NC - CWA Local 3105 - District 3.xls by shensengvf



NAME                      EXCH   TITLE                            NCS
JAMES NEWTON              LRBG   Operator                          4/18/1988
EMEKER BAXTER             CHRL   Sales Associate                   1/19/2004
NICOLE HENDERSON          CHRL   Sales Associate                    5/1/2006
MARY MCCALL               CHRL   Sales Associate                   6/16/2005
LOTRICA SAULSBERRY        CHRL   Sales Associate                   2/27/1999
TRACY SHARPE              CHRL   Sales Associate                   3/15/2004
BARBARA ROYSTER           CHRL   Billing Verification Assistant    1/17/1980
TONY ALLEN                GNBO   Collections Representative         3/6/2005
TIRENA ANDERSON           GNBO   Collections Representative        5/12/2000
LOYCENA AUTRY-HUNTLEY     GNBO   Collections Representative         1/5/1998
MELISSA AUXIER            GNBO   Collections Representative        5/28/2002
ROBIN BAINES              GNBO   Collections Representative         3/1/2000
MELODY BANKHEAD           GNBO   Collections Representative         4/2/2001
JOHN BART-PLANGE          GNBO   Collections Representative         9/3/2002
CHRISTOPHER BELL          GNBO   Collections Representative        4/29/2002
TIRRIA BENTON             GNBO   Collections Representative        1/24/2000
MABLE BLACKMON            GNBO   Collections Representative        3/14/1998
PETRINA BOWMAN            GNBO   Collections Representative        2/11/1985
VICKIE BULLOCK            GNBO   Collections Representative        4/28/1997
RONNICA BURNETT           GNBO   Collections Representative        6/24/2003
BARBARA CARTER            GNBO   Collections Representative       10/28/1984
TIKI COGDELL              GNBO   Collections Representative        8/31/1998
MONICA COGDELL            GNBO   Collections Representative       10/29/1997
MELODY COLLINS-BLACKLEY   GNBO   Collections Representative        7/17/2000
WARREN COPPEDGE           GNBO   Collections Representative        2/21/2001
JOANN DAVIS               GNBO   Collections Representative        5/30/2000
CENTA DIXON               GNBO   Collections Representative       12/16/1998
TARA FALLS                GNBO   Collections Representative        3/26/2001
CLAIRE FERGUSON           GNBO   Collections Representative        2/29/1988
SHANELL FLETCHER          GNBO   Collections Representative        12/1/2000
ALBERT FROST              GNBO   Collections Representative        4/28/1997
DENISE GAMMON             GNBO   Collections Representative         4/2/1979
SANDRA GOODE              GNBO   Collections Representative        5/28/1980
CHRISTINE GOOLSBY         GNBO   Collections Representative       11/13/1981
JOANNE GRIFFITH           GNBO   Collections Representative        2/25/1983
MARILYN HAMMETT           GNBO   Collections Representative       11/10/1978
TARA HAMPTON              GNBO   Collections Representative        1/24/2000
SUZANNE HARKER            GNBO   Collections Representative        6/26/2000
RHONDA HARMON             GNBO   Collections Representative        7/17/1979
TIMOTHY HAUSER            GNBO   Collections Representative        3/10/1982
ANGELA HENRY              GNBO   Collections Representative         5/1/2001
DONNA HERNDON             GNBO   Collections Representative        3/25/1987
MARILYN HESTER            GNBO   Collections Representative        12/2/1977
MERIA HOWIE               GNBO   Collections Representative        9/24/1979
RODNEY HUGHES             GNBO   Collections Representative        6/22/1998
NIKISHA JEFFRIES          GNBO   Collections Representative        3/26/2001
DARNISIA JOHNSON          GNBO   Collections Representative        6/24/2003
LAKEITHIA JOHNSON         GNBO   Collections Representative       12/15/2002
TAWANNA JONES-ROBINSON    GNBO   Collections Representative        2/21/2001
KIA KAPP                  GNBO   Collections Representative        7/10/1998
GERALDINE KELLY           GNBO   Collections Representative        5/30/2000

                                                                               PAGE 1

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                        NCS
JANET KIRKMAN           GNBO     Collections Representative    9/18/1979
JOSEFA LAYTON           GNBO     Collections Representative    4/14/1992
DARON LEE               GNBO     Collections Representative     5/7/2001
JEANNE LEITES           GNBO     Collections Representative    6/18/2003
CHERYL MARCH            GNBO     Collections Representative    9/10/1979
CARLOS MASSEY           GNBO     Collections Representative    6/24/2003
DORA MAY                GNBO     Collections Representative    5/27/1978
JANET MCCULLOUGH        GNBO     Collections Representative    3/18/2002
DEBORAH MCLAMB          GNBO     Collections Representative    12/7/1998
QUENNA MCRAE            GNBO     Collections Representative    6/22/1998
CINDY MILLER            GNBO     Collections Representative   11/15/1983
TERRENCE MILTON         GNBO     Collections Representative    9/20/1997
KAREN MOORE             GNBO     Collections Representative     6/8/1998
LEATHIE MORRIS          GNBO     Collections Representative   12/16/2000
KIMBERLY MOSBY          GNBO     Collections Representative     5/1/2001
JOHN PALOCHICK          GNBO     Collections Representative    5/30/1998
TOMEKA PARRIS           GNBO     Collections Representative    2/21/2001
RONALD PEARCE           GNBO     Collections Representative     1/2/2001
PERHAPS PENN            GNBO     Collections Representative    12/1/2000
TERESA PENNIX           GNBO     Collections Representative    7/14/1997
KEISHA PETTIFORD        GNBO     Collections Representative     7/1/2003
MARIO PONDEXTER         GNBO     Collections Representative    6/25/2003
ROBIN REED              GNBO     Collections Representative    6/23/1986
MERRY REICH             GNBO     Collections Representative    5/19/1986
CHRISTA SADLER          GNBO     Collections Representative    12/1/2000
PHYLLIS SANDERS         GNBO     Collections Representative     4/1/2002
BARBARA SEXTON          GNBO     Collections Representative     1/8/1990
MICHAEL SHAW            GNBO     Collections Representative    12/1/2000
CAROL SIMPSON           GNBO     Collections Representative    10/2/1978
BERTHA SMITH            GNBO     Collections Representative     3/3/1980
CURLEY SMITH            GNBO     Collections Representative    5/15/2000
THERESA SMITH           GNBO     Collections Representative    12/1/2000
RAVIN ST JULIEN         GNBO     Collections Representative    11/5/1997
ROBIN STANFIELD         GNBO     Collections Representative    3/13/2000
GWENDOLYN STRICKLAND    GNBO     Collections Representative    6/11/1985
JANICE TALLEY           GNBO     Collections Representative    4/16/2000
LINDA TERRY             GNBO     Collections Representative    4/14/1986
CARA THORPE             GNBO     Collections Representative    5/27/1986
RUTH WADE               GNBO     Collections Representative    8/21/1978
DIANE WALLS             GNBO     Collections Representative     2/2/1998
TIFFANY WHITTINGTON     GNBO     Collections Representative    1/26/1998
LASHELL WILLIAMS        GNBO     Collections Representative    8/26/1997
JESSICA WILLIAMS        GNBO     Collections Representative    5/20/2003
GAIL WILLIAMS           GNBO     Collections Representative    2/14/2000
MADELINE WILLIAMS       GNBO     Collections Representative    7/13/1986
BARBARA WOODS           GNBO     Collections Representative     8/7/2000
ANJANETTE WOOTEN        GNBO     Collections Representative     3/2/1998
ELIZABETH WRIGHT        GNBO     Collections Representative    10/5/1982
TIFFANY WRIGHT          GNBO     Collections Representative    9/24/2000
BETTINA YOUNG           GNBO     Collections Representative    6/24/2003
TONYA YOUNG             GNBO     Collections Representative    5/22/2003

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NAME                      EXCH   TITLE                        NCS
CALVIN LONDON             GNBO   Communications Technician     6/26/2001
DE'LANDA ADAMS            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    2/17/1998
CANDIS ALBEA              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    11/4/2008
CHERYL ALEXANDER-WARREN   WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    7/11/1988
PRINCESS ALY              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    10/9/2000
SANDY ANDREWS             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     2/2/1999
TRACY ARENA               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/24/1980
AUDREY ARNOLDI-YATES      WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    7/11/2005
SARAHI ARROYO             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     4/7/2008
WALTER ARTHUR             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    6/28/1999
CATHERINE BARKSDALE       WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    4/23/1995
TAMMY BAUGUS              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   12/24/1991
PATRICIA BEAUCHAMP        WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   12/28/1978
GWYNETTE BEESON           WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    2/18/1980
MATTHEW BENDER            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    9/16/1995
DELIA BONINI MERCADO      WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    2/12/1999
MARK BOWLES               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     6/1/1999
KAYE BOWMAN               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    9/14/1981
MAXINE BREWER             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   12/21/1993
EDDIEMAE BROOKS           WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   11/29/1999
JUDITH BROWN              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    2/20/1981
WANDA BRYSON              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    7/23/1979
JANE BURTON               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/11/1982
JULIA CASEY               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   11/26/1979
FREDDY CHAY               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     4/7/2008
ANGELINA CHRYSTALINE      WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     5/5/1997
LUIS CID                  WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     4/9/2001
CARIN CLARKE              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/22/1999
CATHERINE COLEMAN         WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    6/22/2005
JENNIFER CROCKETT         WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   12/30/1987
DELORES CURRENCE          WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   11/24/1972
MELISSA CURRENCE          WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     5/9/2005
AARON DAVIS               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    4/11/1981
SANDRA DENSON             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    1/17/1993
MONITA DIXON              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   10/29/2000
MONICA DUARTE             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/17/2008
MICHELLE EVANS            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     2/5/1990
FONDA FOSTER              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    4/29/1996
JENNIFER FRASICA          WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     4/7/2008
CAROL GAINEY              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     1/3/2000
ILIANA GALLARDO-GUILLEN   WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/18/2008
DAVID GARDNER             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    11/4/2008
RHONDA GILES              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    8/14/2000
YVETTA GLENN              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    7/23/1999
WILLIAM GODFREY           WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   12/24/1990
YESENIA GONZALEZ          WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     3/3/2008
ROWENA HAGANS             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    5/31/2005
BURLEY HAIRSTON           WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     5/9/2005
ZANNIE HALL               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     3/4/2002
DENISE HARRIS             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    9/24/1979
LISA HARRISON             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    5/26/1994

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NAME                       EXCH   TITLE                        NCS
GLORIMAR HATTON            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     3/3/2008
KIMBERLY HAUSER            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    1/15/2001
ARIANNE HEMRIC             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    10/2/2000
MICHAEL HOLTSCLAW          WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    10/7/2002
DAWN HOOVER                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    11/5/2000
RUBY HOWARD                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    7/23/1979
TIMOTHY HUBBARD            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     1/5/1981
LINDA JARVIS               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    2/17/1975
LEONOR JOGLAR              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     1/8/1983
SACAJAWEA JOHNSON          WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    6/20/2005
VICTORIA JOHNSON           WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     8/6/1987
DONNA KANE                 WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     5/8/1979
CHARLOTTE KIGER            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    1/29/1990
GLENDA KNOWLES             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     3/6/1989
JOAN LANE                  WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     5/5/1986
GLENDA LAWSON              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    1/27/1976
NATISHA LOWERY             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    1/22/2001
DEBORAH LUTZ               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     7/5/1979
COURTNEY MACK              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    6/20/2005
KIMBERLY MACK              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    4/12/1999
BRIDGET MANHEIMER          WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     1/8/2001
STEVEN MANN                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    1/15/2001
ANGELA MARTIN              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     6/8/1992
MARIBEL MARTINEZ           WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/17/2008
CYNTHIA MAY                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     5/1/1996
LANIER MCCLENDON           WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    4/28/1986
KRISTIN MENDAT             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    6/22/2005
NATARSHA MILLS             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    2/20/1999
MICHAEL MITTMAN            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   11/13/1998
CHARAMINE MUHAMMAD         WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    8/31/1981
MICHELLE MYERS             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    5/22/1989
KATHY MYERS                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    8/23/1999
LATONYA NICHOLSON          WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    1/15/2001
SHERRY PHILLIPS            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    4/15/1996
RAFAEL QUINTANA            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     3/3/2008
DIANA RAMOS                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/16/2008
KARLY RICHMOND             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    4/12/1999
ROSALIND ROBERTS           WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    7/30/1986
SISSIE ROBERTS             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   12/15/1998
LASHANDA ROLLE             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    5/31/2001
TOMEKA ROSEBORO            WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    7/23/1994
LINDA ROTHROCK             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/12/1997
WYTERIA RUCKER             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/17/1986
DEBBIE RUIZ                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     4/7/2008
JALPURNIA SELLERS          WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/20/2000
DELONYA SMITH              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     8/2/1989
DALE SMITH                 WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/20/1989
BARBARA SMITH              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     5/9/1978
HARRIET SPEAR              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    2/19/1979
MARY SPIERS                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    7/18/2005
JACQUELYNN SPURLOCK-BELL   WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     5/9/2005

                                                                            PAGE 4

NAME                        EXCH   TITLE                        NCS
JACQUELINE SULLIVAN         WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     7/7/1980
DEBRA TERRY GOODMAN         WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    7/31/1982
TRINIDAD VAUGHN             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    3/17/2008
COMELIA WARREN              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    1/27/1975
DIANE WATKINS               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant   12/12/1976
KEITH WHITE                 WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     3/6/1989
JOSEPH WHITE                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     5/6/1998
CURTIS WILLIAMS             WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     2/5/2001
RITA WILSON                 WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    5/21/1979
LOUISE WILSON               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    5/26/1998
LISA WINFREE                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    5/12/1980
MAMIE WOODS                 WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     7/7/1999
AURELIA WORTHY              WNSL   Customer Service Assistant     4/6/1977
JOHN CHAMBERS               WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    12/8/2008
ADDIE HILL                  WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    12/8/2008
CHRISTY LORD                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    12/8/2008
DEBRA MURRAY                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    12/8/2008
HILLARY PENDERGRASS         WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    12/8/2008
TYSHA REDMAN                WNSL   Customer Service Assistant    12/8/2008
KAREN ALLRED                CHRL   Customer Service Associate   10/24/1978
JACQUELINE ANASTASI         CHRL   Customer Service Associate     3/2/1990
JESSICA ARNO                CHRL   Customer Service Associate     6/1/1999
SUSAN BERMAN                CHRL   Customer Service Associate    8/30/1971
CYNTHIA BESS                CHRL   Customer Service Associate   12/18/1978
SHARON BLACK                CHRL   Customer Service Associate    8/28/1978
VIANNE BROWN                CHRL   Customer Service Associate     2/1/1999
JANET BROWN                 CHRL   Customer Service Associate    4/21/1980
ANDREA BURKE                CHRL   Customer Service Associate    5/18/1998
ANGELA CHAMBERS CLEMENSON   CHRL   Customer Service Associate     3/2/1998
JUDY CLARK                  CHRL   Customer Service Associate    2/20/1972
CARRIE CONWAY               CHRL   Customer Service Associate    4/30/1997
LEIGH DOCKERY               CHRL   Customer Service Associate    6/12/2000
LEILA DYE                   CHRL   Customer Service Associate    8/31/1998
JOAN EDINGTON               CHRL   Customer Service Associate    3/19/1979
CRYSTAL FROST               CHRL   Customer Service Associate    1/23/2002
LINDA FUELL                 CHRL   Customer Service Associate   12/15/1981
VERONICA GORDON             CHRL   Customer Service Associate    5/12/1997
BAHEERAH GREENE             CHRL   Customer Service Associate     9/2/2003
MARY GRINDSTAFF             CHRL   Customer Service Associate    1/29/1979
BEVERLY HILL                CHRL   Customer Service Associate     6/4/1979
TANYA HILL                  CHRL   Customer Service Associate    2/10/1978
LORRAINE HUNTER             CHRL   Customer Service Associate    5/14/1979
NICOLE HURSE                CHRL   Customer Service Associate    8/15/1996
JEOWAUNNA JACKSON           CHRL   Customer Service Associate     5/5/1997
THERESA KARAM               CHRL   Customer Service Associate    8/18/1979
JEANNIE KAYLER              CHRL   Customer Service Associate    5/18/1981
SOUPHARACK KHOUNLIVONG      CHRL   Customer Service Associate   10/20/2001
PAMELA KIRBY                CHRL   Customer Service Associate    3/15/1979
TANYA LANGRELL              CHRL   Customer Service Associate    12/6/2000
MARLENE LEAK                CHRL   Customer Service Associate    5/27/1980
LUTHER LEARY                CHRL   Customer Service Associate    3/10/1980

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NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                        NCS
TAMILIA LEE             CHRL     Customer Service Associate    5/12/1997
MICHELE LEWIS           CHRL     Customer Service Associate    11/4/2002
CHARLES LORTON          CHRL     Customer Service Associate    5/11/1998
GAIL LYNN               CHRL     Customer Service Associate     2/4/1982
DENISE MACKEY           CHRL     Customer Service Associate     5/7/2001
DENIA MARTIN            CHRL     Customer Service Associate     2/5/2001
EMMA MASSEY             CHRL     Customer Service Associate     6/4/1978
THOMAS MATTOX           CHRL     Customer Service Associate     8/5/1998
DARRYL MAY              CHRL     Customer Service Associate    1/11/1979
SUSAN MCCABE            CHRL     Customer Service Associate     1/6/2000
LINDSAY MCCLELLAND      CHRL     Customer Service Associate    11/6/1999
JOAN MENZO              CHRL     Customer Service Associate     1/7/1982
RICHARD MILLER          CHRL     Customer Service Associate    2/13/1990
PIERRETTE MILLING       CHRL     Customer Service Associate    12/5/1990
DELMARCIA MITCHELL      CHRL     Customer Service Associate     9/3/1979
LAKEISHA MOBLEY         CHRL     Customer Service Associate     1/5/1998
JOAN MULLIS             CHRL     Customer Service Associate    5/15/1981
JANICE NAVIN            CHRL     Customer Service Associate    6/24/1978
TRUDY NEELY             CHRL     Customer Service Associate    12/2/1974
MARIA NUEMAN            CHRL     Customer Service Associate    3/30/1994
SANNA OWENS             CHRL     Customer Service Associate    8/22/1987
ANDREW PENYAK           CHRL     Customer Service Associate    6/13/1978
DARLENE POELLNITZ       CHRL     Customer Service Associate    7/14/1999
JENNIFER POSTON         CHRL     Customer Service Associate    8/21/1980
HAL PURGASON            CHRL     Customer Service Associate   10/22/1997
BETH REED               CHRL     Customer Service Associate     1/4/1999
FRANCINE RICH           CHRL     Customer Service Associate     1/3/2000
TRACIE ROUSE            CHRL     Customer Service Associate     1/9/1989
BETTY SAMUELS           CHRL     Customer Service Associate    6/11/1980
ACREELEE SCERCY         CHRL     Customer Service Associate    6/22/1978
IDA SHERRILL            CHRL     Customer Service Associate   10/21/2002
SANDRA SHOEMAKER        CHRL     Customer Service Associate     5/8/1987
BARRY SIMS              CHRL     Customer Service Associate     1/2/1979
ALICIA SMITH            CHRL     Customer Service Associate     3/9/1998
CHERISE STEVENSON       CHRL     Customer Service Associate    6/28/2001
TOMEKA TAYLOR           CHRL     Customer Service Associate   11/13/2000
BERTHA THOMAS           CHRL     Customer Service Associate    10/2/1968
SHEVON TUCKER           CHRL     Customer Service Associate    8/10/1998
THERON VINSON           CHRL     Customer Service Associate     1/5/2004
KELLY WESLEY            CHRL     Customer Service Associate    11/9/1998
DESMONA WILSON          CHRL     Customer Service Associate    7/22/1985
MARY WOOD               CHRL     Customer Service Associate     2/1/1999
LINDA WOODARD           CHRL     Customer Service Associate    1/23/1974
HASHALEENA WRIGHT       CHRL     Customer Service Associate     9/2/2003
HARLESE YOUNG           CHRL     Customer Service Associate    3/25/1985
TANISHA YOUNG           CHRL     Customer Service Associate    8/25/1998
RUTH YOUNGBLOOD         CHRL     Customer Service Associate    5/15/1995
MARY ANDERSON           RLGH     Customer Service Associate    11/6/1978
CONNIE FULLER           RLGH     Customer Service Associate   12/19/1977
JEAN HUNTER             RLGH     Customer Service Associate    2/27/1978
MARY LANDIS             RLGH     Customer Service Associate   11/24/1975

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NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                        NCS
CAROL REECE             RLGH     Customer Service Associate    4/27/1977
WILLIAM BLACK           AHVL     Digital Technician            5/22/1967
STEVEN BRYANT           AHVL     Digital Technician            7/13/1998
MICHAEL CLARK           AHVL     Digital Technician            1/29/1990
ANTHONY CONARD          AHVL     Digital Technician            2/19/1990
TIMOTHY FOUNTAIN        AHVL     Digital Technician           11/30/1998
TERRY GEVEDON           AHVL     Digital Technician             6/1/1970
DAVID HOPE              AHVL     Digital Technician            3/13/2000
RICKIE JENKINS          AHVL     Digital Technician            8/24/1998
PERRY JONES             AHVL     Digital Technician             8/3/1998
C LAMB                  AHVL     Digital Technician           12/16/1968
J MOORE                 AHVL     Digital Technician           10/23/1974
W NICHOLSON             AHVL     Digital Technician             2/4/1974
JOHN BROWNLEE           ARDN     Digital Technician           10/24/1976
LANNIE BAER             BOON     Digital Technician            11/5/1997
KENNETH BRODERICK       BOON     Digital Technician            1/10/1977
JAMES BRADDY            BURL     Digital Technician            6/27/1966
JASON FISHER            BURL     Digital Technician             6/5/1995
RICKY GRIFFIN           BURL     Digital Technician            3/12/1979
ANDREW IRVING           BURL     Digital Technician            2/15/1999
EVERETT JENKINS         BURL     Digital Technician             3/8/1999
MARK PANOS              BURL     Digital Technician           11/30/1998
JEFFREY SIMPSON         BURL     Digital Technician             4/2/1990
CHARLES WICKLINE        BURL     Digital Technician            4/17/1972
CLARENCE BEARD          CHRL     Digital Technician             9/8/1971
JASON BEAUREGARD        CHRL     Digital Technician            5/17/1999
JODY BIGGERSTAFF        CHRL     Digital Technician            2/10/1997
TED BLACK               CHRL     Digital Technician            8/14/2000
HARRY BOGGS             CHRL     Digital Technician            7/24/1972
LELAND BURGE            CHRL     Digital Technician            6/21/1976
JOHN CAPERNA            CHRL     Digital Technician             5/6/1996
GEORGE CARTER           CHRL     Digital Technician            5/14/1973
ANTHONY CARTER          CHRL     Digital Technician             8/1/1979
ROBERT CHARLES          CHRL     Digital Technician            10/4/1999
J DOWTIN                CHRL     Digital Technician            4/18/1977
JAMES ESCHERT           CHRL     Digital Technician           11/30/1970
JOSHUA FEATHERSTONE     CHRL     Digital Technician            2/28/2000
CHARLES FLOYD           CHRL     Digital Technician            9/11/2000
SIDNEY GADDY            CHRL     Digital Technician            11/4/1972
ALVA GARDNER            CHRL     Digital Technician            12/2/1972
MARVIN GILLIS           CHRL     Digital Technician             5/4/1978
R GONTER                CHRL     Digital Technician            7/18/1973
ROBIN GOODIN            CHRL     Digital Technician            6/11/1973
PHILLIP GWYN            CHRL     Digital Technician            3/24/1970
ROBERT HALL             CHRL     Digital Technician            1/11/1971
SUSAN HELMS             CHRL     Digital Technician            1/31/1978
MARK HISER              CHRL     Digital Technician            3/25/1996
MARK HUMPHRIES          CHRL     Digital Technician            3/27/2000
EMMETT JENKINS          CHRL     Digital Technician            9/11/2000
LLOYD JONES             CHRL     Digital Technician             1/2/1973
ROBERT KINGRY           CHRL     Digital Technician            5/30/1978

                                                                           PAGE 7

NAME                     EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
NEIL LAMICH              CHRL     Digital Technician      4/8/1996
KORY LEWIS               CHRL     Digital Technician     9/18/2000
C LINDLEY                CHRL     Digital Technician    10/15/1973
GRADY LOVIN              CHRL     Digital Technician     4/10/1978
DEBORAH MARTIN           CHRL     Digital Technician     11/2/1973
JOSEPH MCDERMOTT         CHRL     Digital Technician     3/19/1998
CHARLES MIDDLETON        CHRL     Digital Technician     10/1/1973
WILLIAM MOORE            CHRL     Digital Technician     1/26/2000
TIMOTHY MORGAN           CHRL     Digital Technician      1/8/2001
JEREMY MULKEY            CHRL     Digital Technician     3/18/1996
G MYER                   CHRL     Digital Technician      8/1/1972
ALBERT NELSON            CHRL     Digital Technician     9/18/2000
LEE OAKLEY               CHRL     Digital Technician     5/22/2000
DANIEL OSWALD            CHRL     Digital Technician     10/7/1968
CAROLYN OVERMAN          CHRL     Digital Technician     8/14/1978
SHERMAN PASOTTO          CHRL     Digital Technician      4/3/1995
LEMUEL PATTERSON         CHRL     Digital Technician     1/29/1979
R PERRY                  CHRL     Digital Technician     12/2/1968
CHARLES POSTON           CHRL     Digital Technician     2/27/1978
WILLIAM ROSEMAN          CHRL     Digital Technician     2/17/1981
MICHEAL ROSEMOND         CHRL     Digital Technician     9/18/2000
LESLIE RUHOLL            CHRL     Digital Technician     1/31/2000
DANA SCOTT               CHRL     Digital Technician     5/13/1996
GARICK SEAFORD           CHRL     Digital Technician      4/8/1996
SIRCHANNIE SHEFFIELD     CHRL     Digital Technician      1/4/1999
STACY SPELL              CHRL     Digital Technician     9/28/1995
JAMES THOMSON            CHRL     Digital Technician      6/3/1996
ROBERT TICE              CHRL     Digital Technician     11/5/1973
JOSEPH WALL              CHRL     Digital Technician      9/3/1974
LAWRENCE WINKLER         CHRL     Digital Technician     4/16/1973
WILLIAM HYATT            CNTN     Digital Technician     1/27/1969
TERRY DAVIS              CPHL     Digital Technician     9/25/1971
WILLIAM EARHART          CPHL     Digital Technician      8/8/1969
JOANN MIHALCZO           CPHL     Digital Technician     12/7/1987
SHAWN OSBORNE            CPHL     Digital Technician     3/20/2000
JONATHAN PAYSEUR         CPHL     Digital Technician     9/14/1998
RENE PONCE               CPHL     Digital Technician     6/23/2000
REED AYCOCK              GLBO     Digital Technician      8/6/1973
DAVID LANE               GLBO     Digital Technician     8/14/1989
MICHAEL MOORE            GLBO     Digital Technician      4/3/1997
MICHAEL SARVIS           GLBO     Digital Technician     5/11/1998
RONALD BAUER             GNBO     Digital Technician      8/3/1998
TIMOTHY BOLTON           GNBO     Digital Technician      3/8/1999
SPENCER BRANTLEY         GNBO     Digital Technician     9/13/1994
S BURCH                  GNBO     Digital Technician      1/7/1972
L CASEY                  GNBO     Digital Technician     9/11/1978
CHARLES CLEGG            GNBO     Digital Technician     8/20/1973
RICHARD EANES            GNBO     Digital Technician     9/21/1998
JONATHAN GARRETT         GNBO     Digital Technician    10/16/1989
MARC GAUTHIER            GNBO     Digital Technician     7/23/1997
JEFFREY HERNDON          GNBO     Digital Technician     2/22/1971

