                                       Audiovent                                     ZPC-486-14
Looking For A New Love                                           Watley, Jody                                  ERG-05-07
Looking For A Place To Land                                      Dakota Moon                                   ZPH2-02-11
Looking For Clues                                                Palmer, Robert                                S-024-06
Looking For You                                                  Franklin, Kirk                                ZPC-636-20
Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous[High Heel Steppin' Radio Clean]   RuPaul                                        ZPC-583-16
Looks Like They Were Right [Amended Album Version]               Lit                                           ZPC-566-13
Loosen Up My Strings                                             Black, Clint                                  HHC-082-01
Loosen Up My Strings                                             Black, Clint                                  HHDC-11-01
Lord Give Me A Sign [Radio Version]                              DMX                                           ZPC-2623-12
Lord Have Mercy [Album Version]                                  Smith, Michael W. Feat. Grant, Amy            ZPC-489-19
Lord I Hope This Day Is Good                                     Womack, Lee Ann                               S-057-12
Lose Control [Clean]                                             Elliott, Missy Feat. Ciara                    ZPC-616-05
Lose It                                                          Cartel                                        ZPC-2725-04
Lose My Breath                                                   Destiny's Child                               ZPC-584-05
Lose My Soul[Toby's Mix]                                         tobyMac Feat. Kirk Franklin And Mandisa       ZPC-2826-18
Lose This Life [Radio Edit]                                      Tait                                          ZPC-538-19
Lose Yourself [Clean]                                            Eminem                                        ZPC-481-07
Losing Generation [Radio Version]                                Happyendings                                  ZPC-2615-14
Losing Grip                                                      Lavigne, Avril                                ZPC-505-03
Losing My Religion                                               R. E. M.                                      S-159-06
Losing My Touch                                                  Rolling Stones, The                           S-079B-20
Lost                                                             Hill, Faith                                   ZPC-2720-13
Lost                                                             Buble, Michael                                ZPC-2801-01
Lost                                                             Menudo                                        ZPC-2824-02
Lost And Found[DJ Dan Radio Edit]                                Delerium                                      ZPC-2720-18
Lost Highway                                                     Bon Jovi                                      ZPC-2739-01
Lost In The Fifties Tonight                                      Milsap, Ronnie                                CC-01-11
Lost In The Fifties Tonight                                      Milsap, Ronnie                                MB-01-07
Lost In The Moment[Single Version]                               Big & Rich                                    ZPC-2707-09
Lost One [Clean]                                                 Jay-Z Feat. Chrisette Michele                 ZPC-2648-08
Lost Without U [LP Version]                                      Thicke, Robin                                 ZPC-2649-05
Lost Without You [New Mix]                                       Goodrem, Delta                                ZPC-625-03
Lost Yo Mind [Josh Harris Radio Mix]                             Mashay, Pepper                                ZPC-2641-15
Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do                                        Bentley, Dierks                               ZPC-602-11
Loud                                                             Big & Rich                                    ZPC-2746-13
Louie Louie                                                      Kingsmen, The                                 MB-08-12
Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man                                 Lynn, Loretta & Twitty, Conway                CC-04-03
Lounge Act                                                       Nirvana                                       S-046-09
                                                                   109                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Love                                                 Day Of Fire                                 ZPC-2652-19
Love & Marriage                                      Shore, Dinah                                F50-07-13
Love & Negotiation                                   Johnson, Carolyn Dawn                       ZPC-2631-09
Love @ 1st Sight [Radio Edit W/O Intro               Blige, Mary J. feat Method Man              ZPC-519-09
Love [Radio Edit]                                    Cole, Keyshia                               ZPC-2603-05
Love Ain't Like That                                 Hill, Faith                                 HHC-086-05
Love And Marriage                                    Sinatra, Frank                              MB-06-19
Love And Marriage                                    Sinatra, Frank                              S-021-10
Love And Marriage                                    Sinatra, Frank                              S-033-09
Love And Memories                                    O.A.R.                                      ZPC-636-16
Love And War                                         Drowning Pool                               ZPC-576-13
Love Angel [Edit]                                    JS                                          ZPC-536-05
Love At First Feel                                   AC/DC                                       S-035-02
Love Can Build A Bridge                              Judds, The                                  MB-04-18
Love Changes Everything                              Romantic Strings                            S-134-09
Love Changes Everything [Album Version]              Aaron Lines                                 ZPC-509-10
Love Comes Again [Radio Edit]                        Tiesto Feat. BT                             ZPC-568-17
Love Don't Come Easy                                 Peppers, Nancy                              MC-02-13
Love Don't Cost A Thing                              Lopez, Jennifer                             HHD-83-03
Love Don't Cost A Thing                              Lopez, Jennifer                             TPH-01-03
Love Don't Live Here                                 Lady Antebellum                             ZPC-2738-09
Love Generation [Bob Sinclar Radio Edit]             Sinclar, Bob Feat. Gary Pine                ZPC-642-17
Love Gets Me Every Time                              Twain, Shania                               HHDC-09-02
Love Gets Me Every Time                              Twain, Shania                               S-008-03
Love Grows                                           Edison Lighthouse                           S-103-07
Love Her Madly                                       Doors, The                                  S-082-02
Love Her Madly                                       Doors, The                                  S-158-06
Love Hurts                                           Nazareth                                    GR70-01-09
Love Hurts                                           Nazareth                                    S-087-19
Love In The First Degree                             Alabama                                     CC-03-05
Love In This Club (Part 2)                           Usher Feat. Beyonce And Lil Wayne           ZPC-2818-05
Love In This Club[Clean]                             Usher Feat. Young Jeezy                     ZPC-2808-06
Love Is A Battlefield                                Benatar, Pat                                AE80-02-05
Love Is A Beautiful Thing                            Vassar, Phil                                ZPC-2744-12
Love Is A Crime [Thunderpuss Radio Edit]             Anastacia                                   ZPC-505-16
Love Is A Drug [Creamer & K Radio Edit]              Rosko                                       ZPC-604-18
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing                      Four Faces, The                             ERG-05-14
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing [Album Version]      Manilow, Barry                              ZPC-2613-02
Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing                      Four Aces, The                              F50-03-01
Love Is Alive                                        Judds, The                                  S-129-10
Love Is All Around                                   Troggs, The                                 S-106-06
Love Is All That Really Matters                      Sharp, Kevin                                HHC-077-12
Love Is Blind                                        Eve Featuring Evans, Faith                  NMT-38-08
Love Is Blind                                        Eve                                         RC-10-08
Love Is For Giving                                   Berry, John                                 HHC-091-12
Love Is Free                                         Crow, Sheryl                                ZPC-2750-01
Love Is Here[Album Version]                          Tenth Avenue North                          ZPC-2808-19
Love Is Just A Game                                  Gatlin Brothers, The                        MC-05-13
Love Is Not A Fight[Radio Mix]                       Barfield, Warren                            ZPC-2830-20
Love Is On A Roll                                    Williams, Don                               CC-09-03
Love Is On The Way                                   Dion, Celine                                S-060-05
Love Is Strange                                      Mickey & Sylvia                             F50-07-04
Love Is Strong                                       Rolling Stones, The                         S-079B-11
Love Is The Right Place                              White, Bryan                                HHDC-09-14
                                                      110                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Love Is...                                                       Elam, Katrina                                 ZPC-2629-13
Love Iz [Radio Edit]                                             Sermon, Erick                                 ZPC-501-09
Love Letters In The Sand                                         Boone, Pat                                    ERG-06-14
Love Letters In The Sand                                         Boone, Pat                                    F50-05-04
Love Like Honey[Radio Edit]                                      Pretty Ricky                                  ZPC-2726-08
Love Like There's No Tomorrow                                    Tippin, Aaron Feat. Thea Tippin               ZPC-492-11
Love Like This                                                   Bedingfield, Natasha Feat. Sean Kingston      ZPC-2739-03
Love Like This[Johnny Vicious Radio Mix]                         Bedingfield, Natasha                          ZPC-2749-16
Love Like Winter [LP Version]                                    AFI                                           ZPC-2638-16
Love Love Love                                                   Kravitz, Lenny                                ZPC-2821-18
Love Machine (Pt 1)                                              Miracles, The                                 S-154-20
Love Machine (Pt. 1)                                             Miracles, The                                 ERG-06-09
Love Me [Clean Radio Edit]                                       Trice, Obie, Eminem & 50 Cent                 ZPC-495-08
Love Me Dead[Radio Edit]                                         Ludo                                          ZPC-2816-15
Love Me Do                                                       Beatles, The                                  S-072-01
Love Me If You Can                                               Keith, Toby                                   ZPC-2723-08
Love Me No More[Super Clean]                                     Jones, Jim                                    ZPC-2806-09
Love Me Or Hate Me [Friscia And Lamboy Radio Edit]               Lady Sovereign Feat. Missy Elliott            ZPC-2704-16
Love Me Or Hate Me [Xtra Clean]                                  Lady Sovereign                                ZPC-2637-08
Love Me Right [Radio Edit]                                       Angel City & McAllen, Lara                    ZPC-554-17
Love Me Tender                                                   Presley, Elvis                                F50-01-11
Love Me Tender                                                   Presley, Elvis                                S-010-05
Love Me Tomorrow                                                 Chicago                                       S-013-05
Love Me Two Times                                                Doors, The                                    S-157-06
Love Needs A Fool                                                LeDoux, Chris                                 S-009-05
Love Needs A Holiday                                             McEntire, Reba                                ZPC-2604-08
Love Of A Lifetime                                               Firehouse                                     MB-05-14
Love Of A Woman                                                  Tritt, Travis                                 HHC-109-02
Love Of My Life                                                  Kershaw, Sammy & Clark, Terri                 HHC-077-14
Love Of My Life                                                  Kershaw, Sammy                                HHC-73-12
Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) [Squeaky Clean Radio Edit]   Badu, Erykah &Common                          ZPC-475-08
Love Potion No. 9                                                Clovers, The                                  S-101-11
Love Profusion [The Passengerz Club Mix Edit]                    Madonna                                       ZPC-557-17
Love Reign O'er Me                                               Pearl Jam                                     ZPC-2711-14
Love Remains                                                     Alabama                                       S-041-10
Love Remains The Same                                            Rossdale, Gavin                               ZPC-2815-17
Love Remembers                                                   Morgan, Craig                                 ZPC-2819-14
Love Sensation '06 [Hi Tack Burnin' Up Radio Edit]               Holloway, Loleatta                            ZPC-2629-19
Love Serenade                                                    White, Barry                                  S-074-05
Love Shack                                                       B-52s                                         AE80-01-02
Love She Can't Live Without                                      Black, Clint                                  HHC-100-03
Love Song                                                        Bareilles, Sara                               ZPC-2738-01
Love Song                                                        311                                           ZPC-551-13
Love Song [Radio Version]                                        Missez Feat. Pimp C.                          ZPC-2614-07
Love Stinks                                                      J. Geils Band, The                            S-054-09
Love Story                                                       McPhee, Katharine                             ZPC-2720-02
Love Sweet Sound[Album Version]                                  Groove Armada                                 ZPC-2805-17
Love Takes Time                                                  Carey, Mariah                                 S-066A-02
Love That Man [Pound Boys Love That Mix]                         Houston, Whitney                              ZPC-516-15
Love The Lord                                                    Brewster, Lincoln                             ZPC-2726-19
Love Theme From "Romeo & Juliet"                                 Mancini, Henry & His Orchestra                L60-01-03
Love Theme From "The Godfather"                                  Williams, Andy                                MB-20-12
Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet                                   Tuscany, An Evening in                        S-120-05
Love Today[Moto Blanco Mix Radio Edit]                           Mika                                          ZPC-2734-17
                                                                   111                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Love Travels                                                  Mattea, Kathy                                           HHC-071-06
Love Trip                                                     Kilgore, Jerry                                          HHC-092-12
Love Will Always Win                                          Brooks, Garth & Trisha Yearwood                         ZPC-2604-09
Love Will Come Back [Radio Edit]                              Chicago                                                 ZPC-2618-02
Love Will Never Do (Without You)                              Jackson, Janet                                          S-065-07
Love Will Save The Day (Remix)                                Houston, Whitney                                        S-069B-11
Love Won't Let Me [Album Version]                             Cochran, Tammy                                          ZPC-500-12
Love You                                                      Ingram, Jack                                            ZPC-2621-12
Love You Down                                                 INOJ                                                    RC-05-09
Love You For A Day                                            Martin, Ricky                                           S-005-07
Love You Lately [Album Version]                               Powter, Daniel                                          ZPC-2640-03
Love You More                                                 Ginuwine                                                ZPC-531-06
Love You Out Loud                                             Rascal Flatts                                           ZPC-497-12
Love You With All My Heart                                    Evans, Sara                                             ZPC-2823-13
Love, Me                                                      Raye, Collin                                            S-075-01
Love, Peace & Happiness                                       Out Of Eden                                             ZPC-557-19
Love[LP Version]                                              White, Matt                                             ZPC-2831-01
Lovefool                                                      Cardigans, The                                          RC-03-16
Lovefool                                                      Cardigans, The                                          RC-04-02
Lovelight[Soul Seekerz Radio Edit]                            Williams, Robbie                                        ZPC-2811-16
Lover Come Back[Radio Edit]                                   Morrison, Van                                           ZPC-2817-02
Lover Man                                                     Romantic Piano                                          S-137-10
Loverboy                                                      Carey, Mariah                                           HHD-87-14
Lovercall [Album Version]                                     Danko Jones                                             ZPC-628-15
Lovers And Friends [Radio]                                    Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz Feat. Usher And Ludacris   ZPC-593-06
Lovers Rock                                                   Sade                                                    S-058-10
Love's Divine [Passengerz Divine Radio Mix]                   Seal                                                    ZPC-551-16
Love's Divine [Single Version]                                Seal                                                    ZPC-549-01
Love's Got A Hold On You                                      Jackson, Alan                                           CC-07-08
Love's Got An Attitude (It Is What It Is)                     Dalley, Amy                                             ZPC-504-11
Love's Old Sweet Song (Strings)                               Old Fashioned Wedding                                   BRD-03-02
Love's The Only House                                         McBride, Martina                                        HHC-095-03
Lovesick Blues                                                Cline, Patsy                                            MC-01-10
Lovestoned/I Think She Knows[Radio Edit]                      Timberlake, Justin                                      ZPC-2727-04
Lovin' All Night                                              Crowell, Rodney                                         CC-07-20
Lovin' All Night                                              Loveless, Patty                                         ZPC-519-12
Lovin', Touchin, Squeezin'                                    Journey                                                 S-032-11
Loving Every Minute                                           Wills, Mark                                             HHC-109-09
Loving You '03 [Marc Et Claude With Paul Hutsch Radio Edit]   Et Claude, Marc                                         ZPC-512-16
Loving You Could Never Be Better                              Jones, George                                           CC-06-08
Low [Album Version]                                           Clarkson, Kelly                                         ZPC-523-05
Low [Edit]                                                    Foo Fighters                                            ZPC-520-14
Low Rider                                                     War                                                     MB-21-18
Low[Clean]                                                    Flo Rida                                                ZPC-2738-07
Lucille                                                       Rogers, Kenny                                           ERG-03-14
Lucille                                                       Little Richard                                          S-061-03
Luck Be A Lady                                                Sinatra, Frank                                          S-021-04
Luckenbach, Texas                                             Jennings, Waylon                                        CC-02-18
Lucky                                                         Spears, Britney                                         HHD-80-01
Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)                             SHeDAISY                                                HHC-103-14
Lucky Man                                                     Emerson, Lake & Palmer                                  S-088-08
Lucky Man                                                     Montgomery Gentry                                       ZPC-2705-12
Lucky Me, Lucky You                                           Parnell, Lee Roy                                        HHDC-08-04
Lucky Star                                                    Madonna                                                 S-067-02
                                                                112                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Lucky Star [Pasta People Radio Mix]                   Karma Club                                       ZPC-566-18
Lucky Star [Remix Radio Edit]                         Basement Jaxx feat. Dizzee Rascal                ZPC-545-14
Lullaby Of Clubland                                   Everything But The Girl                          HHD-83-13
Lump                                                  Presidents Of The United States                  MB-14-20
Luv                                                   Jackson, Janet                                   ZPC-2807-06
Luv Me Baby [Clean Version]                           Lee, Murphy feat. Jazze Pha & Sleepy Brown ZPC-543-07
Luxurious [Album Version]                             Stefani, Gwen                                    ZPC-639-06
Lyin' Eyes                                            Eagles, The                                      S-092-03
Lying From You [Album Version]                        Linkin Park                                      ZPC-553-13
                                                      Panic! At The [Radio
Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off Disco Version]                    ZPC-2638-14
Lying Through Your Teeth [Album Version]              Head Automatica                                  ZPC-2634-13
Lyla [Radio Edit]                                     Oasis                                            ZPC-614-15
M*A*S*H* Theme                                        Romantic Strings                                 S-136-12
Ma, I Don't Love Her [Radio Mix]                      Clipse Feat. Faith Evans                         ZPC-495-07
Macarena                                              Los Del Rio                                      MB-10-15
Macarena                                              Los Del Rio                                      RC-01-12
Macarena (Country Version)                            Groovegrass Boyz                                 HHDC-07-03
Macho Man                                             Village People                                   MB-18-09
Mack The Knife                                        Darin, Bobby                                     F50-02-13
Mack The Knife                                        Darin, Bobby                                     MB-03-05
Mad Cowboy Disease[Radio Edit]                        Montgomery, John Michael                         ZPC-2813-10
Mad Cowboy Disease[Radio Edit]                        Montgomery, John Michael                         ZPC-2813-10
Made In Japan                                         Owens, Buck                                      CC-06-15
Made Of Scars[Radio Edit]                             Stone Sour                                       ZPC-2717-12
Made To Love [AC Mix With Fade]                       TobyMac                                          ZPC-2645-18
Made To Worship [Radio Bridge Edit]                   Tomlin, Chris                                    ZPC-2630-19
Made You Look [Clean Version]                         Nas                                              ZPC-492-07
Made[Radio Edit]                                      Rowden, Caleb                                    ZPC-2741-20
Madly                                                 Prettyman, Tristan                               ZPC-2820-02
Maggie May                                            Stewart, Rod                                     S-015-01
Maggie May                                            Stewart, Rod                                     S-068-02
Magic Carpet Ride                                     Steppenwolf                                      ERG-06-04
Magic Carpet Ride                                     Steppenwolf                                      GR70-01-05
Magic Is The Moonlight                                Romantic Strings                                 S-132-03
Magic Stick [Clean]                                   Lil Kim Feat. 50 Cent                            ZPC-511-08
Magic[Radio Edit]                                     Thicke, Robin                                    ZPC-2824-07
Main Title "Crazy World"                              Mancini, Henry                                   DM-03-09
Majesty (Here I Am) [Edit]                            Delirious?                                       ZPC-573-20
Make A Move                                           Incubus                                          ZPC-620-14
Make A Move On Me                                     Newton-John, Olivia                              RUSA-02-04
Make A Move On Me [Radio Edit]                        Negro, Joey                                      ZPC-2625-19
Make 'Em Mad [Clean]                                  Chopper City Boyz Feat. B.G.                     ZPC-2652-08
Make Her Feel Good [Xtra Clean Radio]                 Mari, Teairra                                    ZPC-616-06
Make It Alright [Radio Edit]                          Thomas, Carl                                     ZPC-558-07
Make It Clap [Radio Edit]                             Busta Rhymes Feat. Spliff Star                   ZPC-484-07
Make It Clap [Remix Radio Edit]                       Busta Rhymes With Sean Paul Feat. Spliff Star    ZPC-491-08
Make It Happen                                        Carey, Mariah                                    S-066A-07
Make It Hot[Clean]                                    Wiz Khalifa                                      ZPC-2830-10
Make It Rain [Clean Version]                          Boo                                              ZPC-2704-07
Make It Rain [Xtra Clean]                             Fat Joe Feat. Lil Wayne                          ZPC-2636-05
Make It Up With Love [Radio Edit]                     ATL                                              ZPC-553-08
Make Me A Song [Radio Edit]                           Dean, Kiley                                      ZPC-514-08
Make Me Better[Clean]                                 Fabolous Feat. Ne-Yo                             ZPC-2717-07
Make Someone Happy                                    Durante, Jimmy                                   S-097-11
                                                        113                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Make The World Go Away                               Arnold, Eddy                                    L60-01-06
Make The World Go Away                               Gilley, Mickey                                  MC-07-12
Make Up In Love                                      Stone, Doug                                     BC99-09
Make Up Sex [Claude Le Gache Mixshow]                Clear Static                                    ZPC-645-18
Make Up Your Mind                                    Theory Of A Deadman                             ZPC-495-14
Make Your Move [Radio Edit]                          Armstrong, Dave                                 ZPC-577-19
MakeDamnSure                                         Taking Back Sunday                              ZPC-2611-16
Makes Me Wonder[Remix Edit]                          Maroon 5                                        ZPC-2729-18
Makes Me Wonder[Super Clean]                         Maroon 5                                        ZPC-2713-03
Makin' Whoopee                                       Dr. John & Jones, Rickie Lee                    S-097-04
Making Memories Of Us [Radio Single Edit]            Urban, Keith                                    ZPC-609-09
Mama Africa                                          Akon                                            ZPC-2718-04
Mama Don't Get Dressed For Nothing                   Brooks & Dunn                                   HHDC-07-04
Mama He's Crazy                                      Judds, The                                      CC-01-03
Mama He's Crazy                                      Judds, The                                      S-129-03
Mama Tried                                           Haggard, Merle                                  MC-04-10
Mamacita                                             Collie Buddz                                    ZPC-2725-05
Mamacita [Radio]                                     Baby Bash Feat. Marcos Hernandez                ZPC-2602-11
Mama's Green Eyes & Daddy's Wild Hair                Hobbs, Becky                                    MC-09-19
Mama's Room                                          Under The Influence Of Giants                   ZPC-2629-02
Mama's Room [Passengerz Mamaz Radio]                 Under The Influence Of Giants                   ZPC-2639-16
Mamasita [Radio Edit]                                Flexy                                           ZPC-582-18
Mambo #5                                             Bega, Lou                                       NMT-27-02
Mambo #5                                             Bega, Lou                                       RC-09-14
Mambo #5 (Part 1)                                    Bega, Lou                                       HT18-42-05
Mambo #5 (Part 2)                                    Bega, Lou                                       HT18-42-06
Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys   Bruce, Ed                                       MC-10-01
Man In Black                                         Cash, Johnny                                    S-143-12
Man Of Me                                            Allan, Gary                                     ZCH1-06-05
Man On A Mission                                     Hall, Daryl & John Oates                        ZPC-512-02
Man That Turned My Mama On, The                      Tucker, Tanya                                   MC-06-06
Man To Man                                           Allan, Gary                                     ZPC-481-11
Man, I Feel Like A Woman!                            Twain, Shania                                   S-008-01
Mandolin Moon [Radio Edit]                           Sister Hazel                                    ZPC-2634-01
Mandy                                                Jonas Brothers                                  ZPC-2609-02
Maneater                                             Hall & Oats                                     AE80-01-03
Maneater [Radio Edit]                                Furtado, Nelly                                  ZPC-2635-05
Maneater [RHV Solmatic Edit]                         Furtado, Nelly                                  ZPC-2647-18
Manhattan Skyline                                    Shire, David                                    S-022-08
Maniac                                               Sambello, Michael                               AE80-01-10
Many Rivers To Cross                                 Cliff, Jimmy                                    REG-01-09
Many Shades Of Black                                 Raconteurs                                      ZPC-2827-15
Maps                                                 Yeah Yeah Yeahs                                 ZPC-554-14
Marches from the Vannes country                      Celtic - The Chieftains                         S-119-04
Marco Polo[Radio Edit]                               Bow Wow Feat. Soulja Boy Tell'em                ZPC-2830-09
Margarita [Radio]                                    Sleepy Brown Feat. Big Boi & Pharrell           ZPC-2619-08
Margaritaville                                       Buffett, Jimmy                                  MB-04-03
Margaritaville                                       Buffett, Jimmy                                  S-150-01
Maria                                                Martin, Ricky                                   MB-16-02
Maria                                                Martin, Ricky                                   RC-02-08
Maria                                                Martin, Ricky                                   S-005-14
Maria, Maria                                         Santana & The Product G&B                       RC-10-16
Marianne                                             Gilkyson, Terry & The Easy Riders               F50-04-09
Marie                                                Dorsey, Tommy w/ Jack Leonard, vocals           BAND-03-07
                                                      114                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Marrakech [Airplay Mix]                                 ATB                                         ZPC-573-18
Martyr [Paul Van Dyk Radio Mix]                         Depeche Mode                                ZPC-2644-16
Mary [Radio Edit]                                       Amos, Tori                                  ZPC-538-02
Mary Jane's Last Dance                                  Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers              S-027-17
Matches                                                 Kershaw, Sammy                              HHC-077-03
Material Girl                                           Madonna                                     S-067-05
Maui Hawaiian Sup'pa Man                                Brother Iz                                  S-140-12
Maureen                                                 Fountains Of Wayne                          ZPC-619-01
Maybe                                                   Braxton, Toni                               TPH-02-09
Maybe [Almighty Radio Edit]                             Bunton, Emma                                ZPC-603-19
Maybe [Mark Taylor's Mix]                               Iglesias, Enrique                           ZPC-493-01
Maybe I Deserve                                         Tank                                        TRBH-01-03
Maybe Not Tonight                                       Kershaw, Sammy & Morgan, Lorrie             HHC-088-14
