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					  Accountable       Project Title                                                Summary
Akademi           Re-act             Through this community based ESF and LSC supported project, school excluded young people
                                     in Central London are using theatre, video, music and dance to help them regain their
                                     commitment to learning and training, to build their employability skills and to increase their
                                     future employment prospects.
Akademi           Aspire             Through this community-based ESF and LSC supported project, young minority ethnic people
                                     will skills for life needs in central London are using theatre, video, music and dance to help
                                     them regain their commitment to learning and training, to build their employability skills and to
                                     increase their future employment prospects.
AmicusHorizon     Get On             Get On will facilitate the uptake of learning opportunities to groups currently excluded from
Group Ltd                            learning because of multiple barriers, building practical skills, work readiness, confidence and
                                     comprehensive knowledge of the labour market, through the provision of a flexible package of
                                     training tailored to meet individual need. The programme will deliver a range of vocational and
                                     developmental accredited courses, supported by one-to-one action planning with ongoing
                                     review, basic skills training, and financial support mechanisms to facilitate accessibility. Get On
                                     is designed to enable participants to develop the skills, confidence and motivation to move onto
                                     further education and economically viable, sustainable employment.

Cambridge       Get on at Work       This project will develop sector specific employer-led strategies and marketing materials to
Training and                         address the skills for life needs of employees in the following sectors: hospitality, travel and
Development Ltd                      tourism, creative arts, health, voluntary, early years, retail, construction, manufacturing,
                                     transport and logistics, business and professional services and new media. It will result in 200
                                     SMEs undertaking a training needs analysis and 400 individual referrals to skills for life
                                     provision for initial assessment. It is supported by a partnership which includes the Business
                                     Link, the Adult Basic Skills Strategy Unit "Move On" Project London team, further education
                                     colleges, the private sector, employers and Sector Skills Councils.

Camden            The Moving on      A partnership programme between CASA and City and Islington College will support adults with
Alcoholics        Project            an alcohol problem into adult and continuing learning. The programme has run successfully
Support                              with LSC co-financing for the past two years. Over the next two years the programme will work
Association Ltd                      with 69 economically inactive individuals. In addition to their alcohol problem, 13 (19%)
                                     beneficiaries will be disabled, 17 (25%) will be aged 50+, 26 (38%) will be from minority ethnic
                                     communities, 60 (87%) will be long term unemployed. the programme will enable: 38
                                     beneficiaries to meet their learning aims; 16 beneficiaries to enter college.

Camden Jobtrain Advance to           The project will look to promote the engagement of young people with the Apprenticeship
                Apprenticeship       learning/career route. The project will deliver a pre-apprenticeship learning programme
                (A2)                 designed to prepare individuals with the needs and processes associated with the
                                     apprenticeship framework. The project will focus on those individuals who have completed an
                                     e2e programme, but have failed to make a clear progression. Many completers of e2e
                                     programmes have a desire to progress into an apprenticeship, but are excluded by the key
                                     skills aspect of the framework. A2A will ensure that all learners receive accelerated learning
                                     within the appropriate key skills areas, thereby ensuring all e2e achievers have access to an
                                     apprenticeship. The project will also ensure that employers and managing apprenticeship
                                     agents are coordinated to allow each e2e completer a seamless transition into a formal

Cardboard         Access to         This integrated project will promote opportunities for lifelong learning through developing
Citizens Ltd      Cultural Learning promotional material to engage and recruit homeless men and women form deprived in central
                                    London. Through extensive links with statutory and voluntary/community homeless agencies,
                                    the project will recruit 450 homeless individuals and deliver 600 taster courses in creative and
                                    cultural industries - including music, theatre, dance and circus skills - that will motivate and
                                    inspire beneficiaries to further learning. 300 beneficiaries will complete their taster courses and
                                    receive detailed IAG and careers counselling; 150 will enrol on accredited learning, benefiting
                                    from Cardboard Citizen's links with learning providers in central London.
Careers           I Me              Support and mentoring for and Care Leavers in Islington. The project partners will provide a
Enterprise                          mentoring service consisting of Peer Mentors, HE Mentors and Business Mentors to 120 young
Limited                             people in care. There will be a Personal Advisor from Connexions with a caseload of 200 young
                                    people in care and care leavers. There will also be support from the Islington Leaving Care
Headliners        Write On!         In line with 2.2E Children's Express 'Write On!@ project will engage 150 young people aged 16 -
                                    19 at risk of long term unemployment in an alternative learning programme that will raise their
                                    expectations, motivate them and promote their engagement in the wider community. In groups
                                    of 5 - 10 participants will learn skills such as interview techniques, story development,
                                    reviewing, writing and story pitching, as well as video and photography. Immediate outputs
                                    include publication or broadcast of stories created by hard to reach young people. 97
                                    beneficiaries will obtain accredited L1 & L2 learning, 65 will move into FE/HE and 25 into jobs.

Circles Network   Empowerment to The project will take a person centred approach, using a range of Person Centred Planning
                  Employment     tools as highlighted in the Government strategy 'Valuing People' (2002). We will provide
                                 empowering opportunities for disabled individuals by giving them the desire and skills to make
                                 changes in their lives and by working with employers to provide real opportunities to experience
                                 work, but also meet the needs they have for training in disability equality. Beneficiaries will also
                                 be offered mentoring in the form of Circles of Support to overcome barriers to accessing the
                                 employment market. Circles of Support have proved an effective tool in the development of
                                 strong systems of ensuring cost effective, user led support.

City and Islington ITQ for SMEs     This project will deliver high quality IT training to employees of local SMEs The project will build
College                             on the experience of the college in delivering the ITQ pilot and will concentrate on producing
                                    high quality assessors to meet the rigorous needs of the qualification. Local firms will be offered
                                    a combination of online, workshop and work-based learning to enhance flexibility and ensure
                                    high retention rates. The project will meet a local need for high standards of IT user skills in a
                                    variety of sector and develop a strong of pool of assessors to support the increasing roll out of
                                    the ITQ.

City of           Future Links      The programme aims to provide 1200 young people aged 16-24, who are at risk of social
Westminster                         exclusion, with a menu of aspirational activities to improve motivation, self-esteem and
(London Central                     attendance. The activities will include e-mentoring, online work related learning, career events,
Education                           work place visits involving positive role models from business and higher education. A key
Business                            message delivered in all the activities will be the importance of staying in learning and
Alliance)                           preparing young people for the world of work.
City of           Future Plus       The programme aims to provide 600 young people, who are at risk of social exclusion with a
Westminster                         menu of aspirational activities to improve motivation, self-esteem and attendance. The
(London Central                     activities will include e-mentoring, on-line work related learning, career events, work place visits
Education                           involving positive role models from businesses and higher education. A key message delivered
Business                            in all the activities will be the importance of staying in learning and preparing young people for
Alliance)                           the world of work.
City of           Pathways to       Pathways to learning will provide adults with mental health difficulties who live or access
Westminster       Learning          services in Westminster with new peer and professional support to engage with community and
(Westminster                        mainstream education. Beneficiaries will be able to try out many different course subjects
Adult Education                     through a two year programme of taster sessions, in both familiar community-based and
Service)                            mainstream college settings, and will receive appropriate advice and guidance from project
                                    staff. New marketing materials will be developed. Project activities will lead to participants
                                    accessing further learning opportunities.