                                                                     PAGE 8

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
TYROME HOLLOMON         GNBO     Digital Technician     2/15/1999
RICARDO MAS             GNBO     Digital Technician    10/15/1979
RONALD MEDLIN           GNBO     Digital Technician     2/22/1971
TRACY MONK              GNBO     Digital Technician      1/4/1999
STARSKY MURRAY          GNBO     Digital Technician     5/28/1997
CHARLES MYERS           GNBO     Digital Technician     9/12/1988
BRIAN NEALEY            GNBO     Digital Technician      1/4/1999
DAVID POWERS            GNBO     Digital Technician     4/28/1997
DAVID PRICHARD          GNBO     Digital Technician      1/4/1971
STACY ROBINSON          GNBO     Digital Technician      3/9/1989
DOUGLAS WRIGHT          GNBO     Digital Technician      1/4/1999
JESUS ALVAREZ           GSTA     Digital Technician    11/30/1998
WILLIAM ATCHISON        GSTA     Digital Technician     3/12/2001
JOHN GALOP              GSTA     Digital Technician    11/13/1972
RICHARD HONEYCUTT       GSTA     Digital Technician      8/5/1996
BRIAN JACKSON           GSTA     Digital Technician     6/10/1996
RICHARD LEMMER          GSTA     Digital Technician      9/7/1999
CHARLES LEWIS           GSTA     Digital Technician      4/5/1999
ERNEST LONG             GSTA     Digital Technician      1/2/2001
JAMES PUTNAM            GSTA     Digital Technician     8/31/1993
RICHARD RHEA            GSTA     Digital Technician      6/5/1978
RICHARD SCHULTZ         GSTA     Digital Technician     8/15/1990
MATTHEW SINGLETON       GSTA     Digital Technician     6/20/1994
RANDY THOMASON          GSTA     Digital Technician     3/30/1973
TIMOTHY BEHM            HNVL     Digital Technician     6/18/1973
LANCE HANSMAN           HNVL     Digital Technician      8/9/1971
CHARLES BROCK           HSVL     Digital Technician    11/30/1998
STEVEN HIOTT            HSVL     Digital Technician      6/8/1997
JEFF STOUTAMIRE         HSVL     Digital Technician     11/2/1998
LESSIE WISE             HSVL     Digital Technician     5/13/1996
D AUSTIN                LENR     Digital Technician     2/12/1973
MICHAEL MCNEILL         LENR     Digital Technician     3/16/1998
ERICK PAULSON           LENR     Digital Technician     5/18/1998
TIMOTHY RHOADES         LENR     Digital Technician      1/5/1998
CHUCK SMITH             LENR     Digital Technician     2/27/1998
JASPER DAVIS            LMTN     Digital Technician      2/7/2000
CHRISTOPHER LONG        LMTN     Digital Technician      3/4/1996
KIRK LOWERY             LMTN     Digital Technician    10/11/2003
BRYAN MOORE             LMTN     Digital Technician     5/26/1998
WARREN SMITH            LMTN     Digital Technician     5/30/1978
JOHN BABITZ             LNTN     Digital Technician     8/12/1996
GEORGE CARRIGAN         LNTN     Digital Technician     5/22/1978
R CLONINGER             LNTN     Digital Technician     5/30/1972
JEREMY CLOUGH           LNTN     Digital Technician     10/2/2000
TONY STRICKLAND         LNTN     Digital Technician      2/2/1998
STEPHANIE JENKINS       LRBG     Digital Technician     9/22/1989
JOHN KEMPER             LRBG     Digital Technician     5/15/1981
RICHARD ARROWOOD        MGTN     Digital Technician     5/30/1978
BRIAN VANBUSKIRK        MGTN     Digital Technician     8/17/1998
HERBERT VANCE           NWLD     Digital Technician     11/3/1969
MATTHEW DEPRIEST        RDVL     Digital Technician     2/14/2000

                                                                    PAGE 9

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
MICKEY SANDLING         RDVL     Digital Technician     4/24/1978
JOHN ACKLEY             RLGH     Digital Technician     1/18/1999
EDWIN ALTMAN            RLGH     Digital Technician     1/25/1981
CHRISTOPHER AMAN        RLGH     Digital Technician      1/4/1999
CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON    RLGH     Digital Technician      1/4/1999
JAMES ATKINS            RLGH     Digital Technician     8/17/1998
BRUCE AUMENT            RLGH     Digital Technician     7/23/1979
THOMAS BELAVICH         RLGH     Digital Technician      5/4/1998
ARTHUR BYRD             RLGH     Digital Technician     3/19/1979
BRIAN CARROLL           RLGH     Digital Technician      1/4/1999
DAVID CHANDLER          RLGH     Digital Technician     12/2/1968
NELSON CORBETT          RLGH     Digital Technician      9/5/1989
ROBERT DILLARD          RLGH     Digital Technician      5/8/2000
TRAVIS DRIGGERS         RLGH     Digital Technician     2/22/1999
JAMES EASTER            RLGH     Digital Technician      6/5/2000
L EDWARDS               RLGH     Digital Technician      6/1/1964
JOHN GALVIN             RLGH     Digital Technician     5/15/2000
HERMAN GOODWIN          RLGH     Digital Technician      1/2/1980
L GRANT                 RLGH     Digital Technician     6/19/1962
STEVEN ISAACS           RLGH     Digital Technician     4/15/1997
ROLAND JOHNSON          RLGH     Digital Technician     5/10/1999
DONALD JONES            RLGH     Digital Technician      2/1/1999
CLARENCE KELLY          RLGH     Digital Technician     1/15/1973
R KING                  RLGH     Digital Technician     7/18/1966
JOHN KINGSBERRY         RLGH     Digital Technician     7/11/1974
FREDERICK LENTZ         RLGH     Digital Technician     8/10/1998
TIMOTHY MACLEAN         RLGH     Digital Technician     6/12/2000
GAIL MCCAW              RLGH     Digital Technician     3/18/1980
GEORGE MCCORMICK        RLGH     Digital Technician    11/28/1968
JEMAL NORWOOD           RLGH     Digital Technician     6/29/1998
WILBERT ODOM            RLGH     Digital Technician     5/22/2000
RICHARD OLIVEROS        RLGH     Digital Technician     10/9/1996
CHAD REYNOLDS           RLGH     Digital Technician     4/27/1998
J ROHMAN                RLGH     Digital Technician      9/8/1964
DAVID SHELLER           RLGH     Digital Technician     5/17/1999
WILLIAM SMODIC          RLGH     Digital Technician     4/25/1996
LOU STEPHENSON          RLGH     Digital Technician     6/10/1986
R TUTOR                 RLGH     Digital Technician    11/24/1969
JOHN WATSON             RLGH     Digital Technician     4/13/1998
GEORGE WOODS            RLGH     Digital Technician      1/4/1965
JAMES WYLIE             RLGH     Digital Technician     2/28/1993
PETER ZELEZNIAK         RLGH     Digital Technician      3/6/1972
EDWARD ZERINGUE         RLGH     Digital Technician     5/17/1999
ERIC BLANTON            RTTN     Digital Technician    11/16/1998
DANNY HARVELL           SHLB     Digital Technician     11/8/1990
RICHARD MARTIN          SHLB     Digital Technician     7/15/1968
JOEL WOLFE              SHLB     Digital Technician      8/3/1998
BOYD BILES              SLBR     Digital Technician     1/29/1973
MARVIN HELMS            SLBR     Digital Technician      1/2/2001
EDWARD MCDERMOTT        SLBR     Digital Technician     4/24/2000
REGINALD TAYLOR         SLBR     Digital Technician     8/20/1973

                                                                    PAGE 10

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                   NCS
BARRY BARNETTE          SSVL     Digital Technician       2/14/1966
WILLIAM HALL            SSVL     Digital Technician        8/8/1994
THEODORE SMITH          SSVL     Digital Technician       7/23/1990
RICHARD WILSON          SSVL     Digital Technician       2/19/1997
CYNTHIA WILSON          SSVL     Digital Technician       7/18/1978
R ALLEN                 WLMG     Digital Technician       2/10/1969
CHRISTOPHER BRITT       WLMG     Digital Technician       1/22/1996
JESSE BROCK             WLMG     Digital Technician       6/22/1990
BRIAN CHILDERS          WLMG     Digital Technician       8/31/1998
DAVID CHINN             WLMG     Digital Technician       6/15/1992
DERRICK COULTER         WLMG     Digital Technician       2/26/1996
KEITH DIGGS             WLMG     Digital Technician        9/8/1970
EDWARD GLOWACKI         WLMG     Digital Technician       8/31/1998
MACK HUFHAM             WLMG     Digital Technician      11/23/1998
ARTHUR LACKEY           WLMG     Digital Technician       2/14/1972
D ORMSBY                WLMG     Digital Technician       5/28/1973
R RIVENBARK             WLMG     Digital Technician        5/3/1971
MARVIN SCHWEITZER       WLMG     Digital Technician        2/5/1973
B WATKINS               WLMG     Digital Technician       8/11/1993
CHRISTOPHER BONNEMA     WNSL     Digital Technician        1/4/1999
MICHAEL BROWN           WNSL     Digital Technician       1/15/2001
MELVIN CHANDLER         WNSL     Digital Technician       1/11/1999
GARY CHILTON            WNSL     Digital Technician        5/1/1974
PAUL CORLEY             WNSL     Digital Technician        1/4/1999
BENNY FAIR              WNSL     Digital Technician       3/20/1972
BRIAN FUERTES           WNSL     Digital Technician       1/29/2001
RANDALL HAWKS           WNSL     Digital Technician        1/8/1973
JOSEPH HENDRIX          WNSL     Digital Technician        1/4/1999
JOHN JOHNSON            WNSL     Digital Technician       9/21/1998
LARRY LISTER            WNSL     Digital Technician       6/26/1989
ROBIN PARK              WNSL     Digital Technician      10/22/1978
RONALD TESH             WNSL     Digital Technician        4/9/1979
WILLIAM TOWERY          WNSL     Digital Technician        2/4/1974
DONALD VERNON           WNSL     Digital Technician      10/28/1976
MICHAEL WILKINS         WNSL     Digital Technician       1/18/2000
WARREN ALLEN            GSTA     Digital Technician       2/18/2008
CHRISTY BERRY           CHRL     Drafting Assistant        1/4/1999
LINDA SMITH             CHRL     Drafting Assistant      12/15/1985
DALE GLOVER             CHRL     Drafting Assistant       9/15/2008
JEANNE PARTON           CHRL     Drafting Assistant       9/15/2008
JOHN BERO               AHVL     Electronic Technician    8/30/1971
DORIS DUGGER            AHVL     Electronic Technician    3/21/1974
VERNA FERGUSON          AHVL     Electronic Technician    3/13/2000
SCOTT HARWOOD           AHVL     Electronic Technician    6/20/1994
SHELLY JANTZEN          AHVL     Electronic Technician     6/9/1980
WILLIAM KNIPS           AHVL     Electronic Technician    2/10/1969
TRAVIS MOORE            AHVL     Electronic Technician     4/3/2000
DANIEL ELLIS            APEX     Electronic Technician     1/4/1999
JOHNNY RUSSELL          ARDN     Electronic Technician    3/20/2000
STEPHEN MOORE           BCMT     Electronic Technician    4/17/1998
DEWITT FOSTER           BOON     Electronic Technician   11/12/1992

                                                                      PAGE 11

NAME                      EXCH   TITLE                   NCS
THOMAS KRULL              BOON   Electronic Technician    7/31/1979
WAYNE SWAN                BOON   Electronic Technician     3/9/1964
LAWRENCE HEINTZ           BURL   Electronic Technician    4/12/1999
RICHARD KEY               BURL   Electronic Technician     1/4/1999
RONALD KILPATRICK         BURL   Electronic Technician   10/23/2000
MARKUS WHITMAN            BURL   Electronic Technician     3/5/1990
WILLIAM WILSON            BURL   Electronic Technician     5/4/1970
JEAN COLLINS              CARY   Electronic Technician    4/14/1975
PETER LAABS               CARY   Electronic Technician     8/7/2000
EMANUEL MCAFEE            CARY   Electronic Technician   10/14/1996
ADAM MEDLIN               CARY   Electronic Technician   12/18/1995
JEFFREY WRIGHT            CARY   Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
RANDY ADAMS               CHRL   Electronic Technician    12/3/1979
HASSANE AL-SIBAI          CHRL   Electronic Technician    8/21/2000
MICHAEL ALBRIGHT          CHRL   Electronic Technician   10/16/2000
CHRISTOPHER ALLEN         CHRL   Electronic Technician     2/1/1999
DOUGLAS ALLEN             CHRL   Electronic Technician    6/22/1998
JIM AMBURN                CHRL   Electronic Technician   10/24/1972
LARRY ANDERSON            CHRL   Electronic Technician    9/11/1972
JOHN ANDERSON             CHRL   Electronic Technician   11/23/1970
MICHAEL ANDERSON          CHRL   Electronic Technician   10/16/2000
SIDNEY ANTHONY            CHRL   Electronic Technician    6/28/1999
DANA BABIN                CHRL   Electronic Technician    6/15/1998
POLLY BARBER              CHRL   Electronic Technician     8/6/1973
BOBBY BATES               CHRL   Electronic Technician     3/2/1981
LINDEN BAYNE              CHRL   Electronic Technician   11/30/1998
SAMUEL BELL               CHRL   Electronic Technician     8/3/1998
STEPHEN BERNIER           CHRL   Electronic Technician    9/25/2000
DAVID BLACK               CHRL   Electronic Technician   11/18/1968
CHRISTOPHER BLANKENSHIP   CHRL   Electronic Technician     6/4/2000
JOHN BLOCKER              CHRL   Electronic Technician   10/23/2000
PATRICK BRIGGS            CHRL   Electronic Technician    7/18/1994
RENEA BROOKS              CHRL   Electronic Technician    2/18/1984
CALVIN BROOKS             CHRL   Electronic Technician   10/23/2000
KEVIN BROUSSARD           CHRL   Electronic Technician     8/7/2000
GARREN BROWN              CHRL   Electronic Technician    8/15/1994
FRANCIS BROWN             CHRL   Electronic Technician   10/16/2000
RUSSELL BROWN             CHRL   Electronic Technician    3/27/2000
JIMMY BROWN               CHRL   Electronic Technician    1/15/2001
MICHAEL BROWN             CHRL   Electronic Technician    4/13/1998
FERRELL BROWN             CHRL   Electronic Technician    4/27/1998
JAMES BURKE               CHRL   Electronic Technician    8/16/1996
ALPHONSO BURT             CHRL   Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
RODERICK BYRD             CHRL   Electronic Technician    5/17/1999
NESTOR CALDERON           CHRL   Electronic Technician    9/25/1974
TIMOTHY CALLAHAN          CHRL   Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
GLENN CAMERON             CHRL   Electronic Technician    6/13/1994
CHRISTOPHER CANUPP        CHRL   Electronic Technician    7/28/1997
RICHARD CAPUTO            CHRL   Electronic Technician   10/14/1998
JUDY CARPENTER            CHRL   Electronic Technician     7/2/1973
JOHN CARPENTER            CHRL   Electronic Technician    4/19/1999

                                                                      PAGE 12

NAME                     EXCH     TITLE                   NCS
CATHY CARPENTER          CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/10/1980
MIKE CARROLL             CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
GUY CASTORINA            CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/2/2000
ANNE CAULFIELD           CHRL     Electronic Technician   11/15/1973
KIM CHANDLER             CHRL     Electronic Technician     7/5/1979
WILLIAM CLAMPETT         CHRL     Electronic Technician   12/28/1998
BOBBIE CLIFTON           CHRL     Electronic Technician   11/21/1969
GARY COLHOUER            CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/28/1972
LARRY COLVIN             CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/16/1996
JAMES CONNER             CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/12/1973
REGINALD COTTRELL        CHRL     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
SAMUEL COUSART           CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/28/1997
HAROLD COVINGTON         CHRL     Electronic Technician     6/5/1994
KEVIN CURTIS             CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/22/1998
SONDRA CURTIS            CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/19/1980
ERIC DAVIS               CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/13/1994
DONALD DEHNER            CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/26/1970
JANINE DERSCHEID         CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/26/1998
MARK DERSCHEID           CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/18/1997
RONALD DOVER             CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/2/2000
SCOTT DOWNING            CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/22/2000
THOMAS DOWNS             CHRL     Electronic Technician     5/3/1999
ANTOINE DOYLE            CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/19/1999
JOHN DUNCAN              CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/12/1979
JEFFREY DUNCAN           CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/13/1973
PETER DWYER              CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/22/1994
JOHN EATMON              CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/10/1998
CARLOS ERTEL             CHRL     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
JEFFREY EWELL            CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/11/1999
TIMOTHY EWING            CHRL     Electronic Technician     6/5/1994
DOUGLAS FARADAY          CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/16/2000
ARTHUR FEWELL            CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/10/1996
FRANKIE FINLEY           CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/14/1970
MARSHA FORD              CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/20/1981
CYNTHIA FORE             CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/16/1996
JAMES FOSTER             CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/22/2000
MICHAEL FUNK             CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
DARRELL GANTT            CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/26/2001
MICHAEL GASKA            CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/11/2000
JEROME GAYMON            CHRL     Electronic Technician     8/3/1998
RONALD GEIGER            CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/14/1998
FARZIN GERAMI            CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/25/2000
GEORGE GILBREATH         CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/20/1997
MARGARET GIUSINO         CHRL     Electronic Technician     8/8/1994
SHAWN GLASS              CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/18/2000
MICHAEL GOINGS           CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/29/1980
JAMIE GOINGS             CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/11/1979
MARK GOODWIN             CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/18/1977
ASHLEY GRANT             CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/24/1999
KEVIN GREENE             CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/19/2001
CHRISTOPHER GRIFFIN      CHRL     Electronic Technician     7/1/1997

                                                                       PAGE 13

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                   NCS
IDELLA GRIMMETTE        CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/15/1973
ROBERT GWIAZDZINSKI     CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/27/1998
MELISSA HAGAN           CHRL     Electronic Technician     8/2/1989
GEORGE HAHN             CHRL     Electronic Technician     5/8/1985
LARRY HALL              CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
ROBERT HAMPTON          CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
THELMA HARDIN           CHRL     Electronic Technician     3/9/1970
MARTIN HARE             CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/27/2000
GRACIE HARGETT          CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/20/1967
ERIC HARTUNG            CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/16/2000
DANA HAZELTON           CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/13/1998
TERRANCE HEATON         CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/20/1994
ERIC HENDERSON          CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
BARRY HESSENAUER        CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/12/1998
JEREMY HEWITT           CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/30/2001
DORIS HIGH              CHRL     Electronic Technician     3/4/1981
BENJAMIN HILL           CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/21/2000
ANDREW HOBSON           CHRL     Electronic Technician     2/5/2001
D HOLBROOK              CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/14/1966
WILLIAM HORSEY          CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/22/2001
TIMOTHY HOWIE           CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/29/1979
MARSHA HOWZE            CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/16/1979
RUTH HUFFMAN            CHRL     Electronic Technician     3/2/1979
DAVID HUMPHREY          CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/11/1994
JANICE JACKSON          CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/17/1971
D JACOBSON              CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/10/1970
DANIEL JOHNSON          CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/15/2001
GLORIA JOHNSON          CHRL     Electronic Technician   11/23/1970
RUDY JONES              CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/19/1979
PATRICIA JONES          CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/15/1970
JOHN JOPP               CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/25/2000
LARRY KIRBY             CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/22/2001
MARCUS KIRKMAN          CHRL     Electronic Technician     2/1/1999
TIMOTHY KISER           CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/22/1994
PHILLIP KISER           CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/27/1998
REGINALD KNOX           CHRL     Electronic Technician     1/2/2001
WILLIAM KOLODA          CHRL     Electronic Technician     8/8/1994
JOHN KOOY               CHRL     Electronic Technician     6/6/1994
DONNA LAM               CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/30/1978
CLIFFORD LAMBERT        CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/25/2000
LARRY LANCELIN          CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/23/1973
M LAYMAN-COLHOUER       CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/14/1974
DAVID LEDFORD           CHRL     Electronic Technician     3/6/2000
HUBERT LEONHARDT        CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/25/2000
SANDRA LESLIE           CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/26/1973
TONY LITTLE             CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/10/1968
VI LU                   CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/14/1999
PAULETTE LUNDY          CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/11/1971
SCOTT MAGEE             CHRL     Electronic Technician     6/5/1994
JEROME MAGGIO           CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/18/1999
GREGORY MALLOY          CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/22/2001

                                                                      PAGE 14

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                   NCS
STEPHEN MARLOW          CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/12/1999
LYNN MARTINEZ           CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/28/2003
CHARLES MASCOLINO       CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
SCOTT MATHER            CHRL     Electronic Technician     5/1/1995
MICHAEL MATLOCK         CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/10/1999
DAVID MATTHEWS          CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/13/1994
MICHAEL MATTHEWS        CHRL     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
PAUL MCCAGH             CHRL     Electronic Technician   11/10/1972
DONALD MCCLURE          CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/21/1976
MATTHEW MCDONALD        CHRL     Electronic Technician     2/9/1987
KEVIN MCNAIR            CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/19/1978
CHRISTOPHER MCPHERSON   CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/14/1998
DARRYL MCVAY            CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/23/2000
DEBORAH MICHALIC        CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/31/1969
REBECCA MIDDLETON       CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/24/1973
YVONNE MILLER           CHRL     Electronic Technician     2/2/1970
WILLARD MILLSAP         CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/16/1969
MICHEAL MITCHELL        CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
GABRIEL MONTE           CHRL     Electronic Technician     9/5/2000
BARBARA MOORE           CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/4/1970
JOHN MOORE              CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/17/1978
WALTER MOORE            CHRL     Electronic Technician     4/3/1995
DORIS MOORE             CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/21/1975
ISAAC MOORE             CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/14/2000
JOEL MORRIS             CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/18/2000
KEITH MORRIS            CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/18/1992
ROBERT MORROW           CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/15/2001
LYNN MURPHY             CHRL     Electronic Technician     4/9/1966
VICTORIA MYERS          CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/14/1978
DIANE NANCE             CHRL     Electronic Technician     2/6/1969
JACK NEELY              CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/21/1997
DONALD NEIL             CHRL     Electronic Technician     2/5/2001
MARSHALL NEIPERT        CHRL     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
MICHAEL NEWMAN          CHRL     Electronic Technician     3/1/1999
DAVID NEWMAN            CHRL     Electronic Technician     6/4/1973
DEREK NINNEMAN          CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/19/2001
DAVID NUNLEY            CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/31/1995
MAUREEN O'MALLEY        CHRL     Electronic Technician    12/8/1974
JOHN PANDOLPH           CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/28/2000
DIPAKKUMAR PATEL        CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/2/2000
WILLIAM PAYNTER         CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/28/2000
MARY PEED               CHRL     Electronic Technician    12/2/1969
PAUL PERRETT            CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/14/2000
PATRICIA PICKEL         CHRL     Electronic Technician     9/7/1970
PAUL POPP               CHRL     Electronic Technician   11/28/1973
JAMES POSSINGER         CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/29/1973
MARY POST               CHRL     Electronic Technician   11/12/1968
DONALD POST             CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/30/1973
ROBERT PRESLAR          CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/22/1998
CORNELL PROCTOR         CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/19/2000
EUGENE PRYOR            CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/13/1970