Maybe She'll Get Lonely[Radio Edit]                     Ingram, Jack                                ZPC-2743-09
Maybe Tomorrow                                          Jackson 5, The                              S-093-10
Mayberry                                                Rascal Flatts                               ZPC-548-09
Me & Jesus                                              Stellar Kart                                ZPC-2628-19
Me & U [Radio]                                          Cassie                                      ZPC-2613-04
Me Against The Music                                    Spears, Britney Feat. Madonna               ZPC-535-04
Me Against The Music [Gabriel & Dresden Radio Mix]      Spears, Britney Feat. Madonna               ZPC-540-16
Me Against The Music [Rishi Rich's Desi Kulcha Remix]   Spears, Britney Feat. Madonna               ZPC-536-16
Me And Bobby McGee                                      Pride, Charlie                              MC-08-17
Me And Bobby McGee                                      Joplin, Janis                               S-083-06
Me And Bobby McGee                                      Joplin, Janis                               S-095-10
Me And Charlie                                          Lambert, Miranda                            ZPC-587-12
Me And Emily                                            Proctor, Rachel                             ZPC-559-10
Me And God                                              Turner, Josh                                ZPC-2644-10
Me And Maxine                                           Kershaw, Sammy                              HHC-095-08
Me And Maxine                                           Kershaw, Sammy                              NMT-38-12
Me And My Gang                                          Rascal Flatts                               ZPC-2616-11
Me And You                                              Chesney, Kenny                              S-128-06
Me Love[Album Version]                                  Kingston, Sean                              ZPC-2731-04
Me, Myself & I [Junior's Club Edit]                     Beyonce                                     ZPC-549-16
Me, Myself & I [Radio Edit]                             Beyonce                                     ZPC-537-08
Meant To Live [Album Version]                           Switchfoot                                  ZPC-529-12
Meant To Live [Remix]                                   Switchfoot                                  ZPC-544-03
Meanwhile                                               Strait, George                              HHC-086-01
Measure Of A Man[Album Version]                         Ingram, Jack                                ZPC-2715-10
Meat And Potato Man                                     Long, Brice                                 ZPC-2618-10
Meditation from "Thais"                                 Clark, Bev                                  WED-03-07
Medley describing Breton ceremony                       Celtic - The Chieftains                     S-119-09
Medley each member plays a song of his choice           Celtic - The Chieftains                     S-119-06
Meds [Single Version]                                   Placebo Feat. Alison Mosshart               ZPC-2642-14
Meet Virginia                                           Train                                       RR99-07-16
Megalomaniac [Radio Edit]                               Incubus                                     ZPC-547-09
Megamix 04 [Chris Cox Radio Edit]                       Jackson, Janet                              ZPC-545-15
Megamix 2000                                            Earth, Wind & Fire                          HT18-41-08
Melancholy Serenade                                     Francis, Connie                             S-118-19
Melodie d'Amour (Melody Of Love)                        Ames Brothers, The                          F50-07-11
Melody Of Love (Strings)                                Old Fashioned Wedding                       BRD-03-04
Memories [Widelife Radio Edit]                          Rockik                                      ZPC-518-17
Memories Are Made Of This                               Martin, Dean                                F50-04-02
Memories Of You                                         Gray, Glen & His Casa Loma Orchestra        BAND-06-08
Memphis                                                 Nail, David                                 ZCH2-05-09
                                                          115                             Last updated: 8/14/08
                                B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Memphis Soul Song [Remix]                                   Uncle Kracker                                   ZPC-528-02
Memphis Women & Chicken                                     Brown, T. Graham                                HHC-094-10
Men & Mascara                                               Roberts, Julie                                  ZPC-2612-11
Men Buy The Drinks (Girls Call The Shots)                   Holy, Steve                                     ZPC-2718-09
Men Don't Change                                            Dalley, Amy                                     ZPC-552-12
Mendocino County Line                                       Nelson, Willie & Womack, Leann                  ZCH2-03-02
Mercedes Benz                                               Joplin, Janis                                   S-095-11
Mercedes Boy                                                Pebbles                                         ERG-07-08
Mercy                                                       Duffy                                           ZPC-2813-03
Mercy                                                       Duffy                                           ZPC-2813-03
Merry Christmas [(I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) Revised]   Ramone, Joey                                    ZPC-494-12
Mesmerize [Amended Album Version]                           Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti                           ZPC-492-06
Mesmerized [Freemasons Radio Edit]                          Evans, Faith                                    ZPC-631-18
Mesmerized [Radio]                                          Evans, Faith                                    ZPC-623-12
Message To Myself                                           Etheridge, Melissa                              ZPC-2733-01
Mexico                                                      Taylor, James                                   S-048-10
Miami                                                       Smith, Will                                     RC-08-01
Mickey                                                      Basil, Toni                                     ERG-06-01
Mickey                                                      Basil, Toni                                     AE80-01-13
Mickey's Monkey                                             Miracles, The                                   S-117-09
Middle Of Nowhere                                           Hot Hot Heat                                    ZPC-621-14
Midnight Confessions                                        Grass Roots, The                                S-100-01
Midnight Oil                                                Mandrell, Barbara                               MC-03-16
Midnight Rider                                              Allman Brothers Band, The                       GR70-01-03
Midnight Rider [Radio Edit]                                 Nelson, Willie with special guest Toby Keith    ZPC-584-10
Midnight Sun[Single Version]                                Brooks, Garth                                   ZPC-2811-10
Midnight Tango (Tango)                                      Murray, Arthur                                  BRD-01-16
Might Have Been                                             Holy, Steve                                     ZPC-2816-10
Might Oregon - U of OR Fight Song                           All-American Marching Band                      S-141-15
Mightnight Train To Georgia                                 Knight, Gladys                                  S-149-01
Mighty To Save                                              Story, Laura                                    ZPC-2812-20
Migration                                                   Buffett, Jimmy                                  S-150-02
Miles After Dark                                            Benoit, David                                   HHD-75-08
Miles To Go (Before I Sleep)                                Dion, Celine                                    S-060-09
Milkshake [Clean Version]                                   Kelis                                           ZPC-537-06
Milkshake [X-Press 2 Radio Edit]                            Kelis                                           ZPC-543-17
Million Miles                                               Fuel                                            ZPC-547-12
Mind Of The Wonderful [Short Cut]                           Blank & Jones Feat. Elles                       ZPC-608-16
Mind On The Road                                            Rev Run                                         ZPC-638-06
Mind Your Own Business                                      Williams, Hank Jr.                              CC-01-12
Mine [Album Version]                                        Taproot                                         ZPC-510-13
Mine All Mine                                               SHeDAISY                                        ZCH2-05-06
Mine For Me                                                 Stewart, Rod                                    S-015-18
Minerva                                                     Deftones                                        ZPC-511-15
Minimal                                                     Pet Shop Boys                                   ZPC-2648-18
Minivan                                                     Hometown News                                   ZCH2-04-08
Minute By Minute                                            Doobie Brothers, The                            S-077-15
Miracle                                                     Audio Adrenaline                                ZPC-577-21
Miracle [Album Version]                                     Foo Fighters                                    ZPC-2621-14
Miracle [Radio Mix]                                         Cascada                                         ZPC-2618-18
Miracle Of The Moment[Album Version]                        Chapman, Steven Curtis                          ZPC-2731-18
Miracles                                                    Jefferson Starship                              S-083-12
Miracles Happen (When You Believe)                          Myra                                            ZPH2-01-08
Mirror                                                      BarlowGirl                                      ZPC-593-20
                                                             116                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Mirror In The Bathroom                               English Beat, The                            ERG-03-01
Mirror Mirror                                        Diamond Rio                                  CC-07-09
Mirror Mirror                                        M2M                                          HHD-76-04
Mirror Mirror                                        M2M                                          NMT-38-07
Miserable                                            Lit                                          RC-10-10
Misery & Gin                                         Haggard, Merle                               S-018-07
Misery Business                                      Paramore                                     ZPC-2729-15
Misery Loves Company                                 Wagoner, Porter                              MC-04-12
Misfit                                               Elefant                                      ZPC-590-15
Miss California                                      Thomas, Dante                                HHD-86-14
Miss Independent [Album Version]                     Clarkson, Kelly                              ZPC-510-05
Miss Independent[Album Version]                      Ne-Yo                                        ZPC-2832-05
Miss Me Baby                                         Cagle, Chris                                 ZPC-622-12
Miss Misery                                          Smith, Elliott                               RA98-05-16
Miss Murder [Edit]                                   AFI                                          ZPC-2616-13
Miss You                                             Rolling Stones, The                          S-079B-03
Miss You                                             Aaliyah                                      ZPC-487-06
Miss You [Remix]                                     Aaliyah Feat. Jay-Z                          ZPC-506-07
Miss You Much                                        Jackson, Janet                               S-065-06
Missed The Boat[Amended]                             Modest Mouse                                 ZPC-2723-12
Missing                                              Everything But The Girl                      MB-18-03
Missing                                              Everything But The Girl                      RC-01-05
Missing Pages                                        Seventh Day Slumber                          ZPC-2719-19
Missing You                                          Waite, John                                  ERG-06-02
Missing You                                          Brooks & Dunn                                HHC-092-02
Missing You                                          Case                                         TRBH-01-04
Mission Responsible [Amended]                        Tolcher, Michael                             ZPC-626-04
Mission Temple Fireworks Stand                       Sawyer Brown Feat. Robert Randolph           ZPC-597-10
Mission: Impossible                                  Movie Theme                                  S-052-01
Mississippi Girl                                     Hill, Faith                                  ZPC-618-11
Mississippi Queen                                    Osbourne, Ozzy                               ZPC-608-12
Mister Sandman                                       Four Aces, The                               DM-03-07
Misty                                                Mathis, Johnny                               MB-06-09
Misty                                                Stevens, Ray                                 MC-02-18
Misty                                                Price, Lloyd                                 S-117-14
Misty Blue                                           Spears, Billie Jo                            MC-09-02
Misunderstood [Mainstream Pop Version]               Bon Jovi                                     ZPC-490-02
Mixed Emotions                                       Rolling Stones, The                          S-079B-12
mOBSCENE [Radio Edit]                                Marilyn Manson                               ZPC-510-12
Mockingbird [Album Version]                          Keith, Toby Feat. Krystal                    ZPC-593-09
Mockingbird [Amended Album Version]                  Eminem                                       ZPC-596-07
Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde                          Tritt, Travis                                ZCH2-02-05
Modern Day Romance                                   Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                       CC-01-18
Moma's Never Seen Those Eyes                         Forester Sisters, The                        CC-01-20
Moment Made For Worshipping [Radio Edit #1           Chapman, Steven Curtis                       ZPC-541-17
Moments [Radio Edit]                                 Emerson Drive                                ZPC-2650-09
Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys   Jennings, Waylon & Nelson, Willie            CC-02-04
Mona Lisa                                            Cole, Nat King                               F50-01-13
Mona Lisa                                            Romantic Strings                             S-132-02
Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile                             Coe, David Allan                             CC-08-10
Monday Morning Church                                Jackson, Alan                                ZPC-587-11
Money (Part 1)                                       Jelleestone                                  HHD-87-05
Money (That's What I Want)                           Flying Lizards                               S-054-06
Money Ain't A Thing                                  Dupri, Jermaine w/Jay Z                      BPH8-01-07
                                                      117                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Money In The Bank [Clean]                      Lil Scrappy Feat. Young Buck                             ZPC-2632-09
Money In The Bank[Clean]                       Swizz Beatz                                              ZPC-2722-07
Money Maker [Edit]                             Ludacris Feat. Pharrell                                  ZPC-2630-02
Money Or Love                                  Black, Clint                                             ZCH2-03-14
Monkey In The Middle                           Atkins, Rodney                                           ZPC-597-11
Mono [Clean]                                   Love, Courtney                                           ZPC-548-13
Monoculture [Jan Driver Radio Edit]            Soft Cell                                                ZPC-486-19
Monsters                                       Matchbook Romance                                        ZPC-2620-14
Montana [Original Mix]                         Hum, Venus                                               ZPC-511-17
Montego Bay                                    Notes, Freddie & The Rudies                              REG-01-11
Mony Mony                                      James, Tommy                                             MB-13-15
Mony Mony                                      Idol, Billy                                              ERG-01-04
Mony Mony (Live)                               Idol, Billy                                              MB-05-01
Moody Blue                                     Presley, Elvis                                           CC-02-16
Moon River                                     Mancini, Henry & His Orchestra                           L60-01-14
Moondance                                      Morrison, Van                                            S-080-02
Moonglow                                       Goodman, Benny                                           BAND-01-10
Moonglow                                       Bown, Les & His Band of Renown                           BAND-06-04
Moonglow                                       Brown, Les & His Orchestra                               BAND-07-11
Moonglow (Big Band)                            Old Fashioned Wedding Dance                              BRD-02-05
Moonglow & Theme From "Picnic"                 Stoloff, Morris conducting the Columbia Pictures Orch    F50-03-09
Moonlight Becomes You                          Miller, Glenn Orchestra & Nelson, Skip                   BAND-06-15
Moonlight Cocktail (Big Band)                  Old Fashioned Wedding Dance                              BRD-02-10
Moonlight Serenade                             Miller, Glenn                                            BAND-02-12
Moonlight Serenade                             Miller, Glenn                                            MB-12-12
Moonlight Serenade (Big Band)                  Old Fashioned Wedding Dance                              BRD-02-01
Moonshadow                                     Stevens, Cat                                             S-011-05
More                                           Williams, Andy                                           MB-23-19
More                                           Romantic Strings                                         S-131-09
More                                           Lynne, Rockie                                            ZPC-2652-09
More & More [Main Version]                     Joe                                                      ZPC-532-06
More [Radio Mix]                               West, Matthew                                            ZPC-544-17
More Or Less[Radio]                            Shyne                                                    ZPC-575-07
More Than A Feeling                            Boston                                                   S-083-01
More Than A Feeling                            Boston                                                   S-087-01
More Than A Memory                             Brooks, Garth                                            ZPC-2735-11
More Than A Woman                              Bee Gees, The                                            S-022-04
More Than A Woman                              Tavares                                                  S-022-07
More Than Everything                           Akins, Rhett                                             HHC-73-11
More Than Fine                                 Switchfoot                                               ZPC-511-19
More Than Love [Album Version]                 Los Lonely Boys                                          ZPC-590-01
More Than That                                 Backstreet Boys                                          HHD-86-05
More Than Words [English]                      J, Frankie                                               ZPC-633-05
More To This Life [Album Version]              StorySide:B                                              ZPC-2623-21
More Today Than Yesterday                      Upton, Pat                                               S-100-02
Morning Desire                                 Rogers, Kenny                                            CC-01-08
Morning Has Broken                             Stevens, Cat                                             S-011-11
Morris Brown [Clean Version]                   Outkast Feat. Scar & Sleepy Brown                        ZPC-2629-10
Moses [Live]                                   Coldplay                                                 ZPC-539-01
Most Beautiful Girl In The World               Rich, Charlie                                            MC-06-01
Most Girls                                     Pink                                                     HHD-80-07
Most Precious Love [Radio Edit]                Blaze Feat. Barbara Tucker                               ZPC-618-17
Mother In Law                                  Doe, Ernie K.                                            S-102-07
Mother Mary                                    Foxboro Hot Tubs                                         ZPC-2805-13
                                                 118                                          Last updated: 8/14/08
                                    B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                       MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Mother's Daughter                                      Santana                                         S-047-06
Mother's Little Helper                                 Rolling Stones, The                             S-079A-12
Mountain Music                                         Alabama                                         MB-02-08
Mountain Of God                                        Third Day                                       ZPC-2619-20
Mountains                                              Lonestar                                        ZPC-2625-12
Move                                                   ThousandFootKrutch                              ZPC-647-15
Move Along [Album Version]                             All-American Rejects                            ZPC-2611-05
Move Around [Xtra Clean Radio]                         BG Feat. Mannie Fresh                           ZPC-2607-07
Move On                                                Warren Brothers, The                            HHC-104-04
Move Shake Drop                                        DJ Laz Feat. Flo Rida & Casely                  ZPC-2824-09
Move This                                              Technotronic                                    MB-04-06
Move This (Hit Mix)                                    Technotronic w/Ya Kid K                         ERG-01-05
Move Ya Body [Radio Edit]                              Nina Sky Feat. Jabba                            ZPC-562-06
Move Your Body                                         Eiffel 65                                       HHD-78-08
Move Your Feet [U.S. Radio Edit]                       Junior Senior                                   ZPC-520-17
Movin' Around                                          Vengaboys                                       S-036-08
Movin' On [Radio Mix]                                  Panaghi, Chris "The Greek"                      ZPC-615-18
Movin' Up [Eddie Thoneick Radio Mix                    DJ Mike Cruz Presents Inaya Day And Chyna Ro    ZPC-2706-18
Moving Mountains[Radio Edit]                           Usher                                           ZPC-2823-05
Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy) [Album Version]           Sugar Ray                                       ZPC-511-04
Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy) [Ford's Radio Mix]        Sugar Ray                                       ZPC-515-15
Mr. Bass Man                                           Cymbal, Johnny                                  S-101-05
Mr. Blue                                               Brooks, Garth                                   S-025-09
Mr. Blue                                               Brooks, Garth                                   S-121-10
Mr. Brightside                                         Killers                                         ZPC-588-14
Mr. Brightside [The Lindbergh Palace Radio Edit]       Killers                                         ZPC-617-16
Mr. Custer                                             Verne, Larry                                    S-105-03
Mr. Jones                                              Counting Crows                                  MB-03-06
Mr. Jones [Clean]                                      Jones, Mike                                     ZPC-2703-05
Mr. Lonely [Widelife Mix]                              Cox, Deborah                                    ZPC-489-16
Mr. Me Too [Clean Version]                             Clipse Feat. Pharrell Williams                  ZPC-2623-09
Mr. Mom                                                Lonestar                                        ZPC-574-12
Mr. Pinstripe Suit                                     Big Bad Voodoo Daddy                            HHP-67-14
Mr. Right                                              Brooks, Garth                                   S-126-03
Mr. Sandman                                            Chordettes, The                                 F50-02-15
Mr. Tambourine Man                                     Dylan, Bob                                      S-056-06
Mr. Vain 2003                                          Culture Beat                                    ZPC-509-17
Ms. Jackson                                            Outkast                                         RC-12-14
Ms. New Booty [Clean]                                  Bubba Sparxxx Feat. Ying Yang Twins             ZPC-647-09
Much Of You                                            Chapman, Steven Curtis                          ZPC-591-19
Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)                 Brooks, Garth (Live)                            S-043A-11
Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)                 Brooks, Garth                                   S-125-07
Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old                   Brooks, Garth                                   S-007-07
Mud On The Tires [Single Edit]                         Paisley, Brad                                   ZPC-582-10
Muddy Water                                            Adkins, Trace                                   ZPC-2831-13
Muhammad Ali                                           Faithless                                       HHD-89-08
Mule Train                                             Laine, Frankie                                  F50-06-12
Mule Train                                             Laine, Frankie                                  MC-01-16
Multiply [Clean Radio Edit]                            Xzibit                                          ZPC-487-08
Mundian To Bach Ke [Triple X Remix]                    Panjabi MC                                      ZPC-496-16
Murder (Or Heart Attack)                               Old 97's                                        RR99-07-15
Murder On Music Row                                    Strait, George & Jackson, Alan                  S-063-02
Murder On The Dancefloor [GD Edit]                     Bextor, Sophie_Ellis                            ZPC-476-05
Muscle Of Love                                         Alice Cooper                                    S-081-13
                                                        119                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Musetta's Waltz (from LaBoheme)                Tuscany, An Evening in                      S-120-06
Music                                          Madonna                                     RC-11-03
Music And Me                                   Jackson, Michael                            S-078-11
Music For Love[Album Version]                  Mario                                       ZPC-2815-08
Music Of My Heart                              Estefan, Gloria w/'N Sync                   HHD-72-07
Music Of The Night                             Romantic Strings                            S-132-08
Music Of The Night                             West, Christopher                           S-138-01
Music Sounds Better                            Stardust                                    RC-08-09
Music! Music! Music!                           Brewer, Teresa                              F50-03-02
Musicology                                     Prince                                      ZPC-560-06
Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right                  Currington, Billy                           ZPC-619-10
Must Be Nice [Album Version]                   Jennings, Lyfe                              ZPC-606-06
Mustang Sally                                  Commitments, The                            ERG-06-06
Mustang Sally                                  Pickett, Wilson                             MB-04-09
Mutha F*cka [Clean]                            Xzibit                                      ZPC-584-07
My 6-4 [Clean]                                 Jones, Mike Feat. Snoop Dogg And Bun B      ZPC-2714-07
My All                                         Carey, Mariah                               S-066B-07
My Babe                                        Little Walter                               BLUE-02-03
My Baby                                        Lil' Romeo                                  HHD-86-13
My Baby [Album Version]                        Bow Wow Feat. Jagged Edge                   ZPC-535-08
My Baby Just Cares For You                     Simone, Nina                                S-149-08
My Baby's Lovin'                               Singletary, Daryle                          HHC-081-13
My Band [Xtra Clean Version]                   D12                                         ZPC-557-05
My Best Friend                                 McGraw, Tim                                 NMT-38-15
My Best Friend                                 McGraw, Tim                                 S-004-05
My Boo [Main]                                  Usher Feat. Alicia Keys                     ZPC-581-07
My Boy Lollipop                                Small, Millie                               REG-01-13
My Boyfriend's Back                            Angels, The                                 S-111-07
My Cherie Amour                                Wonder, Stevie                              S-096-02
My Christmas List                              Simple Plan                                 ZPC-650-10
My Chrome [Clean Album Version]                Killer Mike Feat. Big Boi                   ZPC-622-07
My Cinderella [Radio Version]                  Lil' Romeo Feat. Nick Cannon                ZPC-585-08
My Curse[Clean]                                Killswitch Engage                           ZPC-2712-14
My Dark Hour                                   Steve Miller Band                           S-155-03
My Dear                                        America                                     S-042-09
My Dearest Darling                             James, Etta                                 S-062-08
My December [Original Version]                 Linkin Park                                 ZPC-546-16
My Doorbell [Album Version]                    White Stripes                               ZPC-627-14
My Dougie[Clean]                               Lil Wil                                     ZPC-2804-05
My Drink N My 2 Step[Clean Version]            Cassidy Feat. Swizz Beatz                   ZPC-2737-10
My Elusive Dreams                              Houston, David & Wynette, Tammy             DM-02-13
My Elusive Dreams                              Houston, David & Wynette, Tammy             MC-07-09
My Everything                                  98 Degrees                                  TPH-01-08
My Eyes Adored You                             Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons              S-059-11
My Favorite Mistake                            Crow, Sheryl                                BP98-03
My Favorite Mistake                            Crow, Sheryl                                RC-08-06
My First Love [Main]                           Thomas, Carl                                ZPC-575-08
My First Night With You                        Mya                                         HT18-31-08
My Foolish Heart                               Romantic Strings                            S-133-12
My Foolish Heart                               Romantic Piano                              S-137-06
My Friend Of Misery                            Metallica                                   S-037-11
My Front Porch Looking In [Single Version]     Lonestar                                    ZPC-504-09
My Funny Valentine                             Romantic Piano                              S-137-03
My Generation [Radio Edit]                     Starfield                                   ZPC-2620-20
                                                120                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
My Girl                                           Temptations, The                             MB-05-15
My Girl                                           Temptations, The                             S-149-10
My Girl                                           Temptations, The                             S-154-05
My Girl Gotta Girlfriend[Main]                    Lavender, Ray                                ZPC-2727-07
My Give A Damn's Busted                           Messina, Jo Dee                              ZPC-599-08
My Goddess [Album Version]                        Exies                                        ZPC-487-13
My Guy                                            Wells, Mary                                  MB-24-14
My Guy                                            Wells, Mary                                  S-104-02
My Guy                                            Wells, Mary                                  S-107-08
My Guy                                            Wells, Mary                                  S-154-04
My Happiness                                      Francis, Connie                              F50-04-05
My Happiness                                      Francis, Connie                              S-118-03
My Happiness                                      Powderfinger                                 TRH-02-05
My Happy Ending [Radio Edit]                      Lavigne, Avril                               ZPC-570-05
My Heart Can't Tell You No                        Stewart, Rod                                 S-030-06
My Heart Can't Tell You No                        Stewart, Rod                                 S-068-13
My Heart Cries For You                            Mitchell, Guy                                F50-05-07
My Heart Has A History                            Brandt, Paul                                 HHDC-06-05
My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own                    Francis, Connie                              S-118-09
My Heart I Give To You (Strings)                  Old Fashioned Wedding                        BRD-03-07
My Heart Is Lost To You                           Brooks & Dunn                                ZCH2-05-01
My Heart Will Go On                               Dion, Celine                                 BPH8-01-08
My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from "Titanic")   Dion, Celine                                 S-060-12
My Hood [Radio]                                   Young Jeezy                                  ZPC-644-08
My House Is Your House [CTG Radio Mix]            Panaghi, Chris "The Greek"                   ZPC-644-17
My Humps [Xtra Clean Radio Edit]                  Black Eyed Peas                              ZPC-634-05
My Imagination                                    SK8                                          RC-10-14
My Imagination                                    Black, Clint                                 ZPC-575-13
