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									SIRA NO                           KİTAP ADI                                        YAZAR ADI
       1 500 ceramic sculptures
       2 6 Suites by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)                  Gaillard, F.
       3 A communicative grammar of english                             Leech, Geoffrey
         A Companion to Film Theory (Blackwell Companions in            Miller, Toby and Stam, Robert
       4 Cultural Studies, 1)
         A Comparative Dictionary of the Indo-Aryan Languages           Turner, R.L.
       5 (4 Vols.)
       6 A Cultural History of India                                    Basham, A.L.(ed.)
       7 A Dictionary English and Sanskrit                              Monier Williams, M.
       8 A first course in database systems                             Ullman, Jeffrey D.
       9 A framework for marketing management                           Kotler, Philip
         A Glaze of Color: Creating Color and Design on                 Davies, Jane & Polak, John
      10 Ceramics
      11 A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food                         Achaya, K.T.
      12 A History of Narrative Film                                    Cook, David A.
         A History of the French New Wave Cinema (Wisconsin             Neupert, Richard
      13 Studies in Film)
      14 A History of the Sikhs, Volume 1: 1469-1839                    Singh, Khushwant
      15 A leader’s study guide to the gold mine                        Ehrenfeld, Tom
      16 A Manual of Acarology                                          Krantz, G.W., Walter, D.E.
         A military history of the Ottomans: from Osman to              Uyar, Mesut
      17 Ataturk
         A pharmacopoeia including the outlines of materia              Tuson, Richard V.
         medica and therapeutics for the use of practitioners and
      18 students of veterinary medicine
      19 A Practical Guide for Studying Chua's Circuits                 Recai Kılıç
      20 A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary                                Macdonell, Arthur Anthony
      21 A Sanskrit Grammar for Students                                Macdonell, Arthur Anthony
      22 A social theory of religious education                         Coe, George Albert
      23 A study of the toyota production system                        Shingo, Shigeo
      24 Abnormal psychology                                            Nolen-Hoeksema, Susan
         Across the borders: financing the worlds railways in the
      25 nineteenth and twentieth centuries
      26 Advanced protocols in oxidative stress I                       Armstrong, Donald (ed.)
      27 Advanced protocols in oxidative stress II                      Armstrong, Donald (ed.)
         Aerodynamics of Low Reynolds Number Flyers                     Wei Shyy, Yongsheng Lian, Jian
      28                                                                Tang, Dragos Viieru, Hao Liu
         Agentenbasierte Produktionssteuerung komplexer                 Mönch, Lars
      29 Produktionssysteme. Ein agentenbasierter Ansatz
      30 Air quality                                                    Thad Godish
      31 Airline Marketing and Management                               Shaw, Stephen
      32 Airport Operations                                             Ashford, Norman
      33 Alloy phase stability and design
         Alternative kilns & firing techniques: raku * saggar * pit *   Wandless,Paul Andrew
      34 barrel :a lark ceramics book
      35 Alternative media                                              Atton, Chris
      36 American journalism: history, principles, practices            Sloan, David (ed.)
         An introduction to computational fluid dynamics: the finite    Versteeg, H.K.
      37 volume method
      38 An introduction to visual culture                              Mirzoeff, Nicholas
         Analysing newspapers: an approach from critical                Richardson, John E.
      39 discourse analysis
         Anatomy of Domestic Animals: Systemic & Regional               Pasquini, Chris
      40 Approach
      41 Ancient India                                                  Singh, Upinder
     Ancient Indian economic thought: Relevance for Today       Basu, Ratan
     Ancient to Medieval: South Indian Society in Transition    Karashima, Noboru
   Animal Feed Formulation: Economics and Computer              Gene M. Pesti, Bill R. Miller
44 Applications
45 Antenna theory: analysis and design                          Balanis, Constantine A.
46 Antennas : from theory to practice                           Huang, Yi
47 Applied ststistics and probability for engineers             Montgomery, Douglas C.
48 Arab dissident movements 1905-1955 (4 Volume Set)            Burdett, A. (ed.)
   Arabian boundary disputes: historical, political and legal
49 dossier (20 Volume Set)                                      Schofield, R. (ed.)