                                                                      PAGE 15

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                   NCS
NANCY QUICK             CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/10/1966
CATHERINE RAMER         CHRL     Electronic Technician     1/6/1971
KEITH RAMSEY            CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/22/2001
VIVIAN REESE            CHRL     Electronic Technician   11/25/1979
JOHN REEVES             CHRL     Electronic Technician     9/8/1969
RICKEY REID             CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/24/1989
MARY REID               CHRL     Electronic Technician     3/5/1979
RICHARD ROBBINS         CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/14/1969
KATHERINE ROBERTS       CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/14/1968
FREDERIC ROBERTS        CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/11/1997
JAITTARIUS ROBINSON     CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/12/2001
LARRY ROBINSON          CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/11/1994
JOSEPH ROUX             CHRL     Electronic Technician     5/9/1973
CHARLES ROWLAND         CHRL     Electronic Technician     7/5/1977
JAMES SCHAEFER          CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/14/1996
JAMES SCHICK            CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/12/1997
JAY SCHOOLMEESTERS      CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/28/1997
JOSEPH SCRAGG           CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/22/1998
HAROLD SHAFFER          CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/16/2000
THOMAS SHAW             CHRL     Electronic Technician     5/5/1980
KEVIN SHEARS            CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/16/2000
CRAIG SHEDER            CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/26/1973
SHYAM SINGH             CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/26/1994
TODD SMITH              CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/18/1997
DONALD SMITH            CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/19/2001
ERASTUS SMITH           CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/11/1994
SHEREE SNIPES           CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/24/1978
EDWIN SOLESBEE          CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/20/1980
STEPHEN SOLOMON         CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/15/2000
MARK SPARKS             CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/23/2000
EVELYN STALLINGS        CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/18/1972
CHRISTOPHER STANLEY     CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/28/1997
STEVEN STEGALL          CHRL     Electronic Technician     8/1/1994
ERNEST STEVENS          CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/20/1978
ALLEN STILLER           CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/31/1998
KENNETH STOKES          CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/11/1997
MICHAEL STOREY          CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/28/1972
BOBBY STOWE             CHRL     Electronic Technician    11/9/1998
DONALD STOWE            CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/17/1999
ROBERTA STRICKLAND      CHRL     Electronic Technician    6/20/1994
HOSEA SUBER             CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/11/1994
COLIN SULLIVAN          CHRL     Electronic Technician    5/18/1998
RANDY SUMMITT           CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/28/2000
EDWARD SWAYNGIM         CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/15/1999
TERRY TARLTON           CHRL     Electronic Technician     5/8/1985
EDWARD TAYLOR           CHRL     Electronic Technician   10/16/2000
GRACE THOMAS            CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/28/1978
DAPHNE THORNWELL        CHRL     Electronic Technician    3/27/1978
JANUSZ TRACKI           CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/15/1999
MICHAEL USSERY          CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
GLENN VAN SANFORD       CHRL     Electronic Technician    2/26/2001

                                                                      PAGE 16

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                   NCS
ANTHONY VICK            CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/31/2000
JAMES WAGNER            CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/6/1969
ROBIN WALL              CHRL     Electronic Technician   12/12/2000
LEONARD WARREN          CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/11/2000
CAROLYN WEEMS           CHRL     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
JERRY WELLMON           CHRL     Electronic Technician    7/24/2000
JOSEPH WHITEHEAD        CHRL     Electronic Technician     6/5/1994
LORI WICKER             CHRL     Electronic Technician    4/27/1998
DANIEL WIKTOREK         CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/2/2000
JAMARD WILLIAMS         CHRL     Electronic Technician    9/11/2000
ROBERT WILLIAMS         CHRL     Electronic Technician    10/9/2000
TAVARES WILSON          CHRL     Electronic Technician     6/7/1999
LLOYD WINGATE           CHRL     Electronic Technician    1/22/2001
NICHOLAS WINTERS        CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/30/1971
MICHAEL WITSCHEY        CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/22/1994
CAROL ZALESKI           CHRL     Electronic Technician    8/12/1974
FREDERICK LAURY         CHVL     Electronic Technician     9/2/1971
LARRY HIGHTOWER         CLYD     Electronic Technician    2/28/2000
STEPHANIE RUNYAN        CPHL     Electronic Technician     5/4/1998
DOUGLAS RICHARDSON      CSHY     Electronic Technician     6/5/1994
JOE KALE                DNVR     Electronic Technician    8/18/1997
BENJAMIN BEAM           DVSN     Electronic Technician     8/3/1998
REVA BROWN              ENKA     Electronic Technician   12/10/1969
DERRICK GIBSON          FRCY     Electronic Technician    5/18/1998
J BOWEN                 GLBO     Electronic Technician     3/1/1966
DAX BRADLEY             GLBO     Electronic Technician    5/10/1999
MICHAEL LOGAN           GLBO     Electronic Technician    2/12/1996
JEFFREY TALTON          GLBO     Electronic Technician    5/27/1998
JOHNSIE ALSTON          GNBO     Electronic Technician    6/11/1968
R CANTLIFFE             GNBO     Electronic Technician     3/8/1965
JOHN CARUSO             GNBO     Electronic Technician     8/7/2000
RICKY COBLE             GNBO     Electronic Technician     8/2/1972
EDGAR COLE              GNBO     Electronic Technician     9/4/1979
RAY CROMER              GNBO     Electronic Technician    4/30/1969
MICHAEL DEBAERE         GNBO     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
CARL DENMAN             GNBO     Electronic Technician   11/27/1972
HARVEY HAGER            GNBO     Electronic Technician    1/15/2001
ROLAND HALL             GNBO     Electronic Technician    1/15/2001
RICHARD HENRY           GNBO     Electronic Technician    3/12/1969
DEREK HILLIARD          GNBO     Electronic Technician   10/16/1972
BRIAN HOSTRANDER        GNBO     Electronic Technician     6/2/1997
MARION LANCASTER        GNBO     Electronic Technician     4/9/1969
J MILES                 GNBO     Electronic Technician     2/5/1969
TERRY PARKS             GNBO     Electronic Technician    2/26/2001
VIVIAN PATTERSON        GNBO     Electronic Technician     3/5/2001
JAMES PEKA              GNBO     Electronic Technician    1/29/2001
DAVID PHILLIPS          GNBO     Electronic Technician    6/30/1998
MILDRED POOLE           GNBO     Electronic Technician   11/14/1967
JAMES RICHARDSON        GNBO     Electronic Technician    3/26/1973
ERIC STRINGER           GNBO     Electronic Technician    9/19/1997
DAVID TILLETT           GNBO     Electronic Technician     5/7/1973

                                                                      PAGE 17

NAME                     EXCH     TITLE                   NCS
JUAN WOOTEN              GNBO     Electronic Technician    7/21/1980
JEFFREY YEAKLEY          GNBO     Electronic Technician    9/14/1998
BARBARA BREHMER          GSTA     Electronic Technician     3/3/1970
DALE BRITTAIN            GSTA     Electronic Technician    8/25/1997
DOUGLAS COOK             GSTA     Electronic Technician    8/18/1997
RAFAEL DIAZ              GSTA     Electronic Technician   10/11/1978
JAMES JOHNSON            GSTA     Electronic Technician    10/8/1973
LANNY MAYBIN             HNVL     Electronic Technician    11/1/2000
WILLIAM MENTE            HNVL     Electronic Technician     4/5/1999
JAMES NUNZIATO           HNVL     Electronic Technician   11/23/1964
JOSEPH PHILLIPS          HNVL     Electronic Technician    3/13/2000
KEVIN FINNEY             HSVL     Electronic Technician    7/28/1997
BETTY RICE               KNDL     Electronic Technician    1/12/1981
RUSSELL GUINN            LENR     Electronic Technician   10/12/1998
PATRICK KANNE            LENR     Electronic Technician    7/24/2000
NANCY WILKINS            LMTN     Electronic Technician     9/4/1979
RUTH WILLIAMS            LMTN     Electronic Technician     4/5/1999
IRA HOLBROOKS            LNTN     Electronic Technician     8/5/1996
JEANETTE TABOR           LNTN     Electronic Technician    8/20/1971
RONALD HAMILTON          LRBG     Electronic Technician     2/2/1999
ROBERT HEPLER            LRBG     Electronic Technician     2/8/1988
DAVID IKNER              LRBG     Electronic Technician    7/21/1986
PAUL STEPHENS            LRBG     Electronic Technician     5/9/2001
BILLY BRASWELL           LWLL     Electronic Technician     4/4/1977
DAVID MOODY              LWLL     Electronic Technician    5/26/1977
DOROTHY CARTER           MGTN     Electronic Technician    1/10/1983
GENEVA RUSSELL           MGTN     Electronic Technician   10/27/1978
R GERRINGER              MNTI     Electronic Technician   10/30/1967
RUSTY BARKER             MTHL     Electronic Technician     8/7/1995
JOEY HORNEY              NWLD     Electronic Technician    8/12/1996
REGINALD KEENER          NWTN     Electronic Technician   12/30/1968
DAVID PINGEL             NWTN     Electronic Technician   10/11/1966
THOMAS MCCOURT           PMBR     Electronic Technician    10/2/2000
GENE DUNN                RCHM     Electronic Technician    8/30/1974
VICKIE BYRD              RDVL     Electronic Technician    3/29/1971
HAROLD SMITH             RDVL     Electronic Technician     9/5/1968
MICHAEL BOBAL            RLGH     Electronic Technician     1/4/1999
RONNIE BUIE              RLGH     Electronic Technician    11/9/1998
JOANNE CLAYTON           RLGH     Electronic Technician    3/27/2000
WILLIAM DAVIS            RLGH     Electronic Technician   11/23/1996
JEREMY ELLIS             RLGH     Electronic Technician    3/10/1999
MICHAEL ETHERIDGE        RLGH     Electronic Technician    6/23/2000
JOHN FOLEY               RLGH     Electronic Technician    4/20/1998
HERMAN HALLMAN           RLGH     Electronic Technician     6/9/1969
CHARLES KIRK             RLGH     Electronic Technician     3/6/1995
DAVID LEMASTER           RLGH     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
LLYWELLYN LIMER          RLGH     Electronic Technician    3/23/1998
DANIEL LOGAN             RLGH     Electronic Technician   11/16/1972
ABBES MANSOUR-HAFIFI     RLGH     Electronic Technician     1/4/1999
LAWRENCE MARKS           RLGH     Electronic Technician    8/23/1998
WENDY PETRIE             RLGH     Electronic Technician     4/3/1978

                                                                       PAGE 18

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                   NCS
NEDZAD PIRIC            RLGH     Electronic Technician    6/12/2000
EDWARD SECORD           RLGH     Electronic Technician    4/24/1981
SHARON SMITH            RLGH     Electronic Technician    4/13/1981
JOHNNIE SMITH           RLGH     Electronic Technician    3/29/1971
ANDY STEPHENSON         RLGH     Electronic Technician    2/26/1990
GARY WHITAKER           RLGH     Electronic Technician    5/22/2000
DONALD WILSON           RLGH     Electronic Technician    8/29/1981
ARNOLDINE YELLING       RLGH     Electronic Technician    7/25/1988
RICKY POWELL            RTTN     Electronic Technician    9/30/1996
AMANDA JESSUP           SCHL     Electronic Technician    6/28/1999
KELLY RYAN              SELM     Electronic Technician    5/12/1997
CHRISTOPHER GETTYS      SHLB     Electronic Technician     9/9/2000
JERRY LOVELACE          SHLB     Electronic Technician    12/4/1972
STEVE MCDOUGALD         SHLB     Electronic Technician    3/19/1979
DAVID WORSTER           SHLB     Electronic Technician     6/8/1998
DENNIS AGNER            SLBR     Electronic Technician     1/2/1979
PAMELA BARE             SLBR     Electronic Technician    9/16/1971
CATHEY LITTLE           SLBR     Electronic Technician    12/7/1972
BRADLEY MOORE           SPPN     Electronic Technician    1/17/2000
PAULISHA MERCADO        SRFD     Electronic Technician    2/23/1998
JASON HAMILTON          SSVL     Electronic Technician    11/9/1998
JAMES SCRUGGS           SSVL     Electronic Technician    5/28/1974
SUSAN WAUGH             SSVL     Electronic Technician     6/5/1967
EDWIN ROGERS            TYVL     Electronic Technician     2/5/1973
VICKIE DAVIS            WGVL     Electronic Technician     8/3/1977
JAMES ADKERSON          WLMG     Electronic Technician     8/7/1989
WILLIAM BENTON          WLMG     Electronic Technician    5/20/1996
DEBORAH CARTY           WLMG     Electronic Technician    4/11/1979
LAWRENCE DEAVER         WLMG     Electronic Technician    6/13/1994
JAMES DIAL              WLMG     Electronic Technician    6/25/1992
BRIAN DONATO            WLMG     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
MALCOLM HALL            WLMG     Electronic Technician    7/28/1997
DAVID HUFHAM            WLMG     Electronic Technician     4/3/1979
RICHARD JONES           WLMG     Electronic Technician     8/6/1996
JOHN LEWIS              WLMG     Electronic Technician    2/22/1999
JEFFERY LONGLEY         WLMG     Electronic Technician     3/6/2000
CLIFTON MINCHEW         WLMG     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
CARLA PRIDGEN           WLMG     Electronic Technician    7/28/1997
WILLIE CALLAHAM         WNSL     Electronic Technician     1/8/2001
ROBERT CROSS            WNSL     Electronic Technician   12/18/2000
HAROLD EDNEY            WNSL     Electronic Technician     3/1/2000
RALPH GOINGS            WNSL     Electronic Technician   11/27/1979
MONTY HARRINGTON        WNSL     Electronic Technician    9/25/2000
JOSEPH HAZELWOOD        WNSL     Electronic Technician    6/13/1994
DANIEL HOFFMAN          WNSL     Electronic Technician     5/1/2000
BILLY HUNT              WNSL     Electronic Technician     4/8/1996
GREGORY MICKEY          WNSL     Electronic Technician    9/25/1979
NASHID RAHMAAN          WNSL     Electronic Technician    3/15/1982
STANLEY RASH            WNSL     Electronic Technician     1/4/1983
MARTHA ROWLAND          WNSL     Electronic Technician    5/15/2000
WILLIAM SMITH           WNSL     Electronic Technician    3/12/2001

                                                                      PAGE 19

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                              NCS
DONALD TOOMES           WNSL     Electronic Technician               3/12/2001
WILLIAM FREE            WYVL     Electronic Technician               3/13/2000
CHARLES JENKINS         ZBLN     Electronic Technician               5/18/1998
JASON BROWN             AHVL     Engineering Assistant               3/27/2006
PAMELA FOWLER           CHRL     Engineering Assistant               5/15/1980
ELLA HOWARD             CHRL     Engineering Assistant                5/7/1981
CYNTHIA SKIPPER         CHRL     Engineering Assistant               3/19/1979
PAULETTE WILLIAMS       CHRL     Engineering Assistant              12/10/1970
DEBORAH MITCHELL        GNBO     Engineering Assistant                4/9/1973
ROBERT RYAN             GNBO     Engineering Assistant              12/21/1979
LINDA WRENN             GNBO     Engineering Assistant               5/29/1976
LAURA PARTON            LENR     Engineering Assistant                6/7/1971
SHARON BROWN            RLGH     Engineering Assistant               11/4/1983
KATHY CHAMBERS          RLGH     Engineering Assistant               4/24/1978
RONALD DOBBINS          RLGH     Engineering Assistant               8/28/2000
CAROLYN HINSON          RLGH     Engineering Assistant               8/12/1976
DEBRA WENTZ             RLGH     Engineering Assistant               1/17/1987
BARBARA ADAMS           WLMG     Engineering Assistant                8/2/1973
BRIAN BERGAMINI         CHRL     Engineering Assistant              10/15/2007
SHAWANNA BOWERS         CHRL     Engineering Assistant               3/26/2001
MELISSA LEDFORD         CHRL     Engineering Assistant               1/16/2008
LA NITA MONROE          CHRL     Engineering Assistant                6/2/2008
JERMONICA ADAMS         CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    7/10/2000
RAY ANDERSON            CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    7/27/1998
JOYCE BOLES             CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist     6/8/1998
MICHAEL CARLISLE        CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist     8/5/1998
LISA CLAY               CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    10/8/1973
SHABET CODY             CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    1/25/1999
DRUSILLA CUNNINGHAM     CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist     8/3/1998
RONDA DORMON            CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    5/12/1999
BETTY DOUGLAS           CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    1/28/1980
VIVIAN EDMONDS          CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    2/12/1976
YVETTE FENNELL          CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    5/23/1979
CHERRI FRANKLIN         CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist     3/3/1985
STACEY GRAHAM           CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist     8/5/1998
ELIZABETH GRIBBLE       CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    9/24/1978
TONYA HALL              CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    5/15/2000
CHALONA HASKINS         CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist   10/22/1995
CHERYL HATLEY           CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    9/11/1972
WILLIAM HAYES           CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    8/10/1998
CAMELOT HEATH           CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist     8/5/1998
JANET HORN              CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist     8/9/1977
MARIE KNOX              CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    6/23/1975
TAMISHIA KNOX           CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    6/26/2000
LINDA LOVE              CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    8/14/1978
AGATHA LOWE             CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist     9/4/1998
JOY MAIN                CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    9/22/1985
ROSALYN MCDUFFIE        CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    5/26/1998
SHANNON MITCHEM         CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist     1/7/1999
CATHY MONTGOMERY        CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    8/19/1982
PATRICIA MOORE          CHRL     Facilities Assignment Specialist    5/24/1983

                                                                                 PAGE 20

NAME                      EXCH   TITLE                              NCS
ROSLYN NIXON              CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist   10/19/1977
OZETTA PEOPLES            CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist    9/16/1992
JAMES SADLER              CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist   10/16/2000
VIRGINIA SHORT            CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist     3/7/1988
ROY SIDES                 CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist    3/17/1999
MARQUETTA SIMMONS-EARLE   CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist    11/4/1998
ESTHER SOSSAMON           CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist    4/18/1983
KAREN STALLINGS           CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist    7/10/1978
LISA STANBACK             CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist    5/18/1998
KAREN STEEN               CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist   11/26/1997
JOANGELIA STEVENSON       CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist    5/18/1998
MARY TAYLOR               CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist    6/23/1990
SHANNON WADE-MILLS        CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist     7/5/1997
VIVIAN WOFFORD            CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist   11/30/1998
JENNIFER YOUNG            CHRL   Facilities Assignment Specialist    5/15/2000
SUSAN ASHE                GNBO   Facilities Assignment Specialist    8/21/1978
JEAN LOWE                 GNBO   Facilities Assignment Specialist   10/16/1978
LAUREL OVERMAN            GNBO   Facilities Assignment Specialist     4/2/1979
ROSA SAWYERS              GNBO   Facilities Assignment Specialist     3/6/1979
SARAH ALLEN               RLGH   Facilities Assignment Specialist    1/22/1968
JOY MATHOS                RLGH   Facilities Assignment Specialist    8/31/1998
JEWEL NEWKIRK             RLGH   Facilities Assignment Specialist     3/2/1976
GENIECE NEWTON            RLGH   Facilities Assignment Specialist    8/10/1998
RICHARD ARNETTE           AHVL   Facility Technician                 3/24/1999
ROBERT BASKIN             AHVL   Facility Technician                  5/7/1975
MICHAEL BOLES             AHVL   Facility Technician                 7/20/1977
BRIAN BRACKINS            AHVL   Facility Technician                 3/13/2000
JANSON CASELL             AHVL   Facility Technician                 11/8/1998
EARL FISHER               AHVL   Facility Technician                  8/3/1998
KEVIN KEMP                AHVL   Facility Technician                11/15/1998
GARY KIGER                AHVL   Facility Technician                 8/24/1998
ALLEN LUNSFORD            AHVL   Facility Technician                  1/4/1999
THEODORE MATTSON          AHVL   Facility Technician                 4/24/1978
NEIL MULKEY               AHVL   Facility Technician                10/12/1998
STEPHEN PFEIFFER          AHVL   Facility Technician                 3/19/1973
M PLAYER                  AHVL   Facility Technician                 4/10/2000
ANDREW PLEMMONS           AHVL   Facility Technician                 2/14/2000
GREGORY ROBERTS           AHVL   Facility Technician                 5/27/1998
D TAYLOR                  AHVL   Facility Technician                 9/14/1964
KEITH WEBB                AHVL   Facility Technician                 9/17/1979
TRAVIS WHITSON            AHVL   Facility Technician                  7/6/1998
LARRY WILSON              AHVL   Facility Technician                 8/14/2000
P CEARLEY                 BOON   Facility Technician                  7/7/1969
M FEE                     BOON   Facility Technician                 8/18/1994
KEVIN SMITH               BOON   Facility Technician                  2/8/1999
MICHAEL ALLRED            BURL   Facility Technician                  5/6/1996
JOHN BLACKBURN            BURL   Facility Technician                  1/3/1981
WILLIAM GREGORY           BURL   Facility Technician                  1/4/1999
RONALD JONES              BURL   Facility Technician                 7/20/1972
KENNETH MARTIN            BURL   Facility Technician                 8/14/1973
RICHARD NEAL              BURL   Facility Technician                 4/16/1979

                                                                                 PAGE 21

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
STEVE ORTON             BURL     Facility Technician    2/26/1973
KEVIN PEARSON           BURL     Facility Technician     2/5/1990
GEORGE ZANGOTSIS        BURL     Facility Technician     1/2/1990
DONOVAN ASHTON          CHRL     Facility Technician    2/21/2000
JASON AUTEN             CHRL     Facility Technician    10/8/2003
THOMAS BAUCOM           CHRL     Facility Technician     4/9/1996
JEFFREY BEATY           CHRL     Facility Technician    1/18/1999
RANDOLPH BEAVER         CHRL     Facility Technician    4/27/1987
JAMES BEEBE             CHRL     Facility Technician    11/2/1998
MICHAEL BLANTON         CHRL     Facility Technician    2/28/2000
JAMES BROOME            CHRL     Facility Technician    6/23/1980
ERIC BURNS              CHRL     Facility Technician     3/6/2000
TIMOTHY CARAWAY         CHRL     Facility Technician   10/16/1989
GARY CARPENTER          CHRL     Facility Technician    6/11/1981
BRANDON CARTER          CHRL     Facility Technician   11/13/1997
JEFFREY COFFEY          CHRL     Facility Technician    4/23/1979
RICHARD COOK            CHRL     Facility Technician    11/9/1998
TIMOTHY DAVIS           CHRL     Facility Technician   10/23/1979
JIMMY DENTON            CHRL     Facility Technician     7/2/1979
HENRY DILLARD           CHRL     Facility Technician     1/9/1978
LARRY FLOYD             CHRL     Facility Technician    8/31/1998
MARK FULWIDER           CHRL     Facility Technician     7/7/1980
ROBERT GAETANO          CHRL     Facility Technician     2/1/1999
EMMITT GRANT            CHRL     Facility Technician    9/11/1989
DUANE GREENWOOD         CHRL     Facility Technician    6/10/1996
DAVID GRIFFIN           CHRL     Facility Technician    2/15/1999
GREGORY HALL            CHRL     Facility Technician    6/12/1994
DOUGLAS HARRIS          CHRL     Facility Technician    2/28/2000
JOSEPH HENDERSON        CHRL     Facility Technician    11/5/1974
ROBERT HINSHAW          CHRL     Facility Technician   11/13/1979
GRANTLAND HOBDAY        CHRL     Facility Technician     2/6/1995
HARLEN HOOVER           CHRL     Facility Technician    2/24/1985
JEREMY ISAMAN           CHRL     Facility Technician    1/11/1999
W JONES                 CHRL     Facility Technician   11/20/1978
TERRY KING              CHRL     Facility Technician    7/17/1972
WILLIAM LANDERS         CHRL     Facility Technician    1/11/1999
CONLEY LANGLEY          CHRL     Facility Technician    7/20/1998
KRISTOFFER LATTEN       CHRL     Facility Technician    8/14/2000
PHILIP MARTIN           CHRL     Facility Technician   10/19/1999
RANDY MCENTIRE          CHRL     Facility Technician    10/9/1978
EDWARD MCLEMORE         CHRL     Facility Technician    6/16/1970
RUSSELL MYERS           CHRL     Facility Technician    5/30/2000
PATRICK PENDLETON       CHRL     Facility Technician     3/8/1999
MARK PHILLIPS           CHRL     Facility Technician     3/1/1999
J PRICE                 CHRL     Facility Technician    10/6/1969
JASON PRICE             CHRL     Facility Technician    3/12/2001
ALFRED ROGERS           CHRL     Facility Technician   11/19/1973
JOSHUA ROSA             CHRL     Facility Technician    8/23/1999
JOSEPH ROSELLE          CHRL     Facility Technician    6/21/1965
JAMES SAWICKI           CHRL     Facility Technician   11/16/1998
GLENN SHULER            CHRL     Facility Technician    6/17/2003

                                                                    PAGE 22

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
JASON SMITH             CHRL     Facility Technician    5/22/2000
MICHAEL SPRATT          CHRL     Facility Technician    11/9/1998
TIMOTHY THOMPSON        CHRL     Facility Technician    8/23/1999
WORTH TUCKER            CHRL     Facility Technician     3/8/1999
CHARLES WITHERS         CHRL     Facility Technician     4/5/1999
MARCUS CABE             CNTN     Facility Technician    1/15/1990
T CLEMENT               CNTN     Facility Technician   11/26/1994
CHARLES DAVIS           CNTN     Facility Technician    3/26/1978
TERRY DIKKERS           CNTN     Facility Technician    10/3/1993
STEVEN KIRKPATRICK      CNTN     Facility Technician    1/11/1999
JACOB ROSS              CNTN     Facility Technician    10/5/1998
BRIAN STRICKLAND        CNTN     Facility Technician    5/22/2000
DAVID SUTTON            CNTN     Facility Technician    9/28/1998
ANTHONY WATSON          CNTN     Facility Technician     3/1/1999
MARK BARTLETT           CPHL     Facility Technician    8/18/1975
D COCKRELL              CPHL     Facility Technician     7/5/1989
TERRY JOHNSON           CPHL     Facility Technician   10/25/1972
DOUGLAS KIMREY          CPHL     Facility Technician     4/3/2000
JAMES SOUTHERN          CPHL     Facility Technician    1/25/1973
DAVID THOMAS            CPHL     Facility Technician     4/3/1989
DENIS ANDERSON          ENKA     Facility Technician    3/23/1970
MICHAEL EPPS            GLBO     Facility Technician    7/17/1989
DENNIS JACOBS           GLBO     Facility Technician    6/11/1998
JAMES PATE              GLBO     Facility Technician    11/3/1997
WILEY PENDER            GLBO     Facility Technician    3/31/1970
MICHAEL ANGEL           GNBO     Facility Technician   11/16/1998
ERIC CABLE              GNBO     Facility Technician   10/23/1989
DELBERT CHAMBERS        GNBO     Facility Technician     8/6/1973
DWIGHT CHAPMON          GNBO     Facility Technician    10/9/1989
KELLY COBLE             GNBO     Facility Technician     4/2/1990
LUTHER COBLE            GNBO     Facility Technician    5/17/1978
LARRY CORNWELL          GNBO     Facility Technician    2/17/1973
STEVEN COUNCILMAN       GNBO     Facility Technician    10/3/1969
MATTHEW DALLAS          GNBO     Facility Technician    10/2/1989
LARRY FOUST             GNBO     Facility Technician    6/13/1966
SAMUEL GANTT            GNBO     Facility Technician     3/1/1975
JAMES GREENE            GNBO     Facility Technician   10/26/1998
RON JOYNER              GNBO     Facility Technician    6/25/1973
WILLIAM KING            GNBO     Facility Technician    6/24/1996
HARVEY LAKEY            GNBO     Facility Technician   10/15/1979
MARSHALL MOORE          GNBO     Facility Technician   11/20/1972
CHARLES MOSER           GNBO     Facility Technician    2/26/1990
ANDREW PAYNE            GNBO     Facility Technician     7/6/1998
DONALD SPRINKLE         GNBO     Facility Technician    8/29/1976
LUTHER STAPLETON        GNBO     Facility Technician    10/5/1998
CHRISTOPHER TURNER      GNBO     Facility Technician    9/14/1998
DANIEL WEISS            GNBO     Facility Technician     5/3/1999
JACK WOFFORD            GNBO     Facility Technician    7/23/1979
WILLIAM BARKER          GSTA     Facility Technician   10/23/1978
RICKIE BEST             GSTA     Facility Technician    9/30/1978
KEVIN CROWELL           GSTA     Facility Technician   11/16/1998