My Immortal [Band Version (Guitars Down)]         Evanescence                                  ZPC-541-01
My Kind Of Beautiful                              One Flew South                               ZPC-2818-12
My Kind Of Girl                                   Raye, Collin                                 S-075-07
My Kind Of Music [Radio Edit]                     Scott, Ray                                   ZPC-629-12
My Kind Of Town                                   Sinatra, Frank                               S-021-06
My Kind Of Woman/My Kind Of Man                   Gill, Vince w/Loveless, Patty                HHC-090-04
My Last Name                                      Bentley, Dierks                              ZPC-537-12
My Life[Dany Wild Radio Mix]                      Panaghi, Chris "The Greek"                   ZPC-2816-16
My Life[Radio Edit]                               Game Feat. Lil Wayne                         ZPC-2831-07
My List                                           Keith, Toby                                  ZCH2-02-02
My Little Girl                                    McGraw, Tim                                  ZPC-2628-13
My Love                                           Timberlake, Justin Feat. T.I.                ZPC-2636-02
My Love [Radio Mix]                               Houston, Whitney Feat. Bobby Brown           ZPC-503-06
My Love Don't Cost A Thing                        Lopez, Jennifer                              RC-12-15
My Love Goes On And On                            Cagle, Chris                                 HHC-101-09
My Love Is Alive                                  3rd Party                                    RC-05-05
My Love Is Here [Album Version]                   Brickman, Jim Feat. Roch Voisine             ZPC-589-02
My Love Is Like... WOAH [Main Mix]                Mya                                          ZPC-520-08
My Love Is U [Federico Conti Radio Cut]           Eyes Of Love                                 ZPC-2617-16
My Love Is Your Love                              Houston, Whitney                             S-069A-16
My Love Is Your Love (Remix)                      Houston, Whitney                             S-069B-04
My Maria                                          Brooks & Dunn                                HHDC-06-01
My Maria                                          Brooks & Dunn                                MB-13-06
My My My [Main With Rap]                          C.A.S.H.                                     ZPC-613-06
My Name                                           Canyon, George                               ZPC-609-10
My Next Thirty Years                              McGraw, Tim                                  S-004-12
                                                   121                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
My Obsession [Radio Edit]                       Skillet                                                   ZPC-566-20
My Old Friend                                   McGraw, Tim                                               ZPC-637-13
My Old Man                                      Atkins, Rodney                                            ZPC-482-13
My Only Love (Strings)                          Old Fashioned Wedding                                     BRD-03-06
My Only Wish (This Year)                        Spears, Britney                                           ZPC-494-03
My Own Kind Of Hat                              Haggard, Merle                                            S-018-06
My Own Worst Enemy                              Lit                                                       BR99-06
My Own Worst Enemy                              Lit                                                       RC-08-08
My Perogative                                   Brown, Bobby                                              AE80-01-15
My Place [Clean]                                Nelly Feat. Jaheim                                        ZPC-575-05
My Poor Old Heart                               Chesney, Kenny                                            S-128-10
My Prayer                                       Platters, The                                             F50-02-02
My Prerogative                                  Spears, Britney                                           ZPC-585-04
My R&B[Album Version]                           Jackson, Randy Feat. Barbi Esco                           ZPC-2807-09
My Savior                                       Meyers, Krystal                                           ZPC-629-20
My Savior My God [AC/CHR Radio Longer Edit]     Shust, Aaron                                              ZPC-2608-19
My Sharona                                      Knack, The                                                ERG-01-02
My Sister                                       McEntire, Reba                                            ZPC-609-11
My Special Angel                                Helms, Bobby                                              ERG-06-11
My Special Angel                                Helms, Bobby                                              MB-14-02
My Sweet Love                                   Mellencamp, John                                          ZPC-2823-01
My Sweet Song                                   Lightman, Toby                                            ZPC-2648-01
My Time [The Scumfrog Extended Mix]             Dutch Feat. Crystal Waters                                ZPC-525-17
My Time After Awhile                            Guy, Buddy                                                BLUE-03-06
My Town                                         Montgomery Gentry                                         ZCH2-06-04
My True Confessions                             Benton, Brook                                             S-117-16
My Turn [Radio Edit]                            Luke & Q                                                  ZPC-2608-04
My Way                                          Presley, Elvis                                            MB-05-12
My Way                                          Sinatra, Frank                                            S-021-16
My Way                                          Romantic Strings                                          S-133-07
My Way                                          Limp Bizkit                                               TRH-02-01
My Wife [Xtra Clean]                            Cannon, Nick Feat. Slim (From 112)                        ZPC-2618-08
My Wish                                         Rascal Flatts                                             ZPC-2633-13
My World Is Over                                Rogers, Kenny with Whitney Duncan                         ZPC-569-10
My World[Clean Edit]                            Sick Puppies                                              ZPC-2745-14
My, My, My [Original Radio Edit]                Van Helden, Armand                                        ZPC-591-16
My, Oh My [Album Version]                       Wreckers                                                  ZPC-2636-11
Mystery [Album Version]                         Live                                                      ZPC-2622-01
Mystery Train                                   Bon Jovi                                                  S-039-07
N Dey Say [Amended]                             Nelly                                                     ZPC-600-03
Na Na (The Yummy Song) [Radio Edit]             Baby Bash                                                 ZPC-2645-09
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye                  Steam                                                     MB-22-03
Na Na Na [Super Clean With Rap]                 112 & Supercat                                            ZPC-522-07
Naggin [Clean]                                  Ying Yang Twins                                           ZPC-523-07
Naive                                           Kooks                                                     ZPC-2706-16
Naked [Radio Edit]                              Houston, Marques                                          ZPC-620-06
Na-Nana-Na [Amended Version]                    Nelly Feat. Jazze Pha                                     ZPC-589-10
Nancy                                           Sinatra, Frank                                            S-021-19
Narrow Daylight                                 Krall, Diana                                              ZPC-570-02
Nashville Suzie                                 Travelin' Paul & Dr. Paul                                 HHC-099-15
Nasty                                           Jackson, Janet                                            S-065-03
Nasty Girl                                      Nitty                                                     ZPC-576-05
Nasty Girl [Clean]                              Notorious B.I.G. Feat. Diddy, Jagged Edge, Nelly And AveryZPC-646-08
Nasty Girl [Rise Guy Radio Edit]                Day, Inaya                                                ZPC-608-18
                                                 122                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                              B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Nasty Girl[Clean]                               Sterling Simms                                         ZPC-2712-07
Nation [Chris Cox Radio Edit]                   SK8                                                    ZPC-632-18
Natural Disaster                                Plain White T's                                        ZPC-2831-17
Naughty Girl [Remix]                            Beyonce Feat. Lil' Flip                                ZPC-556-07
Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane, The                 Ames Brothers, The                                     F50-01-06
Nausea                                          Beck                                                   ZPC-2635-15
Naw Meen[Radio Version]                         Baby Boy Da Prince Feat. Mannie Fresh                  ZPC-2708-09
Near You                                        Jones, George & Wynette, Tammy                         CC-02-09
Nearness Of You, The                            Dorsey, Jimmy Orchestra & Eberly, Bob                  BAND-06-12
Nebuchan [Radio Edit]                           Frank T.R.A.X.                                         ZPC-480-16
Neck Of The Woods [Clean]                       Baby Feat. Lil' Wayne                                  ZPC-616-08
Need A Boss [Clean]                             Shareefa Feat. Ludacris                                ZPC-2626-11
Neighborhood Music [Radio]                      Lil' Rob                                               ZPC-576-08
Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare)                 Modugno, Domenico                                      F50-01-07
Neva Eva [Clean]                                Thrillville                                            ZPC-542-05
Never                                           Boyz II Men                                            S-012-02
Never                                           Jaheim                                                 ZPC-2802-03
Never                                           Perez, Amanda                                          ZPH2-01-14
Never (Past Tense) [Radio Edit]                 Roc Project Feat. Tina Arena                           ZPC-526-04
Never [Radio Edit]                              Perez, Amanda                                          ZPC-521-03
Never [Radio Edit]                              Cole, Keyshia Feat. Eve                                ZPC-550-06
Never Again[Jason Nevins Remix]                 Clarkson, Kelly                                        ZPC-2723-17
Never Again[Radio Version]                      Clarkson, Kelly                                        ZPC-2716-01
Never Alone                                     Gill, Vince                                            S-020-01
Never Alone                                     Brickman, Jim Feat. Lady Antebellum With Hillary Scott ZPC-2710-02
Never Alone                                     BarlowGirl                                             ZPC-574-20
Never Be Anyone Else But You                    Nelson, Ricky                                          MC-02-14
Never Be You                                    Cash, Rosanne                                          CC-01-13
Never Been Kissed                               Austin, Sherrie                                        HHC-090-10
Never Can Say Goodbye                           Jackson 5, The                                         S-093-05
Never Can Say Goodbye                           Gaynor, Gloria                                         S-148-09
Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer             Wonder, Stevie                                         S-096-08
Never Enough[Radio Edit]                        Five Finger Death Punch                                ZPC-2832-15
Never Far Behind                                Aly & AJ                                               ZPC-645-20
Never Going Back To OK[Album Version]           Afters                                                 ZPC-2748-18
Never Had A Dream Come True                     Wonder, Stevie                                         S-096-05
Never Knew Lonely                               Gill, Vince                                            S-020-02
Never Leave You - Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh! [Main]       Lumidee                                                ZPC-513-09
Never Let Go[Album Version]                     Crowder Band, David                                    ZPC-2801-18
Never Let You Down [Album Version]              J., Frankie Feat. Krayzie Bone + Layzie Bone           ZPC-2642-09
Never Let You Go                                Third Eye Blind                                        RC-11-16
Never Love You Enough                           Wright, Chely                                          HHC-108-13
Never Love You Enough                           Wright, Chely                                          ZCH1-06-04
Never Mind Me                                   Big & Rich                                             ZPC-2604-11
Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up                    White, Barry                                           S-074-06
Never Never Land                                Jennings, Lyfe                                         ZPC-2804-08
Never Really Was                                Winans, Mario                                          ZPC-573-05
Never Really Was                                Winans, Mario Feat. Lil' Flip                          ZPC-576-09
Never Scared [Clean]                            Bone Crusher Feat. Killer Mike & T.i.                  ZPC-505-07
Never There                                     Strata                                                 ZPC-603-17
Never Too Far                                   Carey, Mariah                                          ZPH1-06-10
Never Too Late                                  Three Days Grace                                       ZPC-2719-15
Never Took The Time[Main]                       Akon                                                   ZPC-2737-06
Never Trust A Woman                             Little Charlie & The Nightcats                         BB98-10
                                                  123                                        Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Never Wanted Nothing More                            Chesney, Kenny                                      ZPC-2723-10
Never Win [Black Strobe Remix]                       Fischerspooner                                      ZPC-626-16
Never Without You [Radio Edit]                       Starr, Ringo feat. Eric Clapton                     ZPC-511-03
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)                  Lombardo, Guy Royal Canadians & Gardner, Kenny      BAND-06-10
New Baby Daddy                                       Federation                                          ZPC-2810-06
New Day [Louie Vega - Dance Ritual Radio Edit]       LaBelle, Patti                                      ZPC-576-17
New Day [Radio Edit #1]                              Avalon                                              ZPC-530-18
New Day[Album Version]                               Seay Band, Robbie                                   ZPC-2801-19
New Shade Of Blue                                    Southern Pacific                                    S-014-08
New Shoes [Album Version]                            Nutini, Paolo                                       ZPC-2652-01
New Soul                                             Naim, Yael                                          ZPC-2813-01
New Soul                                             Naim, Yael                                          ZPC-2813-01
New Strings                                          Lambert, Miranda                                    ZPC-2614-11
New Vibration[Album Version]                         Collective Soul                                     ZPC-2747-14
New Way To Fly                                       Brooks, Garth                                       S-025-02
New Way To Fly                                       Brooks, Garth                                       S-121-02
New York [Radio]                                     Ja Rule Feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss                    ZPC-593-08
New York City Girl                                   Waite, John                                         ZPC-611-01
New York New York                                    Sinatra, Frank                                      S-021-20
New York, New York                                   Adams, Ryan                                         ZPH2-01-09
Next 100 Years                                       Bon Jovi                                            S-039-05
Next 2 U                                             Buckcherry                                          ZPC-2632-16
Next BIG Thing                                       Gill, Vince                                         ZPC-486-10
Next Thing You Know (Thirteen) [Intro Edit]          West, Matthew                                       ZPC-620-19
Next To You                                          Offspring                                           ZPC-638-18
Nice Day [The Moves Nice Mix]                        Persephone's Bees                                   ZPC-2608-17
Nice 'N Easy                                         Sinatra, Frank                                      S-033-20
Nickajack                                            River Road                                          HHC-070-08
Night And Day                                        Sinatra, Frank                                      S-021-02
Night And Day                                        Sinatra, Frank                                      S-033-15
Night Disappear With You                             McComas, Brian                                      HHC-111-08
Night Fever                                          Bee Gees                                            MB-19-05
Night Fever                                          Bee Gees, The                                       S-022-03
Night On Disco Mountain                              Shire, David                                        S-022-10
Night Rider's Lament                                 Brooks, Garth                                       S-126-10
Night Shift                                          Commodores                                          S-147-21
Night Time Magic                                     Gatlin Brothers, The                                MC-04-06
Night Train                                          Brown, James                                        MB-21-15
Nights In White Satin                                Moody Blues, The                                    S-087-15
Nights In White Satin                                Moody Blues, The                                    S-094-03
Nights Like These                                    Lynns, The                                          HHC-73-08
Niki FM                                              Hawthorne Heights                                   ZPC-649-15
Nine In The Afternoon[Radio Edit]                    Panic! At The Disco                                 ZPC-2806-16
Nine Lives                                           Def Leppard Feat. Tim McGraw                        ZPC-2812-14
Nineteen Somethin'                                   Wills, Mark                                         ZPC-481-10
No Air[Album Version]                                Sparks, Jordin Duet With Chris Brown                ZPC-2806-05
No Air[Jason Nevins Radio Edit]                      Sparks, Jordin Duet With Chris Brown                ZPC-2817-18
No Air[Single Edit Version 1]                        Palmer, Rissi                                       ZPC-2819-12
No Better Love [Clean]                               Young Gunz Feat. Rell                               ZPC-548-07
No Control [Album Version]                           Pepper                                              ZPC-2648-14
No Daddy [Radio]                                     Mari, Teairra                                       ZPC-635-08
No Diggity                                           Blackstreet                                         RC-03-04
No End In Sight                                      Elam, Katrina                                       ZPC-575-12
No Future In The Past                                Gill, Vince                                         S-020-11
                                                       124                                     Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
No Hard Feelings [The Man's Edit]                    Bloodhound Gang                              ZPC-634-13
No I In Threesome[Radio Edit]                        Interpol                                     ZPC-2737-14
No Letting Go                                        Wonder, Wayne                                ZPC-493-05
No Letting Go [Parking Lot Mix Radio]                Wonder, Wayne                                ZPC-517-16
No Love (Beautiful Life) [Amended Album Version]     Big Tymers                                   ZPC-560-09
No Love Songs                                        Cagle, Chris                                 ZPC-2816-11
No Man In His Wrong Heart                            Allan, Gary                                  HHC-081-08
No Matta What (Party All)                            Toya                                         ZPH2-03-13
No Matter What                                       Boyzone                                      S-098-01
No Matter What                                       T.I.                                         ZPC-2819-10
No Matter What                                       Def Leppard                                  ZPC-621-01
No Matter What It Takes[Album Version]               Camp, Jeremy                                 ZPC-2806-20
No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)             T-Bones                                      S-106-09
No Matter What They Say                              Lil' Kim                                     HHD-79-10
No Mercy                                             Herndon, Ty                                  NMT-38-13
No More                                              Ruff Endz                                    HHD-79-09
No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)                         3LW                                          HHD-83-12
No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)                         Ruff Endz                                    RC-11-08
No More Cloudy Days [Live]                           Eagles                                       ZPC-623-01
No More Complaining [Album Version]                  J, Mila                                      ZPC-2642-08
No More Looking Over My Shoulder                     Tritt, Travis                                HHC-086-06
No More Mr Nice Guy                                  Alice Cooper                                 S-081-10
No More Tears                                        Diaz, Dian                                   ZPC-2625-01
No More, No Less                                     MercyMe                                      ZPC-2641-18
No Myth                                              Penn, Michael                                ZEW-90-10
No One Else Knows                                    Building 429                                 ZPC-619-19
No One Else On Earth                                 Wynonna                                      S-159-07
No One Is To Blame[Radio Edit]                       Carlson, Katrina With Howard Jones           ZPC-2728-02
No One Knows                                         Queens Of The Stone Age                      ZPC-482-14
No One Needs To Know                                 Twain, Shania                                HHDC-06-13
No One[Album Version]                                Keys, Alicia                                 ZPC-2735-09
No One'll Ever Love Me                               Howard, Rebecca Lynn                         ZPC-611-11
No Other One                                         Lampa, Rachael                               ZPC-599-19
No Parking On The Dance Floor                        Midnight Star                                MB-24-01
No Phone                                             Cake                                         ZPC-581-15
No Place Like Home                                   Middleman, Georgia                           HHC-100-10
No Place That Far                                    Evans. Sara                                  HHC-084-03
No Place That Far                                    Evans, Sara                                  NMT-27-13
No Problem [Clean Version]                           Lil' Scrappy                                 ZPC-567-08
No Question Asked                                    Fleetwood Mac                                S-031-16
No Regrets Yet                                       Isaacs, Sonya                                ZPC-540-11
No Remedy For Love                                   Ashton, Susan                                S-073-03
No Shame                                             Bates, Jeff                                  ZPC-645-12
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems [Fade]               Chesney, Kenny                               ZPC-513-10
No Sign Of It [Humberto Gatica Radio Mix]            Grant, Natalie                               ZPC-500-18
No Small Miracle                                     Chesney, Kenny                               S-128-09
No Strings [Josh Harris Radio Edit]                  Lola                                         ZPC-629-17
No Such Thing                                        Cornell, Chris                               ZPC-2712-16
No Such Thing                                        Mayer, John                                  ZPH2-06-05
No Surprise [Clean Version]                          Theory Of A Deadman                          ZPC-601-12
No Sympathy                                          Marley, Bob                                  S-146-04
No Tengo Denero                                      Los Umbrellos                                RC-06-03
No Time                                              Guess Who, The                               GR70-01-07
No Tomorrow Here Tonight[Radio Mix]                  Stevenson, Fisher                            ZPC-2818-11
                                                       125                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
No Water                                                     Marley, Bob                                          S-146-06
No Way Back                                                  Foo Fighters                                         ZPC-2604-14
No Way No How [Al B. Rich Club Mix]                          Enriquez, Jocelyn                                    ZPC-503-16
No Way Out [Single Version]                                  Collins, Phil                                        ZPC-553-01
No Woman No Cry                                              Fugees, The                                          RC-02-11
No Words [Album Version]                                     Tree63                                               ZPC-487-19
No, No, No                                                   Destiny's Child                                      RC-06-01
No, Not Much!                                                Four Lads, The                                       F50-06-14
Nobody                                                       Doobie Brothers, The                                 S-077-07
Nobody                                                       Skindred                                             ZPC-576-15
Nobody But Me                                                Human Beinz                                          MB-23-08
Nobody But Me [Album Version]                                Shelton, Blake                                       ZPC-632-09
Nobody Do It Better                                          Murray, Keith Feat. Junior & Tyrese                  ZPC-2723-06
Nobody Gets Off In This Town                                 Brooks, Garth                                        S-007-09
Nobody Gets Off In This Town                                 Brooks, Garth                                        S-125-09
Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do                              Van Zant                                             ZPC-637-10
Nobody Knows                                                 Tony Rich Project                                    MB-16-11
Nobody Knows                                                 Tony Rich Project                                    RC-01-08
Nobody Knows Me [Peter Rauhofer Private Life Mix Part One]   Madonna                                              ZPC-541-15
Nobody Loves Me Like You Do                                  Murray, Anne w/ Loggins, Dave                        CC-01-06
Nobody Wants To Be Lonely                                    Martin, Ricky                                        TPH-02-12
Nobody's Fool                                                Cinderella                                           S-051-11
Nobody's Home [Album Version]                                Lavigne, Avril                                       ZPC-589-06
Nobody's Supposed To Be Here                                 Cox, Deborah                                         RC-08-18
Nolia Clap [Radio]                                           Juvenile & The UTP Playas                            ZPC-568-08
Nolita Fairytale                                             Carlton, Vanessa                                     ZPC-2725-02
None Tonight                                                 Lil' Zane                                            TRBH-02-10
Nookie                                                       Limp Bizkit                                          BR99-07
Nookie                                                       Limp Bizkit                                          RC-09-12
Nookie                                                       Limp Bizkit                                          RR99-07-04
Nookie [Radio Edit]                                          Jacki-O Feat. Rodney                                 ZPC-524-06
Not A Criminal [Clean]                                       Chamillionaire Feat. Kelis                           ZPC-2704-08
Not A Day Goes By                                            Lonestar                                             ZCH2-02-12
Not Afraid [Edit]                                            Earshot                                              ZPC-484-13
Not Afraid[CHR Album Version]                                Smith, Stephanie                                     ZPC-2750-20
Not Counting You                                             Brooks, Garth                                        S-007-01
Not Counting You                                             Brooks, Garth                                        S-125-01
Not Fade Away                                                Rolling Stones, The                                  S-079A-09
Not Falling [Radio Edit]                                     Mudvayne                                             ZPC-488-12
Not Going Away[Album Version]                                Osbourne, Ozzy                                       ZPC-2729-13
Not Going Down                                               Messina, Jo Dee                                      ZPC-646-11
Not Gonna Get Us [Radio Edit 01]                             t.A.T.u.                                             ZPC-509-05
Not In Love [Album Version]                                  Iglesias, Enrique                                    ZPC-547-03
Not In Love [Dave Aude Vocal Radio Edit]                     Iglesias, Enrique Feat. Kelis                        ZPC-556-16
Not In Love [Radio Mix]                                      Iglesias, Enrique Feat. Kelis                        ZPC-553-05
Not Me                                                       Thomas, Keni with Vince Gill and Emmylou Harris      ZPC-599-09
Not Now [Album Version]                                      Blink-182                                            ZPC-641-17
Not Ready To Make Nice [Album Version]                       Dixie Chicks                                         ZPC-2611-04
Not Seventeen                                                Mandalay                                             HHD-85-08
Not That Different                                           Raye, Collin                                         S-075-10
Not That Kinda Girl [Album Version]                          JoJo                                                 ZPC-604-03
Not Today [Radio Edit]                                       Blige, Mary J. feat. Eve                             ZPC-543-08
Not Too Late                                                 Jones, Norah                                         ZPC-2726-01
Not Your Average Joe [Radio]                                 Budden, Joe ,Fat Joe & Joe                           ZPC-570-08
                                                              126                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Not Your Friend                                      Case                                              HHD-87-08
Nothin' Better To Do                                 Rimes, LeAnn                                      ZPC-2719-11
Nothin' Better To Do[Soul Seekerz Radio Edit]        Rimes, LeAnn                                      ZPC-2740-17
Nothin 'Bout Love Makes Sense                        Rimes, LeAnn                                      ZPC-581-11
Nothin' But A Love Thang                             Worley, Darryl                                    ZPC-2621-10
Nothin' But Cowboy Boots                             Blue County                                       ZPC-595-12
Nothin' But The Taillights                           Black, Clint                                      BC98-06
Nothin' Like The Summer                              Rasmusen, Carmen                                  ZPC-2718-10
Nothin More To Say [Eric Kupper Radio Edit]          Alyson                                            ZPC-623-18
Nothin' To Lose                                      Gracin, Josh                                      ZPC-583-10
Nothing But A Number [Radio Edit]                    Pretty Ricky                                      ZPC-646-05
Nothing But The Blood [LP Version]                   Swift                                             ZPC-2649-18
Nothing But You [Vandit Radio Mix]                   Van Dyk, Paul Feat. Hemstock & Jennings           ZPC-515-14
Nothing Compares 2 U                                 Prince                                            S-006-11
Nothing Else Matters                                 Metallica                                         S-037-08
Nothing Fails [Jackie's In Love In The Club Mix]     Madonna                                           ZPC-547-13
Nothing Good About Goodbye                           Phoenix Stone                                     NMT-38-10
Nothing I Would Change                               Robinson, Janice                                  HHD-74-10
Nothing In This World [Album Version]                Hilton, Paris                                     ZPC-2635-03
Nothing In This World [Jason Nevins Mix Edit]        Hilton, Paris                                     ZPC-2640-17
Nothing Left To Lose                                 Kearney, Mat                                      ZPC-2614-02
Nothing Much Happens                                 Lee, Ben                                          RR99-07-13
Nothing On But The Radio                             Allan, Gary                                       ZPC-571-11
Nothing That You Are[Radio Edit]                     Moore, Mandy                                      ZPC-2731-02
Nothing To Lose                                      Operator                                          ZPC-2745-15
Nothing To Prove                                     Lonestar                                          ZPC-2704-12
Nothing Without You                                  Norman, Bebo                                      ZPC-607-19
Nothing's Too Good For My Baby                       Wonder, Stevie                                    S-096-19
Notice Me                                            NB Ridaz Feat. Angelina                           ZPC-608-04
Notre Dame Victory March -                           All-American Marching Band                        S-141-12
Notting Hill                                         Jones, Trevor                                     S-098-13
