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                                                                       6. Of the                   8. Some
                                                                    most recent                 people share
                                                                    10 items you                   in great
                                                                    bought, how                    detail on
                                 3. What's                            many did                    Facebook,
                              the coolest    4. Which               you discover                 Twitter etc
                                thing you  blogs do you               through a                   what they    9. In what
                             have seen on follow? Why               friend? (Not                  are doing. areas do you
 1. How did    2. What was     the web in   those, and 5. How many     counting    7. Do you       Has this     want to
you first hear your biggest       the last what does it  people do   trips to the  pay for any     changed   discover new
  about the    surprise ever month? Why mean for you you follow     supermarket      online      your notion   people (for
  swine flu     on a social did it delight  to follow a on Twitter?  for food or   content? If         of     jobs, dates,
  outbreak?      network?           you?       blog?    Why those?      similar.) so, for what? friendship?        …)
                                                                                                      I use Linkedin
                                                                                                      for networking
                                                                                                      for my career.
                                                                                                       I'm married
                                                                                                      so I'm not
                                                                                                      looking for
                                                                                                      dates, but I
                                                                                       Hasn't         use Facebook
                                                                       Only for the    changed it,    for personal
                        Anything on                                    ability to      but I do enjoy friendships,
                        Buzzfeed...                                    download my     seeing what    nothing
News,     Finding old   kitten videos.                   1, a book,    banking data    friends are up career-related   friends.      Cute!            None.   None.   Netherland.   into Quicken.   to.            though.
         revealing very   A video re-                                                         Not really. I
         private,         make of a                                                           think it's a
         personal         Golden Girls                                                        little strange (I
         information      episode. The        I don't follow   I don't follow                 don't share so
         via Facebook.    faces were          any blogs. To    anyone on                      much, only
          It surprises    changed to          be honest,       Twitter. I'm                   big events)
         me what          look like men.      between          too busy with                  but it hasn't
         people are        It was very        school and       work and           The         changed my          I'd like to
         willing to       strange, and        work I don't     school.            Economist   relationship        better network
         share to         very difficult to   have time.       Probably will      Magazine,   with my             with
         everyone         edit video like     Maybe after      start after        Hawaii      friends who         professionals
Friend   online.          that.               school.          school.          2 Business.   do.                 in Hawaii.
             Finding long-    I was looking                                                                It has
             lost friends     for remote                                                                   changed my
             from high        extender so                                                                  notion of a
             school - this    that I can                                                                   friendship
             was prior to     have my                                                                      because I am
             the current      home theatre      None, but I                                                now a low
             pervasive        equipment         am looking for                                             more aware
             social           hidden away       some good                                                  of what my
             networks like    in another        ones to keep                                               friends are
             Facebook and     room (much        me in touch                                                doing or
             MySpace.         to my wife's      with                                                       thinking.
             One              delight), and I   recent                                                     However,
             classmate set    found this        developments                                               though I
             up an MSN        cool RF           in technology.                                             appreciate
             Groups for       device called     I have                                                     seeing their      Entrepreneurs
             our high         Next              realized that                                              thoughts on       hip - I have a
             school in        Generation        my goal of                                                 Facebook, I       burning desire
             Blantyre,        RF Extender       reading EE                                                 myself have       to start a
             Malawi, in       that swaps        Times and                                                  never put in a    company, but
             about 1997.      out a norma       other tech                                                 status            I need to hook
             The school       AA or AAA         magazines                                                  comment - so      up with like-
             was              battery in        never really                                               maybe I am        minded
             comprised of     one's remote      happens                                                    not               people.
             many             control and       for whatever                                               contributing to   Jobs - I have
             international    acts as an RF     reason. I am                                               my friends        realized how
             students, as     transmitter.      more likely to                                             who probably      important
             well as          Reviews on        follow an                                                  would             networking is
             resident         Amazon were       interesting                                                appreciate        for one's
             Malawians, so    great for         knowledgeable I don't use       one - a book               knowing           career and
             after 10 to 20   convincing        blogger.       Twitter but      recommendati               anything          something
             years on we      me that this                     plan to take a   on for a                   interesting       more 'social'
             were all         device works      Any            closer look at   successful                 going on with     than LinkedIn
             spread out all   well.             recommendati it after this      career                     me.               would be
KQED radio   over the         It arrived        ons?           class.           transition.  Not online.                     good.
              Okay this may
              not be exactly
              a surprise, but
              of having
              that I have no                                                                        No. Most of
              desire to be a                                                                        my FB
              part of my                                                                            "friends" are
              social network                                                                        merely
              (i.e.,                                                                                acquaintances
              facebook)                                                                              at best.
              requesting to                                                                         Friendship to
              be my friend.                                                                         me needs a
              The social        I do not have                                                       lot more
              pressure to       a TV. The                                                           depth than
              accept            coolest thing                                                       facebook can      I am
              someone into      on I've seen                                                        offer. It is      interested in
              ones network      on the web in                                                       really just a     discovering
              seems great.      the last month                                                      nice medium       new people
              It would be       is the                                                              for me to         who enjoy the
              nice to have      emergence                                                           catch a           same
              some social       and viability of                                                    glimpse of        activities that I
              guidelines/nor    Hulu as a                                                           what people I     do. Not a
              ms that make      replacement                                                         know are          dating sort of
              rejection more    for traditional                                       I do not pay  doing. It         things, but a
              acceptable        TV. I now am                                          for any       certainly does    medium to
              and palatable.    able to                                               content. It   not offer the     find people
               Yes. I do        choose when                                           would have to intimacy          who want to
              understand        and where I                                           be something needed for         hang with
              that you can      will watch my                                         extraordinary true friendship   other like
              defriend          favorite TV      I do not follow I do not use         for me to pay or                minded
Yahoo news.   people.           shows.           any blogs.      Twitter.       One   for it.       relationships.    people.
                             facebook. Not
                             a big blogger,
                             but got invited
                             by several
                             friends and
                             have several
                             of them on
                             facebook. I
                             accounts on
                             am not an
                             active user.
              kindle. Love   Following a
              the way how    blog is
              this small     knowing                              yes, I got to
              device can     about what                           know more
              replace books your friends                          about people
              and probably are up to on a                         and
              newspapers     day -to -day                         personalities
              and add to the basis. Its a                         from their
              environmental great way to                          facebook        jobs and
news   none   health         catch up.       none   none   none   postings.       friendships
            Learning that     Susan Boyle's       I follow
            my old            British talent
            classmate         video.              which is a
            Kenny had         Despite the         friend's
            gotten            fact that she       photoblog.                                           No.
            married and       sings well, it is   I follow the                                         Friendship on
            become a          not that she        Haas                                                 paper is like
            father. To        became an           prospective                                          marriage on
            me, Kenny         overnight           students blog                                        paper (or
            will always be    superstar with      http://www.ber                                       online). It is
            a kid. He         the help of         keleyewmbast                                         the personal
            didn't seem       you tube that       udents.blogsp                                        interaction       I would like to
            like he would     is fascinating.                                               and the depth     meet people
            ever settle       Some things                                                              of those          who are
            down. I lost      boil down to        I follow                                             interactions      potential
            track of him a    age-old             theshies                                             that count.       mentors.
            few years         stories and         because it                                           We could          These folks
            ago, and it       the human           helps me to                                          know all we       would have
            was amazing       psyche - Ugly       keep up with                                         want about a      been in
            to find out       duckling            this friend's                                        person in         careers that I
            how much his      turned              life in a                                            great detail,     am
            life had          beautiful swan      visually                                             but until you     considering
            changed.          because of          appealing                                            have              and are
            Few things in     her talent and      manner.                                              personally        currently
            the world         our own flaw        I follow the                                         interacted        further along
            seem to           of judging          haas blog                                            with them         in their
            surprise          others based        because I'm      Zero. I do not     No. There is     (whether          careers whom
            people today.     on their looks.     one of the six   follow anyone      so much          through           desire to
            It's the           Although           authors and I    on twitter         information      facebook, in      share their
            connectednes      social media        relate to the    because I          available for    person, or        experiences
            s of events to    captures that       stories being    have not           free that I      another           with others
            my personal       and shares it       told. It also    decided to         don't feel the   medium),          who are
My mother   life that stirs   faster than         helps me to      dedicate time      need to pay      then it's still   willing to learn
told me.    emotion and       other media,        be a better      to that space.   1 for content.     not a 'friend.'   from them.
             The fact that it
             doesn't seem
             to be as
             effective as
             publicized.        Chaining of
             Checked out        videos on
             facebook           YouTube -
             pages for          can watch
             some popular       movies on                                   No - except
             fashion            YouTube            Shopstyle -              that I am
             portals and        without            trying to                wondering if
             there was no       clicking at        emulate the              facebook
             activity on        different links.   idea                     brings out     Events, social
yahoo news   them.              How nice!                        0   0 no   narcissism.    gatherings.
               I was able to
               see the
               pictures of an
               ex-girl friend                     I am not a big                                       This hasn't
               of mine.                           blog reader -                                        changed my
               Though we                          but I do check                                       notion of
               are not                            GigaOM's                                             friendship -
               connected                          blogs and                                            just my
               directly on                        google blogs                                         perceptions of
               Facebook                           on a weekly       I follow                           people,
               (neither are                       basis. For        CNNbrk - for                       especially that
               we in touch                        me, these         news                               aren't too
               after the                          blogs just        Techcrunch,                        close to me.
               break-up), a                       represent a       for latest tech                    Example -
               common                             way of            trends                             "Hmm, I never
               friend posted    Sixth sense       keeping in        Padmasree                          realized Bob
               a comment on     demo at TED.      touch with        Warrior -                          was into
               her wedding       It delighted     latest trends.    Outlook on                         Speed metal,
               album and I      me because it     News reports      technology                         what a
               was able to      represented       only talk         and other                          coincidence"-
               see the entire   the perfect       about the past    things (she is                     "Oh, I wasn't
               album, In a      intersection of   - Blogs talk      the CTO of                         aware of
               pre-facebook     context,          about past,       Cisco, where I                     Pam's wilder
               world, this      information       present and       work)                              side..nice      I would like to
               would have       and user          future (albeit    CraigNewmark                       halloween       discover new
               never            interaction. I    with the           - General          I ocassionally party pics"     people
               happened. It     found the link    writer's bias).   stuff and           download                       primarily for
               was surprising   via social        So, one has       pearls of           paid music on I don't (not     professional
               to me that       media, which      to be careful     wisdom              itunes.        yet) judging    networking -
               what are the     made the          about             (occassionally)     I also _used_ people based jobs, business
               odds that my     experience all    distinguishing    Obama - Herd        to subscribe   on information partnerships,
Radio news -   ex-girl friend   the more          fact from         mentality, I        to WSJ online on social        feedback on
NPR            would want       interesting.      opinion.          guess.            2 edition.       networks        ideas, etc.
                                                             At first, most
                                                             of the people I
                                                             follow are
                                                             family &
                                                             friends that
                                                             came up
                                                             when they                           No. In fact, I
                                                             checked it                          only realize
                                             I follow my     against my                          that I know
                                             family and      email                               more about
                                             friends' blogs. account's                           someone who
                                             I subscribe to contact list. I                      I was not that
                                             them via        didn't find it                      close to and
                                             Google          very useful.                        really didn't
                                             Reader and      So then I tried                     need to know
                                             read whatever to ask for                            that much
                                             they've         recommendati                        about them.
                              There is a you written. The    ons saying my                       For the
                              tube video     topics are      interests were                      people who       I would say
                              that mixes     varied - from entrepreneurs                         post VERY        that I would
                              various you    personal        hip, politics,                      frequently       want to
                              tube videos of updates to      economics &                         (5x/day) that    discover new
                              people playing Chicago         pop culture.                        are not          people that
                              musical        crime           So then                             friends          shared my
                              instruments    statistics. I   people started                      outside of       interests:
                              and/or         follow them     following me,                       facebook, I      entrepreneurs
                              singing. I     because I       but again it        I pay for cable begun to hide    hip, politics,
                              thought it was know them       didn't seem         - TV/Media      them,            economics.
                              a great        and want to     very useful. I      content. I pay because I do      More on a
                              creative       know what       then went on        for my          not need to      networking,
             How public       expression     they're         to see who          subscription    know their       share content
             people are       and use of     expressing to my friends            to the New      minute-to-       level than a
             about their      what is out    the world via and family            York Times - minute              friendship
Cable news   private lives.   there.         their blog.     were following    1 news content. thoughts.          level.
                                                                                                 Sometimes it
                                            http://www.mei                                       makes me
                                            meiadventures                                        question their
                                                                         judgment as
                                             - This is a                                         more and
                                            blog by a        53 people.                          more of my
                                            sixteen year                                         professional
                                            old girl whose   I follow people                     life (such as
                                            sister's are     based on two                        colleagues)
                                            from the         categories:                         are now on
                                            same                                                 my Facebook
                                            orphanage in     Media such                          network. It
                           WillYou          China as my      as NPR, BBC                         has not
                          (http://willyou.c son. I follow    and CNN to                          changed my
                     the blog to      get new                             notion of
                          Great             keep upto        snippets and                        friendship as I
                          storytelling      date on the      be in the                           believe that
                          video, but        orphanage        know. I am a                        online
                          then relies on news and see        huge world                          friendship is
                          the               if I can help.   news junkie.                        deep when it
                          community for                                                          comes to
                          content. The http://chetansh       Technology                          sharing
                          site maps in       Enthusiasts                         information
            Interface     comments          This is a        such as Guy         Harvard         but its not so
            change of     from the          wireless         Kawasaki and        Business        deep when it
            Facebook- I   Facebook          technology       others as I         Review          comes to
            was suddenly page; pulls in and strategy         like to think of    Online.         doing joint
            so lost. My   Tweets; grabs consulting           myself as an        Wall Street     activities such   Jobs, vacation
            usage of the  photos from       blog which is    early adopter       Journal         as going on       experiences,
            site went     Flickr, etc.      what I do        and try out         Online.         vacation.         activity
            down as I was Super simple professionally.       new                                 I look at the     partners such
            down in the   show and tell                      technologies,        Mostly news    sharing part      as rock
CNN         experience    with a lot of                      at least once.       and research   on Facebook       climbing and
Newsbreak   curve again.  feedback.                                             2 content.       as what           golfing.
                                 I've been
                                 planning a
                                 long trip to
                                 Europe, so
                                 most of my
                                 activity has
                                 shopping for
                                 hotels and
                                 flights. The
                                 coolest site
                                 I've used is
              I was              Trip Advisor.
              surprised          It delighted
              when I first       me because it
              joined             has so many
              Facebook at        user reviews.
              how easy it        For almost                    I don't actively
              was to find old    every city I'm                follow anyone             It has made it
              friends, even      planning to                   on Twitter,               easier to keep
              the women          visit I was                   although I                up with what
              who had since      able to find at               have added 2              my friends are
              been married       least a dozen                 clasmates to              up to, which
              and changed        hotels with at                the follow list.          keeps our
              their names. It    least a dozen                 I chose them              friendship
              was also           reviews each.                 because they              current. Prior
              surpricing         Plus it shows                 were found in             to Facebook, I
              how quickly        recommended                   my address                was very poor
              the network         nearby hotels                book and                  at keeping in     Jobs only. I
              multiplies (I've   so when I had                 suggested to              contact with      am married,
              noticed this       a                             me when I set             friends and       and I feel my
NBC Nightly   on Facebook        neighborhood I don't follow   up my                     family I didn't   friends are
News          and Linked In).    in mind, but I any blogs.     account.           0 No   see that often.   plentiful :)
                                    I have been        Blogs related
                                    exploring the      to mobile
                                    "virtual world"    market,
                                    related            advertising,
                                    websites and       venture/entrep
                                    doing some         reneurship
                                    research on        and travel. I
                A lot of the        why people         seldom read                                            Absolutely. I
                information         use it and         any printed                                            am surprised
                that is posted      what they use      material. So                                           to see my
                on the web          it for. This has   this is one                                            friends
                through social      brought me to      way for me to                                          sharing their
                networking          the realization    keep myself                                            emotion over
                sites is public,    that 'Virtual      updated with                                           Facebook &
                yet people do       World is Real'     information in                                         Twitter which
                not hesitate to     and this           the fields that                                        was not the
                post it. This       market can         I am              Approximately                        case with
                was surprising      only grow in       interested in.    5-6 for a                            either phone
                at first, but the   future.            In addition,      variety of           Music &         or email
                power of            Avatars, Web       this also gives   reasons              Streaming       conversation.   Common
                social              pets, Games,       me an idea on     including            video online.   This kind of    interests -
                networks far        Competitions,      the new           common               eg. cricket     communicatio    sports/hiking,
News            outweighs the       Monetization,      trends in the     interests,           games           n encourages    Jobs,
websites like   privacy of          etc are very       market and        hobbies, trust,      broadcasted     people to       Business
CNN             such data.          cool concepts.     whats cool.       expertise.        10 over web.       open up more.   ventures.
                                                                                     I prefer not to
                                                                                     share the
                          Variety of                                                 details and I
             Facebook and iPhone Apps.                                               wish others
             Twitter      Very useful on                           No. I like free   would not         For jobs and
iPhone app   popolarity   the go         None      None       10.% content           either            networking

                            Stumbleupon -
                            everything so
             Finding some   boing this site
             photos and     collects great
News         old friends.   information     None          0       3 No               No                Jobs
                                                                                                  My friends
                                                                                                  whom I follow
                                                                                                  on Twitter
                                                                                                  send only 2-3
             Surprise?                       http://www.lon                                       messages per
             usually get to                                              week so if
             know of                         ong_tail/                                            they have
             breaking                        http://smallbizt                                     discovered
             news first on                                                    something
             Social                          http://ventureh                                      new in terms
             Network than                                                      of
             through night                   http://www.37s                                       website,produ
             time news . In   Nothing in                                       ct or some
             my case,         particular. I  /posts                                               news, I get to
             follow           get excited by http://www.infl    Around 20                         know of it.
       content of the uentialmarketi     5 of them are                     I was
             migrationvoice   articles more        close                             following a
             .org closely     than anything eblog/              friends/family                    Haas
             for any          but liked the  http://venturebl   10 of them                        classmate but
             updates          Data             are related to                    then got tired
             related to       visualization                     internet                          of her
             immigration      technology     I used RSS         marketing,soci                    frequent
             so lot of        from           Feeder in          al media                          twitters about
             information      Trendalyzer    Flock browser      strategist and                    her Dog,
             which            (acquired by   to keep track      website                           nonsensical
             otherwise        Google) which of Blog feeds.      design                            pandering so
             would not        was used by Since most of         concepts                          "un-followed"
             have access      professor      these blogs        5 are brands                      her. But it
             to.              Hans Rosling are related to       (my company,                      didn't affect     For
             People are       in TED         Viral              an                 Yes,Kindle     my                entreprenueria
             quite candid     conference.    marketing/ VC      entrepreneuria     Books, Wall    relationship      l ventures-
NBC Bay      in discussing    www.gapmind industry , I get      l event and 3      Street Journal with her at all   people with
Area News on their personal         to keep with       brands which       - both print   as I was          diverse skills
Television   experiences.                    the industry       I consume)       0 and online     simply not        than mine.
                              The coolest       I haven't                                                  Yes it has.
                              thing I saw in    followed any                                               Growing up in
                              the web last      particular                               Yes, I pay for    a small town
                              month was a       blog. From                               some content.     in India, I
                              video on          time to time, I                          Broadly, the      come from a
                              youtube. The      have checked                             content can       culture where
                              link is :         out blogs on                             be classified     everybody
                        Real Estate in                           as being          knew each
                         SF, when I                               research          other, and
                              h?v=e6bMETA       was                                      material in an    their families,
                              jcuo              interested in                            area of           and things
                              This was a        buying a                                 interest to me.   that were
                              video about       condo. Then I      I follow 3            eg, I paid to     going on in
                              this man,         do check out       people on             get the           each other's
                              Stephen           some               twitter. I follow     Invoice           life.
              The fact that Wiltshire, who      Journalism         them because          Report for my     Information
              at a time       has a             blogs when I       they are              motorcycle        spread            I want to find
              when people development           needed to do       related to my         before buying     through word      new people in
              were shying     disorder, but     some               area of               it, so that I     of mouth -        the areas that
              away from       has a             research on        interest -            knew what it      Person x is       interest to me
              myspace and photographic          the new            Journalism,           cost the          starting a new    - Experts in
              not wanting to memory, and        trends in          and are               dealer, and       business,         the area of
              put any         was able to       Journalism.        helpful to me         that helped       Lady y's son      Personalizatio
              personal        draw a 5.5        To me,             to understand         me negotiate      performed         n of content,
              information     yard picture of   following a        the changing          a better price.   really bad at     User
              there, the      the aerial view   blog means         state of the          Similarly, I      school, mr z      behaviour,
              same people of rome after         being a            industry. And I       paid for          bought a new      Psychographic
              were more       a 45 minute       regular visitor    want to know          research          car etc etc.       analysis, and
              than willing to helicopter        of the blog, be    that because I        reports done      Now, this part,   recommendati
              share so        ride, having      it daily or even   am working            by market         call it           on engines.
              much            never been to     weekly. And        on starting a         research          "information      These are
              personal        Rome before.      as per this        company               company in        sharing" or       related to
              information on His sketch         definition, I      focused on            the area of       what was          what I want to
Google News   facebook!       was correct       don't follow       Journalism.         6 journalism.       earlier gossip,   do.

                      I kept myself
                      up to date
                      with realtime
                      news about
                      swine flu
                      through this
                      site. I was
                      about to go on
     I was            a trip so it was
     surprised to     important to
     see one new      me whether
     friend went to   this outbreak      my friends'
     the my           is affecting       blogs. I'd like   3. they are
     primary          my travel          to follow my      just friends'     i paid for a job
tv   school. :)       schedule.          friends.          news.           1 site's jobs.     No, not really. dates.
                                          I follow A LOT
                                          of blogs.

                                          1. Many of
                                          them are          About 200
                                          blogs of          people...
                                          coworkers         m/jaybhai
                         The Nova         and
                         Scotia           community         I follow a
                         Tourism          members (to       combination
                         marketing        keep up with      of celebrities
                         video... a viral work related      (to see what          I don't pay for
                         parody on the activity and         their life is         content on the
          Oprah joining ultimate          news)... made     like), industry       Web... I use
          Twitter... I'm cellphone:       easy by our       colleagues (to        free content
          assuming she http://www.po blog                   learn more            sites             I think the
          tweets         megranatepho aggregator at         about the             exclusively.      concept of
          herself, but          http://planet.m   consumer              The only          friendship has
          wouldn't be                   Web),                 exception has     been diluted
          surprised if   I saw this a                       creative/desig        been the MLB      with
          her personal while back,        2. Tech blogs     ner types (I'm        app for my        Facebook...
          assistant      but saw it pop including           a big fan of          iPhone, since     too many
          does it for    up again on      TechCrunch,       web site and          I want to get     people know
          her. Still,    Facebook         GigaOM, etc       visual design),       the latest        too much          industry
          seeing         updates... it's for the latest     and                   updates on        about             experts,
          someone like a great video on technology          entrepreneurs/        my Oakland        everyone in       potential
          Oprah          and one of the trends and          business              A's games         their lives. It   employers,
          embrace the most clever         news.... to       people for            and have          takes away        entrepreneurs,
          Web and join viral              keep a pulse      networking as         access to the     the intimacy       designer and
          a social       marketing        on Web 2.0        an MBA and            gametime          that was once     developers for
          network like   campaigns in and other             someone               audio for         reserved for      potential
          Twitter is a   my recent        themes.           interested in         when I'm          good friends      hiring for my   huge deal.     memory.                            startups.           2 traveling.        and family.       startup(s)
                                                                                                        Not really. I
                                                                                                        don’t follow
                                                                                                        my friends on
                                                                                                        Twitter. And I
                                                                                                        don’t read all
                                                  I don’t follow                                        the updates
                                                  any blogs. I                                          on Facebook.
                                                  did find some                                         Not that I
                                                  blogs had                                             don’t love my
               I was                              useful            I don’t follow                      friends. I think
               surprised that                     information by    any person on                       sometimes
               so many                            search. But I     Twitter. I only                     people share
               people enjoy                       don’t follow      follow a few                        a lot about
               socializing on                     them. I guess     company/orga                        themselves
               the internet so                    I haven’t         nization                            because they
               much,                              found a single    twitters, like                      feel the needs
               sometimes                          person that       Wall Street                         to express
               with people                        can keep          Journal,                            themselves.
               they never                         talking about     Haas, etc. I                        Social
               met in the real                    things that are   can’t think of                      network/Web2
               world. Maybe                       very              one person                          .0 made it
               I’m too old                        interesting to    that I care so                      possible for
               fashioned. But                     me. Or maybe      much that I         I’m paying for ordinary            Jobs,
               I think the                        I’m just too      want to know        magazines       people to          common
               younger                            busy with         what she/he is      like Business publish their        hobbies, and
               generation is                      juggling a full   doing all the       week,           thoughts/writin    other parents
               living too                         time job, 3       time. If I miss     Economists,     gs. But these      who have
               much in the       Didn't see       Haas classes,     a friend, I’d       Parenting,      are not            babies about
National       virtual world     anything really and a 7-           rather send         etc. I’m not    always             the same age
Public Radio   than in the       cool in the last month old         an email            paying for any important for       as my
(NPR)          real world.       month.                             /SMS, or call.    1 online content. others to read.    daughter.
                                                                                                        Not really. I
                                                                                                        don’t follow
                                                                                                        my friends on
                                                                                                        Twitter. And I
                                                                                                        don’t read all
                                                  I don’t follow                                        the updates
                                                  any blogs. I                                          on Facebook.
                                                  did find some                                         Not that I
                                                  blogs had                                             don’t love my
               I was                              useful            I don’t follow                      friends. I think
               surprised that                     information by    any person on                       sometimes
               so many                            search. But I     Twitter. I only                     people share
               people enjoy                       don’t follow      follow a few                        a lot about
               socializing on                     them. I guess     company/orga                        themselves
               the internet so                    I haven’t         nization                            because they
               much,                              found a single    twitters, like                      feel the needs
               sometimes                          person that       Wall Street                         to express
               with people                        can keep          Journal,                            themselves.
               they never                         talking about     Haas, etc. I                        Social
               met in the real                    things that are   can’t think of                      network/Web2
               world. Maybe                       very              one person                          .0 made it
               I’m too old                        interesting to    that I care so                      possible for
               fashioned. But                     me. Or maybe      much that I         I’m paying for ordinary            Jobs,
               I think the                        I’m just too      want to know        magazines       people to          common
               younger                            busy with         what she/he is      like Business publish their        hobbies, and
               generation is                      juggling a full   doing all the       week,           thoughts/writin    other parents
               living too                         time job, 3       time. If I miss     Economists,     gs. But these      who have
               much in the       Didn't see       Haas classes,     a friend, I’d       Parenting,      are not            babies about
National       virtual world     anything really and a 7-           rather send         etc. I’m not    always             the same age
Public Radio   than in the       cool in the last month old         an email            paying for any important for       as my
(NPR)          real world.       month.                             /SMS, or call.    1 online content. others to read.    daughter.
            I am surprised
            how fast the
            goes and how
            wide the
            would be. A
            single blog
            post can
            famous in a
            matter of         I am still
            days. I come      amazed how
            from China.       much
            Just days         information
            ago, one of       google street                                                     No. I think the
            the hottest       view (from                                                        younger
            topic online is   google map)       I only follow a                                 generation         I think I would
            about a young     gives. I need     couple of my                                    are more           discover new
            girl who          to go to San      friends' blogs                                  open online.       people for
            posted a          Francisco         on MSN. I just                                  For us in 30s,     particular
            journal on her    downtown.         want to know                                    we are still try   needs. For
            blog showing      And I used        what they are                                   to keep a          example, I
            off her wealth,   google street     doing. It is                                    level of           care more
            and wants to      view to not       often                            No, I do not   privacy. If any    about local
            buy a private     only find the     interesting to                   pay for        of my friends      communities,
            jet because       closest public    see "the other                   content. My    writing blogs,     kids
            the airline is    parking           side" of                         only regular   it is more         education etc.
            not good          garage, but       friends that                     payment for    about              So I will try to
            enough. This      also see the      they do not                      online service professional       know who is
            showoff           entrance          usually         I do not use     is skype for   information        in my
            irritates some    itself. This is   expose in       twitter very     international  rather than        neighbourhood people. And in    amazing.          daily life.     much.          3 call.          private details.    etc.
                                                                                           Yes. I now
                                                                                           have more
                                                                                           "friends" but
                                                                                           interact with
                                                                                           them by
                                                                                           seeing their
                                                                                           updates. I
                                                                                           know a little
                                                                                           about a lot of
                                                                                           people. I still
                                                                                           have my close
                                                                                           friends that I
          When my                                                                          see regularly
          parents                                                                          in real-life, but
          joined, the      TweetDeck.                      10                              I have many
          interests and    Ability to       Techcrunch,    Celebrities,                    online that I
          other personal   manage           venturebeat,   Friends,                        rarely if ever
          information      friend streams   allthingsd     Colleagues                      see.
          they listed,     across Twitter                  Interested in      Movies on    Facebook
          much of          and Facebook     I read them    what they find     Demand.      allows me to Jobs,
          which I never    all in one       everyday for   interesting to     Music over   keep in touch Contacts, Co-   knew.            place.           news.          broadcast        0 iTunes.      with them.        workers
             Realizing how
             many of my                                                                     No. I dont
             friends were                                                                   think I take
             on the              I am new to                                                what people
             network.            facebook.                                                  share on
             Linkedin and        Just seeing                                                Facebook too
             Facebook            the postings    None. Not                                  seriously.
             both already        by my friends   sure if                                    Besides what
             had most of         was nice as I   Wikipidea                                  goes on the
             my friends          could get an    counts. If it                              Facebook, I
             and                 idea of what    does, then I      None. Have               think the core
             acquintances        they were       follow it to find not registered           friendship has Jobs,
Television   registered in it.   upto.           information.      in Twitter yet.   5 No   not changed. Friendship.
                          The LED
                          Sheep video-
          Finding old     amazed at the     none, except                it has made
          friends from    effort planning   occasional                  me think
          high school     and               glancing at a               about it, but
          and seeing      coordination      friend's to see             no
          how different   that went into    what they                   conclusions   they are        it                have going on none   1 No   yet
                                                                                                        Yes and not
                                                                                                        sure for the
                                                                                                        better. I
                                                                                                        screen events
                                                                                                        that my
                                                                                                        friends invite
                                                                                                        me to based
                                                                                                        on the people
                                                                                                        which I don't
                                                                                                        always find to
                                                                                                        be good thing
                                                                                                        since I
                                                                                                        become more
             To connect        Latest Apple                                                             critical about
             with people       ad with PC                                                               things and not
             from my past      and MAC                                                                  open to new,     I've been
             (10-15 years      guys on Wall                                                             different        living in SF for
             ago) on           Street Journal                                                           people. It has   8 years and
             Facebook and      was                                                                      helped me        find myself
             find out          entertaining                                                             learn more       bored these
             information       and also          Occasionally                                           about my         days so would
             about them        caught my         read a blog or                                         friends -        love to find
             (where they       attention         two on                                                 quotes,          people to do
             live, what they   since it took     BusinessWee                             Wall Street    favorite         new things -
             do, how many      up quite a bit    k (MBABlogs)                2 (mostly   Journal and    music, tv        hiking, day
             kids they         of space (right   but not        Do not use   makeup,     Vault          shows,           trips, sailing,
Yahoo news   have, etc).       of page)          regularly      Twitter :(   pastries)   subscription   comments.        etc....
                                                                                                                Jobs and
                                                                                                                dates mainly,
                                                                                                                but I also
                                                                                                                want to
                                            Robert Reich,    20 or so.                                          discover new
                                            Andreas          Either                                             people who
                                            Weigend,         because they      Wall Street     No. The          have interests
                                            Crave.           are friends       Journal         details shared and expertise
                             Newsgator. I Following a        that I want to    (differentiated on the social that are
                             haven't been blog means         follow closely    financial       networking       different from
              Finding high   able to        I'm interested   or because        news),          sites are often mine.
              school friends evaluate its   in a certain     they are          Korean          ephemeral        Discovery
              through        effectiveness, topic and that   thought           dramas on-      and trivial      applies to
              Facebook (or but I do like    I value the      leaders in        line            (although        people, not
              having them    the idea       opinion of the   topics I'm        (entertainment volume may        just goods   look for me)   behind it.     blogger.         interested in.   3)               be significant). and contents!
                            The twitter      I follow                                             Facebook has
                            updates on       techcrunch                                           completely
                            swine flu        every day. My                                        changed my
                            cases, which I   professional                                         perception of
          I got a           suscribed to,    experience                                           friendship and     When I
          summer            are the          and interests                                        I believe it is    graduate from
          internship with   coolest thing    are around                                           redefining it.     the MBA, I
          the help of the   lately. Also,    software and                                         What does it       want to
          networks I        the Susan        technology,                                          mean to be a       belong of a
          develped on       Boyle sudden     and following                                        "good friend"?     community of
          Facebook and      rise to fame,    this blog is by                                      "best friend"?     alumni and
          Linkedin. I       fueled almost    far the most                                         I am sharing       professionals
          updated my        exclusively by   effective way                                        information on     inthe
          Facebook          the viral        to know                                              facebook with      technology
          status with a     nature of her    exactly what                                         people I never     area. Also I
          desperate call    video            is going on in                                       see, and           like hiking
          for help and to   performance.     Silicon Valley.                                      people who I       expeditions,
          my surprise,      Who could        To me,                                               barely know        and often
          very              have thought     following a                                          helped me get      times it is
          unexpected        a single         blog means                                           a job. I think     difficult to
          "friends"         performance      belonging to a    I only follow                      Facebook is        assemble
          (friends of       could reach      community         about ten                          blurring all the   teams to
          friends)          so many          where             people on                          lines that         organize an
          offered to        people? The      information is    twitter, most                      define levels      expedition.
          help, looked      3D picture       shared.           because they                       of                 This area of
          me up on          that was         I also follow a   belong to our                      "friendships"      social
          Linkedin, and     assembled by     blog about a      class. Before      I currently pay and                nextworking
          forwarded my      Microsoft        TV show I         this class, I      for space to    "acquaintance      has not been
          info to an        during the       like. I           did not have a     host my         s". Young          exploited - I
          employer. I       Obama            participate       twitter            google          people are         would love to
          never thought     inauguration     more actively     account so I       pictures. I     more               discover
          this could        using            posting           am a               actively share confortable         people with
CNN RSS   actually          community-       comments in       relatively new     my pictures     with this          similar
Feed      happen.           based            this one.         user.            2 with my family. evolution.         interests.
                            The twitter      I follow                                             Facebook has
                            updates on       techcrunch                                           completely
                            swine flu        every day. My                                        changed my
                            cases, which I   professional                                         perception of
          I got a           suscribed to,    experience                                           friendship and     When I
          summer            are the          and interests                                        I believe it is    graduate from
          internship with   coolest thing    are around                                           redefining it.     the MBA, I
          the help of the   lately. Also,    software and                                         What does it       want to
          networks I        the Susan        technology,                                          mean to be a       belong of a
          develped on       Boyle sudden     and following                                        "good friend"?     community of
          Facebook and      rise to fame,    this blog is by                                      "best friend"?     alumni and
          Linkedin. I       fueled almost    far the most                                         I am sharing       professionals
          updated my        exclusively by   effective way                                        information on     inthe
          Facebook          the viral        to know                                              facebook with      technology
          status with a     nature of her    exactly what                                         people I never     area. Also I
          desperate call    video            is going on in                                       see, and           like hiking
          for help and to   performance.     Silicon Valley.                                      people who I       expeditions,
          my surprise,      Who could        To me,                                               barely know        and often
          very              have thought     following a                                          helped me get      times it is
          unexpected        a single         blog means                                           a job. I think     difficult to
          "friends"         performance      belonging to a    I only follow                      Facebook is        assemble
          (friends of       could reach      community         about ten                          blurring all the   teams to
          friends)          so many          where             people on                          lines that         organize an
          offered to        people? The      information is    twitter, most                      define levels      expedition.
          help, looked      3D picture       shared.           because they                       of                 This area of
          me up on          that was         I also follow a   belong to our                      "friendships"      social
          Linkedin, and     assembled by     blog about a      class. Before      I currently pay and                nextworking
          forwarded my      Microsoft        TV show I         this class, I      for space to    "acquaintance      has not been
          info to an        during the       like. I           did not have a     host my         s". Young          exploited - I
          employer. I       Obama            participate       twitter            google          people are         would love to
          never thought     inauguration     more actively     account so I       pictures. I     more               discover
          this could        using            posting           am a               actively share confortable         people with
CNN RSS   actually          community-       comments in       relatively new     my pictures     with this          similar
Feed      happen.           based            this one.         user.            2 with my family. evolution.         interests.
           The most          I got invited to   I follow a lot of                                  I pay for          I certainly
           surprising        the private        technology                                         premium            don't find
           thing to me       beta of            blogs                                              content on a       myself any
           has been the,         (techcrunch,                                       surfing site       closer to the
           recent influx     which is the       gigaom,                                            and then also      people that
           of baby           latest creation    venturebeat,                                       for Sirius,        share in
           boomers on        of Flickr          cnet, nytimes                                      satellite radio,   excruciating
           the social        founder            tech blog) and                                     which has an       detail. In fact,
           networking        Caterina           a few surfing                                      online             those people
           sites. I've       Fake. Hunch        blogs                                              component          that tend to
           heard that        uses crowd         (surfpulse,                                        and the            share
           facebook's        sourcing to        surfline,                                          Economist          everything I
           fastest           help people        blakestah). I                                      magazine           generally view
           growing           answer             follow them                                        which also         as less close
           demographic       common but         because I am                                       has an online      friends
           is mothers        difficult          interested in                                      component.         because
           over 50 years     questions. If      the topics and                                     The surfing        everyone
           old. I can        you want to        the content is                                     site offers        knows
           personally        do something       good. To me                                        access to live     everything
           confirm that in   like find the      following                                          webcams and        about them.
           the last year,    best car           means                                              extended           In that way,
           my mom and        insurance for      browsing                                           forecasts. For     social
           most of her       you the web is     through                                            both Sirius        networks
           close friends     fairly             almost every                                       and the            have changed       I want to
           have joined       ineffective as     day, the same                                      Economist          my view of         discover
           facebook. I       it does not        way people                                         you                friendship.        people that
           think it is       know               flip through        54. It is a                    essentially        Close friends      are interested
           reflective of     everything it      the daily           combination                    receive            are those that     in the causes
           the strong        needs to           newspaper.          of friends and                 access to          go beyond          that I am an
           value             know about         On occasion,        people that                    their regular      posting status     interested in
           proposition       you to make a      when I have         are interested                 content            updates and        and want to
           that facebook     proper             lots of time, I     in things that I ~5, though    online, but I      connect with       meaningfully
           offers of keep    recommendati       will actually       am interested indirectly       don't really       me on a more       connect on
NY Times   track of          on. Hunch          read full           in.              discovered.   pay for this. It   personal level.    those topics.
                             "Funeral", a
                             new TV
                             launched by
                             the Ministry of
                             Youth and
                             (MCYS) which
                             looks at
                             in a different
                             light, through                                                        Friends of
                             a woman at                                                            friends. It's
                             her husband's                                                         amazing to
                             funeral.                                                              see a link
                             Ultimately, the                                                       between you
                             TVC                                                                   and new
                             celebrates the                                       A lot. Some      people
                             beautiful                                            people are       through
                             imperfections                                        introvert in the friends
                             that make a                                          real world, but network. For
                             relationship                                         more             example, 10
                             perfect. This                                        extrovert on     friends of
              How fast viral is fresh off                                         Facebook.        mine know
              marketing and MCYS latest                                           Facebook         Mr. A, how
              social         Viewers'                                             make me          come i don't
              networking     Choice 2008                 18 people.               know them        know him?
              tool like      win for last                They are my              better and       Sometimes
              Facebook can year's Family                 friends and              sometimes in you may be
              spread         TVC which                   people who I             the side that I surprised by
              among people promotes the I don't follow   share interest           have never       the loop of
google news   worldwide.     importance      any blog.   with.            5 No.   known before. your network.
                                                                                              Definitely - it
                                                                                              allows people
                                                                                              to see what
                                                                                              friends are up
                                                                                              to on a more
                         Susan Boyle                                                          Typically
                         singing -                                                            when I talk to
                         because it                                                           my friends on
                         was totally                                                          the phone, we
                         unexpected                                                           don't go into
                         and I was                                                            that level of
                         glad to see           9, because                     Yes...not sure detail. But this
                         people realize        they are                       if this counts, allows me to
                         how much              family and I                   but I pay for   hear about
         Getting back they judge               like to see                    Internet, cable more of their
         in touch with others by how           what they are                  TV, TiVo, and day-to-day        Career and
Fiance   my half brother they look      none   up to.          maybe 3 or 4   satellite radio lives.          friends
                              A new site
               I always find it                  I follow a few    I follow 33                            Not really. I
               surprising     called             blogs: a          people on                              actually like     I still mainly
               when I hear that      celebrity blog    Twitter. These                         that when I       discover new
               about friends' is a recipe        (pinkisthenewb    are mainly my                          see a friend      people
               life events    meta search, a       friends who I                          we don't have     through
               (such as       site that is       fashion blog      think post                             to spend a lot    conversations
               getting        being called       (whowhatwear      interesting                            of time talking   with my
               engaged) on    the                .com), a eco      links and                              about what        friends and
               Facebook       "         living blog       information on                         we've been        colleagues
               before I hear  for recipes". It   (   fun places to                          doing and can     though I will
               about it over  delights me        , a lifestyle     go in the Bay        Not really - I    get into more     occasionally
               the phone or   because it         blog              Area. I also         have a few        interesting       use linkedin
               in person. My  solves a           (    follow a few         magazine          conversations     or the haas
               circle of      problem that I     m) and a eco      organizations        subscriptions     when we see       alumni
               friends is     have often -       business blog     that are             that allow        each other.       database to
               quite close    when I want        (     related to my        access to                           find new
               but news       to find a          m). These         interests,           what would        On the other      career
               travels faster recipe I must      reflect my        including the        otherwise be      hand, I am        contacts.
               over our       go to several      range of          company I will       paid content.     "friends" with
               online social  different sites,   interests, from   be working for       These are for     people who I      I would like to
               network.       search, flip       the more          this summer          both personal     am not really     discover more
                              back and forth     superficial to    (Method). I          interests         friends with.     thought
                Recently, I   to compare -       those that        haven't had          (Lucky            However, I        leaders in my
                have been     all of which       related to my     time to set up       Magazine,         believe this is   field to follow.
                surprised by  takes time.        career            tweet deck or        which             just a            I think
                the number of This site          interests. I      another              provides          semantical        following them
                people in my allows me to        generally         filtering/releva     fashion           issue. Being a    on twitter
                parents'      sort recipes       have the blog     nce program,         content) and      "friend" on       would help
                generation    by different       information       so I am              academic/intell   Facebook is       guide me
                that have     filters making     delivered to      purposefully         ectual            really about      through the
                been getting  the results        my inbox with     limiting the         interests (the    being in          information
I read about it involved in   more and           the exception     number of            Economist         contact with      overload that I
on an online    Facebook and more relevant       of my             people I follow      and the New       someone and       often find
news site       becoming my to me.               celebrity blog,   for the time       2 Yorker).          not               myself under.
             During my        I was doing a                                                          Yes.
             marketing        final paper for                                                        Nowadays I
             experience in    a course. I                                                            can keep
             Procter &        found myself                                                           updated of my
             Gamble, I        no longer rely                                                         friends' recent
             was in charge    on library or                                                          activities
             of launching a   subscribed                                                             through non-
             product line     databased,                                                             face-to-face
             upgrade. We      but mostly                                                             and non-
             worked with      Google,                                                                conversational
             PR and Media     youTube,                                                                matter.        For entering a
             agencies to      Blogs, and                                                             Facebook,       new
             come up with     News.                                                                  Twitter and     organization
             a blind trial    Internet and                                                           MSN are         or
             and online       social data                                                            great ways to   environment,
             media            have made                                                              learn their     e.g., coming
             maximization     information so                                                         news,           for business
             program          easy to                                                                pictures, and   school,
             through social   access. It's                     I follow only                         interesting     moving into a
             network, and     very easy to                     limited friends                       things.         new area,
             created          become an                        for updates.                                          joining a new
             successful       expert in a                      I also follow                         Also I          organization.
             result that      particular        I follow my    some brands                           sometimes       I want to know
             was out of our   topic.            friends' blogs for instant                           learn about     more about
             expectation.     Knowing how       for learning   promotion                             my friends'     the people
             We recruited     to synthesize     their recent   messages.                             friends         within the
             only 30          information       updates.       I also follow                         through their organization,
             beauty and       and search        Sometimes      special                               sharing on      what topics
             lifestyle        efficiently is    techcrunch,    accounts                              social          they are
             bloggers,        much more         facebook blog (e.g., Mr.                             network. I feel interested,
             gave them        critical than     for specific   Tweet) for                            that I know     what do they
             beautiful        having the        topics for     specific            I don't pay for   those people recommend,
Email        wrapped          access to         insightful     perspectives        content in        somehow,        what activities
newsletter   unbranded gift   information       perspectives. about a topic.     4 general.          even we've      they are doing.
                                                   Top blogs and
                                                   why I follow
                                                   net: For news
                                                   and analysis
                                                   on all things
                                                   Bay Area and
                                                   startup info
                                                   and analysis
                                                   Tech industry
                                                   Silicon Alley
                                                   Insider: Tech
                Finding out                        industry
                that a 3rd-                        analysis
                degree                             A VC:
                contact of                         Entrepreneurs
                mine had                           hip, tech and
                passed away.                       VC analysis
                I found this                       Paul Graham     ~50 people. It
                out when my     Annie              Essays:         is a mix of
                Facebook        Leonard's          Entrepreneurs   personal
                page showed     "The Story of      hip insights    friends, a few
                a bunch of      Stuff." Great      and inspiration select
                messages        use of Web                         celebrities,
                such as "rest   media to           By follow a     and a bunch        Yes. Music
                in peace" and   deliver a very     blog, I mean    of technology      downloads,            For jobs,
                other           cool, insightful   it's either in  and Bay Area       iPhone                networking,
Internet news   memorial        and inspiring      my browser      specific           applications,         sports and
sites           sentiments.     message.           favorites and I personalities.   3 satellite TV.   No.   activities.
                             recovers         Steve Blank
                             woman's          Eric Ries
                             purse -          Dave McClure
                             http://www.tec                                                   not really.
                       Because they                                    only that I
                             009/04/15/whe    talk about      57. Because I                   have a better
                             n-google-        bootstrapping   know them                       idea of what
                             latitude-        your startup,   and they                        my friends
                Reconnecting stalking-isnt-   something I'm   followed me,                    and
                with old     such-a-bad-      trying to do    so I followed 0 (grocery        acquaintances career
From a friend   friends.     thing/           now.            them back.    items)       no    are up to.   networking
                                               Techcrunch -      Twitter says                         Seeing small
                                               Stay up to        I'm following                        (seemingly
                                               date with the     19 people, but                       random)
                                               tech industry.    I am not really                      updates
                                               This is like      following                            makes it
                                               reading a         anybody on                           easier to stay
                                               trade journal.    Twitter. I                           in touch with
                                               Frequently        briefly check                        weak links in
                                               overwhelming.     my Twitter                           my network. I
                                               Berkeley          page maybe                           am more
                                               event network     once a week                          informed
                                               - More of a       and probably                         about what
                                               calendar          miss 90% of                          people I
                                               stream than a     all updates.                         wouldn't
                                               blog              Follow mostly                        normally be in
                                               GMail             the same                             touch with
                                               Announcemen       people I am                          regularly do
                                               ts - Just want    friends with                         over the
                                               to see what's     on Facebook                          course of the
                                               new in my         and feel                             year and can
                                               favorite web      Facebook                             sometimes
                                               application       gives me a                           respond very
                                               Clearadmit        more relevant                        casually.
                                               MBA Blog - I      activity stream
                                               am a Haas         (all my friends                      Helps me
                                               admissions        are there).                          maintain a
                              A photo          interviewer                                            wider network
                              album I got      and want to       Would feel                           of friends.
               How good       from a friend.   see what's        too distracted                       Probably
               they are at    Was great to     happening in      by adding yet                        hasn't           Professional
               suggesting     see the          the MBA world     another                              changed          networking. -   friends        update and       Spiegelfechter.   stream of                            relationship     Can see value
Newspaper      (finding old   was really       de -              items/articles..     Digital music   with close       of exploring
website        connections)   personal.        Commentary        . to my life, so   2 downloads.      friends.         for dating.
                                                                                        Yes, it has
                                                                                        allowed me to
                                                                                        learn a lot
                                                                                        more about
                                                                                        distant friends   I generally do
                                             Treehugger: I                              than I            not want to
                                             really enjoy                               otherwise         discover new
                                             the rich                                   would have        friends online.
                                             content. I read                            known. It has     My online
                           I've really       it 3-4 times a                             allowed me to     connections
                           enjoyed using     week.                                      be more           are a
                  I       Techcrunch: I                              informed          duplication of
                           love how it       enjoy staying                              about my          my offline
                           easily            on top of the                              friends. As a     connections.
                           aggregates all    tech industry     20. I'm just             result I          However, I do
                           my financial      and new           getting                  assume that       leverage
                           information       product           started. I am            all my friends    LinkedIn as a
                           and then give     developments.     following                (close and        means of
                           me tools to        I read it 2-3    people that I            distant) know     professional
                           analyze it. I     times a week.     am friends               basic             networking.
          Learning         also like how I   SeekingAlpha:     with in the              information       When I know
          about the        can see the        This helps       real world and           about me          that I'm going
          death of a       spending          me get my         news outlets             because I         to talk to
          family friend. I behavior of       daily stock       that I would             keep it           someone I
          otherwise        other people      market fix. I     otherwise                updated           see if we have
          would not        in my city and    read it every     follow using             through these     any common   have known. state.                 day.              RSS.             3 No.   outlets.          connections.
                            I use my on-
                            line network
                            with a VC
                            partner. That                               A little. By
           I found some     experience                                  reading their
           friends that I   give me some                                post, I know    Jobs and
News and   lost contact     job           I did not follow              more about      career
friends    for years.       opportunity.  any blogs.         0   3 No   them.           development
                                                                                      Yes. Even
                                                                                      though I don't
                                                                                      update my
                                                                                      regularly, I
                                                                                      feel like I        As described
                                                                                      know some          above, I'd
                                                                                      people better      prefer to have
                                                                                      through their      a few close
                                                                                      updates and        friends, so I'm
                                           Unfortunately,                             therefore feel     more
                                           I don't follow                             'closer' to        interested in
                                           blogs!!!!                                  them.              looking for
                                           However, I                                 However, I'm       people who
                                           would be                                   more likely to     share career
                                           interested in                              have 5-10          goals,
                                           following                                  very close         mentors,
                                           industry          All b-school             friends than       dates, or
                                           specific blogs.   friends and              100                hobbies (ie
                                            I'm fairly       career related           acquaintances      riding/jogging
                            I love hulu.   traditional and   people (social            which I feel is   partners,
             that my        It's great     would prefer      entrepreneurs)           what these         people
             college        because I      reading           . I'm a really           social             participating
NPR news     boyfriend is   don't have     industry          new Twitter              networks are       in the same
(on radio)   homosexual     cable.         magazines.        user.            3 No.   facilitating.      events, etc).
                                                                                       These people
                                                                                       are sharing
                                                                                       their lives with
                                                                                       all their
                                                                                       friends in an
                                                                                       effort to keep
                                  I just follow a                                      with many
                                  few friends       I follow about                     people in a
                                  blogs about       20 people.                         simple stream
                                  what they are     Mostly friends                     of updates.
                                  doing and a       with a couple                      This hasn't
                                  couple sports     personalities                      really
                Probably          blogs. I follow   who are                            changed how
                finding out       them because      known to be                        I think of
                that a close      they are          good                               friends. I
                friend was        entertaining      twitterers                         think none of
                engaged           and make me       such as                            this replaces
                through his       laugh. I don't    Shaquille                          direct human
                updating his      push them to      O'Neal and                         contact and
                facebook          me with RSS       Ashton                             phone calls,
                status before I   feeds or a        Kutcher. It's                      but it does
                actually knew     reader, I just    interesting to                     serve as a
                from an in        occasionally      get daily                          way to
                person            check the         insight into                       augment that
                conversation      blog when I       their strange      No, I don't pay other            For jobs and
Internet news   or phone call.    have time.        lives.           6 for content.    interaction.     for friends.
                                 My interest
                                 wanes and
                                 wonders, but
                                 in general
                                 following a        27 people
                                 blog to me         currently. I
                                 I follow the       started using
                                 two blogs that     it to                 I pay Comcast
                                 I set up for my    communicate           and Netflix for
                                 wife and           with my               95% of the
                                 which she          wedding               content I
                                 posts on. I        guests easily,        consume. On
                                 follow a few       then I just           occasion I pay
                                 economics/poli     decided to            Apple for
                                 cits blogs:        keep a low            iTunes
                                 Greg Mankiw,       number of             downloads of
                                 Rob Reich,         close friends         the Daily
                                 CalculatedRis      that I care to        Show with         No, the
                                 k, Socketsite.     know what             Jon Stewart. I    medium those
                                 I also follow      they are up to        have also         people
                                 specialist         on a recent           paid              choose to
                                 industry blogs     bases.                Radiohead for     share doesn't
                                 like               Recently I            their content     affect how I
                                 TechCrunch,        added a               directly when     think of them.
                                 Engadget.          couple of             they sold In      It gives me a    The same
                                 Finally I follow   "celebrity"           Rainbows          larger list of   ones that I
               I've never        The                types like            through the       topics for       used to
               been              Economist,         Mitch Kapor,          web as a          conversation     before:
On TV,         "surprised" by    NYTimes and        etc. just to          voluntary . I     when I run       professional
watching the   anything that I   WSJ                see how               only purchase     into them, but   development,
Daily Show     have seen on      blog/RSS           people are            the music I       otherwise        community
with Jon       a social          feeds.             using the             listen to         things are the   and
Stewart        network.                             medium.        None   repeatedly.       same.            family/friends.
                                 My interest
                                 wanes and
                                 wonders, but
                                 in general
                                 following a        27 people
                                 blog to me         currently. I
                                 I follow the       started using
                                 two blogs that     it to                 I pay Comcast
                                 I set up for my    communicate           and Netflix for
                                 wife and           with my               95% of the
                                 which she          wedding               content I
                                 posts on. I        guests easily,        consume. On
                                 follow a few       then I just           occasion I pay
                                 economics/poli     decided to            Apple for
                                 cits blogs:        keep a low            iTunes
                                 Greg Mankiw,       number of             downloads of
                                 Rob Reich,         close friends         the Daily
                                 CalculatedRis      that I care to        Show with         No, the
                                 k, Socketsite.     know what             Jon Stewart. I    medium those
                                 I also follow      they are up to        have also         people
                                 specialist         on a recent           paid              choose to
                                 industry blogs     bases.                Radiohead for     share doesn't
                                 like               Recently I            their content     affect how I
                                 TechCrunch,        added a               directly when     think of them.
                                 Engadget.          couple of             they sold In      It gives me a    The same
                                 Finally I follow   "celebrity"           Rainbows          larger list of   ones that I
               I've never        The                types like            through the       topics for       used to
               been              Economist,         Mitch Kapor,          web as a          conversation     before:
On TV,         "surprised" by    NYTimes and        etc. just to          voluntary . I     when I run       professional
watching the   anything that I   WSJ                see how               only purchase     into them, but   development,
Daily Show     have seen on      blog/RSS           people are            the music I       otherwise        community
with Jon       a social          feeds.             using the             listen to         things are the   and
Stewart        network.                             medium.        None   repeatedly.       same.            family/friends.
                                 My interest
                                 wanes and
                                 wonders, but
                                 in general
                                 following a        27 people
                                 blog to me         currently. I
                                 I follow the       started using
                                 two blogs that     it to                 I pay Comcast
                                 I set up for my    communicate           and Netflix for
                                 wife and           with my               95% of the
                                 which she          wedding               content I
                                 posts on. I        guests easily,        consume. On
                                 follow a few       then I just           occasion I pay
                                 economics/poli     decided to            Apple for
                                 cits blogs:        keep a low            iTunes
                                 Greg Mankiw,       number of             downloads of
                                 Rob Reich,         close friends         the Daily
                                 CalculatedRis      that I care to        Show with         No, the
                                 k, Socketsite.     know what             Jon Stewart. I    medium those
                                 I also follow      they are up to        have also         people
                                 specialist         on a recent           paid              choose to
                                 industry blogs     bases.                Radiohead for     share doesn't
                                 like               Recently I            their content     affect how I
                                 TechCrunch,        added a               directly when     think of them.
                                 Engadget.          couple of             they sold In      It gives me a    The same
                                 Finally I follow   "celebrity"           Rainbows          larger list of   ones that I
               I've never        The                types like            through the       topics for       used to
               been              Economist,         Mitch Kapor,          web as a          conversation     before:
On TV,         "surprised" by    NYTimes and        etc. just to          voluntary . I     when I run       professional
watching the   anything that I   WSJ                see how               only purchase     into them, but   development,
Daily Show     have seen on      blog/RSS           people are            the music I       otherwise        community
with Jon       a social          feeds.             using the             listen to         things are the   and
Stewart        network.                             medium.        None   repeatedly.       same.            family/friends.
                                                                                                         Not for me
                                                                                                         but as
                                                                                                         above, I was
                                                                                                         very amused
                                                                                                         at the level of
                                                                                                         inane details
                                                                                                         that some
                                                                                                         people put out
                                                                                                         on Facebook.
                                                                  About 20. Just                         However, has
                                                                  got started                            had no effect
                                                                  with Twitter                           on my notion
                                                                  for the                                of friendship.
                                                                  course, still        Cable, of         The way that
                                               Do not             figuring out         course. On        Facebook has
                                               regularly (as      what an              the web, pay      affected my
                                Got really     in daily) follow   appropriate          for live-         relationships
                                started using blogs - get to      follow level is      streamed          with my
                                Hulu - I feel  them once          for me. Unlike       cricket           friends is that
                                like their     every week or      the blogs,           matches.          it has made
                                model for      so. Follow         follow all sorts     Subscribe to      me somewhat
                                serving video mostly              of diverse           the Economist     more cautious
                                over the web technology           interests on         and the WSJ       (this is a bit
               Getting used     is compelling. related blogs,     Twitter -            and they have     unfortunate)
               to the volume    I liked it     like those on      essentially          an online         even when I
               of minutiae of   because I      ZDNet, CNET        using it as a        component as      am meeting        Definitely for
On the web,    everyday life    could access - the focus on       discovery tool       well, in that     them face to      professional
don't          that some        most of my     technology is      for                  sense pay for     face in a         relationships.
remember       people are       favorite shows because of         things/topics/p      those. Do not     private           Also for
exactly where, willing to       anytime        me having an       eople that           currently pay     setting. This     people with
possibly       share with       anywhere.      abiding            might interest       for any other     is because        whom I share
NYTimes        others                          interest in it.    me.                2 online content.   before you        hobbies.
                     Music Videos
                     of new
                     artistes from
      The number     my home
      of people      country. It            3.
      from my high   allows me to           Friends who
      school who I   be plugged             told me they
      was able to    into what's            were on there.
      reconnect      happening              Also, following        Yes. Netflix        Hobbies and
CNN   with on FB     back home.      None   Mr Tweet.       None   movies.        No   interests.
                                          com --> great
                                          resources for
                                          m, --> I took
                                          one of Steve
                                          classes, and I
                                          think this blog
                                          is extremely
                                          useful for                                  Yes, since I
                                          entrepreneurs                               am learning a
                                          2)                                          lot of people
                                          http://seemingl                             in my area of
                                          yunconnected.                               influence, also
                                                               from people
                                          --> a very                                  that I am not
                                          good friend of                              talking to on a
                                          mine                                        daily basis.
                                          reflecting on                               Also, the info
                                          modern            15. Some of               from
                                          trends, design    them are                  twitter/faceboo
                                          and business.     friends, others           k helps to
                                          I am typically    are what I                spur
                                          in the topics     would call                discussions
                                          he writes         "innovative               when meeting
                    about, and I      thinkers". I got          in person, i.e.
           Friend          m --> great    have a            some of these             it can make it
           upoaded pics    approach for   personal          names form                easier to
           of her unborn   open           connection to     lectures in               connect to      nutrition,
Facebook   child           innovation     him which         Marketing 2.x.     7 no   other people. healthy eating