50 Arabian treaties 1600–1960 (4 Volume Set)                    Tuson, P. (ed.)
51 Architecture and Film                                        Lamster, Mark ed
   Arsenic Pollution: A Global Synthesis                        Peter Ravenscroft, Hugh Brammer,
52                                                              Keith Richards
   Art & physics: parallel visions in space, time, and light    Shlain, Leonard
54 Asoka and the Decline of the Mauryas                         Thapar, Romila
   Assessment and treatment activities for children,
   adolescents and families: practitioners share their most
55 effective techniques                                         Lowenstein, Liana
   Atlas of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology: Text with       Peters, Wallace
   Auditing and Assurance services:An Intregrated               Arens, Alvin A.
57 Approach
58 Auteurs and Authorship: A Film Reader                        Grant, Barry Keith
   Basic principles of Fresnel antenna arrays : Lecture         Igor V. Minin, Oleg V. Minin.
59 Notes in Electrical Engineering
   Better Food for Dogs: A Complete Cookbook and                David Bastin, Jennifer Ashton
60 Nutrition Guide
   Between modernity and nationalism :Halide Edip's             Hasan, Mushirul
61 encounter with Gandhi's India
   Bioavailability of Nutrients for Animals- Amino Acids,       Clarence B. Ammerman, David
62 Minerals & Vitamins                                          H.Baker, Austin J. Lewis
   Biochemistry and Genetics: PreTest Self-Assessment           Golder N. Wilson
63 and Review (Pretest Series)
   Biochemistry Laboratory: Modern Theory and                   Rodney F. Boyer ,
64 Techniques
   Biological wastewater treatment: principles, modelling       Mogens Henze ,Mark C. M. van
65 and design                                                   Loosdrecht
66 Breeding Horses                                              Mina Davies
67 Buddha: His life, His doctrine, His order                    Oldenberg, Hermann
68 Buddhist Legends (3 Vols.)                                   Burlingame, Eugene Watson
69 Business essentials                                          Ebert, Ronald J.
70 Business ethics                                              Hartman, Laura P.
71 Business in action:with real time updates                    Bovee, Courtland L.
72 Business intelligence: a managerial approach
73 Business research methods                                    Blumberg, Boris
   C++ programming:from problem analysis to program
74 design
   Calcium and bone disorders in children and adolescents
75 :endocrine development                                       Allgrove, Jeremy (ed.)
   Calculus for business, economics, life sciences and          Barnett, Raymond A.
76 social sciences
77 Campbell biology
    Canine and Feline Nutrition- A Resource for Compain        Linda P. Case, Daniel P. Carey,
 78 Animal Professionals                                       Diane A. Hirakawa
    Carl Czerny 6 leichte sonatinen 6 easy sonatinas - 6
 79 sonatines faciles opus 163
 80 Carranza’s clinical periodontology
 81 Celestial navigation in the GPS age                        Karl, John
 82 Ceramic sculpture: inspiring techniques                    Turner, Anderson (ed.)
 83 Chemistry the central science
    Children as philosophers: learning through enquiry and     Haynes, Joanna
 84 dialogue in the primary classroom
 85 Cinema II (Continuum Impacts)                              Deleuze, Gilles
    Cinema, Colonialism, Postcolonialism: Perspectives from    Sherzer, Dina
 86 the French and Francophone Worlds
    Cinematography                                             Malkiewicz, Kris and Mullen, M.
 87                                                            David
    Cinematography: Theory and Practice: Image Making for      Brown, Blain
 88 Cinematographers, Directors, and Videographers
    Cities in Transition: The Moving Image and the Modern      Webber, Andrew and Wilson,
 89 Metropolis                                                 Emma
    Cities of the Mediterranean: From the Ottomans to the
 90 Present Day                                                Kolluoğlu, Biray (ed.)
 91 Citizen journalism: global perspectives                    Stuart, Allan
    Citizens of character: new directions in character and     Arthur, James
 92 values education
 93 Civil and Environmental Systems Engineering                Charles S. Revelle
    Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary             Colville, Thomas P.