City of           Pathways to       The P2A project will offer learners the opportunity to move into employment and access
Westminster       Apprenticeships   apprenticeship provision. Approximately 125 young unemployed people will be targeted and
College                             engaged during the project. They will attend focused learning provision lasting 9 weeks centred
                                    around the world of work, employability. In addition, beneficiaries will receive key skills training
                                    and an introduction to apprenticeships, including technical certificates, NVQs and portfolio
                                    building and assessment. Furthermore, they will have access to additional learner support and
                                    be paid a training allowance. Learners will receive individual support to ensure them to progress
                                    through a learning plan and targeted activities.
City of            Removing the       The RTNB project will offer, across northern central London beneficiaries an opportunity to
Westminster        NEET Barriers      follow a low level programme of study with the primary objective of enabling progression to
College                               Entry 2 Employment. The project will initially assess and action plan beneficiaries - working
                                      closely with them and providing mentor support. In addition, focus will be made on gaining
                                      accreditation for work undertaken in order to boost confidence and enable beneficiaries to
                                      reach an appropriate level for progression. During the project, beneficiaries will receive and
                                      attendance related allowance to incentivise their project stay.

Dawliffe Hall      Baytree Skills for This project offers accredited skills for life courses in ESOL, literacy and numeracy to 250
Educational        Life Project       women who are either long-term unemployed or economically inactive. The accredited literacy
Foundation                            courses will be complemented by a specially designed, innovative literacy programme adapted
                                      to the needs of ESOL clients. All beneficiaries will receive additional support to help them
                                      progress towards work, including intensive one to one mentoring, accredited personal and
                                      social development, jobskills showcase, employment advice and a clear future strategy. The
                                      project will primarily target women from minority ethnic groups and refugees

Fairbridge         Fairbridge and     Fairbridge in London and Raleigh International , supported by Central London Connexions and
                   Raleigh            Point Blank, will work with 50 disadvantaged young people from Southwark who are NEET or
                   International in   at risk of becoming NEET. Providing a holistic course using a wide range of workshops and
                   Partnership in     activities, the project will improve personal, social and life skills as well as self confidence and
                   Southwark          motivation. With these improved skills and using one to one support and goal setting, the
                                      project will help prepare young people to progress onto education, employment or training.

GHARWEG          GHARWEG IT        The project will deliver basic skills training in IT applications and soft skills including vocational
Advice, Training and Access to     guidance and counselling to support the integration of people from the black and minority
& Careers Centre Education Project communities, especially those who are economically inactive and excluded from the labour
                                   market to support their integration into the wider market. Total numbers of beneficiaries are
                                   180, of which 90 people will undertake IT training and achieve qualifications in new CLAIT. 90
                                   people will be supported to access further education/training. Trainers will develop action plans
                                   and linkages will be undertaken with local educational providers to enhance trainees

Happy              Workplace          Workplace witness will encourage co-operative working between micros and other SMEs by
Computers Ltd      Witness            embedding the workplace witness concept through training and accreditation in the NVQ
                                      assessor award in half (19) of its participating organisations and offering that witness/assessor
                                      to paired companies which do not have the staffing resources to accredit the witness. IT user
                                      skills NVQs will be supplied to 57 participating beneficiaries. Workplace witness is therefore a
                                      capacity building project with built in sustainability and networking potential, building upon
                                      success of the ITQ pilot experience of the 3 constituent partners who continue to share their
                                      experiences and knowledge.

I.E Training       Lifelong Learning Internet Exchange will work in partnership with 5 Las, Ufi London Regional Office, and 9
Centres Ltd        in Libraries      libraries in central London to develop and deliver new promotional material to support the
                                     delivery of 1000 taster course, 500 IAG sessions and 250 progressions to additional learning to
                                     1000 economically central London residents. Delivery will take place throughout an network of
                                     LearnDirect/ UKOnline training and access centres located in libraries in central London. The
                                     network benefits from the support of a Head Office team with 10 years experience of working
                                     with partners to engage and deliver training to this beneficiary group. The project benefits from
                                     the support and signposting capabilities of 60 additional UKOnline centres in libraries.

Ilderton Motor     Ilderton Motor    A Lambeth-based training project to engage socially-excluded 13-17 year old offenders or those
Project            Project for Young at risk of offending, who express an interest in the motor industry. 250 beneficiaries from
                   People            Lambeth, Southwark and Westminster will learn a variety of transferable educational and life
                                     skills - basic skills such as literacy and numeracy, plus motivational and life skills such as
                                     problem solving and teamwork, along with accredited prevocational qualifications in City and
                                     Guilds in motor mechanics. These skills, taught by trainers and supported by mentors, in a non
                                     classroom environment, with the addition of outside activities and visits, will enable
                                     beneficiaries to avoid crime and either return to mainstream education, or to progress to further
                                     education courses, work experience or employment through pre-established and supported
Information       ITQ Users and     The project provides IT user training and assessor training for employees of SMEs and Micros
Horizons Ltd      Assessor          in central London. 182 individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds will be trained, including
                  Training          those with low skill levels and those affected by issues of age, ethnicity and disability.
                                    Beneficiaries from a minimum of 85 organisations will be trained on the new ITQ and assessors
                                    will be trained to meet future demand for the ITQ. Additional benefits include a new employer
                                    forum, increased productivity and greater awareness amongst employers of the benefits of the
                                    ITQ in the work place.

Instant Muscle    Refocus           Refocus will target 800 beneficiaries in need of a streamlined approach to tackle their barriers
                                    to employment. Every beneficiary will undergo a comprehensive screening and have an
                                    individual training plan. Refocus will guide beneficiaries though the multitude of agencies they
                                    are engaged with and refer on where necessary. Mentoring beneficiaries is a key feature of
                                    refocus as it builds confidence, inspires and can become advocacy where necessary.
                                    Structured learning will take place in a job preparation courses, comprising job search toolkit,
                                    soft skills, employability skills and a motivational forum to inspire beneficiaries

Islington         WHAM - Women WHAM will upskill at least 150 women, many BME, to enter traditionally under-represented
Enterprise        Helped to     areas in print and digital media including photo-journalism, music journalism, IT/graphic design,
Agency Ltd        Advance Media video camera work and editing and web design/digital media production through hands-on
                                training and project management experience delivered via practical work placements mentored
                                by project partners. At least 150 trainees will increase their employability; 100 will gain at least
                                one unit of NVQ level 3 or 4 or equivalent (management/leadership, arts administration or
                                digital/video media production) and 50 will progress to employment particularly self-employment
                                - the most common type in these fields.

Islington Training Access to ITQ    The project aims to deliver the new flexible IT user qualification and training package (ITQ) in
Network            and Assessor     the workplace and an accredited assessor accreditation training to meet Micro
                   (ATIA)           organisations/SMEs changing needs and improve skills, employability and progression of their
                                    employees. It will support 150 beneficiaries in achieving ITQ and the assessor (A1) award
                                    training and qualifications at NVQ levels 1/2/3 in the LSC London central area. The project will
                                    specifically target employees in black minority ethnic, women and disabled led enterprises
                                    including the voluntary sector in particular employees who lack basic and ICT skills, literacy and
                                    numeracy and other key and technical skills that are necessary in carrying out their daily
                                    functions. Other target areas will be employees in the SME sector that are at risk due to
                                    technological changes in particular the IT industry.

Islington        Achieving a      Achieving a Quality Standard will work across all 7 CLCVS boroughs through the London
Voluntary Action Quality Standard Central CVS. The project will support 154 voluntary and community sector organisations to gain
Council                           the PQASSO quality standard. It will particularly target organisations working with homeless
                                  people, refugees and lone parents. The provision will take the form of both direct training and a
                                  one-to-one support programme, with organisational representatives engaging with the project
                                  for an average of 10-12 months. The project has a strong commitment to equal opportunities
                                  and will operate a supportive network to empower beneficiaries to succeed.