                                           these blogs
                                           align with my
                                           and have a
                                           variety of
                                           topics i would
                                           learn about in

          people i had   speakers          following a                                             it does not
          forgotten      from TED          blog to me is                                           change my
          about from     conference.       just about                                              notion of
          high school    The '6th          getting             35. i just                          friendship but   shared
          friending me   sense' tech       information. i      joined, mainly                      does help me     interests, job
          on facebook.   demo was          dont try to         follow friends                      keep better in   networking,
          I can't        amazing. I        interact with it,   from haas                           touch with       resources to
          understand     felt like i was   post                and a few                           random           solve
          why they       seeing the        comments,           news sites,          no, except     people i might   business   would care.    future            etc.                sports i enjoy..   8 itunes music   not otherwise.   problems
          Google just
          released a                        yes, it has       very specific
          public data      m, a daily                             elongated         common
          visualizer for   photo blog                             connections       interests:
          BLS (Bureau      from an                                to distant        motorcycling
          of Labor         amazing                                friends. I find   to far off
          Statistics)      photographer                           it strange to     places
          data with        I read a few                           know more         (horizonsunlim
          plans to cover   things from                            about people,
          many more        the clipings in                        than they         mapping
          areas. I <3      my Gmail top            yes, music -   would share       photos and
NPR   .   data.            bar.              0   3 itunes         over a meal.      pictures
                                                                                               I paid for my
                                                                                               first album on
                                                                                               i-Tunes last
                                                                                               I've just used
                               I was most                                                      filesharing,
                               pleased to                                                      but now that I
                               discover the                                                    have assets
                               API for google                                                  and income,
                               reader:           I read hacker                                 I'd rather pay
                               http://news.ebr   news at least                                 the occasional
                           once per day                                  $10 than:
                               gle/2009/2410-    [news.ycombin                                 1) waste time
                               google-reader-] - it's                              figuring out
                               api-to-be-        a user-driven                                 how to use
                               released-         news site with                                the file-
                               soon-.html        a community                                   sharing-du-jur
                               I'm a             that aligns                                   2) risk a
                               voracious         tightly to my                                 lawsuit
                               blog reader       interests.                                    I also
                               and have long     Although I                                    frequently
                               thought that in   started as a                                  download
                               choosing          casual reader,                                episodes of
                               which articles    I find myself                                 Law & Order
                               to read, I am     reading other                                 off of Amazon
                               creating          blogs less and                                - because I
                               actionable        less and                                      don't have a       I'm most
                               data that one     relying on the     0. I follow my             TV.                interested in
                               could use to      community to       friends in                 I subscribe to     finding
                I discovered a categorize my     curate             facebook who 10. How else netflix, though     potential
I heard about   long-lost      interests, or     interesting        import their   does anyone I'm                cofounders
it on blogs     relative on    help curate       content for        twitter feeds, discover    considering        for future
that I read.    23andMe.       blog content.     me.                but that's it. anything?   canceling my No.   startups.
                                               I use
                                               MyYahoo! as
                                               RSS reader
                                               with several
                                               thematic tabs.
                                               Among the
                                               content I
                                               have, there
                                               are about 50
                                               blogs in
                                               - Tech
                                               - Sports         I follow 42.
                                               - PR &           About half of
                                               Marketing        them are my
                                               - A friend's     friends. The
                                               favorite blogs   rest are
                                               - Christian      opinion
                                                                leaders (like
                                                  Everyday I    Kevin Rose)
                                                  scan the      or people I
                                                  headlines of  admire (like
                                                  them but read Natan
                                                  maybe 5 to 10 Sharansky or
                                                  only. The     Lance                                           Not really.
                                                  ones I never  Armstrong). I                                   The fact that   I use social
               Tech-   miss are      also follow                                     people share    media to keep
               challenged       m/Oprah           Techcrunch, Techcrunch                                        what they do    up with
               friends loving                     Venture Beat and                              Sure! I pay for does not        people. Lately
Probably the technology         To me it          and           VentureBeat      Probably       Doostang and mean they are      I needed to
lead photo     thanks to        meant that        Lifehacker.   to make sure I   none. I mainly some            more or less    discover
feed I have on social           Social Media These I really get the latest       live on        business        friends of      people for
My Yahoo!      networks.        is here to stay. follow, which posts asap.       reasearch.     databases.      mine.           work.
                                                                                                                  I feel that
                                                                                                                  Facebook and
                                                                                                                  other social
                                                                                                                  aren't meant
                                                                                                                  to help you
                                                                                                                  discover new
                                                                                                                  people, rather
                                                                                                                  they are used
                                                                                                                  to strengthen
                                                                                                                  I have yet to
                                                                                                                  meet a
                                                                                                                  person on
                                          Slashdot and                                         Personally I       where a
          I wouldn't                      Engadget. I'm                       Occasionally I   share only the     lasting
          consider                        not sure if                         will rent a      very minimal       friendship
          social                          these qualify                       movie from       amount of          grew from
          networks                        as blogs,                           Itunes           personal           that.
          particularly                    more likely                         because it is    information on     Therefore, I
          "surprising",                   they fall in the                    much more        Facebook. I        guess you
          but I suppose, I  technology                          convenient       don't think the    could say that
          the most         would          news                                than driving     number of          I'm not
          surprising       definitely use category. At                        down to          items              interested in
          event would      this, what     any rate, I                         blockbuster      someone            discovering
          be receiving a   happened to check these                            (and the         shares has         new people
          friend request   getting a      sites a few                         internet is      any relation to    on Facebook
          from a long      bunch brought times every       0, I don't use     blazing fast     how good a         for jobs,   lost friend.     in to class?   day.             twitter.         0 on campus).      friend they are.   dates, etc.
                                            The websites       I do not use
                          I consume so      I frequent are:    Twitter. I do
                          much          not like
                          information in    k,                 Twitter. This
                          a month's,      is what I think
                          time, or even,        of Twitter.
                          a day's time,,          (http://current.
                          to be able to,          com/items/898
                          even              and                91774_twoubl
                          remember       e-with-
                          everything (or    m. I               twitters.htm)
                          say the top       sometimes
                          10). I first      look at            I also never
                          saw the       post status
                          following         m.                 updates on
                          image a long      TechCrunch         Facebook and
                          time ago, but I   is the only        I have all of
           I found out    ran into it       one that is        my Facebook
           that my old    again this        actually a         activity set to                                      I am
           roommate got past month.         blog. I follow     not broadcast                                        interested in
           engaged to     (http://img19.i   the comics         to news                                              finding new
           one of our      because they       feeds. I am                                          people that
           friends        /img19/2706/s     are funny. I       not interested                      People           are interested
           several weeks paceb.jpg) I       go to BBC for      in the                              sharing tons     in the same
           after it       think it is one   world news. I      mundane                             of details on    technical
           actually       of the best       use the            crap that                           Facebook         fields (AI,
           happened,      arguments for     slashdot,          everyone                            reminds me       NLP, CS), in
           and through    why I             reddit, digg,      produces                            that there are   social dancing
           seeing         shouldn't get     and                through these                       only a few       (waltz, swing,
           pictures in    so stressed       techcrunch as      mediums, and                        people in this   tango, etc.), in
           one of his     out about         a filter for all   if I want                           world that I     yoga, and do-
           photo albums anything that       of the content     someone else                        would care to    it-yourselfers
BBC News   about it. He   happens to        on the web.        to know about        I do not pay   hear such        that like
website    never told me! me.               So I do not        my own             1 for content.   details about.   making things.
                                          Master of 500
                                          Hats            Very few.
                           Dancing        Futuristic Play Haven't
                           parrot. Tied                   gotten into
                           in with        Interesting     twitter too
                           Economist      content. I      much.                 Nope. I see
                           article and    read this stuff Seems                 this more as
                           suggests       from time to    somewhat              entertainment
                           origins of why time with       redundant             that
           Connecting      humans         Google          with                  maintaining
           with old, long- dance. Also    Reader on my Facebook                 real           Jobs/networki
Internet   lost friends    hilarious.     iPhone.         friendfeed.   0 No.   relationships. ng.
      I posted a                          I love vegan                           Do DVD's        No,
      position for a                      food blogs,                            count?          information is
      startup I was                       my favorite is                                         cheap, time is
      working on       A garden           called "Diet,                          E-cards for     the key for
      over             registry of SF.    Dessert, and                           friends and     me. I really
      facebook. It     I love the         Dogs" (the                             family on       value the time
      was quite        concept of         title doesn't                          birthdays,      my friends set
      embarrassing     letting other      really reflect                         because I       aside for
      because I        people know        the subject                            always          hanging out
      forgot that an   where your         content. I                             procrastinate with me, we're
      ex-employer I    garden is          would list all                         too long to     all getting so
      had told I had   located, and       of the ones I                          send a hard     busy in this
      to quit          notifying          like, but there                        copy for it to  world, just
      because I        people of          are too many                           arrive on time. having face
      quote "didn't    surpluses you      to recount                                             time with
      have time to     could share        here, some of                          I buy music     friends is a
      do a start-up"   with other         which include                          on I-tunes      real treasure.
      saw the          people. The        "Bitchin'                              because it is Time really is
      facebook feed    networks for       Vegan                                  convenient. I the
      about the        gardeners on       Kitchen",          Zero, I'm           get quite lazy investment
      position I had   the web are        "B36",             pretty lame, I      in terms of     that you make    Right now,
      posted on        growing all        "Vivavicous        don't have a        finding free    in good          roommates!
      marketplace.     the time, it's a   Vegan". I          twitter             sources of      friends, not     I'm moving to
      This was my      hobby of mine      don't follow       account. I          music, and it's how much         Beijing and
      first real       so I'm really      these              already spend       so tempting     you know         have to find
      encounter        happy to see       chronologically    most of my          get it on I-    about each       an apartment,
      with the feed,   all of the          or regularly, I   work time           tunes once      other            ideally I'll find
      and I had        resources out      discovered         answering           the credit card (although they   some cool
      some             there in these     about 20 new       emails and on       account has     are certainly    new friends
      negative         social             ones I'd like to   facebook, so        already been correlated). I      with whom I
      feelings about   networks.          read in the        I've been           set up, just    really like      can share
      it for a while                      course of          resisting yet       takes the       seeing what      housing.
      after that.      http://gardenre    looking up the     another digital     press of a      my friends are
NPR   Now I am        ones I have        time sucker.      5 button.         doing and
              A friend from
              middle school
              friended me
              on Facebook,
              and I did not
              recognize him
              because his
              network and
              the middle
              school he         The coolest                                                         It has made
              listed on his     thing I've                                                          me realize
              profile was       seen is a                                                           that some
              none I            website that                                                        people that
              recognized. I     allows access                                                       are very quiet
              told him that I   to tv shows                                                         and not so
              think he has      that can be                                                         outspoken
              mistaken for      streamed                                                            tend to be
              the wrong         legally in hi                                                       much more
              person... he      def. It got me                                                      open about
              was quite         excited                                                             themselves       I would like to
              upset and has     because I                                                           through these    meet new
On the news   still not         now have         I haven't                                          different        people for 1)
(NY times)    responded to      access to all    started         I do not follow     I do not pay   social           friends, 2)
from my       any of my         my favorite      following any   anyone on           for any        networking       networking, 3)
iPhone        messages!         TV shows.        blogs yet.      twitter.          1 content.       websites.        sports
                                                                                        People like to
                                                                                        and results of
                                                                                        quizzes if they
                                                                                        like them.
                                                                                        What really
                                             Live space,                                something to
                                             and Douban.                                do with
                                             Technically I                              friendship is
                                             am not                                     when
                                             following live                             someone
                                             space, but the                             feels sad, a
                                             updates of my                              lot of people
                                             friends show                               who read
                                             whenever I                                 about this on
                                             use live                                   social
                                             messenger.                                 networks
                                             For Douban, a                              show pity and
                                             few friends                                send
                                             will write                                 encouraging
                                             reviews for       7. Not many              messages,
                                             the late          friends of               and you might
                             That Google     movies and        mine use                 not even
                             Analytics can   books, and        Twitter, and             know these
                             provide so      talk about        besides them,            people so
               That          much insight,   their days. I     I am following           well. Yeah,
               someone can   including       like getting to   Houston                  that's
               have 1000     where all       know what's       Rockets                  changed my      For jobs,
               friends on    these clicks    new with my       because I am             notion of       especially
From friends   Facebook...   come from.      friends.          a big fan.       4 No.   friendship.     now.
                                                                                No, friendship
                                                                                is for me
                                                                                much deeper
                                                                                than telling
                                                                                people the
                                                                                things I'm
                                                                                doing, it's
                                                                                more about
                                              read write                        thoughts and
                                              web                               feelings in a
                                              (www.readwrit                     dedicated
                                              I follow them                     Friendship
          How people                          because they                      over
          get addicted                        have usually                      Facebook or
          easily on a                         some                              Twitter is a
          social network                      interesting                       different kind
          with things,       articles.                         of
          that might       it's pretty cool   Follow means                      relationship,    Common
          seem silly       to cover this      visiting the                      using a          intellectual
          alone (as in     part of our life   blog from time                    "broadcasting    interests,
          the you're a     that is for now    to time to                        feed" (i.e       professional
          hottie           not "explored"     check what's I don't use          Facebook or      (jobs) or
Friends   application)     yet                up             Twitter     1 no   Twitter)         political.
                                               because I'm
                                               interested in a
                                               lot of the
                                               same things
                                               as that guy
                                               and he looks
                                               out for all the
                                               cool stuff that
                                               I need to
                                               know before
                            Web trend          everyone
                            Map 4 final        else.
                            beta               bldgblog
                            http://www.flick   because it
                       talks about
                            ormforce/3409      architecture      28. Both                              Yes. It's much
                            362834/sizes/      and               friends and                           easier to be
                            o/                 urbanization      celebrities. I'm                      updated on
                            I love             in an             really into pop                       what other
                            graphics that      intellectual      culture and I                         people are
                            show               way.              love that                             doing without
                            statistics and     the satorialist   Twitter                               talking to
                            information in     because it        presents a                            them
                            an interesting     combines          way for them                          personally. In
                            way. And as a      fashion and       to reach out to                       a way, this
                            user of many       photography       the public in                         makes me
              When I added of the              in a unique       an                                    more distant
              a high school websites on        way.              instantaneous                         to them, but it
              friend on     that map, I        these blogs       fashion,                              also helps to
              Facebook and like seeing         are all           without going                         aid
              she looked    how relatively     focused. By       through the          I only pay for   conversation People to go
              completely    important they     following, it     media or             magazine         the next time to concerts
From the news different.    are.               means             publicists.        1 subscription.    we meet.        with.
                                                 I used to use
                                                 the blog
                                                 provide by
                                                 MSN, since it
                               I think the       can be
                               coolest thing I   connected to
                               have seen on      the MSN
                               the web in the    messenger.
                I use a        last month is     But when they
                Chinese        the Intrade, a    change some                                             I think share
                social net     prediction        of them                                                 detail is good
                work called    market page.      applications                                            thinks to
                Xiaonei very   I never           and the                                                 people who
                often. I was   thought that      structure of it.   I don't use                          want to know
                surprised that the future        I converted to     Twitter often.                       deeper about
                the people I   events can be     Xiaonei. Since     The reason I                         you. People
                know were      used to create    the latter is a    don't use it                         can see what
                almost         contracts and     better palace      often because                        you really are   I want to
                connected. It make profit.       to express         not many                             by that. So      discover new
                also provides This can be        myself and         Chinese                              this changed     people by
                me the         developed in      make               people use it.                       my notion of     social
                suggestions    other             unknown            So I cannot                          friendship,      network.
                like the       countries         people pay         find many                            especially for   Because it is
Heard from      people I might also, like        attention to       friends on         I don't pay for   not so close     safe to protect
the internet.   know.          China.            me.                Twitter.         3 any content.      friends.         me.
                                                                                                      I don't think
                                                                                                      the ability to
                                                                                                      information in
             I remember                                                                               greater detail
             being                                                                                    with others on
             surprised and                                                                            Facebook has
             slightly         I am a big fan                                                          changed my
             overwhelmed      of the Blizzard                                                         notion of
             by how           Entertainment                                                           friendship.
             dynamic the      game called                                                             Even though
             Facebook         Starcraft, so I                                                         Facebook
             layout was       have been                                                               allows me to
             when I first     having fun                                                              learn more
             joined. The      recently                                                                about people I
             only             watching                                                                went to high
             experience I     really cool                                             I do not pay    school with,
             had with         game testing                                            for any online for example, I      It would be
             social           demos and so-                                           content.        don't feel I am    nice to meet
             networks         called "battle                                          However, if I any more of a        more people
             before           reports" about                                          weren't on the friend to them      for jobs.
             Facebook         the upcoming      I actually do                         Stanford        in real life       LinkedIn
             was              sequel,           not follow any                        network, I      simply             sounds like
             MySpace, so I    Starcraft 2.      blogs.            I am not on         would           because we         an interesting
             was expecting    The content       Sometimes         Twitter either.     consider        are Facebook       site, and I am
             static html. I   on their          Google News       The idea of         buying a        friends. To        already a
             thought the      website is        directs me to     receiving           subscription    me, having a       member of
             features such    extremely rich    interesting       many, short         to JSTOR, an virtual               several web
             as Facebook      and graphic       editorial         status              online          relationship       services that
             Chat and         intensive,        pieces and        updates from        collection of   supplements        offer
             interactive      making for an     blogs, but I do   people does         statistics      and does not       information
             windows were     enjoyable web     not follow any    not interest        journals that I replace the        about jobs in
Cable News   pretty cool.     experience.       periodically.     me.               5 consult often. one in real life.   government.
                           Facebook        An investment                                               It hasn't
                           quizzes. They   blog and                                                    changed my
                           have become     some of my                                                  notion of
                           so popular on   friend's                                                    friendship. I
                           Facebook. It    Xangas.                                                     don't think
                           is like a       I follow them     3 people. One                             people have
                           tornado. Last   because I         introduced me              I seldom pay changed
                           time was the    want to know      to Twitter.                for content. I because of
                           tagging game.   what new is       The other one              only use my    Facebook /      People with
            Finding out an Now it is       happening.        is his                     credit card    Twitter. Just   the same
Hong Kong   old classmate quizzes. I       Sometimes it      girlfriend. The            online for     the way of      interest. For
online      already got    wonder what     is like reading   third one is               purchases      expression      example:
newspaper   married.       is next.        a story.          my sister.      About 3.   such as eBay. has changed.     music, games.
                           A map
                           showing a
                           density map
                           for last names
                           in Italy. You                                                          Not really--I
                           could type in                                                          now just know
                           a last name,                                                           useless facts
                           and see on                                                             about my
                           the map                                                                friends and
                           where the                                                              acquaintances
                           most people                                            I pay for tv    .
                           with that                                              shows and       Sometimes,
                           name were                                              music on        however, I do
                           from. This                        I actually don't     itunes if that  learn useful
                           was delightful                    use Twitter. I       counts. I also things--like
                           to me                             only use             have an         who got an      Friendship
                           because I                         facebook and         online          RA job or       and dates on
                           have an        I actually don't   follow my            subscription    where           facebook.
            Seeing who's   Italian last   follow any         friends on the       to the Wall     someone will    Jobs on
My roommate dating.        name!          blogs.             newsfeed.          2 Street Journal. be next year.   linked in.
                                                                                                                    It made me
                                                                                                                    more critical
                                                                                                                    about the low
                                                                                                                    quality of
                                                                                                                    n between
                                                                                                                    people over
                                                                                                                    mediums. In
                                                                                                                    my opinion
                                                                                                                    this low
                                                 Techcrunch,                                                        quality is the
                                                 VentureBeat -                                                      direct result of
                                                 I get updates                                                      the brevity
                               I really like the related to my                                                      and
                               concept           work (I have a                                                     immediacy
                               behind            mobile apps                                                        which
                               RueLaLa -         start-up).                                                         characterize
                               membership I don't follow                                       Yes, I did pay       Twitter and
                               only e-           other blogs                                   for WSJ... but       FB. This type
                               commerce          regularly, but I                              almost not           of
                               site for          do read blogs                                 using it at all...   communicatio
                               discounted        almost every                                  missed the           n generates a
                               fashion           day as a                                      deadline in          fake sense of      1. I'm almost
                               brands; it        result of                                     which I could        friendship,        always
                               leverages         organic                                       still cancel my      which is           looking to hire
                               social            search.                                       subscription.        defined by         people for
                               networking        It might also                                                      superficial        different
                               very well, and worth                                            Also, I pay to       and loose          projects I am
                               comes in a        mentioning                                    buy music on         relationships,     working on
                               good timing       that I do not                                 iTunes and           by quantity        2. Intellectual
               how quick it is given the         subscribe to                   perhaps 3-5    iPhone apps          rather than        peers
               to reach mass current             any feed         I don't use   can't recall   on the Apple         quality.           3. Dating
can't recall   distribution    economy.          reader.          twitter       with precision App Store.
                                                               About 11                                         I am
             I found my                                        people. From                                     interested in
             employer's                                        those 11, 8 of                                   doing a
             unlocked                                          them I                                           nonprofit-
             facebook                                          followed                                         related web
             profile page. I                    because they                                     project and
             got to learn      It's a simple                   followed me. I                                   it'd be great if
             about a lot of    pet gaming                      followed the                                     I can
             things that       website. I                      other 3                                          somehow
             she did while     liked it                        because they                                     discover new
             she was at        because a                       were                                             people who
             Stanford,         few of my                       celebrities                                      may have the
             including the     close friends                   that I just                      No my notion    same
Email from   fact that she     were playing it                 wanted to          No I do not   of friendship   interests and
Serra Dorm   got a plastic     and I'd play it I do not follow know more          pay for any   is still the    needed
chat         surgery.          with them.      any blogs.      about.           3 content.      same.           skillsets.
                                                              Don't use
                                                              Twitter. I
                                                              why anyone
                                                              would want to
                                                              get random
                                                              about what
                                                              people are
                                                              doing. I                                        It hasn't
                                                              started to                                      changed any
                                                              worry I was in                                  of my
                                                              the minority,                                   substantive, in
                                               I follow       but then I saw                                  person
                                               PsyBlog, a     this                                            relationships.
                                               blog about     http://www.dail                                 But it makes it
                                               psychology                                 easier to keep
                                I liked "We    research. I    encetech/articl                                 tabs on a ton
                                Feel Fine" -   check it every e-                                              of people that    I've found
                                the visual     couple weeks 1175079/Web                       Don't pay for   i wouldn't        Ning useful to
                                display of     or so. But I   site-sensation-                 any - there's   otherwise be      discovering
                 Found out a    emotion        know some      Twitter-losing-                 so much free    getting any       new people to
                 friend had     words used in people who      half-new-                       stuff on the    informationa      possibly work
                 gotten "un-    blogs.         check multiple users-                          internet!       about (except     with. And
                 engaged" via   http://www.wef blogs every    month.html                                      maybe the         sure, why not
I actually don't his   I day - this     and realized                                    occasional        dates too!
remember the "relationship      like the idea  seems more that I'm not          None that I                   update
source -         status"        of capturing   like what      the only one      can                           through a
newspaper                       the mood of    "following" a  that feels this   remember                      friend or a
maybe?                          the internet   blog means     way!              actually                      friend).
                                     Fred Wilson
                                     (AVC) - he
                                     has great
                                     insights about
                                     money, etc
                                     BlackWeb 2.0
                                     om) - the first
                                     site out there
                                     that i've seen
                     Twitter         focused
                     search! Now towards black
                     that twitter    entrepreneurs
                     search is on    in the tech
                     the sidebar, I space.
                     use twitter     Interesting       I follow 125. I     NEVER...i       No not at all.
                     search more perspective           only follow         would pay for   The only
                     than I use      Valleywag - I     folks to have       facebook        difference is
                     google          love the          things to say       though. I tell  that I dont talk
                     search.         rumor mill        relevant to         everyone that   on the phone
                     understanding Mashable -          what I want to      they should     as much.           Interests
                     the real time   They offer the    see, hear and       consider this!  Especially         around
      The biggest    nature of       best coverage     do. I follow                        now that Im        startups. Also
      suprise to me conversations on my favorite       major tech          Oh, I actually so busy i           fellow people
      is how easily around           company,          bloggers,           do pay for the prefer this         who want to
      friends from   brands and      Twitter           friends with        mashable        method of          teach
      ten/twenty     topics, etc is                    interests in        blog to come communicatio          themselves to
      years ago find VERY            Following a       startups, folks     on my           n. Friends ca      code. I would
      me. It is      powerful.       blog means        at twitter to       Kindle....But i keep up with       love a support
      awesome that Can't wait to     "browsing         see what they       hate the fact   me without         network from
      this is        see what        quickly." I       have in the         that we have my having to          guys who
CNN   possible.      comes out of it never labor       pipeline, etc     5 to pay          call or email.     want to learn.
      I am a novice
      on social
      networks. I
      have been
      skeptical of
      the utility of
      them for my                                                                                No. I think I      People who
      time                                                                                       already have       have
      investment.                                                                                a clear            experienced
      Prior to this                                                                              distinction in     things in the
      class, I have                                                                              my life            past that I
      only used                            My company                                            between real       want to
      Linkedin, and                        has                                                   (in the flesh      experience in
      I am not a                           developed an                                          friends) and       the future. A
      very active                          internal blog                                         virtual friends.   general
      member. Of                           site for                                               I think there     example
      course, now I       Definitely       employees. I                                          is a place for     would be, if I
      use                 Yahoo Pipes,     follow one                                            each.              want to know
      Facebook.           so thanks for    particular                                            However, I         how it is to
      My immediate        that! I am       employee,                                             feel that the      work for
      surprise was        impressed        who I have yet                                        value of these     company X or
      honestly            with how it is   to meet. His                                          social             live in city Y.
      *how* it            1) simple to     topics                                                networks is        Usually what
      became so           create and       transcend the                                         allowing           is readily on
      viral. My first     2)provided       corporate                                             people to stay     the web is
      impression          me with a        'speak' - he                                          in touch who,      either biased
      (being older)       huge time        follows                                Not            without the        by bad
      is that is just a   savings by       genetic/scienc                         personally,    means these        reviews or
      cataloging of       providing        e/data related                         but through    channels,          biased by the
      high school         specialized      topics. I like     None. I             my job, I do   would have         company or
      friends,            information      his insight, his   haven't tried.      request to     fallen out of      service
      college             that was         site layout,       If I do, I will     subscribe to   touch. I am        provider to
      friends, and        valuable to      and the tone       probably get        scientific     guilty of this     overinflate
CNN   some work           me.              of his blog.       addicted.         2 journals.      myself.            their image.
               Learning          The Palm          What I mean                           Yes. I do not                      Every area,
               about the fact    Pre, although     by following a                        have TV at                         except dates
               that a girl who   I'm less          blog is being                         home and                           because I'm
               had gone to       enthused          subscribed to                         buy/rent all                       married ;)
               school with       about it these    its RSS feed                          movies and                         New people
               me had just       days. Three       and checking                          sitcoms on         Yes but not     with insights
               got married to    months ago, it    out their new                         iTunes. I'd        really          to share with
               a 35 yr old       seemed like it    articles                              say that with      because I       are always
               guy and that      was really        everyday.       About 10-15.          my wife every      share more      interesting to
               she had had a     going to be a                     I'm less into         month, we          with the same me. Maybe
               baby with him.    challenger to     Well, I don't   twitter. I follow     buy about 60       people. It has particularly
               What struck       the 3rd           know if I       them because          sitcom             changed my      areas relating
               me most were      iPhone. The       follow blogs,   I like knowing        episodes           notion of       to things that
               the pictures of   journalists       in the sense    what they're          (~$2) and rent     friendship      interest me
               her wedding       were saying       that I don't    thinking              about 8            because it      like
               where she         that it had an    follow pages about. But it's          movies (~$4)       allows me to technology
               must have         incredibly        with articles   kind of hard          and we buy         share more      and the
               been 7-8          smooth user       written by      for me to get         about 2-3          with people I future. But
               months            interface,        people who      interested            songs (~$2). I     would have      other areas
               pregnant. At      smoother          are not         because most          also order         completely      are always
               the time, she     than the          necessarily     of them are           about 10-15        forgotten       cool to know
               was about 24-     current           professional    replying to           books per          about,          about, even
               25 yrs old. I     iPhones, it       journalists. I  other people          month on           stopped         things like
Through a      guess this        had a             do follow       and I have no         amazon,            seeing or       patchwork,
news article I happens in        calendar/conta    "blogs" written clew what             mostly             simply people which is
got because    movies and        cts/email         by full time    they are              technical. I       I would have probably quite
I'm            magazines all     system which      professional    replying to.          don't know if it   never met in    close to the
subscribed to the time but it    crawled all of    journalists but Maybe there           content but I      real life. They least
a              was the first     your emails       maybe those is a way to               also pay           have given      interesting
personalized time I actually     and calendars     are just e-     know but I            about $8 to be     me a way to     subject for
news updates saw it with         to give you all   newspapers      haven't spent         able to use        know/share      me. As long
from           someone I         the relevant      or something. enough time             the full           with people I as the people
socialmedian.c knew              information on                    on twitter to         version of         don't actually I get to meet
om             personally.       your phone,       The ones I      figure it out.      4       see.            are
              Seeing friends I am an          I found a web      I don't use           I pay for
              post content   inventor         strategy firm      twitter, the          dating sites
              relevant to my turned           that professed     comments              (although I
              "cause", the   entrepreneur -   to know web        seem inane.           have now
              million studenttranslation, I   2.0 strategy. I    My friends (a         stopped all
              march. A       think more       followed their     very small            subscriptions
              friend         about making     blog for a         core group)           since I met
              commented      things than      while but          text me               someone). I
              about his 4th  pressing the     found they         directly              pay for cable                    Venture
              grade teacher  flesh,           were just          instead.              tv + premium                     Capital, Non-
              and two of his impressing       guessing and                             channels,                        profit
              friends        others and       contradicting      (connecting           News, one                        educational
              chimed in and  raising          themselves in      socially has          additional                       funding and
              made           money. I've      their own          not been my           channel for                      research,
              additional     had to force     strategy. I        forte. Ever           sports - NBA                     amazing
              comments       myself to        mean, how          since I was a         and NFL                          ideas -
              remarking      network and      good are they      young child, i        games, HBO,                      philosophy,
              how amazing    establish        when nobody        preferred one         Showtime.                        business,
              it is that theyrelationships    commented          best friend           The                              entrepreneurs
              (the three of  outside my       on what they       over many             occaisional                      hip. Game
              them) were so  areas of core    wrote!! They       casual                movie on                         theory and
              impacted by    expertise. I     seemed to be       relationships).       demand $5 or                     game
              this           have used        writing for the                          so.                              development
              teacher/event  basic tools on   sake of            For a short           Occaisional                      (video games
              in 4th grade.  the web to       writing and        while i               pay-per-view                     as learning
                             find events,     filling space to   followed Rick         specials, UFC                    tools,
              It was a quick pitch ideas,     get links and      Sanchez on            (ultimate                        marketing
              3-person       and move my      search engine      Twitter, the          fighting         No. It makes experts.
              chain showing fundraising       hits.              CNN host. But         championship     me wonder       Cooking, love
Television:   me how         efforts ahead                       getting good          s, live          why they are to cook, learn
Fox News,     strong         slowly.          In general I       ideas through         events... took   telling me this new
America's     memories and                    don't follow       the noise             Karate in        when they       techniques,
Newsroom      influence of   When I saw       blogs... yet.      wasn't                College).        don't really    find recipes -
show          school can be. someone as                          possible. I       0                    know me.        take a class.
                                                                                                 Till a certain
                                                                                                 limit I feel its   I try to
                                                                                                 alright. But       manage two
                                                               I have limited                    after a point it   different
                            The sudden                         the number of                     gets irritating    network on
                            growth of                          followers to 7                    to receive         the Web. My
                            Twitter. It                        people. This                      news feeds         Facebook
                            surprises me                       includes                          from friends       profile has
                            that micro-                        some family                       about what         around 400
                            blogging has                       members,                          time they got      friends while
                            become such                        Michael                           up, brushed        LinkedIn has
                            a massive                          Arrington and                     their teeth,       around 270
                            phenomenon.                        Om Malik.                         etc. I would       professional
                            I really find it                   The latter two                    definitely like    contacts. The
             I've always    interesting to     I follow        help me get                       to know about      intersection of
             been           see that more      Techcrunch      all the latest                    “important         these two sets
             surprised by   and more           and GigaOm. posts (from                           details” in        is negligible
             the reach of   people are         They give us Techcrunch                           their life. But    as I keep my
             the social     expressing         the latest      and GigaOm                        not these          professional
             network. I was themselves         information of respectively)                      minute points.     contacts
             able to        using just 140     the most        onto my                           I personally       separate from
             connect with characters.          happening       Twitter.                          don’t share so     my friends
             one of my      What delights      news about      Reading                           much details       and family. I
             friend from    me the most        Startups and about family                         and prefer my      discover
             kindergarten is that a            products. It    members,                          friends also       people of
             whom I hadn’t product like        just helps me who are                             not to do so.      same
             met for over   Twitter is         stay updated currently                            Overall it has     technical
             15 years. This pushing the        with the latest spread across                     definitely         interest and
             shows the      limits of social   technology      the world,                        brought my         profession on
             global reach   networks and       and overall     helps me stay                     closer to          LinkedIn,
             of this        therefore in a     widen my        in touch with                     some of my         while family
             platform and positive way         perspective     the latest                        friends as I       members and
             its mass       nurturing          on various      happenings in                     get to hear of     old friends on
Techcrunch   acceptance.    innovation.        topics.         their lives.   All of them   No   the important      Facebook.
                                                                                                         It hasn't really   I think it'd be
                                 The coolest                                                             changed my         great in
               The biggest       thing I have                                                            notion of          general to
               surprise I've     seen this past                                                          friendship, as     actually be
               had was           month is                                                                away               able to
               during my         Facebook                                                                messages on        become
               freshman          Lexicon. It                                                             AIM or other       friends with
               year of           fascinated me                                                           instant            people you
               college when I    because we                                                              messaging          would never
               had first         could see how                                                           applications       have had a
               joined            various terms                                                           accomplished       chance to
               Facebook.         or phrases                                                              similar tasks      meet
               About 2           trended over                                                            in the past,       otherwise, but
               months into       the past few                                                            but now they       at the
               the year, I       years. When I                                                           are recorded.      moment it
               received a        type in any                                                             I find some        isn't really
               couple friend     day of the                                                              updates of         possible. This
               requests from     week, you see                                                           friend             is because so
               two of my         that the peak                                                           statuses           much of
               best friends      occurs 2 days                        I just created                     interesting,       becoming a
               from third        before the                           a twitter                          such as big        real friend
               grade. I had      day, implying                        account a                          news in their      involves
               moved             that people                          week ago, so                       lives, but on      personal
               schools after     might make                           I only follow                      the whole I'm      interactions
               that year, so I   plans on                             the 2 people I                     not a big fan      and not just
               hadn't            average 2                            know with                          of learning        words you
               seen/heard        days before                          twitter                            about every        read on a bio
A friend told  from them         the actual       I actually don't    accounts.                          movement of        or instant
me about it    ever since. It    day. There       follow any          Even then, I                       a friend. For      messages
while we were was a shock        are many         blogs. Most of      still don't                        example, I         from a
on a trip when to be             other equally    the sites I visit   really use                         have seen          stranger. As
she received "connected"         interesting      are,       twitter or         No, I don't pay updates that       such, meeting
texts from     to them in this   trends that,          "follow" them      for any         say "the line      new people
other people. way again.         can be viewed.   and       actively.        2 content.        at the grocery     for dating
                                                                                                                      I prefer BBS.
                                                                                                                      If I have some
                                                                                                       I do not think regarding to
                                                                                                       this very      computer
                                                                                                       change our     problem, I will
                                                                                                       relationship.  go to
                                                                                                       I am married, "Computer"
                                                                                                       and lots of my board to ask,
                                                                                                       good friends   and people
                                                                                                       are married    there will
                                                                                                       too.           response.Sam
                                                                                                       Somehow, we e thing, if I
                          I have a blog,                                                               do not pay     want to travel,
                          and somehow                                                                  much more      and want to
                          I wrote dairy                                                                attention to   find some
                          on it, and                                                                   Facebook or people to join
                          posted some                                                                  something      me, I will post
                          pictures about                                                               like this.The  my ad on BBS.
                          my family, I                                                                 friends in my   I think this is
           I heard that   think this is a                   I have never                               facebook list more
           you can touch wonderful                          used Twitter                               are all good   convenient,
           anyone in this thing. I can                      before.                                    friends,they   And also, you
           world though share my                             I do use                                  would post     can decide
           4 persons.I    experience to                     KAIXIN, this is                            pictures,and   which kinds of
           think this is  my friends        I use MSN       more Chinese                               write          BBS you
           the simple     and the           space.Becaus style, because                                something,     would like to
           idea about     people I might    e lots of my    lots of my                                 but most       use. For
           social         not               friends use it. friends use it,                            common way example, I am
           network. You know.Also,          Also, I think   and they invite                            for us to      a university
           can use some they would          the webpage me to join, we                                 communicate students, I
           tools to       write some        for this blog,  did lots of                  Sorry, I have are though     may prefer to
           communicate comment for          no fancy, but fanny survey good              no experience cellphone or   use the BBS
surprise   with others.   me.               easy to use.    there.          suggestion   before.       chat tools.    relate to our
                                                             none. I work
                                                             in a classified
                                                             area and dont
                                                             have constant
                                                             access to the
                                                             world. We
                                                             cant have cell
                                                             phones, and I
                                                             find it
                                                             that while
                                                             working with
                                                             some of the
                                             I occasionally technology in
                                             read the blog the world, we
                                             of a friend     are forced to
                                             who is a        wear giant               I think
                                             missionary. I one-way                    somehow to
                                             dont routinely pagers                    me it makes
                                             follow any      because of               me feel less
                                             blogs.          security.                close to those   I dont really
                                             Following a     Many of the              people. If       see the web
                                             blog would      instantaneous            everyone is      as a good
                                             mean            on-line tools            told your        avenue for
                                             checking it for that the rest            personal,        meeting new
             I found one of                  (and reading) of the world               private          people, but as
             my friends                      new posts on uses, we cant               information,     an avenue for
             from high                       a routine       use during               then how is      continuing
             school and     a video of a     basis, maybe working                     anyone           relationships
             found out that cat stalking a   a couple        hours, which             defined as a     begun in the
evening news he is gay.     toy              times a week. is much of our      0 no   close friend?    "real" world.
                How easy it is  This video is a     http://www.ole    I just signed              No. It only
                to keep tabs    year but I only    up for twitter             changes my
                on "friends".   just stumbled       fcbnews           to see what                opinion of
                The news        upon it last        http://epchan.b   the hype was               those who
                feed on         week. It's a      about. I am                share in great
                facebook,       TED                 http://www.fmy    following 15               detail, rather
                twitter, etc    presentation         people. Most               than the
                shift the       about a             In order they     of these are               notion of
                responsibility  product called      are about fc      people I know              friendship. I
                of checking     photosynth          barcelona,        in real life, so           still consider
                up on friends   that has the        quantitative      in that sense              friends to be
                from you to     capability to       trading, and      this is an                 those I
                your friends.   build rich, 3d      fml.              overlap of                 interact with
                That is, rather landscapes                            facebook                   face to face,
                than having to  from                I haven't         status                     on the phone,
                proactively     databases of        spent much        updates                    or via more
                ask my          user photos         time browsing     because                    personal
                friends how     (like flickr). It   through           those friends I            communicatio
                they are doing  is very much        potentially       follow on                  n like direct e-
                they can        in the spirit of    interesting       twitter I am               mails and
                simply publish  social data         blogs or else     also friends               chat. The
                their status    revolution in       this list might   with on                    facebook
                (post           the sense that      be longer. I      facebook. But              "friend"           I am not sure
                photos/videos,  it takes social     find that blogs   it's also kind             connection is,     I understand
                 etc) and I can photos that         are similar to    of nice to sort            like you've        the question.
                read and        people upload       news sources      of restart the             said in class,
                comment.        to share with       in that they      network-                   very limiting      I suppose
                                one another         can give you      building. On               because it is a    because I am
              Also one my       and from            information       facebook I                 binary notion.     single and
              initial turn-offs these               that is current   have around                You are either     unemployed I
              in social         collections         but without       500 "friends".             a friend or        want to meet
              networks is       can build an        the attempted     Many of these              not. In reality,   people who
word of mouth how               immersive 3d        unbias of         are people I               if I meet          can help me
(mom)         superficial the view of               traditional       would not          6 No.   someone at a       in these areas.
                                  Last night a
                                  saw this
                                  39741, which
                                  blew my mind.
                                   It's a mash
                                  up of several                    None, I don't
                                  musicians                        use twitter. I                     I definitely feel
                                  from around                      think it's an                      closer to
                                  the globe                        interesting                        some people
                                  performing                       concept, but                       because of
                                  their own         I follow       the only                           things I've
                                  renditions of     crackberry on friends of                          read about
                                  Stand by Me.      occasion to    mine that I                        them on
                                  Not only is the   learn about    know use it                        facebook.
                 Seeing           concept very      new            are lame.                          However, my         I'd like to
                 wedding          cool, but the     blackberry     Maybe if                           closest             discover new
                 pictures of a    video is          applications, some of my          If online       relations are       people for
I read an        friend from      extremely well    but for the    cooler friends     gambling        far more a          jobs, dates,
article about it freshman         made and          most part do started using        counts, then    result of real      friends,
in the new       year that I lost sounds            not follow any it, I'd            yes, but        life interaction    golf/sport
york times.      touch with.      awesome.          blogs.         reconsider.      3 otherwise no.   than facebook.      partners.
                                                                                       I think that
                            m/                                                                                   sharing in
                                                                                                 No, I do not    great detail on    Ideally, I
                            This website                                                         pay for online Facebook has        would like to
                            allows users                                                         content since a significant        discover new
                            to do reverse                                                        Stanford        impact of the      people in
                            image              Business                                          provides free development          three main
                            searches;          Week's Fine                                       access to       of friendships.    areas:
                            users upload       on Media                                          some online     Considering
                            an image and       (http://www.bu                                    books (eg:      that I am          - jobs: I would
                            the search                                     safari online). studying away      be interested
                            returns similar    m/innovate/Fin                                    Otherwise, I    from home,         in learning
                            images.            eOnMedia/)                                        would have      status             about new job
                                               as well as                                        considered      updates allow      opportunities I
                             I found this      Yahoo!                                            paying for      me to keep in      did not know
                             website to be     Finance's                                         Safari books touch with my         about
                             really            blog                                              since I find    friends as well    -dates
                             interesting       (http://www.yfi                                   the service     as form an         - common
                             since I am                                      extremely       idea about the     interests: I
                             currently         m/).                                              valuable in     changes that       would love to
                             working on a                                                        terms of        are happening      meet people
                             computer          I believe that                                    searching for in their lives.      who share the
                             vision project    following a                                       specific        Sharing            same
                             that tries to     blog means                                        information     information in     interests
             I first learned improve           being                                             from a large    greater detail     (academic or
             that one of my object             interested in                                     volume of       creates better     other) since it
             highschool      detection by      the content of                                    books. I        matches for        would be very
             friends got     using             the blog and                                      mainly use it friendships          useful to refer
             married on      hyperspectral     constantly                                        to get experts' (since people      to them or
             facebook!       images. I         checking the                                      opinions        who do not         interact with
By reading   Needless to     have been         blog for          Unfortunately,   I discovered   about some      like the details   them around
the          say, I was      thinking about    updates about     I do not have    about 5 of     specific        you share will     a subject that
newspaper    really          applying the      stories or        a twitter        them through   programming not want to be         I find relevant.
online       shocked!        techniques I      information.      account.         friends        topics.         your friend)
                                                                                                Not really,
                                                                                                because I
               That people                                                                      don't care for
               actually care                                                                    it. I don't       In a
               about what                                                                       understand        meaningful
               other people                                                                     the desire to     way where the
               are doing                                                                        publish           context is
               constantly.                                                                      random tidbits    appropriate.
               Personally, I                                                      Not any type or the desire      Mostly people
               feel that       Yahoo! Pipes:    None. I read                      of            to constantly     who have
               people are      the ability to   some articles                     subscription  follow others.    same
               caring too      program a        as I search for                   service. I    I can             interests
               much about      way to gather    relevant                          purchase      understand        (professional,
               strangers and   web-available    content, but I                    iTunes songs, following         hobbies) and
               people not      data and         don't regularly                   however, as I close             people who
drudgereport.c that close to   organize them    follow any             Can't      find songs I  friends/family,   can be friends
om             them.           automatically.   blogs.          None   remember   like.         but strangers?    with easily.
                                                                                           As someone
                                         I'm very                                          who tends not
                                         environmentall                                    to share a lot
                                         y conscious                                       of information
                                         and I like to                                     with people
                                         know what                                         until I know
                                         new products                                      them well, this
                                         are                                               makes me
                                         environmentall                                    question how
                                         y friendly and                                    loose the
                                         innovative.                                       term"friendshi
                                         This blog                                         p really is. It
                                         offers me                                         makes me
                                         insight into                                      wonder at
                                         cool new                                          what point
                         http://www.trip products                                          someone
                       everyday that                                     moves from
                         shows you       I wouldn't                                        acquaintance
                         which hotel     normally learn                                    to friend. I
                         room is ideal about from                                          think it used
                         for what you    going to                                          to be that a      Since finding
          My friend      want! It is     Whole Foods                                       friend was        jobs is not
          getting a      awesome that or other                                             someone with      currently at
          friend request I get an        similar stores.                                   whom you felt     issue. I'd
          invitation and insider's look I'm not really                                     comfortable       really only like
          a marriage     into the hotel concerned                                          sharing           to meet new
          proposal from so that I can    with people's                                     personal          people for
          a random       pick out the    opinions or                                       information.      dates. I also
          man in         room with the lives so I                                          Now, the          just enjoy
          France who     best view or    really only                       No, I do not    boundaries        meeting new
          she had never the quietest     spend time      None. I don't     pay for any     are becoming      people just for
My Dad.   met before.    room, etc.      following       use Twitter     0 online content. less clear.       friendships.
                i joined           YQL               i follow blogs
                various social     http://develope   to keep up-to-
                networking     date with the
                sites in the       ql/               latest
                past e.g. ning,                      technologies
                orkut,             because you       and stuffs:
                friendster,        can query the
                myspace,           web using         here are
                multiply, hi5,     SQL-like          some
                etc., but i        syntax. it is     examples:
                have never         different than
                been an            Facebook's        Yahoo
                active             FQL and           Developer
                participant,       Google's          Network
                until i joined     GQL. YQL          (http://develop
                facebook.          allows user to
                                   run queries       og/) --                                                         not quite clear
                i was very         against any       because i am        5 because i                                 what do you
                surprised with     URL (not just     a Yahoo             still don't quite                           mean by this,
                facebook's         Yahoo's           Google Blog         get twitter.                                but i try my
                virality and its   properties),      (http://googlebl    one of the                                  best to
                impact to          where FQL      people i follow                             answer it...
                people's live.     can query         m/) -- know         is rasmus                                   i want to
                it completely      facebook          what your           lerdorf, and i             yes, i am an     discover new
                changes the        related data      competitors         follow him                 introvert and i people to
                game and my        and GQL           are up to           because he                 am shy, so i     learn new
                mindset about      doesn't sub-      Tom Kyte            always have                would be         fresh ideas,
                how the flow       select query      (http://tkyte.blo   something                  more careful exchange
                of information     and      --      interesting to             sharing stuffs knowledge,
                on the web         query.only        must have as        say about                  with such a      make new
                has evolved.       AppEngine         an Oracle           PHP, but i                 friend. i don't friendships,
from radio      when i got a       datastore.        technologist        sort of stop               want my dirty expand my
while driving   "friend            although          Toby Segaran        following him              laundry aired professional
to work         request" from      performance       (   lately.             7 no   out in public :) networks.
                              I have not
                              seen a lot of
                              cool things
                              last month to
                              be honest. I
                              just saw an
                              (television      Techcrunch,
                              commercial)      ReadWriteWe                                                     Design,
                              made by one      b. To see                                                       Physics,
                              of my friends    whats                                                           Skateboarding
                              on YouTube.      happening                                                       , Music,
                              That was         online, but as                     I pay for my                 Software
                              pretty cool.     I said, not                        own server                   Engineering.
                The           However,         much             18 - because      space and                    Not for jobs - I
I was told by a information   thats not what   spectacular      they followed     domain                       have one -
friend - over   that people   you are          has happened     my dead           names. Thats No, because I Not for dates -
the phone       provide.      looking for...   recently.        account.        5 about it     hardly read it. I have one.
                                            The only blog
                                            I follow is
                                            RSS format is
                                            pictures of
                                            from Helinski
                          A pair of         with a brief
                          bookmarks I       discuss of
                          found through     their clothes.
                          Lifehacker.       I have quite a
                          One is "I need    few other
                          to read this"     blogs
                          and the other     bookmarked
                          is "Read an       through
                          article". I       delicious that I
                          frequently        read if I have
                          start reading     time. (such as
                          an article then   Urban
                          realize it's      Prankster and
                          several pages     Burdastyle) I                                            I would be
                          and will take     deleted a lot                                            interested in
                          longer to read    of RSS feeds                              Depends on     meeting (in
                          than I wanted     at the                                    the closeness real life or
                          to. So now I      beginning of                              of the friend  online) people
                          can save it for   the quarter.                              originally. It who have
           Probably       later without     There are                                 helps          similar
           discovering    having to         some blogs                                maintain the   academic
           that one of my bookmark on       that I visit                              illusion of    interests or
           friends was    in the browser    frequently                                closeness      who work in
           getting        or delicious,     enough that I                             when friends areas that I
           married        which I find      can find them None! I don't               are far away   might be
BBC news   through        very              through the      have a Twitter           or out of      interested in
feed       Facebook.      convenient.       browser          account.         1 No.   touch with me. working in.
                The sheer
                size of my
                extended        I'm not sure if   It doesn't
                family! I've    this counts on    really count
                had a steady    the web, but      as a blog, but
                stream of       the ocarina       I follow
                second and      app for the       ycombinator
                third cousins   iphone is very    news pretty
                and their       cool. I like      steadily.
                parents         digital           <news.ycombi
                joining         instruments,>
                Facebook.       but it's          They do a                                                                   I'd like to
                Anytime         exciting to       great job of                                               Not              discover
                someone         hear              picking                                                    particularly.    people who
                joins           someone           interesting                                                My closest       have answers
                Facebook, I     playing across    news articles,                          No, but I think    friends and      to questions I
                get a friend    the world. I      scientific                              I'd pay for a      the people       have. If I'm
                request or a    like that         discoveries,                            site that really   who influence    looking for a
                friend          there's the       cool apps,       I only follow a        found the right    me don't         rock show in
                suggestion. I   digg idea,        and              handful of             way to             share very       a city I'm only
                now have a      where popular     informative      people. Of the         recommend          much at all      visiting for a
                mass of         songs can         stuff on how     friends I have         music, news,       online. But I    night, I'd like
                family          bubble up to      to educate       on Twitter, the        and especially     think this may   to discover
                members who     be heard          yourself on      vast majority          well written,      be particular    the person
New York        I've never      across the        technology       don't use it           informative        to my friend     who knows
Times Article   actually met.   globe.            topics.          very much.      none   blog articles.     group.           where to go.
                                     I follow
                  Seeing my          and Slashdot.
                  friends'           ArsTechnica
                  parents friend     is a tech
                  me on              focused blog
                  Facebook           and Slashdot
                  was quite a        is a science
                  shock.             and              I am currently
                  Previously,        technology       following 15
                  Facebook           news             people on
                  was a venue        aggregator. I    Twitter. I
                  only for           occasionally     follow those
                  college and        visit            people
                  high-school        BoingBoing,      because they                              It has not
                  aged               which is a       are my friends                            changed my
                  students, and      fairly random    and it is                                 basic notion
                  it was a little    blog good        interesting to                            of friendship,
                  uncomfortable      with lots of     know what is                              but it helps to
                  to have            interesting      on their                                  maintain
Upon              people who         odds and         minds.                                    connections.      I would like to
returning from    were not our       ends. I also     Almost                                    Seeing            discover more
Las Vegas,        peers to join      follow           everyone I                                something         people to
after I had not   the network.       BloodyElbow      follow is                                 cool that a       make
checked my e-     Suddenly, the      which is a       someone I                                 friend has        potential
mail in 2 days,   network was        news blog for    know                                      posted on a       future
I received an     no longer as       the sport of     personally. I                             social network    connections,
e-mail from       insular, and       mixed martial    do not derive                             like Facebook     especially in
Stanford on a     people had to      arts. I follow   too much                                  or Twitter can    the
mailing list I    be just a little   these blogs      pleasure from                             spark             professional
am a member       more careful       because I am     reading the                               conversation      realm which
of, urging        about the          interested in    ramblings of             I do not pay     that would        could be
people to be      content they       the topics. I    random                   for any online   otherwise not     helpful for
sanitary.         posted on it.      usually visit    celebrities.   3 or 4.   content.         occur.            finding jobs.
                                            I am currently