                                                                    PAGE 23

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
DANIEL EVANS            GSTA     Facility Technician    3/19/1973
MICHAEL GRIBBLE         GSTA     Facility Technician    9/29/1969
JAMES JENKINS           GSTA     Facility Technician   11/24/1973
JASON LEDFORD           GSTA     Facility Technician     2/1/1999
CHARLES LOVE            GSTA     Facility Technician   10/30/1978
WILLIAM MADZIA          GSTA     Facility Technician    8/17/1998
ADOLPHUS MCLEOD         GSTA     Facility Technician    1/15/2001
ROBERT MILLER           GSTA     Facility Technician    11/9/1998
MICHAEL SCOTT           GSTA     Facility Technician     7/5/1977
JAMES STOWE             GSTA     Facility Technician   10/21/1968
RICHARD SUMMEY          GSTA     Facility Technician    2/16/1973
MICHAEL BATCHELDER      HNVL     Facility Technician    1/22/1973
RICARDO CASTILLA        HNVL     Facility Technician   10/19/1992
MARK CRAIN              HNVL     Facility Technician    9/25/2000
HARRY DULL              HNVL     Facility Technician    7/20/1998
THOMAS GEVEDON          HNVL     Facility Technician    7/10/2000
BYRON HALL              HNVL     Facility Technician    3/26/1997
ANDREW HIPPS            HNVL     Facility Technician     8/1/1980
MICHAEL JOYCE           HNVL     Facility Technician    9/24/1973
JAMES KRAFT             HNVL     Facility Technician    7/23/1974
MICHAEL NORTON          HNVL     Facility Technician     1/5/1999
JOSEPH PACE             HNVL     Facility Technician    9/14/1998
KEVIN RUSSELL           HNVL     Facility Technician    4/30/1997
JAMEISON ALCOMBRIGHT    HSVL     Facility Technician    6/21/1999
JARROD DUHON            HSVL     Facility Technician     1/2/2001
LAWRENCE MCCOLLOUGH     HSVL     Facility Technician    9/15/1975
J CRUMP                 LCST     Facility Technician     2/8/1965
TIMOTHY BLACK           LENR     Facility Technician     3/7/1990
WILLIAM GROGAN          LENR     Facility Technician    1/15/2001
RYAN LANDERS            LENR     Facility Technician    6/18/2004
MYRON RABY              LENR     Facility Technician     4/9/1990
DENNIS SIMMONS          LENR     Facility Technician     1/4/1999
JOHNNY BORDEAUX         LMTN     Facility Technician    4/23/1996
JACQUELINE BOSTICK      LMTN     Facility Technician    8/31/1998
PHILLIP BRITT           LMTN     Facility Technician     7/9/1997
GARY COOPER             LMTN     Facility Technician     3/6/2000
JEFFREY HUNT            LMTN     Facility Technician     4/3/2000
JOHNNY ROGERS           LMTN     Facility Technician    2/27/1994
EDWARD THOMAS           LMTN     Facility Technician   10/13/1995
THOMAS BURTON           LNTN     Facility Technician    3/12/1980
VANN FELTS              LNTN     Facility Technician    1/15/1973
WILLIAM GILBERT         LNTN     Facility Technician     6/1/1999
DOUGLAS KNOWLES         LNTN     Facility Technician    9/27/1999
WILLARD LOVELACE        LNTN     Facility Technician     5/1/1978
NICHOLAS MARSHALL       LNTN     Facility Technician    2/24/1997
REID YODER              LNTN     Facility Technician    1/15/1973
DENNIS ALLEN            LRBG     Facility Technician    6/18/1979
PHILIP FORTUNE          LRBG     Facility Technician     6/4/1998
WILLIAM FRYE            LRBG     Facility Technician   12/26/1972
ROCKY HEDGPETH          LRBG     Facility Technician    7/31/2000
JAMES KIRK              LRBG     Facility Technician     5/8/1985

                                                                    PAGE 24

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
WILLIE MCKOY            LRBG     Facility Technician     3/9/1970
MICHAEL QUICK           LRBG     Facility Technician     5/4/1981
DAVID RUSSELL           LRBG     Facility Technician    5/10/1999
WILLIAM THAMES          LRBG     Facility Technician     1/6/1972
TOMMY BOLICK            MGTN     Facility Technician     1/4/1999
DOUGLAS CLEMENS         MGTN     Facility Technician     1/2/2001
JON PETERSON            MGTN     Facility Technician     8/7/1990
RODNEY POTEET           MGTN     Facility Technician    2/19/1990
DERRICK MOORE           NWLD     Facility Technician     2/2/2002
GARTH FARRAND           NWTN     Facility Technician    9/14/1998
ROBERT SCHRUISE         NWTN     Facility Technician    6/28/1999
DANIEL JOYNER           RDVL     Facility Technician    2/23/1981
JERRY MCGUIRE           RDVL     Facility Technician   12/26/1972
JERRY PATTERSON         RDVL     Facility Technician    5/13/1996
JAMES RICHMOND          RDVL     Facility Technician    12/8/1970
JOSEPH ALLEN            RLGH     Facility Technician    8/13/1972
STEPHEN BARNES          RLGH     Facility Technician    2/12/1990
WILLIAM BRANTLEY        RLGH     Facility Technician    11/8/1971
JAMES BROWN             RLGH     Facility Technician   10/17/1974
JOHN BRYANT             RLGH     Facility Technician     6/2/1995
GERALD CANADY           RLGH     Facility Technician    3/12/1990
JONATHAN CHAMPION       RLGH     Facility Technician    7/17/1989
JAMES DALY              RLGH     Facility Technician    4/12/1999
MICHAEL DAWES           RLGH     Facility Technician    5/11/1998
MICHAEL DOVE            RLGH     Facility Technician    3/15/1999
CHARLES EDWARDS         RLGH     Facility Technician     1/3/2000
JAMES FARRELL           RLGH     Facility Technician     5/5/1997
TRENT FRAZIER           RLGH     Facility Technician    5/17/1999
MICHAEL GAY             RLGH     Facility Technician     3/1/1999
TOMMY GOODWIN           RLGH     Facility Technician    11/4/1998
KENNETH HAMMOND         RLGH     Facility Technician    6/12/1978
SAMUEL HARRIS           RLGH     Facility Technician    2/12/1990
PAUL HAYNER             RLGH     Facility Technician     5/1/2000
CRAIG HIGHT             RLGH     Facility Technician     7/1/1999
RICKY HINNANT           RLGH     Facility Technician    3/19/1973
RODNEY HOBBS            RLGH     Facility Technician    1/22/1996
KENNETH HOLT            RLGH     Facility Technician     3/5/1990
GENE JOHNSON            RLGH     Facility Technician    3/12/1990
FRANK JONES             RLGH     Facility Technician   11/20/1989
PAUL JONES              RLGH     Facility Technician    11/3/1969
RONALD KING             RLGH     Facility Technician    9/10/2000
CRAIG LEIRER            RLGH     Facility Technician     9/8/1995
ERIC LEWIS              RLGH     Facility Technician     3/2/1999
GREGORY LYCHALK         RLGH     Facility Technician     3/6/2000
WALTER MARTIN           RLGH     Facility Technician    3/19/1990
KEVIN MATTHEWS          RLGH     Facility Technician    5/11/1998
JOHN MAY                RLGH     Facility Technician    2/24/1969
D MCKENZIE              RLGH     Facility Technician    9/11/1978
TERRY MEARES            RLGH     Facility Technician     1/5/1981
RICKY MITCHELL          RLGH     Facility Technician    11/9/1998
MATTHEW OTTEN           RLGH     Facility Technician    9/13/1999

                                                                    PAGE 25

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
STEWART PARKER          RLGH     Facility Technician    11/2/1998
RONNIE PITTS            RLGH     Facility Technician     1/7/1974
MALLORY POPE            RLGH     Facility Technician     4/7/1997
PATRICK REILLEY         RLGH     Facility Technician    6/19/2000
BENNY SEARS             RLGH     Facility Technician     2/8/1999
AUBREY SHERIAN          RLGH     Facility Technician    8/16/1965
DARRELL SPENCE          RLGH     Facility Technician    8/20/1979
CHESLEY TURLINGTON      RLGH     Facility Technician     3/1/1999
THOMAS VOJTKO           RLGH     Facility Technician    11/8/1971
MARK WICKER             RLGH     Facility Technician   10/19/1998
BRUCE WIGGINS           RLGH     Facility Technician    3/19/1990
JEFFREY WING            RLGH     Facility Technician    4/24/1998
EDMUND WITTKE           RLGH     Facility Technician    3/19/1999
ROBERT CARSWELL         RTTN     Facility Technician     2/1/1999
CECIL GEER              RTTN     Facility Technician    2/27/1978
NORMAN JONES            RTTN     Facility Technician   11/23/1964
ROGER MORROW            RTTN     Facility Technician   12/17/1973
JACKIE TONEY            RTTN     Facility Technician     7/2/1979
JAMES HAWKINS           SHLB     Facility Technician    9/28/1998
PAT PHIFER              SHLB     Facility Technician     6/5/1978
THOMAS PHIPPS           SHLB     Facility Technician   11/12/1968
RUSSELL RUDASILL        SHLB     Facility Technician   10/24/1972
CHARLES SMITH           SHLB     Facility Technician    7/23/1979
TERRY WRIGHT            SHLB     Facility Technician    7/24/1972
LANON CLAYTON           SLBR     Facility Technician    8/14/2000
ALAN FINNIE             SLBR     Facility Technician   10/23/1989
THOMAS HAWKINS          SLBR     Facility Technician    1/31/2000
MICHAEL MITCHELL        SLBR     Facility Technician   10/19/1998
MARK OSBORNE            SLBR     Facility Technician    5/20/1996
CHARLES TREADWELL       SLBR     Facility Technician    6/21/1982
CHARLES TUCKER          SLBR     Facility Technician    7/17/2000
GERALD GREGORY          SSVL     Facility Technician     2/5/2001
DAVID GUY               SSVL     Facility Technician    6/25/1979
LUKE HALL               SSVL     Facility Technician    2/10/2000
JASON KING              SSVL     Facility Technician     2/1/1999
ROBERT LITTLE           SSVL     Facility Technician    7/11/1995
RODNEY MILLER           SSVL     Facility Technician    6/23/1993
BRADLEY PREVETTE        SSVL     Facility Technician   11/20/1982
GARY TESTERMAN          SSVL     Facility Technician    2/22/1982
RICKY WIKE              SSVL     Facility Technician    5/14/1979
DANIEL ALLEN            WLMG     Facility Technician    6/16/1996
ANTHONY BARBOUR         WLMG     Facility Technician   12/27/1996
D BLAKE                 WLMG     Facility Technician     6/5/1972
RAYMOND BOYLES          WLMG     Facility Technician    3/19/1990
RONALD BULLARD          WLMG     Facility Technician     6/7/1970
MARVIN CARTER           WLMG     Facility Technician    3/13/1995
SCOTT CARTER            WLMG     Facility Technician    2/12/1990
WADE KINLAW             WLMG     Facility Technician    1/30/1978
JACK LEDBETTER          WLMG     Facility Technician    6/17/1991
BRIAN MASH              WLMG     Facility Technician     4/8/1996
RICKY SHAFFER           WLMG     Facility Technician    7/17/1989

                                                                    PAGE 26

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                          NCS
LAURA SIMPSON           WLMG     Facility Technician              5/4/1996
DWAYNE SKINNER          WLMG     Facility Technician             4/15/1996
CHARLES WARNER          WLMG     Facility Technician            11/16/1977
DANIEL WYATT            WLMG     Facility Technician             9/28/1998
HARLEY ALLEN            WNSL     Facility Technician             5/11/1970
MARK BOYLES             WNSL     Facility Technician             8/13/1979
DENNIS CHILTON          WNSL     Facility Technician              3/2/1976
JOHN COTTRELL           WNSL     Facility Technician              3/3/1982
A DANNER                WNSL     Facility Technician              7/9/1979
RICHARD GREEN           WNSL     Facility Technician             6/18/1979
GENE HACKNEY            WNSL     Facility Technician            11/17/1974
GILBERT HAILE           WNSL     Facility Technician             7/23/1979
SOLOMAN HOWIE           WNSL     Facility Technician              6/9/1986
CHRISTOPHER IRVING      WNSL     Facility Technician             8/26/1988
GARY LOY                WNSL     Facility Technician              6/4/1973
RONNIE MARTIN           WNSL     Facility Technician              2/7/1980
KELVIN MCCORMICK        WNSL     Facility Technician             7/21/1980
ROBERT OLYMPIO          WNSL     Facility Technician              2/5/1975
GREGORY PARDUE          WNSL     Facility Technician              7/7/1980
PHILLIP SEATS           WNSL     Facility Technician             11/3/1969
JARRETT TODD            WNSL     Facility Technician             9/28/1998
HOMER WATERS            WNSL     Facility Technician             5/10/1971
JAMES WILLIAMS          WNSL     Facility Technician              5/1/1972
J WORLEY                WNSL     Facility Technician             3/15/1974
MIKE BIGGERS            CHRL     Facility Technician             2/26/2007
TIMOTHY HOUSTON         CHRL     Facility Technician             4/30/2007
THOMAS HURST            CHRL     Facility Technician             4/15/1971
EDWARD MARESCA          CHRL     Facility Technician            10/11/2007
ARTHUR SCHWARTZ         CHRL     Facility Technician             9/20/2007
DIANNE BOWEN            CHRL     Frame Attendant                 5/18/1970
BILLIE HAGER            CHRL     Frame Attendant                 12/5/1971
SHELIA MUTSCHLER        CHRL     Frame Attendant                 7/26/1971
CHARLOTTE ZIMMERMAN     CHRL     Frame Attendant                  3/5/1971
PATSY HOBSON            CPHL     Frame Attendant                  7/6/1971
JAMES HUDGINS           CPHL     Frame Attendant                12/29/1972
PAUL PRITCHARD          GLBO     Frame Attendant                10/22/1980
MARY DANCY              GNBO     Frame Attendant                10/22/1969
LINDA MOORE             GNBO     Frame Attendant                  4/3/1967
LINDA BECOAT            RLGH     Frame Attendant                12/24/1969
L BREWINGTON            RLGH     Frame Attendant                 8/22/1971
JESSIE PENNINGER        RLGH     Frame Attendant                  3/9/1970
BETTY QUICK             RLGH     Frame Attendant                 4/21/1970
CAROL PIERCE            WNSL     Frame Attendant                 9/20/1970
JEWEL BOWMAN            CHRL     Line Translations Specialist     5/5/1979
LASHANDA DOVER          CHRL     Line Translations Specialist     8/9/1998
ROBIN DUNN              CHRL     Line Translations Specialist    6/22/1978
BRENDA GRINAGE          CHRL     Line Translations Specialist    12/6/1969
ANN KEITH               CHRL     Line Translations Specialist   11/16/1970
VICKIE LEWIS            CHRL     Line Translations Specialist    1/16/1972
SUSAN LOPEZ             CHRL     Line Translations Specialist    4/23/1987
E PENDERGRASS           CHRL     Line Translations Specialist    9/12/1978

                                                                             PAGE 27

NAME                     EXCH     TITLE                          NCS
KIM RATLIFF              CHRL     Line Translations Specialist    5/26/1998
DONNA WILSON             CHRL     Line Translations Specialist    9/13/1978
JANET WOODARD            CHRL     Line Translations Specialist    7/23/1973
ARTHUR BEATY             CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       4/13/1981
ELIZABETH BISHOP         CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       8/31/1968
ELIZABETH BLEVINS        CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       1/25/1969
MARTHA BOSTICK           CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       7/13/1981
LESLIE BROWN             CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       5/26/1997
SHANTELL BURCH           CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       4/28/1997
JULIUS CARPENTER         CHRL     Maintenance Administrator        5/5/1980
CYNTHIA CHILTON          CHRL     Maintenance Administrator      12/29/1986
KAREN CRANE              CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       9/24/1979
CAROLYN DAVIDSON         CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       4/20/1981
BETTY DAVIS              CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       3/23/1981
DENISE DWYER             CHRL     Maintenance Administrator        2/2/1978
DEIDRE FENNELL           CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       4/30/1990
TAMMY GOUSBY             CHRL     Maintenance Administrator        5/6/1997
HOLLY HARRISON           CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       12/7/1984
SUZANNE HARTGROVE        CHRL     Maintenance Administrator        4/4/1988
BARBARA HUDSPETH         CHRL     Maintenance Administrator      10/16/1956
CAROLE KING              CHRL     Maintenance Administrator      10/10/1995
VICKI KOCH               CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       3/26/1979
LISA LAZENBY             CHRL     Maintenance Administrator        6/6/1995
PATRICIA LYLES           CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       5/28/1974
ROBIN MCCLAM             CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       7/12/1990
JUDY MCCLURE             CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       11/8/1979
LESLIE MCSWEENEY         CHRL     Maintenance Administrator        3/5/1981
DEBRA MEADOWS            CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       11/6/1973
DIANA MEEKS              CHRL     Maintenance Administrator        1/7/1976
JANICE PARKER            CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       12/8/1986
BRYAN PARKER             CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       8/14/1978
JANET RANSOM             CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       2/13/1987
ZANDRA WASHINGTON        CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       5/11/1981
CYNTHIA WATERS           CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       3/30/1987
CHERYL WILLIAMS          CHRL     Maintenance Administrator       5/18/1972
G MEEKER                 AHVL     Material Service Coordinator     2/9/1976
DONALD HARGETT           CHRL     Material Service Coordinator   10/16/1972
CALVIN LOWDER            CHRL     Material Service Coordinator   11/19/1973
STEVEN STANCIL           CHRL     Material Service Coordinator   10/20/1969
HORACE THOMPSON          CHRL     Material Service Coordinator    3/19/1979
RONALD SEARSEY           CNTN     Material Service Coordinator    4/19/1978
NANCY HARRELL            GLBO     Material Service Coordinator     6/5/1967
STEPHEN BOTTS            GNBO     Material Service Coordinator    7/17/2000
BARBARA ROBBINS-DAVIS    GNBO     Material Service Coordinator     3/2/1974
WILBERT ALEXANDER        GSTA     Material Service Coordinator    8/20/1971
ARTHUR MCAULAY           HSVL     Material Service Coordinator    3/24/1969
SHERIDA SIMMONS          LNTN     Material Service Coordinator     4/5/1970
BILLY LIBERA             LRBG     Material Service Coordinator    6/25/1979
L CROSS                  RDVL     Material Service Coordinator    3/15/1968
DAVID BLACKWOOD          RLGH     Material Service Coordinator   11/24/1997
CHARLOTTE EDWARDS        RLGH     Material Service Coordinator    8/27/1979

                                                                              PAGE 28

NAME                     EXCH     TITLE                              NCS
BILL GREGORY             RLGH     Material Service Coordinator         9/5/1979
CECELIA WEAVER           RLGH     Material Service Coordinator        2/26/1979
MICHAEL WOMACK           SHLB     Material Service Coordinator        6/28/1976
DONALD GRIFFIN           SSVL     Material Service Coordinator       11/20/1972
JULIUS WALKER            WNSL     Material Service Coordinator         9/4/1973
CATHERINE GARNER         CHRL     Multi-Media Technician               2/2/1974
SHERRY JONES             CHRL     Multi-Media Technician              6/12/1979
JOSEPH RAUZI             CHRL     Multi-Media Technician              7/20/1998
NANCY RICE               CHRL     Multi-Media Technician              2/27/1978
VICTOR REID              CHRL     Network Administration Assistant     4/8/1981
MICHAEL CORCORAN         CHRL     Network Analysis Specialist          7/6/1999
RICHARD DAVIS            CHRL     Network Analysis Specialist          1/2/2001
ELEANOR ERVIN            CHRL     Network Analysis Specialist         1/10/1972
DEREAMA GADDY            CHRL     Network Analysis Specialist          5/7/1979
THOMAS GIVENS            CHRL     Network Analysis Specialist         6/22/1970
SAMUEL HARMON            CHRL     Network Analysis Specialist        11/18/1974
REBECCA RODGERS          CHRL     Network Analysis Specialist         5/12/1979
MITZIE BLACK             GSTA     Network Assistant                   4/30/1973
LINDA BUCHANAN           GSTA     Network Assistant                  12/17/1979
SHARON CLARK             GSTA     Network Assistant                   6/20/1984
ESSIE CRAWFORD           GSTA     Network Assistant                   9/25/1972
LISA FULLER              GSTA     Network Assistant                    5/6/1997
ROXANNA GIANCARLO        GSTA     Network Assistant                   9/29/1975
PATRICIA HEDRICK         GSTA     Network Assistant                   4/17/1978
SANDRA HUFFSTICKLER      GSTA     Network Assistant                   6/16/1980
ROSE HUNTER              GSTA     Network Assistant                  12/29/1980
RITA PASOUR              GSTA     Network Assistant                    5/6/1979
HAZEL ROBERTS            GSTA     Network Assistant                   10/9/1978
CHERI SHULL              GSTA     Network Assistant                   5/21/1979
RUTH WOOD                GSTA     Network Assistant                    7/4/1980
ETHEL WYCHE              GSTA     Network Assistant                   2/10/1969
WANDA RAY                AHVL     Office Assistant                    7/18/1968
BRENDA ROBERTS           AHVL     Office Assistant                    6/19/1972
WILLIAM ALYTA            CHRL     Office Assistant                     9/4/1974
BELINDA BARBER           CHRL     Office Assistant                   12/14/1983
MONROE BARKLEY           CHRL     Office Assistant                   11/22/1982
LAURA BERRYHILL          CHRL     Office Assistant                    7/28/1981
CATHEY BROWN             CHRL     Office Assistant                    6/11/1980
CYNTHIA BURNHAM          CHRL     Office Assistant                    1/17/1975
KATHERINE CATOE          CHRL     Office Assistant                    10/3/1968
LINDA CLAWSON            CHRL     Office Assistant                     5/7/1979
ALICE CONLEY             CHRL     Office Assistant                    7/31/1978
SARAH DUNCAN             CHRL     Office Assistant                    2/19/1978
TERESA GARDNER           CHRL     Office Assistant                     4/2/1979
JANICE GOFF              CHRL     Office Assistant                   11/20/1981
SYLVIA GRADY             CHRL     Office Assistant                    8/17/1976
JAYNE GRIFFIN-STEITZ     CHRL     Office Assistant                    5/14/1979
CYNTHIA HALLMAN          CHRL     Office Assistant                   10/14/1976
PAMELA HAMILTON          CHRL     Office Assistant                    3/11/1986
MARCUS HARVELL           CHRL     Office Assistant                    5/29/2001
DONNA HUNTER             CHRL     Office Assistant                   10/26/1971

                                                                                  PAGE 29

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
APRIL HYDE              CHRL     Office Assistant       5/19/1980
SHIRLEY KISER           CHRL     Office Assistant       3/24/1980
JUDITH LAMBETH          CHRL     Office Assistant      10/30/1978
TULA LONG               CHRL     Office Assistant       4/28/1979
DEBRA MORGAN            CHRL     Office Assistant       7/20/1970
CAROL NEWELL            CHRL     Office Assistant       6/22/1970
TERESA PUTNAM           CHRL     Office Assistant       9/21/1996
CYNTHIA SAFRIT          CHRL     Office Assistant       6/21/1971
LAURA SMITH             CHRL     Office Assistant        4/5/1968
TAMIE SMITH             CHRL     Office Assistant       6/23/1986
PEGGY SMITH             CHRL     Office Assistant       2/24/1973
DONNA SPEAKS            CHRL     Office Assistant        3/2/1981
JOSEPHINE TATE          CHRL     Office Assistant       2/18/1977
DON THOMAS              CHRL     Office Assistant      11/29/1972
DEBORAH TRUESDALE       CHRL     Office Assistant        4/2/1979
LEISA TUCKER            CHRL     Office Assistant       4/21/1980
PAMELA WEBB             CHRL     Office Assistant       8/27/1978
CAROLYN WILLIAMS        CHRL     Office Assistant      11/10/1980
STELLA WITHERSPOON      CHRL     Office Assistant      10/20/1988
GAY CROUSE              GNBO     Office Assistant        2/9/1972
JANE DISHMAN            GNBO     Office Assistant       1/17/1972
DELORES HARRIS          GNBO     Office Assistant       9/22/1972
LINDA HOSKINS           GNBO     Office Assistant       6/29/1964
CAROLYN KNIGHT          GNBO     Office Assistant       3/26/1962
MARGARET MACK           GNBO     Office Assistant        3/7/1975
JUDY PLAYER             GNBO     Office Assistant      11/10/1964
SHARON ROBBINS          GNBO     Office Assistant       9/25/1972
HETTIE SAWYER           GNBO     Office Assistant      12/11/1973
SANDRA SMITH-ROSEBORO   GNBO     Office Assistant        4/5/1971
DEBORAH WHITLER         GNBO     Office Assistant       7/31/1973
PAMELA ALLSBROOKS       GSTA     Office Assistant      11/29/1979
BARBARA TATE            GSTA     Office Assistant       3/13/1978
PATRICIA WOOTEN         GSTA     Office Assistant       6/22/1978
LYDA CRAIG              LENR     Office Assistant       2/14/1978
SYLVIA GILLILAND        LENR     Office Assistant       1/16/1971
ROSE CONLEY             RLGH     Office Assistant       12/4/1972
KATHRYN COPPEDGE        RLGH     Office Assistant        4/5/1971
FRANCES FITCH           RLGH     Office Assistant        3/5/1966
JENNIFER HICKMAN        RLGH     Office Assistant        1/4/1999
CATHY HOGG              RLGH     Office Assistant       4/17/1978
RONALD PEARCE           RLGH     Office Assistant       3/18/2002
LADY RAYE               RLGH     Office Assistant       8/14/1988
RODNEY SCOTT            RLGH     Office Assistant       8/10/1998
JANIE WINN              RLGH     Office Assistant       10/4/1987
DOLORES WOODROOF        RLGH     Office Assistant       5/15/1971
DARLENE CHILDERS        SSVL     Office Assistant        2/8/1971
JEANETTE FUTRELL        WLMG     Office Assistant       7/13/1970
MARY RIVENBARK          WLMG     Office Assistant        4/8/1969
ROBIN LANKFORD          WNSL     Office Assistant       4/26/1979
KAY LAWSON              WNSL     Office Assistant       8/28/1972
KENVER LEAK             WNSL     Office Assistant       4/30/2001