Jobwise Training Developing         This project is aimed at young unemployed people who would benefit from acquiring new skills,
Ltd              Skills,            qualifications, increased confidence and participating in work experience placements. The
                 Developing         objective is to significantly increase their chances of gaining places on Apprenticeships, or
                 Opportunities      further education. We presently have a very high progression rate of our E2E learners moving
                                    into work placements and would envisage a high percentage of these joining our programme
                                    Lad Pathway (which was given the go ahead by the LSC this month) and then into mainstream
                                    Apprenticeships. All learners will leave with a personal portfolio of work and Milestone
                                    Certificates, but they will also work towards external Key Skill and Technical Certificate
                                    qualifications. All learners will also leave with references and up-to-date CVs.
Joskos Limited   Super User        Super-User targets micro businesses where the owner/senior manager needs to take
                                   immediate action to evaluate the impact of ICT on the business within the context of a business
                                   plan and to choose between the "super-user" and outsourcing routes as solutions.
                                   In particular it addresses the need to:
                                   address staff skills gaps and training needs;
                                   identify improvements to what ICT is used and how;
                                   analyse the costs and benefits of making changes to the use of ICT including;
                                   evaluating opportunities for e-commerce;
                                   determining actions to avoid ICT related risks such as viruses and health and safety issues.
                                   160 IT Users units at Level 3 will be achieved.

Kennedy Scott    Central London:   The objectives of the project are to provide IAG to a minimum of 350 unemployed women in
Ltd              Women into        Central London district leading to 300 women being trained to a level 2 security qualification
                 Security          with SIA certification and work experience and 250 of these finding employment as a
                                   consequence. This will result in greater gender diversity in the security industry, and will assist
                                   the security industry in meetings its needs for SIA certified staff during a time of change.
                                   Furthermore, Kennedy Scott will contribute to the development of a forum for the promotion of
                                   women in the industry.

KHCA Limited     Business Advisor The project will aim to increase the capacity of organisations and individual BME business and
                 Development and information advisers working within the London central communities to provide high quality
                 Accreditation    advice and support, in particular on training and development, to organisations and individuals
                                  seeking support to start or develop enterprises. A development and assessment programme
                                  will be provided to assist organisations and individuals with learning, assessment and
                                  accreditation against the standards of professional competence identified within the SFEDI
                                  occupational standards.

Kings College    Uni4U: Opening    The Uni4U project is aimed at unemployed London residents with skills for life needs. Most
London           Doors             beneficiaries are women aged 25-40 years and a significant proportion will be returning to
                                   education after long periods out of the labour market and formal education. The project will
                                   employ a socially inclusive and tested method of recruiting 500 disadvantaged people to an
                                   ICT/maths/English taster course in a wide range of novel community locations. A minimum of
                                   200 beneficiaries will progress to an ICT/literacy/numeracy programme with experiential pre-
                                   employment workshops supported by dedicated CD/online resources with accreditation for their

Lambeth College BRICCS             BRICCS will work with SMEs and micro enterprises from the construction sector in Central
                                   London. The project will deliver NVQ training and assessment at Level 2 and untilising the
                                   OSAT model, where approprate. It will also enable individuals to attain their CSCS cards and
                                   access demand -led short course provision that will assist in up-skilling the workforce of the
                                   identified SMEs. BRICCS will also seek to build stronger links with major construction
                                   employers working on the Kings Cross and Battersea regeneration programmes in order to
                                   maximise opportunities for sub-contracting with local businesses by these firms.

London Borough Community           The project aims to provide support for unemployed people over 25 yrs from disadvantaged
of Camden      Based First         communities living in Camden, seeking to enter childcare training or employment. The priority
               Steps to            groups will be lone parents, BME communities, homeless people, refugees, disabled people
               Childcare and       and long-term unemployed. The project will meet its aims by providing enhanced training
               Employment          opportunities; volunteer placements; community based mentors; individual learning plans for
                                   beneficiaries; a beneficiary support fund and careers guidance to identify progression routes.
                                   The impact of the project will be to increase the number of people from the priority groups
                                   obtaining qualifications in SfL and ESOL and an improvement in the rates of participation in
                                   these groups. It will also pilot an innovative approach to students needing work based
London Borough ICT Upgrade for     This project will identify and work with businesses considered to be marginalized within the
of Islington   SMEs                business sector, particularly micro businesses and those owned/run by ethnic minorities,
                                   women and those with disabilities. The project will offer practical training and support to
                                   enhance the strategic use of ICT within the SME and micro business sector. Through a range
                                   of training opportunities, one to one support and coaching and networking businesses will
                                   become more effective and competitive in the market, through the practical use of ICT in all its
                                   forms. Through work with the owner/managers and in order to implement real and practical
                                   change, the project will also identify key individuals to receive practical training leading to
                                   recognised qualifications.

London Borough Leading To          This project will provide an opportunity for senior staff and owner/managers of SMEs and micro-
of Islington   Excellence          businesses to become part of an active network. Through seminars and coaching the project
                                   will enable companies to carry out detailed needs analysis and develop a realistic action plan
                                   for their business. Personal coaches will then work with owner/managers to implement these
                                   action plans. For some participating SMEs this will mean taking up training opportunities. The
                                   project will offer employees and owner/managers of SMEs and micro businesses the
                                   opportunity to gain qualifications and skills which will address their core skill needs and
                                   ultimately make their businesses more competitive and efficient. The programme will offer a
                                   wide range of qualifications from first line management and team leading to advance level 3
                                   programmes for experienced owner/managers and senior staff.

London Borough Skills for Living   The project has an innovative partnership of Islington Council, the Voluntary and Community
of Islington                       sector and a Job Brokerage and will provide a range of skills for life opportunities to increase
                                   the employability of beneficiaries. By bringing the partners together we will ensure the needs of
                                   employers are addressed in Skills for Life provision. A strength of the partnership approach is
                                   the three tiers at which beneficiaries can enter the project and gain skills for life support that
                                   meets their needs. This ranges from Letter Writing to NVQ level and one to one Skills for Life
                                   support, linked to the beneficiaries employability.

London Borough Skills Upgrade      This project will work with employees from at least 40 SMEs and micro businesses and will
of Islington   for Employees       target those individuals considered to be most at risk in the labour market, enabling 65
                                   employees to gain the new ITQ qualification. The project will provide tailored IT training to
                                   employees, accessed through a range of flexible delivery techniques including one-to-one
                                   training, workshops and online training. Employees will be given the opportunity to gain both the
                                   new ITQ and the already established ECDL qualifications. In order to meet the demand for
                                   assessors familiar with and experienced in the assessment of the new ITQ, the project will also
                                   train 10 assessors to address the demand for accredited assessors in this qualification.