                                            * Ars Technica
                                            * Blog of
                                            * Open Culture
                                            * Visual
                                            * Five Thirty
                                            * Flowing Data
                                            * Wired
                                            * Cool Hunting
                                            * Golden
                                            * Smashing
                                            * Visualizing
                                            Economics                              Not
                                            * Planet                               particularly. I
                                            Mozilla                                feel like I have
                          I saw Google                                             a greater
                          Flu Trends for    I follow a few                         understanding      I'm always
                          the first time.   of these blogs                         of what my         searching for
                          Thought this      for a variety of                       wider social       someone to
                          was               reasons,                               circle is doing,   racquet sports
           I found out my incredible!       including                              but my             with. I love
           ex-girlfriend  Influenza         entertainment,            Yes, I buy   attitude           playing
           had a          experts            work, and                music online toward my          squash but
           boyfriend of   estimate that     general                   through the  closest            often have
           over a month. Google's tool      interest. By              Amazon store friendships        trouble finding
New York    It was not a  saves 30,000      "follow" I                or through   has not            someone at
Times      good surprise. lives a year.     mean I           None   2 iTunes.      changed.           my skill level.
              When my ex-       TechCrunch,
              girlfriend (who   Mashery,
              doesn't think     VegasWatch
              exploded          TechCrunch
              about a           keeps me up
              picture of me     to date with
              hugging some      what's going
              other girl. I     on in the tech
              was shocked       world. People
              about the         think it sucks,
              degree of         but I like it.
              that the photo    Mashery is
              portrayed.        pretty weak,
              Parties           just started
              involved (me      following it,
              and this other    thought it
              girl) had been    would keep
              drinking a bit,   me on top of
              but we weren't    the social
              doing             media world.
              anything other
              than hugging.     VegasWatch        I've just          I subscribe to
                                is a sports       started with       BaseballProsp
              It got me         gambling blog     Twitter. I'm
              thinking about    that takes a      currently          It's $45 a year
              the ROI of        math /            following 51       and you get
              Facebook          simulation        people.            awesome
              pics. The         based             They're            baseball
              positive would    approach to       mostly friends     insights and a    It's changed   Jobs, dates,
iGoogle - top be that your      predicting        and                good program      my notion of   START-UPS,
story on      friends (or       outcomes of       acquaintances      for a fantasy     who's          volleyball
NYTimes feed potential          sporting          .                1 baseball draft.   reasonable.    players.
                                I've found the    I don't follow
                                site "Texts       any blogs
                                from Last         consistently --
                                Night" to         I barely have
                                provide           time to read
                                wonderful         all the emails I
                                entertainment.    get! When I
                                  Also, Google    have a free
                                recently          moment I
                                added Street      enjoy catching
                                View to their     up on a few of
                                maps of           the blogs on
                                major   ,       I don’t use
                                European          specifically       Twitter! I see
                                cities. (While    Freakonomics       Facebook,
                                I think this      (the book          Twitter, etc,
                                change has        made me            as tools that                              Over-sharing
                                been in effect    think about        will potentially                           on social
                                for more than     the world          waste tons of                              networks
                                a month, I        differently)       my time, so I                              hasn’t
                                discovered it     and The Lede       try to not let                             changed my
                                about 2           (news              myself get too                             idea of
               Photos           weeks ago.) I     analysis –         addicted.                                  friendship. If
               tagged on        studied           since I love       Since Twitter              I’m currently   anything, it’s
               Facebook         abroad in         reading about      is built around            job-hunting,    made me
               made me          Barcelona last    current            the idea that              so I pay for    more aware
               realize that     spring, so this   events), and       its users                  premium         of people I
               two friends of   feature           also celebrity     update their               access to       shouldn’t
               friends at       allowed me to     gossip blogs       status very                online job      share private
               different        show my           like The           often, it                  posts. Other information
reading the    universities     friends the       Superficial        seems like a               than that, I’m with, so they
new york       had studied      building          (for               particularly               quite adverse don’t over-
times with a   abroad           where I lived,    entertainment)     dangerous                  to paying for   share about      Networking/job
friend         together.        where I took      . During the       time-waster.     maybe 2   online content. me!              s
                                                           I follow
                                                           around 120
                                                           people on
                                                           twitter. They
                                         I follow a lot of are broadly
                                         blogs, mostly spit into two
                                         to do with        categories:
                                         technology        People whom
                                         and design,       I personally
                                         such as           know and am
                                         Daring            friends with,
                                         Fireball,         and "famous"                      It has not,
          The fact that A little known,         people, who's                     since they
          virtual gifts  cult Indian     techcruch,        thoughts and                      reveal mostly
          are so         actor has a     among many musings                                  useless
          popular. I     twitter id now, others.           seem                              information
          would have     which I         Following a       interesting to                    such as what      I want to
          thought that   discovered      blog means        me. Hence, I                      they had for      discover
          real gifts are recently. I'm a catching up       get                               breakfast, or     people in the
          always much big fan, and       with it every     information                       who they saw      computer
          better, and    was really      day or two,       about close                       on the street.    science field,
          that spending excited that     and leaving a friends and                           Close friends     such as
          real money for the Twitter     comment if I      family I care                     will always be    alumni of my
          virtual goods rage has         feel I can        about, and the                    needed to talk    college/univers
          wouldn't       reached         contribute        thoughts of        I paid for     about the         ity, and what
          appeal to      remote Indian positively to       the people I       iTunes         more              they are up to
Twitter   anybody.       villages.       the discussion. admire.            2 music/video.   personal stuff.   know.
                           The coolest      The blogs I
                           thing I have     follow the
                           seen on the      most is the
                           web in thelast   one from
                           month is how     MSN space
                           a Yahoo Pipe     live since
                           could be         most of my
                           designed and     friends and
                           how it works.    me happen to
                           Even though      write blogs
                           there are so     there and
                           many             MSN actually
                           searching        has a nice
                           pages            figure to
                           available on     remind that
                           the interest,    who updates
                           many of them     his blogs
                           are not very     everyday.
                           efficient.       Following a                                         Definitely.
            The number     Yahoo Pipe is    blog for me                                         People no
            of people      not only         means read     I am new to                          longer have to
            could get      efficient in     the blogs      Twitter, so I                        be together
            involved into  many             whenever it    only have a                          physically for
            an event on a aspects, it is    gets updated   few of friends                       a while in
            social network also able to     or once a      who are close                        order to
            within a very  setup a          week,          friends of         No, I don't for   become         I guess in
News from   small time     reminder for     whichever is   mine in the        now. Maybe        friends in an  every possible
Internet    period.        the users.       shorter.       real life.       6 later.            ordinary way. areas.
                             Mailtrends         Nothing
                             (http://code.go    religiously.
                             I've wanted to     blog is usually
                             be able to         cutting-edge
                             analyze my         and insightful,
                             email for a        as is
                             while now, but'
                             never got the      s blog (I'm
                             chance to          interested in
                             write code to      computer
                             do it. Even if I   security).
                             had, it            Techcrunch                                                       It's always fun
                             wouldn't've        has all the                                                      to meet new
                             been as            latest gossip                                                    people that
                             awesome as         and blown-up                                                     share my
                             this tool. It      stories                                                          interests
                             allows             (valleywag                                                       (coding,
                             someone to         isn't even                                     It helps me       computer
                             look at the        worth reading,                                 know what's       security /
                             volume of          and TC is way                                  up with the       antispam
               The degree to email the          off on a lot of                                long tail a lot   stuff, sailing,
               which people send or             stuff).                                        better, but       biking). I'm
               share         receive            Slashdot                                       doesn't have      already dating
               information,  across a           sometimes                                      much impact       someone so
               both on       number of          has                                            on my             I'm not
               private       dimensions,        interesting                                    relationship      interested in
               networks      including time     articles and                  Hulu (pay with with closer         meeting
               (Facebook),   (hour, day,        drivel /                      my time).        friends. It       people in that
               and later on  month),            commentary.                   Netflix as well, makes             area. The
               more public   recipient,         Jeff Atwood's                 which is         knowing lots      same goes for
               networks      sender, list,      Coding Horror No one          sometimes        of people a       my job right
People talking (Twitter).    size, etc. It      usually has     actively.   2 online.          little easier.    now.
                                                                                   I personally
                                                                                   don't really to
                           I am a big pac-                                         meet new
                           10 football                                             people via
                           fan, and I                                              "impersonal"
                           follow those                             I personally   channels,
                           blogs.                                   try not to     such as a
                                                                    share          facebook.
                           I mostly follow                          anything       Most of the
                           them to keep                             through social ways that I
           Nothing really up with the                               networks, as I meet people
           impressed me happenings of                               prefer to keep is through
New York   on the web in pac-10                                     my details     friends of
Times      the last month. football.         0   4 No, I don't pay. private.       friends.
                                                 I check the
                                                 blogs of the
                                                 m almost                                                                          Since I am
                                                 every day.                                                                        hapily
                                                 Especially,                                                    I don't think it   employed and
                                                 their                                                          has changed        married, I
                                                 democracy in                                                   by a strong        can't claim
                                                 america blog,                                                  degree. It is      that I am
                                                 which I                                                        definitly a        looking for
                                                 believe is the                                                 great way to       jobs or dates.
                                                 most informed                                                  keep in touch
                                                 and                                                            with friends. I  I am very
                                                 reasonablly                                                    find it          open to
                                                 ballanced                                                      interesting      looking for
                                                 news on                                                        which posts I    people to ski
                                                 American                                                       do that get      with in the
                               I have been       politics                                                       responses        winter,
                               taking golf       around.                                        I used to pay   and which        especially
                               lessons in the                                                   for the wall    ones do not.     others who
                               last two          I also check                                   street          It's surprising. follow the
             I was             months and        auganomics.c                                   journal's                        Eurpoean
             surprised how     the rich          om about                                       website, but                     world cup ski
             many people I     content on        once per                                       gave it up at    Also, following circut.
             have        month. Brad                                    the beginning my friend's
             connected          is terrific. I   DeLong's blog                                  of the year.     posts,          Chiefly, I see
             with on           enjoyed the       delong.blogsp                                                   particularly    social
I don't      facebook that     small videos,           I haven't                    I have           ones that live networks as a
rembember.   I had not         of                calculated        followed                     considered       a long ways     way to keep
Probably on  talked with in    professional      risk's blog       anyone on                    paying for       away and who up with
yahoo news   over 10 years.    golfer's          calculatedriskb   Twitter yet,                 breakingviews. I almost never existing
or            People           swings from and       but I'm        Tough         com, but I       see anymore friends rather remeber more      different     thinking about question, I   haven't pulled is a great deal than look for
m            than I thought.   angles.           m about once      trying it out. think 2-3     the trigger yet. of fun.         new ones.
                                                Blogs of                                          To the extent
                                                friends, and                                      that this
                                                some by                                           makes people
                                                professors                                        seem closer
                                                here at                                           because you
                                                Stanford.                                         know what is
                                                Friends, as it                                    currently on
                                                is a way to                                       their mind. I   I would be
                                                keep in touch                                     also feel that  interested in
                                                with what is                                      we tend to      discovering
                                                going on in                                       think of        people who
                                                their lives,                                      people more     are interested
                                                and of                                            often,          in the same
                                                professors                                        because of      fields of study
                                                who have                                          seeing one of   - though
                                                taught me,                                        their updates,  perhaps at a
                                                since they are                                    especially      different
                                                on topics that                                    because most    university.
                                                I have studied                                    people check    Networking
                                                and liked.                                        their           for career
                                                                 I am not very                    facebook/twitt  reasons
                                                I would          active on                        er accounts     would also be
              Biggest                           generally look   twitter -                        everyday.       helpful.
              surprise - that   I'd have to say up a blog        currently                                        In order to
              it has become     the             when I have      follow fewer                     It has also     really form a
              a medium          assignment      free time, but   than 4 users.                    made it easier connection
              whereby I can     with yahoo      more             Generally,                       to              though, I
              connect with      pipes -         commonly         because                          synchronize     would prefer
              people that I     brought in a    when an          these are the                    schedules -     that the new
              had thought       whole new       update           people that       No, have not you would find person was
              were far away     dimension of appears on          have frequent     subscribed to out if           met through a
Newspaper     - high school     getting         facebook etc.    and               any paid       someone is      mutual real-
(The Stanford friends for       relevant data that a new         interesting       online content planning to     life
Daily)        instance.         streaming in. blogpost has       updates.        6 currently.     visit the place acquaintance.
                Social           Prediction        The blogs I         I follow 29                           People           I'd like to
                network is not   markets! Its      follow can be       people on                             definitely       discover
                about just       an amazing        classified into     Twitter.                              share a lot on   people across
                socialising,     way to tap the    following                                                 Facebook and     multiple
                making new       intelligence of   categories:         I follow:           Yes. I buy        a lot of the     dimensions. I
                contacts and     the crowd! .                                              online            communicatio     am a CS
                friends.         Decision          Friends:            Friends: A few      music(Not         n is through     student who's
                People also      making is no      These are           of my friends       CD's but          virtual          also
                discuss          longer            people I like       actively use        downloadable      means(Social     interested in
                important        restricted to a   to stay in          twitter and its     songs and         Networks,IM,     entrepreneurs
                things that      few people in     touch with          fun to read         videos)and        etc.). While I   hip. I might
                can be used      the               and one of the      their tweets!       movies.           think its a      want to do a
                to benefit the   boardroom.        best ways to        Many times its      Sometimes if I    great way to     Ph.D/MBA in
                community as     Prediction        stay updated        useful - u          wish to read      discover         future. I like to
                a whole. For     markets           is to visit their   know which          about             people and       travel and I
                instance, I      provide           blogs and           movies are          something or      make friends,    like ancient
                met a            everyone a        read new            good, what          get reviews       the value of     meditation
                researcher       chance to say     stories. I feel     places you          on a              meeting a        techniques.
                Dr. LaVera       what they         good about          could visit,        book/topic(info   person/talking   I'd like to
                Crawley(at       know/believe/o    having such a       where do you        rmation on        to them          make more
                Stanford) who    pine.             neat way to         get free food!      the net is        personally       friends. These
                is analysing     Especially, in    stay in touch       These are           scarce) and       cannot be        are some of
                how people       context of a      with my             people I trust      the article is    replaced by      the areas in
                talk about the   business it is    friends. A lot      and I know          not free, I       virtual talk.    which I would
                HPV vaccine      a very            of my friends       their choice.       purchase it. I    Online           like to find
                on Facebook.     innovative        are overseas        So its fun to       have also         means,           new people.
                She wishes to    way to involve    and it is           know their          purchased         however, I       Also, I'd like
                use this data    employees at      difficult to use    opinions and        Gradiance         agree are a      to connect
                to find the      all levels in     phone/meet          also be             services(online   great way to     with people I
A pamphlet      myths            strategic         to catch-up.        updated about        homework         communicate      meet but lose
on the dining   surrounding      decisions and     Blogs make it       their lives on      submission        with people      contact
hall            this vaccine     get real-time     pretty simple!      a micro-            for the CS245     who are          with(no
manager's       so that she      feedback          You can do it       level(minute        class) in the     geographically   email/forget
door!           can draw         from people       anytime, you        to minute         5 past.              at a larger     names etc.) I
                           tracking of
                           people with
                           It was both
                           intriguing and
                           shocking to        VentureBeat
                           me. Shocking       (www.ventureb
                           in that people For
                           would allow        me, following                                                     I like meeting
                           such personal      a blog means                                                      people who
                           information        checking the                                                      have interests
                           such as their      latest stories                                                    different from
                           exact              multiple times                                                    my own so
                           whereabouts        a week. I                                                         that I can
                           at any time to     follow                                                            learn more
                           be publicly        VentureBeat                                                       about other
                           displayed.         because it                                                        arenas (rather
                           Intriguing         keeps me up                                                       than learn
                           because of         to date on                                                        more about
                           the                new and                                                           those with
                           possibilities it   interesting                                        I think it     which I am
                           allows for in      internet and                                       allows for     familiar).
                           terms of           computer                                           many more      There's no
                           human              technologies,                                      "acquaintance specific "area"
                           interaction        and how they                                       s" but I don't that I want to
                           (parents           are used in                      No--I feel like   consider       discover new
                           constantly         different                        there's           myself to be   people--I just
                           knowing the        countries. I                     generally a       any closer to like meeting
                           whereabouts        also like that                   free              people based new people to
           How publicly of their kids,        the posts are                    alternative       on their       learn about
           accessible my being able to        short and to   None--I don't     that you can      Facebook       different
A friend   information is. immediately        the point.     use Twitter.    0 find.             posts.         things.
           Coming from                      Many of the                                       No, in its
           India, I use                     blogs that I                                      essence,
           Orkut more                       follow are                                        friendship is
           than                             written by my                                     still the same.
           Facebook.                        friends and                                       But compared
           The biggest                      classmates. I                                     to the
           surprise on                      find the blogs                                    previous
           that was that                    to be a great                                     decade, I feel
           one of the                       platform for                                      that the
           communities                      sharing       I follow 110                        distances          Friends - to
           that were                        thoughts and  people on                           factor has         keep in touch
           formed in                        exchange of   Twitter. Again,                     been               with people of
           orkut was so                     opinions.     most of them                        rendered           similar
           well linked                      Apart from my are my                              irrelevant. For    interests
           that people       Gigapan -                    friends. But I
                                            friends , I also                                  instance,          Successful
           knew each         http://www.gig follow the    also follow my                      thanks to          Entrepreneurs
           other    following     teachers,                           Facebook, I        - To learn to
           personally, to    .php           blogs :       entrepreneurs                       know who of        learn to
           the extent that                                and                                 my friends are     innovate
           they held         This is a site 1.Neopythonic politicians.                        attending a        Professors
           weekly meets      that gives us and "The       Twitter                             party tonight. I   from top
           at different      access to       History of   provides me                         feel that this     universities -
           places, both      pictures        Python" by   with a means                        kind of            To learn to
           in India and      having a        Guido Van    to closely                          knowledge          think and
           abroad. This      resolution in   Rossom       monitor what                        brings about a     research
           was a             gigapixels.     2. Datawocky my friends are                      closer             Heads of the
           surprise since    Zooming into by Prof.        upto and                            bonding            different
           I had             yet and yet     Anand        enables easy                        between            departments
           considered        seeing the      Rajaraman -  communicatio                        friends since      of Successful
           social            picture clearly On Data      n, thats adds                       there is no        Organizations
           networks to       is something mining          to the                              period of time     - To know
           be a means of     that was a      3. Linus     effectiveness       No, I do not    when they          how they
BBC News   entertainment     treat to watch Torvalds Blog caused by           pay for any     would feel out     handle
Feed       and               for me.         4 .Paul      brevity.          9 online content. of touch with      responsibility
                           demonstration     krishashok.wo
                           of touch
                           screens and       is one blog I
                           haptic devices    follow often. It
                           from the HCI      takes a very                                                     Yes, I have
           My biggest      lab in MIT (via   satirical view                                                   come to know
           surprise has    youtube and       on many                                                          of some
           been the fact several other       things and is                                                    people's
           that I have     videos). I        usually fun to                                                   interests,
           learnt a lot    think it's a      read. This                                                       some of
           more about      really cool       apart, I have                                                    which I didn't
           my friends      way of            been following                                Yes. I             know earlier
           from my         interacting       the Fake IPL                                  subscribed for     even though I
           Facebook        with              Player blog                                   live telecast of   thought we
           news feeds      computing         (regards to                                   the cricket        were very
           (and the        devices, and      the IPL cricket                               world cup          good friends.
           constant        something         happening in                                  (online            Since these
           updates I see very dissimilar     South Africa                                  streaming          updates are
           on it from my to our                            32 (just
                                             currently), and                               video). That       more often,
           friends) that I traditional       I also follow checked).                       apart, I don't     there is a
           ever knew       access to         some          These are my                    usually pay for    better chance
           before (even computers. It        photography   close friends                   online content     of expressing
           though I        talks more        blogs.        (or people I                    unless it is of    what is
           considered      about                           used to be                      utmost             happening
           them to be      integrating       Following     close once                      importance,        with one's life
           close friends). computers         blogs serve   upon a time).                   since I feel       and that          Study circles,
           It feels more and                 as a means to I follow them                   that there is      increases the     Jobs, friends
           connected to computing            increase my   since I am                      almost always      closeness         with similar
           have constant with our day        knowledge of genuinely        Quite a few: a a free              between           interests
           updates of      to day life and   what's        interested in   guitar, protein alternative to     friends (and a    (photography,
RSS feed   what your       interacting       happening/ho knowing what shake, my           most things in     notion of how     hiking,
from       friends are     with them         w from people is happening architecture       the present        well we know      working out,    upto.           using more        like me.      in their lives. text book       day.               each other)       etc), dating.
                                I saw a           I follow
                                service called    Google
                                Aardvark.         Blogoscoped,
                                This service is   The Official
                                a network that    Google Blog,                                              It has not
                                helps connect     my friends'                                               changed my
                                people so that    blogs etc.                                                notion of
                                they can          I am quite                                                friendship.
                                answer each       interested in                                             For me,
              My biggest        others'           knowing what                                              friendship is a
              surprise on a     questions. On     Google is up                                              real life
              social network    registering, it   to because                                                concept. I
              was on            asks us to        they                                                      consider the
              getting           specify some      frequently                                                people in my       The primary
              internship and    topics in         come up with      I follow 14                             networks on        area is
              other             which we are      interesting       people on                               facebook and       professional
              recruitment       experts, and it   and               Twitter. I am       I do not pay        other social       contacts. I
              communicatio      appears as a      innovative        not an active       for online          websites to be     want to
              n on LinkedIn.    contact in        stuff. Blogs on   user, and I         content. In the     'contacts' and     discover new
              Before that, I    Google Talk.      Technorati        follow most of      past I have         not friends        people who
              generally         We can then       are an            them because        paid for US         (unless of         are in areas
              treated social    type in           awesome way       they are my         news                course if they     associated
              networks as a     questions as      to stay in        friends whom        university          are real life      with my work.
              fun activity or   a chat to         touch with the    I found when I      rankings. To        friends).          I am not
              another           Aardvark. It      state of the      joined. I also      me, content is      When others        interested in
              excuse at         determines        art in            follow CNN          worth paying        share in great     forming
              procrastination   the category      technology. I     and Ashton          for only if I am    detail, it helps   friendships
              . But LinkedIn    to which the      also like         Kutcher, both       sure it is          me keep in         online, but I
              conveyed to       question          reading what      of whom I           useful for me       touch with         am interested
              me the value      belongs, and      my friends        started             and not             what they are      in discovering
              these             routes it to a    have written      following           available at        upto, but has      existing
              networks can      person who        and follow        when their          other places        no impact on       friends and
              provide if they   can answer it.    their blogs.      race to a           where I can         my concept of      colleagues
Google news   are focussed.     Similarly, it     For me,           million was on.   6 find it for free.   friendship.        online.
                             The coolest      I am              I just started
                             thing I've       passionate        "twitting", so
                             seen on the      about new         currently I
                             web was the      technologies,     follow only 5
                             Yahoo Pipes      innovation        of my friends
                             service. I was   and               plus my dad. I
                             impressed        gadgets.Techc     follow them
                             from the very    runch does a      because I am
                             beginning. It    pretty good       interested in
                             delighted me     job at            what they are
                             because it       providing this    doing. I can
                             was user         type of           find out what
                             friendly, and    information.      they are doing
                             because it is    I also like       at different                          Yes, it did - I
                             an extremely     great ideas       times of the                          can relate
                             powerful         that              day without                           better to my
                             informational    revolutionize     calling. It's       Yes, I pay for    friends who
                             tool at the      the world and     more efficient.     the wall street   do. Whenever
                             same time. It    TED is a          Sometimes I         journal           I call a friend I
                             operates         great source      would join          subscription. I   do it because
                             under a          for those         them at             pay for my        I am
                             programable      ideas. I follow   different           subscription      interested in
                             platform that    their blog        events, or I        to                what they are
                             supports         because           can decide to     doing. I want
                             personally       people            go to an event      love              to talk to them
                             designed         comment and       given on their      audiobooks). I    about it, and
                             algorithm of     elaborate on      live feedback.      also pay for      share what I        I like
                             manipulating     the talks.        Another             movies (note:     are doing.          discovering
                             data. With       I think Social    reason is that      I rarely buy      Twitter /           new people in
                             Pipes I can      Networks will     people's lives      movies. I         Facebook            all
              My mother      custom-tailor    be the            are quite           usually rent      sometimes           areas:school,
Wall Street   joined the     every bit of     "giants" of the   different and       them from         substitutes         jobs,
Journal       social network information      web in a few      sometimes I         Amazon /          the "phone          traveling,
webpage       (Facebook).    that I receive   years. That is    get inspired      2 iTunes)           call".              dating.
            The huge           It came in this    I actually do     I don't follow     No, why            No. I
            disparity in       class! Google      not follow        any. Again,        should I when      suppose this
            user activity      Insights, what     blogs, unless     this is a          I can get it for   question
            between            the world is       you consider      conscious          free? Bring        stems from
            users. I           searching for,     Yahoo! Sports     choice I make      on the ad-         the notion that
            usually have a     etc. Not only      Blogs a blog.     in a society       driven             your friends
            very small         is it amazing      I actually        that is            content, as        are defined as
            number of          the                consider          becoming           long as it         those people
            friends be         information        those             increasingly       doesn't            who share
            heavily            that is at our     opinion/editori   ADD. I tried       impact my          their lives with   I like to meet
            involved in the    fingertips         als, however      Twitter for        wallet!            you. Your          new people
            network. This      today, it is       the line may      awhile, but it                        closer friends     who are
            spans              really             be blurred. I     just did not       I DO pay a         share more         professionally
            multiple           informative.       did use to        appeal to me.      paper              details about      in the same
            networks. For      In a matter of     read personal     Too often, a       newspaper          their lives with   arena as
            example, in        minutes, I         blogs - which     Twitter page       subscription.      you. I do not      myself
            Friendster, I      discovered         is what I         has no             I'd love to        view               (already done
            would see          some very          believe is the    cohesion of        know if            friendship in      via LinkedIn
            some friend's      interesting        spirit of the     thought. In        ANYONE in          this manner.       and the old-
            pages be           trends             question. I       my opinion,        class still        To me,             fashioned
            incredibly         specifically for   followed blogs    Twitter is         does this.         friendship still   telephone).
            detailed and       the medical        that were         promoting a        Why do I do        starts with a      Also I'd like to
            up-to-date. In     device my          interesting; I    society of 2-      this when I        physical           meet new
            Facebook, my       company            loved reading     second             can read the       interaction.       people who
            newsfeed and       makes.             about             attention          exact same         What               share my
            invitations        When I             people's          spans and          thing online       Facebook,          interests and
            usually come       shared my          thoughts and      multi-tasking      for free? I        Twitter, etc.      hobbies
            from a very        findings with      views on the      your mind.         find it            does is allow      (already done
            few number of      my colleagues      world.            The idea of        immensely          me to easily       via Facebook,
            friends. In        at my              Obviously I       focus and          enjoyable to       maintain a         online
            LinkedIn, my       company, the       only followed     dwelling on a      sit down           friendship         usergroups,
            updates of         response was       those where       topic is fast      somewhere          when               forums, and
            colleague          overwhelmingl      the bloggers      becoming           (say,              physically         old-fashioned   activity usually   y positive.        were active.      extinct.         2 Starbucks)         meeting is not     methods).
                                                                              People that
                                      g/                                                               share similar
                                      http://www.tec                                                   interests in
                                                                                 hobbies and
                                      http://mashabl                                                   passtime
                                      http://www.rea                                                   Facebook
                                                                                seems to
                                      /                                                                have such
                                      http://www.ddj.                                                  communities,
                                      com/blog/cppb                                   No. I do get a but I haven't
                                      log/movablety                                   lot of updates found one that
                     The concept      pe/freelancer.x                                 on friends'      shares my
                     of Mobile        ml                                              activity on      interests
                     Phone                                                            Facebook,        (amateur
                     Orchestras       My main                                         Twitter, etc.    claymation,
                     and Massively    interest is in                                  But, most of     boomerangs,
                     Multiplayer      technology,       I do not follow               these are        Indian
                     Music            so I read a lot   any specific                  trivial/vain and Classical
                     Games. It is     of technology     people on                     of little use!   Music), and
                     fascinating to   blogs. I also     Twitter. I use                So far           also has
                     see how          follow Web        Y! Sideline to                Facebook has decent
                     innovative       2.0 trends, but   find                          been no          activity.
       The trivial   people can       primarily from    interesting                   better than a Perhaps I
       nature of     get in using     a technology      content in                    fancy address should create
News   activity!     the iPhone!      perspective.      Twitter.        None.   No.   book to me.      one!
                           The coolest      The blogs I
                           thing I have     follow the
                           seen on the      most is the
                           web in thelast   one from
                           month is how     MSN space
                           a Yahoo Pipe     live since
                           could be         most of my
                           designed and     friends and
                           how it works.    me happen to
                           Even though      write blogs
                           there are so     there and
                           many             MSN actually
                           searching        has a nice
                           pages            figure to
                           available on     remind that
                           the interest,    who updates
                           many of them     his blogs
                           are not very     everyday.
                           efficient.       Following a                                         Definitely.
            The number     Yahoo Pipe is    blog for me                                         People no
            of people      not only         means read     I am new to                          longer have to
            could get      efficient in     the blogs      Twitter, so I                        be together
            involved into  many             whenever it    only have a                          physically for
            an event on a aspects, it is    gets updated   few of friends                       a while in
            social network also able to     or once a      who are close                        order to
            within a very  setup a          week,          friends of         No, I don't for   become         I guess in
News from   small time     reminder for     whichever is   mine in the        now. Maybe        friends in an  every possible
Internet    period.        the users.       shorter.       real life.       6 later.            ordinary way. areas.
                           The coolest      The blogs I
                           thing I have     follow the
                           seen on the      most is the
                           web in thelast   one from
                           month is how     MSN space
                           a Yahoo Pipe     live since
                           could be         most of my
                           designed and     friends and
                           how it works.    me happen to
                           Even though      write blogs
                           there are so     there and
                           many             MSN actually
                           searching        has a nice
                           pages            figure to
                           available on     remind that
                           the interest,    who updates
                           many of them     his blogs
                           are not very     everyday.
                           efficient.       Following a                                         Definitely.
            The number     Yahoo Pipe is    blog for me                                         People no
            of people      not only         means read     I am new to                          longer have to
            could get      efficient in     the blogs      Twitter, so I                        be together
            involved into  many             whenever it    only have a                          physically for
            an event on a aspects, it is    gets updated   few of friends                       a while in
            social network also able to     or once a      who are close                        order to
            within a very  setup a          week,          friends of         No, I don't for   become         I guess in
News from   small time     reminder for     whichever is   mine in the        now. Maybe        friends in an  every possible
Internet    period.        the users.       shorter.       real life.       6 later.            ordinary way. areas.
                                             I don't really
                                             follow blogs
                                             lately b/c of
                                             However, I
                                             had been
                                             reading Get
                                             Rich Slowly
                                             and Jaunted
                                             Get Rich
                                             Slowly b/c I
                                             wanted to
                                             learn about
                              The            finance, and I
                        thought the
                              site. It       author was
                              delighted me interesting
                              b/c the posts and credible.
                              were           Jaunted b/c I
                              absolutely     love travel (all
              How you can hilarious, and aspects, even                             Not really...I
              use your        so many ppl    learning about                        still value
              friends to gain had read each airlines, and                          personal          Subject
Someone's     specific        post and       the industry,                         interaction the   matter
status update information     agreed/disagre etc) and this                         most.....but I    experts who
(fellow       that they may ed that the      blog has such                         like it when      can help me
virology      be              post was       interesting,                          my friends        with whatever
classmate     knowledgable representative unique                                   interact w/ me    I need help
from a couple about. The      of a crappy    stories, that                         on these          with. eg.
yrs ago) on   amount of       situation for  are              I don't use          social            starting a new
Facebook      stuff I learn.  the author.    informative.     Twitter       3 No   networks.         business.
                                                                                                     It's good
                                                                                                     people share,
                                                                                                     but some
                                                                                                     share minute
                                                                                                     details that
                                                                                                     are irrelevant
                                                                                                     and trivial and
                                                                                                     just add noise
                                                                                                     to system.