 94 Technicians
    Clinical Dermatology:A colour guide to diagnosis and       Habif, Thomas P.
 95 theraphy
 96 Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians               McCurnin, Dennis M.
    Cloud computing and SOA convergence in your                Linthicum, David S.
 97 enterprise
 98 Cohen's pathways of the pulp expert consult                Hargreaves, Kenneth M.
 99 Color atlas of clinical hematology                         Hoffbrand, A. Victor
100 Combined Methods in Indology and Other Writings            Kosambi, D.D.
101 Communication theory and research                          McQuail, Denis (ed.)
    Comparative and international education: an introduction   Phillips, David ve schweisfurth,
102 to theory, method and practice                             michele
    Comparative education: continuing traditions, new          Bray, Mark
103 challenges, and and new paradigms
    Comparative education: exploring issues in international   Kubow, Patricia K.
104 context
    Complete casting handbook metal casting processes,         ampbell, John
105 metalurgy, techniques and design
106 Computer graphics with OpenGL                              Hearn, Donald
107 Computer systems:a programmer’s perspective                Bryant, Randal E.
108 Computers are your future                                  LaBerta, Catherine
109 Concepts in Film Theory (Galaxy Books)                     Andrew, J. Dudley
110 Contemporary management                                    Jones, Gareth R.
111 Contemporary Theories of Religion                          Stausberg, Michael (ed.)
    Contesting Sacrifice: Religion, Nationalism, and Social    Strenski, Ivan
112 Thought in France
    Conversations with Woody Allen: His Films, the Movies,     Lax,Eric
113 and Moviemaking (Vintage) (Paperback)
114 Corporate computer and network security                    Panko, Raymond J.
115 Counseling survivors of childhood sexual abuse             Martsolf, Donna
    Counseling the adolescent: individual, family and school
116 interventions                                              Carlson, Jon (ed.)
117 Countries and concepts: politics, geography, culture       Roskin, Michael G.
118 Creating lean dealers                                      Brunt, David
    Cultural diversity and global media: the mediation of      Siapera, Eugenia
119 difference
120 Cultural studies and the study of popular culture          Storey, John
121 Cultural studies: an anthology                             Ryan, Michael (ed.)
    Culture and pedagogy: international comparisons in         Alexander,Robin J.
122 primary education
123 Current medical diagnosis and treatment                    McPhee, Stephen J.
124 Cylindrical antennas and arrays                            King, Ronold W. P.
    Cytochrome P450 protocols :methods in molecular            Phillips, Ian R.
125 biology
126 Dark matter and dark energy
127 Dasakumaracarita of Dandin                                 Kale, M.R.
128 Data mining : a tutorial-based primer                      Roiger, Richard J.
129 Data mining:conceppts and techniques                       Han, Jiawei
130 Data structures & problem solving using java               Weiss, Mark Allen
131 Data structures and other objects using C++                Main, Michael
132 Deleuze on Cinema (Deleuze and the Arts, 1)                Bogue, Ronald
    Democracy and new media                                    Jenkins, Henry;Thorburn,
133                                                            David(ed.)
134 Deutsche Außenpolitik                                      Hellmann, Gunther
135 Diagnostic lymph node pathology                            Wright, Dennis H
136 Digital design:principles and practices                    Wakerly, John F.
137 Digital planet: tomorrow’s tehcnology and you              Beekman, George
138 Disconnected Rivers : Linking Rivers to Landscapes         Wohl, Ellen
139 Discrete mathematics                                       Johnsonbaugh, Richard
140 Doing media research: an introduction                      Priest, Susanna Hornig
    Doing news framing analysis: empirical and theoretical
141 perspectives                                               D'Angelo, Paul (ed.)