London Borough Start IT Now        The project will train individuals over the age of 50 in a variety of aspects of ICT. In particular it
of Islington                       will encourage older beneficiaries to take an active interest in using the internet, helping them to
                                   gain confidence to use ICT to access opportunities, information and support which can benefit
                                   their lives in a number of ways. The project will also enable beneficiaries to gain a recognised
                                   qualifications in IT including ITQ, ECDL and New CLAIT.
London Borough Phoenix             This project works with unemployed refugees, providing structured employment development
of Lambeth                         and job matching, underpinned by mentoring, coaching and ongoing support by trained and
(Estate Skills                     experienced staff. Estate skills partnership has a track record of working with hard to reach and
Partnership)                       socially excluded groups and has extensive relationships with a wide range of employers. Basic
                                   skills, ESOL and ICT are also provided to beneficiaries to support their needs in a holistic way
                                   to sustain employment.
London Borough   Raising Our       The L'Ouverture Trust and 198 Gallery projects will deliver an exciting range of innovative soft
of Lambeth       Sights Higher -   and hard learning art based outcomes that will engage 100 (13 to 17 year olds) who are at risk
(Lambeth         Re-Engagement     of becoming NEET. Both programmes will develop beneficiary self motivation with 97
Education        of NEETs          beneficiaries completing a variety of new media web design courses culminating in 57
Business                           beneficiaries achieving 80 OCR or LOCN (level 1 and 2 units) towards NVQ level 1. Another 40
Partnership)                       beneficiaries will achieve non-qualifications that will develop their personal and social skills
                                   towards re-engaging with mainstream education.
London Borough Building on Our       Supported by Wandsworth's Lifelong Learning Development Group, the Building on our Skills
of Wandsworth  Skills                Together (BOOST) project engages with 200 local unemployed individuals in Kensal
                                     (Golbourne, Kensington) and the Alton Estate (Roehampton, Wandsworth) to increase
                                     participation/achievements at pre-entry/entry/levels 1-2 in skills for life. Learning activities are
                                     held inside Kensal and Roehampton public libraries, using resources from a joint LDA - funded
                                     pilot project (ending March 2005). BOOST employs qualified SFL teachers/support staff to
                                     encourage 100 learners to achieve entry level SFL qualifications, and 50 individuals to pass
                                     National tests in literacy/numeracy by March 2007. IAG sessions provided to support
                                     progression to college courses or employment.

London Borough Cool to Care          The Cool to Care project aims to engage unemployed men in realising their potential as
of Wandsworth                        childcarers. The project will build on existing recruitment initiative being undertaken by the
(Early Years and                     governments Sure Start unit and on a local level, by local authorities. A network of
Childcare                            organisations will be established across the seven London Boroughs who's purpose will be to
Service)                             provide a seamless system of referral for unemployed men interested in working in childcare
                                     from an initial point of contact right through to job interviews. The project will be based in
                                     Wandsworth with outreach work being undertaken in all seven Central London boroughs.

London Borough NEET Aiming           The aim of this part project is to target individuals from Wandsworth schools (aged 13-17) who
of Wandsworth  Higher                are at risk of becoming NEET and are academically able and on the schools Aim higher
(Wandsworth                          register. The project will offer a range of interventions to assist in raising aspirations, including
LEA)                                 mentoring, visits to colleges and universities, along with career events with business partners.

London Borough Reach                 This project will further develop and extend the capacity of the main adult training providers and
of Wandsworth                        the VCS providers in Wandsworth to promote lifelong learning opportunities to new target
(Wandsworth                          groups. The project will build on and further develop outreach work, providing taster and "bite
LEA)                                 sized" learning opportunities in innovative and non-traditional learning venues and locations,
                                     targeting ESF priority groups who have not previously and are least likely to participate in
                                     learning. The project will promote and provide tasters in a range of areas including skills for life,
                                     ESOL, ICT, customer service, music technology, creative arts, return to learn, and developing
                                     jobfinding/jobkeeping skills. The project aims to promote and engage learners on a path to
                                     vocational progression routes, and links specifically to the Battersea Powerstation development
                                     and the FRESA priority sectors.

London Borough    Widening Labour    To enable unemployed adults in Wandsworth who face the greatest barriers to employment due
of Wandsworth     Market             to poor basic skills or ESOL needs, to re-engage with learning, achieve certification and
(Wandsworth       Participation      progression to further learning levels. The project targets minority ethnic people, those who are
LEA)              Through Basic      economically inactive, ex-offenders, homeless people, travellers, long-term unemployed,
                  Skills             refugees and asylum seekers. The project will engage 250 beneficiaries, it will deliver Skills for
                                     Life, ESOL and basic skills based, vocational learning opportunities, through the Wandsworth
                                     Life Long Learning Development Group.

London Probation Express Yourself This project is designed to ensure that ex-offenders under Probation community orders are
Board                             enabled to gain recognised basic skills and ESOL Skills for Life qualifications. What
                                  outputs/outcomes that will be delivered. A) Skills for Life assessments for 175 beneficiaries. b)
                                  individual learning plans for 175 beneficiaries. c) Skills for Life training to 175 beneficiaries d)
                                  50 beneficiaries to achieve recognised ESOL Skills for Life at either Entry level 1 or Entry level
                                  2. e) 25 beneficiaries to achieve recognised basic Skills for Life f) 30 beneficiaries to move on
                                  to further learning. g) 10 beneficiaries to move into employment.

London South      Developing         The project's key objective is to work with local learning providers and further education
Bank University   Employer-led       colleges to analyse and strategically resolve the training/qualification needs of their skills for life
                  Strategies for     workforce. We aim to do this through developing and delivering a range of relevant qualification
                  Skills for Life    opportunities at levels 2, 3, 4 (including bridging and skills builder programmes) to those skills
                                     for life teachers and support staff who joined work prior to September 2002, and whose legacy
                                     qualifications are likely to fall short of the new standards and subject specifications. We will
                                     work with FENTO and local employers to ensure sustainability.
London South      Dyslexia and         This project aims to support 750 adults in relation to dyslexia, particularly those working in care
Bank University   Employment           homes, food handling, leisure and hospitality. They will be provided with free dyslexia
                                       screening, individual feedback, additional assessments as appropriate and ongoing support
                                       enable the achievement of qualifications at level 2. The project will provide awareness raising
                                       and support for 350 employers with an emphasis on the benefits of a dyslexia friendly work
                                       environment. Access to progression routes is a significant feature or our plans and choice of

London South      Skills for Life      This is a capacity building project which will raise the quality of Skills for Life for learners by
Bank University   Professional         upskilling voluntary and community sector staff and volunteers. It will provide opportunities for
                  Development for      advice and guidance, self assessment, workshops, mentor training, and accredited Skills for
                  the Voluntary and    Life training at levels 2, 3 and 4 for 100 staff members. The project will strengthen the Skills for
                  Community            Life delivery infrastructure by providing access routes for new staff and embedding good
                  Sector               practice. It will also provide training for work placement tutors and trainer training opportunities,
                                       ensuring skills are embedded and extended and can be cascaded within organisations in the

Metropole         ITQs for the         ITQs for Community Organisations aims to assist voluntary and community organisations
College Ltd       Community            (SMEs and Micro organisations) by improving the employability and progression of their staff
                                       (which will include people with disabilities, BME people and those with low skill levels) to ensure
                                       the possess the relevant skills needed by their employers and the communities the serve.

Multimedia        Hospitality Skills   Through a strong partnership including London Metropolitan University, Business Link for
Marketing.com     Plus                 London, the Hospitality Awarding Body, Transport and General Workers Union and Creative
                                       Change this project will provide 200 small and micro owner managers and/or employees in the
                                       Hospitality, Leisure Travel and Tourism Industries (specifically) targeting women, people with
                                       disabilities; people from ethnic minority communities), tailing and support through a
                                       combination of predominantly e-Learning, work-based learning, mainstream provision and

Nacro             Second Chance        The project will offer a flexible "mobile" outreach and in-house services to include the provision
                                       of basic/key skills training, sports, advice and guidance and job search skills to 13-17 years
                                       olds with compounding issues such as history of offending, at risk of offending, not in formal
                                       education, employment or training (NEET) lack of opportunity and no qualifications with the aim
                                       of re-engaging this client group into education, training or employment. Working with the YOT,
                                       Connexions, Pupil Referral Units, Schools and other support organisation to act as referral
                                       sources and provide specific aspects of the support. Following initial assessment each client
                                       will receive a negotiated individual development plan which will drive learning and support
                                       required. The IDP will set achievable milestones and outcomes, which will be monitored and
                                       reviewed at intervals.

