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									             Working Papers                         Year
Adam Smith, Advisor on the Russian
Transition                                          2005

(Un)Predictability and Macroeconomic Stability      2006

(When) Would I Lie to You? Comment on
Deception: The Role of Consequences                 2006

* International Accounting:Consider a Different
Model for Accounting for Treasury Stock             2008

*Does External Debt Impede on Corporate
Governance in Emerging Markets?                     2008

*Who Uses Fair-Value Accounting for Non-
Financial AssetsFollowing IFRS Adoption?            2008

1- From Free Trade to Globalization: Initial
Conditions for World Business Expansion and
Perspectives for 21st Century in Colombia           2002
10 Years Research Institute on Professions (FFB)
of the University of Lueneburg - Reception at the
Town-Hall of Lueneburg on the 4th November
1999                                                2009
100 Questions About Finance (100 Preguntas
Sobre Finanzas)                                     2008
100 Questions on Finance                            2008

110 Common Errors in Company Valuations             2007

12 Million Salaried Workers Are Missing             2000
130/30: The New Long-Only                           2007
14-Week Quarters                                    2009

1998 Survey of Derivatives and Risk Management
Practices by U.S. Institutional Investors           2000
2004 Global Forecast of Environmental, Health &
Safety Policy and Regulatory Developments
Impacting Industry                                  2006
2006 Federal Tax Update                             2006
2007 State New Economy Index                        2007
2008 Federal Tax Update                             2008
2008 Great Depression and Oil Prices                2009
2008 World Bank Group Entrepreneurship
Survey: The Impact of Modernized Business
Registries                                          2009

20-F Filers and SEC Proposed Changes: Some
Evidence of a US Home GAAP Preference               2007

'3rd of tha Month': Do Social Security Recipients
Smooth Consumption Between Checks?                  2002
401(K) Plan Asset Allocation, Account Balances,
and Loan Activity                                   2009

50 Largest Companies: 2000-2005 Shareholder
Value Creation in Latin America                     2006

                                                           January 2010
527 Groups and Campaign Finance: The
Language, Logic, and Landscape of Campaign
Finance Regulation                                   2005
75 Common and Uncommon Errors in Company
Valuation                                            2003

80 Common Errors in Company Valuation                2004

A (Behavioral) Law and Economics Approach to
Reforming Asian Corporate Governance                 2001

A Balance Sheet Approach to Financial Crisis         2006

A Balanced Scorecard Approach to Survey
Corporate Governance Practices in Singapore's
Listed Companies: STI Companies and
Government-Linked Companies                          2006
A Balanced Theory of Sourcing, Collaboration and
Networks                                             2003

A Bargaining Set Based on External and Internal
Stability and Endogenous Coalition Formation         2006
A Bayesian Analysis of Lunar Effects on Stock
Returns                                              2009
A Bayesian Approach to Counterfactual Analysis
of Structural Change                                 2005
A Behavioral Economic Analysis of Mandatory
Disclosure: A Thought Experiment Turned
Cautionary Tale                                      2000

A Behavioral Foundation of Reward-Risk Portfolio
Selection and the Asset Allocation Puzzle            2006

A Bennet Decomposition of Industry Dynamics:
An Application to the Nationwide and State Level
U.S. Banking Industry                                2007

A Bird in a Cage or a Bird with a Disease? A New
Framework for Analyzing Judicial Accountability
and Management of Judicial Bureaucracies in
Single-Party States in Asia                          2009

A Blessing in Disguise: Corporate Governance,
Firm Value, and Competition                          2006
A Bounded Rationality Model of Private Energy
Investment Decisions                                 2006
A Breakdown of the Valuation Effects of
International Cross-Listing                          2006
A Brief Analysis of Governor Palin's Tax Returns
for 2006 and 2007                                    2008

A Brief Inventory of Behavioral Influences on the
Subjective Risk Adjusted Discount Rates in Project
Appraisal                                            2006

A Brighter Future with Lower Transactions Costs?     2008
A Bug's Life: Competition Among Species
Towards the Environment                              2006

                                                            January 2010
A Burkean Perspective on Patent Eligibility            2006

A Capital Accord for Emerging Economies?               2004

A Case Against Judicial Internationalism               2005
A Case for Quantity Regulation                         2001
A Case for Quantity Regulation                         2001

A Case Review and Analysis of the Legitimate
Expectations Principle as it Applies within the Fair
and Equitable Treatment Standard                       2009

A Catastrophe Foretold: Economic Reform, Crisis,
Recovery and Employment in Argentina                   2006

A Category for Studying the Standardization of
Reporting Languages                                    2006

A Catering Theory of Earnings Management               2007

A Centered Index of Spatial Concentration:
Axiomatic Approach with an Application to
Population and Capital Cities                          2009
A Centralized Monetary Union for Mercosur:
Lessons from EMU                                       2006
A Century of Consumer Credit Reporting in
America                                                2005
A Century of Labor-Leisure Distortions                 2002
A Century of Purchasing-Power Parity                   2000

A CGE-Analysis of Energy Policies Considering
Labor Market Imperfections and Technology
Specifications                                         2007
A Challenger to the Limit Order Book: The NYSE
Specialist                                             2007

A Chaotic Palette: Conflict Of Laws In Litigation
Between Original Owners And Good-Faith
Purchasers Of Stolen Art                               2001
A Characterization of Virtual Bayesian
Implementation                                         2002
A China Mutual Fund Project                            2003

A Chinese Amphibious Invasion of Taiwan: An
Estimate of Military Feasibility                       2006

A Class Action Model for Antitrust Damages
Litigation in the European Union                       2006
A Climate-Change Policy Induced Shift from
Innovations in Energy Production to Energy
Savings                                                2004
A Closer Look at Banks' Behaviour in Emerging
Credit Markets: Evidence from the Indian Banking
Industry                                               2004

A Closer Look at Business Education - Finance          2006

                                                              January 2010
A Cognitive Approach to Fraud Detection             2006
A Cointegration Analysis of Broad Money
Demand in Cameroon                                  2006

A Collective Retirement Model: Identification and
Estimation in the Presence of Externalities         2004
A Comment on 'The Information Content of
Earnings and Prices: ASimultaneous Equations
Approach' by W.H. Beaver, M.L. McAnally,and
C.H. Stinson (1997)                                 1999
A Common Currency: Early U.S. Monetary Policy
and the Transition to the Dollar                    2004
A Comparative Analysis of Attitudes Towards
Academic Dishonesty Between Canadian and
Mexican MBA Students                                2001

A Comparative Analysis of Auditor, Manager and
Financial Analyst Interpretaions of SFAS 5
Disclosure Guidelines                               2002

A Comparative Analysis of Basket Default Swaps
Pricing Using the Stein Method                      2007
A Comparative Analysis of Insider Trading
Regulation - Who is Liable and What are the
Sanctions?                                          2001

A Comparative Analysis of OHADA's Uniform
Business Laws in West Africa: A French Civilian
Structure's Impact on Economic Development          2004

A Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of
Three Solvency Management Models                    2008

A Comparative Assessment of the Supreme Court
and House of Lords in the War on Terror             2009
A Comparative Evaluation of Belief Revision
Models in Auditing                                  1999

A Comparative Perspective on the Determinants
of the Scale and Productivity of Maritime Trade
in the Roman Mediterranean                          2009
A Comparative Review of Bio-Technology
Jurisprudence Across Canada, and the United
Kingdom                                             2007
A Comparative Study of Accounting Education in
Ukraine and the USA                                 2005

A Comparative Study of Earnings Management
Practice between Canada and France                  2007

A Comparative Study of Enforcement of Insider
Trading Regulation Between the U.S. and China       2007

A Comparative Study of Indirect Taxes in
Transition Economies and the European Union         2007

                                                           January 2010
A comparative study of Non Performing Assets in
India in theGlobal context - similarities and
dissimilarities, remedial measures                  2003
A Comparative Study of Tax Misery and Tax
Happiness in Transition Economies and the
European Union                                      2007

A Comparative Study of United States and
European Union Approaches to Vertical Policy        2005
A Comparative Study on Fitting of Gielis Curves
by Classical versus Generalized Simulated
Annealing Methods                                   2006
A Comparative Study on Landownership Between
China and England                                   2007

A Comparative Study on Perceived Ethics of Tax
Evasion: Hong Kong vs. the United States            2006

A Comparison and Decomposition of Reform-Era
Labor Force Participation Rates of China's Ethnic
Minorities and Han Majority                         2009
A Comparison Between the Fed and the ECB:
Taylor Rules                                        2003

A Comparison of Alternative Procedures for the
Selection of the Private Partner in PPP Projects    2008
A Comparison of Auditor and Client Negotiation
Decisions                                           2004

A Comparison of Conditional Volatility Estimators
for the ISE National 100 Index Returns              2009

A Comparison of Dividend, Cash Flow, and
Earnings Approaches to Equity Valuation             1997

A Comparison of Earnings Management Between
Not-for-Profit and For-Profit Hospitals             2007

A Comparison of Goodwill Trends between
Financial and Information Technology Firms          2005

A Comparison of Options, Restricted Stock, and
Cash for Employee Compensation                      2003
A Comparison of Reform-Era Labor Force
Participation Rates of China's Ethnic Minorities
and Han Majority                                    2006
A Comparison of Tax Distribution Tables: How
Missing or Incomplete Information Distorts
Perspectives                                        2005

A Comparison of the Law Related to Civil Services
from the Viewpoint of Administrative Law            2006

A Comparison of the Properties of NZM and FPS       2003
A Comparison of US and Hong Kong Cap-Floor
Volatility Dynamics                                 2007

                                                           January 2010
A Comparison of XBRL Filings to Corporate 10-Ks -
Evidence from the Voluntary Filing Program          2009
A Comprehensive Structure to Help Analyze,
Detect and Prevent Fraud                            1999
A Concept of Multiple-Entity Accounting for
Capital Distribution                                2005
A Conceptual and Empirical Evaluation of Accrual
Prediction Models                                   1999
A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting
Recorded Human History                              2006
A Conceptual Framework for the Evaluation of
Comprehensive Labor Market Policy Reforms in
Germany                                             2004

A Conceptual History of Entrepreneurial Thought     2005

A Conference on Liquidity in Frictional Markets     2009
A Consideration of the Public School as an
Industry of the Community                           2007
A Constitutional Framework for Private
Governance                                          2001

A Constitutional Significance for Precedent:
Originalism, Stare Decisis and Property Rights      2006

A Consumer-Welfare Approach to Network
Neutrality Regulation of the Internet               2006

A Consumer-Welfare Approach to the Mandatory
Unbundling of Telecommunications Networks           2000

A Contractual Approach to the Regulation of
Corporate Director's Fiduciary Duties               2001
A Contribution to the Empirics of Press Freedom
and Corruption                                      2005

A Coordination Game Model of Charitable Giving
and Seed Money Effect                               2009
A Core Inflation Index for the Euro Area            2002
A Corporate Balance Sheet Approach to Currency
Crises                                              2001
A Corporate Governance Explanation of the A-B
Share Discount in China                             2009
A Cost/Benefit Analysis of Providing Tax-Exempt
Status to Non-Profit Hospitals                      1998

A Cost-benefit Theory of Social Institutions        2004

A Costly Signaling Theory of Hard Look Review       2006
A Counter-Intuitive Model for the Euro-Dollar
Exchange Rate                                       2006
A Credit Mechanism for Selecting a Unique
Competitive Equilibrium                             2006

A Critical Assessment of the Role of Imperfect
Competition in Macroeconomics                       1997

                                                           January 2010
A Critical Assessment of the U.S. Dollar Peg          2008

A Critique of Plesko's 'An Evaluation of
Alternative Measures of Corporate Tax Rates'          1999
A Critique of the Anglo-American Model of
Corporate Governance                                  2009
A Critique of the Environmental Sustainability
Index                                                 2003
A Critique of the NYSE's Director Independence
Listing Standards                                     2002
A Critique of the Odious Debt Doctrine                2007
A Critique of the Terrorism Exception to the
Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act                      2003

A Critique on the Proposed Use of External
Sovereign Credit Ratings in Basel II                  2003
A Cross Sectional Analysis of Ship Maintenance
Expenses                                              2005

A Cross-Country Analysis of the Bank Supervisory
Framework and Bank Performance                        2002
A Cross-Country Analysis of the Tax-Push
Hypothesis                                            2006
A Cross-Country Empirical Analysis of
International Reserves                                2009
A Cross-Country Study of Growth, Saving, and
Government                                            2000

A Cross-Firm Analysis of the Impact of Corporate
Governance on the East Asian Financial Crisis         2000
A Cross-National Comparative Study of the Policy
Effects of Referendums                                2006
A Culturally Correct Proposal to Privatize the
British Columbia Salmon Fishery                       2004

A Cure for Discrimination? Affirmative Action and
the Case of California Proposition 209                2005
A Cure Worse Than the Disease? Currency Crises
and The Output Costs of IMF Supported
Stabilization Programs                                2001
A Cure Worse Than the Disease? Currency Crises
and the Output Costs of IMF-Supported
Stabilization Programs                                2001

A Deal Too Far - The Case of the Killer Acquisition   2006
A Decade Lost and Found: Mexico and Chile in
the 1980s                                             2001
A Decade of Fiscal Transition                         2004
A Decarbonization Strategy for the Electricity
Sector: New-Source Subsidies                          2009

A Decision Heuristic for Party Identification: New
British and German Data and a New
Understanding for a Classic Concept                   2002
A Default-Logic Paradigm for Legal Reasoning and
Factfinding                                           2006

                                                             January 2010
A Definition of Shareholder Value Creation          2001

A Derivation of Probabilities of Correct and
Wrongful Conviction in a Criminal Trial             2006

A Descriptive Analysis on the Implementation of
Balanced Scorecards in German-Speaking
Countries                                           2007

A Desperate Case under the Commerce Clause:
Federal Jurisdiction over All Radio Use             2002
A Differential Game Model of the Advertising-
Production Interface                                2009

A Disaggregated Framework for the Analysis of
Structural Developments in Public Finances          2006
A Disaggregated, Structural Analysis of
Retirement by Race, Difficulty of Work and
Health                                              2004

A Discrete Choice Model of Dividend
Reinvestment Plans: Classification and Prediction   2007
A Discrete-Continuous Choice Model of Climate
Change Impacts on Energy                            2005
A Discrete-Time Model for Daily S&P 500 Returns
and Realized Variations: Jumps and Leverage
Effects                                             2005

A Dissolving Paradox: Firms' Compliance to
Environmental Regulation                            2004

A Distinctive System: Origins and Impact of U.S.
Unemployment Compensation                           2000
A Distributional Approach for Single Factor
Option Valuation Models                             2002

A Dual Liquidity Model for Emerging Markets         2002

A Dual Liquidity Model for Emerging Markets         2002
A Duty of Care for the Protection of Biodiversity
on Land                                             2001
A Dynamic Analysis of Overstaff in China's State-
Owned Enterprises                                   2000
A Dynamic Decade of Mobile Phone Services in
India                                               2009

A Dynamic Factor Analysis of the Response of U.
S. Interest Rates to News                           2005

A Dynamic General Equilibrium Framework of
Investment with Financing Constraint                2006
A Dynamic Inventory Model with the Right of
Refusal                                             2008
A Dynamic Model for the Forward Curve               2005
A Dynamic Model of Buy-Backs                        2006
A Dynamic Model of Settlement                       2006

                                                           January 2010
A Dynamic Model with Import Quota Constraints        2002
A Dynamic Programming Model of Retirement
Behavior                                             2001

A Dynamic Social Security System in Unison with
Demographic and Lifestyle Changes                    2003
A Dynamic Theory of China-U.S. Trade: Making
Sense of the Imbalances                              2005
A Dynamic Theory of Public Spending, Taxation
and Debt                                             2006

A European Patent Indicator for Access to
Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing                2009

A European View on the Legitimacy of
Accounting Procedures: Towards a Deliberative-
Accountability Framework for Analysis                2008

A Factor-GARCH Approach to Conditional Risk
and Return in Banking Stocks: Comparison of
Industry Effect in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and
Mainland China                                       2004

A Fair Price for Motor Fuel in the United States     2009
A Feminist View of American Elder Law                2009

A Few Things Transport Regulators Should Know
About Risk and the Cost of Capital                   2004
A Fig Leaf for the Naked Corporation?                2004
A Firm's-Eye View of Policy and Fiscal Reforms in
Cameroon                                             2004

A Fiscal Rule that has Teeth: A Suggestion for a
'Fiscal Sustainability Council' Underpinned by the
Financial Markets                                    2005
A Fiscal Theory of Sovereign Risk                    2002
A Fiscal Theory of Sovereign Risk                    2003
A Flexible Economy? Entrepreneurship and
Productivity in New Zealand                          2004
A Flexible Economy? Entrepreneurship and
Productivity in New Zealand                          2004
A Flexible Modeling Framework to Estimate
Interregional Trade Patterns and Input-Output
Accounts                                             2004
A Flow Chart Approach to Analyzing the Ethics of
Insider Trading                                      2007

A Forest with No Trees: The Supreme Court and
International Law in the 2003-04 Term                2004
A Forgotten Issue: Distributional Effects of Day
Care Subsidies in Germany                            2000
A Formal Approach to Verification of Process
Constraints                                          2007

A Framework Convention for Nanotechnology?           2006
A Framework for Analytical Treatment of
Terrorist Problems                                   2005

                                                            January 2010
A Framework for Analyzing Network Governance
of Public Assets                                     2005
A Framework for Assessing Corporate
Governance Reform                                    2006
A Framework for Assessing Corporate
Governance Reform                                    2006

A Framework for Assessing Fiscal Vulnerability       2006
A Framework for Designing Sustainable Urban
Communities                                          2007
A Framework for Evaluating Alternate
Institutional Arrangements for Fiscal Equalization
Transfers                                            2006

A Framework for Financial Reporting Standards:
Issues and a Suggested Model                         2009

A Framework for Identifying the Intangible
Capital Value of ICT Investments                     2009
A Framework for Independent Monetary Policy in
China                                                2006
A Framework for Policymakers to Analyze
Proposed and Existing Antitrust Immunities and
Exemptions                                           2007
A Framework for Regulating Microfinance
Institutions                                         2004

A Framework for Regulating Microfinance
Institutions: The Experience in Ghana and the
Philippines                                          2004
A Framework for Studying Monetary Non-
Neutrality                                           2001
A Framework for the Classification of Accounts
Manipulations                                        2001
A Framework for the Study of Computer-
Oriented Humor (Cohum)                               2006
A Framework for the Surveillance of Derivatives
Activities                                           2006
A Framework to Accomplish Strategic Cost
Management                                           2005

A Framework to Compare Environmental Policies        2001

A Free Trade Agreement between the Peoples'
Republic of China and the Republic of South
Africa: A Feasibility Study                          2006
A Fresh Approach to US Energy Security and
Alternative Fuels: The Western Hemisphere and
the Ethanol Option                                   2006
A 'Friend and Advisor': Management, Auditors,
and Confidence inGermany's Credit Cooperatives,
1889-1914                                            2001
A Fundamental-Analysis Based Test for
Speculative Prices                                   2005

A Further Look at International Financial
Integration and Corporate Financing: Evidence
from Emerging Economies                              2009

                                                            January 2010
A Future for the Dead Sea Basin: Water Culture
among Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians         2006

A Fuzzy Logic Approach Toward Solving the
Analytic Maze of Health System Financing            2001

A Fuzzy-based Algorithm for Auditors to Detect
Element of Fraud in Settled Insurance Claims        2003

A Game Options Approach to the Investment
Problem with Convertible Securities Financing       2008
A Game-Theoretical Study of Alternative Policies
in China: Can Locally Initiated Investment
Expansion Be Regulated?                             2007
A General Equilibrium View of Global Rebound
Effects                                             2009
A General Formula for the Optimal Level of Social
Insurance                                           2006
A General Framework for Evaluating Executive
Stock Options                                       2003

A General Purpose Technology at Work: The
Corliss Steam Engine in the Late 19th Century       2001

A General Purpose Technology at Work: The
Corliss Steam Engine in the late 19th Century US    2001
A Generalization of the Calendar Time Portfolio
Approach and the Performance of Private
Investors                                           2007

A Generalized Earnings Model of Stock Valuation     1998
A Generalized Earnings-Based Stock Valuation
Model                                               2004

A Generalized Method of Moments Estimator for
a Spatial Panel Model with an Endogenous Spatial
Lag and Spatial Moving Average Errors               2006
A Generic Benchmarking Approach for Research
Area Output: Is Responsible Investment a
Researcher's Stepchild?                             2009
A Generic Model of Monetary Policy, Inflation,
and Reputation                                      2006
A Generous Interpretation of Collateral             2008
A Gentle Introduction to the RM2006
Methodology                                         2009
A Ghost in the Machine: The Important Role of
Workplace Spirituality                              2006
A Governance Indicator for Small and Medium-
Sized Enterprises                                   2009
A Governance Perspective on Executive Options
Plans - Reflections on Some Australian Empirical
Evidence                                            2004
A Graphical Analysis of Some Basic Results in
Social Choice                                       2001
A Gravity Model of Globalization, Democracy and
Transnational Terrorism                             2006

                                                           January 2010
A Guide to Tax Policy Analysis: Problems with
Distributional Tax Tables                           2005
A Guide To Tax Policy Analysis: The Central
Tendency of Federal Income Tax Liabilities In
Distributional Analysis                             2005

A Guide to Taxation and Management Decisions        2008
A Handbook-Based Methodology for Redesigning
Business Processes                                  2007

A Haven from the Financial Storm? The Role of
Gold in the Global Financial System                 2009
A Hierarchy of Bounds for Stochastic Mixed-
Integer Programs                                    2009

A History of Canadian Recruitment of Highly
Skilled Immigrants: Circa 1980-2001                 2006

A History of Company Law in Colonial Australia:
Legal Evolution and Economic Development            2007
A Hotelling Model with a Ceiling on the Stock of
Pollution                                           2005
A House of Her Own: Old Age Assistance and the
Living Arrangements of Older Nonmarried
Women                                               2000
A Hybrid Markov-Functional Model with
Simultaneous Calibration to Interest Rate and FX
Smile                                               2006
A Introduction to Behavioral Economics: The
Complicating But Sometimes Critical
Considerations                                      2007
A Jackknife Estimator for Tracking Error Variance
of Optimal Portfolios Constructed Using
Estimated Inputs1                                   2004

A Knowledge Framework for Understanding
Small Family Business Succession Process            2008

A Knowledge-Based Model of Audit Risk               2008
A Knowledge-based Theory of the Firm - A
Problem-solving Perspective                         2004
A Knowledge-based Theory of the Firm - A
Problem-solving Perspective                         2005

A Latent Class Model of Earnings Attributes         2006

A Law and Finance Analysis of Hedge Funds           2007

A Law-and-Economics Analysis of Odious Debts        2006
A Leading Indicator for the Dutch Economy -
Methodological and Empirical Revision of the
CPB System                                          2004

A Leading Indicator Model of Banking Distress -
Developing an Early Warning System for Hong
Hong and Other EMEAP Economies                      2007

                                                           January 2010
A Leading Indicators Approach to the
Predictability of Currency Crises: The Case of
Turkey                                              2001
A League of Their Own?Financial Analysts'
Responses to Restatements and Corrective
Disclosures                                         2002
A Legal Analysis of Disclosure of Earnings
Forecasts in Prospectuses                           1997
A Legal Framework for Systemic Bank
Restructuring                                       1999
A Leisurely Reading of the Life Cycle
Consumption Data                                    2006

A Lender of Last Resort for Public Banks? Theory
and an Application to Japan Post Bank               2009
A Less Effective Monetary Transmission in the
Wake of EMU? Evidence from Lending Rates Pass-
Through                                             2005

A Liberal Analysis of Western Cohabitation Law      2009

A Liberal Theory of Social Welfare: Fairness,
Utility, and the Pareto Principle                   1999
A Life-Cycle Analysis of Social Security with
Housing                                             2009

A Light Bulb Goes on: Values, Attitudes, Social
Norms, and Personal Energy Consumption              2009
A Lightweight Note on Success in Mergers and
Acquisitions                                        2008

A Limited Participation Model of the Monetary
Transmission Mechanism in the United Kingdom        2000
A Liquidity-Based Explanation of Convertible
Arbitrage Alphas                                    2007

A Literature Review of Risk Perception Studies in
Behavioral Finance: The Emerging Issues             2007
A Little Engine that Could ... Domestic Private
Companies and Vietnam's Pressing Need for
Wage Employment                                     2004
A Loan Pricing Model: The Influence of the
Lender's Credit Rating                              2007
A Lobbying Approach to Evaluating the Sarbanes-
Oxley Act of 2002                                   2006
A Lost Decade for Japanese Corporate
Governance Reform?:What's Changed, What
Hasn't, and Why                                     2003

A Lower Bound for the Laplacian Eigenvalues of a
Graph-Proof of a Conjecture by Guo                  2008
A Macro Approach to Detection and Prevention
of Corporate Insolvency                             2005

A Macro-Finance Model of the Term Structure,
Monetary Policy, and the Economy                    2004
A Market Microstructure Rationale for the S&P
Game                                                2006

                                                           January 2010
A Market Model for Stochastic Smiles                2007
A Mathematical Introduction to Property Theory:
The Fundamental Theorem and Duality Theory
for Penalties                                       2004
A Matrix-Based Lattice Model to Value Employee
Stock Options                                       2006
A Measure of Auditor AIS Expertise:
Development, Assessment, and Uses                   2004

A Measure of Household Infrastructure Based on
Factor Analysis of Census Data with an
Application to Bolivia - I: Development             2006

A Measure of Household Infrastructure Based on
Factor Analysis of Census Data with an
Application to Bolivia - II: Validation             2006

A Measure of Household Infrastructure Based on
Factor Analysis of Census Data with an
Application to Bolivia - III: Change Over Time      2006
A Measure of Monetary Conditions                    2003
A Measure of Stock Market Integration for
Developed and Emerging Markets                      2004

A MERGE Model with Endogenous Technological
Change and the Cost of Carbon Stabilization         2005

A Method to Generate Structural Impulse-
Responses for Measuring the Effects of Shocks in
Structural Macro Models                             2006

A Methodological Note on Long-Period Positions      2006

A Methodology for Evaluating the Cost-
Effectiveness of Alternative Management Tools in
Public-Sector Institutions: Application to Public
Education                                           2006

A Microfoundation for Keynes' Speculative
Motive and the Liquidity Trap                       2009
A Minimum Optimal Patent Term                       2003
A Miscarriage of Juvenile Justice: A Modern-Day
Parable of the Unintended Results of Bad
Lawmaking                                           2009

A Missing Link in the Risk-Incentive Tradeoff       2006

A Missing Piece in the FASB/IASB Conceptual
Framework: Cost of Capital is Not Stable            2006
A Mixed Model for Double Checking Fallible
Auditors                                            2004
A Model for Audit Engagement Planning of E-
Commerce                                            2003
A Model for Emergency Service of VoIP Through
Certification and Labeling                          2004
A Model for Estimating the Cancellation
Probabilities of TARP Warrants                      2009
A Model for Measuring Financial Risks               2004

                                                           January 2010
A Model for Microeconomic and Macroeconomic
Development                                        2006
A Model for Tax Advantages of Portfolios with
Many Assets                                        2005

A Model for the Federal Funds Rate Target          1999

A Model for the Federal Funds Rate Target          2000
A Model of Adjustment and Growth: An Empirical
Analysis                                           2006
A Model of Auditing Under Bright-Line
Accounting Standards                               2002

A Model of Bank Capital, Lending and the
Macroeconomy: Basel I versus Basel II              2005
A Model of Crises in Emerging Markets              1998
A Model of Diffusion in the Production of an
Innovation                                         2001
A Model of Dynamic Compensation and Capital
Structure                                          2008
A Model of Endogenous Fiscal Deficits and
Delayed Fiscal Reforms                             2000

A Model of Exchange-Rate Determination with
Policy Reaction: Evidence From Monthly Data        2004

A Model of Forum Shopping, with Special
Reference to Standard Setting Organizations        2004

A Model of Forum Shopping, with Special
Reference to Standard Setting Organizations        2004
A Model of Mandatory Auditor Rotation              2006
A Model of Money With Multilateral Matching,
Second Version                                     2007
A Model of Multiple Equilibria in Geographic
Labor Mobility                                     2001
A Model of Multiple Equilibria in Geographic
Labor Mobility                                     2006
A Model of Predating Tourism Towards an Open
Access Natural Resource                            2006
A Model of Social Security and Retirement
Decisions                                          2001
A Model of State Infrastructure with
Decentralized Public Agents: Theory and
Evidence                                           2003

A Model of the Eurosystem's Operational
Framework for Monetary Policy Implementation       2003
A Model of the Open Market Operations of the
European Central Bank                              2001
A Model of the Socially Optimal Use of Liability
and Regulation                                     2001
A Model of Transfer Pricing Conflicts Between
Revenue Canada and the Internal Revenue
Service                                            1997

A Model on Knowledge and Endogenous Growth         2005

                                                          January 2010
A Model Regime of Privacy Protection (Version
1.1)                                              2005
A Model Regime of Privacy Protection (Version
2.0)                                              2005
A Model to Analyze the Macroeconomic
Interdependence of Hong Kong With China and
the United States                                 2007
A Model-Independent Measure of Aggregate
Idiosyncratic Risk                                2005

A Module for Media Intervention: Content
Regulation in Post-Conflict Zones                 2003
A Monetary Impulse Measure for Medium-Term
Policy Analysis                                   2006

A Monetary Policy Rule Based on Nominal and
Inflation-indexedTreasury Yield                   2003
A Monetary Policy Rule for Automatic Prevention
of a Liquidity Trap                               2005
A Monetary Policy Rule for Jamaica                2006
A Monte Carlo Study of Regressions                2006

A Moral Solution to the Moral Hazard Problem      2008
A More Market Based Approach to Maintaining
Systematic Stability                              2003

A More Realistic Valuation: APV and WACC with
Constant Book Leverage Ratio                      2006

A Movement in the Wake of a New Law: The
United Farm Workers and the California
Agricultural Labor Relations Act                  2005
A Multidimensional Framework for Financial-
Economic Decisions                                2006
A Multifactor Model of Stock Returns with
Endogenous Regime Switching                       2004
A Multifactor Model of Stock Returns with
Endogenous Regime Switching                       2004
A Multi-Gas Approach to Climate Policy - With
and Without GWPs                                  2000

A Multi-Level Model-Driven Regime for Value-
Added Tax Compliance in ERP Systems               2009

A Multioutput Cost Function for Port Terminals:
Some Guidelines for Regulation                    2004
A Multi-Task Theory of the State Enterprise
Reform                                            2000
A Multivariate Filter for Measuring Potential
Output and the NAIRU: Application to the Czech
Republic                                          2006
A Multivariate Time-Changed Levy Model for
Financial Applications                            2006
A Natural Debt Brake in the Fiscal Equalization
Scheme                                            2007
A New Account of Personalization and Effective
Communication                                     2001

                                                         January 2010
A New Application of Taylor Rules: Model
Evaluation                                           2001

A New Approach for Assessing the Costs of Living
with Wildlife in Developing Countries                2004

A New Approach for Interpreting Long-Run
Returns, Applied to IPO and SEO Stocks               2008

A New Approach to Measuring Accounting
Conservatism and the Contribution of
Accelerated Loss Recognition vs. Delayed Gain
Recognition to Trends in Conservatism                2007
A New Approach to Measuring Financial
Contagion                                            2000
A New Approach to Measuring Financial
Contagion                                            2000

A New Approach to Mitigate CO2 Emission from
Electric Utility Under Liability Rules               2000

A New Approach to Stock Valuation: Continuous
Time Abnormal Earnings Model                         2008
A New Approach to Takeover Law and Regulatory
Competition                                          2001

A New Approach to the Relationship Between
Export Instability and Economic Development          2006
A New Approach to WACC, Value of Tax Savings
and Value for Growing and Non Growing
Perpetuities: A Clarification                        2006

A New Byword for Cross-Border Restructuring:
Scheme of Arrangement as Judgment - Re Cavell
Insurance Company                                    2005

A New Challenge to Privacy Management:
Adapting Fair Information Practices to Radio
Frequency Identification Technology                  2004
A New Database on Financial Development and
Structure                                            2004
A 'New Deal' for End Users? Lessons from a
French Innovation in the Regulation of
Interoperability                                     2009
A New Dimension in the Chapter of Corporate
Social Responsibility: Catalysts for Social Action
(CSA)                                                2009
A New Executive Order for Improving Federal
Regulation?Deeper and Wider Cost-Benefit
Analysis                                             2002
A New Executive Order for Improving Federal
Regulation?Deeper and Wider Cost-Benefit
Analysis                                             2002
A New Explanatory Model for Policy Analysis and
Evaluation                                           2006

A New Improvement to the Ohlson (1995) Model:
Empirical Evidence from Japan                        2000

                                                            January 2010
A New Indicator of Competitiveness for Italy and
the Main Industrial and Emerging Countries         2006
A New Institutional Economics Approach to
Contracts and Cooperatives                         2001
A New Keynesian Model of the Armenian
Economy                                            2009
A New Keynesian Workbook                           2007
A New Kind of Gold? Investments in Housing
Under Economic Uncertainty                         2002
A New Marked Point Process Model for the
Federal Funds Rate Target: Methodology and
Forecast Evaluation                                2006
A New Measure of Accounting Quality                2008
A New Measure of Horizontal Equity                 1999
A New Measure of Market Inefficiency               2007
A New Measure of Monetary Shocks: Derivation
and Implications                                   2003

A New Measure of the Local Regulatory
Environment for Housing Markets: Wharton
Residential Land Use Regulatory Index              2006
A New Method for Ranking Academic Journals in
Accounting and Finance                             2005

A New Method of Random Sampling to Reduce
the Cost of Regulatory Monitoring                  2006
A New Model for Inflation Accounting               2005

A New Model for Market-Based Regulation of
Subnational Borrowing: The Mexican Approach        2004

A New Model of Hedge Fund Regulation: Shorting
Federalism or Bernie's Nightmare                   2009
A New Model of Integrity: An Actionable Pathway
to Trust, Productivity and Value (PDF File of
Keynote Slides)                                    2008
A New Paradigm for Employee Stock Options and
EPS Calculation                                    2005

A New Paradigm: A Joint Test of Structural and
Correlation Parameters in Instrumental Variables
Regression When Perfect Exogeneity is Violated     2009

A New Paradigm: a Joint Test of Structural and
Correlation Parameters in Instrumental Variables
Regression When Perfect Exogeneity is Violated     2009
A New Rule: 'The Swiss Debt Brake'                 2006

A New Sample of Americans Linked from the
1850 Public Use Micro Sample of the Federal
Census of Population to the 1860 Federal Census
Manuscript Schedules                               2000
A New Taxonomy of Monetary Regimes                 2006

A New Topic for Teaching in Corporate Finance:
How to Avoid Investment Inefficiencies             2004

                                                          January 2010
A New Twist to the Substitute for Ordinary
Income Doctrine:Third Circuit Adopts 'Family
Resemblance' Test to Characterize Sale of Lottery
Proceeds as Ordinary Income                         2006
A New Way to Govern                                 2002

A New Way to Govern: Because 'World Best
Practices' are the Problem Not the Solution         2003
A New-Open-Economy-Macro Model for Fiscal
Policy Evaluation                                   2006
A No-Arbitrage Analysis of Macroeconomic
Determinants of Term Structures and the
Exchange Rate                                       2007
A Nonlinear Approach to Public Finance
Sustainability in Latin America                     2003

A Non-Linear Currency Substitution Model of
Hysteresis in Debt and Competitiveness              2006

A Non-Parametric Evaluation of Banking
Efficiency in Portugal, New vs. Old Banks           2000
A Note on Analysts' Earnings Forecast Errors
Distribution                                        2003
A Note on Analysts' Earnings Forecast Errors
Distribution                                        2008
A Note on Bootstraps and Robustness                 2006
A Note on Bundling Budgets to Achieve
Management Control                                  2008
A Note on Consistency of Heckman-type Two-
step Estimators for the Multivariate Sample-
Selection Model                                     2006
A Note on Five Traditional Theories of Moral
Reasoning                                           2008
A Note on Forecasting Short-Run Profits             2008

A Note on Last Minute Bidding in Online Auctions    2007
A Note on Liquidity Risk Management                 2009
A Note on Monetary Policy with Interest-Rate
Contingent Claims as Indicators                     2007

A Note on Numerical Estimation of Sato's Two-
Level CES Production Function                       2006
A Note on Optimal Law Enforcement with Legal
Aid                                                 2004
A Note on Optimal Tax Evasion in the Presence of
Merit Goods                                         2007
A Note on Social Justice                            2008
A Note on Subsidizing Gifts                         2000

A Note on the Dangers of Using Regressions to
Analyze Earnings Forecasts                          2006

A Note on the Determination of Cost Structure       2008

A Note on the Malliavin Differentiability of the
Heston Volatility                                   2005

                                                           January 2010
A Note on the Relation of Weighting and
Matching Estimators                                   2007
A Note on the Use of Estate Taxes and Payout
Restrictions to Fund Multi-Pillar Pension
Guarantees                                            2009
A Note on the Weighted Average Cost of Capital
WACC                                                  2001

A Note on the Weighted Average Cost of Capital
WACC (Nota Sobre El Costo Promedio De Capital)        2001

A Note on Understanding, Detecting, and
Reporting Criminal Antitrust Violations               2008

A Note on, and a Tale About, Flexible Budgeting       2009
A Numerical Approach to Fiscal Policy,
Unemployment and Growth in Europe                     1999
A Panel-Data Sensitivity Analysis of Regional
Growth in China                                       2004

A Paradox of Inconsistent Parametric and
Consistent Nonparametric Regression                   2009
A Pedagogical Note on the Economic Theory of
Regulation                                            2005

A Pedagogical Note on the Superiority of Price
Cap Regulation to Rate of Return Regulation           2006

A Peek Inside the Black BoxThe Monetary
Transmission Mechanism in Japan                       2006
A Peek into the Governor's Chamber: The Israeli
Case                                                  2003

A Performance Comparison of Strategic Transfer
Pricing and Tidy Cost Allocations in Presence of
Product Market Competition and Congestion
Costs                                                 1999

A Personal Perspective - Ten Reasons to Reject 'A
Systemic Analysis of Affirmative Action in
American Law Schools'                                 2006

A Perspective on the SEC's Proposal to Accept
Financial Statements Prepared in Accordance
with International Financial Reporting Standards
(IFRS) Without Reconciliation to U.S. GAAP            2007
A Phillips Curve for China                            2005
A Phillips Curve with an Ss Foundation                2006

A Plan for Democratic Control of Corporate Crime      2004
A Plea for a Realignment in Corporate
Governance Research                                   2007
A Plea to Economists Who Favour Liberty: Assist
the Everyman                                          2005
A Polarization of Polarization? The Distribution of
Inequality 1970-1996                                  2007

                                                             January 2010
A Policy Critique of California's Assembly Bill
1493 to Regulate Vehicular Greenhouse Gas
Emissions                                            2005
A Policy Note on Telecommunications Reform in
Algeria                                              2004
A Political Agency Theory of Central Bank
Independence                                         2006
A Political Economy Model of Congressional
Careers                                              2002
A Political Economy Model of Congressional
Careers, Second Version                              2004

A Political Economy Model of Congressional
Careers: Supplementary Material                      2004
A Political Economy Theory of the Soft Budget
Constraint                                           2005
A Political Economy Theory of the Soft Budget
Constraint                                           2006

A Political Theory of Criminal Law: Autonomy and
the Legitimacy of State Punishment                   2004
A Politico-Economic Analysis of Minimum Wages
and Wage Subsidies                                   2006

A Population-Modulated Bibliometric Measure
with an Application in the Field of Statistics       2009
A Positive Model of Earnings Forecasts: Top
Down versus Bottom Up                                2000
A Positive Model of Growth and Pollution
Controls                                             2000
A Positive Theory of Fiscal Deficits and
Government Debt in a Democracy                       2000
A Positive Theory of Geographic Mobility and
Social Insurance                                     2001
A Positive Theory of Geographic Mobility and
Social Insurance                                     2002
A Positive Theory of Monetary Policy and Robust
Control                                              2003
A Positive Theory of Monetary Policy in a Natural-
Rate Model                                           2001
A Positive Theory of Social Security                 2001
A Positive Theory of the Income Redistributive
Focus of Social Security                             2003
A Post-Deregulation Analysis of Wages in U.S.
Freight Transportation                               2007
A Post-Keynesian Stock-Flow Consistent
Macroeconomic Growth Model: Preliminary
Results                                              2004
A Post-Keynesian View of Central Bank
Independence, Policy Targets, and the Rules-
Versus-Discretion Debate                             2007

A Post-Reflation Monetary Framework for Japan        2006

A Powerful and Robust Nonparametric Statistic
for Joint Mean-Variance Quality Control              2006

                                                            January 2010
A Practical Approach to Solving the Circularity
Problem in Estimating the Cost of Capital            2003

A Practical Guide for Consistency in Valuation:
Cash Flows, Terminal Value and Cost of Capital       2003
A Practical Model-Based Approach to Monetary
Policy Analysis - Overview                           2006
A Practitioner's Guide to Intergovernmental
Fiscal Transfers                                     2006
A Preliminary Evaluation of Monetary Policy
Rules for Russia                                     2004
A Preliminary Look at Regulatory Structures for
Financial Services                                   2007

A Prelude to the Welfare State: Compulsory State
Insurance and Workers' Compensation in
Minnesota, Ohio, and Washington, 1911-1919           2000

A Primer on the Nonproliferation Regime for
Maritime Security Operations Forces                  2006

A Principal-Agent Perspective on ERP
Implementation Decisions - An Empirical Analysis
Based on Chinese Listed Companies                    2007
A Principal-Agent View on Dividend Taxation and
Investment Efficiency                                2007
A Probabilistic Approach to Optimal Orchard
Management                                           2006
A Procedure for Predicting Recessions With
Leading Indicators: Econometric Issues and
Recent Experience                                    2001

A Production Theory of Pure Economic Loss            2009
A Production-Inventory Problem under an Energy
Buy-Back Program                                     2009
A Profile of the Return-Suprise Relation             2000
A Pro-Market Agenda for El Salvador                  2005
A Property-Rights Approach for Unifying the
Teaching of Externalities, Moral Hazard, and
Market Power                                         2004

A Proposal For Research On Conservatism              2001

A Proposal of Institutional Innovations for Urban-
Rural Coordinated Development in China               2007
A Proposal to Adopt Formulary Apportionment
for Corporate Income Taxation: The Hamilton
Project                                              2007
A Proposed Petroleum Fuel Price Stabilization
Plan                                                 2009
A Prospective Look at the Usefulness of
Separately Reporting Goodwill Charges: An
Evaluation of 'Cash Earnings'                        2000
A Push to George (in) Bush                           2005
A Q-model of Labour Demand                           2006

                                                            January 2010
A Qualitative Approach to Markovian Equilibrium
in Infinite Horizon Economies with Capital          2004
A Quantitative Analysis of China's Structural
Transformation                                      2006
A Quantitative Analysis of China's Structural
Transformation                                      2006
A Quantitative Analysis of Disruption Risk in a
Multi-Echelon Supply Chain                          2009
A Quantitative Dynamic Agency Model of
Financing Constraints                               2009
A Quantitative Exploration of the Opportunistic
Approach to Disinflation                            1998
A Quantitative Exploration of the Opportunistic
Approach to Disinflation                            2003

A Quantitative Investigation of the Laffer Curve
on the Continued Work Tax: The French Case          2005
A Quantitative Model of Sudden Stops and
External Liquidity Management                       2005
A Quantitative Model of Sudden Stops and
External Liquidity Management                       2005
A Quantum Approach to Strategic Leadership: A
Dynamic Model For Structural and Strategic
Alignment                                           2009

A Quasi-Bayesian Analysis of Structural Breaks in
China's Output and Productivity Series              2007
A Quest for Harmony - Bureaucrats, Domestic
Politics, and the Formation of International
Agreements                                          2005
A Quick & Dirty Method for Estimating Growth
and Price Changes for Forecasting Financial
Statements                                          2009

A Quick & Dirty Method for Estimating Growth
and Price Changes for Forecasting Financial
Statements (in Spanish)                             2009

A Quick Refresher Course in Macroeconomics          2001
A Race to the Top? A Case Study of Food Safety
Standards and African Exports                       2004
A Rational Expectations Theory of Kinks in
Accounting Earnings                                 2005

A Real World Application of Investment Theory       2008

A Reality Check for Management Accounting           2008
A Recipe for Cookies: State Regulation of
Consumer Marketing Information                      2001

A Reconsideration of Agricultural Law: A Call for
the Law of Food, Farming, and Sustainability        2009

A Reconsideration of the Empirical Evidence on
the Asymmetric Effects of Money-Supply shocks:
Positive vs. Negative or Big vs. Small?             1996

                                                           January 2010
A Reconsideration of the Uncovered Interest
Parity Relationship                                  2000

A Re-Examination of Asymmetric Timeliness Tests
of Accounting Conservatism                           2008
A Re-examination of China's Share Issue
Privatization: Does it Not Improve SOE
Profitability?                                       2006
A Reexamination of Corporate Governance and
Equity Prices                                        2005
A Re-examination of Dividend Policy: A Dynamic
Panel Data Analysis                                  2005

A Re-Examination of the Costs (and Benefits) to
Equity Investors from Including Accruals in
Financial Reporting                                  2008
A Re-Examination of the Effects of Investor
Sophistication on the Pricing of Accruals and Cash
Flows                                                2006

A Reexamination of the Tradeoff between the
Future Benefit and Riskiness of R&D Increases        2007
A Reformulation of the Economic Theory of
Fertility                                            2001

A Rehabilitation of Monetary Policy in the 1950s     2002
A Reinterpretation of the so Called Money
Market                                               2006
A Remark on Bimodality and Weak
Instrumentation in Structural Equation
Estimation                                           2005
A Requiem for Sam's Bank                             2008

A Research Agenda for the Study of the
Regulation of Invasive Species Introduced
Unintentionally Via Maritime Trade                   2004

A Research Based Perspective on SEC's Proposed
Rule on ROADMAP FOR Potential Use of Financial
Statements Prepared in Accordance With
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
by U.S. Issuers                                      2009
A Research Note on the Two Faces of Informal
Mentoring: Diminishing and Enhancing Role
Conflict                                             2004

A Residential Energy Demand System for Spain         2005

A Response to Professor Goldberg: An
Anticompetitive Restraint by Any Other Name . . .    2005
A Result on Output Feedback Linear Quadratic
Control                                              2006
A Revealed Preference Approach to
Understanding Corporate Governance Problems:
Evidence From Canada                                 2002
A Revealed Preference Ranking of U.S. Colleges
and Universities                                     2004

                                                            January 2010
A Reversal of Fortune for Korean Women:
Explaining 1983's Upward Turn in Relative
Earnings                                            2004
A Review of Bias Research in Auditing:
Opportunities for Combining Psychological and
Economic Research                                   2007
A Review of Capital Account Restrictions in Chile
in the 1990s                                        2006
A Review of Core Inflation and an Evaluation of
its Measures                                        2006

A Review of Education and Skills in the People's
Republic of China: Employers' Perceptions           2005

A Review of Experimental and Archival Conflicts-
of-Interest Research in Auditing                    2004
A Review of Markets-Based International
Accounting Research                                 2003
A Review of Modern Collective Risk Theory with
Dividend Strategies                                 2008

A Review of Research Programs for the Study of
Entrepreneurship: A Critical Discussion of
Theoretical and Measurement Implications            2009

A Review of Research Related to Financial
Analysts' Forecasts and Stock Recommendations       2005
A Review of the Bankruptcy Laws in Some
Selected Transition Economies                       2006

A Review of the Earnings Management Literature
and its Implications for Standard Setting           1999
A Review of the Empirical Disclosure Literature:
Discussion                                          2001
A Review of the Impact of Biofuels on Local,
Regional, and Global Air Quality                    2009

A Review of the Political Economy of
Governance: From Property Rights to Voice           2004
A Review of the Role and Impact of Export
Processing Zones                                    2004

A Review of the Status Quo of Genetic Resources
and Traditional Knowledge Protection in China       2009

A Review of the United States and the
International Criminal Court - 'National Security
and International Law: The Challenge to Create a
System of International Criminal Justice'           2005

A Risk Perception Primer: A Narrative Research
Review of the Risk Perception Literature in
Behavioral Accounting and Behavioral Finance        2004
A Risk Perspective on Fraudulent Financial
Reporting                                           2006

                                                           January 2010
A Risk-Focused Performance Management
System Framework for Planning Change in
Organisations Subject to Significant
Environmental Pressures and Uncertainty               2009
A Rough Orientation Through a Delicate
Relationship: The European Union's Endeavours
for (its) Minorities                                  2001

A Rude Awakening: Internet Shakeout in 2000           2000
A Scoreboard to Evaluate Clusters'
Competitiveness in the Knowledge-Based
Economy - An Empirical Study on Emilia Romagna
Region                                                2006

A Scorecard for Indexed Government Debt               1998
A Search Model of Venture Capital,
Entrepreneurship, and Unemployment                    2005

A Secondary Market Test of the Merits of Class
Action Securities Litigation: Evidence from the
Reputation of Corporate Directors                     2004

A Selection-Based Theory of the Transition from
Employment to Entrepreneurship: The Role of
Employer Size                                         2006
A Semi-Analytical Parametric Model for
Dependent Defaults                                    2006
A Sensible Policy Approach for Greenhouse Gas
Regulation                                            2006

'A Shining City on a Hill': American Exceptionalism
and the Supreme Court's Practice of Relying on
Foreign Law                                           2006

A Short and Obscure or Clear and Detailed
Constitution' Perspectives for the Simplification
of the Treaties and the Rationalisation of the
Legal Order of the European Union (Une
Constitution Courte et Obscure ou Claire et
Detaillee' Perspectives Pour la Simplification des
Traites et la Rationalisation de l'Ordre Juridique
de l'Union Europeenne)                                2007
A Short History of the Global Economy Since
1800                                                  2006

A Short Note on the Regularization of the
Diffusion Matrix for the Euler Scheme of an SDE       2006
A Short Proof on the Ratio of Deadweight Loss to
Profit                                                2007

A Sight for Sore Eyes: Assessing the Value of View
and Landscape Use on the Housing Market               2007
A Signal Jamming Theory of Resale Price
Maintenance                                           2003

A Signaling Theory of Accounting Conservatism         2009

                                                             January 2010
A Signal-Jamming Model of Persuasion: Interest
Group Funded Policy Research                        2008
A Signalling Model of Environmental
Overcompliance                                      2001

A Simple Approach to Forecasting (Una
Aproximacion a Los Metodos De Pronostico)           2007
A Simple Approach to International Monetary
Policy Coordination                                 1998
A Simple Approximation of Intraday Spreads
Using Daily Data                                    2009

A Simple Boundary Model of Dynamic Covariance       2007

A Simple Explanation for the Unfavorable Tax
Treatment of Investment Costs                       2006
A Simple Explanation for Why Campaign
Expenditures are Increasing: The Government is
Getting Bigger                                      2000
A Simple Framework for International Monetary
Policy Analysis                                     2002
A Simple Framework for International Monetary
Policy Analysis                                     2002
A Simple Measure of the Intensity of Capital
Controls                                            2001
A Simple Measure of the Intensity of Capital
Controls                                            2006
A Simple Mechanism for Inducing Environmental
Self-Regulation                                     2005
A Simple Model of Interest Rate Term Structure
for the Classroom                                   2006
A Simple Model of Optimal Hate Crime
Legislation                                         2004
A Simple Model of Optimal Monetary Policy with
Financial Constraints                               2004
A Simple Model of Trade, Capital Mobility, and
the Environment                                     2004
A Simple Pragmatic Justification for Risk-Neutral
Option Pricing                                      2007
A Simple Proposal for a Debt-Sensitive Stability
Pact                                                2004

A Simple Second-Order Solution Method For
Dynamic General Equilibrium Models                  2002
A Simple Way to Teach the Derivation of
Aggregate Demand                                    2005

A Simulation Estimator for Testing the Time
Homogeneity of Credit Rating Transitions            2007
A Simulation Method to Measure the Tax Burden
on Highly Skilled Manpower                          2004

A Simulation of Counter-cyclical Intervention:
Lessons for Theory and Practice                     2005

A Simultaneous Equations Analysis of Analysts'
Forecast Bias and Institutional Ownership           2000

                                                           January 2010
A Simultaneous Equations Model for World
Crude Oil and Natural Gas Markets                     2006
A Single Mechanism of Governance: State Law,
Federal Dialogues, and the Mediation of Popular
Opinion                                               2007

A Skeptical Appraisal of Asset Pricing Tests          2006

A Small Corner of Intertemporal Public Finance -
New Developments in Monetary Economics: 2
Ghosts, 2 Eccentricities, A Fallacy, A Mirage and A
Mythos                                                2004

A Small Corner of Intertemporal Public Finance -
New Developments in Monetary Economics: Two
Ghosts, Two Eccentricities, a Fallacy, a Mirage
and a Mythos                                          2004
A Small Country in Europe's Integration.
Generalizing the Political Economy of the Danish
Case                                                  1998

A Small Estimated Euro Area Model with Rational
Expectations and Nominal Rigidities                   2002

A Small Estimated Euro Area Model with Rational
Expectations and Nominal Rigidities                   2002
A Small Forward-Looking Macroeconomic Model
for EMU                                               2001

A Small Structural Empirical Model Of The UK
Monetary Transmission Mechanism                       2000

A Smart Market for Resource Reservation in a
Multiple Quality of Service Information Network       2007
A Smooth Transition Multivariate GARCH
Approach to Contagion                                 2008
A Snowball Against Global Warming: An
Alternative to the Kyoto Protocol                     2002

A Social Contract Account for CSR as Extended
Model of Corporate Governance (Part I): Rational
Bargaining and Justification                          2005

A Social Contract Account for CSR as Extended
Model of Corporate Governance (Part II):
Compliance, Reputation and Reciprocity                2005
A Social Insurance Perspective on Security and
Privacy                                               2004
A Social-Market Economy for Rapid Sustainable
Development                                           2009
A Solution to Proebsting's Paradox or 'How to
Skim a Bettor if You Must'                            2009
A Solution to Two Paradoxes of International
Capital Flows                                         2006
A Solution to Two Paradoxes of International
Capital Flows                                         2006

                                                             January 2010
A Solution to Two Paradoxes of International
Capital Flows                                       2007
A Somber Anniversary: Terrorism Insurance Five
Years after 9/11                                    2006
A Specialized Inventory Problem in Banks:
Optimizing Retail Sweeps                            2005
A Speed Limit Monetary Policy Rule for the Euro
Area                                                2006
A Spreadsheet Model to Determine the Historical
Value Drivers of a Company                          2005
A Stable International Monetary System Emerges:
Bretton Woods, Reversed                             2006

A Stable International Monetary System Emerges:
Inflation Targeting is Bretton Woods, Reversed      2006
A Stage Model of Developing an Inclusive
Community                                           2003

A 'Stag-Hunt' Model of the U.S. Constitution        2009
A Star is Born: A New International Investment
Style for US Mutual Funds                           2008

A Start for Mild Liberalization? Building Civil
Society Through Co-operative Dynamics in China      2009

A State-Level Analysis of the Great Moderation      2007

A State-Variable Decomposition Approach for
Solving Portfolio Choice Problems                   2008

A Static Model for Voting on Social Security        2009

A Step by Step Guide to Construct a Financial
Model Without Plugs and Without Circularity for
Valuation Purposes                                  2008

A Step by Step Guide to Construct a Financial
Model Without Plugs and Without Circularity for
Valuation Purposes (Guia Paso a Paso Para
Construir Estados Financieros Sin Cuentas De
Cuadre 'Plugs' Y Sin Circularidad Para Efectos De
Valoracion De La Empresa)                           2008

A Stiglerian View on Banking Supervision            2003
A Stitch in Time: The Rise and Fall of the Sewing
Machine Patent Thicket                              2009

A Strategic Rationale for Imperfect Disclosure      2001
A Strategic Theory of Inflation                     2001
A Strategy for EMU Enlargement                      2008
A Strong Europe is a Social Europe                  2004
A Structural Model of Tenure and Specific
Investments                                         2001

A Study of Companies with Abnormally Favorable
Patterns of Executive Stock Option Grant Timing     2009

                                                           January 2010
A Study of Firms Surrounding the Threshold of
Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Compliance                2007
A Study of Insolvency Prediction and Efficient
Classification Approach for Life Insurers - Taiwan
example                                              2005

A Study of Kruglanski's Need for Closure
Construct and Its Implications for Judgment and
Decision Making in Accounting and Auditing           2006

A Study of Market-Wide Short-Selling Restrictions    2005

A Study of Technical Efficiency of Banks in India    2009

A Study on Linear Inequality Representation of
Social Welfare Functions                             2006

A Study on the Relation Between Fair Disclosure
and Investors' Emotions with the Market
Experiments - Does Fair Disclosure Affects
Investors' Emotions?                                 2009
A Sub-Regional Development Approach-
Transport, International Trade, and Investment
Modeled in Space                                     2001
A Summary of Saving Social Security: A Balanced
Approach                                             2004
A Supplement to Accounting for Stock Options
(UVA-C-2155)                                         2008

A Supply and Demand Based Volatility Model for
Energy Prices - The Relationship between Supply
Curve Shape and Volatility                           2006

A Surprising Development: Tests of the Capital
Asset Pricing Model and the Efficient Market
Hypothesis in Turkey's Securities Markets            2001
A Survey and Analysis of Outsourcing in East
China                                                2009
A Survey of Corporate Governance                     1996
A Survey of Derivatives Use by UK Nonfinancial
Companies                                            2004
A Survey of Governance Disclosures Among U.S.
Firms                                                2007

A Survey of Non-functional Sector Balance Sheets
in Industrialised Countries: Implications for the
Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism               2005
A Survey of Shareholder Activism: Motivation and
Empirical Evidence                                   2005

A Synthesis of Equity Valuation Techniques and
the Terminal Value Calculation for the Dividend
Discount Model                                       1997
A Systems Approach to Corporate Governance
Reform:Why Importing U.S. Corporate Law Isn't
the Answer                                           2004

                                                            January 2010
A Tail Index Tour Across Foreign Exchange
Regimes in Turkey                                   2005
A Tale of Compatible Twins! Success of E-
Commerce & Information Systems/Internal
Auditors                                            2003

A Tale of Three Countries: Italian, Spanish and
Swiss Manufacturing Operations in China             2007
A Tale of Two Cities Revisited: Pass-through in
Hong Kong & Singapore                               2006
A Tale of Two Clams: Policy Anticipation and
Industry Productivity                               2003

A Tale of Two Joint Ventures: Jiangsu, China and
Havana, Cuba: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of
Public-Private Contracts in the Water Sector        2009

A Tale of Two Labor Markets: Intergenerational
Occupational Mobility in Britain and the U.S.
Since 1850                                          2005
A Tale of Two Perspectives: Old or New
Challenges for Monetary Policy?                     2005

A Tale of Two Provinces: The Institutional
Environment and Foreign Ownership in China          2004
A Tale of Two Reforms                               1998
A Tale of Two Standards: Drift and Inertia in
Modern Korean Medical Law                           2009

A Tale of Two Strategies: Cash Flow, Accruals and
the Role of Investor Sentiment                      2009

A Teaching Note on Price-Demand Elasticity
(Nota sobre la elasticidad precio-demanda)          2007
A Team Production Model of Corporate
Governance Revisited                                2003

A Technical Note onMyopic Strategies and
Discretization of Continuous Time Market Models     2008

A Teleological Application of the EC Insolvency
Regulation: European Commission v AMI
Semiconductor Belgium                               2005

A Temporal Analysis of Non-executive Director
Appointments to UK FTSE-350 Firms: 1990-2000        2002
A Tempting State: The Political Economy of
Entrapment                                          2005
A Test of the Ohlson (1995) Model: Empirical
Evidence from Japan                                 2001

A Test of the Political Control of Bureaucracies
under Asymmetric Information                        2005

A Test of the Strategic Effect of Basel II
Operational Risk Requirements on Banks              2005
A Textbook Macro Model with Money                   2005

                                                           January 2010
A Theoretical Analysis of Alcohol Regulation and
Drinking-Related Economic Crime                     2003

A Theoretical Analysis of Credit Card Regulation    2003

A Theoretical Analysis of the Investor Protection
Regulations Argument for Global Listing of Stocks   1998

A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the
Decision to Locate on a University Research Park    2006

A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the
Relationship Between Market and Book Values         2001

A Theoretical and Empirical Assessment of Bank
Risk-Shifting Behavior                              2007
A Theoretical Approach to the EONIA Rate
Movements                                           2006

A Theory of Accounting Relativity: Double-Entry
Bookkeeping as a Transformation of Coordinates      2007
A Theory of Affirmative Action in College
Admissions                                          2005
A Theory of Attribution                             2007
A Theory of Central Bank Accountability             2001
A Theory of Corporate Scandals: Why the U.S.
and Europe Differ                                   2005

A Theory of Customary International Law             1999

A Theory of Customary International Law             2006
A Theory of Deflation                               2007
A Theory of Dividend Smoothing                      2007
A Theory of Employment Guarantees:
Contestability, Credibility and Distributional
Concerns                                            2006

A Theory of Financial Innovation and Monetary
Substitution with an Application to a Century of
Data on the M1-Income Ratio                         2009
A Theory of Firm Scope                              2002

A Theory of Government Regulation of Addictive
Bads: Optimal Tax Levels and Tax Incidence for
Cigarette Excise Taxation                           2002
A Theory of Hostile Takeovers                       2006
A Theory of Interest Group Proposals in Agency
Rulemaking                                          2009
A Theory of International Conflict Management
and Sanctioning                                     2000
A Theory of International Co-operation              1998
A Theory of Liquidity and Regulation of Financial
Intermediation                                      2007
A Theory of Managed Floating                        2005

                                                           January 2010
A Theory of Medicine Effectiveness, Differential
Mortality, Income Inequality and Growth for Pre-
industrial England                                   2006
A Theory of Merger-Driven IPOs                       2008
A Theory of Merger-Driven IPOs                       2008

A Theory of Momentum in Sequential Voting            2006
A Theory of Optimal Expropriation, Mergers and
Industry Competition                                 2008
A Theory of Partnerships                             2002
A Theory of Quantifiable Beliefs                     2001
A Theory of Systemic Risk and Design of
Prudential Bank Regulation                           2002
A Theory of the Growth of the Firm: An
Interdisciplinary Approach                           2005

A Third Benefit of Joint Non-OPEC Carbon Taxes:
Transferring OPEC Monopoly Rent                      2009
A Third Way for the Voting Rights Act: Section 5
and the Opt-In Approach                              2005
A Three-Faceted Educational Approach to
Catalyze Innovation                                  2006

A Threshold Model for the Migration-Trade Link       2009

A Top-Down Approach to Multi-Name Credit             2005

A Tractable Model of Reciprocity and Fairness        2003
A Tractable Model to Measure Sector
Concentration Risk in Credit Portfolios              2006

A Trade Model with an Optimal Exchange Rate
Motivated by Current Discussion of a Chinese
Renminbi Float                                       2005
A Transactional View of Property Right               2005
A Transaction-Cost View of Title Insurance in
Different Legal Systems                              2002
A Transitional Analysis of the Welfare Cost of
Inflation                                            1998
A Transitory Regime Water Supply in Conakry,
Guinea                                               2004
A Tribute to Peter Bauer                             2005

A Trinity: DCF, P/L-Accounts & Shareholder Value -
User-Friendly Tools of Management                    2005

A True Test: Do IMF Programs Hurt the Poor           2004

A Turning Point in Gender Bias in Mortality?An
Update on the Number of 'Missing Women'              2001
A Two-Tiered Approach to the Valuation of
Investment Projects Adjusted for Governance
Risk                                                 2009
A Unified Analysis Of Executive Pay: The Case Of
The Financial Sector                                 2000
A Unified Currency in ASEAN: Suitability and
Constraints                                          2009

                                                            January 2010
A Unified Framework for Monetary Theory and
Policy Analysis, Second Version                       2002

A Unified Valuation Framework for Dividends,
Free Cash Flows, Residual Income, and Earnings
Growth Based Models                                   2006
A Uniform and Universal Accounting and
Currency System and its Influence on Corporate
Value                                                 2008
A Unifying Model of How the Tax System and
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Affect
Corporate Behavior                                    2007

A VAR Analysis of Kenya's Monetary Policy
Transmission Mechanism: How Does the Central
Bank's Repo Rate Affect the Economy?                  2007
A VAR Analysis of the Effects of Monetary Policy
in East Asia                                          2005

A VAR Description of the Effects of Monetary
Policy in the Individual Countries of the Euro Area   2002

A Venture Capital Model for Transitioning
Economies: The Case of Poland                         1998

A 'Vertical' Analysis of Crises and Intervention:
Fear of Floating and Ex-Ante Problems                 2001

A 'Vertical' Analysis of Crises and Intervention:
Fear of Floating and Ex-ante Problems                 2001
A 'Vertical' Analysis of Monetary Policy in
Emerging Markets                                      2002
A Wealth Based Explanation for Earnings
Conservatism                                          2001
A Welfare Analysis of Spectrum Allocation
Policies                                              2006

A Welfare Comparison of Pre- and Post-WWII
Business Cycles: Some Implications for the Role
of Post-war Macroeconomic Policies                    1999

A Wicksellian Alternative to the IS-LM Model          2005
A Word of Caution on Indices                          2008
A Workshop on the Social Science Research
Network (SSRN)                                        2006
Abatement Cost Uncertainty and Policy
Instrument Selection Under a Stringent Climate
Policy - A Dynamic Analysis                           2008
Ability, Career Concerns and Financial Incentives
in a Multi-Task Setting                               2009

Abnormal Accrual-Based Anomaly and Managers'
Motivations to Record Abnormal Accruals               2002

Abnormal Operating Cash Flows: Implications for
Financial Forecasting and the Prediction of
Earnings Restatements                                 2007

                                                             January 2010
Abnormal Returns around Disclosure of Problems
in Internal Control over Financial Reporting       2005

Abnormal Returns in the Vicinity of Insider
Transactions: Unbiased Estimates for Germany       2005
Abnormal Returns to a Fundamental Analysis
Strategy                                           1996
Abnormal Stock Performance of Late Filing Firms:
Additional Investigation                           2008

Abnormal Stock Returns and Profit Warnings         2009
Abolishing GDP                                     2007
Abortion and Female Power in the Household
Evidence from Labor Supply                         2003

About Legislative Delegations and the Argentine
Constitution: The Case for a Dualist
Understanding to Tell Apart "Emergency" from
"Administrative" Delegations (Reglamentos
delegados de administracion y reglamentos
delegados de emergencia)                           2006

About the Cumulation of Household Samples          2009

About the Economic Ineffiency of the State         2009

About the Existence of Common Internal Causes
of Recent Latin American Currency Crises           2003
Absenteeism and Minimum Wages: Evidence
from the CPS-MORG                                  2009
Absorptive Capacity, R&D Spillovers and Public
Policy                                             2004

Abundance, Rights, and Interests: Thinking about
the Legitimacy of Intellectual Property Rights     2005

Abuse of Protected Position? Minority
Shareholdings and Restriction of Markets'
Competitiveness in the European Union              2006

Abuse-of-Dominance Provisions of Central and
Eastern European Competition Laws: Have Fears
of Over-Enforcement Been Borne Out?                2004
Academic Freedom, Private-Sector Focus, and the
Process of Innovation                              2005
Academic Freedom, Private-Sector Focus, and the
Process of Innovation                              2005
Academic Journal Prices in a Digital Age: A Two-
Sided-Market Model                                 2006

Academics or Entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurial
Identity and Invention Disclosure Behavior of
University Scientists                              2005

ACC Reading No. 5: The Statement of Cash Flows     2009

                                                          January 2010
Accelerated Depreciation and the Efficacy of
Temporary Fiscal Policy: Implications for an
Inflationary Economy                                2001
Accelerated Internationalisation by Emerging
Multinationals: The Case of the White Goods
Sector                                              2007
Accelerated Share Repurchases, Bonus
Compensation, and CEO Horizons                      2009
Accelerated Stock Repurchase Programs:
Underreported and Overpriced? KLA-Tencor
Addendum                                            2008

Accelerated Stock Repurchase Programs:
Underreported and Overpriced? Part I (AMAT,
CY, LLTC and XLNX Case Studies)                     2007

Accelerated Stock Repurchase Programs:
Underreported and Overpriced? Part II (Hewlett-
Packard Addendum)                                   2007
Accelerated Vesting of Employee Stock Options in
Anticipation of FAS 123-R*                          2005
Accelerating Inflation, Technological Innovation,
and the Decreasing Effectiveness of Banking
Regulation                                          2000
Accelerating Vesting of Employee Stock Options
to Avoid Expense Recognition                        2007
Acceptance: The Missing Mental State                1998

Access Regulation and the Adoption of VoIP          2006
Access Regulation and the Timing of
Infrastructure Investment                           1998

Access to Capital in China: Competitive
Conditions for Foreign and Domestic Firms           2007
Access to Care Vs. Access to Coverage: What Can
We Learn from the Louisiana State Hospital
Model?                                              2009

Access to Collateral and Corporate Debt
Structure: Evidence from a Natural Experiment       2007

Access to Financial Services: A Review of the
Issues and Public Policy Objectives                 2005

Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing:
Main Aspect of Some Legal Frameworks                2005
Access to Global Disease Innovation                 2006
Access to Land in Rural India                       2005

Access to Medicines, Article 30 of TRIPS in the
Doha Declaration and an Anthropological Critique
of International Treaty Negotiations                2003
Access, Board Size, and Incentives in Non-Profit
Firms                                               2006
Access, Common Agency, and Board Size               2004
Access-Capacity and Cost-Effectiveness for Future
HIV Vaccines                                        2007

                                                           January 2010
Accessible Pareto-Improvements: Using Market
Information to Reform Inefficiencies                 2001
Accession and Original Ownership                     2009
Accession to the EU: Did it Boost the Export
Competitiveness of the Estonian Food Processing
Industry?                                            2007

Accidentally in the Public Interest: The Perfect
Storm that Yielded the Sarbanes-Oxley Act            2007
Accidents of Birth, Life Chances and the Impartial
Observer                                             2003

Accidents Will Happen?Unintentional Injury,
Maternal Employment, and Child Care Policy           2001
Accommodating Emergencies                            2003

Accountability and Affect in Auditor Judgment        2007

Accountability and Bureaucratic Pathologies in
International Organizations: A Social
Constructivist Perspective                           2009

Accountability and Control:Exploring Canada's
First Nations Reporting Requirements                 2007

Accountability and Corporate Governance              2002
Accountability and the Drift Towards 'Fair Value
Measurement'                                         2004
Accountability and Value Creation Roles of
Corporate Governance                                 2005

Accountability in Complex Organizations: World
Bank Responses to Civil Society                      2008
Accountability in the Public Sector: From Despair
to Where?                                            2009

Accountability of Nongovernmental
Organizations (NGOs) in Global Governance            2005

Accountability of the ECB and a Government's
Incentives to Rebel against the Common
Monetary Policy in EMU                               2002
Accountable Accountants                              2002

Accountable Autonomy: Toward Empowered
Deliberation in Chicago Schools and Policing         2000
Accountable Policing                                 2006

Accountants in Japan: The Role of Nutrient
Information and Information Consciousness            2004
Accountants' Value Preferences and Moral
Reasoning                                            2006

Accountants, from Tradition to Transition: The
Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems       2002
Accounting - Truth, Lies, or 'Bullshit?': A
Philosophical Investigation                          2007

                                                            January 2010
Accounting Accruals and Tests of Earnings
Management                                          2007
Accounting and Economic Theory                      2003

Accounting and Extreme Risk (La Traduction
Comptable Des Risques Extremes)                     2009
Accounting and Forms of Accountability in
Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia and Ancient
Egypt                                               2007
Accounting and Litigation Risk                      2005
Accounting and Organisational Change in Italian
Local Governments: What's Beyond Managerial
Fashion?                                            2002
Accounting and the Truth of Earnings
Reports:Philosophical Considerations                2008
Accounting Anomalies and Information
Uncertainty                                         2003
Accounting as Applied Ethics: Teaching a
Discipline                                          2006
Accounting at Energy Firms after Enron: Is the
'Cure' Worse Than the 'Disease'?                    2003
Accounting Certification in Central Asia            2007
Accounting Certification in Central Asia, Russia,
Ukraine and Moldova                                 2004
Accounting Certification in Central Asia: An
Empirical Study                                     2008
Accounting Certification in Russia                  2008
Accounting Certification in Russia                  2008

Accounting Certification in the Former Soviet
Union and Its Importance to the Energy Sector       2005

Accounting Certification in the Russian Language    2008

Accounting Certification in Transition Economies:
Recent Development in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova
and Central Asia                                    2005
Accounting Certification in Ukraine                 2008
Accounting Challenges for Semi-Autonomous
Revenue Agencies (SARAs) in Developing
Countries                                           2008
Accounting Choice, Home Bias, and US
Investment in Non-US Firms                          2003

Accounting Choices and Risk Management: SFAS
115 and U.S. Bank Holding Companies                 2001

Accounting Concepts and Organizational Strategy     2006

Accounting Conservatism and Board of Director
Characteristics: an Empirical Analysis              2006

Accounting Conservatism and Cost of Debt: An
Empirical Test of Efficient Contracting             2000

Accounting Conservatism and Debt Contract:
Efficient Liquidation and Covenant Renegotiation    2008

                                                           January 2010
Accounting Conservatism and Future Earnings
Bad News: An Empirical Investigation                2008
Accounting Conservatism and the Efficiency of
Debt Contracts                                      2008

Accounting Conservatism and the Valuation of
Accounting Numbers: Evidence on the Feltham-
Ohlson (1996) Model                                 1998

Accounting Conservatism, Earnings Persistence
and Pricing Multiples on Earnings                   2007
Accounting Conservatism, Information
Aggregation, and the Quality of Financial
Reporting                                           2007
Accounting Conservatism, Information
Uncertainty and Analysts' Forecasts                 2008
Accounting Conservatism, the Quality of
Earnings, and Stock Returns                         2000