    Dr. Folkman's war: angiogenesis and the struggle to        Cooke, Robert
142 defeat cancer
143 Drainage Engineering                                       Murphy, Daniel William
144 Dukes' Physiology of Domestic Animals                      Reece, William O.
145 Dvorak Cello Concerto                                      Smaczny, Jan
146 E-commerce 2011, business, technology, society             Laudon, Kenneth
147 Econometric analysis                                       Greene, H. William
    Educating for character: how our schools can teach         Lickona, Thomas
148 respect and responsibility
    Educational innovations beyond technology:nurturing        Law, Nancy
149 leadership and establishing learning organizations
150 Electromagnetics                                           Notaros, Branislav M.
151 Electronic devices                                         Floyd, Thomas L.
    Elementary linear algebra with supplemental applications   Anton, Howard
    Elements of architecture : principles of environmental     Drake, Scott
153 performance in buildings
154 Embedded core design with FPGAs                            Navabi, Zainalabedin
155 Emery’s elements of medical genetics                       Turnpenny, Peter
156 Encyclopedia of Parasitology                               Mehlhorn, Heinz
157 Endodontics: principles and practice                       Torabinejad, Mahmoud
    Engaging theories in interpersonal communication:
158 multiple perspectives                                      Baxter, Leslie A. (ed.)
159 Engineering economy                                        Blank, Leland
160 Engineering rock mass classification                           Singh, Bhawani
161 English-Hindi Dictionary                                       Verma, S.K.
162 English-Marathi Dictionary                                     Dhongde, Ramesh V.
    Enjoy Your Symptom!: Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and            Zizek, Slavoj
163 Out (Routledge Classics)
    Entomopathogenic Nematodes: Systematics, Phylogeny             Khuong B. Nguyen (Editor), David
    and Bacterial Symbionts                                        J. Hunt (Editor), Roland N. Perry
164                                                                (Editor)
165 Environmental & Natural Resource Economics                     Tom Tietenberg, Lynne Lewis
166 Environmental & natural resource economics                     Tietenberg, Tom
    Environmental Engineering Science                              William W. Nazarof, Lisa Alvarez-
167                                                                Cohen
168 Environmental Science: Toward A Sustainable Future             Richard T. Wright
    Enzeymes: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Clinical                Palmer, Trevor,
169 Chemistry
170 Essential clinical anatomy                                     Moore, Keith L.
    Essential Quantum Optics:From Quantum                          Ulf Leonhardt
171 Measurements to Black Holes
    Essential skills in family therapy: from the first interview   Patterson, JoEllen
172 to termination
    Essentials of entrepreneurship and small business              Scarborough, Norman M.
173 management
    Essentials of Indian Statecraft; Kautilya's Arthasastra for    Ramaswamy, T. N.
174 Contemporary Readers
175 Essentials of organizational behavior                          Robbins; Stephen, P.
176 Essentials of statistics for the behavioral sciences           Gravetter, Frederick J.
177 Essentials of stem cell biology
178 Essentials of systems analysis and design                      Valacich, Joseph S.
179 Ethics in journalism                                           Smith, Ron
180 Ethnonationalism in India                                      Baruah, Sanjib
181 European Film Theory (Afi Film Readers)                        Trifonova, Temenuga
182 Evaluative inquiry for learning in organizations               Preskill, H.
183 Evidence-based rehabilitation: a guide to practice             Law, Mary C.
    Evolutionary psychology: The new science of the mind           Buss, David
    Experiment and calculation of reinforced concrete at           Guo, Zhenhai
185 elevated temperatures
186 Experimental pharmacology                                      McGuigan, Hugh
    Explaining Indian Democracy: A Fifty Year Perspective          Rudolp, Lloyd I
    1956-2006: Volume I: The Realm of Ideas Inquiry and
    Theory (Explaining Indian Democracy a Fifty Year
187 Perspective 1956-2006)
    Explaining Indian Democracy: A Fifty Year Perspective          Rudolp, Lloyd I
    1956-2006: Volume III: The Realm of the Public Sphere
    Identity and Policy (Explaining Indian Democracy a Fifty
188 Year Perspective 1956-2006) (v. 3)
    Explaining Indian Democracy: a fifty year perspective,         Rudolph, Lloyd I.