New Horizon      Weekend Skills        The Weekend Skills for Life Project is an innovative partnership between New Horizon Youth
Youth Centre Ltd for Life Project      Centre, a holistic day centre for young people, and Camden ITeC, a specialised provider of
                                       training to people who are unemployed and disaffected with learning. Building on our
                                       complementary expertise and experience, this project will offer high level support, structured
                                       vocational activities and Skills for Life training in ESOL, basic skills and social and life skills to a
                                       minimum of 150 unemployed beneficiaries over a two year period. 75 will achieve Skills for Life
                                       qualifications, and 75 will progress into employment and further study.

New Horizon      Weekend Social        The Weekend Social and Life Skills Project is an innovative partnership between New Horizon
Youth Centre Ltd and Life Skills       Youth Centre, a holistic day centre for young homeless people, and Camden ITeC, a
                 Project               specialised provider of training to people who are unemployed and disaffected with learning.
                                       Building on our complementary expertise and experience, this project will offer high support,
                                       structured vocational activities and LOCN-accredited training in ICT, basic skills and social &
                                       life skills to a minimum of 125 beneficiaries over a 2 year period. 65 will achieve Level 1
                                       qualifications and all 125 will gain entry level credits and make sustainable progress into
                                       employment, education and training.
Nord Anglia       Learning Advice     The project will test and evaluate methods of delivering IAG for employees of SMEs, including
Lifetime                              employees with skills for life needs, supervisors and junior managers, workers being held back
Development                           in their career development by a lack of skills or qualifications, and those most at risk of falling
                                      out of the labour market. The project will operate in a range of settings and contexts and will
                                      focus on a range of business sectors, including tourism, retail, care, and the voluntary and
                                      community sector.
North Central    Men Into Health      The proposal arises from skills and training needs we identified in running the COP and Skills
London Strategic and Social Care      Excel projects. It seeks to get local unemployed men (70) jobs in health and social care. To
Health Authority Employment           provide induction, training and work experience that allows them to attain a full NVQ care
                                      award. The project will also function to help improve the image of working in care, will stimulate
                                      and increase skills capacity of the sector, as required by the care standards act 2000 and
                                      minimum national standards. In addition increasing numbers of BEM elderly men in care
                                      require representative male carers.

Notting Dale      Women in Under- This project provides key skills and Skills for Life training from Entry level to level 3, NVQs from
Technology        Represented     level 1 to level 3 and employment opportunities in the fields of information and communication
Centre            Occupations     technology, multimedia, computer repair and maintenance and motor vehicle engineering.
                                  Other key support measures include: Individualised learning plan, in house creche facilities,
                                  flexible training hours, travel and child care allowance, ESOL, job search training and other
                                  support measures designed specifically to meet the needs of women.
Peabody Trust     OpportunIT          The project uses outreach to connect with and engage economically inactive groups such as
                                      lone parents and carers, the homeless, ex-offenders and people with disabilities. After
                                      assessment for basic skills and ESOL needs, beneficiaries will receive training leading to
                                      progression and accredited training in these areas. Training will be delivered in community
                                      based learning centres equipped with ICT, and IT will be a key tool for assessment and
                                      delivery. Dedicated employment support personnel will work alongside beneficiaries throughout
                                      the course to help them into further learning or jobs.

Peabody Trust     Reach 4 Success The project uses outreach youth work, community based sports and a mobile ICT classroom to
                                  engage 13 to 17 year olds either in danger of being NEET ( not in education, employment or
                                  training), or who have already fallen out of mainstream provision. Once engaged, the project
                                  delivers a range of team based motivational and learning activities to generate self-confidence
                                  and ambition. 80 young people will go into education, employment or training after this
Peabody Trust     ReachIT             The project reaches disadvantaged groups such as the long term unemployed, the homeless,
                                      ex-offenders and refugees by engaging them through informal community activities. These
                                      draw beneficiaries into learning centres based in the heart of their communities and uses IT
                                      (both as a lure and a tool) to deliver Skills for Life, basic and key skills and ESOL qualifications
                                      to beneficiaries. Taster session using the Internet and computer based learning programmes
                                      and a component of the project. Beneficiaries completing the course will go into further learning
                                      or employment.

Pecan Ltd         ICT for Life Long   ICT for life long learning will train 155 clients aged 50+ in ICT skill, stimulating ICT engagement
                  Learning - 50+      and opening the life benefits of ICT. We expect 110 clients to undertake qualifications, including
                  and Hard to         NVQ equivalents o IT levels 1 and 2. We will offer an open access centre for clients not wishing
                  Reach Groups        to work towards a qualification, but wanting to learning basic IT skills. Eight sessions will be
                  Within that         taught weekly, with three streams of clients. We will offer one additional taught session every
                  Community           week in a skill that will enhance ICT life long learning, which will be open to all clients

Portobello      Skills 4 Work and S4WL will recruit 200 SMEs to undertake a training needs analysis leading to 400 individual
Business Centre Life              referrals to skills for life provision for initial assessment and the production of comprehensive
                                  skills for life strategies for each sector. Project activities will include innovative marketing
                                  materials, networking events, websites relevant to each sector, including an online skills audit
                                  and training directory, the utilisation of existing business networks and the creation of new
                                  business forums relevant to SMEs in each sector, in order to develop skills for life strategies.
Presentation      Get Connected      This is a collaborative project which is led by Presentation Housing Association, involving
Housing                              Riverhaven Housing Association, Threshold Housing Association, Tribal Regeneration Ltd,
Association Ltd                      South Thames College of FE, Ufi: London hub (including UK Online Centres) and will deliver
                                     innovation and appropriate attractive and relevant bite-sized taster activities to our target group
                                     (older people, people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, ethnic minority groups and
                                     economically inactive) in highly localised community learning centres, removing barriers to
                                     participation. The objective of this project is to recruit 143 beneficiaries from central London
                                     enabling 143 to participate in learning and to support 50 into vocational learning.

Prevista Ltd      Development        This project will provide innovative, flexible advice, support and training packages on leadership
                  Micro/SME          and management to 250 owner/managers of micro/SMEs in the priority central London
                  Leaders            employment sectors. It will undertake activity to develop the skills of employees of these
                                     micros/SMEs most at risk in the labour market through commitment to the IiP process. Support
                                     will include 250 training needs analyses and action plans and 75 seminars with 150
                                     owner/manager or equivalent qualifications gained, 100 micro/SMEs committing to IiP and 50
                                     gaining IiP accreditation. The project will increase business productivity through developing
                                     skills of owner/managers and upskilling employees.

Prevista Ltd      Project            This project aims to build capacity for 150 micro/SME employees in the VCS to plan, manage,
                  Management         develop, deliver, monitor and evaluate ESF and other public sector funded projects through
                  Training           training on the skills needed for effective project management, including customer care. It will
                                     undertake this through a diagnostic training needs analysis, organisation development plans,
                                     individual action plans and flexibly delivered workshops and seminars leading to 75
                                     beneficiaries from micro/SMEs targeted achieving accreditation towards an APM/IFM or
                                     relevant level 2 award or equivalent.

Prevista Ltd      Project            This project aims to embed a culture of lifelong learning and skills development to foster the
                  Management         competitiveness of 200 micro/SMEs, targeting employees from disadvantaged groups with low
                  Training for       level skills. It will equip them through the provision of training on key elements of project
                  Micro/SMEs         management and requisite skills, including customer care. It will undertake this through
                                     diagnostic training needs analysis, company development plans, individual training plans and
                                     flexibly delivered workshops and seminars leading to 100 beneficiaries achieving major units
                                     towards level 2. It will provide progression routes for 50 who do not complete project activities.