Accounting Convergence of Intangibles: Value
Relevance of R&D Accounting Treatment               2008

Accounting Discretion and Managerial
Conservatism: An Intertemporal Analysis             2006
Accounting Discretion and Purchase Price
Allocation After Acquisitions                       2006
Accounting Discretion of Banks During a Financial
Crisis                                              2009
Accounting Discretion, Corporate Governance
and Firm Performance                                2004
Accounting Discretion, Horizon Problem, and CEO
Retirement Benefits                                 2007
Accounting Discretion: Use or Abuse?
Restructuring Charges - 1989-1996                   2007

Accounting Earnings Processes, Inter-temporal
Incentives and Their Implications for Valuation     2000

Accounting Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina      2005
Accounting Education in Russia and the USA: A
Comparative Study                                   2004
Accounting Education in Ukraine                     2005
Accounting Education: Three Tracks for Non-
accounting Majors                                   2004
Accounting Estimates: Pervasive, Yet of
Questionable Usefulness                             2005
Accounting Estimates: Pervasive, Yet of
Questionable Usefulness                             2008

Accounting Facts for Accounting Educators           2009
Accounting Faculty Ethical Codes: A Time for
Action?                                             2005
Accounting for Atrocities in Indonesia              2009
Accounting for Business Combinations - The
Consequences of IFRS Adoption for UK Listed
Companies                                           2008

                                                           January 2010
Accounting for Chinese Trade: Some National and
Regional Considerations                               2000

Accounting for Contractual Contingency: Insights
Into Oil and Gas Asset Market Risk Exposures          2006
Accounting for Crises                                 2008
Accounting for Deferred Taxes (AS 22): Has the
Dust Finally Settled in India?                        2008

Accounting for Derivative Instruments and
Hedging Activities (SFAS No. 133): Implications
for Profitability Measures and Stock Prices           2007
Accounting for Derivatives and Corporate Risk
Management Policies                                   2002

Accounting for Equity Transactions - Marking
Equity to Market: 400 Years Overdue? Or, GAAP's
Gap: Pacioli After the Dutch East India Company       2007
Accounting for Fertility Decline During the
Transition to Growth                                  2001
Accounting for Goodwill on the Acquisition of
Corporate Subsidiaries                                1999
Accounting for Goodwill: What Factors Influence
Management Preferences?                               1999
Accounting for Greenhouse Gases in the Standard
Productivity Framework                                2009

Accounting for Heterogeneity, Diversity, and
General Equilibrium in Evaluating Social Programs     1999
Accounting for Human Capital When Labor
Mobility is Restricted                                2000
Accounting for Human Resources in Financial
Services                                              2006
Accounting for In-Process Research and
Development Costs                                     2008
Accounting for Intangibles - A Critical Review of
Policy Recommendations                                2008
Accounting for Intellectual Capital: On the Elusive
Path from Theory to Practice                          2009
Accounting for Marketable Securities                  2009

Accounting for Patterns of Wealth Inequality          2003
Accounting for Primary and Secondary Demand
Effects with Aggregate Data                           2006

Accounting for Quality Differences in Human
Capital and Foreign Direct Investment                 2007

Accounting for Recent Declines in Employment
Rates among the Working-Aged Disabled                 2000

Accounting for Russia's Post-Crisis Growth            2004
Accounting for Share-Based Payments                   2006
Accounting for Share-Based Payments                   2008
Accounting for Social Security Benefits               2005

                                                             January 2010
Accounting for Software Development Costs and
the Cost of Capital: Evidence from IPO
Underpricing in the Software Industry              2007
Accounting for Stock Options                       2004
Accounting for Stock Options                       2008

Accounting For Stock-Based Compensation: An
Extended Clean Surplus Relation                    2003

Accounting for Taste: Board Member Preferences
and Corporate Policy Choices                       2003
Accounting for the Alignment of Interest and
Commitment in Interfirm Transactional
Relationships                                      2004

Accounting for the Buyback Boom - The Next
Step for Options and Equity Expensing              2007

Accounting for the Tax Benefits of Employee
Stock Options and Implications for Research        2001

Accounting for Uncertainty Affecting Technical
Change in an Economic-Climate Model                2006

Accounting Harmony, Neogramscian
Disharmony: A New Zealand Perspective              2008

Accounting in and for the Subprime Crisis          2008
Accounting in Context of Communication,
Language and Information Theories: A Partial
Analysis                                           2005
Accounting Information and the Prediction of
Farm Viability                                     1998

Accounting Information as Political Currency       2008

Accounting Information Free of Selection Bias: A
New UK Database 1953-1999                          2001
Accounting Information System Power
Instrument for Company Groups Advanced
Management                                         2008
Accounting Information, Disclosure, and the Cost
of Capital                                         2005
Accounting Irregularities and Executive Turnover
in Founder-Managed Firms                           2008

Accounting is an Evolved Economic Institution      2008
Accounting Labor Market Equilibrium: Explaining
and Predicting Changes in Accounting Labor
Demand and Supply                                  2004

Accounting Lighthouse in Share Market
Dynamics: A Theoretical Model of Share Price
Formation with Dual Informational Structure        2009

Accounting Measurement Basis, Market
Mispricing, and Firm Investment Efficiency         2005

                                                          January 2010
Accounting Measurement for Leaders: MBA -
Level Accounting - Course Framework, Teaching
Notes & Syllabus                                   2008
Accounting Method Choice and Motives for
Share Repurchases                                  2004
Accounting Numbers and Information
Asymmetry: Evidence from Loss Firms                2004
Accounting of Organization in the Future
Knowledge Society                                  2006

Accounting Ph.D. Program Graduates: Affiliation
Performance and Publication Performance            2005
Accounting Policy Disclosures and Analysts'
Forecasts                                          2002
Accounting Profession and Web Assurance
Service                                            2004
Accounting Program Research Rankings by
Topical Area and Methodology                       2009

Accounting Quality and Corporate Governance        2009

Accounting Quality and Debt Contracting            2004
Accounting Quality and the Law                     2008
Accounting Quality vs Auditor Choice in a Weak
Regulatory Environment with Strong Tax-to-
GAAP Conformity                                    2005
Accounting Quality, Auditing and Corporate
Governance                                         2003
Accounting Quality, Stock Price Delay and Future
Stock Returns                                      2009
Accounting Real Interest                           2003
Accounting Reform in Armenia                       2005
Accounting Reform in Transition Economies: A
Case Study of Ukraine                              2005
Accounting Regulation and Regulation of
Accounting: Theories and the Brazilian Case of
Convergence to IFRS                                2008
Accounting Regulation Changes in Lithuania: An
Assessment                                         2007
Accounting Regulation for Nonprofit
Organizations in Italy and Spain: Towards an
European Perspective                               2008
Accounting Research from the Globalization
Perspective                                        2006

Accounting Restatements and Information Risk       2006
Accounting Restatements and the Timeliness of
Disclosures                                        2009
Accounting Restatements: Are They Always Bad
News for Investors?                                2008

Accounting Returns Revisited: Evidence of their
Usefulness in Estimating Economic Returns          2002
Accounting Rules? Stock Buybacks and Stock
Options: Additional Evidence                       2008
Accounting Scandals in IPO Firms: Do
Underwriters and VCs Help?                         2008
Accounting Software Assets                         2005

                                                          January 2010
Accounting Stakeholders' Perceptions of
Accountants' Job Performance and Motivation         2006

Accounting Standards and German
Supplementary Pensions: The Emerging
Framework Underpinning Global Finance               2000

Accounting Standards and Information:
Inferences from Cross-Listed Financial Firms        2005

Accounting Standards and International Portfolio
Holdings: Analysis of Cross-Border Holdings
Following Mandatory Adoption of IFRS                2009
Accounting Standards and the Economics of
Standards                                           2008
Accounting Standards, Information Flor, and Firm
Investment Behavior                                 2000

Accounting Standard-Setting Organizations and
Earnings Relevance: Longitudinal Evidence from
NYSE Common Stocks, 1927-93                         1999
Accounting Students' Perceptions of the Sarbanes-
Oxley Act of 2002                                   2004
Accounting System Upgrade Risk                      2007

Accounting Transparency and the Term Structure
of Credit Default Swap Spreads                      2007

Accounting Values versus Market Values and
Earnings Management in Banks                        2003

Accounting Variables, Market Variables and Stock
Return in Emerging Markets: Case of Iran            2006
Accounting, Contracts and Trust in Inter-
Organizational Alliances                            2006
Accounting, Governance, and Broad-Based Stock
Option Grants                                       2005

Accounting, Prudential Regulation and Financial
Stability: Elements of a Synthesis                  2005
Accounting, Risk Management and the Aftermath
of a Control Debacle                                2005
Accounting: A General Commentary on an
Empirical Science                                   2007

Accounting: Labor, Capital and Product Markets      2007
Accounting-Based Valuation and Changing
Interest Rates                                      2008
Accounting-based Valuation and Changing
Interest Rates                                      2002
Accounting-Based Value Metrics and the
Informational Efficiency of IPO Early Market
Prices                                              2002
Accounting's Nadir: Failures of Form or
Substance?                                          2009

                                                           January 2010
Accounts of Sustainable Development: The
Construction of Meaning Within Environmental
Reporting                                          2001

Accrual Accounting & Financial Reporting in the
Public Sector: Reframing the Debate                2003

Accrual Accounting for Performance Evaluation      2005

Accrual Accounting in a Dynamic Agency Setting     1999
Accrual Budgeting and Fiscal Policy                2009

Accrual Management to Meet Earnings Targets:
Did Cadbury Make a Difference?                     1999

Accrual Quality and Expected Returns: The
Importance of Controlling for Cash Flow Shocks     2008

Accrual-Based and Real Earnings Management
Activities Around Seasoned Equity Offerings        2008

Accrual-Based and Real Earnings Management
Activities Around Seasoned Equity Offerings        2008

Accrual-Based and Real Earnings Management
Activities Around Seasoned Equity Offerings        2008
Accrual-Based Compensation, Depreciation and
Investment Decisions                               1999

Accruals Accounting in Italian Local
Governments: Is It Working? Can It Work?           2003

Accruals and Aggregate Stock Market Returns        2005
Accruals and Future Stock Returns: Tests of the
Naive Investor Hypothesis                          1999
Accruals and Managerial Operating Decisions
Over the Firm Life Cycle                           2006
Accruals and Short Selling: An Opportunity
Foregone?                                          2000

Accruals and the Performance of Stock Returns
Following External Financing Activities            2008

Accruals and the Prediction of Future Cash Flows   1999
Accruals and Value/Growth Anomalies: New
Evidence on Their Relation                         2007
Accruals and Value/Growth Anomalies: New
Evidence on Their Relation                         2008
Accruals as a Determinant of Debt Covenant
Tightness                                          2006

Accruals Management, Investor Sophistication,
and Equity Valuation: Evidence from 10-Q Filings   2000
Accruals Quality and Analyst Coverage              2006
Accruals Quality and CEO Compensation              2007
Accruals Quality and Internal Control Over
Financial Reporting                                2005

                                                          January 2010
Accruals Quality, Stock Returns, and
Macroeconomic Conditions                             2008

Accruals, Accounting-Based Valuation Models,
and the Prediction of Equity Values                  2004
Accruals, Cash Flow and Equity Values                1999
Accruals, Cash Flows and the Post-Earnings-
Announcement Drift                                   2005

Accruals, Income Smoothing and Bond Ratings          2006

Accruals, Investment, and the Accrual Anomaly        2006

Accrued Earnings and Growth: Implications for
Earnings Persistence and Market Mispricing           2001
Accuracy Enhancement, Agency Costs, and
Disclosure Regulation                                2005
Accuracy in Judging the Effects of Cost and Profit
Drivers                                              2005
Accuracy of Management Earnings Forecasts in
Ipo Prospectuses: Evidence from Athens Stock
Excange                                              2007
Achieving Accountability through
Decentralization: Lessons for Integrated River
Basin Management                                     2004
Achieving and Maintaining Price Stability in
Nigeria                                              2006

Achieving Decorrelation and Speed
Simultaneously in the Libor Market Model             2006
Achieving High Quality, Comparable Financial
Reporting:A Comparison of Independent
Enforcement Bodies in Australia and the United
Kingdom                                              2005
Achieving International Harmonisation through
Accounting Policy Choice                             2002
Achieving Regional Growth Dynamics in African
Agriculture                                          2005

Aching to Retire? The Rise in the Full Retirement
Age and its Impact on the Disability Rolls           2006

Acquirers' Abnormal Returns, Audit Firm Size,
and the Small Auditor Clientele Effect               2004
Acquiring Control in Emerging Markets: Evidence
from the Stock Market                                2004
Acquiring Control in Emerging Markets: Evidence
from the Stock Market                                2004
Acquisition of Ipcl By Reliance                      2007
Acquisition Profitability and Timely Loss
Recognition                                          2009
Acquisition Values and Optimal Financial
(In)Flexibility                                      2008

Acquisition versus Greenfield: The Impact of the
Mode of Foreign Bank Entry on Information and
Bank Lending Rates                                   2006

                                                            January 2010
Acquisition-Related Provision-Taking and Post-
Acquisition Performance in the UK prior to FRS 7     2000
Acquisitions Vs. Organic Growth - A Question of
Corporate Strategy                                   2007
Across-Sample Incomparability of R2s and
Additional Evidence on Value Relevance Changes
Over Time                                            2002

Acting Like Owners: Proxy Voting, Corporate
Engagement and the Fiduciary Responsibilities of
Pension Trustees                                     2005
Activation of a Modern Industry                      2006

Activation Policies in Germany: From Status
Protection to Basic Income Support                   2007
Active Asset Markets, Divestitures and Divisional
Cross-Subsidization                                  2000

Active Decisions and Pro-Social Behavior             2006
Active Financial Intermediation: Evidence on the
Role of Organizational Specialization and Human
Capital                                              2004
Active Financial Intermediation: Evidence on the
Role of Organizational Specialization and Human
Capital                                              2005
Active Portfolio Management with Cardinality
Constraints: An Application of Particle Swarm
Optimization                                         2008
Activist Investors: Some Implications for
Corporate Governance                                 2008

Activist Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate
Overshooting:the Deutsche Mark/Dollar Rate           2004

Activist Monetary Policy, Imperfect Capital
Mobility, and the Overshooting Hypothesis            2004
Activist Stabilization Policy and Inflation: The
Taylor Rule in the 1970s                             2000
Activist Stabilization Policy and Inflation: The
Taylor Rule in the 1970s                             2003

Activist vs. Non-Activist Monetary Policy: Optimal
Rules under Extreme Uncertainty                      2001

Activists, Raiders, and Directors: Opportunism
and the Balance of Corporate Power                   2008
Activity-Based Costing System Advantages and
Disadvantages                                        2005
Actual and Perceived Monetary Policy Rules in A
Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of the Euro
Area                                                 2002

Actual Context of Fight against the Money
Laundering by Means of Credit Institutions           2009
Actuarial Gains and Losses: The Determinants of
the Accounting Method                                2008

                                                            January 2010
Actuaries and Accountants: The Tower of Babel       2009
Adam Smith and Confucius: A Tour D'Horizon
Towards a Transcultural Foundation of
Institutions                                        2007
Adam Smith and the Chicago School                   2006
Adam Smith on Justice, Rights, and Law              2000
Adam Smith's Model of Man and Some of its
Consequences                                        2007

Adam Smith's Vision of the Ethical Manager          2009
Adaptability of Fair Value Accounting in China:
Assessment of an Emerging Economy Converging
with IFRS                                           2009
Adapting the Swiss Debt Brake to the German
Bundeslander                                        2007

Adapting to Climate Change: The Potential Role
of State Common Law Public Trust Doctrines          2009

Adaptive Entry Strategies under Dominant
Standards - Hybrid Business Models in the Open
Source Software Industry                            2004

Adaptive Expectations, Underparameterization
and the Lucas Critique                              2002

Adaptive Learning and Inflation Persistence         2005

Adaptive Learning and Monetary Policy Design        2003

Adaptive Learning and Monetary Policy Design        2003
Adaptive Learning, Persistence, and Optimal
Monetary Policy                                     2006

ADB Support for Crisis Management in Asia-
Pacific: Lessons from the Past Decade               2005
Addicted to Dollars                                 2003
Addiction and Cue-Conditioned Cognitive
Processes                                           2002
Addiction and the Theory of Action                  2006

Adding 3Ns to the 3Ds: Lessons from the 1996
Zaire Mission for Humanitarian Interventions        2006
Adding Adequacy to Equity: The Evolving Legal
Theory of School Finance Reform                     2006
Adding Shareholder Value Through Project
Performance Measurement, Monitoring &
Control                                             2003
Additional Evidence on the Sticky Behavior of
Costs                                               2003
Additional Slack in the Economy: the Poor
Recovery in Labor Force Participation During this
Business Cycle                                      2006
Additionality and Sustainable Development Issues
Regarding CDM Projects in Energy Efficiency
Sector                                              2006

                                                           January 2010
Additionality, Transactional Barriers and the
Political Economy of Climate Change                   1998

Additions to Market Indices and the
Comovement of Stock Returns around the World          2008

Additive Utility with Intransitive Indifference and
without Independence: A Homogeneous Case              2002
Addressing China's Growing Water Shortages and
Associated Social and Environmental
Consequences                                          2006
Adenosine Therapeutics LLC: Accounting for a
Different Compensation Method                         2008
Adjudication as a Private Good                        2001

Adjusting China's Exchange Rate Policies              2004
Adjusting Chinese Bilateral Trade Data: How Big is
China's Trade Surplus                                 2005

Adjusting Labour Demand: Multinational versus
National Firms - A Cross-European Analysis            2003

Adjusting Labour Demand: Multinational vs.
National Firms. A Cross-European Analysis             2003
Adjusting to an Aging Labor Force                     2000
Adjusting to Trade Policy Reform                      2004

Adjustment Costs and General Equilibrium Effects
in Transitional Economies                             2000

Adjustment of State Owned and Foreign-Funded
Enterprises in China to Economic Reforms,1980s-
2007: A Logistic Smooth Transition Regression
(Lstr) Approach                                       2009
Adjustment of the WACC with Subsidized Debt in
the Presence of Corporate Taxes: The N-Period
Case                                                  2005
Administering Individual Accounts in Social
Security: The Role of Values and Objectives in
Sharing Options                                       2001
Administrative Barriers to Foreign Investment in
Developing Countries                                  2004

Administrative Costs and the Organization of
Individual Retirement Account Systems: A
Comparative Perspective                               2005
Administrative Costs in Public and Private
Retirement Systems                                    1996

Adopting a Label: Heterogeneity in the Economic
Consequences of IFRS Adoptions                        2007
Adopting Better Corporate Governance: Evidence
from Cross-Border Mergers                             2003

Adopting Currency Convertibility: Experiences
and Monetary Policy Considerations for
Advanced Developing Countries                         2006

                                                             January 2010
Adoption of Financial Technologies: Implications
for Money Demand and Monetary Policy                1996

Adoption of Robotics Technology Transfer in Iran    2005

ADRs, Analysts, and Accuracy: Does Cross Listing
in the U.S. Improve a Firm's Information
Environment and Increase Market Value?              2002 Should Government Regulate
Advertising to Children on the World Wide Web?      1998

Advance Australia Fair: The Quality of AASB 136
Fair Value Disclosures Down Under                   2008
Advance Notice Provisions in Plant Closing
Legislation:Do They Matter?                         2004

Advanced Mechanisms for the Promotion of
Renewable Energy: Models for the Future
Evolution of the German Renewable Energy Act        2009
Advances in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Health
Interventions                                       1999
Advances in Negotiation Theory: Bargaining,
Coalitions and Fairness                             2005

Advances in the Study of Post-Communist States
and Public Administrations                          2009
Advent, Development and Use of Ratios - A
Managerial Perspective                              2007
Adverse Effects of Uniform Written Reporting
Standards on Accounting Practice, Education, and
Research                                            2007
Adverse Selection and Reputation in a World of
Cheap Talk                                          2008
Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets: An
Exaggerated Threat                                  2003

Adverse Selection, Statistical Discrimination and
Antitrust Law: the Case of Italian Automobile
Optional Insurance                                  1999
Advertising Agency Compensation                     2009
Advertising and Portfolio Choice                    2006
Advertising and Price Effectiveness Over the
Business Cycle                                      2009
Advertising and Social Identity                     2009
Advertising on the Internet                         2009

Advice and Consent: An Alternative Mechanism
for Shareholder Participation in the Nomination
and Election of Corporate Directors                 2003

Advisor Skill and Acquisition Performance: Do
Investment Bankers Make a Difference?               2008

Advisors to Rulers - Or, What the Kennedy School
of Government Can Learn from Chinese Scholar-
Officials, and Vice Versa                           2005

                                                           January 2010
Affect, Values, and Nanotechnology Risk
Perceptions: An Experimental Investigation           2007

Affiliated Mutual Funds and Analyst Optimism         2006

Affirmative Action and Efficiency in Education       2002
Affirmative Action and Its Mythology                 2005

Affirmative Action as Earnings Redistribution:The
Targeting of Compliance Reviews                      2007

Affirmative Action as Reparations for Slavery and
Legal Discrimination:Amicus Brief in Support of
Respondents                                          2003

Affirmative Action in a Competitive Economy          2000
Affirmative Action in American Law Schools: A
Critical Response to Richard Sander's - A Reply to
Critics                                              2006
Affirmative Action in Hierarchies                    2003
Affirmative Action in Hierarchies                    2005

African Finance and Lack of Development              2005

African Small and Medium Enterprises, Networks,
and Manufacturing Performance                        2006

African-American Entrepreneurship: Ownership
Characteristics and Enterprise Value                 2006
Africa's Debt: Who Owes Whom?                        2003

Africa's Role in Multilateral Trade Negotiations     2004
After a Restatement: Long-Run Market and
Investor Response                                    2008
After Argentina                                      2006
After Bretton Woods II                               2009
After Enron: Improving Corporate Law and
Modernising Securities Regulation in Europe and
the US                                               2006
After Sosa: The Future of Customary
International Law in the United States               2006

After the Big Bang? Obstacles to the Emergence
of the Rule of Law in Post-Communist Societies       2004

After the Crisis, the East Asian Dollar Standard
Resurrected: An Interpretation of High Frequency
Exchange Rate Pegging                                2007
After the Death of Inflation: Will Fiscal Drag
Survive?                                             2003
After the Scandals: Changing Relationships in
Corporate Governance                                 2006
Against 'Individual Risk': A Sympathetic Critique
of Risk Assessment                                   2004
Against Prediction: Sentencing, Policing, and
Punishing in an Actuarial Age                        2005

                                                            January 2010
Age, Women, and Hiring: An Experimental Study       2005
Ageing and the Tax Implied in Public Pension
Schemes: Simulations for Selected OECD
Countries                                           2003
Agency and Ownership in the Financial Services
Industry                                            2006
Agency Conflicts, Corporate Governance, and
Corporate Diversification - Evidence from
Switzerland                                         2005
Agency Costs and Audit Pricing: Evidence on
Discretionary Accruals                              1998
Agency Costs and Foreign Institutional Investors
in India                                            2005
Agency Costs and the Underlying Causes of
Mispricing                                          2008
Agency Costs of Institutional Trading               2006
Agency Costs of VC Control in Startups              2005
Agency Costs, Contracting, and Related Party
Transactions                                        2004
Agency Incentives and Reputational Distortions:
A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Value-at-
Risk and Pre-Commitment in Regulating Market
Risk                                                1998

Agency Problems and Audit Fees: Further Tests of
the Free Cash Flow Hypothesis                       2009

Agency Problems are Ameliorated by Stock
Market Liquidity:Monitoring, Information and the
Use of Stock-Based Compensation                     2002
Agency Problems of Excess Endowment Holdings
in Not-for-Profit Firms                             2004
Agency Problems, Investment Policy, and
Dividend Taxation                                   2006

Agency Theory andExecutive Compensation: The
Case of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises             2003
Agency Theory of Overvalued Equity as an
Explanation for the Accrual Anomaly                 2005
Agendas for Reforming Corporate Governance,
Capitalism and Democracy                            2004

Agents' Preferences, the Equity Premium, and the
Consumption-Saving Trade-Off: An Application to
French Data                                         2006
Agents Protecting Agents: An Empirical Study of
Takeover Defenses in Spinoffs                       2005

Agent's Response to Inefficient Judiciary: Social
Norms and the Law in Transition                     2009

Agents Without Principals?: Delegation in an Age
of Diffuse and Fragmented Governance                2004

Agglomeration and Economic Development:
Import Substitution Vs. Trade Liberalization        1998

                                                           January 2010
Agglomeration and Economic Geography                2003
Agglomeration Economies and Entrepreneurship
in the Ict Industry                                 2006

Agglomeration under Forward-Looking
Expectations: Potentials and Global Stability       2007
Agglomeration, Tax Competition, and Fiscal
Equalization                                        2008

Aggregate Agricultural Supply Response in
Developing Countries: A Survey of Selected Issues   2004
Aggregate Audit Adjustments and Discretionary
Accruals: Further Evidence on the Relation
between Audit Quality and Earnings
Management                                          2004
Aggregate Demand, Conflict, and Capacity in the
Inflationary Process                                2003
Aggregate Earnings and Asset Prices                 2007

Aggregate Earnings, Stock Market Returns and
Macroeconomic Activity: A Discussion of 'Does
Earnings Guidance Affect Market Returns? The
Nature and Information Content of Aggregate
Earnings Guidance'                                  2006

Aggregate Economy Risk and Company Failure:
An Examination of UK Quoted Firms                   2008
Aggregate Employment Dynamics: Building From
Microeconomic Evidence                              2000

Aggregate Health Expenditures, National Income,
and Institutions for Private Property               2005

Aggregate Implications of Defined Benefit and
Defined Contribution Systems                        2004
Aggregate Market Reaction to Earnings
Announcements                                       2006
Aggregate Population and Economic Growth
Correlations: The Role of the Components of
Demographic Change                                  1997
Aggregate Price Shocks and Financial Instability:
An Historical Analysis                              2006

Aggregate Restructuring and the Credit Market       2007
Aggregate Risk Sharing and Social Welfare
Improvement: Understanding Real Inflation via
the Unit of Welfare                                 2004
Aggregate Risk, Political Constraints and Social
Security Design                                     2002
Aggregate Supply and Potential Output               2007
Aggregating Governance Indicators                   1999
Aggregating Infinite Utility Streams with Inter-
generational Equity                                 2002
Aggregation of Economic Indicators Across
Countries: Exchange Rate versus PPP Based GDP
Weights                                             2006

                                                           January 2010
Aggregation of Rankings in Figure Skating            2004

Aggressive Monetary Policy and Inflation
Persistence: An Adaptive Learning Approach           2003
Aging and Housing Equity                             2000
Aging and Housing Equity: Another Look               2001
Aging and the Growth of Long-Term Care               1999
Aging in Germany and the United States:
International Comparisons                            2000
Aging in the Asian "Tigers": Challenges for Fiscal
Policy                                               2006

Aging, Interest Rates, and Financial Flows           2005
Aging, Religion, and Health                          2009

Aging, Unemployment, and Welfare in a Life-
Cycle Model with Costly Labor Market Search          2002

Agricultural Extension: Generic Challenges and
Some Ingredients for Solutions                       2004
Agricultural Market Access: A Moving Target in
the WTO Negotiations?                                2006
Agricultural Protection in Rich Countries: How
Did We Get Here?                                     2007
Agricultural Reciprocity under Economic
Partnership Agreements                               2006
Agricultural Trade Reform and Poverty Reduction
in Developing Countries                              2004
Agriculture and Non-Agricultural Liberalization in
the Millennium Round                                 2000

Agriculture and the WTO into the 21st Century        1998
Agriculture in the Doha Agenda                       2004
Aid Allocation and Poverty Reduction                 2004
Aid and Democratization: At the Intersection of
Africa's Crisis                                      2009
Aid and Fiscal Management                            2006
Aid and the Dutch Disease in Low-Income
Countries: Informed Diagnoses for Prudent
Prognoses                                            2006

Aid Dependence and the Quality of Governance:
A Cross-Country Empirical Analysis                   2004
Aid Effectiveness Reconsidered:Panel Data
Evidence for the Education Sector                    2004

Aid Volatility and Dutch Disease: Is There a Role
for Macroeconomic Policies?                          2006
Aid, Governance, and Private Foreign Investment:
Some Puzzling Findings and a Possible
Explanation                                          2003

Aid, Policy, and Growth in Post-Conflict Societies   2004

Aid, Pro-Poor Government Spending and Welfare        2003

Aid, the Incentive Regime, and Poverty Reduction     2004

                                                            January 2010
AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Legal Rights:
Local Strategies for a Global Disease                 2006

Aids Treatment in South Asia: Equity and
Efficiency Arguments for Shouldering the Fiscal
Burden When Prevalence Rates are Low                  2009
Aids, "Reversal" of the Demographic Transition
and Economic Development: Evidence from
Africa                                                2006
Aiming at Pin: Order Flow, Information, and
Liquidity                                             2006
Air Pollution & Co-Benefits Analysis for
Hyderabad, India                                      2009
Air Pollution and Health Effects: A Study of
Respiratory Illness Among Children in Santiago,
Chile                                                 2004

Air Pollution and Infant Health: What Can We
Learn from California's Recent Experience             2004

Air Pollution and Infant Health: What Can We
Learn from California's Recent Experience?            2004
Air Pollution during Growth: Accounting for
Governance and Vulnerability                          2004
Air Quality, Infant Mortality, and the Clean Air
Act of 1970                                           2003
Air Quality, Infant Mortality, and the Clean Air
Act of 1970                                           2004
Airline Liability for Loss, Damage or Delay of
Passenger Baggage                                     2006
Airline Mergers and Alliances                         2002
Airport Deregulation: Effects on Pricing and
Capacity                                              2005
Airport Noise Regulation, Airline Service Quality,
and Social Welfare                                    2006
Alaska Native Self-Government and Service
Delivery: What Works?                                 2003

Albert Robins Company, Inc. - Trade Receivables       2008

Alcatel S.A. and Lucent Technologies: The Effect
of Acquisitions on Net Operating Losses               2008
Alcohol Advertising in Magazines and Readership
Demographics: Do Adolescents Matter for
Regulation?                                           2004

Alcohol Advertising in Magazines: Effects of Price,
Demographics, and Audience Size                       2005

Alcohol Policies and Highway Vehicle Fatalities       2000
Alcohol Regulation and Violence on College
Campuses                                              1999
Alcohol Regulation and Violence Towards
Children                                              2000
Alcohol Taxation and Regulation in the European
Union                                                 2006

                                                             January 2010
Alcohol Taxes and Labor Market Outcomes             2001

Alcohol, Marijuana, and American Youth: The
Unintended Effects of Government Regulation         2001
Alexander Hamilton and the Origins of Wall
Street                                              1996
Alexandria Hospital, 1987                           2009

Algeria: An Economic Approach to the Crisis         1998
Algorithms for Computing Nash Equilibria in
Deterministic LQ Games                              2006

Aligned, Informed, and Decisive: Characteristics
of Value-Creating Boards                            2007

Aligning Basic to Intermediate Macroeconomics
to Current Central Bank Practice - New
Suggestions and Some Unfinished Business            2003

Aligning Industrial Relations Risk, Budgetary
Participation, and Budgeting Measures of
Performance: Impact on Managerial Performance       2007

Alignment of Interests: Alternative Corporate
Governance through Penalties?                       2004
Aliyah to Israel: Immigration under Conditions of
Adversity                                           2001
ALJ Final Orders on Appeal: Balancing
Independence With Accountability                    1999

All About the Giants: Probing the Influences on
Growth and Income Inequality at the End of the
20th Century                                        2003

All Control is Not Equal: The Effect of Formal
Control Type on Trust and Cooperation               2006
All Returns Great and Small: Measuring the
Impact of Issues and Repurchases on Stock
Returns                                             2006

All Rights Reserved?Reassessing Copyright and
Patent Enforcement in the Digital Age               2003

All the Money in Europe? An Investigation of the
Economic Properties of EC-wide Extended
Monetary Aggregates                                 2005

All UK Investment Trusts are not the Same           2006

Allander Series: Skill Policies for Scotland        2005
Alliance Contractual Design                         2004

Allocating Bank Regulatory Powers: Lender of
Last Resort, Deposit Insurance and Supervision      2001
Allocating Law-Making Powers: Self-Regulation
vs. Government Regulation                           2005

                                                           January 2010
Allocating Lending of Last Resort and Supervision
in the Euro Area                                      2002

Allocating Payroll Tax Revenue to Personal
Retirement Accounts to Maintain Social Security
Benefits and the Payroll Tax Rate                     2000
Allocating Risks in a Domestic Greenhouse Gas
Trading System                                        2003

Allocating Spectrum Institutionally: A Study of
Property Right & Policy Credibility                   2003
Allocating Transfer Pricing Authority                 1998
Allocation of the Commons:Parking and Stopping
on the Commons                                        2001
Allowance for Shareholder Equity - Implementing
a Neutral Corporate Income Tax in the European
Union                                                 2008
Allowing Patients to Waive the Right to Sue for
Medical Malpractice: A Response to Thaler and
Sunstein                                              2009
All's Fair in Love, War & Bankruptcy? Corporate
Governance Implications of CEO Turnover in
Financial Distress                                    2005
All-Star Analyst Coverage and Corporate
Transparency                                          2009

All-Unit Discounts and Competing Entrants             2007

Almost a Century of Central Bank Cooperation          2006
Alphadale Community Bank, Inc.                        2008

Altering Investment Decisions to Manage
Financial Reporting Outcomes: Asset-Backed
Commercial Paper Conduits and FIN 46                  2007
Alternative Adaptations of Distressed Firms'
Resources: The Valuation Roles of Book Value of
Equity and Earnings                                   2004
Alternative Approaches to Long Term Care
Financing: Distributive Implications and
Sustainability for Italy                              2006
Alternative Designs for Inflation-Indexed Bonds: P-
Linkers vs. C-Linkers                                 2009

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Japan               2003

Alternative Dual Exchange Market Regimes:
Some Steady State Comparisons                         2006

Alternative Explanations for the Association
Between Market Values and Stock-Based
Compensation Expenditure                              2007

Alternative Forms of Mixing Banking with
Commerce: Evidence from American History              2002
Alternative Frameworks for Providing Financial
Services                                              2004

                                                             January 2010
Alternative Frameworks for Providing Financial
Services Economic Analysis and Country
Experiences                                            2001
Alternative Market Access Scenarios in the
Agricultural Trade Negotiations of the Doha
Round                                                  2006

Alternative Measures of the NAIRU in the Euro
Area: Estimates and Assessment                         2002
Alternative Methods of Price Indexing Social
Security: Implications for Benefits and System
Financing                                              2005
Alternative Methods of Price Indexing Social
Security:Implications for Benefits and System
Financing                                              2005
Alternative Modes of Deficit Financing and
Endogenous Monetary and Fiscal Policy 1923-
1982                                                   2001

Alternative Monetary Policy Rules: A Comparison
with Historical Settings for the United States, the
United Kingdom, and Japan                              2000

Alternative Perspectives on the Intellectual
Property 'Enforcement Problem' in China                2009
Alternative Policies and Sea-Level Rise in the RICE-
2009 Model                                             2009
Alternative Pollution Control Policies in
Developing Countries: Informal, Informational,
and Voluntary                                          2009
Alternative Social Security Systems in CIS
Countries                                              2006
Alternative Sources of the Lag Dynamics of
Inflation                                              2005

Alternative Specifications of the German Term
Structure and Its' Information Content Regarding
Inflation                                              2005
Alternatives for Providing Family Retirement
Benefits in Social Security and Employer
Sponsored Pension Plans                                2003

Alternatives to Inflation Targeting Monetary
Policy for Stable and Egalitarian Growth: A Brief
Research Summary                                       2003
Altruism and Climate                                   2006
Altruism and Self-Interest in a Political Economy
of Public Education                                    1998
Alza Corporation: An Illustration of Form Over
Substance                                              2006
Ambiguity Aversion and the Term Structure of
Interest Rates                                         2007
Ambiguity Seeking as a Result of the Status Quo
Bias                                                   2005

Ambivalent Commitments to Federalism in
Controlling the Practice of Medicine                   2004

                                                              January 2010
Ameliorating Conflicts of Interest in Auditing:
Effects of Recent Reforms on Auditors and their
Clients                                              2005

Amenities, Local Conditions, and Fiscal
Determinants of Factor Growth in Rural America       2006
American Bankers Association, Financial
Modernization: The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Summary                                              2000

American Corporate Governance and Resilient
Families: Investing in Children's Human Capital in
Turbulent Times                                      2003
American Economic Policy and the International
Debt Crisis                                          2001
American Economic Policy in the 1990's               2002

American Exceptionalism, Exemptionalism and
Global Governance                                    2004
American Fiscal Policy in the 1990's                 2000
American Judges and International Law                2002

American Options in Regime-Switching Models          2006

American Options Under Proportional
Transaction Costs: Seller's Price Algorithm,
Hedging Strategy and Optimal Stopping                2006
American Put Options with Regime-Switching
Volatility                                           2005
American Toy Company - The Zapper                    2008

Americans' Dependency on Social Security             2006
America's (Neglected) Debt to the Dutch: An
Institutional Perspective                            2006

America's Only Peacetime Inflation: The 1970s        2000
America's War on Terror: Rattling International
Law with Raw Power?                                  2006

Amici Curiae Brief of Conservation Groups in
Winter v. Natural Res. Def. Council                  2008
AMR Corporation - Leases                             2008
An "Information Sets," Approach to Forecasting
Bond Yields in Asia-Pacific                          2006
An Accidental Oil Spill Along the Belgian Coast:
Results from a CV Study                              2006

An Administrable and Efficient Legal Standard for
Refusals to Deal and Price Squeezes by an
Unregulated, Vertically Integrated Monopolist        2009
An Advanced Present Value Formula                    2007

An Adverse Selection Model of Bank Asset and
Liability Management withImplications for the
Transmission of Monetary Policy                      2000
An Affine Macro-Factor Model of the UK Yield
Curve                                                2007

                                                            January 2010
An African Growth Trap: Production Technology
and the Time-Consistency of Agricultural
Taxation, R&D and Investment                         2003
An Agency Theory of Conservative Accrual
Accounting                                           2009

An Alternative Explanation of the Price Puzzle       2001
An Alternative Interpretation of the Discontinuity
in Earnings Distributions                            2004

An Alternative Scheme to Compute the Common
Agricultural Policy Direct Payments to Farmers       2005

An Alternative Sense of Asymptotic Efficiency        2008
An Alternative Stability Pact for the European
Union                                                2000
An Alternative to the Feltham-Ohlson Valuation
Framework: Using Q-Theoretic Income to Predict
Firm Value                                           2003
An Alternative Unifying Measure of Welfare
Gains from Risk-Sharing                              2004
An American Perspective on the U.K. Financial
Services Authority: Politics, Goals & Regulatory
Intensity                                            2005
An Analysis Framework for Bank Capital
Allocation                                           2008

An Analysis of Audit Deficiencies Based on PCAOB
Inspection Reports Issued During 2005                2007
An Analysis of Audit Deficiencies Based on
Section 104 Inspection Reports Issued by the
PCAOB During 2004-2007                               2009

An Analysis of Brazilian Urban Population Income
According to Different Sources with Emphasis on
Pensions During 1992-2002 (Uma Analise a
Composicao da Renda da Populacao Urbana
Segundo Diferentes Fontes com Enfase na Renda
Previdenciaria no Periodo 1992-2002)                 2005
An Analysis of Budget Offset Requirements for
Tax Expenditures                                     2001
An Analysis of China's Taxation System and Its
Future Development                                   2004
An Analysis of Earnings Management by
European Private Firms                               2003

An Analysis of EVA and Other Measures of Firm
Performance Based on Residual Income                 2003
An Analysis of Financial Statement Issues
Reported as Discussed and Negotiated by Key
Preparer-Side Groups in UK Listed Companies in
the First and Second Years of IFRS
Implementation                                       2008

An Analysis of Hong Kong Export Performance          2003

                                                            January 2010
An Analysis of How Individuals React to Market
Returns in One 401(K) Plan                          2008
An Analysis of Insiders' Use of Prepaid Variable
Forward Transactions                                2005

An Analysis of Property-Casualty Insurance
Company Defense Expenditures                        2008
An Analysis of Recent Events on the Perceived
Reliability of Fair Value Measures in the Banking
Industry                                            2008

An Analysis of SEC and PCAOB Enforcement
Actions Against Engagement Quality Reviewers        2009
An Analysis of Stock Recommendations                1999
An Analysis of Terror Warnings                      2005
An Analysis of the Accounting Principles Applied
by the European Farm Accountancy Data
Network                                             1999
An Analysis of the Association Between Firms'
Investment Opportunities, Board Composition,
and Firm Performance                                2002

An Analysis of the General Consumer Interest as
a Source of Regulatory Legitimacy in the Case of
the Dutch Healthcare Authority                      2009
An Analysis of the Health and Retirement Status
of the Elderly                                      2004
An Analysis of the Impact of Affirmative Action
Programs on Self-Employment in the
Construction Industry                               2005
An Analysis of the Impact of Affirmative Action
Programs on Self-Employment in the
Construction Industry                               2006

An Analysis of the Legislation Concerning the
Medical Termination of Pregnancy in Barbados,
Guyana and the United Kingdom with the
Intention of Discovering the Best Way Forward in
Legislating on the Issue in other Commonwealth
Caribbean Jurisdictions that Have Not Effected
Change                                              2009

An Analysis of the Relation Between the
Stewardship and Valuation Roles of Earnings         2000
An Analysis of the Relationship Between
International Bond Markets                          2001

An Analysis of the Relative Performance of
Japanese and Foreign Money Management               2002

An Analysis of the Third Government Report on
the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulations       2000
An Analysis of the Underlying Causes Attributed
to Restatements                                     2008

An Analysis of Trade Related International
Regulations of Genetically Modified Food and
their Effects on Developing Countries               2006

                                                           January 2010
An Analytica Framework for Controlling Minority
Structures and its Application to Taiwan           2006
An Analytical and Empirical Measure of the
Degree of Conditional Conservatism                 2008

An Analytical Approach to Buffer-Stock Saving      2009
An Analytical Approach to the Welfare Cost of
Business Cycles and the Benefit from Activist
Monetary Policy                                    2001
An Analytical Framework for Assessing Asset
Pricing Models and Predictability                  2008
An Analytical Framework of Bank Merger and
Reinvestment Decision under Maximizing Equity
Values                                             2002
An Analytical Model for External Auditor
Evaluation of the Internal Audit Function Using
Belief Functions                                   2006
An Anatomy of Corporate Bond Markets:
Growing Pains and Knowledge Gains                  2006

An Applied Econometricians' View of Empirical
Corporate Governance Studies                       2003
An Approach to Evaluating Relative Effectiveness
in Non-Profit Institutions                         2006

An Approach to Long-Term Fiscal Policy Analysis    2006
An Arabian Phoenix: Trust, Cooperation and
Performance in the Italian Animated Cartoons
Industry                                           2003
An Assessment of Alternative Lender of Last
Resort Schemes                                     2002
An Assessment of Fiscal Rules in the United
Kingdom                                            2006
An Assessment of Life-Cycle Funds                  2008
An Assessment of Technological Protection
Measures: The DVD Industry                         2006
An Assessment of Telecommunications Reform in
Developing Countries                               2004

An Assessment of Telecommunications
Regulation Performance in the European Union       2006

An Assessment of the Financial Sustainability of
Social Security Schemes in Kenya                   2005
An Assessment of the New Economy                   2002
An Assessment of the Proposals of the
President's Commission to Strengthen Social
Security                                           2002
An Assessment of the Proposals of the
President's Commission to Strengthen Social
Security                                           2002

An Asymmetric Information Model of Litigation      2000
An Attempt To Go Beyond Conventional Financial
Accounting Information                             2001
An Attempt to Profile the Finances of China's
Enterprise Sector                                  2006

                                                          January 2010
An Ecological and Historical Perspective on
Agricultural Development in Southeast Asia            2004
An Econometric Analysis of Electricity Production
in Turkey                                             2001

An Econometric Analysis of International
Variations in Child Welfare                           2003

An Econometric Estimation of Locational Choices
of Foreign Direct Investment:The Case of Hong
Kong and U.S. Firms in China                          2003
An Econometric Model of a Firm's Financial
Statements                                            2005
An Econometric Model of Production with
Endogenous Improvement in Energy Efficiency
1970-1995                                             1998
An Econometric Model of the Yield Curve with
Macroeconomic Jump Effects                            2001
An Economic Analysis of Emerging Urban
Institutions in China                                 2004

An Economic Analysis of State and Individual
Responsibility under International Law                2006
An Economic Analysis of the FCC's Notice of
Inquiry on Flat Rate Charges in the Long Distance
Industry                                              2004

An Economic Analysis of the Guaranty Contract         1997
An Economic Approach to the Regulation of
Direct Marketing                                      2005
An Economic Assessment of Market-Based
Approaches to Regulating the Municipal Solid
Waste Stream                                          2004

An Economic Capital Model Integrating Credit
and Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book            2009
An Economic History of Fertility in the U.S.: 1826-
1960                                                  2006
An Economic Justification for the Attorney-Client
Privilege                                             2009
An Economic Model of Child Custody                    2003
An Economic Model of Child Custody                    2003
An Economic Model of Moral Motivation                 2001
An Economic Model of Privacy:a Property Rights
Approach to Regulatory Choices for Online
Personalization                                       2003
An Economic Perspective on Russia's Accession to
the WTO                                               2002

An Economic Perspective on Transfer Pricing           2006
An Economic Take on Patent Licensing:
Understanding the Implications of the 'First Sale
Patent Exhaustion' Doctrine                           2009
An Economic Take on Patent Licensing:
Understanding the Implications of the 'First Sale
Patent Exhaustion' Doctrine                           2009

                                                             January 2010
An Economic Theory of the Fifth Amendment            2004
An Efficiency Perspective on the Gains from
Mergers and Asset Purchases                          2006

An Elaborated Global Climate Policy Architecture:
Specific Formulas and Emission Targets for All
Countries in All Decades                             2009
An Embarrassment of Riches: Winning Ways to
Value with the WACC                                  2002
An Emerging Market for Corporate Control? The
Mannesmann Takeover and German Corporate
Governance                                           2001

An Emerging Third Way?: The Erosion of the
Anglo-American Shareholder Value Construct           2004
An Empirical Analysis of Analysts' Cash Flow
Forecasts                                            2001

An Empirical Analysis of Analysts' Target Prices:
Short Term Informativeness and Long Term
Dynamics                                             2001

An Empirical Analysis of Auditor Reporting and Its
Association with Abnormal Accruals                   2002

An Empirical Analysis of CEO Risk Aversion and
the Propensity to Smooth Earnings Volatility         2006

An Empirical Analysis of China's Export Behavior     2004
An Empirical Analysis of Competition,
Privatization, and Regulation in
Telecommunications Markets in Africa and Latin
Am                                                   2004

An Empirical Analysis of Consanguineous
Marriages on Economic Development                    2009

An Empirical Analysis of Continuing
Improvements Following the Implementation of
a Performance-Based Compensation Plan                2000
An Empirical Analysis of Development Processes
for Anticipatory Standards                           2005

An Empirical Analysis of Farming Costs with Data
of the Farm Accountancy Data Network                 2003
An Empirical Analysis of Imprisoning Drug
Offenders                                            2001
An Empirical Analysis of Inflation in OECD
Countries                                            2003
An Empirical Analysis of Legal Insider Trading in
the Netherlands                                      2009

An Empirical Analysis of Planned Obsolescence        2006
An Empirical Analysis of Price Setting Behavior in
the Netherlands in the Period 1998-2003 Using
Micro Data                                           2004

                                                            January 2010
An Empirical Analysis of the Corporate Effect: The
Impact of the Multinational Corporation on the
Performance of its Units Worldwide                   2007

An Empirical Analysis of the Economic Impact of
Federal Terrorism Reinsurance                        2004

An Empirical Analysis of the Economic Impact of
Federal Terrorism Reinsurance                        2004

An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Changes in
Interest Rates on Accounting Rates of Return,
Growth, and Equity Values                            2001
An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Online
Trading on Investor Reactions to Earnings
Announcements                                        2001
An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Corporate
Governance Mechanisms on the Performance of
UK Firms                                             2001
An Empirical Analysis of the Levers of Control
Framework                                            2005

An Empirical Analysis of the Potential for Market
Power in California's Electricity Industry           2000
An Empirical Analysis of the Propensity of
Academics to Engage in Informal University
Technology Transfer                                  2006

An Empirical Analysis of the Role of Risk Aversion
in Executive Compensation Contracts                  2001

An Empirical Analysis of Voluntarily Supplied
Client-Auditor Realignment Reasons                   2000

An Empirical Analysis on China'S Economic
Coordination and Deflator Coordination During
1953-1978 and 1979-2005                              2009

An Empirical Analysis on China's Long-Run Phillips
Curve with Characteristics of Hyperbola              2009
An Empirical Analysis Using Johansen`s
Cointegration Approach                               2006
An Empirical Assessment of the 1996 Leniency
Notice                                               2006

An Empirical Assessment of the Credibility
Premium Associated with Meeting or Beating
Both Time-Series Earnings Expectations and
Analysts' Forecasts                                  2003

An Empirical Assessment of the Rise and Fall of
Accounting as an Academic Discipline                 2007
An Empirical Comparing Investigation on
Exchange Traded Funds and Index Funds
Performance                                          2006

                                                            January 2010
An Empirical Comparison of Bundesbank and ECB
Monetary Policy Rules                                 2001

An Empirical Evaluation of Analysts' Herding
Behavior Following Regulation Fair Disclosure         2007
An Empirical Evaluation of Greek Ports Financial
Performance                                           2006

An Empirical Evaluation of the Disequilibrium
Real Wage Rate Hypothesis                             2004
An Empirical Examination of Conference Calls as
a Voluntary Disclosure Medium                         1996
An Empirical Examination of Corporate Tax
Noncompliance                                         2006

An Empirical Examination of Equity-Market
Induced Earnings Management in Japan                  2003
An Empirical Examination of Goals and
Performance-to-Goal Following the Introduction
of an Incentive Bonus Plan with Participative Goal-
setting                                               2007
An Empirical Examination of the Fisher Effect in
Australia                                             2006
An Empirical Examination of the Impacts from
Termination of a Performance-Based Incentive
Plan                                                  2005

An Empirical Examination of the Relationship
Between Performance Measurement,
Collaborative Contracting, and Asset Ownership        2007
An Empirical Examination of the Role of the CEO
and the Compensation Committee in Structuring
Executive Pay                                         2000

An Empirical Investigation of an Incentive Plan
Based on Nonfinancial Performance Measures            1998
An Empirical Investigation of Auditor Rotation
Requirements                                          2007

An Empirical Investigation of Firms' Responses to
Minimum Standards Regulations                         1998

An Empirical Investigation of Greek
Municipalities' Quality of Financial Reporting        2008

An Empirical Investigation of Implicit Incentives
for Nonfinancial Performance Improvement              2006
An Empirical Investigation of Pre-Earnings
Announcement Quiet Periods                            2002

An Empirical Investigation of the Characteristics
of Firms Adopting Enterprise Risk Management          2007

An Empirical Investigation of the Defined Benefit
Pension Plan Freeze Decision                          2007

                                                             January 2010
An Empirical Investigation of the Effect of
Imputation Credits on Remittance of Overseas
Dividends                                           2007
An Empirical Investigation of the Real Exchange
Rate Impact on Economic Activities: The Case of
Nigeria                                             2007
An Empirical Investigation of the Relation
Between Risk Assessments and Sample Size
Decisions                                           2000
An Empirical Investigation of the Short-Term
Relationship between Interest Rate Risk and
Credit Risk                                         2007

An Empirical Investigation of the Terms of
Corporate Charters and Influences on Term
Standardization in a Laissez-Faire Environment      2000
An Empirical Investigation of the True and Fair
Override                                            2003

An Empirical Investigation of Trends in the
Absolute and Relative Use of Earnings in
Determining Cash Compensation of CEOs               1998
An Empirical Investigation of Underpricing in
Chinese IPOs                                        1997
An Empirical Model of Growth Through Product
Innovation                                          2005

An Empirical Reassessment of the Relationship
Between Finance and Growth                          2006
An Empirical Study of Attitudes Toward the Ethics
of Tax Evasion in Mali                              2007

An Empirical Study of Exposure at Default           2008

An Empirical Study of Pricing and Trading Volume
of Russian Depositary Receipts                      2005

An Empirical Study of Tax Evasion Ethics in China   2007
An Empirical Study of Tax Evasion Ethics in Hong
Kong                                                2008

An Empirical Study of the Accounting Values
Shared By Romanian Accountants Aiming to
Become Private Practitioners                        2006

An Empirical Study of the Impact of Internet
Financial Reporting on Stock Prices                 2007
An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between
China's Human Development and Economic
Growth (1978-2003)                                  2006

An Empirical Test of a New Theory of Economic
Growth - The Relationship Between External Debt
and Economic Development                            2005

An Empirical Test of the Dutch Disease
Hypothesis Using a Gravity Model of Trade           2003

                                                           January 2010
An Enlarged Economic and Monetary Union:
Effects and Policy Implications                     2007
An Enquiry Into Compliance of Corporate
Governance Codes By the Private Sector Indian
Companies                                           2007

An Epidemiological Study of the Appraisal of the
Emerging Issues and Challenges in Globalisation,
Higher Education and the Changing Status of
Indian Women                                        2009
An Equilibrium Model of "Global Imbalances" and
Low Interest Rates                                  2006
An Equilibrium Model of Global Imbalances and
Low Interest Rates                                  2006

An Equilibrium Model of Incentive Contracts in
the Presence ofInformation Manipulation             2003

An Equity Market Model and its Implications         2006
An Equivalent Form of the Residual Income
Valuation Model                                     2004
An Essay on Economic Reforms and Social
Change in China                                     2006

An Essay on The Convergence or Divergence of
Economic Growth of China                            2004
An Essay on Welfare State Dynamics                  2003
An Estimate of the Effect of Common Currencies
on Trade and Income                                 2001

An Estimate of the Inflation Risk Premium Using a
Three-Factor Affine Term Structure Model            2006

An Estimated Stochastic Dynamic General
Equilibrium Model of the Euro Area                  2003

An Ethical Framework for Cost-Effective
Medicine: Confronting the Risks in Managed Care     1998
An Ethical Look at Insider Trading                  2006

An Ethnographic Study of Annual General
Meetings in Not-for-Profit Organisations            2008
An Evaluation of Alternative Measures of
Corporate Tax Rates                                 1999

An Evaluation of FAS 159 Fair Value Option:
Evidence from the Banking Industry                  2008
An Evaluation of Inflation Forecasts from Surveys
using Real-Time Data                                2006
An Evaluation of Monetary Regime Options for
Latin America                                       2006

An Evaluation of Real GDP Forecasts: 1996-2001      2003
An Evaluation of Sfas No. 130 Comprehensive
Income Disclosures                                  2005
An Evaluation of Some Measures of Core
Inflation for the Euro Area                         2003

                                                           January 2010
An Evaluation of the Causes and Consequences of
In-Process Research and Development
Restatements*                                        2005
An Evaluation of the Contractionary Devaluation
Hypothesis                                           2007
An Evaluation of the Contribution of Tourism on
Economic Growth: The Case of Spain, France,
Italy, U.K. and USA                                  2008

An Evaluation of the Intermediation Role of Hong
Kong in Chinese Foreign Trade                        2008

An Evaluation of the Relative Importance of
Parent-Only andSubsidiary Earnings in Japan: A
Variance Decomposition Approach                      2006

An Evaluation of the Reliability of Accounting
Based Measures of Expected Returns: A
Measurement Error Perspective                        2003
An Evaluation of the Sensitivity of U.S. Economic
Sectors to Weather                                   2006

An Evolutionary Approach to Endogenous
Political Constraints on Transition in China         2006

An Evolutionary Risk Basis for Differential
Treatment of Gains and Losses                        2009

An Evolving Research Agenda for a Changing
Nato: If the Alliance is Embracing Collective
Security, How Do We Study the Transformation?        2009

An Exact Formula for Default Swaptions' Pricing
in the SSRJD Stochastic Intensity Model              2007

An Examination of Disclosure Quality of Goodwill
Impairment Testing in a Post-IFRS Environment -
A Stakeholder Perspective                            2007

An Examination of Herd Behavior in Equity
Markets: An International Perspective                1999

An Examination of Institutional Dividend
Clienteles: Evidence from Australian Institutional
Portfolio Holdings                                   2006

An Examination of Mandatory Disclosure Quality:
Evidence from FIN 48                                 2008

An Examination of Regulation, Performance, and
the Future for Nationally Recognized Statistical
Rating Organizations                                 2009
An Examination of the Accuracy and Usefulness
of Management Earnings Guidance Around Stock
Option Grants                                        2006
An Examination of the Cost of Capital
Implications of Financial Interpretation 46/R (Fin
46)                                                  2007

                                                            January 2010
An Examination of the Effects of Budgetary
Control on Performance: Evidence from the Cities    2007

An Examination of the Impact of the Sarbanes-
Oxley Act on the Attractiveness of US Capital
Markets for Foreign Firms                           2007

An Examination of the Link Between January
Returns and Contemporaneous Earnings: Is the
Small Firm/January Effect an Economically
Relevant Phenomenon?                                2007

An Examination of the Long-Run Relationship
between Inflation and Unemployment Rates            2004
An Examination of the Middle East                   2005
An Examination of the Peer Review Process in
Accounting                                          2006
An Examination of Work-Life Balance
Perspectives of Accountants                         2008
An Exclusionary Rule for Police Lies                2009
An Exercise in Accounting for Marketable
Securities                                          2008
An Experiment in Fair Value Accounting: UK
Investment Vehicles                                 2007
An Experimental Comparison of Transfer Pricing
Methods Under High and Low Private
Information                                         2005
An Experimental Examination of Professional
Skepticism                                          2008

An Experimental Examination of the House
Money Effect in a Multi-Period Setting              2003

An Experimental Investigation of Forward-
Looking Non-Financial Performance Disclosures       1998
An Experimental Investigation of Self-Serving
Biases in an Auditing Trust Game: The Effect of
Group Affiliation                                   2001

An Experimental Study of Herding and Contrarian
Behavior among Financial Investors                  2006
An Exploration of the Private Sector Response to
Changes in Government Saving Across OECD
Countries                                           2006
An Exploratory Look into Labour Market
Regulation                                          2007
An Exploratory Study of Elliott Wave Theory in
Indian Stock Markets                                2009
An Exploratory Study of the Factors Affecting the
Implementation Success of German Cost
Accounting Methods                                  2007

An Extensive Comparison of Operating-Lease
Capitalisation Approaches and Their Unavoidable
Assumptions: Are Further Disclosures Desirable?     2009

                                                           January 2010
'An Extraordinarily Beautiful Document':
Jefferson's Bill for Proportioning Crimes and
Punishments and the Challenge of Republican
Punishment                                          2005

An Historical Analysis of Monetary Policy Rules     1999

An Historical Perspective of the Accounting
Environment: A General Outline of a Western
European and North American Linkage                 2005
An Impact Analysis of the Groundnut Sector
Liberalization: An Application of a Multi-
Household CGE Model                                 2004
An Important Inconsistency at the Heart of the
Standard Macroeconomic Model                        1998

An Impossibility Result for Social Welfare
Relations in Infinitely-Lived Societies             2009

An Improved Estimation Method and Empirical
Properties of the Probability of Informed Trading   2006

An Incentive Mechanism for Decentralized Water
Metering Decisions                                  2002

An Inconvenient Solution? An Economic and
Political Analysis of Global Warming Policy         2009
An Index of Economic and Social Rights
Fulfillment: Concept and Methodology                2009

An Inductive Typology of Auditing Research          2008
An Inflation Goal with Multiple Reference
Measures                                            2006
An Information Product Approach for Total
Information Awareness                               2003

An Information-based Trade Off Between Foreign
Direct Investment and Foreign Portfolio
Investment: Volatility, Transparency, and Welfare   2003

An Information-based Trade-off Between Foreign
Direct Investment and Foreign Portfolio
Investment: Volatility, Transparency and Welfare    2003

An Innovative Approach to Teaching Finance:
Using Live Cases in the Case Course                 2001
An Inquiry into the Nature of Money: An
Alternative to the Functional Approach              2006

An Institutional Assessment of Antitrust Policy:
The Latin American Experience                       2009

An Institutional Framework for Comparing
Emerging Market Currency Boards                     2006

An Integrated Analysis of the Association
between Accrual Disclosure and the Abnormal
Accrual Anomaly                                     2005

                                                           January 2010
An Integrated Approach to Understand Territory
Dynamics: The Coastal Alentejo (Portugal)             2002
An Integrated Framework of Corporate
Governance and Firm Valuation                         2005
An Integrated Framework of Corporate
Governance and Firm Valuation - Evidence from
Switzerland                                           2004
An Integrated IT Risk Model                           2005
An Integrated Multi-Criteria System to Assess
Sustainable Energy Options: An Application of the
Promethee Method                                      2005

An Integrated, Consistent Market-based
Framework for Valuing Finite Cash Flows               2005
An Integrative Framework for Reporting in Social
Entrepreneurship                                      2009

An Intelligent Statistical Arbitrage Trading System   2006
An Intelligent Tutoring System for the Accounting
Cycle: Enhancing Textbook Homework with
Artificial Intelligence                               2008
An Interdisciplinary Approach to White-Collar
Crime in the Food Sector                              2006

An Intergenerational Cross-Country Swap               2009

An Interim Report - Volume 1, The Dimensions of
Public Works' Effects on Growth and Industry          2008

An International Comparison and Assessment of
the Structure of Bank Supervision                     2002
An International Comparison of Capital Structure
and Debt Maturity Choices                             2004
An International Framework Agreement on
Scientific and Technological Innovation and
Regulation                                            2009
An International Index of Child Welfare               2004
An International Multilevel Competition Policy
System                                                2006
An International Perspective on Policies for an
Aging Society                                         2001

An International Relations Perspective on the
Convergence of Corporate Governance: German
Shareholder Capitalism and the European Union,
1990-2000                                             2003

An International Tax Regime in Crystallization -
Realities, Experiences and Opportunities              2002
An International Trade Law Perspective on
Sectoral Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation
Approaches                                            2009

An Intertemporal Model of the Real Exchange
Rate, Stock Market, and International Debt
Dynamics: Policy Simulations                          2006

                                                             January 2010
An Introduction to Financial and Economic
Modeling for Utility Regulators                     2004

An Inverse Global Environmental Kuznets Curve       2001
An Investigation into Firm-Level R&D Capabilities
in East Asia                                        2003
An Investigation of Compliance With
International Accounting Standards by Listed
Companies in the Gulf Co-Operation Council
Member States                                       2007

An Investigation of Earnings Management
through Marketing Actions                           2006
An Investigation of Recent Changes in Going
Concern Reporting Decisions Among Big N and
Non-Big N Auditors                                  2008
An Investigation of the Gains from Commitment
in Monetary Policy                                  2003

An Investigation of the Impact of Audit
Committee Characteristics on the Relative
Magnitude of Non-Audit Service Purchases            2001

An Investigation of the Impact of Interest Rates
and Interest Rate Volatility on Australian
Financial Sector Stock Return Distributions         2004

An Investigation of the Relationship Between Use
of International Accounting Standards and Source
of Company Finance in Germany                       2005

An Open-Economy DSGE Model of the Euro Area         2006
An Optimization-Based Econometric Framework
for the Evaluation of Monetary Policy: Expanded
Version                                             2000
An Optimizing IS-LM Framework with
Endogenous Investment                               2000

An Optimizing IS-LM Specification for Monetary
Policy and Business Cycle Analysis                  2000

An Option Pricing Approach to Asset Sale            2000
An Option-Based Approach to Bank
Vulnerabilities in Emerging Markets                 2004

An Organizational Approach to Comparative
Corporate Governance: Costs, Contingencies, and
Complementarities                                   2006

An Ounce of Prevention: The Power of Public Risk
Management in Stabilizing the Financial System      2009
An Output Perspective on a Northeast Asia
Currency Union                                      2004

An Overall Perspective on Banking Regulation        2003

                                                           January 2010
An Overview of Anti-Dumping Practices in the
World and in the Framework of EU-Turkey
Relations                                           2006
An Overview of International Finance: Law and
Regulation                                          2005

An Overview of Taxation in the United States        2009

An Overview of the Effects of the Minimum Wage
on the Brazilian Labor Market                       2002

An Overview of the Japanese Distribution System:
The Case of the Automobile Industry                 2006
An Overview of the Kauffman Firm Survey:
Results from the 2004-2007 Data                     2009

An Overview of the Modeling of the Choices and
Consequences of U.S. Trade Policy                   1998
An Overview of US Insider Trading Law: Lessons
for the EU?                                         2005

An Unreal Number: How Company Pension
Accounting Fosters an Illusion of Certainty         2009
Analysis and Critique of Mongolia's Draft Law on
Information Technology                              2004
Analysis of Business Network Dynamics               2009
Analysis of Change in Present Value
Measurements                                        2008
Analysis of Coordination between Tax Revenue
and Macroeconomics in China                         2009
Analysis of Domestic Violence Costs in West
Virginia and the Potential Cost of False or
Unnecessary Claims                                  2007
Analysis of Emerging Markets Sovereign Credit
Spreads                                             2005
Analysis of Environmental Costs of Mobility Due
to Urban Sprawl a Modelling Study on Italian
Cities                                              2006
Analysis of India's Policy Reforms                  1998

Analysis of Monetary Policy in Mexico 1996-2007     2007

Analysis of Performance and Emissions of a
Naturally Aspirated Stationary DI Diesel Engine
with Exhaust Gas Recirculation                      2009
Analysis of Short-Term Asset Concentration in
Islamic Banking                                     2006

Analysis of Spanish Top LBOs, 2005-2007 (Analisis
De Las Mayores Compras Apalancadas (LBOs) En
Espaya, 2005-2007) (Spanish Version)                2008
Analysis of Technological Portfolios for CO2
Stabilizations and Effects of Technological
Changes                                             2005
Analysis of the Monetary Transmission
Mechanism: Methodological Issues                    2000

                                                           January 2010
Analysis of the Properties of Current Penalty
Schemes for Violations of Antitrust Law               2004
Analysis of the World Market for Steam Coal
Using a Complementarity Model                         2009

Analysis of the Yield on Foreign Exchange Bearer
Certificates: Rationality and Financial Behavior in
Pakistan                                              2006
Analysis on China'S Economic Growth and
Inflation During 1953-2004                            2009
Analysis on Economic Fluctuations and
Coordination in China                                 2009
Analyst Activity Around the World                     2000
Analyst Conflicts and Research Quality                2003
Analyst Coverage and Intangible Assets                2001

Analyst Coverage and the Cost of Raising Equity
Capital: Evidence from Underpricing of Seasoned
Equity Offerings                                      2003

Analyst Coverage Around Mergers & Acquisitions        2007
Analyst Disagreement, Forecast Bias and Stock
Returns                                               2006
Analyst Earnings Forecast Revisions and the
Pricing of Accruals                                   2003
Analyst Estimate Revision Clusters and Corporate
Events, Parts I and II                                2004
Analyst Following and Credit Ratings                  2005

Analyst Following and the Influence of Disclosure
Components, IPOs and Ownership Concentration          2003
Analyst Forecast Characteristics and the Cost of
Debt                                                  2005
Analyst Forecast Properties, Financial Distress,
and Business Risk                                     2001
Analyst Forecast Revisions and Market Price
Formation                                             2002
Analyst Forecasts and Stock Returns                   2001
Analyst Impartiality and Investment Banking
Relationships                                         2005
Analyst Initiating or Discontinuing Coverage and
Future Firm Performance                               2003
Analyst Quality, Optimistic Bias, and Reactions to
Major News                                            2008

Analyst Reputation and the Issuance of
Disaggregated Earnings Forecasts to I/B/E/S           2008
Analyst Responsiveness and the Post-Earnings-
Announcement Drift                                    2005

Analysts' Accrual-Related Over-Optimism: Do
Analyst Characteristics Play a Role?                  2007

Analysts' Accrual-Related Over-Optimism: Do
Experience and Broker Affiliation Play a Role?        2007

                                                             January 2010
Analysts' Activities After Earnings Announcement
and Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift                2006
Analysts and Journalists: Firm Policies and
Governance Design                                   2007
Analysts' Awareness of Systematic Bias in
Management Earnings Forecasts: Empirical
Evidence from Japan                                 2006

Analysts' Cash Flow Forecasts and the Predictive
Ability and Pricing of Operating Cash Flows         2009
Analysts' Compensation Contracts and
Information Revelation                              2003

Analysts' Credulity about Reported Earnings and
Overoptimism in New Equity Issues                   1997
Analysts' Dividend Forecasts                        2002
Analysts' Dividend Forecasts and Dividend
Signaling                                           2003
Analysts' Earnings Forecasts and International
Asset Allocation                                    1999

Analysts' Forecast Accuracy in Germany: The
Effect of Different Accounting Principles and
Changes of Accounting Principles                    2008

Analysts' Forecasts and Brokerage-Firm Trading      2003

Analysts' Forecasts in 'Good-News' and 'Bad-
News' Environments: Evidence of Economic
Significance of the Differential Variance           2007
Analysts' Forecasts of Japanese Firms'
Earnings:Additional Evidence                        2002
Analysts' Herding Propensity: Theory and
Evidence from Earnings Forecasts                    2006
Analysts' Incentives and Street Earnings            2006

Analysts' Incentives and Systematic Forecast Bias   2008
Analysts' Reactions to Earnings
Preannouncement Strategies                          1999
Analysts Recommendations and Conflict of
Interest                                            2006

Analysts' Response to Earnings Management           2004
Analysts' Treatment of Nonrecurring Items in
Street Earnings                                     2004
Analysts' Use of Non-Financial Information
Disclosures                                         2008
Analysts' Weighting of Private and Public
Information                                         2003
Analysts, Incentives, and Exaggeration              2008
Analytic Approximations for Multi-Asset Option
Pricing                                             2009

Analytic Pricing of Employee Stock Options          2004

                                                           January 2010
Analytical and Empirical Evidence of the Effect of
Tax Rates on the Trade-Off Between Debt and
Managerial Ownership                                  2000
Analytical Aspects of the Debt Problems of
Heavily Indebted Poor Countries                       2004
Analytical Auditing Research: New Directions
from Several Disciplines                              2004

Analytical Prediction of Transitions Probabilities
in the Conditional Logit Model                        2004

Analyzing Brokers' Expertise: Did Analysts Fully
Anticipate the Impact of IFRS Adoption on
Earnings? The European Evidence                       2009
Analyzing Building Height Restrictions: Predicted
Impacts, Welfare Costs, and a Case Study of
Bangalore, India                                      2004
Analyzing Cost Efficient Production Behavior
Under Economies of Scope: A Nonparametric
Methodology                                           2006

Analyzing Credit and Governance Implications of
Management Succession Planning                        2008

Analyzing Customer Value using Conjoint
Analysis: The Example of a Packaging Company          2006

Analyzing Financial Sectors in Transition: With
Special Reference to the Former Soviet Union          2004

Analyzing Industrial Water Demand in India: An
Input Distance Function Approach                      2004
Analyzing Investments Whose Histories Differ in
Length                                                2000
Analyzing Operational Due Diligence Frameworks
in Fund of Hedge Funds                                2009
Analyzing Stock Buyback Board Decisions (#4) -
Oracle Case Study                                     2007
Analyzing the Analysts: When Do
Recommendations Add Value?                            2001

Analyzing the Environmental Performance of the
Brazilian Industrial Sector                           2004
Analyzing the Financial Characteristics of Internet
Firms - Are They So Different from Traditional
Firms?                                                2006
Analyzing the German Accounting Triad -
'Accounting Premium' for IAS/IFRS and US GAAP
vis-a-vis German GAAP?                                2007
Analyzing the Schizoid Agency: Achieving the
Proper Balance in Enforcing the Internal Revenue
Code                                                  2007
Analyzing the Sustainability of Fiscal Deficits in
Developing Countries                                  2004

Anatomy of Market Power in Electricity Markets
With Hydropower as Dominating Technology              2006

                                                             January 2010
Anchoring Effects on Consumers' Willingness-to-
Pay and Willingness-to-Accept                      2003
And Schumpeter Said, "This Is How Thou Shalt
Grow": The Further Quest for Economic Growth
in Poor Countries                                  2006

And Then There Were Four: A Study of UK Audit
Market Concentration - Causes, Consequences
and the Scope for Market Adjustment                2003
Angel Investor Performance Project:
Questionnaire                                      2008
Angel Investors: Who They are and What They
Do: Can I Be One, Too?                             2009
Anger and Neoclassical Rationality                 2006

Animals as Vulnerable Subjects: Beyond Interest-
Convergence, Hierarchy, and Property               2009

Anisotropic Stable Levy Copula Processes -
Analysis and Numerical Pricing Methods             2006

Ann Taylor Stores Corporation - Deferred Taxes     2008

Annual Report Disclosures Surrounding the
Restructuring of the Electric Utilities Industry   2003
Annual Report Outsourcing Disclosure Choice and
Firm Performance                                   2007
Annual Report Readability, Current Earnings, and
Earnings Persistence                               2006
Annuities Markets Around the World: Money's
Worth and Risk Intermediation                      2001
Annuities Under Changes in Life Tables and
Changes in the Interest                            2009
Annuity Markets in Chile: Competition,
Regulation - and Myopia?                           2006

Annuity Markets in Comparative Perspective: Do
Consumers Get Their Money's Worth?                 2004
Annullable Bonuses and Penalties                   2004
Anomalies in the Mexican Interest Rate Futures
Market                                             2007
Anomalies: Utility Maximization and Experienced
Utility                                            2005

Anomalous Price Reaction and Differential
Stockholder Response to Going-Concern Audit
Opinions and Withdrawals                           2006

Anomalous Stock Returns Around Internet Firms'
Earnings Announcements                             2001

Another Look at GAAP Versus The Street: An
Empirical Assessment of Measurement Error Bias     2006

Another Look at Gaap Versus the Street: An
Empirical Assessment of Measurement Error Bias     2008