                                                                                                      These online
                                                                                                      systems help
          cousins and                                                                                 to provide an
          nephews/niece                                                                               excuse to
          s who added                                                                                 chat with a
          me as friend                   VentureBeat,                                                 friend.
          on social                      TechCrunch -                                                 Instead of
          network.      Rixity & other   to follow      about 10.                                     hearing "from
                        related          general pulse  Currently, a                   No. In         the old
          Basically     variants.        of the Silicon mix of just                    general,       rumour mill"
          extended      More             Valley with    friends and     (question is   unclear about that so&so did
          familiy "add  attempts to      respect to     interesting     too hard b/c   trust of       this or that,
          as friend".   get real-world   web-related    people who      some items     startups with you see it
          Takes family monetary          startups.      talk about      may have       online         online and
          relationships transactions                    social media.   taken a long   payment        you now have
          to another    for use in       Engadget - for People who      awareness-     systems.       option to
          level, where  online world.    it's gadgets,  provide a       building                      speak to
          relatives you Sort of like     but less time pulse on the     process        Mostly pay for someone b/c
          saw once      pre-paid         now to read    marketing       before         Skype in/out   of that
          every 3~4     phone cards,     since too      uses for        purchase. I    & domain       "hearsay/rumo
          years, you    but instead,     many           Twitter and     would not      name           ur" about
          now can       pre-paid         products, not social media     remember       reservations & someone
through   share updates online           enough time    in general.     original       webhosting     doing
friends   via FaceBook. experience.      to read.                       "discovery")   fees.          something.
         Finding out
         that people
         when they                                                                                    It's great to be
         can and                                                                                      able to see
         cannot control     http://8tracks.c                                                          what others
         who sees           om/                                                                       are doing
         their actions.                                                                               without having
         For instance,      I have no idea      I read                                                to ask them
         people post        how it makes        TechCrunch                                            constantly. I
         wholly             money, or           and                I follow about                     feel
         different          who put in the      Engadget,          40 people, 35                      connected to
         photos             effort to           mostly. I try to   of which I                         people far
         depending on       create it, or       keep up with       know                               away from me
         which of their     how it hasn't       what's going       personally,                        even if I don't    I'm content
         friends can        been shut           on in              and also one                       directly           with finding
         see them.          down, but this      technology         blog               I used to pay interact with        friends and
         This is like the   site is really      and "popular"      (MobileOrchar      for online      them. This         dates offline,
         real world,        really cool. It's   venture            d), Guy            guitar          probably isn't     but jobs are
         except for that    a great music       finance.. I        Kawasaki,          lessons, but    a good thing       definitely
         much of the        discovery site      know there         and a few          no longer. I    because a          something I
         information        that mixes          are better         "personas"         do pay to host good                look for
         being hidden       editorial           sources, but       like               online          friendship         online. I'm a
         would not          integrity with      these two are      @Stanford          content, in the would involve      member of
         normally be a      simple              entertaining       and                form of server real                LinkedIn, for
CNN TV   problem.           features.           reads.             @ECorner.        3 bills.          conversation.      instance.
              made us
              how hard it is
              to resist to
              -I love the                     -pmarca
              possibility to                  (when it was
              get info I trust                still updated)
              through my                      -techcrunch
              friends about                   -
              which movie /                   ReadWriteWe
              music they                      b
              like + ability to               -                  41
              organize                        SiliconAlleyInsi   they are the
              events for                      der                people that I
              those things                    -Techmeme          find most
              that I like, with               ........           knowledgeable
              those of my                     -freakonomics       about my
              friends who                     ...                core areas of                        apart from the
              share the                       -appleinsider      interest + my                        photos, what I
              same                                               close friend +                       share helps
              interests -                     -what does it      the kind of                          me keep in
              although I did                  mean -> read       "extended                            touch with my    -jobs
              not know it                     frequently its     intersection"                        more             -entrepreneurs
              previously;                     RSS, I feel        of the 2 [i.e.                       extended         -leaders (esp.
              social                          like I'm really    my extended                          network of       in the tech
              networks                        in that blog's     friends who                          friends - it     industry) who
              [facebook]                      flow of            are                                  doesn't really   have had /
              make me                         knowledge /        knowledgeable                        change my        have a
              discover this                   insight / train     about my            -itunes songs   relationships    significant
online news   ->I get to                      of thoughts...     core areas of        -iphone apps    with my core     impact on the
article       know a side       -Cooliris..                      interest]        1                   friends          world
10. The web
   has had a
  huge effect
   to say the
  least, e.g.,
       has                                                                              16. Do you
  essentially                                                             15. If you      receive
    replaced                                                            learned that     marketing
   classified                                                            a company       messages
ads. Progess                                                              uses data          from
   has been                                                              you shared     businesses      18. If you
   slower In                                                                for a         via your       gave a
other areas,                                                              different        mobile      marketer
    such as                                                               purpose,     phone? How    access, what
     online      11. What are                                           e.g., to trick     do you      would you
dating. What     examples of                                            you to listen    generally   consider fair
 is your view      data you    12. What      13. Do you                    to their     respond to          in
    of online    would share    difference  use Twitter?                  message,          these     exchange?      20. If you
dating? What     more readily does it make     If so, is                 would you     messages?     Pick a couple had one wish
 works well?       with your     to you if    tweeting                  be less likely   What are    of areas and       that
  What does          online     someone        yourself   14. What do to buy from       your hopes   explain: how    Facebook
   not work,     friends than sends you a        more      you expect    them? Can and fears for      much cash,       could
   why not?        with your   virtual rose important, or you will use   you give a      marketing   what kind of implement,
       Any          real life    vs a real  reading what Twitter for in    specific     via mobile   personalized what would it
suggestions?        friends?       rose?    others wrote? half a year?    example?        phones?     services, ...?     be?
                                                                                              No, I rarely
                                                                                              ever receive
                              A virtual rose                                                  marketing
                              is                                                              messages on      I think the
                              meaningless                                                     my mobile        personalized
                              to me, and I                                                    phone. But I     advertisement
              Nothing - I'm rarely accept                                                     would            s targeted
              more cautious any of those                                                      extremely        towards my
              online than I   application                                                     annoyed if I     interests are
              am in person. requests. I                                                       did, because     okay, as long
              Maybe I share don't like that                                                   of the           as I feel like
              more trivial    they get                                                        disruption and   its a computer
              stuff online,   access to all                                                   the airtime      automatically
I've never    eg: "The sun of your                                                            cost to me. I    generating
tried online  is shining      personal info,                                                  hate             this info.
dating, was   today!"...      and I don't                                                     telemarketers    When I think
married       whereas with find them                                           Quite          with a           of an actual
before it     real friends in useful or        No. I don't                     possibly.      passion. I       person
became a      person, I'd     interesting.     want to be                      Would          hope that        compiling         Hmmm...
phenomenon. probably talk I'd rather get       that public or                  depend on      marketing via    data on my        can't think of
Not sure what more about      a personal       accessible.                     how badly I    mobile           interests then    anything, I
works or      my career       email or note    Plus, I already                 wanted their   phones never     I begin to feel   really like it
doesn't work. worries.        from a friend.   use Facebook. I don't use it.   product.       takes off.       violated.         the way it is.
I've never                                                                                                     that is helpful
tried online                                                                                                   to me. I don't
dating, but                                                                                                    mind search
would have                                                                                                     ads on google
nothing                                                                                                        because if I
against it if I                                                                                                type in "Half
wasn't                                                                                                         Moon Bay
married.                                                                                                       Bed and
Seems similar                                                                                   I don't,       Breakfasts"
to being set                                                                                    fortunately. I and some
up on a blind                                                                                   would not      B&B's in HMB
date, who is                                                                                    respond if I   pop up in the
often a friend                    Big                                                           did. I would   ads section,
of a friend                       difference.                                                   consider this I'm likely to
and far                           The real rose                                                 spam and       click on those.
removed                           requires more                                                 likely a scam, That's what I
anyway. Just                      effort to                                                     and would not was looking
like with blind                   attain: plan in                                               do anything    for anyway.
dates, the                        advance,                                                      with it. Right Most other
liklihood of      I probably      drive to                                                      now, mobile    ads online,
meeting           break the       location, pay                                                 phone          including
someone you       mold here. I money,                                                           marketing      those in gmail
really like is    would not       deliver to me,                                                does not       and on
low, but it's     share data      etc. Virtual                                                  seem like a    facebook are
still fun. You    with online     rose can be                                   Depends on      good idea to   really
can meet lots     friends that I  done and sent                                 how annoying me. Maybe if unrelated to           Better defined
of interesting    would not       in 3 minutes.                                 the message formats were what I'm                groups. More
people and        share with my I would still                                   they give me to change in      doing at the      networking
it's certainly    closest offline appreciate the                  Following     is. If it takes the future,    time and what     with in a
better than       friends. Not    thought, but                    interesting   my valuable     and consumer I need. They        context -
sitting home      of that         it's not the                    people and    time away or protection        don't work.       school, work,
and sulking       generation, I same as a         Don't use it.   their         annoys me,      more           Even though       neighborhood,
on a Sat night.   guess.          real rose.      Sorry.          comments.     then yes.       regulated.     they pull from    etc.
My view is         All my real life                                                             I receive        A fair
that the web       friends are my                                                               airline flight   exchange
provides a         online friends!                                                              time alerts      would be:
fantastic          True, there is                                                               and credit
platform for       an extended                                                                  reporting        - cash: I sign
transactional      friends-of-                                                                  alerts which I   up to be
type activities    friends on                                                                   find very        tracked and
e.g. Craigslist:   Facebook,                                                                    useful.          they pay me
see item,          and this is                                                                                   $200/month;
email seller,      probably why I                                                               I have           but I have the
come over          am not so                                                                    received a       ability to
pay and pick       ready to share                                           Not if they are     few spam         switch on/off
up item.           my status or                                             presenting          type             what they are
Similarly,         thoughts on                                              something           messages         tracking e.g. if
auctioning         Facebook.                                                that's targeted     which are        they are
sites like eBay                                                             and relevant        quick to         tracking my
work well,         I would readily                                          to what I am        ignore and       shopping
particularly       share with  I have not                                   looking for. As     delete.          search, fine,
with the                       taken to the
                   online friends                                           long as I have      Again, if the    but if I am on
addition of        things such virtual world                                an 'opt-in' I       message is       Facebook
PayPal.            as:         the way                                      am ok with it.      not relevant to with friends,
                               others have,                                 But if by 'trick'   what I am        then I'll allow
I have never    - I am looking so the virtual                               you mean I          doing or         no access
used an         for a cabin in rose would                     To follow     end up              wanting i.e.     - personalized
online dating Tahoe, any       amuse me,                      someone that committing a         my 'situation' service: if they
site (my wife recommendati but not overly                     I think is    valuable            then I will just track e.g. that
would kill me ons?             impress me                     providing me resource (my         ignore the       i am               A very clear
:) ), but I had - I have       like a real                    with useful   time &              message.         searching for      list of who see
the             something to rose. But I'm                    insights into money)                               a trip to          any item that i
impression it sell e.g.        a guy, so i                    my interests  unknowingly,        My fear is       Hawaii, offer      post -it's still
was cool, and tickets for a    hope nobody                    e.g.          then I would        getting          me discount        not clear to
wished it was for which I      is going to                    entrepreneurs never buy           overwhelmed vouchers for            me who gets
available       can't get to   send me any No, I don't        hip and       from them           with a large     the trip, or       to see my
when I was      - offer advice kind of rose :) use Twitter.   technology    again.              number of        some kind of       stuff.
                                                                                             If a gave a
                                  In theory I see                                            access, then I
                I actually look   little                                                     would want to
                at this the       difference.                                                be
                other way. I      One must                                                   compensated
                am more           understand                                                 in some
                inclined to be    the emotions                                               manner.
                reserved on-      of the                                                     Compensation
                line than in      individual that                                             may be             The tagging
                real life. The    you are                                                    through cash        of pictures is
                on-line           gifting. Not                                               or product          problematic.
                medium has        everyone may                                               discounts. It       For tagging of
                broad             understand                                                 only seems          pictures there
                exposure and      that there may                                             fair that if I am   should be an
                one must          only be a                                                  offering            opt-in feature -
                exercise          marginal                                                   something of         not an opt-
                caution in        difference                                                 value to a          out feature. It
                their beahvior.   between the                                                marketer, that      is very
                 I am much        real and the                                               I should be         disturbing to
                less reserved     virtual.                              If a company         compensated         me that
                when              Afterall, they                        is trying to         accordingly.        someone can
                interacting       are both gifts.                       "trick" me,          Determining         take an
I have not      with my real      (Of course the                        then I would         the amount of       uncompromisi
tried on-line   life friends.     gifts can be                          be turned off.       compensation        ng picture of
dating, but am For example,       viewed as                             However, if A        does pose           me, tag me in
oopen to it. It on-line I only    markedly                              company is           some                it, and then
seems like a share cursory        different.                            using data for       challenges.         make that
less time       details about     With a real                           a purpose that       Frankly, I am       picture
intensive (and myself. For        rose you get                          I would find         not sure how        available to a
more            my real life      to experience                         beneficial to        one would           vast number
selective)      friends, they     the sensory                           me, then I           determine           of individuals
approach to     get the whole     nature of the         I am not a      have no              this. Would it      without my
dating.         story.            gift.)          No.   current user.   problem.       No.   be something        consent.
                                                                                      It totally
                                                                                      depends on
                                                                                      what kind of
                                                                                      information I
                                                                                      am providing.
                                                                                      IF its
                i would not                                                           personal, I
                like to get into                                                      would not like
                personal                                                              to provide it at
                details, but                                                          all. If its not, I
                topics tha I                                                          am ok to
                would discuss                                                         provide hte
                with a                                                                data and dont
                collegue at        viral doesnt                                       expect
                work over          have a real                                        anything in
                lunch is           value. Real                                        return
dont know       something I        makes an             nothing. I dont               assuming it
much to         dont mind          impact and is        like it. I feel it            will be used
comment on      putting up on      more                 doesnt fit my                 for a good
online dating   facebook.          memorable       no   age group          yes   no   purpose            none
Online dating
works only
when there is
It allows
people to see
others who
have similar
since much of                                                               I receive the
these                                                                       message that
interests are                                                               my car
self-reported,                                                              warranty has
it is not                          A real rose                              expired. I
authentic.                         means that                               hang up on
Like doing a                       someone had                              these
survey that                        to go                                    messages.
directly asks                      somewhere                                My hope is
about                              and get that                             that marketing
behavior,                          rose to send it                          via mobile
versus            Everyday         to me or that                            phone will
observing a       conundrums.      they had to do             If it was not subside
person's          I am ok          more than just             disclosed,    unless I opt
actual            saying online    a click to                 yes. If it is in. My fear is
behavior          that I am        provide it. It             upfront that  that my phone                       Easier
which is a        feeling sick,    has greater                my data can   will be used to   That they         customization
better            or I am          meaning                    be used in    track my          would guide       of level of
indicator of      shopping, but    because it                 any way, then exact location    my browse by      privacy per
future            I would never    takes more                 it is ok. I   and then that     offering better   'friend' rather
behavior, self-   call people to   work                       expect        data will be      websites to       than having to
reported data     tell them I am   (assuming it               honesty in my used for          get the           go to settings
is less           sick or going    was self-                  exchange of   marketing         information       to make these
reliable. I       shopping.        selected).      No   N/A   data.         purposes.         that I need.      changes.
Its unreliable,                   I might find
its cold calling                  that person to
and allows                        be too much                                                    Cash - at
someone to         Work related   into facebook                                                  about 10
project an         data,          and perhaps         Business                                   times the rate
illusion about     professional   in love with        connections,   I would                     of one mailing stop profiling
himself.           data.          himself.       No   if at all.     boycott them   No I don't   list entry.    me
                                                                                  I seldom
                                                                                  messages on
                                                I am already                      my cell phone
                                                exploring                         via SMS or
                                                twitter for                       other
                                                business use -                    standard
                                                  I manage a                      channels.
                                                product line                      The only time
                                                and am                            I see ads are
(Most of my                                     responsible                       within an
online friends                                  for marketing                     iPhone App
are my real                                     and product                       (mostly via
life friends - I                                management.                       AdMob) - I
am guessing                                      We plan to                       ignore tham
the question  Big difference                    use twitter for                   100% of the
is about      - I am not a                                                        time.
online sharingbig believer in                   - Providing
vs. offline   virtual gifts -                   product                            Advertising
sharing and   It is mostly a                    updates (new                       via Mobile is a
not online    by-product of                     features, bug                      double edged
friends vs.   laziness. Of                      fixes, etc.)                       sword - You       Filter my
              course, there
real-lifefriends)                               - Track                            can make it       home page by
              are                               relevant          yes- unless      contextual but    topics of
News articles exceptions -                      trends (using     they are open you have to          interest/catego
and my        but they are    I am              search.twitter.   aboutt stating fight for           ries -
personal      far and few     infrequent        com)              it up front (not screen real-
opinions      between.        twitter user. I   - Identify any    hide it in a 10 estate. Local      Example
Promotions/Co                 use it            negative          page T&C         search for        I want to look
upons         Real products primarily to        WOM and           document). In instance has         at all wall
Photos        implies real    follow others     address it        which case, it a long way to       posts, links,
              feelings or     (see list         right away        does not         go. I did a       etc. regarding
              concern.        above)                              matter.          "deep dish        swine flu
I began dating                                                      As I                                                             I want them to
my husband                                                          mentioned                                                        have a
10 years ago                                                        above, I have                                                    recommendati
and I don't                                                         not found it                                                     ons or
recall online                                                       very useful so                                                   feedback
dating being       Whenever I                                       far. I also                                                      button. I have
around then. I     send an                                          believe I read                                                   had ideas for
think however      update to                                        a head line                                                      improvement
that online        facebook as                                      last week that                     I have an       Well, like I  all along and
dating is          to what I'm                                      the drop off                       iPhone. The     mentioned,    haven't been
great. If I were   doing right at                                   rate is pretty     Yes. Unless I only              when I use    able to share
single, I would    that moment,                                     high for           intentionally   marketing       free          them with
surely give it a   I would share                                    Twitter. I         shared with     messages I      applications  facebook. I
try. I             it online, but  A virtual rose                   understand         them the        recall seeing on my iPhone once even
personally         not actually    requires little                  that since it is   information, I on my phone I think it is fair posted an
know some          call up my      thought. We                      not easy (in       would feel      (when I am      that they     update asking
friends who've     friends to tell discussed this                   my opinion) to     they violated not surfing the broadcast       if anyone
met their          them in "real" in class and I                    locate people      my privacy.     internet on it) messages to knew how to
spouses            life what I'm   believe for                      of interest to     When Social are on apps         me. Since     give them
online. I know     doing at that   example a                        follow. As I       Media           that I          facebook is   feedback and
it can also be     moment. I'm a hand written                       mentioned          presented in    downloaded      free, perhaps no one
a nightmare        very private    birthday card                    before, I tried    class, I think  for free. I am it could make replied. I think
from my            person, so      has more                         to ask for         that the        ok with these the same        that Facebook
friend's           what I post on value than an                     recommendati       double          messages,       anology.      should make
stories, but I     facebook        e-birthday       I do use        ons saying my      confirmation    since I         However, I    the organzing
think that it is   tends to be     card. I think it Twitter. I read interests were     is necessary - understand       don't know if of your friends
a great            momentary       has more         more what       entrepreneurs      especially if   that I am       people would in lists easier.
alternative to     fluff not deep value             others tweet. I hip, politics,     you are going getting the       share as      It would be
bars and/or        personal        because it       have only       economics &        to be using     content/game/ readily if they great if you
blind dates        content that I requires more posted 3            pop culture,       that individual service for     new that      could click on
set up by          would share     advanced         tweets so far but still            to further your free and they marketers       a list and see
friends.           in-person with thought,          and I signed    haven't found      company's       need revenue would have       all those who
However, it is     "real" life     consideration up several         the right          marketing       to provide that access to the are in it in one
simply an          friends.        and planning. weeks ago.         people to          promotion.      to me.          data.         tab AND not
I think dating
is like peeling
an onion. You     I would share
initially get     my                                                 Being in the
together over     accomplishme                                       know for
certain factors   nts such as                                        deals in real
such as           handicap,                                          time- for
through           awards I have                                      instance on
friends, or       won with                                           Thanksgiving
physical          online friends                                     I expect to
attraction.       as it doesn't                                      know which
What turns        feel like                                          Frys ran out
the date to a     bragging.                                          of my favorite
relationship is   With real                                          gadget but
most of the       friends I try to                                   which one has
time different    be more                                            it in stock.
from the          subtle and
original          humble.                                            Movie
reason why                                                           reviews,                                         Facebook
you started    On the other                                          restaurant                      I am generally   Social
dating. The    hand I am a                                           reviews. I                      concerned        Actions:
only way to    lot more                                              want to know                    about getting    Better Ads
find those     candid about                                          peoples raw                     charged for      and Coupons
reasons is     my political                                          opinion so                      SMS              that I can
through high-  views when it                         Yes. What       that I can                      messages as      remit for real
touch          comes to real                         others wrote    make up my                      I don't have     goods.
communicatio   friends than                          is more         own mind- I                     an unlimited
n and being in online friends.       I prefer the    important in    find most                       plan.            Search
the moment.    I don't want          virtual rose.   general.        sites provide                   I think mobile   history: Better
               my political          Its low         Although you    sanitized                       phones are       relevant ads
Online -dating opinions to be        maintenance     want to tweet   opinions.                       good for         (if I am price
tries to       floating in the       and carries     to contribute                    Not really- if awareness        sensitive or
segment        web for               the same        to the                           its relevant I not for          benefit         Better search
people into    perpetuity.           message.        community.                       am interested. conversion.      sensitive).     functionality
                                                                                                                      If I give a
                                                                                                                      access to my
                                                                                                                      reading and
                                                                                                                      search and
                                                                                                                      click stream
                                                                                                                      history on the
                                                   I've only used                                                     web, I would
                                                   Twitter a few                                                      expect that
                                                   times, and in                      No, I work in                   they only give
                                                   those                              marketing and                   me marketing
                                                   instances I                        I understand                    messages           Facebook
                                                   found it more                      the value of                    that directly      should test
                                                   important to                       user data to                    apply to           the apps
                                                   read what                          identify the                    something I        people create
                                                   others had                         target                          was spending       for it. Some of
I have no                                          written than                       audience for a I have           time on (i.e. if   them are
ideas about                                        tweeting                           message.        received a      I spent 20         broken or
online dating.                                     myself. I can't                    Plus, maybe I few, and I do minutes on a           don't work
i have been                                        very easily                        want to hear    not like them. website             correctly and I
married for 5                                      think of thigs                     their           I have to pay browsing             think that
years and                                          to update on -                     message. If     10 cents for    around, I          reflects poorly
with my                                            I assume                           they did a      every text      would want         on their site.
husband for 5                                      people don't                       good job of     message I get the marketing        The ones that
years before                                       want to read                       matching my (well my            message to         require you to
that. When                                         the really                         provided data company           apply directly     give them a
we met online All of my                            mundane                            with the value does), and as to what I was         bunch of
dating was      online friends Well, I can't       stuff, so I only                   they can        far as I know I browsing for).     personal info
virtually non- are my real       smell it if it is update whn I       Probably        provide, then I am being        Plus I would       to get your
exstent, and    life friends, so virtual, but the have                nothing - to be probably want charged for       want               results (e.g.
I'm sure it has I don't          meaning           something          honest I        to hear what    those           personalized       for a quiz) are
changed a lot understand         would be the interesting to          probably won't they can offer marketing         offerings that     especially
since then.     the question. same to me. say.                        use it again.   me.             texts as well. were actually       annoying.
                                              Absolutely.                                         I do receive
                                              This I believe                                      them and
                                              is one of the                                       most of the
Though I am                                   latest trends. I                                    time I ignore
not interested                                just happen to                                      them. This is
in these sites,                               come across                      Definitely.        because most
I have heard                                  this when                        This is where      of these ads
good                                          someone                          I think            are pushed
feedback                                      pointed me to                    companies          onto
from people                                   a website                        have a difficult   customers vs      A couple of
who have                                      where some                       task as            pull. In          areas which I
used this.                                    concerns                         maintaining a      general,          could share
This removes                                  about a                          balance            mobile ads        would be
the pressure                                  product was                      between            are far away      Facebook wall
from a lot of                                 put out. I                       providing          from pushing      posts: A fair
people who                     I view this as thought that                     information vs     targeted ads      exchange
try hard to find               equivalent to was cool. But                     getting            and hence         would be free
a partner. So I am willing to getting real    the                              information.       most of these     applications
this works       share most of roses or real application of                    Customers in       ads are very      or gift cards.
well. But the    the data with greeting       twitter is                       my opinion         generic. My       Reading and
lack of          either        cards.         multifold          Company       definitely think   approach          Browsing:
personal         community.    Because the which is what         reviews       they are taken     might change      Discount on
interaction      But family    person has     is interesting     Product       for a ride if      when the          books or
and              details are   actually spent to me - from       reviews       they come to       messages are      access to
misappropriati something       time thinking corporate           Follow people know about         more targeted     material on
on has slowed that I share     about you      blogs to           Share         this indirectly    to my liking or   websites
down the         with my real  which really   product blogs      interests     and there was      something         would be a     Making it
adoption of      life friends  needs to be    to personal        Build social  no incentive in    that I had        fair exchange mobile
this concept. only.            valued.        blogs.             network       the process.       signed up for.    here.          friendly.
               My online and                    I do not use                              Mobile phone     I would not
               real life                        Twitter. If I did   To broadcast          marketing        give marketer
               friends are                      reading what        different types       should be out    access to any
Not much       the same so I                    others wrote        of info and           of bounds as     personal info.
experience     would share                      would be            interact with         users are        I would rather
with online    the same data I would prefer     more                the audience          paying for the   pay for their
dating sites   with both     a real rose        important           real time       Yes   minutes          services       No ads pls

                                                                                                           discounts on
                              virtual rose is                       Spreading the                          electronic
Not sure -     My travel      the easy way                          word about                             stores or      Share local
never tried.   plans          out               No                  my startup.   Yes     No               amazon.        news
I was recently
on India's no
1 dating portal                   Sometimes, in
-                                 real life there
www.shaadi.c                      are lots of
om for                            restrictions
purpose of                        which does
researching a                     not allow
suitable                          some one to
match for                         send a real
someone I                         rose (think
know. Most of                     permissive
the profiles                      societies like
looked similar                    India),in that
but obviously                     instance,
people in                         there is
reality are       There are no absolutely no
different.        virtual friends difference        Reading what
Expressivenes     in my life.     receiving a       others wrote
s in writing      People who      virtual rose vs   is more
does not          live distantly  real rose. In     important but
equate to         and I am not fact, virtual        at same time,
equal             able to keep    gift is more      I want to                                       Sometimes       Search for
expressive        in touch with preferred as        increase the                                    get spam txt    competitive
power in real     them            that allows       value of my      finding                        messages but    product
life, but that    physically, are discretion.       network as a     website                        don't mind      before
said, it is a     my online       But, if my        whole by         gems.                          time            deciding on a    I am not on
great tool for    friends so be husband were        sharing          Breaking                       interrupted     product but      Facebook, not
at least          definition, I   to give me a      something        news on new                    advertisement   will really      really
meeting           have            virtual rose      what I think     products,       Yes.           s (similar to   mind if          particularly
people in real    interacted      today in US-      useful so give   searching for   Treachary in   TV) in          Amazon sells     enamored by
life so that      with them in    then that         some             product         any form is    exchange of     my click         it. LinkedIn is
people can        real life.      won't go too      thoughts to      reviews on      not            free mobile     history to for   my tool of
judge                             well at all.      my tweets too.   Twitter seach   appreciated    content         example Sony.    choice
I would begin     All my online     Doesn't make                                      Maybe. It        No I don't
by saying that    friends are       a difference to                                   depends on       receive                              Allow users to
in my opinion,    real friends as   me. I am a                                        the company,     marketing                            see some
online dating     well. So for      guy who                                           and what I       messages                             more details
is there to       me, there's       doesn't think                                     think about      from                                 about the
stay. I           nothing I         much of                                           them. It will    businesses                           person they
personally        would share       flowers. But I                                    also depend      via my mobile                        want to check
have tried        more readily      do understand                                     on what kind     phone. My         I would give       out to make
online dating,    with my online    (maybe after       I use twitter                  of messages      hope is that      marketer           sure that it is
and it didn't     friends than      some               only for                       they are         some day, we      access to my       the right
work well for     with real         experiences)       reading what                   sending.         would build a     search             person. eg., If
me. Here are      friends.          that women         some people                    Other things     system where      history, if I am   I am looking
the things that   However           generally like     wrote. At this                 would be - are   in I can opt-in   able to get        for my friend
don't work        there are         flowers. And       stage of my                    they just        to receive        some good          Jack Taylor,
well:             distinctions.     when it            life, reading                  bombarding       some              deals for what     there might
One reason        the               comes to           what others                    me with          meaningful or     I am               be more than
was that the      distinctions      flowers, its the   are saying is                  advertisement    useful            searching on.      500 Jack
ratio of men      are because       thought that       more                           s/messages       marketing         eg., If I am       Taylors on
to women is       of the model      matters to a       important for                  or are they      messages.         looking for        facebook, and
extremely         of faceook        large extent.      me. I am                       being            eg., If I am      Ball Game          it becomes
skewed in         which I call a    So from that       working on                     thoughtful in    hungry and        tickets San        difficult to
favor of          publish-          perspective,       something                      their            not sure what     Francisco, I       identify the
women. So         subscribe         my sending a       that will                      approach. If I   place to pick     wouldn't mind      right Jack
women who         model. I can      virtual rose to    change the                     like the         for lunch, I      getting a few      Taylor from a
register at       just publish      a girl would       world. Once I                  company, I       might like to     deals for the      very small
online dating     my                be close to        am successful In half a year, might be fine     receive some      same.              thubnail pic. It
sites get         information,      sending her a      in doing that, I will probably reading a        ideas. Or         Second thing       works great if
bombarded         and anybody       real rose.         sure, I would start following message           maybe I am        could be           I know more
with a lot of     who is            However, this      want to share a few more       from them        just walking      access to Call     details about
solicitations     interested in     theory I think     my knowledge people on         once a month,    down a street     logs, if in        the person lik
from men,         it, can just      is valid for       and opinions twitter in        but if they      with my           return I am        etheir email id
which             subscribe to      gifts like         with others,   some of the     start sending    friends and       getting some       etc, but if I
becomes a         that              roses, or even     and would like areas that      me more          we want to        discounts or       don't then it is
problem for       information.      gifts like a       to tweet.      interest me.    frequent         find out a        free minutes.      troublesome.
                           not much,
                           that's just
                           because I
what works is              don't value
micro-                     roses . Real
payment. to                roses are
get an email,              better, of     yes, i read                                    $1 per     easier picture
pay $1          pictures   course.        more often.   search   yes of course. ignore   message.   upload
Online dating
requires real-     general            i don't
life interaction   opinions and       understand or
at some point      interesting        think virtual                                                                       useful and
to work... so      content found      gifts are a                                                                         presonalized
combining the      on the web         good thing in                                    yes... i want to                   content that is
online contact     should be          general. a                                       know what                          free and worth
and filtering      shared with        real rose                        twitter will    they will use                      some $$$ to
with real world    people             requires effort   reading others simply be a     my                                 others... like
experience is      online...          to find,          is more        way to find     information                        watching        better
a challenge.       personal           purchase, and     important to   out interesting for. if i opt-in,                  sports online. personalized
Expectations       decisions and      give in           me... but only links on the    they can do                                        content and
are different      important          person... it      because i      web from        what they                          discounts on recommendati
online and         experiences        holds much        don't always   people that i   want... but be      i hate spam... products that i ons on fan
offline... so      should be          more value        have anything think are        clear up front.     regardless of endorse or       pages,
bridging the       shared with        than a click      interesting to interesting      don't hide it in   which channel support and      updates, and
gap is the         real life          online to see     share with     enough to       a license or        it comes       share with      people to join
most difficult.    friends offline.   a digital rose.   others.        follow.         legal fine print.   through.       friends.        my network.
I never tried
online dating                     I don’t mind
even during                       using a virtual
the couple of                     rose as a
years that I                      casual way of
didn’t have a                     saying I love
boyfriend.                        you. But if it
First, I don’t                    means to be
like to be       My online        more serious
matched by       friends are      than that, it
other people.    pretty much      depends
Second, I        all my real life where he is. If                  I don’t think I’ll
prefer getting   friends as       he is far                        tweet in half a
to know          well. I don’t    away, I would                    year. I started                                          Some way to
someone in a     feel             appreciate a                     to write blogs                                           rank friends.
more natural     comfortable      virtual rose as   No, I don’t    for my                                                   Right now
way. Third, I    with             much as a         tweet          daughter just                                            updates from
don’t want to    developing a real rose             because I      to record all                                            all friends are
hang my          completely       although with     don’t think    the fun things                         Cash,             treated
profile out      online           today’s           what I’m       she’s been                             product,          equally. It’d be
there to get     relationship.    technology        doing is so    doing. I                               service are all   nice if it
picked, and I    The data that distance is          important to   figured it’d be                        possible. I       allows users
don’t really     I share online becoming            my friends.    interesting for                        think it has to   to specify
trust the way    are pictures,    irrelevant. But   And for the    her to see it                          be evaluated      which friends
many people      videos, etc. I if he’s nearby,     same reason, when she                                 case by case.     should be
describe         share them       I don’t see       I don’t follow grows up. It’s                         It depends on     followed
themselves.      online           why he can’t      any of my      only shared                            what kind of      closely while
Actually I’m     because it’s a send me a           friends on     with a few                             information I     others can be
not sure if I    easier way to real one.            Twitter. But I family                                 have to share     accessed on
can describe     share, not       Basically I       do enjoy       members who                            with them,        demand, and
myself           because my       don’t think       catching up    I know for               No, I haven’t how frequent      without letting
truthfully.      online friends virtual roses       with them      sure that are            really        they need         the friends
People tend      are a different can replace        from time to   interested to            received such access to me,     know the
to describe      group.           the real ones.    time.          see it.            Yes   messages.     etc.              ranking.
I never tried
online dating                     I don’t mind
even during                       using a virtual
the couple of                     rose as a
years that I                      casual way of
didn’t have a                     saying I love
boyfriend.                        you. But if it
First, I don’t                    means to be
like to be       My online        more serious
matched by       friends are      than that, it
other people.    pretty much      depends
Second, I        all my real life where he is. If                  I don’t think I’ll
prefer getting   friends as       he is far                        tweet in half a
to know          well. I don’t    away, I would                    year. I started                                          Some way to
someone in a     feel             appreciate a                     to write blogs                                           rank friends.
more natural     comfortable      virtual rose as   No, I don’t    for my                                                   Right now
way. Third, I    with             much as a         tweet          daughter just                                            updates from
don’t want to    developing a real rose             because I      to record all                                            all friends are
hang my          completely       although with     don’t think    the fun things                         Cash,             treated
profile out      online           today’s           what I’m       she’s been                             product,          equally. It’d be
there to get     relationship.    technology        doing is so    doing. I                               service are all   nice if it
picked, and I    The data that distance is          important to   figured it’d be                        possible. I       allows users
don’t really     I share online becoming            my friends.    interesting for                        think it has to   to specify
trust the way    are pictures,    irrelevant. But   And for the    her to see it                          be evaluated      which friends
many people      videos, etc. I if he’s nearby,     same reason, when she                                 case by case.     should be
describe         share them       I don’t see       I don’t follow grows up. It’s                         It depends on     followed
themselves.      online           why he can’t      any of my      only shared                            what kind of      closely while
Actually I’m     because it’s a send me a           friends on     with a few                             information I     others can be
not sure if I    easier way to real one.            Twitter. But I family                                 have to share     accessed on
can describe     share, not       Basically I       do enjoy       members who                            with them,        demand, and
myself           because my       don’t think       catching up    I know for               No, I haven’t how frequent      without letting
truthfully.      online friends virtual roses       with them      sure that are            really        they need         the friends
People tend      are a different can replace        from time to   interested to            received such access to me,     know the
to describe      group.           the real ones.    time.          see it.            Yes   messages.     etc.              ranking.
                 My real life                                                                                          I generally
                 friends usually                                                                                       would not let
                 has similar                                                                                           marketer
                 background                                                                                            access my
                 as I do. My                                                                                           private
                 online friends                                                                                        information.
                 may be quite                                                                                          However, for
                 distance                                                                                              a limited time,
                 away. So we                                                                                           for large sum
                 will share                                                                                            of money
                 more                                                                                                  such 500
                 information                                                                                           USD/day, I
                 about our                                                                                             can let them
                 local life,                                                                                           access my
                 pictures etc.                                                                                         search
                 with folks                                                                                            history, click
                 online than                                                                                           stream,
                 friends in real                                                                                       browser
The part         life. For                                                                         Yes, I do           history, call
works well is    example, I will                                                                   receive those logs,
that it break    talk to my                                                                        marketing           facebook
the physical,    online friends                                                                    messages. I         private
geographical     in China                                                                          hang up right section etc.
barrier, and     about swine                                                                       away.               But that is
you can meet     flu here, and                                                                                         only for
a lot of         they will tell                                                                    It is irritating. I limited time.
people. The      me what                                                                           do not like         For more
bad part is      happening in                                                                      that. I do not money 1000
there is no      Shanghai. But                                                   No, I think       think it is         USD/day, I
credibility.     I will not talk                                                 that is wrong.    effective or        could let them    I do not use
You cannot       about swine                                                     I will strongly   useful, since I view email,           facebooks.
assess the       flu with friends                              No. I do not      against that. I   do not even         SMS etc. as       Maybe my
information is   here too         No big        No. I do not   think I will be   will not buy      listen to what long as they           chinese
true or not.     much since       difference.   use Twitter.   on Twitter.       from them.        they said.          agree not         background.
I don't use
online dating.
I actually think
that Facebook
is a better
way to meet
new people,
i.e. friends of
friends that
you may see
tagged in a
because you
can                                                                                                          The most
immediately                                                                                                  relevant thing
contact them       All my real life                                                                          for me is a
and since          friends are                                                                               better service,
you're already     also online.                                                                              whether it's
connected          So a better                                                                               recommendati
through a          question is        Big                                                                    ons, a good
friend, there's    the difference     difference.      I signed up                            Yes. Hate      deal, a
something in       between real       Real rose is     but rarely use                         them. Want     discount.
common. I          life friends       tangible and     it. I use                              to hunt down Make it worth
also think         and online         takes a lot      Facebook for                           and kill       my while. e.g.
Facebook is        only friends?      more effort      status                                 whoever is     I'm happy to
great for          Phone              than virtual.    updates. On                            sending from share my
connecting         number,            Virtual is a     Twitter I'm                            them. I will   preferences
with someone       address,           gift token.      more                                   not purchase about the kind
you just meet      location,          Real rose is a   interested in                          from these     of car I want
in real-life so    photos are         real gift as     consuming,                             companies on and how to
that you can       data I do not      well as a        less about       I will consume        principle if   customize it if
take an initial    share with         token. Much      creating. On     the twitter           they market to I could get a   Better Friend
real-world         online only        more             Facebook I do    stream but            my mobile      discount on its List
encounter and      friends.           significant.     both.            won't tweet.   Yes.   phone.         purchase.       management
                   With real life
                   friend you
                   have to think
Anything           of
online masks       consequences
reality. That is    before
the issue with     sharing
online dating.     anything. With
Since people       online friends
can be what        you normally                                                                                 Hmmm, not
they want          are not as                                                                                   sure.
others to think    concerned.                                                                Yes I do and I     Depends on
they are, it       Somewhere in                                                              dont like it. I    what I am
lacks reality.     the back of                                                               prefer not to      giving access
What works         the mind you                                                              take those or      to. I would say
well is ability    know that the    I am not sure                                            say no to the      that if they are
to hook            person is        if I would be                                            offers. My         trying to trace
people up.         almost not       too thrilled                                             hope is that       my steps.
You can not        real for you.    with the virtual                                         marketing          They should
find people as     Human being      rose. I think it                                         stays out of it.   know what I
you can on         tends to trust   depends on                                               I fear that it     like and am
the web.           and share        the kind of                                              will chase         looking for.
What does          with someone     relationship                                             customers          They should
not work is,       they dont        you have with             Not sure                       away. Cell         be able to
when you           really know.     the person or             since I have                   phone for me       offer me
come to            These things     the stage of              not used it. It                is little too      something in
reality, you       could be your    life you are in.          might get to                   personal and I     that area. So
find that the      emotional        If I was single           some serious                   wouldnt like to    if a car
person is          side or things   and looking,              applications                   get a              company
quite different    that are too     probably a                like                           marketing call     knows that I
from how           personal to      virtual rose              networking for                 on it even if I    was browsing
he/she             share with       would excite              career growth                  was                for ipod, they
appeared on        real life        me more than I dont use   or job hunting If I have a     interested in      should offer     Link to your
the web.           friends.         it would now. Twitter.    itself.         choice, yes.   the product.       me one.          work.
I met my
personals. It
was a little
daunting but
some creeps
out there but
as long as
you go in with               think both is
no                           nice, but
expectations,                unless the
you can't be                 rose is potted
let down. It                 (not cut)
makes it                     would like the
easier to meet               online one
people when                  better-won't
limited by                   die and
work and                     nobody
social outlets. same stuff   wasted money no   i might sign up yes   no
I think online
dating works
if you don't
have alot of
time and need                                                           I do see how
way to meet                                                             you can end
new people.                                                             up using data
Unfortunately                                                           for different
I can see it's                                                          purpose in
harsh way to                                                            order to
also get                                                                extract
rejected since                                                          creative and
people are                                                              meaningful
going to judge                                                          information/an
immediately                                                             alysis. If my
on looks. I                                                             Facebook
think group                                                             profile and
dates may                                                               friends data
work better                                                             were used to
where bunch                                                             determine
of singles                                                              that I need to
meet online                                                             network more
and chat                                                                and sold me                          analtyical tool
which takes                                                             an app to do                         to find cool
away                                                                    this. It'd be    No but would        trends or stats
pressure from                                                           interesting to   be annoyed          about your
2 people                                                                see more         by spam             friends or help
having to get                                                           psycho           messages.           find ones that
to know                                                                 analysis of      It'd be better if   have
eachother.                         Real rose is                         profiles and     mobile              particular
The concept       not likely to    better - took                        trends of        marketing           interest or
of date my        share more       more effort to        explore and    online           was targeted        work at
friend is         info with        buy and               get in touch   purchases or     and/or self         specific
interesting too   online friends   deliver          No   with SDR :)    activity.        selected.           company
                                                                                             Don't quite
I have never                                                                                 "product
used online                                                                                  space
dating, but my                                                                               awareness."
perspective is    Trivialities of                                                            Mobile
that it's         daily life.                                                                phones can
something         Some things                                                                be helpful in
that you resort   (and                                                                       shopping by
to only           thoughts) may                                       Provide                providing
because off-      seem silly to                                       constant               helpful data
line means        share w/ your      Would value a                    updates on             on the product
have been         offline friends,   real rose                        daily life to          (specs, price
unsuccessful.     but somehow        more because    Yes.             people who             comparison,
It's not on the   it seems           it's more       Tweeting         may be                 review by
same tier of      easier for the     difficult to    yourself...      interested             those who                     Friendship
importance as     on-line            procure and     (hate to         (since I will be       use the        15% discount   closeness
off-line means.   community.         send.           admit, but...)   overseas)        Yes   product, etc.) on products    rating
I got married
before the
online dating                                                                                                        For
phenomenon,                                                                                                          marketers, I
so I could not                                                                                                       would expect
have a first                                                                                                         only
hand opinion.                                                                                                        advertising
I have friends                                                                                                       that is highly
with              I think I would                                                                                    relevant to
successful        be more                                                                                            me, and also
relationships     inclined to                                                                                        a low level of
that started      share data                                                                                         intrusion. I
online, and       online when       In my opinion,                                                                   would not
some who did      sharing           a virtual rose                                                                   want cash for
not find the      information       does not have                                                                    my data, but
right person.     creates any       the personal,                                                                    rather,            I wish
To me, the        conflict or       intimate, and                                                                    absolutely no      Facebook
fact that your    controversy,      special                                                           Mobile phone spam. If I           allowed you to
online identity   no matter how     qualities of a                                                    marketing via share my data       "privately"
can always be     small. I share    real rose. I                                                      SMS is more and get spam          assign levels
different to      political views   feel the same                      I expect to                    annoying than anyway, I           of trust to your
your real         with my online    way about         I rarely use     use twitter in                 effective.     would rather       friends, to
identity          friends,          virtual vs real   twitter but      a professional                 SMS is still a not share my       select which
always            dissatisfaction   friends,          when I do,       setting. I                     highly         data to begin      ones are your
creates the       with products,    messages,         reading what expect to                          personal       with.              "best friends"
potential for     services,         and               others wrote     update other Absolutely. I     space (more For facebook,         and so, when
conflict in       classes,          conversations.    is more          professionals would lose       so than email) linkedin and       you get
situations        strong             However the      important.       within the     trust in the    and any        twitter, I would   bombarded
where you         opinions as       world around      This is          same           online          marketing that consider it fair   with status
interact with     well. I am less   me is chnging     because I use company           merchant if I uses this        if others share    changes, you
others BOTH       likely to share   fast and I        twitter for that about what I   feel my data    space is       the same           could filter by
online and        this type of      have sent         reason: to see am working       is used for     perceived by level of             relevance,
offline. This     "data" with       virtual roses     what others      on, progress, something I      me as highly information as       just like in real
happens in        real friends.     before.           are doing.       problems, etc. did not expect. intrusive.     I am.              life.
I got married
before the
online dating                                                                                                        For
phenomenon,                                                                                                          marketers, I
so I could not                                                                                                       would expect
have a first                                                                                                         only
hand opinion.                                                                                                        advertising
I have friends                                                                                                       that is highly
with              I think I would                                                                                    relevant to
successful        be more                                                                                            me, and also
relationships     inclined to                                                                                        a low level of
that started      share data                                                                                         intrusion. I
online, and       online when       In my opinion,                                                                   would not
some who did      sharing           a virtual rose                                                                   want cash for
not find the      information       does not have                                                                    my data, but
right person.     creates any       the personal,                                                                    rather,            I wish
To me, the        conflict or       intimate, and                                                                    absolutely no      Facebook
fact that your    controversy,      special                                                           Mobile phone spam. If I           allowed you to
online identity   no matter how     qualities of a                                                    marketing via share my data       "privately"
can always be     small. I share    real rose. I                                                      SMS is more and get spam          assign levels
different to      political views   feel the same                      I expect to                    annoying than anyway, I           of trust to your
your real         with my online    way about         I rarely use     use twitter in                 effective.     would rather       friends, to
identity          friends,          virtual vs real   twitter but      a professional                 SMS is still a not share my       select which
always            dissatisfaction   friends,          when I do,       setting. I                     highly         data to begin      ones are your
creates the       with products,    messages,         reading what expect to                          personal       with.              "best friends"
potential for     services,         and               others wrote     update other Absolutely. I     space (more For facebook,         and so, when
conflict in       classes,          conversations.    is more          professionals would lose       so than email) linkedin and       you get
situations        strong             However the      important.       within the     trust in the    and any        twitter, I would   bombarded
where you         opinions as       world around      This is          same           online          marketing that consider it fair   with status
interact with     well. I am less   me is chnging     because I use company           merchant if I uses this        if others share    changes, you
others BOTH       likely to share   fast and I        twitter for that about what I   feel my data    space is       the same           could filter by
online and        this type of      have sent         reason: to see am working       is used for     perceived by level of             relevance,
offline. This     "data" with       virtual roses     what others      on, progress, something I      me as highly information as       just like in real
happens in        real friends.     before.           are doing.       problems, etc. did not expect. intrusive.     I am.              life.
I think online     First, I don't
dating has         make a strong
been fairly        distinction
successful.        between
Classifieds        online and         I generally
were a very        offline friends.   see virtual
consolidated       I think the real   gifts as a
business           issue is           joke. It is a
essentially        context;           kind gesture,
owned by           online is just     but it is not
newspapers.        another            really that
Craigslist         medium. I          meaningful.
replaced this      would rarely       That being                         I expect I will                                   I think a fair
by offering a      share a web        said, I think                      use twitter                                       exchange is
free service       link with my       receiving $50                      more and                                          the
that targeted      friends in "real   at is                     more as a          I think if it is               expectation
specific           life" and          pretty cool vs.                    source of          an obvious                     that future
communities        would never        the alternative                    information as     malicious trick                services will
and lowered        share a meal       of someone                         opposed to a       than I would                   be better and
the barriers to    with my            donating $50                       way to keep        be much less                   continue to be
entry for          friends            to red cross in                    tabs on            likely to buy                  offered at
everyone.          "online."          my honor.                          friends. I think   from them.       I do not      current prices.
Online dating      Given this         Again, its                         it is especially   However, if a receive any      For example if
is a little        distinction, I     contextual. A                      powerful in        company is       business      I provide
different.         think the          rose is a                          monitoring         simply using     messages      access to my
People meet        things that I      beautiful,                         word of mouth      my               accept for    wall posts, I
and fall in love   tend to share      unique,                            discussions        information to those from      expect that in
in all kinds of    online more        physical thing                     around issues      better serve     AT&T (my      the future ads     Some
different          readily are        whereas a         I use twitter. I and                me with other carrier). I      that are           awesome way
contexts.          recommendati       virtual rose is   think both are businesses           products, than delete the      served to me       to group / filter
Dating             ons to other       a collection of   important,       that I am          I don't really   AT&T          are more           content and
generally          information        easily            though I tend interested in         have a           messages      relevant or        create useful
requires a lot     (i.e., a link to   replicable        to read more or may be              problem with without           even better        private
more trust         a blog on          pixels.           than tweet.      involved in.       it.              reading them. actually useful!   networks.
                                                                           Sure. For
                                                                           example, I
                                                                           used to           I don't receive
                                                                           purchase air-     many
                                                                           ticket from       marketing
                                                                     messages on
                                                                           m; then, i was    my phone. If I
                                                                           tricked to        do, I just
                                                                           apply             ignore them.
                A journal on                 I use Twitter,                membership        I don't think
                Facebook                     but I'm not                   of their reward   those
                allow me to                  addicted to it.               program just      messages are
                show my                      I just log in                 through one       a big deal
                thought to                   and read what                 click. Since      except they
                other people                 others wrote                  they already      are annoying
                in whatever                  sometimes.                    got an            sometimes.
                topic that I                 I think Twitter               information of    The
                would like                   may be a                      my credit         marketing via
                them to know                 good tool for                 card, they        mobile
                about me.                    people who                    charged me        phones could
                The journal                  have smart                    for the           be more
                will reach all               phones.                       membership        effective if the
                friends at                   Moreover,                     fee for the       marketers
                once.                        since my                      next month.       could limit the
                However, in                  friends are                   After calling     amount of
It doesn't fit  real world, I  A huge        also in other                 and               messages
with my Thai may not have difference. I'd countries, i                     complaining, I    they send out
culture;        any chance to prefer a real  find Facebook Follow more     never             and carefully                    Now, taking
therefore, i    share those    rose. It      more useful     interesting   purchased         choose the                       quizzes is
don't have      thought to     provides more and enjoyable people, and     anything from     charming         nothing worth   viral and it's
any interest in friends in any emotional     for me.         read whatever their website     texts to reach my privacy.       too much.
it.             occasion.      touch.                        they write.   again.            customers.       Sorry!          Please stop it.
I think online
dating has
over the
years. When
it first came
out, people
were really
scared and it
was sort of
creepy. But
now I feel as
though it is
better than
meeting some
person at the
bar. At least                                                                                        No. I hope I
online, you                                                                                          never do
know their                                                                                           because it is
name and                          I think it's                                                       extremely
some             Nothing for      crap. Anyone                                                       distracting.
information      me...I try not   can send a                                                         My fear is that
about the        to put too       virtual rose. I                                                    if marketing
person. Also,    much about       appreciate a       Yes. I don't                                    via mobile
you can tell     myself online.   real one           really use it                                   phones really       Coupons or
upfront          Anything I       because it         though, so it   Maybe some      Not             takes off, I will   promo codes
whether or not   would share      shows that         is definitely   career          necessarily. It receive non-        for their
you have         online has       the person put     more            stuff...i.e.    would depend stop                   products. For
things in        already been     effort into it -   important for   following       if their        messages            instance, I     Not sure - I
common.          shared with      they actually      me to read      professionals   product/messa which would           would want at   don't use
                 real life        had to go out      what others     in my career    ge is relevant be extremely         least 20% off   Facebook a
Online dating    friends.         and buy one.       write.          path.           to my life.     annoying.           a purchase.     whole lot.
I think online                    A real rose                                                                           Strong legal
dating has                        smells lovely                                                                         terms that
been                              and requires a                                                                        protected my
successful in                     lot of effort to                                                                      identity.
that it                           send, so it
provides more   I don't have      would make a                                                                          A 25%
transparency    any purely        more positive                                       Of course! I                      discount on
and provides    online friends.   impression on                     I expect I will   understand        I don't receive any
a platform for  All of my         me. However,                      use it more       that              marketing       product/servic
people who      online friends    I know there                      and more as       companies         messages on     e I purchased
are either not  are people I      are a lot of                      a centralized     are going to      my phone. My    because it
in the right    know in my        people in my                      blog. I intend    use my data       fear of this is was
places to       real life. On     social network                    to follow         but I certainly   that a) it will suggested to
meet people     facebook,         that would                        people I think    do not want to    interrupt me    me from my
(eg they don't  some of my        never send         I am not a big post              be                and b) that it  data. This
love going to   friends are old   me a real          self-promoter interesting        manipulated. I    will cost me    would be a
bars), don't fitacquaintances     rose (and it       so reading     links and         do not mind if    money. I hope   strong
the typical      that I do not    would be           what others    comments          companies         that future     incentive for
dating          know that         inappropriate      wrote is       that will be      use my            mobile          me to hand       Being able to
demographic     well, so I tend   for them to do     definitely     enlightening      information to    marketing will  over this        see my social
(eg my          to not share      so). For these     more           and relevant      better target     be opt-in only  information -    network map
divorced        really private    people, a          important to   to me. I am       their product     and will be     otherwise,       to see how I
mother), or     information       virtual rose       me. The only hoping to set       or service to     highly relevant why would I      am connected
are just a bit  through my        would be a         real reason I up Tweet           me, but I do      based on your   agree? I know    to people and
too shy to      status            nice "I'm          tweet is to    Deck over the     not want to be    location and    my               how I could
meet            updates or        thinking of        "stay in the   summer to set     tricked.          what you are    information is   be introduced
someone in a    other             you"               game" and to up groups of        Companies         doing at that   valuable and I   to people I
public setting. features. I am    acknowledgm        feel like I am people to         should use        moment.         want to          would like to
                more cautious     ent- but it        giving back    follow and        data to better    Random, non-    extract value    meet.
While           with what I       would mean         something to organize the        hone their        relevant        from it.
Craigslist has share online       something          those that are great             offerings but     messaging                        Ability to have
replaced        than what I       very different     giving         information       not as a          would be        Advertising      friend groups
classified ads, share in          than a real        something to that is out         means to          extremely       services that    that are not
I think online person.            rose.              me.            there.            deceive.          frustrating.    did not          public pages.
I never did
online dating
because I
don't trust
people online.                                    I don't use
It is too easy                                    Twitter a lot.
to fake a                                         But I found
different kind                                    reading others
of personality                                    is more
online, and                                       interesting                                     Yes I received
communicatio                                      than tweeting                                   SMS. I
n is                                              myself. I want                                  generally
interpreted                                       to reserve                                      don't respond.
differently                                       some privavy                                    I hope I can
depending on                                      in this overly                                  receive the
the receiving                                     connected                         Depending on messages
ends.                                             world. Also I                     whether their that I want to
                                                  am following                      message is    receive, i.e.,
I guess one                                       specific                          what I to     helpful and
way to                                            brands/charact                    know. If the  informative.
improve it is                                     ers (e.g., Mr.                    company       I fear there
to require                                        Tweet)                            understand    would be
using true                                        instead of                        me and give   overwhelmingl
identity and                     I like real rose general                           me a          y spam. I also
building                         much better. friends. It is                        customized    fear that they
reference                        It is real       too much to       I expect to     better deal   know where I
social                           flower with      keep up with      use Twitter for based on my am and what I
network. This    Pictures;       real scent.      all information   news, events, data, I don't   am looking for
way the          Music and       Although it'll   from different    annoucement, mind them        all the time. I
serious online   videos that I   perish but the platforms. I        and             using my      also fear that I
daters could     see online      image and        use facebook      information     shared data   won't have my      Customized       Import blog's
have more        Short Status    scent is even for keeping          requiring short for           location           message to       multi-media
trust over       udpate;         more beautiful updates from        turnaround      commercial    privacy in the     relief my        content, not
each other.                      in memory.       friends.          time.           purposes.     near future.       search effort.   just text.
                                                                                                                                   Integrate its
                                                                                                                                   system with
                                                                                                                                   email, so that
                                                                                                                                   when I
I don't have                                                                                                                       receive a
any personal                                                                                                                       direct
experience                                                                                                                         message I
with online                                                                                                                        don't need to
dating, so I                                                                                                                       click through
can't                                                                                                                              to the
accurately                                                                                                                         Facebook
assess what                                                                                                                        system just to
works and                                                                                                                          respond to the
what doesn't.                                                                                                                      message. Let
My suspicion                                                                                       No, I do not.                   me do that in
is that the                                                                                        If and when                     my email
stigma of                                                                                          this becomes                    client.
using                                                                                              a part of my                    Facebook
technology to                     A virtual rose                                                   life, I hope                    could even
find love or at                   wouldn't                                                         messages are                    offer the
least establish                   mean                                                             only delivered                  ability to cloak
dates                             anything to                                                      to me exactly I would be        an email
prevents          My online       me. The           I rarely use                                   when and       willing to trade address (such
many people       friends and     value of a real   Twitter.                                       where they     some access as how
from              offline friends rose its its      When I do, I                                   are of high    to personal      Craigslist
engaging in       are one in the rarity, its        read what                                      value. If it   information in does) to
this type of      same. Any       beauty, the       others are                                     turns into     exchange for disguise email
interaction       info I would    cost of the       posting far                                    spam or        free access to addresses of
(and certainly    share with      rose itself, as   more often                                     unwanted or    online content messages
limits those      one set is      well as the       than I actually   I probably                   untimely       such as          that go
who are           therefore       scents            post              won't use                    messages, I    music, TV        through the
willing to pay    shared with     provided by       something         Twitter in 6                 will tune out  shows,           Facebook
for it).          the other.      the flower.       myself.           months.        Absolutely.   the "noise."   movies, etc.     messaging
                  my real life
                  friends are a
                  subset of my
                  online friends,
                  so there's
Online dating nothing i
can be good if would share                         not very
the user          with my online                   frequently.
knows what        friends that i    went through   but when i do     connecting
he/she is         wouldn't          more trouble   use it, reading   with
looking for.      share with my     for a real     what others       coworkers,                          money, free    location-
Can be a nice real life             rose. it       wrote is more     knowing what                        access to      based social
way of filtering. friends.          means more.    important.        they're up to. no   no, i do not.   some service   networking
There is a
huge step
between                                                                                                            I clicked no
chatting/emaili                                                                                                    way on email
ng online and                                                                                                      content, yet I
making the                                                                                                         allow Gmail to
step into the                                                                                                      index my mail
physical           Data that                                                                                       for marketing
world,             would seem                                                                                      purposes. If
particularly in    intrusive to                                                                                    this is fully
countries with     others.                                                                                         automated, I
a less             Wouldn't push                                                                                   would give it
formalized         e.g. my                                                                                         up for a great
dating culture     location or                                                                                     tool like Gmail
than the US.       weekend                                                                                         that provides
Provides a         events out to                                                                                   clear benefits
good insight       a large                                                                                         over
into people's      number of my                                                                                    competing
interests and      friends. On                                                                                     services.
can thus act       FB they see
as a great first   my status                                                                      I keep getting   I see call logs
filter.            more casually                                                                  calls to renew   as very similar
                   and I don't                                        No change.                  my car           to my social
As an              feel like                                          Might use a                 insurance. I     graph. Would
example, if        pushing my                                         company-                    don't even       be willing to
people like        update to                                          internal                    have a car.      give that up
similar music      them.                                              Twitter      Yes. I would   Haven't          for significant
and have a                                           Not tweeting system (or       be fine though received any     discount on
similar            Would not                         (other than      other way of if the         SMS spam         phone service
educational        share            I completely     nighttweets      communicatin company had yet. Would          or to enable
background,        sensitive data   ignore virtual   for this class). g status     clearly        completely       great service
they might be      online that I    gifts. Would     Do not           securely     communicated ignore it          (e.g. analysis Full
a great            wouldn't         like the real    actively use     within my     purpose       (similar to      of my           export/data
match. In old      share offline.   rose.            twitter.         company).    upfront.       email spam).     network).       portability.
I think online                                                                                                                         I would like
dating has a                                                                                                                           Facebook to
lot of potential                                                                                                                       become a
but has some                                                                                        No, I don't                        better tool for
significant                                                                                         receive any                        me to
barriers to                                                                                         messages. I                        manage my
overcome. In                                                                                        feel that the                      offline world.
the last 10                                                                                         mobile phone                       Specifically I
years it has                                                                                        is very                            would like
gone from                                                                                           personal and I                     Facebook to
being kind of                                                                                       wouldn't like                      have better
weird and                                                                                           to receive       I think users     geographical
creepy to                                                                                           marketing        should be         features.
being a part of                                                                                     messages         aware of how      Allow me to
mainstream                                                                                          unless I         their data is     view
culture. I think                                                                                    specifically     going to be       businesses
it works well                                                                                       opt-in to        used and          and people in
in the context                                                      I expect it will                receive them.    know the          a map view.
of people's                                                         still be the     No. If I make I hope the        terms of the      Let me see
friends. For                                                        main platform data publicly mobile phone         exchange.         where users
example,                                            Yes I use       for micro-       available, I   becomes a        With that said,   are physically
Friendster,                                         Twitter, but I  blogging. I      should not be strong            I would gladly    (by GPS in
was originally                                      mainly enjoy expect a lot of surprised or       platform for     give away all     mobile
envisioned as                       I would view it reading what developers to disgusted that users to               of the            phones).
a dating site      My online        as a nice       others wrote. I use the open it's used.         gather and       information       Additionally,
that               friends are      gesture, but I also use the     APIs to tap      However, this receive all       above for         let me see
connected          the same as      wouldn't        search          into all the     is a good      kinds of data.   $100 cash per     how my
couples            my real-life     perceive it to feature a lot to data that is in reason to not I think some       month as long     friends
through            friends, so I    be as           pick up pieces the twitter-      make data      marketing        as there are      interact with
mutual             don't think      authentic as a of information verse and          public unless messages          clear limits      other local
friends. I         there's any      real rose. It   about           display the      I'm            can be           and the data      businesses
believe that       difference for   would still be employers        most relevant comfortable       embedded         will not be       (similar to
leveraging         me in what I     a positive      and other       data to their    with it being  into these       sold unless in    Yelp). A map-
mutual             would share.     experience.     news stories. users.             used this way. interactions.    aggregate.        centric view
I think on-line
dating is
much more
popular now.
But no
suggestion for                        Will get                        How much
the               Real rose is        another                         cash and the
development. NA   better.        NO   network    Yes   Yes. Ignore.   services.      Search friends
subscribed to
online dating
services and
think they are
each very
different. I
think it works
best when
profiles are
completely                         I like the idea
open and                           of letting        I'd rather read
when there's                       someone           what others
a 'level' of                       know you're       are writing,
seriousness                        thinking about    but I'm
in dating or                       them via          starting to get
meeting                            virtual gifts,    over the idea                    Depends on
(generally). I                     but they don't    that you don't                   how
think the                          compare to a      need to have                     inconvenient
payment                            'real rose'.      anything                         their 'different                     Cash of
usually                            One is a          intelligent to                   purpose' is to                       course would
indicates                          fleeting          say to tweet.                    me. Of                               be preferred,
seriousness      Mostly things     thought, while    Unfortunately,                   course                               but I think
in dating (ie    that are easier   the other         I'm still in the                 'tricking' never                     discounts/cou     I want there to
more             to share          stays with you    mindset that                     feels good                           pons/gift         be an
expensive        online -          for days (or      tweeting on                      (not honest),                        certificates to   'approval'
services         photos, travel    longer). The      whether you                      but if it results                    the vendors       before people
attract people   plans/updates,    ease in           enjoyed your                     in targeting                         (or industry)     can tag you in
who are           interesting      sending           morning run        Researching   marketing for                        who is            a photo (or
looking for      books/movies,     virtual gifts     or not is a        customer      goods I may         No, thank        receiving your    some sort of
something         etc - and that   diminishes        waste of your      options,      be interested       goodness.        information       preference to
more long        are 'less         the value of      and others         trends in     in, then no         That would be would be             choose not to
term).           personal'         receiving one.    time.              industry.     problem!            really terrible. appropriate.      be tagged).
                                                                                                      I occasionally     Well first the
                                                                                                      get phone          marketing
                                                                                                      calls on my        would have to
                                                                                                      phone, but not     be passive. I
                                                                                                      text               don't use
                                                                                                      messages. I        gmail but I
Online dating                                                                                         respond            believe it
works well as                                                                                         negatively to      markets
a mass filter                                                                                         these              based on
of people. It                                                                                         messages           email content
is good for the                                                                                       and hang up.       but passively
first level of                                                                     Perhaps,           I think            in the sidebar.
browsing                                                                           when you say       marketing via       I think access
through many                                                                       "trick" that       mobile             to email
many people                                                                        makes me           phones             content
at once and                                                                        think I would      should be          though is a
determining                                                                        be less likely     done through       slippery slope,
the few that                                                                       to buy from        applications       much like
you may be                                                                         them.              where the          someone
interested in                                                                      Anything           consumer           needs a court
meeting.                         I think nothing                                   deceptive          starts the         order to
Where it                         of a virtual                                      ruins brand        interaction.       monitor a
doesn't work                     rose, while a                                     trust which is     The                phone
is past that                     real rose                                         important for      marketing          conversation.
first screening                  actually                                          me. If they        shouldn't be       Why is an
stage further                    means                            I think I will   just listened to   initiated by the   email
into the                         something. I                     continue to      my data and        marketer. If I     different?
courtship                        personally        I use twitter  consume          then               start an                          Relevant
stage. It also    I'm not sure   wouldn't want     occasionally. more tweets       marketed in a      application on     To me these information
doesn't work      about this     to receive        I usually am a and read         customized         my phone           things should from friends
when people       one. Nothing   virtual gifts,    consumer of about what          way based on       where              all be private pushed to me
misrepresent      immediately    especially if     tweets rather others are up     that data I        marketing is       and I wouldn't rather than in
themselves        comes to       someone paid      than tweeting to rather than    wouldn't be        relevant, that     want any of    just the most
online.           mind.          for it.           myself.        tweet myself.    angry at all.      is the right       them to be     recent order.
                 There is no                                                                             Yes. I
                 such thing as                                                                           despise them
                 "online life" in                                                                        and that
                 my mind.                                                                                company
                 There is only                                                                           becomes one
                 one life and                                                                            that I try to
                 different                                                                               avoid at all
                 communicatio                                                                            costs. My
                 ns                                                                                      hope is that
                 mechanism                                                                               every
                 (media) put in                                                                          communicatio
                 front of us to                                                                          n medium
                 help us share                                                                           would be
                 and discuss                                                                             allowed to
                 what is of                                                                              have a "do-
                 interest to us.                                                                         not-call list"
I don't have     The data I                                                                              before it is
much of an       share online                                                                            allowed to
opinion since I goes through                                                                             start
have never       the same                                                                                operating, so
used it. It will filters than                                                                            that marketing
probably         that I share on                       Yes, but not                                      messages                           Better privacy
continue to be the phone,           A big one.         much. I tend                                      (which are       Cash would        settings.
an efficient     face-to-face       Sending a          to read more                                      99% SPAM)        be the only       Awareness of
way for          or otherwise:      virtual rose is    what other                                        could be         transaction,      what can be
people to        know your          a whole lot        people say,      Nothing.                         eliminated       and any           seen by
meet, and        audience,          less trouble,      and find 90%     Well, maybe                      from people's    access to the     specific
replace          think before       so it means a      completely       as a simple                      life.            data would        groups (1-
classifieds      you                hell of a lot      inane. That is   way to update                                     have to be        level
ads as well as speak/write          less than a        the reason       my Facebook                      The future of    anonymized        detached vs.
other less       and have a         real one.          over time my     status, the                      marketing in     and illegal to    2-level
secure ways      purpose to         Same analogy       use of Twitter   only thing I     Definitely. I   an advanced      use for follow-   detached) vs.
of meeting       your               as a real letter   has              use it for right already do      society would    ups and direct    what should
people.          communciatio       vs. an email.      decreased.       now.             that.           be 100%          targeting.        not be.
                 There is no                                                                             Yes. I
                 such thing as                                                                           despise them
                 "online life" in                                                                        and that
                 my mind.                                                                                company
                 There is only                                                                           becomes one
                 one life and                                                                            that I try to
                 different                                                                               avoid at all
                 communicatio                                                                            costs. My
                 ns                                                                                      hope is that
                 mechanism                                                                               every
                 (media) put in                                                                          communicatio
                 front of us to                                                                          n medium
                 help us share                                                                           would be
                 and discuss                                                                             allowed to
                 what is of                                                                              have a "do-
                 interest to us.                                                                         not-call list"
I don't have     The data I                                                                              before it is
much of an       share online                                                                            allowed to
opinion since I goes through                                                                             start
have never       the same                                                                                operating, so
used it. It will filters than                                                                            that marketing
probably         that I share on                       Yes, but not                                      messages                           Better privacy
continue to be the phone,           A big one.         much. I tend                                      (which are       Cash would        settings.
an efficient     face-to-face       Sending a          to read more                                      99% SPAM)        be the only       Awareness of
way for          or otherwise:      virtual rose is    what other                                        could be         transaction,      what can be
people to        know your          a whole lot        people say,      Nothing.                         eliminated       and any           seen by
meet, and        audience,          less trouble,      and find 90%     Well, maybe                      from people's    access to the     specific
replace          think before       so it means a      completely       as a simple                      life.            data would        groups (1-
classifieds      you                hell of a lot      inane. That is   way to update                                     have to be        level
ads as well as speak/write          less than a        the reason       my Facebook                      The future of    anonymized        detached vs.
other less       and have a         real one.          over time my     status, the                      marketing in     and illegal to    2-level
secure ways      purpose to         Same analogy       use of Twitter   only thing I     Definitely. I   an advanced      use for follow-   detached) vs.
of meeting       your               as a real letter   has              use it for right already do      society would    ups and direct    what should
people.          communciatio       vs. an email.      decreased.       now.             that.           be 100%          targeting.        not be.
                 There is no                                                                             Yes. I
                 such thing as                                                                           despise them
                 "online life" in                                                                        and that
                 my mind.                                                                                company
                 There is only                                                                           becomes one
                 one life and                                                                            that I try to
                 different                                                                               avoid at all
                 communicatio                                                                            costs. My
                 ns                                                                                      hope is that
                 mechanism                                                                               every
                 (media) put in                                                                          communicatio
                 front of us to                                                                          n medium
                 help us share                                                                           would be
                 and discuss                                                                             allowed to
                 what is of                                                                              have a "do-
                 interest to us.                                                                         not-call list"
I don't have     The data I                                                                              before it is
much of an       share online                                                                            allowed to
opinion since I goes through                                                                             start
have never       the same                                                                                operating, so
used it. It will filters than                                                                            that marketing
probably         that I share on                       Yes, but not                                      messages                           Better privacy
continue to be the phone,           A big one.         much. I tend                                      (which are       Cash would        settings.
an efficient     face-to-face       Sending a          to read more                                      99% SPAM)        be the only       Awareness of
way for          or otherwise:      virtual rose is    what other                                        could be         transaction,      what can be
people to        know your          a whole lot        people say,      Nothing.                         eliminated       and any           seen by
meet, and        audience,          less trouble,      and find 90%     Well, maybe                      from people's    access to the     specific
replace          think before       so it means a      completely       as a simple                      life.            data would        groups (1-
classifieds      you                hell of a lot      inane. That is   way to update                                     have to be        level
ads as well as speak/write          less than a        the reason       my Facebook                      The future of    anonymized        detached vs.
other less       and have a         real one.          over time my     status, the                      marketing in     and illegal to    2-level
secure ways      purpose to         Same analogy       use of Twitter   only thing I     Definitely. I   an advanced      use for follow-   detached) vs.
of meeting       your               as a real letter   has              use it for right already do      society would    ups and direct    what should
people.          communciatio       vs. an email.      decreased.       now.             that.           be 100%          targeting.        not be.
Do not have                                                                                                   Have not
first hand                                                                                                    received any
experience of                            At one level, it                                                     marketing
it, got married       Do not have        does not                                                             messages on
before online         any online         make a                                                               my mobile
dating was            friend who I       difference, as                                                       phone except
common.               also do not        I appreciate                                                         from my
However,              know in real       the gesture of                                                       service
have seen             life. However,     giving me a                                                          provider
friends who           online friends     gift in and of                                                       Verizon. Have    Facebook
have gone             are many and       itself.                                           Lot less likely    ignored these    currently
through the           I only get to      However,                                          to buy from        messages so      allows 2
experience.           see a close        when the                                          them -             far. My hope     levels of
                      circle of          difference in                                     appreciate         is that the      privacy - wall
What works            friends in real    value                                             candor on the      marketing on     posts that are
well:                 life on a          between the                        To discover    firm's behalf.     mobile           visible to all
-------------------   regular basis.     real and                           topics, people If they let me     phones would     vs individual
-----------           With my close      virtual gift is                    that I find    know upfront       respect the      inbox
Wide, simple,         circle of          significant, I                     interesting.   that they can      wish of the      messages
relatively            friends, I may     may feel           I have been     Have been      use my data        customer (ie,    which are
cheap access          be willing to      happier with       using Twitter toying with the in a certain        customer         visible only to
to a lot of           discuss any        the real gift.     for the last    idea of        way, I may         should           the intended
*potential*           problems           There is a         several weeks Tweeting         still share with   subscribe to     user. It would
dates                 (work-related,     difference         - am still what about          them               receiving such   be nice if
Ability to            relationship       between            I would call a developments/ depending on         messages)        while sending
prescreen             etc),              someone            light user. At changes in      what the           but my fear is   a message
partners in a         controversial      gifting you a      this point,     the            personal data      that it may      (start of
non-                  political topics   ticket to the      have not been technology       is. However,       become           conversation)
threatening,          - these I          Bahamas vs.        tweeting        landscape,     to trick me        another          I can pick the
private setting       would not be       sending you a      much, instead can see that     into it is a       platform         circle of
                      sharing on a       flash video of     have been       happening      sure way of        where users      friends who I
What does             platform like      good times in      following       over the next losing me as        are bombared     intend to have
not work well         Facebook.          the Bahamas.       others'         half year      a customer.        with             in on the
-------------------                                         Tweets.                                           marketing        conversation.
                                                                                                  Privacy: I
                                                                                                  wouldn't want