                                                                    PAGE 30

NAME                      EXCH    TITLE                 NCS
MYRNA PHILLIPS            WNSL    Office Assistant       5/16/1979
JANET REDD                WNSL    Office Assistant       10/9/1984
SHARON RILEY              WNSL    Office Assistant      12/18/1977
EVELYN CARTER             CHRL    Office Assistant       7/16/1988
STEPHANIE CLAY            CHRL    Office Assistant       11/5/2007
JOYCE BITTNER             LRBG    Operator               4/18/1994
ANNIE BLUE                LRBG    Operator               7/10/2000
STEPHANIE BROWN           LRBG    Operator               8/21/2000
ANGELA BROWN              LRBG    Operator               8/21/2000
ALISHA BROWN              LRBG    Operator               3/19/2001
RAMONA CARMICHAEL         LRBG    Operator               6/24/2001
MICHELLE CLARK            LRBG    Operator                4/2/2001
JIMMIE CLARK              LRBG    Operator                2/5/2001
SHARON DAVID              LRBG    Operator               9/11/2000
AMY DIAL                  LRBG    Operator                2/5/2001
MARY DRIGGERS             LRBG    Operator                4/2/2001
TRACY EMANUEL             LRBG    Operator                6/4/2001
SARAH FAIRCLOTH           LRBG    Operator               5/21/2001
TONYA GILMORE             LRBG    Operator               8/28/2000
SHELBY GROOMS             LRBG    Operator              12/18/1988
JAMES HARDIN              LRBG    Operator               7/21/1986
PENELOPE HARPER           LRBG    Operator               7/31/2000
JAMIE HEFFNER-PERKINS     LRBG    Operator                3/5/2001
SABRINA JONES             LRBG    Operator                8/7/2000
STACEY JONES              LRBG    Operator               4/23/2001
DEMETRICE JONES           LRBG    Operator               8/28/2000
TERESA LAWYER             LRBG    Operator               9/18/2000
JOHNISHA LEAK             LRBG    Operator                2/5/2001
TAMELA LETT               LRBG    Operator               2/19/2001
PAULA LEWIS               LRBG    Operator                2/5/1990
REBECCA LOCKLEAR          LRBG    Operator               5/15/2001
KIMBERLY LOCKLEAR         LRBG    Operator                6/4/2001
GLENDA LOCKLEAR           LRBG    Operator               11/5/1988
PATSY MALEY               LRBG    Operator               3/17/1970
FANI MALLOY               LRBG    Operator               4/14/2001
KIMBERLY MATTHEWS         LRBG    Operator                6/4/2001
TARA MCALLISTER           LRBG    Operator                4/2/2001
QUNELL MCDONALD           LRBG    Operator                3/5/2001
KIJAFA MCLEAN-MCDANIELS   LRBG    Operator               5/21/2001
SONITA MCRAE              LRBG    Operator               9/20/2000
ANGELA MERRIWEATHER       LRBG    Operator               6/12/2000
LINDA MILLER              LRBG    Operator               3/21/1988
KLEVA MOLLISON            LRBG    Operator               9/25/2000
ERIKA MOORE               LRBG    Operator                2/5/2001
ANGELA MORAIDA            LRBG    Operator               7/31/2000
PRISCILLA MORAIDA         LRBG    Operator               6/27/1988
KATIE NORRIS              LRBG    Operator                2/9/2001
VA'KEISHA PAGE            LRBG    Operator               3/19/2001
BRENDA PARRISH            LRBG    Operator               5/22/1989
JENNIFER PEELE            LRBG    Operator               7/25/1982
CAROLYN PHILLIPS          LRBG    Operator              10/23/1977

                                                                     PAGE 31

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                      NCS
KEITH PICKELS           LRBG     Operator                     8/7/2000
JENNIFER RICHARDSON     LRBG     Operator                     6/4/2001
ROBYN ROSE              LRBG     Operator                    9/11/2000
ALICE RUSSELL           LRBG     Operator                     9/2/1971
KRISTINA SAMPSON        LRBG     Operator                    6/18/2001
EDITH SESSOM            LRBG     Operator                     2/5/2001
BONNIE SEWELL           LRBG     Operator                     6/4/2001
JOANNAH SINCLAIR        LRBG     Operator                     3/5/2001
AMANDA SMITH            LRBG     Operator                    8/14/2000
LAURAMAE SNEAD          LRBG     Operator                    2/19/2001
SHERRY STUCKEY          LRBG     Operator                    6/18/2001
EVANGELINE THOMPSON     LRBG     Operator                    7/29/1981
LORI TORREALBA          LRBG     Operator                     5/7/2001
SUSAN WATTS             LRBG     Operator                     6/4/2001
DONNA WEBB              LRBG     Operator                    6/18/2001
DEBRA WILLIAMS          LRBG     Operator                    3/19/2001
RHONDA WILLIAMS         LRBG     Operator                    4/29/1985
DORIS WILLIAMS          LRBG     Operator                    7/31/2000
JAMES ALLEN             AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    5/17/1999
BRADLEY CASE            AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    7/17/1989
JESSE LEE               AHVL     Outside Plant Technician     3/6/2000
ROLAND METCALF          AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2000
PAUL NICHOLS            AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    4/12/1991
BRADLEY TAYLOR          AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2000
CHRISTOPHER TINSLEY     AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    2/22/1999
DAVID FAULKNER          BOON     Outside Plant Technician    1/28/1999
LARRY GRIMES            BOON     Outside Plant Technician    3/23/1976
ELMER BENNETT           BURL     Outside Plant Technician    6/21/1999
JOHN JONES              BURL     Outside Plant Technician    5/15/2000
TIMOTHY TRAVIS          BURL     Outside Plant Technician    6/19/2000
LENWARD ADAMS           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     7/9/1976
KRISTIN ADDY            CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    1/31/2000
WILLIAM ANDERSON        CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    3/20/2000
JAMES BEAN              CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    5/24/1999
COREY BOUCHER           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     6/5/2000
JOSEPH BROWN            CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    9/12/1978
DAVID BRUNK             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     4/3/2000
CHAD COLEY              CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2000
SAMUEL COLLINS          CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     6/2/1980
EUGENE CROWLEY          CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    6/14/2002
MICHAEL DOWDLE          CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    7/10/2000
EARLIE GIVENS           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    10/2/2000
JAMES HODGE             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    3/20/1978
JOSEPH LAYTON           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     3/6/2000
JAMES LEE               CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     7/1/1968
ERNEST LYTES            CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    6/11/1979
BRADLEY MCGALLIARD      CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    9/27/2000
MICHAEL MCGEE           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2000
SHANE MCHALE            CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    4/16/1979
DERRICK MIZZELL         CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/2000
JAMES MOSER             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     8/7/1967

                                                                         PAGE 32

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                      NCS
TEVIS PINKERTON         CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    6/18/1973
JAMES PRICE             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    1/24/1966
JAMES REESE             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    5/29/1967
CHRISTOPHER RUSHING     CHRL     Outside Plant Technician   11/27/2000
ROBERT SCHUPP           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    1/28/1980
KENNETH SIMPSON         CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     7/3/1972
PAUL SONS               CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    8/31/1973
TIMOTHY TOMS            CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    1/30/1978
CLIFFORD TRAVIS         CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     1/3/2002
JAMES TURNIPSEED        CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    2/26/1973
L VAUGHT                CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     1/3/2003
WILLIAM WARD            CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2000
JEFFREY CAIRNES         CNTN     Outside Plant Technician   10/20/1996
CHARLES CARVER          CNTN     Outside Plant Technician    11/9/1992
W CLEMENT               CNTN     Outside Plant Technician    8/25/1969
RICHARD HENSON          CNTN     Outside Plant Technician    3/12/1993
BRYAN KUYKENDALL        CNTN     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2000
BRANDON PACE            CNTN     Outside Plant Technician     2/8/1999
TIMOTHY TRULL           CNTN     Outside Plant Technician     8/3/1995
RANDALL CASE            CPHL     Outside Plant Technician    8/22/1999
CHRISTOPHER HARRIS      CPHL     Outside Plant Technician    9/25/2001
THOMAS BURCHELL         GLBO     Outside Plant Technician    8/24/1998
CHRISTOPHER JONES       GLBO     Outside Plant Technician     3/1/1999
JONATHAN LANGSTON       GLBO     Outside Plant Technician     2/7/2000
GREY WEAVER             GLBO     Outside Plant Technician   10/10/1979
ROBERT ALVERSON         GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    1/31/2000
JEREMY FISHER           GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    4/12/1999
CHRISTOPHER HEINE       GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    7/10/2000
GARY HUNTER             GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    7/20/1998
PHILIP KELLY            GNBO     Outside Plant Technician   10/24/1986
JAMES LEWIS             GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    2/15/1999
MATTHEW MANLEY          GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    4/26/1999
BRANTLEY MARTIN         GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    1/25/2000
CHRISTOPHER MYRICK      GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    1/11/1999
ERNEST SHUE             GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    12/3/1979
ROBERT SPILLERS         GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2000
DILLARD TAYLOR          GNBO     Outside Plant Technician     4/3/2000
DEAN TOLER              GNBO     Outside Plant Technician    11/9/1998
WILLIAM WALL            GNBO     Outside Plant Technician     1/4/1999
STEPHEN ALLRED          GSTA     Outside Plant Technician    5/18/1978
ERIK BIGGERSTAFF        GSTA     Outside Plant Technician     8/7/2000
GARY EDISON             GSTA     Outside Plant Technician    9/19/1983
CHARLES GASKINS         GSTA     Outside Plant Technician   11/10/1969
MAJED KARAM             GSTA     Outside Plant Technician    12/4/1978
GERALD SPRINKLES        GSTA     Outside Plant Technician     3/1/1999
JOSEPH ALDERMAN         HNVL     Outside Plant Technician    5/22/1972
DAVID BOONE             HNVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2000
RUSSELL CORN            HNVL     Outside Plant Technician    4/25/1974
CYNTHIA GLASSER         HNVL     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/1979
DOYLE HENDERSON         HNVL     Outside Plant Technician    7/17/2000
ROBERT NIX              HNVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/26/1979

                                                                         PAGE 33

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                      NCS
CURTIS SHEW             HNVL     Outside Plant Technician    9/10/1980
CLAYTON SUGGS           HNVL     Outside Plant Technician    5/22/1978
MICHAEL BROWN           HSVL     Outside Plant Technician    4/16/1979
MICHELLE KALISTA        HSVL     Outside Plant Technician     3/6/1978
EDWIN LOVE              HSVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/29/1976
ROBERT TATUM            HSVL     Outside Plant Technician     1/8/1979
JOSHUA DAVIDSON         LENR     Outside Plant Technician   10/12/1998
KENNETH RIDDLE          LENR     Outside Plant Technician     1/4/1999
RICHARD SANDERS         LENR     Outside Plant Technician    5/30/1978
DONALD TUTTLE           LENR     Outside Plant Technician     5/8/1978
RONALD HUNT             LMTN     Outside Plant Technician   11/25/2003
B STONE                 LMTN     Outside Plant Technician    9/25/1971
DAVID STRINGER          LMTN     Outside Plant Technician    3/28/2002
STEVEN EAKER            LNTN     Outside Plant Technician   12/19/1973
MARC FREY               LNTN     Outside Plant Technician    3/19/1979
STEVEN HELMS            LNTN     Outside Plant Technician    9/28/1998
JOEL MOSLEY             LNTN     Outside Plant Technician    5/24/1999
FREDDY SHARPE           LNTN     Outside Plant Technician    5/30/1978
JAMES BUFFALOE          LRBG     Outside Plant Technician    4/23/2000
ANTHONY JENKINS         LRBG     Outside Plant Technician     1/4/1999
M MILLER                LRBG     Outside Plant Technician     3/5/2001
PATRICK CAVINESS        MGTN     Outside Plant Technician    2/10/1997
JAMES ENGLAND           MGTN     Outside Plant Technician    4/16/1979
CHRISTOPHER MOONEY      MGTN     Outside Plant Technician    12/7/1998
JUSTYN REASONER         MGTN     Outside Plant Technician   10/26/1998
TRACY SHORT             MGTN     Outside Plant Technician    2/26/1993
DAVID WRIGHT            MGTN     Outside Plant Technician    6/25/1979
SAM ELLER               NWLD     Outside Plant Technician    3/22/1974
JEFFREY IRWIN           RDVL     Outside Plant Technician    8/16/2002
BRENT MOODY             RDVL     Outside Plant Technician   10/16/1989
MICHAEL SAUNDERS        RDVL     Outside Plant Technician    6/16/2002
KENNETH SMITHEY         RDVL     Outside Plant Technician     4/2/1990
RAYMOND AMAN            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    1/23/1978
MATTHEW ANDERSON        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    5/15/2000
PAUL ANZALONE           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    6/15/1998
KEVIN BLACKWELDER       RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    7/23/2004
DENNIS CAIN             RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    7/31/1989
HARLEY CECIL            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    1/18/1999
JUSTO CINTRON           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    4/15/2000
JOSHUA CLARK            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    1/18/1999
WILLIAM DAVIES          RLGH     Outside Plant Technician   12/11/1978
CHRISTOPHER GASS        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    5/15/2000
GREGORY GITTINGS        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    5/12/1997
GREGORY HAFFORD         RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     3/5/2001
STEVEN HICKS            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     8/4/1997
STEVE HINTON            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    6/30/1969
STEPHEN HINTON          RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    2/21/2000
MICHAEL HINTON          RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     8/8/2002
CHARLES JOHNSON         RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     1/2/1980
DANIEL KELLY            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    9/24/1973
NATHAN LANE             RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     7/3/2003

                                                                         PAGE 34

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                      NCS
NORMAN MOORE            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     7/4/1973
WENDY POPE              RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     6/1/1999
BRIAN REGLING           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    3/28/2003
JON SEWELL              RLGH     Outside Plant Technician   11/16/1998
WAYNE SMITH             RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    5/26/1978
MONTE SMITHERMAN        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    1/16/1979
RICHARD THOMPSON        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    7/19/1973
JAMES WHITAKER          RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    1/17/2000
KAMAL WILLIAMS          RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    5/30/2000
WILLIAM MCCRACKEN       RTTN     Outside Plant Technician   11/18/1978
CHAD SUMMERS            RTTN     Outside Plant Technician   11/30/1998
DARYL KEEVER            SHLB     Outside Plant Technician     9/8/1998
MARVIN POWELL           SHLB     Outside Plant Technician   11/20/2000
CRAIG SMITH             SHLB     Outside Plant Technician    1/11/1999
JOHN DUGGINS            SLBR     Outside Plant Technician   10/30/1989
STEVEN KINDLEY          SLBR     Outside Plant Technician    10/3/2000
CHRISTOPHER SEVERT      SLBR     Outside Plant Technician    7/10/2000
WILLIAM GUY             SSVL     Outside Plant Technician    2/22/1999
AARON GUY               SSVL     Outside Plant Technician     4/3/2000
TERRELL HENDREN         SSVL     Outside Plant Technician    4/18/1974
KEITH ST CLAIR          SSVL     Outside Plant Technician     2/6/1978
JOHN DAVIS              WLMG     Outside Plant Technician     3/3/1997
CHAD DUNSON             WLMG     Outside Plant Technician     8/3/1999
ISHMAEL FORMYDUVAL      WLMG     Outside Plant Technician    5/12/2000
DAVID HERRING           WLMG     Outside Plant Technician    3/23/2002
DIXIE MAPSON            WLMG     Outside Plant Technician    6/11/1972
DANIEL PRESLEY          WLMG     Outside Plant Technician    5/14/2000
E SELLARS               WLMG     Outside Plant Technician    3/10/1969
DAVID SMITH             WLMG     Outside Plant Technician     5/8/2000
O THOMPSON              WLMG     Outside Plant Technician   10/11/1971
FREDERICK TODD          WLMG     Outside Plant Technician     2/5/2001
WADE WHITAKER           WLMG     Outside Plant Technician    5/12/2000
JOE WHITE               WLMG     Outside Plant Technician    5/17/2003
CURTIS WILLIAMS         WLMG     Outside Plant Technician    3/14/2000
SCOTT MCLAURIN          WNSL     Outside Plant Technician   12/14/1998
BRENT MITCHELL          WNSL     Outside Plant Technician   12/14/1998
SCOTT PENNINGTON        WNSL     Outside Plant Technician     3/8/1999
ANDREW PERRELL          WNSL     Outside Plant Technician    3/12/1990
KEVIN PHILLIPS          WNSL     Outside Plant Technician    8/14/2000
JEFFREY ROHRER          WNSL     Outside Plant Technician    2/27/1995
ROBERT THOMAS           WNSL     Outside Plant Technician    1/13/1999
JAMES WRIGHT            WNSL     Outside Plant Technician    10/9/1989
JACK BLALOCK            AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
JAMES BRENNAN           AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
ROBERT BUCKNER          AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
HOWARD BUSCH            AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
HUGH GREENE             AHVL     Outside Plant Technician   10/11/2007
ROGER HARRIS            AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
PHILLIP HENNESSEE       AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    9/27/2007
JASON HIXON             AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
W LOHR                  AHVL     Outside Plant Technician   10/11/2007

                                                                         PAGE 35

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                      NCS
ROBERT METZGER          AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
RICHARD RUSSELL         AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
CHAD TWEED              AHVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
NATHAN RHODES           BOON     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
KEITH ALLEN             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    4/16/2007
MASOMAKALI BARUTI       CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
GERALD BEDEAU           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
CURTIS BINGHAM          CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    2/14/2008
ROBERT BOWLEY           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    9/27/2007
GEORGE BRANNON          CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     3/4/2005
MICHAEL CARPENTER       CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    9/13/2007
KEVIN CASSANO           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician   10/11/2007
KEITH DAVIS             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician     5/9/2008
JERE DOTTEN             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    9/20/2007
KEN EWEN                CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
WILLIAM FRIETCH         CHRL     Outside Plant Technician   11/23/2007
JERRY GREEN             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    9/25/2008
DAMON GREEN             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    2/14/2008
PATRICK HUNT            CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    5/15/2008
ENRIQUE JONES           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician   10/18/2007
THANOME KEOPRASEUTH     CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    5/30/2008
MICHAEL MAY             CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    6/13/2008
COREY MORMON            CHRL     Outside Plant Technician   10/25/2007
ERIC ODEN               CHRL     Outside Plant Technician   10/18/2007
TARLO OGLETREE          CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    10/4/2007
KEITH ROBB              CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
LARRY ROBERTSON         CHRL     Outside Plant Technician   11/23/2007
NORMAN ROBINSON         CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    9/27/2007
LEE SADLER              CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
FRANKLIN SMYRE          CHRL     Outside Plant Technician   10/25/2007
JAMES STEWARD           CHRL     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
CHARLES WILLIAMS        CHRL     Outside Plant Technician   11/29/2007
TEDDY BROOKS            CPHL     Outside Plant Technician    4/21/2008
ROBERT BROWER           CPHL     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/2008
JACK FISHER             CPHL     Outside Plant Technician    9/15/2008
JAMES KNAPP             CPHL     Outside Plant Technician    7/11/2008
RICHARD MANZI           CPHL     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/2008
LUTHER PATTERSON        CPHL     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/2008
DONALD SHARPE           CPHL     Outside Plant Technician    4/21/2008
CHARLES WHITAKER        CPHL     Outside Plant Technician     4/7/2008
TIMOTHY CLARK           GSTA     Outside Plant Technician   10/11/2007
F FLETCHER              GSTA     Outside Plant Technician    10/4/2007
FREDERICK GIZOWSKI      GSTA     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
MICHAEL JOHNSONBAUGH    GSTA     Outside Plant Technician    2/14/2008
THOMAS KOERBER          GSTA     Outside Plant Technician     3/3/2008
MICHAEL LAYEL           GSTA     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
JOHN MCKINNEY           GSTA     Outside Plant Technician   10/11/2007
JOHN MULLIS             GSTA     Outside Plant Technician   10/19/2007
HORACE NIVENS           GSTA     Outside Plant Technician    3/24/2008
OCTAVIUS SIMS           GSTA     Outside Plant Technician    9/20/2007
DEREK SMITH             GSTA     Outside Plant Technician   10/11/2007

                                                                         PAGE 36

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                      NCS
JEFFREY EAST            LENR     Outside Plant Technician   11/29/2007
THOMAS HICE             LENR     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
CRAIG DORNTON           LNTN     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
JAMES HUITT             LNTN     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/2008
EDWARD MCGEE            LNTN     Outside Plant Technician   10/11/2007
DANIEL WILLIAMSON       LNTN     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
DARREN GILBERT          MGTN     Outside Plant Technician    5/30/2008
MARK HOLLOWAY           MGTN     Outside Plant Technician    6/13/2008
ROBERT ALLEN            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
STANLEY BEDSAUL         RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     1/3/2008
TIMOTHY BELLARDINE      RLGH     Outside Plant Technician   11/29/2007
SEVREN BODDIE           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
REID BRADSHER           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
RONALD BUSH             RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
PHILLIP CASHWELL        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
BARRY DECARLUCCI        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    8/15/2006
EDWARD DIXON            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     3/2/2009
KEVIN ENNIS             RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    5/30/2008
DERICK FARRAR           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    9/13/2007
JAMES GARDINER          RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/2008
SHAWN GILMORE           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
RICHARD GOODRICH        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    1/17/2008
WARDELL GREGORY         RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    4/24/2008
BRENT HEMSLEY           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    2/23/2009
JUSTIN HOLLAND          RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
TIMOTHY JAGDE           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
RONALD JONES            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician   11/29/2007
CHAD KENNEDY            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    9/13/2007
TERRELL KING            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     1/3/2008
WARREN LEMARBLE         RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    4/24/2008
STEVEN LENTZ            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    9/13/2007
BRIAN MAGNER            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    10/4/2007
ROBERT MELLE            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    2/14/2008
D MESSER                RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    2/18/2008
GARY MINOR              RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008
ARTHUR MORGAN           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    2/28/2008
TERENCE O'ROURKE        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/2008
JIMMY OVERTON           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/2008
ALVARO PEREZ            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    3/13/2008
KARL RIGHTER            RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    12/1/2008
ROOSEVELT ROBERTS       RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     1/3/2008
RICHARD RUBINO          RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    9/13/2007
RAYMOND SMITH           RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    4/10/2008
JASON SMITH             RLGH     Outside Plant Technician     1/3/2008
HECTOR SOTOLONGO        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    9/13/2007
MITCHEL TORRENCE        RLGH     Outside Plant Technician    6/18/2000
DAVID FINNEY            SLBR     Outside Plant Technician    11/1/2007
MICHAEL MISHKIN         SLBR     Outside Plant Technician   11/29/2007
SAMUEL TREXLER          SLBR     Outside Plant Technician    1/28/2008
CHARLES ASHTON          SSVL     Outside Plant Technician   11/29/2007
WILLIAM JORDAN          SSVL     Outside Plant Technician    3/27/2008

                                                                         PAGE 37

NAME                      EXCH   TITLE                      NCS
DEVON JOSEPH              SSVL   Outside Plant Technician    11/1/2007
SHON KALE                 SSVL   Outside Plant Technician   11/29/2007
MATTHEW REECE             SSVL   Outside Plant Technician   11/29/2007
MARGARET BAILEY           CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     4/30/1958
CYNTHIA CANNON            CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     2/19/1979
MARY GALE                 CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     3/19/1979
CINDY GLENN               CHRL   Provisioning Specialist    10/20/1997
MARY HONEYCUTT            CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     9/11/1967
SANDRA JACKSON            CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     3/23/1998
DELORIS KIRKPATRICK       CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     12/4/1967
WILLIAM LANE              CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     6/22/1998
LISA LAWTER               CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     10/8/1990
SHERRIE MCCRAY            CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     9/12/1998
DELORIS MILLER            CHRL   Provisioning Specialist      1/5/1998
BARBARA NIFONG            CHRL   Provisioning Specialist    12/10/1971
TERESA ROBINSON           CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     5/18/1998
JUNE SEIDEL               CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     2/21/1981
DEBORAH SMALL             CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     7/23/1998
SHERRY STRANGE            CHRL   Provisioning Specialist     11/5/1979
STEPHANIE ACE             CHRL   Sales Associate             7/25/2000
JEREMY ANDERSON           CHRL   Sales Associate              9/2/2003
ADRIANE ANDERSON          CHRL   Sales Associate              6/2/2008
KIMBERLY ANDERSON         CHRL   Sales Associate              4/4/2001
CHICOBIE ASHFORD          CHRL   Sales Associate            11/25/2005
NATALIE BAGHALZADEH       CHRL   Sales Associate             12/8/2004
NADINE BALDWIN            CHRL   Sales Associate             8/11/2003
SEBRINA BALDWIN           CHRL   Sales Associate             10/7/2003
NATALIE BARNES            CHRL   Sales Associate             11/1/2007
DENISE BARTKOWSKI         CHRL   Sales Associate              4/1/2002
L'TIA BELL                CHRL   Sales Associate             1/16/2006
JAUNICE BITTLE            CHRL   Sales Associate            11/14/2000
TORIA BOLDWARE            CHRL   Sales Associate              8/4/2003
SHERRI BONNER             CHRL   Sales Associate             11/1/2007
JAMES BOSTON              CHRL   Sales Associate              5/4/2000
REBECCA BOWMAN            CHRL   Sales Associate              5/1/2006
MARYANN BRAUN             CHRL   Sales Associate              1/3/2000
SYLVIA BRECKENRIDGE       CHRL   Sales Associate             12/4/2006
JOANN BROOKS              CHRL   Sales Associate              7/7/2003
MELISSA BROWN             CHRL   Sales Associate              6/2/2008
PRISCILLA BROWN           CHRL   Sales Associate             12/5/2005
SONYA BRUSTER             CHRL   Sales Associate              4/4/2001
ANGELIA BUCHANAN          CHRL   Sales Associate             4/25/2005
SHARRIKA BURNETT          CHRL   Sales Associate             11/1/2007
MYLES BUSH                CHRL   Sales Associate             7/26/2005
ANGELA CANNON             CHRL   Sales Associate             3/26/2001
LISA CEASER               CHRL   Sales Associate              1/7/2008
MONTE CHISOLM             CHRL   Sales Associate             3/10/2003
ELVIRA CHISOLM            CHRL   Sales Associate             9/24/2003
STACIE COLEMAN            CHRL   Sales Associate              1/7/2008
KENDRICK COWANS           CHRL   Sales Associate             5/30/2000
LAWANZA DANIELS-DAWKINS   CHRL   Sales Associate            10/30/2000