189 1956-2006
190 Family evaluation                                              Kerr, Michael E.
    FGPA-based implementation of signal processing
191 systems
    Film and Theory: An Anthology (Blackwell Anthologies)          Stam, Robert and Miller, Toby
193 Film Noir                                                      Spicer, Andrew
194 Film Noir Reader II                                            Silverr/Ursine
195 Film Theory and Criticism: Introductory Readings               Mast, Gerald
196 Film Theory and Philosophy                                  Allen, Richard and Smith, Murray
197 Financial accounting
    Financial Accounting:International financial Reporting
198 Standards
199 Financial Institutions management                           Saunders, Anthony
200 Financial management                                        Titman, Sheridan
201 Financial markets and instituions                           Mishkin, Frederic S.
202 Flow injection atomic spectroscopy                          Jose Luis Burquera
203 Focus groups: theory and practice                           Steward, David.W. (ed.)
204 Folded unipole antennas : theory and applications           Raines, Jeremy Keith
205 Follow the learner                                          Bahri, Sami
    Food Chemistry                                              Hans-Dieter Belitz, Peter
206                                                             Schieberle, Werner Grosch
    Foreign office annual reports from Arabia 1930-1960 (4
207 Volume Set)                                                 Jarman, R. (ed.)
208 Foundations of Stochastic Inventory Theory                  Porteus, Evan
209 Framing celebrity: new directions in celebrity culture      Holmes, Su (ed.)
    French Film Theory and Criticism: A History/Anthology,      Abel, Richard
210 1907-1939. Volume 1: 1907-1929
    From Alice to Buena Vista: The Films of Wim Wenders         Bromley, Roger
    From Caligari to Hitler: A Psychological History of the     Kracauer, Siegfried
212 German Film
213 From morality to virtue                                     Slote, Michael A.
    Fundamental Laboratory Approaches for Biochemistry          Ninfa, Alexander J.
214 and Biotechnology.
    Fundamentals of complex analysis with applications to       Saff, E. B.
215 engineering and science
216 Fundamentals of management                                  Robbins, Stephen P.
217 Gender: psychological perspectives                          Brannon, Linda
218 Gendered media: women, men, and identity politics           Ross, Karen
219 Gene teraphy of autoimmune diseases
    Genealogies of religion: discipline and reasons of power    Asad, Talal
220 in christianity and islam
    General chemistry principles and modern applications
    Geographic Information Systems in Water Resources           Lynn E. Johnson
222 Engineering
223 Geotechnical engineering handbook                           Das, Braja M.
224 Geriatric physical theraphy                                 Guccione, Andrew A.
225 Geschichte der islamischen Welt im 20. Jahrhundert          Schulze, Reinhard
226 Gesellschaft und staat: Lexikon der politik                 Drechsler, Hanno
    Gilgul: Essays on Transformation, Revolution and            Shaked, S.
    Permanence in the History of Religions, Dedicated to
    R.J. Zwi Werblowsky (Studies in the History of Religions)
    Gilles Deleuze’s Time Machine (Post-Contemporary            Rodowick, D. N.
228 Interventions)
    Global journalism research: theories, methods, findings,
229 future                                                      Löffelholz, Martin (ed.)
230 Global marketing                                            Keegan, Warren J.
    Globalization, modernization and education in muslim        Zia, Rukhsana
    countries: in education : emerging goals in the new
231 millennium
232 Good practice in primary religious education 4-11           Bastide, Derek
233 Graphene                                                    Frederic P. Miller (ed.)
234 Graphene and Graphite Materials                              H. E. Chan (ed)
235 Great moments in Greek archaeology
    Greater expectations: overcoming the culture of              Damon, William
236 indulgence in our homes and schools
237 Greek Reflections on the Nature of Music                     Levin, Flora R.
    Groundwater Resources : Sustainability, Management,          Kresic, Neven
238 and Restoration
239 Guliver's travels                                            Swift, Jonathan
    Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation                   Yiu H. Hui