                                                          January 2010
Another Side of Accountability: The Fiduciary
Concept and Rent-seeking in Government
Corporations                                        2001
Antecedents for Entrepreneurial Propensity and
Intention: Findings from Singapore, Taiwan, and
Hong Kong                                           2005
Antecedents for Entrepreneurial Propensity in
Singapore                                           2005
Anti-Bankruptcy                                     2009
Anti-Censorship, Benevolent Payloads and
Human Rights                                        2009
Anticipated Ramsey Reforms and the Uniform
Taxation Principle: The Role of International
Financial Markets                                   2002
Anticipated Ramsey Reforms and the Uniform
Taxation Principle: The Role of International
Financial Markets                                   2003
Anticipated Ramsey Reforms and the Uniform
Taxation Principle: The Role of International
Financial Markets                                   2003
Anticipated versus Realized Benefits: Can Event
Studies be Used to Predict the Impact of New
Regulations?                                        2005
Anticipating Arrears to the IMF: Early Warning
Systems                                             2006
Anticipation of Monetary Policy in UK Financial
Markets                                             2005
Anticipation, Acquisitions and Bidder Returns:
Industry Shocks and the Transfer of Information
Across Rivals                                       2005
Anticipation, Asymmetric Information and the
Announcement Effect of Greek Seasoned Equity
Offerings                                           2008
Anticipations of Monetary Policy in Financial
Markets                                             2001
Anticipations, Recessions and Policy: an
Intertemporal Disequilibrium Model                  2004
Anticipatory and Implementation Effects of FIN
46 on the Behavior of Different Market
Participants                                        2008
Anticipatory Income Smoothing: A Re-
Examination                                         2000
Anti-Circumvention Misuse                           2002

Anticompetitive Overbuying by Power Buyers          2004
Anti-Consultative Trends in Nonprofit
Governance                                          2006
Anti-Corruption Policies and Programs: A
Framework for Evaluation                            2004

Antidiscrimination and Decommodification            2005
Anti-Discrimination or Reverse
Discrimination:The Impact of Changing
Demographics, Title VII and Affirmative Action on
Productivity                                        2004
Antidumping and Safeguard Measures in the
Political Economy of Liberalization: The Mexican
Case                                                2005

                                                           January 2010
Antidumping and the People's Republic of China:
Five Case Studies                                  1998
Antidumping in Law and Practice                    2004

Antidumping Mechanisms and Safeguards in Peru      2005
Antidumping Regulation and the Byrd
Amendment: Does Revenue Redistribution
Reduce Dumping?                                    2006

Anti-Offshoring Legislation and United States
Federalism: The Constitutionality of Federal and
State Measures Against Global Outsourcing of
Professional Services                              2009

Anti-Regulation Under the Guise of Rational
Regulation:The Bush Administration's
Approaches to Valuing Human Lives in
Environmental Cost-Benefit Analyses                2004
Anti-Takeover Provisions and Corporate
Disclosure                                         2006
Antitrust                                          2007
Antitrust                                          2007

Antitrust Analysis of Category Management:
Conwood v. United States Tobacco Co.               2005

Antitrust Analysis of Exclusionary Arrangements
Involving Slotting Allowances and Fees: Issues
and Insights                                       2008

Antitrust and Competition in Health Care Markets   1999

Antitrust and Higher Education: Was There a
Conspiracy to RestrictFinancial Aid?               2000
Antitrust and Regulation                           2006
Antitrust and Regulation                           2007
Antitrust and the Not-For-Profit Sector            2001

Antitrust Beyond Competition:Market Failures,
Total Welfare, and the Challenge of Intra-Market
Second-Best Tradeoffs                              2000
Antitrust Court Enforcement in High Technology
Markets: Revisiting Microsoft in the Post-Trinko
Era                                                2005

Antitrust Enforcement in the Electricity and Gas
Industries: Problems and Solutions for the EU      2006
Antitrust in China: The Problem of Incentive
Compatibility                                      2004
Antitrust in Innovative Industries                 2005
Antitrust in the New Economy                       2000
Antitrust in the Not-for-Profit Sector             2006
Antitrust Law in Korea                             2003
Antitrust Limits to Patent Settlements             2001
Antitrust Policy and Vertical Restraints           2009
Antitrust Remedies - Selected Bibliography and
Annotations                                        2008

                                                          January 2010
Antitrust vs. Sector Specific Regulation in
Telecom: A Close Look at Interconnection            2006

Antitrust vs. Sector Specific Regulation in
Telecom: The Impact on Competitiveness              2006
Antitrust vs. Sector-specific Regulation in
Telecom: What Works Best?                           2006

Antitrust, Patents and Developing Nations           2009
Anti-Unfair Competition Law and Anti-Trust Law:
A Continental Conundrum?                            2005
Any Non-Individualistic Social Welfare Function
Violates the Pareto Principle                       2000

Any Non-Welfarist Method of Policy Assessment
Violates the Pareto Principle: Reply                2004
Apologies as Signals: With Evidence from a Trust
Game                                                2006
Appeasing Nihilists? Some Economic Thoughts on
Reducing Terrorist Activity                         2005

Apples and Oranges: The Commensurability
Debate in Legal Scholarship                         2002
Applicability of the Classic Wacc Concept in
Practice                                            2005

Application of Complex Systems Research to
Efforts of International Development                2007

Application of Infinity Cartesian Space (I-
Cartesian Space): Oil Prices from 1960 to 2010      2006
Application of Neural Networks to an Emerging
Financial Market: Forecasting and Trading the
Taiwan Stock Index                                  2001

Application of Stakeholder Theory to the
Quantity and Quality of Australian Voluntary
Corporate Environmental Disclosures                 2003
Application of Technological Control Measures
on Vehicle Pollution: A Cost-Benefit Analysis in
China                                               2005

Application of the Fair Value Option Under IAS
39: Effects on the Volatility of Bank Earnings      2009
Applications of Relations and Graphs to Coalition
Formation                                           2006
Applications, Denials, and Appeals for Social
Security Disability Insurance                       2008

Applying a Simple Measure of Good Governance
to the Debate on Fiscal Decentralization            2004

Applying a Systems Mindset to Stock Valuation       2008

Applying Altman's Z-Score in the Classroom          2005

                                                           January 2010
Applying Cost-Benefit to Past Decisions: Was
Environmental Protection Ever a Good Idea?         2004
Applying IFRS in Germany: Determinants and
Consequences                                       2006
Applying Intermediate Microeconomics to
Terrorism                                          2004

Applying Relative Solvency to Working Capital
Management - The Break-Even Approach               2005

Applying the Decision Rights Approach to a Case
of Hospital Institutional Design                   2004
Applying the Ohlson and Feltham-Ohlson Models
for Equity Valuation: Some Accounting
Considerations                                     2003
Applying the Precautionary Principle to Global
Warming                                            2000
Applying Voluntary Disclosure Theories to
Intangibles Reporting: Evidence from the
Portuguese Stock Market                            2005
Appraising Commitments, Quasi-Commitments,
and Guarantees                                     2006

Approach to Fair Comparison: A Study on
Australian Anti-Dumping Law and Practice           2007

Appropriability and the Timing of Innovation:
Evidence from MIT Inventions                       2003
Appropriability, First Sale & Exhaustion           2008

Appropriate Representation of Minorities:
Canada's Two Types Structure and the Arab-
Palestinian Minority in Israel                     2006

Appropriately Determining Shareholders Earnings
in Light of Equity-based Compensation (e.g.
Employee Stock Options): The SSEq Solution         2004

Approximate CAPM When Preferences Are CRRA         2004
APV and WACC with Constant Book Leverage
Ratio                                              2007
Arbitrage in Dual Classes: The Case of Berkshire
Hathaway                                           2008

Arbitrage Models and Mortgage Options Pricing      2006

Arbitrage Opportunities in Parallel Markets: The
Case of the Czech Republic                         2001

Arbitrage Risk and the Book-to-Market Anomaly      2002

Arbitrage Risk and the Timeliness of Stock Price
Adjustments to Accounting Fundamentals             2008
Arbitrage Smoothing in Fitting a Sequence of
Yield Curves                                       2008

                                                          January 2010
Arbitrage, Covered Interest Parity and Long-Term
Dependence Between the US Dollar and the Yen         2006

Arbitrage, Equilibrium, and Nonsatiation             2004
Arbitration: Governance Benefits and
Enforcement Costs                                    2004

Architecting Brands: Managerial Process and
Control for Emerging Enterprises                     2006

Architects of Stability? International Cooperation
Among Financial Supervisors                          2006

Architectural Digest for International Trade and
Labor Law: Regional Free Trade Agreements and
Minimum Criteria for Enforceable Social Clauses      2006

Are Accruals Mispriced?Evidence from Tests of
an Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model         2004
Are ADRs Different from US Stocks? An Analysis
of Idiosyncratic Risks                               2006

Are Affiliated Analysts More Likely than
Unaffiliated Analysts to Provide Eps Forecasts
that Management Can Meet or Beat?                    2005
Are Affirmative Action Hires Less Qualified?
Evidence from Employer-Employee Data on New
Hires                                                2000
Are All CEOs above Average? An Empirical
Analysis of Compensation Peer Groups and Pay
Design                                               2009
Are All Summary Indicators of the Stance of Fiscal
Policy Misleading?                                   2006

Are Americans Saving 'Optimally' for Retirement?     2004

Are Analyst Research and Corporate Disclosures
Complements or Substitutes?                          2006

Are Analysts' Loss Functions Asymmetric?             2006

Are Asset Price Guarantees Useful for Preventing
Sudden Stops? A Quantitative Investigation of the
Globalization Hazard-Moral Hazard Tradeoff           2006

Are Asset Price Guarantees Useful for Preventing
Sudden Stops?: A Quantitative Investigation of
the Globalization Hazard-Moral Hazard Tradeoff       2005

Are Asset Securitizations Sales or Loans?            2006
Are Auditors Overconfident in Predicting the
Knowledge of Other Auditors?                         2007
Are Bank Loan Ratings Relevant?                      2004
Are Bankruptcy Precursors Similar in China and
the Us?                                              2009

                                                            January 2010
Are Banks and Stock Markets Complements or
Substitutes?                                      2008
Are Banks Liquidity Transformers?                 2004

Are Benchmark Beaters Doing Anything Wrong?       2000
Are Bond Markets Really Overpriced: The Case of
the US                                            2006
Are Busy Boards Effective Monitors?               2004
Are Calendar Anomalies Still Alive?: Evidence
from Istanbul Stock Exchange                      2004

Are Capital Controls Effective in the 21st
Century? The Recent Experience of Colombia        2009

Are Cash Earnings Disclosures Valuable?           2000

Are CEOs in Family Firms Paid Like Bureaucrats?
Evidence from Bayesian and Frequentist Analyses   2008
Are CEOs Really Paid Like Bureaucrats?            1997
Are CEOs Really Paid Like Bureaucrats?            2000

Are Client-Perceived Audit Firm Reputation and
Audit Team AttributesAssociated with BigN Audit
Fees?                                             2004
Are Cost Models Useful for Telecoms Regulators
in Developing Countries?                          2004

Are Credit Default Swap Spreads High in
Emerging Markets? An Alternative Methodology
for Proxying Recovery Value                       2006

Are Credit Default Swap Spreads High in
Emerging Markets? An Alternative Methodology
for Proxying Recovery Value                       2008
Are Currency Appreciations Contractionary in
China?                                            2006
Are Debt and Incentive Compensation Substitutes
in Controlling the Free Cash Flow Agency
Problem?                                          2006

Are Detailed Accounting Standards Sufficient to
Ensure Compliance?Evidence from Non-U.S.
Firms Adopting US GAAP                            2002

Are Dividends Disappearing? Dividend
Concentration and the Consolidation of Earnings   2002
Are Dividends Informative About Future
Earnings?                                         2007
Are Earnings Surprises Costly?                    1999

Are Earnings Surprises Interpreted More
Optimistically on Sunny Days? Accounting
Information and the Sunshine Effect               2006
Are East Asian Companies Benefiting from
Western Board Practices?                          2007
Are Emerging Market Countries Learning to
Float?                                            2006

                                                         January 2010
Are Euro Interest Rates led by FED
Announcements?                                     2004

Are Ex-day Dividend Clientele Effects Dead?
Dividend Yield verses Dividend Size                2004
Are Executive Stock Option Exercises Driven by
Private Information?                               2006
Are Executive Stock Options Associated with
Future Earnings?                                   2004
Are Family Firms More Tax Aggressive Than Non-
Family Firms?                                      2007

Are Female Auditors Still Women? Analyzing the
Gender Differences Affecting Audit Quality         2009

Are Financial and Tax Reporting Aggressiveness
Reflective of Broader Corporate Policies?          2007
Are Firms or Workers Behind the Shift Away from
DB Pension Plan?                                   2005

Are Foreign Firms Privileged by their Host
Governments? Evidence from the 2000 World
Business Environment Survey                        2005
Are Foreign Investors Attracted to Weak
Environmental Regulations? Evaluating the
Evidence from China                                2005

Are Foreign Investors Better Informed? Evidence
from the Return - Volume Relationship              2002
Are Good Managers Required for a Separation of
Ownership and Control?                             2003

Are 'Good Practices' Good in an Asian Emerging
Market? Corporate Governance Structures and
Entrenchment by Controlling Owners                 2009
Are IMF Sponsored Basel Accord Banking
Regulations Helpful in Preventing Banking Crises
in Turkey?                                         2003

Are Independent Audit-Committee Members
Objective? Experimental Evidence                   2008
Are Information Attributes Priced?                 2003

Are In-Process Research and Development
Charges Too Aggressive? Evidence from Acquired
Firms' R&D Expenses and Acquirers' IPRD Charges    2005
Are Insider Trades and Earnings Management
Related?                                           2005
Are Intellectual Property Rights Unfair?           2002
Are Intellectual Property Rights Unfair?           2003
Are International Accounting Standards-Based
and Us Gaap-Based Accounting Amounts
Comparable?                                        2006
Are Investors Confused by Restatements after
Sarbanes-Oxley?*                                   2008

Are Investors Influenced by Pro Forma Emphasis
and Reconciliations in Earnings Announcements?     2004

                                                          January 2010
Are Investors Misled by 'Pro Forma' Earnings?         2002
Are Investors Moonstruck? - Lunar Phases and
Stock Returns                                         2001
Are Investors Naive About Incentives?                 2004

Are Investors Sufficiently Skeptical? Predicting
Behavior in Information Transmission Settings
Using Level-k Thinking                                2008
Are Investors Uninformed or Misinformed? A
Proposition and a Test                                2007
Are Invisible Hands Good Hands? Moral Hazard,
Competition, and the 2nd Best in Health Care
Markets                                               1998
Are Invisible Hands Good Hands?Moral Hazard,
Competition, and the Second Best in Health Care
Markets                                               2000
Are Italy's Public Finances Sustainable? The Role
of Demographics, Productivity, and Labour
Markets                                               2009
Are Judges Biased by Labor Market Conditions?
The Selection of Firing Litigations for Trial in an
Italian Firm                                          2001

Are Larger Countries Really More Corrupt?             2004

Are Lives a Substitute for Livelihoods? Terrorism,
Security, and U.S. Bilateral Imports                  2006

Are Lives a Substitute to Livelihoods? Terrorism,
Security and US Bilateral Imports                     2006
Are Local Economic Development Incentives
Effective in an Urban Area?                           1999

Are Local Economic Development Incentives
Promoting Job Growth? An Empirical Case Study         2005
Are Long-run Price Stability and Short-run Output
Stabilization All that Monetary Policy can Aim
for?                                                  2005
Are Management-Based Regulations Effective?:
Evidence from State Pollution Prevention
Programs                                              2004

Are Mandated Health and Safety Committees
Substitutes or Supplements for Labor Unions?          1998
Are MBA Students a Good Proxy for Non-
professional Investors?                               2004

Are Monetary Rules and Reforms Complements
or Substitutes? A Panel Analysis for the World
Versus OECD Countries                                 2007
Are Nascent Entrepreneurs Jacks-of-All-Trades? A
Test of Lazear's Theory of Entrepreneurship with
German Data                                           2003

Are New Zealand Chief Financial Officers the Poor
Cousins of Their American Counterparts?               2001

                                                             January 2010
Are Non-Audit Fees Associated with Restated
Financial Statements?Initial Empirical Evidence     2003

Are Non-Fundamental Equilibria Learnable in
Models of Monetary Policy?                          2001
Are Oil Shocks Inflationary? Asymmetric and
Nonlinear Specifications versus Changes in
Regime                                              2000

Are Options on Index Futures Profitable for Risk
Averse Investors?Empirical Evidence                 2008

Are OSHA Health Inspections Effective?A
Longitudinal Study in the Manufacturing Sector      2000

Are Performance Conditions on Executive
Options Driven by Fundamentals?                     2006
Are Performance Measures Other Than Price
Important to CEO Incentives?                        2000
Are Policy Platforms Capitalized into Equity
Prices? Evidence from the Bush/Gore 2000
Presidential Election                               2004

Are Poor People Worth Less Than Rich People?
Disaggregating the Value of Statistical Lives       2004

Are Prudential Supervision and Regulation Pillars
of Financial Stability? Evidence from the Great
Depression                                          2006

Are Regulatory Mandate and Independence
Necessary for Audit Quality?                        2009

Are Restaurants Really Supersizing America?         2008
Are Returns to PPI in LDCs Consistent with Risks
Since the East Asia Crisis?                         2004
Are Returns to Private Infrastructure in
Developing Countries Consistent with Risks since
the Asian Crisis?                                   2004
Are Reviewers' Judgments Influenced by Memo
Structure and Conclusions Documented in Audit
Workpapers?                                         2001
Are Scale Economies in Banking Elusive or
Illusive? Evidence Obtained by Incorporating
Capital Structure and Risk-Taking Into Models of
Bank Production                                     2000

Are Shareholder Dividend Taxes on Corporate
Retained Earnings Impounded in Equity Prices?:
Additional Evidence and Analysis                    2001
Are Shocks to Interest Rate Volatility Symmetric
Across EU Countries?                                2002
Are Small Stock Markets Different?                  2000
Are Smoother Earnings Associated With a Lower
Cost of Equity Capital?                             2007
Are Spending Policies of European Foundations
Sustainable?                                        2008

                                                           January 2010
Are Stewardship and Valuation Usefulness
Compatible or Alternative Objectives of Financial
Accounting?                                          2008
Are Stock Prices More Informative after the
Sarbanes-Oxley Act?                                  2009

Are Taxes and Risk Substitutional or
Complementary Determinants of Entrepreneurial
Investment Policy? (Steuern und Risiko als
substitutionale oder komplementaere
Determinanten unternehmerischer
Investitionspolitik?)                                2008

Are the Costs of Reducing Greenhouse Gases
from Passenger Vehicles Negative?                    2006

Are the Effects of Monetary Policy in the Euro
Area Greater in Recessions than in Booms?            2002

Are the Elderly Really Over-Annuitized?New
Evidence on Life Insurance and Bequests              1999

Are the Poor Less Well-Insured? Evidence on
Vulnerability to Income Risk in Rural China          2004
Are the Poor Protected from Budget Cuts?
Theory and Evidence for Argentina                    2000

Are There Adverse Real Effects from Monetary
Policy Coordination? Some Evidence from
Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands                 2006

Are there any Reliable Leading Indicators for U.S.
Inflation and GDP Growth?                            2003
Are There Civic Returns to Education?                2003
Are There Dynamic Gains from a Poor-Area
Development Program?                                 2004
Are There Good Alternatives to the CPI?              2007
Are There Lasting Impacts of Aid to Poor Areas ?
Evidence from Rural China                            2006
Are There Such Things as International Property
Rights?                                              2001
Are Two Heads Better Than One?: An
Experimental Analysis of Group vs. Individual
Decisionmaking                                       2000
Are U.S. Family Firms Subject to Agency
Problems? Evidence from CEO Turnover and Firm
Valuation                                            2006
Are Unmanaged Earnings Always Better for
Shareholders?                                        2002
Are Us CEOS Paid More than UK CEOS?
Inferences from Risk-Adjusted Pay                    2006

Are Vertically Integrated DSL Providers Squeezing
Unaffiliated ISPs (and Should We Care)?              2005

Are Voters Sensitive to Terrorism? Direct
Evidence from the Israeli Electorate                 2007

                                                            January 2010
Are Wall Street Analyst Rankings Popularity
Contest?                                             2006
Are We Better Off If Our Politicians Have More
Information?                                         2002
Are We Better Off If Our Politicians Have More
Information?                                         2003
Are We Retiring Too Early?                           2001

Are Well Governed Firms Safe Investments?            2005
Are Windfalls a Curse? A Non-Representative
Agent Model of the CurrentAccount and Fiscal
Policy                                               2000
Are You Being Fooled? Audit Quality and Quality
of Government                                        2004
Are Young and Small Firms Hothouses for
Nascent Entrepreneurs? Evidence from German
Micro Data                                           2004
Areas of Federal Law that Exclude Same-Sex
Couples and their Children                           2006
Argentina and Parmalat: Failures in the
Protection-Net for Italian Savers                    2005
Argentina: The Political Economy of Stabilization
and Structural Reform                                2000
Argentina's Transport Privatization and Re-
Regulation: Ups and Downs of a Daring Decade-
Long Experience                                      2004
Aristotelian Theory and Causation: The
Globalization of Tort Law                            2009
Armenia: The Road to Sustained Rapid Growth,
Cross-Country Evidence                               2006

Arm's Length Intragroup Intangible Transfers:
Economics, Regulations and Actual Behaviors          2006
Around-the-Clock Media Coverage and the
Timing of Earnings Announcements                     2004
Arrow's Impossibility Theorem: Two Simple Single-
Profile Versions                                     2006
Arthur Andersen, SOX Section 404 and Auditor
Turnover: Theory and Evidence                        2005
Article 82, IP Rights and Industry Standards: In
Reply                                                2006
Asbestos and the Future of Mass Torts                2004

Ascribing Societal Benefit to Environmental
Observations of the Earth from Space: The
Multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer (Misr)          2006

Asian Crisis Four Years Later and Its Implications
for Emerging Market Economies                        2007

Asian Crisis, US Business Model and Asian Way of
Doing Business - A Review                            2006

Asia-Pacific Food Markets and Trade in 2005: A
Global, Economy-wide Perspective                     2001
Asia-Pacific Perspectives on the Financial Crisis
2007-2010                                            2009

                                                            January 2010
Asia's Debt Capital Markets: Appraisal and
Agenda for Policy Reform                            2007
Asia's Legal Systems in the Wake of the Financial
Crisis: Can the Rule of Law Carry any of the
Weight?                                             2006
Asimco-Nanyue Joint Venture in China                2008
Asking All the Wrong Questions About U. S.
Home-Based Replacement of Domestic
Knowledge Networks                                  2009

Aspects of Fiscal Performance in some Transition
Economies Under Fund-Supported Programs             2006

Aspects of the Financial Management Enterprise      2009
Aspects of the Motivation for Voluntary
Disclosures: Evidence from the Publication of
Value Added Statements in an Emerging
Economy                                             2004

Aspects Regarding Romanian Business
Combinations in the Perspective of Eu Adeshion      2006
ASRs Part V - Rumpelstiltskin Accounting:
Spinning Gold from Straw (Silicon Image
Addendum)                                           2009

Assesing Validity and Accuracy of the Basel II
Model in Measuring Credit Risks of Individual
Borrowers and Credit Portfolios                     2005

Assessing Accuracy and Reliability: A Note Based
on Approaches Used in National Accounts and
Balance of Payments Statistics                      2006
Assessing Affirmative Action                        2000
Assessing and Improving Culture and
Organizational Performance of the Romanian
Public Administration                               2006
Assessing and Valuing the Non-Linear Structure
of Hedge Fund Returns                               2006

Assessing Competitiveness After Conflict: The
Case of the Central African Republic                2007

Assessing Credit Quality from Equity Markets: Is
Structural Model a Better Approach?                 2003
Assessing Credit Risk of Companies with Mean-
Reverting Leverage Ratios                           2008

Assessing Debt Sustainability in Emerging Market
Economies Using Stochastic Simulation Methods       2006

Assessing Debt Sustainability in Emerging Market
Economies using Stochastic Simulation Methods       2006
Assessing Default Probabilities from Structural
Credit Risk Models                                  2006
Assessing Early Warning Systems: How Have They
Worked in Practice?                                 2006

Assessing Earnings Quality: Nuware, Inc.            2008

                                                           January 2010
Assessing Emission Allocation in Europe: An
Interactive Simulation Approach                      2004
Assessing Empirical Research in Managerial
Accounting: A Value-Based Managaement
Perspective                                          2001

Assessing External Sustainability in India           2006
Assessing Financial Vulnerability in Partially
Dollarized Economies                                 2004
Assessing Financial Vulnerability in the Nonprofit
Sector                                               2005
Assessing Fiscal Sustainability:A Cross-Country
Comparison                                           2006
Assessing GMM Estimates of the Federal Reserve
Reaction Function                                    2001

Assessing Job Flows Across Countries: The Role of
Industry, Firm Size, and Regulations                 2006
Assessing Market Expectations on Exchange
Rates and Inflation: A Pilot Forecasting System
for Bulgaria                                         2005
Assessing Monetary Policy in Norway                  2001
Assessing Monetary Rules Performance across
EMU Countries                                        2000
Assessing Monthly Progress Toward Annual Fiscal
Revenue Targets                                      2006

Assessing Nominal Income Rules for Monetary
Policy with Model and Data Uncertainty               2002

Assessing Portfolio Credit Risk Changes in a
Sample of EU Large and Complex Banking Groups
in Reaction to Macroeconomic Shocks                  2008

Assessing Potential Output Growth in the Euro
Area: A Growth Accounting Perspective                2005

Assessing Price Elasticity for Private Labels and
National Brands: Differences by Income and Store
Location                                             2006
Assessing Reforms of Government Accounting
and Budgeting                                        2004
Assessing Simple Policy Rules: A View from a
Complete Macro Model                                 2001

Assessing Systematic Risk in the Insurance Sector    2008
Assessing TARP                                       2009
Assessing Tax-Free Savings Accounts: Promises
and Pressures                                        2008
Assessing the 07/31/2000 XBRL Taxonomy for
Digital Financial Reports of Commercial and
Industrial Firms                                     2001

Assessing the Allocation of Aid: Developmental
Concerns and the Self-Interest of Donors             2005
Assessing the Chrysler Bankruptcy                    2009

                                                            January 2010
Assessing the Construct Validity of Alternative
Proxies for Expected Cost of Equity Capital        2002

Assessing the Costs of a Haulage Regime            2008

Assessing the Credit Risk of CDOs Backed by
Structured Finance Securities: Rating Analysts'
Challenges and Solutions                           2007
Assessing the Development Gap                      2009
Assessing the Distributional Impact of Public
Policy                                             2004
Assessing The Effects Of Corruption And Crime
On Firm Performance                                2001
Assessing the Federal Deduction for State and
Local Tax Payments                                 2008
Assessing the Impact of a Change in the Level of
Manager Discretion on the Informativeness of
Earnings                                           2002

Assessing the Impact of Changes in Transparency
and Accountability at the Bank of Canada           2003
Assessing the Impact of Hurricanes Katrina and
Rita                                               2008
Assessing the Impact of the Attacks of 11
September 2001 on Women's Employment in the
United States                                      2007

Assessing the Impact of the Australia-United
States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) on
Australian and Global Medicines Policy             2009

Assessing the Impact of the ECB's Monetary
Policy on the Stock Markets: A Sectoral View       2008
Assessing the Impact of the Investment Climate
on Productivity Using Firm-Level Data:
Methodology and the Cases of Guatemala,
Honduras, and Nicaragua                            2005

Assessing the Legality of Counterterrorism
Measures Without Characterizing Them as Law
Enforcement or Military Action                     2007
Assessing the Lucas Critique in Monetary Policy
Models                                             2004

Assessing the Maintenance of Savings Sufficiency
Over the First Decade of Retirement                2005
Assessing the Performance of Business Unit
Managers                                           2006
Assessing the Political Sustainability of
Parametric Social Security Reforms: The Case of
Italy                                              2002
Assessing the Probability of Bankruptcy            2002
Assessing the Relative Informativeness and
Permanence of Pro Forma Earnings and GAAP
Operating Earnings                                 2004
Assessing the Risk in E-Commerce                   2001

                                                          January 2010
Assessing the Risk in Sample Minimum Risk
Portfolios                                            2004

Assessing the Vulnerability of Emerging Asia to
External Demand Shocks: The Role of China             2009
Assessing Welfare Accounts                            2002
Assessing Welfare Accounts                            2002
Assessing, Managing, and Financing Extreme
Events: Dealing with Terrorism                        2004

Assessment of Coordinated Effects in Merger
Control: Between Presumption and Analysis             2006
Assessment of Self, Peers, Superiors and
Subordinates on Possession of Detailed Expert
Audit Attributes                                      2006
Assessment of Technologies to Meet a Low
Carbon Fuel Standard                                  2009

Assessment of the Distribution Effects of the 'Red-
Green' Income Tax Policy - A Matter of Scale
(Beurteilung der Verteilungswirkungen der rot-
grunen Einkommensteuerpolitik. Eine Frage des
Ma?stabs)                                             2006

Asset Allocation and Information Overload: The
Influence of Information Display, Asset Choice
and Investor Experience                               2008
Asset Allocation and Long-Term Returns: An
Empirical Approach                                    2006

Asset Allocation and Risk Allocation:Can Social
Security Improve Its Future Solvency Problem by
Investing in Private Securities?                      1999
Asset Allocation: Emerging Markets and
Technology Stocks                                     2002

Asset Bubbles and Borrowing Constraints               2007

Asset Bubbles, Investment, and Reserve Holdings
in Emerging Economies                                 2008

Asset Choice Regulation in Mutual Funds               2004
Asset Liability Management for Banks                  2008
Asset Liability Management in Insurance
Company                                               2006
Asset Liquidity and the Cost of Capital               2009
Asset Liquidity, Debt Covenants, and Managerial
Discretion in Financial Distress: The Collapse of
L.A. Gear                                             2001

Asset Management Industry in Asia: Dynamics of
Growth, Structure and Performance                     2006
Asset Markets, Exchange Rates and the Balance
of Payments                                           2004
Asset Measurement in the Costing of
Government Services                                   2001
Asset Ownership, Investor Protection and
Technology Adoption                                   2007

                                                             January 2010
Asset Price Booms and Monetary Policy               2004

Asset Price Inflation and Monetary Policy           2002

Asset Price Shocks, Financial Constraints, and
Investment: Evidence from Japan                     2001
Asset Prices and Banking Distress: A
Macroeconomic Approach                              2004

Asset Prices And Federal Reserve Behavior           2001

Asset Prices and Informed Traders' Abilities:
Evidence from Experimental Asset Markets            2003

Asset Prices and Monetary Policy: Some Notes        2003
Asset Prices, Financial Fragility, and Central
Banking                                             2006

Asset Prices, Financial Imbalances and Monetary
Policy: Are Inflation Targets Enough?               2005
Asset Pricing Anomalies and Time-Varying Betas:
A New Specification Test for Conditional Factor
Models                                              2006
Asset Pricing Implications of a New Keynesian
Model                                               2007
Asset Pricing Under Information-Processing
Constraints                                         2008
Asset Returns, Discount Rate Changes and
Market Efficiency                                   2004
Asset Sales, Operating Performance and Firm
Strategy: An Empirical Analysis                     2005

Asset Sales, Recourse, and Investor Reactions to
Initial Securitizations: Evidence why Off-balance
Sheet Accounting Treatment does not Remove
On-balance Sheet Financial Risk                     2009

Asset Securitization and Structured Financing
Future Prospects and Challenges for Emerging
Market Countries                                    2006

Asset-Backed Securitization in Industrial Firms -
An Empirical Investigation                          2009
Asset-Market Participation, Monetary Policy
Rules, and the Great Inflation                      2006

Association Between Accounting Earnings and
Stock Returns as a Measure of Value Relevance
of Accounting Standards: Empirical Evidence
from the Swiss Market                               2002

Association Between Environmental Factors and
Equity Market Performance: Evidence from a
Nonparametric Frontier Method                       2009
Associations Between Internal and External
Corporate Governance Characteristics and the
Consequences of Regulating Governance
Practices                                           2008

                                                           January 2010
Assortative Matching, Adverse Selection and
Durable Goods: Transaction History, Safety
Regulation and the Likelihood of Trade in the
Business Aircraft Market                           2006
Assuming Bosnia: Taking Polities Seriously in
Ethnically Divided States                          2006
Assurance on Sustainability Reports: An
International Comparison                           2007

Assurance on XBRL for Financial Reporting          2008
Assurance on XBRL Instance Document: A
Conceptual Framework of Assertions                 2008

Assuring Information Relevance: The Effects of
Management Accounting Experience and
Problem Information Content                        1999
Assymetries in Bank Lending Behavior: Austria
During the 1990s                                   2003
Asylum and Illegal Migration in the Republic of
Croatia                                            2004
Asymmetric Benchmarking in Compensation:
Executives are Paid for (Good) Luck But Not
Punished for Bad                                   2003
Asymmetric Costs Associated with False Acquittal
and Conviction Rates: Impacts on the Optimal
Standard of Proof                                  2009
Asymmetric Duopoly in Space - What Policies
Work?                                              2006

Asymmetric Effects of Government Spending:
Does the Level of Real Interest Rates Matter?      2006

Asymmetric Foreign Currency Exposures and
Derivatives Use: Evidence from France              2009

Asymmetric Information and Conglomerate
Discount: Evidence from Spinoffs                   2008
Asymmetric Information and Corporate
Derivatives Use                                    2002
Asymmetric Information and Liquidity
Constraints: A New Test                            2004
Asymmetric Information and Monetary Policy in
Common Currency Areas                              2002
Asymmetric Information and Monetary Policy in
Common Currency Areas                              2002
Asymmetric Information and Price Competition in
Small Business Lending                             2009
Asymmetric Information and the Choice of
Corporate Governance Arrangements                  2002

Asymmetric Information in Credit Markets and
Entrepreneurial Risk Taking                        2004
Asymmetric Information in Vendor Managed
Inventory Systems                                  2000

Asymmetric Monetary Policy Effects in EMU          2002

                                                          January 2010
Asymmetric Monetary Policy Rules and the Yield
Curve                                               2006

Asymmetric Monetary Transmission in EMU: The
Robustness of VARConclusions and Cecchetti's
Legal Family Theory                                 2004
Asymmetric Network Interconnection                  2001
Asymmetric Property Rights in China's Economic
Growth                                              2006

Asymmetric Regulation and Airport Dominance in
International Aviation: Evidence from the London-
New York Market                                     2004

Asymmetric Regulation of Access and Price
Discrimination in Telecommunications                2005
Asymmetric Regulation of Identical Polluters in
Oligopoly Models                                    2006
Asymmetric Sensitivity of CEO Cash
Compensation to Stock Returns                       2004
Asymmetric Shocks and Risk Sharing in a
Monetary Union: Updated Evidence and Policy
Implications for Europe                             2004
Asymmetric Taxation and Cross-Border
Investment Decisions                                2004

Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings, Market-to-
Book and Conservatism in Financial Reporting        2004
Asymmetric Valuation of Sustained Growth by
Debt- and Equity-Holders                            2008
Asymmetric Wholesale Pricing: Theory and
Evidence                                            2005
Asymmetries in the Euro Area Economy                2004

Asymmetries in the Trans-Atlantic Monetary
Policy Relationship: Does the ECB follow the Fed?   2005
Asymmetries in Union Relative Wage Effects in
Ghanaian Manufacturing - An Analysis Applying
Quantile Regressions                                2002
Asymmetry and Downside Risk in Foreign
Exchange Markets                                    2000
Asymmetry and the Problem of Aggregation in
the Euro Area                                       2003

Asymmetry in Earnings Timeliness and
Persistence: A Simultaneous Equations Approach      2008
Asymmetry in Earnings-Returns Relations: The
Case of China                                       2002
Asymmetry of Information in Emerging Markets:
Should a Firm Issue its Securities Locally or
Abroad?                                             2002

Asymmetry of Shocks and Convergence in
Selected Asean Countries: A Dynamic Analysis        2006
Asymptotic and Bootstrap Properties of Rank
Regressions                                         2007

                                                           January 2010
Asymptotic Distribution Theory of Empirical Rank-
Dependent Measures of Inequity                      2006

Asymptotic Implied Volatility at the Second Order
with Application to the SABR Model                  2009

Asymptotic Methods for Computing Implied
Volatilities Under Stochastic Volatility            2005

Attack Assignments in Terror Organizations and
the Productivity of Suicide Bombers                 2007
Attitude Towards Entrepreneurship Education
and New Venture Creation                            2005

Attitudes Toward the Legal System Among
Members of Low and High Status Groups in Israel     2005
Attitudes Towards Immigration: Does Economic
Self-Interest Matter?                               2006
Attracting Attention: Cheap Managerial Talk and
Costly Market Monitoring                            2005
Attracting Creativity: The Initial and Aggregate
Effects of Contract Selection on Creativity-
Weighted Productivity                               2008
Attracting Foreign Direct Investments in Europe:
Are Italian Regions Doomed?                         2005

Attraction of Investments in Power Generation
and the Brazilian Regulatory Framework              2002
Attractiveness, Easiness, and Other Issues:
Student Evaluations of Professors on                                2006

Attributes of an Effective Audit Committee:
Evidence from an Emerging Capital Market            2006
Attributional Statements in Annual Report
Narratives: The Justification of Organizational
Performance                                         2008

Auctions of Capacity in Network Industries          2003
Auctions when Bidders Prepare by Investing in
Ideas                                               1999

Auction-Theoretic Approach to Modeling Legal
Systems: An Experimental Analysis                   2005

Audit and Non-audit Fees and Capital Market
Perceptions of Auditor Independence                 2004

Audit Committee and Auditor Independence:
Some Evidence from Malaysia                         2006

Audit Committee Authority and Effectiveness:
The Perceptions of Malaysian Senior Managers        2006
Audit Committee Characteristics and Auditor
Reporting                                           1998

                                                           January 2010
Audit Committee Characteristics and Financial
Misstatement:A Study of the Efficacy of Certain
Blue Ribbon Committee Recommendations               2002
Audit Committee Characteristics and the
Perceived Quality of Financial Reporting: An
Empirical Analysis                                  2003
Audit Committee Composition and Auditor
Reporting                                           2000

Audit Committee Effectiveness: Informal
Processes and Behavioural Effects                   2007

Audit Committee Financial Expertise, Competing
Corporate Governance Mechanisms, and
Earnings Management                                 2006

Audit Committee Financial Expertise, Competing
Corporate Governance Mechanisms, and
Earnings Management                                 2008
Audit Committee Financial Expertise, Corporate
Governance and Accruals Quality: An Empirical
Analysis                                            2006
Audit Committee Financial Literacy: A Work in
Progress                                            2005
Audit Committee Financial Literacy: What Might
it Mean and Why Bother?                             2006
Audit Committee Member Investigation of
Significant Accounting Decisions                    2007

Audit Committee Quality, Auditor Independence,
and Internal Control Weaknesses                     2006

Audit Committee Resources, Appointment and
Future Scope:Some Evidence from Malaysia            2006
Audit Committee Support and Auditor
Independence                                        2007

Audit Committee, Board of Director
Characteristics, and Earnings Management            2000

Audit Committee, Board of Director
Characteristics, and Earnings Management            2008

Audit Committees: From the Legal Perspective        2004

Audit Competition in Insurance Oligopolies          2002
Audit Delay and Motivators of Qualified Opinion
in Brazil: A Preliminary Study                      2009
Audit Error                                         2004
Audit Expectations Gap in Bangladesh: Perceptual
Differences Between Accounting Professionals
and Students                                        2004
Audit Fees, Non-Audit Services and Auditor-Client
Economic Bonding                                    2007
Audit Fees: A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of
Supply and Demand Attributes                        2004

                                                           January 2010
Audit Firm Industry Specialization as a
Differentiation Strategy: Evidence from Fees
Charged to Firms Going Public                        2002

Audit Firm Reputation and Client Stock Price
Reactions: Evidence from the Enron Experience        2003

Audit Information Dissemination, Taxpayer
Communication, and Compliance Behavior               2006

Audit Inquiries and Deception Detection:
Standards, Research, and Guidance                    2008
Audit Market Structure and Choice: Further
Evidence from the UK                                 2008

Audit Office Size, Audit Quality and Audit Pricing   2007
Audit Partner Rotation, Earnings Quality and
Earnings Conservatism                                2005

Audit Pricing and Internal Control Disclosures
Among Non-Accelerated Filers                         2006
Audit Pricing in Private Firms                       2002
Audit Pricing Semiosis: A Case for an Alternative
View to Audit Pricing                                2007

Audit Pricing, Legal Liability Regimes, and Big 4
Premiums: Theory and International Evidence          2005

Audit Procurement: Managing Audit Quality and
Audit Fees in Response to Agency Costs               2003
Audit Qualifications of Income-Decreasing
Accounting Choices                                   2004
Audit Quality and Auditor Switching: Some
Lessons for Policy Makers                            1998
Audit Quality and Earnings Management in
France                                               2005
Audit Quality and Properties of Analyst Earnings
Forecasts                                            2007
Audit Quality and Risk Differences Among
Auditors                                             2005
Audit Quality and the Accrual Anomaly                2008
Audit Quality Attributes, Client Size and Cost of
Capital                                              2005
Audit Quality Examined One Large CPA Firm at a
Time: Empirical Evidence of a Precursor of Arthur
Andersen's Collapse                                  2004
Audit Quality, Alternative Monitoring
Mechanisms, and Cost of Capital: An Empirical
Analysis                                             2008
Audit Quality, Auditor Compensation and IPO
Underpricing                                         2007
Audit Resource Planning Success in B2B e-
Commerce Engagement: An Empirical
Assessment of Theorized Constructs, Manifest
Variables Measurement and Second Order Factor
Model                                                2006

                                                            January 2010
Audit Review: Managers' Interpersonal
Expectations and Conduct of The Review               2001
Audit Risk, Complex Technology, & Auditing
Processes                                            2003

Audit Strategies and Multiple Fraud
Opportunities of Misreporting and Defalcation        2003

Audit Support Systems and Decision Aids: Current
Practice and Opportunities for Future Research       2007

Audit Value and Charitable Organizations             2008

Audit, Non-audit and Information Technology
Fees: Some Empirical Evidence                        2001

Auditing and Governance in the Forestry
Industry: Between Protest and Professionalism        2001

Auditing Corporate Risk Management - A Critical
Analysis of a German Particularity                   2004
Auditing in the Presence of Outside Sources of
Information                                          2000
Auditing Intangible Assets and Evaluating Fair
Market Value - The Case of Reacquired Franchise
Rights                                               2007
Auditing Judgment and Dispositional Need for
Closure: Effects on Hypothesis Generation and
Confidence                                           2008

Auditing Pricing and Audit Quality: The Influence
of the Introduction of Price Competition             2003

Auditing Standards Setting and Inspection for U.S.
Public Companies: A Critical Assessment and
Recommendations for Fundamental Change               2008
Auditing the Auditors: Evidence on the PCAOB's
Inspections of Audit Firms                           2007

Auditing XBRL-Related Documents: The Case of
United Technologies Corporation                      2008

Auditor Appointment, Rotation and
Independence: Some Evidence from Malaysia            2005

Auditor Capacity Stress and Audit Quality: Market-
Based Evidence from Andersen's Indictment            2008
Auditor Compensation and Audit Failure: An
Empirical Analysis                                   2003
Auditor Conservatism and Audit Quality:
Evidence from IPO Earnings Forecasts                 2002

Auditor Conservatism and Investment Efficiency       2008

Auditor Credibility Impairment Spillovers:
Evidence from Three Andersen Engagements             2003

                                                            January 2010
Auditor Fees Around Dismissals and Resignations:
Additional Evidence                                 2008
Auditor Incentive and Audit Size: Evidence from
Chinese Audit Market                                2008
Auditor Independence - Its Importance to the
External Auditor's Role in Banking Regulation and
Supervision                                         2009
Auditor Independence and Earnings Quality:
Evidence for Market Discipline vs. Sarbanes-Oxley
Proscriptions                                       2006

Auditor Independence and the Going-Concern
Decision: Some UK Evidence Concerning Types I
and II Audit Errors and Bargaining Power            2008
Auditor Independence and the Likelihood of a
GAAP Violation                                      2008
Auditor Independence in a Private Firm and Low
Litigation Risk Setting                             2008

Auditor Industry Specialization and Audit Fees
Surrounding Section 404 Implementation              2007
Auditor Industry Specialization and Client
Disclosure Quality                                  2000

Auditor Liability and Client Acceptance Decisions   2008
Auditor Liability and the Impact of the ASB's
Statement of Principles: An Examination of
Lobbying                                            2000
Auditor Liability Reforms in the UK and the US: A
Comparative Review                                  2007

Auditor Locality, Audit Quality and Audit Pricing   2007

Auditor Quality and Information Asymmetry           2006

Auditor Quality, Tenure, and Bank Loan Pricing      2006
Auditor Realignments Accompanying
Implementation of SOX 404 Reporting
Requirements                                        2006
Auditor Reputation and Auditor Independence in
an Emerging Market                                  2006

Auditor Reputation and Auditor Independence:
Evidence from an Emerging Market                    2006

Auditor Reputation, Auditor Independence and
the Stock Market Reaction to Andersen's Clients     2003

Auditor Resignation, Audit Firm Client Valuation
and Firm Ownership Structure                        2008
Auditor Specialization: The Influence of
Investment Opportunities                            2006

Auditor Tenure and Perceptions of Audit Quality     2003
Auditor Tenure and the Ability to Meet or Beat
Earnings Forecasts                                  2007

                                                           January 2010
Auditor Tenure, Managerial Fraud, and Report
Qualification: Theory and Evidence                    2009

Auditor Terms and Term Limits in the Public
Sector: Evidence from the US States                   2009
Auditors and Corporate Governance: Evidence
from the Public Sector                                2007
Auditors' Belief Revision: Recency Effects of
Contrary and Supporting Audit Evidence and
Source Reliability                                    2001

Auditors' Governance Functions and Legal
Environments: An International Investigation          2005

Auditors' Identification with their Clients and its
Effect on Auditors' Objectivity                       2005

Auditors' Judgments of Continued Existence:
Effects of Information Sequence and Irrelevant
Distractor Information When Using a Computer-
Based Decision Aid                                    1998

Auditors' Use of Brainstorming in the
Consideration of Fraud: Evidence from the Field       2007

Audits as a Corporate Governance Mechanism:
Evidence from the German Market                       2003
Audits of Public Companies                            2004

Australia and the United States: Two Common
Criminal Justice Systems Uncommonly at Odds           2003
Australia in the International Economy                2000

Australian Growth: A California Perspective           2001
Australia's Proposed ID Card: Still Quacking Like a
Duck                                                  2007

Austrian Economics and the Study of
Entrepreneurship: Concepts and Contributions          2009
Austrian Social Security Database                     2009

Authoritarian Deliberation on Chinese Internet        2009
Authoritarian Reversals and Democratic
Consolidation                                         2007

Authority and Commitment: Why Universities,
Like Legislatures, Are Not Organized As Firms         2000

Authorship, Audiences, and Anonymous Speech           2006
Autocorrelation-Corrected Standard Errors in
Panel Probits: An Application to Currency Crisis
Prediction                                            2006
Automobile Pollution Control in Brazil                1999
Autonomy Freedom and Preferences for
Redistribution                                        2007

                                                             January 2010
Availability and Market Potential on Non-
Agricultural Businesses in North Dakota              1997

Availability of Financing, Regulatory Business
Costs and National Entrepreneurial Propensity        2005
Availability of Prescription Information for
Secondary Usage - Impact of Outpatient E-
Prescribing                                          2009
Average Marginal Tax Rates from Social Security
and the Individual Income Tax                        2007
Average Treatment Effect Estimation Via Random
Recursive Partitioning                               2004
Averaging in a Framework of Zero Reserve
Requirements: Implications for the Operation of
Monetary Policy                                      1998
Aversion to Inequality in Italy and Its
Determinants                                         2003
Aversion to Inequality in Italy and its
Determinants                                         2004

Averting Enforcement: Strategic Response to the
Threat of Environmental Regulation                   2006
Averting the Nazi Seizure of Power: A
Counterfactual Thought Experiment                    2004

Avoid the Choice or Choose to Avoid? The
European Framework for Choice of Avoidance
Law and the Quest to Make it Sensible                2009

Avoiding Customer and Taxpayer Bailouts in
Private Infrastructure Projects: Policy toward
Leverage, Risk Allocation, and Bankruptcy            2004
Avoiding Double Taxation: The Case of
Commercial Banks                                     2005

Avoiding Duplicative Litigation of Similar Claims:
The Superiority of Class Action vs. Collateral
Estoppel vs. Standard Claims Market                  2002
Avoiding Liquidity Traps                             2000
Avoiding Liquidity Traps                             2001
Avoiding the Anticommons Tragedy in Canadian
Securities Regulation                                2002

Avoiding the Tragedy of the Anticommons:
Collective Rights Organizations, Patent Pools and
the Role of Antitrust                                2004
Awake the Sleeper Within: Releasing the Energy
of Stifled                                           2007
Awards - The Neglected Incentives                    2006
Back Door Links Between Directors and Executive
Compensation                                         2005
Back to Basics: Forecasting the Revenues of
Internet Firms                                       2000
Back to Keynes?                                      2005
Back to Keynes?                                      2005

                                                            January 2010
Back to the Future: The Perils and Promise of a
Backward Looking Jurisprudence                      2005

Back to Wicksell? In Search of the Foundations of
Practical Monetary Policy                           2006
Background Considerations to a Regulation of the
U.S. Financial System: Third Time a Charm? Or
Strike Three?                                       2009
Background for Financial Markets Development
in Ukraine                                          2000
Backlash: Social Incentives for Gender
Differences in Negotiating Behavior                 2004
Backward Step in Mexican Energy Policy: Energy
Regulators Affirm Status Quo in Name of
Competition                                         1997

Backward- versus Forward-Looking Regulation:
Consequences for Investment and Welfare             2005
Bad Arguments Against Gay Marriage                  2005
Bad Dreams Under Alternative Anchors: Are the
Consequences Different?                             2006

Bailout Policy in the Chinese Banking System        2005

Bailouts, Taxation and Financial Supervision        2006

Balance of Payment Crises in Emerging Markets:
How Early Were the 'Early' Warning Signals?         2007
Balance of Payments Surplus and Renminbi
Revaluation Pressure                                2007
Balance Sheet Information and Future Stock
Returns                                             2006

Balance Sheet or Ballot Box?: Incentives to
Privatize in Emerging Democracies                   1999
Balance Sheet Reporting Practices by Listed
Companies of Bangladesh                             2008
Balance Sheets, Exchange Rate Policy, and
Welfare                                             2006

Balance, Accountability, and Responsiveness:
Lessons about Decentralization                      2004

Balanced Budget Rules and Aggregate Instability:
The Role of Consumption Taxes                       2006
Balanced Budgets and the Withering of U.S. Fiscal
Policy: The Outlines of a Postwar American Fiscal
Constitution                                        2008
Balanced Scorecard Design Preferences
According to Subjects' Expertise and Purpose of
Use                                                 2007
Balanced University Decision Support                2006
Balancing Costs And Benefits Of New Privacy
Mandates                                            1999

Balancing Discretion: Securing the Rights of
Accompanied Children in Immigration Detention       2009

                                                           January 2010
Balancing Environmental Protection and Energy
Production in the Federal Hydropower Licensing
Process                                               2007
Balancing Equity and Efficiency Issues in the
Management of Shared Global
Radiocommunication Resources                          2003
Balancing Formalist Methods with Functionalist
Needs: Why Youngstown Remains the Most
Viable Framework for Analyzing National Security
Issues                                                2009

Balancing Sweatshop Ethics And Economics              2000

Balancing the Roles of Business Unit Controllers:
An Empirical Investigation in the Netherlands         2006
Balkan and Mediterranean Candidates for
European Union Membership: The Convergence
of their Monetary Policy with that of the
European Central Bank                                 2001
Ballots and Bullets: The Exceptional History of the
Right to Vote                                         2002
Bancassurance in India: Who is Tying the Knot
and Why                                               2005
Bangladesh: A Good Destination for Foreign
Investment                                            2009
Bank Accounting Standards in Mexico: A
Layman's Guide to Changes 10 Years after the
1995 Bank Crisis                                      2008
Bank Behavior and the Cost Channel of Monetary
Transmission                                          2006

Bank Behavior under Capital Regulation: What
Does the Academic Literature Tell Us?                 2006
Bank Behavior, Interest Rate Targeting and
Monetary Policy Transmission                          2004
Bank Branches in Supermarkets                         2007

Bank Capital and Incentives for Risk-Taking           2002

Bank Capital and Loan Loss Reserves under Basel
II: Implications for Emerging Countries               2004
Bank Capital Regulation and Incentives for Risk-
Taking                                                2002

Bank Capital Regulation in Contemporary Banking
Theory: A Review of the Literature                    2000

Bank Capital Regulation in General Equilibrium        2000
Bank Capital Regulation With and Without State-
Contingent Penalties                                  2000
Bank Capital Regulation, Asset Risk, and
Subordinated Uninsured Debt                           2005

Bank Capital Requirement and the Effectiveness
of Monetary Policy: A Literature Review               2005
Bank Capital Requirements and Managerial Self-
Interest                                              1998

                                                             January 2010
Bank Capital Standards for Market Risk: A
Welfare Analysis                                    1999
Bank Capital Structure: A Primer                    2009

Bank Capital, Asset Prices and Monetary Policy      2006
Bank Competition - When is it Good?                 2009

Bank Competition and Capital Regulation             2007
Bank Competition and Firm Creation                  2006
Bank Competition, Agency Costs, and the
Performance of the Monetary Policy                  2006

Bank Competition, Concentration and Efficiency
in the Single European Market                       2006
Bank Concentration and Crises                       2003
Bank Concentration and Crises                       2003
Bank Concentration and Fragility: Impact and
Mechanics                                           2005

Bank Concentration and Retail Interest Rates        2001

Bank Consolidation and Small Business Lending:
The Role of Community Banks                         2006

Bank Corporate Governance and Insolvency Risk
Evidence from an Emerging Market                    2009
Bank Debit Taxes in Latin America: An Analysis of
Recent Trends                                       2006
Bank Debt and Performance of Continental
European Firms                                      2008
Bank Deregulation, Accounting Systems of
Exchange , and the Unit of Account:A Critical
Review                                              2004
Bank Disclosure and Market Assessment of
Financial Fragility: Evidence from Banks' Equity
Prices                                              2007
Bank Disclosure and Market Assessment of
Financial Fragility: Evidence from Banks' Equity
Prices                                              2008

Bank Discrimination in Transition Economies:
Ideology, Information or Incentives?                2003

Bank Entry, Competition, and the Market for
Corporate Securities Underwriting                   1999
Bank Failure: Evidence from the Colombia
Financial Crisis                                    2007

Bank Failures and Fiscal Austerity: Policy
Prescriptions for a Developing Country              2006

Bank Finance vs. Bond Finance: A Culture-
Oriented View of Corporate Debt Financing           2009

Bank Lending and Property Prices in Hong Kong       2005

Bank Lending and Property Prices in Hong Kong       2007

                                                           January 2010
Bank Lending and the Transmission of Monetary
Policy: A VECM Analysis for Germany                2002

Bank Lending During the Financial Crisis of 2008   2008

Bank Lending, Bank Capital Regulation and
Efficiency of Corporate Foreign Investment         2007
Bank Liquidity, Interbank Markets, and Monetary
Policy                                             2009

Bank Loan Components and the Time-Varying
Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks                  2005

Bank Loan Loss Provisions: A Reexamination of
Capital Management, Earnings Management and
Signaling Effects                                  1998

Bank Loan Supply and Monetary Policy
Transmission in Germany: An Assessment Based
on Matching Impulse Responses                      2005
Bank Loan-Loss Provisioning, Methodology and
Application                                        2004
Bank Losses, Monetary Policy and Financial
Stability - Evidence on the Interplay from Panel
Data                                               2008

Bank M&A in Central and Eastern Europe             2007

Bank Mergers and Crime: The Real and Social
Effects of Credit Market Competition               2005

Bank Monitoring and Investment: Evidence from
the Changing Structure of Japanese Corporate
Banking Relationships                              2000
Bank of Japan Interventions, Exchange Rate
Volatility, and Spillover Effects: Evidence from
High Frequency Data                                2007
Bank Opacity and the Lending Channel of
Monetary Policy Transmission                       2007

Bank Ownership and Efficiency in China: What
will Happen in the World's Largest Nation?         2006

Bank Ownership Structure, Bank Regulation, and
Firm Investment: International Evidence            2009

Bank Participation in Private Equity Funds: Risk
Implication and Capital Adequacy                   2009
Bank Portfolio Choice With Private Information
About Loan Quality:Theory and Implications for
Regulation                                         2000

Bank Portfolio Exposure to Emerging Markets
and its Effects on Bank Market Value               2006
Bank Power and Cash Holdings: Evidence from
Japan                                              1999

                                                          January 2010
Bank Privatization in Argentina: A Model of
Political Constraints and Differential Outcomes      2004
Bank Procyclicality, Credit Crunches, and
Asymmetric Monetary Policy Effects: A Unifying
Model                                                2003

Bank Profitability Over Different Business Cycles
Regimes: Evidence from Panel Threshold Models        2007
Bank Rating Changes and Bank Stock
ReturnsPuzzling Evidence from the Emerging
Markets                                              2006

Bank Reform in Greece with Reference to Eastern
Europe. The Case of the Hellenic Industrial
Development Bank S.A.                                1999

Bank Regulation and Risk-Taking Incentives: An
International Comparison of Bank Risk                2003
Bank Regulation and Supervision: What Works
Best?                                                2001
Bank Regulation and Supervision: What Works
Best?                                                2002
Bank Regulation and the Network Paradigm:
Policy Implications for Developing and Transition
Economies                                            2004

Bank Regulation: The Case of the Missing Model       2005
Bank Relationships and Underwriter Competition:
Evidence from Japan                                  2005
Bank Risk and Monetary Policy                        2009

Bank Risk Regulation and the Credit Crunch           2008

Bank Risk, Implied Volatility and Bank Derivative
Use: Implications for Future Performance             2008
Bank Risk-Taking in a Prospect Theory
Framework Empirical Investigation in the
Emerging Markets' Case                               2004
Bank Secrecy, Illicit Money and Offshore Financial
Centers                                              2009
Bank Size, Credit and the Sources of Bank Market
Risk                                                 2006
Bank Size, Specialization and Efficiency: The
Netherlands, 1992-1998                               2002

Bank Stability and Market Discipline: Debt-for-
Equity Swap versus Subordinated Notes                2004

Bank Supervision and Corporate Finance               2004

Bank Supervision and Corruption in Lending           2005
Bank Supervision, Regulation, and Instability
During the Great Depression                          2004

Bank Ties and Bond Market Access: Evidence on
Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity in Japan            2003

                                                            January 2010
Bank Ties and Bond Market Access: Evidence on
Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity in Japan           2005
Bank Ties and Firm Performance in Japan: Some
Evidence Since FY2002                               2009
Bank versus Venture Capital                         2001

Bank-Based and Market-Based Financial Systems:
Cross-Country Comparisons                           2004
Bankers on Boards: Monitoring, Financing, and
Lender Liability                                    1999

Bankers on Boards:Monitoring, Conflicts of
Interest, and Lender Liability                      2000
Bankers' versus Workers' Europe (I): Asymmetric
Information in EMU                                  1998
Bank-Firm Relation Changes and Earnings Quality -
An Analysis on Italian Small-Medium Sized
Companies                                           2007
Bank-Firm Relationhips and Security Analyst
Activities:Evidence from Japan                      2006
Banking and Currency Crises: How Common are
Twins?                                              2001
Banking and Development                             2001

Banking and Economic Development in Morocco         2006

Banking and Interest Rates in Monetary Policy
Analysis: A Quantitative Exploration                2007

Banking Competition, Risk, and Regulation           2006

Banking Crises and Bank Resolution: Experiences
in Some Transition Economies                        2006
Banking Deregulation and Industry Structure:
Evidence from the French Banking Reforms of
1985                                                2004

Banking Deregulation and Macroeconomic
Impact in China: A Theoretical Analysis and
Implications of Wto Accession to the Mainland
and Hong Kong                                       2007
Banking Deregulations, Financing Constraints and
Firm Entry Size                                     2009

Banking Environment, Agency Costs, and Loan
Syndication: A Cross-Country Analysis               2008

Banking in a Theory of the Business Cycle: A
Model and Critique of the Basle Accord on Risk
Based Capital Requirements for Banks                1999

Banking in Developing Countries in the 1990s        2004
Banking in General Equilibrium                      2001

Banking Industry Structure, Competition, and
Performance: Does Universality Matter?              2000

                                                           January 2010
Banking Licences, Bailouts and Regulator Ability   2002
Banking Market Concentration and Consumer
Credit Constraints: Evidence from the Survey of
Consumer Finances                                  2008
Banking Market Concentration and Credit
Availability to Small Businesses                   2008

Banking on Development: Private Financial Actors
and Donors in Developing Countries                 2008

Banking on the Principles: Compliance with Basel
Core Principles and Bank Soundness                 2006

Banking on the Principles: Compliance with Basel
Core Principles and Bank Soundness                 2006

Banking Panics and the Origin of Central Banking   2002
Banking Passivity and Regulatory Failure in
Emerging Markets: Theory and Evidence from the
Czech Republic                                     2002
Banking Policy and Macroeconomic Stability: An
Exploration                                        2004
Banking Reform in China: Catalyzing the Nation's
Financial Future                                   2004
Banking Reform in the Chinese Mirror               2009

Banking Regulation and Network-topology
Dependence of Iterative Risk-trading Games         2002

Banking Regulation and Prompt Corrective Action    2007
Banking Regulation Towards Advisory: The
'Culture Compliance' of Banks and Supervisory
Authorities                                        2005
Banking Regulation Under Extreme Legal
Underdevelopment: Lessons from the Russian
Meltdown                                           2000
Banking Relationships and Access to Equity
Capital Markets: Evidence from Japan's Main
Bank System                                        2003
Banking Risks around the World: The Implicit
Safety Net Subsidy Approach                        2004

Banking Services for Everyone? Barriers to Bank
Access and Use Around the World                    2006
Banking Stability, Reputational Rents, And The
Stock Market: Should Bank Regulators Care
About Stock Prices?                                2001
Banking Stock Returns and Their Relationship to
Interest Rates and Exchange Rates: Australian
Evidence                                           2003

Banking System Failures in Developing and
Transition Countries: Diagnosis and Predictions    2005

Banking System Restructuring in Kazakhstan         2006
Banking System, International Investors and
Central Bank Policy                                1999

                                                          January 2010
Banking Systems Around the Globe: Do
Regulation and Ownership Affect Performance
and Stability?                                       2004

Bank-Led Restructuring in Poland: An Empirical
Look at the Bank Conciliation Process                2004
Bank-Led Restructuring in Poland: Bankruptcy
and its Alternatives                                 2004

Banknorth: Designing it Governance for a Growth-
Oriented Business Enviornment                        2005
Bankruptcy and Entrepreneurship: The Value of a
Fresh Start                                          2003
Bankruptcy Around the World: Explanations of its
Relative Use                                         2003
Bankruptcy Classification of Firms Investigated by
the US Securities and Exchange Commission: An
Evolutionary Ensemble Computing Model
Approach                                             2009
Bankruptcy Law as Social Legislation                 2001
Bankruptcy Policy Reform and Total Factor
Productivity Dynamics in Korea                       2003
Bankruptcy Prediction During the IMF Crisis:
Evidence from Malaysian Listed Industrial
Companies                                            2004

Bankruptcy Prediction in the High-Tech Industry      2005
Bankruptcy Reorganization through Markets:
Auction-based Creditor Ordering by Reducing
Debts (ACCORD)                                       2004
Bankruptcy Risk and the Performance of Tradable
Permit Markets                                       2007

Bankruptcy, Counterparty Risk, and Contagion         2006

Bankruptcy's Origins in Debtor Perpetrated Crime     1999

Bankruptcy's Origins in Debtor-Perpetrated Crime     2000

Banks and Bonds: The Impact of Bank Loan
Announcements on Bond and Equity Prices              2007
Banks and Monetary Shocks in Emerging
Markets: How Far Can We Go With the Credit
View?                                                2006
Banks as Catalysts for Industrialization             2002
Bank's Default Modelisation and Regulatory
Factors: An Application to Banks from Emerging
Market Economies                                     2004

Bank's Default Modelisation: An Application to
Banks from Emerging Market Economies                 2004

Banks During the Argentine Crisis: Were They All
Hurt Equally? Did They All Behave Equally?           2006

Banks' Earnings Management before Potential
Violation of Dividend Regulation in Japan            2001

                                                            January 2010
Banks in Distress: The Case of Bangladesh             2006
Banks' Internationalization Strategies: The Role of
Bank Capital Regulation                               2006

Banks' Loan Loss Expectations over the Business
Cycle: From Pessimism to Over-Optimism                2009
Banks' Loan Portfolio and the Monetary
Transmission Mechanism                                2005

Banks' Orientation and Performance in
Stakeholders-Shareholders Business Systems            2004
Banks versus Venture Capital                          2002

Banks, Liquidity Crises and Economic Growth           2005
Banks, Stock Markets, and China's 'Great Leap
Forward'                                              2006
Banks-Firms Nexus under the Currency Board:
Empirical Evidence from Bulgaria                      2003

Bank-specific Characteristics and Monetary Policy
Transmission: The Case of Italy                       2002
Baptists? The Political Economy of Political
Environmental Interest Groups                         2002

Bargaining for a New Fiscal Pact in Mexico            2004

Bargaining for Bribes: The Role of Institutions       2006
Bargaining for Compensation in the Shadow of
Regulatory Giving: The Case of Stock Trading
Rights Reform in China                                2006

Bargaining in Mergers and Termination Fees            2007
Bargaining Over Labor: Do Patients Have Any
Power?                                                2006

Bargaining Over New Ideas: Rent Distribution and
Stability of Innovative Firms                         2008
Bargaining Power and Foreign Direct Investment
in China: Can 1.3 Billion Consumers Tame the
Multinationals?                                       2003

Barley's Method of Cultural Occurrence and
Influence: Academic Or Practitioner Driver?           2009

Barnett and the Constitution We Have Lost             2004
Barriers to Exit                                      2007
Barriers to International Capital Flows: When,
Why, How Big, and for Whom?                           2000

Barriers to Investment by Russian Firms: Property
Protection or Credit Constraints?                     2002

Barter in Transition Economies: Competing
Explanations Confront Ukrainian Data                  2000
Basel II and Bank Credit Risk: Evidence from the
Emerging Markets                                      2008

                                                             January 2010
Basel II and Bank Lending to Emerging Markets:
Micro Evidence from German Banks                   2005
Basel II and Developing Countries: Sailing
Through the Sea of Standards                       2004
Basel II, Probability of Bank Run and Portfolio
Credit Risk                                        2009
Basel II, Sovereign Ratings and Transfer Risk
External versus Internal Ratings                   2003
Basel II: A Research Agenda for Banks              2007
Basel II: Capital Requirements for Equity
Investment Portfolios                              2006

Basel's Value-at-Risk Capital Requirement
Regulation: An Efficiency Analysis                 2004

Basic Concepts in Probability (Spanish Version)    2006

Basic Concepts in Statistics (Spanish Version)     2006
Basic Equality                                     2008
Basic Exchange Rate Theories                       2005
Basic Facts on Charitable Giving                   2006

Basic Regression Analysis (Spanish Version)        2006

Basic Structure Doctrine: Some Reflections         2005
Baumol-Tobin and the Welfare Costs of National
Security Border Delays                             2006
Bay Industries                                     2008
Bayesian Analysis of Nested Logit Model by
Markov Chain Monte Carlo                           2002

Bayesian Inference for Generalised Markov
Switching Stochastic Volatility Models             2006
Bayesian Learning and Regulation of Greenhouse
Gas Emissions                                      2001
Bayesian Monitoring                                2005
Bayesian Quantile Regression                       2006
Bear in China: Which Trades Push Down the Stock
Prices?                                            2006
Beating Earnings Benchmarks and the Cost of
Debt                                               2006

Beaver (1968) Revisited: Has the Information
Content of Annual Earnings Announcements
Declined in the Past Three Decades?                2000
Because That's Where the Money Is: Toward a
Theory and Strategy of Corporate Legal
Compliance                                         2007
Been There, Done That. The History of Corporate
Ownership in Japan                                 2003
Beer Advertising and Marketing Update:
Structure, Conduct, and Social Costs               2004

Before and After the EMU: Financial Integration,
Monetary Policy and Welfare Changes                2004

                                                          January 2010
Before the House of Representatives Committee
on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee
Telecommunications and the Internet: Hearing
on 'An Examination of Competition in the
Wireless Industry'                                   2009
Behavior and Effects of Equity Foreign Investors
on Emerging Markets                                  2008

Behavioral and Rational Explanations of Stock
Price Performance Around SEOS: Evidence from a
Decomposition of Market-to-Book Ratios               2006
Behavioral Asset Allocation for Foundations and
Endowments                                           2006
Behavioral Causes of the Bullwhip Effect in a
Single Echelon                                       2007
Behavioral Corporate Finance: A Survey               2004
Behavioral Economics and Fundamental Tax
Reform                                               2006
Behavioral Economics and the Regulation of
Public Offerings                                     2005
Behavioral Economics and the SEC                     2004

Behavioral Effects of Social Security Reform in a
Dynamic Micro-Simulation with Life-Cycle Agents      2005
Behavioral Evidence on the Effects of Principles-
and Rules-Based Standards                            2003

Behavioral Finance and Efficient Markets: The
Joint Hypothesis is it Really the Problem?           2009

Behavioral Finance in Corporate Governance -
Independent Directors and Non-Executive Chairs       2004

Behavioral Finance in Corporate Governance -
Independent Directors, Non-Executive Chairs,
and the Importance of the Devil S Advocate           2004
Behavioral Implications of the SEC Market Risk
Disclosures                                          2000

Behavioral Public Economics: Welfare and Policy
Analysis with Non-Standard Decision-Makers           2005

Behavioral Responses to Measurement Diversity
in Individual Incentive Plans: Role Conflict, Role
Ambiguity, and Model-of-Man                          2007

Behavioral Studies of the Effects of Regulation on
Earnings Management and Accounting Choice            2008

Behavioural Analysis: A User Manual for Lawyers      2005

Behind Broad Corporate Governance Aggregates:
A First Look at Single Provisions of the German
Corporate Governance Code                            2007
Behind the Diffusion Curve: An Analysis of ATM
Adoption                                             2005

                                                            January 2010
Being Efficiently Fickle: A Dynamic Theory of
Organizational Choice                              2002
Being in Balance: Economic Efficiency in the
Dutch Power Market                                 2004

'Being in the Market': The UK House-Price Bubble
and the Intended Structure of Individual Pension
Investment Portfolios                              2008

'Being in the Market': The UK House-Price Bubble
and the Intended Structure of Individual Pension
Investment Portfolios                              2009
Being the New York Times: The Political
Behaviour of a Newspaper                           2004
Being Virtuous and Prosperous: SRI's Conflicting
Goals                                              2009

Beliefs About Accountants' Risk Tendencies and
Their Effect on the Integration of Accountants'
Advice Regarding Expenditure Decisions             2007

Bell Companies as Profitable Wholesale Firms:
The Financial Implications of UNE-P                2004
Bellaire Clinical Labs, Inc. (A)                   2008
Bellaire Clinical Labs, Inc. (B)                   2008

'Benchmark Beating' as Evidence of Earnings
Management: Review of the Literature               2006
Benchmarking Against the Performance of High
Profile 'Scandal' Firms                            2006
Benchmarking Audit Committee Effectiveness in
the UK                                             2001

Benchmarking in Tourism Destination, Keeping in
Mind the Sustainable Paradigm                      2006

Benchmarking Structural Change in Transition       2003

Benchmarking Structural Change in Transition       2003
Bending the Rules: Discretionary Pollution
Control in China                                   2004
Benefits & Costs of Kyoto                          2000
Benefits and Costs of International Financial
Integration: Theory and Facts                      2004
Benefits of Broad-Based Option Pay                 2004
Benefits of Broad-Based Option Pay                 2005
Benefits of Compliance with Securities Listing
StandardsEvidence from the Depository Receipt
Market                                             2006

Benefits of Contribution: Individual Asset
Allocation, Diversification and Welfare in a
Defined Contribution Pension System                2006
Benefits of Customer Profitability Analysis
Reports in Repeated Budget Allocation Decision
Making                                             2001

                                                          January 2010
Benefits of Peak Load Reduction Resulting from
the Central Air-Conditioning (CAC) Standard         2006

Benevolent Government, Managerial Incentives,
and the Virtues of Privatization                    2002
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. - Intercorporate
Investments                                         2008
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. - Intercorporate
Investments (B)                                     2009

Berne Without Borders: Geographic Indiscretion
and Digital Communications (Stephen Stewart
Memorial Lecture, Intellectual Property Institute
London U.K., Oct. 29, 2001)                         2001

Best-Practice Investment Management: Lessons
for Asset Owners from the Oxford-Watson Wyatt
Project on Governance                               2007
Betas Used by Professors: A Survey with 2,500
Answers                                             2009
Better Corporate Governance: What, Why and
How                                                 2009

Better Firm Performance with Employees on the
Board? Not in the Long Run                          2007
Better Regulation by New Governance Hybrids?
Governance Models and the Reform of European
Chemicals Policy                                    2006

Better Than a Casino: Some Good News from the
Frontline of China's Capital Market Reforms         2003
Better than Cash? Consumer Protection and the
Global Debit Card Deluge                            2005

Better than Dynamic Mean-Variance: Time
Inconsistency and Free Cash Flow Stream             2009
Betting on Hitler - The Value of Political
Connections in Nazi Germany                         2005

Between Centralization and Fragmentation: The
Club Model of Multilateral Cooperation and
Problems of Democratic Legitimacy                   2001

Between Civil Libertarianism and Executive
Unilateralism: An Institutional Process Approach
to Rights During Wartime                            2003

Between Conflict and Cooperation - Global-
National Interfaces and the Fight against
HIV/AIDS in Brazil and South Africa                 2006
Between Cultural Boundaries and Legal
Traditions: Ethics in International Commercial
Arbitration                                         2001
Between Development and State: Recasting
Korean Dirigisme                                    2004