                                                                         PAGE 38

NAME                     EXCH    TITLE                 NCS
REGINALD DARDEN          CHRL    Sales Associate         9/4/2007
LEEANNA DAVIS            CHRL    Sales Associate        3/11/2001
KEVIN DAVIS              CHRL    Sales Associate         2/1/1999
ERICA DEAS               CHRL    Sales Associate        7/26/2005
KAREN DEISTER            CHRL    Sales Associate        12/2/2003
LEON DENT                CHRL    Sales Associate        4/25/2005
MONIQUE DILLON-JOHNSON   CHRL    Sales Associate        7/26/2005
LETTY DOUGLAS            CHRL    Sales Associate         1/7/2008
SHATORRA DOVE            CHRL    Sales Associate         6/2/2008
SHENNA DRAKEFORD         CHRL    Sales Associate        5/30/2000
CHANDIE EDENS            CHRL    Sales Associate        7/28/2003
JULIE ELLIOTT            CHRL    Sales Associate         3/3/2008
MICHAEL EMMERSON         CHRL    Sales Associate         1/5/2004
DUVONNE EVERETT          CHRL    Sales Associate        10/8/2003
DANIEL FITZPATRICK       CHRL    Sales Associate         5/1/2006
RICHARD FLETCHER         CHRL    Sales Associate        7/28/2003
OLUWAFUNKE FULLENWIDER   CHRL    Sales Associate         8/2/2005
RACHELLE GALVIN          CHRL    Sales Associate         1/7/2008
LAKISHA GARVIN           CHRL    Sales Associate        10/1/2007
TERESA GATTON            CHRL    Sales Associate        11/4/2003
SAMANTHA GENTLE          CHRL    Sales Associate        1/16/2006
ERIC GLAVE               CHRL    Sales Associate         4/4/2002
CHRISTA GORDON           CHRL    Sales Associate        1/16/2006
SONIA GRADDICK           CHRL    Sales Associate         4/2/2007
DARLENE GRAHAM           CHRL    Sales Associate        12/5/2005
DEBRA GUERTIN            CHRL    Sales Associate        7/20/2000
MICHELE HALL             CHRL    Sales Associate        11/4/2002
TOSHA HALL               CHRL    Sales Associate        4/25/2005
MATTHEW HAMRICK          CHRL    Sales Associate        8/11/2003
ANTHONY HATTON           CHRL    Sales Associate         5/7/2001
STACEY HILTON            CHRL    Sales Associate        8/15/2000
LEE HOLLY                CHRL    Sales Associate        12/6/2004
LATISHA HOOD             CHRL    Sales Associate        10/1/2007
RICHARD HORNE            CHRL    Sales Associate        10/7/2003
DENARD HOUEY             CHRL    Sales Associate        12/9/2004
LASHONDA HOWZE           CHRL    Sales Associate        4/24/2003
JONATHAN HULL            CHRL    Sales Associate         1/7/2008
STEPHANIE HYMAN          CHRL    Sales Associate         1/3/2006
LAWUNDA JACKSON          CHRL    Sales Associate         3/3/2008
BELINDA JACKSON          CHRL    Sales Associate        3/31/2006
TRACEY JAMES             CHRL    Sales Associate       10/31/2005
SIMONE JENNINGS          CHRL    Sales Associate         8/2/2005
CHARLISA JETT            CHRL    Sales Associate        4/16/2001
DONALD JOHNSON           CHRL    Sales Associate        12/5/2005
REGINALD JONES           CHRL    Sales Associate        12/8/2004
LARONDE JONES            CHRL    Sales Associate        11/4/2003
TAKIA JONES              CHRL    Sales Associate        11/1/2007
KELLY JONES              CHRL    Sales Associate        2/16/2000
MORGAN JUSTICE           CHRL    Sales Associate        12/5/2005
EDWARD KALEDA            CHRL    Sales Associate        11/1/2007
KELLIE KELSEY            CHRL    Sales Associate        5/13/2005

                                                                    PAGE 39

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
EXANDINE KILBOURN       CHRL     Sales Associate         2/6/2006
NATALIE KIRBY           CHRL     Sales Associate       12/18/2004
JENNIFER LADD           CHRL     Sales Associate        8/16/1998
CAROLINE LAIRD          CHRL     Sales Associate         6/7/1999
KATHY LAMB              CHRL     Sales Associate        8/21/1989
GEORGE LEE              CHRL     Sales Associate       12/12/2005
VICKKI LEWIS            CHRL     Sales Associate        9/24/2003
CESAR LEYVA             CHRL     Sales Associate         5/7/2001
ANITRA LINDSEY          CHRL     Sales Associate        12/5/2006
FLOYD LITTLE            CHRL     Sales Associate        12/6/2004
ELIZABETH LOFTIN        CHRL     Sales Associate        12/8/2000
DORIS LOWERY            CHRL     Sales Associate        1/11/1980
CARLOS MALDONADO        CHRL     Sales Associate       12/12/2005
JOY MANNING             CHRL     Sales Associate         9/4/2007
GARNET MARTIN           CHRL     Sales Associate         6/7/2004
ARTHUR MASON            CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
ANDREA MATTHEWS         CHRL     Sales Associate        2/17/2003
VERA MCCAIN             CHRL     Sales Associate         1/4/1999
JOYCE MCCULLOUGH        CHRL     Sales Associate        12/6/2004
JAMES MCLEAN            CHRL     Sales Associate        10/8/2003
JUDY MCMILLIAN          CHRL     Sales Associate        2/17/2003
AMANDA MCNEIL           CHRL     Sales Associate        12/4/2006
ETHEL MCNUTT            CHRL     Sales Associate        3/10/2003
PAMELA MELTON-OWENS     CHRL     Sales Associate       10/31/2005
WILLIAM MITCHELL        CHRL     Sales Associate        7/10/2000
THOMAS MOBLEY           CHRL     Sales Associate       11/28/2005
LINDSEY MOHNACKY        CHRL     Sales Associate         9/2/2003
MICHAEL MONGILLO        CHRL     Sales Associate        2/18/2003
BARBARA MONTOYA         CHRL     Sales Associate        5/22/2000
MARY MOORE              CHRL     Sales Associate         3/3/2008
DENEEKA MOORE           CHRL     Sales Associate         9/4/2007
ANDREA MOORE            CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
MELODY MOOREHEAD        CHRL     Sales Associate       11/28/2005
DESIREE MORIN           CHRL     Sales Associate        10/1/2002
DANIEL MORISSET         CHRL     Sales Associate         6/9/2003
KISHA MORRIS            CHRL     Sales Associate        6/26/2003
SHALEIA MORRIS          CHRL     Sales Associate        12/5/2005
WENDY MORROW            CHRL     Sales Associate        7/10/2000
WARITH MUHAMMAD         CHRL     Sales Associate        7/28/2004
TEREF NAYYA-EL          CHRL     Sales Associate        2/18/2003
CYNTHIA NDELO           CHRL     Sales Associate         9/5/2007
TAJA NEAL               CHRL     Sales Associate         8/2/2005
SHARIKA NEALY           CHRL     Sales Associate        9/17/2007
KATHLENE NELSON         CHRL     Sales Associate         9/9/2003
TEDRA NORRIS            CHRL     Sales Associate       10/21/2002
VERNON NUGENT           CHRL     Sales Associate         1/3/2006
SARAH NYATUKA           CHRL     Sales Associate        10/7/2003
SIMON ODHIAMBO          CHRL     Sales Associate        7/28/2003
DEMONTRICIAL PAGE       CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
ENRICO PATTERSON        CHRL     Sales Associate        3/28/2005
JACKIE PENDERGRASS      CHRL     Sales Associate        3/28/2005

                                                                    PAGE 40

NAME                     EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
CHANTA PERRY             CHRL     Sales Associate       11/28/2005
DEBBIE PERSAUD           CHRL     Sales Associate        7/21/2003
KERI PHAKDY              CHRL     Sales Associate        3/15/2004
BOWANNA PHARR            CHRL     Sales Associate       11/23/1998
NAKITA PINCKNEY          CHRL     Sales Associate       12/31/2005
JONIQUE PLATTS           CHRL     Sales Associate        12/7/2004
MICHAEL POOLE            CHRL     Sales Associate         8/2/2005
CARLA POPE               CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
ALANDIS PRATT            CHRL     Sales Associate        12/5/2005
JEANNIE PUTNAM           CHRL     Sales Associate        3/19/2001
AYESHA QUAYE             CHRL     Sales Associate        2/28/2006
ROBIN REAVES             CHRL     Sales Associate        11/1/2007
TRACY REID               CHRL     Sales Associate        1/19/2004
PETER REYNOLDS           CHRL     Sales Associate        11/4/2002
SHERAL RICE              CHRL     Sales Associate        12/5/2005
MICHAEL ROBERTS          CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2003
CRAIG ROBINSON           CHRL     Sales Associate         5/1/2008
RICHARD ROBINSON         CHRL     Sales Associate        2/17/2003
MO ROCCO                 CHRL     Sales Associate         3/3/2008
DEBBIE RODGERS           CHRL     Sales Associate         4/1/2002
WENDY RODRIGUEZ          CHRL     Sales Associate        9/20/1999
DIANA RODRIGUEZ          CHRL     Sales Associate        1/19/2004
LISA ROUSE               CHRL     Sales Associate       12/16/2007
NYOKA ROWLAND            CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
TARIK SHAH               CHRL     Sales Associate        8/11/2003
NEHA SHAH                CHRL     Sales Associate       12/12/2005
LECITA SHAW              CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
SABRINA SHAW             CHRL     Sales Associate        3/10/2003
TIMOTHY SHAW             CHRL     Sales Associate         4/2/2002
JAVON SIMON              CHRL     Sales Associate        12/6/2004
FRANKIE SINGLETON        CHRL     Sales Associate        3/25/1998
MARCUS SMITH             CHRL     Sales Associate         9/9/2003
BINTA SOSSEH             CHRL     Sales Associate       12/10/2004
DARLENE SPEARS           CHRL     Sales Associate        1/16/2006
ATIYA SPRAGION           CHRL     Sales Associate        8/10/2002
KEISHA STANFORD          CHRL     Sales Associate        8/11/2003
SHARON STEELE            CHRL     Sales Associate         2/7/2006
GIDGET STEVENSON         CHRL     Sales Associate        9/26/2003
TOBHNAS STOWE            CHRL     Sales Associate        12/5/2005
SYBIL STRAIT             CHRL     Sales Associate         4/1/2008
RACHEL STRONG            CHRL     Sales Associate         8/2/2005
SHELTON TAYLOR           CHRL     Sales Associate       10/31/2005
ALICE THACKER            CHRL     Sales Associate        9/14/1979
WENDY THOMAS             CHRL     Sales Associate         3/3/2008
LINDA THOMAS             CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
B L MELISSA THOMPSON     CHRL     Sales Associate         3/4/2008
GARRETT THOMPSON         CHRL     Sales Associate         1/3/2007
STEVEN TIMMONS           CHRL     Sales Associate        1/16/2006
CLAUDIA VILLARROEL       CHRL     Sales Associate         6/8/1998
AUDLEY WALLACE           CHRL     Sales Associate        3/31/2003
ELISA WARD               CHRL     Sales Associate        9/13/2007

                                                                     PAGE 41

NAME                       EXCH   TITLE                NCS
MALINDA WASHINGTON         CHRL   Sales Associate       11/1/2007
BRIAN WERGES               CHRL   Sales Associate        7/7/2003
RAMONA WIGGINS             CHRL   Sales Associate       12/4/2006
SARAH WILHELM              CHRL   Sales Associate       4/10/2002
DENISE WILLIAMS            CHRL   Sales Associate        3/3/2008
YOLANDA WILSON             CHRL   Sales Associate      10/28/2000
TONYA WOODWARD             CHRL   Sales Associate       10/8/2003
TAMEKA WORTHY              CHRL   Sales Associate       12/7/2004
LYASYA WRIGHT              CHRL   Sales Associate        2/6/2006
ANGELA WRIGHT              CHRL   Sales Associate        4/2/2007
DOUGLAS YANG               CHRL   Sales Associate       7/26/2005
SALLY YEARGIN              CHRL   Sales Associate       4/10/2000
LETITIA ANDERSON-THURMAN   RLGH   Sales Associate        2/5/2007
MICHELLE BIGGAR            RLGH   Sales Associate       7/11/1999
DEXTER BOND                RLGH   Sales Associate        2/1/2005
CARLOS BOYD                RLGH   Sales Associate        7/5/2005
EDWARD BROWN               RLGH   Sales Associate       5/10/1995
JAMIE DANAI                RLGH   Sales Associate        3/3/2003
CYDNEY GRAHAM              RLGH   Sales Associate       10/1/2002
LESLYE GRANGER             RLGH   Sales Associate      10/10/1978
DANA HAGEMAN-ALLEN         RLGH   Sales Associate      11/30/2005
SHAWNEQUAH HORN            RLGH   Sales Associate        7/7/2003
KELLY JAMES                RLGH   Sales Associate        7/5/2005
THOMAS KING                RLGH   Sales Associate        3/3/2003
PAULA LINEBARGER           RLGH   Sales Associate       8/10/1998
JAMICIA MCEACHERN          RLGH   Sales Associate        2/5/2007
TONYA MCLEAN               RLGH   Sales Associate        7/5/2005
KATRINA NABER              RLGH   Sales Associate       10/2/2006
PRCHENA OUTLAW             RLGH   Sales Associate        7/5/2006
SHERRICA PARKER-MINES      RLGH   Sales Associate       11/1/2004
FEMI POPOOLA               RLGH   Sales Associate        3/6/2006
GARY SAUNDERS              RLGH   Sales Associate       10/1/2007
JACOB THOMPSON             RLGH   Sales Associate        2/1/2005
TAMICA THOMPSON            RLGH   Sales Associate       2/12/2001
TRACY WIGGINS              RLGH   Sales Associate       3/15/2004
SHANAJA ANDERSON           CHRL   Sales Associate       11/3/2008
ASHLEY ARI                 CHRL   Sales Associate        3/2/2009
DELJUANA ARY               CHRL   Sales Associate       11/3/2008
RODGER AUSTIN              CHRL   Sales Associate        3/2/2009
JASON BAILEY               CHRL   Sales Associate        3/2/2009
MICHAEL BAPTISTE           CHRL   Sales Associate       1/19/2009
TRICIA BEATTY              CHRL   Sales Associate        3/2/2009
LATARSHA BENTON            CHRL   Sales Associate        1/5/2009
DEMARCUS BETHEA            CHRL   Sales Associate       1/19/2009
DEREK BEVERLY              CHRL   Sales Associate        1/5/2009
AMONYA BOURSIQUOT          CHRL   Sales Associate        6/2/2008
LATOYA BOYD                CHRL   Sales Associate       1/19/2009
RACHEL BREFO-BURROUGHS     CHRL   Sales Associate       11/3/2008
BOBBY BROWN                CHRL   Sales Associate       11/3/2008
ROSALYN BROWN              CHRL   Sales Associate        4/1/2008
RONNIE BROWN               CHRL   Sales Associate        3/2/2009

                                                                    PAGE 42

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
ASHEEKA BRYAN           CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
JAMILA BUNCH            CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
POLLY BURGESS           CHRL     Sales Associate        1/19/2009
TRESSIE BURNS           CHRL     Sales Associate        11/1/2007
DEMETRIA BURTON         CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
ARTURO BYRD             CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
ANTWAN CALLOWAY         CHRL     Sales Associate        11/1/2007
DAVID CANTY             CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
BRITTANY CARPENTER      CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
LARHONDA CATHCART       CHRL     Sales Associate        10/1/2007
SHERRELL CAULEY         CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
TRYPHOSIA CHAMBERS      CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
CHIA CHUNG              CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
CHAVIS CLEMONS          CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
KANDACE COLBERT         CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
JOSEPH COLLIER          CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
BRENT COMER             CHRL     Sales Associate        7/21/2008
MICHEAL COOK            CHRL     Sales Associate        1/19/2009
HEATHER COOPER          CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
DAVID COTTER            CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
MARCIO CROCKETT         CHRL     Sales Associate        3/31/2008
TERRIA CUNNINGHAM       CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
ADA CYRIL               CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
ASHLEY DANIELS          CHRL     Sales Associate        1/19/2009
GEORGE DAVID            CHRL     Sales Associate        9/17/2007
PATRICIA DENTON         CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
JASIRI DEY              CHRL     Sales Associate        7/21/2008
DEBRA DISCO             CHRL     Sales Associate         5/5/2008
WYNNETTA DURANT         CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
MICHAEL EASTWOOD        CHRL     Sales Associate        1/19/2009
TAMEKA ELLIOT           CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
JULIAN ELLIOTT          CHRL     Sales Associate         9/4/2007
TRAMAINE ELLISON        CHRL     Sales Associate         6/2/2008
NANCY ETTER             CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
JERRON FAULK            CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
JASON FIELDS            CHRL     Sales Associate         4/2/2007
SHEENA FLOYD            CHRL     Sales Associate         4/1/2008
KEVIN FRINK             CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
SABRINA FULLER          CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
BRANDON GAGNON          CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
TRUMAINE GAINES         CHRL     Sales Associate        3/31/2008
JAMAR GLENN             CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
TRAVIS GOMILLION        CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
KOBI GORE               CHRL     Sales Associate        10/1/2007
ALEXANDER GRAY          CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
ALLISON GREEN           CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
JOHN GRIMES             CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
GARY GUINE              CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
WILLETTE HARLEY         CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
MSANDA HARRISON         CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
JAMES HATTEN            CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008

                                                                    PAGE 43

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
TURCK HENRY             CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
STANLEY HOLLAND         CHRL     Sales Associate         3/3/2008
CHARLES HOOKER          CHRL     Sales Associate        3/31/2008
RAMONA HOOPER           CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
EBONIE HOPE             CHRL     Sales Associate         6/2/2008
CAROL-ANN HOUSTON       CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
EARL HOWARD             CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
KELSEY HOWZE            CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
ANDRE HUMPHREY          CHRL     Sales Associate         9/4/2007
GEORGE HUNT             CHRL     Sales Associate         5/1/2008
STACY ISAAC             CHRL     Sales Associate         5/1/2008
LATOYA JOHNSON          CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
ROUMAYAH JOHNSON        CHRL     Sales Associate         3/3/2008
JAMICA JONES            CHRL     Sales Associate         9/4/2007
CRYSTAL JONES           CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
ANTHONY JONES           CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
AMEENAH KENDALL         CHRL     Sales Associate        11/1/2007
MONICA KEYES            CHRL     Sales Associate         6/2/2008
PORTIA KISER            CHRL     Sales Associate         6/2/2008
MELSEAN LAWSON          CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
JAZMINE LINEN           CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
DAVID LITTLE            CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
TYESHA LONG             CHRL     Sales Associate        3/31/2008
CHRISTOPHER LOVE        CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
DEBORAH MAINE           CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
ROCAROL MANNING         CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
CARL MARTIN             CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
KEVAUGHN MCALISTER      CHRL     Sales Associate         4/1/2008
ERICA MCCOY             CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
MICAH MCDUFFIE          CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
SCOTT MCKINNON          CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
SHANA MILLS             CHRL     Sales Associate        7/21/2008
SARAH MOBLEY            CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
MICHELLE MOREY          CHRL     Sales Associate        1/19/2009
ANGELA NICHOLS          CHRL     Sales Associate         3/3/2008
COREY NORWOOD           CHRL     Sales Associate         3/3/2008
SHANIECE OSBORNE        CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
JESSICA PERCELL         CHRL     Sales Associate        1/19/2009
KIM PERRY               CHRL     Sales Associate         1/7/2008
NATHAN PERSON           CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
REGINA PHILLIPS         CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
LAKEISHA POPE           CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
CASSIE POWELL           CHRL     Sales Associate         2/1/2008
MAURICE PRESLEY         CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
RICHARD RICE            CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
ALFREDA RICHARDSON      CHRL     Sales Associate        11/3/2008
RONDA ROBINSON          CHRL     Sales Associate        3/31/2008
LOLA ROWE               CHRL     Sales Associate        1/19/2009
RENEE SABO              CHRL     Sales Associate         1/5/2009
THOMAS SADDLER          CHRL     Sales Associate         3/2/2009
KELLY SHIMP             CHRL     Sales Associate         5/5/2008

                                                                    PAGE 44

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                      NCS
WILLIAM SPENCER         CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
MONIQUE SPRINGER        CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
TRACY STAGGERS          CHRL     Sales Associate             11/3/2008
RENEE SVETLICK          CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
PHONSAVANH SYBOUTLAN    CHRL     Sales Associate              2/4/2008
MACKY TAJIK             CHRL     Sales Associate             8/15/2005
ALIYAH TERRY            CHRL     Sales Associate             1/19/2009
FAITH TRIGGS            CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
MIDIAH TUCKER           CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
TIMOTHY VOLLINK         CHRL     Sales Associate             11/1/2007
MEKO WATSON             CHRL     Sales Associate              1/5/2009
SHEQWENA WATSON         CHRL     Sales Associate              6/2/2008
DANA WEBSTER            CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
CHRISTINE WEINSTEIN     CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
STACIE WEST             CHRL     Sales Associate              1/5/2009
JOHN WESTBROOK          CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
ALICIA WHITE            CHRL     Sales Associate             11/1/2007
SAKEYSHA WILLIAMS       CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
JUSTIN WILLINGHAM       CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
DANIELLE WILLIS         CHRL     Sales Associate             11/1/2007
ALYSSA WISNER           CHRL     Sales Associate              3/2/2009
SHAMEKA WORTHY          CHRL     Sales Associate             1/19/2009
KELVIN WRIGHT           CHRL     Sales Associate             11/3/2008
KHALIDA YOUNG           CHRL     Sales Associate             1/19/2009
Marcella Aguado         RLGH     Sales Associate            12/16/2007
Marcella Aguado         RLGH     Sales Associate             12/3/2007
RASHAWN BASS            RLGH     Sales Associate              6/4/2007
PAXXON BROWN            RLGH     Sales Associate             10/1/2007
LEAH BURNLEY            RLGH     Sales Associate              8/1/2007
DAMION BURTIS           RLGH     Sales Associate             10/1/2007
MELISSA DANIELS         RLGH     Sales Associate              4/2/2007
THOMAS FINERGHTY        RLGH     Sales Associate              3/3/2008
MARVINA HILL            RLGH     Sales Associate              6/4/2007
SUZANNE JEFFERSON       RLGH     Sales Associate             10/1/2007
JASON LEWIS             RLGH     Sales Associate              5/5/2008
EBONY LYTCH             RLGH     Sales Associate              5/5/2008
MIKEYNA MIMS            RLGH     Sales Associate             3/18/2008
TIFFANY MOORE           RLGH     Sales Associate              5/5/2008
James Norman            RLGH     Sales Associate             12/3/2007
SHELLEY ROBERSON        RLGH     Sales Associate              3/3/2008
AUDREY SOLOMON          RLGH     Sales Associate              5/5/2008
Mark Schmidt            RLGH     Sales Associate             12/3/2007
RENEE TAIG              RLGH     Sales Associate              3/3/2008
SHAROLYN TAYLOR         RLGH     Sales Associate              4/2/2007
LIANE ZIETZ             RLGH     Sales Associate             12/3/2007
BOBBIE IVESTER          CHRL     Secretarial Stenographer    6/15/1957
RICHARD RODGERS         LRBG     Service Assistant            6/9/1987
THERESA GRAHAM          CHRL     Service Consultant / CPE    7/23/1987
KENDRA HAWKINS          CHRL     Service Consultant / CPE    6/22/1998
CAROLYN JENKINS         CHRL     Service Consultant / CPE     5/8/1985
AUDREY TOWNSEND         CHRL     Service Consultant / CPE    10/9/1970