November [Single Edit]                               Emerson Drive                                     ZPC-580-13
Now And Forever                                      Marx, Richard                                     MB-13-19
Now That I Found You                                 Clark, Terri                                      HHC-078-04
Now That We Found Love                               Third World                                       REG-01-04
Now That We Found Love [Norty's Radio Edit]          Bunny Rugs                                        ZPC-2621-17
Now That You Got It[Single Version]                  Stefani, Gwen Feat. Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley      ZPC-2733-05
Nowhere Kids [Radio Edit]                            Smile Empty Soul                                  ZPC-537-14
Nowhere Than Somewhere                               Flynnville Train                                  ZPC-2721-11
Nowhere, USA                                         Miller, Dean                                      HHC-070-13
Nth Degree                                           Morningwood                                       ZPC-638-17
Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah) [Friscia & Lamboy Radio Edit]      Fannypack                                         ZPC-614-17
Numb [Album Version]                                 Linkin Park                                       ZPC-534-14
Numb/Encore [Clean]                                  Jay-Z/Linkin Park                                 ZPC-592-16
Number One [Album Version]                           Sweetnam, Skye                                    ZPC-597-05
Number One [Clean Edit]                              Legend, John Feat. Kanye West                     ZPC-615-08
Number One [Clean]                                   Pharrell Feat. Kanye West                         ZPC-2625-07
Number One In Heaven [Dave Aude Mixshow Edit]        Nemesis                                           ZPC-2650-16
Number One Spot [Radio]                              Ludacris                                          ZPC-603-08
Nun Danket Alle Gott (Karg-Elert)                    The Wedding Album                                 WED-01-17
Nut Rocker                                           B. Bumble & The Stingers                          S-100-09
O [Clean Radio]                                      Omarion                                           ZPC-597-07
O Holy Night                                         Brown, Kaci                                       ZPC-2651-10
O Holy Night                                         MercyMe                                           ZPC-2651-19
                                                      127                                    Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
O Holy Night                                        Groban, Josh                                         ZPC-546-05
O Holy Night                                        Rimes, LeAnn                                         ZPC-598-01
O Holy Night                                        Simpson, Jessica                                     ZPC-650-07
O Holy Night                                        MercyMe                                              ZPC-648-19
O Mio Babbino Caro (from Gianni Schicchi)           Tuscany, An Evening in                               S-120-08
O Perfect Love                                      Clark, Bev                                           WED-03-16
O Praise Him (All This For A King) [Radio]          Crowder Band, David                                  ZPC-547-16
O Sole Mio                                          Tuscany, An Evening in                               S-120-01
Object Of My Desire                                 Starpoint                                            MB-21-11
Obsession (No Es Amor)                              J., Frankie Feat. Baby Bash                          ZPC-599-02
Obsession (No Es Amor) [Sic Element Radio Mix]      J, Frankie                                           ZPC-615-16
Obvious                                             LeToya                                               ZPC-2648-03
Ocean Avenue                                        Yellowcard                                           ZPC-547-11
Ocean Breathes Salty [Album Version]                Modest Mouse                                         ZPC-583-12
Ocean Drive [Lenny B's Radio Edit]                  Madison Park                                         ZPC-585-17
Ocean Front Property                                Strait, George                                       CC-05-14
Ode To Joy (Bach)                                   Clark, Bev                                           WED-03-18
Ode To Joy (Beethoven)                              O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                                  WED-02-13
Of Mice And Men                                     Megadeth                                             ZPC-604-13
Of Wolf And Man                                     Metallica                                            S-037-09
Off The Hillbilly Hook                              Trailer Choir                                        ZPC-2822-13
Official Girl[Radio Version]                        Cassie Feat. Lil Wayne                               ZPC-2832-07
Officially Missing You                              Tamia                                                ZPC-526-07
Oh [Main]                                           Ciara Feat. Ludacris                                 ZPC-604-04
Oh Come All Ye Faithful[Album Version]              Twisted Sister                                       ZPC-2751-12
Oh Lonesome Me                                      Gibson, Don                                          F50-01-05
Oh Lonesome Me                                      Gibson, Don                                          MC-03-15
Oh My God                                           Kaiser Chiefs                                        ZPC-622-14
Oh My God [Clean]                                   Sunshine, Tony Feat. P. Diddy and Dirtbag            ZPC-579-05
Oh No, Not You Again [Radio Edit]                   Rolling Stones                                       ZPC-641-16
Oh Sheila                                           Ready For The World                                  ERG-03-05
Oh So Sexy[Radio Edit]                              B., Jon Feat. Paul Wall                              ZPC-2829-08
Oh Very Young                                       Stevens, Cat                                         S-011-02
Oh What A Night                                     Dells, The                                           S-109-03
Oh What It Did To Me                                Tucker, Tanya                                        S-049-07
Oh Yeah                                             Foxy Brown                                           HHD-87-12
Oh Yeah (Work) [Clean Version]                      Lil Scrappy                                          ZPC-2706-08
Oh Yeah [Xtra Clean Radio]                          Big Tymers Feat. Tateeze, Boo & Gotti                ZPC-476-09
Oh Yeah 'Oh Six [Ralphi Rosario Big Room Mix]       Yello                                                ZPC-2610-16
Oh Yes (aka 'Postman') [Radio]                      Santana, Juelz                                       ZPC-648-06
Oh! Carol                                           Sedaka, Neil                                         F50-08-05
Oh! Gravity                                         Switchfoot                                           ZPC-2652-20
Oh! My Pa-Pa (O Mein Papa)                          Fisher, Eddie                                        F50-02-07
Oh! No Not My Baby                                  Stewart, Rod                                         S-015-11
Oh, Lady Be Good                                    Basie, Count                                         S-026-16
Oh, Look At Me Now!                                 Dorsey, Tommy w/ Frank Sinatra & Connies Haines      BAND-03-09
Oh, Pretty Woman                                    Orbison, Roy                                         MB-04-01
Ohio (Come Back To Texas) [Radio Version]           Bowling For Soup                                     ZPC-623-06
Ohio Is For Lovers                                  Hawthorne Heights                                    ZPC-633-14
Oil And Water[Album Version]                        Incubus                                              ZPC-2722-14
Okay [Squeaky Clean Radio Edit]                     Nivea Feat. Lil' Jon and Youngbloodz                 ZPC-592-08
Okie From Muskogee                                  Haggard, Merle                                       ERG-04-12
Oklahoma                                            Gilman, Billy                                        HHC-104-07
Oklahoma Hills                                      Thompson, Hank                                       MC-06-11
                                                      128                                      Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Ol' Red                                              Shelton, Blake                                 ZCH2-04-04
Old Enough                                           Raconteurs                                     ZPC-2822-16
Old Enough To Know Better                            Hayes, Wade                                    HHDC-03-12
Old Flames Have New Names                            Chesnutt, Mark                                 CC-07-13
Old Habits                                           Williams, Hank Jr.                             S-019-04
Old Hippie                                           Bellamy Brothers, The                          CC-08-22
Old Time Rock & Roll                                 Seger, Bob                                     MB-07-14
Older Than My Years [Radio Edit]                     Cherie                                         ZPC-572-02
Old-fashioned dance                                  Celtic - The Chieftains                        S-119-01
Ole Guapa (Tango)                                    Murray, Arthur                                 BRD-01-10
On A Good Night                                      Hayes, Wade                                    HHDC-06-04
On A High                                            Sheik, Duncan                                  ZPH2-06-11
On A High [G+D Love From Humbolot Club Mix]          Sheik, Duncan                                  ZPC-507-16
On A Little Street In Singapore                      James, Harry w/ Frank Sinatra, vocals          BAND-04-12
On A Little Street In Singapore                      Manhattan Transfer, The                        DM-03-06
On A Mission [Album Version]                         Trick Pony                                     ZPC-479-11
On A Night Like This                                 Trick Pony                                     HHC-108-05
On A Plain                                           Nirvana                                        S-046-11
On Again Tonight                                     Willmon, Trent                                 ZPC-2603-12
On An Island [Radio Edit]                            Gilmour, David                                 ZPC-2606-13
On Bended Knee                                       Boyz II Men                                    S-147-22
On Broadway                                          Drifters, The                                  S-117-05
On Call[Album Version]                               Kings Of Leon                                  ZPC-2708-13
On Fire [Clean Version]                              Banks, Lloyd                                   ZPC-565-07
On Iowa                                              All-American Marching Band                     S-141-07
On My Own                                            Hedley                                         ZPC-2632-03
On My Way Here[Radio Edit]                           Aiken, Clay                                    ZPC-2817-01
On The Hotline [Radio Version]                       Pretty Ricky                                   ZPC-2644-04
On The Other Hand                                    Travis, Randy                                  CC-01-19
On The radio                                         Furtado, Nelly                                 ZPH2-02-08
On The Road Again                                    Nelson, Willie                                 CC-03-22
On The Sunny Side Of The Street                      Brown, Les & His Orchestra                     BAND-07-13
On The Third Day [Radio Edit]                        Olson, Michael                                 ZPC-2701-19
On The Third Day [Radio Edit]                        Olson, Michael                                 ZPC-2714-19
On The Verge                                         Raye, Collin                                   HHDC-09-03
On The Verge                                         Raye, Collin                                   S-075-12
On The Way Down                                      Cabrera, Ryan                                  ZPC-568-04
On Your Way Home [Album Version]                     Loveless, Patty                                ZPC-539-10
On,Wisconsin - U of WI Fight Song                    All-American Marching Band                     S-141-24
Once Again                                           Jordan, Frankie                                ZPC-2614-03
Once Bitten Twice Shy                                Great White                                    RUSA-02-16
Once In A Lifetime [Radio Edit]                      Urban, Keith                                   ZPC-2633-11
Once In A Lifetime Love                              Walker, Clay                                   HHC-101-14
One                                                  Cocker, Joe                                    ZPC-600-01
One [Radio Edit]                                     Blige, Mary J. & U2                            ZPC-2622-05
One [Radio Edit]                                     Tyrese                                         ZPC-2642-06
One [Radio Edit]                                     Tyrese                                         ZPC-2648-04
One [Radio Edit]                                     Hill, Faith                                    ZPC-507-02
One And Only                                         Timbaland Feat. Fall Out Boy                   ZPC-2715-04
One Believer [Single Version]                        Diamond Rio                                    ZPC-607-10
One Boy, One Girl                                    Raye, Collin                                   S-075-09
One By One                                           Enya                                           S-044-10
One Call Away [Edited Radio Version]                 Chingy Feat. J.Weav                            ZPC-549-08
One Day At A Time (Em's Version) [Clean Version]     Tupac with Eminem Feat. The Outlawz            ZPC-548-08
                                                      129                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                           B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                             MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
One Day Closer                                      Johnson, Carolyn Dawn                         ZCH2-06-05
One Day In Your Life                                Jackson, Michael                              S-078-10
One Day In Your Life                                Anastacia                                     ZPH2-05-04
One Day Left To Live                                Kershaw, Sammy                                HHC-084-06
One Fine Day                                        Chiffons, The                                 S-107-05
One Fine Day                                        Chiffons, The                                 S-110-05
One Fine Day                                        Chiffons, The                                 S-113-07
One Hand, One Heart from West Side Story            Clark, Bev                                    WED-03-15
One Hand, One Heart w/Jose Carreras & Kiri Te KanawaUltimate Wedding Album                        WED-04-14
One Honest Heart                                    McEntire, Reba                                HHC-088-01
One In A Million                                    America                                       S-042-10
One In Ten                                          UB40                                          S-152-04
One Last Time                                       Drake, Dusty                                  ZPC-506-11
One Life To Love                                    33Miles                                       ZPC-2832-20
One Little Miracle[Album Version]                   Nelson, Hawk                                  ZPC-2832-19
One Love                                            Hootie And The Blowfish                       ZPC-624-02
One Million Times                                   Levert, Gerald                                ZPC-599-03
One Moment In Time                                  Houston, Whitney                              MB-13-07
One Moment In Time                                  Houston, Whitney                              S-069B-17
One More Chance                                     Jackson, Michael                              ZPC-536-07
One More Chance [Radio Edit]                        Bingham, Yummy                                ZPC-2617-06
One More Chance[Radio Edit]                                                    ZPC-2738-04
One More Day                                        Diamond Rio                                   HHC-104-06
One More Goodbye                                    Rogers Band, Randy                            ZPC-2705-10
One More Last Chance                                Gill, Vince                                   S-020-13
One More Minute [Edit]                              Authority Zero                                ZPC-488-11
One More Night                                      Amber                                         BPH8-02-09
One More Time                                       Daft Punk                                     HHD-84-06
One Morning                                         America                                       S-042-07
One Night At A Tiem                                 Strait, George                                S-063-14
One Night Only [Club Mix Edit]                      Jones, Deena And The Dreams                   ZPC-2635-17
One Night Stand [Mr. Mig Club Radio Mix]            Mis-Teeq                                      ZPC-593-16
One Night Stand [Single Mix (Clean)]                Mis-Teeq                                      ZPC-580-06
One O'Clock Jump                                    James, Harry                                  BAND-04-02
One O'Clock Jump                                    Basie, Count                                  S-026-04
One Of The Boys                                     Wilson, Gretchen                              ZPC-2718-12
One Of These Nights                                 Eagles, The                                   S-092-06
One Of Those Days                                   Martin, Brad                                  ZPC-508-13
One Of Those Days (Remix) [Radio Edit]              Houston, Whitney Feat. Nelly                  ZPC-495-09
One Of Those Days [Radio Edit]                      Houston, Whitney                              ZPC-486-09
One On One [Radio Version With Intro]               Sweat, Keith Feat. Lola Troy And Lade Bac     ZPC-477-10
One Particular Harbour                              Buffett, Jimmy (Live)                         S-055-07
One Particular Harbour                              Buffett, Jimmy                                S-150-20
One Piece At A Time                                 Cash, Johnny                                  S-143-13
One Rhythm [Original Version]                       Nova, Debi                                    ZPC-589-18
One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer                   Milburn, Amos                                 BLUE-01-02
One Second Chance                                   Bates, Jeff                                   ZPC-2618-11
One Shot[Album Version]                             Vazquez, Mario                                ZPC-2707-03
One Shot[Ospina Sullivan Radio Mix]                 Vazquez, Mario                                ZPC-2719-18
One Solitary Tear                                   Austin, Sherrie                               HHC-071-09
One Step At A Time                                  Sparks, Jordin                                ZPC-2822-04
One Step At A Time [Album Version]                  Jewell, Buddy                                 ZPC-567-10
One Step Closer                                     Doobie Brothers, The                          S-077-17
One Step Closer                                     Linkin Park                                   TRH-01-01
                                                     130                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
One Step Forward                                            Desert Rose Band, The                   ERG-08-09
One Sweet Day                                               Carey, Mariah                           MB-16-09
One Sweet Day                                               Carey, Mariah & Boys II Men             S-066B-01
One Thing [Radio Edit]                                      Finger Eleven                           ZPC-543-12
One Thing [Radio Edit]                                      Amerie                                  ZPC-602-06
One Thing Leads To Another                                  Fixx, The                               ERG-06-10
One Things Leads To Another                                 Fixx, The                               AE80-02-13
One Voice                                                   Gilman, Billy                           HHC-100-04
One Voice                                                   Gilman, Billy                           HHD-79-14
One Way Or Another                                          Blondie                                 GR70-03-07
One Way Ticket                                              Darkness                                ZPC-647-16
One Wild Night                                              Bon Jovi                                S-039-12
One Wing In The Fire                                        Tomlinson, Trent                        ZPC-2620-10
One Wish [Maurice Joshua Radio Edit]                        J, Ray                                  ZPC-2601-15
One Wish [Radio]                                            J, Ray                                  ZPC-630-07
One With You [Mike Rizzo Radio]                             Sun                                     ZPC-573-15
One Word [Chris Cox Radio Mix]                              Osbourne, Kelly                         ZPC-613-15
One Word[Radio Edit]                                        Yamin, Elliott                          ZPC-2741-05
One World[Album Version]                                    TobyMac                                 ZPC-2750-21
Online[Single Edit]                                         Paisley, Brad                           ZPC-2726-11
Only [Radio Edit]                                           Nine Inch Nails                         ZPC-629-14
Only Game In Town                                           America                                 S-042-14
Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You) [Ultimate Radio Edit]   Emerson Drive                           ZPC-506-10
Only God Knows Why                                          Kid Rock                                NMT-37-14
Only Grace                                                  West, Matthew                           ZPC-643-18
Only In America                                             Brooks & Dunn                           HHC-109-01
Only In My Dreams                                           Peppers, Nancy                          MC-01-19
Only On Days That End In Y                                  Walker, Clay                            HHDC-06-12
Only One                                                    Wakefield                               ZPC-640-04
Only One [Edit]                                             Yellowcard                              ZPC-572-15
Only One U[Album Version]                                   Fantasia                                ZPC-2732-07
Only The Good Die Young                                     Joel, Billy                             MB-14-13
Only The Lonely [Radio Mix]                                 Dayton, Ava                             ZPC-2632-19
Only The World[Album Version]                               Mandisa                                 ZPC-2721-18
Only The Young                                              Journey                                 S-032-01
Only Time                                                   Enya                                    S-044-03
Only U [Main]                                               Ashanti                                 ZPC-589-08
Only Wanna Be With You                                      Hootie & The Blowfish                   MB-01-14
Only Women Bleed                                            Alice Cooper                            S-081-14
Only Yesterday                                              Carpenters, The                         S-086-11
Only You (And You Alone)                                    Platters, The                           ERG-03-16
Only You [Single Version]                                   Kelley, Josh                            ZPC-622-03
Oochie Pop [Clean]                                          Mystikal                                ZPC-562-07
Oochie Wally (Edited Version)                               QB Finest & Bravehearts                 TRBH-02-05
Ooh Aah                                                     Grits                                   ZPC-495-18
Ooh Ahh...Just A Little Bit                                 G, Gina                                 RC-03-05
Ooh Child                                                   Hall, Daryl & John Oates                ZPC-616-01
Ooh It's Kinda Crazy                                        soulDecision                            TPH-02-06
Ooh It's Kinda Crazy                                        Souldecision                            HHD-85-10
Ooh La La                                                   Stewart, Rod                            S-068-15
Ooh My Soul                                                 Little Richard                          S-061-13
Ooh Na Na [Clean Version]                                   Jones, Donell                           ZPC-2638-06
Ooh That A** [Radio Mix]                                    S5                                      ZPC-605-06
Ooh! [Radio Edit]                                           Blige, Mary J.                          ZPC-529-06
                                                              131                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                           B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Ooo Baby Baby                                 Miracles, The                                             MB-07-20
Oop!...I Did It Again                         Spears, Britney                                           HHD-78-02
Oops (Oh My)                                  Tweet                                                     ZPH2-03-03
Oops I Did It Again                           Spears, Britney                                           RC-11-15
Open                                          Queensryche                                               ZPC-523-15
Open Arms                                     Journey                                                   S-032-12
Open Arms                                     Raye, Collin                                              S-144-12
Open Arms [Radio Edit]                        Turner, Tina                                              ZPC-601-01
Open Sesame                                   Kool & The Gang                                           S-022-11
Open Skies [Radio Mix]                        Crowder Band, David                                       ZPC-562-19
Open Up Your Mind [Club 8 Extended Mix]       Eyes Cream                                                ZPC-484-15
Open Your Eyes [Radio Edit]                   Alter Bridge                                              ZPC-572-13
Open Your Heart                               Madonna                                                   S-067-10
Opposites Attract                             Abdul, Paula                                              ERG-01-06
Opposites Attract                             Abdul, Paula                                              ZEW-90-01
Opus 17 (Don't You Worry 'bout Me)            Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons                            S-059-04
Opus One                                      Dorsey, Tommy                                             BAND-03-02
Opus One                                      Dorsey, Tommy                                             MB-22-11
Ordinary [Radio Version]                      Train                                                     ZPC-569-02
Ordinary Day                                  Carlton, Vanessa                                          ZPH2-05-14
Ordinary Life                                 Brock, Chad                                               BC99-10
Ordinary Life                                 Brock, Chad                                               HHC-085-09
Ordinary Love                                 Minor, Shane                                              HHC-093-09
Ordinary Miracle                              McLachlan, Sarah                                          ZPC-2706-01
Ordinary People [Album Version]               Legend, John                                              ZPC-596-09
Ordinary People [Maurice Joshua Remix]        Legend, John                                              ZPC-627-17
Ordinary World                                Aurora & Naimeo Colema                                    RC-13-07
Oregon State Fight Song                       All-American Marching Band                                S-141-16
Original Fire                                 Audioslave                                                ZPC-2629-17
Original Of The Species [Single Version]      U2                                                        ZPC-645-13
Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)                      Enya                                                      MB-13-05
Orphans Of God [Album Version]                Avalon                                                    ZPC-2621-19
Other Side Of The World [Album Version]       Tunstall, KT                                              ZPC-2714-03
Otherside[Anslee Remix - Radio Version]       Mikeschair                                                ZPC-2811-18
Our Country [Radio Edit]                      Mellencamp, John                                          ZPC-2645-14
Our God Reigns                                Heath, Brandon                                            ZPC-2630-20
Our House                                     Madness                                                   ERG-05-09
Our Last Night                                Better Than Ezra                                          ZPC-638-02
Our Lips Are Sealed                           Duff, Hilary & Haylie Duff                                ZPC-567-04
Our Lives                                     Calling                                                   ZPC-558-01
Our Love Is On The Fault Line                 Gayle, Crystal                                            MC-09-11
Our Song[Single Mix]                          Swift, Taylor                                             ZPC-2735-13
Our Time Now                                  Plain White T's                                           ZPC-2737-15
Out Here All Night                            Damone                                                    ZPC-2615-16
Out Here Grinding                                                                                       ZPC-2827-09
                                              DJ Khaled Feat. Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Ace Hood, Trick Daddy, Lil Boosie & Lil Wayne
Out In The Open [Album Version]               Grant, Amy                                                ZPC-549-18
Out Of Control                                Hoobastank                                                ZPC-535-13
Out Of Exile [LP Version]                     Audioslave                                                ZPC-644-14
Out Of My Bones                               Travis, Randy                                             HHC-077-01
Out Of My Depth                               Everclear                                                 TRH-02-12
Out Of My Hands [AC Mix]                      Turning                                                   ZPC-2629-20
Out Of My Head And Back In My Bed             Lynn, Loretta                                             MC-08-13
Out Of My Head[Album Version]                 Richie, Lionel                                            ZPC-2709-02
Out Of My Heart (Into Your Head)              BBMak                                                     ZPH2-06-08
                                               132                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                                B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                   MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Out Of Nowhere                                     Estefan, Gloria                                         HHD-85-07
Out Of Our Heads                                   Crow, Sheryl                                            ZPC-2818-01
Out Of Space                                       Preston, Billy                                          S-148-06
Out On My Own                                      Urban, Keith                                            S-127-10
Out On The Dance Floor                             Rogers, Richard                                         HT18-32-09
Out The Window                                     Gearing, Ashley                                         ZPC-2814-11
Outlaw [Main]                                      Tren'L                                                  ZPC-566-04
Outrageous                                         Lampa, Rachael                                          ZPC-625-19
Outrageous [Album Version]                         Simon, Paul                                             ZPC-2616-01
Outrageous [Album Version]                         Spears, Britney                                         ZPC-573-04
Outside                                            Lewis, Aaron Of Staind & Durst, Fred                    TRH-01-05
Outta Control [Edited]                             50 Cent Feat. Mobb Deep                                 ZPC-625-07
Outta My System [Radio]                            Bow Wow Feat. T-Pain                                    ZPC-2702-10
Outtathaway [Clean Radio Mix]                      Vines                                                   ZPC-483-02
Over                                               Evans Blue                                              ZPC-2625-16
Over & Over                                        Herring, Annie                                          S-073-12
Over [Album Version]                               Lohan, Lindsay                                          ZPC-595-05
Over And Over [Album Version]                      Nelly Feat. Tim McGraw                                  ZPC-589-07
Over It [Album Version]                            McPhee, Katharine                                       ZPC-2702-02
Over My Head                                       Fleetwood Mac                                           S-031-15
Over My Head                                       Littrell, Brian                                         ZPC-2718-19
Over My Head (Cable Car)                           Fray                                                    ZPC-2611-01
Over The Rainbow                                   Garland, Judy                                           ERG-02-08
Over The Rainbow                                   IZ                                                      ZPC-552-01
Over You[Album Version]                            Daughtry                                                ZPC-2729-04
Overnight Celebrity [Edited]                       Twista                                                  ZPC-557-07
Overprotected                                      Spears, Britney                                         ZPH2-04-03
Overwhelm Yourself                                 Vengaboys                                               S-036-09
Owner Of A Lonely Heart                            Yes                                                     RUSA-02-01
Oxygen's Gone                                      Die Trying                                              ZPC-512-14
Oye Como Va                                        Santana                                                 S-047-03
Oye Como Va (Give It All You've Got)               Puente, Tito                                            MB-22-18
Oye Mi Canto [Radio]                               N.O.R.E. Feat. Daddy Yankee, Nina Sky, Gem Star and Big ZPC-583-08
P.A.T.T. (Party All The Time) [Sound de Vice]      Sharam                                                  ZPC-2639-17
P.I.M.P. [Amended Album Version]                   50 Cent                                                 ZPC-518-08
P.I.M.P. [Remix Clean]                                                                                     ZPC-520-09
                                                   50 Cent Feat. Snoop Dogg And Lloyd Banks & Young Buck Of G-Unit