                                                           January 2010
Between Formulary Apportionment and the
OECD Guidelines: A Proposal for Reconciliation       2009
Between Global Norms and Domestic Realities:
Judicial Reforms in China                            2009

Between History and Values: A Study on the
Nature of Interpretation in International Law        2005
Between Wilmington and Washington: Lessons
from Oracle-PeopleSoft                               2006
Between-Firm Redistribution of Profit in
Competitive Industries: Why Labor Market
Policies May Not Work                                2005
Beware of Emigrants Bearing Gifts: Optimal Fiscal
and Monetary Policy in the Presence of
Remittances                                          2006
Beware the Sharpe Ratio                              2007
Beyond a Formal Legal Property System: Property
Rights on Land, Land Apartheid and Development
in Indonesia                                         2006
Beyond Balanced Growth                               1998
Beyond Bipolar: A Three-Dimensional Assessment
of Monetary Frameworks                               2001

Beyond Capital Ideals: Restoring Banking Stability   2004
Beyond Constant Liquidity Indexing                   2007
Beyond Counting Votes: The Political Economy of
Bush v. Gore                                         2001
Beyond Internet Governance: The Emerging
International Framework for Governing the
Networked World                                      2005
Beyond Layers                                        2006

Beyond Legal Origin and Checks and Balances:
Political Credibility, Citizen Information and
Financial Sector Development                         2007

Beyond Legal Origin and Checks and Balances:
Political Credibility, Citizen Information, and
Financial Sector Development                         2007
Beyond Machiavellism: The Political Economy of
Privatisation                                        2004

Beyond Penrose: A Cognitive Theory of the Firm       2006

Beyond Playing 'Banker': The Role of the
Regulatory Agency in Emissions Trading               2006
Beyond Reparations: An American Indian Theory
of Justice                                           2004

Beyond Retribution and Impunity: Responding to
War Crimes of Sexual Violence                        2004

Beyond Shareholder Value: Normative Standards
for Sustainable Corporate Governance                 2009
Beyond Tariffs and Quotas: Why Don't African
Manufacturers Export More?                           2005

                                                            January 2010
Beyond the (Current) Fourth Amendment:
Protecting Third-Party Information, Third Parties,
and the Rest of Us Too                               2006
Beyond the 2001 Financial Crisis: The Political
Economy of the New Phase of Neo-Liberal
Restructuring in Turkey                              2006

Beyond the Design of Monetary Policy Alone:
Fiscal Commitment, Macro Coordination, and
Structural Adjustment                                2001
Beyond the Holistic Constitution?                    2009

Beyond the International Monetary Fund: The
Broader Institutional Arrangements in Global
Financial Governance                                 2007
Beyond the Law and Finance Approach: The
Shareholders' Cognitive Role and Its Effects on
the Analysis of Ownership Structure and
Corporate Governance                                 2004
Beyond the Numbers: Managers' Use of
Optimistic and Pessimistic Tone in Earnings Press
Releases                                             2006
Beyond the Precautionary Principle                   2002

Beyond the Pro-Consumption Tax Consensus             2007
Beyond the Smokestack: Environmental
Protection in the Service Economy                    1999

Beyond the Uruguay Round: The Implications of
an Asian Free Trade Area                             2004

Beyond UNCITRAL: Alternatives to Universality in
Transnational Insolvency                             2006

Beyond Unequal Development: An Overview              2004

Beyond Westphalia: Competitive Legalization in
Emerging Transnational Regulatory Systems            2006

Beyond-GAAP Corporate Reporting: Insights for
Practice and Opportunities for Research              2007
Bhp Billiton and Mozal (B)                           2009
Bias and Measurement Error in Discretionary
Accrual Models                                       1999

Bias in Analysts' Earnings Forecasts as an
Explanation for the Long-Run Underperformance
of Stocks Following Equity Offerings                 1996

Bias in Quarterly Estimates of Annual Effective
Tax Rates and Earnings Management Incentives         2004
Bias, the Brain, and Student Evaluations of
Teaching                                             2007

                                                            January 2010
Biased Forecasts or Biased Earnings? The Role of
Reported Earnings in Explaining Apparent Bias
and Over/Underreaction in Analysts' Earnings
Forecasts                                             2004
Biases and Error Measures: How to Compare
Valuation Methods                                     2006

Biases in Allocation Under Risk and Uncertainty:
Partition Dependence, Unit Dependence, and
Procedure Dependence                                  2005

Bidding Asymmetries in Multi-Unit
Auctions:Implications of Bid Function Equilibria in
the British Spot Market for Electricity               2005
Bidding Behavior in Treasury Bill Auctions:
Evidence from Pakistan                                2006
Bidding for Concessions                               2004
Bi-Directional Impacts of Economic, Social and
Environmental Changes and the New Zealand
Housing Market                                        2006

Bifurcation or Parallel Routes? In Search of US
Functional Substitutes for the British Post-
Takeover Mandatory Bid Rule                           2006

Big Bad Banks? The Impact of U.S. Branch
Deregulation on Income Distribution                   2007

Big Bad Banks? The Winners and Losers from
Bank Deregulation in the United States                2009

'Big Bang' Deregulation and Japanese Corporate
Governance: A Survey of the Issues                    1998
'Big Bang' versus Gradualism in Economic
Reforms: An Intertemporal Analysis with an
Application to China                                  2006

Big Business and the Golden Straitjacket              2005
Big Business Owners in Politics                       2006

Big Changes in Ownership Structures - Multiple
Voting Shares in Interwar in France                   2006

Big Fish in Small Ponds: The Trading Behavior and
Price Impact of Foreign Investors in Asian
Emerging Equity Markets                               2002
Big Five Audits and Accounting Fraud                  2008
Bigger and Better: A Dynamic Regulatory
Mechanism for Optimum Quality                         2004
Bilateral Investment Treaties, Political Risk, and
Foreign Direct Investment                             2006
Bin Laden's War                                       2006
Binary Economics - An Overview                        2006

Binary Response and Logistic Regression in
Recent Accounting Research Publications: A
Methodological Note                                   2006

                                                             January 2010
Binding Precedent and Shari'a/Islamic Law in
Nigeria: An Attempt at a Civil-Criminal Distinction   2009

Binomial Autoregressive Moving Average Models
with an Application to U.S. Recessions                2006
Biodiesel: A New Oildorado?                           2006

Biological Globalization: The Other Grain Invasion    2006
Biomedical Academic Entrepreneurship Through
the SBIR Program                                      2005
Biomedical Ethics and the Law: A Critical
Perspective                                           2007

Biometric Technology: The Impact on Privacy           2005
Bioprospection: From the Economics of Contracts
to Reflexive Governance                               2004
Biotech Food and the Precautionary Principle
Under EU and WTO Law                                  2001

Biotechnologies, Seeds and Semicommons                2007

Birds of a Feather: Do Co-Movements in
Accounting Fundamentals Help to Explain
Commonalities in Securities Returns?*                 2004
Birmingham, Addis Ababa and the Image of
America: Managing the Impact of Civil Rights on
Foreign Affairs During the Kennedy
Administration                                        1998
Births, Deaths, and New Deal Relief During the
Great Depression                                      2005
Bits & Pieces & Moral Authority: The Paradox of
Success in the 'Unregulated' 19th Century New
York Capital Markets                                  2004
Blackheath Manufacturing Company                      2008
Blackmun's List                                       2006
Blair's Babes: Critical Mass Theory, Gender, and
Legislative Life                                      2001
Block Trades and the Benefits of Control in
Slovenia                                              2003
Block Trades in the Spanish Stock Exchange:
Empirical Analysis of the Information and
Monitoring Hypothesis                                 2001

Blood and Ink! The Common-Interest-Game
Between Terrorists and the Media                      2006

Bloodshed or Reforms? The Determinants of
Sovereign Bond Spreads in 1870-1913 and Today         2006

Bloodstains on a 'Code of Honor' the Murderous
Marginalization of Women in the Islamic World         2009
Blue Line Management: What Value Creation
Really Means                                          2009
Blue Ocean versus Competitive Strategy: Theory
and Evidence                                          2009

                                                             January 2010
Blunt to Sharpened Razor: Incremental Reform
and Distortions in the Product and Capital
Markets in China                                  2006
Board Characteristics and Audit Fees              2000
Board Characteristics, Accounting Report
Integrity, and the Cost of Debt                   2004
Board Characteristics, Audit Committee
Characteristics and Abnormal Accruals             2004
Board Committees, CEO Compensation, and
Earnings Management                               2008

Board Compensation and Firm Performance: The
Role of 'Independent' Board Members               2005
Board Compensation Practices and Agency Costs
of Debt                                           2007

Board Independence and Audit Firm Type            1998
Board Independence and CEO Turnover               2005
Board Independence and the Design of Executive
Compensation                                      2005

Board Leadership Structure and CEO Turnover       2000

Board Monitoring and Earnings Management: Do
Outside Directors Influence Abnormal Accruals?    2001

Board Monitoring, Audit Committee
Effectiveness, and Financial Reporting Quality:
Review and Synthesis of Empirical Evidence        2008
Board Monitoring, Consulting, and Reward
Structures                                        2007

Board of Director Incentive Alignment and the
Design of Executive Compensation Contracts        2000
Board of Directors' Responsiveness to
Shareholders: Evidence from Shareholder
Proposals                                         2005
Board of Directors, Ownership, and Firm's
Performance: A Study of SET100 Firms in
Thailand                                          2009

Board Oversight and Director Reputation:
Evidence from Firms Interlocked with Backdating
Investigation Targets                             2009
Board Remuneration, Performance and
Corporate Governance in Large Spanish
Companies                                         1999
Board Representation: Multiple Interests and
Corporate Governance                              2006
Board Structure and Agency Costs                  2002
Board Structure in the UK and Germany:
Convergence or Continuing Divergence?             2001

Board Structure, Mergers and Shareholder
Wealth: A Study of the Mutual Fund Industry       2006

Board Structure, Ownership Structure, and Firm
Performance: Evidence from Banking                2004

                                                         January 2010
Boardroom Brawls: An Empirical Analysis of
Disputes Involving Directors                        2008
Boardroom Brawls: An Empirical Analysis of
Disputes Involving Directors                        2009
Boardroom Politics: Implications for Human
Resources Management                                2007
Boards of Directors as an Endogenously
Determined Institution: A Survey of the Economic
Literature                                          2001
Boards of Directors as an Endogenously
Determined Institution:A Survey of the Economic
Literature                                          2000

Boards of Directors' Contribution to Strategy: A
Literature Review and Research Agenda               2009

Boards of Directors, Audit Committees, and the
Information Content of Earnings                     2003
Boards' Response to Shareholders'
Dissatisfaction: The Case of Shareholders' Say on
Pay in the UK                                       2009
Boards: Does One Size Fit All?                      2005

Bold Security Analysts' Earnings Forecasts and
Managers' Information Flow                          2004

Bolstering Private Environmental Management         2001

Bond Financing and Debt in a Stepwise Dynamic
CGE Model (La dette obligataire dans un MEGC
dynamique sequentiel)                               2005
Bond Performance in Mergers and Acquisitions:
The Impact and Spillover of Governance and
Legal Standards                                     2008
Bond Rating Agencies and Stock Analysts: Who
Knows What When?                                    1996

Bond Risk Premia and Realized Jump Volatility       2008
Bond Term Premium Analysis in the Presence of
Multiple Regimes                                    2005
Bond Underwriting Fees and Keiretsu Affiliation
in Japan                                            2005

Bonding and Dominance in Securities Markets:
Cross-listing and Corporate Governance              2003

Bonding Premium as a General Phenomenon             2006

Bonding to the Improved Disclosure Environment
in the United States: Firms' Listing Choices and
Their Capital Market Consequences                   2006

Bonds, Stocks or Dollars? Do Voters Care About
Capital Markets in Brazil and Mexico                2009
Bonus Contracts, Private Information and CEO
Turnover                                            2008
Book Review of Credit Risk: Pricing,
Measurement, and Management                         2004

                                                           January 2010
Book Review of Risk Management                      2003
Book Review: The Comparative Anatomy of
Corporate Law                                       2004
Book versus Taxable Income                          2004
Book vs. Fair Value Accounting in Banking and
Intertemporal Smoothing                             2005
Book vs. Fair Value Accounting in Banking, and
Intertemporal Smoothing                             2005

Bookmaker and Pari-Mutuel Betting: Is a
(Reverse) Favourite-Longshot Bias Built-In?         2007
Book-Tax Conformity and the Information
Content of Earnings                                 2006
Book-Tax Conformity for Corporate Income: An
Introduction to the Issues                          2005

Book-Tax Conformity, Earnings Persistence and
the Association between Earnings and Future
Cash Flows                                          2007
Book-Tax Conformity: Implications for
Multinational Firms                                 2007

Book-Tax Differences and Earnings Growth            2009

Book-Tax Differences, a Proxy for Earnings
Management and Tax Management - Empirical
Evidence from China                                 2005

Book-to-Market Components, Future Security
Returns, and Errors in Expected Future Earnings     1999
Boom and Bust in the Venture Capital Industry
and the Impact on Innovation                        2003
Boom and Bust Patterns in the Adoption of
Financial Innovations                               1995
Boom In, Bust Out: Young Households and the
Housing Price Cycle                                 1998
Boom-Bust Phases in Asset Prices and Fiscal
Policy Behavior                                     2006
Boom-Busts in Asset Prices, Economic Instability
and Monetary Policy                                 2002
Boom-Busts in Asset Prices, Economic Instability,
and Monetary Policy                                 2002
Boondoggles and Expropriation:Rent-Seeking and
Policy Distortion when Property Rights are
Insecure                                            2002

Boosting Your Instruments: Estimation with
Overidentifying Inequality Moment Conditions        2006

Boosting Your Instruments: Estimation with
Overidentifying Inequality Moment Conditions        2007
Bootleggers, Baptists, and the Global Warming
Battle                                              2001

Bordenkircher v. Hayes: The Rise of Plea
Bargaining and the Decline of the Rule of Law       2005
Borders and Business Cycles                         1999

                                                           January 2010
Borrow and Adjust: Fiscal Policy and Sectoral
Adjustment in an Open Economy                        2001
Borrower Poaching and Information Display in
Credit Markets                                       2001

Borrower-Lender Distance, Credit Scoring, and
the Performance of Small Business Loans              2006
Borrowers' Financial Constraints and the
Transmission of Monetary Policy: Evidence from
Financial Conglomerates                              2006
Borrowing and Non-Borrowing among
International Courts                                 2009

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Meeting Copenhagen
Economic Criteria for Accession to the EU            2009
Both Sides of Corporate Diversification: The
Value Impacts of Geographic and Industrial
Diversification                                      2000
Both Sides of Corporate Diversification: The
Value Impacts of Geographic and Industrial
Diversification                                      2000
Bottom-Up Corporate Governance                       2005
Bottom-Up Corporate Governance                       2006
Boumediene v. Bush and the New Common Law
of Habeas                                            2009

Bounded 'Emotionalities' and Accounting in the
Narratives of Organisational Change: The Case of
a Heritage Railway                                   2009
Bounded Evaluation: Cognition, Incoherence, and
Regulatory Policy                                    2002

Bounded Rationality in Newsvendor Models             2006

Bounded Rationality, Value Systems and Time-
inconsistency of Preferences as Rational
Foundations for the Concept of Trust                 2004

Bounds for Ruin Probabilities and Value at Risk      2007
Bourdieu's Logic of Practice Theory: Possibilities
for Research on Management Accounting and
Control                                              2009
Boutique Fuels and Market Power                      2005

Brain Drain and Inequality Across Nations            2006

Brain Drain from Turkey: An Investigation of
Students' Return Intentions                          2006
Brain Drain, Brain Gain, and Economic Growth in
China                                                2009
Branches Around the World                            2007
Brazilian Agriculture in the 1990s: Impact of the
Policy Reforms                                       2001
Brazilian Population Ageing: A Demographic
Contribution                                         2002

                                                            January 2010
Brazilian Social Security Reform: A Proposal to
Assure Social Protection and Equity                   2000
Brazil's Efficient Payment System: A Legacy of
High Inflation                                        2004
Brazil's Securities Commission as Accounting
Regulator: The Case of REFIS                          2004

Breadwinner or Caregiver? How Household Role
Affects Labor Choices in Mexico                       2004

Break in the Mean and Persistence of Inflation: A
Sectoral Analysis of French CPI                       2005
Breaking the Fetters: Why Did Countries Exit the
Interwar Gold Standard?                               2006

Breaking the Spell of Regulatory Competition:
Reframing the Problem of Regulatory Exit              2001
Breaking up the Collective Farm: Welfare
Outcomes of Vietnam's Massive Land
Privatization                                         2003
Breeden Electronics (a)                               2008
Breeden Electronics (B)                               2008
Breeden Electronics (C)                               2008
Bremen Electronics (a)                                2008
Bremen Electronics (B)                                2008
Bremen Electronics (C)                                2008
Bretton Woods and its Precursors: Rules Versus
Discretion in the History of International
Monetary Regimes                                      2006
Bribes and Business Tax Evasion                       2006
BRIC & MENA Countries: The Emergence of M&A
Opportunities                                         2009
BRICSAM and the Non-WTO                               2005

Bridging the Economic Divide within Nations: A
Scorecard on the Performance of Regional
Development Policies in Reducing Regional
Income Disparities                                    2004
Bridging the Gap Between Value Relevance and
Information Content                                   2001
Bridging 'the Great Divide': Countering Financial
Repression in Transition                              2003

Bridging the Reporting Gap: A Proposal for more
Informative Reconciling of Book and Tax Income        2003

Brief Considerations Regarding Colombian Coffee
Policy Objectives: 1975-80                            1999

Brief of Amici Curiae in Support of Lionel Tate,
Appellant, in State of Florida v. Lionel Tate, Case
No. 4D01-1306 (Fla. 4th DCA)                          2002

Bringing Corporate Governance in by Sell-Side
Financial Analysts: An Investigation into the
Arenas of Emergence                                   2009

                                                             January 2010
Bringing Down the Other Berlin Wall: Germany's
Repeal of the Corporate Capital Gains Tax          2001

Bringing Energy Back Into the Economy:
Examining Economic Growth With Energy              2006
Bringing 'Honest Capital' to Poor Borrowers: The
Passage of the Uniform Small Loan Law, 1907-
1930                                               2009

Bringing it Home: A Study of the Incentives
Surrounding the Repatriation of Foreign Earnings
Under the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004       2006

Bringing Sustainable Growth Back to Business and
the People in Europe: A 'Triple-I' Strategy        2006

Bringing the Copenhagen Global Climate Change
Negotiations to Conclusion                         2008
British Colonial Institutions and Economic
Development in India                               2006
Broad Money Demand and Asset Substitution in
China                                              2009
Broad Money Demand and Monetary Policy in
Tunisia                                            2006

Broad Money Demand, Financial Liberalization
and Currency Substitution in Nigeria               2005
Broad Roads in a Thin Country: Infrastructure
Concessions in Chile                               2004
Broadband and Unbundling Regulations in OECD
Countries                                          2006
Broadband Internet: Open Access and Content
Competition                                        2002

Broadband Regulation: An Empirical Evaluation      2009

Broad-Based Employee Share Ownership in
Australian Listed Companies: Survey Report         2009
Broadening Accounting Fair Value in Three
Dimensions: Strands in the Current SEC
Roundtable Discussions                             2008
Brokerage Houses and their Stock
Recommendations: Does Superior Performance
Persist?                                           1999

Brokerage Industry Self-Regulation: The Case of
Analysts' Background Disclosures                   2006
Brown-Von Neumann-Nash Dynamics: The
Continuous Strategy Case                           2007
Bubbles and Buyers: Are Individual Investors the
Culprits?                                          2007
Buckeye Power &Amp; Light Company
Supplement (Excel Solver)                          2009

Budget Deficits, Tax Incentives and Inflation:A
Surprising Lesson from the 1983-84 Recovery        2001

                                                          January 2010
Budget Deficits, Tax Rules, and Real Interest
Rates                                                2000
Budget Institutions and Fiscal Policy in the U.S.
States                                               2000
Budget Institutions and Fiscal Responsibility:
Parliaments and the Political Economy of the
Budget Process                                       2005
Budget or Target: The Choice Between Input and
Output Strategies                                    2002
Budget System Reform in Transitional Economies:
The Experience of Russia                             2006

Budgetary Convergence in the WAEMU:
Adjustment Through Revenue or Expenditure?           2006

Budgetary Forecasts in Europe - The Track Record
of Stability and Convergence Programmes              2004
Budgetary Institutions and Expenditure
Outcomes: Binding Governments to Fiscal
Performance                                          2004
Budgeting and Budgetary Control                      2003
Budgeting and Fiscal Management in Transitional
Economies                                            2001
Budgets, Internal Reports and Manager Forecast
Accuracy                                             2006
'Build It or Not': Normative and Positive Theories
of Public-Private Partnerships                       2006

'Build or Buy' Strategies in the Local Loop          2005

Building a Boundary Object: The Evolution of
Financial Risk Management                            2007

Building a Clean Machine: Anti-Corruption
Coalitions and Sustainable Reform                    2005
Building a Radical Innovation Mechanism at Large
Firms                                                2009

Building a Social Accounting Matrix for Ireland
with Specific Detail in Relation to Energy and
Carbon Dioxide Emissions                             2006

Building an Honest Microfinance Organization:
Embezzlement and the Optimality of Rigid
Repayment Schedules and Joint Liability              2007
Building Performance Models from Expert
Knowledge                                            2003
Building Relationships Early: Banks in Venture
Capital                                              2004
Building Reputation in China: A Case Study from
the Sports Industry                                  2009

Building Sector-Based Consensus: A Review of
the EPA's Common Sense Initiative                    2003

Building Subnational Debt Markets in Developing
and Transition Economies: A Framework for
Analysis, Policy Reform, and Assistance Strategy     2004

                                                            January 2010
Building Supervisory Structures in Sub-Saharan
Africa - An Analytical Framework                      2007
Building Sustainable Communities on Ecological
Principles                                            2009

Building Trust: Public Policy, Interpersonal Trust,
and Economic Development                              2002

Bulgarian Households Income Redistribution:
Feasible Estimates of Main Tax-Benefit
Redistribution Indices for 2003                       2007
Bulgaria's Institutions and Policies: Integrating
into Pan-European Markets                             2006
Bundled Forecasts and Selective Disclosure of
Good News                                             2006
Bundling and the GE-Honeywell Merger                  2002
Bundling Electronic Journals and Competition
Among Publishers                                      2003
Bundling of Earnings Guidance and Non-Earnings
Guidance                                              2009
Bureaucracy, Infrastructure, and Economic
Growth: Evidence from U.S.Cities During the
Progressive Era                                       2000
Bureaucratic Decision Costs and Endogenous
Agency Expertise                                      2006

Bureaucratic Delegation and Political Institutions:
When are Independent Central Banks Irrelevant?        2001
Bureaupreneurs in China: We Did it Our Way - A
Comparative Study of the Explanation of the
Economic Successes of Town-Village-Enterprises
in China                                              2006
Burkean Minimalism                                    2006
Burn or Bury? A Social Cost Comparison of Final
Waste Disposal Methods                                2003
Business and Climate Change: MBA Course
Syllabus                                              2009

Business and Default Cycles for Credit Risk           2003

Business and Financial Indicators: What are the
Determinants of Default Probability Changes?          2006
Business Climate in CIS Countries                     2009

Business Cycle and Monetary Policy Analysis in a
Structural Sticky-Price Model of the Euro Area        2003

Business Cycle Correlations in Asia-Pacific           2007

Business Cycle Synchronisation in East Asia           2006

Business Cycle Synchronization in the Enlarged
EU: Comovements in the New and Old Members            2004

Business Cycle Transmission from the US to
Germany - A Structural Factor Approach                2005

                                                             January 2010
Business Cycles and Fiscal Policy in an Open
Economy                                            1998

Business Cycles and Oligopoly Supergames:Some
Empirical Evidence on Prices and Margins           2000
Business Cycles Observed and Assessed: Why and
How They Matter                                    2000
Business Cycles, Economic Crises, and the Poor:
Testing for Asymmetric Effects                     2004
Business Cycles, Firm Size and Market Reactions
to News                                            2008
Business Density, Entrepreneurship and
Economic Well-Being                                2007
Business Dynamics Statistics Briefing:
Entrepreneurship Across States                     2009
Business Environment and Firm Entry: Evidence
from International Data                            2004
Business Environment and Firm Entry: Evidence
from International Data                            2004
Business Environment and Firm Entry: Evidence
from International Data                            2004

Business Environment and Labor Market
Outcomes in Europe and Central Asia Countries      2006
Business Environment and the Incorporation
Decision                                           2005

Business Environment, Clustering, and Industry
Location: Evidence from Indian Cities              2005

Business Ethics and the Nutraceutical
Industry:Prospectus for an Emerging Regime         2007

Business Ethics in Globalized Financial Markets    2006
Business Groups and Risk Sharing around the
World                                              2001

Business Groups in Emerging Markets - Financial
Control and Sequential Investment                  2006
Business Groups in Emerging Markets: Paragons
or Parasites?                                      2005
Business Groups in Emerging Markets: Paragons
or Parasites?                                      2005
Business Groups, the Financial Market and
Economic Development                               1999

Business Ownership and Unemployment in Japan       2004

Business Process Outsourcing in India - Growth,
Performance and Future Challenges                  2009
Business Regulation in Australia: Promises,
Realities, Futures                                 2009
Business School Rankings and Business School
Deans                                              2003
Business Strategies for Transitions Towards
Sustainable Systems                                2008
Business Strategies: Bank Commercial Lending vs.
Finance Company Lending                            1998

                                                          January 2010
Business Strategy, Executive Compensation, and
Firm Performance                                    2009
Business Strategy, Human Capital, and
Managerial Incentives                               2003
Business Strategy, Human Capital, and
Managerial Incentives, Second Version               2003
Business Unit Controller Involvement in
Management: An Empirical Study in the
Netherlands                                         2008
But I Know It When I See It:An Economic Analysis
of Vague Rules                                      2000

'But, Mom, All the Other Kids Have One!' - CEO
Compensation and Director Networks                  2006

Butter, Guns and Ice-Cream: A Simple Theory and
Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharian Africa         2009

Buy High, Sell Low: How Listed Firms Price Asset
Transfers in Related Party Transactions             2008

Buy Local? The Geography of Successful and
Unsuccessful Venture Capital Expansion              2009

Buy, Lobby or Sue: Interest Groups' Participation
in Policy Making - A Selective Survey               2006
Buybacks in Treasury Cash and Debt
Management                                          2007
Buyer Power and Supplier Incentives                 2002
Buyer Power and Supplier Incentives                 2003

Buyers' Cartel for Oil? Feasible and a Free Lunch
Worth $5 Trillion to $50 Trillion for the US!       2005

Buyers' Propensity-to-Buy in the Housing Industry   2008
Buying up the Block: An Experimental
Investigation of Capturing Economic Rents
through Sequential Negotiations                     2005
Buys, Holds, and Sells: The Distribution of
Investment Banks' Stock Ratings and the
Implications for the Profitability of Analysts'
Recommendations                                     2004
Buys, Holds, and Sells:The Distribution of
Investment Banks' Stock Ratings and the
Implications for the Profitability of Analysts'
Recommendations                                     2006

Buy-side Analysts, Sell-side Analysts, and Fund
Performance: Theory and Evidence                    2003

Buy-side Analysts, Sell-side Analysts, and
Investment Decisions of Money Managers              2005
Buy-Side and Sell-Side: The Industrial
Organization of Information Production in the
Securities Industry                                 2004

                                                           January 2010
By How Much Can a Diversified Approach to
Investing Improve the Prospects of Reducing a DB
Pension Deficit?                                    2008

Byrne v. Maryland Realty Co. and the Elimination
of Aesthetic Zoning in Maryland                     2004

C4C - Commodities for Change: A Social Impact
Agenda for Commodity Businesses                     2009
C4C - Des Matieres Premieres Pour Le
Changement : Impact Social Sur L'Industrie Des
Matieres Premieres                                  2009
Cable TV Franchises as Barriers to Video
Competition                                         2006
Calculating Comparable Statistics from
Incomparable Surveys, with an Application to
Poverty in India                                    2004
Calculating Prepayment Penalties in a
Transparent Manner                                  2007
Calculating Tragedy: Assessing the Costs of
Terrorism                                           2004

Calculations AC_DC and Breakeven Analysis           2003
Calendar Spreads, Risk Premium and the
Convenience Yield                                   2009

Calibrating the Reliability of Publicly Available
Nonprofit Taxable Activity Disclosures:
Comparing IRS 990 and IRS 990-T Data                2007

California Dental Association v Federal Trade
Commission: the Revenge of Footnote 17              2000
California's Estate Tax Dilemma                     2006
Call Options and Accruals Quality                   2004
Call Protection in Mortgage Contracts               2006
Calling Party Pays or Receiving Party Pays? The
Diffusion of Mobile Telephony with Endogenous
Regulation                                          2005
Calorie Deprivation and Poverty Nutrition Trap in
Rural India                                         2006

Calvert versus Carroll: The Quit-rent Controversy
between Maryland's Founding Families                2005
Calvo Contracts - Optimal Indexation in General
Equilibrium                                         2006

Cambodia's Victim Zero: Global and National
Responses to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza      2009
CAMEL Based Derived W-Score Function for
Banks Performance Evaluation: An Urgent
Necessity                                           2009

Campaign Finance Levels as Coordinating Signals
in Three-Way, Experimental Elections                1998
Can a Developed Country Currency Manager
Successfully Invest in Emerging Market
Currencies?                                         2001

                                                           January 2010
Can a Poll Tax Ever Be Acceptable?: Evidence
from Colonial New Zealand                           2008

Can a Rapidly-Growing Export-Oriented Economy
Smoothly Exit an Exchange Rate Peg? Lessons for
China from Japan's High-Growth Era                  2005
Can a Reallocation of Initial Endowments
Improve Social Welfare?                             2006
Can a Rule-Based Monetary Policy Framework
Work in a Developing Country? The Case of
Yemen                                               2007
Can a Stock Exchange Improve Corporate
Behavior? Evidence from Firms' Migration to
Premium Listings in Brazil                          2005
Can Accruals Quality Explain Auditors' Decision
Making? The Impact of Accruals Quality on Audit
Fees, Going Concern Opinions and Auditor
Change                                              2008

Can American Business Schools Survive?              2001

Can Audit Reforms Affect the Information Role of
Audits? Evidence from the German Market             2006

Can Auditors Be Independent? - Experimental
Evidence on the Effects of Auditors' Client Type    2007
Can Auditors Predict the Choices Made by Other
Auditors?                                           2001

Can Budgetary Slack Still Prevail Within New
Zealand's New Public Management'                    2007
Can Capital Income Taxes Survive? And Should
They?                                               2006

Can Central Bank Transparency Go Too Far?           2004
Can Central Banks Target Bond Prices?               2006

Can China Grow Faster? A Diagnosis of the
Fragmentation of Its Domestic Capital Market        2006
Can China Promote Electronic Commerce
through Law Reform? Some Preliminary Case
Study Evidence                                      2006
Can China's Gradualist Reform Strategy be
Applied in Eastern Europe?                          1998
Can Currency Demand be Stable Under a
Financial Crisis? The Case of Mexico                2006
Can 'Death Row Phenomenon' Be Confined to
Death Row Inmates?                                  2005

Can Diversification Create Value? Evidence from
the Electric Utility Industry                       2005

Can Duty Drawbacks Have a Protectionist Bias?
Evidence from Mercosur                              2004
Can Economics Explain Nationalism?                  2006
Can Emerging Market Bank Regulators Establish
Credible Discipline? The Case of Argentina, 1992-
1999                                                2000

                                                           January 2010
Can Environmental Regulations be Compatible
with Higher International Competitiveness? Some
New Theoretical Insights                              2001
Can Evolutionary Economics make a Billion $
Difference for 60 Percent of the World's Poor in
Asia?                                                 2001
Can Faster Growth Save Social Security?               2004

Can Financial Innovation Help to Explain the
Reduced Volatility of Economic Activity?              2006

Can Firms Adjust Their Opaqueness to Lenders?
Evidence from Foreign Bank Entry into India           2008

Can Firms Learn to Acquire? The Impact of Post-
Acquisition Decisions and Learning on Long-Term
Abnormal Returns                                      2005
Can Firm-Specific Models Predict Price Responses
to Earnings News?                                     2006
Can Fiscal Decentralization Strengthen Social
Capital?                                              2006

Can Fiscal Policy Explain Technical Inefficiency of
Privatised Firms?A Parametric and Non-
Parametric Approach                                   2002

Can Fiscal Policy Help Macroeconomic
Stabilisation? Evidence from a New Keynesian
Model With Liquidity Constraints                      2004
Can Fiscal Rules Help Reduce Macroeconomic
Volatility in the Latin America and Caribbean
Region?                                               2004
Can Foreign Aid Create an Incentive for Good
Governance? Evidence from the Millennium
Challenge Corporation                                 2006
Can Foreign Exchange Risk Hedge Other Sources
of Risk? A Multifactor Analysis                       2004

Can Foreign Portfolio Investment Bridge the
Small Firm Financing Gap Around the World?            2005
Can Freedom of Expression Survive Social Trauma
- The Israeli Experience                              2002
Can Functional Constituencies Co-exist with
Universal Suffrage?                                   2005

Can Futures Market Data Be Used to Understand
the Behavior of RealInterest Rates?                   2000

Can Gerhard Schroeder Do It? Prospects for
Fundamental Reform of the German Economy
and a Return to High Employment                       2004
Can Good Events Lead to Bad Outcomes?
Endogenous Banking Crises and Fiscal Policy
Responses                                             2007
Can Hedge-Fund Returns Be Replicated?: The
Linear Case                                           2006

                                                             January 2010
Can Information Acquisition Really Explain a
Positive Relation between Wealth and Risky
Investments?                                         2008

Can Information Campaigns Spark Local
Participation and Improve Outcomes? A Study of
Primary Education in Uttar Pradesh, India            2006

Can Institutional Analysts Be Trusted at Futures
Markets? Evidence from Mainland China                2007

Can Institutions Resolve Ethnic Conflict?            2005

Can Insurance Increase Financial Risk? The
Curious Case of Health Insurance in China            2005
Can International Capital Standards Strengthen
Banks In Emerging Markets?                           2002
Can Investments In Emerging Markets Help To
Solve The Aging Problem?                             2001
Can Investors Profit from the Prophets?
Consensus Analyst Recommendations and Stock
Returns                                              1998
Can Labour Regulation Hinder Economic
Performance? Evidence from India                     2002
Can Lobbyists Prevent Consumer Monopsony?
Evidence from the US Telecommunications
Sector                                               2004
Can Local Institutions Reduce Poverty? Rural
Decentralization in Burkina Faso                     2004
Can Macroeconomic Variables Account for the
Term Structure of Sovereign Spreads? Studying
the Brazilian Case                                   2005
Can Managers Successfully Time the Maturity
Structure of their Debt Issues?                      2004

Can Microfinance Reduce Portfolio Volatility?        2006

Can Monetary Policy Affect the Real Economy?         2002

Can National Corporate Governance Codes
Sufficiently Converge to Protect Diverse Interests
Within the European Union?                           2004
Can New York City Bank on Wall Street?               2007

Can Nuclear Power Save the Kyoto Protocol?           2005
Can Nuclear Power Solve the Global Warming
Problem?                                             2005
Can Open Capital Markets Help Avoid Currency
Crises?                                              2009

Can Output Losses Following International
Financial Crises be Avoided?                         2000

Can People Compute?An Experimental Test of
the Life Cycle Consumption Model                     2001
Can Policy Changes be Treated as Natural
Experiments?Evidence from Cigarette Excise
Taxes                                                2001

                                                            January 2010
Can Production Subsidies Foster Export Activity?
Evidence from Chinese Firm Level Data               2006
Can Productive Government Spending be the
Engine of Long-Run Growth When Labor Supply is
Endogenous?                                         2002
Can Progressive Taxation Contribute to Economic
Development?                                        2008

Can R&D-Inducing Green Tariffs Replace
International Environmental Regulations?            2006

Can Redistributive State Taxes Reduce Inequality?   2005

Can Severe Fiscal Contractions be Expansionary?
Tales of Two Small European Countries               2000
Can Short Sellers Anticipate Accounting
Restatements?                                       2004
Can Short-Term Capital Controls Promote Capital
Inflows?                                            1998
Can Social Security Be Saved?                       1999

Can Special Interests Buy Congressional Votes?
Evidence from Financial Services Legislation        2002

Can States Tax National Banks to Educate
Consumers About Predatory Lending Practices?        2007
Can Stock Recommendations Predict Earnings
Management and Analysts' Earnings Forecast
Errors?                                             1999
Can Sub-Saharan Africa Leap Into Global Network
Trade?                                              2007

Can Supplementary Disclosures Eliminate Post-
Earnings-Announcement Drift? The Case of
Management Earnings Guidance                        2008
Can Tax Cuts Pay for Themselves? An
Examination of Dynamic Scoring with Public
Capital                                             2006

Can Tax Evasion Tame Leviathan Governments?         2006
Can Taxes and Bonds Finance Government
Spending?                                           1998
Can Taxes Drive Agglomeration while
approaching the Global Economy?                     2000
Can the Accrual Anomaly be Explained Away by
Operating Cash Flows: A Component Level
Analysis                                            2006
Can the Earnings Fixation Hypothesis Explain the
Accrual Anomaly?                                    2007
Can the Equity Markets Help Predict Bank
Failures?                                           2006

Can the European Monetary System be Copied
Outside Europe? Lessons from Ten Years of
Monetary Policy Coordination in Europe              2000

                                                           January 2010
Can the Financial Markets Privately Regulate
Risk? The Development of Derivatives Clearing
Houses and Recent Over-the-Counter Innovations      1999
Can the Graduated Income Tax Survive Optimal
Tax Analysis?                                       1999
Can The Private Annuity Market Provide Secure
Retirement Income?                                  2006
Can the Regulation of Insider Trading be
Effective?                                          2004

Can the Stock Market Systematically Make Use of
Firm- and Deal-Specific Factors when Initially
Capitalizing the Real Gains from Mergers and
Acquisitions?                                       2004

Can the Success Be Followed? Constructing and
Testing the Individual Investors Strategies in
China Stock Market                                  2005
Can the Volatility of the Federal Funds Rate
Explain the Time-Varying Risk Premium in
Treasury Bill Returns?                              1999
Can the World Cut Poverty in Half? How Policy
Reform and Effective Aid Can Meet International
Development Goals                                   2004

Can There Be Growth with Equity? An Initial
Assessment of Land Reform in South Africa           2004

Can Trade Really Hurt? An Empirical Follow-Up
on Samuelson's Controversial Paper                  2009
Can U.S. Monetary Policy Fall (Again) into an
Expectation Trap?                                   2005

Can Warm Glow Alleviate Credit Market Failure?
Evidence from Online Peer-to-Peer Lenders           2009

Can World Real Interest Rates Explain Business
Cycles in a Small Open Economy?                     2000
Canadian Residential Mortgage Markets: Boring
But Effective?                                      2009

Cancellation of Executive Stock Options: Tax and
AccountingIncome Considerations                     2002
Cancelled Acquisitions, Market Information, and
Corporate Governance                                2004
Candidate Entry, Screening, and the Political
Budget Cycle                                        2006
Canon Law and Constitutional Law: The First
Amendment, Anthropology, Separation, and
Neutrality                                          2007
Canonical Correlation Analysis of Asset-Liability
Management of Indian Banks                          2009
Capabilities and Governance: The Rebirth of
Production in the Theory of Economic
Organization                                        1998

                                                           January 2010
Capacity Acquisition, Capacity Cost Allocation,
and Pricing for New Product Introduction              2003

Capacity Building in Economics: Education and
Research in Transition Economies                      2004

Capacity Choice and the Impact of Sunk Costs on
Bidding Strategies in Procurement Auctions            1998

Capacity Choices in Liberalized Electricity Markets   2001
Capacity Constraints, Inflation and the
Transmission Mechanism: Forward-Looking
Versus Myopic Policy Rules                            2006

Capacity Cost Structure, Welfare and Cost
Recovery: Are Transport Infrastructures with High
Fixed Costs a Handicap?                               2008

Capacity Planning and Pricing under Uncertainty       2000

Capita Financing, Integration, and
Decentralization of Health Care Organizations         2000
Capital Account Liberalization and the Real
Exchange Rate in Chile                                2006

Capital Account Liberalization, Institutions and
Financial Development: Cross Country Evidence         2002

Capital Account Liberalization, Institutions and
Financial Development: Cross Country Evidence         2002
Capital Accumulation and Fiscal Policy in an OLG
Model with Family Altruism                            2006
Capital Budgeting - Decision Making Practices in
Pakistan                                              2008

Capital Budgeting Practices: A Comparative Study
of The Netherlands and China                          2006
Capital Cash Flows: A Simple Approach to Valuing
Risky Cash Flows                                      2000

Capital Charges under Basel II: Corporate Credit
Risk Modelling and the Macroeconomy                   2004
Capital Charging in Public Healthcare                 2001
Capital Constraints, Asymmetric Information, and
Internal Capital Markets in Banking: New
Evidence                                              2006
Capital Control Liberalization and Stock Market
Development                                           2004

Capital Control, Market Segmentation and Cross-
Border Flow of Information: Some Empirical
Evidence from the Chinese Stock Market                2001
Capital Controls and Exchange Rate Regimes: An
Empirical Investigation                               2001

Capital Controls and International Trade Finance      2006

                                                             January 2010
Capital Controls in China: Recent Developments
and Reform Prospects                                2006
Capital Controls, Two-Tiered Exchange Rate
Systems and Exchange Rate Policy: The South
African Experience                                  2005
Capital Controls: Mud in the Wheels of Market
Discipline                                          2004
Capital Controls: Mud in the Wheels of Market
Discipline                                          2004
Capital Flight, External Debt and Domestic
Policies                                            2000

Capital Flows and Hedge Fund Regulation             2008
Capital Flows and Their Macroeconomic Effects
in India                                            2006

Capital Flows in a Transitional Economy and the
Sterilization Dilemma: The Hungarian Case           2006

Capital Flows in a Transitional Economy and the
Sterilization Dilemma: The Hungarian Experience,
1992-97                                             1999

Capital Flows to Central and Eastern Europe         2006

Capital Flows to Central and Eastern Europe         2006
Capital Flows to Central and Eastern Europe and
the Former Soviet Union                             2004
Capital Flows to Emerging Markets                   2003

Capital Flows to Emerging Markets:
Liberalization, Overshooting, and Volatility        2000
Capital Flows to Latin America: Is There Evidence
of Contagion Effects?                               2004

Capital Flows, Capital Account Regimes, and
Foreign Exchange Rate Regimes in Africa             2003

Capital Flows, Capital Controls and Currency
Crisis: The Case of Brazil in the Nineties          1999

Capital Flows, Macroeconomic Management, and
the Financial System: Turkey, 1989-97               2004

Capital Gains Holding Periods and Equity Trading:
Evidence from the 1998 Tax Act                      2000

Capital Gains Taxation and Tax Avoidance: New
Evidence from Panel Data                            2000
Capital Gains Taxes and Asset Prices:
Capitalization or Lock-In?                          2006
Capital Gains Taxes and Asset Prices:
Capitalization or Lock-In?                          2006

Capital Gains Taxes and IPO Under-Pricing           2006

Capital Gains Taxes and Stock Reactions to
Quarterly Earnings Announcements                    2000

                                                           January 2010
Capital Gains Taxes and the Market Response to
Public Announcements in Alternative Tax
Regimes                                              2008
Capital Gains Taxes, Agency Costs, and Closed-
End Fund Discounts                                   2008
Capital Gains Taxes, Pricing Spreads and
Arbitrage: Evidence from Cross-Listed Firms in
the U.S.                                             2005

Capital Income Taxation and Specialization
Patterns: Investment Tax vs. Saving Tax              2006
Capital Inflow Reversals, Banking Stability, and
Prudential Regulation in Central and Eastern
Europe                                               2004

Capital Inflows and the Real Exchange Rate: Can
Financial Development Cure the Dutch Disease?        2009
Capital Inflows into Latin America: A Stop-Go
Story?                                               1998
Capital Inflows to Developed Countries               2008
Capital Levies and Transition to a Consumption
Tax                                                  2006

Capital Management Techniques in Developing
Countries: An Assessment of Experiences from
the 1990's and Lessons for the Future                2003
Capital Market Development, Corporate
Governance and the Credibility of Exchange Rate
Pegs                                                 2002

Capital Market Development, Integration, Legal
Systems, and the Value of Corporate
Diversification: A Cross-Country Analysis            2002

Capital Market Efficiency and Volatility in the
Central European Economies: The Case of the
Czech Republic and Slovakia                          2008
Capital Market Equilibrium with Differential
Taxation                                             1998
Capital Market Equilibrium with Heterogeneous
Investors                                            2006

Capital Market Governance: How Do Security
Laws Affect Market Performance?                      2005
Capital Market Imperfections and the Sensitivity
of Investment to Stock Prices                        2005

Capital Market Integration in the Pacific Basin
Region: An Analysis of Real Interest Rate Linkages   2006

Capital Market Openness After Financial Turmoil      2009
Capital Market Prices, Management Forecasts,
and Earnings Management                              2008
Capital Market Reactions to Option Backdating
Probes                                               2007
Capital Market Regimes and Bank Competition in
Europe                                               2007

                                                            January 2010
Capital Market Responses to Environmental
Performance in Developing Countries                 2004

Capital Markets and Capital Allocation:
Implications for Economies in Transition            2001

Capital Markets and Exchange Rate Stabilization
in East Asia − Diversifying Risk Based on
Currency Baskets                                    2006
Capital Markets Research in Accounting              2000

Capital Mobility and Economic Performance: Are
Emerging Economies Different?                       2001

Capital Mobility and Monetary Policy in Colombia    2006

Capital Mobility, Fiscal Policy and Growth Under
Self-Financing ofHuman Capital Formation            2000

Capital Movements, Banking Insolvency, and
Silent Runs in the Asian Financial Crisis           2000
Capital Operating Time and Total Factor
Productivity Growth in France                       2006
Capital Outflow from the Agriculture Sector in
Thailand                                            2004
Capital Protected Notes for Loss Averse
Investors: A Counterintuitive Result                2008

Capital Punishment: The Never Ending Debate         2007
Capital Rationing, Competition, and
Misrepresentation in Budget Forecasts               2009
Capital Regulation and Bank Risk-taking: The Role
of Uninsured Debt                                   2005

Capital Regulation and Banks' Financial Decisions   2006
Capital Regulation and Credit Risk Taking:
Empirical Evidence from Banks in Emerging
Market Economies                                    2004
Capital Regulation and Loan Monitoring in a
Diverse Banking System                              2006

Capital Regulation for Position Risk in Banks,
Securities Firms and Insurance Companies            2004
Capital Requirements, Market Power and Risk-
Taking in Banking                                   2003

Capital Spending, Cash Flow, and Financing
Constraints: Evidence from Tunisia                  2005
Capital Standards and Risk Alignment in the
Banking Firm                                        2007
Capital Stock and Unemployment: Searching for
the Missing Link                                    2006
Capital Structure and Debt Structure                2008

Capital Structure and Firm Performance: A New
Approach to Testing Agency Theory and an
Application to the Banking Industry                 2003

                                                           January 2010
Capital Structure and Law Around the World            2005

Capital Structure and Managerial Compensation:
The Effects of Remuneration Seniority                 2004

Capital Structure and Regulation in U.S. Local
Telephony: An Exploratory Econometric Study           2009
Capital Structure and the Changing Role of Off-
Balance-Sheet Lease Financing                         2009

Capital Structure as a Strategic Variable: Evidence
from Collective Bargaining                            2006

Capital Structure Decisions Under Micro
Institutional Settings: The Case of Turkey            2003
Capital Structure in Corporate Spin-offs              2000

Capital Structure in Transition: Financial Strategy
in China's Emerging Economy                           2001

Capital Structure of Indonesian Toll Road Investor    2009

Capital Structure of Indonesian Toll Road Investor    2009

Capital Structure of Indonesian Toll Road Investor    2009

Capital Structure Policy and Determinants:
Theory and Managerial Evidence                        2004

Capital Structure Under Costly Enforcement            2002

Capital Structure under Imperfect Enforcement         2005
Capital Structure, Industry Pricing, and Firm
Performance                                           2009
Capital Structure, Payout Policy, and Financial
Flexibility                                           2006

Capital Structure, Rates of Return and Financing
Corporate Growth: Comparing Developed and
Emerging Markets, 1994-2000                           2003
Capital Structure, Shareholder Rights, and
Corporate Governance                                  2005
Capital-Energy Substitution and Shifts in Factor
Demand: A Meta-Analysis                               2006
Capitalization of R&D and the Informativeness of
Stock Prices                                          2008
Capitalization of R&D Costs and Earnings
Management: Evidence from Italian Listed
Companies                                             2007
Capitalization of Shareholder Taxes in Stock
Prices: Evidence from the Revenue Reconciliation
Act of 1993                                           2000

Capitalization Requirements, Efficiency and
Governance: A Comparative Experiment on
Islamic and Western Banks                             2006

                                                             January 2010
Capitalization versus Expensing: Evidence on the
Uncertainty of Future Earnings from Current
Investments in PP&E versus R&D                      1999
Capitalized Labor Contracts                         1997

Capitalizing Art Museum Collections: Awkward
for Museums But Good for Art and for Society        2008

Capitalizing on Partisan Politics: Expected
Government Partisanship and Sector-Specific
Redistribution in Germany                           2007
Capitalizing Patriotism: The Liberty Loans of
World War I                                         2006

Capital-Market Imperfections and Investment         2000

Capital-Skill Complementarity and the
Redistributive Effects of Social Security Reform    2003

Capital-skill Complementarity and the
Redistributive Effects of Social Security Reform    2003
CAPM & Co. Revisited - Modeling Risk and Return
of Private Equity Funds                             2009

Capped Hospital Budgets, Risk-Influencing
Activities and Financial Consequences               2006

Captive Audiences and the First Amendment           2006
Capture or Contract?: The Early Years of Electric
Utility Regulation                                  2003

Captured by Evil: The Idea of Corruption in Law     2005

Capturing Regional Integration Effects in the
Presence of Other Trade Shocks: The Impact of
the Europe Agreement on Poland's Imports            2005

Capturing Technological Opportunity via Japan's
Star Scientists: Evidence from Japanese Firms'
Biotech Patents and Products                        2000
Capturing the Value Premium in the U.K. 1955-
2001                                                2003
Carbon Abatement and the Location of Cement
Production                                          2001
Carbon Capture and Sequestration: How Much
Does this Uncertain Option Affect Near-Term
Policy Choices?                                     2005
Carbon Capture and Storage at Scale: Lessons
from the Growth of Analogous Energy
Technologies                                        2009

Carbon Dioxide Emission Scenarios for the USA       2006
Carbon Emission Leakages: A General Equilibrium
View                                                2000
Carbon Emissions Trading and Equity in
International Agreements                            2000

                                                           January 2010
Carbon Geography: The Political Economy of
Congressional Support for Legislation Intended to
Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Production                   2009

Carbon Leakage Revisited: Unilateral Climate
Policy with Directed Technical Change                2005

Carbon Markets and Technological Innovation          2009

Carbon Motivated Regional Trade Arrangements:
Analytics and Simulations                            2009

Carbon Tax and Investment in Low-Carbon
Technology in a Model of Coordination Failure        2007
Carbon Taxes and Joint Implementation                2003

Carbon Taxing Imports - Can the North Reduce
Global Warming While Avoiding Negative
Economic Implications for the South?                 2009

Career Concerns and Ambiguity Aversion               2008

Career Concerns and Mandated Disclosure              2006
Career Entrepreneurship                              2009

Cargoes of Doom: National and Multilateral
Strategies to Combat the Illicit Transport of
Weapons of Mass Destruction by Sea                   2006

Caribbean Approaches to Economic Stabilization       2006
Carlisle: A 'Hollow Victory'?                        2009

Cartel Overcharges: An Empirical Analysis            2006
Cartel Pricing Dynamics in the Presence of an
Antitrust Authority                                  2003

Cartel Prosecution and Leniency Programs:
Corporate versus Individual Leniency                 2005
Cartel Stability with Time-dependent Detection
Probabilities                                        2004
Cartel Stability: An Empirical Analysis              2006
Cartoon Graphics in the Communication of
Accounting Information                               2000
Case Screening Discretion in the Chinese
Adjudicative Committee System: From a
Sentencing Perspective                               2009
Case Study on the Irrelevance of Best Practices in
Corporate Governance                                 2007

Cash Compensation and Earnings' Components
Around CEO Turnover: Does the Compensation
Committee See Over the Horizon?                      2003
Cash Crisis in Internet-Based IPOs During the
1990s Bubble                                         2004
Cash Flow at Staples                                 2008

Cash Flow is a Fact. Net Income is Just an Opinion   2002

                                                            January 2010
Cash Flow is King? Comparing Valuations Based
on Cash Flow Versus Earnings Multiples              2006
Cash Flow Management, Incentives, and Market
Pricing                                             2005

Cash Flow Patterns as a Proxy for Firm Life Cycle   2005
Cash Flow Valuation in an Inflationary World. The
Case of World Bank for Regulated Firms (In
Spanish)                                            2005

Cash Flow Valuation in an Inflationary World: The
Case of World Bank for Regulated Firms              2005
Cash or Credit? The Importance of Reward
Medium and Experiment Timing in Classroom
Preferences for Fairness                            2006
Cash Sub-additive Risk Measures and Interest
Rate Ambiguity                                      2007

Cash Versus Accrual Accounting and the
Availability and Cost of Small Business Debt        2008
Cash, Access to Credit, and Value Creation in
M&As                                                2009
Cash, Reputation and Entrepreneurship               2005

Caste Embeddedness and Microfinance: Savings
and Credit Cooperatives in Andhra Pradesh, India    2006

Cat and Mouse: Forum-Shifting in the Battle Over
Intellectual Property Enforcement                   2009

CAT Bonds and Other Risk-Linked Securities:
State of the Market and Recent Developments         2007
CAT Standards and Stakeholders: Their Role in
Financial Regulation                                2002
Catalan Government Popularity. An Example of
Economic Effects on Sub-National Government
Support                                             2000

Catalyzing Capital Flows: Do IMF Programs Work
as Commitment Devices?                              2005
Catalyzing Private Capital Flows: Do IMF-
Supported Programs Work as Commitment
Devices?                                            2006

Catastrophe Insurance Market in the Caribbean
Region: Market Failures and Recommendations
for Public Sector Interventions                     2004
Catastrophic Loss, Alternative Risk Transfer, and
Terrorism Insurance                                 2007
Cat-Bonds and PPP: An Interesting Financing Idea
in Times of Recession                               2009

Catching-up and Credit Booms in Central and
Eastern European EU Member States and
Acceding Countries: An Interpretation within the
New Neoclassical Synthesis Framework                2006

                                                           January 2010
Catching-Up and Regulation in a Two-Sector
Small Open Economy                                  1998
Catching-up, Inflation Differentials and Credit
Booms in a Heterogeneous Monetary Union:
Some Implications for EMU and New EU Member
States                                              2006

Catholic Social Thought and the Corporation         2003

Catur Federal Savings and Loan--Lease Options       2009

Caught in the Cloud: Privacy, Encryption, and
Government Back Doors in the Web 2.0 Era            2009

Causality in Economics and Econometrics             2006

Causality in Performance Measurement Model          2004

Causes and Consequences of Audit Shopping:An
Analysis of Auditor Opinions, Earnings
Management, and Auditor Changes                     2004
Causes and Consequences of Auditor Changes: A
Comparison of Accelerated and Non-Accelerated
Filers                                              2008
Causes and Consequences of Disaggregating
Earnings Guidance                                   2007
Causes and Consequences of International Bank
Flows                                               2009

Causes and Consequences of Variations in Audit
Committee Composition                               2000

Causes and Consequences of Variations in Audit
Committee Composition                               2008

Causes and Effects of Subjectivity in Incentives    2002
Causes and Management of Conflicts                  2002
Causes of Efficiency Change in Transition: Theory
and Cross-Country Survey Evidence from
Agriculture                                         2006
Caution and Conservatism in the Making of
Monetary Policy                                     2002
Caution and Gradualism in Monetary Policy
Under Uncertainty                                   2000
Caution or Activism? Monetary Policy Strategies
in an Open Economy                                  2005

Caution, Children Crossing: Heterogeneity of
Victim's Cost of Care and Negligence Rule           2003
CDM Baseline Construction for Vietnam National
Electricity Grid                                    2004
CDM Potential for Rural Transition in China Case
Study: Options in Yinzhou District, Zhejiang
Province                                            2004
CDM Potential of Dairy Sector in India              2004
Ceaseless Toil? Health and Labor Supply of the
Elderly in Rural China                              2003

                                                           January 2010
Cee Countries and Euro Adoption: A Costs-
Benefits Analysis                                    2008

Cell Phones and Oracles: Legal Globalization
Meets the Marabout's Mystical Justice in the
West African Republic of Niger                       2005
C-Energy's Red Hill Plant: Meeting the So2
Challenge                                            2009
Central Bank Authorities' Beliefs About Foreign
Exchange Intervention                                2007
Central Bank Behavior and the Strategy of
Monetary Policy:Observations From Six
Industrialized Countries                             2001
Central Bank Communication and Policy
Effectiveness                                        2006
Central Bank Credibility:Why Do We Care?How
Do We Build It?                                      1999
Central Bank Governance: A Survey of Boards and
Management                                           2006

Central Bank Independence and the Conduct of
Monetary Policy in the United Kingdom                2006
Central Bank Independence and the Design of
Fiscal Institutions                                  2006
Central Bank Independence in a (Very) Non-
Neoclassical World                                   2006
Central Bank Independence, Accountability and
Transparency: Complements or Strategic
Substitutes?                                         2006
Central Bank Independence: Issues and
Experience                                           2006
Central Bank Independence: Theory and a
Brazilian Application                                1998
Central Bank Instruments, Fiscal Policy Regimes,
and the Requirements for Equilibrium
Determinacy                                          2006

Central Bank Intervention and Exchange Rate
Volatility, its Continuous and Jump Components       2006

Central Bank or Single Authority? Political Cycle,
Monetary Policy and Financial Supervision            2005
Central Bank Reaction Functions in Inflation and
Non-Inflation Targeting Countries: Are They
Informative About the Conduct of Monetary
Policy?                                              1998

Central Bank Transparency and Private
Information in a Dynamic Macroeconomic Model         2005
Central Banking by Committee                         2006
Central Banking: Back to the Future                  2002

Central Banks or Single Financial Authorities? A
Political Economy Approach                           2004

Central Bank's Role and Involvement in Bank
Regulation: Lender of Last Resort Arrangements
and the Special Resolution Regime (SRR)              2009

                                                            January 2010
Central Banks Use of Derivatives and Other
Contingent Liabilities: Analytical Issues and Policy
Implications                                           2006
Central Banks, Governments and the European
Monetary Unification Process                           2006
Central Planning and Monetarism: Fellow
Travelers?                                             2006

Centralization and Political Accountability            2006

Centralized and Decentralized Management of
Local Common Pool Resources in the Developing
World: Experimental Evidence from Fishing
Communities in Colombia                                2006

Centralized versus Decentralized Provision of
Local Public Goods:A Political Economy Analysis        1999
Centralized versus Decentralized Transfer Pricing
and Cost-System Choice                                 2006

Centripetal Forces in China's Economic Take-off        2006
CEO and CFO Career Penalties to Missing
Quarterly Analysts Forecasts                           2008
CEO Characteristics, CEO-Firm Match and
Corporate Refocus Value                                2008
CEO Compensation and Board Structure                   2006

CEO Compensation and Director Networks                 2007

CEO Compensation and Firm Performance: An
Empirical Investigation of UK Panel Data               2008
CEO Compensation Mix and Analysts' Forecast
Accuracy and Bias                                      2006
CEO Compensation Structure and Firm
Performance                                            2007

CEO Compensation, Director Compensation, and
Firm Performance: Evidence of Cronyism                 2002
CEO Compensation, Shareholder Rights, and
Corporate Governance: An Empirical
Investigation                                          2006
CEO Confidence, Management Earnings
Forecasts, and Earnings Management                     2006

CEO Involvement in Selecting Board Members
and Audit Committee Effectiveness                      2006
CEO Pay and the Lake Wobegon Effect                    2007
CEO Pensions: Disclosure, Managerial Power, and
Optimal Contracting                                    2007

CEO Power, Compensation and Governance                 2006

CEO Power, Compensation, and Governance                2006
CEO Reputation and Earnings Quality                    2004
CEO Stock Option Awards and Corporate
Voluntary Disclosures                                  1999
CEO Stock Options and Shareholder Return:
Empirical Evidence from the UK                         2003

                                                              January 2010
CEO Stock-Based Compensation: An Empirical
Analysis of Incentive-Intensity, Relative Mix, and
Economic Determinants                                1999

CEO Tenure, Board Composition and Regulation         1998
CEO Turnover and Bondholder Wealth                   2005
CEO Turnover and Firm Performance in China's
Listed Firms                                         2008
CEO Turnover and Properties of Accounting
Information                                          2003
CEO Turnover and Relative Performance
Evaluation                                           2006

CEO Turnover, Firm Performance and Enterprise
Reform in China: Evidence from New Micro Data        2006

CEO Turnover, Firm Performance, and Corporate
Governance in Chinese Listed Firms                   2005
CEO/CFO Certification and Emerging Needs to
Separate Facts and Forecasts: Exploring
'Intertemporal Financial Statements' with Two
Time-Phases                                          2003
CEOs and the Pay-Pension Tradeoff                    2008

CEOs' Outside Employment Opportunities and
the Lack of Relative Performance Evaluation in
Compensation Contracts                               2005
CEOs vs. Directors: Who Calls the Shots When
Firms Underperform?                                  2006
Certification of Accountants in Georgia              2008
CFOs and CEOs: Who Have the Most Influence on
Earnings Management?                                 2008
Challenger Entry and Voter Learning                  2006

Challenges and Choices in Post-Crisis East-Asia:
Simulations of Investment Policy Reform in an
Intertemporal, Global Model                          1998
Challenges and Opportunities for Resource Rich
Economies                                            2006

Challenges for Europe, Economic Well-Being,
Development and Social Cohesion                      2009
Challenges in PhD Studies: The Case of Science
Student                                              2007
Challenges to India's Patent Regime- 'Traditional
Knowledge Sharing'                                   2009

Challenges to Technology Transfer: A Literature
Review of the Constraints on Environmental
Technology Dissemination                             2009
Challenging Agency Preemption                        2009

Challenging Coase: Socioeconomic Explanations
in the First Year Contracts Course                   2002
Challenging Party Hegemony: Identity Work in
China's Emerging Virreal Places                      2006
Chandlerian Firms vs. Entrepreneurship               2004

                                                            January 2010
Change and Crisis in the Japanese Banking
Industry                                            2004

Change by Necessity: Ecological Limits to
Capitalism and Obstacles to Transition to an
Environmentally Sustainable Economy                 2009
Change in the German Model of Corporate
Governance: Evidence from Blockholdings 1997-
2001                                                2001
Change of Control and the Success of China's
Share Issue Privatization                           2006
Change of Governance in Historic Perspective:
The German Experience                               2005
Change, Consolidation, and Competition in
Health Care Markets                                 1998
Change, Consolidation, and Competition in
Health Care Markets                                 2000

Change, Dependency, and Regime Plasticity in
Offshore Financial Intermediation: The Saga of
the Netherlands Antilles                            2009
Changes and Challenges of the New Health Care
Reform in the Netherlands: What Should the
Dutch be Aware of?                                  2006
Changes in Analysts' Information Environment
Following Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Global
Settlement                                          2007
Changes in Business Cycles:Evidence and
Explanations                                        1999

Changes in Collective Bargaining in the U.K.        2002
Changes in Costing in Italy                         2008

Changes in Discretionary Financial Reporting
Behavior Following the Sarbanes-Oxley Act           2009

Changes in Foreign Control Under Different
Regulatory Climates: Multinationals in Canada       2009
Changes in Gender Distribution Among
Accounting Academics                                2008

Changes in Germany's Bank-Based Financial
System: A Varieties of Capitalism Perspective       2004

Changes in Inventories in the National Accounts     2006

Changes in Market Functioning and Central Bank
Policy: An Overview of the Issues                   2005

Changes in Market Responses to Financial
Statement Restatement Announcements in the
Sarbanes-Oxley Era                                  2008

Changes in Poverty in Madagascar: 1993-1999         2003

Changes in Tax Reserves in Anticipation of FIN 48   2008

                                                           January 2010
Changes in the Provision of Correspondent-
Banking Services and the Role of Federal Reserve
Banks under the DIDMC Act                           2002

Changes in Value Relevance of Financial
Information Upon IFRS Adoption                      2009
Changes in Volatility of Credit Spread and Market
Efficiency During Rapid Growth of Credit Related
Securities                                          2006

Changes Over Time in the Revenue-Expense
Relation: Accounting or Economics?                  2009

Changing Accounting Systems to Support the
Conversion and Management of a Continuous
Improvement Business Culture                        2005
Changing Attitudes Toward the Ethics of Tax
Evasion: An Empirical Study of 10 Transition
Economies                                           2007

Changing Environmental Practice: Understanding
and Overcoming the Organizational and
Psychological Barriers                              2005

Changing Incentives in a Multi-task Environment:
Evidence from a Top-Tier Business School            1998

Changing Industry Structure: The Economics of
Entry and Price Competition                         2004
Changing Patterns of Ethnic Minority Self-
Employment in Britain: Evidence from Census
Microdata                                           2007

Changing Patterns of Human Resource
Management in Contemporary China: WTO
Accession and Enterprise Responses                  2005

Changing Roles, Changing Preferences? The Dual
Impact of Gender Identity on Preferences for Sex
Specific Advertising Stimuli                        2005
Changing Rules for Regulation of Icelandic
Fisheries                                           2000
Changing Social Security Survivorship Benefits
and the Poverty of Widows                           2000
Changing the Institutional Design of Central
Banks                                               1999

Changing the Social Security Rules for Workers
Over 65:Proposed Policies and Their Effects         2006
Changing Trade Patterns after Conflict Resolution
in the South Caucasus                               2004

Channels of Transmission of Environmental Policy
to Economic Growth: A Survey of the Theory          2004
Chaotic Interest Rate Rules                         2001

Chaotic Interest Rate Rules: Expanded Version       2004

                                                           January 2010
Characteristics and Information Value of Credit
Watches                                              2008

Characteristics of Firms with Material
Weaknesses in Internal Control: An Assessment
of Section 404 of Sarbanes Oxley                     2005
Characteristics of New Firms: A Comparison by
Gender                                               2009
Characteristics of Price Informative Analyst
Forecasts                                            2000
Characteristics of Securitizations that Determine
Issuers' Retention of the Risks of the Securitized
Assets                                               2007

Characteristics of the Euro, the Demand for
Reserves, and Policy Coordination Under EMU          2006

Characteristics of the Strategic Planning Process
and the Relevance of Management Accounting:
Evidence from German Dax30 Companies                 2007
Characterizing Accounting Research                   2008
Characterizing Heteroskedasticity                    2009

Characterizing the Expenditure Uncertainties of
Industrial Countries in the 21st Century             2006
Characterizing the Vickrey Combinatorial Auction
by Induction                                         2006
Characterizing World Market Integration Through
Time                                                 2001
Characterizing Yield Spreads in Bonds with
Embedded Options                                     2009
Charging NOx Emitters for Health Damages: An
Exploratory Analysis                                 2004
Charging NOx Emitters for Health Damages: An
Exploratory Analysis                                 2005
Charitable Giving as a Gift Exchange - Evidence
from a Field Experiment                              2004
Charles Kingsley and the Theological
Interpretation of Natural Selection                  2006
Charley S Family Steak House (a)                     2008
Charley's Family Steak House (B)                     2008
Charley's Family Steak House (C)                     2008
Chartists, Fundamentalists, and Trading in the
Foreign Exchange Market                              2002
Cheating on Taxes: A Comparative Study of
Opinion in Six Latin American Countries and the
USA                                                  2008
Cheating on Taxes: A Comparative Study of Tax
Evasion Ethics of 15 Transition Economies and 2
Developed Economies                                  2008
Checkerboards and Coase: Transactions Costs
and Efficiency in Land Markets                       2006

Checks and Balances, Private Information, and
the Credibility of Monetary Commitments              2001

Checks, Balances, and the Cost of Regulation:
Evidence from the American States                    2006

                                                            January 2010
Cherry Picking, Financial Reporting Quality, and
Comprehensive Income Reporting Choices: The
Case of Property-Liability Insurers                 2003
Chevronizing Foreign Relations Law                  2006
Chief Executive Officer Equity Incentives and
Accounting Irregularities                           2008

Chief Executive Officer Turnovers and the
Performance of China's Listed Enterprises           2005

Child Care in Poor Communities: Early Learning
Effects of Type, Quality, and Stability             2003
Child Labor                                         2003
Child Labor and Globalization                       2006

Child Labor as Involuntary Servitude: The Failure
of Congress To Regulate Child Labor Pursuant to
the Thirteenth Amendment in the Early
Twentieth Century                                   2009
Child Labour in India; Situation and Policy
Analysis                                            2009
Child Poverty and Changes in Child Poverty in
Rich Countries Since 1990                           2005
Child Poverty and Family Transfers in Southern
Europe                                              2005
Child Soldiers: Agency, Enlistment, and the
Collectivization of Innocence                       2009
Child Victim: Legal Protection and Judicial
Emancipation                                        2009
Childcare, Eldercare, and Labor Force
Participation of Married Women in Urban China:
1982-2000                                           2009
Children of a Lesser God: Lawyers, Economics,
and the Systemic Corruption of the Legal
Profession                                          2009

Children, Law and Justice: A Nepalese Perspective   2006
Children`S Health and the Family                    2001

Children's Health Problems: Implications for
Parental Labor Supply and Earnings                  2000

Children's School Placement in Germany: Does
Kindergarten Attendance Matter?                     2003

Children's Work and Schooling: Does Gender
Matter? Evidence from the Peru LSMS                 2004
Chile (a): A Changed Jungle for the Latin
American Tiger                                      2008
Chile: A Changed Jungle for the Latin American
Tiger (Abridged)                                    2008
China and Emerging Asia: Comrades or
Competitors?                                        2004
China and the Evolution of the Present Climate
Regime                                              2003
China and the Geopolitics of Oil in the Asian
Pacific Region                                      2005

                                                           January 2010
China and the Global Economic Crisis                 2009

China and the Global Economy: Medium-term
Issues and Options - A Synthesis Report              2006

China and the Internet: Toward a New Paradigm
for Copyright Protection in the Digital Age          2005
China and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee
Agency                                               2004

China and the Multilateral Trading System            2006

China and the Multilateral Trading System            2006

China and the World Financial Markets 1870-
1930: Modern Lessons From Historical
Globalization (Chinese Version)                      2001

China and the World Financial Markets 1870-
1930: Modern Lessons From Historical
Globalization (English Version)                      2001
China and the WTO: New Kid in the Developing
Bloc?                                                2007

China as a Reserve Sink: The Evidence from
Offset and Sterilization Coefficients                2007
China as a Test Case: Is the Rule of Law Essential
for Economic Growth?                                 2006

China Being Buffeted from Within and Without:
An Analysis of Its Macroeconomic Policies            2007
China in the New World Order                         2006
China in the World Trading System                    2005
China Incorporated                                   2003
China Incorporated                                   2006

China S Emerging Tax Regime: Devolution, Fiscal
Federalism, or Tax Farming?                          2005
China S Emerging Tax Regime: Local Tax Farming
and Central Tax Bureaucracy                          2006
China, GMOs and World Trade in Agricultural and
Textile Products                                     2002
China, GMOs, and World Trade in Agricultural
and Textile Products                                 2001

China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan: A Quantitative
Assessment of Real and Financial Integration         2003
China, India, and Regional Economic Integration
in Asia                                              2006
China, India, and the Law of the World Trade
Organization                                         2007

China, the United States and Technology
Cooperation on Climate Control                       2006

China: A Stabilizing or Deflationary Influence in
East Asia? The Problem of Conflicted Virtue          2005
China: A Study of Dynamic Growth                     2005

                                                            January 2010
China: International Trade and WTO Accession        2006

China: Macroeconomic Cycles in the 1980s            2006
China: M-Commerce in World's Largest Mobile
Market                                              2006
China: Sources of Real Exchange Rate
Fluctuations                                        2006
China: Strengthening Monetary Policy
Implementation                                      2007
China: The Effects of Bank Reform on Structure
and Performance                                     2006

China`s FDI and Non-FDI Economies and the
Sustainability of Future High Chinese Growth        2006

China`s Foreign Trade Behavior in the 1980s         2006
China`s Foreign Trade Behavior in the 1980s: An
Empirical Analysis                                  2006

China`s Integration into the World
EconomyImplications for Developing Countries        2006
China`s Trade Flows: Changing Price Sensitivities
and the Reform Process                              2006

China's (Uneven) Progress Against Poverty           2004
China's Accession to the World Trade
Organization: The Services Dimension                2005
China's Accession to WTO and Shifts in the
Agriculture Policy                                  2002

China's Asset Management Corporations               2005

China's Banking Reform: An Assessment of its
Evolution and Possible Impact                       2005

China's Capital and Productivity Measurement
Using Financial Resources                           2003
China's Changing Financial System: Can it Catch
up with, or Even Drive Growth                       2007

China's Confucian Horses: The Place of Non-
Human Animals in a Confucian World Order            2009

China's Current Account and Exchange Rate           2009
China's Economic Growth 1978-2025: What We
Know Today about China's Economic Growth
Tomorrow                                            2005
China's Economic Growth: Evidence from
Multiple-Break Unit Root Tests                      2007
China's Economic Prospects and Their Global
Implications                                        2005
China's Embrace of Globalization                    2006
China's Emerging Financial Markets                  2009
China's Employment Challenges and Strategies
after the WTO Accession                             2005
China's Energy Situation and its Implications in
the New Millennium                                  2009

                                                           January 2010
China's Evolving External Wealth and Rising
Creditor Position                                   2009