                                                                         PAGE 45

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                      NCS
YVETTE ZELLER           CHRL     Service Consultant / CPE    8/25/1997
CYNTHIA HARPER          RLGH     Service Consultant / CPE    2/13/1995
PATRICIA ADAMS          CHRL     Service Consultant          3/17/1981
SHIRLEY ARRINGTON       CHRL     Service Consultant          8/24/1978
DEBORAH BAKER           CHRL     Service Consultant          4/14/1972
MICHAEL BAKER           CHRL     Service Consultant          7/28/1980
WANDA BEATY             CHRL     Service Consultant          6/25/1978
GLENN BENFIELD          CHRL     Service Consultant           1/2/1980
DAVID BROWNE            CHRL     Service Consultant          1/19/1976
CAROL BRUMBLES          CHRL     Service Consultant         10/14/1976
LINDA CANNON            CHRL     Service Consultant          3/13/1980
JANET DANIELS           CHRL     Service Consultant          8/17/1979
THOMAS DAVIS            CHRL     Service Consultant          2/12/1981
MARTHA EATON            CHRL     Service Consultant          12/2/1978
JAMES FAIN              CHRL     Service Consultant           9/8/1970
LAURA FALON             CHRL     Service Consultant          5/17/1980
LINDA GARRISON          CHRL     Service Consultant          5/31/1978
DAVID GUILLORY          CHRL     Service Consultant           5/2/1977
LEAH HARRISON           CHRL     Service Consultant           5/2/1988
GEORGE HELMS            CHRL     Service Consultant          6/15/1977
DANA HENRY              CHRL     Service Consultant          5/11/1981
TRACIE HENRY            CHRL     Service Consultant          3/29/1985
SHEILA HICE             CHRL     Service Consultant         12/20/1980
MARYANN HUBBARD         CHRL     Service Consultant           2/8/1978
SHERDEAN JOHNSON        CHRL     Service Consultant          12/2/1978
JANET JOHNSTON          CHRL     Service Consultant          7/26/1978
ROSEMARY MCCOY          CHRL     Service Consultant           1/5/1980
JOYCE MOSS              CHRL     Service Consultant           4/6/1981
DAVID MULLIS            CHRL     Service Consultant          8/18/1997
SANDRA MURPHY           CHRL     Service Consultant           9/3/1981
LASUNDRA NEWSOME        CHRL     Service Consultant          8/11/1989
LINDA NEWTON            CHRL     Service Consultant           3/5/1979
TANGANYIKA PATTERSON    CHRL     Service Consultant          6/11/1979
LINDA PHILLIPS          CHRL     Service Consultant          8/22/1980
CINDY PICKERSGILL       CHRL     Service Consultant           1/5/1981
KAREN POARCH            CHRL     Service Consultant         12/15/1986
KAREN QUINN             CHRL     Service Consultant          3/27/1978
ALICE REON              CHRL     Service Consultant          4/23/1979
VIVIAN ROGERS           CHRL     Service Consultant          1/16/1982
THERESA ROSE            CHRL     Service Consultant          9/17/1977
RAMONA ROSELLE          CHRL     Service Consultant          5/24/1980
HANNAH RUFF             CHRL     Service Consultant          1/14/1975
CRISTEN SALERNO         CHRL     Service Consultant          10/2/1979
SHIRLEY SCHOENY         CHRL     Service Consultant           6/4/1979
CATHY SCOTT             CHRL     Service Consultant          1/19/1981
KATHY SCOTT             CHRL     Service Consultant          9/23/1979
HESTER SHANK            CHRL     Service Consultant           5/7/1979
VALERIE SINGLETON       CHRL     Service Consultant          8/21/1978
DEBRA SMALLWOOD         CHRL     Service Consultant         10/29/1979
SUSAN SMITH             CHRL     Service Consultant          9/23/1982
SHERRY STEGAL           CHRL     Service Consultant          2/16/1990

                                                                         PAGE 46

NAME                     EXCH     TITLE                    NCS
PAMELA THOMPSON          CHRL     Service Consultant       10/13/1978
VERLETTE TOMS            CHRL     Service Consultant        3/14/1988
MARTHA TRUEMAN           CHRL     Service Consultant        7/17/1980
GALE TURNER              CHRL     Service Consultant        8/13/1979
ANDREA WALKER            CHRL     Service Consultant        10/5/1981
VERA WITHERSPOON         CHRL     Service Consultant        6/15/1977
MAXIE YOUNG              CHRL     Service Consultant         3/7/1976
ANGELA ZINKANN           CHRL     Service Consultant         5/8/1985
NICHOLAS GEORGE          RLGH     Service Consultant         4/9/1975
DELOIS HAMM              RLGH     Service Consultant        12/4/1974
DARLA OLSON              RLGH     Service Consultant        2/11/1979
WINSTON WATSON           RLGH     Service Consultant        9/20/1976
KEITH STATON             CHRL     Service Consultant       12/29/1987
KAREN ANNICHINO          CHRL     Service Representative    5/17/1978
LINDA CATHEY             CHRL     Service Representative     6/6/1985
DONNA FAULK              CHRL     Service Representative    10/1/1997
ROSALIND GORMLEY         CHRL     Service Representative    9/10/1979
STEVEN HICKS             CHRL     Service Representative    5/21/1982
SHAKAR HOOD              CHRL     Service Representative     1/5/1998
LISA HOWDYSHELL          CHRL     Service Representative     2/2/1981
CHERRIE JONES            CHRL     Service Representative    3/19/1990
MARLENE JONES            CHRL     Service Representative    6/13/1978
EMMA NESBITT             CHRL     Service Representative    4/11/1973
JANICE PRESTON-DIXON     CHRL     Service Representative    4/28/1997
TANYA RAGIN              CHRL     Service Representative    1/22/1979
NICKOLAS RUDASILL        CHRL     Service Representative    9/29/1980
DEBORAH SISK             CHRL     Service Representative   10/23/1978
ROSIE WALKER             CHRL     Service Representative    10/3/1997
MARCIA WHITEHEAD         CHRL     Service Representative     1/7/1976
JUDITH YOUNG             CHRL     Service Representative    3/15/1984
GRAYSON BELL             AHVL     Services Technician       7/13/2000
WILLIAM BLACK            AHVL     Services Technician       5/26/1998
RUSSELL BOLES            AHVL     Services Technician        1/4/1999
DONALD BURCHETTE         AHVL     Services Technician       3/13/2000
LARRY BURLESON           AHVL     Services Technician      11/30/1998
RODNEY BURLESON          AHVL     Services Technician        5/1/2000
JOSHUA BURRIS            AHVL     Services Technician       6/26/2000
PHILIP CAMP              AHVL     Services Technician       1/12/1994
BRIAN CARLSON            AHVL     Services Technician        3/6/2000
KENNETH EDWARDS          AHVL     Services Technician       7/31/2000
JIMMIE EVANS             AHVL     Services Technician       2/14/2000
JEFFREY GRESHAM          AHVL     Services Technician       1/15/2001
JASON HYATT              AHVL     Services Technician       8/26/1999
TAYLOR LAVECK            AHVL     Services Technician        3/1/1999
JAMES MEISNER            AHVL     Services Technician       8/10/1998
RYAN MILLER              AHVL     Services Technician        3/1/1999
CHRISTOPHER MULLINS      AHVL     Services Technician        5/6/2001
WILLIAM NOELL            AHVL     Services Technician       4/13/1998
TRACY NORTON             AHVL     Services Technician       6/19/2000
THOMAS PHILYAW           AHVL     Services Technician       3/27/2000
TANIA PLEMMONS           AHVL     Services Technician       9/11/2000

                                                                        PAGE 47

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
JOEL PRESTON            AHVL     Services Technician    7/27/1998
SCOTT STRICKLAND        AHVL     Services Technician   11/13/1998
MICHAEL TATE            AHVL     Services Technician    5/28/1997
JAMES VANDENBERG        AHVL     Services Technician    5/18/1998
MARK WILLIAMSON         AHVL     Services Technician    8/24/1998
JAMES WOERNER           AHVL     Services Technician    5/18/1998
JOSEPH ANDERSON         ARDN     Services Technician     5/1/2000
ANDREW DUFFY            ARDN     Services Technician     1/2/2001
JEREMY WOODRUFF         ARDN     Services Technician     7/3/2000
JOSEPH SNYDER           BCMT     Services Technician    2/28/2005
DAVID BENDER            BOON     Services Technician    4/19/2001
JIMMY HOWELL            BOON     Services Technician     3/9/1998
BRIAN ROMINGER          BOON     Services Technician     1/4/2001
DAVID WHITLEY           BOON     Services Technician    8/14/2000
WILLIAM BLACK           BURL     Services Technician    2/27/2001
MICHAEL BROOKS          BURL     Services Technician    7/17/2000
AARON BUCHANAN          BURL     Services Technician     4/3/2000
DANNY CASE              BURL     Services Technician    8/17/1998
ERNEST DONATHAN         BURL     Services Technician    7/10/2000
JASON FISHER            BURL     Services Technician     2/7/2000
JOHN GLENN              BURL     Services Technician    7/10/2000
JIMMY HOOPER            BURL     Services Technician     5/8/2000
MARK MAHAFFEY           BURL     Services Technician   10/24/1998
JOHN PAYNE              BURL     Services Technician    2/11/2000
BRIAN PIERCY            BURL     Services Technician     8/1/2000
J TATE                  BURL     Services Technician    1/22/2001
ARTHUR THOMPSON         BURL     Services Technician    4/10/2000
WILLIE VANHOOK          BURL     Services Technician    1/31/2000
R WHITESELL             BURL     Services Technician    3/19/1979
STEPHEN WILLIAMS        BURL     Services Technician   12/18/1989
JERRY ABRAMS            CHRL     Services Technician    1/11/1999
JOSEPH ARENELLA         CHRL     Services Technician    7/31/2000
JEREMY ARGO             CHRL     Services Technician     5/1/2000
ELMER BARBER            CHRL     Services Technician     4/3/2000
JACKIE BARKER           CHRL     Services Technician   11/16/1998
MICHAEL BOLOGNA         CHRL     Services Technician     3/5/2001
MARC BOWEN              CHRL     Services Technician     1/2/2001
JEB BUCHAN              CHRL     Services Technician     7/5/2000
SCOTT BUSH              CHRL     Services Technician    9/11/2000
MILES BYNUM             CHRL     Services Technician    3/26/1990
KIM CADDEN              CHRL     Services Technician    12/5/1977
JAMES CHRISTENBURY      CHRL     Services Technician    6/26/1974
JOHN CHURCH             CHRL     Services Technician     8/3/1998
JOSEPH CIANFLONE        CHRL     Services Technician    7/31/1985
ANGELO COLEY            CHRL     Services Technician    9/22/2000
ELLIOTT COLLINS         CHRL     Services Technician    6/22/1998
DAVID COLLINS           CHRL     Services Technician     1/8/2001
DARYLE CONNOR           CHRL     Services Technician   12/18/1995
LINWOOD CRAMOND         CHRL     Services Technician    2/21/2000
BRIAN DALIA             CHRL     Services Technician    4/12/1999
JOHNNY DEAN             CHRL     Services Technician    7/24/2000

                                                                    PAGE 48

NAME                     EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
VINCENT DINOLFO          CHRL     Services Technician   10/23/2000
MICHAEL DOLAN            CHRL     Services Technician     6/5/2000
RICHARD DULIN            CHRL     Services Technician    9/27/1999
UKO ETUK                 CHRL     Services Technician     3/6/2000
CHRISTOPHER FICKLING     CHRL     Services Technician    2/14/2000
THOMAS FLETCHER          CHRL     Services Technician    2/12/2001
BRETT FORD               CHRL     Services Technician     3/6/2000
WILLIAM FRYE             CHRL     Services Technician    1/15/2001
TEODORO GARCIA           CHRL     Services Technician     2/7/2000
RICHARD GARLAND          CHRL     Services Technician    8/14/2000
JAMES GOUGHENOUR         CHRL     Services Technician    9/28/1998
KURT GOWDER              CHRL     Services Technician    4/10/1997
CHAD GRAGG               CHRL     Services Technician    9/11/2000
MITCHELL GROOMS          CHRL     Services Technician     1/2/2001
CURTIS HALL              CHRL     Services Technician     7/4/1997
BERNARD HARDIN           CHRL     Services Technician     9/8/1998
JAMES HARE               CHRL     Services Technician    2/25/1991
STEPHEN HARKRADER        CHRL     Services Technician    8/31/1998
DANA HARRIS              CHRL     Services Technician    11/9/1998
HOWARD HILL              CHRL     Services Technician     8/2/1999
JAMES HILTON             CHRL     Services Technician     3/5/2001
WILLIAM HINER            CHRL     Services Technician    1/15/2001
JOHN HOOVER              CHRL     Services Technician    3/25/2005
ROBERT HUMPHRIES         CHRL     Services Technician    3/27/2000
MATTHEW HURLEY           CHRL     Services Technician   10/31/1999
HAROLD ITARA             CHRL     Services Technician    4/14/1997
DAVID JONES              CHRL     Services Technician     1/4/1999
JERRY KEENAN             CHRL     Services Technician    8/21/2000
ANTHONY KILLOUGH         CHRL     Services Technician    5/17/1999
PETER KULPA              CHRL     Services Technician    8/14/2000
MARK KURUTZ              CHRL     Services Technician    10/4/1999
THOMAS LANIER            CHRL     Services Technician    5/22/2000
ANDREA LAWING            CHRL     Services Technician    3/15/1999
STEPHEN LOCKER           CHRL     Services Technician     1/4/2001
MICHAEL LOFLIN           CHRL     Services Technician    6/26/2000
EDWARD LOVE              CHRL     Services Technician    12/4/1978
EVERETT LUTZ             CHRL     Services Technician    8/16/1999
TOMMY MALONE             CHRL     Services Technician    9/15/1978
JESSE MANGUM             CHRL     Services Technician     9/7/1999
CARL MASTERS             CHRL     Services Technician    9/18/2000
WILLIAM MATTIO           CHRL     Services Technician    7/10/1973
KENNY MAYES              CHRL     Services Technician    10/7/2004
DAVID MCCARTER           CHRL     Services Technician    7/31/2000
GEORGE MCCLELLAN         CHRL     Services Technician    5/10/1999
MARTIN MCCLURE           CHRL     Services Technician     1/2/1981
DANIEL MINNICK           CHRL     Services Technician    4/10/2000
CHRISTOPHER MOORE        CHRL     Services Technician     1/3/2000
JOHN NESBIT              CHRL     Services Technician     3/6/2000
BENJAMIN ROBBINS         CHRL     Services Technician     5/1/2000
NANCY RODGERS            CHRL     Services Technician    6/15/1977
RICHARD ROSELLO          CHRL     Services Technician     2/5/1993

                                                                     PAGE 49

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
JOHN ROWLAND            CHRL     Services Technician     9/5/2006
JAMES SEALS             CHRL     Services Technician     8/2/1999
RUFUS SHAMBERGER        CHRL     Services Technician    12/9/1997
BRIAN SIMMONS           CHRL     Services Technician    7/11/2000
BARTUNE SIMS            CHRL     Services Technician    2/21/1998
R SLOAN                 CHRL     Services Technician    9/21/1970
JOHN STEWARD            CHRL     Services Technician    5/10/1999
CLARENCE STRICKLAND     CHRL     Services Technician     5/1/2000
ROBERT WALKER           CHRL     Services Technician     4/5/1999
ANDRE WALKER            CHRL     Services Technician    9/27/1999
PRESTON WALKER          CHRL     Services Technician    9/29/1998
JASON WAUGH             CHRL     Services Technician    9/14/2002
JONATHAN WILLIAMS       CHRL     Services Technician    1/10/2003
EDWARD WOOTEN           CHRL     Services Technician    11/3/2003
LARRY WRIGHT            CHRL     Services Technician    9/14/1970
LARRY BIBLE             CNTN     Services Technician    7/27/1998
COREY BROOKSHIRE        CNTN     Services Technician    4/17/2000
TRAVIS DORLAN           CNTN     Services Technician    3/10/1997
GREGORY GARLAND         CNTN     Services Technician    3/13/2000
PEDRO GONZALES          CNTN     Services Technician    6/19/2000
ROBERT HARGRAVE         CNTN     Services Technician     4/2/1973
MARK HENSON             CNTN     Services Technician    4/10/2000
CLAYTON HISEL           CNTN     Services Technician     4/6/1998
SCOTTIE LIPE            CNTN     Services Technician     5/8/2000
ASAHEL LONG             CNTN     Services Technician   12/11/2000
JOSHUA LUTHER           CNTN     Services Technician   11/30/1998
RANDALL MCCLENDON       CNTN     Services Technician    10/5/1998
MICHAEL NICHOLS         CNTN     Services Technician     1/4/1999
FREDERICK RASK          CNTN     Services Technician     9/1/1998
TRAVIS THOMPSON         CNTN     Services Technician    3/20/2000
CRAIG TURVIN            CNTN     Services Technician    5/15/2000
JOSEPH VALLIERE         CNTN     Services Technician    5/11/1971
JASON COCHRAN           CPHL     Services Technician     5/1/2000
LANCE DAVIS             CPHL     Services Technician    7/10/2000
NEAL DICKENS            CPHL     Services Technician     3/1/1999
MICHAEL FAHEY           CPHL     Services Technician    7/14/1999
PETER GARDNER           CPHL     Services Technician    3/27/2000
JEFFREY LEONARD         CPHL     Services Technician    1/18/1999
EDUARDO MONTERO         CPHL     Services Technician    3/29/1993
BRIAN ROBERTS           CPHL     Services Technician     3/1/1999
ROBERT STANLEY          CPHL     Services Technician     3/7/2001
RICHARD STARR           CPHL     Services Technician    1/31/2000
TEDDY STEPHENS          CPHL     Services Technician    7/30/1999
LOUIS TAPP              CPHL     Services Technician   12/14/1998
JEFFREY WHITMAN         CPHL     Services Technician    5/22/2000
CINDY BRUCE             ENKA     Services Technician    3/23/1998
NEIL SMITH              ENKA     Services Technician    11/3/1978
DAVID YOUNG             ENKA     Services Technician    3/14/2003
NATHANIEL BEST          GLBO     Services Technician     1/2/1973
WILLIAM BETIT           GLBO     Services Technician     3/1/1999
EARL CAPPS              GLBO     Services Technician    5/16/1973

                                                                    PAGE 50

NAME                     EXCH    TITLE                 NCS
WARREN EDWARDS           GLBO    Services Technician    3/27/2000
CHRISTOPHER FAIRCLOTH    GLBO    Services Technician    2/21/2000
WESLEY HEAD              GLBO    Services Technician     4/3/2000
OLIN HILL                GLBO    Services Technician     4/2/1979
ROBERT HINNANT           GLBO    Services Technician    7/24/2000
TIMOTHY HOWELL           GLBO    Services Technician   12/27/1977
TROY JERNIGAN            GLBO    Services Technician    7/31/2000
ERIC LEE                 GLBO    Services Technician    1/17/2000
CHRISTOPHER LEE          GLBO    Services Technician     3/8/1999
LARRY MOZINGO            GLBO    Services Technician    1/19/1970
ANTHONY NEEL             GLBO    Services Technician     5/8/2000
MICHAEL ROGERS           GLBO    Services Technician    5/15/2000
JERRY SYKES              GLBO    Services Technician     8/6/1991
CLAUDE WIGGINS           GLBO    Services Technician    3/27/2000
WILLIAM ADAMS            GNBO    Services Technician    3/20/2000
CARL BEASLEY             GNBO    Services Technician    2/15/1999
KENDALL BLACKWELDER      GNBO    Services Technician    1/18/2000
WAYNE BLACKWELDER        GNBO    Services Technician    2/15/1999
PATRICK BLUNT            GNBO    Services Technician   11/30/1998
JAMES BULLINS            GNBO    Services Technician    1/11/1999
JOSEPH BURTON            GNBO    Services Technician    2/14/2000
KENNETH CAMPBELL         GNBO    Services Technician   12/14/1998
RODNEY CHILTON           GNBO    Services Technician    1/24/2000
CRAIG COMER              GNBO    Services Technician   10/18/1999
DONALD COX               GNBO    Services Technician    10/5/1998
RICHARD CRABTREE         GNBO    Services Technician     5/7/1998
CHARLES CRABTREE         GNBO    Services Technician     9/6/1973
ANTWAN CURSE             GNBO    Services Technician    4/17/2000
WILLIAM DANIELS          GNBO    Services Technician    4/10/2000
B DAVIS                  GNBO    Services Technician    7/28/2000
CHADWICK DAVIS           GNBO    Services Technician     1/4/2001
JESSE DEPEW              GNBO    Services Technician   11/30/1998
KIRK DICKINSON           GNBO    Services Technician    7/10/2000
RODERICK FLETCHER        GNBO    Services Technician    4/10/2000
CHAD FULK                GNBO    Services Technician    1/24/2000
JOHN GREENWOOD           GNBO    Services Technician    1/18/1999
TRAVIS GRIGGS            GNBO    Services Technician     5/2/1998
TIMOTHY HENDRIX          GNBO    Services Technician    1/19/1988
HOWARD HORNER            GNBO    Services Technician    5/15/2000
RANDALL HORNING          GNBO    Services Technician    2/15/1999
MICKEY KINDLEY           GNBO    Services Technician    2/19/2001
JAMES LAPRADE            GNBO    Services Technician    3/27/2000
RONALD LEMMER            GNBO    Services Technician    3/27/2000
JAMES LESAUX             GNBO    Services Technician    2/28/2000
TOM MUNDY                GNBO    Services Technician     2/5/1968
JOHN O'BARR              GNBO    Services Technician    7/17/2000
GEORGE PARRISH           GNBO    Services Technician    1/10/2001
LAFAYETTE PETTY          GNBO    Services Technician    7/10/2000
ARNOLD POWELL            GNBO    Services Technician    1/20/1996
CHRISTOPHER RAGAN        GNBO    Services Technician     6/5/2000
JANICE RANDOLPH-PARKER   GNBO    Services Technician    3/18/1996

                                                                    PAGE 51

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
TRACEY ROOKS            GNBO     Services Technician     1/4/1999
KENNETH ROSE            GNBO     Services Technician    1/15/2001
RICARDO SCOTT           GNBO     Services Technician     6/5/2000
ERIC STALEY             GNBO     Services Technician    9/30/1996
NORMAN SUTPHIN          GNBO     Services Technician     8/3/1998
AUBURN THACKER          GNBO     Services Technician    7/17/2000
DAVID TWISDALE          GNBO     Services Technician    4/10/2000
BRIAN VEST              GNBO     Services Technician    2/15/1999
GARY WAGONER            GNBO     Services Technician    4/23/1998
T WALTON                GNBO     Services Technician    12/1/1971
RYAN WELBORN            GNBO     Services Technician     1/3/2000
JOHNNY WRIGHT           GNBO     Services Technician    7/17/2000
JOHN ZACHMAN            GNBO     Services Technician     4/5/1999
BRIAN BARBER            GSTA     Services Technician    4/24/2003
AARON BINGHAM           GSTA     Services Technician     6/8/1998
KELLY BURNHAM           GSTA     Services Technician    1/13/1999
DONALD DUNCAN           GSTA     Services Technician     5/1/2000
CHADWICK EAVES          GSTA     Services Technician     4/5/1999
LESLIE FRYE             GSTA     Services Technician    12/5/2005
KENNETH GREEN           GSTA     Services Technician     2/5/1973
CHRISTOPHER HARVELL     GSTA     Services Technician    2/14/2000
JAYSON HOFFMAN          GSTA     Services Technician    9/21/1998
JOHN HOLLAND            GSTA     Services Technician   10/18/1999
JEFFREY HUTCHINS        GSTA     Services Technician   11/30/1998
TIMOTHY JACKSON         GSTA     Services Technician    3/27/2000
DARRELL LONG            GSTA     Services Technician    5/30/1978
MARK MCGRAW             GSTA     Services Technician     1/8/2001
CURTIS MITCHELL         GSTA     Services Technician   10/11/1999
TIMOTHY PROPST          GSTA     Services Technician    8/16/1999
DAVID ROGERS            GSTA     Services Technician    1/14/1970
DANNY SAFRIT            GSTA     Services Technician    5/22/2000
DAVID SHEPHERD          GSTA     Services Technician    8/29/1972
GEORGE SMITH            GSTA     Services Technician    8/16/2000
GEORGE STOWE            GSTA     Services Technician    4/30/1978
JOHN STURGILL           GSTA     Services Technician    3/13/2000
KEITH BECK              HNVL     Services Technician    6/12/2000
BRENT BEDDINGFIELD      HNVL     Services Technician    9/28/1998
RANDY BISHOP            HNVL     Services Technician    4/24/2000
JAMES CRIGER            HNVL     Services Technician     5/1/1996
JAMES FREEMAN           HNVL     Services Technician    2/28/2000
CHARLES HARRIS          HNVL     Services Technician     1/8/2001
JONATHAN HAYDEN         HNVL     Services Technician     5/1/2000
ROBERT HYATT            HNVL     Services Technician    11/6/2000
KEITH JACKSON           HNVL     Services Technician   10/20/1969
EDWARD LIPE             HNVL     Services Technician     9/7/1999
KENNETH MANN            HNVL     Services Technician    4/17/1997
JEFFREY MCCRAW          HNVL     Services Technician    3/20/2000
ERIK PINDER             HNVL     Services Technician    4/19/1999
DAVID ROUSSELL          HNVL     Services Technician    9/13/1968
SHAUN RUDY              HNVL     Services Technician    2/28/2005
BRIAN SMITH             HNVL     Services Technician    5/22/2000

                                                                    PAGE 52

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
THEODORE SURRETTE       HNVL     Services Technician     2/7/2005
DAVID BARBER            HSVL     Services Technician    8/14/2000
DONALD BROADWAY         HSVL     Services Technician    8/31/1995
WILLIAM CLAYTON         HSVL     Services Technician     4/1/1999
CHRISTOPHER EALEY       HSVL     Services Technician     1/2/2001
CHARLES FARRAR          HSVL     Services Technician     1/4/2001
RONALD FRAZIER          HSVL     Services Technician    7/10/2000
JEROMY HATFIELD         HSVL     Services Technician    5/17/1999
RONNIE ISENHOWER        HSVL     Services Technician    4/24/2000
DONALD JOHNSON          HSVL     Services Technician    5/30/1997
RAY LEBONVILLE          HSVL     Services Technician    1/11/1999
DANY MORGAN             HSVL     Services Technician     3/4/2000
JAMES QUILLINAN         HSVL     Services Technician    11/9/1998
JOEY RENEGAR            HSVL     Services Technician    8/14/2000
MICHAEL SILMAN          HSVL     Services Technician     2/1/1999
RAYMOND BRENNAN         LCST     Services Technician    9/13/1999
ALBERT MONEYHAN         LCST     Services Technician   11/20/1972
C ALLISON               LENR     Services Technician    7/23/2001
TERRY BOWMAN            LENR     Services Technician    7/24/1972
KYLE CALLOWAY           LENR     Services Technician    5/15/2000
NEAL CRAIG              LENR     Services Technician    1/17/2000
DERRICK INGLE           LENR     Services Technician   10/12/1998
LARRY ROBERTS           LENR     Services Technician    1/15/2001
JAMESON WRIGHT          LENR     Services Technician    5/22/2000
JIMMY AMMONS            LMTN     Services Technician    5/19/1996
JOHN BARBER             LMTN     Services Technician    4/24/2000
STEVEN CULBRETH         LMTN     Services Technician    7/31/2000
JOHN HILL               LMTN     Services Technician    2/13/2006
ADRIAN HUNT             LMTN     Services Technician    5/15/2000
DONALD MCINTYRE         LMTN     Services Technician    4/21/1997
ELLIOTT STRICKLAND      LMTN     Services Technician    4/26/1999
JONATHAN WHITLOCK       LMTN     Services Technician     9/5/2000
STEVEN BROWN            LNTN     Services Technician    4/17/1997
GREGORY BURLESON        LNTN     Services Technician     1/4/2001
RAYMOND CAUDLE          LNTN     Services Technician     1/4/2001
KEVIN DOANE             LNTN     Services Technician    6/13/2002
RICHARD FALLS           LNTN     Services Technician   11/27/2000
STEVEN GREENE           LNTN     Services Technician     6/5/2000
ROBERT KRENSON          LNTN     Services Technician    4/26/1993
M LEWIS                 LNTN     Services Technician    5/15/2000
ERNEST MCDONALD         LNTN     Services Technician    3/22/1999
SCOTT PRUETT            LNTN     Services Technician     3/6/2000
RODNEY WARD             LNTN     Services Technician    1/22/2005
DAVID WILLIAMS          LNTN     Services Technician    1/25/1999
WESLEY CAIN             LRBG     Services Technician     8/7/1972
WILLIAM GROSS           LRBG     Services Technician    4/17/2000
DUSTIN LASSITER         LRBG     Services Technician    7/31/1989
FRANKIE LEWIS           LRBG     Services Technician    7/10/2000
PATRICK LOCKLEAR        LRBG     Services Technician    4/10/2000
NATHAN MASON            LRBG     Services Technician    4/20/1998
DAVID RADER             LRBG     Services Technician    7/10/2000