Pacific Coast Party                                Smash Mouth                                             HHD-89-01
Pacific Coast Party                                Smash Mouth                                             ZPH1-07-07
Pac's Life [Clean]                                 2Pac Feat. T.I. and Ashanti                             ZPC-2643-08
Pain                                               Three Days Grace                                        ZPC-2638-17
Pain                                               Jimmy Eat World                                         ZPC-581-13
Paint It, Black                                    Rolling Stones, The                                     S-079A-17
Paint Me A Birmingham [Album Version]              Lawrence, Tracy                                         ZPC-538-12
Panama                                             Van Halen                                               S-050-03
Pancho & Lefty                                     Haggard, Merle                                          S-018-14
Panini Pua Kea                                     Brother Iz                                              S-140-04
Panis Angelicus (Franck) w/Luciano Pavarotti       Ultimate Wedding Album                                  WED-04-11
Pannasie Stomp                                     Basie, Count                                            S-026-12
Papa Bear                                          Harling, Keith                                          HHC-077-09
Papa Bear                                          Harling, Keith                                          HHDC-11-11
Papa Don't Preach                                  Madonna                                                 S-067-09
Papa Loved Mama                                    Brooks, Garth (Live)                                    S-043A-04
Papa Loved Mama                                    Brooks, Garth                                           S-122-06
Papa Loves Mambo                                   Como, Perry                                             F50-07-10
                                                     133                                      Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag                                Brown, James                                     MB-19-19
Paper Angels                                              Wayne, Jimmy                                     ZPC-590-11
Paper Planes[Radio Edit]                                  M.I.A.                                           ZPC-2831-03
Paperback Writer                                          Beatles, The                                     S-072-14
Paperthin Hymn                                            Anberlin                                         ZPC-605-19
Parada de Tettas                                          Vengaboys                                        S-036-06
Paradise                                                  Morgan, Craig                                    HHC-100-09
Paradise [Radio]                                          LL Cool J Feat. Amerie                           ZPC-490-04
Paradise By The Dashboard                                 Meat Loaf                                        MB-10-02
Paradise By The Dashboard Light                           Meat Loaf                                        S-028-06
Paradise…                                                 Vengaboys                                        S-036-12
Paralyzed                                                 Rock Kills Kid                                   ZPC-2611-17
Paralyzer [Amended]                                       Finger Eleven                                    ZPC-2706-15
Paris, Tokyo[Radio Edit]                                  Lupe Fiasco                                      ZPC-2814-06
Parking Lot [Radio Edit]                                  Nivea                                            ZPC-619-04
Party Crowd                                               Murphy, David Lee                                HHDC-03-13
Party Doll                                                Knox, Buddy                                      S-102-03
Party Doll                                                Knox, Buddy                                      S-107-07
Party For The Weekend [Radio Edit]                        Soul Seekerz Feat. Kate Smith                    ZPC-2646-16
Party For Two                                             Twain, Shania duet with Billy Currington         ZPC-584-11
Party For Two [Radio Edit]                                Twain, Shania duet with Mark McGrath             ZPC-589-04
Party Like A Rock Star [Clean]                            Da Shop Boyz                                     ZPC-2714-06
Party Like A Rockstar [Edit Version]                      JTXperience                                      ZPC-603-05
Party People                                              Nelly Feat. Fergie                               ZPC-2813-07
Party People                                              Nelly Feat. Fergie                               ZPC-2813-07
Party Starter [Radio Edit]                                Smith, Will                                      ZPC-625-05
Party To Damascus [Radio Edit With Intro]                 Jean, Wyclef Feat. Missy Elliott                 ZPC-532-08
Party To Damascus [Squeaky Clean Radio Edit With Intro]   Jean, Wyclef Feat. Missy Elliott                 ZPC-540-06
Party Train                                               Gap Band, The                                    MB-17-01
Pascagoula Run, The (Live)                                Buffett, Jimmy                                   S-150-10
Pass Me By                                                Rodriguez, Johnny                                MC-02-15
Pass That Dutch [Amended Version]                         Elliott, Missy                                   ZPC-534-05
Passenger Seat                                            SHeDAISY                                         ZPC-551-09
Passive [Radio Edit]                                      A Perfect Circle                                 ZPC-600-13
Patience                                                  Chadd                                            HHD-79-15
Patricia                                                  Prado, Perez & His Orchestra                     F50-01-10
Pavement Cracks [Radio Edit]                              Lennox, Annie                                    ZPC-514-02
Pavement Cracks [Top 40 Remix Radio Edit]                 Lennox, Annie                                    ZPC-519-06
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss                            King, B. B.                                      BLUE-02-12
Peace (Where The Heart Is) [Radio Edit]                   Brickman, Jim feat. Raye, Collin                 ZPC-522-03
Peace Train                                               Parton, Dolly                                    HHDC-09-09
Peace Train                                               Stevens, Cat                                     S-011-07
Peaceful, Easy Feeling                                    Eagles, The                                      S-092-09
Peacekeeper [AC/CHR Single Mix]                           Fleetwood Mac                                    ZPC-505-02
Peacekeeper [Rock Single Mix]                             Fleetwood Mac                                    ZPC-505-11
Peaches & Cream                                           112                                              RC-12-16
Peanut Butter And Jelly [Clean]                           Cadillac Don & J-Money                           ZPC-2636-06
Pearls                                                    Brown, Shannon                                   ZPC-2608-08
Peculiar People [Radio Edit]                              Mute Math                                        ZPC-617-19
Pegate[Ralphi Rosario Club Radio Mix]                     Martin, Ricky                                    ZPC-2710-17
Pencil Thin Moustache                                     Buffett, Jimmy                                   S-150-12
Pennsylvania 6-5000                                       Miller, Glenn                                    BAND-02-04
Pennsylvania Polka                                        Yankovic, Frankie                                MB-24-15
Penny & Me                                                Hanson                                           ZPC-561-01
                                                           134                                   Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Penny Lane                                          Beatles, The                               S-072-17
Pens And Needles                                    Hawthorne Heights                          ZPC-2624-11
People Are People [Club Mix]                        30 Dirty Junkies                           ZPC-514-18
People Are People [Craig C. Radio]                  RuPaul Feat. Tom Trujillo                  ZPC-2605-17
People Are Strange                                  Doors, The                                 S-157-04
People Like Us                                      Tippin, Aaron                              HHC-104-03
People Make The World Go 'Round                     Jackson, Michael                           S-078-04
People That We Love, The                            Bush                                       HHD-89-10
Pepper                                              Butthole Surfers                           RC-02-05
Pepperment Twist                                    Dee, Joey & The Starlifters                S-105-06
Pepperment Twist                                    Dee, Joey & The Starlifters                S-110-09
Perfect                                             Simple Plan                                ZPC-529-04
Perfect                                             Evans, Sara                                ZPC-530-11
Perfect Day                                         Bates, Josh                                ZPC-2607-19
Perfect Love                                        Yearwood, Trisha                           HHDC-10-05
Perfect Love [Album Version]                        Simply Red                                 ZPC-634-02
Perfect Love [Love To Infinity Sunset Mix]          Simply Red                                 ZPC-643-16
Perfect Situation                                   Weezer                                     ZPC-639-17
Perfect Stranger, The                               Weller, Freddy                             MC-05-16
Perfect Time Of Day                                 Day, Howie                                 ZPC-533-02
Personal [Radio Edit]                               David, Craig                               ZPC-504-05
Personal Jesus [Radio Edit]                         Marilyn Manson                             ZPC-583-13
Personality                                         Price, Lloyd                               F50-08-02
Phantom Limb                                        Shins                                      ZPC-2646-14
Phantom Of The Opera [Junior's Dance Radio Mix]     Webber, Andrew Lloyd                       ZPC-604-16
Phenomenon [Album Version]                          ThousandFootKrutch                         ZPC-537-18
Phone Booth [Radio]                                 Mari, Teairra                              ZPC-643-07
Photo                                               Cabrera, Ryan                              ZPC-645-02
Photograph                                          12 Stones                                  ZPC-596-20
Photograph [Rock Edit]                              Nickelback                                 ZPC-631-17
Pick Up The Pieces                                  Average White Band, The                    S-084-05
Pickin' Wildflowers                                 Anderson, Keith                            ZPC-595-13
Picture [Amended Album Version]                     Kid Rock Feat. Sheryl Crow                 ZPC-483-05
Picture [Radio Edit #1]                             Kid Rock Feat. Sheryl Crow                 ZPC-498-03
Picture [Radio Edit]                                Kid Rock Feat. Allison Moorer              ZPC-489-10
Picture Perfect                                     Via, Angela                                HHD-77-10
Picture Perfect Wannabe                             Denver Harbor                              ZPC-580-15
Picture To Burn[Radio Edit]                         Swift, Taylor                              ZPC-2805-12
Pictures Of You                                     Last Goodnight                             ZPC-2724-02
Piece [Radio Edit]                                  ZZ Top                                     ZPC-532-14
Piece Of Me[Album Version]                          Spears, Britney                            ZPC-2746-05
Piece Of Me[Bimbo Jones Radio Edit]                 Spears, Britney                            ZPC-2802-17
Piece Of My Heart                                   Joplin, Janis                              S-095-04
Piece Of Work [Single Version]                      Buffett, Jimmy                             ZPC-600-10
Pieces [Radio Edit]                                 Dark new Day                               ZPC-643-13
Pieces [Radio Version]                              Sum 41                                     ZPC-593-14
Pieces Of Me                                        Simpson, Ashlee                            ZPC-566-03
Pierced [Album Version]                             Audio Adrenaline                           ZPC-503-17
Piggy Bank [Amended]                                50 Cent                                    ZPC-609-07
Pilgrim                                             Enya                                       S-044-09
Pili Me Ka'u Manu                                   Brother Iz                                 S-140-11
Pimp Juice [Clean]                                  Nelly                                      ZPC-502-05
Pimpin' All Over The World [Clean]                  Ludacris Feat. Bobby Valentino             ZPC-619-07
Pinball Wizard                                      Stewart, Rod                               S-015-15
                                                     135                             Last updated: 8/14/08
                               B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                  MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Pineapple Express                                   Lewis, Huey & The News                       ZPC-2832-03
Pink Cadillac                                       Springsteen, Bruce                           MB-04-08
Pink Cadillac                                       Cole, Natalie                                MB-14-08
Pink Cashmere                                       Prince                                       S-006-13
Pipeline                                            Chantay's                                    S-115-04
Pitiful                                             Blindside                                    ZPC-486-16
Plain [Beautiful Chill Mix]                         ZOEgirl                                      ZPC-499-18
Planes, Brain & Automobiles                         Clyph                                        ZPC-638-08
Planets Of The Universe                             Nicks, Stevie                                RC-13-15
Platinum Plague Demo                                TM Century                                   ZPC-562-02
Play                                                Lopez, Jennifer                              HHD-84-01
Play (Edited Version)                               Lopez, Jennifer                              TPH-02-03
Play [Clean]                                        Banner, David                                ZPC-625-04
Play Me                                             Diamond, Neil                                S-016-07
Play Something Country                              Brooks & Dunn                                ZPC-619-08
Play That Funky Music                               Wild Cherry                                  MB-02-12
Play With Fire [Richard Vission Remix]              Duff, Hilary                                 ZPC-2639-18
Play Your Part [Leading Man Radio Mix]              Cox, Deborah                                 ZPC-517-15
Playas Gon' Play                                    3LW                                          HHD-85-03
Playa's Only [Squeaky Clean Version]                Kelly, R. Feat. Game                         ZPC-622-08
Playas Rock][Clean]                                 Hurricane Chris Feat. Boxie                  ZPC-2748-08
Playboys Of The Southwestern World                  Shelton, Blake                               ZPC-520-10
Player's Prayer[Main]                               Lloyd                                        ZPC-2728-06
Please                                              Kinleys, The                                 HHC-070-05
Please                                              Tillis, Pam                                  TCH-01-10
Please [LP Version]                                 Braxton, Toni                                ZPC-614-05
Please Don't Go[Radio Edit]                         Tank                                         ZPC-2712-09
Please Excuse My Hands                              Plies feat. Jamie Foxx & The-Dream           ZPC-2823-10
Please Help Me I'm Fallin'                          Locklin, Hank                                MC-01-17
Please Mr. Postman                                  Carpenters, The                              S-086-17
Please Mr. Postman                                  Marvelettes, The                             S-154-02
Please Remember Me                                  McGraw, Tim                                  S-004-10
Please Stay (Once You Go Away)                      Gaye, Marvin                                 S-045-02
Plug It In [Radio Edit]                             Basement Jaxx Feat. J.C. Chasez              ZPC-551-04
PMS                                                 Garner, Larry                                BB98-07
Po' Folks                                           Anderson, Bill                               MC-08-12
Pocket Full Of Gold                                 Gill, Vince                                  S-020-07
Pocketful Of Sunshine                               Bedingfield, Natasha                         ZPC-2805-03
Pocketful Of Sunshine[Johhny Vicious Radio]         Bedingfield, Natasha                         ZPC-2814-18
Podunk                                              Anderson, Keith                              ZPC-2637-12
Poem                                                Taproot                                      ZPC-481-14
Poetry In Motion                                    Tillotson, Johnny                            S-100-05
Poetry In Motion                                    Tillotson, Johnny                            S-116-08
Poetry Man[Radio Edit Without Sax]                  Queen Latifah                                ZPC-2808-01
Poison                                              Cooper, Alice                                S-051-03
Poison                                              Alice Cooper                                 S-081-22
Politics [Claude LaGache Edit]                      Korn                                         ZPC-2641-16
Politics [Clean]                                    Korn                                         ZPC-2639-15
Polka Dots & Moonbeams (Around A Pug-Nosed Dream)   Dorsey, Tommy w/ Frank Sinatra, vocals       BAND-03-05
Polly                                               Nirvana                                      S-046-06
Poltically Uncorrect [Album Version]                Wilson, Gretchen Feat. Merle Haggard         ZPC-2606-09
Polyamorous                                         Breaking Benjamin                            ZPC-479-15
Pon De Replay [Norty Cotto Radio Edit]              Rihanna                                      ZPC-632-17
Pon De Replay [Radio]                               Rihanna                                      ZPC-621-05
                                                     136                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Pon De River, Pon De Bank                             Elephant Man                                          ZPC-534-08
Pony                                                  Ginuwine                                              RC-03-14
Poor Butterfly                                        Romantic Strings                                      S-131-10
Poor Little Fool                                      Nelson, Ricky                                         S-064-28
Poor Man [Album Version]                              Plus One                                              ZPC-550-18
Poor Me                                               Diffie, Joe                                           HHC-082-13
Poor People Of Paris, The (Jean's Song)               Baxter, Les & His Orch & Chorus                       F50-04-12
Pop A Top                                             Jackson, Alan                                         HHC-094-01
Pop Life                                              Prince                                                S-006-02
Pop My Trunk [Xtra Clean]                             Wine-O                                                ZPC-2634-07
Pop That Booty [Amended Main Version]                 Houston, Marques Feat. Jermaine Dupri                 ZPC-540-09
Pop!ular [Jason Nevins Radio Edit]                    Hayes, Darren                                         ZPC-601-15
Pop, Lock & Drop It [Main Version]                    Huey                                                  ZPC-2637-07
Poppin' [Main]                                        Brown, Chris                                          ZPC-2647-07
Poppin' Dem Thangs [Radio Edit]                       G-Unit                                                ZPC-555-07
Poppin' My Collar [Single]                            Three 6 Mafia                                         ZPC-2604-04
Pork And Beans                                        Weezer                                                ZPC-2817-16
Portrait Of Love[No Rap]                              Dennis, Cheri                                         ZPC-2801-05
Posada (Pilgrimage To Bethlehem)                      Santana                                               ZPC-494-14
Positively 4th Street                                 Dylan, Bob                                            S-056-09
Potential Breakup Song                                Aly & AJ                                              ZPC-2724-03
Pour Me                                               Trick Pony                                            HHC-104-01
Pour Me                                               Trick Pony                                            TCH-01-11
Power Of Love                                         Romantic Strings                                      S-135-09
Power Of One                                          Bomshel                                               ZPC-2733-11
Power Of One, The                                     Summer, Donna                                         HHD-83-02
Power Windows                                         Berry, John                                           HHC-093-10
Powerful Thing                                        Yearwood, Trisha                                      HHC-085-02
Powerful Thing                                        Yearwood, Trisha                                      HHDC-12-12
Powerless (Say What You Want)                         Furtado, Nelly                                        ZPC-535-03
Powerless (Say What You Want) [Widelife Remix Edit]   Furtado, Nelly                                        ZPC-552-16
Practice Life [Single Edit]                           Griggs, Andy With Guest Vocalist Martina McBride      ZPC-478-11
Praise And Adore (Some Live Without It)               Wavorly                                               ZPC-2720-19
Praise You In This Storm                              Casting Crowns                                        ZPC-2607-18
Pray                                                  Zschech, Darlene                                      ZPC-536-19
Pray For Me[Clean]                                    Sixx A.M.                                             ZPC-2810-14
Pray For The Fish                                     Travis, Randy                                         ZPC-524-11
Prayer Of The Refugee [Radio Edit]                    Rise Against                                          ZPC-2644-12
Praying For Sunny Days [LP Version]                   Hyper Static Union                                    ZPC-2619-19
Precious & Few                                        Climax                                                S-109-09
Precious [Radio Version]                              Depeche Mode                                          ZPC-635-15
Precious Moments                                      West, Christopher                                     S-138-05
Predictable                                           Good Charlotte                                        ZPC-581-16
Prelude To A Kiss                                     Clark, Bev                                            WED-03-14
Presence (My Heart's Desire) [Radio Edit]             Newsboys                                              ZPC-587-19
Presidential [Clean]                                  Youngbloodz                                           ZPC-627-06
Pressure Point                                        Zutons                                                ZPC-601-13
Pressure Suit[Radio Edit]                             Aqualung                                              ZPC-2707-02
Pretty Amazing Grace[Radio Version]                   Diamond, Neil                                         ZPC-2818-02
Pretty Baby [Fade]                                    Carlton, Vanessa                                      ZPC-491-04
Pretty Fly (For A White Boy)                          Offspring                                             RC-08-12
Pretty Fly {For A White Guy)                          Offspring                                             HHP-67-03
Pretty Girl (The Way) [Album Version]                 Sugarcult                                             ZPC-481-12
Pretty Vegas                                          INXS                                                  ZPC-642-01
                                                        137                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Price To Pay                                  Staind                                     ZPC-509-14
Pride                                         Palmer, Robert                             S-024-02
Pride [Radio Edit]                            DamagePlan                                 ZPC-587-14
Pride And Joy                                 Vaughan, Stevie Ray                        MB-22-04
Primrose Lane                                 Wallace, Jerry                             MC-05-18
Private Emotion                               Martin, Ricky                              NMT-38-03
Private Emotion                               Martin, Ricky w/Meja                       S-005-08
Private Idaho                                 B-52's, The                                S-054-05
Probably Wouldn't Be This Way                 Rimes, LeAnn                               ZPC-620-10
Problem Child                                 AC/DC                                      S-035-05
Processional                                  Wedding Traditional                        MB-12-13
Prodigal Son                                  Sevendust                                  ZPC-2807-16
Promiscuous [Radio Edit]                      Furtado, Nelly Feat. Timbaland             ZPC-2617-04
Promiscuous [Ralphi Rosario Radio Mix]        Furtado, Nelly Feat. Timbaland             ZPC-2629-18
Promise                                       Eve6                                       HHD-80-06
Promise                                       Jagged Edge                                HHD-82-12
Promise [Main]                                Ciara                                      ZPC-2640-06
Promise Of A Lifetime                         Kutless                                    ZPC-2720-20
Promise Ring[Edit]                            Evans, Tiffany Feat. Ciara                 ZPC-2727-05
Promises                                      Def Leppard                                BR99-02
Promises                                      Clapton, Eric                              S-089-09
Proper Education [Radio Edit]                 Prydz, Eric Vs. Pink Floyd                 ZPC-2703-18
Prototype [Radio Mix]                         Outkast                                    ZPC-582-06
Proud Mary                                    Creedence Clearwater                       MB-01-08
Proud Mary                                    CCR                                        S-076-03
Proud Of The House We Built[Single Edit]      Brooks & Dunn                              ZPC-2723-09
Psalm 40 [Lite Mix]                           NewSong                                    ZPC-645-19
Psycho                                        Puddle Of Mudd                             ZPC-2738-15
Psychosocial[Radio Edit]                      Slipknot                                   ZPC-2827-16
Pullin' Me Back [Radio]                       Chingy Feat. Tyrese                        ZPC-2621-06
Pump [CTG Radio Mix]                          Panaghi, Chris "The Greek"                 ZPC-2652-17
Pump It [Xtra Amended]                        Black Eyed Peas                            ZPC-647-04
Pump It Up [Radio]                            Budden, Joe                                ZPC-508-06
Pump Up The Jam                               Technotronic                               MB-01-17
Pump Up The Jam                               Technotronic                               S-071-14
Pump Up The Jam                               Technotronic                               ZEW-90-02
Pump Up The Volume                            M/A/R/R/S                                  MB-22-12
Pump Up The Volume                            M/A/R/R/S                                  S-071-10
Pump Ya Fist [Radio]                          DMX                                        ZPC-621-06
Punk [Radio Edit]                             Corsten, Ferry                             ZPC-489-17
Punk Rock 101 [Radio Edit]                    Bowling For Soup                           ZPC-522-05
Puppy Love                                    Lil' Bow Wow f/Jagged Edge                 HHD-85-11
Puppy Love                                    Lil Bow Wow & Jagged Edge                  TRBH-02-02
Pure                                          Superchic(k)                               ZPC-604-20
Purple People Eater, The                      Wooley, Sheb                               F50-02-18
Push [Super Clean]                            Ghostface Feat. Missy Elliott              ZPC-560-08
Push It                                       Garbage                                    BR98-02
Push It                                       Salt N' Pepa                               MB-02-18
Push It                                       Garbage                                    RA98-05-09
Push It [Clean]                               Ross, Rick                                 ZPC-2632-05
Push It [Vocal Radio]                         De Lorean                                  ZPC-2614-19
Push It Baby[Radio Version]                   Pretty Ricky                               ZPC-2709-05
Push The Feeling On [JCA Radio Edit]          Nightcrawlers                              ZPC-579-17
Push[Anthony Acid Radio Edit (Clean)]         Ghostface Feat. Missy Elliott              ZPC-576-16
                                               138                             Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Pushover                                                     James, Etta                                S-062-05
Pussycat [Super Clean]                                       Elliot, Missy                              ZPC-508-05
Put A Girl In It                                             Brooks & Dunn                              ZPC-2817-12
Put A Little Umph In It[Main]                                Jagged Edge Feat. Ashanti                  ZPC-2728-09
Put It Down[Clean]                                           Redman                                     ZPC-2711-05
Put It In A Letter [Radio]                                   Mic Little Feat. Ne-Yo                     ZPC-2635-09
Put It On                                                    Marley, Bob                                S-146-13
Put It On Me                                                 Ja Rule w/ Lil' Mo & Vita                  HHD-84-12
Put Me Down [Radio Edit]                                     Jones, Donell                              ZPC-476-07
Put On[Clean]                                                Young Jeezy Feat. Kanye West               ZPC-2820-10
Put That Woman First [Radio Edit]                            Jaheim                                     ZPC-503-07
Put You On The Game [Clean]                                  Game                                       ZPC-632-04
Put Your Best Dress On                                       Holy, Steve                                ZPC-566-09
Put Your Dreams Away                                         101 Strings                                DM-03-11
Put Your Hand In Mine                                        Byrd, Tracy                                HHC-093-08
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See                       Busta Rhymes                               RC-05-01
Put Your Head On My Shoulder                                 Anka, Paul                                 MB-24-05
Put Your Heart Into It                                       Austin, Sherrie                            HHDC-10-08
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is                           Jet                                        ZPC-2632-14
Put Your Records On                                          Bailey Rae, Corinne                        ZPC-2627-02
Putting My Heart On The Line                                 Frampton, Peter                            S-153-08
Quarter To Three                                             Gary U.S. Bonds                            S-114-05
Quarterbackin' [Clean]                                       E-40 Feat. Clipse                          ZPC-525-06
Que Hiciste[Tony Moran Radio Mix]                            Lopez, Jennifer                            ZPC-2717-17
Que Lloren[Ralphi Rosario's Radio Edit]                      Ivy Queen                                  ZPC-2723-16
Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)                   Day, Doris                                 F50-01-04
Queen B                                                      Puscifer                                   ZPC-2741-17
Queen Of The Night (Remix)                                   Houston, Whitney                           S-069B-09
Question                                                     Moody Blues, The                           S-094-06
Question! [Album Version]                                    System Of A Down                           ZPC-627-12
Questions                                                    Tamia                                      ZPC-552-08
Quick To Back Down [Xtra Clean Album Version]                Bravehearts feat. Lil' Jon                 ZPC-544-08
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars                                  Romantic Strings                           S-136-09
Quit Playing Games                                           Backstreet Boys                            RC-04-14
Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)                           Backstreet Boys                            S-038-02
R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.                                       Mellencamp, John Cougar                    MB-23-16
Race With The Devil                                          Stray Cats                                 S-029-10
Race You To The Bottom [Radio Edit]                          Dean, Billy                                ZPC-625-10
Radar Love                                                   Golden Earring                             ERG-07-04
Radio                                                        Musiq Soulchild                            ZPC-2828-02
Radio [Main Mix]                                             Jarvis                                     ZPC-578-07
Radio Nowhere                                                Springsteen, Bruce                         ZPC-2735-02
Rag Doll                                                     Valli, Frankie & The 4 Seasons             S-059-01
Rag Mop                                                      Ames Brothers, The                         F50-03-11
Rages To Riches                                              Bennett, Tony                              F50-04-11
Rain [Single Edit]                                           Glover, Dana                               ZPC-506-01
Rain Down [CHR Radio Edit]                                   Delirious?                                 ZPC-552-19
Rain Fall Down [Ashley Beedle's Heavy Disco Radio Re-Edit]   Rolling Stones                             ZPC-648-17
Rain Fall Down [Radio Edit]                                  Rolling Stones                             ZPC-2605-14
Rain On Me [Main]                                            Ashanti                                    ZPC-526-06
Rain Song                                                    Day Of Fire                                ZPC-617-20
Rain Wizard[Radio Edit]                                      Black Stone Cherry                         ZPC-2707-12