                                                                                                  Relevance: If
I don't have                                                                                      they use my
adequate                                                                                          information to
knowledge                                                                                         target
about it. My                                                                                      marketing
concern about                                                                                     campaigns,
it would be       Pictures and        Big                                                         they'd better
how much I        videos of my        difference.                                                 identify the
could trust the   family              The real thing                   Updating                   products/servi
people I meet     (birthdays,         is more                          people on my               ces that aren't
on the dating     sports              valuable to    Yes. Reading      ongoing                    a nuisance to plug into
services.         activities, etc.)   me.            others' tweets.   projects.      Yes.   No   me.             Outlook
I think
chemistry is
important for
dating, and
this can't be
figured out via
the web -->
use the web
to facilitate            The initial                                                                      hard to
meeting many             effect is                                                                        monetize, I
people with              similar                                                                          prefer to keep
some                     (especially if                                                                   my private
similarities (so         he/she paid                                                                      data such as
that one blind           for the virtual                                                                  emails
date which               rose!), but the                                                                  private.
has a very low           real rose will                    getting                                        search
probability for          make me                           professional                                   requests I
success can              happy even                        contacts, and                                  would trade
be replaced              days                Reading what help on                                         for offerings
by one                   afterwards,         others wrote  specific                        Yes, very      tailored to me
evening                  because I can       is definitely topics. Also,   Not             rarely         plus a small
where many               smell it, take it   more          for online      necessarily, if someone        discount on
prospects can            in my hands,        important to  marketing of    the product     calls me and I those things, analytics for
be met)          none?   ...                 me.           my start-up.    fits my needs! hang up.        e.g. 10%       fanpages
i think online
dating is more
these days,                                                                                                 filters like
but the ease                                                                                                "new friends",
of it leads to                                                                                              "friends you
the most                                                                                                    haven't
desperate                                                                                                   connected
people joining                                                                                              with in a
first. self      what i'm                                                                                   while",
selection        doing, what        virtual gifts                                     no..its basic         "friends with
dilutes the      i'm reading, a     mean nothing                     RSS feeds,       marketing. if         most 'activity'
product. i       random site        to me. i dont                    real-time        they are using        recently", etc.
also think       friends might      get it. ecards                   updates of       the data in a
dating is more   enjoy.             are the          I just started. cool events,     way that              more creative
personal and     anything 'light'   exception,       reading what following           bothers me,           filters,
its hard to      that is easy to    because the      others write is famous/interes   yes. if its just      'accidently'
break that       spread but not     message is       way more        ting people      banner ads            discovering a
mindset for      worth my time      the value, not   important to    who i find       targeted to      no   friend again
some people.     in real life.      the product.     me..            interesting.     me, then no.          would be cool.
                                                                    I bought a
I haven't tried                                                     backpack
it, but I'd be                                                      online with my
willing to give                                                     iphone after
it a go. I                                                          finding one I
wonder how                                                          liked in a
relevance is                                                        store where
calculated?                                                         they didn't
What makes                                                          have my size.
a good match                        I signed up,                    It was on my
seems to be a                       but haven't                     door when I         maps for my
least a little      virtual roses   been back to                    got home a          friends
magic.          .   don't wither    use it.        .   of course.   few days later. .   locations
                                                                         The key word                                        Facebook is
                                                                         in this                                             struggling to
                                                                         sentence is                                         create a
                                                                         'trick'. If I feel                                  viable
                                                                         tricked, or that                                    advertising
                                                                         my trust has                                        marketplace.
If I were                                                                been                                                I wish they
single, I'd be                                                           betrayed, then                                      would create
all over online                                                          clearly I would                                     an API for
dating. It                                                               be less likely                                      their
seems so                                                                 to support a                                        advertising
much more                                                                business.                                           marketplace
efficient than                                                           However, that                                       so that ISV's
traditional                                                              does not                                            could
mediums.                                                                 mean I                                              generate
Historically,                                                            oppose the                                          custom Allow
there may                                                                idea of a                                           ISV's to
have been a                                                              company                                             create
lemon                                                                    tracking me                         Marketers       metadata
problem -         I freely share                                         and using that                      already have    about their
where joining     my genetic                                             information in                      access to all   users that
a dating site     information on                          I expect       a mutually                          the             advertisers
connoted          23andMe -                               twitter will   beneficial                          information     could target.
some kind of      though I think                          start to       way. If they                        outlined
stigma. I         it would be                             support more can use that           I'm shocked I above!           For example,
think the         weird to call                           & more         information to       can't use my Typically the     as an ISV, I
advent of         up my real-life                         structured     present me           iphone to take services        would like to
mainstream        friends and       No difference -       data. For      with less            a picture of a above are       create an
social            say 'I have an     they both            example, I     annoying/irrele      barcode &      supported by    application
networking        elevated risk     conspicuous           expect my      vant                 find           the money       that would
(like             for Age           consumption           iPhone will    advertisement        competing      generated       inspect
facebook) is      Related           & I'm not             tweet my GPS s, then that's         prices nearby from             people's
eroding this      Macular           interested in         coordinates in great.               & on amazon. marketing to      educational
stigma.           Degeneration!'    either.         No.   the future.    Nothing is                          me over them.   history and

                                                                           However, I
                                                                           believe the
                                                                           question is
                                                                           since it uses
                                                                           "trick" in the