                                                                    PAGE 53

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
CALVIN BAKER            MGTN     Services Technician    5/22/2000
JOEY BARKER             MGTN     Services Technician    3/29/1999
JONATHAN BUMGARNER      MGTN     Services Technician    3/15/1999
CRAIG CLARK             MGTN     Services Technician    2/14/2005
JONATHAN DUNCAN         MGTN     Services Technician    1/15/2001
MARK HOUSER             MGTN     Services Technician    5/18/1998
JOSHUA SCRONCE          MGTN     Services Technician    4/10/2000
JAMIE CALLOWAY          NWLD     Services Technician   11/20/2000
BRIAN DANIELS           NWLD     Services Technician    8/26/1999
TOMMY REED              NWLD     Services Technician     1/4/2001
JEFFREY SMITH           NWLD     Services Technician     1/5/1998
CHRISTOPHER CAMP        NWTN     Services Technician    4/10/1995
CHAD CLINE              NWTN     Services Technician     4/5/1999
MATTHEW HINER           NWTN     Services Technician    2/11/2002
JEFFREY JOHNSON         NWTN     Services Technician     8/3/1998
JEFFREY MARTIN          NWTN     Services Technician    2/14/2002
MICHAEL ADKINS          RDVL     Services Technician    4/10/2000
LEIGH BAILLARGEON       RDVL     Services Technician   10/21/1977
ROBERT COSTNER          RDVL     Services Technician    3/19/1979
TOBY COX                RDVL     Services Technician    5/22/2000
JOSH COX                RDVL     Services Technician    7/10/2000
J DELAPP                RDVL     Services Technician     3/8/1999
BOBBY HYLER             RDVL     Services Technician    2/15/1999
JASON MARTIN            RDVL     Services Technician    2/28/2000
RAYMOND STANLEY         RDVL     Services Technician    2/28/2000
TERESA ADAMS            RLGH     Services Technician     6/9/1999
KELLY ALLEN             RLGH     Services Technician    5/15/2000
JONATHAN ALLEN          RLGH     Services Technician     3/1/1999
TERRY BATSON            RLGH     Services Technician    5/26/1998
LARRY BRIGMAN           RLGH     Services Technician    6/19/2000
JASON BROWN             RLGH     Services Technician     4/3/2000
GEORGE BURGESS          RLGH     Services Technician    12/9/1998
WILLIAM BURTON          RLGH     Services Technician    5/18/1998
KEITH BUSBY             RLGH     Services Technician    7/10/2000
SUSAN CASEY             RLGH     Services Technician    8/28/1978
ANDREW CHAVIS           RLGH     Services Technician     2/1/1999
VICKIE CLAY             RLGH     Services Technician    4/17/1978
CLARENCE CLEMONS        RLGH     Services Technician   11/11/1971
STEVEN CLIFTON          RLGH     Services Technician   10/27/1998
JASON COLLINS           RLGH     Services Technician    7/31/2000
CALVIN DAVIS            RLGH     Services Technician    3/13/1972
JAMES DILLARD           RLGH     Services Technician    4/14/2001
EDDIE DOBSON            RLGH     Services Technician    2/27/1978
RAMON DUCRET            RLGH     Services Technician    6/26/2000
JAMES ELLIS             RLGH     Services Technician    7/21/1969
STEVEN FAY              RLGH     Services Technician    4/10/2000
GREGORY FIELDING        RLGH     Services Technician    3/20/2000
ARLIN FIRESTONE         RLGH     Services Technician     8/3/1998
FRANKLIN FLOYD          RLGH     Services Technician     4/3/2000
DONALD GILES            RLGH     Services Technician    8/10/1996
MICHAEL GILLESPY        RLGH     Services Technician     6/8/1998

                                                                    PAGE 54

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
BOBBY GRAY              RLGH     Services Technician    2/22/1999
BOBBY HAMM              RLGH     Services Technician     8/7/2000
JESSE HAMMONDS          RLGH     Services Technician    5/10/1999
KEITH HARDEMAN          RLGH     Services Technician     5/4/1998
ROBERT HARTEN           RLGH     Services Technician    7/10/2000
BRET HORTON             RLGH     Services Technician     6/5/2000
DAVID HUNNICUTT         RLGH     Services Technician    6/26/2000
STEPHEN JERNIGAN        RLGH     Services Technician     5/7/2001
ALVIN JOYNER            RLGH     Services Technician     3/1/1999
WILLIAM KEYES           RLGH     Services Technician    6/26/2000
EVAN KNIGHT             RLGH     Services Technician    9/17/1988
STEVEN LESSARD          RLGH     Services Technician     4/5/1999
BERRY LEWIS             RLGH     Services Technician    2/22/1999
BOBBY LOCKLEAR          RLGH     Services Technician    2/19/1979
JASON LOWE              RLGH     Services Technician    5/30/2000
DOUGLAS MARTIN          RLGH     Services Technician     7/6/1998
CALE MARX               RLGH     Services Technician    6/19/2000
CHARLES MCCALL          RLGH     Services Technician    6/12/2000
PAUL MCCLAIN            RLGH     Services Technician     4/7/1997
TIMOTHY MEDLIN          RLGH     Services Technician    4/28/1997
CHRISTOPHER MOORE       RLGH     Services Technician    6/26/2000
WILLIAM NEWSOME         RLGH     Services Technician    4/10/2000
MICHAEL PEELE           RLGH     Services Technician    2/27/1989
NICHOLAS PERRY          RLGH     Services Technician    3/13/2000
JOSEPH POLKY            RLGH     Services Technician    11/2/1998
TRACY PRICE             RLGH     Services Technician    5/15/2000
DAN REGISTER            RLGH     Services Technician    3/31/1997
VINCENT RICHARDSON      RLGH     Services Technician     2/7/1993
ORLANDO ROCHELLE        RLGH     Services Technician    7/31/2000
VICTORIA ROSS           RLGH     Services Technician    3/31/1975
JAMES RUCKER            RLGH     Services Technician    4/21/1975
ERIC SCHAUFENBUEL       RLGH     Services Technician     1/4/1999
EDDIE SESSOMS           RLGH     Services Technician    10/5/1998
STEPHEN SHEHAN          RLGH     Services Technician    3/17/2000
JAYE SISSON             RLGH     Services Technician    3/13/2000
ANTHONY STEPHENSON      RLGH     Services Technician    7/24/2000
BRANDON STEPHENSON      RLGH     Services Technician    5/30/2000
TYRONE TAYLOR           RLGH     Services Technician    6/26/2000
TYRONE THOMAS           RLGH     Services Technician    6/17/1996
SCOTTIE THORNTON        RLGH     Services Technician    1/17/2000
DAVID TILLOTSON         RLGH     Services Technician    8/14/2000
ALLEN TYSON             RLGH     Services Technician    7/17/2000
GRANT WELCH             RLGH     Services Technician    2/22/1999
NEIL WHITE              RLGH     Services Technician    5/15/2000
LEROY WHITE             RLGH     Services Technician    8/11/1969
CALVIN WHITE            RLGH     Services Technician    11/6/1980
DEWARD WICKER           RLGH     Services Technician   11/16/1998
ADRIAN WIMBERLY         RLGH     Services Technician    5/10/1999
DENNIS ARROWOOD         RTTN     Services Technician   11/21/1973
JERRY DOTSON            RTTN     Services Technician    5/22/1978
ROBERT GANTT            RTTN     Services Technician    1/11/1999

                                                                    PAGE 55

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
JEFFREY GREEN           RTTN     Services Technician     2/7/2005
TRAVIS HILL             RTTN     Services Technician     2/1/1999
JEFFREY MCCRANIE        RTTN     Services Technician     5/1/2000
TIMOTHY SNYDER          RTTN     Services Technician    4/23/1997
WALTER TUTTLE           RTTN     Services Technician   10/26/1998
MICHAEL WEAST           RTTN     Services Technician     9/5/2000
ROBERT WYANT            RTTN     Services Technician    1/25/1999
JOE COSTNER             SHLB     Services Technician    8/14/2000
BARBARA HUTCHINS        SHLB     Services Technician    3/23/1999
DAVID JACKSON           SHLB     Services Technician    5/23/2000
RICHARD KERLEY          SHLB     Services Technician    1/22/1973
JOHN MORGAN             SHLB     Services Technician    1/18/1999
DALE PARKER             SHLB     Services Technician    2/21/2000
ALLEN PROCTOR           SHLB     Services Technician     3/6/2000
JAMES RUPPE             SHLB     Services Technician    7/31/2000
FRANKLIN SPAIN          SHLB     Services Technician    5/15/1978
DANNY WHITAKER          SHLB     Services Technician    8/23/1999
DAVID WRIGHT            SHLB     Services Technician    3/27/2000
RODNEY CUTHBERTSON      SLBR     Services Technician     4/3/2000
MICHAEL GUZZETTI        SLBR     Services Technician    3/14/2005
JOHN HIATT              SLBR     Services Technician     3/7/2003
CHARLES IRELAND         SLBR     Services Technician    9/28/1998
ALLEN LAWRENCE          SLBR     Services Technician    5/15/1978
JOHN LYON               SLBR     Services Technician    8/22/2002
ZACHARY MACHOVINA       SLBR     Services Technician    7/10/2000
MARK MCCULLOH           SLBR     Services Technician    9/18/2000
MICHAEL ROUTH           SLBR     Services Technician    6/19/2000
BILLY BYRD              SSVL     Services Technician    6/21/2003
DENNIS DEAN             SSVL     Services Technician     7/8/1980
MICHAEL FLECK           SSVL     Services Technician    5/18/1992
MARCUS GRYDER           SSVL     Services Technician     2/2/1998
JAMES JOHNSON           SSVL     Services Technician    8/31/1998
AUDIE JONAS             SSVL     Services Technician     2/1/1999
DAVID KNELL             SSVL     Services Technician    9/25/2000
SHAWN LAMBETH           SSVL     Services Technician     5/1/2000
CHRISTOPHER MAYS        SSVL     Services Technician   10/16/1992
MICHAEL MORRISON        SSVL     Services Technician    8/10/1998
JAMES PAWLAK            SSVL     Services Technician     1/4/1999
DAVID PENNELL           SSVL     Services Technician     5/1/2000
ANTHONY SMITH           SSVL     Services Technician    1/15/2001
T WAUGH                 SSVL     Services Technician     7/7/1974
T PENNELL               TYVL     Services Technician   12/24/1973
AREN BEST               WLMG     Services Technician    3/20/2000
ERIC BOBROW             WLMG     Services Technician     6/5/1997
THOMAS CAPPS            WLMG     Services Technician   11/30/1998
WARREN CHINN            WLMG     Services Technician    2/28/2000
CLINTON COLLINS         WLMG     Services Technician    11/4/1998
JOSEPH CRAIG            WLMG     Services Technician    4/14/1997
BRYAN DAVIS             WLMG     Services Technician    1/19/2004
ROBERT DIGGS            WLMG     Services Technician     8/2/1971
SAMUEL EDWARDS          WLMG     Services Technician     6/9/2001

                                                                    PAGE 56

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
KEVIN FLYNN             WLMG     Services Technician     4/8/1996
DONALD GORE             WLMG     Services Technician    5/30/2000
LARRY HAM               WLMG     Services Technician    9/20/1971
DAVID HARRIS            WLMG     Services Technician    5/14/2000
GREG HEFLIN             WLMG     Services Technician    6/26/2000
DAVID KELLY             WLMG     Services Technician    11/2/1998
BENJAMIN LEWIS          WLMG     Services Technician    3/10/1997
ERIC MCMAHAN            WLMG     Services Technician    6/15/1998
THOMAS POOLE            WLMG     Services Technician    3/13/2000
MICHAEL POULSON         WLMG     Services Technician     1/4/1999
RUSSELL REYNOLDS        WLMG     Services Technician   10/30/1972
GEORGE RICHARDSON       WLMG     Services Technician     2/2/1970
RAYMUND ROSSO           WLMG     Services Technician    3/15/1999
PHILLIP SASSER          WLMG     Services Technician    3/13/2000
DWIGHT SMITH            WLMG     Services Technician    7/10/2000
MICHAEL SWEENEY         WLMG     Services Technician    7/26/1978
JAY THEISEN             WLMG     Services Technician     1/3/1978
CHRISTOPHER TYNDALL     WLMG     Services Technician     3/8/1999
CHRISTOPHER WAUGH       WLMG     Services Technician    9/25/2000
ERNEST WEAVER           WLMG     Services Technician    2/21/2000
THEODORE WEEKS          WLMG     Services Technician    8/31/1987
WILLIAM WHITE           WLMG     Services Technician    3/27/2000
BRIAN WILLIS            WLMG     Services Technician    9/11/1989
MATTHEW BLALOCK         WNDL     Services Technician     1/4/1999
JASON CARTER            WNDL     Services Technician    8/25/1998
RICKY CLAY              WNDL     Services Technician    2/14/1979
SEAN ELLIOTT            WNDL     Services Technician     1/3/2000
R GILMORE               WNDL     Services Technician     8/3/1970
JAMES HOLDER            WNDL     Services Technician     6/5/2004
SAMMY LEE               WNDL     Services Technician    7/24/2000
PAUL LILLIS             WNDL     Services Technician    10/6/1997
ROY SMITH               WNDL     Services Technician     5/8/2000
DALE WALL               WNDL     Services Technician    2/11/1999
JASON WEST              WNDL     Services Technician    7/29/1996
JONATHAN ABBOTT         WNSL     Services Technician     5/1/1989
RANDALL BECK            WNSL     Services Technician     1/4/1999
MARK BOVENDER           WNSL     Services Technician     4/3/2000
DAVID BRICKEY           WNSL     Services Technician    6/24/1976
JAMES BRIDGEMAN         WNSL     Services Technician    7/28/1997
ALAN BURTON             WNSL     Services Technician     4/9/1990
RICHARD BURTON          WNSL     Services Technician    9/21/1998
TIMOTHY CAVE            WNSL     Services Technician    5/15/2000
BENNY COLEMAN           WNSL     Services Technician    5/15/2000
DON COOK                WNSL     Services Technician    4/20/1988
DAVID DAY               WNSL     Services Technician    6/12/2000
STEPHEN DAY             WNSL     Services Technician    8/20/1973
RODNEY DILLINGHAM       WNSL     Services Technician     5/8/2000
WILLIAM EDISON          WNSL     Services Technician    11/4/1976
BRAD FOGLEMAN           WNSL     Services Technician     3/6/2000
JASON FOX               WNSL     Services Technician    7/10/1997
ARTHUR GREGORY          WNSL     Services Technician   11/18/1996

                                                                    PAGE 57

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                           NCS
MARK HALL               WNSL     Services Technician               1/4/1999
RICHARD HENNING         WNSL     Services Technician               2/8/1999
TIMOTHY JONES           WNSL     Services Technician             10/23/1989
BARRY MARSHALL          WNSL     Services Technician               9/4/2000
LAWRENCE PARK           WNSL     Services Technician              6/30/1977
SHAUNA PATTEN           WNSL     Services Technician              1/11/1999
JAMES PETTY             WNSL     Services Technician               1/7/1989
LARRY POTEAT            WNSL     Services Technician               7/6/1998
JOHN SHARPE             WNSL     Services Technician             11/30/1998
MARK SNIPES             WNSL     Services Technician              10/2/1979
JEFFREY STAFFORD        WNSL     Services Technician             10/18/1999
CHAD STEVENS            WNSL     Services Technician               4/3/2000
JAMES TERRELL           WNSL     Services Technician              4/17/2000
JEFFREY TESH            WNSL     Services Technician              7/10/2000
HERSCHEL THOMAS         WNSL     Services Technician              9/18/1972
MARTIN VITALE           WNSL     Services Technician              5/10/1999
LARRY WALSER            WNSL     Services Technician              6/28/1976
SCOTTIE WEAVIL          WNSL     Services Technician              5/13/1996
ROY WILSON              WNSL     Services Technician               1/8/1973
RICHARD BENNETT         CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician    6/18/1974
SHARON CAMP             CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician   12/30/1971
DENNIS CARROLL          CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician    7/10/2000
GREGORY CAUBLE          CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician    2/12/2001
FRED COPELAND           CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician   10/11/1999
CORNELIA CRAWFORD       CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician    5/11/1998
BERNARD GALLOWAY        CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician    5/15/1972
LLOYD HOADLEY           CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician     4/9/2001
DOUGLAS HOFFMAN         CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician     7/5/2000
JAMES JONES             CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician   11/30/1998
DANIEL KNOX             CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician   10/18/1999
DONALD MEYER            CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician     6/5/2000
KENNETH PARLATO         CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician     1/5/1998
JOHNNY PATTERSON        CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician    3/17/1968
GEORGE RICHARDSON       CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician    2/12/2001
SANDRA RUTHERFORD       CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician    2/24/2001
THOMAS SLADDEN          CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician     7/6/1999
VALENTINO SYKES         CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician     9/5/2000
JULIA TINSLEY           CHRL     Systems Specialist Technician    3/10/1976
ROBERT JUDD             AHVL     Systems Technician                2/7/2000
BRUCE BAYLES            CHRL     Systems Technician               3/19/2001
JOSEPH BRYANT           CHRL     Systems Technician              11/23/1998
DENNIS COMPTON          CHRL     Systems Technician               10/9/1972
RICHARD ELAM            CHRL     Systems Technician                5/8/1985
RON FINLEY              CHRL     Systems Technician                6/8/1970
WILLIAM GREENE          CHRL     Systems Technician               6/23/1980
RANDALL HEDRICK         CHRL     Systems Technician                7/6/1998
JERRY HELMS             CHRL     Systems Technician                5/8/1985
STEPHEN MORGAN          CHRL     Systems Technician               11/8/1973
DEBORAH SCHEAVER        CHRL     Systems Technician              10/30/1986
TORIE TALBERT           CHRL     Systems Technician               6/25/1987
WILLIAM TYLER           CHRL     Systems Technician               5/26/1969

                                                                              PAGE 58

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
JAMES WALKER            CHRL     Systems Technician     2/28/2000
CHARLES WYCHUNAS        CHRL     Systems Technician      5/4/1999
JEFFREY ZELLER          CHRL     Systems Technician    10/22/1986
STEPHEN FRANTZ          GNBO     Systems Technician     4/17/2000
RALPH HARRIS            GNBO     Systems Technician     3/26/1973
RONALD HAWKINS          GNBO     Systems Technician     4/27/1998
MORRIS LAMBERTH         GNBO     Systems Technician     9/29/1969
KENNETH MATTHEWS        GNBO     Systems Technician     3/25/1975
JAMES HAWKINS           LENR     Systems Technician     7/18/1975
JONATHAN LAND           LENR     Systems Technician     1/22/1996
JOEY PRIDGEN            LMTN     Systems Technician    12/28/1998
ROGER DIXON             RLGH     Systems Technician     12/4/1978
ROBERT GOWIN            RLGH     Systems Technician     8/18/1998
KELLY HAYES             RLGH     Systems Technician     7/26/2002
JAMES KING              RLGH     Systems Technician      5/5/1989
E QUILLIN               RLGH     Systems Technician    10/21/1971
WILLIAM STEVENSON       RLGH     Systems Technician     2/15/1999
STEVEN WHETZEL          RLGH     Systems Technician     2/26/2007
SHERRY MINOR            WLMG     Systems Technician      7/7/1980
JEROME GILLESPIE        WNSL     Systems Technician     4/17/1972
KENNETH JESSUP          WNSL     Systems Technician      3/8/1974
GARY WATKINS            WNSL     Systems Technician      7/5/1978
STEVEN WILLIAMS         WNSL     Systems Technician     4/21/1998
BYRON ADAMS             CHRL     Testing Technician     3/26/2000
KENDRA ADAMS            CHRL     Testing Technician     3/20/2000
JEFFREY ANDERSON        CHRL     Testing Technician     12/7/1998
HAYWARD ANDERSON        CHRL     Testing Technician      7/9/1979
EDGAR ARIZA             CHRL     Testing Technician     1/26/1999
ENOCH BAILEY            CHRL     Testing Technician     9/18/2000
WILLIAM BALDWIN         CHRL     Testing Technician     3/26/2001
SHARON BENNETT          CHRL     Testing Technician     4/17/2000
DARRELL BENNETT         CHRL     Testing Technician     8/10/1998
ANNIE BRADSHAW          CHRL     Testing Technician     8/25/1969
DANNY BRIGHT            CHRL     Testing Technician      4/5/1999
WILLIAM BUCHANAN        CHRL     Testing Technician     1/18/1999
HYE CAFFEE              CHRL     Testing Technician     9/25/2000
DAPHNE CALDWELL         CHRL     Testing Technician    10/19/1978
DENNIS CARRAWAY         CHRL     Testing Technician      3/1/2000
REBECCA CERDA           CHRL     Testing Technician     4/19/1997
THERESA COCHRAN         CHRL     Testing Technician     8/29/1979
MARK CONJELKO           CHRL     Testing Technician     2/21/2000
MICHAEL DAVIS           CHRL     Testing Technician     7/10/1987
TIMOTHY DEAVER          CHRL     Testing Technician     11/2/1998
RAUL DEL FIERRO         CHRL     Testing Technician     9/28/1998
SEAN DORSETT            CHRL     Testing Technician     8/21/2000
WILLIAM DUNLAP          CHRL     Testing Technician     6/28/1999
ANGELA EDWARDS          CHRL     Testing Technician     8/28/2000
KEVIN FULLER            CHRL     Testing Technician     10/9/2000
JAMES GRIFFITH          CHRL     Testing Technician      6/4/1973
WILLIAM GROOM           CHRL     Testing Technician      9/5/2000
DANA HANLINE            CHRL     Testing Technician     5/10/1999

                                                                    PAGE 59

NAME                    EXCH     TITLE                 NCS
FREDERICK HARRIS        CHRL     Testing Technician     6/10/1974
MERLE HOOPER            CHRL     Testing Technician    12/14/1977
BRENDA HOWARD           CHRL     Testing Technician     12/2/1973
JOE HUSS                CHRL     Testing Technician     8/10/1998
STAFFORD-V IYONMAHAN    CHRL     Testing Technician      2/1/1999
WILLIAM JAMES           CHRL     Testing Technician     5/26/1998
GJERREA JONES           CHRL     Testing Technician     10/5/1998
KEITH KENNEDY           CHRL     Testing Technician      3/1/1999
TONY LITTLE             CHRL     Testing Technician     1/12/1970
STEPHEN LITTLE          CHRL     Testing Technician      1/8/2001
ALLEN LOCKLEAR          CHRL     Testing Technician     8/28/2000
KRISTIE LOCKLEAR        CHRL     Testing Technician     3/23/1999
CHAD MCDANIEL           CHRL     Testing Technician     10/2/2000
JACQUES MCMILLAN        CHRL     Testing Technician     5/15/2000
MICHELLE METTS          CHRL     Testing Technician     5/20/1986
DARIUS MOORE            CHRL     Testing Technician      3/2/1998
TERRY NANCE             CHRL     Testing Technician     6/26/1999
EDITH PAGE              CHRL     Testing Technician     3/28/1977
EDMOND PHARR            CHRL     Testing Technician     5/10/1999
LUIS PINEIRO            CHRL     Testing Technician     5/15/2000
LINDA POSTON            CHRL     Testing Technician     9/12/1977
ERIC PRATT              CHRL     Testing Technician     3/20/2000
RICHARD REED            CHRL     Testing Technician      3/6/2000
JAMES ROBERTS           CHRL     Testing Technician     3/27/2000
KATHLEEN SMITH          CHRL     Testing Technician     5/28/1970
MARY TAUTIN             CHRL     Testing Technician     1/17/2000
SANG TRAN               CHRL     Testing Technician      5/1/2000
FEROL VANDEVEER         CHRL     Testing Technician    11/20/2000
MICHAEL WARNER          CHRL     Testing Technician      5/1/2000
EVERETTE WATKINS        CHRL     Testing Technician     10/9/2000
MARC WERNSTROM          CHRL     Testing Technician      7/9/2000
KERMIT WHITE            CHRL     Testing Technician     7/30/1984
MONROVIA WILLIAMS       CHRL     Testing Technician     5/27/1980
DIANNE WILLIAMS         CHRL     Testing Technician     9/17/1975
LINDA WINKLER           CHRL     Testing Technician      5/5/1978
DESMOND WRIGHT          CHRL     Testing Technician     5/24/1972
DANIEL WYNN             CHRL     Testing Technician      4/3/2000
TERRY YOUNG             CHRL     Testing Technician     4/19/1999
BRIAN SIMPSON           CHRL     Wire Technician        6/11/1997

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