China's Evolving Stock Market Efficiency
Reconsidered: The Kalman Filter Analysis            2007

China's Exchange Rate and International
Adjustment in Wages, Prices, and Interest Rates:
Japan Deja Vu?                                      2006

China's Exchange Rate Appreciation in the Light
of the Earlier Japanese Experience                  2006

China's Exchange Rate Policy and Asian Trade        2009
China's Exchange Rate Policy: The Case Against
Abandoning the Dollar PEG                           2005

China's Export Growth and the China Safeguard:
Threats to the World Trading System?                2005

China's Export Growth and the China Safeguard:
Threats to the World Trading System?                2005
China's Exporters and Importers: Firms, Products
and Trade Partners                                  2009
China's Exporters and Importers: Firms, Products,
and Trade Partners                                  2008
China's Exports, Subsidies To State Owned
Enterprises and the WTO                             2004
China's Financial Conundrum and Global
Imbalances                                          2009
China's Financial Reform and Opening-Up over
the Past Three Decades                              2008

China's Fiscal System: A Work in Progress           2006
China's Food Economy and Its Implications for
the Rest of the World                               2003
China's Foreign Exchange Policy in a Time of
Change                                              2006
China's GDP in U.S. Dollars Based on Purchasing
Power Parity                                        2004

China's Grain Production: Status and Prospects      2009

China's Great Leap: Forward or Backward?
Anatomy of a Central Planning Disaster              2001
China's Growth and Poverty Reduction: Recent
Trends Between 1990 and 1999                        2001

China's Hunt for Oil in Africa in Perspective       2006
China's Income Distribution Over Time: Reasons
for Rising Inequality                               2004

China's Informal Stock Market: How it
Developed, how it Works and how it Might Grow       2004
China's Investment in Human Capital                 2002
China's Labor Market Performance and
Challenges                                          2006

                                                           January 2010
China's Land Market Auctions: Evidence of
Corruption                                         2009
China's Lesser Known Migrants                      2006
China's Membership in the WTO and Enterprise
Reform: The Challenges for Accession and
Beyond                                             2000
China's Network Justice                            2007
China's New Farm Subsidies                         2006

China's New Regional Trade Agreements              2005

China's New Regional Trade Agreements              2006

China's Path-Dependent Transition: Culture
Mediating Between Market and Socialism             2006
China's Pattern of Growth: Moving to
Sustainability and Reducing Inequality             2005
China's Post Accession WTO Stance                  2004
China's Provincial Growth Dynamics                 2006
China's Quiet Export: Children                     2005
China's R&D Policy for the 21st Century:
Government Direction of Innovation                 2008

China's Reform Period Economic Growth: How
Reliable Are Angus Maddison's Estimates? -
Response to Angus Maddison's Reply                 2006

China's Role in the Revived Bretton Woods
System: A Case of Mistaken Identity                2005

China's Stock Market: Out of the Valley in 2004?   2004
China's Swing from a Planned Soviet-Type
Economy to an Ingenious Socialist Market
Economy: An Account of 50 Years                    2006
China's Urban Unemployment: Exposed
'Disguised Unemployment' or Insufficient
Aggregate Demand?                                  2002
Chinatown: Transaction Costs in Water Rights
Exchanges. The Owens Valley Transfer to Los
Angeles                                            2005
Chinese Administrative Law in the Northeast
Asian Mirror                                       2006

Chinese Characteristics Compared: A Legal and
Policy Perspective of Corporate Finance and
Governance in Taiwan and China                     2001

Chinese Competition and Skill-Upgrading in
European Textiles: Firm-Level Evidence             2008
Chinese Congressional Representation as an
Institution                                        2009
Chinese Currency Controversies                     2004

Chinese Enterprises Characters with Supply Chain
Adoption: Resource Based View                      2007
Chinese Merger Control: Patterns and
Implications                                       2009

                                                          January 2010
Chinese Poverty: Assessing the Impact of
Alternative Assumptions                             2005

Chinese Railway Reform and Competition:
Vertical or Horizontal Restructuring?               2002
Chinese Soft Power in the Indian Ocean              2009
Choice and Change of Measures in Performance
Measurement Models                                  2004

Choice and Fraud in Racial Identification: The
Dilemma of Policing Race in Affirmative Action,
the Census, and a Color-Blind Society               2005

Choice and Other Determinants of Employee
Contributions to Defined Contribution Plans         2004
Choice and Performance of Governance
Mechanisms: Matching Contractual and
Relational Governance to Sources of Asset
Specificity                                         2004
Choice and the End of Social Housing                2006
Choice as Regulatory Reform: The Case of
Japanese Corporate Governance                       2004
Choice Avoidance in Managerial Accounting
Decisions                                           2003

Choice between Cartels and Horizontal Mergers       2008
Choice of Financing by Independent or Bank-
Affiliated Venture Capital Firm                     2008
Choice of Inventory Valuation Method and Self-
Selection Bias                                      1999
Choice of Jurisdiction in European Corporate
Law: Perspectives of European Corporate
Governance                                          2004
Choice of Law and Legal Evolution: Rethinking the
Market for Legal Rules                              2007
Choice of Pension Discount Rate in Financial
Accounting and StockPrices                          2000
Choice of Rating Technology and Price Formation
in Imperfect Credit Markets                         2007
Choice of Union-firm Bargaining Agenda and
Social Welfare                                      2005
Choice Under Uncertainty:A Model of
Applications for the Social Security Disability
Insurance Program                                   2004

Choice, Competition and Pupil Achievement           2006
Choices Among Alternative Risk Management
Strategies: Evidence from the Natural Gas
Industry                                            2000
Choosing a Dictator: Bureaucracy and Welfare in
Less Developed Polities                             2006

Choosing a Monetary Policy Regime: Effects on
the Traded and Non-Traded Sectors                   1999
Choosing Expensive Tastes                           2005
Choosing How to Regulate                            2004
Choosing the Federal Reserve Chair: Lessons from
History                                             2003

                                                           January 2010
Choosing to Co-Finance - An Analysis of Project
Specific Alliances in the Film Industry              2005
Choosing to have Less Choice                         2006

Chronic and Transient Poverty: Measurement
and Estimation, with Evidence from China             2006

Chronicle of a Pandemic Foretold: Lessons from
the 2009 Influenza Epidemic                          2009

Chronicle of the Liquidity Effect Foretold           2004
Chutes or Ladders? A Longitudinal Analysis of
Immigrant Earnings                                   2000

Cigarette Advertising Regulation: A Meta-Analysis    2005
Circuit Theory of Finance and the Role of
Incentives in Financial Sector Reform                2004
Circularity and the Undervaluation of Privatised
Companies                                            2002
Circulation of Private Notes During a Currency
Shortage                                             2005

Circumstance and Choice: The Role of Initial
Conditions and Policies in Transition Economies      2004

Cite Unseen: How Neutral Citation and America's
Law Schools Can Cure Our Strange Devotion to
Bibliographical Orthodoxy and the Constriction of
Open and Equal Access to the Law                     2006
Cities and Warfare: The Impact of Terrorism on
Urban Form                                           2001
Cities and Warfare: The Impact of Terrorism on
Urban Form                                           2001
Cities Inside Out: Race, Poverty, and Exclusion at
the Urban Fringe                                     2007
Citizen Complaints as Environmental Indicators:
Evidence from China                                  2004

Citizen Rights and the Cost of Law Endorcement       2006
City Quality of Life Dynamics: The Case of Los
Angeles Smog                                         1998

City Structure, Job Search and Labor
Discrimination. Theory and Policy Implications       2005
Civic Entrepreneurs: A Research Agenda               2009
Civil Codification, Law and Culture in a Mixed
Legal System                                         2007

Civil Disobedience Movements and the Law             2009
Civil Society Meets the State: A Model of
Associational Democracy                              2003

Claiming a Large Slice of a Small Pie: Asymmetric
Disconfirmation in Negotiation                       2006

                                                            January 2010
Clandestine Accounting: The Impact of Variable
Interest Entity Reporting on the Stock Market's
Assessment of the Costs of Compliance and
Information Risk                                      2007

Clarifications on the Asymmetric Volatility Effect
and Foreign Investors' Destabilizing Influence:
Agents' Information Perception                        2006
Clarifying Intellectual Property Rights for the New
Economy                                               2001

Class and Tastes: The Effects of Income and
Preference Heterogeneity on Redistribution            2005
Class Certification in the Microsoft Indirect
Purchaser Litigation                                  2005

Class Size and Student Evaluations in Sweden          2006
Class Struggle Inside the Firm: A Study of German
Codetermination                                       2000
Classification of Intangibles                         2001

Classification Shifting and Special Items: Evidence
of Earnings Management or a Research Design
Consequence?                                          2008
Classification Shifting or Model Bias?A Reply to
Barua and Cready (2008)                               2008

Classified Information Leaks and Free Speech          2007
Classifying Institutional Investors                   2004

Clawbacks: Prospective Contract Measures in an
Era of Excessive Executive Compensation and
Ponzi Schemes                                         2009
Clean Sweep, Inc.                                     2009
Clearly Biased Experts                                2006
Client Characteristics and Auditor Switch in an
Audit Failure                                         2003
Client Importance, Non-audit Fees, and Abnormal
Accruals                                              2001

Client Industry Expertise: An Investigation of the
Different Units of Analysis                           2006

Client, Industry and Country Factors Affecting
Choice of Big N Industry Expert Auditors              2005
Clientelism and Aid                                   2006

Climate Agenda as an Agenda for Development in
Brazil: A Policy Oriented Approach                    2009
Climate Alarmism Reconsidered                         2005
Climate Change and Extreme Events: An
Assessment of Economic Implications                   2006

Climate Change and Insurance: Integrative
Principles and Regulatory Risks                       2009
Climate Change and Residential Electricity
Demand in Europe                                      2009

                                                             January 2010
Climate Change and Unresolved Issues in WTO
Law                                                  2009
Climate Change Decisions: International
Influences on Argentina's Foreign Policy Decision
Making                                               2009
Climate Change Disclosure: Ensuring the Viability
of the Insurance Industry While Protecting the
Investor                                             2009
Climate Change Feedback on Economic Growth:
Explorations with a Dynamic General Equilibrium
Model                                                2009

Climate Change Hysteria and the Supreme Court:
The Economic Impact of Global Warming on the
U.S. and the Misguided Regulation of Greenhouse
Gas Emissions under the Clean Air Act                2008

Climate Change Mitigation Strategies in Fast-
Growing Countries: The Benefits of Early Action      2009

Climate Change Mitigation Strategies in Fast-
Growing Countries: The Benefits of Early Action      2009

Climate Change Mitigation Strategies in Fast-
Growing Countries: the Benefits of Early Action      2009
Climate Change Policy                                2000
Climate Change, Energy Demand and Market
Power in a General Equilibrium Model of the
World Economy                                        2009
Climate Change, Technology Transfer and
Intellectual Property Rights                         2009
Climate Coalitions: A Theoretical and
Computational Appraisal                              2007
Climate Exceptionalism                               2009
Climate Policies and Induced Technological
Change: Impacts and Timing of Technology
Subsidies                                            2004

Climate Policies and Induced Technological
Change: Which to Choose the Carrot or the Stick?     2002

Climate Policy and Ancillary Benefits - A Survey
and Integration into the Modelling of
International Negotiations on Climate Change         2007
Climate Policy and Economic Growth in
Developing Countries                                 2003
Climate Policy, Asymmetric Information and Firm
Survival                                             2001
Climate Uncertainty and the Necessity to
Transform Global Energy Supply                       2004

Climate Variables and Weather Derivatives: Gas
Demand, Temperature and Seasonality Effects in
the Italian Case                                     2004
Climatic Conditions, Cultural Diversity, and Labor
Productivity                                         2001

                                                            January 2010
Closed Jaguar, Open Dragon: Comparing Tariffs in
Latin America and Asia before World War II         2002
Closed-Form Solutions of Higher Order Duration
Measures                                           2009
Closely Held Firms As Going Concerns               2001

Closer Look at Business Education: Accounting      2006

Closing the Gap: Case Studies of Opioid Access
Reform in China, India, Romania & Vietnam          2009

Cloud Computing: The Business Perspective          2009

Clouds, Cameras, and Computers: The First
Amendment and Networked Public Places              2006
Cloudy Skies: Assessing Public Understanding of
Global Warming                                     2002
Clustered Disclosures by Competing Firms: The
Choice of Reporting Periods                        2008
Clustered Disclosures by Competing Firms: The
Choice of Reporting Periods                        2008
Clustering in Emerging Equity Markets              2006
Clusters as a Driving Engine for FDI               2006
Clusters for Competitiveness: A Practical Guide
and Policy Implications for Developing Cluster
Initiatives                                        2009
CO2 Prices, Energy and Weather                     2006
Coalition Formation in International Monetary
Policy Games                                       1999
Coase v. the Coasians                              1999
Coase v. the Coasians                              2000

Code as Governance, The Governance of Code         2002
Code as Speech                                     2001

Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance     2000

Codetermination and Corporate Governance in a
Multinational Corporation                          1999
Co-Evolution of Politics and Corporate
Governance                                         2005
Cognition, Learning and European Regional
Growth: An Agent-Centred Perspective on the
'New' Economy                                      2002
Cognitive Ability and Paternalism                  2002
Cognitive Ability and Paternalism                  2002

Cognitive Distance in and Between COP's and
Firms: Where do Exploitation and Exploration
Take Place, and How are They Connected?            2007
Cognitive Divergence Among Entrepreneurship
National Experts: Analysis of GEM Data 2000-
2003                                               2005
Coherence Between Values and Successor
Socialization: Facilitating Family Business
Continuity                                         2003

                                                          January 2010
Coin Quality, Coin Quantity, and Coin Value in
Early China and the Roman World                      2009
Cointegration Analysis with Structural Breaks and
Deterministic Trends: An Application to the
Canadian Dollar                                      2008
Cold Wars and Hot Issues (Management of
Responsibilities)                                    2003

Collateral And The Debt Maturity Choice Under
Asymmetric Information: A Signaling Model            2005

Collateral Damage: Do ASRs Carry Counterparty
Risk? - Evergreen Solar Case Study                   2008

Collateral in Loan Classification and Provisioning   2006
Collateral Knowledge                                 2005
Collateral Restrictions and Liquidity Under-
Supply: A Simple Model                               2006
Collateralized Borrowing And Life-Cycle Portfolio
Choice                                               2006

Collective Action and Transnational Terrorism        2003
Collective Action Clauses in International
Sovereign Bond Contracts - Whence the
Opposition?                                          2007

Collective Action for Local-Level Effort
Regulation: An Assessment of Recent Experiences
in Senegalese Small-Scale Fisheries                  2001
Collective Decisions with Interdependent
Valuations                                           2001
Collective Dismissal Cost, Product Market
Competition and Innovation                           2003
Collective Experience and Civil Society in
Governance                                           2007

Collective Inaction and Investment: The Political
Economy of the Religious Liberty and Charitable
Donation Protection Act                              1999
Collective Moral Hazard, Maturity Mismatch and
Systemic Bailouts                                    2009
Collective Moral Hazard, Maturity Mismatch and
Systemic Bailouts                                    2009
Collective Norms in Basic Research and Economic
Growth                                               2006
Collective Relationship Banking and Private
Information Monitoring in Korea                      2006
Collective Sanctions                                 2003

Collectivist Values for Discussing and Integrating
Opposing Views: An Experiment on Goal
Interdependence in China                             2005

Collusion and Commitment in Bank Bailout             2005
Collusion and Reciprocity in Infinitely Repeated
Games                                                2007

                                                            January 2010
Colombia And The Coffee Export Upsurge During
The 1920's Decade. V. 'Macroeconomic Policy
Reactions Against The 1930's Crisis'               1999
Colombia and the NAFTA                             1997
Colombia Approaching Year 2000                     2001
Colombia in the Free Trade Area of the Americas.
As Seen from the Present                           2004
Colombian Political Economy and the Coffee
Cycle: 1967-1977                                   1999
Colombian Venezuela?s Border Crisis                1999
Colonial Auto Center                               2009
Color-Blind Affirmative Action                     2003

Colour in Branding: Asserting a Monopoly in a
Colour for Marketing Purposes - The Cadbury-
Darrell Lea Litigation                             2008

Columbia or High School? Understanding the
Roles of Education in Development                  2006

Combating Black Money: Money Laundering and
Terrorism Finance, International Cooperation and
the G8 Role                                        2004

Combating Joblessness: An Analysis of the
Principal Strategies That Have Influenced the
Development of American Employment and
Social Welfare Law During the 20th Century         1999

Combating Low-level Corruption on Waterways
in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Approaches
from Bandundu and Equateur Provinces               2004
Combating Pirates of the Gulf of Aden:
Collaboration, Not Kinetics                        2009

Combating Rural Public Works Corruption: Food-
for-Work Programs in Nepal                         2001
Combined Algorithm for Detection of
Manipulation in Financial Statements               2009

Combining Belief Functions and Neural Networks
to Assess the Likelihood of Fraud: The Case of
Commercial Bank Audits                             2002
Combining Commerce and Culture                     2006
Combining Earnings and Book Value in Equity
Valuation                                          1997

Combining Forecasts from Nested Models             2006
Combining Inventions in Multi-invention
Products: Organizational Choices, Patents, and
Public Policy                                      2001
Combining Multiple Criterion Systems for
Improving Portfolio Performance                    2008

Combining Rebates with Carbon Taxes: Optimal
Strategies for Coping with Emissions Leakage and
Tax Interactions                                   2009

                                                          January 2010
Combining Top-Down and Bottom-Up in Energy
Policy Analysis: A Decomposition Approach            2006
Comfort Living Private Limited (CLPL) - An Indian
Case Study on Family Business                        2009

Coming Clean and Cleaning Up: Is Voluntary
Disclosure a Signal of Effective Self-Policing?      2008

Coming Clean and Cleaning Up: Is Voluntary Self-
Reporting a Signal of Effective Self-Policing?       2009

Coming to America? Venture Capital, Corporate
Identity and U.S. Securities Law                     2002

Coming to the Nuisance: An Economic Analysis
from an Incomplete Contracts Perspective             2001

Coming Up 'Aces'' Nafta Ramifications of
Hydropower Restrictions in the American Clean
Energy and Security Act of 2009's Proposed
Renewable Portfolio Standard                         2009

Comment on T. J. Sargent and N. Wallace: 'Some
Unpleasant Monetarist Arithmetic'                    2001

Comment on 'The Value of Tax Shields is NOT
Equal to the Present Value of Tax Shields'           2003
Comment: Cooperative Behavior and the
Frequency of Social Interaction (Duffy And Ochs
2009)                                                2009

Comment: Evolutionary Theories of Common
Law Efficiency: Reasons for (Cognitive) Skepticism   2004
Comment: The Ambiguous Work of 'Natural
Property Rights'                                     2006
Commentary                                           2007

Commentary on Bekaert, Harvey, and Lundbald's
'Equity Market Liberalization in Emerging Equity
Markets'                                             2003

Comments by the American Accounting
Association's Financial Accounting Standards
Committee on the Fasb's 'Conceptual Framework
for Financial Reporting (Hereafter Cf)', Call for
Preliminary Views, July 6, 2006                      2006
Comments on Kadish's 'Moral Excess'                  2001

Comments on SEC Proposed Rule on 'Roadmap
for Potential Use of Financial Statements
Prepared in Accordance with International
Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by U.S.
Issuers'                                             2009
Commercial Bank Underwriting: Conflict of
Interest and Credible Commitment                     2001

Commercial Banks Efficiency in Tanzania              2007

                                                            January 2010
Commercial Culture, Political Culture and the
Political Economy of Trade Policy: The Case of
Japan                                                2001

Commercial Television and Voter Information          2005

Commercial Trusts Versus Corporations: Evidence
from the British Mutual Fund Industry                2008
Commercialization of Food Consumption in Rural
China                                                2005
Commitment vs. Flexibility                           2003
Commitment vs. Flexibility                           2003
Commitment, Discretion and Fixed Exchange
Rates in an Open Economy                             2003

Committee Selection under Weight Constraints         2009

Committee Structure and Its Implications for
Monetary Policy Decision-Making                      2003
Committees and Reciprocity                           2006

Committees as Substitutes for Commitment             2008

Committees versus Individuals:An Experimental
Analysis of Monetary Policy Decision-making          2003

Committing to Protect Investors in Emerging
Markets: Can Local Exchanges Provide Value-
relevant Bonding Mechanisms?                         2005
Commodifying and Banking Pollution Rights,
Reducing Innovation                                  2005

Commodity Chains and Social Ecological Changes:
A Theoretical Inquiry on Human-Environment
Interactions                                         2009
Commodity Derivatives Pricing with an
Endogenous Convenience Yield Market Price of
Risk                                                 2008
Commodity Futures in India                           2005
Commodity Futures Market Efficiency in India
and Effect on Inflation                              2006

Commodity Money and the Valuation of Trade           2005
Commodity Price Fluctuations and Their Impact
on Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Western and
Central Africa                                       2007

Commodity Price Shocks and Economic State
Variables: Empirical Insights Into Asset Valuation
and Risk in the Oil and Gas Sector                   2006

Commodity Price Shocks and the Odds on Fiscal
Performance: A Structural VAR Approach               2006
Commodity Prices, Monetary Policy, and
Currency Regimes                                     2006
Commodity Prices, Overshooting, Money
Surprises, and Fed Credibility                       2004

                                                            January 2010
Commodity Tax Competition and Industry
Location Under the Destination- and the Origin-
Principle                                           2007
Common Currencies versus Monetary
Independence                                        2002

Common Determinants of Bond and Stock
Market Liquidity: The Impact of Financial Crises,
Monetary Policy, and Mutual Fund Flows              2006
Common Ground in Promotion of
Entrepreneurship and Human Rights                   2005
Common Law Efficiency under Haphazard
Adjudication                                        2001

Common Liquidity Risk and Market
Collapse:Lessons from the Market for Perps          2004
Common Monetary Policy with Asymmetric
Shocks                                              2002
Common Trends and Structural Change: A
Dynamic Macro Model for the Pre- and
Postrevolution Islamic Republic of Iran             2006

Commonality in Liquidity in Emerging Markets:
Evidence from the Chinese Stock Market              2006

Commonality in Misvaluation, Equity Financing,
and the Cross Section of Stock Returns              2007
Common-Measures Bias in the Balanced
Scorecard: Cognitive Effort and General Problem-
Solving Ability                                     2006
Communicating and Controlling Strategy: An
Empirical Study of the Effectiveness of the
Balanced Scorecard                                  2001
Communication and Concerted Action                  2006

Communication and Exchange Rate Policy              2004
Communication and Monetary Policy                   2003
Communication of Soft Information to Lenders:
Credibility and Reputation                          2007
Communications Convergence and Public Service
Broadcasting                                        2005
Communications Policy in the Era of Choice and
Convergence with Reflections on the Markle
Foundation                                          1998

Communism to Capitalism in Mongolia:
International Trade in the First Seven Years        2001
Communism to Capitalism in Mongolia:
Privatisation in the First Seven Years              2001

Communist and Transitory Income Distribution
and Social Structure in the Czech Republic          2003
Community and Statism:A Conservative
Contractarian Critique of Progressive Corporate
Law Scholarship                                     2001
Community Bank Strategic Lending Choices and
Performance                                         2007

                                                           January 2010
Community Building: The New (and Old) Politics
of Urban Problem-solving                             2002

Community Fundraising: The Gwib Auction 1998         2009
Community of Practice as a Foundation for Great
Teaching                                             2006
Community Programs and Women's
Participation: The Chinese Experience                2004
Community-Based Factoring Companies and
Small Business Lending                               1998
Community-Based Strategy in the Postmodern
Society                                              2009
Comovement: It's Not a Puzzle                        2005
Comovements and Heterogeneity in the Euro
Area Analyzed in a Non-Stationary Dynamic
Factor Model                                         2006

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: 15 Years Later            2009
Compact or Spread-Out Cities: Urban Planning,
Taxation, and the Vulnerability to Transportation
Shocks                                               2007
Company and Takeover Law Reforms in Europe:
Misguided Harmonization Efforts or Regulatory
Competition?                                         2003
Company Law Harmonization Reconsidered:
What Role for the EC?                                2005
Company Law in Europe and European Company
Law                                                  2001
Company Law in the 21st Century                      1999
Company Law Reform in Germany                        2002
Company Law Reform in the UK                         2001
Company Pension Plans, Stock Market Returns,
and Labor Demand                                     2006

Company Valuation - Value, Structure, Risk           2009
Company Valuation Methods: The Most Common
Errors in Valuations                                 2001

Comparative Advertising and Competition Policy       2005

Comparative Analysis Between Administration,
Management and Entrepreneurship                      2006

Comparative Analysis of Artificial Neural Network
Models: Application in Bankruptcy Prediction         2001
Comparative Analysis of Litigation Systems: An
Auction-Theoretic Approach                           2001

Comparative Corporate Governance and the
Australian Experience: A Research Agenda             2001

Comparative Institutional Technology Transfer in
India, Turkey, and Israel: Historical Policies and
Development Outcomes                                 2005

Comparative Law as Comparative Jurisprudence -
The Comparability of Legal Systems                   2003

                                                            January 2010
Comparative Loss Recognition Timeliness
Between Brazilian ADR Issuers and Non Issuers
and Between American and Brazilian Accounting
Systems                                           2008

Comparative Review of Microfinance Regulatory
Framework Issues in Benin, Ghana, and Tanzania    2005

Comparative Social Capital: Networks of
Entrepreneurs and Investors in China and Russia   2005
Comparative Study of CAPM, Fama and French
Model and Reward Beta Approach in the Brazilian
Market                                            2007
Comparative Taxation Procedure and Tax
Enforcement                                       2009

Comparative Value Relevance Among German,
U.S. And International Accounting Standards: A
German Stock Market Perspective                   2008

Comparative Value Relevance Among German,
U.S. and International Accounting Standards: A
German Stock Market Perspective                   2002
Comparative Venture Capital Governance.
Private versus Labour Sponsored Venture Capital
Funds                                             2003
Compared to What? The UCLA Comparative
Labor Law Project and the Future of Comparative
Labor Law                                         2007

Comparing Abnormal Accruals Estimates Across
Samples: An International Test                    2003

Comparing Alternative Hedge Accounting
Standards: Shareholders? Perspective              1999
Comparing Average and Marginal Tax Rates
Under the Fairtax and the Current System of
Federal Taxation                                  2006
Comparing Legal and Alternative Institutions in
Finance and Commerce                              2008

Comparing Merger Policies: The European Union
versus the United States                          2007
Comparing Monetary Policy Reaction Functions:
ECB versus Bundesbank                             2005

Comparing Shocks and Frictions in US and Euro
Area Business Cycles: A Bayesian DSGE Approach    2004

Comparing Shocks and Frictions in US and Euro
Area Business Cycles: A Bayesian DSGE Approach    2005
Comparing Stock Buybacks (#9) + Synopsys Case
Study                                             2007

Comparing the Characteristics and Performance
of Private Equity Offering Firms with Seasoned
Equity Offering Firms                             2009

                                                         January 2010
Comparing the Economic and Conventional
Approaches to Financial Planning                    2000

Comparing the Pre-Settlement Risk Implications
of Alternative Clearing Arrangements                2007

Comparing the Quality of Accruals for Alternative
Summary Performance Measures in the Real
Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Industry             2006
Comparing the Stock Recommendation
Performance of Investment Banks and
Independent Research Firms                          2004
Comparing the Value Relevance of R&D
Reporting in Germany: Standard and Selection
Effects                                             2005
Comparing the Value Relevance of Two
Operating Income Measures                           2001

Comparision of Corporate Governance Norms
Between India and United Kingdom                    2009
Comparison Between Second and Third Degree
Price Discrimination                                2006

Comparison of Institutional Arrangements for
River Basin Management in Eight Basins              2005
Comparison of Numerical Methods for Option
Pricing                                             2008

Comparison of the Value Relevance Between the
Purchase and Rental Treatment of Leases             2009
Compatability Between Monetary and Fiscal
Policy under EMU                                    2003

Compelling in the Shadow of Holding Power           2006
Compensating Employees Below the Executive
Ranks: A Comparison of Options, Restricted
Stock, and Cash                                     2004
Compensating Employees Below the Executive
Ranks: A Comparison of Options, Restricted
Stock, and Cash                                     2004

Compensating Wage Differentials and Voluntary
Job Changes: Evidence from West Germany             2004

Compensation and Bargaining with
Entrepreneurship as the Outside Option              2001
Compensation and Firm Performance                   2000
Compensation Consultants and CEO Pay: UK
Evidence                                            2008
Compensation Consultants and Executive Pay:
Evidence from the United States and the United
Kingdom                                             2008
Compensation for Managers with Career
Concerns: The Role of Stock Option in Optimal
Contracts                                           2002

                                                           January 2010
Compensation for Natural Resource Damages
from Oil Spills:A Comparison of USA Law and
International Conventions, andPollution             1997
Compensation in the Nonprofit Sector                2000

Compensation Incentives, Deregulation and Risk-
Taking: Lessons from the U.S. Banking Industry      2008

Compensation of Outside Directors: An Empirical
Analysis of Economic Determinants                   2000
Compensation Peer Groups and Their Relation
with CEO Compensation                               2009
Compensation, Incentives and Organizational
Change: Ideas and Evidence from Theory and
Practice                                            2000
Compensatory Transfers in Two-Player Decision
Problems                                            2003

Competing Accounting Treatments for Emission
Rights: A Capital Market Perspective                2009
Competing at the Frontier: The Changing Role of
Technology Policy in Singapore's Economic
Strategy                                            2004
Competing Coalitions in International Monetary
Policy Games                                        2004
Competing for a Share of Global Derivatives
Markets: Trends and Policy Choices for the
United States                                       2008

Competing for Capital: The Diffusion of Bilateral
Investment Treaties, 1960-2000                      2004

Competing for Customers in a Social Network         2006
Competing for the Public Through the News
Media                                               2003
Competing Motives for Earnings Management in
IPO                                                 2006
Competing on Quality of Care:The Need to
Develop a Competition Policy for Health Care
Markets                                             2000
Competing or Collaborating Siblings? Industrial
and Trade Policies in India                         2007
Competing Through Business Models                   2008
Competing Ways Towards International Antitrust:
The WTO versus the ICN                              2006
Competition after Unbundling: Entry, Industry
Structure and Convergence                           2005
Competition Amendment 2007 - A Road Dark and
Unknown                                             2008

Competition Among Governments, Entry & Exit
and Redundant Investment of Yangtze River
Delta: An Analysis on Over-Confidence of
Entrepreneur Premise                                2006
Competition Among Pressure Groups for Political
Influence Over the Determination of Accounting
Standards                                           1998

                                                           January 2010
Competition Among Regulators                        2006

Competition and Banking Stability in the Euro
Area: The Cases for Greece and Spain                2000
Competition and Big-Six Brand Name Reputation:
Evidence from the Ontario Municipal Audit
Market                                              2000

Competition and Collaboration in the Pc Industry:
The Evolution of a Value Chain (C)                  2009
Competition and Confidentiality: Signaling
Quality in a Duopoly When There is Universal
Private Information                                 2004
Competition and Convergence in Corporate
Regulation: The Case of Overseas Listed
Companies                                           2001
Competition and Co-operation Among
Exchanges: A Theory of Cross Listing and
Endogenous Listing Standards                        2004
Competition and Corporate Governance:
Substitutes or Complements? Evidence from the
Warsaw Stock Exchange                               2001
Competition and Entry in Banking: Implications
for Capital Regulation                              2006

Competition and Entry in Banking: Implications
for Stability and Capital Regulation                2006

Competition and Fragmentation in the Equity
Markets:The Effect of Regulation NMS                2007

Competition and Innovation in the Anglo-
American Investment Management Industry             1998

Competition and Innovation in the Consumer e-
Payments Market? Considering the Demand,
Supply, and Public Policy Issues                    2002
Competition and Price Adjustment in the Euro
Area                                                2006
Competition and Privatization Of the Egyptian
Banking                                             2007
Competition and Regulation in European Retail
Payment Systems                                     2003
Competition and Regulation Issues in
Telecommunications                                  2002
Competition and Regulation Issues in the
Pharmaceutical Industry                             2002
Competition and Related Regulation Issues in the
Insurance Industry                                  1999
Competition and Stability in Banking                2002
Competition Enhancing Policies and
Infrastructure: Evidence from Russia                2001
Competition for Andersen's Clients                  2006
Competition for Exclusive Customers: Comparing
Equilibrium and Welfare under One-Part and Two-
Part Pricing                                        2006
Competition in a Pure World of Internet
Telephony                                           2007

                                                           January 2010
Competition in Auditing Revisited: Theory and
Evidence Re-examined                                 1997

Competition in Banking: Switching Costs and the
Limits of Antitrust Enforcement                      2004

Competition in Broadband Provision and its
Implications for Regulatory Policy                   2003

Competition in Chinese Commercial Banking            2009
Competition in Network Industries                    2004
Competition in Professional Services                 2002
Competition in the German Broadband Access
Market                                               2003

Competition in the Market for Nasdaq Securities      2004
Competition Law Chapter in the Oxford
Handbook of Comparative Law                          2006

Competition of Politicians for Wages and Office      2004

Competition of Politicians for Wages and Office      2004
Competition Policy and Abuses in the TRIPS
Agreement                                            2004
Competition Policy and Agreements Between
Firms                                                2001
Competition Policy and Intellectual Property
Rights                                               1998
Competition Policy and International Airport
Services                                             1998

Competition Policy and International Trade           2000
Competition Policy and its Impact on Innovation
and Competitiveness                                  2006
Competition Policy and Railway Investment in
Australia                                            2007

Competition Policy as a Political Bargain            2005
Competition Policy in Latin America                  2003
Competition Policy in Network Industries: An
Introduction                                         2004

Competition Policy in Subsidies and State Aid        2002

Competition Policy in Telecommunications - A
Case Study of India                                  2005

Competition Policy with Optimally Differentiated
Rules Instead of 'Per se Rules vs. Rule of Reason'   2005
Competition Regulation in Latvia & European
Union Law                                            2006

Competition Rules in the Euromed Countries with
a Special Emphasis on Network Industries             2004
Competition Without Chaos                            2001

Competition, Adverse Selection, and Information
Dispersion in the Banking Industry                   2001

                                                            January 2010
Competition, Consumer Welfare, and the Social
Cost of Monopoly                                      2005
Competition, Corporate Governance and Equity
Carve-Outs - The European Case                        2005

Competition, Corporate Governance and
Regulation in Central Asia: Uzbekistan's Structural
Reform Challenges                                     2001
Competition, Corporate Governance: Substitutes
or Complements? Evidence from the Warsaw
Stock Exchange                                        2001
Competition, Globalization and the Decline of
Inflation                                             2004
Competition, Globalization, and the Decline of
Inflation                                             2004
Competition, Incomplete Discrimination and
Versioning                                            2006
Competition, Innovation and Growth in
Transition: Exploring the Interactions between
Policies                                              2002

Competition, Innovation and Productivity
Growth: A Review of Theory and Evidence               2002

Competition, Monopoly and Aftermarkets                2006

Competition, Monopoly, and Aftermarkets               2001
Competition, Productivity and Prices in the Euro
Area Services Sector                                  2006
Competition-Enhancing Policies And
Infrastructure: Evidence From Russia                  2001
Competitive Advantages and the Effect on Future
Firm-Specific Profitability                           2007
Competitive Balance when Teams have Different
Goals                                                 2006
Competitive Competition Law? An Essay Against
International Cooperation                             2003
Competitive Electricity Markets and Investment
in New Generating Capacity                            2006

Competitive Innovation and Information Flows in
a Growing Industry                                    2005
Competitive Institutional Strategies: A New
Generic Typology                                      2004
Competitive Market Efficiency and Income
Distribution Non-Optimality: A Theorem on
Income Redistribution                                 2002
Competitive Wages in a Match with Ordered
Contracts                                             2006

Competitive, Political, and Economic Factors
Influencing State Tax Policy Changes                  2001
Competitiveness and the Equilibrium Exchange
Rate in Costa Rica                                    2006
Competitiveness and the Evolution of the Real
Exchange Rate in Chile                                2006

                                                             January 2010
Competitiveness in Bulgaria: An Assessment of
the Real Effective Exchange Rate                  2006

Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy          2005

Competitiveness of Thermopower Generation in
the Operation and Expansion of the Brazilian
Power System                                      2002
Competitiveness with Self-Regulation              1997

Competitiveness, Inflation, and Monetary Policy   2005

Competitiveness, Realignment, and
Speculation:The Role of Financial Markets         2004

Complementarities in Corporate Governance:
Ownership Concentration, Capital Structure,
Monitoring, and Pecuniary Incentives              2000

Complementarities in Organizational Design:
Empirical Evidence from the New Economy           2003
Complementarity and Institutional Change: How
Useful a Concept?                                 2005
Complementarity and Transition to Modern
Economic Growth                                   2007

Complementarity in Training Practices:
Methodological Notes and Empirical Evidence for
a Local Economic System in Emilia Romagna         2006
Complementarity Problems in Restructured
Natural Gas Markets                               2005

Complementarity, Coordination, and Credit         2007
Complementary vs Semi-Complementary Airline
Partnerships                                      2005

Complements or Substitutes? New Theoretical
Considerations and Empirical Evidence on the
Imports and FDI Relationship                      2008

Complete Proofs to Theorems in 'Information
Technology, Organizational Design, and Transfer
Pricing'                                          2006

Completing and Corroborating the Model of
Auditor-Client Negotiation about Accounting
Issues by Comparing Auditor and Chief Financial
Officer Views                                     2004
Completion Strategies and the Office of the
Prosecutor                                        2009
Complex Ownership Structures and Corporate
Valuations                                        2006
Complexity and Analyst Following of
Multinational Firms                               2000
Complexity and Contradiction in Florida
Constitutional Law                                2009

                                                         January 2010
Complexity and the Direction of Influence in the
Technology-Environmental Policy Relationship           2009
Complexity, Bounded Rationality, and Heuristic
Search                                                 1999
Complexity, Flexibility, and the Make-or-Buy
Decision                                               2002
Compliance in the Supply Chain: The Present and
Future Implications of Sarbanes-Oxley for UK
Businesses                                             2007

Compliance of Audit Committee Requirements: A
Review of the Practices of Companies Listed on
the KLSE                                               2005

Compliance Risk in the Evolution of the
Investment Services - Characteristics, Control
Tools and Organizational Issues                        2009

Compliance with IFRS Mandatory Disclosure
Requirements: Exploring Methodological Issues          2008

Compliance with the Requirements of Accounting
Standard by Quoted Companies in Nigeria                2008

Compliance with World Bank Conditionality:
Implications for the Selectivity Approach to Policy-
Based Lending and the Design of Conditionality         2004

Comply or Explain: Market Discipline and Non-
Compliance with the Combined Code                      2005
Component-Specific Versus Comprehensive
Habits in a Model of Income and Consumption
Taxation                                               2008
Composite Democratic Legitimation in Europe:
The Role of Transparency and Access to
Information                                            2001
Composite Leading Indicators for Ukraine: An
Early Warning Model                                    2009

Composition of Foreign Direct Investment and
Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in
Transition Economies                                   1999

Composition of Government Expenditure, Human
Capital Accumulation, and Welfare                      2006
Composition of Wealth, Conditioning
Information, and the Cross-Section of Stock
Returns                                                2005

Compositional Effects of Government Spending in
a Two-Country Two-SectorProduction Model               2004

Comprehensible Credit Scoring Models using Rule
Extraction from Support Vector Machines                2006

                                                              January 2010
Comprehension of Nonroutine Transactions
During Audit Planning: Evidence from Free Recalls
and Inferences                                       1998
Comprehensive Income Disclosures and Analysts'
Valuation Judgments                                  1998
Comprehensive Income: Who's Afraid of
Performance Reporting?                               2006

Compromises Between Cardinality and Ordinality
in Preference Theory and Social Choice               2001
Compton Computing Systems (A)                        2008
Compton Computing Systems (B)                        2008
Compulsory Dispute Settlement and the
Problmes of Mulitiple Fora Under International
Environmental Law                                    2009
Compulsory Licensing - Evidence from the
Trading with the Enemy Act                           2009

Compulsory or Voluntary Pre-merger
Notification? A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis   2006

Compulsory Schooling Legislation and School
Attendance in Turn-of-the-Century America: A
"Natural Experiment" Approach                        2000

Computation in an Asymptotic Expansion Method        2009

Computation of Multiple Correspondence
Analysis, with Code in R                             2005
Computer Peripherals, Inc. (A)                       2008
Computer Peripherals, Inc. (B)                       2008

Computer, Computer, on the Wall, Which Cost of
Capital is Fairest, of Them All?                     2002
Computerised Measurement of Corporate
Disclosure                                           2009
Computerizing Audit Studies                          2007

Computing Alternating Offers and Water Prices in
Bilateral River Basin Management                     2006
Concavity of Utility, Concavity of Welfare, and
Redistribution of Income                             2003
Concavity of Utility, Concavity of Welfare, and
Redistribution of Income                             2003
Concentrated Control, Analyst Following and
Valuation:Do Analysts Matter Most When
Investors are Protected Least?                       2002
Concentrated Control: A Comparative Analysis of
Single and Dual Class Structures on Corporate
Value                                                2006

Concentrated Media is Something We Can't
Ignore: A Response to Speaker Pelosi                 2009

Concentrated Ownership and Firm Responses to
a Crisis: Evidence from Thailand                     2004
Concentrating on Governance                          2006

                                                            January 2010
Concentration and Mergers in U.S. Wholesale
Grocery Markets                                    2008

Concentration in Corporate Bank Loans - What
Do We Learn from European Comparisons?             2009

Concentration in Publishing at Top-Tier Business
Journals: Evidence and Potential Explanations      2005

Concentration Levels in the U.S. Advertising and
Marketing Services Industry: Myth vs. Reality      2009
Concept and Relevance of Income                    2002
Concepts and Measures of Earnings Replacement
During Retirement                                  2001

Concepts and Measures of Federal Deficits and
Debt and Their Impact on Economic Activity         2004
Conceptual Approaches Regarding the Financial
Statements                                         2009

Conceptual Divergence, Functionalism and the
Economics of Convergence Contribution for
Binding Unity/Diverging                            2005
Conceptual Issues for the Comparative Study of
Agricultural Development                           2006
Conceptual Issues in Financial Risk Analysis: A
Review for Practitioners                           2001
Conceptual Models of How Advertising Works to
Persuade Individuals                               2009
Conceptualising Informality: Regulation and
Enforcement                                        2009
Conceptualizing the 'Fat Tax': The Role of Food
Taxes in Developed Economies                       2004
Concession Bidding Rules and Investment Time
Flexibility                                        2007
Concession Contract Renegotiations: Some
Efficiency vs. Equity Dilemmas                     2001

CONDI: A Cost-of-Nominal-Distortions Index         2009

Conditional Asset Allocation in Emerging Markets   2000
Conditional Autocorrelation and Stock Market
Integration                                        2006
Conditional Conservatism and Firm Investment
Efficiency                                         2009

Conditional Conservatism in Accounting: New
Measure and Tests of Determinants                  2008
Conditional Political Budget Cycles                2002
Conditional Skewness of Aggregate Market
Returns                                            2004
Conditionality and Ownership in IMF Lending: A
Political Economy Approach                         2002

Conditionally Fitted Sharpe Performance with an
Application to Hedge Fund Rating                   2008

Conditioned Diffusions and the Equity Premium      2001

                                                          January 2010
Conditions for Consistent Valuation of a Growing
Perpetuity                                          2006

Conditions of Employment and Small Business:
Coverage, Compliance and Exemptions                 2006
Conducting Monetary and Credit Policy in
Countries of the Former Soviet Union: Some
Issues and Options                                  2006

Conference Calls and Information Asymmetry          2003

Conference Report - International Criminal
Justice and International Criminal Law              2005
Conference Submission Purchase Test                 2005
Confidence and Investors' Reliance on Disciplined
Trading Strategies                                  2000
Confidence and the Welfare of Less-Informed
Investors                                           1998

Confidence Building in Emerging Stock Markets       2001

Confidence Building in Emerging Stock Markets       2001

Confidence, Opinions of Market Efficiency, and
Investment Behavior of Finance Professors           2007
Configurations of Control: A Transaction Cost
Approach                                            2003

Conflict in Whispers and Analyst Forecasts:Which
One Should Be Your Guide?                           2006

Conflict Management for Individual Problem
Solving and Team Innovation in China                2003
Conflict or Credibility: Analyst Conflicts of
Interest and the Market for Underwriting
Business                                            2004

Conflict Stress and Reduced Wellbeing at Work:
The Buffering Effect of Third-Party Help            2004

Conflicts between U.S. Law and International
Treaties Concerning Geographical Indications        2008

Conflicts in the Cathedral: Towards a Theory of
Property Rights in Private International Law        2000

Conflicts of Interest and Analyst Behavior:
Evidence from Recent Changes in Regulation          2008

Conflicts of Interest and Stock
Recommendations: The Effects of the Global
Settlement and Related Regulations                  2005

Conflicts of Interest in Investment Services: The
Price and Uncertain Impact of MiFID's Regulatory
Framework                                           2005

                                                           January 2010
Conflicts of Interest in Self-Regulation: Can
Demutualized Exchanges Successfully Manage
Them?                                                2004

Conflicts of Interests Among Shareholders: The
Case of Corporate Acquisitions                       2006
Conformity and Dissent                               2002

Conformity and Reciprocity in the 'Exclusion
Game': An Experimental Investigation                 2005
Confronting Competition Investment Response
and Constraints in Uganda                            2004
Confronting Divergent Interests in Cross-Country
Regulatory Arrangements                              2006
Confronting Uncertainty under NEPA                   2009

Confusing Success with Access: Correctly
Measuring Concentration of Ownership and
Control in Mass Media and Online Services            2004
Congestion and Tax Competition in a Parallel
Network                                              2007

Congo and Korea: A Case Study in Divergence          2006

Congressional Power to Reenact Section 5 of the
Voting Rights Act: The Evidentiary Quandary          2003
Conjectures Regarding Empirical Managerial
Accounting Research                                  2001
Connected Companies' Compensation                    2008

Connected Contention: Social Resources and
Petitioning the State in Rural China                 2006
Connecting LIFO Adoption and LIFO Liquidation
with Survival Analysis                               2003
Connecting the Church to Social Justice Through
Community Development                                2006

Connections and Competences in the
Governance of the Value Chain: How Industrial
Countries Maintain Their Competitive Advantage       2008

Connections and Competences in the
Governance of the Value Chain: How Industrial
Countries Maintain their Competitive Advantage       2006
Connections and Information Acquisition in
Capital Allocation                                   2008
Connectivity Upgrade Models for Survivable
Network Design                                       2006
Consanguineous Marriages on Political Instability,
Economic Development and Growth: An
Empirical Analysis                                   2009
Conscription as Regulation                           2004
Conscription as Regulation                           2004
Conscription Tax                                     2007

Consensual and Conflictual Democratization           2006

                                                            January 2010
Consensus Information and Non-Professional
Investors' Reaction to the Revelation of Estimate
Inaccuracies                                        2007

Consequences and Costs of Compliance of
Financial Reporting for Local Government            2009

Consequences of an Emerging China: Whither
Latin American and Caribbean Development?           2007
Consequences of Constitutions                       2003

Consequences of GAAP Disclosure Regulation:
Evidence from Municipal Debt Issues                 2005

Consequences of Voluntary and Mandatory Fair
Value Accounting: Evidence from the European
Real Estate Industry                                2008

Consequences of Voluntary and Mandatory Fair
Value Accounting: Evidence from the European
Real Estate Industry                                2008

Conservation through Collusion: Antitrust
Barriers to Cooperative Fishery Management          2002
Conservatism and Accounting Choice: Evidence
from the Voluntary Expensing of Employee Stock
Options                                             2008

Conservatism and Analyst Earnings Forecast Bias     2007
Conservatism and Book-Tax Differences               2007

Conservatism and Cross-sectional Variation in the
Post-earnings-announcement-drift                    2003
Conservatism and Debt                               2007

Conservatism And Shareholder Protection:One
Effect Or Two In The Explanation of the
Differential Value Relevance of Earnings Across
Countries*                                          2004
Conservatism Correction in Linear Information
Models                                              2007
Conservatism in Accounting                          2003
Conservatism in Accounting - Part I: Explanations
and Implications                                    2003
Conservatism in Accounting - Part II:Evidence and
Research Opportunities                              2003

Conservatism, Growth and Return on Investment       2006
Conservatism, Growth and the Role of
Accounting Numbers in the Equity Valuation
Process                                             1999

Conservative Accounting and Earnings Quality        2002

Conservative Accounting and Equity Valuation        2000
Conservative Accounting and Finite Firm Life:
Why Residual Income Valuation Estimates
Understate Stock Price                              1999

                                                           January 2010
Conservative Accounting Choices                       2002
Conservative Disclosure                               2007
Conserving Crop Genetic Resources on
Smallholder Farms in Hungary: Institutional
Analysis                                              2004

Consider Outsourcing Even What You Do Best            1999

Consideration of Economic Risks in a Valuation
Practice: Journey from the Kingdom of Tradition
to the Kingdom of Common Sense                        2007
Consistency and the Competitive Outcome
Function                                              2005
Consistency in Chocolate. A Fresh Look at
Copeland's Hershey Foods & Co Case                    2004

Consistency in Valuation: A Practical Guide           2006

Consistent Methods of Valuing Companies By
Dcf: Methods and Assumptions                          2006
Consistent Valuation in the Two-Period Case: A
Pedagogical Note                                      2000

Consistent Valuation in the Two-Period Case: A
Pedagogical Note (Dinh Gia Thong Nhat trong
Truong Hop Hai Giai Doan: Bai Viet Giang Day)
(Vietnamese version)                                  2003

Consistent Value Estimates from the Discounted
Cash Flow (DCF) and Residual Income (RI) Models
in M & M Worlds Without and With Taxes                2000

Consolidation and Efficiency in the Financial
Sector: A Review of the International Evidence        2002

Consolidation and Value Creation in the
Insurance Industry: The Role of Governance            2006
Consolidation in Banking and Financial Stability in
Europe                                                2007

Consolidation in the European Insurance
Industry: Do Mergers and Acquisitions Create
Value for Shareholders?                               2004

Consolidation of Variable Interest Entities:
Applying the Provisions of FIN 46 (R)                 2005
Conspicuous Consumption and Overlapping
Generations                                           2009
Constant Interest Rate Projections without the
Curse of Indeterminacy                                2007

Constant Leverage and Constant Cost of Capital:
A Common Knowledge Half-Truth                         2007
Constant Leverage Modeling: A Reply to 'A
Tutorial on the McKinsey Model for Valuation of
Companies'                                            2006
Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance in
Presence of Jumps in Asset Prices                     2007

                                                             January 2010
Constituent Interest Group Influences on U.S.
Trade Policies Since the Advent of the WTO           1998
Constitutional Amendments and the
Constitutional Common Law                            2004

Constitutional Aspects of European Private Law:
Freedoms, Rights and Social Justice in the Draft
Common Frame of Reference                            2009
Constitutional Choices in Taiwan: Implications of
Global Trends                                        2006
Constitutional Commitment to Social Security
and Welfare Policy                                   2006
Constitutional Determinants Of Government
Spending                                             2000
Constitutional Exchange in Japan: From
Shogunate to Parliamentary Democracy                 2006
Constitutional Fetishism and the Clinton
Impeachment Debate                                   1999
Constitutional Fidelity, the Rule of Recognition,
and the Communitarian Turn in Contemporary
Positivism                                           2006
Constitutional 'Incidents': Interpretation in Real
Time                                                 2001

Constitutional Issues in Information Privacy         2001
Constitutional Law                                   1998
Constitutional Perspective of Multiculturalism in
India                                                2007
Constitutional Theory in a Nutshell                  2003

Constitutionalism and New Governance in the
European Union: Rethinking the Boundaries            2006

Constitutionality of Certain Mortgage Statutes,
and Associated Economic Effects                      2007
Constitutionality of Real Property Taxation and
Location Incentives, and Some Associated
Economic Effects                                     2007
Constitutionality of Us Bankruptcy Code
Preemption of Mortgage Foreclosure Statutes,
and Related Economic Effects                         2007
Constitutionalization and the Unity of the Law of
International Responsibility                         2009

Constitutions and Central-Bank Independence:
An Objection to 'McCallum's Second Fallacy'          2001
Constitutions and Commitment: Evidence on the
Relation Between Institutions and the Cost of
Capital                                              2004

Constitutions, Commitment, and the Historical
Evidence on the Relation between Institutions,
Property Rights and Financial Development            2003

Constitutions, Politics and Economics: A Review
Essay on Persson and Tabellini's 'The Economic
Effect of Constitutions'                             2005

                                                            January 2010
Constraining Managers without Owners:
Governance of the Not-for-Profit Enterprise        2005

Constraining Managers without Owners:
Governance of the Not-for-Profit Enterprise        2005

Constraint on the Control Benefits of Brokerage:
Evidence from U.S. Venture Capital Fundraising     2009

Constraints and Potential to the Development of
Rural Non-farm Activities in Armenia.              2005
Constraints on Accrual Components of Earnings
in Equity Valuation                                2002
Constraints on Private Conservation of
Biodiversity                                       2001
Constraints on Shareholder Activism in the
United States and Slovenia                         2000
Constraints on the Level and Efficient Use of
Labor in Japan                                     2003
Constructing Consistent Financial Planning
Models for Valuation                               2009
Constructing Intrinsic Value Estimates of Equity
Using IBES and Value Line Forecasts of
Fundamentals                                       2007

Constructing the Free Cash Flow (FCF) with
Retention of Surplus Funds: The No Tax Case        2003
Constructing the License to Operate: Internal
Factors and Their Influence on Corporate
Environmental Decisions                            2006
Construction & Maintenance of Farm-Roads from
Local Materials & Technology By Farmers'
Cooperatives                                       2007
Construction of Cash Flows Revisited               2005

Construction of Consistent Forecasted Financial
Statements (Construccion de estados financieros
proyectados y consistentes)                        2006
Construction of the Earnings and Benefits File
(EBF) for Use With the Health and Retirement
Survey                                             2000
Constructive Controversy and Risk-Taking for
Team Innovation in China                           2002

Constructive Controversy for Organizational
Synergy and CEO Leader Effectiveness in China      2006
Consumer Bankruptcy Filings: Trends and
Indicators                                         2006
Consumer Bankruptcy Law Reform in Scotland,
England and Wales                                  2006
Consumer Choice and Revealed Bounded
Rationality                                        2006
Consumer Citizenship in Postnational
Constellations?                                    2007
Consumer Demand for Prize-Linked Savings: A
Preliminary Analysis                               2008

                                                          January 2010
Consumer Inflation Expectations in Poland          2004

Consumer Installment Credit: Identifying a
Multiplicative Seasonal Model                      2006
Consumer Price Behaviour in Italy: Evidence from
Micro CPI Data                                     2005

Consumer Price Behaviour in Luxembourg:
Evidence from Micro CPI Data                       2005
Consumer Product Safety Regulation in the
United States and the United Kingdom: The Case
of Bicycles                                        2000

Consumer Protection - Problems and Prospects       2009
Consumer Sales Law in the Proposal for a
Consumer Rights Directive                          2009
Consumer Service Company (a)                       2009
Consumers' Freedom of Choice: Lessons from the
Cellular Market                                    2009

Consumers Networks and Search Equilibria           2004

Consumers Sentiment and Cognitive
Macroeconometrics Paradoxes and Explanations       2006

Consumers' Use of Debit Cards: Patterns,
Preferences, and Price Response                    2006

Consumers Waiting in Queues: The Role of First-
order and Second-order Justice                     2006

Consumption and Keynesian Fiscal Policy            2004

Consumption and Nutrition: Age - Intake Profiles
for Czechoslovakia 1989-1992                       2003

Consumption and Real Exchange Rates With
Incomplete Markets and Non-Traded Goods            2007

Consumption Commitments and Risk Preferences       2006

Consumption Commitments, Unemployment
Durations, and Local Risk Aversion                 2004
Consumption During Retirement: the Missing Link
in the Life Cycle                                  2004
Consumption Over the Life Cycle: The Role of
Annuities                                          2006
Consumption Response to Expected Future
Income                                             2009
Consumption Risk and the Cross-Section of
Expected Returns                                   2005

Consumption Risk Over the Frequency Domain         2007
Consumption Risk-sharing within Australia and
with New Zealand                                   2005

                                                          January 2010
Consumption Smoothing Among Working-Class
American Families Before Social Insurance            1999
Consumption Smoothing and the Structure of
Labor and Credit Markets                             2004
Consumption Smoothing and the Welfare
Consequences of Social Insurance in Developing
Economies                                            2006
Consumption Smoothing through Fiscal Policy in
OECD and EU Countries                                2000
Consumption, 'Credit Crunches' and Financial
Deregulation                                         2001

Consumption, Income, and Interest Rates:
Reinterpreting the Time Series Evidence              2000

Consumption, Land Prices and the Monetary
Transmission Mechanism in Japan                      2009

Contagion and Firms' Internationalization in Latin
America: Evidence from Mexico, Brazil, and Chile     2006
Contagion in the Presence of Stochastic
Interdependence                                      2006

Contagion or Interdependence? An Empirical
Analysis of the Linkages Between the Chinese and
the German Stock Markets                             2007
Contagion, Bank Lending Spreads, and Output
Fluctuations                                         2001
Contemporaneous Risk Factors and the
Prediction of Financial Statement Fraud              2006

Contemporaneous Threshold Autoregressive
Models: Estimation, Testing and Forecasting          2006

Contemporary Challenges Impacting on Public
Relations Practice in Nigeria (1990-2008)            2009
Contemporary Corporate Governance Issues:
Program, July 7-8, 2000                              2000

Contemporary Public Leadership in China: A
Research Review and Consideration                    2006

Contested Terrain: Republican Rhetoric, Pension
Funds and Community Development                      1999

Contests, Grand Prizes, and the Hot Hand             2006
Contests, NGOs and Decentralizing Aid                2005

Context Is Everything: Measuring Institutional
Change in Transition Economies                       2004

Context Mediation Demonstration of Counter-
Terrorism Intelligence Integration                   2005
Contextualizing Experience Effects in
International Business: A Study of Ownership
Strategies                                           2007

                                                            January 2010
Continental Dance: Managing Canada's
Relationship with the USA                          2009
Contingent Reserves Management: An Applied
Framework                                          2004
Contingent Reserves Management: An Applied
Framework                                          2004
Continuing Dangers of Disinformation in
Corporate Accounting Reports                       2003
Continuing Wars of Attrition                       2004
Continuing Wars of Attrition                       2006
Continuity and Change in China's Rural Periodic
Markets                                            2003

Continuity and Change in Italian Corporate
Governance: The Institutional Stability of One
Variety of Capitalism                              2003
Continuity, Change, and Innovation in Emerging
Consumer Bankruptcy Systems:Belgium and
Luxembourg                                         2005
Continuous Disclosure: Testing the
Correspondence between State Enforcement and
Compliance                                         2009
Continuous Protection of Enterprise Data - A
Comprehensive Approach                             2006
Continuous Training in Germany                     1997

Continuous-Time Contracting under Imperfect
Information and Heterogeneous Beliefs              2008

Continuous-time Delegated Portfolio
Management with Homogeneous Expectations:
Can an Agency Conflict be Avoided?                 2005
Contract Enforcement in Transition                 2001

Contract Law and the Boundary of the Firm          2003
Contract Law Theory                                2006

Contract Risks and Credit Spread Determinants in
the International Project Bond Market              2004
Contract-Centered Veil-Piercing                    2005

Contractibility and Asset Ownership: On-Board
Computers and Governance in U.S. Trucking          2000

Contractibility and Asset Ownership: On-Board
Computers and Governance in U.S. Trucking          2001

Contractibility and Ownership Redirection in
Franchising:A Property Rights View                 2006
Contractibility and the Design of Research
Agreements                                         2005
Contractibility and the Design of Research
Agreements                                         2005
Contracting and Enforcement with a Self-
Regulatory Organization                            2002
Contracting Constraints, Credit Markets and
Economic Development                               2002

                                                          January 2010
Contracting Cost Determinants of Changes in
Income Tax Accounting Method                           2002
Contracting in the Shadow of the Law                   2005
Contracting in the Shadow of the Law                   2008

Contracting on Contemporaneous Vs. Forward-
Looking Measures: An Experimental Investigation        2005

Contracting on Contemporaneous vs. Forward-
Looking Measures: An Experimental Investigation        2005

Contracting on the Stock Price and Forward-
Looking Performance Measures                           2006

Contracting over Uncertain Property Rights:
Evidence from R&D Consortium Contracts                 2005
Contracting Theory and Accounting                      2001
Contracting with Private Information                   2003
Contracting with Repeated Moral Hazard and
Private Evaluations                                    2005
Contracts, Credibility, and Disinflation               2001

Contracts, Holdup, and Legal Intervention              2005

Contracts, Holdup, and Legal Intervention              2005

Contracts, Intellectual Property Rights, and
Multinational Investment in Developing Countries       2000
Contractual Functions and Contractual Dynamics
in Inter-Firm Relationships: What We Know and
How to Proceed                                         2006

Contractual Heterogeneity in Strategic Alliances       2003

Contractual Savings for Housing: How Suitable
Are They for Transitional Economies?                   2004
Contractual Savings in Countries with a Small
Financial Sector                                       2004
Contractual Savings, Capital Markets, and Firms'
Financing Choices                                      2004
Contractual Tradeoffs and SMEs Choice of
Organizational Form:A View from U.S. and French
History, 1830-2000                                     2006
Contradiction and Reflexivity in Social Innovation -
A Case Study from the De-Institutionalization
Movement                                               2006
Contradictions Coming Home to Roost? Income
Distribution and the Return of the Aggregate
Demand Problem                                         2001
Contrarian Share Price Reactions to Earnings
Surprises                                              2007

Contrasting Legal Solutions and the
Comparability of EU and U.S. Experiences               2006
Contrasting Monetary Regimes in Africa                 2006
Contributing Factors of Confirmatory Information
Searches and Evaluations                               2008

                                                              January 2010
Contribution Limits and the Effectiveness of
Campaign Spending                                  2006
Control and Assurance in E-Commerce: Privacy,
Integrity and Security at eBay                     2001
Control and Governance of Transmission
Organizations in the Restructured Electricity
Industry                                           2000
Control Matters: Law and Economics of Private
Benefits of Control                                2009
Control of the Public Debt: A Requirement for
Price Stability?                                   1996
Control Rights and the Performance of Strategic
Alliances                                          2009
Controllers' Protoscripts and the Shaping of
Control                                            2004
Controlling Avoidance: Ex-Ante Regulation versus
Ex-Post Punishment                                 2007
Controlling Conflicts of Interest: What can the
Securities and Exchange Commission Learn from
Movie Critics?                                     2004
Controlling Cross-Border Tobacco: Advertising,
Promotion and Sponsorship - Implementing the
FCTC                                               2006
Controlling for Fixed Income Exposure in
Portfolio Evaluation: Evidence from Hybrid
Mutual Funds                                       2006
Controlling for Transactions Bias in Regional
House Price Indices                                2006

Controlling Industrial Pollution: A New Paradigm   2004
Controlling Investment Decisions: Depreciation-
and Capital Charges                                2002

Controlling Investment Decisions: Hurdle Rates
and Intertemporal Cost Allocation                  2000
Controlling Moral Hazard in Bank
Resolutions:Comparative Policies &
Considerations in System Design                    2008
Controlling Precident: Congressional Regulation
of Judicial Decisionmaking                         2001
Controlling Rapid Innovation: A Case Study of an
E-business Project                                 2006

Controlling Shareholder and Distribution of
Stocks to Managers and Employees: Toward a
Political Leverage of Control?                     2005
Controlling Shareholders and Corporate
Governance: Complicating the Comparative
Taxonomy                                           2005

Controlling Shareholders' Opportunism: The Case
of Share Repurchase and Cash Dividends             2009
Controlling Shareholders, Private Benefits and
Debt                                               2008

Controlling The Fiscal Costs Of Banking Crises     2001

Controls, Approach & IT Audit Judgment: A Case     2003

                                                          January 2010
Controversial Minority Shareholder: An Empirical
Analysis                                            2004
Conventional Valuation and the Term Structure
of Interest Rates                                   2004
Convergence and its Critics: What are the
Preconditions to the Separation of Ownership
and Control?                                        2000

Convergence and Shocks in the Road to EU:
Empirical Investigations for Bulgaria and Romania   2006
Convergence in Corporate Governance: A
Leximetric Approach                                 2009

Convergence in Corporate Governance: Empirical
Evidence from Europe 2000-2003                      2004

Convergence in Eurozone Retail Banking? What
Interest Rate Pass-Through Tells Us About
Monetary Policy Transmission, Competition and
Integration                                         2003
Convergence in the United States: A Tale of
Migration and Urbanization                          2008

Convergence of Double Auctions to Pareto
Optimal Allocations in the Edgeworth Box            2008
Convergence of EMU Equity Portfolios                2009
Convergence of Monetary Transmission in EMU
New Evidence                                        2001
Convergence of Per Capita Output Levels Across
Regions of Bangladesh, 1982-97                      2006
Convergence of Relative Prices and Inflation in
Central and Eastern Europe                          2006

Convergence, Dynamics, and Geography of
Economic Growth: The Case of Municipalities in
Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil                         2004

Converging Doctrines? US and EU Antitrust Policy
for the Licensing of Intellectual Property          2004
Convertible Debt Under Asymmetric Information
and Agency Problems: A Solution to the
Convertible Debt Puzzle                             2006
Convertibles in Spain: An Example of 'Back Door'
Equity Financing                                    2001

Converting Enterprise Accounting Systems in
Emerging Economies: A Case Study of Bosnia          2003

Converting the Accounting System of a Transition
Economy: A Case Study of Russia                     2004
Convex Games with Countable Number of Players
and Sequencing Situations                           2006
Convictions and Doubts: Retribution,
Representation, and the Debate Over Felon
Disenfranchisement                                  2004

Cooperation and Harmony in Finite Games             2005

                                                           January 2010
Cooperation in International Banking Supervision     2004

Cooperation in International Banking Supervision     2005
Cooperation in Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma
with Perturbed Payoffs                               2009

Cooperation in Transactions and Disputes: A
Problem-Solving Legal System?                        2003
Cooperation in Transboundary Water Sharing
Under Climate Change                                 2009

Cooperation Without Enforcement? A
Comparative Analysis of Litigation and Online
Reputation as Quality Assurance Mechanisms           2003

Cooperation, Emergence of the Economic Agency
Role of Government, and Governance                   2006
Cooperative Bargaining to Internalise Open
Access Externalities: Implications of the American
Fisheries Act                                        2000

Cooperative Federalism in the Progressive
Era:Lochner, Liquor, and Longshoremen                2000

Cooperative Models in Action: Simulation of a
Nash-Bargaining Model of Household Labor
Supply with Taxation                                 2005

Coordinating Development: Can Income-based
Schemes Eliminate Pareto Inferior Equilibria?        2005

Coordinating Private Class Action and Public
Agency Enforcement of Antitrust Law                  2005
Coordinating Tariff Reduction and Domestic Tax
Reform                                               2006

Coordination and Lock-In: Competition with
Switching Costs and Network Effects                  2006

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Switching Costs and Network Effects                  2006

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Resort: Was Bagehot Right After All?                 2002

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Policies and Entrepreneurship: A Critical View       2007
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with Leadtime Consideration and Price-
Dependent Demand                                     2008

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Taxes in Private and Public Companies                1999

Coordination of Monetary and Fiscal Policies         2006
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the OECD                                             2001

                                                            January 2010
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Knowledge: A Retrospective on the Electronic
Mail Game                                           2003

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Coasean Approach to Economic Policy                 2004

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An Unconventional Approach to Anticompetitive
Effects & Downstream Access                         2006

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Financial Problem                                   2001

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Interorganizational Relationships: Using
Formalization as a Means to Make Sense              2006
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and International Financial Contracts for
Emerging Economies                                  2004

Coping with the Fallout for Preference-Receiving
Countries from EU Sugar Reform                      2006
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Responses for Large Capital Inflows in Developing
Countries                                           2004

Coping with Trade Liberalisation Adjustment         2006

COPPA 2.0: The New Battle Over Privacy, Age
Verification, Online Safety & Free Speech           2009
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Balance                                             2002

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Regulation and the Returns to Active
Management in the Mutual Fund Industry              2001

Copycat Funds: Information Disclosure
Regulation and the Returns to Active
Management in the Mutual Fund Industry              2001

Copycat Funds: Information Disclosure
Regulation and the Returns to Active
Management in the Mutual Fund Industry              2002
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World: International Supplement                     2005
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Information Economy                                 2009
Copyright Redundancy                                2003

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                                                           January 2010
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Age A Cato Policy Analysis                          2002
Copyright, the Constitution & Progress              2004
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Market for International Analysts                   2005
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Costs: France, 1978-98                              2003

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Actions                                             2007

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Performance of Malaysian Companies                  2000
Corporate and Statutory Tax Rates                   2002

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Disclosure of Executive Compensation Practices      2008

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the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Exchange Listing
Requirements on Firm Value                          2007
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Maturity Choices                                    2006

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of Financial Disclosure in IPOs                     2008
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Dispersion                                          2006
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Markets?                                            2006

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to Foreign Exchange Rate Risk                       2007

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Enron, Andersen and Beyond                          2009
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Governance                                          2002
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Regulations: The Daimler-Chrysler Case              1998
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Should Banks Own Shares?                            2004
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Macroeconomy                                        2004

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Incentives: A Managerial Perspective                2001

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Adjustment: A Comparison of the United States,
the United Kingdom, France and Germany              2007

                                                           January 2010
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of Employees: Participatory Management and
Natural Law                                        1999
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Informativeness of Stock Prices                    2000
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Informativeness of Stock Prices                    2008

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Analysts' Information Environment                  2002
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Information                                        1998
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of R&D Innovation                                  2009

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Ado About Nothing?                                 2003
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Age: An Empirical Study of Spanish Listed
Companies                                          2004

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Roles to Multiple Dimensions of Performance        2005

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of Product Market Relationships                    2004
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China                                              2000
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Transmission Mechanism                             2000
Corporate Finance and the Monetary
Transmission Mechanism                             2001
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with Practice                                      2004
Corporate Finance in Europe Confronting Theory
with Practice                                      2004
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Evidence from Hong Kong                            2007

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when Future Financing is Not Frictionless          2006
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Change the Cost of Capital Paradigm?               2003
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Investment                                         2006

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Take the Path of Least Resistance                  2005
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Evidence from IPOs                                 2008
Corporate Governance                               2000
Corporate Governance                               2006

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and Financial Performance: An Empirical Analysis   2006

                                                          January 2010
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Persistence of Country Specific Traits            2004

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in India: An Empirical Study on Practices         2004

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in Malaysia: An Empirical Study on Practices      2004

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in Oman: An Empirical Study on Practices          2004
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of Countervailing Relations                       2007
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Executive Stock Options                           2006

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Joint Analysis of the Static, Selection, and
Dynamic Effects of Domestic, Foreign, and State
Ownership                                         2005

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G-7 Countries: Do Institutions Really Matter?     1998
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China                                             2003
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in the World's Stock Markets                      2003
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Corporate Governance and Control                  2002
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Taking: Theory and Evidence                       2006

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Evidence from European Companies                  2004

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Institutions Failure: The Case of an Emerging
Market Economy                                    2003

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Policy in Germany                                 2001

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Management                                        2001
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Corporate Governance and Employees in
Germany: Changing Linkages, Complementarities,
and Tensions                                      2004

Corporate Governance and Equity Mispricing        2005

                                                         January 2010
Corporate Governance and Equity Prices            2001
Corporate Governance and Equity Prices            2001

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Evidence from the Czech and Slovak Republics      2004
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Remuneration: Rediscovering Managerial
Positional Conflict                               2003
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Returns: Evidence from Germany                    2003
Corporate Governance and Expected Stock
Returns: Evidence from Germany                    2003

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Earnings Repatriations: Evidence from the
American Jobs Creation Act                        2008
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Evidence                                          2005

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Performance                                       2005

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Results from Greek Firms                          2007

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Theory and Evidence from Literature               2008

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China                                             2003

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from the Korean Financial Crisis                  2003

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Impact of the 2002 Governance Rules               2005
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Case of Russia                                    2005
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Directors: Much Ado About Nothing? The
Evidence Behind Private Equity Investment
Performance                                       2007

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Capital, Joint Ventures, and Family Businesses    2006
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and Evidence                                      2008
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Financial Reporting: A Comparison of Regulatory
Regimes                                           2006

                                                         January 2010
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Seasoned Equity Offerings                           2009

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Exploring the Board's Perspective                   2005

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From the Lost Decade to the End of History?         2005
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Taking: Theory and Evidence                         2005
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Taking: Theory and Evidence                         2004
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China                                               2003

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Publicly Traded Real Estate Companies: Evidence
from Europe                                         2009

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U.S.: Making Sense of the 1980s and 1990s           2001

Corporate Governance and Merger Activity in the
U.S.: Making Sense of the 1980s and 1990s           2001
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Performance: A First Look at the Morningstar
Stewardship Grades                                  2005
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Trade                                               2008
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in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Latin
America                                             2008

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in the Transition: The Current State of Knowledge
and Where to Go from Here                           2009
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Indexing Approach Using the Stochastic Frontier
Analysis                                            2006

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Information: The Relation of Content and Logit
Betwing Fiscal Board and Independent Auditor
Opinion in Brazilian Companies Listed at Bovespa
(2006)                                              2009

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Rate Mutual Bank Bonds Fairly?                      2002
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Decisions                                           2006

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Be Too Much of a Good Thing?                        2007

Corporate Governance and Regulation: Can There
be too Much of a Good Thing?                        2007

                                                           January 2010
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Information Technology Investment: Evidence
from an Emerging Market                                2007

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Externalities/Governmental Influences Theories
of the Corporate Entity and Financial Distress         2005

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Privatisation in Poland: Legal Framework and
Changes in Ownership Structure                         2009

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in Institutions Offering Islamic Financial Services    2006

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of Family Firms in Hong Kong: A Case Study of
Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL)                        2006

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Financial Interests in Institutions Offering Islamic
Financial Services                                     2006