Rain[Radio]                                                  Razah                                      ZPC-2803-05
Rainbow At Midnight                                          Tubb, Ernest & Robbins, Marty              MC-01-06
                                                               139                            Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Rainbow Country                                            Marley, Bob                                    S-146-09
Rainbow In The Rain                                        Black, Clint                                   ZPC-626-11
Rainbow Stew                                               Haggard, Merle                                 S-018-10
Raincoat [Radio Mix Edit]                                  Sweet, Kelly                                   ZPC-2704-02
Raindrops                                                  Clark, Dee                                     S-111-02
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head                          Thomas, B.J.                                   S-099-08
Raindrops Will Fall [Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Radio Edit]   Gray, Tamyra                                   ZPC-592-17
Raining On Sunday [Edit]                                   Urban, Keith                                   ZPC-489-11
Rainy Day                                                  Big Dismal                                     ZPC-583-20
Rainy Day [Boris & Beck Radio Mix]                         Stakey, Renee                                  ZPC-510-18
Rainy Day Women                                            Dylan, Bob                                     S-056-01
Rainy Days                                                 Shepard, Vonda                                 ZPC-501-01
Rainy Days And Mondays                                     Carpenters, The                                S-086-07
Rainy Dayz                                                 Blige, Mary J                                  ZPH2-04-12
Rainy Monday                                               Shiny Toy Guns                                 ZPC-2743-14
Rainy Night In Georgia                                     Benton, Brooks                                 S-148-11
Raise A Little Hell                                        Trooper                                        ERG-05-04
Raise The Roof, Raise The Rent                             Bassett, Johnnie & The Blues Ingredient        BB98-01
Raise Up                                                   Pablo, Petey                                   HHD-88-13
Raise Up [Amended Album Version]                           Saliva                                         ZPC-525-11
Raise Ya Hands Up (Uh Oh) [Klubb Mix]                      DJ Boozywoozy                                  ZPC-537-16
Rakata                                                     Wisin & Yandel                                 ZPC-644-05
Ramblin' Fever                                             Haggard, Merle                                 CC-02-06
Ramblin' Fever                                             Haggard, Merle                                 S-018-02
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man                                      Seger, Bob                                     MB-19-16
Ramblin Man                                                Allman Brothers Band, The                      ERG-08-15
Ramblin' Man                                               Allman Brothers Band, The                      S-087-13
Rambling Rose                                              Cole, Nat King                                 L60-01-09
Rapper's Delight                                           Sugarhill Gang                                 MB-22-16
Rapture                                                    Hurt                                           ZPC-2605-16
Rapture (Tastes So sweet)                                  Lio                                            ZPH2-02-06
Rapture Riders [Single Edit]                               Blondie Vs. Doors                              ZPC-2609-18
Rat In Mi Kitchen                                          UB40                                           S-152-13
Rave On                                                    Holly, Buddy                                   ERG-05-12
Rawhide                                                    Laine, Frankie                                 MC-04-09
Razor's Edge                                               Saliva                                         ZPC-589-15
Reach For The Sky                                          Social Distortion                              ZPC-583-14
Reach Out I'll Be There                                    Four Tops, The                                 MB-05-18
Reach Out, I'll Be There                                   McDonald, Michael                              ZPC-584-02
Reach Out, I'll Be Therre                                  Four Tops                                      S-154-12
Reached Down [CHR/Pop Mix]                                 Agnew, Todd                                    ZPC-585-20
React [Radio Edit]                                         Sermon, Erick Feat. Redman                     ZPC-482-11
Reaction                                                   Marley, Bob                                    S-146-03
Read My Mind [Album Version]                               Killers                                        ZPC-2703-15
Read My Mind[Pet Shop Boys Mix]                            Killers                                        ZPC-2712-19
Read Your Mind [Radio Edit]                                Avant                                          ZPC-528-07
Ready                                                      Stevens, Cat                                   S-011-08
Ready [Radio]                                              Black Rob                                      ZPC-641-06
Ready Teddy                                                Little Richard                                 S-061-09
Ready To Fall                                              Rise Against                                   ZPC-2622-16
Ready To Fly                                               FFH                                            ZPC-535-19
Ready To Fly [Album Version]                               Marx, Richard                                  ZPC-594-03
Ready To Run                                               Dixie Chicks                                   HHD-73-14
Ready To Run                                               Dixie Chicks                                   HHC-092-01
                                                            140                                 Last updated: 8/14/08
                            B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                              MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Ready, Set, Don't Go[Single Version]          Cyrus, Billy Ray                             ZPC-2731-10
Real                                          Plumb                                        ZPC-514-03
Real Bad Mood                                 Sisters, Marie                               ZCH2-04-10
Real Big [Clean]                              Fresh, Mannie                                ZPC-589-09
Real Gone [Album Version]                     Crow, Sheryl                                 ZPC-2646-02
Real Good Man                                 McGraw, Tim                                  ZPC-514-11
Real Love                                     Parton, Dolly w/ Rogers, Kenny               CC-01-16
Real Love                                     Doobie Brothers, The                         S-077-18
Real Love                                     McPhee, Katharine & Elliott Yamin            ZPC-2816-04
Real Love                                     Lightman, Toby                               ZPC-575-02
Real Love [Rosabel's Fireball Anthem Edit]    Cooper, Deborah                              ZPC-521-16
Real Slim Shady, The                          Eminem                                       RC-11-02
Real Soon [Clean]                             Snoop Dogg Presents DPGC                     ZPC-648-07
Real Talk[Clean]                              Kelly, R.                                    ZPC-2804-06
Real To Me [Album Version]                    Nordeman, Nichole                            ZPC-2625-20
Real Wild Child (Wild One)                    Iggy Pop                                     ERG-02-04
Real Women[Clean]                             UGK Feat. Talib Kweli & Raheem DeVaughn      ZPC-2742-08
Real World                                    Matchbox 20                                  BR98-14
Real World                                    Matchbox 20                                  RA98-05-01
Re-Align [Album Version]                      Godsmack                                     ZPC-540-14
Reality [Album Version]                       Big Dismal                                   ZPC-530-17
Realize[Album Version]                        Caillat, Colbie                              ZPC-2752-02
Re-Arranged                                   Limp Bizkit                                  HHD-74-06
Re-Arranged                                   Limp Bizkit                                  RC-10-04
Reason Is Treason [Radio Edit]                Kasabian                                     ZPC-636-15
Reason To Believe                             Stewart, Rod                                 S-068-08
Rebel Yell                                    Idol, Billy                                  S-159-10
Rebel's Hop                                   Marley, Bob                                  S-146-05
Rebirthing                                    Skillet                                      ZPC-2640-20
Recessional                                   Wedding Traditional                          MB-12-14
Reckless[Super Clean]                         Papa Roach                                   ZPC-2748-15
Reconsider Baby                               Fulson, Lowell                               BLUE-03-02
Reconsider Me                                 Felts, Narvel                                CC-04-22
Rectifier [Radio Edit]                        Ra                                           ZPC-512-15
Red Bandana                                   Haggard, Merle                               S-018-04
Red Blooded Woman                             Minogue, Kylie                               ZPC-561-03
Red Carpet (Pause, Flash) [Album Version]     Kelly, R.                                    ZPC-585-05
Red Dirt Road [Single Edit]                   Brooks & Dunn                                ZPC-509-11
Red High Heels                                Pickler, Kellie                              ZPC-2638-13
Red Light-Green Light [Radio Edit]            Limpbizkit Feat. Snoop Dogg                  ZPC-533-04
Red Petticoasts (Tango)                       Murray, Arthur                               BRD-01-03
Red Rag Top [Radio Edit]                      McGraw, Tim                                  ZPC-479-10
Red Red Wine                                  UB40                                         MB-20-07
Red Red Wine                                  UB40                                         S-152-05
Red River Rock                                Johnny & The Hurricanes                      S-110-01
Red Sails In The Sunset                       Whitman, Slim                                MC-07-13
Red Umbrella[Radio Edit]                      Hill, Faith                                  ZPC-2738-10
Red White And Blue [Radio Edit]               Lynyrd Skynyrd                               ZPC-508-15
Red, White And Blue                           McKnight, Brian With Rascal Flatts           ZPC-2706-02
Redefine [Radio Edit]                         Soil                                         ZPC-559-14
Redemption, Passion, Glory [Album Version]    Dizmas                                       ZPC-2624-18
Redneck Woman [Album Version]                 Wilson, Gretchen                             ZPC-558-12
Redneck Yacht Club                            Morgan, Craig                                ZPC-616-10
Reflections [Album Version]                   Temptations                                  ZPC-2604-01
                                                141                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Refugee                                                 Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers               S-027-05
Refugee                                                 Etheridge, Melissa                           ZPC-632-01
Reggaeton Latino [Remix]                                Omar, Don Feat. N.O.R.E. & Fat Joe           ZPC-620-09
Rehab                                                   Winehouse, Amy                               ZPC-2718-16
Reign [Mainstream Version]                              Ja Rule                                      ZPC-509-04
Reinvent The Wheel                                      Alabama                                      S-041-07
Relax                                                   Frankie                                      AE80-01-07
Relax (Come Fighting)                                   Frankie Goes To Hollywood                    MB-22-02
Relax And Take Notes [Clean]                            8-Ball & MJG Feat. Project Pat               ZPC-2703-07
Relax, Take It Easy[Radio Edit]                         Mika                                         ZPC-2804-01
Relax, Take It Easy[Tony Moran/Riggs Club Mix - Edit]   Mika                                         ZPC-2752-15
Relearn Love                                            Stapp, Scott                                 ZPC-579-01
Release Me                                              Humperdinck, Engelbert                       L60-01-05
Release Me                                              Wilson Phillips                              ZEW-90-09
Relentless[Radio Edit]                                  Aldean, Jason                                ZPC-2826-10
Remedy                                                  Seether                                      ZPC-614-16
Remember                                                Williams, Andy & Noelle                      DM-01-13
Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)                          Shangri-Las, The                             S-101-10
Remember (Walking In The Sand)                          Aeorsmith                                    S-040-10
Remember [Album Version]                                Disturbed                                    ZPC-493-11
Remember [Album Version]                                Groban, Josh with Tanja Tzarovska            ZPC-568-03
Remember Me [Radio Edit]                                Hoobastank                                   ZPC-485-14
Remember The Name [Radio Edit]                          Fort Minor Feat. Styles Of Beyond            ZPC-2633-05
Remember When                                           Jackson, Alan                                ZPC-537-11
Remember When It Rained [Radio Edit]                    Groban, Josh                                 ZPC-575-01
Remembering You [Radio Edit]                            Chapman, Steven Curtis                       ZPC-636-03
Reminiscent Joy                                         O'Neill, Tim & Ryan                          WED-02-05
Renegades Of Funk                                       Rage Against The Machine                     HHD-83-11
Reptilia [Album Version]                                Strokes                                      ZPC-549-13
Requested Line                                          Black Eyed Peas                              HHD-85-12
Requiem For A Dying Song                                Flogging Molly                               ZPC-2809-14
Rescue                                                  Uncle Kracker                                ZPC-568-01
Rescue [Radio Edit]                                     NewSong                                      ZPC-629-19
Rescue Me                                               Madonna                                      S-067-17
Rescue Me                                               Bass, Fontella                               S-100-13
Rescue[Radio Mix]                                       Seabird                                      ZPC-2816-18
Respect                                                 Franklin, Aretha                             MB-01-15
Respect                                                 Franklin, Aretha                             S-149-06
Respect [D'Menace Radio Edit]                           M., Lisa                                     ZPC-2628-18
Respectable                                             Outsiders                                    S-100-10
Rest In Pieces                                          Saliva                                       ZPC-503-15
Rest Of My Life [Album Version]                         Unwritten Law                                ZPC-492-12
Restless                                                Krauss, Alison and Union Station             ZPC-601-09
Return Of The Mack                                      Morrison, Mark                               RC-04-01
Reunited                                                Peaches & Herb                               DM-02-15
Revelations                                             Audioslave                                   ZPC-2636-16
Revenge Of A Middle-Aged Woman                          Byrd, Tracy                                  ZPC-587-10
Reverie (Debussy)                                       The Wedding Album                            WED-01-16
Revive Us                                               Anointed                                     HT18-31-11
Revolution [Album Version]                              Jars Of Clay                                 ZPC-493-18
Revolution [Radio Edit]                                 Judas Priest                                 ZPC-600-14
Rhiannon                                                Fleetwood Mac                                S-031-01
Rhinestone Cowboy                                       Campbell, Glen                               CC-04-12
Rhinestone Cowboy                                       Campbell, Glen                               ERG-04-08
                                                         142                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Rhinestone Cowboy (Giddy Up Giddy Up) [Radio Edit]   Rikki & Daz Feat. Campbell, Glen              ZPC-492-16
Rhythm Is A Dancer                                   Snap                                          ERG-07-09
Rhythm Is A Dancer                                   Snap                                          MB-17-20
Rhythm Is A Dancer 2004 [CJ Stone Radio Mix]         Snap!                                         ZPC-575-18
Rhythm Nation                                        Jackson, Janet                                S-065-12
Rhythm Of Love                                       DJ Company                                    RC-04-13
Rhythm Of My Heart                                   Stewart, Rod                                  S-068-01
Rhythm Of The Falling Rain                           Nelson, Ricky                                 S-064-29
Rhythm Of The Night                                  DeBarge                                       AE80-01-17
Rhythm Of The Night                                  DeBarge                                       RUSA-01-05
Rhythm Of The Night                                  DeBarge                                       S-154-24
Rhythm Of The Rain                                   Cascades, The                                 S-115-05
Rice University Fight Song                           All-American Marching Band                    S-141-19
Rich Girl [Radio Edit #1]                            Stefani, Gwen Feat. Eve                       ZPC-595-06
Richest Man [Edit]                                   Dakona                                        ZPC-534-19
Ride & Swerve [Radio Edit]                           Blak Jak Feat. Project Pat                    ZPC-2617-08
Ride [Radio Mix]                                     Vines                                         ZPC-552-15
Ride A White Horse                                   Goldfrapp                                     ZPC-2708-18
Ride For You [Main Mix]                              Danity Kane                                   ZPC-2647-04
Ride My See-Saw                                      Moody Blues, The                              S-094-04
Ride On                                              AC/DC                                         S-035-08
Ride The River [Album Version]                       Cale, J.J. & Eric Clapton                     ZPC-2703-13
Ride Wit Me                                          Nelly                                         HHD-85-14
Ride Wit Me                                          Nelly w/ City Spud                            RC-12-11
Ride Wit Me                                          Nelly & City Spud                             TRBH-02-01
Ride Wit Me [Radio Version]                          T.I.                                          ZPC-2601-02
Ride Wit U                                           Joe Feat. G-Unit                              ZPC-557-06
Ride With Me                                         Long John Hunter                              BB98-11
Rider Pt. 2[Clean]                                   G-Unit                                        ZPC-2817-05
Riders On The Storm                                  Doors, The                                    S-082-10
Riders On The Storm                                  Doors, The                                    S-158-04
Ridin' [Radio Edit]                                  Chamillionaire Feat. Krayzie Bone             ZPC-2603-08
Ridin' Rims [Xtra Clean]                             Dem Franchize Boyz                            ZPC-2615-07
Ridin Spinners [Radio Edit]                          Three 6 Mafia Feat. Lil' Flip                 ZPC-519-08
Riding For A Fall                                    LeDoux, Chris                                 S-023-04
Riding With Private Malone                           Ball, David                                   HHC-111-07
Right Before Your Eyes                               America                                       S-042-11
Right Here                                           Staind                                        ZPC-620-15
Right Here [Album Version]                           Camp, Jeremy                                  ZPC-547-17
Right Here For You [Radio]                           112                                           ZPC-545-05
Right Here Waiting                                   Marx, Richard                                 ZEW-89-12
Right Man For The Job                                Robison, Charlie                              ZCH1-06-12
Right Now                                            SR-71                                         HHD-81-11
Right Now [Clean Version]                            Korn                                          ZPC-535-15
Right Now[Album Version]                             This Beautiful Republic                       ZPC-2727-20
Right On The Money                                   Jackson, Alan                                 HHC-085-01
Right On the Money                                   Jackson, Alan                                 HHDC-11-09
Right Right Now Now [Clean Album Version]            Beastie Boys                                  ZPC-589-13
Right Thurr [Radio Version]                          Chingy                                        ZPC-511-07
Right To Be Wrong [Radio Edit]                       Stone, Joss                                   ZPC-594-02
Right Where I Am                                     Alabama                                       S-041-15
Right Where I Need To Be                             Allan, Gary                                   HHC-102-10
Right Where You Want Me                              McCartney, Jesse                              ZPC-2628-05
Righteously [Radio Edit]                             Williams, Lucinda                             ZPC-514-01
                                                      143                                Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Ring My Bell                                         INOJ                                                      HT18-32-05
Ring My Bell                                         INOJ                                                      RC-09-13
Ring Of Fire                                         Cash, June Carter                                         HHC-092-15
Ring Of Fire                                         Cash, Johnny                                              S-143-08
Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands                Greenwood, Lee                                            MC-04-05
Ring The Alarm                                       Beyonce                                                   ZPC-2635-04
Ring The Alarm [Freemasons Club Radio]               Beyonce                                                   ZPC-2644-15
Rings                                                Harvey, Alex                                              MC-06-13
Rinky Dink                                           Cortez, Dave "Baby"                                       S-113-06
Riot Radio                                           Dead 60s                                                  ZPC-615-15
Riot[Clean Edit]                                     Three Days Grace                                          ZPC-2804-16
Rip It Up                                            Little Richard                                            S-061-12
Rise & Fall [Radio Edit]                             David, Craig feat. Sting                                  ZPC-513-05
Rise Above This                                      Seether                                                   ZPC-2808-16
Rise Again [Valentin Radio Edit]                     Ann, Tina                                                 ZPC-606-16
Rise Today                                           Alter Bridge                                              ZPC-2733-15
Rise Up                                              Kelly, R.                                                 ZPC-2719-05
Rise[Eric Kupper Radio]                              James, Samantha                                           ZPC-2709-17
River [Album Version]                                McLachlan, Sarah                                          ZPC-2635-01
Rivers Of Babylon                                    Melodians, The                                            REG-01-08
Roadhouse Blues                                      Doors, The                                                S-158-02
Roadmaster, The                                      Weller, Freddy                                            MC-09-13
Roak A Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody             Francis, Connie                                           S-118-10
Robot Rock [Radio Edit]                              Daft Punk                                                 ZPC-612-18
Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)[Clean]                  Jay-Z                                                     ZPC-2742-05
Roc Ya Body "Mic Check 1 2"                          M.V.P. Feat. Stagga Lee                                   ZPC-535-07
Roc-A-Fella Billionaires[Radio]                      Freeway Feat. Jay-Z                                       ZPC-2733-06
Rock & Roll Queen                                    Subways                                                   ZPC-645-16
Rock & Roll Waltz                                    Starr, Kay                                                F50-02-04
Rock & Roll[Radio Edit]                              Hutchinson, Eric                                          ZPC-2832-02
Rock And Roll Part 2                                 Glitter, Gary                                             MB-02-19
Rock And Roll Part 2                                 Glitter, Gary                                             S-071-16
Rock Around The Clock                                Haley, Bill & His Comets                                  ERG-07-14
Rock Around The Clock                                Haley, Bill & His Comets                                  MB-07-21
Rock Around The Clock                                Haley, Bill & The Comets                                  S-102-01
Rock it                                              Steve Miller Band                                         S-156-11
Rock 'N Roll                                         Archies, The                                              S-102-02
Rock 'N' Roll Is King                                ELO                                                       MB-24-10
Rock On                                              Damian, Michael                                           ZEW-89-08
Rock On                                              Montana Da Mac Feat. DJ UNK                               ZPC-2731-07
Rock Star[Squeaky Clean Version]                     Kelly, R. Feat. Ludacris & Kid Rock                       ZPC-2733-07
Rock Steady                                          Whispers                                                  MB-20-16
Rock The Party [Radio Version]                       Benzino                                                   ZPC-488-06
Rock The Party [Yellow City Remix Amended Version]   Benzino Feat. Mario Winans, Lil' Kim & Petey Pablo        ZPC-491-09
Rock This Country                                    Twain, Shania                                             S-008-15
Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) [Radio Edit]   Sinclar, Bob & Cutee B Feat. Dollarman, Big Ali & Makedah ZPC-2652-14
Rock This Town                                       Stray Cats, The                                           GR70-03-11
Rock This Town                                       Stray Cats, The                                           MB-03-07
Rock This Town                                       Stray Cats                                                S-029-02
Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) [Main]                        Ashanti                                                   ZPC-512-06
Rock With U[Album Version]                           Jackson, Janet                                            ZPC-2807-05
Rock Yo Hips [Radio Edit]                            Crime Mob Feat. Lil Scrappy                               ZPC-2645-10
Rock You Baby [Single Version]                       Keith, Toby                                               ZPC-496-10
Rock Your Baby                                       McRae, George                                             S-110-06
                                                       144                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Rock Your Body                                               Timberlake, Justin                              ZPC-504-04
Rock Your Body [Sander Kleinberg's Just In The Radio Edit]   Timberlake, Justin                              ZPC-513-16
Rock Your Body, Rock [Original Edit]                         Corsten, Ferry                                  ZPC-548-15
Rock-A-Bye [Radio]                                           Black Buddafly                                  ZPC-625-08
Rockafeller Skank, The                                       Fatboy Slim                                     HHD-75-10
Rockefeller Skank, The                                       Fatboy Slim                                     BPH8-01-04
Rocker                                                       AC/DC                                           S-035-04
Rocket Man                                                   John, Elton                                     S-090-06
Rocket Man 2003 [KDME Remix]                                 John, Elton                                     ZPC-526-17
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree                            Lee, Brenda                                     ERG-06-16
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree                            Rimes, LeAnn                                    ZPC-595-03
Rockin' Away                                                 Delp, Brad & Barry Goudreau                     ZPC-2746-14
Rockin' Down The Highway                                     Doobie Brothers, The                            S-077-03
Rock-in Robin                                                Day, Bobby                                      MB-02-05
Rockin' Robin                                                Jackson, Michael                                S-078-03
Rockin' Robin                                                Day, Bobby                                      S-110-04
Rockin' Round The Christmas Tree                             Vincent, Rhonda                                 ZPC-2751-08
Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain                          Judds, The                                      S-129-02
Rock'N Me                                                    Steve Miller Band                               S-155-12
Rocks In Your Shoes                                          West, Emily                                     ZPC-2807-11
Rockstar [Amended]                                           Nickelback                                      ZPC-2630-16
Rocksteady                                                   Broussard, Marc                                 S-142-02
Rocky Mountain High                                          Denver, John                                    MC-02-01
Rocky Mountain Way                                           Walsh, Joe                                      ERG-05-05
Rocky Top                                                    Osborne Brothers, The                           ERG-08-13
Rocky Top                                                    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                          MB-10-10
Rocky Top '96                                                Osborne Brothers, The                           HHDC-07-01
Rodeo                                                        Brooks, Garth (Live)                            S-043B-02
Rodeo                                                        Brooks, Garth                                   S-122-02
Rodeo [Radio Version]                                        Juvenile                                        ZPC-644-09
Rodeo Rock                                                   Collins, Jimmy                                  HHDC-07-05
Roll Call [Radio]                                            Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz Feat. Ice Cube     ZPC-602-08
Roll On                                                      Living End, The                                 TRH-02-11
Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)                                   Alabama                                         CC-01-17
Roll On[Radio Edit]                                          Kid Rock                                        ZPC-2742-02
Roll Wit M.V.P. [Radio Edit]                                 Stagga Lee                                      ZPC-503-08
Roll With It                                                 Winwood, Steve                                  MB-19-21
Roll With Me                                                 Montgomery Gentry                               ZPC-2830-13
Rollercoaster                                                Urban, Keith                                    S-127-11
Rollin'                                                      Brooks, Garth                                   S-123-05
Rollin' With The Flow                                        Rich, Charlie                                   MC-08-09
Rollin' With The Flow                                        Chesnutt, Mark                                  ZPC-2748-11
Rollover DJ                                                  Jet                                             ZPC-573-14
Romance (Love Theme From Sing)                               Carrack, Paul & Nunn, Terri                     DM-01-03
Romeo                                                        Basement Jaxx                                   HHD-88-06
Romeo & Juliet                                               Sylk E Fyne                                     BPH8-02-08
Romeo and Juliet Love Theme                                  Romantic Strings                                S-136-08
Rompe [Radio Edit]                                           Daddy Yankee                                    ZPC-645-06
Rondeau (Mouret)                                             The Wedding Album                               WED-01-14
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)                            Lostprophets                                    ZPC-2619-12
Rooftops And Invitations                                     Dashboard Confessional                          ZPC-2637-14
Roomful Of Roses                                             Gilley, Mickey                                  MC-04-03
Roots Before Branches[Radio Edit]                            Room For Two                                    ZPC-2819-01
Rosanna                                                      Toto                                            AE80-02-09
                                                              145                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Rose Bouquet                                          Vassar, Phil                                  TCH-02-06
Rose Colored Glasses                                  Conlee, John                                  CC-02-14
Rose Garden                                           Anderson, Lynn                                CC-06-18