                                                                           I would
                                                                           suggest that
                                                                           you post the
                                                                           question like                   A premium
                             It depends                                    this:                           service that
                             more on the                                   15. If you                      could only
                             effort it takes.                              learned that a                  work with the
I never tried                I assume a                                    company                         special
online dating,               real rose                                     uses data you                   access I
but my guess                 costs more                                    shared for a                    grant.
is that its                  time,                                         different
success                      planning,                                     purpose, e.g.,                  However, we
depends on     Probably      effort and                                    to develop a                    heard from
how well       more detailed money, so I'd                                 cure for the   I can get        Eric Schmidt
people know information of rather have a                                   malaria        reviews via      that people
who they are, my online      real one.                                                    my phone or      are more
what they      activity like However, If                                   I bet you      share pics       open to give
want and the which           it's the other                                would have     and talk about   away privacy
quality of the websites I'm  way around I                   Probably       different      the products     in real life    Really know
recommendati currently       would            Reading what more specific   results :)     with my          than in         who I care
on algorithm. browsing etc. reconsider.       others wrote. to my job.                    friends.         surveys.        about.
                                                                                                                            A more fluid
                                                                                                                            system. Now
                                                                                                                            it is either
                                                                                                                            "Friend" or
                 Pictures on                                                                                                "Not Friend",
                 Facebook are                                                                               I would not     it should be
                 an obvious                                                                                 voluntarily     "Best Friend",
                 example.                                                                                   give a          "Good
I've never       Most people                                                                                marketer        Friend", ... ,
used online      would not go                                                                               anything, but "Random
dating, but I    around          If someone                                                 I haven't used if they must     Person". This
can't see it     showing         sends me a                                                 it, but I've    have            would allow a
being very       hundreds of     virtual rose it                                            heard of        something       lot of other
effective.       people the      will most likely                                           people using then they can obvious huge
There are a      questionable    end up in my                                               their mobile    use page and improvements,
number of        pictures of     spam folder                                                phones to       search           for example, I
obvious          themselves      and I'll never                                             scan            histories. In   don't care if
problems:        from last       see it. Virtual                                            barcodes to     exchange, I     "Random
people lie, it's Friday night,   gifts and                                                  get detailed    would expect Person" is
anonymous,       but on          virtual                                    Yes, this       information     personalized attending
relationship     Facebook        greeting cards                             would lower     about           search listings some event,
will be "long- they have no      are cheesy                I probably still their           products while and              but I do care if
distance" from problem doing     and spammy I don't use    won't use        reputation in   they are in the recommendati my "Good
the start.       it.             by definition. Twitter.   Twitter.         my eyes.        store.          ons.            Friends" are.
I think online    I cannot think                                                                                       I would want
dating            of any data        I think that a                                                                    personalized
websites are      that I would       virtual rose is                                                                   services that
silly.            more readily       stupid. There                                                                     shows me
However, the      share with         is no point to                                                                    news,
internet has      online friends     it. When I                                                                        products,
allowed           because after      see a virtual                                                                     journal
countless         something is       rose I think                                                                      articles, blogs,   To somehow
niche groups      put online, it     about how                                                                         etc. that I        eliminate any
to form that      can be             ridiculous the                                                                    have not seen      and all
would             extremely          markup is                                                                         and would be       worthless
otherwise not     difficult to get   compared to                                                                       interested in.     status
be possible       rid of it. I am    the cost for                                                                      If such a          updates,
because each      much more          the company                                                                       system was         comments,
group's           likely to share    (such as                                                                          available and      etc. I would
shared            things with        Facebook) to                                       Depends. If I Mobile           actually           only want to
interest is so    real life          give it to me.                                     agree with      phones can     worked, I          see things
uncommon          friends in         A total waste                                      their message allow you to     would not          that I actually
among the         situations         of money.                                          and find some look up          need anything      find
general           where I know                                                          actual value in product        else. Since I      interesting,
population        the data           A real rose at                                     it, then I      reviews and    would most         and I do not
that a group      cannot spread      least looks                                        would be        check out      likely find a      want to have
of people with    to anyone that     nice. It is                                        more likely to alternative     system that        to police my
the interest is   is interested      something I                                        buy from        products and attempted this       friends or
unlikely to       in looking for     would want to                                      them (or        vendors while to be an utter      "hide"
form in the       it. For            look at. It is                                     possibly        in a store.    disappointmen      someone as
real-world due    example, I         also                              I will not use   indifferent).   Phones can     t, I would         they might
to logistical     may share          something         I do not use    Twitter. See     In other cases also be used consider              have that one
constraints. I    pictures,          that I can        Twitter. See    previous         though, I       to keep lists, enough cash        nugget of
think that        videos, or a       experience        previous        previous         would be        or check the   each month to      information
joining           story with         with multiple     question        question         annoyed and history of         pay for my         that I find
communities       someone in         senses. A         about Twitter   about Twitter    less likely to  previous       basic living       interesting
of like-minded    real life that I   graphic, not      for more        for more         buy from        items that you expenses as        once in a
individuals       would never        so much.          details.        details.         them.           purchased.     a fair             while.
                                A real rose is
It seems as if                  a sign that
some of the                     someone took
matching                        more than 20
technology                      seconds to
(compatibility                  send a gift.
tests) have                     Virtual roses                                                                     Better
gotten pretty    Photos, status are more                                        In-store, price                   visibility/reporti
good but I       updates on     disposable                                      comparison.                       ng into
can't confirm    unimportant    and mean       Not all that                     Product         Free services -   Facebook
that.            things.        less.          much.          Nothing.   Yes.   research.       email, etc.       apps.
I'll admit, I've                                                                                           I'm slightly      Better way to
been really                                                                                                ambivalent        sort the things
tempted to                                                                                                 because I         in the mini-
use the online                                                                                             have no idea      feed. Maybe
dating sites.                                                             It depends. If                   how this info     for each date,
If I wasn't so                                                            I give my                        would actually    sort by
busy with                                                                 information to                   be useful to      strength of
school I'd                                                                a company for                    them, if I        contact. I
probably have                                                             one purpose,                     knew exactly      always scan
used one by                                                               and they use                     how they were     to see if any
now.                                                                      my                               going to use      of my close
                                                                          information to                   this              friends have
I think the                                                               spam me, I                       information I'd   posted
idea of online                                                            probably won't                   feel more         anything
dating is a                                                               buy from                         comfortable.      recently, but I
good one.          I would tell                                           them in the                      The system of     like having
There's no         them more                                              future out of                     ads based on     access to the
point in           about how I'm                          Following mini- annoyance.                       keywords in       updates about
limiting our       really feeling                         vegan tweets.                                    my content        other people
options to just    on a given                             No but          However, if I                    that google       too. It would
the people we      day. I feel                            seriously,      receive a                        uses seems        be nice if
happen to          comfortable                            twitter doesn't targeted                         okay to me        within a given
encounter in       telling my                             seem that       facebook ad                      because I feel    time period,
our day to day     friends this,                          useful to me, based on                           I understand      my close
lives or           but I don't                            it's hard to    information I                    exactly how       friends came
extended           always feel it's                       imagine how I shared, I                          they are using    up at the top.
networks. I        appropriate                            will use it.    actually like                    the               I guess this
think that if      for me to just                         Maybe for       that.                            information. If   would entail
these sites        share this                             real-time       Sometimes        I'd love to be the internet,      some ranking
match you          unsolicited at                         coverage of     the ads          able to         which once        system where
with people        any time. Are                          some event      suggest          compare price seemed so           you indicate
who have           these                                  the regular     products I'm     points online impersonal          who you
similar            anonymous        It depends on         news is not     genuinely        while I'm in a and                consider your
interests and      online friends? the context.   Nope.   capturing well? interested in.   physical store. anonymous,        close friends,
I think online
dating is still a
little slow to
pick up
because of
the social
implications of
what it means                                                                                                         Since granting
to be doing                                                                                                           access to a
'online dating'.                                                                                                      marketer
People tend                                                                                                           would be
to think if you                                                                                                       continuous
are doing                                                         In the next                                         over time, I
online dating,                                                    half year I                                         would expect
that means                                                        would                                               to have a
you are                                                           probably use                                        continuous
'desperate'.                                                      Twitter to                                          flow of cash
Suggestions                                                       track people                                        proportional to
to improve                                                        tweeting                                            what the
this problem                                                      about finance                       If I was        marketer is
would be to                                                       (the field I will                   interested in   getting in
try and get                                                       be working in)                      buying a TV, it terms of my
younger                            It's strange,                  as well as                          would be        data.
people to use                      but a virtual                  people                              great if my     I prefer cash     A search
it, by                             rose (or                       tweeting                            phone was       because what      function that
reasoning that      The biggest    memento)                       about                               able to give    I want one        would allow
it is a simple      thing I would that is publicly                scientific                          me updates      month might       me to search
fun thing to        share is what visible to all   I do not use   breakthroughs       Yes! Unless     about daily     be different to   peoples wall
do. Then, as        my job         my friends is Twitter yet.     /theories           they were the   prices          the next and      posts, photos,
this                experiences    somehow         But I would be about space         cheapest /      regarding the cash is the         etc. Basically,
generation          are and where nicer than a     much more      travel              best place to   TV I was        most liquid       a more
grows older,        I will be      real one that interested in    (something I        buy what I      interested in   form of           comprehensiv
they will feel      working in the is only visible reading what am very               wanted to       from multiple transaction         e search
more                future.        to me!          others wrote. interested in!!)     from...         locations.      possible.         function.
Well, what is                   That's totally                                                     Cash back
good is that                    different. I                                                       might be
people can be    When sharing understand                                                           good- the
less nervous     online if more that virtual                                                       amount         Let me know
online. But I    efficient, for roses usually                                                      should         who has
believe in the   example, the don't cost a                     To write down                       depend on      clicked on my
chemistry,       message that thing, and                       my thoughts                         how much of    newsfeed but
which can        I have created they mean to                   when they are        I only use a   a success he   don't let
only be          a new          me only like a Yes. Tweeting   not big              mobile phone   has achieved   anybody else
uncovered        facebook       hug between myself is          enough for a         to connect     because of     know I clicked
face-to-face.    page.          friends.       more fun.       blog.         Yes.   with people.   me.            on theirs:)
I have never
tried any
online dating
service. For      It's more due
me there is a     to the
conceptual        perception we
flaw with         have of online
online dating     sharing
which is that     sources
since it is       (example:
made as           Facebook)         I would
going to the      while             appreciate
market            relationships     both gifts
shopping, and     in real life is   (because it is                              An idea
given the         more serious.     a way to                                    similar to
human             This is why I     express the                       
nature, very      might be able     feelings, the                               could be used
few people        to share some     feelings only                               to monitor       Search
will be           embarrassing      matter). but I                              where and        History: I
"satisfied"       stuff online      will appreciate                             when people      would take a
whoever is        which I won't     more the real                               or shopping (    discount on
the date          be                rose because                                and eventually   my purchases
because they      comfortable       it's "real"                                 what). This      equal to half
will try to       doing in real     beauty and                                  would be         of the
search            life (for         smell is a                                  useful to help   increase in
"better" in the   example           better               I don't expect         people in        profit due to Giving more
market to find    photos,           embodiment           myself to use          identifying      my search     access to the
a better deal.    stories ...)      of the feelings no   Twitter          yes   trends           history       social graph
                                                                                                                         I'd expect free
I feel that                                                        I expect that                                         things in
there is still a                                                   I'll get bored                                        return, or         I wish
stigma                                                             of it, unless all                                     maybe a few        Facebook will
attached to                                                        my friends                                            hundred            allow filters for
online dating.                                                     take it up. I                                         dollars. Or        quizzes and
It has worked                                                      think                                                 perhaps if I'm     automatically
well in pairing                                                    Facebook is                                           interested in      stop people
people with                                                        trying to be                                          seeing the         who
similar                                                            like Twitter,                                         results of the     repeatedly
interests, but                                      Yes. I like    so at some                                            information        send invites to
opposites do       I definitely                     reading what point they'll         Yes, I do not                     the marketer       quizzes and
attract and I      share data                       others write,  overlap and         like my data     It can help in   is collecting, I   applications
wonder if they     more readily    I'd appreciate   but I like it  twitter will        to be used for   finding          would want to      and have
account for        with my real    a real rose      more if people become              undisclosed      discount         see those          already
that.              life friends.   more.            reply to me.   obsolote.           reasons.         codes.           results.           ignored.
I don't think
online dating
is not safe. If    I think I will
the people         share my                                                                                        Other than
can be             pictures more                                                                                   receiving
recognized as      readily with                                                                    I can use the money, I want
who they           my online                                                                       mobile phone to receive
really are, that   friends. When                                                                   to find where about some
will help a lot    it online, the     I think it is                                                can I buy       precious
to reduce the      comments are       much easier                                                  things. I also information
risk. So I         kinda fun for      to send to                                                   know the        instead. Like
suggest            me. But you        virtual rose                                 No. In that     google phone who checked
people must        cannot expect      than sending                                 way, I can      can scan the my facebook
provide their      you all your       a real rose.                                 only consider   bar-code of     page. If they
real ID to         friends to give    So I would                    I think I can  I was           the             can provide
open an            you funny          take the real                 use it to make deceived by     commodity       information I
account. Also,     comments in        rose more                     more people them, so I         and can         need, I can     They can
that ID should     a short time.      seriously than                in the US      don't want to   check the       give the        implement
be verified        They need          the virtual    I don't use    other than     buy things      cheapest        information     who checked
first.             time to do that.   rose.          Twitter now.   Asia.          from them.      shop for users. they need.      my page.
I think the        I have met                                                                                                 If I were to
internet can       online friends                                                                                             give a
be a great         in the context                                                                                             marketer
way for            of some sort                                                                                               access to
people to          of mutual                                                                                                  such
meet, but I        interest such                                                                                              information, I
personally         as an online                                                                                               would expect
would be very      game or a                                                                                                  a high level of
wary using         pen pal                            I do not use                                                            personalized
such a             language                           Twitter, but if I                                                       service that
service. It's      exchange                           did, I would                                                            caters to my
not always         service. As                        definitely                                                              interests and
clear if the       an example, I                      place more                                                              daily activities
other person       have a pen                         importance on                                                           such as
is truthful        pal from                           reading the                                                             keeping up to
about certain      Germany with                       tweets of                                                               date on
details. I think   whom I                             other people.                                                           current events
Facebook, if       corresponded       A virtual rose I honestly                                               Maybe           and
used               in both            sounds like a don't know                                                companies       mathematics/s      I wish
judiciously,       English and        cute little way why people                                              can send text   tatistics.         Facebook
can be a help      German so          of saying       would follow                                            message to      Some               would revert
in online          that we can        "hello" to      me on my                                                people          services           to the old
dating, not in     become more        someone         mundane                                                 whenever a      might include      layout with
the search         proficient in      special. On     daily                                                   product of      finding            application
phase, but in      each other's       the other       schedule, but                                           interest        pertinent RSS      boxes on the
the actual         language. In       hand, since     it could be         If I were on       I would be       comes out on    feeds and          main page.
relationship       this               more effort     really neat to      Twitter, I         less likely to   the market.     looking at         The present
phase. One         correspondenc      goes into       follow              would expect       buy from         Websites        different kinds    layout is much
could learn        e, I find that I   sending a real someone both         that I would       companies        designed for    of retail          cleaner and
more about         more readily       rose, I would famous and            use it to follow   that use my      mobile phone    websites for       organized, but
his/her            share              place more      personally          tweets of          data for         internet        me and             I feel the
partner online,    information        importance      interesting.        friends and        purposes not     viewing could   picking out        profiles are
and it would       about family       and meaning This doesn't            political          expressed        also be         products I         less
easy sharing       and school life    on that.        include Oprah.      figures.           forthrightly.    supported.      might buy. If I    interactive.
People have
learnt that
pictures are
deceiving. A
very ugly girl
can become a
very beautiful
girl with the
right pose.
most girls
who post their
photos on
online dating
sites aren't
that pretty.
The pretty
ones already
have                                                                                    Use mobile
boyfriend, or                                                                           phone to tell
can easily find   In project                                                            me where is
a boyfriend in    discussions,                                                          the closest      In monetary
the real world    people are                                                            shopping         terms, I would
(not virtual      more willing to                                                       mall. Or         be asking for
world).           express their     The gift is just                                    mobile phone     at least
                  opinion           a medium for                                        can tell me      USD10,000. I
Hot or not        online. There     expressing a                                        where the        think my
works well.       is no face to     feeling (love),                                     cheapest item    personal
Using             face              virtual or not.              So that I won't        is. Or mobile    information is
computer          interaction, so   But since                    be the only            phone can tell   very important
algorithms to     people are        virtual roses                one not using          me where to      to me. I don't   Give me
match people      less worried      are easier to                it ? Peer              go to buy a      know what        access to all
doesn't seem      about             buy, it seems I seldom use   pressure               certain          they will do     the pictures
to work that      rejection.        less sincere. Twitter.       maybe ?         Yes.   product.         with it.         and wall posts.
I have never
done online
only works for
dating if you
have already
met the
person (i.e.
you meet
them at a
party and then
they friend
you later on).
I would feel
going on a
date with
completely                                                                                                I really would
random. It                                                                                                not like to give
might be                                                                                                  a marketer
better to have                                                                                            access to the
an online                         I would prefer                                                          things listed
dating service                    a real rose,                                            If I had an     above. I don't
that has some                     but maybe I'm                                           iPhone, it      believe cash
sort of 3-                        just more                                               could help me or a more
degrees-of-                       traditional. A                                          find the things personalized
separation                        virtual rose                                            I               service would      None--every
(i.e. you date   Music            seems like                             No, probably     want/like/need be enough to        idea I can
a friend of a    preferences, less effort and                            not. It's just   by directing    get me to          think of has
friend of a      political views, has less             I don't plan to   clever           me where to     share those        already been
friend). That    and photos.      meaning.       No.   use Twitter.      marketing.       go.             things.            done.
Mmmm...          Only things                                                                                            I have to
good             related to my                                                                                          comment on
question! I've   work ;           I think that I'd                                                                      'email
been             volunteering ;   still be more                                                                         headers and
interested in    intellectual     excited about                                                                         'email
the business     pursuits (eg.    a real rose                                                                           content': I
of online        interesting      because it                                                                            would
dating for a     books, ideas,    requires more                                                                         naturally say
while and        etc.) ;          effort to go                                                                          'no-way' but      Turn off
decided to       recommendati     and buy a real                                                                        Gmail has         status
register to      ons for          rose and bring                                                                        proven me         updates or let        restaurants,     it to me, than                                                                        otherwise... :-(  me turn them
about a          movies,          simply click a                                                                                          off / hide
month ago.       places. In       few times on                                                                           so I put 7 to    them. It really
Given that I     other words      a button in                       I will definitely                                    show that I      annoys me to
am really        things that      order to buy a                    use it for                                           still don't like read
single, I        can be shared    virtual rose.                     marketing                                            the fact that    meaningless
created a real   in the public    Plus, it has                      purposes both                                        Google           things that are
profile and      domain.          smell. On the                     for my                                               actually uses constantly
paid for a one                    other hand, it                    company and                                          my email         clattering my
month            I will not share last shorter                      for Pro-                            Apps like        headers and landing page.
subscription.    anything         time than a                       Human (the                          SnapTel          content to       I want to use
So far I         personal such virtual rose... I                    Facebook                            (taking a        show me          FB as a
haven't found    as my            guess each                        page I've                           picture of a     advertising in communicatio
anyone who is    address,         one has it's                      created as                          product,         Gmail...         ns / casual
to my liking,    phone            pros and                          part of this                        comparing to                      gaming /
and I assume     number,          cons. Also,                       class).                             a DB, and        In response to advertising
that this is     personal         I've never                        However, I          YES, but it     providing        the question, I platform and
how the          status,          received a                        am not              depends how     price            would            these feeds
service should   income level, virtual rose,         I do not use   planning to         badly I need    comparison       definitely       distract me
be judged. So    emotions,        so I don't         Twitter. See   use it in order     their product   and search       agree to         and make my
my view of       memories,        really know        above for my to share my           and what are    results) are     expose           experience
online dating    information      how I would        criticism      status with         the             exactly what     certain types 'noisy' and
is still not     about my         feel about it.     about Twitter. 'followers'.        alternatives.   I'd like to use. of personal      unpleasant.
                                                                                                                                  I wish that
                                                                                                                                  facebook had
                                                                                                                                  some sort of a
I have                                                                                                                            "bookmark"
negative                                                                                                                          system for
connotations                                                                                                                      people's
about online                      Sending a                                                                                       statuses and
dating                            virtual rose                                                                                    newsfeeds.
because of all                    doesn't take                                                                                    Sometimes I
the child                         the effort or    I just like                                                                    read a really
predators,                        the time to      reading what                                                                   funny status
rapists, etc                      required send    others wrote.                                                                  msg (or a link
online. I don't                   a real rose.     For example.                                                                   to a cool
think online                      However, I       one of the                                                                     website, etc)
dating works                      wouldn't see     celebrities                                                     I would not    and after a
because I                         the difference   that I follow is                                                mind giving    few days, I
believe that it   The data that   in someone       Eminem. I                                                       some private want to read it
lacks three       I share with    hand-drawing     listen to his      I think I will   Yes I would                 data for       again, but I
key elements      my online       me a picture     music              use it as an     be less likely              money or for can't find it
of a              friends are     and sending a    religiously and    "informal        to buy from                 free products because it
relationship:     data that       scanned          I want to know     email"           them, unless No I do not    that I can try has been
physical          would make      version online   when his next      between my       they clearly   receive      (free as in    drowned by
proximity,        my real life    vs giving me     album or           friends, just    made           marketing    absolutely $0 other useless
hearing, and      friends to      the hand-        single is          the way I've     statements     msgs from    for me, not    random
touch             make            drawing          coming out so      been using       that they were businesses   even paying    newsfeeds
(somatosensor     judgments       picture in-      that I can get     facebook's       using my data via my mobile for shipping   and status
y system).        about me.       person.          it.                wall posts.      in that way.   phone.       and handling). msgs.
It's a brilliant                                                                                        I'd want a
idea - you can     Don't have                                                                           substantial
comfortably        any internet                                                                         amount of
search             friends I                                                              I think I've  money to give
through 100s       haven't also                                                           gotten a      a marketer
or even 1000s      met in real                                                            couple, and I access to
of people you      life. However,                                                         was annoyed. such personal
would never        I've noticed                                                           One of the    data as e-mail
otherwise          that because                                                           best things   and facebook
meet.              gchat or                                                               about cell    messages!
However,           facebook chat                                         By "trick" me phones is the $100,000
there are at       seems a little                                        to listen to     relatively    maybe? And
least two big      more                                                  their message freedom from strict
problems I'm       anonymous,                                            - do you mean telemarketing guarantees
aware of. (1)      people tend to                                        target an ad? (or              that they
There's stills     use that                                              I figure they    teletexting). would protect
some stigma        medium for                                            would be         Since mass    my data.
attached to        emotionally                                           blasting me      texting is so
signing up,        intense                                               with ads         easy, my fear In general, I
and (2) I read     conversations                                         anyway, so       is that text  do think the
an article         (they                                                 they might as spam will        "targeting" of   Facebook
talking about      shouldn't do                                          well try to      become a      ads is better    dating! Force
how people         this b/c the                                          make them        problem. I    than random      everyone is
are too picky      emotional                                             relevant. but if hope the      ads, but ads     on facebook
when they are      bandwith is so                                        they are using government      in general are   to become
allowed to         narrow. But I                                         some data to and cell          a bad            part of an
choose their       think that                                            advertise to     phone         information      online dating
own potential      narrow band      I'd say a real                       me when they companies         source. They     pool. Voila,
matches. A         also makes it    rose is about                        otherwise        keep a tight  are by           you have
few very           easier to be     1000x better!                        wouldn't be      lid on this   definition       instantly
attractive         self-            Takes more                           able to, then    issue         biased.          captured a
people end up      disclosing.      effort to send,                      I'd be annoyed                 Targeted         representative
getting a                           and way more                                                        biased ads       sample of the
disproportionat                     beautiful       Don't use it   n/a                                  are still ads.   population.
I have a great
idea for online
dating that Im
The issue with
online dating
is that you                                                                                                                 I wish they
have to solve                                                                                                               didnt go
the chicken                                                                                                                 ahead with
and egg                                                                                                                     the real time
problem. If                                                                                                                 feed. I liek to
you can get                                      Twitter has                                                                see what my
around that,                                     effectively                                                                friends are
theres a ton                                     become my                                                                  doing
of money to                                      new RSS                                                                    throughout
be made.                                         feed.                                                                      the day and I
                                                 Because I                                                                  dont have the
I have been                                      follow the top                                                             opportunity to
thinking about                                   tech and                                                                   check
an idea that                                     startup                                                                    constantly for
would merge                                      personalities I                                                            status
language                                         get all the                                                                updates. I
learning with                                    news I want.                    Absolutely.                                liked the static
online dating.    articles that i                But i also                      "trick" has                                feed where i
Online            read online. I                 want to share                   negative                                   can look at
language          share a ton of                 that                            connotations                               the end of the
learning is a     links. I                       information.      Meet more     and I dont like                            day at what
proven            wouldnt                        So id say         interesting   to be tricked. I                           my friends did
business          necessarily do                 tweeting          folks....and  like to be                 I would like a during the
model. Also,      that wth my                    myself an         draw up great persuaded.                 cut of all      day. now it
folks liek to     real friends                   reading from      conversations Theres a                   revenues they gets lost in
learn things      because i can                  others are        around topics clear line                 generate from the real time
with other        just talk to    none. I hate   equally           im passionate between the                my clicks or    nature of the
people. If you    them about it roses.           important         about.        two.             I dont.   search history. feed.
                                                                                                               I guess that I
                                                                                                               divide this two
                                                                                                               ways. For
                                                                                                               searches, I
                                                                                                               would be fine
                                                                                                               if they made
                                                                                                               the web work
                  Yikes.                                                                                       better for me.
I feel that       Probably                                                                                     By giving me
dating sites      personal                                                                                     accurate,
have done         situations with                                                                              targted,
well to           those closest                                                                                faster, or
overcome          to me                                                                                        even
their stigma,     (husband,                                                                                    anticipated
but my friends    sister, etc.)                                                                 I don't        results, I
who have          Real life                                                                     respond to     would be
tried dating      friends know                                                                  them.          happy. I use
sites tell me     these people                                                                  Because my     the web to
they are 'all     and may            Virtual means                                              phone is used extract mostly
the same'. I      disclose           less. There is                                             to             non-personal      I find it a bit
think this is a   information or     less effort and                                            communicate information,         hard to
general           feelings that I    the enjoyment                                              with those I   so for me an      search - you
problem with      have               for me is                                                  care about     invasion of my    need to be
the web - so      confided.          shorter. A                                                 most, it       privacy at the    exact in what
much noise.       Online             real rose                                                  actually       expense of        you are
Specialized       friends, if they   takes the time                                             angers me      personal time     looking for. I
web services      care, would        to stop, pick it               It will be more             slightly.      gain is fine.     always don't
may appeal to     be more            out and buy it.                mainstream,                 Somehow I      For content       know what it
less people,      removed from        I also enjoy                  by this I mean              feel that they and               is I am
but the           the situation      that Ican put it               that my                     are invading   relationship      looking for, so
customers         and may            in a place to                  parents may                 my personal    access, I         I have been
may be more       provide better     lift my spirits  Sorry don't   know what it                communicatio wouldn't            easily
loyal.            advice.            for many days. use it.         is.             100% yes.   n space.       consider          dissuaded.
I am not a fan      I guess online     (I am                                               Totally.          I receive ads     I going to be
of online           friends on         supposing                                           Ignorance is      from at&t to      boring here
dating. The         facebook can       that a virtual                                      bliss             which I am        but mostly in
biggest             see me in          item is a                                           unfortunately.    subscribed to.    exchange for
drawback            pictures in the    picture of                                          If I knew half    I hate them, I    something
concerning          latest parties I   something)                                          of what           always think      that truly
online dating       went to. That      Virtual roses                                       companies do      that I have       helps me,
is that it is not   is not             suck! They're                                       with my data,     received          something
the same            something I        totally lame, I                                     I'm sure I        something         that helps me
experience as       share              just don't get                     That's hard to would be            important         as much as a
actually            immediately        people who                         say. I           totally           from a friend     friend of mine
meeting             with real          do it. Ok, ok,                     currently use outraged and         and when I        could. Why
someone in          friends; I         maybe that's                       it mostly by     would try to      realize that I    would
reality,            mean, I don't      a little                           searching        stop using        received a        marketers be
smelling            walk around        extreme.                           through all of their services      marketing         any different
them, seeing        with 100           Maybe I do                         the tweets       and try to        message to        than friends of
the micro-          pictures in my     have a split                       people make influence              get me to         mine? I don't
expressions         pocket and         second when                        with trendy      others to stop    subscribe to a    give my
on their face       say: hey           I say to                           keywords to      using their       more              browsing
in                  dude, look at      myself: hey                        know what is services too.         expensive         history to
unconventiona       what I did this    that's nice of                     going on.        But I don't       monthly plan,     douches, why       Voting on
l settings (i.e.    week-end :)        them. But                          Maybe I'll start and so I          I get totally     should I give it   pictures
not their           This is            then the next                      using it as a    continue          annoyed.          to people not      uploaded by
cuddly chair in     probably due       almost                             way to get       using all these   They              promising me       fans on
front of their      to nature of       immediate                          answers more services.             generally also    a great            facebook
cute                facebook, I        crushing                           quickly by                         say, "if you      service in         pages.
computer),          kind of feel       feeling is:       I admit that I   asking things Another              want to stop      exchange? I        Endless lists
seeing how          important by       what the f***     don't really     to a group of potential idea:      receiving         do generally       of thousands
they act in a       posting            do you want       use twitter. I   people who       rather than       these             agree to give      of pictures on
night a club:       pictures and I     me to do with     generally go     can answer       mining every      messages,         information in     facebook
are they shy?       have the           this crappy       on twitter to    more quickly possible data-        reply STOP",      exchange for       pages are
are they            impression         virtual rose?!    read what        and efficiently feed               which I do        very good          totally
totally             that I can still                     others have      than a search generated by         and then they     price rebates.     discouraging
extroverted?        show off           That being        tweeted.         engine.          user behavior,    tell me that it   For example,       for me.
eharmony is a                  Completely                             I'll have a                                       let me pick a     Partner with
joke! I have                   different. Not                         messaging                                         few vendors       me to create
over 1700                      so much                                and branding                                      like Guitar       a "school"
"matches"                      meaning.                               campaign for                                      Center or         (middle
over the last                  Hey, just a                            the Million                                       Whole Foods.      school and
year and the                   little fun                             Student                                           Give me an        HS) filter that
success rate                   thinking of                            March going.                                      account           knows when
with anyone                    you. In                                I'll be sending                                   tracker with      you are in
I'd consider                   person, one                            out notices for                                   points/cash       school and
just having                    rose - that's                          "action" that if                                  that showed       adjusts
had a                          someone                                you are                                           in real time      content
successful                     who's thought                          following,                                        how much i        accordingly:
date with is                   about you a                            you'll get and                                    am being
below 1%.                      lot, had to go                         be able to act                                    rewarded to       1. all
                               buy it, thought                        upon. If movie                                    spend their.      messages
Trust me, as                   about                                  stars and                                         When there is     routed to
an "expert" in                 choosing just                          sports stars                                      IMMEDIATE         certain inbox
this at age 46                 one instead of                         join the                                          feedback, i'd     for
having used                    a bouquet.                             education                                         be more           teacher/admin, 8-                  Seen all kinds                         cause, my                          I am now just  willing to        tracking
minute dating,                 of other                               tweets and                         getting        contribute and    2. obsenity
hurrydate,                     flowers in the                         the stars                          random         see my            filter
eharmony,                      store, had                             tweets will                        phone calls in ongoing           3. Profile
Nerve,                         time to                                contain good                       spanish to my  reward. When      page adjusted
SFgate                         second guess                           news about                         phone - mass   there is          for school
persons...                     themselves                             education and                      telemarketing. transparency -    content:
                               over and over.                         new cool                           That enrages   I see when i      homework,
1. In the end,                 had to carry it   reading              content.                           me because I   get points and    projects, tutor
it's all about                 all the way to    others. the                                             cannot put     for what          links, teacher
chemistry to                   you third         feedback             People will                        them on a do   actions, i'd do   access...
get things     Things related guessing... (if    value for what       want to track      if the          not call list  more of those
started. Live  more towards this is a first      I would write        me or a            message has     because no     actions.          Some schools
events         fantasy to      move of           is so low that       spokesperson       no relevance,   one is talking                   don't allow
fascilitated   online friends. course) and       it's not worth it.   on the             yes.            to me.         Hey, free         Facebook.
Online Dating     I do not share                                                      No. If I am so   I rarely          In most of the
has not been      minute details                                                      hesitant about   receive such      questions
able to gain      of my life with                                                     a company        messages on       above, I've
enough            either of my                                                        snooping on      my mobile,        market 5 as
momentum          friends. But I                                                      my data I        and if I do I     my answer
since people      definitely                                                          should have      generally         since sharing
still don’t       share                                                               preferred        ignore such       the data is
really “trust”    milestones in                                                       encrypting it    messages.         dependent on      Integrate my
this service.     my life with      A real rose                                       first or maybe   Any user          what              Gmail/Yahoo
Earlier online    only my real      holds more                                        personally       would hate        application       email
dating            friends (like     significance                                      giving the       receiving         the marketer      accounts into
services had      when I got my     than a virtual                                    receiver the     messages          would use it      Facebook.
problem like      driving           rose. So                                          document in      from a service    for. If it’s my   This would
spamming,         license, or       eventhough a                                      hard copy. By    unless he/she     email service     allow me to
outdated and      bought a new      real rose may                                     sharing the      subscribes to     that is being     read my mails
fake profiles.    car). Most of     not last a                                        data on the      it.               read, I would     as newsfeeds
Fake profiles     my                lifetime, I                                       web I am in      There are         ask for more      from
is a major        professional      value it more                                     way making       various           storage in        Facebook
deterrent         friends on        than a virtual Yes, I use                         your             indirect ways     exchange. If      itself thereby
since they        LinkedIn          rose. This       twitter. I use it                document         of marketing a    it’s someone      making
really don’t      contain           may also be      more to read                     susceptible to   product using     who gets          Facebook the
know the truth    people whom       because          about what        Searching for be read by        mobile            access to my      only website I
behind the        I would have      we’ve got so others are            a job! It does someone and      phones. For       full Facebook     ever visit.
person they’re    met only once     used to          writing. Since have the          hence I          example, a        Profile (and      There are 3rd
chatting with.    / twice (in       sending each I follow some potential to           wouldn’t mind    startup names     other             party
New methods       some              other “virtual” technology         reach a lot of if the           "SMSGupShu        information       Facebook
are being tried   conference,       items (kisses, bloggers, their people, so         company          p" in India       like which        applications
like Virtual      etc). So these    kicks,           tweets help       why not build uses it to        (Twitters         pages I visit     which try to
dating which      cover most of     chocolates,      me stay           a network of   place related    equivalent),      and like), I      do so
includes          my “online        etc), that’s its updated with professionals advertisement          allows users      would ask for     currently (Eg :
building          friends” and I    value in our     the latest        on it? Maybe s / message (      to send mass      better            Fmail), but it
avatars to        share with        lives has        articles they     an mashup of but obviously      SMSs to           personalized      seems to
interact with     them only         really           are posting on LinkedIn and not a big             people in their   newsfeed i.e.     have loads of
people.           milestones        decreased.       their blogs.      Twitter.       popup which      group. At the     feeds             problems.
Personally, I  I think that the                                                        I don't think     When          If I gave a      I would wish
would not use  "status" in                                                             that it would     physically    marketer         that Facebook
online dating  Facebook or                                                             make me less      shopping at a access, I        could
because it is  tweets in                                                               likely to buy     store, you    would expect     implement a
such an        Twitter are                                                             from them if      don't have thegood services    suggestion
unnatural way  good                                                                    their             benefits of   to be derived    system for
of meeting     examples of                                                             messages          shopping      from the         who I have
other people.  different                                                               didn't get in     online for    information.     forgotten to
Especially     interactions                                                            the way to the    reading       This would       either interact
with           with online                                                             point of          reviews,      mean             with online or
something as   friends from                                                            making their      asking for    personalized     view their
inherently     real life          A real rose                                          site extremely    advice from   suggestions      profile
personal as    friends. In real   has tangible                                         annoying to       others, or    that would       recently. I've
dating, I      life, I would      values to it,                                        use. Targeted     comparing     best fit my      noticed that
would prefer   never tell my      such as its                                          ads, for          similar       interests, as    because of
to meet the    friends, either    beauty, smell,                     In half a year,   example,          products to   well as ads      how
person face-   face-to-face       and feel.                          after most of     wouldn't really   get the best  that are         Facebook
to-face first  or through         Although both                      my friends        change my         price. With a actually         lists the most
before         texts/phone        virtual and                        have              experience        mobile phone, interesting to   recent status
deciding to go calls, exactly     real roses are                     graduated, I      negatively, as    you would     me. I wouldn't   updates first, I
on a date with what was on        "roses," a                         could see         the ads would     now have      require cash     only see the
them. Simply   my mind            virtual rose is   I just signed    myself using      exist             access to     from             profiles of
reading words  every few          simply a          up for a twitter Twitter to stay   regardless of     these         marketers for    those who
can be         minutes.           picture and       account, but I in touch with       them using        services even access to my     use Facebook
misleading,    Online,            lacks a lot of    don't regularly them. It's a       my data or        in the store. information,     status the
and            however, I         emotional         use it. If I     good way for      not. If,                        but I would      most. There
completely     could update       value. Virtual    were to use      people to give    however, they     Mobile        require that     are a lot of
ignores other  my                 roses are also    Twitter more, short updates        start using the   phones could they didn't       other people,
important      status/tweet       not unique, as    reading what on their lives        data and start    also be used change the        however, who
aspects of     my thoughts        any picture       others wrote     and to stay up-   producing pop-    to get        way they         I am more
attraction.    and it is          can easily be     would be         to-date on        ups or force      recommendati acted to          interested in,
               socially           replicated        more             what's            me to visit       ons on other bombard me        but can't think
What would     acceptable.        millions of       important to     happening         pages to          items you     with more ads    of at the top
work well with This               times.            me.              with them.        listen to their   might want in than before      of my head,
                                                                                                                   if I give my
                                                                                                                   information to
                                                                                                                   a recruiter, I
                                                                                                                   hope he can
                                                                                    definitely.                    some good
                                                                                    I bought a                     job opening
                 well, I have                                                       new mouse                      for me, and
                 almost no                                                          though                         recommend
                 online friends.                                           half                   me.And I
                 But I can                                                          year ago.     yes, I           think recruiter
                 imagine, I will                                                    Some          received lots is very
                 share my                                                           company treat of mobile        important if
                 online friends                                                     me as their   phones for       you want to
                 some emotion                                                       member, and some               find a job.
                 things, like, I   I prefer real                                    let me pay 12 newspapers. I will not gona
                 feel happy        rose.                                            dollars per   If I said, sorry to give my
                 today, or I am    Because if                                       month, I do   , I already      personal
                 so                someone buy                                      not know how have a            information in
                 sad.Somehow,      a rose for you.                                  they get my   newspaper,       order to have
                  it not good to   he will choose                                   information.  they             some cash. It     I think
                 share my          which one to                                     They can      encouraged       not worth         facebook can
I do not know    sadness to        buy, and pay                                     charge my     you to buy       enough.           use some
much about       my readily        attention to it.                                 money though theirs. So , I    I will give       other
online dating    friends,          That means                                       my checking said, sorry, I     some              languages, I
things.          because they      he really want                                   account. I am am not XXX. information to         know this is
but I do think   will worried      to give you a                                    so angry with You dial the     subscribe         very difficult.
Craigslist is    about me.         gift.                                            the whole     wrong            magazines         But this is
very good,       But I just        But, he can                                      thing.        number. They and some              more
easy to use,     wanna speak       just click one                  I will use it    However, I    have never       sale              convenient for
and give us      out, I will       button then he                  and try          never buy     called again. I information, I     non-English
lots of useful   choose online     can send you sorry. I do not    whether I will   things from   think this is a can get what I     speaking
information.     friends.          a virtual rose. know Twitter.   like it.         buy,com.      good way.        want, and I       country.
                                Hmm... a
                                virtual rose is
                                sort of
                                Its not really a
                                rose at all. If                                                                    Better way to
                                you cant smell                                                                     search for
                                it or touch it,                                                                    people.
                                what use is it?                                                                    Sometimes it
I think online                   Things such                                                                       is hard to tell
dating works                    as sending                                                                         if the person
well as an       Perhaps if you pictures are                                                     if the            you have
introduction     are involved   more                                                             marketer is       found is the
tools, for       in a           meaningful.                                                      not providing     person you
finding people community        E-mailing                                                        you a direct      are looking
that you might based on a       someone a                                                        service in        for. Perhaps
like to meet in common          picture                                                          exchange,         they could let
person. By       medical        obviously lets                                                   maybe             you have a bit
definition, part problem, if    them actually                                                    discounts         more
of dating is a would be         see the                                                          earned on         information
physical         much easier    picture. I think                                                 purchases         about the
relationship / to share         those kinds of                                                   you make.         person before
attraction, and details of the things are                                                        For instance,     you ask to
you can never problem with important -                                                           if you are        become
accomplish       other people the                                                                giving            friends. It
that on-line,    on-line who    communicatio                                      I sometimes    amazon your       would have to
so I think       share the      ns that let us                                    do receive     data, they        be something
online dating problem, You send real                                              these types of could you a       not too
will likely      probably       information                                       messages. I 10% off              personal, but
never play a     wouldnt want electronically,                    Yes, I would     delete them    coupon code       that would still
bigger role      to share this  not so much                      definitely be    as soon as I   for a certain     let you identify
than             info with your the ones that                    less likely to   realize they   time frame of     them as the
"introduction" real life        involve virtual                  buy from         are marketing monitoring         correct
type activities. friends.       things.          No.   nothing   them.            messages.      you activities.   person.
I forgot the       To be honest                                                                       A couple        If I gave a
actual number      I can't think of                                                                   times I have    marketer
but I was very     anything right     A real rose is                                                  had services    access to my
surprised to       now that I         more                                                            that I signed   search history
learn that a       would share        meaningful                                                      up for online   and click
significant        more readily       but harder to                                                   (that           stream I
number of          online than in     show off. It is                                 If it does cost requested a     would expect
couples who        real life. I       more                                            me any          phone           recommendati
married in the     think for me       meaningful                                      additional      number) give    ons to new,
last year met      it's not that I    because the                                     money I am      me a call. I    interesting
online. There      would more         effort required                                 likely to       hate this and I sites, and
are a couple       readily share      to go buy a                                     continue        generally       perhaps
of traditional     something          rose and give                  Nothing. As it using a           ignore or       suggested
apprehensions      online than in     it to me in                    is now, I do     product or      hang up on      friends (on a
 about people      real life, but     person is                      not find twitter service         such calls.     social site) of
meeting            often it is        much greater                   different        regardless of                   others who
online,            more               than clicking                  enough from how the data I would much have similar
especially for     convenient to      send on a                      facebook         is used. If car rather have     behavior.
dating. First,     share              facebook gift.                 updates to       GPS devices pop up ads on Facebook
there is the       something          On the other                   make it worth sell my driving my phone           information       Bring back a
issue of           online than in     hand, a rose                   the effort of    patterns to     than get        (wall posts,      personalized
authenticity. It   real life. So      on my profile                  updating two insurance           marketing       messages,         news feed.
is very easy to    for example        will get more                  sites. Even      companies       phone calls. I implicit           Maybe as a
create fake        it's easier to     views than a                   with the twitter who then jack am hoping         content) I        separate tab,
profiles or        write a twitter    real rose                      facebook         up my rates,    that mobile     would want to     because the
generally act      update about       sitting in my                  application, I for example, phones               be able to        live feed is
disingenuous       something          room. So                       still have to    then I would    conform to      improve the       also
online.            that just          perhaps a       Reading what check twitter try to find a        the current     feed as far as    interesting,
Specifically,      happened           rose online     others wrote. for updates       subscription    state of the    what              but I am only
my friends         than calling       will be more    It's fun and   from friends     service that    internet as far information is    interested in
and I              my friends         significant in  interesting to which is the     offered the     as advertising fed to me.         about 10% of
sometimes          and telling        terms of        see what       same as what same service goes. Some             Marketers         everything
joke about         them in            boosting my     others are     I get from       without the     sites have      would have to     written to my
how a girl can     person.            social status. talking about. facebook.         data sharing. useful,           give me           live feed.
                   I don't have
                   any online
                   friends, but I
                   might share
                   things like a
                   cool youtube
                   video or a
                   funny web
                   page or an
                   with friends
                   online sooner
                   than with
                   friends in real
                   life. Although,                                                                               Oh, my
                   I think my rate                                                                               privacy can
I think online     of                                                                                            definitely be
dating still has   communicatio                                                                                  bought if the
a significant      n with friends                                                                                price is right.
stigma             via facebook                                                                                  Obviously it
attached, and      and other                                                                                     depends on
even though I      online tools                                                                                  the terms, but
have a couple      will increase                                                                Yes. I           I'd probably        It would be
good friends       drastically                                                                  respond if       be willing to       nice if I only
who actively       when I leave                                                Yes, I'd be      response gets allow a                saw details on
do it, I still     Stanford as I                                               less likely to   me something marketer                good friends
don't think I      won't have                                                  buy from         free like a free complete            and if friends I
could bring        most of my        A virtual rose                            them. No, I      movie ticket. access to my           don't care
myself to sign     friends living    is much much           Don't think I'll   have not         Otherwise I      entire life for a   about didnt
up at this         in the same       less                   use it in 6        experienced      ignore them      grand a             show up as
point.             dorm as me.       meaningful.    Nope.   months             this.            completely.      month.              often.
I think online     I would share      A virtual rose                      If I were to                      I frequently
dating works       data about my      will definitely                     use twitter, I                    receive
well for           personal life      make me                             would expect      Yes, I would    marketing
meeting many       more readily       smile.                              to use it for     feel that my    messages                         I would be
people in a        with my online     However,                            sharing           privacy was     from                             really
short amount       friends than       receiving a                         information       violated and    newspapers                       interested in
of time. It also   with my real       real rose will                      with other        will probably   and                              getting "profile
allows a           life ones. It is   make me                             people who        find another    magazines via                    insights"
person to          definitely         much more                           share             similar         my home           If I gave a    similar to the
"filter out"       easier to          happy since it                      common            product or      phone. I try to   marketer       page insights
people with        share data         is a more                           interests or      service         decline the       access, I      that facebook
whom they          without seeing     intimate gift.                      activities. I     offered         offer politely,   would request has. Of
might have         the other          Given how                           have read an      elsewhere.      but in some       either cash    course, the
common             person's           easy it is to                       article a while   However, I      cases, I am       (around a      are privacy
interests.         reaction or        send virtual                        ago about         think this is   forced to         couple         issues
However, I         hearing their      roses, I will      No, I do not     how surgeons      very different hang up the        hundred        associated
think online       judgment. In       assume that        use twitter.     were using        from            phone if the      dollars per    with that, but
dating still       addition to        the sender         However, I       twitter to        recommendati person I am          month) or      facebook can
faces the          that, when I       might have         definitely think collect           ons for         talking to is     access to      get around
problem of         am sharing         sent it to other   that reading     information       example. I      not               some section that by only
misrepresentat     information        people as          what others      about surgical    would not       responsive to     of the total   displaying
ion, etc... For    with my online     well, thus         wrote would      procedures        mind having     my                information    information if
example, one       friends, I have    removing the       be more          etc. and I        recommendati comments.            gathered if it there are
of my friends      the luxury of      intimacy and       important to     have found it     ons for certain                   is relevant to enough
acts really        finding the        the beauty of      me. On           really            products etc. However,            me. In         viewers of my
differently on     best way to        the act.           facebook for interesting.          based on the targeted sms         addition to    page. I would
instant            phrase my          However,           example, I am Thus, it is          interests I     marketing         that, match    like to know
messaging          statements as      sending a real     more             easy to           shared for      seems more        makers,        who is
compared to        well as            rose is much       interested in    imagine how       example.        interesting to    personal       interested in
his real life      thinking about     more               reading other twitter can                          me. I have        recommendati my profile
behavior (not      the                personal and       people's         create a          Luckily, I have already           ons, etc.      (professional
necessarily in     information I      demands            statuses than virtual domain       not             received          might be       or other) and
a bad way,         want to            much more          updating my      of intellectual   experienced     messages          interesting to what is
but it seems       reveal.            interest in a      own.             exchange.         this so far.    about             me.            interests them.
I haven't done                                                                                   For
it, so I cannot                                                                                  anonymous
comment                                                                                          data, I would
much. There                                                                                      take cash.
seems to be
two big                                                                                          For personal
problems with                                                                                    data, I would
online dating:                                                     Any attempts                  only accept
1) selection                                                       to trick me will              personalized
effect: what                                                       be returned                   service. I       I don't like the
type of people                                                     with                          would feel       fact that
tend to post                  I don't see                          discontinued                  uncomfortable    Facebook is
themselves                    value in a                           readership,                   if my personal   becoming a
online? 2) risk               virtual                              business.                     data was         commercial
of fakeness:                  product. I                           Have had                      used to help     entity. It lost
it's hard to                  can't                                some             Delete them. the company      its original
verify what a                 consume it.                          experience       I hate them. but not me.      allure as a
person really                 At the end of                        with offers      Mobile       Cash isn't an    social site.
looks like or                 the day, I                           that advertise marketing can incentive. I      Now, with
his/her                       think a virtual                      "free" but then work only if  would rather     ads, people
personality                   good is                              charge           the consumer take my          building
online. In                    valuable only                        somehow if       consciously  business         businesses
person, at                    if it can be                         not canceled opts in or       elsewhere        on top of it, I
least, one can                converted to a       Don't think I   within a hard- gives          that didn't      don't feel
apply some                    real-life            will use        to-find day      permission a require my       much like
heuristics.     Not sure...   object/feeling. No   Twitter.        period.          priori.      personal data.   contributing.
I think online                      I definitely still
dating works                        place a lot
well in that it                     more
works well to                       importance on
match people                        a real rose.
up according                        Not that there
to                                  should be a                                                          Yes, I do. I
preferences,                        price                                                                don't respond
etcetera. I                         associated                                                           to these
think this is                       with                                                                 messages but     I think I would
important in                        sentiment, but                                                       I find it        mainly be
creating a        I don't think     I associate                                                          irritating and   interested in
strong solid      there is          virtual roses                                                        fear that I      some
foundation for    anything I        with                                                                 could be         monetary
a relationship    would share       emoticons                                                            bombarded        reward. I
and works         with my online    that are both                                      I have not had    with as many     would have to
better than       friends more      free and                                           any               texts as I do    be offered
the idea of       readily. My       seemly                                             experience of     emails from      $100 and be
"opposites        online friends    juvenile. Also,                                    this but I        different        given
attract." It      are all my real   I think the                                        would be          businesses. I    significant
probably has      life friends      ease of it                                         deeply            think if there   discounts on
not been as       since I am        makes it                                           irritated by      were a simple    their services
successful        very picky        seem like                                          this and would    way to filter    like maybe
has other         with friend       there is less                                      likely not buy    these            30%. Free
areas             acceptances.      thought put                                        from them         messages, it     access to the
because I'm       However, I        into the                                           again. I think    would be         information
not sure that     may tend to       action. But I                     If I use it at   it makes the      useful for       collected
people will       share photos      suppose                           all, it would be company lose      important        might also be
easily trust      or videos         depending on                      to read my       credibility by    emails as I      a draw if I
online dating,    more often        how virtual                       friend's         having to trick   have my cell     were              Being able to
especially with   through the       roses are                         statuses or      their             phone with       interested in     check if
the perception    web since it is   marketed and                      politicians/cele consumers         me all the       what they         someone has
of the huge       easier to post    how things         I do not use   brities'         into doing        time, but not    were              read a
number of         them that way.    change over        Twitter.       updates.         certain things.   my computer.     collecting.       message.
honestly, i                                                                                      yes, i just
never use one                                                                                    ignore them.
and i don't
have much                                                                                        i hope that
knowledge                                                                                        marketing via
about online                                                                                     mobile
dating.                                                                                          phones are
works well:                                                                                      getting more
- you got a                                                                                      sophisticated
large pool of                                                                                    of what the
selection                      personally, it                                                    users
- easier to find               does make a                                                       want/need at
"potential                     different. i                                                      precise
match"                         would rather                                                      location and
doesn't work:                  accept (or in                                                     moment in
- people lie                   this case                                                         time, e.g. i am
when they                      send) real                                                        in a bookstore
filling out the                rose. i still                                                     and voila, i
questionnaire.                 think that the                                                    got a discount                   i wish that my
- you don't                    proper way to                                                     offer to buy                     core
really know                    do. however,                                                      books at the                     connection's
them until                     my wife                                                           same                             posts/commen
they live                      seems to                                                          bookstore                        ts are shown
together                       think that it                                                     from my          mortgage:       first (sticky
- high                         doesn't matter                                   yes, i would     mobile.          0.5% discount   tag) before
expectation                    and it's the                                     be less likely                    points on       others in my
- lack of                      thought that                                     to buy from      i fear that they current         main
sense of                       counts,          yes, i use it.                  them. yes, i     will be more     mortgage        newsfeed
security                       although she     reading what     find trends,   had              intrusive with rates for 1       stream. i can
(especially for my hobbies,    thinks i am      others wrote     conduct        experience of    my personal      month of        remove the
women)           sports        cheap if i did   is more          guerrilla      this with one    data. e.g.       shopping        sticky tag
                 activities.   that.            important.       marketing.     magazine.        health records. history.         after i read it.
                                                                        Though one.
                                                                        People using
                                                                        information I
                                                                        had not
                                                                        provided I
                                     You should                         would stop
                                     have asked                         buying from
                                     this before                        them.
                                     asking how                         Information       Sometime - I
                                     many people I                      used              do not
                      The virtual    follow, since if                   differently       respond - that
                      rose would     I had                              however I         they reach the
                      not impress    answered no        Nothing. By     would             annoyence
                      me to much. to this one           the way I       probably be       levels adds
                      Like the       that one           stopped         ok with, since    online have
I have no             eCards, which would have          because it is   providing the     reached. (By
idea. Never           suck because been                 to slow. I am   information in    the way, doing
tried, never          you never put redundant.          not waiting 2   the first place   25 questions
talked to             in any trouble                    minutes to      showed my         is easy if you
anyone who            to actually    I stopped          upload one      trust in the      ask three at   No cash - just
has.           None   send a card.   tweeting.          line of text.   company.          once).         no access.     N/A
                 I would share
                 or private
                 opinions with                                                                    I would prefer
                 my strictly                                                                      cash and
                 online friends                                                                   assurances
It might be      because none                           If I do start an                          that my data
good to help     of them know                           account, I                                will be
people meet      any of my real                         expect to use      That depends           stripped of
others with      life friends, at                       it to follow       on whether or          identifying
similar          least those                            entities or        not I was              features and
interests. I     that are close                         people that I      previously a           aggregated.
think it works   enough that I      A real rose         don't              customer of            And discounts
about the        care how they      involves more       necessarily        this company.          with some of
same as          view me.           effort, and         need to             I would               their clients. I
speed dating,    What I share       therefore           contact but        probably be            realize my
but worse        with real life     indicates           would like to      less likely to         information is
because of       friends varies     greater             hear from or       buy in any             valuable and I
the lack of      with how           interest or         about, like a      case, from             would like to
face to face     close they are     affection, in       band for           backlash from          be               An "away"
contact.         to me.             my opinion.   No.   example.           feeling tricked. No.   compensated. chat status.
I don't know
too much
about online
dating and
why people                                                                                              I don't get any
like or don't                                                                                           messages
like it, but I'd                                                                                        from business
guess the                                                                                               on my mobile
problem is                                                                                              phone, but I
that when                                                                                               would
using online                                                                                            absolutely
dating, you're                    I think there is                                                      respond
really meeting                    very little in                                                        negatively to                    I wish that
someone for                       common                                                                any. I hope                      Facebook
the first time.    I would share between a                                                              that marketing                   Pages and
What's more,       my resume or virtual rose                                                            via mobile                       networks
you're             transcript     and a real                                                            phones is                        could be more
meeting with       more readily   rose. Online                                                          very precise,                    strongly
them with          with an online interactions                                                          in that it takes                 typed. A
hopes of           relationship   like facebook                                                         into account       I would want  network that's
developing         on linked in   gifts or virtual                                                      messages I've      money, and    for all
into a deep        than I would   roses aren't                                                          responded to       enough to buy musicians
personal           with my        very                                                  I would         before and         lunch once    should be
relationship,      friends. I     expressive.                                           definitely be   also takes         every couple more
instead of for     would also     Even if one                                           less likely to  into account       of weeks. A   streamlined to
more               share my       makes their                         I will probably   buy from        what I'm           personalized share music.
impersonal         health         own digital                         use it as a       them. I'm       doing at that      service that  The members
interactions       information    rose art, the                       lazy man's        actually pretty moment.            could do a    of such a
like business.     with an online very fact that                      blog by just      willing to      (which is, for     great job of  network
As far as          identity that  a real rose                         bringing up       provide my      instance,          figuring out  should be
personal           was part of a isn't stuck in a    I use Twitter,   ideas I have      own data, as directly              my immediate able to make
relationships      reputable      computer           but only to      or cool things    long as its use related to         activity and  playlists or
go, I don't        medical        screen puts it     read what        I've come         is very clearly where I am at      needs would exchange
think many         website.       miles ahead.       other wrote.     across.           expressed.      that moment)       also work.    content online.
I cannot                                                                                                                 It depends
speak from                                                                                                               greatly upon
personal                                          I use Twitter,                                                         what I am
experience,                                       but mostly to                                                          giving the
as I have                                         read what                                                              marketer
never used an                                     other people                                         I do not          access to. If
online dating                                     are doing. As                                        receive           it is
service. It                                       a fairly private                                     messages          something
seems like a     Facebook                         person, I           I expect I will It depends on from                 very private
decent idea,     pictures                         rarely get a        use Twitter in what they did. businesses           such as
and like         immediately                      strong urge to      much the        Obviously I      via my mobile     private
anything         come to mind. A virtual rose broadcast my            same way,       will not be      phone, thank      Facebook
related to        I would not    is               thoughts to         but I hope to happy that         goodness. I       actions, I am
dating, the      go out of my    meaningless. everyone                be connected they violated would react             unlikely to
results can      way to share You cannot          around the          to a wider      my trust, and VERY                 agree unless I
end up either    about 95% of smell it or         world.              network of      if it is to      negatively to     am
fantastically    the pictures of enjoy the        Reading what        people. Right accomplish         this were it      compensated
well, or         me on           three            other people        now, not        something        ever to           with large
horribly         Facebook in     dimensional      write helps         many of my      trivial, like to happen. I use     amounts of
wrong.           real life;      beauty of a      me feel a little    friends use     get me to        my mobile         cash, to the
Personally, I    however,        real rose. It is more                Twitter, so I   click on their phone only for      order of
believe the      since           also             connected           don't tweet     ad, I would      matters I         thousands.
concept is not   someone has significantly        with them, as       any             probably be      deem              For
as               already         cheaper than I have a tiny           announcement much less           personally        something
fundamentally    posted them, a real rose,        window into         s I have.       inclined to      important,        like public
sound as the     and I usually and the            their life. I try   Perhaps if      respect them and a                 Facebook
more             don't deem      amount of        and provide         most of my      or purchase      business          actions, I       Some way to
traditional      them bad        effort required similar              friends use it, from them. If trying to            would be         integrate
idea of          enough to       to send a        information on      I will use it   they tricked     advertise for     much more        Facebook
meeting          take down or virtual rose is my own                  more            me, but did      me certainly      willing to       events into
people           de-tag, I leave low enough       Twitter, rather     frequently and something         does not fit      provide this     other calendar
through other    them up for     such that the than annoying          for more        very clever, I that                information.     platforms like
people. It       everyone to     gesture is not and pointless         important       might be         characterizatio   Compensation     Google
may work well    see.            comparable.      blather.            topics.         intrigued.       n.                 could take      calendar.
                                                                                                    For me,
                                                                                                    depends less
                                                                                                    upon what I
                                                                                                    get in return
                                                                                                    and more
                                                                                                    upon how
                                                                                                    much I trust
                                                                                                    the marketer.
                                                                                                    For example,
                                All the                                                             I place a lot of
                                difference in                                                       trust with
                                the world.                                                          Google. I
                                Real roses                                                          trust them to
                                aren't cheap                                                        responsibly
                                and,                                It's hard for                   handle all of
                                accordingly,                        me to say.                      my emails,
                                carry little                        Assuming                        chats, and
                                meaning.                            they do a                       search
                                This is                             better job of                   queries.
                                especially true     I'm holding     targeting the                   Similarly, I
                                when virtual        out hope that I advertisement                   trust
                I'm more likely rose senders        won't join the s, I imagine I                   Facebook to
                to (passive)    have an             craze. If I end would be                        "own" my         I'm not a fan
To be honest, share             alternative         up giving in, I more likely to   I have never   social network of Facebook's
I am            information     motive for          suppose I'll    buy from         received a     data.            real time feed.
completely      about what      sending out a       use Twitter to them. This is     marking                          I wish they
unfamiliar with I'm reading     gift. For           track what my especially true    message on     No               would revert
online dating. and what I       example, by         friends and     as               my mobile      (reasonable) to their old
Seems to be find                sending out         colleagues      personalized     phone and,     amount of        system and
something       entertaining    20 roses to 20      are up to and advertisement      God willing,   money could show feeds
that older      online (funny friends, they         maybe to find s become           hope not to    convince me items which
folks get into comics,          may unlock a        discounts       more             receive one in to share my      are the most
(30+).          videos, etc.). new rose type. No.   online.         commonplace.     the future.    personal data relevant to me.
Online dating                                                       The same                          Sort of.        I would
is a great                                                          thing. I expect                                   require lots of
concept. It's                                                       to learn what                    I subscribed     privacy
so much                                                             my buddies                       to this service guarantees to
easier to                                                           are doing.                       Local Coupon release some
*search* for     I don't really                                                       Yes. There     via my           of this
people who       have online                                         The super        are Facebook IPhone. There information,
are interested   friends that                                        interesting      ads that can   weren't          but given that,
in the same      aren't real                                         question for     use your       enough           I would like
thing you are,   friends. I                                          me is how        friend list to coupons that release most
or have a        suppose that I                                      can we           say "hey, your were helpful - of it.
bunch of         have a                                              combine          buddy Billy    "buy a pound
easily           stronger                                            Twitter with     scored 126 on of coffee, get I would love a
viewable         association                                         other services   this IQ test,  a free cookie" fair amount of
pictures         online than                                         to make a        can you beat at this cafe in cash for
online, vs. to   offline with                                        mashup that's    him." Then,    Palo Alto or     these...
go to a bar      some friends.                                       super useful.    you learn that "buy an
and talk to      This is mainly                                      For instance,    Billy didn't   espresso         For all of my
some random      a function of                                       maybe we         even take the drink, get a      SMS content,
girl.            physical          I'm a dude, so                    use NLP to       test. This     cookie" from I would take
                 distance in       I don't really    Reading what interpret           infuriates me. the Coho. I      $50 annually.
For me, the      that I can't      look super        others wrote    tweets and       I would not    tried the latter I have no idea
issue it         really hang       fondly upon       is more         can make a       buy from       but the cookie what it might
screening and out with that        someone           important.      map of what      them and       was too small. be worth to a
it's two-fold. I person that       sending me                        everone is       probably                        marketer, but
generally        often.            either.           I like to learn doing and        thumbs down I think             I might gain in
believe that                                         about what      where. Maybe     their ad. This marketing/cou terms of the
the people       I would share     I think I'd like my friends are we can             hasn't         pons via the     $50 plus
who join         pictures with     a virtual rose doing. I           combine          happened to phone are           better            More
online dating online friends       more -            signed up for Twitter with       me, but it     very powerful targeted ads.        seamless
sites may        more often        although I do twitter             Yelp and         would suck if concepts. The                       privacy
have issues      because I         feel it's kind of recently, but    it did.        phone will       For my call       settings.
finding real     don't print out   stupid to pay haven't             m to say,                       soon             logs, I would
dates for        pictures.         for a picture. tweeted.           "hey, my                        dominate         take $30
I know that                                                                                                              Coupons
online dating                                                                                                            would always
works for                                                                                                                be valuable,
some people,                       If the person                                                        I don’t have     as would
but most                          was too far                                                           an unlimited     personalized
successful                        away to                                                               texting plan,    services. It’s
couples still                     practically                                         Since there       which means hard to say
meet through                      give me a real                                      isn’t much        I am charged what for, or
friends, and                      rose, then a                                        transparency      for incoming     how much,
the internet                      virtual rose                                        now as to how     text             without the
will never                        would be ok,                                        individual        messages as context of
replace that.                     especially if                                       companies         well as          what type of
Maybe a                           accompanied                          That’s hard    use your data,    outgoing         business is
better system                     by a nice                           for me to say, I think it’s       messages.        offering these
could arise                       note. But if                        since I don’t   hard to know      Therefore, I     services, or
from a site                       the person                          actively use    where to draw     don’t sign up what sort of
that combines     I wouldn’t      could give me                       Twitter         the line. The     for mobile       “access”
social            necessarily     a real rose, I’d                    currently. To only                marketing        would be
networking        share my        certainly                           be honest, I    experience        messages,        granted.
and online        browser         prefer that!                        don’t think the I’ve really had   and always       Unfortunately,
dating, so that   history with    My opinion                          manner in       here is that I    opt out once I this question
friends could     friends, and    would also                          which people dislike              realize I’ve     is pretty
send              certainly not   differ                              use Twitter     companies         been added to hypothetical –
recommendati      my financial    depending on                        will have       with ads that     their texting    since
ons to other      information,    my                                  changed a       really slow       lists. I don’t   marketers
friends. I        yet I “share”   relationship                        great deal in   down page         have many        have already
think online      both of those with the                              six months – load times,          hopes for        been given
dating doesn’t    online          sender – the       I don’t have a   maybe in a      since my          mobile           permission to
work because      (although the more serious         Twitter          year or         computer is       marketing, I     access a
there’s always    financial       the                account, so I    eighteen        old enough        really just fear great deal of
an element of     information, at relationship,      only use it to   months, the     that a normal     that it might    info without
uncertainty as    least in        the more I’d       read the         changes will    page loads        disturb          needing to     I can't think of
to whether the    theory, is      expect/prefer      tweets of        be more         too slowly for    recipient’s      compensate, anything...
person on the     secured).       a real rose.       others.          dramatic.       my liking.        privacy.         or even        sorry!
                                                       Yes, I do use                                                     The
                                      A virtual rose   Twitter. I feel                                                   information
                                      does not         that both are                                                     mentioend
                                      mean as          equally                                                           about is
                                      much as a        important.                                                        mostly of a
                                      real rose. For   While                                                             personal
                                      example, if      tweeting                                                          nature, and I    Higher
                   It depends on      someone          about                                                             would never      resolution
                   the type of        gives me a       mundane                                                           consider         images. Less
                   online friends.    real rose, I     everyday stuff                                     These          giving a         "noise" in the
Online dating      If I do not        know that        may not be                                         messages are marketer           News Feed. I
still has a        meet the           they have        that                                               very intrusive access to it.    want to select
stigma             online friends     taken the time   important,                                         and annoying.                   how much
attached to it.    in real life at    and effort to    more general                                       Email, or      I shop only      information I
Most people        all, I would be    go out and       and                                                online ads,    when I want      receive from a
look down          inclined to        buy a rose       informative                                        are less       to buy a         particular
upon it as a       share              from an actual   tweets add                                         urgent, and    specific item,   source. The
backup, It         information        flower shop.     value to the                                       thus receive   and I more or    old model of
probably won't     with them that     They have        chatter on the                                     my attention   less know        Facebook
work until this    might              invested all     internet. Also,                                    when I am      what I want      was better
opinion is         embarrass          this time and    hearing what                                       "ready to      before I start   where they
changed.           me if it were      effort, and      others think is   It will become                   listen", but   to shop. I do    allowed me to
However, I         shared with        that tells me    also a great      an even better                   messages on not like            rate on a
feel that          real life          something        way to learn      mood                             the phone      companies        scale how
meeting            friends. Also, I   about how        from other        predictor.                       may interrupt telling me        much
people in the      would              they feel.       people.           Also, if we                      me when I am what I want or     information I
"real world" is    probably not       However, a       Twitter           can              I would be      occupied by    "need". I        wanted about
still better, as   reveal my          virtual rose     reveals the       categorize       irritated that  other          prefer to        a particular
it gives you a     closest            can be sent      little thoughts   tweets based     they "tricked" important       decide that      person. The
better picture,    secrets or         with a few       that will never   on content, it   me, but if I    tasks, and     myself.          new model is
and most           feelings to        clicks, and      make it to a      could become     truly found     hence are      Hence, these     a binary On or
people lie on      someone I          doesn't mean     blog post, but    an even better   their product deleted          kinds of         Off switch,
online profiles    only know          as much as a     are still         early warning    useful, I would without any    marketing        which is not
anyway.            online.            real rose.       invaluable        system.          still buy it.   thought.       messages are     that useful.
Although I
haven't been
involved in an
online dating
yet, I heard
some stories
about it.
Some people
have a                            Virtual rose is
successful                        of course free
online dating,                    and it is
but some                          probably the
don't. It                         most common
seems not                         virtual flower
very realistic                    one can find                                                                     Call logs,
to me since       Definitely not online, so                                                                        Email content
people trends     very personal many people                                                                        and SMS
to not have as    or important    would send it                                                                    content are
much              information.    to express                                                                       the things I
responsible       General         thanks,                                                                          strong
online as they    things or       appreciations                                                                    disagree to
did in the real   maybe           and other                                                                        share
life.             something       similar                                                                          because they
Suggestions?      such as         feelings other                                                                   are the most
Combine pure      shames,         than affection.                                                                  personal one I
online dating     which couldn't But a real                                                                        consider, so I
with some         shard with      rose probably     Just started to                                                guess it is
real dates to     real life       means it          use one.                                                       worth the
really            friends could since they are      Reading what      Maybe, it                     A shopping     most when a
perceive          be considered so many             others wrote      depends on                    list can be    fair exchange
whether the       to share        alternatives to   is more           how                           created and    is considered, A better
date is the Mr.   readily with    express other     important to      convenient to                 stored in my   like $100      searching
or Mrs. Right.    online friends. feelings.         me.               use.            Definitely.   cell.          each.          function.
The tough          My "online                                                                       Rarely. If I
part of dating     friends" are                                                                     do, I'll do
often is the       really a strict                                                                  everything in
initial            superset of                                                                      my power to
interaction,       my "real life                                                                    shut them
and online         friends," so                                                                     down and         "Giving a
dating both        there's                                                                          make sure        marketer
makes this         nothing I                                                                        they never       access"
easier and         would share                                                                      spam me or       needs more
tries to           with them that                                                                   anyone else      definition. If
optimize the       wouldn't get                                                      Companies      again. If        they have
experience         shared with                         Not heavily.                  that trick or  possible, I'll   access to
thereafter.        my real life                        I'm much                      mislead        report them to   search over
That being         friends. I tend                     more                          [potential]    the BBB and      my email in a
said, I see it     to share data                       interested in                 customers      may pursue       personally
as more of a       with people       It's a lot        what others                   lose all       technical        identifiable
last resort if     that are          harder (and       are saying                    credibility in means to         way, you
no one             interested in     more              than what I'm                 my book. I     contact          would have to
interesting        it, and there     expensive) to     saying. More                  haven't seen people who         pay me a lot.
shows up           are certainly a   get a real        specifically,                 this directly, would be         If they can
organically,       larger number     rose. I can       I'm more                      but was pretty interested to    target me for
and have           of "online        also do           interested in                 disgusted by know they're       ads through a
never used it.     friends."         something         what others                   some of the    spamming         3rd party (e.g.
After              Thus for          with it (put it   are saying *in                "viral         (like their      Google) that
graduating,        somewhat          next to my        aggregate*                    marketing"     ISP).            does have
that may be a      obscure data,     computer! :-),    than what any                 techniques                      access to
different story.   I'm more likely   which I can't     one particular                used by firms That being        more data,
I tend to think    to share it       do with a real    person is                     to game        said, a few      but never
that meeting       with online       rose. So real     saying. It                    online         services I've    discloses it
people in          friends than      roses mean        seems like                    systems and opted into do       directly to the
larger groups      with real life    more, but a       the signal /                  get            send me          marketer,
of friends or      friends, just     virtual one is    noise ratio is                undeserving    SMSes (Mint,     then a free,    A better
at events          because real      certainly a       generally                     content to the for example).    useful service Message/Inbo
tends to work      life friends      kind gesture.     pretty low.    Data mining.   top.           Those are        is enough.      x product.
               It would make                         Yes, I would
               a big                                 be less likely
I would share difference. A                          to buy. I
what I do      real rose will                        haven't had                                     I don't really
professionally have a much          I don't expect experience         I don't receive                use
and my         higher value         to use it in the with this        those           I would accept Facebook, so
interests.     to me.         No.   future.          before.          messages.       $1000.         can't say.
                   I don't feel     I'm indifferent                                I would be       Except for the   The main
                   that I share a   to a virtual                                   somewhat         sms ads to       thing that I
                   lot more         rose since I                                   less likely to   my phone         would want
I'm not sure       online--         would look at                                  buy from         from at&t, I     are
about online       primarily        it only once.                                  them. The        haven't had      personalized
dating, but I      facebook--       Other people                                   question is      any ad           services. As I
do know a          that I don't     may behave                                     how relevant     messages.        mentioned
handful of         share offline.   differently.                                   are their ads.                    before I am
married            One of the                                                                   I have an
                                                                                   I get a lot of                    very
couples who reasons is              I am happy if                                  ads from my  iphone and           interested in
have met           that I am        someone                       I imagine to     own          get and delete       alpine skiing,
through            connected to     sends me a                    keep up with     employer,    email ads on         which is a big
internet sites. people who          real rose. I                  macro-           wells fargo, it daily. Also, I    sport in
I think that it is would find out   grow them in                  economic         for home     am surprised         Europe, but
a good idea.       if I shared      my garden                     data that the    equity loans that the news        gets next to
                   anything         and they                      government       even though Iapplication do       no coverage
What worked particularly            smell terrific.               releases. I      don't own a  not have             in the US. If a
for me was         personal or      I think that is               know that U      home.        more                 marketer
moving from        embarassing.     the best part                 of Oregon                     advertising on       provided me
Los Angeles                         of them.                      economics      An interesting them. I look         with relevant
to San             I once made a                   I haven't used professor      example is     at the               information
Francisco in       joke on          I woud prefer it yet. I am    Mark Thoma that I wrote a bloomberg                about skiing I
my mid-            facebook         a poem about not interested who runs the post in            application          would be
twenties. It's about the size       a rose than a in tweeting     http://economi facebook a     daily and think      quite open to
much easier        of my biceps     virtual rose:  about myself, stsview.typepa week ago how that the                sharing data    I understand
to meet girls      (my guns) and                   but I am blog is excited I was banner at the         with them.      the purpose,
in SF. The         my mom, who      Rose, oh       interested in  using twitter  for the Los    bottom is fine.                      but I don't like
pool is much is connected           reiner         some news      to make        Angeles         I have only         I feel that the the default of
bigger. I have to me on             Widerspruch, oriented         anouncements Lakers, who I clicked on it           main concern inviting all my
only               facebook         Lust           tweets.         about his     have been      once to see          with sharing    friends to
responded          completely       Niemandes      Celebrity      take on        watching       what teradata        data is the     install an
once to an         didn't           Schlaf zu sein tweets do not unemployment since I was a was                      fear that you application
online ad and understand.           unter soviel   interest me     or GDP rate boy. Since       advertising          will receive a each time I
we never met. She thought           Lidern.        very much.     of change.     then I have    because I use        lot of          install one.
                                                                                                   No, I do not
                                                                                                   receive many
                                                                                                   of these
                                                                                                   If they are not
                 I have found                                                                      immediately
                 that it is                                                                        relevant to my
                 easier to talk                                                                    needs, I          I would expect
                 about                                                                             would not         that I would
                 resolving                                                                         follow up on      have to sift
                 personal                                                                          them or try to    through less
                 problems                                                                          find out more.    messages
                 online, which                                                                     Mobile phone      and not only
                 gives people                                                                      marketing can     received more
                 more time to                                                                      be made           personalized
I would think    think about                                                                       relevant to the   marketing
that the real    their reaction                                                                    user, by          messages,
variables        then in real-                                                                     geolocation       but also that
haven't          time.                                                                             services etc.     the deals
changed - for    Also, it is                                                                       They tend to      were really
example,         sometimes                        I do not use                                     be                beneficial to
people can       easier to act                    twitter much.                    In general,     immediately       me, i.e. they    It would be
still be as      naturally        Real gifts      But in                           yes, I would    seen, which       represented a    useful to be
honest or        online, when     have gained     general, I                       be put off by   can be            real             able to
deceptive as     the person       much more       would not                        the breach of   positive as the   advantage to     semantically
they were        receiving the    value, I think, tweet much      As a way of      privacy and     user is more      me compared      order/
before. The      data does not    particularly    about myself    getting          would prefer    likely to take    to what I        annotate wall
field of         have any         now when        unless there    learning what    not to buy      action, but       would have       posts so that
potential        mutual friends   sending         really was      is going to be   from them.      can also be       found on my      they are
people to find   and thus no      virtual gifts   information     important                        perceived as      own, so that I   easier to
has certainly    preconceived     has become      that I wanted   topics           No, have not    intrusive, so a   save in both     search
widened,         notions about    so much more people to          concerning       experienced     balance point     finances and     through and
though.          you.             easier to do.   know about.     people.          this yet.       will have to be   time.            refer back to.
Online dating                                                                                      Yes and I find                    I have a lot of
is a very                                                                                          them very         If I allow say  friends on
popular way       Videos/Music/                                                                    annoying.         Amazon          other social
of finding the    Movies I like,                                                                   Emails are        access to my    networks(Orku
perfect           my reviews                                                       Yes. I would    fine but cell     clicks, books I t,Twitter etc). I
Mr./Miss          about certain                                     1.For staying trust them       phone             bought etc.     would liek to
Right. What       products I                        I don't use     in touch with less. But, I     marketing is a    and agree to    connect with
works well is     bought etc. Its                   Twitter very    friends.       wouldn't be     big intrusion     receive         them on
that we have      easy to share                     often. It is    2.Making       surprised!      into your         promotional     Facebook too.
a lot more        such things                       because I am connections. I People want        privacy. They     mails about     I would not
people today      online and                        still not into  want to know you to buy        take your time    related items,  want to that
using the         you can do it     A real rose     writing these more about       their product. and I would        I would ask     by combining
internet than     for any           takes effort!   little things I some           They will use never like to       for             feeds on a
we had            number of         Atleast more do on a day to business           all kinds of    buy from a        discounts/reba  separate
maybe a           people while      than what it    day basis and schools. I       methods to      brand that        tes on their    website. I
decade            doing it with     takes to send declaring         would follow   get potential   uses such         products/sugg   would like to
earlier. Dating   real life         a virtual rose! them to the     them and also customers.       marketing         ested           have an
is a very         friends can be    I would like to world!          connect with While             tactics. I tell   products.       interface in
common and        hard(How do I     receive real    Ofcourse,       people         something       them I am not                     Facebook that
active interest   share the         flowers than    once in a       following      like this would interested and    If I give my    can help me
of many           pictures of my    virtual ones!   while I like to them.          not be          politely ask      online          import friends
people and        holiday last      They are real tweet about       3.Stay         appreciated, a them to hang       shopping        from
online dating     summer? I         and personal something          updated about lot is users     up. I hope that   history(say for elsewhere,
sites provide     have to meet      and prettier!   important but Social Data      would never     cell phone        grocery) to     find their
a good            and will meet     On the other not quite on       Revolution     figure out!     companies         marketers I     facebook
platform for      maybe 2/3 at      hand, if a      an everyday     and Online     Even if a few set up              would expect pages and
people to find    a time! I have    person is       basis!          Media. Am      people like     mechanisms        free home       help me
other people      to travel,        miles away      However, I      already        me decide to to detect such       delivery,       connect.
of their          schedule          and cannot      love to read    following a    not buy from callers. Many        details of how
choice. They      things, spend     send real       what people     few people in them, these      a times your      many people More granular
definitely give   money! And        flowers I       write. It is    these circles. tricks still    provider does     buy a           control(even
you wider         what if we are    would           informative,ent 4.Tweet        could land      not bother you    particular      in my friends
choice/exposu     in separate       appreciate the ertaining and more! On a        them many       with these        product/review list) over who
re to people      continents?!)     virtual rose!   fun!            daily basis!   customers.      calls because     s etc.          can see what
                                                                                 If the
I think online                                                                   company is
dating can be                                                                    using it to my
successful. I                                                                    benefit (ie a
think some of                                                                    shopping
the                                                                              website
drawbacks of                                                                     showing me
sites like                                                                       items that I is                                                                     might like), I        I would expect
that it allows    I don't think I                                                might be              to receive
for people to     have friends                                                   more inclined         some sort of
form opinions     who are                                                        to continue to        benefits from
about other       online only.                                                   buy from              the data such
people            There are                                                      them.                 as site
without having    some friends                                                   However, if I         recommendati
met them.         whom I                                                         were to               ons--
Human             communicate                                                    realize that          depending on
interaction is    with more                                                      the data was          what sort of
very different    online than in                                                 being used in         conclusions
than any form     person (due                                                    ways that             they were
of online         to the fact                                                    annoyed me            able to draw
interaction.      they live far                                                  (spam,                from my data.
One of the        away from                                                      tricking me to        It really
benefits          me) but the                                                    listen to their       depends on
however, is       amount of                                                      message,              how personal
that people       information I     A real rose                                  etc.) then I          the data is to   Give me
can find          share with        will go further--                            would be less         me. If it were   options to
mates who         them is based     you can touch                                inclined to buy       phone logs,      customize my
share similar     on our            it, smell it,                                from them. I          SMS, emails      news-feed
interests,        friendship        press it and it                              can't recall          (more            (revert back
have certain      before we         will be a                                    any negative          personal) then   to the news-
qualities that    started to        keepsake                                     experiences           I would expect   feed that
are attractive,   communicate       forever (if you Don't use    I don't expect that I have            greater          wasn't so
etc.              online.           want it).         Twitter.   to use Twitter. had.            No.   compensation.    Twitterish).
Online Dating                                                                                              Yes, I do
is a great                                                                                                 receive
idea, but                                                                                                  marketing
according to                                                                            Yes. If the        messages via
me, the                             I still consider                                    data I provide     mobile
thought           Issues            a real rose to                                      is used for        phones. I find
process           relating to       be a tad                          In half a year    any other          the messages
behind the        ego, or issues    better gift                       twitter may be    purpose other      very annoying
idea is not yet   that might        when                              used to           than the           and usually try
researched        potentially       compared to                       predict trends,   intended one,      to block them.
properly.         cause             a virtual rose.                   general mood      I would be         I have founf
Current dating    embarassment      But this could                    of the public     less likely to     my friends to      If the
sites act as       when shared      stem from my                      and possibly      use the            have a similar     marketer is
mere              with real world   own personal                      stock prices. I   product in the     sort of            given access
matchmaking       friends are       bias, since I                     feel so           future. In fact,   reaction the       to the
sites that take   more readily      know what                         because the       this was the       popular            personal data,
in the profiles   shared online.    effort the                        huge user         case with          moblie-based       first and
of the parties    In particular,    sender has                        base,             WAYN, that,        marketing.         foremost, I
involved and      in situations     put in the                        complemented      one year                              would expect      Required
match them        that              creation of the                    with the         back, asked        However, the       perfect ethical   Features :
on the basis      guarantee         virtual rose.                     furious and       me to sign in      annoyance is       behavior from      Searching
of their          anonymity,        However, to                       addictive         using my           primarily due      the marketer,     through the
profiles.         patients would    my                                activity lends    GMail Id.          to the             that involves     wall posts of
However, in       be more           grandmother,                      itself to a       However, the       insensitivity of   no spamming.      all friends so
real world the    comfortable       the virtual                       scenario          ID was used        the                 Next, the        as to quickly
dating seldom     discussing        rose and                          where the         to send            companies          services          get to a
happens this      their issues      animated e-        Yes, I use     data available    invitations to     marketing that     should be         particular
way - people      online to         cards seem         Twitter. To    can be mined      all the people     indiscriminatel    enhanced to       conversation
do not know       ensure            much more          me, the        easily to         in my address      y spam the         provide           that was
the biodata of    privacy rather    valuable since     reading of the provide rich      book, and          users thereby      personalized      probably held
each other        than seek the     they are richer    content is the information,      since then I       causing more       content to me.    one year back.
before they       advice of their   in content         more           trends and        haven't ever       harm than          I would not
agree to meet.    real life         than the real      prominent      recommendati      logged into        good. On the       expect cash
                  friends.          life items.        activity.      ons.              that.              other hand I       rewards.
While             Media                                                                     Yes, I'd most     Yes, receive     Knowingly or
classifieds are   (pictures,                                                                definitely be     several          unknowingly,
a more            videos, etc)        Yes, it makes                                         less likely to    messages. I      we give out a
material thing,   are easier for      a difference                                          buy from          haven't          lot of
dating has        communicatin        and the                                               them. One of      responded to     information to   Ability to filter
(and will)        g with online       difference is                                         the essential     a single         Google (for      out results of
remain a          friends.            due to                                                ingredients in    message that     instance) and    quizzes that
more              Communicatio        desensitization                  Twitter will still   online            I have           there is not     people take
personal          n via chats,         to virtual and                  be a means of        communicatio      received via     much we can      from my FB
issue that        emails, etc         online gifts.                    constantly           n and             my phone. I      do about it      feeds. I
needs a more      are difficult via   Especially                       letting the          interaction is    prefer emails    since the        currently use
personal          pure online         after                            world know           the perceived     to it. Since I   services are     a Grease
touch to it.      means since         Facebook                         what you are         trust (which is   am usually       almost           Monkey script
Hence, there      they fail to        apps for                         upto. I think it     easily broken     available on     essential. In    to filter out
is a slight       convey              virtual gifts                    will still serve     on the            phone 24         return,          quiz results
barrier           emotions.           popped up, I                     the need for         slightest         hours a day, I   personalized     and only
towards using     Pictures and        have received                    people to be         suspicion that    prefer to keep   services (e.g.   display
online dating     videos serve        several virtual                  updated of the       information       it for more      personalized     authentic
services as       as a means to       gifts. Infact,                   others around        provided is       personal use     search           feeds (wall
opposed to        cover up for        way too many                     them and             wrongly           (I perceive it   results) would   posts, photo
the popularity    this. I tend to     that I have                      keep them            used). I have     as a means of    be a nice        and status
of craigslist.    share media         lost value for    Yes. Reading comfortably in         had several       synchronous      thing. Also,     updates). But
However,          items with my       them and it       is almost      a social circle.     instances of      communicatio     assurance        it would be
since people      real life           becomes just      always more Though, I               this, though      n). However,     that the         nice if this
are becoming      friends less        another gift.     fun, at least  expect there         not from any      email and        information      was built into
more involved     often since I       On the other      for me. I      to be other          well known        other            will not be      FB since
with their work   am in more          hand, real        usually don't  better ways of       sites. Small      communicatio     shared with      Grease
and have          personal            roses are still   tweet unless I tweeting, e.g.       sites keep        n modes are      other parties    Monkey
decreasing        contact with        scarce as         have           using                sending me        asynchronous     is necessary     scripts work
less time and     them and the        gifts (at least   something      thumbnail            emails about      communicatio     to maintain      only on
opportunities     need for            in my life) and   interesting    images to            their software    n modes to       trust and        Mozilla and
for social        sharing pics,       that, I would     going on with express ones          releases          which I can      continue         need to have
interaction, I    etc does not        definitely        me (or if I am feelings via a       inspite of        reply if and     unrestrained     it installed on
believe this      arise very          value more.       utterly bored) picture, etc         indicating that   when I feel      usage.           the computer.
Dating differs      I am not a big     A real rose                                                           I do receive      The first thing
from products       supporter of       signifies that                                                        marketing         that is
and services        having friends     effort has                                                            messages          important to
in many             whom I do not      been made by                                                          through           me is control
significant         know in real       the sender.       I occasionally                                      mobile            over data. If I
aspects which       life. Hence,       The ease by       use Twitter. I                                      phones. If the    am giving any
probably is         most of my         which a virtual   do not write                                        message is a      marketeer
the reason it       online friends     rose can be       updates about                                       recorded one,     access, I
is not              and real life      sent              what I am                                           my response       would expect
successful          friends are        diminishes its    doing                                               is to             to be in
online.             the same           effect. It is     currently                                           immediately       control of the
Products have       people. There      something         anywhere                                            hang up. If       data, i.e. I
well defined        are some           like "the         (twitter,                                           there is a        should be
deterministic       friends in my      feeling is        facebook,                          I would be       person at the     able to
characteristics     social             there, its just   orkut, gtalk                       less likely to   other end, I      withdraw
, and it is         networks           not enough        etc.). The only   I expect more buy from            politely          access if
quite easy to       online whom I      for sending a     time I use        of my friends them. The           convey that I     needed, and
get an idea of      have never         real rose". I     these is when     will start using reason for this am not             stop further
products            met, but they      think the         I have to         Twitter in the is that if I       interested.       access.
being sold by       added me           effect of         advertise         next half year, cannot trust a
going through       through a          receiving a       something         and I will       company with My biggest            I would be
the                 common             virtual rose      (like the         probably use proper use of problem with             willing to give
advertisement       connection. I      lies              facebook          it to stay in    my data, it will marketing via     access to my
s and photos.       am                 somewhere in      page in           touch with       be difficult for mobile            data if it will    Let other
For dating, it      uncomfortable      between that      homework 1).      them. If         me to trust      phones is that    not be             users interact
is very difficult   sharing            of not                              someone is       them in the      it seems like a   accessed by a      with
to form             information        receiving         Because of        regular on       goods they       breach of         human              comments left
opinions            with them that     anything, and     these             Twitter, it can are selling. I    respect and       (automated         by fans on a
about the           I would share      receiving a       reasons,          be used to       would also be intrusive. I am      programs are       page! I find
people              with my real       real rose. It     reading what      find what that reluctant to       not               fine), in return   the inability to
involved by         friends. I think   can be a good     others wrote      person is        share my         comfortable       for                do this on FB
just looking at     more sharing       way to convey     is more           doing and if     billing          with disturbing   personalized       very
their online        of data online     feelings for      important for     he can be        information      some person I     services like      frustrating as
profiles. In        can happen         which a real      me.               disturbed.       with them.       do not know       more relevant      a page admin.
I have never                                                                                                    I very rarely
tried, but I can                                                                                                receive text
understand                                                                                                      messages
why some do.                                                                                                    form ATT,
I think that it                                                                             I definitely        announcing a
has 2                                                                                       would be less       new service
advantages         I would more                                                             likely to buy       that they         Privacy has a
over normal        readily share                                                            from them.          believe I         very high
dating. First,     with my online                                                           Sharing your        might find        price for me.
you are            friends very                                                             data with           useful. I hope    It is very close
exposed to         specific detail                                                          others is           the mobile        to not for sale.
millions of        about myself                                                             similar to          advertising       I would allow
other people.      or interests.                                                            letting them        would grow        marketers to
In that view I     For example if                                                           use part of         significantly.    have a
can see the        I am                                                                     your identity.      This in turn      software scan
principles of      interested in                                                            You want to         could kill the    emails or
the long tail      capoeira, it                                                             have close to       cellphone         texts and
applying to        would be                                                                 full control        industry. For     make
social dating.     difficult to tell   I wouldn't                                           over your           example if the    suggestions
Second, from       everyone that       know what the                                        identity. It is a   online            based on the
your side, you     I'm interested      person's real                                        basic human         advertising       content. I
can target         in it, because      feelings were                                        need and            market            would ask for
very precisely     I don't think       when sending                                         right.              increased         40% of the
what "types"       many would          virtual roses.   I do use                                                significantly     revenue that
interest you.      relate to it. On    It may as well   Twitter. I think                     I have had         and Google        they make.
You can filter     the other           be a joke.       it's a mutual                        experience         would capture     However, I
only the           hand I could        Many people      exchange. It                         with my bank.      this market, it   would not          I wish they
individuals        just post it on     for example      is hard for me      I like the       I closed my        would be          allow them to      would would
that you think     my profile and      are "facebook    to prioritize. It   current          accounts           likely form       personally(act     implement a
would be a         if someone is       married/engag    is definitely       functionality. I soon after the     them to           ual person)        system similar
good match         interested          ed" without      more                believe I        incident and       provide free      read all my        to Adsense
for you.           they would          any serious      convenient to       would still use I'm now using       services in       private            for the
Disadvantages      eventually let      connotation to   read what           it for the same a different         exchange for      content. That      facebook
: I'm guessing     me know.            it.              others wrote.       purposes.        bank.              online            is priceless.      pages.
Online dating                                                                            The word           I do not
is a positive                                                                            "trick" has a      receive
example of                                                                               highly             marketing
what the web                                                                             negative           messages,
now allows us                                                                            connotation.       and I certainly
to do. Like                                                                              If I found this    hope I never
most things,                                                                             out and were       do. My
there is a                                                                               certain of it, I   primary fear is
good and bad                                                                             would be           monetary,        This is very
side. If you                                                                             much less          being as how     important: My
use dating                                            I do not use                       likely to buy      text             scores above
websites for                        A big             Twitter. I                         from them.         messages are     are based on
the right                           difference. A     don't find                         However I will     not free. My     the
reasons (i.e.                       virtual rose is   myself that                        still have to      next concern     assumption
the reason the                      a click of a      interesting                        consider the       is a potential   that there is a
dating site       I would not. I    mouse. It         that people                        costs and          slippery slope.  toggle switch!
was created       simply do not     means very        want to follow                     benefits. It is     I may be ok     I should be
in the first      like the idea     little to me. I   the minutiae                       difficult for me   with 1-2 ads     able to click a
place), it        of online         would be          of my day. If                      to prove that I    per day, but     switch that
works very        friends           inclined to       you read my                        have               who is to stop   disables
well. Of the      superseding       believe that      comments                           experienced        this from        advertisers
dating            real life         this someone      above about                        this. I have       increasing to    from using my
websites I am     friends.          was thinking      Twitter, I am                      suspected          10? 50? 100?     information.
aware of, the     Unfortunately     "wow this is      not a fan of                       that some                           There must        Be better
dating model      I do know         cool, I can       Twitter. Why      I do not use     occurrences        I am not in      be a              organized!
complements       many people       send all my       should we         Twitter. In      seem to be         favor of this.   cost/benefit      The newsfeed
the actual        where this line   friends a         reduce            fact, I wonder   more than a        Now, if I        for me to         is a stream of
face-to-face      is blurred; but   rose!" I would    information       if Twitter is    coincidence,       received ads allow                 consciousness
interactions      I cannot bring    draw no           down to tidbits   just a hype      but I can't be     in exchange      advertisers to     from a
very well. It     myself to         equivalence       of non-           bubble, and if   certain. I do      for a            read my           myriad of
becomes a         have that         between this      cohesive          this bubble      often wonder       subsidized       information.      sources. Can
problem if the    level of trust    virtual rose      incomplete        may burst.       if I have sold     cell phone bill, This can vary     this be
dating site       in someone        and an actual     fragments of      Perhaps I am     my soul to         I would begin from cash to         segregated
tries to do too   I've never met.   rose.             language?         too biased.      Google. The        to consider      services.         somehow?
                                                      I do not                                           Yes, I have            Relevant
                                                      twitter, mainly                                    received               leads. E.g., if
                   My online                          because I do                                       marketing              I'm searching
                   friends are                        not have time.                                     calls on my            for flights to
                   real life                          If I had the                                       cell phone. If         Hawaii, and
                   friends too!                       time, I would                                      it is a person         get ads on
                   Exceptions do                      use twitter to                                     at the other           tickets, hotels
I have never       exist, in that I                   publish what                                       end, I request         or car rentals
tried! So, I       have not                           would be                                           that my                in Hawaii, that
can not give       interacted                         useful to                                          number be              will be great.
first hand         with some                          people who I     After all this                    removed from
feedback.          except                             may not know     excitement                                         I will share my
                                                                                                         their list. If it is
Besides,           through online                     personally.      settles, and                      an automated     search
differences in     means. But I                       For personal     with more                         message I        behavior
cultural           believe they                       communicatio     sane people                       hang up. I       without
background         are real                           n I will use     adopting it, I                    have also        reservations
also make it       people and                         other means.     believe it will                   received text    since these
difficult for me   not bots!! If I                                     become easy                       messages,        are usually
to understand      talk to a friend                   I do read        to find useful                    which I do not   impersonal. If
these types of     over phone,                        other people's information on                      like.            I knew where
social             will that be                       twittering, but twitter. It can                                     the
networks. I        classified as a                    not any          perhaps give                      I have seen      information is,
believe            friendship not                     particular       insights into                     ticker-like ads which is often
communities        part of real                       person's. Only what people,                        in my iPhone the case with
focused on         life? The web                      those that       as a society,                     applications, personal
monetary           is just another    Where it is     come up in       consider most                     which I'm        communicatio            A better
benefits, such     medium of          possible to     the Trending important at          Yes, I will     totally fine     n, I wouldn't           classification
as Craigslist,     communicatio       give a real     Topics and       the moment. I     keep away       with. I'm also be searching              of
or intellectual    n, although        rose, such as   seem             will also         from such       fine with voice- for it! So,             communities
interests will     more powerful      the person      meaningful       subscribe to      businesses. I   based            search                  so it is easy to
thrive. Ones       than many          being right     and useful       good              have not had    messages if      behavior, at            find one that
with trivial       other means,       next to me, I   (like the        twitterers,       any             they are         least mine, is          is really
pursuits will      but as real as     will shun a     economy,         much like         experience of   presented to non-private,                valuable and
fade over time.    anything else.     virtual rose.   swine flu, etc). RSS.              this nature.    me in a call     impersonal              meaningful.
Although I
haven't been
involved in an
online dating
yet, I heard
some stories
about it.
Some people
have a                            Virtual rose is
successful                        of course free
online dating,                    and it is
but some                          probably the
don't. It                         most common
seems not                         virtual flower
very realistic                    one can find                                                                     Call logs,
to me since       Definitely not online, so                                                                        Email content
people trends     very personal many people                                                                        and SMS
to not have as    or important    would send it                                                                    content are
much              information.    to express                                                                       the things I
responsible       General         thanks,                                                                          strong
online as they    things or       appreciations                                                                    disagree to
did in the real   maybe           and other                                                                        share
life.             something       similar                                                                          because they
Suggestions?      such as         feelings other                                                                   are the most
Combine pure      shames,         than affection.                                                                  personal one I
online dating     which couldn't But a real                                                                        consider, so I
with some         shard with      rose probably     Just started to                                                guess it is
real dates to     real life       means it          use one.                                                       worth the
really            friends could since they are      Reading what      Maybe, it                     A shopping     most when a
perceive          be considered so many             others wrote      depends on                    list can be    fair exchange
whether the       to share        alternatives to   is more           how                           created and    is considered, A better
date is the Mr.   readily with    express other     important to      convenient to                 stored in my   like $100      searching
or Mrs. Right.    online friends. feelings.         me.               use.            Definitely.   cell.          each.          function.
Although I
haven't been
involved in an
online dating
yet, I heard
some stories
about it.
Some people
have a                            Virtual rose is
successful                        of course free
online dating,                    and it is
but some                          probably the
don't. It                         most common
seems not                         virtual flower
very realistic                    one can find                                                                     Call logs,
to me since       Definitely not online, so                                                                        Email content
people trends     very personal many people                                                                        and SMS
to not have as    or important    would send it                                                                    content are
much              information.    to express                                                                       the things I
responsible       General         thanks,                                                                          strong
online as they    things or       appreciations                                                                    disagree to
did in the real   maybe           and other                                                                        share
life.             something       similar                                                                          because they
Suggestions?      such as         feelings other                                                                   are the most
Combine pure      shames,         than affection.                                                                  personal one I
online dating     which couldn't But a real                                                                        consider, so I
with some         shard with      rose probably     Just started to                                                guess it is
real dates to     real life       means it          use one.                                                       worth the
really            friends could since they are      Reading what      Maybe, it                     A shopping     most when a
perceive          be considered so many             others wrote      depends on                    list can be    fair exchange
whether the       to share        alternatives to   is more           how                           created and    is considered, A better
date is the Mr.   readily with    express other     important to      convenient to                 stored in my   like $100      searching
or Mrs. Right.    online friends. feelings.         me.               use.            Definitely.   cell.          each.          function.
I think there's
still a stigma
with online
dating (you do
online dating
b/c you can't
find a guy/girl
in real life). A
lot of
helps as well
as values
stated, but
you never                                                                                                   Some sort of
know the real      Favourite                          I'm interested                                        face
person until       movies,         A real rose        in trying it. I                                       recognition so
you meet           books, etc.     counts more.       might use it to                                       that you
them.              Normally my     I love the         keep              yes i would be                      wouldn't have
Perhaps            friends and I   fragrance. I       connected to      less likely to                      to tag every
videos might       don't go thru   don't really       my friends        buy from                            picture;
be a better        our lists of    value virtual      who are not       them, but i've                      facebook
way of             favourites in   roses the          nearby            not                 I'm not sure.   would
expressing         such explicit   same. It's still   (distance) to     experienced         Cash would      automatically
who you are.       manner.         nice however. No   me.               this.          no   be nice.        tag.
                               Depending on
                               the individual,
                               I would
                               appreciate the
                               gesture of a                                                      Currently do
                               virtual rose                                                      not get
                               b/c                                                               marketing
                               sometimes                                                         messges from
                               sending real                                                      businesses
                               roses is just                                                     on my mobile.
                               too expensive                                                     Other parts of
                               and                                                               the world
                               inappropriate. 1) Reading                                         (Asia, etc) do
                                                 what others                                     this b/c of
                               It's sort of like write is                                        interaction
                               taking the old important b/c       For status                     directly with
                               fad from IRC it keeps me           updates as in                  carrier         this question
                               and ICQ           up to do date    #2 and any                     advertising.    is very hard to
                               where you         with news.       interesting                                    answer what
                               send people                        Twitter                        In U.S., a lot  are my
                               "emoticons"       2) Tweeting      applications                   of it seems     incentives to
                               during online my status            that rise up                   opt-in.         let them have
                               chat.             updates to my    from all the                                   access or not
No thoughts                                      FaceBook is      noise.                         Marketing via have access.
on online       difficult      With virtual      important b/c                                   mobile is       It really
dating. Don't question to      gifts, there is it lets my         #1 is less                     generally a     depends on
use them.       answer.        potential to      friends stay     important, but                 good idea, but the service
                Some           show other        aware of what    I would use                    it has to be    they offer in
However, they examples         people that I     I am doing. I    the IM-                        opt-in and      exchange for      better
can make lots would have       received          do not use the   delivery       Yes,            frequency/inter the               integration to
of money        been helpful   something         FaceBook         portion of     misdirection is ruptions must information         send daily
through virtual to answer this (which is         system much      Twitter to     annoying and be limited (i.e. they want           digest emails
gifts/goods.    question.      obviously less directly myself.    follow news.   unrequested. 2~4 per day) from me.                of wall posts
                                                                                                                             I'd trade my
                                                                                       I think it has a                      for $10/day.
Online dating,                                                                         negative                              Properly
is, at the very                                                                        effect if you                         anonymized,
least, no                                                                              don't have an                         perhaps even
longer creepy.                                                                         established                           less. Email
I haven't had                                                                          relationship                          headers
a need for it                                                                          with the                              probably
yet, but then                                                                          company. So                           about the
I'm an                                                                                 when Coke                             same.
undergraduate     I'm definitely                                                       used
 in college, so   more likely to                                        Probably       Facebook's                            I would
everyone is       share                                                 about the      information to     I don't receive    probably
very social. I    information                                           same -         market             these              never give up
imagine that      about things I                                        keeping tabs directly to you,     messages,          my email
this will         find online       I don't think                       on other       people got         thankfully. I've   content, for
change as I       with my online    the two are                         people and     angry - but I      been enjoying      no amount of   Better home
get older. I      friends (a la     even                                groups. I like doubt many         my mobile          money they'd   feed filters. I
think sites       retweeting or     comparable        I do use          reading        people             phone as a         be willing to  want to be
that let you      sharing on        yet. The          Twitter, but      updates about stopped             safe-haven         pay me.        able to pare
peruse other      Facebook) if      virtual rose      have only         goings-on at   drinking           from                              down content
people and        only because      still seems       started           Stanford and Coke. But if I       telemarketers.     Facebook       much faster
send non-         I figure they     fake if only      recently. I       other places. sign up for a       When they          actions I      than they
committal         are more          because it        definitely        CNN's twitter site and then       start texting      would give up allow. I miss
messages are      interested. My    has nothing       spend more        account is     start getting      me                 if Facebook    being able to
the best -        girlfriend, for   we associate      time reading      also useful. I spammed by         incessantly I      stopped        see new
something         instance,         with value        than writing. I   can't imagine them, I am          will be            showing me     photos,
like Facebook     might not care    attached to it.   post when I       this           definitely         significantly      ads. This      videos, and
but not as tied   that I found a    No physical       think I have      diminishing or more likely to     less happy         wouldn't work other pieces
to your actual    cool flash        object, less      an original       me wanting to stop buying         with my            for everyone, of content on
friends.          game.             value.            thought.          tweet more.    from them.         mobile phone.      but I'd do it. the fly.
I personally
believe that
the "failure
rate" is bound
to be very
hard, because
there is so
much that you
someone by                                     yes
seeing /                                       I just started,                                                 -cash would
talking face to                                so reading                                                      always be
face to that                                   what other         -sharing                                     nice... $10-15
person. I                                      wrote is very      things I find                 -only about    per month
believe an                                     important to       interesting /                 car insurance would start to
interesting                                    me. However,       funny                         [pure spam]    be significant
approach                                       I share a lot of   -getting info                 -I delete them enough
would be to                                    articles / blog    on the latest                 immediately    -personalized
mix online &      -news articles               posts on           developments I am             -hope: very    services: very
offline [in a     / blog posts                 google reader      in my core    personally not targeted &      relevant
group / party     -photos        not that much and facebook       areas of      so sensitive to relevant       recommendati
setting maybe]    -              actually                         interest      this issue      -fear: spam!   ons
                                                               25. One of
                                                                is for the
                                                                sender to
                                                              specify how
                                                 24. What     relevant the
                              23. Current     would it take   message is
                                  email         for you to       for the
                                systems       use a system      recipient.
                               either let a     that ranks     Would you
21. If you had                  message             your      do the extra
  one wish        22. What     through or       incoming        work and
 that Twitter     would be      mark it as    messages in     provide this
     could        your one     spam. How          order of    information
 implement,      suggestion   often do you      predicted         when
what would it    to improve   look in your    relevance for    sending a
       be?          email?    spam folder?          you?       message?
                                    It wouldn't
                                    take anything,
                                    that actually
                                    interesting. I
                                    guess it would
                                    have to be
                                    into my
                                    existing email
      Hmmm...                       account(s),
      can't think of                because I         If it were an
      anything, I                   wouldn't          easy click
      really like it                switch just for   button, then
n/a   the way it is.   Every day.   that feature.     probably yes.
                                                         Probably ok
                                                         on a 1:1
             A better way                                basis, but if
             to organize, I                              I'm sending
             still can never               My company an email to
             find the email Only when the would need to many people,
             I'm looking     system        supply it. I  I wouldn't take
             for. I waste    reminds me to would not pay the time to do
Don't use.   so much time. do so.          for it.       this for all.
                                            I do my own
                                            of emails
                                            depending on
                                            my situation
                                            e.g. if I am
                                            my house I
                                            jump to my
                                            broker's email
                                            first as it is
                                            most urgent
                                            to me. After
                                            the refi,
                                            if he emails
                                            me, it may be
                                            lower priority.
                                            So my
                                            change            I tend not to, I
                                            depending on      assume my
                                            circumstance,     receipients
                                            so I don't see    will read the
                                            the point in a    email. If I feel
                                            ranking           it's an urgent
                                            system            email, I will
                                            because it        say so on the
                                            would still       email subject.
                Limit the                   need my input     If it's really
                amount of text I scan it    to understand     urgent, I call
Can't           and uses an    everyday in  my                the people
comment         attachment if case a 'good' circumstance -    involved as
because I       someone has message gets seems like           well as send
don't use it.   a lot to say.  lost.        extra work to     the email.
               It would be
               nice if one                                       I would not
               could                                             rely on the
               organize e-                                       sender to
               mail in a                                         provide the
               hierarchy                                         relevance of
               based on the                                      the message.
               importance                                        Almost every
               (to you) of the                                   sender will be
               sender. One                                       inclined to
               should be                                         classify their
               able to rank                                      message as
               people in their                                   the most
               address book                                      relevant. See
               by                                                my answer to
               importance.       I review                        Q22 for
               E-mails from      everything in                   possibly a
               the most          my spam         See my          better system.
               important         folder to       response to      My system
               would be          ensure that a   Q24. All it     would have
               listed at the     real message    would take is   the recipient
               top of the        has not been    an easy         provide the
I do not use   incoming e-       misclassified   process to do   "ranking" not
facebook.      mails.            as spam.        the ranking.    the sender.
                                        need to really
                                        test it out, so
                                        that its
       being able to                    reliable and
       find and sort                    works as
none   emails esily    not very often   expected.         yes
                                      That the look
                                      and feel           I already do
                                      would be the       this. It helps
      Have people                     same as my         my reader to
      learn to write                  existing           associate me
      in a more                       systems and        with sending
      concise                         that it wouldn't   accurate
      fashion. I       I look in my   require me to      levels of
      suppose that     spam folder at go out of my       importance
      can never be     least twice a  way to learn a     for my
N/A   changed.         day.           new system.        messages.
  better                                      Be very clear
  interface to                                in the subject -
  address books once or twice   I would not    choose it
0               a day           use it        very carefully
                                                               I am not sure
                                                               the sender
                                                               necessarily be
                                                               able to guess
                                                               how relevant
                                                               something is
                                                               to the
                                                               This may
                                                               flood the
                                                               system with
                                                               too many
                                                               false positives
                                               Not sure how - The same
                                               useful it would syndrome we
                                               be. May need see with
                                               to try it for a Urgent
                 Ability to                    few days        messages
                 summarize a not often. I      before I form (red flag).
                 thread (using look for it     an opinion.     If this is an
Create a real-   language        when                          optional
time daily       parsing) and someone tells Personally, I      piece, I would
newspaper/ne     auto-create a me they have am happy           be willing to
wsfeed based     'gist' with     sent an email with email      use it
on tweets all    action items, and I haven't being             wherever
over the world   deadlines, etc. received it   chronological. appropriate
              Well, I think                  I would be
              google made                    very willing to   I would.
              huge strides                   try this and      Again,
Help connect when you                        see if it         especially in a
people. For   could search                   works/learns      work context
example,      your email.                    the correct       to make
enter your    What if the                    relevance         messages
interests and next step                      over time. I      easier for
suggest the   were that you                  think this        people to
most followed can search                     could be very     identify what
people that   the                            useful for        is relevant for
discuss that  attachments      Every other   work emails       them to look
interest.     in your email.   week.         especially.       at.
                                                i probably         Yes if it
                                                won't use it as    increases the
                                                I organize my      chance that
                                                messages in        the recipient
                                                folders based      is going to
                                                on different       read it or it will
                                                relevance          automatically
Better                                          factors. One       set reminder
performance-                                    size doesn't fit   for the
the site is                    Everyday- I      all for my         recipient to
painfully slow   Better spam   don't trust my   message            read the
now.             filters.      spam filters.    relevance.         message.
                                                       That would be
                                                       a lot of work if
                                                       you were
                                                       sending an
                                                       email to a
                                                       distribution list
                                                       where the
                                                       message had
                                                       varying levels
                                                       of relevance
The people to                                          for the
follow search                                          recipients. I
tool is not as                                         would put in
user friendly                                          the effort for
as                                                     short and/or
Facebook's. It People should                           homogenous
needs some     send less of it          Not much,      distribution
overhauling.   :)              Never.   sounds useful. lists.
                                               I would prefer   This is
                                               to decide the    acceptable
                                               relevance on     since we
                Email                          my own.          already send
                systems                        Unless its a     such
                integrated                     really smart     information
Stats: It would with chat,                     tool which       through
be useful to    video and                      understands/in   priority,
get more stats voice sharing                   terprets the     bolding the
from twitter.   sessions are                   content and      content,
e.g.            very                           then decides     adding a note
views/clicks    interesting.                   the relevance,   or asking
on my page,     This is similar                it would be      sender to be
gathering       to what                        hard for me to   notified when
details on why GMAIL has                       start using      an email is
people follow recently                         such a           opened by the
others, etc.    introduced.     monthly once   system.          receiver.
                                                           Yes. I put the
                                                           key recipients
                                            I would prefer in the To: line
              None. Works                   to do my own and others in
No ads pls    well            Every few wks ranking        the CC: line