240 Technology
241 Handbook of Indian Sociology                                 Das, Veena (ed.)
    Handbook of Modern Sensors:Physics, Designs, and             Fraden, Jacob
242 Applications
    Handbook of Nitride Semiconductors and Devices,              Morkoc, Hadis
    Electronic and Optical Processes in Nitrides (Handbook
    of Nitride Semiconductors and Devices (VCH)) (Volume
243 2)
    Handbook of Nitride Semiconductors and Devices,              Morkoc, Hadis
    Materials Properties, Physics and Growth (Handbook of
    Nitride Semiconductors and Devices (VCH)) (Volume 1)
245 Handbook of Optics ( 5 Volume Set)                           Optical Society of America
246 Handbook of Pediatric Physical Therapy                       Toby Long, Kathy Toscano
247 Handbook of political communication research                 Kaid, Lynda Lee (ed.)
248 Handbook of preschool religious education                    Ratcliff, Donald
249 Handbook of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones                   Schumann, Walter
250 Handbook of school-family partnerships                       Christenson, Sandra L.(ed.)
251 Handbuch der internationalen politik                         Masala, Carlo
252 Handbuch Logistik (VDI-Buch)                                 Arnold, Dieter (ed.)
    Hazardous Materials: Regulations, Response & Site            Paul Wayne Gantt
253 Operations
    Heat and Mass Transfer:Fundamentals and applications         Çengel, Yunus A.
255 hermeneutics and religious education                         Pollefeyt, D. ve Lombaerts, H
256 Herzog on Herzog                                             Herzog, Werner
    Hierarchische Produktionsplanung (Physica-Lehrbuch)          Steven, Marion
    Histoire de la religion et de la culture en Europe de 1800   Kollektif
258 à 1914 en dissertations corrigées
    Historic Preservation: Collective Memory and Historic        Barthel, Diane L.
259 Identity
    Historical Dictionary of German Cinema (Historical           Reimer, Robert C.
260 Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts)
261 History of Indian Philosophy (5 Vols.)                       Dasgupta, Surendranath
262 History of Sanskrit Literature                               Macdonell, Arthur Anthony
    History Of The Ceramic Art: A Descriptive And                Jacquemart, Albert
    Philosophical Study Of The Pottery Of All Ages And All
263 Nations
    Hitchcock                                                    Scott, Helen G. and Truffaut,
264                                                              Francois
    How language works : how babies babble, words change         Crystal, David
265 meaning and languages live or die
266 How to do media & cultural studies                           Stokes, Jane C.
267 How to use Qualitative Methods in Evaluation                 Patton, M.Q.
268 How we think (1910)                                          Dewey, John
269 Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications                    Ricki Lewis
270   Hydrology and floodplain analysis                           Bedient, Philip B.
271   Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis               Tung, Yeou-Koung
272   Hymns of the Atharvaveda (2 Vols.)                          Griffith, Ralph T.H.
273   Hymns of the Rgveda                                         Griffith, Ralph T.H.
274   Hymns of the Samaveda                                       Griffith, Ralph T.H.
275   Ibn Battuta                                                 Harvey, L.P.
276   Illustrated Veterinary Guide                                Chris C. Pinney
      Image transfer on clay: screen, relief, decal & monoprint   Wandless, Paul Andrew
277   techniques
278   India’s Foreign Policy: Retrospect and Prospect             Ganguly, Sumit
279   Indian Philosophy: Volume 1                                 Radhakrishnan, S.
280   India's Economy: Performance and Challenges                 Acharya, Shankar
281   Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids                          Chiaramonte, Giovanni
282   Integrated circuit design                                   Weste, Neil H.E.
      Integrative religious education in europe: a study-of-      Alberts,Wanda
283   religions approach (religion and reason)
      Intercultural resource pack: Intercultural communication    Utley, Derek
284   ...
      International business competing in the global              Hill, Charles W. L.
285   marketplace
286   International economics theory and policy                   Krugman, Paul R.
287   International economics: trade and finance                  Salvatore, Dominick
      International handbook of comparative education (2 vol      Cowen, Robert- kazamias, andreas
288   set)                                                        m.