Roseland Shuffle                                      Basie, Count                                  S-026-03
Roses [Radio Edit]                                    Outkast                                       ZPC-554-06
Rough & Ready                                         Adkins, Trace                                 ZPC-563-11
Rough Justice                                         Rolling Stones                                ZPC-630-16
Rough Landing, Holly [Edit]                           Yellowcard                                    ZPC-2611-15
Roun' The Globe [Amended]                             Nappy Roots                                   ZPC-523-09
Round & Round                                         Como, Perry                                   F50-01-18
Round About Way                                       Strait, George                                S-063-12
Round and Round                                       Ratt                                          S-051-05
Round Here [Radio]                                    Memphis Bleek Feat. T.I. and Trick Daddy      ZPC-547-07
Row Da Boat [Radio Edit]                              Yute, Don Feat. Ying Yang Twins               ZPC-563-09
RU Ready                                              Salt N' Pepa                                  RC-05-15
Rub It In                                             King, Matt                                    NMT-27-11
Rubber Ball                                           Vee, Bobby                                    S-113-09
Rubber Band Man [Clean]                               T.I.                                          ZPC-544-04
Rubberband Banks [Xtra Clean Radio]                   Young Dro                                     ZPC-2635-08
Rubberneckin' [Paul Oakenfold Remix (Radio Edit)]     Presley, Elvis                                ZPC-528-16
Ruben James                                           Rogers, Kenny                                 MC-01-03
Ruby                                                  Kaiser Chiefs                                 ZPC-2705-15
Ruby Tuesday                                          Rolling Stones, The                           S-079A-16
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town                    Rogers, Kenny                                 MC-09-01
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [Album Version]        Johnson, Jack                                 ZPC-546-18
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [Album Version]        Isaak, Chris                                  ZPC-650-04
Ruin Me[Album Version - No Intro]                     Johnson Band, Jeff                            ZPC-2823-18
Rumba Fantasy (Rumba)                                 Murray, Arthur                                BRD-01-01
Rumor Has It                                          Walker, Clay                                  HHDC-08-09
Rumours                                               Lohan, Lindsay                                ZPC-584-03
Rump Shaker                                           Wreckx-N-Effect                               MB-14-06
Run                                                   Kutless                                       ZPC-510-19
Run [Edit]                                            Snow Patrol                                   ZPC-581-14
Run Away                                              Live with Shelby Lynne                        ZPC-557-02
Run It! [Main Version]                                Brown, Chris                                  ZPC-623-09
Run Rudolph Run                                       Crow, Sheryl                                  ZPC-494-16
Run The Show                                          DeLuna, Kat Feat. Busta Rhymes                ZPC-2801-06
Run The Show[Johhny Vicious Radio Mix]                DeLuna, Kat                                   ZPC-2809-18
Run Through The Jungle                                CCR                                           S-076-13
Run To You                                            Houston, Whitney                              S-069A-09
Run, Run, Run                                         Tyler, Ryan                                   ZPC-525-08
Run[Radio Edit]                                       Gnarls Barkley                                ZPC-2806-18
Run-Around                                            Blues Traveler                                MB-06-13
Runaround Sue                                         Dion                                          MB-08-06
Runaround Sue                                         Dion                                          S-114-04
Runaway                                               Shannon, Del                                  MB-20-19
Runaway                                               Jackson, Janet                                S-065-01
Runaway                                               Shannon, Del                                  S-099-01
Runaway                                               Shannon, Del                                  S-103-06
Runaway                                               Shannon, Del                                  S-105-05
Runaway                                               Shannon, Del                                  S-114-02
Runaway                                               Jamiroquai                                    ZPC-2709-18
Runaway Love [Amended]                                Ludacris Feat. Mary J. Blige                  ZPC-2644-07
Runnin [Xtra Clean Version]                           Tupac Feat. The Notorious B.I.G.              ZPC-535-09
                                                        146                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Runnin' Behind                                      Lawrence, Tracy                                         CC-07-16
Runnin' Down A Dream                                Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                          S-027-13
Runnin' Wild[Clean Edit]                            Airbourne                                               ZPC-2821-16
Running                                             No Doubt                                                ZPC-497-04
Running Away                                        Hoobastank                                              ZPH2-05-12
Running Blind [Acoustic]                            Godsmack                                                ZPC-556-15
Running From Me                                     Trust Company                                           ZPC-486-15
Rush                                                Aly & AJ                                                ZPC-2603-03
Rush Around                                         Brickell, Edie                                          ZPC-529-01
Rush Da Security [Radio]                            Redman                                                  ZPC-637-06
Rusty Cage                                          Cash, Johnny                                            S-143-17
S.E.X. [Clean]                                      Jennings, Lyfe                                          ZPC-2622-06
S.O.S.                                              Jonas Brothers                                          ZPC-2735-05
S.O.S. (Rescue Me) [Nevins Electrotek Edit]         Rihanna                                                 ZPC-2614-18
S.O.S. (Rescue Me) [Radio]                          Rihanna                                                 ZPC-2605-04
Sad But True                                        Metallica                                               S-037-02
Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)                            Thompson, Sue                                           S-113-10
Safe From Harm [DD Radio Edit]                      Narcotic Thrust                                         ZPC-479-17
Safe In The Arms Of Love                            McBride, Martina                                        HHDC-04-11
Safe In The Arms Of Love [Album Version]            Robinson, Chris                                         ZPC-486-13
Safe Passage                                        Manmade God                                             ZPC-521-15
Sail On Sailor                                      Buffett, Jimmy                                          S-151-17
Sailing                                             Romantic Strings                                        S-134-03
Sailor                                              Stewart, Rod                                            S-015-16
Saints & Angels                                     Evans, Sara                                             HHC-111-03
Saints Of Los Angeles[Radio Edit]                   Motley Crue                                             ZPC-2817-14
Sally, Go Round The Roses                           Jaynetts, The                                           S-115-09
Salsation                                           Shire, David                                            S-022-15
Salt Shaker [Clean]                                 Ying Yang Twins Feat. Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz     ZPC-538-10
Salut D'Amour (Elgar)                               The Wedding Album                                       WED-01-08
Salute Your Solution                                Raconteurs                                              ZPC-2813-15
Salute Your Solution                                Raconteurs                                              ZPC-2813-15
Samba Pa Ti                                         Santana                                                 S-047-07
Same Direction [Album Version]                      Hoobastank                                              ZPC-572-12
Same Girl                                           Kelly, R. With Usher                                    ZPC-2719-07
Same Mistake[Radio Edit]                            Blunt, James                                            ZPC-2743-03
Same Ol' Same Ol'                                   P.Y.T.                                                  HHD-85-06
Same Old Song & Dance                               Aeorsmith                                               S-040-02
Same Old Story                                      Brooks, Garth                                           S-025-08
Same Old Story                                      Brooks, Garth                                           S-121-09
Same Script, Different Cast                         Houston, Whitney & Cox, Deborah                         S-069A-17
San Antonio Girl                                    Lovett, Lyle                                            HHC-112-10
San Francisco [John Kano Radio Mix]                 Sir Ivan                                                ZPC-508-19
Sanctuary [The Traveller Radio Edit]                Origene                                                 ZPC-569-17
Sand In My Shoes [Hani Num Radio]                   Dido                                                    ZPC-590-18
Sand In My Shoes [Radio Edit]                       Dido                                                    ZPC-583-02
Sand On My Feet                                     Summer, Donna                                           ZPC-2826-02
Santa Baby                                          Pussycat Dolls                                          ZPC-2651-08
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town                       Lonestar                                                ZPC-650-14
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town                       Taylor, James                                           ZPC-596-02
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town [Album Version]       Isaak, Chris Feat. Stevie Nicks                         ZPC-650-05
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town[Album Version]        Judd, Wynonna                                           ZPC-2751-09
Santa Hooked Me Up [Album Version]                  B2K                                                     ZPC-546-08
Santa Lucia                                         Tuscany, An Evening in                                  S-120-09
                                                      147                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                                     B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                        MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Santa Monica                                              Theory Of A Deadman                          ZPC-2612-13
Sara                                                      Fleetwood Mac                                S-031-13
Sara Smile                                                Boyz II Men                                  ZPC-574-01
Satellite                                                 P.O.D.                                       ZPC-476-14
Satin Doll                                                Ellington, Duke                              ERG-03-12
Satin Doll                                                Ellington, Duke                              MB-22-01
Satin Sheets                                              Pruett, Jeanne                               CC-04-18
Satin Sheets                                              Pruett, Jeanne                               ERG-08-05
Satisfaction [Mokkas Radio]                               Benny Benassi                                ZPC-519-17
Satisfaction [Radio Edit]                                 Eve                                          ZPC-485-06
Satisfied                                                 Rhona                                        HHD-86-12
Satisfied                                                 Monroe, Ashley                               ZPC-2611-13
Saturday                                                  Broussard, Marc                              S-142-08
Saturday Night                                            Lonestar                                     HHDC-12-05
Saturday Night [Radio Edit]                               Carter, Aaron                                ZPC-612-03
Saturday Night Special                                    Lynyrd Skynyrd                               S-145-06
Saturday Night's (Alright For Fighting) [Album Version]   Nickelback Feat. Kid Rock                    ZPC-522-12
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting                     John, Elton                                  S-090-05
Savage Imaging Demo                                       TM Century                                   ZPC-562-01
Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)[Album Version]               Big & Rich                                   ZPC-564-10
Save Me                                                   Broussard, Marc                              S-142-04
Save Me                                                   40 Foot Echo                                 ZPC-509-13
Save Me                                                   Unwritten Law                                ZPC-595-17
Save Me                                                   Shinedown                                    ZPC-632-14
Save Me [Radio Edit]                                      Matthews, Dave                               ZPC-538-03
Save Me [Rock Edit]                                       DamagePlan                                   ZPC-547-10
Save My Soul [Original Radio Edit]                        W, Kristine                                  ZPC-567-17
Save The Best For Last                                    Williams, Vanessa                            MB-07-03
Save The Best For Last                                    Romantic Strings                             S-131-12
Save The Last Dance For Me                                Drifters, The                                S-099-04
Save The Last Dance For Me                                Drifters, The                                S-103-05
Save The Last Dance For Me                                Drifters, The                                S-105-11
Save The Last Dance For Me                                Drifters, The                                S-116-01
Save The Last Dance For Me [Starcity Remix]               Buble, Michael                               ZPC-2601-01
Save The World                                            Bon Jovi                                     S-039-08
Save Tonight                                              Eagle-Eye Cherry                             BP99-06
Save You [Clean Edit]                                     Pearl Jam                                    ZPC-492-14
Save Yourself                                             Stabbing Westward                            BR98-13
Save Yourself                                             Stabbing Westward                            RA98-05-08
Saved [Hot Version]                                       Barfield, Warren                             ZPC-2613-18
Saved The Day [Album Version]                             Phillips, Craig & Dean                       ZPC-2714-18
Savin' Me                                                 Nickelback                                   ZPC-2605-02
Saving All My Love For You                                Houston, Whitney                             S-069A-02
Saving Grace [Album Version]                              Petty, Tom                                   ZPC-2626-15
Saving My Love [Josh Harris Soul House Remix Edit]        Hodges, Pat                                  ZPC-564-17
Saxophones                                                Buffett, Jimmy                               S-151-11
Say (All I Need)[LP]                                      OneRepublic                                  ZPC-2822-02
Say [Radio]                                               Method Man                                   ZPC-2623-07
Say Anything                                              McCain, Edwin Feat. Maia Sharp               ZPC-576-03
Say Goodbye                                               Knight, Jordan With Deborah Gibson           ZPC-2631-03
Say Goodbye                                               Theory Of A Deadman                          ZPC-645-14
Say Goodbye [Main]                                        Brown, Chris                                 ZPC-2632-08
Say Hello [Radio Edit]                                    Deep Dish                                    ZPC-630-19
Say Hello To Heaven                                       Slocum, Jamie                                ZPC-2718-11
                                                           148                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                   MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Say I [Clean]                                                     Milian, Christina Feat. Young Jeezy                     ZPC-2608-05
Say I [Maurice Radio Edit]                                        Milian, Christina Feat. Young Jeezy                     ZPC-2616-17
Say It Again[Album Version]                                       Digby, Marie                                            ZPC-2805-02
Say It Isn’t So                                                   Bon Jovi                                                S-039-02
Say It Right [Main]                                               Furtado, Nelly                                          ZPC-2642-03
Say My Name                                                       Destiny's Child                                         NMT-37-05
Say My Name                                                       Destiny's Child                                         RC-10-09
Say OK                                                            Hudgens, Vanessa                                        ZPC-2712-04
Say Somethin' [Morales Radio Edit]                                Carey, Mariah Feat. Snoop Dogg                          ZPC-2615-20
Say Somethin' [Radio]                                             Carey, Mariah Feat. Snoop Dogg                          ZPC-2612-04
Say This Sooner (No One Will Ever See Things The Way I Do) [Album Almost
                                                                  Version]                                                ZPC-2714-12
Say What You Will [Edit]                                          Clapton, Eric                                           ZPC-634-01
Say Yeah[Radio Edit]                                              Wiz Khalifa                                             ZPC-2811-06
Say Yes [Radio Edit]                                              Floetry                                                 ZPC-501-08
Say Yes[Radio Edit]                                               Drake, Dusty                                            ZPC-2723-11
Say You Love Me                                                   Fleetwood Mac                                           S-031-10
Say You Will [Single Remix Cold]                                  Fleetwood Mac                                           ZPC-518-02
Say You'll Be There                                               Spice Girls                                             RC-04-05
Say..If You Feel Alright                                          Crystal Waters                                          RC-03-11
Say[Album Version]                                                Mayer, John                                             ZPC-2750-02
Saying Sorry                                                      Hawthorne Heights                                       ZPC-2603-16
Scandalous [Radio Mix]                                            Mis-Teeq                                                ZPC-562-05
Scar [Remix]                                                      Higgins, Missy                                          ZPC-2607-01
Scar Tissue                                                       Red Hot Chili Peppers                                   RR99-07-01
Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)                                    Browns, The                                             F50-09-09
Scars [Album Version]                                             Papa Roach                                              ZPC-590-13
Scary Old World [Album Version]                                   Foster, Radney With Chely Wright                        ZPC-499-09
Scent Of A Woman [Edit]                                           Cheap Trick                                             ZPC-520-13
School Boy Heart                                                  Buffett, Jimmy                                          S-151-01
School's Out                                                      Alice Cooper                                            S-081-07
Scream                                                            McCready, Mindy                                         HHC-104-08
Scream [Album Version]                                            ZOEgirl                                                 ZPC-626-19
Scream [Radio Edit]                                               Idol, Billy                                             ZPC-602-15
Scream, Aim, Fire                                                 Bullet For My Valentine                                 ZPC-2749-13
Scream[Radio]                                                     Timbaland Feat. Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger        ZPC-2749-03
Scuttle Buttin'                                                   Vaughn, Stevie Ray                                      S-034-01
Se A Cabo                                                         Santana                                                 S-047-05
Se A Cabo (Live)                                                  Santana                                                 S-047-10
Sea Of Faces                                                      Kutless                                                 ZPC-582-20
Sea Of Love                                                       Honeydrippers, The                                      MB-13-03
Searching                                                         M B Industry w/Toni Ann                                 HT18-31-07
Searching For A Heart                                             Henley, Don                                             ZPC-591-01
Search'n [Dezrok Extended Club]                                   McLoud, Nicole                                          ZPC-481-16
Seasons Of Loneliness                                             Boyz II Men                                             S-012-03
Second Chance [Radio Mix]                                         Faber Drive                                             ZPC-2702-16
Second Hand Love                                                  Francis, Connie                                         S-118-06
Second Wind                                                       Worley, Darryl                                          HHC-107-05
Secret                                                            Monk & Neagle                                           ZPC-627-20
Secret Admirer                                                    Pitbull Feat. Lloyd                                     ZPC-2734-06
Secret Crowds[Radio Edit]                                         Angels & Airwaves                                       ZPC-2804-14
Secret Love                                                       Day, Doris                                              F50-04-14
Secret Of Life, The                                               Hill, Faith                                             BC99-14
Security [Album Version]                                          Orrico, Stacie                                          ZPC-508-20
Seduce Me Now [DJ Fluids Extended Mix]                            India                                                   ZPC-512-18
                                                                    149                                         Last updated: 8/14/08
                                 B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                    MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
See You [CHR Mix w/Radio Edit]                               Groves, Shaun                                    ZPC-515-18
See You Again[Album Version]                                 Cyrus, Miley                                     ZPC-2750-04
See You Again[Johhny Coppola - Dance You Again Remix Edit]   Cyrus, Miley                                     ZPC-2809-17
See You Later, Alligator                                     Haley, Bill & His Comets                         F50-09-17
Seed                                                         Dust For Life                                    TRH-02-06
Seein' Red                                                   Unwritten Law                                    ZPH2-04-14
Seize The Day [Radio Edit]                                   Avenged Sevenfold                                ZPC-2625-13
Self Made Man                                                Montgomery Gentry                                HHC-099-13
Selfish [Xtra Clean Radio Version]                           Slum Village Feat. Kanye West & John Legend      ZPC-558-09
Selfish[Album Version]                                       Cruise, Asia                                     ZPC-2749-07
Semi Charmed life                                            Third Eye Blind                                  RC-04-10
Send Her My Love                                             Journey                                          S-032-14
Send In The Clowns                                           Sinatra, Frank                                   S-021-18
Send Me An Angel [T & Q Radio Edit]                          Mashay, Pepper With Digital Trip                 ZPC-625-15
Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On                         Tillotson, Johnny                                MC-09-09
Send The Pain Below                                          Chevelle                                         ZPC-499-14
Send Your Love [Calderone And Quayle Radio Mix]              Sting Feat. Vicente Amigo                        ZPC-529-15
Send Your Love [Radio Edit]                                  Sting Feat. Vicente Amigo                        ZPC-528-05
Sending You A Little Christmas                               Brickman, Jim Feat. Kristy Starling              ZPC-598-05
Senorita [Radio Edit - Short Intro]                          Timberlake, Justin                               ZPC-520-05
Senorita Margarita                                           McGraw, Tim                                      S-004-06
Sensual Seduction[Clean]                                     Snoop Dogg                                       ZPC-2745-06
Sensual Seduction[Wideboys Radio Mix]                        Snoop Dogg                                       ZPC-2806-19
Sentimental Journey                                          Brown, Les & His Orchestra & Day, Doris          BAND-07-16
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)                                 Journey                                          S-032-09
Separate Ways [Album Version]                                Trevino, Rick                                    ZPC-2703-09
September Grass [Album Version]                              Taylor, James                                    ZPC-501-03
September In The Rain                                        Brown, Les & His Orchestra & London, Julie       BAND-07-04
September Song                                               Brown, Les & His Orchestra & Greer, Jo Ann       BAND-07-12
Serenade                                                     Steve Miller Band                                S-155-09
Serenity                                                     Godsmack                                         ZPC-520-15
Set Adrift On Memory Bliss                                   Backstreet Boys                                  S-038-11
Set 'Em Up Joe                                               Gosdin, Vern                                     CC-05-07
Set It Off [Radio]                                           Young Gunz                                       ZPC-612-05
Set Me Free                                                  Casting Crowns                                   ZPC-2646-20
Set Me Free [Album Version]                                  Velvet Revolver                                  ZPC-519-15
Set The World On Fire[CHR Remix]                             Nicole, Britt                                    ZPC-2745-19
Set U Free                                                   Planet Soul                                      RC-01-03
Settle For A Slowdown                                        Bentley, Dierks                                  ZPC-2602-13
Settlin'                                                     Sugarland                                        ZPC-2702-13
Seven [Radio Edit]                                           Revis                                            ZPC-539-14
Seven Bridges Road                                           Ricochet                                         HHC-089-13
Seven Days Of Lonely[Album Version]                          I Nine                                           ZPC-2741-03
Seven Days Without You [Single Mix]                          Avion                                            ZPC-574-02
Seven Nation Army                                            White Stripes                                    ZPC-503-14
Seven Year Ache                                              Cash, Rosanne                                    CC-03-03
Seventeen                                                    Fontane Sisters, The                             F50-09-05
Seventeen                                                    McGraw, Tim                                      S-004-02
Seventeen                                                    Winger                                           S-051-07
Sex In The Kitchen [Clean]                                   Kelly, R.                                        ZPC-604-06
Sex 'N' Money [Original Radio Mix]                           Oakenfold Feat. Pharrell Williams                ZPC-2649-15
Sex Wit You                                                  Houston, Marques                                 ZPC-645-05
Sexbomb [Peppermint Jam Mix]                                 Jones, Tom and Mousse T.                         ZPC-563-18
Sexual (Li Da Li)                                            Amber                                            HHD-76-07
                                                               150                                  Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Sexual Healing                                 Bolton, Michael                               HHD-75-01
Sexual Healing                                 Gaye, Marvin                                  MB-24-04
Sexual Healing                                 Max-A-Million                                 RC-01-14
Sexy Body Girls                                Shaggy                                        RC-06-13
Sexy Can I[Super Clean (No Booty)]             J, Ray Feat. Yung Berg                        ZPC-2803-09
Sexy Ladies                                    Timberlake, Justin Feat. 50 Cent              ZPC-2748-07
Sexy Lady                                      Yung Berg                                     ZPC-2713-06
Sexy Love [Radio]                              Ne-Yo                                         ZPC-2621-04
SexyBack                                       Timberlake, Justin                            ZPC-2628-04
SexyBack [Pokerface House Radio Edit]          Timberlake, Justin                            ZPC-2635-18
Shackles (Praise You)                          Mary Mary                                     HHD-78-10
Shadow                                         Simpson, Ashlee                               ZPC-581-04
Shadow Of The Day[Edit]                        Linkin Park                                   ZPC-2739-15
Shadow Of Your Smile                           Romantic Strings                              S-132-09
Shadowplay                                     Killers                                       ZPC-2741-16
Shadows [House Of Voodoo Radio Edit]           House Of Voodoo Feat. Emily Jaffe             ZPC-599-14
Shake [Clean]                                  Ying Yang Twins Feat. Pitbull                 ZPC-634-09
Shake Down [Clean]                             Akon                                          ZPC-2706-07
Shake It                                       Metro Station                                 ZPC-2810-02
Shake It [Radio Edit]                          Marascia                                      ZPC-506-19
Shake It Mamma                                 Baha Men                                      S-017-11
Shake It Off [Radio]                           Carey, Mariah                                 ZPC-627-05
Shake It Up                                    Cars, The                                     AE80-02-04
Shake That [Xtra Clean Album Version]          Eminem Feat. Nate Dogg                        ZPC-648-04
Shake That Sh**[Radio]                         Shawnna Feat. Ludacris                        ZPC-575-09
Shake The Body [Radio]                         Lake Project, Ernie                           ZPC-585-19
Shake Ya Tailfeather [Xtra Clean Radio Edit]   Nelly, P.Diddy & Murphy Lee                   ZPC-518-07
Shake Your Bon-Bon                             Martin, Ricky                                 HHD-75-03
Shake Your Bon-Bon                             Martin, Ricky                                 S-005-04
Shake Your Love                                Gibson, Debbie                                RUSA-01-06
Shakin' All Over                               Allen, Chad & The Guess Who                   S-101-07
Shame On Me                                    Wilkinsons, The                               HHC-099-07
Shameless                                      Brooks, Garth                                 S-122-07
Shamless                                       Brooks, Garth (Live)                          S-043A-03
Sharp Dressed Man                              ZZ Top                                        S-130-03
Shatterday                                     Vendetta Red                                  ZPC-511-14
Shattered                                      Rolling Stones, The                           S-079B-09
Shattered (Turn The Car Around)                O.A.R.                                        ZPC-2823-16
Shawty Get Loose[Squeaky Clean Version]        Lil Mama Feat. Chris Brown & T-Pain           ZPC-2806-10
Shawty Is Da Shid                              Dream                                         ZPC-2726-05
Shawty Say                                     Banner, David Feat. Lil Wayne                 ZPC-2831-09
Shawty[Clean]                                  Plies Feat. T-Pain                            ZPC-2723-02
Sh-Boom                                        Crew-Cuts, The                                F50-01-01
She                                            Costello, Elvis                               S-098-04
She Ain't Right[Radio Edit]                    Brice, Lee                                    ZPC-2712-12
She Ain't The Girl For You                     Kinleys, The                                  HHC-100-13
She And I                                      Alabama                                       MB-21-05
She Bangs                                      Martin, Ricky                                 HHD-82-01
She Builds Quick Machines[Album Version]       Velvet Revolver                               ZPC-2721-13
She Couldn't Change Me                         Montgomery Gentry                             TCH-02-09
She Cried                                      Jay & The Americans                           S-099-12
She Didn't Have Time                           Clark, Terri                                  ZPC-627-11