                                             I like to read
                                             all my mails in
Increase from Collaboration                  chronological
148 characters made easier                 0 order           No way.
Give me
(people who
are tweeting) -
similar to
NetFlix movie
on or Amazon

Like people
who follow                       Once a day to
"internetmktg"    Better         make sure
also follow       connectivity   that            no, my filters
these people      with social    something of    and subject
#viral            networking     importance      heading is
#marketing2.0     tools like     didn't end up   doing that job
etc.etc.          Twitter        there           for me now.      No
                                                It Depends. I
                                                would like
                                                such a
                                                system for my
                                                work email,
                                                as it work
                               It depends. I    items has
                               get hundreds     easy to define
                               of spam          priorities (eg.,   Depends.
                               messages in      based on           Most of my
                               my yahoo         sender, email      email
                               mail. So I       subject etc)       communicatio
                               don't look at    For my             n is currently
Categorize                     them at all.     personal           to people who
people by       An email       However, I       email, I           understand
interests. If I system, that   get maybe a      wouldn't need      the relevance
am looking for automatically few spam           such a             from the email
motorcyclists could create     messages a       system for 2       subject.So I
who have        some default week on my         reasons - One      don't need
travelled       replies based gmail. SO i       I don't receive    anything
around the      on the content check them       a lot of           extra.
world, and      in the         out as soon      personal           However, if I
want to follow incoming        as I see them.   emails daily       were to be
them, I am      message. I     Usually 99%      that they have     soliciting or
not sure how would just        of them are      to be              trying to
to go about it. need to        real spam, but   prioritized.       approach
Maybe it's      review that,   then there are   Secondly,          people I don't
already in      maybe modify a few that are     even if I did,     know or
there, but      a little, and  actual           my priorities      haven't
since I haven't send it.       messages         might change.      interacted
used twitter    Predicatable which              So unless the      with before,
much, I am      patterns       matched          system was         this kind of
not sur ehow around email some of the           absolutely         system might
to go about it. Replies.       spam criteria.   brilliant to       be useful.
                                       no, the
                                       receiver may
easier picture                         have a
upload           never   great idea.   different scale.
                                                               no, message
                                                               priority flags
                                                               have been
                                                               around for a
                                                               long time...
                                                               there has to
                                                               be a better
                                                               way to
              better                                           automate this
              threads,                                         type of
              easier         rarely, i trust                   relevancy
tweet buckets tagging, and   my spam filter                    based on past
for           more           and have my                       behavior and
categorizing  convenient     email client                      content,
content by    access (from   configured to     not much... i   including
person, hash the cloud and   let the most      wish i had a    subject string,
tag, or       across         valid email       system like     body text, and
keywords.     devices)       through.          this.           people.
                                                           I would. But
                                                           my concerns
                                                           -- how to
                            I look into my                 malicious
                            Spam folder                    senders from
                            only because                   providing
                            sometimes                      wrong
                            mail servers                   relevance?
                            move emails                    -- sometime
                            to Spam                        sender and
                            folder by                      recipients
                            mistake. I                     may have
                            never open                     quite different
                            emails in                      views about
                            Spam folder                    how relevant
                            that is not    I would like to an email is to
                            from           use as long     the recipients.
                            someone I      as the          And there
                            know and       prediction is   might be
                            obviously not reasonably       multiple levels
                            related to me. accurate.       of relevance
             Better anti-   I rarely open  Otherwise it    for recipients
Don’t have   spam           advertisement only creates     of the same
one.         mechanism      emails.        trouble.        email.
                                                           I would. But
                                                           my concerns
                                                           -- how to
                            I look into my                 malicious
                            Spam folder                    senders from
                            only because                   providing
                            sometimes                      wrong
                            mail servers                   relevance?
                            move emails                    -- sometime
                            to Spam                        sender and
                            folder by                      recipients
                            mistake. I                     may have
                            never open                     quite different
                            emails in                      views about
                            Spam folder                    how relevant
                            that is not    I would like to an email is to
                            from           use as long     the recipients.
                            someone I      as the          And there
                            know and       prediction is   might be
                            obviously not reasonably       multiple levels
                            related to me. accurate.       of relevance
             Better anti-   I rarely open  Otherwise it    for recipients
Don’t have   spam           advertisement only creates     of the same
one.         mechanism      emails.        trouble.        email.
                                                     I decide how
                                                     relevant the
                 I would like to                     message is by
                 see the                             looking at the
                 attachment                          sender. Once
                 for email                           I know who       No. I think
                 become more                         the sender is,   depending on
                 easier. There                       I know how       how much I
                 are various                         relevant the     am related to
                 limitations on                      email is to      recipient,
                 some email                          me. In order     he/she will
                 account on                          for a system     know how
                 the size of the                     be able to       relevant the
                 email can be                        rank the         message is
                 received or                         relevance to     for him/her.
                 attached. If                        me, the          Every email
                 the email                           system needs     sender will
                 sever can                           to know about    mark the
                 auto                                me. I simply     email is
                 compress/dec                        do not want      important to
                 ompress the                         an external      the recipient,
I do not use     attachment to                       system to        especially
twitters either. speed up the       Only once 6      know me or       those spam
I wish Twitter send/receive         months. Not      make             producers. So
in China, I      time, it will be   really look into decision for     this is not a
guess.           great.             that folder.     me.              good system.
                                            accuracy. i'm
                                            very biased
                                            towards time
                                            putting them
                                            out of
                                            sequence, for    If it's a pull
                                            instance         down menu
                                            organized by     yes, beyond
                                            thread is very   that no. My
                                            confusing, so    concern is
                                            the relevance    that it's hard
Integration                                 would have to    for a sender
with                                        be very          to know the
Facebook so                                 accurate to      relevance to
one client /   Better spam                  sort             the receiver
stream to      management                   independent      and this can
consume.       and reporting. once a year   of time.         be abused.
                                                            I dont think
     Too much            I dont get                         so. Like I
     clutter but not     anything in my                     mentioned in
     any easy way        spam folder                        the last
     to sort it out. I   as I dont turn                     answer, I am
     can deal            it on. I dont                      not too big on
     better with my      like things go                     defining the
     snail mail          to spam          I think I would criteria for
     even if there       without going    like that. But it spam or
     is junk in it.      through my       will be nice if relevance. It
     There is not        eyes. I am       it                will be nice if
     an easy way         okay with        automatically the e mail
     of looking at       getting some     knows whats system had a
     the e mail and      marketing        relevant for      way of
NA   sorting it out.     type e mails.    me.               knowing it.
         no thanks,
         because may
weekly   important stuff nope
      built in
      secretary to
      organize                                    This would
      inbox and                                   depend on the
      automatically                               person and
      create                                      how well I
      categories                                  knew them. If
      based on                                    it's a check
      common                        has to be     box setting
      topics or       never, just   easy to use   then no big
N/A   same sender     delete        and set up    deal.
a way to
people from                              Proof that it
following me if                          indeed works
they are          It'd be great if       well... that it
simply trying     email                  can effectively
to follow a ton   applications           weigh and
of people and     can somehow            balance
have people       make record            urgency and
follow them       keeping easier never   importance      yes
Twitter should
have a better                                                   I don't think
interface and                                                   this is very
gui to allow to                                                 practical.
filter and sort                                                 Everybody
tweets not                                                      woould assign
onlu                                                            high levels of
chronologically                                                 relevance to
 but also by      Emails and                                    their outgoing
ANY               rss feeds       I look at my                  messages no
dimension of      should          spam folder                   matter how
relevance you     automatically   once a week,                  relevant they
define: by        be assigned     and I often    I would adopt really are.
tags, by          levels of       miss non-      this           Relevance
interests, by     importance      spam           technology     needs to be
selected          based on        messages       immediately    computed by
group of          many            because of     both for email the receiving
friends, etc.     dimensions.     this.          and rss feeds. end.
Twitter should
have a better                                                   I don't think
interface and                                                   this is very
gui to allow to                                                 practical.
filter and sort                                                 Everybody
tweets not                                                      woould assign
onlu                                                            high levels of
chronologically                                                 relevance to
 but also by      Emails and                                    their outgoing
ANY               rss feeds       I look at my                  messages no
dimension of      should          spam folder                   matter how
relevance you     automatically   once a week,                  relevant they
define: by        be assigned     and I often    I would adopt really are.
tags, by          levels of       miss non-      this           Relevance
interests, by     importance      spam           technology     needs to be
selected          based on        messages       immediately    computed by
group of          many            because of     both for email the receiving
friends, etc.     dimensions.     this.          and rss feeds. end.
                                                I think that
                                                this would
                                                ignoring some
                                                emails, which
                                                I don't like. I'm   I think people
                                                pretty good at      already do
                                                filtering           this by using
                                                information         the important
                                                and deciding        '!'
                                                when I do or
                                                don't need to       The problem
                Link social                     read or             with this
                data about                      respond to          system is that
                people to                       something           this is a
                email content                   quickly. I think    reflection of
                and expand                      the problem         the
                the tagging                     with a              importance to
Some useful paradigm to                         predictive          the user
way to wade     people. When                    system is that      sending the
through the     I receive an                    it could be         message, not
noise and       email from                      incredibly          the user
discover        someone that                    wrong and           receiving it.
useful content I don't know, I                  force me to         Relevance is
in a seamless would like to                     ignore an           going to have
way. Search     easily be able                  email from a        the same
is simply       to figure out                   long lost           issue. You
ineffective     who they are,                   friend or my        send an
and finding     what                            grandma who         email, it is
the right kinds messages                        has never           implicit that
of people is    they have      I don't really   emailed             you think it is
tedious and     sent me in the look in my       before. It is an    relevant to the
difficult.      past, etc.     spam folder.     interesting         recipient.
                                                      I think just
               I would like to                        'important or
               have only one                          not important'
               ID account                             like one in
               that I can                             Outlook
               apply                                  program is
               everywhere.                            fine. If I have
               For example,                           to specify
               now I have to                          more than
Make it        maintain                               that, I don't
spread         Haas, Gmail,            I never use    think i will do
among Asian and Yahoo to               that. I love   it. It should
countries too cover all                simple         based on
so that I will network i               technology     recipient's
find it more   have to reach           not            judgment
useful. Thank and services i           complicated    rather than
you.           need to use.    Never   one.           sender.
                                                            I would. But
                                                            the thing I
                                                            don't like
                                                            about that is
                                                            that the
                                                            sender may
                                           I think it's a   think it's
                                           great idea. It relevant to
               Do a better                 would take a me, but I don't
               job of cross-               while though think it is.
               formatting.                 for me to trust Also, I think
               For example,                that it is doing everyone
               if I use bullet             it correctly.    would indicate
               points in my                There would      that their
               email,                      need to be       message is
               sometimes                   several          relevant...there
               they don't                  months where fore we'd be
               show up in                  it is            back to
               the recipients              consistently     square one
Not sure - I   email or the                working          with everyone
rarely use     format gets all             properly for     being at equal
Twitter.       crazy.          Every day   me to trust it. importance.
A better way   It should bring                                      I don't think
to filter the  in social data                                       this is really
people you     such as linked                                       possible. At
follow on the  in profiles,                                         my previous
site itself; wefacebook                                             job, I always
should not     profile pics,                                        found it
have to use    records of                                           extremely
outside        past emails.                                         annoying
programs to    When you                                             when
make the       receive a                                            someone
information    message                                              marked a
we are getting from                                                 message as
more relevant  someone it                                           "urgent"
and            would be                                             because often
organized.     helpful to                                           times, from
               have all of this                  I think if there   my point of
Twitter should context so                        was a quick        view, the
have a         that you can                      way to set this    message was
filtering      respond                           up (10             not. Only the
system so      appropriately                     minutes max)       end user can
that you can   and in an                         and then           determine
group your     informed                          there was a        how relevant
tweets into    manner.                           simple             the message
different                                        thumbs             is, not the
categories     Email should                      up/thumbs          sender. I
and structures also allow a                      down way to        would not do
for easier     user to                           give feedback      the extra work
monitoring.    determine                         to the system,     to provide this
You should     how they                          I would be         information
not have to    would like to                     very willing to    because I
rely on        sort incoming                     use a              think it is
outside        messages -       Every day in     predicted          presumptuous
platforms like while            outlook, never   relevance          to say how
TweetDeck to chronology is in gmail.             system.            relevant your
                            I don't look at
                            my gmail
                            spam folder at
                            I look every
Know who is                 email in my
the one who    Too many     mba spam
following me emails. I need folder            The prediction
and why        a better     because they      should be      Yes for
he/she follows mechanism to are often not     powerful and important
me.            filter them. spam.             reliable.      messages.
                                                                   No. And
                                                                   as a receiver I
                                                                   would not
                                                                   trust the
                                                                   sender to be
                                                                   able to
                Extend email                                       judge how
                to capture                                         important a
                voicemail as                                       message is
                well. This                                         for me. I think
                obviously                                          the relevance
                requires                                           needs to be
                speech-to-text                                     algorithm-
                and potentially                                    based. It
                direct access                                      could
                to network-                                        incorporate
                based                                              whether or not
                voicemail.                                         the sender's
Help me         But the ability                  It wouldn't       address is in
understand      to have a                        "take"            my address
how to use it. unified inbox                     anything. I       book, how
I've tried at   for both email                   would be          frequently I
least three     and voicemail,                   willing to try    have
separate        and to be able                   this to see if it communicated
times to get    to respond to                    had a              with them in
into Twitter.   either type of                   meaningful        the past,
But there is so message with      Whenever I     impact on         average time
much noise      text or voice     see that a     sorting           for me to reply
that I end up recordings          message is     through the       to a message
leaving the     would be          present in the deluge of         from that
system.         tremendous.       spam folder.   daily email.      sender, etc.
                                      not much if it
nothing that                          were free. i'd
comes to mind no spam   once per week try it out       yes
                                 I would try it
                                 Would need
                                 to be sure I
                                 don't miss a
                                 message. If it
                                 could screen
                                 out some
                                 and leave
                                 them in a
                                 stuff" folder,
                                 that would be No. Already
                                 great.        possible in
    Integrate                                  email and
    better with                  Could look at mostly
    other                        how much I    abused to
    networks                     read certain  promote not
    (similar to                  messages for so important
-   Xobni plugin). Once a day.   example.      messages.
I would like
Twitter to
learn about
my interests      I like the
based on          simplicity of e-
previous          mail but I
tweets and        would like my
search            e-mail to
history. I have   integrate
some saved        better with
searches, but     social                                           No. I would
I would like      networks. I'd                                    always
Twitter to also   like to be able                                  indicate that
be able to        to easily                                        it's very high. I
identify items    forward on                                       would never
that I would      data or tweets                    I would gladly send a
miss but are      that I see on                     give it a try  message and
likely of         social           Never, I trust   with no        mark it with
interest to me.   networks.        the filter.      preconditions. low relevance.
NA   NA   Once a day   NA   NA
               For gmail, I
               check it every
               time there's a
               msg in the
               folder (it's
               really obvious                   No. I think
               when I have                      indicating
               something                        priority is
               marked                           enough (and
               spam).           If I could      that
               For outlook,     create the      functionality
               it's less        relevance       exists). Plus,
               obvious that I   categories.     I wouldn't be a
               have             Although I      good judge of
               something in     think time      indicating
               the spam         stamps are      what is
               folder so I      the best way    relevant to the
Automatic      sometimes        to organize     recipient (only
summary of     goes a week      emails and      the priority the
emails would   without          would filter    msg has to
be nice.       checking.        into folders.   me).
                                                          No. I also
                                                          think that's a
                                                          crazy thing to
                                                          ask a sender.
                                                          Why would
                                                          he/she send
                                                          what they
                                                          thought was
                                                          an unrelevant
                                                          How many
                                                          low priority
                                                          messages do
                                                          you get per
                                                          day? I think I
             So many                                      haven't
             people get                                   received any
             tons of email                                in months.
             per day these
             days that                                    You can infer
             barely any are                               much of that
             read                                         through the
             anymore.                                     metadata and
             How can we                                   content of the
             automatically                                email. For
             sort email by                                example if the
             what I want to                               recipient is
             read. I think                                cc'd then
             all of these                                 perhaps it is
             systems                                      less relevant.
             suffer from                                  If it is a one to
Same thing   mass                        If it worked I   one message
as above.    information    Never ever   would use it     then perhaps
Relevancy.   overload.      ever.        today.           it is more
                                           changes daily,
                                           and even
                                           within the day
                                           it changes by
                                           hour. I doubt
                                           a system that
                                           is good
                                           enough to
                                           achieve a          No. As a
                                           good enough        recipient I
                                           relevance          decide what is
              At the base                  rank will be       relevant, as a
              level SMTO-                  developed in       sender you do
              AUTH would                   my lifetime,       not. I would
              be a good                    though I           not support
              beginning, but               definitely think   such a
              not entirely                 it is possible     system as it
Integration   sufficient to                and will           presumes that
with IM       eliminate all                happen in the      I know better
services.     spam.          Once a day.   future.            than you do.
                                           changes daily,
                                           and even
                                           within the day
                                           it changes by
                                           hour. I doubt
                                           a system that
                                           is good
                                           enough to
                                           achieve a          No. As a
                                           good enough        recipient I
                                           relevance          decide what is
              At the base                  rank will be       relevant, as a
              level SMTO-                  developed in       sender you do
              AUTH would                   my lifetime,       not. I would
              be a good                    though I           not support
              beginning, but               definitely think   such a
              not entirely                 it is possible     system as it
Integration   sufficient to                and will           presumes that
with IM       eliminate all                happen in the      I know better
services.     spam.          Once a day.   future.            than you do.
                                           changes daily,
                                           and even
                                           within the day
                                           it changes by
                                           hour. I doubt
                                           a system that
                                           is good
                                           enough to
                                           achieve a          No. As a
                                           good enough        recipient I
                                           relevance          decide what is
              At the base                  rank will be       relevant, as a
              level SMTO-                  developed in       sender you do
              AUTH would                   my lifetime,       not. I would
              be a good                    though I           not support
              beginning, but               definitely think   such a
              not entirely                 it is possible     system as it
Integration   sufficient to                and will           presumes that
with IM       eliminate all                happen in the      I know better
services.     spam.          Once a day.   future.            than you do.
                                                                   I do not think I
                Better Spam       Not often                        would like to.
                control - too     (maybe once                      Even if i did,
                many False        in 2 weeks)                      the scheme
                positives         and this has                     has multiple
                (valid            created                          flaws - there
                messages          problems for                     is no per user
                relegated to      me in the                        normalization
                Spam folder)      past. Yahoo                      (some people
If it could     and too many      Mail often                       may
somehow         False             puts valid                       inherently
present         negatives         messages in      Would take a think
Tweets on a     (spam             the Spam         lot for me to   everything
related topic   messages          folder (it is    be convinced they send is
as a single     showing up        bewildering      of the efficacy relevant).
Tweet stream on Inbox).           because          of these        Furthermore,
that I can then In my             sometimes it     relevance       asking the
enjoy. As it    experience,       is the           engines,        sender to
stands now,     Yahoo Mail is     response         particularly in make a
the Tweet       particularly      from             the context of judgment on
stream is       bad. Most         someone I        email. Also,    the relevance
multiple        corporate IT      have sent a      for email       to the receiver
smaller,        systems,          mail to) and     there is a      is broken, the
independent     which use one     as I check it    natural         sender has at
streams all     form of Spam      infrequently,    chronological best (in most
coursing        control or        the people on    order which     cases) a
together, and another, have       the other end    may work        limited view of
it is upto the  been a bit        think I am not   against         what all things
user to do the better (at least   being            ordering via    are relevant to
complex job     in my             responsive.      relevance.      the receiver.
of filtering.   experience).
                                                     if it's tied to
                                       not much. I   the "subject"
plug into   better junk                would be very field in a
Outlook     mail filtering   monthly   interested.   simple way
               pay money
               (fraction of a
               cent) to send
location       an email, to
identification combat spam.                I could rank
for every user use this                    people
(not only      money for a                 dependence
those who      good purpose once every 3   on their
use brightkite / charity      days         importance     yes!
              color coding,
              better rules,
              interface with
              dropboxes,                                   no, it should
              tags, flags,                                 be intuitive
not           etc. one giant                nothing, i     based on who
knowledgeable inbox is crazy..              would use it   i reply to, how
 enough yet.                   once a month now            quickly, etc.
    if I could
    beam it into
    my brain, I
    wouldn't have
    to read it.