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Performance in Central and Eastern Europe: A
Study of Nine Countries, 1994-2001                     2002
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Japanese Firms                                         2006

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Capital                                                2005
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Option Programs                                        2005
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Around the World                                       2008

Corporate Governance and the Home Bias                 2001

Corporate Governance and the Home Bias                 2001
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Obligations on Decision Making in Corporate
Australia                                              2009
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Shareholders in the United States Before the
Great Depression                                       2004
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Finance                                                2006
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Investment                                             2003

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Financial Reporting: A Case Study of the Russian
Energy Sector                                          2007

                                                              January 2010
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Financial Reporting: A Comparative Study of
Selected EU and Transition Economy Countries       2008

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Financial Reporting: An Empirical Study of the
People's Republic of China                         2008
Corporate Governance and the Voice of the
Paparazzi                                          1999

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Evidence from Private Equity                       2009
Corporate Governance and Value Creation:
Evidence from Private Equity                       2009
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Chile)                                             2005

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Change State Owned Companies: The Case of the
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization           2005
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Century: A View from Italy                         2005
Corporate Governance Changes in the Wake of
the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: A Morality Tale for
Policymakers Too                                   2005
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Implementation                                     2006
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Accounting Scandals: Evidence from Top
Management, CFO and Auditor Turnover               2008

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Evidence from Cross-Border Mergers                 2002

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Cross-Border Mergers: The Case of Aventis          2004

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from Takeover Regulation Reforms                   2005
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Level Evidence from Transitional Country,
Ukraine                                            2006
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Greater China: A Taiwan Perspective                2001
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Compliance                                         2009
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is Parmalat a Particularly Italian Case?           2004
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Corporate Virtue                                   2003
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Environment                                        2006
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Developments through 1991-2000                     2009

                                                          January 2010
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Study                                              2007
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Study of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and
Vietnam                                            2008
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Framework                                          2000
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Muslim Countries                                   2009

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Growth Potential Hindered by Guanxi?               2005
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Ownership Changes After the 1997
Announcement                                       2005

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Structures and the Performance of Listed Firms     2006

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Blueprint for Virtual Shareholder Meetings         2005
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Analysis of the Italian Case Among Non Financial
Listed Companies                                   1999
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Corporate Governance in Germany                    1999
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Perspective                                        2003

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Background and Empirical Results                   1999
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Companies - Control Driven Or Performance
Driven?                                            2007
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and Policy Implications                            2004
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Problems and Prospects                             2003

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of Foreign Equity Ownership Strategy               2006
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Challenges                                         2005
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Institutions                                       2006

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Islamic Financial Services: Issues and Options     2006
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Companies and Compliance to Best Practices: An
Empirical Research                                 2009

                                                          January 2010
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Reform: What Role for Institutional Investors?     2000
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Functional Analysis                                2007

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Why do Some CEOs Hold Large Equity Stakes
While Others are Paid Through Stock Options?       2006

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Crisis: Evidence from Financial Institutions
Worldwide                                          2009
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North Africa: An Overview                          2004

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Oxley Era: Auditor Experiences                     2007
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Where Are We Now?                                  2005

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The Theory and Practice of Corporate
Governance in Eastern Europe                       2004

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Empirical Findings on Shareholder Value and
Industrial Relations in Germany                    2001
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Lessons from the Pre-War Japanese Cotton
Textile Industry                                   1999

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Corporate Finance: The Corporate Finance and
Governance View                                    2005
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Could Be Done in Egypt?                            2001
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The Egyptian Example                               2005
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Financial Stability Perspective                    2007
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Case of Air Canada                                 2004

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Shareholders: Evidence from Proxy Voting           2009
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State of the Debate                                2007

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Legal and Business Contexts                        2001

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                                                          January 2010
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The Remaining Issues in Korea                       2004

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Reforms, or Closing the Stable Door?                2007
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Family Businesses                                   2001
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View (Final Report)                                 1999
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View                                                1998
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Brazil                                              2006

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Control Reporting Under SOX Section 302             2008
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Effects                                             2007
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the Athens Exchange Market                          2005

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Performance of Listed Companies in Poland           2009

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Reduce Asymmetric Information                       2005

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Politics, and the Foundations of Finance
Capitalism in the United States and Germany         2005

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Competitiveness and Self-Regulation                 1997
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in Europe - Comparative Study                       2008

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and the United States: A Legal and Empirical
Comparison of the Principles-Based and Rules-
Based Approaches                                    2006

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Economies: Representations and Warranties in
Takeover Agreements                                 2006
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Jack Wright, Director                               2009

Corporate Governance the Jack Wright Series # 4 -
the Mystique of Board Meetings                      2009

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Theories to National Systems Theories               2004

                                                           January 2010
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Governance: Banks and Industrial Restructuring
in the U.S. and Germany                             2004
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Own Pay                                             2007

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Equity Returns along Business Cycles                2005
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Cost of Debt Financing of French Listed
Companies                                           2007
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Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Evidence from Internal Audit
Outsourcing                                         2005
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Performance                                         2002
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Networks                                            2007
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and Equity Prices                                   2006

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Employment Law, and the Costs of Expropriation      2009

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and the Role of Institutional Investors: A Global
Perspective                                         2003

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Managerial Response to Stock Price Discounting:
Royal Ahold and Market Arbitrage - Amsterdam
and New York, 1973-2004                             2005
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Institutions                                        2006
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and Growth                                          2004
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Value: Evidence from India                          2008
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and Securities Litigation                           2004
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Performance, and Pricing                            1998
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Discipline and Firm Productivity                    2009
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Services and Accrual Choices                        2003
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Cost of Capital: Evidence from New Zealand
Companies                                           2009

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Management and Firm Performance                     2006
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Information Flow                                    2004
Corporate Governance, Incentives and Industry
Consolidations                                      2003
Corporate Governance, International Cross
Listing and Home Bias                               2003

                                                           January 2010
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Performance in Emerging Markets                      2002
Corporate Governance, Investor Protection, and
The Home Bias                                        2002
Corporate Governance, Leverage and Dividend
Policy                                               2006

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Independence, Exporting and Performance of
Firms in Transition Economies                        2006
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Productivity Growth                                  2001
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Dividend Policy in Brazil                            2004

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as Substitutes to Solve Agency Problem               2005

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Corporate Governance, Norms and Practices            2008
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Pay                                                  2005

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Turnover: A Comparative Study Between Family
and Non-Family Brazilian Businesses                  2006

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Japan and the United States                          2005
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and Audit Quality                                    2005
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Development andPrivate Capital Accumulation: A
Case Study of India                                  2007
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Managerial Portfolio Behavior                        2006
Corporate Governance, Stock Options and
Managerial Portfolio Behavior                        2007
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Financial Reporting and the Russian Banking
System: An Empirical Study                           2008
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Banking System                                       2004

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World Class Organization - A Case of IFFCO           2007
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Performance and Economic Growth                      2000

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Corporate Governance: The Indian Capital
Market Law and International Standards               2009

                                                            January 2010
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Footprint Analysis                                  2009

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Reform Instruments to the Chinese                   2009

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Decade before East Asia's Financial Crisis          2004

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Corporate Hedging: The Impact of Financial
Derivatives on the Broad Credit Channel of
Monetary Policy                                     2005
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Hungarian Experience                                2004
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Organizational Assets: Lessons from the 19th
Century                                             2003
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of China                                            2002
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Model and the One-Tier Model of Corporate
Governance in the Italian Reform of Corporate
Law                                                 2007

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Political Capital: The FedEx Story                  2003
Corporate Liquidity                                 2002

Corporate Lobbying and Financial Performance        2007
Corporate Management of Highly Dynamic Risks:
Evidence from the Demand for Terrorism
Insurance                                           2009
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Carryforwards and Investment Functions -
Empirical Analysis Using a Large German Panel
Data Set                                            2006
Corporate Non-Participation in the ASB Standard-
Setting Process                                     2001

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States: Is there Evidence of Convergence?           2004
Corporate Ownership in France: The Importance
of History                                          2004
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Informativeness of Accounting Earnings in East
Asia                                                2000
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Malaysia                                            2006
Corporate Performance Management                    2009

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Determinants in the Banking Industry                2005
Corporate Political Contributions: Investment or
Agency?                                             2008

Corporate Political Strategy and Global Policy: A
Case Study of the Transaltantic Business Dialogue   2003

                                                           January 2010
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Budget Constraint                                    2004
Corporate Reporting on the Internet in a
European Emerging Capital Market: The Greek
Case                                                 2006

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the Asian Financial Crisis                           2006

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Leadership Systems: An Exploratory Study in
German Multinational Corporations                    2009

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Performance & Pollution: Their Relationships &
Implications for Business & Legal Scholarship        2009

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Empirical Analysis                                   2003
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Report                                               2008
Corporate Risk around the World                      2004
Corporate Risk Management and Optimal
Hedging Disclosure                                   1998

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Global Supply Chain: Resistance, Reconsideration
and Resolution in China                              2006

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Another Dimension for Accounting Information         2009
Corporate Social Performance, Stakeholder
Coalitions, Corporate Governance and
Performance                                          2009

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of 'Extended' Corporate Governance: An
Explanation Based on the Economic Theories of
Social Contract, Reputation and Reciprocal
Conformism                                           2004

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Chain Management: A Normative Perspective            2005
Corporate Social Responsibility and Social
Entrepreneurship                                     2005
Corporate Social Responsibility and Stock Market
Performance                                          2006

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Western Mimicry Or Indigenous Influences?            2006
Corporate Social Responsibility in Spain: An
Overview                                             2005
Corporate Social Responsibility, Stocks Prices and
Tax Policy                                           2009
Corporate Social Responsibility: An Overview of
Principles and Practice                              2006

                                                            January 2010
Corporate Strategy and Information Disclosure      2003
Corporate Structure and the Financial Support of
U.S. Symphony Orchestras                           2008
Corporate Suppliers and Customers and
Accounting Conservatism                            2009

Corporate Survival and Managerial Experiences
During the Great Depression                        2004

Corporate Tax Avoidance and Firm Value             2005

Corporate Tax Avoidance and Firm Value             2005
Corporate Tax Avoidance and High Powered
Incentives                                         2004
Corporate Tax Avoidance and High Powered
Incentives                                         2004

Corporate Tax Evasion with Agency Costs            2004
Corporate Tax Policy, Entrepreneurship and
Incorporation in the EU                            2007

Corporate Tax Reform, Finally, After 100 Years     2009
Corporate Tax Reserves, Firm Value, and
Leverage                                           2008

Corporate Tax Savings when Hiring a Big 4
Auditor: Empirical Evidence for Belgium            2006

Corporate Tournament and Executive
Compensation in a Transition Economy: Evidence
from Publicly Listed Firms in China                2009
Corporate Values and Stock Performance of Latin
American Banks                                     2007
Corporate Venturing: Unlocking the Innovation
Chain                                              2009

Corporate Watchdogs: Past, Present and Future?     2004

Correcting for Cross-Sectional and Time-Series
Dependence in Accounting Research                  2008
Correcting for Self-selection Bias in Business
Ethics Research                                    2004
Correcting the Empirical Foundations of IPO-
Pricing Regulation                                 2005
Correcting the Failures in Corporate Governance
Reforms                                            2008
Corrective Justice, Equal Opportunity, and the
Legacy of Slavery and Jim Crow                     2003
Correlated Default Processes: A Criterion-Based
Copula Approach                                    2004
Correlated Trading and Location                    2003

Correlates of Economic Growth - a Prescription
for Developing Countries: A Cross-Cross-Country
and Time Series Analysis                           2009
Correlation Dynamics between Asia-Pacific, EU
and US Stock Returns                               2008

                                                          January 2010
Correlation of Returns in Non-Contemporaneous
Markets                                             1998

Corrupt Local Government as Resource Farmers:
The Helping Hand and the Grabbing Hand              2004

Corruption and Cross-Border Investment in
Emerging Markets: Firm-Level Evidence               2009

Corruption and Decentralized Public Governance      2006
Corruption and its Alternatives: A Takeoff Theory
of Good Governance                                  2004
Corruption and Military Spending                    2006
Corruption and Private Law Enforcement: Theory
and History                                         2009
Corruption and Quality of Governance: The Case
of Moldova                                          2001
Corruption and Resource Allocation: Evidence
from China                                          2001
Corruption and the Provision of Health Care and
Education Services                                  2006
Corruption and the Shadow Economy: An
Empirical Analysis                                  2006
Corruption and the Shadow Economy: An
Empirical Analysis                                  2006
Corruption and Trade Protection: Evidence from
Panel Data                                          2007

Corruption Clubs: Endogenous Thresholds in
Corruption and Development                          2005

Corruption in Bank Lending to Firms: Do
Competition and Information Sharing Matter?         2007

Corruption in Economic Development: Beneficial
Grease, Minor Annoyance, or Major Obstacle?         2004
Corruption in Indonesia                             2004
Corruption Reexamined                               2005
Corruption, Exogenous Changes in Incentives and
Deterrence                                          2005
Corruption, Firm Governance, and the Cost of
Capital                                             2005

Corruption, Governance and Security: Challenges
for the Rich Countries and the World                2004
Corruption, Public Finances, and the Unofficial
Economy                                             2000
Cospectral Graphs and the Generalized Adjacency
Matrix                                              2006
Cost Accounting in Early Regulated Markets: The
Case of the Royal Soap Factory of Seville (1525-
1692)                                               2007

Cost Allocation for Capital Budgeting Decisions     2006
Cost Based Transfer Pricing                         2007
Cost Containment in Climate Change Policy:
Alternative Approaches to Mitigating Price
Volatility                                          2009

                                                           January 2010
Cost Disease and Its Relationship with Supports:
An Empirical Study of Chinese Nation-Owned
Performing Arts                                     2009
Cost Effectiveness in River Management:
Evaluation of Integrated River Policy System in
Tidal Ouse                                          2006

Cost Improvements, Returns to Scale, and Cost
Inefficiencies for Real Estate Investment Trusts    2007

Cost Inefficiency, Size of Firms and Takeovers      2001

Cost Information and Pricing: Empirical Evidence    2005
Cost Interactions in Healthcare                     2009
Cost Measurement in Laparoscopic Surgery:
Results from an Activity-Based Costing
Application                                         2007

Cost of Borrowing as an Indicator of Region-
Specific Investment Risk: The Case of Russia        2002

Cost of Capital and Earnings Transparency           2009

Cost of Capital Effects and Changes in Growth
Expectations around U.S. Cross-Listings             2006
Cost of Capital for Non-Traded Firms                2003

Cost of Capital for Non-Traded Firms (In Spanish)   2003
'Cost Of Capital' in Residual Income for
Performance Evaluation                              2000

Cost of Capital When Dividends are Deductible       2009
Cost of Compliance                                  2004
Cost of Equity Uncertainty and Rate of Return
Regulation: Implications of New Developments in
Financial Economics                                 2003
Cost of Living Adjustment and Business Cycles:
Disaggregated Evidence                              2006

Cost Recovery for Water Services According to
the EU Water Framework Directive
(Verursachergerechte Kostendeckung fur
Wasserdienstleistungen - Die Anforderungen des
Art. 9 WRRL und ihre Umsetzung)                     2006
Cost Reductions, Cost Padding and Stock Market
Prices: The Chilean Experience with Price Cap
Regulation                                          2003
Cost Sharing for Biodiversity Conservation: A
Conceptual Framework                                2001
Cost Stickiness in Brazilian Firms                  2005

Cost System Design and Cost Management in the
Spanish Public Sector                               2007

Cost X-Efficiency in China's Banking Sector         2006

Costa Rican Pension System Options for Reform       2004

                                                           January 2010
Costa Rica's Neo-Realist Foreign Policy: Lifting the
Veil Hiding the Discursive Co-Optation of Human
Rights, Human Security, and Cosmopolitan
Official Rhetoric                                      2008

Cost-Benefit Analysis And Relative Position            2000

Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment              2004
Cost-Benefit Analysis: Why Relative Economic
Position Does Not Matter                               2002
Cost-Benefit Default Principles                        2000
Cost-Effectiveness of Targeted Reemployment
Bonuses                                                2003
Costing of Basic Social Protection Benefits for
Selected Asian Countries: First Results of a
Modelling Exercise                                     2006
Costless Versus Costly Signaling: Theory and
Evidence                                               2001
Costly Arbitrage and Idiosyncratic Risk: Evidence
from Short Sellers                                     2006
Costly Arbitrage and the Myth of Idiosyncratic
Risk                                                   2005
Costly Collateral and the Public Supply of
Liquidity                                              2006
Costly Dividend Signaling: The Case of Loss Firms
with Negative Cash Flows                               2004
Costly Enforcement of Property Rights and the
Coase Theorem                                          2002
Costly Information and Public Financing of
Entrepreneurial Firms                                  2009
Costly Information, Foreign Entry, and Credit
Access                                                 2006

Costly Pollution Abatement, Competitiveness,
and Plant Location Decisions                           2000

Costly Revenue-Raising and the Case for Favoring
Import-Competing Industries                            2005
Cost-Push Shocks and Monetary Policy in Open
Economics                                              2005
Costs of Air Quality Regulation                        2000
Costs of Alternative Environmental Policy
Instruments in the Presence of Industry
Compensation Requirements                              2007
Costs of Capital and Earnings Attributes               2003

Costs of Financial Distress: The German Evidence       2006
Cotton Sector Strategies in West and Central
Africa (English Version)                               2004
Cotton Sector Strategies in West and Central
Africa (French Version)                                2005
Could Africa Be Like America?                          2002

Could Domestic Courts Enforce International
Human Rights Norms? An Empirical Study of the
Indian Supreme Court Since 1997                        2009

                                                              January 2010
Could Financial Distortions be no Impediment to
Economic Gowth After All? Evidence from China       2006
Could IFRS Replace US GAAP? A Comparison of
Earnings Attributes and Informativeness in the US
Market                                              2008

Could Java Change Everything? The Competitive
Propriety of a Proprietary Standard                 1998

Counseling the Unemployed: Does it Lower
Unemployment Duration and Recurrence?               2005

Counter-Cyclical Agency Costs and the Financial
Channel of Cleansing in Recessions                  2005
Counterfactuals, Forecasts, and Choice-Theoretic
Modelling of Policy                                 2004

Counterfeit Goods and Income Inequality             2006
Counterparty Risk for Credit Default Swaps:
Impact of Spread Volatility and Default
Correlation                                         2008
Counterparty Valuation Adjustments                  2009
Counterterrorism and Employment: An Israeli
Perspective                                         2005
Counter-terrorism and the Rule of Law               2005

Counterterrorism Cooperation and the Silver
Bullet: A Game Theory Illustration                  2006

Counter-Terrorism Law and Inchoate Offences         2009
Counting Beans is not as Simple as 1-2-3:
Illuminating Goals, Consequences, and Tradeoffs
of Teaching MBA Level Accounting as a
Measurement System                                  2008
Counting Cases About Milk, Our 'Most Nearly
Perfect Food,' 1860-1940                            2001
Counting Ten for TRIPs: Author Rights and Access
to Information - A Cockroach's View of
Encroachment                                        2005

Countries versus Industries in Emerging Markets:
A Normative Portfolio Approach                      2004

Countries versus Industries in Emerging Markets:
A Normative Portfolio Approach                      2004
Countries versus Industries in Europe: A
Normative Portfolio Approach                        2005

Country Factors and Value Relevance of
Discretionary Accruals in the European Union        2008

Country Risk Components, the Cost of Capital,
and Returns in Emerging Markets                     2004
Country Risk Ratings of Small Island Tourism
Economies                                           2004

                                                           January 2010
Country Specific Institutional Effects on
Ownership Concentration and Performance of
Continental European Firms                           2008
Country Spreads and Emerging Countries: Who
Drives Whom?                                         2003
Country Spreads and Emerging Countries: Who
Drives Whom?                                         2003

Country v. Sector Effects in Equity Returns: Are
Emerging-Market Firms Just Small Firms?              2007
Country-Specific Factors Related to Financial
Reporting and the Value Relevance of Accounting
Data                                                 1999
Couples Taxation in Israel: A Call for Separate
Taxation                                             2009

Court Finance and Court Reactions to Judicial
Reforms: A Tale of Two Chinese Courts                2009
Court of Law and Court of Public Opinion:
Symbiotic Regulation of the Corporate
Management Duty of Care                              2007
Courts and Contractual Innovation: A Preliminary
Analysis                                             2005
Courts and the Tort-Contract Boundary in
Product Liability                                    1999

Courts, Congress and Public Policy, Part I: The
FDA, the Courts and the Regulation of Tobacco        2006

Courts, the Constitution, and Customary
International Law: The Intellectual Origins of the
Restatement (Third) of the Foreign Relations Law
of the United States                                 2003
Covariance Matrix Extrapolation for Energy
Forward Prices                                       2006
Covariance Measurement in the Presence of Non-
Synchronous Trading and Market Microstructure
Noise                                                2006
Coverage of Energy Issues in Principles of
Economics Textbooks                                  2005
Coverage under Old Age Security Programs and
Protection for the Uninsured - What are the
Issues?                                              2001

Covering Up Trading Losses:Opportunity-Cost
Accounting as an Internal Control Mechanism          1998

Coveting Thy Neighbor's Manuafacturing:The
Dilemma of State IncomeApportionment                 2000
Cowboy Jurists & the Making of Legal
Professionalism                                      2009
CRA Grade Inflation                                  2000

Crafting a Progressive Workplace Regulatory
Policy: Why Enforcement Matters                      2007
CRA's 25th Anniversary: The Past, Present, and
Future                                               2002

                                                            January 2010
Crawford Development Co. and Southeast Bank
of Texas                                             2009
Creating a Legal Framework for Regulation of
Natural Gas Extraction from the Marcellus Shale
Formation                                            2009
Creating a More Efficient Financial System:
Challenges for Bangladesh                            2006

Creating a Policy Environment for Entrepreneurs      2005

Creating a Regional Security Community in
Southern Latin America: The Institutionalisation
of the Regional Defence and Security Policies        2006
Creating a Smarter Conditional Consensus
Forecast                                             2007
Creating Bias in Accounting Estimates: The Effects
of Subordinate Independence and Ethicality
Concerns                                             2008

Creating Competition & Mastering Markets' New
Entrants, Monopolists, and Regulators in
Transforming Public Utilities Across the Atlantic    2006

Creating Competition in the Market for Operating
Systems: A Structural Remedy for Microsoft           2000

Creating Incentives for Private Infrastructure
Companies to Become More Efficient                   2004
Creating Markets for Ecosystem Services              2002

Creating Markets for Habitat Conservation when
Habitats are Heterogeneous                           2004
Creative Accounting or Creative Destruction?
Firm-Level Productivity Growth in Chinese
Manufacturing                                        2009
Creative Accounting: Nature, Incidence and
Ethical Issues                                       2004

Creative Accounting: Some Ethical Issues of
Macro- and Micro-Manipulation                        2004
Credence Goods and Market Power: An
Econometric Study on the Brazilian
Pharmaceutical Industry                              2002
Credibility and Flexibility with Monetary Policy
Committees                                           2002
Credibility and Flexibility with Monetary Policy
Committees                                           2007
Credibility and Transparency of FOMC Decisions:
Evidence from the Volcker and Greenspan
Chairmanships                                        2000
Credibility of Central Bank Independence
Revisited                                            2006

Credibility of EMS Interest Rate Policies: A
Markov Regine-switching Approach                     2003
Credibility of Management Forecasts                  2003

                                                            January 2010
Credibility of Managerial Forecast Disclosure -
Game Theory and Regulative Implications              2004

Credibility of Monetary Policy in Four Accession
Countries: A Markov Regime-switching Approach        2003
Credibility of Rules and Economic Growth:
Evidence from a Worldwide Survey of the Private
Sector                                               2004

Credibility of the Interwar Gold Standard,
Uncertainty, and the Great Depression                1998

Credible Commitment and Exchange Rate
Stability:Canada`s Interwar Experience               2007

Credible Communication in Dynastic Government        2002

Credible Disclosure of Industry-Wide Information
Through Trade Associations: Evidence from the
Semiconductor Industry                               1996
Credible Monetary Policy When Output is
Persistent: Exchange Rate and Nominal Income
Targeting                                            2004
Credible Social Insurance                            2005
Credible Threats as an Instrument of Regulation
for Network Industries                               2006
Credit and Collection Corporation                    2008
Credit and Corruption                                2004
Credit Card Operations in Bangladesh                 2008
Credit Card Redlining                                2008
Credit Card Securitization and Regulatory
Arbitrage                                            2004

Credit Cards, Consumer Credit, and Bankruptcy        2005
Credit Channel or Credit Actions?An
Interpretation of the Postwar Transmission
Mechanism                                            2000
Credit Channels and Consumption in Europe:
Empirical Evidence                                   2005
Credit Constraints, Cyclical Fiscal Policy and
Industry Growth                                      2009
Credit Constraints, Cyclical Fiscal Policy and
Industry Growth                                      2009
Credit Crunch and Keynesian Contraction:
Argentina in Crisis                                  2005

Credit Data Collection and Analysis in Small Scale
Enterprises/Agricultural Lending Operation in
Developing Countries: The Nigerian Experience        2009

Credit Default Swap Rates and Stock Prices           2007
Credit Derivatives Market Design, Creating
Fairness and Sustainability                          2009

Credit Derivatives Pricing with a Smile-Extended
Jump Stochastic Intensity Model                      2006

                                                            January 2010
Credit Derivatives, Capital Requirements and
Opaque OTC Markets                                    2008
Credit Distortion and Financial Crisis                2007
Credit Elasticities in Less-Developed Economies:
Implications for Microcredit                          2007

Credit Flows, Fiscal Policy, and the External
Deficit of Bosnia and Herzegovina                     2007

Credit Frictions and 'Sudden Stops' in Small Open
Economies: An Equilibrium Business Cycle
Framework for Emerging Markets Crises                 2002
Credit Impact of Additional Asset Retirement
Obligations in Utility Industry Expected to Be
Minimal                                               2007

Credit Information Sharing, Creditor Protection
and Bank Cross-Border Consolidation                   2009
Credit Market Competition and Capital
Regulation                                            2005

Credit Market Conditions and the Propagation of
Korea's 1997 Financial Crisis                         2006
Credit Markets and the Propagation of Monetary
Policy Shocks                                         2005
Credit Markets, Creditors' Rights and Economic
Development                                           2006
Credit Policies: Lessons from East Asia               2004
Credit Quality and Optimal Municipal Slack
Resources                                             2009
Credit Rating Agencies in Capital Markets: A
Review of Research Evidence on Selected
Criticisms of the Agencies                            2006
Credit Rating Dynamics and Markov Mixture
Models                                                2004

Credit Ratings and Taxes: The Effect of Book/Tax
Differences on Ratings Changes                        2008

Credit Ratings in the Japanese Bond Market            2006
Credit Ratings, Collateral and Loan
Characteristics: Implications for Yield               2003
Credit Rationing and Monetary Transmission:
Evidence for Portugal                                 2002

Credit Rationing and the Financial Structure of
Italian Small and Medium Enterprises                  2006

Credit Rationing Effects of Credit Value-at-Risk      2004
Credit Risk Drivers: Evaluating the Contribution of
Firm Level Information and of Macroeconomic
Dynamics                                              2007

Credit Risk in Pure Jump Structural Models            2006
Credit Risk in the Pool - Implications for Private
Capital Investments in Brazilian Power
Generation                                            2005

                                                             January 2010
Credit Risk Measurement and the Regulation of
Bank Capital and Provision Requirements in Brazil
- A Corporate Analysis                               2006
Credit Risk Mitigation in Central Bank Operations
and its Effects on Financial Markets: The Case of
the Eurosystem                                       2006
Credit Risk Rating Migration and Unobserved
Borrower Heterogeneity                               2008
Credit Risk Spreads in Local and Foreign
Currencies                                           2009

Credit Risk Transfer Activities and Systemic Risk:
How Banks Became Less Risky Individually But
Posed Greater Risks to the Financial System at
the Same Time                                        2008
Credit Risk Transfer and Financial Sector
Performance                                          2003
Credit Risk Transfer and Financial Sector
Performance                                          2004

Credit Risk Transfer, Delegated Monitoring, Real
Sector Productivity, and Financial Deepening         2005
Credit Risk, Supervisory Power and Bank
Heterogeneity: A Local GMM Approach                  2009

Credit Spreads on Sterling Corporate Bonds and
the Term Structure of UK Interest Rates              2005
Credit Worthiness of Women Entrepreneurs in
Bangladesh                                           2009
Credit, the Stock Market and Oil: Forecasting US
GDP                                                  2001
Credit, Wages and Bankruptcy Laws                    2003
Creditor Concentration: An Empirical
Investigation                                        2007

Creditor Control and Conflict in Chapter 11          2008
Creditor Control Rights, Corporate Governance,
and Firm Value                                       2009
Creditor Protection and Credit Response to
Shocks                                               2005

Creditor Protection Laws and the Cost of Debt        2006

Creditor Rights and Corporate Risk-Taking            2008
Creditor Rights and Multinational Capital
Structure                                            1998
Creditor Rights, Enforcement, and Debt
Ownership Structure: Evidence from the Global
Syndicated Loan Market                               2002
Creditors' and Shareholders' Reporting Demands
in Public Versus Private Firms: Evidence from
Europe                                               2004
Crew Pairing and Aircraft Routing for On-Demand
Aviation with Time Window                            2005
Crew Rostering for the High Speed Train              2003

                                                            January 2010
Crime and (with a Lag) Punishment: Equitable
Sentencing and the Implications of Discounting        2003

Crime and Punishment in the 'American Dream'          2006
Crime and the Political Economy of Russian
Reform                                                1997
Crime and Uncertain Punishment                        2006

Crime Versus Justice: Is There A Tradeoff?            1999

Crime, Health and Safety and Corporations:
Meanings of the Failed Crimes (Workplace
Deaths and Serious Injuries) Bill                     2004

Crime: Economic Incentives and Social Networks        2006
Crimes Against Property & Ownership                   2007
Crimes Against the Person's                           2007
Criminal Defense and the International Legal
Personality of the Individual                         2008

Criminal Law and Behavioral Law and Economics:
Observations on the Neglected Role of
Uncertainty in Deterring Crime                        1998
Criminal Law Beyond the State: Popular Trials on
the Frontier                                          2006
Criminal Liability for Omissions: An Inventory of
Issues                                                2001

Criminal Risk in Corporate Practice - Balancing
Duties and Risk While Ensuring Corporate
Compliance as an In-House Lawyer                      2007

Criminalizing Force: Resolving the Threshold
Question for the Crime of Aggression in the
Context of Modern Conflict                            2009
Criminals and Risk Attitude                           2006
Crises and the Poor: Socially Responsible
Macroeconomics                                        2000

Crises in Asia or Crisis of Globalization?            1999
Crises in Competitive Versus Monopolistic
Banking Systems                                       2006

Crisis and Challenge: The Changing Role of the
Hongkong & Shanghai Bank, 1950-2000                   2007
Crisis and Power: The Case of the Venezuelan
Financial System                                      1998

Crisis Costs and Debtor Discipline: The Efficacy of
Public Policy in Sovereign Debt Crises                2001

Crisis Prevention and Crisis ManagementThe Role
of Regulatory Governance                              2006
Crisis Resolution: Next Steps                         2003
Crisis Resolution: Next Steps                         2003
Crisis Resolution: Next Steps                         2006

                                                             January 2010
'Crisis? What Crisis?' To What Extent Does the
Outcome of the French and Dutch Referenda of
May/June 2005 Represent a Crisis for the EU?           2008

Criss-Crossing Globalization: Uphill Flows of Skill-
Intensive Goods and Foreign Direct Investment          2009
Critical Accounting Policy Disclosures                 2006

Critical Analysis of Accounting Standards Vis-A-
Vis Corporate Governance Practice in India             2007

Critical Analysis of Economic Community of West
African States (Ecowas) Intra-Trade                    2009
Critical Complexities, (from Marginal Paradigms
to Learning Networks)                                  2006
Critical Corporate Governance and the Demise of
the Ultra Vires Doctrine                               2009

Critical Factors of Women Entrepreneurship
Development in Rural Bangladesh                        2009
Critical Role and Screening Practices of European
Business Incubators                                    2005

Critical Space Theory: Keeping Local Geography in
American and European Environmental Law                2001

Cross Border Health Cooperation in Complicated
Regions: The Case of the Mekong Basin Disease
Surveillance Network                                   2009
Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions in
Emerging Markets: The Stock Market Valuation
of Corporate Control                                   2004
Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions in
Emerging Markets: The Stock Market Valuation
of Corporate Control                                   2005
Cross Listing, Bonding and Firms' Reporting
Incentives: A Discussion of Lang, Raedy and
Wilson (JAE 2006)                                      2005

Cross Subsidies in Russian Electric Power Tariffs:
Not as Bad as their Reputation                         2003
Cross-Border Bank Acquisitions: Is There a
Performance Effect?                                    2008
Cross-Border Bank Mergers: What Lures the Rare
Animal?                                                2001
Cross-Border Banking                                   2000
Cross-Border Listings, Capital Controls, and
Equity Flows to Emerging Markets                       2003
Cross-Border Listings, Capital Controls, and
Equity Flows to Emerging Markets                       2006
Cross-Border Listings, Capital Controls, and
Equity Flows to Emerging Markets                       2006

Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions: The Facts
as a Guide for International Economics                 2006
Cross-Border Regulation                                2004
Cross-Border Voting in Europe                          2001

                                                              January 2010
Cross-Country and Cross-Sector Analysis of
Transparency of Monetary and Financial Policies    2006
Cross-Country Asymmetries in Euro Area
Monetary Transmission: The Role of National
Financial Systems                                  2003
Cross-Country Determinants of Mergers and
Acquisitions                                       2003
Cross-Country Determinants of Mergers and
Acquisitions                                       2003
Cross-Country Determinants of Payout Policy: A
Survey of European Firms                           2005

Cross-Country Differences in Monetary Policy
Execution and Money Market Rates' Volatility       2006
Cross-country Differences in Monetary Policy
Transmission                                       2004
Cross-Country Tax Rates and Firm Size
Distribution                                       2008
Cross-Country Technology Diffusion: The Case of
Computers                                          2001
Cross-Country Technology Diffusion: The Case of
Computers                                          2001

Cross-hedging Effectiveness in Emerging Markets
Experiencing Structural Change                     2004

Crossing Networks: Competition and Design          2006

Crossing the Lines: The Conditional Relation
between Exchange Rate Exposure and Stock
Returns in Emerging and Developed Markets          2007

Crossing the Lines: The Conditional Relation
between Exchange Rate Exposure and Stock
Returns in Emerging and Developed Markets          2009
Crossing the Water's Edge: Elite Rhetoric, Media
Coverage and the Rally-Round-the-Flag
Phenomenon, 1979-2003                              2007
Cross-Listing Audit Fee Premiums: Theory and
Evidence                                           2006
Cross-Listing of Korean Companies on Foreign
Exchanges: Law and Policy                          2002
Cross-Listing Premium in the US and the UK
Destination                                        2008

Cross-Monitoring and Corporate Governance          2006
Cross-National Logo Evaluation Analysis: An
Individual Level Approach                          2008

Crossover Dreams: The Roots of LatCrit Theory in
Chicana/o Studies Activism and Scholarship         2000
Cross-Retaliation in TRIPS: Options for
Developing Countries                               2009

Cross-Section Regression Models of the Long-Run
Relationship Between Market and Accounting
Values - The Case for a Log-Linear Model           2008

                                                          January 2010
Cross-Sectional Determinants of Information
Quality Proxies and Cost of Capital Measures        2007
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: What Are the
Consequences of China`s WTO Entry for India`s
Trade?                                              2006
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: What are the
Consequences of China's WTO Entry for India's
trade?                                              2005

Crowding Out Or Crowding In? The Economic
Consequences of Financing Government Deficits       2000
Crowding Out or Crowding In?Evidence on Debt-
Equity Substitutability                             2004

Crude Substitution: The Cyclical Dynamics of Oil
Prices and the Skill Premium                        2006

Crushed by a Rational Stampede: Strategic Share
Dumping and Shareholder Insurrections               2002
CSR as Contractarian Model of Multi-Stakeholder
Corporate Governance and the Game-Theory of
its Implementation                                  2008

CSR Initiatives for Green Buildings: Perspectives
of Hong Kong Financial Institutions                 2009

Cuba and the IMF:Conflicts Over the Nature of
the State and Sovereign Debt in the Emerging
Global Economic System                              2005

Cultural Classification and Internal Auditing
Standards: A Comparative Study of Use and
Compliance in 19 Countries                          2008
Cultural Dimensions of Corporate Governance
Systems                                             2008
Cultural Effects on Corporate Governance in
Thailand: A Study through the Three-Pillared
Model                                               2006

Cultural Resistance to Global Governance            2001
Cultural Rights and Civic Virtue                    2003
Cultural Rights: The Possible Impact of Private
Military and Security Companies                     2009

Cultural Transmission and Discrimination            2005

Cultural Voting: The Eurovision Song Contest        2006

Culture & Arts as Knowledge Resources Towards
Sustainability for Identity of Nations and
Cognitive Richness of Human Being                   2004

Culture and Collective Action - Japan, Germany
and the United States after September 11, 2001      2006
Culture and Government Money: A Guide for the
Perplexed                                           2000

                                                           January 2010
Culture and Institutions: Economic Development
in the Regions of Europe                            2005

Culture and Stock Price Clustering: Evidence from
The Peoples' Republic of China                      2004
Culture as Justification, not Excuse                2006
Culture Change                                      2006
Culture or Finance - What Matters Most in the
Structuring of Business Systems?                    2009

Culture Rules: The Foundations of the Rule of
Law and Other Norms of Governance                   2002
Culture War                                         2004
Culture, Institutions and Government Attitudes
Towards New Firm Entry                              2004
Culture, Law, and Corporate Governance              2004

Culture, Law, and Finance: Cultural Dimensions of
Corporate Governance Laws                           2001

Culture, Law, and Finance: Cultural Dimensions of
Corporate Governance Laws                           2001
Culture, Openness, and Finance                      2001
Culture, Openness, and Finance                      2001
Culture, Politics and Innovation: Evidence from
the Creameries                                      2002
Cultures of Corruption: Evidence from Diplomatic
Parking Tickets                                     2006
Cumulative Innovation, Sampling and the Hold-
Up Problem                                          2007
Curb Your Innovation: Corporate Conservatism in
the Presence of Imperfect Intellectual Property
Rights                                              2004
Curd v. Mosaic: Establishing a Property Right in
Fish and Legitimately Assessing Value for Their
Destruction                                         2009

Curing Heterosexuality? Moral Signals and the
Potential for Expressive Impacts in Patent Law      2005
Currencies and the Commodification of
Environmental Law                                   2000
Currency and Financial Crises - Lessons From the
Asian Crises For China?                             2000
Currency Appreciation and Current Account
Adjustment                                          2007
Currency Boards, Dollarized Liabilities, and
Monetary Policy Credibility                         2004
Currency Crashes in Emerging Markets: Empirical
Indicators                                          2000
Currency Crises and Fiscal Imbalances. The
Transition Countries Perspective                    2009

Currency Crises and Foreign Credit in Emerging
Markets: Credit Crunch or Demand Effect?            2007
Currency Crises and Foreign Reserves: A Simple
Model                                               2006
Currency Crises and Monetary Policy in an
Economy with Credit Constraints                     2000

                                                           January 2010
Currency Crises and the Real Economy:The Role
of Banks                                             2006
Currency Crises in Developed and Emerging
Market Economies: A Comparative Empirical
Treatment                                            2006

Currency Crises in Emerging - Market Economics:
Causes, Consequences and Policy Lessons              2009

Currency Crises: In Search of Common Elements        2006

Currency Crisis Prediction Using ADR Market Data
- An Options-Based Approach                          2008

Currency Crisis, Monetary Policy, and Corporate
Balance Sheet Vulnerabilities                        2005

Currency Demand, the Underground Economy,
and Tax Evasion:The Case of Guyana                   2006

Currency Denomination of Bank Loans: Evidence
from Small Firms in Transition Countries             2008
Currency Hedging and Corporate Governance: A
Cross-Country Analysis                               2003
Currency Mismatch, Uncertainty and Debt
Maturity Structure                                   2004
Currency Mismatches, Default Risk, and Exchange
Rate Depreciation: Evidence from the End of
Bimetallism                                          2006
Currency Mismatches, Default Risk, and Exchange
Rate Depreciation: Evidence from the End of
Bimetallism                                          2006

Currency Risk in Emerging Equity Markets             2002

Currency Risk in Emerging Equity Markets             2004
Currency Undervaluation and Sovereign Wealth
Funds: A New Role for the World Trade
Organization                                         2008
Currency Unions                                      2000

Currency Unions, Trade Flows, and Capital Flows      2007
Current Account Balances, Financial
Development and Institutions: Assaying the
World 'Savings Glut'                                 2005
Current Account Balances, Financial
Development and Institutions: Assaying the
World 'Savings Glut'                                 2006

Current Account Deficits in Industrial Countries:
The Bigger They are, the Harder They Fall?           2006
Current Account Deficits, External Liabilities And
Economic Policy                                      2006
Current Account Deficits, Macroeconomic Policy
Stance and Governance:An Empirical
Investigation                                        2004

                                                            January 2010
Current Account Imbalances and Structural
Adjustment in the Euro Area: How to Rebalance
Competitiveness                                     2009

Current Account Reversals: Always a Problem?        2005
Current Accounts in the Euro Area: An
Intertemporal Approach                              2007
Current Accounts: What Is Their Relevance for
Economic Policymaking?                              2006
Current and Anticipated Deficits, Interest Rates
and Economic Activity                               2004

Current Challenges in Financial Regulation          2006

Current Company Law Reform Initiatives in the
OECD Countries - Challenges and Opportunities       2001
Current Developments: Jurisprudence of the
International Court of Justice (Case Note:
Fisheries Jurisdiction (Spain v. Canada) Judgment
of 4 December 1998)                                 2009
Current Issues in Keyword Auctions (Book
Chapter)                                            2007
Current Issues in the Design and Conduct of
Monetary Policy                                     2006

Current Issues in the Taxation of Intangibles: An
Attempt to Tax 'Scotch Mist'?                       2004
Currying Favor to Win IPO Mandates                  2006
Curvature Conditions and Substitution Pattern
Among Capital, Materials and Heterogeneous
Labour                                              2003

Curvilinear Effects of Corporate Social
Responsibility and Benevolence on Loyalty           2009
Custom and Usage as Action Under Color of State
Law:An Essay on the Forgotten Terms of Section
1983                                                2002

Customary International Law in the 21st Century:
Old Challenges and New Debates                      2009
Customer Anger at Price Increases, Time
Variation in the Frequency of Price Changes and
Monetary Policy                                     2002

Customer Perceptions of Factory Outlet Stores
vs. Traditional Department Stores                   2007

Customer Realization on Green Marketing             2009
Customer-Based Corporate Valuation -
Integrating the Concepts of Customer Equity and
Shareholder Value                                   2007
Cutting the Dividends Tax . . . and Corporate
Governance Too?                                     2003
Cy Pres as an Antitrust Remedy                      2008
Cyber Money as a Medium of Exchange                 2000

                                                           January 2010
Cyber-Apocalypse Now: Securing the Internet
Against Cyberterrorism and Using Universal
Jurisdiction as a Deterrent                           2009
Cyberbullying Legislation: Why Education is
Preferable to Regulation                              2009
Cyber-Coordinating Mechanism and Strategic
Management Accounting                                 2006
Cyclicality of Fiscal Policy: Permanent and
Transitory Shocks                                     2009
Czech Koruna and Polish Zloty:Spot and Currency
Option Volatility Patterns                            2006
Da Agua Pro Vinho: How the Baby Boomers
Enabled the Creation of a Secondary Mortgage
Market in Brazil                                      2005
DAD: A Software for Poverty and Distributive
Analysis                                              2006
Daily Monetary Policy Shocks and the Delayed
Response of New Home Sales                            2008
Daily Short Interest, Idiosyncratic Risk, and Stock
Returns                                               2008
Danger of Deploying Weapons and Nuclear
Power in Space                                        2009
Dangerous Business Models: Bankers,
Bureaucrats & Hong Kong's Economic
Transformation, 1948-86                               2007
Das (Wasted) Kapital: Firm Ownership and
Investment Efficiency in China                        2007
Data Revisions and the Identification of Monetary
Policy Shocks                                         2001
Data Revisions and the Identification of Monetary
Policy Shocks                                         2003
Data Security Beyond Regulatory Compliance -
Protecting Sensitive Data in a Distributed
Environment                                           2007
Data Services at Armistead                            2008

Data Uncertainty and the Role of Money as an
Information Variable for Monetary Policy              2001

Data Uncertainty and the Role of Money as an
Information Variable for Monetary Policy              2003
Data: Comparing Stock Buybacks (#5) - Plus
Symantec Case Study                                   2007
Data: Comparing Stock Buybacks (#6) - Plus
Applied Materials Case Study                          2007
Data: Comparing Stock Buybacks (#7) - Plus Xilinx
Case Study                                            2007
Data: Comparing Stock Buybacks (#8) Plus Cisco
Case Study                                            2007

Datastream Returns and UK Open Offers                 2008
Dating Breaks in the Extremal Behavior of
Financial Time Series                                 2004

Dating the Integration of World Equity Markets        2000

Dating the Integration of World Equity Markets        2001

                                                             January 2010
David and Goliath: Small Banks in an Era of
Consolidation: Evidence from Italy                   2007
David Laidler on Monetarism                          2006

David's Dilemma: A Case Study of Securities
Regulation in a Small Open Market                    2000

Dawning of a New Age?: The Extent, Causes and
Consequences of Aging in Australia                   1998
Dawning of a New Era: The LNG Story                  2005
DAX's January 2008 Crash: A Routine Correction
or Outright Panic                                    2009
Day-of-the-Week Effect: Is it an Industry-Specific
Phenomenon?                                          2006

Day-To-Day Monetary Policy and the Volatility of
the Federal Funds Interest Rate                      2006

Day-to-Day Monetary Policy and the Volatility of
the Federal Funds Interest Rate                      2001

De Nederlandse Female Board Index 2007               2009
De Novo Bank Exit                                    2002
De Ratio van Corporate Governance                    2006

Deal-Breaker: FDI, CFIUS, and Congressional
Response to State Ownership of Foreign Firms         2009
Dealer Behavior and the Trading of Newly Issued
Corporate Bonds                                      2007

Dealing with Destabilizing 'Market Discipline'       2004

Dealing with Destabilizing 'Market Discipline'       2004
Dealing with Increased Risk of Natural Disasters:
Challenges and Options                               2006
Dealing With the Coffee Crisis in Central America:
Impacts and Strategies                               2004
Dear Lawyer Bao: Everyday Problems, Legal
Advice, and State Power in China                     2006
Death and the City: Chicago's Mortality
Transition, 1850-1925                                2005

Death Penalty Abolition and the Ratification of
the Second Optional Protocol                         2004
Debiasing through Law                                2004
Debt and Deficit Fluctuations and the Structure of
Bond Markets                                         2001
Debt and Deficit Fluctuations and the Structure of
Bond Markets                                         2001
Debt and Entrenchment: Evidence from Thailand
and Indonesia                                        2004
Debt and Managerial Rents in a Real-Options
Model of the Firm                                    2006

Debt and Monetary Policy: The Policy Issues          1996
Debt and the Effects of Fiscal Policy                2007
Debt as a (Credible) Collusive Device                2000

                                                            January 2010
Debt as a Control Device in Transitional
Economies: The Experiences of Hungary and
Poland                                                2004
Debt Contracting Efficiency of Accounting
Conservatism                                          2008

Debt Covenants and Accounting Conservatism            2008
Debt Enforcement Around the World                     2006
Debt Enforcement around the World                     2007
Debt Equity Choice in Europe                          2005
Debt Intolerance                                      2003
Debt Maturity and Firm Performance: A Panel
Study of Indian Companies                             2004

Debt Non-Neutrality, Policy Interactions, and
Macroeconomic Stability                               2005
Debt Ownership Structure and Legal System: An
International Analysis                                2003

Debt Reduction and Automatic Stabilization            2003
Debt Relief and Fiscal Sustainability                 2002

Debt Seniority and the Lenders' Incentive to
Monitor: Why Isn't Trade Credit Senior?               2004
Debt Stabilizing Fiscal Rules                         2006
Debt Sustainability and Procyclical Fiscal Policies
in Latin America                                      2006

Debt vs. Equity: Role of Corporate Governance         2005
Debt, Deficits and Destabilizing Monetary Policy
in Open Economies                                     2006
Debt, Deficits and Finite Horizons                    2004
Debt, Deficits and Finite Horizons: The Stochastic
Case                                                  2009

Debt, Deficits, and Age-Specific Mortality            2006
Debt, Deficits, and Destabilizing Monetary Policy
in Open Economies                                     2006
Debt, Leases, Taxes and the Endogeneity of
Corporate Tax Status                                  1996

Debt-Contingent Inflation Contracts and Targets       2000
Debt-Equity Hybrid Securities                         1999

Debt-Equity Limitations in Thin Capitalization
Rules: Canadian Evidence                              2008
Debts and Deficits with Fragmented Fiscal
Policymaking                                          2000
Debunking the Corporate Fiduciary Myth                2009

Decent Work in a Least Developed Country: A
Critical Assessment of the Ethiopia PRSP              2006

Decentralisation, Globalisation and the
"Creation" of Trans-National Economic Regions in
the People's Republic of China                        2000
Decentralisation, Regulatory Burden and
Economic Development in Spain                         2006

                                                             January 2010
Decentralising Wage Bargaining in Germany - A
Way to Increase Employment?                          2003
Decentralization and Corruption: Evidence across
Countries                                            2004

Decentralization and Electoral Accountability:
Incentives, Separation and Voter Welfare             2005

Decentralization and Electoral Accountability:
Incentives, Separation, and Voter Welfare            2005

Decentralization and Local Government in
Bolivia: An Overview from the Bottom Up              2003

Decentralization and Political Institutions          2003

Decentralization and Political Institutions          2006

Decentralization and Poverty in Developing
Countries: Exploring the Impact                      2004

Decentralization and Re-centralization of
Electricity Industry Governance in New Zealand       2006
Decentralization in Argentina                        2001

Decentralization in Financial Institutions: Theory
and Evidence from China                              2001
Decentralization in Pakistan: Context, Content
and Causes                                           2005
Decentralization in Regional Fiscal Systems in
Russia: Trends and Links to Economic
Performance                                          2004

Decentralization of Economic Law - An Oxymoron       2005
Decentralization, Transfer Pricing and Tacit
Collusion                                            2006
Decentralization's Effects on Public Investment:
Evidence and Four Lessons from Bolivia and
Colombia                                             2005
Decentralized Administrative Law in the
Organization for Economic Cooperation and
Development                                          2005
Decentralized Trade, Random Utility and the
Evolution of Social Welfare                          2005

Decentralizing the Provision of Health Services:
An Incomplete Contracts Approach                     2005

Deciding Who We Are: The Relational Self and
the Tyranny of Atomistic Autonomy                    2006

Deciding Without Resources: Psychological
Depletion and Choice in Context                      2007
Decimal Quotes: The Price is Right                   1996

Decision Aid Reliance: A Field Study Involving
Professional Buy-Side Financial Analysts             2009

                                                            January 2010
Decision Making and Trade without Probabilities      2006
Decision Methods: NPV, IRR and Others (Slides in
Spanish)                                             2006
Decision-Making of the Ecb: Reform and Voting
Power                                                2004
Decision-Making Under Social Pressure: The
Political Economy of Debating Socially Sensitive
Issues                                               2000

Decisions Under Certainty: The Value of the
Money in the Time (Decisiones Bajo Certeza: El
Valor Del Dinero En El Tiempo)                       2007
Decisions Under Uncertainty (Decisiones Bajo
Incertidumbre)                                       2007

Decoding and Recoding Natural Monopoly,
Deregulation, and Intellectual Property              2006
De-Commodification Revisited: On the Absence
of Emancipation in Europe                            2006
Decomposing Changes in Deferred Tax Assets and
Liabilities to Isolate Earnings Management
Activities                                           2003
Decomposing Changes in Income Inequality into
Vertical and Horizontal Redistribution and
Reranking, with Applications to China and
Vietnam                                              2005
Decomposition of CO2 Emissions over 1980-2003
in Turkey                                            2005

Decomposition of Fraud Risk Assessments and
Auditors' Sensitivity to Fraud Cues                  2004
Deconstructing Engagement                            2004
Deconstructing Hirota: Habeas Corpus,
Citizenship, and Article Iii                         2006

Deconstructing the Art of Central Banking            2005

Deconstructing the Art of Central Banking            2006
Decoupling at the Margin: The Threat to
Monetary Policy from the Electronic Revolution
in Banking                                           2000

Decoupling CEO Wealth and Firm Performance:
The Case of Acquiring CEOs                           2005
Decoupling Economic Growth and Energy Use: An
Empirical Cross-Country Analysis for 10
Manufacturing Sectors                                2004
Decreasing Returns To Scale For The Small
Country Due To Scarcity Or Indivisibility - A Test
On Sport                                             2001

Deep Impact for High Impact Agencies? Assessing
the Role of Bureaucratic Encounters in
Evaluations of Government                            2008
Deep Integration, Nondiscrimination, and Euro-
Mediterranean Free Trade                             2004

                                                            January 2010
Default Probability and Forward Looking
Performance Evaluation in Forced Turnover of
CEO and CFO                                          2008
Default Rates in the Loan Market for SMEs:
Evidence from Slovakia                               2006
Default Risk as a Factor affecting the Earnings
Response Coefficient                                 2002
Default Risk Sharing between Banks and Markets:
The Contribution of Collateralized Debt
Obligations                                          2006
Default Rules from Mandatory Rules: Privatizing
Law Through Arbitration                              1999
Default, Credit Growth, and Asset Prices             2006
Defaultable Debt, Interest Rates and the Current
Account                                              2004
Defaultable Debt, Interest Rates, and the Current
Account                                              2005
Defending Intellectual Property Rights in the BRIC
Economies                                            2005
Defending the Public Domain: Pollution, Subsidies
and Poverty                                          2003
Defense R&D in the Anti-Terrorist Era                2004

Defense R&D Policy in the Anti-terrorist Era         2003

Defenses to War Crimes: A Conceptual Overview        2007

Deferred Compensation and Gift Exchange: An
Experimental Investigation into Multi-Period
Labor Markets                                        2004
Deferred Compensation and Turnover                   2006
Deferred Revenues and the Matching of
Revenues and Expenses                                2008

Deficit Limits, Budget Rules, and Fiscal Policy      2006

Deficit Limits, Budget Rules, and Fiscal Policy      2006
Deficit Spending in the Nazi Recovery, 1933-
1938: A Critical Reassessment                        2001

Defined Contribution Plan Dominance Grows
Across Sectors and Employer Sizes, While Mega
Defined Benefit Plans Remain Strong: Where We
are and Where We are Going                           2009

Defining Markets that Involve Multi-Sided
Platform Businesses: An Empirical Framework
With an Application to Google's Purchase of
DoubleClick                                          2007

Defining Markets that Involve Multi-Sided
Platform Businesses: An Empirical Framework
with an Application to Google's Purchase of
DoubleClick                                          2008
Defining 'Sexual Abuse of a Minor' in Immigration
Law: Finding a Place for Uniformity, Fairness and
Feminism                                             2009

                                                            January 2010
Defining What to Regulate: Silica & the Problem
of Regulatory Categorization                        2005

Defining, Measuring and Alleviating Poverty in an
Economy in Transition: The Case of Lithuania        2006
Definition and Reality in the General Theory of
Political Economy                                   2000
Definition of Price Stability, Range and Point
Inflation Targets: The Anchoring of Long-term
Inflation Expectations                              2004

Deflation and Monetary Policy in a Historical
Perspective: Remembering the Past or Being
Condemned to Repeat It?                             2004

Deflation and Monetary Policy in Taiwan             2005
Deflation in Hong Kong SAR                          2006
Deflation, Credit and Asset Prices                  2007
Deflation: Prevention and Cure                      2003
Deflation: Prevention and Cure                      2003

Deflationary Shocks and Monetary Rules: An
Open-Economy Scenario Analysis                      2006

Deflationary Shocks and Monetary Rules: An
Open-Economy Scenario Analysis                      2006

Deforestation, Production Intensity and Land Use
under Insecure Property Rights                      2004

Deformalisation of Assignment Law and the
Position of the Debtor in European Property Law     2007
DefProb: A Corporate Probability of Default
Model                                               2008
Defusing DRM                                        2006
Defying the Law of Gravity: The Political Economy
of International Migration                          2009
Degrees of Specialness: An Empirical Analysis of
the Italian BTP Repo Market                         2006

Deindustrialisation. Lessons from the Structural
Outcomes of Post-Communist Transition               2002
'Deja Vu All Over Again': Repeated Adjustment of
Delegated Powers and the History of Eminent
Domain                                              2006
Delaware's Vantagepoint: The Empire Strikes
Back in the Post-Post-Enron Era                     2007
Delayed Integration of Mobile Labor: A Principle
for Coordinating Taxation, Social Security, and
Social Assistance                                   2002

Delayed Participation of Developing Countries to
Climate Agreements: Should Action in the EU and
US be Postponed?                                    2009

Delayed Security Price Adjustments to Financial
Analysts' Forecasts of Annual Earnings              2001

                                                           January 2010
Delays in Claiming Social Security Benefits          2000

Delays in Technology Adoption, Appropriate
Human Capital, Natural Resources and Growth          2003

Delays in Trade Reporting By Corporate Insiders      2007
Delegated Contracting                                2007
Delegated Investment Decisions and Private
Benefits of Control                                  2003
Delegated Portfolio Management and Risk Taking
Behavior                                             2006

Delegation in an R&D Game with Spillovers            2006

Delegation of Monetary Policy: More than a
Relocation of the Time-Inconsistency Problem         2003
Delegation to Encourage Communication of
Problems                                             2005
Deliberation or Tabulation? The Self-
Undermining Constitutional Architecture of
Election Campaigns                                   2006

'Deliberative Supranationalism' Revisited            2007
Deliberative Trade Policy                            2006

Delineating the Proper Scope of Government - A
Proper Task for a Constitutional Court?              2001

Delinking Economic Growth from Environmental
Degradation? A Literature Survey on the
Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis               2000
Delisting Returns and Their Effect on Accounting-
Based, Market Anomalies                              2006
Dell Computer: Business to Business Over the
Web                                                  2008
Dell Computer: Business to Business Over the
Web in 2001                                          2008
Dell, Inc. - Stockholders' Equity                    2008
Deluxe Corporation (a and B Abridged) Activity-
Based Costing                                        2009
Deluxe Corporation (a): The Strategic Need for
Activity-Based Costing                               2009

Deluxe Corporation (B): Activity-Based Costing       2009
Deluxe Corporation (C): Analysis of Activity-Based
Costing Data                                         2009
Deluxe Corporation (D): Value-Based
Management                                           2009
Deluxe Corporation (E): Supply-Chain
Management                                           2009
Demand and Pricing in Electricity Markets:
Evidence from San Diego During California's
Energy Crisis                                        2003

Demand Constraints and Economic Growth               1999
Demand Elasticity and Fiscal Policy                  2004

                                                            January 2010
Demand for Bank Services and Market Power in
Brazilian Banking                                 2006
Demand for Information Enhancement: The Case
of Chinese Firms                                  2006
Demand for Pharmaceutical Drugs: A Choice
Modelling Experiment                              2004
Demand for the Truth in Principal-Agent
Relationships                                     2006
Demand for World Bank Lending                     2004

Demand Side Shocks and Macroeconomic Policy       2004
Demand Variability, Supply Shocks and the
Output-Inflation Tradeoff                         2004

Demand-Side Stabilization Policies: What Is the
Evidence of Their Potential?                      2006
Democracy and Capitalism: Are They Compatible
in the Long-Run                                   1998
Democracy and Decriminalization                   2006
Democracy and Delaware: The Puzzle of
Corporate Law                                     2002
Democracy and Development: The Devil in the
Details                                           2006
Democracy and Development: The Devil in the
Details                                           2006
Democracy and Development: The Devil in the
Details                                           2006
Democracy and Globalization                       2006
Democracy and Income Inequality: An Empirical
Analysis                                          2001
Democracy and Judicial Autonomy in Israel's
Early Years                                       2008
Democracy and Protectionism                       2006
Democracy and Protectionism                       2006
Democracy and Protectionism                       2007
Democracy and Social Choice: A Response to
Saari                                             2003
Democracy and the Economic System                 2001
Democracy, Legitimacy and the Rule of Law:
Linkages                                          2000
Democracy, Populism, and (Un)bounded
Rationality                                       2008
Democracy, Populism, and (Un)bounded
Rationality                                       2009
Democracy, Property Rights, Redistribution and
Economic Growth                                   2005

Democracy, Public Expenditures, and the Poor      2004
Democratic Capital: The Nexus of Political and
Economic Change                                   2006
Democratic Capital: The Nexus of Political and
Economic Change                                   2006
Democratic Capital: The Nexus of Political and
Economic Change                                   2006

Democratic Institutions and Expropriation Risk
for Multinational Investors                       2005

                                                         January 2010
Democratic Minimalism: Turning the Clock Back
from Democracy to Democratization                    2005
Democratic Policy Making with Real-Time Agenda
Setting: Part 1                                      2002
Democratization, Decentralization and the
Distribution of Local Public Goods in a Poor Rural
Economy                                              2002

Democratizing Entry: Banking Deregulations,
Financing Constraints, and Entrepreneurship          2007
Democratizing Global Economic Governance: A
PERI Symposium                                       2003

Demographic Alternatives for Aging Industrial
Countries: Increased Total Fertility Rate, Labor
Force Participation, or Immigration                  2006
Demographic Change and Consequences for
Businesses                                           2008
Demographic Change and the Demand for
Environmental Regulation                             2000
Demographic Change in Asia: The Impact on
Optimal National Saving, Investment, and the
Current Account                                      2006
Demographic Change, Social Security Systems,
and Savings                                          2006

Demographic Fluctuations, Generational Welfare
and Intergenerational Transfers                      2001
Demographic Peace: Decreasing and Aging
Population and Its Impact on Northeast Asian
Security                                             2009
Demographic Structure and the Political Economy
of Public Education                                  1996

Demographics and the Political Sustainability of
Pay-As-You-Go Social Security                        2005
Demographics and Volatile Social Security
Wealth: Political Risks of Benefit Rule Changes in
Germany                                              2003
Demography, Retirement and the Future of Social
Security                                             2003
Demutualization of Securities Exchanges: A
Regulatory Perspective                               2006

Demythologizing PHOSITA: Applying The Non-
Obviousness Requirement Under Canadian
Patent Law To Keep Knowledge In The Public
Domain & Foster Innovation                           2009
Denialists' Deck of Cards: An Illustrated
Taxonomy of Rhetoric Used to Frustrate
Consumer Protection Efforts                          2007

Density and Strength of Ties in Innovation
Networks: A Competence and Governance View           2004
Denver Wholesale Sporting Goods, Inc.                2008
Departure from Free Trade: A Survey                  2003

                                                            January 2010
Dependence Structure and Extreme
Comovements in International Equity and Bond
Markets                                               2006

Dependent Forms of Self-Employment in the UK:
Identifying Workers on the Border between
Employment and Self-Employment                        2006
Deposit Dollarization and the Financial Sector in
Emerging Economies                                    2004
Deposit Insurance                                     2004
Deposit Insurance and Bank Intermediation in the
Long Run                                              2005

Deposit Insurance and Banking Reform in Russia        2006

Deposit Insurance and Crisis Management               2006
Deposit Insurance and External Finance                2004

Deposit Insurance and Financial Development           2003

Deposit Insurance and Market Assessment of
Banking System Stability: Evidence from Denmark       2001
Deposit Insurance as Private Club: Is Germany a
Model?                                                2004

Deposit Insurance Coverage, Ownership, and
Banks' Risk-Taking In Emerging Markets                2008
Deposit Insurance, Capital Requirements, and
Financial Stability                                   2000

Deposit Insurance, Regulatory Forbearance and
Economic Growth: Implications for the Japanese
Banking Crisis                                        2004

Deposit Insurance, Risk-Taking and Banking
Crises: Is there a Risk-Minimizing Level of Deposit
Insurance Coverage?                                   2008

Deposit Rate Regulation and Risk Taking by Banks      2002
Depositary Receipts: Concept, Evolution and
Recent Trends                                         2006
Depositor Behaviour and Market Discipline in
Turkey                                                2004

Depreciation and Other Reserve Funds for
Municipal Corporations - Other Voices in an Early
Twentieth Century Accounting Debate                   2008
Depreciation Policy Changes: Tax, Earnings
Management, and Investment Opportunity
Incentives                                            1999
Depreciation Rules and the Relation Between
Marginal and Historical Cost                          2008

'Deprival Value' vs 'Fair Value' Measurement for
Contract Liabilities in Resolving the 'Revenue
Recognition' Conundrum: Towards a General
Solution                                              2006
Deprivatizing Copyright                               2003

                                                             January 2010
'Der Noth Gehorchend, Nicht Dem Eignen Trieb' -
Nascent Necessity and Opportunity
Entrepreneurs in Germany: Evidence from the
Regional Entrepreneurship Monitor (REM)              2005

Deregulating Technology Transfer in Agriculture:
Reform's Impact on Turkey in the 1980s               2004

Deregulation and Board Composition: Evidence
on the Value of the Revolving Door                   2001
Deregulation and Consumption: Saving Dynamics
in the Nordic Countries                              2006
Deregulation and Customer Relationship in
Higher Education                                     2006

Deregulation and Enterprization in Central and
Eastern Telecommunication - A Benchmark for
the West?                                            1998
Deregulation and Labor Earnings in the Airline
Industry                                             1996
Deregulation and Market Response in
Contemporary Japan: Administrative Guidance,
'Keiretsu,' and Main Banks                           2004

Deregulation and Resource Reconfiguration in
the Electric Utility Industry                        2005

Deregulation and Risks in Financial Markets          1997

Deregulation and the Relationship Between Bank
CEO Compensation and Risk Taking                     2004

'Deregulation' of Labor Relations in Australia:
Toward Command and Control                           2005

Deregulation Process, Governance Structures and
Efficiency: The U.S. Electric Utility Sector         2003

Deregulation, Consolidation, and Efficiency:
Evidence from the Spanish Insurance Industry         2002
Deregulation, Entry of Foreign Banks and Bank
Efficiency in Australia                              2003

Deregulation, Insider Trading and Tender Offers      2002
Deregulation, Integration and Market Structure in
European Banking                                     1999

Deregulation, Restructuring and Changing R&D
Paradigms in the US Electric Utility Industry        2004

Deregulation, the Internet, and the Competitive
Viability of Large Banks and Community Banks         2001

Derivative Financial Instruments and the Financial
Management of Nonprofit Health Systems               2004

                                                            January 2010
Derivative Lawsuits as a Corporate Governance
Mechanism: Empirical Evidence on Board
Changes Surrounding Filings                         2004
Derivatives Effect on Monetary Policy
Transmission                                        2006

Derivatives in International Capital Flows          2000

Derivatives Usage and Risk Management by Non
Financial Firms: A Comparison between Brazilian
and International Evidence                          2005
Deriving Credit Portfolio Diversification
Properties from Large Asset-Backed Security
Pools                                               2005

Deriving Market Expectations for the Euro-Dollar
Exchange Rate from Option Prices                    2006
Descriptive Evidence from Audit Practice on SAS
No. 99 Brainstorming Activities                     2007
Desenvolvimentos Recentes No Direito
Constitucional Chines                               2009
Desert Power: The Economics of Solar Thermal
Electricity for Europe, North Africa, and the
Middle East                                         2009
Desertification and Land Degradation in
Mediterranean Areas: from Science to Integrated
Policy Making                                       2001

Design and Renegotiation of Debt Covenants          2005
Design Criteria for a Global Brain                  2001
Design of Closed Loop Supply Chains                 2003
Design of Web Questionnaires: An Information
Processing Perspective for the Effect of Response
Categories                                          2006
Design of Web Questionnaires: The Effect of
Layout in Rating Scales                             2006
Design, Trading, and Innovation                     2003
Design, Trading, and Innovation                     2005
Designing a Federal VAT: Summary and
Recommendations                                     2009
Designing a Knowledge Ecosystem: A Solution for
Organizations Confronting Hyperturbulent
Environments                                        2007

Designing a Linear Pension Scheme with Forced
Savings and Wage Heterogeneity                      2006

Designing Business Curricula: An Iterative,
Processual Module for Higher Education              2007
Designing Climate Mitigation Policy                 2009
Designing Climate Mitigation Policy                 2009

Designing Economic Regulatory Institutions for
European Network Industries                         2002
Designing Effective Auctions for Treasury
Securities                                          2007

                                                           January 2010
Designing Financial Safety Nets to Fit Country
Circumstances                                        2004
Designing Hospital Antitrust Policy to Promote
Social Welfare                                       1999
Designing Hospital Antitrust Policy to Promote
Social Welfare                                       2000
Designing Institutions for Financial Stability:
Regulation and Supervision by Objective for the
Euro Area                                            2001

Designing Natural Gas Distribution Concessions in
a Megacity: Tradeoffs between Scale Economies
and Information Disclosure in Mexico City            2004

Designing Optimal Linear Rules for Retirement        2003
Designing Optimal Taxes with a
Microeconometric Model of Household Labour
Supply                                               2006
Designing Pro-Poor Water and Sewer
Concessions: Early Lessons from Bolivia              2004
Designing Reforms: Problems, Solutions, and
Politics                                             2001
Designing Stabilization Policy in a Monetary
Union                                                2000

Designing Targeting Rules for International
Monetary Policy Cooperation                          2004

Designs and Design Architecture: The Missing
Link between 'Knowledge' and the 'Economy'           2005

Desirable Properties of an Unconventional
Population Control Policy                            2004

Despite the Odds: The Political Economy of Social
Sector Reform in Latin America                       2001

Detecting and Decomposing the 'Faith Factor' in
Social-Service Provision and Absorption              2005

Detecting and Predicting Forecast Breakdowns         2006

Detecting Causes of Variances in Operational
Outputs of Manufacturing Organizations: A
Forensic Accounting Investigation Approach           2008

Detecting Falsified Financial Statements Using
Multicriteria Analysis: The Case Of Greece           2000

Detecting Illegal Trade Practices by Analyzing
Discrepancies in Forest Products Trade Statistics:
An Application to Europe, with a Focus on
Romania                                              2004

Detecting Invalid Instruments Using L1-GMM           2007

Detecting Management Behaviour by Analyzing
Mutual Fund Returns: A Case Study                    2006

                                                            January 2010
Detecting Medicare Abuse                             2004
Determinacy of Equilibrium Under Various
Phillips Curves                                      2008

Determinant of Financial Instruments Disclosure
Quality Among Listed Firms in Malaysia               2008

Determinant of Successful Technology Sector          2002

Determinants and Consequences of Proxy Voting
By Mutual Funds on Shareholder Proposals             2007
Determinants and Consequences of the
Unification of Dual-class Shares                     2005

Determinants and Effects on Property Values of
Participation in Voluntary Cleanup Programs: The
Case of Colorado                                     2006
Determinants and Implications of Board
Leadership Structure                                 2009
Determinants and Pathways of Progression to
Level 2 Qualifications: Evidence from the NCDS
and BHPS                                             2008

Determinants of Analyst Skill Specialization         2007
Determinants of Audit Preparers' Workpaper
Justifications                                       2005

Determinants of Banking Distress and Merger as
Strategic Policy to Resolve Distress                 2009
Determinants of Banks' Engagement in Loan
Securitization                                       2007

Determinants of Board Members' Financial
Expertise - Empirical Evidence from France           2008
Determinants of Budgetary Slack in the
Laboratory: An Investigation of Controls for Self-
Interested Behavior                                  2000

Determinants of Business Cycle Synchronisation
Across Euro Area Countries                           2006
Determinants of CEO Turnover in Public and
Private Firms in Denmark - CEO and Firm
Characteristics                                      2006
Determinants of Citations to Articles in Elite Law
Reviews                                              1999
Determinants of Commercial Bank Interest
Margins and Profitability: Some International
Evidence                                             2004

Determinants of Corporate Financial Disclosure
Timing: The French Empirical Evidence                2009
Determinants of Deposit-Insurance Adoption and
Design                                               2006
Determinants of Deposit-Insurance Adoption and
Design                                               2007

                                                            January 2010
Determinants of Economic and Accounting
Components of Residual Income: An Application
to the Pharmaceutical Industry                      2000

Determinants of Emerging Market Bond Spread:
Do Economic Fundamentals Matter?                    2004
Determinants of Employment Growth at MNEs:
Evidence from Egypt, India, South Africa and
Vietnam                                             2004

Determinants of Entrepreneurship in Europe          2004

Determinants of Environmental Innovation - New
Evidence from German Panel Data Sources             2006

Determinants of Environmental Innovations in
Germany: Do Organizational Measures Matter?         2004

Determinants of Environmental Performance in
the Brazilian Industrial Sector                     2004
Determinants of Excess (Credit) Spreads:
Evidence from the US Bond Market from 1919 to
2006                                                2007
Determinants of Expected Short-term Export
Performance Improvement: An Empirical Study
of Industrial Exporters                             2006
Determinants of Financial Distress: What Drives
Bankruptcy in aTransition Economy? The Czech
Republic Case                                       2002

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in
Nigeria: Political Factor Effect Revisited          2008

Determinants of Growth Through Mergers and
Acquisitions: Empirical Results from Belgium        2008
Determinants of Hedge Fund Internal Controls
and Fees                                            2008

Determinants of Inflation in a Transition
Economy: The Case of Ukraine                        2006

Determinants of Inflation in Mozambique             2006
Determinants of Inflation in Poland: A Structural
Cointegration Approach                              2007

Determinants of Inflation in the Islamic Republic
of Iran: A Macroeconomic Analysis                   2006
Determinants of Innovative Activity in Canadian
Manufacturing Firms: The Role of Intellectual
Property Rights                                     2000

Determinants of International Banking: Evidence
from the World's Largest Banks                      2007
Determinants of International Patenting:
Evidence from the Agricultural Biotechnology
Industry                                            2005

                                                           January 2010
Determinants of Labor Demand in Colombia:
1976-1996                                           2003