She Doesn't Dance                              McGuinn, Mark                                 ZCH2-02-11
She Don't [Edit]                               LeToya                                        ZPC-2634-06
                                                 151                               Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
She Don't Believe In Fairy Tales                     Randall, Jon                                          HHC-085-12
She Don't Tell Me To                                 Montgomery Gentry                                     ZPC-641-12
She Don't Want Nobody Near                           Counting Crows                                        ZPC-537-02
She Drive Me Crazy                                   Fine Young Cannabals                                  ERG-07-03
She Drives Me Crazy                                  Fine Young Cannibals                                  ZEW-89-02
She Got It[Clean]                                    2 Pistols Feat. T-Pain & Tay Dizm                     ZPC-2803-08
She Is                                               Ketchum, Hal                                          TCH-01-05
She Is [Main Version]                                Thomas, Carl feat. LL Cool J                          ZPC-544-07
She Keeps The Home Fires Buring                      Milsap, Ronnie                                        CC-08-16
She Let Herself Go [Album Version]                   Strait, George                                        ZPC-634-10
She Likes It In The Morning                          Walker, Clay                                          ZPC-2802-11
She Loves Me Not                                     Papa Roach                                            ZPH2-05-10
She Loves Me Right Out Of My Mind                    Weller, Freddy                                        MC-06-07
She Loves You                                        Beatles, The                                          S-072-03
She Misses Him                                       Rushlow, Tim                                          HHC-104-10
She Moves In Her Own Way[Radio Version]              Kooks                                                 ZPC-2747-02
She Never Cried In Front Of Me[Radio Edit]           Keith, Toby                                           ZPC-2827-11
She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart                    McGraw, Tim                                           S002-02
She Only Smokes When She Drinks                      Nichols, Joe                                          ZPC-512-10
She Really Loves Me                                  Miller, Lance                                         ZPC-2709-11
She Said                                             Dey                                                   ZPC-2816-05
She Said [Radio Edit]                                Larson, Brie                                          ZPC-601-04
She Said, I Said (Time We Let Go)[Album Version]     NLT                                                   ZPC-2746-06
She Says                                             Unwritten Law                                         ZPC-613-13
She Says                                             Day, Howie                                            ZPC-627-01
She Sure Got Away With My Heart                      Haggard, Merle                                        CC-08-03
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy                         Chesney, Kenny                                        HHC-094-02
She Thinks She Needs Me                              Griggs, Andy                                          ZPC-555-09
She Wants To Drive My Truck                          Wise, Jim                                             HHDC-08-06
She Wants To Move [Album Version]                    N.E.R.D                                               ZPC-561-12
She Wants To Move [Basement Jaxx Remix]              N.E.R.D                                               ZPC-565-17
She Wants To Rock                                    Warren Brothers, The                                  HHC-090-11
She Was                                              Chesnutt, Mark                                        ZCH2-04-02
She Went Out For Cigarettes                          Wright, Chely                                         HHC-099-12
She Will Be Loved [Radio Edit]                       Maroon 5                                              ZPC-571-02
She Won't Be Lonely Long                             Parnell. Lee Roy                                      HHC-091-05
She Wouldn't Be Gone                                 Shelton, Blake                                        ZPC-2830-12
Sheep May Safely Graze (Bach)                        The Wedding Album                                     WED-01-15
Sheep May Safely Graze (Bach)                        Ultimate Wedding Album                                WED-04-02
Sheila                                               Roe, Tommy                                            S-103-04
Sheila                                               Roe, Tommy                                            S-111-01
She'll Go On To You                                  Turner, Josh                                          ZCH2-06-12
She'll Go On You                                     Turner, Josh                                          ZPC-476-12
She'll Have You Back                                 McGraw, Tim                                           S-004-03
She'll Leave You With A Smile                        Strait, George                                        ZPC-476-10
Shelter                                              SONICFLOOd                                            ZPC-553-19
Shenandoah                                           Romantic Strings                                      S-132-11
Sheryl Crow                                          Green, Ben                                            ZPC-2718-01
She's A Hottie                                       Keith, Toby                                           ZPC-2810-12
She's A Lady [Radio Version]                         Jones, Tom Vs. Funkstar Deluxe Feat. DJ The Wave      ZPC-602-16
She's A Mystery                                      Bon Jovi                                              S-039-10
She's A Rainbow                                      Rolling Stones, The                                   S-079A-13
She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)           Stewart, Gary                                         CC-04-02
She's All I Ever Had                                 Martin, Ricky                                         HT18-41-02
                                                       152                                       Last updated: 8/14/08
                             B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                               MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
She's All I Ever Had                           Martin, Ricky                               S-005-03
She's Always Right                             Walker, Clay                                HHC-088-08
She's Every Woman                              Brooks, Garth                               S-123-10
She's Everything [Radio Version Edit]          Paisley, Brad                               ZPC-2634-10
She's Going Home With Me                       Tritt, Travis                               HHDC-07-14
She's Gone                                     Ricochet                                    HHC-102-09
She's Gone [Album Version]                     Hall, Daryl                                 ZPC-580-02
She's Gonna Break Soon                         Less Than Jake                              ZPC-514-13
She's In Love                                  Wills, Mark                                 HHC-091-02
She's Like The Wind                            Lumidee Feat. Tony Sunshine                 ZPC-2652-03
She's My Girl                                  Gilman, Billy                               HHC-109-05
She's My Kind Of Rain [Album Version]          McGraw, Tim                                 ZPC-497-10
She's My Ride Home[New Mix]                    Blue October                                ZPC-2719-14
She's My Rock                                  Jones, George                               CC-08-14
She's No You [Radio Edit]                      McCartney, Jesse                            ZPC-611-04
She's Not Just A Pretty Face [Country Mix]     Twain, Shania                               ZPC-533-10
She's On Fire                                  Train                                       ZPH2-03-07
She's Pretty                                   De Azlan, Star                              ZPC-2745-12
She's Single Again                             Fricke, Janie                               CC-08-09
She's So Fly (I'm So High)[Radio Edit]         Grind Mode                                  ZPC-2807-08
She's So High                                  Bachman, Tal                                BP99-08
Shiftwork                                      Chesney, Kenny                              ZPC-2749-11
Shilo                                          Diamond, Neil                               S-016-03
Shimmer                                        Fuel                                        BR98-01
Shimmer                                        Fuel                                        RA98-05-06
Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop                        Little Anthony                              S-064-09
Shine                                          Salvador                                    ZPC-2628-20
Shine                                          Nalick, Anna                                ZPC-2806-01
Shine [Freemasons Mixshow]                     Vandross, Luther                            ZPC-2633-17
Shine [Radio Edit]                             Vandross, Luther                            ZPC-2625-06
Shine Down [Radio Edit]                        Godsmack                                    ZPC-2624-12
Shine It All Around                            Plant, Robert                               ZPC-608-13
Shine On                                       Needtobreathe                               ZPC-2641-19
Shine On                                       Cabrera, Ryan                               ZPC-632-02
Shine On [Clean]                               Baby Feat. Lil' Wayne                       ZPC-599-04
Shine On [Radio Edit]                          Jet                                         ZPC-2647-14
Shine On 'Em[Clean]                            Valentine, Sunny Feat. Lil Will             ZPC-2805-09
Shine Over Babylon                             Crow, Sheryl                                ZPC-2743-02
Shine With Me[Album Version]                   P.O.D.                                      ZPC-2826-13
Shine Your Cadillac[Album Version]             Evans Blue                                  ZPC-2749-12
Shine[Radio Edit]                              Redman, Matt                                ZPC-2709-20
Shine[Radio Edit]                              Meyers, Krystal                             ZPC-2824-20
Shinola[Radio Edit]                            Parton, Dolly                               ZPC-2830-14
Shiny Disco Balls                              Who Da Funk Feat. Jessica Eve               ZPC-483-17
Shiver                                         O'Neal, Jamie                               ZCH1-06-09
Shockwave                                      Black Tide                                  ZPC-2811-15
Shoes [With Eddie Intro]                       Twain, Shania                               ZPC-634-11
Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day                      Wonder, Stevie                              S-096-17
Shoop                                          Salt N' Pepa                                MB-06-12
Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)            Everett, Betty                              S-085-07
Shoot Straight From Your Heart                 Gill, Vince                                 TCH-01-02
Shop Around                                    Miracles, The                               S-116-07
Shop Around                                    Miracles, The                               S-147-01
Short Fat Fanny                                Little Richard                              S-061-06
                                                153                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                      MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Short Skirt / Long Jacket                             Cake                                                      HHD-88-08
Shortenin' Bread                                      Tractors, The                                             HHDC-11-02
Shortie Like Mine [Radio Edit]                        Bow Wow Feat. Chris Brown And Johnta Austin               ZPC-2639-07
Shorty DooWop [Amended Album Version]                 Baby Bash feat. Lee, Russell & Cruz, Perla                ZPC-543-04
Shorty Wanna Ride [Clean Version]                     Young Buck                                                ZPC-586-06
Shot Of Laughter [Album Version]                      Sugar Ray                                                 ZPC-623-03
Shotgun                                               Walker, Jr. & The All Stars                               S-154-08
Shoulda Let You Go[Main Version]                      Cole, Keyshia Feat. Amina                                 ZPC-2738-06
Shoulda Woulda Coulda                                 McKnight, Brian                                           ZPC-507-01
Shoulder Lean [Clean]                                 Young Dro Feat. T.I.                                      ZPC-2617-05
Should've Said No                                     Swift, Taylor                                             ZPC-2820-12
Shout                                                 Tears For Fears                                           AE80-02-07
Shout                                                 Dynatones                                                 MB-10-06
Shout                                                 Lewis, Donna                                              ZPC-2807-01
Shout [Norty Cotto Radio Mix]                         Lewis, Sisaundra                                          ZPC-628-19
Show Me A Sign                                        Breaking Point                                            ZPC-616-13
Show Me How To Live [Album Version]                   Audioslave                                                ZPC-518-12
Show Me Love                                          Robyn                                                     MB-07-06
Show Me Love                                          Building 429                                              ZPC-613-19
Show Me Love                                          Robyn                                                     RC-05-11
Show Me The Way                                       Frampton, Peter                                           S-153-01
Show Me What You Got [Clean]                          Jay-Z                                                     ZPC-2641-03
Show Me Your Soul [Radio Edit]                        Kravitz, Lenny ,P. Diddy, Loon & Pharrell Williams        ZPC-534-06
Show Stopper [Radio]                                  Danity Kane Feat. Yung Joc                                ZPC-2634-08
Show Stopper[Dave Aude Club Mix]                      Danity Kane Feat. Yung Joc                                ZPC-2707-16
Show You Love [Album Version]                         Jars Of Clay                                              ZPC-539-18
Shower The People                                     Taylor, James                                             S-048-11
Shrimp Boat                                           Stafford, Jo                                              F50-05-13
Shubada Du Ma Ma                                      Steve Miller Band                                         S-155-05
Shut Down                                             Beach Boys                                                S-070-04
Shut Up                                               Lachey, Nick                                              ZPC-516-04
Shut Up [Radio Edit #1]                               Black Eyed Peas                                           ZPC-530-04
Shut Up And Drive[Radio]                              Rihanna                                                   ZPC-2722-03
Shut Up And Let Me Go[Album Version]                  Ting Tings                                                ZPC-2821-04
Shut Up!                                              Simple Plan                                               ZPC-603-04
Shut Your Eyes                                        Snow Patrol                                               ZPC-2801-12
Sick And Tired [Jason Nevins Funkrock Remix]          Anastacia                                                 ZPC-604-17
Sick And Tired [Radio Mix]                            Cross Canadian Ragweed                                    ZPC-554-11
Sick Love Song                                        Motley Crue                                               ZPC-612-12
Sick Of Being Lonely [Radio Edit]                     Field Mob Feat. Torica                                    ZPC-486-08
Sick, Sick, Sick[LP]                                  Queens Of The Stone Age                                   ZPC-2718-13
Side Of A Bullet                                      Nickelback                                                ZPC-2713-16
Sideline Ho [Squeaky Clean Version]                   Monica                                                    ZPC-2705-07
Sideways                                              Worley, Darryl                                            HHC-111-10
Sideways                                              Worley, Darryl                                            ZCH1-06-13
Sign 'O' The Times                                    Prince                                                    S-006-15
Signals Over The Air [Radio Edit]                     Thursday                                                  ZPC-540-13
Signature Of Divine (Yahweh)[Album Version]           Needtobreathe                                             ZPC-2727-18
Signed, Sealed, Delivered [Mac Quayle Vocal Edit]     Ford, Colton and Pepper Mashay                            ZPC-558-16
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours                   Wonder, Stevie                                            S-096-20
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours                   Frampton, Peter                                           S-153-09
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours                  Wonder, Stevie                                            S-147-11
Signs                                                 Smith, Michael W.                                         ZPC-535-18
Signs [Amended]                                       Snoop Dogg Feat. Charlie Wilson and Justin Timberlake     ZPC-602-04
                                                        154                                           Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Signs Of Love Makin' [Radio Edit]                    Tyrese                                      ZPC-513-07
Silence 2004 [Above And Beyonds 21st Century Edit]   Delerium Feat. Sarah McLachlan              ZPC-594-14
Silence On The Line                                  Ledoux, Chris                               HHC-102-11
Silent Night                                         Lifehouse                                   ZPC-2651-11
Silent Night                                         Five For Fighting                           ZPC-595-01
Silent Night                                         McBride, Martina                            ZPC-650-15
Silhouette                                           G, Kenny                                    MB-19-04
Silhouettes [Album Version]                          Smile Empty Soul                            ZPC-557-13
Sillyworld [Amended]                                 Stone Sour                                  ZPC-2647-12
Silver & Gold                                        Williams, Vanessa                           ZPC-596-01
Silver And Cold [Edit]                               AFI                                         ZPC-540-15
Silver Inches                                        Enya                                        S-044-08
Simple As That                                       Alabama                                     S-041-12
Simple Kind Of Life                                  No Doubt                                    HHD-79-02
Simple Life                                          Carpenter, Mary Chapin                      HHC-108-11
Simple Life                                          Johnson, Carolyn Dawn                       ZPC-542-10
Simple Man                                           Lynyrd Skynyrd                              S-159-01
Simple Man [Radio Edit]                              Shinedown                                   ZPC-571-15
Simple Things                                        Grant, Amy                                  ZPC-523-02
Simply Irresistable                                  Palmer, Robert                              S-024-12
Simply Love You                                      Owens, Ginny                                ZPC-525-18
Simply Said                                          Garrett, Kenny                              HHD-75-11
Since I Fell For You                                 Welch, Lenny                                L60-01-12
Since I Fell For You                                 Welch, Lenny                                MB-15-06
Since I Fell For You                                 Welch, Lenny                                S-109-02
Since I Fell For You                                 Romantic Strings                            S-135-08
Since U Been Gone [Album Version]                    Clarkson, Kelly                             ZPC-593-03
Since U Been Gone [Jason Nevins Mix Show]            Clarkson, Kelly                             ZPC-607-16
Since You've Been Gone [Radio Edit]                  Master Blaster                              ZPC-2646-18
Since You've Been Gone[Album Version]                Day26                                       ZPC-2820-09
Sincerely                                            McGuire Sisters, The                        F50-03-08
Sing                                                 Carpenters, The                             S-086-15
Sing [Edit]                                          Dresden Dolls                               ZPC-2617-15
Sing A Song [Radio Edit]                             Third Day                                   ZPC-543-18
Sing For The Moment [Clean Radio Edit]               Eminem                                      ZPC-504-06
Sing Our Own Song                                    UB40                                        S-152-18
Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing)                      Goodman, Benny                              BAND-01-02
Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing)                      From "Swing Kids"                           MB-22-19
Sing[Radio Edit]                                     Lennox, Annie                               ZPC-2744-02
Singing Over Me                                      Building 429                                ZPC-2802-19
Singing The Blues                                    Mitchell, Guy                               F50-06-05
Singing The Blues                                    Mitchell, Guy                               MC-03-14
Singing Winds, Crying Beasts                         Santana                                     S-047-01
Single [Radio Edit]                                  Bedingfield, Natasha                        ZPC-2618-03
Single Again][Clean]                                 Trina                                       ZPC-2749-04
Single Father                                        Kid Rock                                    ZPC-569-13
Single Girl                                          Posey, Sandy                                MC-08-11
Single Me Out [Album Version]                        Loeb, Lisa                                  ZPC-2604-02
Single White Female                                  Wright, Chely                               HHC-088-12
Single[LP Version]                                   New Kids On The Block And Ne-Yo             ZPC-2832-04
Sinnerman [Felix Da Housecat Heavenly House Vox]     Simone, Nina                                ZPC-530-15
Sinners Like Me[Single Edit]                         Church, Eric                                ZPC-2735-10
Sirius                                               Parsons Project, Alan                       MB-21-01
Sister Christian                                     Night Ranger                                GR70-02-08
                                                      155                              Last updated: 8/14/08
                                  B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                   MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Sister Golden Hair (Live)                          America                                           S-042-19
Sittin' At A Bar (2008)[Edited]                    Rehab                                             ZPC-2819-17
Sittin' Sideways [Radio]                           Wall, Paul Feat. Big Pokey                        ZPC-622-06
Sitting                                            Stevens, Cat                                      S-011-10
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing                          Johnson, Jack                                     ZPC-600-12
Six Days On The Road                               Sawyer Brown                                      HHDC-09-01
Six Days On The Road                               Willie, Box Car                                   MC-09-18
Six Nights A Week                                  Crests, The                                       S-109-05
Six-Pack Summer                                    Vassar, Phil                                      HHC-109-03
Sixteen Tons                                       Ford, Tennessee Ernie                             F50-02-09
Size Matters (Someday)                             Nichols, Joe                                      ZPC-2603-11
Sk8er Boi                                          Lavigne, Avril                                    ZPH2-06-07
Sk8er Boi [Album Version]                          Lavigne, Avril                                    ZPC-477-03
Skin                                               Charlotte                                         RC-10-11
Skin                                               Kelly, R.                                         ZPC-2832-06
Skin                                               Breaking Benjamin                                 ZPC-506-16
Skin (Sarabeth)                                    Rascal Flatts                                     ZPC-631-12
Sky Is Over[Album Version]                         Tankian, Serj                                     ZPC-2803-13
Skyliner (Big Band)                                Old Fashioned Wedding Dance                       BRD-02-06
Slap                                               Ludacris                                          ZPC-2713-05
Slave Song                                         Sade                                              S-058-06
Slave To The Habit                                 Minor, Shane                                      HHC-090-06
Slave To The Habit                                 Minor, Shane                                      HHDC-12-13
Sleep [Ian Van Dahl Mix]                           Conjure One                                       ZPC-482-18
Sleep Now In The Fire                              Rage Against The Machine                          HHD-76-09
Sleep When I'm Dead                                Cure                                              ZPC-2829-15
Sleeping Awake                                     P.O.D.                                            ZPC-510-15
Sleeping Single In A Double Bed                    Mandrell, Barbara                                 CC-02-21
Sleeping With The Enemy                            Parton, Stella                                    MC-10-14
Sleepwalking                                       Seven Mary Three                                  HHD-88-10
Slide                                              Goo Goo Dolls                                     BP99-02
Slide                                              Goo Goo Dolls                                     HHP-67-01
Slide                                              Goo Goo Dolls                                     RC-08-14
Slide Along Side                                   Shifty                                            ZPC-569-05
Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets                     Paycheck, Johnny                                  MC-06-05
Slippin' Away [Mike Rizzo Mixshow Version]         Sweet Rains                                       ZPC-551-15
Slither                                            Velvet Revolver                                   ZPC-562-16
Sloop John B.                                      Beach Boys                                        S-070-16
Slow                                               Minogue, Kylie                                    ZPC-541-03
Slow [Project K Mix]                               Minogue, Kylie                                    ZPC-548-17
Slow Burn[Amended]                                 Atreyu                                            ZPC-2823-17
Slow Down                                          Nester, Mark                                      HHC-083-11
Slow Down                                          LeDoux, Chris                                     S-009-06
Slow Down                                          Heartland                                         ZPC-2820-14
Slow Down [Radio]                                  Valentino, Bobby                                  ZPC-603-09
Slow Hand                                          Twitty, Conway                                    CC-03-07
Slow Hands                                         Interpol                                          ZPC-585-15
Slow Jamz [Edited]                                 Twista Feat. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx              ZPC-541-06
Slow Motion[Amended Album Version]                 Juvenile Feat. Soulja Slim                        ZPC-562-09
Slow Poke                                          King, Pee Wee & His Golden West Cowboys           F50-01-09
Slow Ride                                          Foghat                                            S-088-02
Slow Wind [Main Version]                           Kelly, R.                                         ZPC-638-07
Sly                                                Layo & Bushwacka!                                 ZPC-542-17
Smack Into You                                     McLaughlin, Jon                                   ZPC-2812-01
                                                     156                                   Last updated: 8/14/08
                                   B and B ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES
                                     MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
Smack That [Super Clean]                                  Akon & Eminem                                 ZPC-2634-05
Small Stuff                                               Alabama                                       HHC-094-03
Small Talk                                                Sawyer Brown                                  HHC-078-09
Small Town Saturday Night                                 Ketchum, Hal                                  CC-07-10
Small Town Southern Man                                   Jackson, Alan                                 ZPC-2745-10
Smells Like Teen Spirit                                   Nirvana                                       MB-13-11
Smells Like Teen Spirit                                   Nirvana                                       S-046-01
Smile                                                     Mathis, Johnny                                F50-06-02
Smile                                                     Lonestar                                      HHC-094-04
Smile (Just Want To Be With You) [CHR Radio Mix W/Edit]   Rice, Chris                                   ZPC-512-19
Smile [Radio Edit]                                        Allen, Lily                                   ZPC-2647-13
Smile Like You Mean It                                    Killers                                       ZPC-610-14
Smile[Main]                                               Jibbs Feat. Fabo From D4L                     ZPC-2721-06
Smiling Down                                              Pillar                                        ZPC-2816-19
Smoke Gets In You Eyes                                    Platters, The                                 F50-04-08
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes                                   Platters, The                                 MB-07-01
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes                                   Platters, The                                 S-064-12
Smoke On The Water                                        Deep Purple                                   S-087-08
Smoke On The Water                                        Deep Purple                                   S-088-01
Smoke Rings In The Dark                                   Allan, Gary                                   HHC-092-09
Smokin' In The Boy's Room                                 Brownsville Station                           S-087-14
Smooth                                                    Santana w/Thomas, Rob                         RR99-07-10
Smooth [Airbase Radio Edit]                               iiO                                           ZPC-537-17
Smooth Criminal                                           Allen Ant Farm                                RC-13-03
Smooth Criminal                                           Alien Ant Farm                                ZPH1-06-06
Smooth Grandmama [Album Version]                          Apologetix                                    ZPC-481-18
Smooth Operator [Clean]                                   Wall, Paul                                    ZPC-2623-08
Snake [Radio Edit]                                        Kelley, R. Feat. Big Tigger                   ZPC-511-06
Snakes On A Plane (Bring It) [Amended]                    Cobra Starship                                ZPC-2630-13
Snap Ya Fingers [Clean]                                   Lil' Jon Feat. E-40 and Sean Paul             ZPC-2605-09
Snitch [Xtra Clean]                                       Obie Trice Feat. Akon                         ZPC-2616-04
Snoop Dogg                                                Snoop Dogg                                    TRBH-01-05
Snow (Hey Oh) [Radio Edit]                                Red Hot Chili Peppers                         ZPC-2643-14
Snowed Under                                              Keane                                         ZPC-2651-18
Snowflakes Of Love [Radio Edit]                           Braxton, Toni                                 ZPC-494-02
So                                                        Static-X                                      ZPC-555-14
So Alive                                                  Love and Rockets                              ZEW-89-09
So Am I                                                   Willmon, Trent                                ZPC-2632-13
So Amazing [Album Version]                                Jagged Edge Feat. Voltio                      ZPC-641-07
So Anxious                                                Ginuwine                                      BB99-13
So Beautiful [Radio Edit]                                 Hayes, Darren                                 ZPC-2611-02
So Cold [Radio Edit]                                      Breaking Benjamin                             ZPC-564-13
So Emotional (Remix)                                      Houston, Whitney                              S-069B-13
So Excited [Bimbo Jones Radio Edit]                       Jackson, Janet                                ZPC-2643-17
So Excited [Clean]                                        Jackson, Janet Feat. Khia                     ZPC-2636-03
So Far Away                                               Stewart, Rod                                  S-030-04
So Far Away [Album Version]                               Staind                                        ZPC-518-14
So Far Away [Album Version]                               Crossfade                                     ZPC-592-14
So Far So Good                                            Thornley                                      ZPC-558-15
So Far[Rasmus Faber's Farplane Vocal - Radio Edit]        Migs, Miguel                                  ZPC-2726-16
So Fly                                                    NB Ridaz Feat. Big Gem                        ZPC-561-06
So Fly[Clean]                                             Slim Feat. Yung Joc                           ZPC-2825-07
So Gone                                                   Jewell, Buddy                                 ZPC-628-12
So Gone [Radio Mix]                                       Monica                                        ZPC-506-04
                                                            157                               Last updated: 8/14/08
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                                 MOBILE DISC JOCKEY SONG LIST-BY TITLE
So Gone Part II [Scumfrog Radio Edit]                            Monica