    I would really
    like a
    prereading                                      Outlook
    rating; is it just   almost never,              allows for
    for me? will I       it works great             'urgent'
    read it or           (and there's               messages,
    immediately          too much                   but not much
.   archive it?          spam)            note 22   else.
                Allow me to
                create an
                that sits in my
                gmail and
                operates on
                data inside                            There is
I would like to the email.                             already a
define          For example:                           'priority' tag
structured      I get an email                         on emails.
data to be      every night                            It's useless
associated      about whether          This is a non- because the
with each       the is an error        starter.        sender
tweet. For      on my                  Starvation will *always*
example: I      website. It            be a big        overestimates
might want to would be                 problem,        the
twitter my      great if i could       particularly in importance of
latitude and    create a               early           their own
longitude       'gmail app'            incarnations    email.
throughout      that would             of the system. Most likely, I
the day, or     inspect this            People         would
twitter my      email, and             expect me to continue to
heartrate, or   update an              respond to      send every
what song I'm icon in my               their emails,   email at the
listening to.   gmail to either        and I can't     same 'normal'
                red or green. Never.   disappoint.     priority.
                Email that
                would suggest
                how to be                              Only if I would
                best                                   see it works
                organized in          If it works to a when
Really know     folders by            75% I would      somebody
what I really   themes,               pay $30 per      uses it with
care about.     senders etc.  never   month for it.    me.
                 We need
                 email 2.0,
                 even text
                 messages are
                 more                                              This wouldn't
                 advanced                                          work,
                 than email. It                                    everybody
                 would be nice                                     would say
                 if my email                                       their message
                 was sorted for                                    is super
                 me so I don't                                     relevant every
                 have to look     Never,                           time. The
                 through and      sometimes I                      receiver
I don't use      find the         click the                        needs to
Twitter and      messages I       "Delete All"   Nothing, I'll try decide, not
don't plan to.   want to read.    button.        it now.           the sender.
To somehow        attachments
eliminate any     not so finnicky                                        No. And I
and all           and easily                                             would not like
worthless         blocked/mess                                           a sender's
tweets. I         ed up by                                               assessment
would only        networks. A                                            of the
want to see       completely                                             message's
things that I     standardized                                           relevance to
actually find     way of setting                                         play any role
interesting,      up replies                                             in how my
and I do not      would be nice                                          email
want to have      too. It is                                             program
to police my      annoying          I never look in                      works. I do
friends or stop   when              my spam                              not trust most
following         someone           folder. All                          people's
someone as        replies or        absolutely          The system       assessments.
they might        forwards a        crucial emails      would have to     Most of the
have that one     message and       (bills, etc.) are   work better      email that I
nugget of         the original is   set up to go to     than a system    receive that is
information       included as       a different         that orders by   marked as
that I find       an attachment     address that        the date/time    "high priority"
interesting       instead of        is only used        that the         is clearly not
once in a         being in the      for that            message was      even close to
while.            body.             purpose.            received.        a priority.
Decide for me
what is and
isn't relevant.
Censor some
of the Twitter    Better                        Not much. I     No.
"celebrities"     grouping/orga                 think that      Especially not
that write        nization/searc                would be very   when I'm
about nothing.    h like Xobni.  Very rarely.   interesting.    ccing people.
                                              I would be
                                              pretty hesitant
                                              to join. I
                                              would have to
                Make                          understand
                everyone in                   the criteria
                the U.S. take                 that make
                an email                      something         Yes, if it was
                etiquette                     "relevant" to     one button. I
                class, you                    me before         do send
                wouldn't                      trying it out,    messages
                believe how                   and also be       sometimes
                much spam                     sure that I       that are more
                even close                    wouldn't start    FYI and I
                contacts                      missing any       would
Not sure, not   send.                         info that was     honestly rank
familiar with                                 classified as     these as
twitter.                        Almost never. "not relevant"    lower priority.
Perhaps be
able to see      Have an
who the          improved                 If it was easy
people that      function to              to
were following   separate                 install/activate,
me were          different kinds           I would
following        of mail                  definitely try it
more easily.     received.       Never.   out!              Yes, I would.
                                Once a
                                month? Like I
                                said, Gmail is   I am
I hope I can   I don't have     good at that     comfortable
write longer   any problem      (after I spent   now with the    Sure. That's
messages       with emails. I   some time on     order of time   not much
and updates.   like Gmail.      filters).        received.       work.
      Undo emails:
      have a central                Make sure
      system for                    that the
      email where it                system ranks
      is possible to                well. I'm
      withdraw an                   personally
      email sent to                 skeptical
      a recipient                   about he
      unless they've                ability to have
      seen it.                      a perfect
      Basically, the                ranking           I won't,
      email will                    system. The       especially that
      remain on the                 classical         what might be
      server until it               alternative       relevant in my
      is read where                 must be           eyes can be
      in this case it               available so I    easily
      will be                       would             different from
      unloaded                      consider          what is
      from the                      using this        relevant for
N/A   server.         once a week   system            the recipient
               storage and
               better search
               engines. I
               also don't
               think it's
               possible to
               search the
               sent box, and
               I sometimes
               want to find              I think I prefer
               things in                 to rank emails
               emails I'd                chronologically
               sent. A recall             because you
               function to               never know
I wish they'd  retrieve email            when an            Only when the
bring back the that was sent             irrelevant         email is
AIM bot that   wrongly by                email may          urgent and I
allowed you to accident,                 actually           really want the
type in your   before the                contain            recipient to
status into    other person              important          read it
AIM.           reads it.        Never.   information.       immediately.
                                            I don't think I
                                            want to use
                                            one. Because
                                            I don't think
                                            the relevance
           We can add                       would be
           videos and                       selected          Yes, I would
           picture like a                   accurately by     like to do it if I
They can   facebook                         programming.      really want to
make       page rather      I never look in I don't want to   make sure the
Chinese    than attach      my spam         anything          email will be
version.   them.            folder.         important.        read.
                I like keeping                    I think that
                my Inbox                          would be a
                organized, but                    pretty cool
                I have not                        feature, one
                found any one                     that I wouldn't
                application                       mind trying
                that does a                       out in the
                really great                      future. It
                job. The                          would be nice
                system that                       to go through
                comes closest                     emails from         If the email
                to what I                         friends and         had to do with
                would                             potential           an
                consider an                       employers           emergency, I
                ideal            I really only    first before        would
                application is   look in the      messages            definitely
                Stanford's       spam folder if   from the my         specify that
                Webmail. I       I am             department          the message
                can make         expecting an     here at             has high
                folders just     email such as    Stanford.           relevance.
Since I am      like in Yahoo!   a confirmation   However,            However, for
not a suer of Mail and I can     and see that a   because I           every other
Twitter, I do   visualize        message has      receive so few      situation, I
not know if     chains of        just been        emails right        feel that it is
this feature    correspondenc    marked as        now, it is not      not up to me
already exists, e just like in   spam.            that difficult to   to decide how
but it would    Gmail. My        Otherwise, I     go through all       relevant the
be a good       suggestion to    pretty much      of my               information is
idea in my      improve email    ignore the       incoming            to the
opinion to      would be to      spam             messages in         recipient. I
order the       combine all of   messages         one sitting         might come
incoming        the great        and empty the    and pick out        across as
tweets by       features of      folder           the relevant        pretentious if I
relevance.      Gmail, Yahoo!    periodically.    ones.               did so.
               For Gmail, if I
               know when
               the reader
               read my
               message that
               would be
               suggestion is,
               if all incoming
I still don't  emails can be
understand     sorted into
what's so fun "urgent" and
about Twitter. "non-urgent"
I wish Twitter automatically,               That would be Yes I would
could teach    that would be Every time I   quite useful, if do the extra
me.            great.          have spam.   it's reliable.   work.
                                            I would need
                                            to check it out
                                            to see how
                                            well it worked.
               Better                        If it worked     Probably not.
               organizational               well, I would     I would
               tools.                       definitely give   always say
               Perhaps                      it a try. And I   my emails are
               emails you                   would need a      relevant. the
               have                         quick button      extra work
               responded to                 that would set    would
No wishes--I   become                       everything        probably be
don't use      hidden in your               back to the       too time
Twitter.       inbox.         Once a month. old way.          consuming.
                                          I would
                                          definitely give
                                          it a try,           No, because I
                                          however, I          don't always
                                          believe that        know the what
                                          something           is relevant to
                                          like predicted      the receiver.
                                          relevance is        Also who
                                          so individual       would have
                                          and particular      the incentive
                                          that it would       to rank his
                                          require AI to       emails as
                                          do it truly well.   being of low
                                          Otherwise it        relevance to
                                          can get             the receiver?
                                          annoying and        When I send
                                          even                an email I do
                                          damaging            it with the
                                          (what if I          intention that
               Entity                     happened to         the receiver
               extraction and             lose sight of a     would actually
               programmatic               very important      read it and
               linking with               email b/c the       respond to it,
               other services             predicted           and thus I
               (I tried to do it          relevance           would want
               with my                    ranked them         that receiver
               previous                   lower? - this       to think of this
               company.. it's             can cost            email as
I do not use   a hard            Almost   people their        being highly
Twitter        problem...)       NEVER    jobs...)            relevant.
                                                                  Yes I would
                                                                  do the extra
                                                                  work, but I
                                                                  don't think
                                                                  that's a good
                                                                  way of sorting
                                                                  relevance. A
                                                                  better way
                                                                  would be for
                                                                  the recipient
                                                                  to have the
                                                                  option to rate
                                                                  the email's
                Some kind of                                      relevance
                a priority                                        while reading
                sorting. I                                        it. For
                sometimes                                         example,
                miss                                              while reading
                important                                         an email, I
                emails                                            can click on a
I have not      because it                       What do you button to
used Twitter    gets lost in a                   mean what        lower the
enough to       sea of crap      I never look in would it take? email's
know what I     emails that I    my spam         I'd use it right ranking or
want from it.   just delete.     folder.         away.            raise it.
                So the
                problem with
                e-mail seems
                to be its just
                too damn
                easy to send
                it. People get
                with requests
                for things that
                the person
                wouldn't make
                a phone call                                          I like this idea.
                about or send                                         I would -
                a letter about -                                      especially with
                 they would                                           people who I
                just handle it!                                       know don't
                I don't think                                         respond to
                this is                                               every e-mail.
                technological                                         This also
                problem with                                          forces people
                e-mail, as                                            to think about
                much as a                                             how "relevant"
Awesome         cultural                                              their message
filtering       problem.                                              is, and maybe
systems so if I Maybe some         Never -                            that will
signed up, I    kind of            checked it a                       convince
would only get relevance           couple times,                      some people
the occasional ranking that        saw it was all                     just to solve
random          puts random        spam (good                         the problem
update I        requests at        job spam                           themselves
actually        the bottom?        filter) and now I'd try it right   instead of e-
wanted          but not sure       I trust it      away!              mailing!
                                               I dont want
                                               that. I like
                                               through my
                                               mails. God
                                               something is
better          i like is the                  really          No. Again
suggested       way it is.      When the       important and   email is
followers and   email           number is      doesnt come     meant to be
do something    shouldnt be     greater than   up in the       as simple as
about spam!     complicated     15             queue!          possible
                I see the
                below, so
                barring that
                could be
                I would like it
                to at least sort
                emails which
                are sent to
                maybe < 5
                people to
                those sent to
                >5 and/or
                email lists. I
                especially at      Less every 2
                work, the          months. I
                group emails       have come to
                are those that     be confident
                I am less          in Google's
                interested in      spam
                (system            detection, and
                outages,           I no longer                    No. I already
                donuts at          worry about                    know that
                someone's          important        That sounds   *everyone*
                cube, an           messages         awesome. I    would put
                umbrella was       getting          would beta    high
Don't use it.   found, etc.)       through.         test it!      relevance.
                 Helping user
                 classify email
                 as important
                 and must
                 read and less
                 important,                        Nothing, I
                 and then                          would
                 doing it for the                  embrace this
                 user. Also, a                     system totally
                 fee should be                     and thank god
                 applied to                        and the
                 send emails                       heavens for
                 to people, like                   letting
                 an e-postage                      someone do it
                 stamp, just to                    :) More
That they        filter out junk.                  seriously, I
implement an It would be                           think I would
API to let third nice to have a                    just require
party            system for                        that the
developers       important                         system asks
create apps      people saying                     me questions
on Twitter       to senders, "if                   and that I        Yeah, I think
itself (like on you want to                        could always      so. I try to do
facebook) and send an email                        tell it when it   it already by
not just as      to this person, every day, the    is right and      specifying
tools on other please pay         spam filtering   wrong.            clear email
websites.        $0.0001"         system sucks.                      titles.
                   sub-inboxes. i
                   want my
                   coming into
                   one folder,
let me rate my     and business
posts for          messages                                        I don't spam
relevance. i       coming into                                     people so
have one user      another and                                     most if not all
that just has      my newsletter                                   my messages
brain diarriah.    or anything                                     are relavent. it
she blabs          else coming                      ease of        would feel
about              into a third. I                  use/conversio redundant for
nothing!! but      don't want to                    n from my      me. you need
i'd like to stop   see a list of all                current system another
following her      messages by                      no settings    scale/metric.
"politely" or      time when                        changes (i     importance
give her polite    they came in.                    have three     maybe? just
feedback that      sort them for                    POP3           the "!" mark in
her stuff is       me (i'll train it                accounts)      outlook isn't
obnoxious.         or assign).                      easy "quit"    enough.
just turning                                        back to my
her off isn't      why load                         old system     but then
what i want.       newsletters                      after trying - human
maybe she          when i can                       don't want to nature, like
can rate her       get to them                      lose track of  with
own and my         later. i want to once every      messages       deadlines,
filter will only   see personal two weeks. or from one filing creates an
let in what's      or business      i reach a limit cabinet to     unreliable
important.         uncluttered.     of 20 to 30     another.       scale.
                                                If such a         Eventhough
                                                system does       the frequency
                                                exist,            of usage
                                                following         would be low,
                                                parameters        having such a
                                                should be         feature would
                                                taken into        be really
                The ability to                  account and       helpful. This
                embed and                       weighted. (a)     is because
                modify                          Time of arrival   incase there
                presentations                   (b) Senders       is a very
                (like                           previous          important mail
                PowerPoint)                     history of        which
                into email      Rarely. The     interaction       requires an
                itself. This    spam filter     with me –         answer within
                would be        system of       More              a few hours, a
                useful feature current email interaction          high priority
                for the people providers like tends towards       assigned to it
                in the          Gmail and       higher rank(c)    would ideally
                business        Yahoo Mail is Content             rank it high
                sector who      very well built having            amongst the
                continuously and hence          keywords like     other
                share           there has       “Reply asap”      messages.
                presentations never been        or “Last date :   Incase the
                and keep        the need to go Today” (d)         sender does
                exchanging      to the Spam     Explicit          not mention
                modified        folder. From    Priority level    any
Personal        versions of it. my              mentioned by      information,
Search. I       Having an       experience      the Sender (e)    the email
would like to   inbuilt         I’ve never      Lower rank to     would be
search only     Powerpoint      found a non- emails               send with
within tweets   like editor     spam mail       containing        normal
of people I’m   would be        classified as   offers, etc. A    priority.
following.      really handy. spam.             weighted          Hence this
                                                      I would only
                                                      use this
                                                      system if I
I haven't used                                        was sure it
Twitter much,                                         actually           Yes, I would
so I'm not                                            worked             do this extra
sure if this                                          relatively well.   work if it was
feature                                               If I wasn't        implemented
actually exists                                       sure of its        in a very
or not, but I                                         effectiveness,     simple
think it would    I would                             I'd be             manner. If
be really         suggest e-                          constantly         there was a
interesting for   mail to learn                       worried that       checkbox or
Twitter to        from user's                         the ranking        drop-down
implement a       actions and                         system was         list, for
recommendati      predict which                       wrong and          example, it
on system to      e-mails the                         would prevent      would take 10
suggest           user always                         my examining       seconds for
people I might    deletes.                            an extremely       me to do this.
be interested     When I check       I never look at important e-        I could
in following or   my e-mail, for     my spam          mail. I would      foresee a
posts I would     example, I         folder unless also need the         problem of
find              delete the         someone          system to          everyone
interesting.      majority of my     explicitly tells know to group      marking the
This would        e-mail which       me they sent e-mails from           highest
help me follow    isn't extremely    me an e-mail I the same             importance,
people I          pertinent to       never            thread             though, since
hadn't thought    me, even if it's   received. I      chronologically    people would
of before, as     not spam, but      just assume      , no matter        very rarely
word-of-          Dell, for          that             which e-mail       send an e-
mouth seems       example,           everything in in the thread         mail they
to be the only    often sends        the spam         might be the       didn't think
way to follow     updates that I     folder is        "most              was important
people now.       don't read.        actually spam. interesting."        to read.
                lots of free
                email can not
                give your
                notice that
                you have one
                unread email.
                For example,
                If I want to
                whether I
                have a new
                email, I will go
                m, and log in.
                If gmail can
                have a
                have a new
                email from                                         it will depends
                stanford                                           on what kind
                university.That'                                   of extra work I
                s great! I                         That's useful, need to do.
                know hotmail                       and it will     If I just need
                can send me                        save lots of    to click one
                this kinds of                      time for me.    button,no
                information                        It's like an    problem for
                though MSN,        I take a look   assistant for   me .
                but I do not       every time      me.             But If I need
                know whether       when I check    I can manage to input some
I am sorry, I   gmail has.         my mail. I do   my time         words in it,.I
have no         Whether I          not believe     corresponds     might not do
experience for have a new          this spam       to this system. this extra
Twitter things. email is very      system.         I love it!      work.
                                                 How would I
                                                 know when
                                                 the message
                                                 that the
                                                 person on the
                                                 other end will
                                                 find it
                                 I dont know,    There are
                                 you would still obviously
                                 have to go      some
    spam is a big                through all of messages/peo
    problem, so a                them to make ple you could
    way to                       sure it had     make this
    improve spam                 ranking them determination
    detection                    correctly, so   about, but
    would be a                   would really    probably not
    good          close to every save you any every
?   improvement. day             time?           message.
            Because I
            tend to use e-
            mail to
            organize my
            life, I wish
            there were a
            better way of
            important e-
            mails at the                                 Yes. If it was
            top of my                                    as simple as
            inbox, without                               a pull-down
            them being                   I would have    menu with a
            pushed down                  to be sure      priority scale
            as more come                 whatever        that was
            in. Currently I              algorithm is    placed right
            can only mark                determining     next to the
            them as                      relevance is    send button
            unread, but                  not filtering   then I would
            the still get                out important   do the extra
Not sure.   pushed down. Almost never.   information.    work.
                 It would be
                 nice if it could
                 which emails                   Not much, I'd
I don't really   are important                  be willing to
care about       to me and        Practically   try it straight
twitter.         highlight them. never.         away.             Yes.
                                                Although this    I will not be
                                                seems like an    ready to
                                                interesting      specify how
                                                project, I       relevant the
                                                would not be     message is
                                                ready at the     for the
                                                present time     recipient
                                                to use such a    except in
                Displaying                      system since I   some cases
I apologize     new emails in                   would be         where I am
again but I do  feeds would                     worried about    certain that
not have a      be really                       becoming         the message
twitter         interesting                     dependent on     is relevant. I
account at the  (i.e.                           a system that    do not want to
moment.         visualizing a                   might not be     spend the
                list of emails                  very accurate.   extra time
However, I      at once, with                   For example,     thinking about
think it would only the first                   if I rely on     how relevant
be nice if a    few                             such a           my message
user could      paragraphs of                   system, if I     is compared
organize        the email                       notice that      to the other
followers into displayed).                      emails ranked    messages the
lists or groups This would                      5-7 are not      recipient
(i.e. family,   make reading     I frequently   very relevant    might receive.
friends,        emails much      check my       to me for        Therefore, if
coworkers,...). faster than      spam folder    example, I       prompted to
I am not sure having to click    (at least once might only       do so, I will
if this feature through all of   a day) to      read the first   always specify
is already      them to get      make sure      4 emails and     my emails as
available but I the important    emails were    overlook the     relevant. Also,
think it is     points and       not            rest of my       this might
essential to    establish a      misclassified emails (rank 8    become a
filter relevant priority         into the wrong and higher)      problem when
information.    ranking.         folder         although         sending
                                                           Perhaps, but
                                                           would mark
                                                           messages as
                                                           important. In
                                                           that case, it's
                                                           an error in
                                                           because if
                                            not much, but everything is
                                            it would have marked as
                                            to also know important, the
                                            what mood      reader will
                                            I'm in and the never know
                                            time of day.   what's
                                            Priorities     important and
                                            change based treat
Don't use   Can't think of                  on those       everything the
Twitter     anything         once a week.   factors.       same.
                                                      I would, but I
                                                      feel like this
                                                      has a lot of
                                                      potential for
                                                      abuse such
                                                      as spammers
                                                      messages as
                                                      top priority.
                                                      Also, senders
                                                      might always
                                       A cash         assume that
                                       incentive, and the
                                       an option to   information is
                                       switch back to very relevant,
                                       my old system when the
              Being able to            should I find  recipient
              check if                 the new        might have a
              someone has              system         different
I don't use   read a                   inconvenient ranking
Twitter.      message.        Never.   or confusing. system.
                             quite often.
                             the email
                             spam filter is
                             not reliable at
                             all, e.g. i have
                             emails (from
             ability to      the CEO of
sort the     snooze it. it's the company)
messages     a constant      ending up in     i'd use it if
other than   interruption to the spam         there's such
time.        check.          folder.          system.         yes, i would
                                                               I would not
                                                               mind the extra
                 To add the                    Not much, If it work,
                 importance                    does I good     although a
N/A - I do not   based on the                  job I would     proper
have such a      receiver, not                 switch          estimation will
wish             the sender.     Once a week   instantly.      be hard.
     Maybe if the
     message is
     short enough,
     instead of
     going to a
     new page, it
     expands on
     the same
     page. Then
     whatever is                              As long as it
     necessary                                doesn't
     can be done                              require more
     to it like a                             than a click or
     normal        Every month   Low upkeep   a few keys
NA   message.      or so.        time cost.   pressed.
                  E-mail should
                  automatically               It should be a   I would
                  prioritized                 combination      definitely
                  based upon                  of a prior       make the
                  previous use,               probability      extra work for
                  without having              that any         important e-
                  to be                       person would     mails. It
                  manually                    consider the     needs to go
I'd like to see   subdivided                  message          both ways
tweets be         into inboxes.               important,       though, as the
able to           E-mail                      which is a       importance of
converge to a     identities                  combination      the e-mail
conversation      should have                 of the person    should be
if the relevant   "importance                 sending and      confirmed by
tweets have       scores", so                 the content of   the recipient.
been rated as     that if Barack              the e-mail,      If not, then the
highly            Obama or Bill               and the          sender has
informative,      Gates e-                    history of my    cried wolf,
and not just      mails, it                   e-mail use       and his
among people      automatically               patterns. It     important e-
you're directly   goes to the                 needs to do      mails should
following or      top and                     this in a way    be marked as
who are           shows up in    Once every   that is spam     decreased
following you.    bold.          few weeks.   proof.           importance.
                                            Since I
                                            believe it is
                                            already so
                                            easy and
                                            quick for
                                            someone to
                                            determine the
                                            relevance of      This depends
                                            an e-mail,        a lot on the
                                            right now I       implementatio
                                            would not use     n of the
                                            this service. I   system, as
                                            would need to     well as my
                                            receive e-        need for such
                                            mails in such     a system. I
                                            volumes to        would be
                            I'm rather      make this         unlikely to
To create                   paranoid that task tedious        answer
different                   an important in order to use      detailed
groups of                   e-mail will one this service.     questions
friends that                day land in my Someone in a       about e-mail
you could                   spam folder,    position to       relevance, but
broadcast      Some form of so I check      receive lots of   I would be
tweets to,     spam         and empty my e-mails would        willing to
rather than    reduction    spam folder     more likely       provide quick
the entire     would be     nearly every    find this         numeric
public.        great.       day.            useful.           rankings.
                                               I can't
                                               imagine I
                                               would ever
                                               use a system
                                               like this. So
                                               much of the
                                               relevance of
                                               my message
                                               rely on
                                               contexts, and
                                               event that
                                               occur outside
I wish Twitter                                 of the digital I likely would
would die a                                    world.         not take this
slow and         Better spam                                  step. If
painful death.   filter. Gmail                Additionally, I anything, I
I'm really not   has done a                   generally only would write
familiar         great job with               keep 5-10       the email
enough with      this, but a few              message in      subject head
the service to   messages                     my inbox, and like so:
purpose          always slip by Once or twice rarely feel     "IMPORTANT:
changes.         every day.      per week.    overwhelmed. ....."
                                                                        frictional costs
                                                                        there. Can't
                                                                        we use NLP
                                                                        combined with
                                                                        Facebook and
                                                                        other stuff to
                                                                        see how
               I haven't          Once every 2                          relevant it
               thought a lot      weeks or so.                          might be and
               about email. I     Usually after I                       assign our
               would like to      sign up for                           own score.
               see the            some service      Little. I'd do it   Sender
               boundaries         and I don't       if Gmail            designated
               between IM         see a             added it as a       relevancy
               services go        welcome           feature. I          would be
               down. We           message with      probably            subject to lots
               saw a Google-      a verification    wouldn't            of spam,
               AIM deal.          link in my        switch email        which defeats
               Meebo              Gmail, I'll       providers just      the purpose
Add location   requires going     check out the     for this            of the ranking
based service. to another site.   spam.             feature.            system.
                                              I’d like to try it,   I would,
                                              though I’d be         assuming it
                                              a bit skeptical       was quick and
                                              of how it             easy (like the
                                              would know            high/low
                                              what is               priority option
                                              relevant to           already
                                              me. Also, I           available with
                                              receive email         email).
                                              on my cell            However, I
                                              phone, which          would
                                              allows me to          definitely
                                              check my              question
                                              email quite           whether I was
                                              frequently. In        the right
                                              that case,            person to
                                              relevance             specify the
                “Smart”                       sorting               relevance of
                displays –                    wouldn’t be           my message
                program                       terribly              to the
                would know                    helpful,              recipient. If
                when to        I look at my   because it            I’m sending
                display emails spam folder    might only be         my email to a
                as individual  whenever       ranking one to        professor, or
                messages,      there is new   three emails.         a high-ranking
I don’t use     and when to    mail there, to The service           individual in a
Twitter, so I’m display as     make sure I’m would be               business, I
not in a        threaded       not missing    most helpful          may think that
position to     conversations. an important for people              the email is
evaluate their    Automated    message that who are                 extremely
features or     sorting could was             checking their        relevant to
what should     also be        accidentally   email                 that person,
be their        extremely      marked as      infrequently          while they
features.       helpful.       spam.          enough that           may find it
                                                                 No, email is
                                                                 not for
                                                                 n. There is
                                                                 always phone
                                                                 or IM, if you
                                                                 want an
                                               Ah, this is       answer.
                                               basically how
                              Almost never. I said email         Already, we
                              GMail does a could be              can gauge
               A better way pretty good        improved in       how important
               to prioritize  job of filtering the previous      a mail is to us
               your incoming spam, by          question. I       by seeing who
               mail. The      harnessing       would jump at     it is
Categorization inbox should the power of       this, but my      addressed to.
 of updates,   learn from my crowds in a       prolonged use     Obviously,
with           reading habits great way.       would depend      messages
importance as over time and However, I         greatly on        addressed
well. Some     then           would like to    how well it's     directly to me
tweets are     automatically see border        suggested         are more
only valuable prioritize mail cases in the     ranking           important
if read        so that I read Inbox, as it is agrees with        than those
immediately, what is          always better my actual            sent to a
while others   important to   to be safe       relevance/prior   broad mailing
can wait.      me first.      than sorry.      ities.            list.
               A better or
Since I am     more efficient
new to         way to                       I might ignore
Twitter, I     distinguish                  using it until I
guess I do not between                      find out the
have the wish spam and         Once every   system is        Only when I
by now.        regular emails. other day    really useful. have time.
                                                                   Only in a few
                                                                   misuse the
                                                                   the "urgent"
                                                                   possible, and
                                                                   I don't trust
                                                                   the general
                                                Someone            public to be
                                                would only         any better at
                                                have to give       guessing
                                                me a system        relevance
                                                (assuming it       than the
                                                worked), and I     people that do
                                                would use it. I    now. That
                                                wouldn't           being said, it
                                                switch away        seems that
                                                from webmail       engineers
expose                                          to a rich client   usually do a
"interestingnes                                 for it though,     much better
s" in some                     rarely - there   especially if      job of only
indexed way                    has almost       that client only   flagging
for tweets like                never been a     ran on             important
Flickr does for make it more   false positive   windows            message as
photos          secure.        w/ gmail         (sorry Xobni).     urgent.
                             It would take
                             alot. My way
                             of checking
                             my email is
                             "fixed", so I
I don't use                  wouldn't be
Twitter, so I   Perhaps once inclined to try
can't say       a week.      a new system. No, I wouldn't.
                                                                   I don't know.
                                                 I think that      One big
                                                 this would be     challenge is
                                                 very beneficial   that I often, at
                                                 at work.          least at work,
                                                 Generally I       send emails
                                                 have one          out to groups
                                                 project that I    of people and
                                                 am working        the contents
                                                 on at one         are more or
                                                 period of time,   less relevant
                                Almost never. say for a            to different
                                 I use gmail a morning. This       people in the
                                lot and think    most likely       group. I'm not
                                that it does a changes in          sure that I
                                pretty good      the afternoon,    would take
                                job with         so I would        the time to
                                detecting        want it           categorize it
               Convince         spam. I'm        resorted for      for them.
               marketers        surprised that that.
               that they        they started                       Also,
               would get        pulling apple For my               sometimes it
               better results   marketing        personal          surprises me
Not sure.      if they used     emails in the email this           what people
Haven't used   less frequent    spam box, but would be less        find relevant
it yet.        contacts.        I don't mind it. valuable.         or not.
                 A more
                 format for
                 certain type of                 Since this
                 messages to                     does not
                 enable easier                   entail losing
                 every-day                       any
                 processing -                    messages, I
                 eg transfering                  would be
                 directly to                     willing to try it,
                 calendar/organ                  provided             Yes,
                 izer.                           some rules           especially in
I am not an      This should                     can be               cases where
active user of   be used by        Everyday, but manually fine-       the message
twitter, so I    everyone,         most of the   tuned to             is actually
cannot           cross-email       filtering is  improve the          relevant
appropriately    platform to       correct and I relevance            rather then for
answer this      make it really    can trash the predictions.         less relevant
question.        useful.           spam items.                        messages.
                                             It would be
                                             great! I would
                                             be happy to
                                             use it! Also if
                                             it mis-predicts
                                             I would want      Yes, I would. I
                                             to be able to     usually send
                                             set that right    emails that
                                             by specifically   are necessary
                                             helping the       and require
                                             system learn.     attention.
                              I dont have to Relevance         Usually when
A better        Set automatic very often.    also depends      you write to a
interface.      reminders     Ofcourse if I  on the day        specific
                about events. am using       and time. If it   person(as
Organise        Remind me     Yahoo to       is a weekend I    opposed to
separately:     when an       send           want to read      writing to a
All the news    event is      invitations to casual emails.    group) it is
tweets          due(an        my Google      If an             easy to judge
From friends application, a account they assignment is         the relevance
From family     homework) by are often       due at 2 pm       of it. If all it
etc.            sending an    marked as      today, I want     takes to
                email/popping spam. I use    that email on     indicate
Help me         a message on Gmail mostly top even if it a     relevance is a
organise them my              and have not weekend! The        single
by              taskbar/some really had any system should      click(assumpti
topic/tags/date alarm         problems in    be able to        on) I would be
s etc.          message!      this regard.   learn this.       happy doing it.
            If it could sort
            my unread                       Haha--see my
            emails in                       answer to #22-
            order of                        -this is a
            priority based                  feature I
            on my                           WISH they
            previous                        would
            interactions                    implement, so
            (ie if I often                  it wouldn't
            respond to                      take too much
            emails from                     although I
            person X,                       wouldn't want
            their email                     to
            should be at                    compromise
Don't use   the top of my                   my privacy
Twitter.    list).             Once a week. too much.      Yes
                 One possible                                      Yes,
                 means to                                          definitely.
                 improve email                                     However,
                 would be a                                        such a
                 facility to and                                   measure is
                 group mail                                        already in
                 automatically                                     place on
                 according to                                      some clients
                 the clusters of   I sheck my                      as a tagging
                 senders (         spam folder                     based on -
                 ranked in         and clear it                    Personal,
One thing that importance by       once a week.                    Urgent, etc.
would be         the frequency     This is a       It would be     However,
great if it were and content of    potential       really great to care must be
provided by      previous          problem with have a             taken to
Twitter itself   mails ) and       the spam        system that     ensure that
would be a       within the        folders. If the could rank the the tagging by
sort of          cluster, sort     spam            incoming        the sender is
analogous to the mail by           detection       messages in actually
Google           relevance by      algorithm is    order of their appropriate.
Trends and       the prior         very good ,it   predicted       For example,
Facebook's       knowledge         makes the       relevance.      we do not
Lexicon          about the         users avoid     However, the want a
where the        tastes. So, in    their spam      prediction of   spammer to
trends of the effect, the          folders         the relevance tag all
words and        inbox would       altogether      is extremely    messages as
topics would     not be a linear   thus rendering critical since   "Extremely
be evident       list ordered by   the cost of     otherwise the Important". To
across the       time. It would    false positives system would leverage this
spectrum of      be a set of       - the non-      be utterly      bit of info, we
time and that clusters that        spam mail       useless to the would use the
could be used can be               classified as   user and        social graph
to predict       regrouped on      spam - very     confuse him     and establish
patterns.        the basis of      high.           more.           the level of
                It is often very                                     Yes.
                difficult to                                         However, this
                express                                              is perceived
                emotions                                             relevance
                through                                              from the
                emails.                                              senders point
                Smileys and                                          of view, and
                emoticons are                                        what one
                here to ease                                         perceives as
                the task and                                         important, the
                put forth the                                        other might
                right tone, but                                      now. Such a
                they still fail in                                   system
                some                                                 already exists
                situations. It                                       (for instance,
                would be nice                       I think that's a you can flag
                to have a                           pretty good      an email as
                better way to                       idea and I will important
It would be     express                             be willing to    using
nice if people oneself             Almost never,    try it out for   Outlook). But
could add       through email. except unless        sure.            I guess that
small                              by chance. I     However, the the use of
thumbnails      One nice way usually clear          cost of          such a
along with      of doing this      out my spam      misclassifying system might
their tweets to was an email folder daily.          an important become
show what       application        So unless        email as non- diluted if
they are        developed in there is only          important        everyone
currently       the HCI lab in very few             would be very starts tagging
doing (after    MIT that           messages         high and         their email as
all, a picture  replays the        there, I don't   continuous       very relevant
speak more      email as it        even bother to   use of such a (everyone
than a          was typed          see if it is     system lies      wants their
thousand        (with the          really spam or   directly on its email to be
words !)        pauses,            not.             reliability.     read).
                                                                     I would do this
                                                                     in some
                                                                     cases, but
                                                                     would prefer if
                                                                     there was a
                                                                     default. I think
                                                                     setting priority
                                                                     of messages
                                                                     should be a
                                                                     and not the
                                                     I would be      norm. We can
If Twitter        Having                             happy to use maybe
could be          automated                          such a          consider it
connected to      classification                     system as I     similar to
the other         into more                          do not          wiring in ALL
social            categories.                        consider all    CAPS. It is
networking        Right now,                         mails equally useful to
sites, rss        email is                           important. But attract
feeds etc, it     classified into                    the accuracy attention
could be a        spam and not                       of the system when
one stop          spam, but                          should be       something
place to find     there are a lot                    high enough     urgent/importa
what is           of emails                          that we can     nt is involved,
happening         received that      Generally       trust its       but other
everywhere        do not fall into   about once a    ranking, else times it just
and not just      the category       week. More      it will just    appears as if
on Twitter.       of spam, but       frequently if   have the        the person is
That would be     are still not      some email I    effect of       SHOUTING
a useful          useful enough      am expecting    shuffling       and is
feature for me.   to be read.        is overdue.     emails in time. irritating.
                                               I don't think
                                               that would be
                                               useful. The
                                               only moment     I would.
                                               when that       Again, this
                                               would be        system would
                                               useful would    be hard to
                 If you can use                be if you get   implement. If
                 just one                      1000 emails     you put in the
                 "email                        per day, and    work of writing
                 system" for all               you only want   a message,
                 your                          to read the     you most
                 messaging                     important       probably think
                 accounts.                     ones. This is   it is relevant
I wish I could   (maybe this                   not a very      for the other
tweet voice      has been        I do not have realistic       person to see
and video.       done already) a spam folder. assumption.      it.
              Gmail did an                                        No. Who am
              incredible job                                      I to say what
              with email.                                         is relevant to
              They have                                           my recipient?
              done things I                                       More likely
              have never                                          than not, this
              thought of, but                                     will simply
              now demand                                          become a
              from any                         A trial period     rating of how
              email                            of a week or       much I want
              interface/app.                   two. If it         the recipient
              The one thing                    works for me,      to read my
              that email                       I will continue    message.
              really needs                     with it. If it     The problem
              to do is be                      does not, I will   with this is
              easily                           stop using this    that this is a
              synchronized                     system. I          highly
              on all gadgets                   already            subjective
              (desktop,                        employ a set       rating. Some
              laptop,                          of filters on      people mark
              smartphone,                      my inbox to        everything as
              etc). This is                    sort my            "highly
              regardless of                    emails into        important". It
              whether the                      difference         is like the boy
              email                            folders, thus      who cried
              interface is      Daily. *Knock reducing the        wolf. There is
              web-based         on wood*, I    potential          no control or
              (Gmail) or        don't get very upside such a      defined
              client-based      much spam      system would       baseline of
No comment.   (Outlook).        anymore.       have for me.       relevancy.
               Association of
               emails to
               networks in
               my contacts
               so that
               messages are
               Also, a way to                                Definitely.
               determine                                     However,
               how important                                 when I'm the
               the message                                   recipient, I
               is to me, at                                  prefer more
               least in                                      factors to be
               comparison to                                 considered
               other emails                                  than just the
               in the inbox.                                 sender's
               More ideal                                    opinion of the
               would be one                                  message's
               that is aware                                 relevance to
               of real world                                 me. This
               events that it                                protocol is
               can use to                                    quite abused,
               evaluate the                                  and an
               necessity of                                  approach
               my attention.                                 such as
Again, a good Integration                                    Xobni's will
classification with an                                       make me
of twitter     electronic                                    think twice
feeds so we    calendar may                                  before
can find the   do this to                                    attaching an
good ones      some extent,                                  importance
from piles of  but not all of Once every   I will adopt it   factor to a
trash.         our actions    day.         immediately!      message.
               A better or
Since I am     more efficient
new to         way to                       I might ignore
Twitter, I     distinguish                  using it until I
guess I do not between                      find out the
have the wish spam and         Once every   system is        Only when I
by now.        regular emails. other day    really useful. have time.
               A better or
Since I am     more efficient
new to         way to                       I might ignore
Twitter, I     distinguish                  using it until I
guess I do not between                      find out the
have the wish spam and         Once every   system is        Only when I
by now.        regular emails. other day    really useful. have time.
Not familiar
enough w/
twitter to know prioritize it by   once per   i would like to   if it only took a
what I want.    importance         month      try it            few seconds.
                                                                 might be
                                                                 helpful, but
                                                                 would prefer it
                                                                 be done
                                                                 without my
                                  loook at spam                  active
                                  folder 1 per                   involvement.
                                  week.           not much. If it
                                  quick scan to   is good, would Maybe some
                                  see if          use it.         form of
                                  potential                       context
better           GTD              mistake IDs,    But needs       understanding
authentication   methodology      but only        way to track    that this
of who people    applied to       cursory         follow-on or    involves
are behind       email and        glance, then    TODO actions certain people
their Twitter    relevance        delete all      for those       or certain
identity.        prioritization   spam.           messages.       topics.
                                                                     I absolutely
                    Maintain a                                       would, but I
                    thread count                                     feel like it
                    explicitly                                       would get
                    rather than                                      abused much
                    implicitly by                                    more than it
                    appending the                                    would get
                    last message                                     used
                    to the bottom                                    correctly. If
Longer              of the new                                       we learn to
tweets, or at       message.                         It would have only read
least attached      Much email is                    to work for at emails with
URLs to avoid       actually                         least a day. If high priority,
URL                 threaded in                      it saved me     then we'll only
shorteners          nature (as                       from            SEND emails
which make it       Gmail                            forgetting an with high
very difficult to   realized) and                    important       priority. Why
know what a         so a small                       email at least would we
piece of            counter there Rarely - I trust   once, I would send an email
content is until    would help    the Gmail          definitely keep we want
you click on it.    immensely.    spam filter.       using it.       ignored?
-suggest me
people based
on my
interests          have
-be able to        mandatory
share the          categorization
tweets I liked /   in the header
have a "I like"    [WORK /
button like in     PERSO /
facebook that      ACADEMICS..
my followers       .]                             I would use it
could see                           every month   immediately      yes!

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