      International perspectives on citizenship, education and    Jackson, Robert
289   religious diversity
290   Interpersonal communication                                 Trenholm, Sarah
291   Interpersonal communication: everyday encounters            Wood, Julia T.
292   Introducing journalism and media studies                    Greer, Graham (ed.)
293   Introducing public relations                                Butterick, Keith
      Introduction to Automata theory, languages, and             Hopcroft, John E.
294   computation
295   Introduction to data mining                                 Tan, Pang-Ning
296   Introduction to enviromental engineering and science        Masters, Gilbert M.
297   Introduction to environmental engineering                   Mines, Richard O.
298   Introduction to graph theory                                West, Douglas B.
299   Introduction to hydrology                                   Viessman, Warren
300   Introduction to java programming                            Liang, Y. Daniel
      Introduction to management science: a modeling and
301   case studies approach with spreadsheets
302   Introduction to mathematical elasticity                     Lebedev, Leonid P
303   Introduction to parallel computing
304   Introduction to personality                                 Burger, Jerry M.
305   Introduction to Prakrit                                     Woolner, Alfred C.
306   Introduction to Remote Sensing                              Campbell, J
307   Introduction to Sanskrit (Part II)                          Egenes, Thomas
308   Introduction to veterinary genetic                          Nicholas, F. W.
      Investigative journalism: proven strategies for reporting   Gaines, William C.
309   the story
      Irrigation: Its Principles and Practice as a Branch of      Brown, Robert Hanbury
310   Engineering
311   Islam: political impact 1908-1972 (12 Volume Set)           Priestland, J. (ed.)
      Islamic movements in the Arab world 1913-1966 (4
312   Volume Set)                                                 Burdett, A. (ed.)
313   Islamic radicalism and multicultural politics               Abbas, Tahir
      Islamischer internationalismus im 20. Jahrhundert:     Schulze, Reinhard
      untersuchungen zur geschichte der Islamischen weltliga
315   Italian Cinema: From Neorealism to the Present                Bondanella, Peter
316   Java for programmers:contains 200+                            Deitel, Paul
317   Java: how to program                                          Deitel, Paul
318   Kaizen express                                                Narusawa, Toshiko
319   Key concepts in political communication                       Lilleker, Darren G.
320   Keywords in news and journalism studies                       Zelizer, Barbie
      King Abdul Aziz: diplomacy and statecraft 1902-1953 (4
321   Volume Set)                                                   Burdett, A. (ed.)
322   Kino-Eye: The Writings of Dziga Vertov                        Vertov, Dziga
323   Kirk’s current veterinary therapy XIV                         Bonagura, John D.
324   Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students                      Hill, Robert H.
325   Large Animal Internal Medicine                                Bradford P. Smith
      Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a        Wheatley, M.J.
326   Chaotic World
327   Lean product and process development                          Ward, Allen C.
      Lean solutions:How Companies and Customers Can                Womack, James P.,
328   Create Value and Wealth Together
      L'Eglise et la vie religieuse en Occident à la fin du Moyen   Rapp, Francis
329   Age
      L'émergence des sciences de la religion: La Monarchie         Despland, Michel
330   de Juillet : un moment fondateur
331   Life span development                                         Santrock, Jonn W.
332   Linear algebra and its applications                           Lay, David C.
      Living in the new millennium : Houses at the Start of the
333   21st Century                                                Cox, Maire (ed.)
334   Logic and computer design fundamentals                      Mano, M. Morris
      Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film                  Barsam, Richard and Monahan,
335                                                               Dave
      Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan through Zizek, Slavoj
336   Popular Culture (October Books)
337   Low-Speed Aerodynamics                                      Joseph Katz, Allen Plotkin
338   Lynch on Lynch                                              Rodley, Chris
      Making Materials Flow: A Lean Material-Handling Guide Harris,Rick,
      for Operations, Production-Control, and Engineering
339   Professionals
340   Managerial Accounting                                       Braun, Karen Wilken
341   Managing capital flows
342   Managing information technology
343   Managing software requirements                              Leffingwell, Dean
344   Manual of lower extremities orthotics                       Anderson, Miles
      Manuel de l'histoire des religions: Esquisse d'une histoire Tiele, Cornelis Petrus