Determinants of Leverage and Agency Problems        1999
Determinants of Management Ownership of
Unrestricted Equity: Overconfidence versus Tax
Explanations                                        2005

Determinants of Managerial Earnings Guidance
Prior to Regulation Fair Disclosure and Bias in
Analysts' Earnings Forecasts                        2004
Determinants of Market Reactions to
Restatement Announcements                           2001

Determinants of Mncs' Mode of Entry into
Emerging Markets: Some Evidence from India          2004

Determinants of New Zealand Bond Yields             2002
Determinants of Operational Risk Reporting in
the Banking Industry                                2003
Determinants of Organisational Political Reaction
to Emissions Trading Bill: Evidence from New
Zealand                                             2009
Determinants of Organizational Form:
Transaction Costs and Institutions in the
European Trucking Industry                          2004

Determinants of Performance Improvements in
Privatized Firms: The Role of Restructuring and
Corporate Governance                                2000
Determinants of Private Capital Flows in the
1970s and 1990s: Is There Evidence of
Contagion?                                          2006
Determinants of Responses to Underwater
Employee Stock Options: Evidence from
Traditional Repricings, 6&1 Exchanges and
Makeup Grants                                       2005
Determinants of Revenue Reporting Practices for
Internet Firms                                      2001
Determinants of Signaling by Banks through Loan
Loss Provisions                                     2003
Determinants of Survival of De Novo Entrants in
Clusters and Dispersal                              2006

Determinants of the Accounting Choice Between
Alternative Reporting Methods for Interests in
Jointly Controlled Entities                         2008

Determinants of the Costs of Carbon Capture and
Sequestration for Expanding Electricity
Generation Capacity                                 2009
Determinants of the Informal Economy: The
Importance of Regional Factors                      2005
Determinants of the Informativeness of Analyst
Research                                            2002
Determinants of the Mix of Audit Procedures: Key
Factors that Cause Auditors to Change What They
Do                                                  2003

                                                           January 2010
Determinants of the Relationship Between
Strategic Performance and Shareholder's Value
Creation: Beyond Financials                           2006

Determinants of the Round-to-round Returns to
Pre-IPO Venture Capital Investments in U.S.
Biotechnology Companies                               2004
Determinants of the Size and Structure of
Corporate Boards: 1935-2000                           2003
Determinants of the Taxable Activities of
Nonprofit Organizations                               2001

Determinants of the Time Series of Earnings and
Implications for Earnings Quality                     2001

Determinants of the Timeliness of Quarterly
Reporting: Evidence from Canadian Firms               2006
Determinants of Transient and Chronic Poverty:
Evidence from Rural China                             2004
Determinants of Vertical Integration: Finance,
Contracts, and Regulation                             2005

Determinants of Voluntary Disclosure of Financial
InformationOn the Internet by Brazilian Firms         2004

Determinants of Weaknesses in Internal Control
Over Financial Reporting                              2005
Determining Likeness Under the GATS: Squaring
the Circle?                                           2006

Determining the Choice of Entry Mode of
Multinationals: My 6 Million Regressions              2009
Deterrence and Origin of Legal System: Evidence
from 1950 - 2000                                      2003

Deterrence and the Corporate Death Penalty            2007
Deterrence in Rank-Order Tournaments                  2005
Deterring 'Double-Play' Manipulation in Financial
Crisis: Increasing Transaction Cost as a Regulatory
Tool                                                  2009
Dethroning Lear? Incentives to Innovate After
MedImmune                                             2009

Detraction of Privacy in the Information Society
(Beeintrachtigung der Privatsphare in der
Informationsgesellschaft)                             2004
Deutsche Telekom, German Corporate
Governance, and the Transition Costs of
Capitalism                                            1999

Devaluation and Monetary Policy in Developing
Countries: A General Equilibrium Model for
Economies Facing Financial Constraints                2006
Devaluation Expectations and the Stock Market:
The Case of Mexico in 1994/95                         2006
Devaluation With Contract Redenomination in
Argentina                                             2006

                                                             January 2010
Developed Market Acquisitions of Foreign
Targets: Do They Impact Emerging and
Developed Markets Differently?                     2007

Developed Market Crises and Developed-
Emerging Return Comovements: A New Form of
Contagion                                          2009

Developing a Framework for Sensible Regulation:
Lessons from OSHA's Proposed Ergonomics Rule       2000

Developing a Sustainable Hardrock Mining and
Mineral Processing Industry: Environmental and
Natural Resource Law for 21st Century People,
Prosperity and the Planet                          2009

Developing an International Assurance Service on
Carbon Emissions Disclosures                       2008

Developing Countries After the Uruguay Round       2001

Developing Countries and the Interface between
International Trade and Competition Policy         2006
Developing Countries in the WTO Services
Negotiations                                       2006
Developing Countries, China and Economic
Institutions                                       2001
Developing Country Participation: The Kyoto-
Marrakech Politics                                 2005
Developing Foreign Bond Markets: The Arirang
Bond Experience in Korea                           2006

Developing Human Capital in Kazakhstan:An
Evaluation of Economic Understanding and
Attitudes Toward Market Economics                  2003

Developing Integral Governance and Economic
Framework for Sub-Saharan Africa                   2009
Developing Rational Standards for an Advertising
Substantiation Policy                              2009
Development and Pricing of a New Participating
Contract                                           2006
Development and the Interaction of Enforcement
Institutions                                       2006
Development as a Background                        2005
Development Financing during a Crisis:
Securitization of Future Receivables               2004
Development Lending and the Community
Reinvestment Act                                   2006

Development of Enforcement Mechanisms
Following Adoption of International Accounting
Standards in the Gulf Co-Operation Council
Member States                                      2007

Development of Natural Gas and Pipeline
Capacity Markets in the United States              2004

                                                          January 2010
Development of Scenarios for Health Expenditure
in the New EU Member States: Bulgaria, Estonia,
Hungary, Poland and Slovakia                         2009

Development of Standards for Regulatory
Systems in Infrastructure: Emerging Principles of
Utility Regulation                                   2004

Development Policies of Singapore: Dynamics of
Internationalisation versus Regionalisation          2000
Development, Environmental Policy, and Mass
Media: Theory and Evidence                           2005

Development, Growth and Policy Reform in the
Middle East and North Africa                         2004
Developments in Collective Bargaining in
Construction in the 1980s and 1990s                  2000
Developments in Regulatory Regimes - An Anglo-
German Comparison on Telecommunications,
Energy and Rail                                      2002

Developments in Retail Trade Regulation in Spain
and Their Macroeconomic Implications                 2009
Devices for Doubt: Distributed Calculation in
Merger Arbitrage                                     2008
DG Comp's Discussion Paper on Article 82:
Implications of the Proposed Framework and
Antitrust Rules for Dynamically Competitive
Industries                                           2006
Di Bao: A Guaranteed Minimum Income in Urban
China?                                               2006

Diagnosing Foreclosure due to Exclusive Dealing      2004
Dialing in Rural Prosperity Through Universal
Cellular Connectivity                                2009

Diamonds and Pearls among Financial Markets:
The Keys to Succeed in Regulatory Competition        2009

Dictators, Repression and the Median Citizen: An
'Eliminations Model' of Stalin's Terror (Data from
the NKVD Archives)                                   2006

Dictatorship, Democracy and Institutions:
Macropolicy in China and India                       2004

Did Auditors Need Reforming? The Need for Sox        2008

Did Botswana Escape from the Resource Curse?         2006
Did Corporate Governance 'Fail' During the 2008
Stock Market Meltdown? The Case of the S&P
500                                                  2009
Did Dividends Increase Immediately After the
2003 Reduction in Tax Rates?                         2004

Did Enron Pay Taxes:Deciphering a Corporation's
Tax StatusUsing Financial Statement Information      2002

                                                            January 2010
Did External Barriers Cause the Marginalization of
Sub-Saharan Africa in World Trade?                   2004
Did Houston Clients of Arthur Andersen
Recognize Publicly Available Bad News in a
Timely Fashion?                                      2003
Did Monetary Forces Cause the Great
Depression? A Bayesian VAR Analysis for the U.S.
Economy                                              2000

Did Monetary Policy Matter in Prewar Japan?          2004

Did NASDAQ Market Makers Successfully Collude
to Increase Spreads?A Reexamination of
Evidence from Stocks that Moved from NASDAQ
to the New York or American Stock Exchanges          2007

Did New Regulations Target the Relevant
Corporate Governance Attributes?                     2005

Did New Regulations Target the Relevant
Corporate Governance Attributes?                     2006

Did Political Constraints Bind During Transition?
Evidence from Czech Elections 1990-2002              2005

Did Regulation Fair Disclosure Level the Playing
Field?Evidence from an Analysis of Changes in
Trading Volume and Stock Price Reactions to
Earnings Announcements                               2004
Did the 2003 Tax Act Reduce the Cost of Equity
Capital?                                             2005
Did the Asset Price Bubble Matter for Japanese
Banking Crisis in the 1990s?                         2004

Did the Fed Surprise the Markets in 2001? A Case
Study for VARs with Sign Restrictions                2002
Did the Glorious Revolution Contribute to the
Transport Revolution? Evidence from Investment
in Roads and Rivers                                  2009

Did They Tell Their Friends? - Using Social
Network Analysis to Detect Contagion Processes       2008

Did Trips Spur Innovation? An Empirical Analysis
of Patent Duration and Incentives to Innovate        2009

Did US Safeguard Protection on Steel Affect
Market Power of European Steel Producers?            2006

Did US Safeguard Protection on Steel Affect
Market Power of European Steel Producers?            2007
Did Vasco da Gama Matter for European
Markets? Testing Frederick Lane's Hypotheses
Fifty Years Later                                    2006
Difference in Interim Performance and Risk
Taking                                               2008

                                                            January 2010
Differences between Domestic Accounting
Standards and IAS: Measurement, Determinants
and Implications                                      2005

Differences in Commercial Database Reported
Earnings: Implications for Empirical Research         2000
Differences in Innovator and Non-Innovator
Profiles: Small Establishments in Business
Services                                              2000

Differences in Strategy, Quality Management
Practices and Performance Reporting Systems
Between ISO Accredited and Non-ISO Accredited
Companies                                             1997

Differences in the Value Relevance of Earnings in
Knowledge-Based and Traditional Industries            2003
Different Faces of Leverage                           2006

Different Paths Towards Flexibility: Deregulated
Employment Protection or Temporary
Employment - A Study of Cross-National Variance
on Employment Protection Legislation and
Temporary Employment in 19 OECD Countries             2006

Differential Earnings Management to Avoid
Earnings Declines and Losses Across Publicly and
Privately-Held Banks                                  2000

Differential Interpretations and Trading Volume       2000

Differential Mortality, Uncertain Medical
Expenses, and the Saving of Elderly Singles           2006

Differential Persistence of Extremely Negative
and Positive Earnings Surprises: Implications for
the Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift                  2003
Differential Precision of Predisclosure
Information across Traders and Trading Volume
at Earnings Announcements                             2004
Differential Pricing of Discretionary,
Nondiscretionary and Noise Components of Loan
Fair Values                                           1999

Differential Properties in the Ratings of Certified
vs. Non-Certified Bond Rating Agencies                2004
Differential Rates and Transaction Costs: A
Toolkit for Practitioners, Accountants and
Financial Economists                                  2000
Differential Responses to European Policies: A
Comparison                                            2001
Differential Rewards to, and Contributions of,
Education in Urban China's Segmented Labor
Markets                                               2003

                                                             January 2010
Differential Shareholder Wealth Effects of Private
Equity Placements in New Zealand                      2004

Differential Victimization: Efficiency and Fairness
Justifications for the Felony Murder Rule             2006
Differentiated Networks: Equilibrium and
Efficiency                                            2007
Differentiating and Linking Politics and
Adjudication. The Example of European
Electricity Policy                                    2002

Differentiating Between Arthur Andersen and the
Surviving Big Four on the Basis of Auditor Quality:
An Empirical Investigation of the Decision to
Criminally Prosecute Arthur Andersen                  2005
Differentiating Brand Assets from Goodwill
Assets: The Artefact Based Approach to the
Accounting Recognition of Marketing Related
Assets                                                2008
Differentiation of Green Taxes: A Political-
Economy Analysis for Germany                          2006
Differentiation Strategy and Market
Deregulation: Local Telecommunication Entry in
the Late 1990s                                        2003

Differing Prospects for Women and Men: Young
Old-Age, Old Old-Age, and Elder                       2006
Difficulties of Regulation When Wage Costs are
the Major Cost                                        2001
Diffusion In Direct Democracy: The Effect of
Political Information on Proposals of Tax and
Expenditure Limits                                    2008
Diffusion of Mobile Phones in China                   2006
Diffusion of New Pharmaceutical Drugs in
Developing and Developed Nations                      2006
Digging the Dirt at Public Expense: Governance in
the Building of the Erie Canal and Other Public
Works                                                 2004
Digital Consumption Tax (D-CT)                        2006
Digital Goods and the New Economy                     2003
Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of
Digital Products                                      2005
Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of
Digital Products                                      2006

Digital Statutory Supplements for Legal Education     2009
Digital Technology and the Allocation of
Ownership in the Music Industry                       2004
Dimensions of Brand Personality                       2006

Dimensions of Credit Risk and Their Relationship
to Economic Capital Requirements                      2000
Dimensions of Land Inequality and Economic
Development                                           2006

Dimensions of National Culture and the
Accounting Environment - The Spanish Case             2000

                                                             January 2010
Dimensions of Urban Poverty in the Europe and
Central Asia Region                                 2006
'Dinkies' and Housewives: The Regulation of
Shopping Hours                                      1997
Direct and Derivative Claims in Securities Fraud
Litigation                                          2009

Direct and Indirect Effects of Internal Control
Weaknesses and External Audit Effort on Accruals
Quality: Evidence from a Unique Canadian
Regulatory Setting                                  2009

Direct Investment, Rising Real Wages and the
Absorption of Excess Labor in the Periphery         2004

Direct Public Involvement in Environmental
Policymaking: A Bargaining Model                    2003
Direct Support to Private Firms: Evidence on
Effectiveness                                       2004

Directed Brokerage no More: The Effects of New
Regulation in the Mutual Fund Industry              2008

Directed Technical Change and Climate Policy        2006

Director Elections and the Role of Proxy Advisors   2008

Director Ownership and Fund Value: Evidence
from Open-End and Closed-End Funds                  2007

Director Ownership, Corporate Performance, and
Management Turnover                                 1998
Director Primacy: The Means and Ends of
Corporate Governance                                2002
Director v. Shareholder Primacy in the
Convergence Debate                                  2002
Directors' Conflicts:An Empirical Study             2000
Directors' Duties in the UK                         2006
Directors' Ownership in the U.S. Mutual Fund
Industry                                            2005
Directors' Reliance and Responsibility to
Supervise and Auditors' Duty of Care
Planassurance PAC Formerly Known as Patrick
Lee Pac v Gaelic Inns Pte Ltd                       2009
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in
Pharmaceutical Markets                              2005

Dirty Exports and Environmental Regulation: Do
Standards Matter to Trade?                          2004
Disability Testing and Retirement                   2005
Disaggregating Employment Protection: The Case
of Disability Discrimination                        2004

Disappearing Internal Capital Markets: Evidence
from Diversified Business Groups in Korea           2008
Disciplinary Measures in Response to
Restatements after Sarbanes-Oxley                   2007

                                                           January 2010
Discipline and Liquidity in the Market for Federal
Funds                                                  2004
Discipline with Common Agency: The Case of
Audit and Non-audit Services                           2001
Disclosing Conflict of Interest - Do Experience and
Reputation Matter?                                     2006

Disclosure and Civil Penalty Rules in the U.S. Legal
Response to Corporate Tax Shelters                     2007
Disclosure and Cost of Equity Capital in Emerging
Markets: The Brazilian Case                            2008
Disclosure and Determinants Studies: An
Extension Using the Divisive Clustering Method
(DIV)                                                  2005
Disclosure and Minority Expropriation: A Study of
French Listed Firms                                    2009

Disclosure and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from
Firms' Response to the Enron Shock                     2008

Disclosure and the Information Role of Abnormal
Trading Volume: Evidence from U.S Cross-Listing        2009
Disclosure and Transparency of Romanian Listed
Companies                                              2006
Disclosure Decisions and Search Costs in the
Mutual Fund Industry                                   2006

Disclosure Factors of Executive Managers
Remuneration: A Probit Model                           2009
Disclosure Interactions: Accounting Policy Choice
and Voluntary Disclosure Effects on the Cost of
Capital                                                2000

Disclosure Level and Expected Cost of Equity
Capital: An Examination of Analysts' Rankings of
Corporate Disclosure                                   2000

Disclosure Level and Expected Cost of Equity
Capital: An Examination of Analysts' Rankings of
Corporate Disclosure and Alternative Methods of
Estimating Expected Cost of Equity Capital             2000
Disclosure of Accounting Information and Stock
Return Volatility in Brazil                            2005

Disclosure of Environmental Violations and the
Stock Market in the Republic of Korea                  2004
Disclosure of Executive Compensation Contracts:
An Economic Analysis                                   2007

Disclosure of Fees Paid to Auditors and the
Market Valuation of Earnings Surprises                 2004
Disclosure of GAAP Line Items in Earnings
Announcements                                          2006

Disclosure of Intended Use of Proceeds and
Underpricing in Initial Public Offerings               2003

                                                              January 2010
Disclosure of Private Information and Reduction
of Uncertainty: Environmental Liabilities in the
Chemical Industry                                     2001

Disclosure Policies of Investment Funds               2007

Disclosure Practices of Foreign Companies
Interacting with U.S. Markets                         2003

Disclosure Practices, Enforcement of Accounting
Standards and Analysts' Forecast Accuracy: An
International Study                                   2003

Disclosure Quality and Corporate Governance in
a Context of Minority Expropriation                   2009

Disclosure Quality and Earnings Management            2001
Disclosure Quality and Management Trading
Incentives                                            2008
Disclosure Quality and Market Liquidity               2001
Disclosure Quality and the Excess Value of
Diversification                                       2002
Disclosure Quality and the Mispricing of Accruals
and Cash Flow                                         2007
Disclosure Quality, Cost of Capital, and Investors'
Welfare                                               2008
Disclosure Quality, Institutional Investors, and
Stock Return Volatility                               1999

Disclosure Requirements and Stock Exchange
Listing Choice in an International Context            1997

Disclosure Timeliness, Insider Trading
Opportunities and Litigation Consequences             2007
Disclosure to a Credulous Audience: The Role of
Limited Attention                                     2002
Disclosure to a Credulous Audience: The Role of
Limited Attention                                     2004
Disclosure to a Credulous Audience: The Role of
Limited Attention                                     2005

Disclosure to an Audience with Limited Attention      2004

Disclosure Tone and Shareholder Litigation            2009
Disclosure Versus Recognition: The Case of Asset
Revaluations                                          2003
Disclosure, Analyst Forecast Bias, and the Cost of
Equity Capital                                        2008
Disclosure, Analyst Forecast Bias, and the Cost of
Equity Capital                                        2008
Disclosure, Corporate Governance, and the Cost
of Equity Capital: Evidence from Asia's Emerging
Markets                                               2003
Disclosure, Investment and Regulation                 2005
Disclosure-Risk Premium: Asset Pricing under
Asymmetric Information, Manipulation and
Ambiguity                                             2004

                                                             January 2010
Discontinuity in Earnings Distributions: A Theory
and Evidence                                        2008
Discontinuity in Earnings Report and Managerial
Incentives                                          2007
Discount or Premium? New Evidence on
Corporate Diversification of UK Firms               2006
Discount Rate for Workout Recovery: An
Empirical Study                                     2006
Discount Rate Heterogeneity and Social Security
Reform                                              2000
Discount Rates in Disarray: Evidence on Flawed
Goodwill Impairment Testing                         2008

Discount Rates in Emerging Capital Markets          2006

Discounted But Not Diversified: Organizational
Structure and Conglomerate Discount                 2006
Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Methods in the
Tax Loss Conditions                                 2005

Discounted Private Placements in New Zealand:
Exploitation or Fair Compensation?                  2006

Discounts for Illiquid Shares and Warrants: The
Liquistat Database of Transactions on the
Restricted Securities Trading Network               2009

Discounts On Illiquid Stocks: Evidence From China   2001

Discourse of Disobedience: Law, Political
Philosophy, and Trials of Conscientious Objectors   2005
Discovery and Development: An Empirical
Exploration of New Products                         2004

Discovery, Confidentiality and Disclosure of
Evidence Under the Private Enforcement of EU
Antitrust Rules                                     2006
Discrete Working Time Choice in an Applied
General Equilibrium Model                           2004
Discretion in Executive Incentive Contracts:
Theory and Evidence                                 2001
Discretion Rather than Rules? When is
Discretionary Policy-Making Better than the
Timeless Perspective?                               2007
Discretional Political Budget Cycles and
Separation of Powers                                2007
Discretionary Accounting Accruals, Managers'
Incentives and Audit Fees                           2003
Discretionary Accrual Models and the Accounting
Process                                             2000
Discretionary Accruals and the Emergence of
Profitability                                       2009
Discretionary Accruals Quality, Cost of Capital,
and Diversification                                 2006
Discretionary Accruals, Managers' Incentives, and
Stock Prices                                        1998

                                                           January 2010
Discretionary Disclosure and External Financing in
a Relationship Financing Environment                 2000
Discretionary Disclosure and Market Reaction to
Restatements                                         2006
Discretionary Disclosure of Proprietary
Information in a Multi-Segment Firm                  2007
Discretionary Disclosures Over Time                  2004
Discretionary Disclosures with Risk-Averse
Investors'                                           2002
Discretionary Financial Reporting: Items
Manipulated By IPO Firms, and Investors'
Increased Awareness                                  2008

Discretionary Monetary Policy and the Zero
Lower Bound on Nominal Interest Rates                2006

Discretionary Monetary Policy Versus Rules: The
Japanese Experience During 1986-91                   2006
Discretionary Policy and Multiple Equilibria in LQ
RE Models                                            2006
Discretionary Policy Interactions and the Fiscal
Theory of the Price Level: A SVAR Analysis on
French Data                                          2005
Discretionary Policy, Multiple Equilibria, and
Monetary Instruments                                 2005
Discretionary Policy, Multiple Equilibria, and
Monetary Instruments                                 2005
Discretionary Policy, Multiple Equilibria, and
Monetary Instruments                                 2006

Discretionary Reporting of Earnings Components       1998
Discretionary Revenues as a Measure of Earnings
Management                                           2008
Discretionary-Accruals Models and Audit
Qualifications                                       2000

Discriminability of Subjective Performance
Measures and its Impact on Ratee Incentives          2008
Discriminating Contagion: An Alternative
Explanation of Contagious Currency Crises in
Emerging Markets                                     2006

Discussion of ADRs, Analysts, and Accuracy: Does
Cross Listing in the U.S. Improve a Firm's
Information Environment and Increase Market
Value?                                               2003
Discussion of an Economic Framework For
Conservative Accounting and Bushman and
Piotroski (2006)                                     2006

Discussion of Analyzing the German Accounting
Triad with an Enhanced Multifactor Model -
'Accounting Premium' for IAS/IFRS and U.S. GAAP
Vis-A-Vis German GAAP                                2008

                                                            January 2010
Discussion of Ball and Shivakumar (2005): The
Role of Accruals in Asymmetrically Timely Gain
and Loss Recognition                                  2005
Discussion of 'Contracting Theory and
Accounting'                                           2001
Discussion of Empirical Research on Accounting
Choice                                                2001

Discussion of Investor Protection and Analysts'
Cash Flow Forecasts Around the World                  2007

Discussion of The Eyeballs Have It: Searching for
the Value in Internet Stocks                          2000

Discussion of 'The Implications of Unverifiable
Fair-Value Accounting: Evidence from the
Political Economy of Goodwill Accounting'             2008

Discussion of Value Investing: The Use of
Historical Financial Statement Information to
Separate Winners from Losers                          2001

Discussion of: Real Investment Implications of
Employee Stock Option Exercises                       2002
Discussion of: 'Taxable Income as a Performance
Measure: The Effects of Tax Planning and
Earnings Quality'                                     2008
Disentangling Liquidity and Size Effects in Stock
Returns: Evidence from China                          2006
Disinflation and Monetary Policy Arrangements in
Romania                                               2006
Disinflation and the NAIRU                            2004
Disinflation and the Supply Side                      2004
Disinflation, Fiscal Sustainability, and Labor
Market Adjustment in Turkey                           2006
Disintermediation and Bond Market
Development in Japan                                  2002
Disintermediation and Monetary Transmission in
Canada                                                2006
Disinvestment in India: A Stakeholders'
Management Perspective                                2008
Disjuncture in the Legal Profession: Public
Regulation and Firm Policies                          2008
Dismantling of a Breakthrough: The Kyoto
Protocol - Just Symbolic Policy!                      2002
Dismantling the Poverty Trap: Disability Policy for
the 21st Century - Policy Brief                       2006
'Disney' Goes Goofy: Agency, Delegation &
Corporate Governance                                  2009

Dispersion in Analyst Forecasts and the
Profitability of Earnings Momentum Strategies         2001

Dispersion of Beliefs and Market Volatility in the
Foreign Exchange Market                               2006

Dispersion of Forecasts and Stock Returns             2006

                                                             January 2010
Dispersion, Equity Returns Correlations and
Market Integration                                  2006
Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in the UK
Financial Sector                                    2002
Dispute Settlement on the Law of the Sea: An
Overview                                            2004
Dispute-Escalation in the WTO: Are Conflicts Over
Environment, Health and Safety Regulation
Riskier?                                            2006
Disruptive Technologies and the Emergence of
Competition                                         2001
Disruptive Technologies and the Emergence of
Competition                                         2003

Dissecting the State: The Use of Federal Law to
Free State and Local Officials from State
Legislatures' Control                               1998
Dissing Congress                                    2001
Dissolving Laojiao                                  2009
Distance Still Matters: Evidence from Municipal
Bond Underwriting                                   2002

Distance, Skill Deepening and Development: Will
Peripheral Countries Ever Get Rich?                 2003

Distance, Skill Deepening and Development: Will
Peripheral Countries Ever Get Rich?                 2003
Distillers Delight in the U.K.                      2008

Distinguishing Between Equity and Liabilities - A
View on FASB's and IASB's Approaches and an
Introduction of the Loss Absorption Approach        2008

Distinguishing Economically - From Legally-
Formal Firms: Targeting Business Support to
Entrepreneurs in South Africa's Townships           2005
Distortionary Taxation and the Free-Rider
Problem                                             2006

Distortionary Taxation, Debt, and the Price Level   2006
Distress Risk and Stock Returns                     2008
Distress Risk Information in Accruals               2005

Distress Risk Premia in Stock and Bond Returns      2006

Distributing the Costs of Environmental, Health,
and Safety Protection: The Feasability Principle,
Cost-Benefit Analysis, and Regulatory Reform        2004
Distribution and Politics: A Brief History and
Prospect                                            2004
Distribution of Delta-Hedging Errors in a Jump-
Diffusion Model with Discrete Trading and
Transaction Costs                                   2009

Distribution of Natural Resources,
Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development:
Growth Dynamics with Two Elites                     2005

                                                           January 2010
Distribution Tables and Federal Tax Policy: A
Scoring Index as a Method for Evaluation              2005
Distributional Aspects of Irish Financial
Accounting Ratios                                     2003

Distributional Impacts of Energy-Efficiency
Certificates vs. Taxes and Standards                  2006
Distributional Impacts of Proposed Changes to
the Social Security System                            1999
Distributive Aspects of Legal Standards               2008
Distributive Effects of the Value Added Tax on
Household Consumption in Colombia: A
Nonparametric Estimation.                             2006
Disturbing the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level:
Can it Fit the EU-15?                                 2002
Divergence in Accounting Profitability:
Accounting Conservatism, New Firms, and
Industry Attributes                                   2006

Divergences and Convergences of Common Law
and Civil Law Traditions on Asset Partitioning: A
Functional Analysis                                   2009
Divergent Expectations: When Investors Agree to
Disagree                                              2007

Divergent Legal Conceptions of the State:
Implications for Global Administrative Law            2005
Diversification and Capital Gains Taxes with
Multiple Risky Assets                                 2001

Diversification and Corporate Governance              2003
Diversification and Development                       2004
Diversification and Efficiency of Investment by
East Asian Corporations                               2004
Diversification and its Discontents: Idiosyncratic
and Entrepreneurial Risk in the Quest for Social
Status                                                2008

Diversification and the Accounting for New
Projects On or Off the Balance Sheet                  2004
Diversification and the Taxation of Capital Gains
and Losses                                            2003
Diversification and the Taxation of Capital Gains
and Losses                                            2003
Diversification and Value of Shanghai-Listed
Manufacturing Companies                               2005
Diversification Benefits of Emerging Markets
Subject to Portfolio Constraints                      2001

Diversification Discount or Premium? New
evidence from BITS Establishment-Level Data           2000
Diversification in Euro Area Stock Markets:
Country versus Industry                               2004

Diversification in Portfolios of Individual Stocks:
100 Stocks are Not Enough                             2006

                                                             January 2010
Diversification Strategy as a Determinant of the
Earnings Persistence of U.S. Multinational Firms    2003
Diversification to Mitigate Expropriation in the
Tobacco Industry                                    2006

Diversification, Innovation, and Imitation Inside
the Global Technological Frontier                   2006
Diversified Electronics Corporation                 2008

Diversity and the Size of Nations: A Critique of
the Alesina School from the Viewpoint of
Evolutionary Political Economy                      2006

Diversity in Entrepreneurship: Ethnic and Female
Roles in Urban Economic Life                        2003
Diversity Matters: The Economic Geography of
Industry Location in India                          2004

Diversity Structure of the Schumpeterian
Evolution: An Axiomatic Approach                    2006
Diversity, Economic Webs, and Growth                2009

Diversity, Race as Proxy, and Religion as Proxy     1997
Divest Investment Banking from Financial
Institutions                                        2002
Divestiture as an Antitrust Remedy in Bank
Mergers                                             1998

Divestitures and Divisional Investment Policies     2003
Divide and Conquer                                  2009
Dividend Behavior and Pure Accrual Management
of Japanese Banks                                   2003
Dividend Changes and Earnings Quality               1999
Dividend Changes and Signaling of Future Cash
Flows                                               2006

Dividend Changes and the Persistence of Past
Earnings Changes, Empirical Evidence from the
Athens Stock Exchange                               2005
Dividend Changes Do Not Signal Changes in
Future Profitability                                2003
Dividend Payout and Executive Compensation:
Theory and Evidence                                 2002

Dividend Policy and Accounting-Based Valuation      2005

Dividend Policy and the Earned/Contributed
Capital Mix: A Test of the Lifecycle Theory         2005
Dividend Policy in the European Union               2006
Dividend Policy Inside the Firm                     2002

Dividend Policy, Agency Costs, and Earned Equity    2004

Dividend Policy, Agency Costs, and Earned Equity    2004
Dividend Policy, Corporate Governance and the
Managerial Entrenchment Hypothesis: An
Empirical Analysis                                  2002

                                                           January 2010
Dividend Policy, Shareholder Rights, and
Corporate Governance                                 2006

Dividend Tax Capitalization: Clarifications and
Responses to Recent Challenges                       2001

Dividend Tax Capitalization: Further Thoughts,
Comments, and Response to Michelle Hanlon,
James Myers, and Terry Shevlin                       2001
Dividend Taxation in Europe: When the ECJ
Makes Tax Policy                                     2007
Dividend Taxes and Firm Valuation: A Re-
Examination                                          2001

Dividend Taxes and Implied Cost of Capital           2004

Dividend Taxes and Implied Cost of Equity Capital    2003
Dividend Yield, Risk, and Mispricing: A Bayesian
Analysis                                             2004
Dividend Yields Predictability of Stock Returns:
Case of Emerging Markets                             2009
Dividends and Bank Capital in the Financial Crisis
of 2007-2009                                         2009
Dividends and Politics (Revised)                     2005

Dividends and Stock Valuation: A Study From the
Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century               2006

Dividends and Tax Policy in the Long Run             2006
Dividends Policy and Ownership Structure in
China                                                2004

Dividing the Pie: Do Managers Fully Incorporate
Non-Contracted Information into Full and Partial
Discretionary Bonus Allocations?                     2006

Dividing the Spoils: Pensions, Privatization and
Reform in Russia's Transition                        2000

Divisional Performance Measurement and
Investment Incentives: Residual Income, Multiple
Divisions, and Externalities                         2005

Divisional Performance Measurement: An
Examination Of The Potential Explanatory Factors     2001

Divisional Rent-Seeking, Stock Options and the
Quality of Internal Capital Allocation               2008

Divisional Rent-Seeking, Stock Options and the
Quality of Internal Capital Allocation               2009
DJIA Index Membership and the Flow of
InformationBetween Stock Returns                     2008

Do a Few Months of Compulsory Schooling
Matter? The Education and Labour Market
Impact of School Leaving Rules                       2004

                                                            January 2010
Do a Firm's Equity Returns Reflect the Risk of Its
Pension Plan?                                        2004
Do Accounting Changes Affect the Economic
Behaviour of Financial Firms?                        2006
Do Accounting Choices Matter in the Process of
Mergers and Acquisitions?                            2009
Do Accounting Measurement Regimes Matter? A
Discussion of Mark-to-Market Accounting and
Liquidity Pricing                                    2008

Do Accounting Standards Influence the Level of
Earnings Management? Evidence from Germany           2003

Do Accounting Students Cheat? A Study
Examining Undergraduate Accounting Students'
Honesty and Perceptions of Dishonest Behavior        2007
Do Accounting-Based Listing Standards Matter?
Evidence from Newly Listed High-Technology
Firms During 1995-2000                               2008
Do Accruals Drive Stock Returns? A Variance
Decomposition Analysis                               2003

Do Acquirers with More Uncertain Growth
Prospects Gain Less from Acquisitions?               2004
Do Acquiring Firms Manage Earnings?                  2008
Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? The
Response of Asset Prices to Monetary Policy
Actions and Statements                               2004
Do Airlines in Chapter 11 Harm Their Rivals?
Bankruptcy and Pricing Behavior in U.S. Airline
Markets                                              2000
Do Analyst Conflicts Matter? Evidence from Stock
Recommendations                                      2005
Do Analyst Earnings Forecasts Allow for
Accounting Conservatism?                             2004
Do Analyst Forecasts Reflect Investor
Expectations? On the Predictability of Analyst
Forecast Errors                                      2009
Do Analyst Recommendations Reflect
Shareholder Rights?                                  2007

Do Analysts Anticipate Accounting Fraud?             2007
Do Analysts at Independent Research Firms Make
Better Earnings Forecasts?                           2003
Do Analysts' Forecasts Fully Reflect the
Information in Accruals?                             2001

Do Analysts Merely Serve as a Conduit for
Management's Private Information? Evidence
From Their Stock Recommendations Around
Regulation FD                                        2005

Do Analysts' Notes Provide New Information?          2009
Do Analysts Practice What They Preach and
Should Investors Listen? Effects of Recent
Regulations                                          2008
Do Analysts Under-react to Bad News and Over-
react to Good News?                                  2000

                                                            January 2010
Do Announcements of Bank Acquisitions in
Emerging Markets Create Value?                     2007
Do Anti-Ticket Scalping Laws Make a Difference
Online?Evidence from Internet Sales of NFL
Tickets                                            2004

Do Appearances Matter? The Impact of EPS
Accretion and Dilution on Stock Prices             1999

Do Arbitrageurs Amplify Economic Shocks?           2007

Do Asset Prices in Transition Countries Contain
Information about Future Economic Activity?        2001

Do Audit Fees Influence Credit Risk and
Asymmetric Information Problems Evidence from
the Syndicated Loan Market                         2009

Do Auditor Resignations Convey Private
Information About Continuing Audit Clients?        2001
Do Auditor-Provided Tax Services Improve the
Estimate of Tax Expense?                           2007
Do Bad Boards Allow Bad Acquisitions?              2009

Do Balanced Budget Rules Work? U.S. Experience
and Possible Lessons for the EMU                   2000
Do Banks Influence the Capital Structure Choices
of Firms?                                          2006

Do Banks Overstate Their Value-at-Risk?            2006

Do Banks Price Their Informational Monopoly?       2008

Do Banks Provision for Bad Loans in Good Times?
Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications         2004

Do Banks Value Audit Reports or Auditor
Reputation? Evidence from Private Spanish Firms    2008
Do Better-Governed Australian Firms Make More
Informative Disclosures?                           2005

Do Better-Governed Firms Make More
Informative Disclosures? Canadian Evidence         2006
Do Bilateral Investment Treaties Attract Foreign
Direct Investment? Only a Bit...and They Could
Bite                                               2004

Do Boards Pay Attention When Institutional
Investor Activists 'Just Vote No'?                 2004

Do Brazilian Judges Favor the Weak Party?          2006

Do Broad-Based Option Compensation Plans
Improve Future Firm Performance for Technology
and Non-Technology Firms?                          2005
Do Budget Rules Work?                              1998

                                                          January 2010
Do Budgets Really Matter? Evidence from Public
Spending on Education and Health in Uganda         2004

Do Bulls and Bears Swim Across Oceans? Market
Information Transmission between Greater China
and the Rest of the World                          2003

Do Buy-Side Analysts Out-Perform the Sell-Side?    2005
Do Capital Adequacy Requirements Matter for
Monetary Policy?                                   2006

Do Cash Flows Reported by Firms Articulate with
Their Income Statements and Balance Sheets?
Descriptive Evidence from Finland                  1999
Do Central Banks Need Capital?                     2006
Do CEOs Set Their Own Pay? The Ones Without
Principals Do                                      2006
Do CEOs Set Their Own Pay?The Ones Without
Principals Do                                      2000

Do Changes in Regulation Affect Employment
Duration in Temporary Work Agencies?               2006
Do Changes in Sovereign Credit Ratings
Contribute to Financial Contagion in Emerging
Market Crises?                                     2003
Do Child Tax Allowances and Social Benefits
Affect the Decision to Have Children? An
Empirical Study in Spain                           2003

Do Children of Immigrants Make Differential Use
of Public HealthInsurance?                         2000
Do Chinese Domestic Firms Benefit from FDI
Inflow? Evidence of Horizontal and Vertical
Spillovers                                         2009

Do Cigarette Taxes Make Smokers Happier?           2002
Do Collective Action Clauses Affect Income
Growth?                                            2006

Do Collective Action Clauses Influence Bond
Yields? New Evidence from Emerging Markets         2003

Do College Football Games Pay for Themselves?
The Impact of College Football Games on Local
Sales Tax Revenue                                  2008
Do Companies' Online Privacy Policy Disclosures
Match Customer Needs?                              2008

Do Conference Calls Affect Analysts' Forecasts?    2000
Do Constitutional Amendments Matter?               1999

Do Controlling Shareholders in Korea Attempt to
Influence Stock Prices When Making a Stock Gift?   2007

                                                          January 2010
Do corporate control and product market
competition lead to stronger productivity
growth? Evidence from market-oriented and
blockholderbased governance regimes               2003
Do Country Level Investor Protections Impact
Security Level Contract Design? Evidence from
Foreign Bond Covenants                            2009
Do Country-Level Investor Protections Impact
Security-Level Contract Design? Evidence from
Foreign Bond Covenants                            2009

Do Courts Matter? Rental Markets and the Law      2005

Do Cross-Listed Firms Provide the Same Quality
Disclosure as U.S. Firms? Evidence from the
Internal Control Deficiency Disclosure Under
Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act             2007
Do Cross-Listings Drive Regulatory Convergence?
Evidence from Germany                             2006
Do Cultural Differences Between Contracting
Parties Matter? Evidence from Syndicated Bank
Loans                                             2008

Do Demographic Changes Affect Risk Premiums?
Evidence from International Data                  2003

Do Demographic Changes Affect Risk Premiums?
Evidence from International Data                  2003
Do Derivatives Disclosures Impede Sound Risk
Management?                                       2008
Do Developing Countries Need Competition Law
and Policy?                                       2006

Do Dividend Clienteles Exist? Evidence on
Dividend Preferences of Retail Investors          2004

Do Dividends Indicate Honesty? The Relation
Between Dividends and the Quality of Earnings     2006
Do Early and Voluntary Filers of Financial
Information in Xbrl Format Signal Superior
Corporate Governance and Operating
Performance?                                      2006
Do Earnings Explain the January Effect?           2003
Do Effects of Client Preference on Accounting
Professionals' Information Search and
Subsequent Judgments Persist with High Practice
Risk?                                             2006
Do Electoral Cycles Differ Across Political
Systems?                                          2003
Do Emerging Financial Markets React to
Monetary Policy Announcements? The Case of
Poland                                            2004
Do Employee Stock Options Encourage Corporate
Tax Sheltering?                                   2006
Do Energy-Price Shocks Affect Core-Price
Measures?                                         2007

                                                         January 2010
Do Entrenched Managers Pay Their Workers
More?                                                 2006
Do Entrenched Managers Pay Their Workers
More?                                                 2006

Do Environmental Regulations Retard
Productivity? Evidence from U.S. Electric Utilities   1999

Do Equilibrium Real Business Cycle Theories
Explain Post-War U.S. Business Cycles?                2004
Do Equity-Based Incentives Induce CEOs to
Manage Earnings to Report Strings of
Consecutive Earnings Increases?                       2003

Do European Acquisitions in China Outperform?         2007

Do Exchange Rates Respond to Day-to-day
Changes in Monetary Policy Expectations When
No Monetary Policy Changes Occur?                     2004

Do Exchange-Rate Regimes Matter for Monetary-
Policy Autonomy? The Experiences of 11 Small,
Open European Economies in the 1980s and
1990s                                                 2004
Do External Auditors Perform a Corporate
Governance Role in Emerging Markets? Evidence
from East Asia                                        2001
Do External Auditors Perform a Corporate
Governance Role in Emerging Markets? Evidence
from East Asia                                        2001
Do Extreme Falls Help Forecasting Stock Returns?
International Evidence                                2001
Do Fairness Opinion Valuations Contain Useful
Information?                                          2007
Do Family Firms Provide More or Less Voluntary
Disclosure?                                           2007

Do Federal Regulations Reduce Mortality?              2001
Do Financial Analysts Efficiently Aggregate Their
Information?                                          2009
Do Financial Analysts Suffer from Inflation
Illusion?                                             2005
Do Financial Conglomerates Create or Destroy
Economic Value?                                       2006
Do Financial Incentives Promote the Employment
of the Disabled?                                      2004
Do Financial Websites Meet the Users'
Information Needs? A Survey From the Italian
Context                                               2005

Do Firms Believe in Interest Rate Parity?             2008
Do Firms Decouple Corporate Governance Policy
and Practice?                                         2008

Do Firms Hedge in Response to Tax Incentives?         2001

Do Firms in Countries with Poor Protection of
Investor Rights Hold More Cash?                       2003

                                                             January 2010
Do Firms in Countries with Poor Protection of
Investor Rights Hold More Cash?                     2003

Do Firms Incur Costs to Avoid Reducing Pre-Tax
Earnings? Evidence from the Accounting for Low-
Income Housing Tax Credits                          2007
Do Firms Issuing Equity Manage their Earnings?
Evidence from the Property-Casualty Insurance
Industry                                            2000
Do Firms Manage Earnings to Meet Dividend
Thresholds?                                         2007

Do Firms Manage Fair Value Estimates? An
Examination of SFAS 142 Goodwill Impairments        2008

Do Firms Mislead Investors by Overstating
Earnings Before Seasoned Equity Offerings?          1999
Do Firms Strategically Manage the Timing and
Transparency of Accounting Restatement
Disclosures?                                        2008
Do Firms Use Restructuring Charge Reversals to
Meet Earnings Targets?                              2002

Do Firms Use the Deferred Tax Asset Valuation
Allowance to Manage Earnings?                       2000
Do Fixed Exchange Rates Induce More Fiscal
Discipline?                                         2006
Do Flexible Durable Goods Prices Undermine
Sticky Price Models?                                2003

Do 'Flexible' Exchange Rates of Developing
Countries Behave Like the Floating Exchange
Rates of Industrialized Countries?                  2006
Do Foreign Investors Care About Labor Market
Regulations?                                        2005
Do Foreign Investors Care about Labor Market
Regulations?                                        2004
Do Foreigners Invest Less in Poorly Governed
Firms?                                              2004
Do Foreigners Invest Less in Poorly Governed
Firms?                                              2006

Do Formal Intellectual Property Rights Hinder the
Free Flow of Scientific Knowledge? An Empirical
Test of the Anti-Commons Hypothesis                 2005

Do Funds-of-Funds Deserve Their Fees-on-Fees?       2005
Do German Security Analysts Herd?                   2007
Do German Security Analysts Herd?                   2008
Do Global Trade Distortions Still Harm Developing
Country Farmers?                                    2006
Do Global Trade Distortions Still Harm Developing
Country Farmers?                                    2006

Do Good Governance Provisions Shelter Investors
from Contagion? Evidence from the Russian Crisis    2005

                                                           January 2010
Do Growth Options Firms Use Less Relative
Performance Evaluation?                              2007
Do Harmonized Accounting Standards Lead to
Harmonized Accounting? German-Italian
Evidence                                             2009

Do Health Sector Reforms have their Intended
Impacts? The World Bank's Health VIII Project in
Gansu Province, China                                2005
Do Higher Wages Cause Inflation?                     2006
Do High-Growth Entrepreneurial Firms Have a
Specific System of Governance?                       2009

Do Highly Compensated Participants Influence
the Management of Qualified Pension Plans?           2006

Do Hong Kong SAR and China Constitute An
Optimal Currency Area? An Empirical Test of the
Generalized Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis       2006
Do Household Savings Encourage
Entrepreneurship? Household Wealth, Parental
Wealth, and the Transition In and Out of
Entrepreneurship                                     2006
Do Households Benefit from Financial
Deregulation and Innovation? The Case of the
Mortgage Market                                      2006

Do Households Have Enough Retirement Wealth?         2007
Do IFRS/UK-GAAP Reconciliations Convey New
Information?                                         2007
Do Improvements in Government Quality
Necessarily Reduce the Incidence of Costly
Sudden Stops?                                        2005
Do Incentive Contracts Undermine Voluntary
Cooperation?                                         2002

Do Index Effects Reflect Idiosyncratic or Industry
Effects? A Re-Examination of the Winners and
Losers of S&P 500 Index Addition                     2007
Do Individual Disclosure Rules for
Parliamentarians Improve Government
Effectiveness?                                       2009
Do Individual Investors Care About Transaction
Costs? Bid-Ask Spreads and Holding Periods for
Common Stock                                         2007
Do Individual Investors Cause Post-Earnings
Announcement Drift? Direct Evidence from
Personal Trades                                      2003
Do Industry Recommendations Have Investment
Value?                                               2009

Do Insider Trades Reflect Superior Knowledge
about Future Cash Flow Realizations?                 2003
Do Insider Trading Laws Matter? Some
Preliminary Comparative Evidence                     2005
Do Insider Trading Laws Work?                        2000

                                                            January 2010
Do Insiders Get Abnormal Returns?: Event
Studies on the Trades of Insiders of the Firms
with Differentiated Corporate Governance of the
S?o Paulo Stock Exchange                            2009
Do Institutional Investors Exploit the Post-
earnings Announcement Drift?                        2003
Do Institutional Investors Prefer Near-Term
Earnings over Long-Run Value?                       1999

Do Institutions Matter for FDI? A Comparative
Analysis for the MENA Countries                     2006

Do Institutions Matter? Estimating the Effects of
Institutions on Economic Performance in China       2007
Do Internal Control Reforms Improve Earnings
Quality?                                            2006
Do Internal Control Reports Condition the
Market's Reaction to Subsequent Financial
Restatements?                                       2009

Do Internal Management Controls Mitigate
Employee Theft in Chain Organizations?              2007

Do Investors Care About Auditor Dismissals and
Resignations? What Drives the Response?             2007
Do Investors Manage US Ventures Less
Intensively than Ventures in Other Regions of the
World?                                              2006
Do Investors Overvalue Firms With Bloated
Balance Sheets?                                     2004

Do Investors Really Value Corporate
Governance? Evidence from Hong Kong Market          2005
Do Investors Really Value Corporate
Governance? Evidence from the Hong Kong
Market                                              2006
Do Investors See Through Mistakes in Reported
Earnings?                                           2009
Do Investors Value a Firm's Commitment to
Social Activities? The Moderating Role of
Intangibles and the Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley
Act                                                 2008
Do Japanese CEOs Matter?                            2004
Do Juntas Lead to Personal Rule?                    2009
Do Labor Market Regulations Affect Labor
Earnings in Ecuador?                                2004

Do Labor Market Rigidities have Microeconomic
Effects? Evidence from Within the Firm              2007

Do Labour Market Institutions Matter in
Transition Economies? An Analysis of Labour
Market Flexibility in the Late Nineties             2003

Do Large Cabinets Favor Large Governments?
Evidence from Swiss Sub-Federal Jurisdictions       2004

                                                           January 2010
Do Leaders Matter? National Leadership and
Growth Since World War II                           2004
Do Liquidation Values Affect Financial Contracts?
Evidence from Commercial Loan Contracts and
Zoning Regulation                                   2005
Do Liquidity Constraints Matter for New
Entrepreneurs?                                      2004
Do Location Characteristics Have Different
Survival Values for High and Low-Technology De
Novo Enterprises?                                   2006
Do Macro Variables, Asset Markets, or Surveys
Forecast Inflation Better?                          2006
Do Major Customer Relationships Enhance the
Performance of Strategic Alliances in High Tech
Industries?                                         2006

Do Management EPS Forecasts Allow Returns to
Reflect Future Earnings? Implications for the
Continuation of Management's Quarterly
Earnings Guidance                                   2008
Do Managers' Accrual Decisions Speak Louder
Than Words?                                         1998

Do Managers Credibly use Accruals to Signal
Private Information?Evidence from the Pricing of
Discretionary Accruals Around Stock Splits          2003
Do Managers Cut Dividends Because They 'Have
To'?                                                2009
Do Managers Listen to the Market?                   2004
Do Managers Perform Better Under EVA Bonus
Schemes?                                            2000

Do Managers Reciprocate? Field Experimental
Evidence from a Competitive Market                  2007

Do Managers Time Securitization Transactions to
Obtain Accounting Benefits?                         2006

Do Managers Use Pro Forma Earnings Disclosures
to Cater to Investor Sentiment?                     2008
Do Managers Use Pro Forma Earnings to Exceed
Analyst Forecasts?                                  2002
Do Managers Use the Valuation Allowance
Account to Manage Earnings Around Certain
Earnings Targets?                                   2003
Do Managers Withhold Bad News?                      2005

Do Mandatory Hedge Disclosures Discourage or
Encourage Excessive Speculation?                    2008
Do Markets Reduce Costs? Assessing the Impact
of Regulatory Restructuring on U.S. Electric
Generation Efficiency                               2005

Do Markets Remember Accounting Changes?An
Examination of Subsequent Years                     2000

                                                           January 2010
Do Markets Under-Estimate the Forecasting
Abilities of Female and Minority Equity Analysts?   2007
Do Migrants Get Good Jobs? New Migrant
Settlement in Australia                             2004

Do Models of Discretionary Accruals Detect
Actual Earnings Management via Inventory? A
Comparison of General and Specific Models           2009

Do Monetary Handcuffs Restrain Leviathan?
Fiscal Policy in Extreme Exchange Rate Regimes      2001
Do More Open Economies Have Bigger
Governments? Another Look                           2001
Do More Transparent Governments Govern
Better?                                             2004

Do Mutual Funds put Their Money Where Their
Mouth is? The Case of Expensing Stock Options       2007

Do Noisy Data Exacerbate Cyclical Volatility?       2000
Do Nominal Rigidities Matter for the
Transmission of Technology Shocks?                  2009
Do Non-audit Service Fees Impair Auditor
Independence? Evidence from Going-concern
Audit Opinions                                      2002

Do Non-Audit Services Compromise Auditor
Independence? Further Evidence                      2002

Do Nonaudit Services Enhance Value?Evidence
from the Capital Markets                            2006

Do Non-Financial and Financial Performance
Parameters Interrelate in Practice?Empirical
Evidence from a Balanced Scorecard Perspective      2006
Do Nonrecurring Items Play Valuation and
Incentive Roles?                                    2007

Do Non-U.S. Firms Issue Equity On U.S. Stock
Exchanges to Relax Capital Constraints?             2000

Do Norms Matter?: A Cross-Country Examination
of the Private Benefits of Control                  2001
Do One Time Components of Earning Play
Informational Roles?                                2006
Do Overhead Cost Allocations Reduce the
Volatility of Earnings under Different Business
Strategies?                                         2005

Do Ownership Structure and Governance
Mechanisms have an Effect on Corporate Fraud
in China's Listed Firms?                            2005

Do Patent Systems Improve Economic Well-
Being? An Exploration of the Inventiveness of
Business Method Patents                             2009

                                                           January 2010
Do Patents Matter?: Empirical Evidence after
GATT                                                 2000
Do Peers Affect Student Achievement in China's
Secondary Schools?                                   2006
Do Pennies Matter?Investor Relations
Consequences of Small Negative Earnings
Surprises                                            2007

Do Pensions Impede Phased Retirement?                2004
Do People Behave in Experiments as in the Field? -
Evidence from Donations                              2005
Do Personal Taxes Affect Corporate Financing
Decisions?                                           1998

Do Political Institutions Shape Economic Policy?     2001
Do Politically Connected Boards Affect Firm
Value?                                               2006

Do Poor Children Become Poor Adults? Lessons
from a Cross Country Comparison of
Generational Earnings Mobility                       2006

Do Population Control Policies Induce More
Human Capital Investment?Twins, Birthweight,
and China's 'One Child' Policy                       2006
Do Preferences in EU-Member States Support
Fiscal Federalism?                                   2002

Do Price Discreteness and Transactions Costs
Affect Stock Returns? Comparing Ex-Dividend
Pricing Before and After Decimalization              2002
Do Price Limits Limit Price Discovery in the
Presence of Options?                                 2006

Do Prior Alliances Influence Contract Structure?
Evidence from Technology Alliance Contracts          2003

Do Private Pensions Increase National Saving?        2004
Do Privatization IPOs Outperform in the Long-
Run?                                                 2007
Do Productivity Growth, Budget Deficits, and
Monetary Policy Actions Affect Real Interest
Rates? Evidence from Macroeconomic
Announcement Data                                    2004

Do Public Banks Have a Competitive Advantage?        2008
Do Real Exchange Rates Follow a Random Walk?:
Extracted Inflation-Based Evidence from
Japanese Yen                                         2006
Do Redemption Fees Hurt Long-Term U.S.
MutualFund Investors?                                2008
Do Regulations Based on Credit Ratings Affect a
Firm's Cost of Capital?                              2009

Do Regulators Search For The Quiet Life? The
Relationship Between Regulators And The
Regulated In Banking                                 2001

                                                            January 2010
Do Regulatory Changes Affect Market Risk?            2004
Do Regulatory Similarities Increase International
Portfolio Holdings?                                  2004

Do REITs Behave More Like Real Estate Now?           2007
Do Restatements Really Increase Substantially
after the Sox? How Does the Stock Market React
to Them?                                             2008
Do RTOs Promote Renewables?: A Study of State-
Level Data over Time                                 2008

Do SEC Disclosures Reduce Investors'
Disagreements about Firms' Exposures to Market
Risk?: A Trading Volume Analysis                     2000
Do Security Analysts Exhibit Persistent
Differences in Stock Picking Ability?                2002

Do Sell-Side Analysts Exhibit Differential Target
Price Forecasting Ability?                           2005
Do Shareholders Benefit from the Adoption of
Incentive Pay forDirectors?                          2001

Do Shareholders Vote Strategically? Evidence on
the Advisory Role of Annual General Meetings         2004
Do Short Sale Transactions Precede Bad News
Events?                                              2005

Do Short Sellers Convey Information About
Changes in Fundamentals or Risk?                     2005

Do Short Sellers Front-Run Insider Sales?            2008

Do Short Sellers Target Firms with Poor Earnings
Quality? Evidence from Earnings Restatements         2004
Do Social Preferences Matter in Competitive
Markets?                                             2007
Do Standards Matter for Export Success?              2006

Do State Balanced Budget Requirements Matter?
Testing Two Explanatory Frameworks                   2006

Do Stock Market Investors Understand the Risk
Sentiment of Corporate Annual Reports?               2006

Do Stock Markets Penalise Environment-
unfriendly Behaviour? Evidence from India            2003

Do Stock Prices Fully Reflect Information in
Dividends about Future Earnings?                     1999
Do Stock Prices Fully Reflect the Implications of
Current Earnings for Future Earnings for Ar1
Firms?                                               1998

Do Stock Prices Incorporate the Potential Dilution
of Employee Stock Options?                           2001

                                                            January 2010
Do Stock Prices Underreact to Seo
Announcements? Evidence from Seo Valuation          2006

Do Strategic Reasoning and Brainstorming Help
Auditors Change Their Standard Audit Procedures
in Response to Fraud Risk?                          2007

Do Stronger Intellectual Property Rights Increase
International Technology Transfer? Empirical
Evidence from U.S. Firm-Level Data                  2005

Do Stronger Intellectual Property Rights Increase
International Technology Transfer? Empirical
Evidence from U.S. Firm-Level Panel Data            2004
Do Structural Reforms Always Succeed? Lessons
from Brazil                                         2004

Do Students Behave Rationally in Multiple-Choice
Tests? Evidence from a Field Experiment             2006
Do Succeeding Auditors to Arthur Andersen After
the Financial Scandals Reports More
Conservatively?                                     2005

Do Synergies Exist in Related Acquisitions? A
Meta-Analysis of Acquisition Studies                2008
Do Taxes Affect the Use of Debt in Financing
Corporate Acquisitions?                             2002
Do Tax-Exempt Investors Mitigate the Dividend
Tax Penalty?                                        2006

Do Television and Radio Destroy Social Capital?
Evidence from Indonesian Villages                   2006

Do the Benefits of Fixed Exchange Rates
Outweigh Their Costs? The Franc Zone in Africa      2001
Do the Elderly Respond to Taxes on Earnings?
Evidence from the Social Security Retirement
Earnings Test                                       2005
Do the Fama-French Factors Proxy for
Innovations in Predictive Variables?                2005

Do the Merits Matter More After Securities
Litigation Reform? Evidence from Restatements,
Earnings Forecasts, and Insider Trading             2004

Do the Merits Matter More?Class Actions under
the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act        2002

Do the Recovery Rate and the Accounting Regime
Matter for Pricing Corporate Bonds and Loans?
Evidence from Models with Incomplete
AccountingInformation                               2006
Do the Rich Save More?                              2000

Do the RIM (Residual Income Model), EVA(R) and
DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Really Match?            2003

                                                           January 2010
Do the RIM (Residual Income Model), EVA(R) and
DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Really Match?
(Coinciden EVA(R) y Utilidad Economica (UE) con
los metodos de Flujo de Caja Descontado en
valoracion de empresas?) (Spanish version)        2003

Do the Unemployed Become Successful
Entrepreneurs? A Comparison between the
Unemployed, Inactive and Wage-Earners             2006

Do Tougher Licensing Provisions Limit
Occupational Entry? The Case of Dentistry         2003
Do Trade and Technology Reduce Asymmetries?:
Evidence from Manufacturing Industries in the
EU                                                1998
Do Trade Unions Affect Compliance with
Environmental Regulation?                         2006

Do U.S. Firms Have the Best Corporate
Governance? A Cross-Country Examination of the
Relation Between Corporate Governance and
Shareholder Wealth                                2007

Do U.S. Firms Have the Best Corporate
Governance? A Cross-Country Examination of the
Relation between Corporate Governance and
Shareholder Wealth                                2007

Do Value Stocks Earn Higher Returns than
Growth Stocks in an Emerging Market? Evidence
from Istanbul Stock Exchange                      2001

Do Voluntary Disclosures that Disavow the
Reliability of Mandated Fair Value Information
Reflect Legitimate Concerns About Reliability?    2009

Do Voting Rights Matter?: Evidence from the
Adoption of Equity-based Compensation Plans       2003
Do We Face a Global Capital Shortage?             2004
Do We Need Antidumping Rules?                     2003
Do We Really Know How Inflation Targeters Set
Interest Rates?                                   2005

Do We Really 'Know' What We Think We Know?A
Case Study of Seminal Research and its
Subsequent Overgeneralization                     2000

Do We Really Need Central Bank Independence?
A Critical Re-examination                         2001

Do Well-Capitalized Banks Take More Risk?
Evidence from the Korean Banking System           2006
Do Women in Top Management Affect Firm
Performance? A Panel Study of 2500 Danish
Firms                                             2005

                                                         January 2010
Do Words Speak Louder than Actions? The
Conduct of Monetary Policy at the Bundesbank        2000

Do Workers' Remittances Reduce the Probability
of Current Account Reversals?                       2005

Do Worldwide Tax Incentives Affect the Income
Reporting and Capital Structure of Foreign-
Controlled U.S. Corporations?                       2002

'Do you Expect Me to Pander to the Students?'
The Cold Reality of Warmth in Teaching              2005
Do You Get What You Pay For? An Experimental
Analysis of Managers' Decisions and Owners'
Expectations                                        2006

Do You Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth,
and Nothing but the Truth against Your Child?       2009

Do You Want Fries with That? An Exploration of
Serving Size, Social Welfare, and Our Waistlines    2004

Doctrinal Path Dependence and Functional
Convergence: The Case of Investment Securities      2006

Does (Should) the Patriot Act Raze (or Raise) the
Wall Between Foreign Intelligence and Criminal
Law Enforcement?                                    2004

Does a Soft Macroeconomic Environment Induce
Restructuring on the Microeconomic Level during
the Transition Period? Evidence from Investment
Behavior of Czech Enterprises                       1999

Does a Spouse Slow You Down?: Marriage and
Graduate Student Outcomes                           2006

Does Accounting and Financial Expertise in the C-
Suite Aid or Mitigate Earnings Management?          2009
Does Acquirer Cash Level Predict Post-Acquisition
Returns?                                            2004

Does Acquistion by Non-U.S. Shareholders Cause
U.S. Firms to Pay Less Tax?                         2003
Does Adverse Selection Affect Bid-Ask Spreads
for Options?                                        2008
Does Affiliation Bias Analyst Long-Term Earnings
Growth Forecasts?                                   2009
Does Affirmative Action Lead to Mismatch? A
New Test and Evidence                               2009
Does Aid Matter? Measuring the Effect of
Student Aid on College Attendance and
Completion                                          2000
Does Aid Matter? Measuring the Effect of
Student Aid on College Attendance and
Completion                                          2001

                                                           January 2010
Does Air Quality Matter?Evidence from the
Housing Market                                       1999
Does Air Quality Matter?Evidence from the
Housing Market                                       2004
Does an Independent Central Bank Violate
Democracy?                                           1998
Does Analyst Disclosure Matter? A Real-Time
Analysis                                             2006
Does Analyst Stock Ownership Affect Reporting
Behavior?                                            2006
Does Angel Participation Matter? An Analysis of
Early Venture Financing                              2008
Does Anticipated Monetary Policy Matter? An
Econometric Investigation                            2002
Does Antitrust Need to be Modernized?                2007

Does Asia's Choice of Exchange Rate Regime
Affect Europe's Exposure to US Shocks?               2007
Does Asset Ownership Always Motivate
Managers? Outside Options and the Property
Rights Theory of the Firm                            1998
Does Asymmetric Information Drive Capital
Structure Decisions?                                 2006
Does Auditor Compensation Lower Market
Liquidity?                                           2004

Does Auditor Quality and Tenure Matter to
Investors? Evidence from the Bond Market             2003

Does Austrian Tax Law Encourage Lawsuits? An
Empirical Analysis of the Tax Jurisdiction of the
Austrian Supreme Administrative Court with
Respect to Tax Rate, Tax Base, and Time Effects      2008

Does Bad Corporate Governance Lead to too
Little Competition? Corporate Governance,
Capital Structure, and Industry Concentration        2005
Does Bank Lending Affect Output? Evidence from
an Emerging Market                                   2006
Does Bank Regulation Retard or Contribute to
Systemic Risk?                                       2001

Does Better Corporate Governance Result in
Higher Valuations in Emerging Markets? Another
Examination Using a New Data Set                     2008
Does Bogart Still Get Scale?Rights of Publicity in
the Digital Age                                      2001
Does Bondholder Concentration Affect Firm
Policies?                                            2008

Does Business Succession Enhance Firms'
Innovation Capacity? Results from an Exploratory
Analysis in Italian SMEs                             2006

Does Capital Regulation Matter for Bank
Behavior? Evidence for German Savings Banks          2004

                                                            January 2010
Does Cash Flow Cause Investment and R&D?: An
Exploration Using Panel Data for French,
Japanese, and United States Scientific Firms       1998
Does Central Bank Independence and
Governance Matter in Asia Pacific?                 2008
Does Central Bank Transparency Reduce Interest
Rates?                                             2006
Does China have an Impact on Foreign Direct
Investment to Latin America?                       2005

Does Company Reputation Matter for Financial
Reporting Quality? Evidence from Restatements      2008
Does Competition Definitely Benefit Consumers?
A Case of Two-Part Tariffs                         2006

Does Compliance with Basel Core Principles Bring
Any Measurable Benefits?                           2006

Does Compliance with the German Corporate
Governance Code have an Impact on Stock
Valuation? An Empirical Analysis                   2004
Does Confidential Proxy Voting Matter?             2002
Does Confidential Proxy Voting Matter?             2002
Does Conservatism Help or Hurt Market
Efficiency?                                        2006

Does Conservative Stock Option Accounting Lead
to Aggressive Cash Flow Reporting?                 2007
Does Copyright Piracy Pay? The Effects of U.S.
International Copyright Laws on the Market for
Books, 1790-1920                                   2004

Does Corporate Diversification Destroy Value?      1999

Does Corporate Govenance Matter in Indian
Banking? Policy Implication on the Performance     2006
Does Corporate Governance Causally Predict
Firm Performance? Panel Data and Instrumental
Variables Evidence                                 2006
Does Corporate Governance Matter in
Competitive Industries?                            2008
Does Corporate Governance Matter in
Competitive Industries?                            2009

Does Corporate Governance Matter in Deposit
Insurance? DI and Moral Hazard in Joint Stock
and Mutual Financial Intermediaries                2003
Does Corporate Governance Matter to
Bondholders?                                       2004
Does Corporate Performance Determine Capital
Structure and Dividend Policy?                     2005
Does Corporate Reputation Translate into Higher
Market Value?                                      2008
Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect The
Performance of Firms?                              2009
Does Corruption Hamper Bank Lending? Macro
and Micro Evidence                                 2009

                                                          January 2010
Does Corruption Increase Emerging Market Bond
Spreads?                                            2006

Does Corruption Produce Unsafe Drivers?             2006

Does Corruption Produce Unsafe Drivers?             2006
Does Credible Mean Reliable? The Case Of Asset
Revaluations                                        1999

Does Cross-Border Leveraged Buyout Sponsored
by Private Equity Firm Increase the Globalization
of Banking Industry?                                2009
Does Cross-Listing Lead to Functional
Convergence? Empirical Evidence                     2004

Does Cross-Listing Mitigate Insider Trading?        2008
Does Culture Matter for Corporate Governance?
A Case Study of Brazil                              2003

Does Darwin Belong in Business? The Danger and
Comfort of the Evolutionary Metaphor                2008

Does Daylight Saving Time Save Energy? Evidence
from a Natural Experiment in Indiana                2008

Does Debt Market Timing Increase Firm Value?        2005
Does Decentralization Increase Government
Responsiveness to Local Needs? Evidence from
Bolivia                                             2001

Does Decentralization Increase Responsiveness
to Local Needs? Evidence from Bolivia               2004

Does Deceptive Advertising Reduce Political
Participation? Theory and Evidence                  2009
Does Delaware Incorporation Affect the Firm's
Cost of Debt Capital?                               2006

Does Derivative Accounting Affect Risk
Management? International Survey Evidence           2007
Does Diversity Drive Down Trust?                    2006
Does Duality Destroy Value?                         2005

Does Earnings Acceleration Convey Information?      2007

Does Earnings Guidance Affect Market Returns?
The Nature and Information Content of
Aggregate Earnings Guidance                         2006
Does Economic Development Explain Democratic
Development?                                        2009

Does Economic Diversification Lead to Financial
Development?: Evidence From Topography              2006
Does Electoral Accountability Affect Economic
Policy Choices?Evidence from Gubernatorial
Term Limits                                         2007
Does Emerging Market Exchange Risk Affect
Global Equity Prices?                               2004

                                                           January 2010
Does Employment Protection Create its Own
Political Support?                                  2006

Does Employmet Protection Help Immigrants?
Evidence from European Labor Markets                2008

Does Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
Matter? Evidence from Financing and Investment
Choices in the High Tech Industry                   2009

Does Entry Regulation Hinder Job Creation?
Evidence from the French Retail Industry            2001

Does Entry Regulation Hinder Job Creation?
Evidence from the French Retail Industry            2001

Does Entry Regulation Hinder Job Creation?
Evidence from the French Retail Industry            2002

Does Environmental Regulation Matter?
Determinants of the Location of New
Manufacturing Plants in India in 1994               2004
Does Equal Pay Legislation Reduce Labour
Market Inequality?                                  2006
Does Equality Reduce Growth? A Theoretical
Justification                                       2002
Does Equity-Based CEO Compensation Really
Increase Litigation Risk?                           2009
Does Ethnicity Pay? Evidence from Overseas
Chinese FDI in China                                2008

Does EVA Beat Earnings? Evidence on
Associations with Stock Returns and Firm Values     2002
Does EVA Beat Earnings? Round 2: Evidence from
Internet Companies                                  2000

Does Executive Portfolio Structure Affect Risk
Management? CEO Risk-taking Incentives and
Corporate Derivatives Usage                         2001
Does Expectations Management Impair Firm
Valuation?                                          2007
Does Expectations Management Impair the
Usefulness of Analyst Forecasts in Firm
Valuation?                                          2007
Does External Trade Promote Financial
Development?                                        2005

Does Extracting Inflation from Stock Returns
Solve the Purchasing Power Parity Puzzle?           2008

Does Fair Value Accounting Contribute to
Systemic Risk in the Banking Industry?              2009
Does Fair Value Measurement Provide
Satisfactory Evidence for Audit? The Case of High
Tech Valuation                                      2008

Does Fair Value Reporting Affect Risk
Management? International Survey Evidence           2009

                                                           January 2010
Does Financial Integration Make Banks Act More
Prudential? Regulation, Foreign Owned Banks,
and the Lender-of-Last Resort                       2006
Does Financial Integration Spur Economic
Growth? New Evidence from the First Era of
Financial Globalization                             2006

Does Financial Liberalization Spur Growth?          2001
Does Financial Statement Analysis Generate
Abnormal Returns Under Extremely Adverse
Conditions?                                         2007

Does Firm Size Predict Stock Returns? Evidence
from the London Stock Exchange                      2004
Does Firm-specific Information in Stock Prices
Guide Capital Allocation?                           2001
Does Fiscal Decentralization Improve Health
Outcomes? Evidence from a Cross-Country
Analysis                                            2004
Does Fiscal Policy Matter for the Trade Account?
A Panel Cointegration Study                         2006
Does Fiscal Policy Matter for the Trade Account?:
A Panel Cointegration Study                         2006

Does Fiscal Policy Reduce Unemployment?
Evidence from Pork-Barrel Spending                  2009

Does FOMC Communication Help Predicting
Federal Funds Target Rate Changes?                  2009

Does FOMC News Increase Global FX Trading?          2008

Does Forecast Accuracy Matter to Analysts?          1998
Does Foreign Direct Investment Crowd Out
Domestic Entrepreneurship?                          2003

Does Foreign Direct Investment Increase the
Productivity of Domestic Firms?In Search of
Spillovers through Backward Linkages                2003
Does Foreign Ownership Contribute to Sounder
Banks in Emerging Markets? The Latin American
Experience                                          2006
Does Form Affect Analysts' Reactions to Earnings
Preannouncements?                                   2003
Does Functional Experience Impair the 'Balance'
in Balanced Scorecards?                             2007

Does Fundamental Analysis Produce More Value-
Relevant Summary Measures?                          1998
Does Geographic Dispersion Affect Firm
Valuation?                                          2006

Does Geography Matter to Bondholders?               2007

Does Globalization of the Scientific/Engineering
Workforce Threaten U.S. Economic Leadership?        2005

                                                           January 2010
Does Globalization Restrict Budgetary
Autonomy? A Multidimensional Approach                2003

Does Good Corporate Governance Include
Employee Representation? Evidence from
German Corporate Boards                              2004

Does Good Financial Performance Mean Good
Financial Intermediation in China?                   2009

Does 'Good Government' Draw Foreign Capital?
Explaining China's Exceptional FDI Inflow            2006
Does Governance Affect the Performance of
Closed-End Funds?                                    2004
Does Governance Quality Mitigate Horizon
Effects? Investment Patterns Surrounding CEO
Departures                                           2004

Does Governance Travel around the World?
Evidence from Institutional Investors                2009
Does Government Funding Alter Nonprofit
Governance? Evidence from New York City
Nonprofit Contractors                                2001
Does Grease Money Speed Up the Wheels of
Commerce?                                            2004
Does 'Grease Money' Speed Up the Wheels of
Commerce?                                            1999
Does 'Grease Money' Speed Up the Wheels of
Commerce?                                            2006

Does Greater Firm-Specific Return Variation
Mean More or Less Informed Stock Pricing?            2008

Does Greater Firm-specific Return Variation
Mean More or Less Informed Stock Pricing?            2001

Does Ifrs Improve the Usefulness of Accounting
Information in a Code-Law Country?                   2006
Does Incentive Regulation Provide the Correct
Incentives?: Stochastic Frontier Evidence the U.S.
Electricity Industry                                 2000
Does Income Smoothing Improve Earnings
Informativeness?                                     2005
Does Income Smoothing Improve Earnings
Informativeness?                                     2008
Does Income Smoothing Make Stock Prices More
Informative?                                         2008
Does Industry-level Analysis Improve Profitability
and Growth Forecasts?                                2004
Does Inflation in China Affect the United States
and Japan?                                           2006

Does Inflation Targeting Anchor Long-Run
Inflation Expectations? Evidence from Long-Term
Bond Yields in the U.S., U.K. And Sweden             2007