Prospects         Job 4 Us           Job 4 Us will establish an effective advocacy and mentoring programme to help young people
Services Ltd                         with learning difficulties and or/disabilities in Southwark, Lambeth and Wandsworth overcome
                                     barriers to participation in employment. Beneficiaries will have access to an intensive
                                     programme of impartial information, guidance and careers education and receive mentoring
                                     based on a coaching approach. A project evaluation report will be produced for the LSC to
                                     inform future practice beyond the life of the project.
Prospects         New Start 50+      This project will engage 750 beneficiaries across London, booth employed and unemployed
Services Ltd                         people aged 50+ facing disadvantages in the labour market, and improve their lives. Individually
                                     tailored services will break down barriers to employment or career progression and enable
                                     return to work or job change, directly or through targeted training. A partnership of two major
                                     companies with Age Concern in five boroughs, supported by Help the Aged and Third Age
                                     employment network will provide intensive individual guidance, action plans, CV/job search,
                                     motivation and confidence building and ICT training with on going personal adviser support to
                                     individuals to achieve agreed goals.

Prospects         Southwark          SCALP2 will take life long learning to a minimum of 375 beneficiaries from economically
Services Ltd      Community          inactive groups who do not normally participate. The project will work through an existing
                  Advocacy           advocacy programme and other partners and develop new marketing and delivery location in
                  Learning Project   Southwark to attract new beneficiaries. Activities will include individual advocacy, action
                  2                  planning and on going learning support, learning fairs and access to appropriate materials. We
                                     will deliver a range of bite size courses focusing on FRESA priority areas, give accurate, timely
                                     information on further learning and provide support to beneficiaries to access this and achieve
                                     their goals, avoiding social exclusion.
Prospects          Supporting         Supporting Transitions will establish an effective support programme to assist young people in
Services Ltd       Transitions        Southwark Social Services care system make successful transitions from care to independent
                                      living. Beneficiaries will have access to an intensive programme of impartial information,
                                      guidance and careers education and receive mentoring based on a coaching approach. The
                                      project will raise achievement and improve participation in learning and employment, reducing
                                      the rate of young people in care who leave schools without jobs or places in education and
                                      training. A project evaluation report will be produced for the LSC to inform future practice
                                      beyond the life of the project.

Quay               Starcare -         "StarCare: Brokerage for Skills" has two main objectives:
Assessment         Brokerage for      1: to improve SMEs general access to Skills for Life training & vocational short courses
Training Ltd       Skills             2. To deliver direct support to 200 SME employees to help them achieve NVQs
                                      The Project targets those people in the care workforce need most help to gain qualification and
                                      thus, secure their place in the labour market. To achieve its ends, the project will forge links
                                      across a wider partnership and create collaborative systems for the lasting benefit of the care

Quay               StarCare - First StarCare - First Steps is an innovative proposal for linking the recruitment needs of the Care
Assessment         Steps to a Career and Health Sector with practical action to promote equality and diversity. It will operate across 6
Training Ltd       in Care           boroughs and deliver: Training Needs Analysis and a series of Equality and Diversity Training
                                     events for 120 SMEs; A supported, 20-week work placement programme for people from
                                     groups that are disadvantaged in the Labour Market. By its completion, at least 50 people will
                                     be in secure employment, the recruitment practices of participating employers will be improved
                                     and a good practice report will be produced for sector-wide dissemination.

Red Kite           Southwark        An innovative partnership between LWTS and 6 community groups in Southwark will work with
Learning           Community Skills disadvantaged people to widen participation in Skills for Life provision to achieve qualifications
                   for Life Project in Literacy, Numeracy or ESOL. This will lead to greater confidence and motivation enabling
                                    participants to progress by a level and progress to further learning or employment. We will
                                    recruit 220 beneficiaries on to a programme of 10 weeks tuition, taking part at 6 community
                                    centres across Southwark leading to 125 accredited awards. 125 beneficiaries will also either
                                    enter employment or progress to further learning opportunities.

Roots and          Branching Out      The Branching Out project will provide a comprehensive training programme for young people
Shoots                                with an educational statement of need in the NEET Group (16-19 years old), living mainly in the
                                      Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark. We will provide a training programme relevant to
                                      individual needs and aspirations, including through assessment and practical vocational training
                                      leading to NVQ level 1. They will receive Skills for Life provision which will be discrete and
                                      contextualised within their chosen vocational areas. Beneficiaries will receive extensive support
                                      and guidance from experienced staff and Connexions (our partners) as well as relevant and
                                      practical work placements with supportive local employers, complimented by a menu of
                                      jobsearch skills.

Royal Borough of Women Can            Women Can Too will provide guidance, support vocational training and organise structured
Kensington and Too!                   work experience for women who wish to access opportunities in technical areas across the
Chelsea                               creative industries, specially camera, editing, sound and lighting, stagecraft's and location
                                      management. A holistic approach to support individual needs, incorporating: information and
                                      guidance, referral to accredited training, training grants, motivation and orientation course
                                      and/or a work experience preparation/job search course and work experience with the objective
                                      of enhancing paid employment opportunities. We will support up to 64 women beneficiaries,
                                      with approximately 60% from BME groups.

Royal Borough of   Successful         This project will deliver training to enhance the skills and knowledge of practitioners working
Kensington and     Practitioners -    with the NEET group in central London. The target group will be staff working in
Chelsea (Central   Successful         voluntary/training organisations, particularly those funded by the LSC. The project will conduct a
London             Young People       training needs analysis, develop and deliver a menu of accredited training modules, establish a
Connexions)                           NEET practitioners network to share good practice, develop training the trainer packages that
                                      practitioners can use with young people. This will build on the experience of CLC in training
                                      personal advisers and front line staff over the past 3 years.
Royal Borough of XTRA4U              This project will target 320 socially excluded NEET young people, aged 16-19 with multiple
Kensington and                       needs (including ex-offenders, homeless, lone parents) who are "not ready" for mainstream
Chelsea (Central                     EET as conventional methods have failed them. Objectives: 1-to-1 holistic assessment and
London                               support to identify and remove barriers; This follow-on project expands the number and types of
Connexions)                          choices - an individually tailored programme to help beneficiaries progress to mainstream EET;
                                     Bursary system for incentives and equipment to facilitate sustainable progression. Key
                                     outputs/outcomes: 180 individuals achieve sustainable progression in EET; 160 individuals
                                     achieve accreditation; and 320 individual action plans.

Shaftesbury       Project Progress The project will deliver 10 12 week courses for 100 care leavers aged 16-24 and at risk of
Homes and                          becoming NEET, with contact time of between 10 and 15 hours per week. The courses will
Arethusa                           provide activities including arts, media or sports as hook for the delivery of life, vocational and
                                   basic literacy and numeracy skills primarily at pre-e2e, and delivered by an experienced
                                   partnership. Needs identified in each individual's pathway plan will be reflected in the course
                                   content and delivery. Young people will receive long term support after progression to EET.

Share             New Horizons -     The partnership, let by SHARE, will provide training across the Central London boroughs, to 50
Community         Training & Work    disabled Londoners. Beneficiaries will be people with a disability of any kind - physical, mental
Limited           Experience         health problem, sensory impairment or any other health-related barrier to employment.
                  Project            Accredited training in computing, business administration, horticulture and catering,
                                     complemented by activities to enhance confidence, independence and healthy living will
                                     prepare unemployed disabled people for work. Partners will also provide counselling,
                                     independent living and benefits advice, job search support, work experience placements, post-
                                     employment support and outreach to local employers. Project outcomes: 20% of beneficiaries
                                     find employment, 90% gain recognised qualifications.