                                                            January 2010
Does Inflation Targeting Anchor Long-Run
Inflation Expectations? Evidence from Long-Term
Bond Yields in the U.S., U.K. and Sweden           2006

Does Inflation Targeting Make a Difference?        2007

Does Information Risk Really Matter? An Analysis
of the Determinants and Economic
Consequences of Financial Reporting Quality        2008

Does Information Risk Really Matter?An Analysis
of the Determinants and Economic
Consequences of Financial Reporting Quality        2006

Does Insider Trading Regulation Deter Private
Information Trading? International Evidence        2007

Does Institutional Change Really Matter?
Inflation Targets, Central Bank Reform and
Interest Rate Policy in the OECD Countries         2001
Does Institutional Ownership Affect the Cost of
Bank Borrowing?                                    2006
Does Insurance Market Activity Promote
Economic Growth? Country Study for Industrial
and Developing Countries                           2006
Does Intellectual Property Protection Spur
Technological Change?                              2001
Does Internal Audit Quality Affect the External
Audit Fee?                                         2007

Does International Corporate Diversification
Improve Share Capitalization and Operating
Performance? An Empirical Perspective              2008
Does International Cross-Listing Improve the
Information Environment?                           2005
Does Investor Diversity of Opinion, Information
Asymmetry, or Uncertainty Resolution Affect
Acquirer Returns?                                  2004
Does Investor Selection of Auditors Enhance
Auditor Independence?                              2002
Does it Pay to Consistently Meet Analysts'
Earnings Expectations?                             2003
Does It Pay to Implement a Full-Scale EVA
Management System?Evidence from Brazilian
Companies                                          2003
Does It Pay to Work?                               2002

Does It Pay, at the Margin, to Work and Save? -
Measuring Effective Marginal Taxes on
Americans' Labor Supply and Saving                 2006
Does it Really Pay to Be Green? Determinants
and Consequences of Proactive Environmental
Strategies                                         2007
Does Joint Production of Lending and
Underwriting Help or Hurt Firms?A Fixed Effects
Approach                                           2004

                                                          January 2010
Does Law Matter?: The Separation of Ownership
and Control in the United Kingdom                  2000
Does Liquidity Matter? Properties of the
Synthetic Divisia Monetary Aggregate in the Euro
Area                                               2003

Does Macroeconomics Help Us To Understand
the Term Structure of Interest Rates?              2001
Does Mandatory Disclosure Reduce the Cost of
Capital?Evidence from Bonds                        2004
Does Mandatory IFRS Adoption Improve the
Information Environment?                           2008

Does Market Timing or Enhanced Pecking Order
Determine Capital Structure?                       2004

Does Meeting Expectations Matter? Evidence
from Analyst Forecast Revisions and Share Prices   1999

Does Microsoft Stifle Innovation? Dominant
Firms, Imitation and R&D Incentives                2004
Does Mobility Increase the Productivity of
Inventors? New Evidence from a Quasi-
Experimental Design                                2007

Does Monetary Policy Affect Real Economic
Activity?: Why Do We StillAsk This Question?       2000
Does Monetary Policy Affect Stock Prices and
Treasury Yields? An Error Correction and
Simultaneous Equation Approach                     2003
Does Monetary Policy Affect the Central Bank's
Role in Bank Supervision?                          2001
Does Monetary Policy have Asymmetric Effects?
A Look at the Investment Decisions of Italian
Firms                                              2002

Does Monetary Policy Keep Up with the
Joneses?Optimal Interest-Rate Smoothing with
Consumption Externalities                          2004

Does Monetary Policy Matter for East Asian
Countries? An Empirical Study about Policy
Efficiency and Macroeconomic Performance in
Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis Eras                    2005

Does Monetary Policy Matter? A New Test in the
Spirit of Friedman and Schwartz                    2000
Does Monetary Policy Matter?Narrative Versus
Structural Approaches                              2007

Does Monetary Policy Stabilize the Exchange
Rate Following a Currency Crisis?                  1999
Does Monetary Policy Transmission in Ukraine Go
Through the Interest Rates?                        2007

Does Money Grow on Trees? The Diversification
Properties of US Timberland Investments            2009

                                                          January 2010
Does Money Matter in the ECB Strategy? New
Evidence Based on ECB Communication                  2006

Does Money Matter in the ECB Strategy? New
Evidence Based on ECB Communication                  2006

Does More Mean Less? The Male/Female Wage
Gap and the Proportion of Females at the
Establishment Level                                  1999

Does Mutual Fund Advertising Practice Conform
to Financial Theories of the Information Needed
for Investment Decisions?                            2004

Does Nature Limit Environmental Federalism?          1997

Does Neoclassical Theory Account for the Effects
of Big Fiscal Shocks? Evidence from World War Ii     2006

Does Neutrality Make a Difference? Explaining
Patterns of Swiss Defense Spending in 1975-2001      2006
Does NGO Aid Go to the Poor?: Empirical
Evidence from Europe                                 2006
Does 'Non-Committed' Government Always
Generate Lower Social Welfare than its
'Committed' Counter-Part                             2003
Does Oil Price Uncertainty Affect Economic
Activity?                                            2003
Does One Hat fit All? The Case of Corporate
Leadership Structure                                 2003

Does One Monetary Policy Fit All? The
Determinants of Inflation in Emu Countries           2007
Does One Size Fit All in Corporate Governance?
Evidence from Brazil                                 2009

Does Opening a Platform Stimulate Innovation?
The Effect on Systemic and Modular Innovations       2006

Does Openness Imply Greater Exposure?                2005

Does Option Repricing Retain Executives and
Improve Future Performance?                          2003

Does Ownership Structure Affect Corporations'
Responses to Lower Dividend Tax Rates? An
Analysis of Public and Private Banks                 2005

Does Ownership Structure Affect Firm Value?
Evidence from the Egyptian Stock Market              2003
Does Ownership Structure Influence Firm Value?
Evidence from India                                  2004
Does Participating in a 401(k) Raise Your Lifetime
Taxes?                                               2001

                                                            January 2010
Does Participation in Productive Associations
Signal Trust and Creditworthiness? Evidence for
Nicaragua                                            2007

Does Patenting Increase the Private Incentives to
Innovate? A Microeconometric Analysis                2004

Does Policy Matter? On Governments' Attempts
to Control Unwanted Migration                        2005

Does Political Instability Lead to Higher and more
Volatile Inflation? A Panel Data Analysis            2003
Does Prestige Matter More than Profits for
Entrepreneurs?                                       2005
Does Prestige Matter more than Profits?
Evidence from Entrepreneurial Choices                2004
Does Private Equity Create Wealth?                   2009
Does Private Equity Create Wealth? The Effects
of Private Equity and Derivatives on Corporate
Governance                                           2008
Does Private Equity Investment Spur Innovation?
Evidence from Europe                                 2009
Does Privatized Enterprises Outperform Private
Startups?-Evidence from China                        2009
Does Product Differentiation ever Affect
Locations in Cournot Linear Markets?                 2006
Does Propitious Selection Explain Why Riskier
People Buy Less Insurance?                           2006
Does Psychological Return Matter? Evidence
from China Stamp Market                              2009
Does Public Disagreement on Monetary Policy
Unsettle the Markets?                                2006
Does Public Health Insurance Reduce Labor
Market Flexibility or Encourage the Underground
Economy? Evidence from Spain and the United
States                                               2000
Does Public Ownership of Equity Improve
Earnings Quality?                                    2007
Does Public Policy Crowd Out Private
Contributions to Public Goods?                       2001
Does Redistribution Provide a Rationale for
Source- and Origin-Based Taxes in Small Open
Economies?                                           2003
Does Regulation Affect Economic Outcomes? The
Case of Dentistry                                    2000
Does Regulation Improve Outputs and Increase
Prices?: The Case of Dentistry                       2000

Does Regulatory Governance Matter for Financial
System Stability? An Empirical Analysis              2006
Does Regulatory Harmonization Increase Bilateral
Asset Holdings?                                      2004

Does Relationship Banking Matter? Japanese
Bank-Borrower Ties in Good Times and Bad             2003

                                                            January 2010
Does Rent Control Fail to Substantially Advance
Legitimate State Interests - And Why Does it
Matter After Lingle?                                 2005
Does Reporting Heterogeneity Bias the
Measurement of Health Disparities?                   2006

Does Reputation Mitigate Analysts' Conflicts of
Interest? Evidence from Recommendations              2006
Does Securities Transaction Tax Distort Market
Microstructure? Evidence from Indian Stock
Market                                               2008

Does Securitization Affect Bank Lending?
Evidence from Bank Responses to Funding Shocks       2005

Does Sequencing Matter? Regulation and
Privatization in Telecommunications Reforms          2002

Does Short-Selling Amplify Price Declines or Align
Stocks with Their Fundamental Values?                2005
Does Skin in the Game Matter? Director
Incentives and Governance in the Mutual Fund
Industry                                             2005

Does Smoothing in Pension Accounting
Encourage Equity Investment in Corporate
Pension Plans? Evidence from the U.K.                2009
Does Social Insurance Help Secure Property
Rights?                                              2001
Does Social Security Privatization Produce
Efficiency Gains?                                    2005

Does Stock Price Synchronicity Represent Firm-
Specific Information? The International Evidence     2005
Does Sustainability Require a New Theory of
Property Rights?                                     2009

Does Tax Exemption for Charitable Endowments
Subsidize Excessive Accumulation?                    2008
Does Terror Threaten Human Rights? Evidence
from Panel Data                                      2007
Does Terrorism Work?                                 2009
Does the Basu Model Really Measure the
Conservatism of Earnings?                            2007

Does the Board Size Really Matter? An Empirical
Investigation on the Indian Banking Sector           2007
Does the Canadian Economy Suffer from Dutch
Disease?                                             2009
Does the Chinese Banking System Promote the
Growth of Firms?                                     2008
Does the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)
Cause Banks to Provide a Subsidy to Some
Mortgage Borrowers?                                  2002
Does the Establishment of Religion Justify
Regulating Religious Activities? - The Israeli
Experience                                           2005

                                                            January 2010
Does the Financial Sector Drive Non-Financial
Sector M&A Activity?                               2007
Does the Flight of Clients from the Big 4 to
Second Tier Auditors Indicate Lower Audit
Quality?                                           2008
Does the Format of a Press Release Announcing a
Restatement Affect the Market Response and
Litigation?                                        2007
Does the GMAT Matter for Executive MBA
Students: Some Empirical Evidence                  2006
Does the Governed Corporation Perform Better?
Governance Structures and Corporate
Performance in Germany                             2001

Does the Group Leader Matter? The Impact of
Monitoring Activities and Social Ties of Group
Leaders on the Repayment Performance of
Group-Based Lending in Eritrea                     2006

Does the Impact Assessment on the 'Third
Package' Provide the Correct Economic Forecast
for the Liberalisation of the EU Energy Markets?   2009

Does the Incentive Effect of the Charitable
Deduction Vary Across Charities?                   2009
Does the Internet Spur Regional Economic
Development?                                       2005

Does the Labor Share of Income Drive Inflation?    2002
Does the Law Encourage Unethical Conduct in
the Securities Industry?                           2005
Does the Length of the Period Really Matter for
the Identification and the Modelling of Monetary
Policy Shocks?                                     2004

Does the Market Discipline Banks? New Evidence
from the Regulatory Capital Mix                    2006
Does the Market Underestimate the Implications
of Changes in R&D Investments for Future
Earnings?                                          2007

Does the Market Underestimate the Implications
of R&D Increases For Future Earnings?              2009

Does the Market Value Financial Expertise on
Audit Committees of Boards of Directors?           2004

Does the Media Matter? A Field Experiment
Measuring the Effect of Newspapers on Voting
Behavior and Political Opinions                    2006

Does the New Economy Need New Governance?
Ownership, Knowledge and Performance               2003

Does the Ohio Supreme Court's Norwood
Eminent Domain Decision Stand for Anything?        2006

                                                          January 2010
Does the Performance of Non-Audit Services by
Auditors Impair Independence? Evidence from
Firms Post-Service Performance                      2009

Does the Pricing of Financial Reporting Quality
Change Around Dividend Changes?                     2005

Does the Proxy for Shareholders' Control Make a
Difference in Firm-Performance Regressions?
Evidence from a Blockholder System of Corporate
Governance                                          2004
Does the Public Understand Intellectual Property
Law?Do Lawyers?                                     2006

Does the Quality of Online Customer Experience
Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage for E-
commerce Firms?                                     2000

Does the Real Interest Parity Hypothesis Hold?
Evidence for Developed and Emerging Markets         2003
Does the Reputation Matter? Corporate
Reputation and Earnings Quality                     2007

Does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Have a Future?          2009

Does the Share Price Anomaly Explain the
Market's Apparent Under-weighting of Financial
Analysts' Earnings Forecasts?                       2003

Does the Social Security Earnings Test Affect
Labor Supply and Benefits Receipt?                  2000

Does the SOX Definition of an Accounting Expert
Matter? the Association between Audit
Committee Directors' Accounting Expertise and
Accounting Conservatism                             2005
Does the Statutory Overtime Premium
Discourage Long Workweeks?                          2001

Does the Stiglerian Theory of Regulation Explain
Audit Firm Lobbying Behavior Before FASB?           2008

Does the Stock Market Fully Appreciate the
Implications of Leading Indicators for Future
Earnings? Evidence from Order Backlog               2001

Does the Stock Market See a Zero or Small
Positive Earnings Surprise as a Red Flag?           2006

Does the Stock Market Under-React to the
Federal Reserve Bank's Monetary Policy Actions?     2006
Does the Stock of Money have any Causal
Significance                                        2003

Does the Term Structure Predict Recessions? The
International Evidence                              1998

                                                           January 2010
Does the Threat of Litigation Explain Insider
Selling and Earnings Management in Distressed
Firms?                                               2006
Does the Time Inconsistency Problem Make
Flexible Exchange Rates Look Worse Than You
Think?                                               2006
Does the Time Inconsistency Problem Make
Flexible Exchange Rates Look Worse than You
Think?                                               2005
Does the Use of Fairness Opinions Impair the
Acquirers' Abnormal Returns? The Litigation Risk
Effect                                               2006

Does the Use of Financial Derivatives Affect
Earnings Management Decisions?                       2000

Does the Weighted Cost of Capital Associate with
Returns on Operating and Financial Assets with
Investor Anticipation or Reaction? [And Do
Operating and Financial Assets Have Synergy?]        2007
Does the World Need a Universal Financial
Institution?                                         2006

Does Trade and Technology Transmission
Facilitate Inequality Convergence? An Inquiry into
the Role of Technology in Reducing the Poverty
of Nations                                           2007

Does Trade Credit Redistribution Thwart
Monetary Policy? Evidence From Italy                 1998

Does Trading by Foreign Investors Contribute
More to Stock Price Informativeness than Trading
by Domestic Institutions in Emerging Markets?
Korean Evidence                                      2008
Does Venture Capitalist Quality Affect Corporate
Governance?                                          2007

Does Voluntary Corporate Governance Code
Adoption Increase Firm Value in Emerging
Markets? Evidence from Thailand                      2007

Does Weak Governance Cause Weak Stock
Returns? An Examination of Firm Operating
Performance and Investors' Expectations              2004

Dogfight in IT Industry: Google vs. Microsoft        2009
Doing Business in Kosova: Challenges and
Opportunities                                        2006
Doing Qualitative Field Research in Management
Accounting: Positioning Data to Contribute to
Theory                                               2005
Doing Quantitative Field Research in
Management Accounting                                2005
Doing Without Money: Controlling Inflation in a
Post-Monetary World                                  2000
Dollar Shortages and Crises                          2004

                                                            January 2010
Dollarization and Semi-Dollarization in Ecuador      2004
Dollarization of Liabilities in Non-tradable Goods
Sector                                               2003
Dollarization of Liabilities: Beyond the Usual
Suspects                                             2003

Dollarization of Liabilities: Underinsurance and
Domestic Financial Underdevelopment                  2000

Dollarization Of Liabilities:Underinsurance And
Domestic Financial Underdevelopment                  2000
Dollarization of the Banking System: Good or
Bad?                                                 2004
Dollarization of the Banking System:Good or
Bad?                                                 2006
Dollarization, Monetary Policy, and the Pass-
Through                                              2006
Dollarization: A Dead End                            2002
Dollarization: Analytical Issues                     2002
Dollars and Death                                    2004
Domains of Social Choice Functions on Which
Coalition Strategy-Proofness and Maskin
Monotonicity are Equivalent                          2006
Domestic Accounting Standards, International
Accounting Standards, and the Predictability of
Earnings                                             2001
Domestic and Foreign Disturbances in an
Optimizing Model of Exchange- Rate
Determination                                        2004
Domestic and Foreign Earnings, Stock Return
Variability, and the Impact of Investor
Sophistication                                       2004

Domestic Bank Regulation and Financial Crises:
Theory and Empirical Evidence from East Asia         2001

Domestic Bank Regulation and Financial Crises:
Theory and Empirical Evidence from East Asia         2002

Domestic Bank Regulation and Financial Crises:
Theory and Empirical Evidence from East Asia         2006

Domestic Bank Regulation and Financial Crises:
Theory and Empirical Evidence from East Asia         2009
Domestic Climate Policies and the WTO                2001

Domestic Courts and Global Governance                2006
Domestic Courts and Sovereignty                      2006

Domestic Debt Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa          2006

Domestic Drug Prohibition as a Source of Foreign
Institutional Instability: An Analysis of the
Extralegal Multinational Enterprise                  2003

Domestic Financial Development in Emerging
Economies: Evidence and Implications                 2009

                                                            January 2010
Domestic Investment and the Cost of Capital in
the Caribbean                                        2006
Domestic or U.S. News: What Drives Canadian
Financial Markets?                                   2009
Domestic Pollution Havens: Evidence from
Cancer Deaths in Border Counties                     2003

Domestic Regulation and International Trade:
Where's the Race?--Lessons From
Telecommunications and Export Controls               2000

Domestic Versus International Integration in the
Process of Financial Liberalisation                  2001
Dominance Testing of Social Sector Expenditures
and Taxes in Africa                                  2006

Dominant Owners and Financial Performance of
Continental European Firms                           2008

Dominant Shareholders, Corporate Boards and
Corporate Value: A Cross-Country Analysis            2006
Dominant Strategy Implementation in Economic
Environments                                         2006

Dominated Families of Shifted Palm Distributions     2005

Don't Fall from the Saddle: The Importance of
Higher Moments of Credit Loss Distributions          2007
Don't Increase Federal Gasoline Taxes - Abolish
Them                                                 2007
Don't Just Lead, Govern: Implementing Effective
IT Governance                                        2002
Don't Play it Again Sam: Radio Play, Record Sales,
and Property Rights                                  2007
Don't Take the Bait: Why USDA Organic
Certification is Wrong for Salmon                    2009

Don't Worry about the Government? The LEED-
NC 'Green Building' Rating System and Energy
Efficiency in U.S. Commercial Buildings              2009

Doom or Gloom? CEO Stock Options After Enron         2004
DotCom Mania: A Survey of Market Efficiency in
the Internet Sector                                  2001
Double Competition and Market Stability in Sir
James Steuart                                        2009
Double Dipping:The Combined Effects of Social
Security and Civil Service Pensions on Employee
Retirement                                           2004
Double G Western Wear                                2009
Double Jeopardy and Multiple Sovereigns: A
Jurisdictional Theory                                2008

Double Tax Relief for Foreign Income: A
Comparative Study of Advanced Economies              2004
Double Taxation Avoidance: International and
Dividends                                            2006
Doubts About Direct Final Rulemaking                 1999

                                                            January 2010
Down the Drain: Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
in the United States                                2009
Downside Risk Analysis Applied to the Hedge
Funds Universe                                      2007
Downsizing the Federal Government                   2009
Downstream Price-Cap Regulation and Upstream
Market Power                                        2005

Downward Nominal Rigidity and Monetary Policy       1998
Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity and the Long-
run Phillips Curve: Simulation-based Evidence for
the Euro Area?                                      2003
Dowry and Intrahousehold Bargaining: Evidence
from China                                          2003
Dr. Jones and the Raiders of Lost Capital: Hedge
Fund Regulation, Part II                            2007

Drawing a Line Between the Law and the Social
Sciences: The Exercise of Sovereign Powers on an
Uncertain Factual Base                              2006
Dread of Depreciation: Measuring Real Exchange
Rate Interventions                                  2006
Driven to Distraction: Extraneous Events and
Underreaction to Earnings News                      2007
Drivers and Barriers to Management Accounting
Change                                              2007

Drivers and Obstacles to Banking SMEs: The Role
of Competition and the Institutional Framework      2009

Drivers of Earnings Quality in a Bank-Based
Economy: Evidence from Voluntary vs.
Mandatory IFRS Adoption in Germany                  2009

Drivers of the Offshore Outsourcing of R&D:
Empirical Evidence from French Manufacturers        2009
Driving Sideways?: 'Critical' Issues in Social
Enterprise Governance                               2009

Driving Under the (Cellular) Influence: The Link
between Cell Phone Use and Vehicle Crashes          2008
DRM: Doesn't Really Mean Digital Copyright
Management                                          2002

Dropout Youth and Small Entrepreneurship: An
Approach to Improve Livelihoods of Rural People
in Bangladesh                                       2009
Drug Regulation in the Philippines                  2009

Dual Distribution and Intangible Firm Value:
Franchising in Restaurant Chains                    2005
Dual Employment Protection Legislation: A
Framework for Analysis                              2005
Dual Employment Protection Legislation: A
Framework for Analysis                              2005

                                                           January 2010
Dual Exchange Rates in the Presence of
Incomplete Market Separation: Long-Run
Effectiveness and Implications for Monetary
Policy                                              2006

Dual Inflation Under the Currency Board: The
Challenges of Bulgarian EU Accession                2002
Dual Purpose Measures                               2003

Dual Role Advisors and Conflicts of Interest        2009

Dual Vote and Differential Abstention. A Study
about the Electoral Behaviour in Catalonia          2000
Dual-Class Shares and Audit Pricing: Evidence
from the Canadian Markets                           2006
Dual-Class Shares in Canada: Some Modest
Proposals                                           2006
Dualism, Domestic Courts, and the Rule of
International Law                                   2009
Dualistic System of Banking Supervision in
Switzerland                                         2007

Duhring's Socialitarian Model of Economic
Communes and its Influence on the Development
of Socialist Thought and Practice                   1997
Dunlap Corporation                                  2009
Duopolistic Competition, Taxes and the Arm's-
Length Principle                                    2005

Duopoly Dynamics With a Barrier to Entry            2007
DuPont's Patent Donations                           2008

Durable Goods and the Forward-Looking Theory
of Consumption: Estimates Implied by the
Dynamic Effects of Money                            2004

Duty Drawbacks, Competitiveness, and Growth:
Are Duty Drawbacks Worth the Hassle?                2005

Duty of Fair Representation Jurisprudential
Reform: The Need to Adjudicate Disputes in
Internal Union Review Tribunals and the
Forgotten Remedy of Re-Arbitration                  2009

Dynamic and Static Strategies for the Funded
Pillar of the Slovak Pension System                 2008
Dynamic Behavior of CO2 Spot Prices                 2006
Dynamic Capital Mobility in Pacific Basin
Developing Countries: Estimation and Policy
Implications                                        2006
Dynamic Cities and Creative Clusters                2005

Dynamic Controllability with Overlapping Targets:
A Generalization of the Tinbergen-Nash Theory of
Economic Policy                                     2005
Dynamic Corporate Capital Stocks: Cross-
Sectional and Inter-Temporal Stock Return
Patterns                                            2009

                                                           January 2010
Dynamic Depositor Discipline in U.S. Banks        2006
Dynamic Efficiency and Pareto Optimality in a
Stochastic OLG Model with Production and Social
Security                                          2000
Dynamic Efficiency Considerations in EC Merger
Control: An Intractable Subject or a Promising
Chance for Innovation?                            2006
Dynamic Efficiency of Supervisory-Board-
Codetermination in Germany                        2007
Dynamic Equicorrelation with Non-Gaussian
Innovations                                       2009

Dynamic Equilibrium Correction Modelling of Yen
Eurobond Credit Spreads                           2006

Dynamic Externalities and Policy Coordination     1998

Dynamic Gains and Losses from Trade Reform:
An Intertemporal General Equilibrium Model of
the United States and MERCOSUR                    1997
Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis: The Open
Economy Dimension                                 2002
Dynamic Incentives and Responsibility
Accounting                                        1998

Dynamic Instrument Rules Based on Time Varying
Coefficients Vector Autoregressive Modeling and
Forecast-Based Monetary Policy                    2005

Dynamic Linkages Among Long-Term Interest
Rates: Implications for Global Monetary Policy    2002

Dynamic Linkages of Interest Rates Within Ems:
Implications for the 'German Dominance'
Hypothesis and Monetary Policy                    2001

Dynamic Liquidity in Endowment Economies          2005

Dynamic Modeling of the SSDI Application Timing
Decision: The Importance of Policy Variables      2003

Dynamic Modelling of the Long-Run Market-
Accounting Relationship at the Firm Level: The
Case of Abbott Laboratories                       2008
Dynamic Price Competition                         2003
Dynamic Prudential Regulation: Is Prompt
Corrective Action Optimal?                        2006
Dynamic Regulation and Entry in
Telecommunications Markets: A Policy
Framework                                         2005

Dynamic Regulation of Public Good Quality         2006
Dynamic Risk Shifting, Debt Maturity and
Negotiation Tactics                               1997

Dynamic Scoring: Alternative Financing Schemes    2006

                                                         January 2010
Dynamic Seigniorage Theory: An Exploration          2000
Dynamic Specifications in Optimizing Trend-
Deviation Macro Models                              2001
Dynamic Stability and Reform of Political
Institutions                                        2005

Dynamic Stochastic Accumulation Model with
Application to Pension Savings Management           2008
Dynamic Tax Depreciation Strategies                 2008
Dynamic Tax Planning With an Application to
Estate Freezes                                      2003
Dynamic Yardstick Regulation                        2003

Dynamically-Efficient Incentive Regulation:
Application of the Bad News Principle               2003
Dynamics and Monetary Policy in a Fair Wage
Model of the Business Cycle                         2007
Dynamics of Business Cycles in Asia: Differences
and Similarities                                    2000

Dynamics of Corporate Performance in Thailand       2006

Dynamics of Devaluation and "Equivalent" Fiscal
Policies for a Small Open Economy                   2006

Dynamics of Equity Market Integration in Europe:
Impact of Political Economy Factors                 2005

Dynamics of Fiscal Financing in the United States   2009

Dynamics of Fiscal Financing in the United States   2009

Dynamics of General and Environmental
Protection Investments and the Prospects for
Bulgaria's Economic Growth                          2002
Dynamics of Income Inequality and Welfare in
Latvia in the Late 1990s                            2004
Dynamics of Internet Banking Adoption               2006

Dynamics of Investment Behaviour in Finland:
Aggregate and Firm Level Evidence                   2003

Dynamics of Labour and Capital Adjustment - A
Comparison of Germany and the Netherlands           2004

Dynamics of Network Governance: A
Contribution to the Study of Complex Forms          2005
E = Mc2 is Not Valid: New Sources of Energy from
Light                                               2006

Eac Nutrition: Regional Expansion Strategy          2008

E-Administration as a Way of Increasing the
Managerial Capacity in Public Sector                2009

                                                           January 2010
Eager, Pragmatic or Reluctant: Can Common
Finno-Ugric Ethnic and Linguistic Links
Substantiate Intra-EU CFSP Co-Operation?              2009
Earlier or Later: A General Equilibrium Analysis of
Bringing Forward an Already Announced Tax
Reform                                                2004

Early Adoption of Masb 22 (Segment Reporting)
By Malaysian Listed Companies                         2003

Early Birds, Late Risers, and Sleeping Beauties:
Bank Credit Growth to the Private Sector in
Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans            2006
Early Childhood Development Through an
Integrated Program: Evidence from the
Philippines                                           2006

Early Decisions: A Regulatory Framework               2006
Early Deposit Banking                                 1999
Early Ideas on Sovereign Bankruptcy
Reorganization: A Survey                              2006
Early Indicators of Currency Crises; Review of
Some Literature                                       2009

Early Literacy Achievements, Population Density
and the Transition to Modern Growth                   2006
Early Prediction of Bank Failures in the Republic
of Croatia                                            2007
Early Retirement and Social Security: A Long-
Term Perspective                                      2005

Early Retirement Behaviour in the Netherlands -
Evidence from a Policy Reform                         2006

Early Retirement Behaviour in the Netherlands:
Evidence from a Policy Reform                         2006

Early Retirement Behaviour in the Netherlands:
Evidence from a Policy Reform                         2006
Early Retirement: Free Choice or Forced
Decision?                                             2005
Early Starts, Reversals and Catchup in the Process
of Economic Development                               2004
Earmarked: The Political Economy of Agricultural
Research Appropriations                               2005

Earning Voluntary Disclosures and Corporate
Governance: Evidence from France                      2004
Earnings and Equity Valuation in the Biotech
Industry: Theory and Evidence                         2007

Earnings and Impression Management in
Financial Reports: The Case of CEO Changes            2000

Earnings and Price Discovery in the Post-Reg. FD
Information Environment: A Preliminary Analysis       2001
Earnings and Stock Selection                          2002

                                                             January 2010
Earnings Announcement Disclosures that Help
Analysts Forecast Earnings                          2007
Earnings Announcement Premia and the Limits to
Arbitrage                                           2005

Earnings Announcements and Option Prices            2004

Earnings Announcements are Full of Surprises        2006
Earnings Asymmetric Timeliness and Shareholder
Distributions                                       2008
Earnings Attributes of Alternate Annual Reporting
Periods                                             2007
Earnings Conservatism and Corporate Refocusing
Activities                                          2006
Earnings Conservatism and Equity Raisings of
Cross-Listed Firms                                  2006

Earnings Conservatism, Litigation, and
Contracting: the Case of Cross-Listed Firms         2003
Earnings Dilution and the Explanatory Power of
Earnings for Returns                                1999

Earnings Disclosures and Stockholder Lawsuits       1995

Earnings Expectations and Investor Clienteles       2003

Earnings Forecast Performance and Financial
Analyst Turnover During Mergers                     2007

Earnings Forecast, Earnings Management, and
Asymmetric Price Response                           2007
Earnings Guidance after Regulation Fd               2008

Earnings Guidance and Managerial Myopia             2005

Earnings Guidance and Market Uncertainty            2008

Earnings Guidance Following CFO Turnovers           2007
Earnings Management and Accounting Income
Aggregation                                         2005

Earnings Management and Acquiring Firms
Preceding Acquisitions in Malaysia                  2003

Earnings Management and Audit Adjustments:
An Empirical Study of IBEX 35 Constituents          2009
Earnings Management and Capital Market
Misallocation                                       1999

Earnings Management and Capital Resource
Allocation: Evidence from China's Accounting-
based Regulation of Rights Issue                    2000

Earnings Management and Contest to the
Control: An Analysis of European Family Firms       2008
Earnings Management and Convertible Bond
Arbitrage                                           2006

                                                           January 2010
Earnings Management and Corporate
Governance: The Roles of the Board and the
Audit Committee                                     2002
Earnings Management and Corporate Tax
Shelters                                            2006

Earnings Management and Cross Listing: Are
Reconciled Earnings Comparable to US Earnings?      2004

Earnings Management and Cultural Values             2007

Earnings Management and Culture: An
International Comparison of the Banking Industry    2008

Earnings Management and Deferred Tax                2002
Earnings Management and Delisting Risk of Initial
Public Offerings                                    2005

Earnings Management and Deregulation: The
Case of Motor Carriers                              2008

Earnings Management and Earnings Quality            2007

Earnings Management and Firm Performance
Following Open-Market Repurchases                   2006
Earnings Management and Future Corporate
Investment                                          2007

Earnings Management and Guidance for Meeting
or Beating Analysts' Earnings Forecasts             2006

Earnings Management and Investor Protection:
An International Comparison                         2001

Earnings Management and Its Pricing
Implications: Evidence from Banks' Adjustments
to the Valuation Allowance for Deferred Tax
Assets under SFAS 109                               2000

Earnings Management and Local vs. International
Accounting Standards of European Public Firms       2008

Earnings Management and Mispricing of
Allowance for Funds During Construction in the
Electric Utility Industry                           2008
Earnings Management and Social Ties                 2008

Earnings Management and the Cost of Debt            2008

Earnings Management and the Long-Run
Performance of Spanish Initial Public Offerings     2006
Earnings Management and the Market
Performance of Acquiring Firms                      2002

Earnings Management and the Predictive Ability
of Accruals with Respect to Future Cash Flows       2007

                                                           January 2010
Earnings Management and Tunneling through
Related Party Transactions: Evidence from
Chinese Corporate Groups                             2003

Earnings Management and Value Relevance
During the Mandatory Transition from Local
GAAPs to IFRS in Europe                              2008
Earnings Management Around a Change of
Goodwill Rule                                        2007
Earnings Management Around Initial Public
Offerings: A Re-Examination                          2008

Earnings Management around UK Open Offers            2008

Earnings Management as an Explanation of the
Equity Issue Puzzle in the Spanish Market            2006
Earnings Management at Large US Bank Holding
Companies                                            2006

Earnings Management at the Segment Level             2007
Earnings Management by Changing R&D
Expenditure: Evidence on the Role of CEO Stock
Compensation                                         2003
Earnings Management Choices When Stock-
Option Incentives Conflict*                          2005

Earnings Management in Dynamic Settings              2009
Earnings Management in Economic Downturns
and Adjacent Periods: Evidence from the 1990-
1991 Recession                                       2002

Earnings Management in IPOs: Determinants and
Post-IPO Performance                                 2007
Earnings Management in Not-For-Profit
Institutions: Evidence from Hospitals                1999

Earnings Management in Response to a Windfall
Tax in the Water and Sewerage Utility Companies
in England and Wales                                 2003

Earnings Management in Response to Regulatory
Price Review.A Case Study of the Political Cost
Hypothesis in the Water and Electricity Sectors in
England and Wales                                    2003
Earnings Management in Spain. Some Evidence
from Companies Quoted in the Spanish Stock
Exchange                                             2003
Earnings Management in Takeovers of Privately
Held Targets                                         2007
Earnings Management Prior to Stock Option
Grants                                               2003

Earnings Management Relations of Accruals
Components: A Multi-Period Setting                   2003

                                                            January 2010
Earnings Management Strategies and the Trade-
Off between Tax Benefits and Detection Risk:To
Conform or Not to Conform?                        2007

Earnings Management Through Effective Tax
Rates: The Effects of Tax Planning Investment
and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002                2006
Earnings Management Through Transaction
Structuring: Contingent Convertible Debt and
Diluted EPS                                       2004
Earnings Management throughReal Activities
Manipulation                                      2003
Earnings Management to Avoid Earnings
Decreases and Losses: Empirical Evidence from
Japan                                             2005
Earnings Management to Avoid Negative
Earnings Surprises in Periods Following Insider
Sales                                             2005

Earnings Management to Tunnel: Evidence from
China's Listed Companies                          2004
Earnings Management Using the Valuation
Allowance for Deferred Tax Assets under SFAS
109                                               2002

Earnings Management when Incentives Compete:
The Role of Tax Accounting in Russia              2004
Earnings Management, Audit Differences, and
Analysts' Forecasts                               1999
Earnings Management, Board Independence and
Family Ownership                                  2008

Earnings Management, Corporate Governance
and the Market Performance of Seasoned Equity
Offerings                                         2002

Earnings Management, Corporate Governance,
and True Financial Performance                    2006

Earnings Management, Lawsuits, and Stock-for-
Stock Acquirers' Market Performance               2008

Earnings Management: A Methodological Review
of the Distribution of Reported Earnings
Approach                                          2004
Earnings Management: A Perspective                2001

Earnings Management: Causes, Techniques, and
Transparent Financial Reporting                   2006
Earnings Management: New Evidence Based On
Deferred Tax Expense                              2001
Earnings Management: Reconciling the Views of
Accounting Academics, Practitioners, and
Regulators                                        2000

Earnings Management: The Effect of Accounting
Flexibility on R&D Investment Choices             2006

                                                         January 2010
Earnings Management? Alternative Explanations
for Observed Discontinuities in the Frequency
Distribution of Earnings, Earnings Changes, and
Analyst Forecast Errors                            2004

Earnings Manipulation and Incentives in Firms      2004

Earnings Manipulation and Incentives in Firms      2005
Earnings Manipulation and Managerial
Investment Decisions: Evidence from Sponsored
Pension Plans                                      2004

Earnings Manipulation, Pension Assumptions and
Managerial Investment Decisions                    2004
Earnings Mobility in the US: A New Look at
Intergenerational Inequality                       2002

Earnings Momentum and Earnings Management          1999

Earnings Opacity and the Productivity of Nations   2003
Earnings Opacity, Stock Market Wealth Effect and
Economic Growth                                    2003
Earnings Performance and Discretionary
Disclosures                                        2000
Earnings Preannouncements                          1998
Earnings Precision and the Relations between
Earnings and Returns                               2008

Earnings Quality and Auditor Independence: An
Examination Using Non-audit Fee Data               2002

Earnings Quality and Financial Reporting
Credibility: An Empirical Investigation            1999

Earnings Quality and Future Capital Investment:
Evidence from Discretionary Accruals               2008
Earnings Quality and Future Returns: The
Relation between Accruals and the Probability of
Earnings Manipulation                              2005
Earnings Quality and Information Asymmetry:
Evidence from Trading Costs                        2007
Earnings Quality and International IPO
Underpricing                                       2007
Earnings Quality and Price Quality                 2002
Earnings Quality and Stock Returns                 2001
Earnings Quality and Stock Returns: The Evidence
from Accruals                                      2001

Earnings Quality and Strategic Disclosure: An
Empirical Examination of 'Pro Forma' Earnings      2002
Earnings Quality and the Pricing Effects of
Earnings Patterns                                  2003

Earnings Quality at Initial Public Offerings       2006

Earnings Quality Attributes and Performance of
Malaysian Public Listed Firms                      2009

                                                          January 2010
Earnings Quality Based on Corporate Investment
Decisions                                            2007
Earnings Quality in U.K. Private Firms               2004
Earnings Quality under Rules- vs. Principles-Based
Accounting Standards: A Test of the Skinner
Hypothesis                                           2004
Earnings Quality, Accruals and Subjective
Goodwill Accounting                                  2008
Earnings Quality, Insider Trading, and Cost of
Capital                                              2004

Earnings Quality, Off-Balance Sheet Risk, and the
Financial-Components Approach to Accounting
for Transfers of Financial Assets                    2004
Earnings Restatements, Changes in CEO
Compensation, and Firm Performance                   2005

Earnings Risk in Project Valuation: Accounting-
Based Investment Decisionmaking                      2000

Earnings Skewness and Analyst Forecast Bias          2000
Earnings Smoothing, Governance and Liquidity:
International Evidence                               2007

Earnings Surprises and Changes in Liquidity          2006

Earnings Surprises and the Cost of Equity Capital    2004

Earnings Surprises, Growth Expectations, and
Stock Returns: Don't Let an Earnings Torpedo
Sink Your Portfolio                                  1999
Earnings Trends and Performance Relative to
Benchmarks: How Consistency Influences Their
Use                                                  2009
Earnings Valuation and Insider Trading               2007

Earnings Volatility and Earnings Predictability      2006
Earnings Volatility and Market Valuation: An
Empirical Investigation                              2002

Earnings, Business Cycle And Stock Returns           2001
Earnings-Based and Accrual-Based Market
Anomalies: One Effect or Two?                        1999
EASD Corporate Governance Principles and
Recommendations                                      2001

Easing the Spring: Strict Scrutiny and Affirmative
Action After the Redistricting Cases                 2001

East Asia Is Not Mexico: The Difference Between
Balance of Payments Crises and Debt Deflations       1998
East Asian Equity Markets, Financial Crises, and
the Japanese Currency                                2007

East Asia's Dynamic Development Model and the
Republic of Korea's Experiences                      2004
East, West, Best: Cross - Cultural Encounters and
Measures                                             2003

                                                            January 2010
Eastern Europe between Transition and
Accession: An Analysis of Reform Requirements       2000

Eat, Drink, Firms and Government: An
Investigation of Corruption from Entertainment
Expenditures of Chinese Firms                       2004
E-Banking in Estonia: Reasons and Benefits of the
Rapid Growth                                        2003
EC Company Law Directives and Regulations:
How Trivial are They?                               2005
EC Reforms of Corporate Governance and Capital
Markets Law: Do They Tackle Insiders'
Opportunism?                                        2006

EC Visa Facilitation and Readmission Agreements:
Implementing a New EU Security Approach in the
Neighbourhood                                       2009
ECB Decision-making and the Status of the
Eurogroup in an Enlarged EMU                        2004
ECCU Business Cycles: Impact of the U.S.            2009

Ecologic: Nanotechnology, Environmental
Assurance Bonding, and Symmetric Humility           2009
Ecological Tax Reform and Involuntary
Unemployment: Simulation Results for
Switzerland                                         1998

Ecological Tax Reform and Unemployment:
Competition and Innovation Issues in the Double
Dividend Debate                                     2004

Ecological Tax Reform with Exemptions for the
Export Sector in a Two Sector Two Factor Model      2000
Ecology and Violence: The Environmental
Dimensions of War                                   2004

E-Commerce and International Tax Planning           2004
E-Commerce: Application of the Neutrality
Principle in Tax Policy                             2000
Econographicology                                   2006
Econometric Analysis of the Decisions of the
German Cartel Office                                2002
Econometric Modelling of R&D and Australia's
Productivity                                        2006
Econometrics of Current or 'Fair' Values            2007

Econometrics of the Basu Asymmetric Timeliness
Coefficient and Accounting Conservatism             2007

Economic Aging and Demographic Change               2007
Economic Analysis in a Unified Conception of Tort
Law                                                 2004
Economic Analysis of Accident Law                   2003
Economic Analysis of Accident Law                   2003
Economic Analysis of Global Climate Change
Policy:A Primer                                     2000

                                                           January 2010
Economic Analysis of International Law: An
Invitation and a Caveat                              1998
Economic Analysis of Law                             2005
Economic Analysis of Prescriptive Jurisdiction and
Choice of Law                                        2001
Economic Analysis of Property Law                    2003
Economic Analysis of Property Law                    2003
Economic Analysis of Public Law Enforcement
and Criminal Law                                     2003
Economic Analysis of Public Law Enforcement
and Criminal Law                                     2003
Economic Analysis of the General Structure of the
Law                                                  2003
Economic Analysis of the General Structure of the
Law                                                  2003
Economic and Industry Determinants of
Accounting Method Choice                             2000
Economic and Legal Aspects of Costly
Recontracting                                        2000

Economic and Legal Considerations of Optimal
Privatization: Case Studies of Mortgage Firms
(DePfa Group and Fannie Mae)                         2006

Economic and Monetary Integration of the New
Member States: Helping to Chart the Route            2005

Economic and Monetary Union in Europe and
Constraints on National Budgetary Policies           2006
Economic and Political Liberalizations               2004
Economic and Political Liberalizations               2004
Economic and Political Liberalizations               2004
Economic and Regulatory Capital: What is the
Difference?                                          2005
Economic and Social Factors Driving the Third
Wave of Democratization                              2004
Economic and Statistical Analysis of
Discrimination in Hiring                             2002
Economic and Structural Relationships in U.S.
Hog Production                                       2005
Economic Announcements and the Timing of
Public Debt Auctions                                 2006
Economic Authority and the Limits of Expertise in
Antitrust Cases                                      2004

Economic Backwardness in Political Perspective       2002

Economic Backwardness in Political Perspective       2002

Economic Backwardness in Political Perspective       2002
Economic Booms, Trade Deficits, and Economic
Policy                                               2000
Economic Calculation in the Environmentalist
Commonwealth                                         2009
Economic Changes and Afforestation Incentives
in Rural China                                       2006

                                                            January 2010
Economic Characteristics, Corporate Governance,
and the Influence of Compensation Consultants
on Executive Pay Levels                            2008

Economic Consequences of Expense Misreporting
in Nonprofit Organizations: Are Donors Fooled?     2008

Economic Consequences of Financial Reporting
and Disclosure Regulation: A Review and
Suggestions for Future Research                    2008
Economic Consequences of Financial Reporting
Changes: Diluted EPS and Contingent Convertible
Securities                                         2005
Economic Consequences of Firms' Depreciation
Method Choice: Evidence from Capital
Investments                                        2008

Economic Consequences of Regulated Changes in
Disclosure: The Case of Executive Compensation     2000

Economic Consequences of 'Regulation on
Corporate Governance': Evidence from India         2005

Economic Consequences of SEC Disclosure
Regulation: Evidence from the OTC Bulletin Board   2004

Economic Consequences of the Declining
Relevance of Financial Reports                     2000
Economic Consequences of the German Reforms
on the Enforcement of IFRS                         2008
Economic Consequences of the Sarbanes-Oxley
Act of 2002                                        2007

Economic Convergence and Economic Policies         2000
Economic Cost of Earnings Management Through
Stock Repurchases                                  2007
Economic Criteria for Criminalization: Why Do
We Need the Criminal Law?                          2008
Economic Data Dissemination What Influences
Country Performance On Frequency and
Timeliness?                                        2006
Economic Depreciation and Corporate
Investment                                         2007
Economic Determinants of Audit Committee
Composition and Activity                           1999
Economic Determinants of Audit Committee
Composition and Activity                           2008
Economic Determinants of Fund Financial
Arrangements                                       2006
Economic Determinants of Group versus
Individual Compensation Schemes for Senior
Executives                                         2007
Economic Determinants of the Nominal Treasury
Yield Curve                                        2001

Economic Development and Co2 Emissions: A
Nonparametric Panel Approach                       2005

                                                          January 2010
Economic Development and Environmental
Protection                                          2003

Economic Development and Female Labor Force
Participation in Turkey: Time-Series Evidence and
Cross-Section Estimates                             2002
Economic Development and Industrial
Concentration: An Inverted U-Curve                  1997

Economic Development And Strikes: An
Examination Of The Haas And Stack Model             1997

Economic Development and the Evolution of
Government in Pre-Industrial Europe                 2005
Economic Development and the Timing and
Components of Population Growth                     2001
Economic Development and the World Trade
Organization After Doha                             2005

Economic Development and the WTO After Doha         2002
Economic Development as Opportunity
Equalization                                        2006

Economic Development as Self-Discovery              2002

Economic Development as Self-Discovery              2002

Economic Development as Self-Discovery              2002
Economic Development in India (Role of Small
Scale Enterprises)                                  2009
Economic Development in Russia and the Long
Waves of World Economy                              2001

Economic Development in the Middle East             2004

Economic Development, Competition Policy, and
the World Trade Organization                        2004
Economic Development, Inequality, War, and
State Violence                                      2004

Economic Development, Infant Mortality, and
Their Dynamics in Latin America                     2007
Economic Development, Legality and the
Transplant Effect                                   2000
Economic Effects of Apportionment Formula
Changes: Results from a Panel of Corporate
Income Tax Returns                                  2006
Economic Effects of Quality Regulations in the
Daycare Industry                                    2000
Economic Effects of State Bans on Direct
Manufacturer Sales to Car Buyers                    2009

Economic Effects of Vat Reform in Germany           2006

Economic Empowerment of Rural Women
Through Entrepreneurship Development Skills:
Strategies, Issues and Challenges                   2009

                                                           January 2010
Economic Evolution and the Un-Constitutionality
of Reits                                            2006

Economic Factors Underlying the Unbundling of
Advertising Agency Services                         2009

Economic Feasibility, General Economic Impact
and Implications of a Free Trade Agreement
between the European Union and Armenia              2009

Economic Foundations of Valuation Discounts         1999

Economic Fragmentation and FDI in China             2001
Economic Freedom and the Success of
Microfinance Institutions                           2006

Economic Geography and European Finance             2004

Economic Geography, Venture Capital and Focal
Points of Entrepreneurial Activity                  2009

Economic Growth Across Chinese Provinces: In
Search of Innovation-Driven Gains                   2009
Economic Growth and Decline with Endogenous
Property Rights                                     2002
Economic Growth and Endogenous Fiscal Policy:
In Search of a Data Consistent General
Equilibrium Model                                   2001
Economic Growth and Investment in the Arab
World                                               2003
Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Sub-
Saharan Africa                                      2006
Economic Growth and the Demographic
Transition                                          2001
Economic Growth and the Diffusion of Clean
Technologies: Explaining Environmental Kuznets
Curves                                              2006

Economic Growth in a Cross Section of Countries     2000
Economic Growth in Greece: Past Performance
and Future Prospects                                2001

Economic Growth in the Presence of FDI: The
Perspective of Newly Industrialising Economies      2006
Economic Growth of the Czech Republic in the
Light of Real Income Indicators                     2006
Economic Growth under Alternative Monetary
Regimes: Inflation Targeting vs Real Exchange
Rate Targeting                                      2008

Economic Growth with Constraints on Tax
Revenues and Public Debt: Implications for Fiscal
Policy and Cross-Country Differences                2007

Economic Growth with Imperfect Protection of
Intellectual Property Rights                        2005

                                                           January 2010
Economic Growth, Population Theory, and
Physiology: The Bearing of Long-Term Processes
on the Making of Economic Policy                   2000
Economic Growth, Unemployment, and Business
Cycles                                             2007
Economic Growth: Shared Beliefs, Shared
Disappointments?                                   2006
Economic Growth: The Role of Policies and
Institutions. Panel Data Evidence from OECD
Countries                                          2001
Economic Ideas and Institutional Change:
Evidence from Soviet Economic Discourse 1987-
1991                                               2005
Economic Impact Assessment of Alternative
Climate Policy Strategies                          2001
Economic Impacts of a Premature Nuclear Phase-
out in Switzerland                                 2003
Economic Impacts of China's Accession to
theWorld Trade Organization                        2004
Economic Impacts of Global Terrorism: From
Munich to Bali                                     2006
Economic Impacts of Multilateral Emission
Reduction Policies                                 1998

Economic Implications of Alternative Allocation
Schemes for Emission Allowances                    2003
Economic Implications of Changing Share
Ownership                                          2000
Economic Implications of China's Demographics
in the 21st Century                                2006

Economic Incentives and Family Formation           2009
Economic Incentives to Retire: a Qualitative
Choice Approach                                    2004
Economic Inequality and the Emergence of Child
Labor Laws                                         2002
Economic Information versus Quality Variation in
Cross-Country Data                                 2001
Economic Integration and Corruption: The
Corrupt Soul of the European Union                 2000
Economic Integration and Redistributive
Taxation: A Simple Model With Ambiguous
Results                                            2006
Economic Integration and Spatial Location of
Production                                         2005

Economic Integration and the Exchange Rate
Regime: How Damaging are Currency Crises?          2004

Economic Integration and the Exchange Rate
Regime: How Damaging are Currency Crises?          2004

Economic Integration and the Miami Summit          1999

Economic Integration of Eurasia: Opportunities
and Challenges of Global Significance              2009

                                                          January 2010
Economic Integration, Cultural Standardization,
and the Politics of Social Insurance                2003

Economic Interest Versus Social Conscience:
Signing Bilateral Investment Treaties - Do Human
Rights Matter?                                      2009
Economic Issues Raised by Treatment of Takings
under NAFTA Chapter 11                              2003
Economic Liberalization & Wage Inequality in
India                                               2006

Economic Liberalization with Rising Segmentation
on China's Urban Labor Market                       2006

Economic Neoliberalism Became Almost
Irrelevant...: Poland's Grzegorz W. Kolodko on
New Trends in Development Strategies                1999
Economic News and the Yield Curve: Evidence
from the U.S. Treasury Market                       1998

Economic Performance and Stabilization Policy in
a Monetary Union with Imperfect Labour and
Goods Markets                                       2001

Economic Performance and Unemployment:
Evidence from an Emerging Economy - Turkey          2005

Economic Performance in Post-Crisis Korea: A
Critical Perspective on Neo-Liberal Restructuring   2003

Economic Performance Over the Conflict Cycle        2006

Economic Perspectives on Terrorism Insurance        2005

Economic Policy and Environmental Policy            2006
Economic Policy and Prospects in Iraq               2006

Economic Policy and State Owned Enterprises:
Evolution Towards Privatisation in India            2006
Economic Policy and Wage Differentials in Latin
America                                             2002

Economic Policy Responses to Preference
Erosion: From Trade as Aid to Aid for Trade         2005
Economic Progress and the Technology of War in
Pre-Industrial Europe                               2005

Economic Reactions to Public Finance
Consolidation: A Survey of the Literature           2005

Economic Recession, Corporate Distress and
Income Increasing Accounting Policy Choice          2000

Economic Reform and Changing Patterns of Labor
Force Participation in Urban and Rural China        2006
Economic Reform and Progress in Latin America
and the Caribbean                                   2004

                                                           January 2010
Economic Reform and the Demand for Money in
China                                               2006
Economic Reform in Europe: Integrating and
Liberalizing the Market for Services                2002

Economic Reform of the Electricity Industries of
Central and Eastern Europe                          1999

Economic Reforms and Constitutional Transition      2001
Economic Reforms and Labor Markets: Policy
Issues and Lessons from Chile                       2000
Economic Regulation of Harbour Towage and
Related Services                                    2003

Economic Regulation of Railways in Logistics
Chains: A Problem Looking for a Solution or a
Solution Looking for a Problem?                     2007

Economic Regulation of Water Companies              2004

Economic Relations with Regions Neighbouring
the Euro Area in the Euro Time Zone                 2005
Economic Returns to Communist Party
Membership: Evidence from Urban Chinese
Twins                                               2006

Economic Risk and Political Risk in Fiscal Unions   2000
Economic Security, Private Investment, and
Growth in Developing Countries                      2006

Economic Significance of Downside Risk in
Developed and Emerging Markets                      2006
Economic Size Trumps All Else? Lessons from
BRICSAM                                             2007

Economic Stabilization in Democratic Argentina      2009

Economic Sustainability of Kosova as an
Independent State, and the Role of Resolution
1244 in Achieving Economic Sustainability           2003
Economic Theory and an Uninvited Rejoinder to
Climate Warming Skeptics                            2005
Economic Theory: Structural Abstraction or
Behavioral Reduction                                2007

Economic Transformation, Population Growth
and the Long-Run World Income Distribution          2006

Economic Transformation, Population Growth,
and the Long-Run World Income Distribution          2006

Economic Trends in Africa: (The Economic
Performance of Sub-Saharan African Countries)       2006

Economic Trends in Africa: The Economic
Performance of Sub-Saharan African Countries        2006

                                                           January 2010
Economic Valuation of on Site Material Damages
of High Water on Economic Activities based in
the City of Venice: Results from a Dose-Response-
Expert-Based Valuation Approach                        2005
Economic Valuation of the Efficiency of
Bankruptcy Systems                                     2006

Economic Value Added - A General Perspective           2004

Economic Value Measurement: Investment
Recovery and Value Added - IRVA                        2000
Economic, Political and Institutional
Determinants of Public Deficits                        2002

Economic, Political, and Legal Factors in Financial
System Development: International Patterns in
Historical Perspective                                 2001
Economical Evaluation of Milk Consumption in
China                                                  2006
Economics and Politics of Alternative Institutional
Reforms                                                2007
Economics of Conflict: An Overview                     2006
Economics of Information and the Theory of
Economic Development                                   2004

Economics of the 96/92 Directive with Reference
to Italian Electricity Market Liberalisation Process   2000
Economics of the Stakeholders' Firm                    2006
Economics of Transfer Pricing: A Review                2007
Economics Wins, Psychology Loses, and Society
Pays                                                   2005
Economies of Integration in Banking: An
Application of the Survivor Principle                  2004

Economies, Capital Markets, and Securities Law         2006

Economists' Statement on U.S. Broadband Policy         2006

Economizing Principle in Accounting Research           2006
Economy and Polity in Bentham's Science of
Legislation                                            1999

Economy and Quality of Life in the Roman World         2009
Economy-Energy-Climate Interaction: The Model
Wiagem                                                 2001

Economy-Wide Estimates of the Implications of
Climate Change: Sea Level Rise                         2004
EDACC:01 - A Conceptual Model of European
Digital Accounting                                     2009
Educating the Celtic Cubs: Preliminary Evidence
from a Pilot Survey of Student Technology
Practices and Needs                                    2009

                                                              January 2010
Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs:
Unlocking Entrepreneurial Capabilities to Meet
the Global Challenges of the 21st Century            2009
Education and Decent Work: Concepts, Models
and Indicators                                       2003

Education and Earnings Inequality in Mexico          2004

Education and Entrepreneurship in Industrialized
Countries: A Meta-analysis                           2003

Education Finance Reform and Investment in
Human Capital: Lessons fromCalifornia                2000
Education for Innovation: Entrepreneurial
Breakthroughs vs. Corporate Incremental
Improvements                                         2004
Education for Judicial Aspirants                     2009
Education Hierarchy, Within-Group Competition
and Affirmative Actio                                2005
Education, Distributive Justice and Adverse
Selection                                            2002

Education, Governance and Trade-Related
Technology Diffusion in Latin America                2004
Education, Growth, and Redistribution in the
Presence of Capital Flight                           2006
Education, National Politicies and Social Change
in the Colombian Caribbean 1863-1900 (in
Spanish)                                             2009

Education, Poverty, Political Violence and
Terrorism: Is There a Causal Connection?             2002

Education, Trade Reform and Investment Returns       2001
Education, Welfare, and the "New"
Federalism:State Budgeting in a Federalist Public
Economy                                              2004

Educational (Work) Performance in African
Countries: Problems, Policies and Prospects          2007
Educational Expansion: Evidence and
Interpretation                                       2004

Educational Opportunity and Income Inequality        2004

Educational Opportunity and Income Inequality        2006

Educational Qualification, Work Status and
Entrepreneurship in Italy: An Exploratory Analysis   2006

Educational Qualification, Work Status and
Entrepreneurship in Italy: An Exploratory Analysis   2006
e-Entrepreneurship                                   2006
Effect of a School Finance Reform on Housing
and Residential Segregation: Evidence from
Proposal A in Michigan                               2004

                                                            January 2010
Effect of Accounting Discretion on Ability of
Managers to Smooth Earnings                           2005

Effect of Corporate Governance on Bond Ratings
and Yields: The Role of Institutional Investors and
Outside Directors                                     2001
Effect of Derivative Accounting Rules on
Corporate Risk-Management Behavior                    2006
Effect of Expected Future Government Deficits on
Current Economic Activity                             2004

Effect of Federal Funds Rate Announcements on
Euro/Dollar Exchange using High Frequency Data        2006
Effect of Fund Size on the Performance of
Balanced Mutual Funds: An Empirical Study in the
Indian Context                                        2009

Effect of Information Technology Investments on
Customer Satisfaction: Theory and Evidence            2006
Effect of Market Efficiency on Market
Development for Athens Stock Exchange                 2009
Effect of Option Listing on Price Reactions to
Earnings Announcements                                2006
Effect of Personal Taxes on Managers' Decision
to Sell Unrestricted Equity                           2005

Effect of Principles-Based Versus Rules-Based
Standards and Auditor Type on Financial
Managers' Reporting Judgments                         2008

Effect of Principles-Based Versus Rules-Based
Standards and Auditor Type on Financial
Managers' Reporting Judgments                         2009
Effect of Sarbanes-Oxley Act on the Influencing of
Executive Compensation                                2006

Effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on CEOs' Stock
Ownership and Pay-Performance Sensitivity             2008

Effect of Ultrasonic Irradiation on Concentration
of COD in Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)               2009
Effective 'Estee-Te' Tax Planning Through
Financial Engineering: Estee Lauder Companies
Inc.                                                  2008
Effective Foundation Boards: The Importance of
Roles                                                 2005
Effective Humanitarian Assistance to Southern
Sudan: The Legal, Political and Economic
Constraints                                           2002
Effective Implementation of Generic Market
Models                                                2006
Effective Labor Regulation and Microeconomic
Flexibility                                           2004
Effective Labor Regulation and Microeconomic
Flexibility                                           2004

                                                             January 2010
Effective Marginal Tax Rates for US Investors in
Germany and Europe - An Analysis of Recent Tax
Reforms in Germany                                   2003
Effective Marginal Tax Rates on Low-Income
Households                                           1999
Effective Protection Redux                           2000
Effective Protection, Policy Appraisal and Trade
Policy Reform                                        2003

Effective Tax Rate Changes and Earnings Stripping
Following Corporate Inversion                        2004
Effectiveness of CPPI Strategies under Discrete-
Time Trading                                         2006
Effects of Accounting-Method Choices on
Subjective Performance-Measure Weighting:
Experimental Evidence on Precision and Error
Covariance                                           2005
Effects of Accruals, Cash Flows, and Taxes on
Earnings Management: Evidence from Chile and
Malaysia                                             2008
Effects of Air Quality Regulation                    2000

Effects of Air Quality Regulation on Decisions of
Firms in Polluting Industries                        2000

Effects of Alternative Tax Reform Models on the
Income Distribution of Liberal Professions and
Other Occupations                                    2008

Effects of Anonymous Whistle-Blowing &
Perceived Reputation Threats on Investigations
of Whistle-Blowing Allegations by Audit
Committee Members                                    2008
Effects of Attrition and Non-Response in the
Health and Retirement Study                          2006

Effects of Audit Quality on Cost of Equity Capital
and Earnings Management: Evidence from China         2008

Effects of Auditors' Concession Timing on
Financial Officers' Negotiation Judgments            2007
Effects of Bank Regulation and Lender Location
on Loan Spreads                                      2005
Effects of Business Environment on Operations
Strategy: An Empirical Study of Retail Firms in
China                                                2009
Effects of Changes in Index Composition on Stock
Market: Evidence from the Istanbul Stock
Exchange                                             2001

Effects of Comprehensive-Income Characteristics
on Nonprofessional Investors' Judgments: The
Role of Financial-Statement Format                   2000

Effects of Concept Mapping Strategy on Business
and Economics Statistics Learning Performance        2006

                                                            January 2010
Effects of Corporate Governance and Board
Equity Ownership on Earnings Quality                2006

Effects of Earnings Opacity Internationally         2003
Effects of Education on Earnings Inequality in
Urban China: 1988-2003                              2009
Effects of Employee Achievement and Social
Context on the Use of Power to Affect
Performance in China                                2003

Effects of Employment Protection and Product
Market Regulations on the Italian Labor Market      2003

Effects of Employment Protection and Product
Market Regulations on the Italian Labor Market      2004

Effects of Employment Protection on Worker and
Job Flows: Evidence from the 1990 Italian Reform    2005

Effects of Employment Protection on Worker and
Job Flows: Evidence from the 1990 Italian Reform    2005

Effects of Employment Protection on Worker and
Job Flows: Evidence from the 1990 Italian Reform    2005

Effects of Exposure to Subsequently Invalidated
Evidence on Judgments of Audit Workpaper
Preparers and Reviewers                             2008
Effects of Fiscal Policy on the Durability of Low
Inflation Regimes                                   2003

Effects of German Reform of the Company
Taxation 2008 and the Austrian Group Taxation
on the Transnational Enterprise Acquisition
(Auswirkungen der deutschen
Unternehmensteuerreform 2008 und der
oesterreichischen Gruppenbesteuerung auf den
grenzueberschreitenden Unternehmenserwerb)          2008

Effects of Increased Reporting Frequency on
Nonprofessional Investors' Earnings Predictions     2007

Effects of Individual Development Accounts on
Asset Purchases and Saving Behavior: Evidence
from a Controlled Experiment                        2007
Effects of Introducing Compulsory Social
Insurance Contributions on Marginal
Employment in '630-DM Jobs' - An Evaluation of
the Reform Law                                      2003
Effects of Low-Cost Offsets on Energy Investment
- New Perspectives on REDD                          2009
Effects of Oil Price Shocks on German Business
Cycles                                              2005

                                                           January 2010
Effects of Old-Age Insurance on Female
Retirement: Evidence from Cross-Country Time-
Series Data                                            2001

Effects of Organizational Process Change on
Management Control Systems and Revelations of
Managers' Private Knowledge Process Change             2005

Effects of Pensions on Saving:Analysis with Data
from the Health andRetirement Study                    1998

Effects of Price Limits on Volatility: Evidence from
the Istanbul Stock Exchange                            2002
Effects of Qualitative Factor Salience, Expressed
Client Concern, and Qualitative Materiality
Thresholds on Auditors' Audit Adjustment
Decisions                                              2007
Effects of Subordinate Likeability and Balanced
Scorecard Format on Permformance-Related
Judgments                                              2006

Effects of Tax Depreciation Rules on Firms'
Investment Decisions in an Inflationary Phase:
Comparison of Net Present Values in Selected
OECD Countries                                         2001

Effects of Technological Improvement in the ICT-
Producing Sector on Business Activity                  2006

Effects of the Agency Cost of Debt and
Managerial Risk Aversion on Capital Structure:
What can We Learn from All-Equity Firms?               2007
Effects of the European Union Farm Credit
Programs on Efficiency and Productivity of the
Greek Livestock Sector: A Stochastic DEA
Application                                            2009
Effects of the Supply-side Channel on
Stabilisation Properties of Policy Rules               2004
Effects of Urban Growth Controls on Intercity
Commuting                                              2008
Efficacy of Monetary Policy and Limited Asset
Market Participation: Neoclassical vs. Keynesian
Effects                                                2006

Efficiency and Equity of a Marginal Tax Reform:
Income, Quality, and Price Elasticities for Mexico     2004
Efficiency and Expense Preference in Philippines'
Cooperative Rural Banks                                2003
Efficiency and Fairness in Tort Law                    2006
Efficiency and Legitimacy: Trade-Offs in IMF
Governance                                             2006
Efficiency and Regulation in the Sanitation Sector
in Brazil                                              2005
Efficiency Audit: An Assembly of Rationalities and
Programmes                                             1998
Efficiency Claims in EC Competition Law and
Sector-specific Regulation                             2004

                                                              January 2010
Efficiency Defence, Administrative Fuzziness, and
Commitment in Merger Regulation                        2006
Efficiency Defense and Administrative Fuzziness
in Merger Regulation                                   2005

Efficiency Defense: Possible Mitigating Effects in
Presence of Imperfect Redistribution Tools             2005

Efficiency Determinants and Dynamic Efficiency
Changes in Latin American Banking Industries           2008
Efficiency in Financial Regulation and Reform of
Supervisory Authorities: A Survey in the APEC
Region                                                 2002
Efficiency in Repeated Trade with Hidden
Valuations                                             2006
Efficiency Losses from Overlapping Economic
Instruments in European Carbon Emissions
Regulation                                             2006
Efficiency Measures and Regulation: Thai
Electricity Generation                                 2005
Efficiency of Agrarian Organizations                   2006

Efficiency of Banks in Regions at Different Stage
of European Integration Process                        2005

Efficiency of Competitive Equilibria With Hidden
Action: The Role of Separable Preference               2007
Efficiency of French Privatizations: A Dynamic
Vision                                                 2001

Efficiency of Takeover Defence Regulations: A
Critical Analysis of the Takeover Defence Regimes
in Delaware and the UK                                 2009
Efficiency versus Validity: The Dilemma of the
INDOPCO Regulations                                    2006
Efficiency, Equality, and Happiness: On the
Ethical Foundation of Public Policy                    1998
Efficiency, Welfare and Ownership of Private
Information                                            2007

Efficient and Equitable Commodity Taxation:
Micro-Simulations Based on an Estimated
Brazilian Consumer Demand System                       2002
Efficient and Stable Collective Choices under
Crowding Preferences                                   2004
Efficient Arbitrage Under Financial Indexation:
The Case of Chile                                      2006
Efficient Bargaining and the Skill-Structure of
Wages and Employment                                   2006

Efficient Committed Budget for Implementing
Target Audit Probability for Many Inspectees           2009

Efficient Confidentiality for Privacy, Security, and
Confidential Business Information                      2003
Efficient Conjoint Choice Designs in the Presence
of Respondent Heterogeneity                            2008

                                                              January 2010
Efficient Contracts for Digital Content                2005
Efficient Cost Allocation                              2007
Efficient Design with Interdependent Valuations
and an Informed Center                                 2002
Efficient Estimation of Rarely Changing Variables
in Fixed Effects Models                                2004

Efficient Estimation of Stochastic Volatility Using
Noisy Observations: A Multi-Scale Approach             2004
Efficient Expropriation: Sustainable Fiscal Policy
in a Small Open Economy                                2006
Efficient Fiscal Policy and Amplification              2005
Efficient Governance Structures, Corporate
Investment, and Profitability                          2002
Efficient Interconnection Charges and Capacity-
Based Pricing                                          2009

Efficient Nonanthropocentric Nature Protection         2004
Efficient Rules for Monetary Policy                    2000

Efficient Simple Policy Rules and the Implications
of Potential Output Uncertainty                        2003
Efficient Social Welfare Function and Optimal
Income Distribution                                    2002

Efficient Tests of Stock Return Predictability         2003

Effort and Deliberation: Mitigating Irrelevant
Affect in Accounting Judgments                         2007
E-Finance in Emerging Markets: Is Leapfrogging
Possible?                                              2001

Egalitarianism Against the Veil of Ignorance           2001
Egalitarianism in Multi-Choice Games                   2007
Egalitarianism, Cultural Distance, and FDI: A New
Approach                                               2007
E-Governance: A Case for Good Governance in
Pakistan                                               2009
E-Government Development in Brazil and the
Role of Fiscal Adjustment                              2005

E-Government: Developing State
Communications in a Free Media Environment             2001

Egypt after the Multi-Fiber Arrangement: Global
Apparel and Textile Supply Chains as a Route for
Industrial Upgrading                                   2005
Elder Guardianship Kaleidoscope - A Comparative
Perspective                                            2003

Elder Parent Health and the Migration Decision of
Adult Children: Evidence from Rural China              2005
Elections, Contracts and Markets                       2006
Elections, Contracts and Markets                       2006
Elections, Fiscal Policy and Growth: Revisiting the
Mechanism                                              2002
Elections, Special Interests and the Fiscal Costs of
Financial Crisis                                       2004

                                                              January 2010
Elective Identities, (Culture, Identization and
Integration)                                          2003

Electoral Accountability and Corruption: Evidence
from the Audits of Local Governments                  2009
Electoral College Reform is Heating Up, and
Posing Some Tough Choices                             2006

Electoral Cycles in Crime in a Developing Country:
Evidence from the Indian States                       2006
Electoral Strategies in Mixed Systems of
Representation                                        2003
Electoral Systems and Public Spending                 2006
Electoral Uncertainty, Fiscal Policies & Growth:
Theory and Evidence from Germany, the UK and
the US                                                2003
Electoral Uncertainty, Fiscal Policy and
Macroeconomic Fluctuations                            2005
Electric Power Grid Interconnection in Northeast
Asia                                                  2005

Electricity and Telecommunications Regulation in
Small and Developing Countries                        2002
Electricity Auctions in Brazil                        2005
Electricity Derivatives and the Spot Market in
Italy. Mitigating Market Power in the Electricity
Market                                                2005
Electricity Market Liberalization in Europe -
Who's Got the Power?                                  2005
Electricity Market Monitoring and the Economics
of Regulation                                         2007

Electricity Sector Reform in Developing
Countries: A Survey off Empirical Evidence on
Determinants and Performance                          2005
Electricity Transmission Pricing and Performance-
Based Regulation                                      2005
Electronic Commerce and Free Speech                   2000

Electronic Filing, Tax Preparers, and Participation
in the Earned Income Tax Credit                       2006
Electronic Finance: Reshaping the Financial
Landscape Around the World                            2001

Electronic Government and Electronic Civics           2003
Electronic Money: Its Economic, Social, Political,
and Environmental Impact                              2009

Electronic Security: Risk Mitigation in Financial
Transactions - Public Policy Issues                   2004
Electronic Trading on Futures Exchanges               2007
Electronic vs. Face-to-Face Review: The Effects of
Alternative Forms of Review on Auditors'
Performance                                           2003
Elements of Optimal Monetary Policy Committee
Design                                                2007

                                                             January 2010
Eliciting Demand Information through Cheap
Talk: An Argument in Favor of Price Regulations      2005

Eliciting Demand Information through Cheap
Talk: An Argument in Favour of Price Regulations     2006
Eliminating the Audit Expectations Gap: Reality or
Myth?                                                2009
Elimination of Social Security in a Dynastic
Framework                                            2006
Elusive Europeanisation: Liberalising Road
Haulage in the European Union                        2001

Embedded Co-operation in the Context of
Singapore's Investment Enclaves in Indonesia and
Vietnam: A Strategy Reconsidered                     2004

Embedding Mutual Recognition at the WTO              2006

EM-BrA2CE v0.1: A Vocabulary and Execution
Model for Declarative Business Process Modeling      2008

Embracing the Market: Entry into Self-
Employment in Transitional China, 1978-1996          2003

Embracing Uncertainty, Complexity and Change:
An Eco-Pragmatic Reinvention of a First
Generation Environmental Law                         2005

Emergence and Persistence of Inefficient States      2006

Emergence and Persistence of Inefficient States      2006

Emergence of a Complex Global Culture:
Challenge for an Innovative Research Strategy        2006
Emergence of a Global Brain: For and from World
Governance                                           2005

Emergence of the Gulf of Guinea in the Global
Economy: Prospects and Challenges                    2006

Emergency Communications: The Quest for
Interoperability in the United States and Europe     2002
Emergency Short Selling Restrictions in the
Course of the Financial Crisis                       2009
Emerging Bonds Markets Crises and Contagion:
Extreme Dependence                                   2006
Emerging Capital Markets: Opportunities and
Risks                                                2006
Emerging Equity Market Volatility                    2000
Emerging Equity Market Volatility                    2005
Emerging Equity Markets and Economic
Development                                          2000
Emerging Equity Markets and Economic
Development                                          2000
Emerging Floaters: Pass-Throughs and (Some)
New Commodity Currencies                             2009

                                                            January 2010
Emerging Infrastructure Policy Issues in
Developing Countries: A Survey of the Recent
Economic Literature                                  2004
Emerging Issues in Banking Regulation                2003

Emerging Market Bond Spreads and Sovereign
Credit Ratings: Reconciling Market Views with
Economic Fundamentals                                2001
Emerging Market Business Cycles: The Cycle is
the Trend                                            2004

Emerging Market Business Groups, Foreign
Investors, and Corporate Governance                  1999

Emerging M