Southwark Action Opportunities for To address the needs for Skills for Life and ESOL training for unemployed adults over the age
for Voluntary    All               of 25. The key beneficiary groups supported will be ethnic minorities, homeless people, long-
Organisations                      term unemployed, the economically inactive, ex-offenders, refugees and asylum seekers. They
                                   are at great risk of not progressing into further education or employment because of lack of
                                   basic skills. The project is a consortium of voluntary training providers lead by the Council for
                                   Voluntary Services in Southwark. Thus beneficiary tracking and an effective referral source can
                                   be established ensuring wider participation and a forum for ideas and good working practice.

Southwark         SEEDS (Support     SEEDS (support to education for employment delivers success) is designed to recruit young
College           to Education for   people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET), or are in danger of becoming
                  Employment         NEET, onto vocational options at Southwark College and to provide a wide range of support
                  Delivery           that motivates attainment. Support will be delivered inside and outside the classroom. It will be
                  Success)           designed to make learning fun, to help young people's personal and social development and to
                                     increase their self-esteem and self-confidence so that they aspire to raise their achievement
                                     and succeed in education and employment.

Southwark         The IT Skills    This project aims to engage older learners (50+) in ICT-based adult and community learning
College           Exchange Project opportunities, using innovative approaches to encourage self-confidence and motivation to re-
                                   enter education. The provision targets beneficiaries who have a range of experience and ability
                                   levels. Skills gained will develop competence in using the internet, setting up and using a
                                   website, and accessing information, and gives the potential to achieve basic skills, ESOL and
                                   IT vocationally related qualifications. Additional, the project enables beneficiaries to be trained
                                   and engage as mentors, assisting in training their peers whilst on the programme, and the
                                   potential to progress to employment.

Southwark         TRACE - Train      This project is designed to help refugees living in the London Borough of Southwark, Lambeth,
College           Refugees and       Kensington & Chelsea and Wandsworth to progress to a variety of clinical and/or non clinical
                  Create             job roles within the National Health Service or Social Services. Southwark college will co-
                  Employment         ordinate a partnership between the Refugee Council, the London Central Career Pathways in
                  Project            the National Health Service Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) a partnership formed by 4
                                     colleges, Workforce Development Confederations and Job Centre Plus and work with a variety
                                     of smaller refugee community and self help groups to deliver a far reaching support
                                     programme. Beneficiaries will be allocated mentors, engage in work placements, receive job
                                     application support and access vocationally tailored ESOL learning. 120 individual refugees will
                                     benefit from this programme over the two year lifespan of the project.
Springboard         Pathways to        The project will seek to re-engage NEET young people back into learning through a holistic
Islington           Progression        programme of provision incorporating music, multimedia, art, drama and sport. Beneficiaries
                                       will be offered a personal and social development programme customised to meet their specific
                                       individual needs. As part of the programme, they will also be offered access to Skills for Life
                                       provision, vocational tasters and guidance in order to help them identify their preferred learning
                                       and career option. The project will enable participants to work towards the achievement of an
                                       appropriate qualification and support them in progressing to a sustainable destination on either
                                       E2E, NVQ training, Apprenticeships, further education or employment.

St Giles Trust      Creative Skills for Using the creative arts project will engage 160 disadvantaged adults in accredited skills for life
                    Life                learning leading to 75 gaining OCR qualifications up to level 2. Learners will combine skills for
                                        life learning with a choice of either visual arts or drama workshops. Both the visual arts and the
                                        drama workshop programmes have been developed to provide knowledge and skills enabling
                                        learners to progress onto further mainstream training and work placement opportunities. The
                                        project is aimed engaging people who are homeless, disabled, refugees, asylum seekers, lone
                                        parents, travellers, ex-offenders, young socially excluded and long term unemployed.

St. Mungo           Bite Size          This project draws together a unique partnership of homeless sector specialist agencies that
Community                              will work in synergy to provide an integrated programme of first step taster courses targeting
Housing                                economically inactive groups who are least likely to undertake life long learning, particularly
Association Ltd                        disadvantaged and socially excluded groups including the homeless, those at risk of
                                       homelessness and people with skills for life needs. Clients who engage with project will develop
                                       skills, gain confidence and increase self esteem and motivation. The taster courses will be
                                       based on the bite size model and in line with the FRESA priority objectives and flagship

The Royal           Routes to Jobs     Our project aims to provide individually tailored work preparation and employment skills for
Association for     for Deaf People    Deaf people currently unemployed and living in central London boroughs. We will provide a
Deaf People                            fluent BSL mentor to undertake a holistic assessment of the individual and then enhanced
                                       individually tailored packages of support encompassing development plans to enable their skills
                                       to be enhanced and thus increase their employability. The project will provide flexible and
                                       accessible progression routes into vocational training/placements and ongoing mentoring and
                                       support throughout. Outcomes will include the achievement of NVQs/NVQ units and/or
                                       vocational placements, thus increasing 'job readiness' in beneficiaries.

Training for Life   FutureFocus        FutureFocus Sport capitalises on the significant interest in sport demonstrated by many young
Ltd                 Sport              people in order to gain their commitment to positive life change, to improved employability and
                                       to progression into employment or further education in the sport and leisure industry or
                                       elsewhere. Working with 80 young people aged 16-24 who are, or are at risk of becoming,
                                       NEET, FutureFocus Sport will feature 12 week long courses. These include modules on
                                       personal development, healthy lifestyles and an introduction to the sports and fitness industry
                                       and will allow participants to gain accreditation (the community sports leaders award and in
                                       key/basic skills)

Training for Life   Street Sport       Street Sport capitalises on the commitment to football demonstrated by young homeless
Ltd                                    people through their participation in the football league competitions fostered by Street League.
                                       It takes 120 of those participants (16-24) into a further level of activity by providing a twelve
                                       week programme to supplement their football training providing intensive personal
                                       development, primarily through an activity based residential programme, key and basic skills
                                       embedded into their sport activities, IT and community sports delivery. It will provide the
                                       opportunity for accreditation in all of these areas and will facilitate progression into more
                                       structured learning or into employment.

Tribal           Get Connected-        Predominantly aimed at social housing tenants and their families, this project will widen
Regeneration Ltd Local Learning        participation amongst people from groups not traditionally participating in lifelong learning
                                       through the promotion and delivery of highly localised attractive, innovative and relevant bite-
                                       sized taster activities. It will target a minimum of 667 people least likely to undertake lifelong
                                       learning, including older people, those with skills for life needs, lone parents, under participating
                                       ethnic groups, women and the flexibly employed. Outputs will include a minimum of 667 taster
                                       place delivered, 334 beneficiaries signposted to further learning opportunities and 167
                                       individuals embarking on further learning.
UFI Ltd           Six Step Library   Using well established adult and community learning infrastructure of local public libraries, this
                  Progression        project will deliver a proven learner engagement and progression model for older people and
                  Route              hard to reach in five central London boroughs. One thousand older people and hard to reach
                                     individuals will complete a taster session of learning at their local library UK online centre. Five
                                     hundred will continue their learning progression to skills for life courses and ICT courses
                                     undertaken at learndirect library centres. Completion of these courses will result in Adult Basic
                                     Skills National Certificates, European Computer Driving Licences or ITQs.

Uganda Aids       Young African       Camden and Westminster Refugee Training Partnership and the Uganda AIDS Action Fund
Action Fund       Learners Initiative propose to deliver a training and personal development programme to young people living in
                                      designated wards in Camden and Southwark. The bulk of the work will be delivered in pre-
                                      booked rooms and foyers at various council estates and community venues. Project staff and
                                      trainers will deliver one to one and group sessions to beneficiaries literally outside their
                                      doorstep. The detached training model will ensure that small groups of people are targeted
                                      each time leading to more effective interventions. Permission will be sought from each of the
                                      estates on commencement of the programme.

V P Tech and      ICT Security and To develop a platform of expertise for SMEs to deliver a coherent, comprehensive and
Investment        Wireless 4 SMEs collaborative approach to bridge the skill shortage gaps and barriers in ICT learning of SME.
Limited T/A                        The project meets FRESA/e-skills objectives in building the workforce in the priority learning
eCademy                            area through flexible portfolio of training provision for 300 initial assessment engagements of
                                   SMEs and CWNA qualification, spread over cross-sectors of industry.
                                   The target clients are BMEs, Women and excluded employees and employees with low ICT
                                   skills and qualifications. The project will combat businesses' needs facing tight competition ad
                                   fearing survival threats due to the lack of adequate skills and resources.

Voluntary Action Accredited          To deliver accredited training in project management NVQ 2, with option to progress to 2 units
Camden           Training in         of NVQ 4, to voluntary and community groups, thereby improving capacity to deliver ESF and
                 Project             other project. This in turn will enhance the ability of communities to deliver high quality services,
                 Management          encourage participation and empower people to positively address issues affecting quality of
                                     life and work. The project, by keying into the formal and informal community networks, will
                                     target black, minority ethnic, refugee and disability groups. The individuals taking part will
                                     increase their skills and confidence hence improving their current and future labour market

Voluntary Action LOTS (Linking      LOTS is a partnership project bringing together key organisations supporting voluntary and
Westminster      Organisational     community sector organisations involved in the learning and skills agenda with the
                 Training & Skills) economically inactive in central London. These are the 7 CVS in the central London LSC
                                    boroughs which form the Central London CVS (CLCVS) Network, LVSC and the Central
                                    London Learning and Skills Forum. Local networks will be linked to sub-regional and regional
                                    structures through the partners. The project will provide a range of capacity building measures
                                    to local groups, so that they will be better equipped to enable the economically inactive to
                                    access lifelong learning activities.

Westminster       Link-In            This project builds on experience of key partners in delivering level 2 qualifications in Basic
Kingsway                             Skills Awareness to staff in libraries, within Link UP, UK Online, BOOST and CLASSIC
College                              projects, thereby ensuring the successful identification and support of Skilled for Life Learners.
                                     Employees working in wards of highest deprivation, across central London will ensure an
                                     increase in the take up of Skills for Life (S4L) qualifications and learning opportunities by adults
                                     over the age of 25 years. They will be supported to carry out an initial S4L screening with
                                     potential learners, and signpost and track them through the particular pathways which suit their
                                     needs, including S4L qualification, to further learning, employment, advice and guidance, and
                                     gaining the national S4L tests.

Wine & Spirit     The Perfect Pour - The 'Perfect Pour' project will equip the employees of micro businesses & SMEs in various
Education Trust   Profit Through     areas of 'Hospitality' with industry requisite skills (at levels 1 & 2) which will also help to
Ltd               Investment in      increase the employability within the sector, of the individuals targeted. By forging durable
                  Skills             employer networks via the mechanism of business 'clusters', by providing trainer training and
                                     by including a sharply focussed 'menu' of learning options underpinned by workforce
                                     development planning, PP will address barriers to participation and will build the capacity of
                                     employers, ensuring that they can both contribute effectively to and reap maximum benefit from
                                     leisure and tourism activity in the capital.
Wise Owls         Age Works         Provide LSCLC wide training needs analysis, training and support to 200 employers, managers
Employment                          and training in equalities and diversity, with our partners ACAS, plus to provide 100 work
Agency Limited                      placements and support to socially excluded disadvantaged in the labour market, leading to 50
                                    beneficiaries into stable employment, particularly the over 50s and ethnic minorities. This will
                                    draw on our successful experience in these areas and that of our consortium of delivery
                                    partners. We will work with other measure deliverers to support other target groups of those
                                    experiencing disadvantage in the labour market.

Work Based        Nxt Level         Nxt Level provides 12 week courses for 16-24 year olds who are ex-offenders or at risk of
Learning Alliance                   offending. Provision will be aimed at pre-entry level learners with inbuilt progression pathways.
                                    Nxt level will recruit 300 young people form across central London into locally based projects
                                    delivering a range of sports, media, music and arts activities combined with basic skills, ESOL
                                    and vocational learning. Each beneficiary will receive an individual learning plan based upon an
                                    initial assessment. Of the 300 young people, 150 will achieve qualifications and 180 will
                                    progress into learning, training or employment.

Work Based        Work Up           Work-Up provides 10 week Pre-Apprenticeship courses for young unemployed people aged 16-
Learning Alliance                   24, including those with Skills for Life needs. The project will be run by a Lambeth-Southwark
                                    cross-borough partnership. Work Up will recruit 62 young people from across Lambeth and
                                    Southwark into work based learning provision delivering a broad vocational offer. This will
                                    comprise delivery of structured learning based on Key Skills, NVQ knowledge and
                                    understanding and Technical Certificates. Each beneficiary will receive an individual learning
                                    plan based upon an initial assessment. Of the 62 young people 85% will achieve qualifications
                                    and 46 (75%) will progress into further training or employment.

Wine & Spirit     The Perfect Pour - The 'Perfect Pour' project will equip the employees of micro businesses & SMEs in various
Education Trust   Profit Through     areas of 'Hospitality' with industry requisite skills (at levels 1 & 2) which will also help to
Ltd               Investment in      increase the employability within the sector, of the individuals targeted. By forging durable
                  Skills             employer networks via the mechanism of business 'clusters', by providing trainer training and
                                     by including a sharply focussed 'menu' of learning options underpinned by workforce
                                     development planning, PP will address barriers to participation and will build the capacity of
                                     employers, ensuring that they can both contribute effectively to and reap maximum benefit from
                                     leisure and tourism activity in the capital.

Joskos Limited    Super User        Super-User targets micro businesses where the owner/senior manager needs to take
                                    immediate action to evaluate the impact of ICT on the business within the context of a business
                                    plan and to choose between the "super-user" and outsourcing routes as solutions.
                                    In particular it addresses the need to:
                                    address staff skills gaps and training needs;
                                    identify improvements to what ICT is used and how;
                                    analyse the costs and benefits of making changes to the use of ICT including;
                                    evaluating opportunities for e-commerce;
                                    determining actions to avoid ICT related risks such as viruses and health and safety issues.
                                    160 IT Users units at Level 3 will be achieved.

V P Tech and      ICT Security and To develop a platform of expertise for SMEs to deliver a coherent, comprehensive and
Investment        Wireless 4 SMEs collaborative approach to bridge the skill shortage gaps and barriers in ICT learning of SME.
Limited T/A                        The project meets FRESA/e-skills objectives in building the workforce in the priority learning
eCademy                            area through flexible portfolio of training provision for 300 initial assessment engagements of
                                   SMEs and CWNA qualification, spread over cross-sectors of industry.
                                   The target clients are BMEs, Women and excluded employees and employees with low ICT
                                   skills and qualifications. The project will combat businesses' needs facing tight competition ad
                                   fearing survival threats due to the lack of adequate skills and resources.

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