      de la religion jusqu'au triomphe des religions
345   universalistes
346   Manufacturing engineering and technology                    Kalpakjian, Serope
347   Marketing Management                                        Kotler, Philip
348   Mass media research: an introduction                        Wimmer, Roger D.
      Media and journalism: new approaches to theory and          Bainbridge, Jason
349   practice
350   Media effects research: a basic overview                    Sparks, Glenn G.
351   Media effects: advances in theory and research              Bryn, Jennings (ed.)
352   Media ethics: key principles for responsible practice       Plaisance, Patrick Lee
353   Media gender and identity: an introduction                  Gauntlett, David
354   Media management : a casebook approach                      George Sylvie
355 Media rituals: a critical approach                         Couldry, Nick
356 Media studies: theories and approaches                     Laughey, Dan
357 Media/cultural studies: critical approaches                Hammer, R.
358 Mediatization of politics in history                       Voerman, Gerrit
    Medical mathematics and dosage calculations for            Bill, Robert Louis
359 veterinary professionals
360 Medieval Music as Medieval Exegesis                        Flynn, William T.
    Metamaterials:Theory, Design, and Applications             Cui, Tie Jun; Smith, David R.; Liu,
361                                                            Ruopeng (Eds.)
362 Metaphor and Film (Cambridge Studies in Film)              Whittock, Trevor
363 Microeconomics                                             Pindyck, Robert S.
364 Miller's Anatomy of the Dog                                Evans , Howard E.
    Mindscreen: Bergman, Godard, and First-Person Film         Kawin, Bruce F.
365 (Dalkey Archive Scholarly)
366 Mites of greenhouses                                       Zhang Zhi, Qiang
367 Mites: Ecology, evolution and Behaviour                    Walter, D.E., Proctor, H. C.
368 Models and trends in religious education                   Mckenna, Gail Thomas
369 Modern antenna design                                      Thomas A. Milligan.
370 Modern database management                                 Hoffer, Jeffrey A.
371 Modern English-Gujarati Dictionary                         Deshpande, Pandurang Ganesh
    Modern Food Microbiology                                   James M. Jay, Martin J, Loessner
372                                                            David, A. Golden
373 Modern Heterocyclic Chemistry (v.1-4)                       Barluenga, Jose (ed.)
374 Modern Management                                          Certo, Samuel C.
375 Modern practice of gas chromatography                      Grob, Lobert L. (ed.)
376 Modern systems analysis and design                         Hoffer, Jeffrey A.
377 Molecular and biochemical toxicology                       Smart, Robert C. (ed.)
    Moviemakers' Master Class: Private Lessons from the        Tirard, Laurent
378 World's Foremost Directors
379 Movies and Methods: Vol. II                                Nichols, Bill
380 Multicultural religious education                          Wilkerson, Barbara
381 Multivariate data analysis:A global perspective
    Music Education in the Middle Ages and the                 Weiss, Susan Forscher
    Renaissance (Publications of the Early Music Institute)
383 Music in the Medieval World                                Seay, Albert
    Musical Instruments and Their Symbolism in Western Art     Winternitz,Emanuel
385 Muslims and the state in britain, france, and germany      Fetzer, Joel S.
386 My iPad                                                    Rosenzweig, Gary
387 Natural Groundwater Quality                                W. Mike Edmunds, Paul Shand
    Natural hazards: earth’s processes as hazards, disasters   Keller, Edward A.
388 and catastrophes
389 Natural resource and environmental economics
    Nematodes as Biocontrol Agents                             P. S. Grewal; R. Ehlers and D.I.
390                                                            Shapiro-Ilan (Eds)
    Nephrology and fluid electrolyte physiology: neonatology   Oh, William K.
391 questions and controversies
392 Netter’s head and neck anatomy for dentistry               Norton, Neil S.
393 New media: a critical introduction                         Lister, Martin
394 New media: an introduction                                 Flew, Terry
395 NFPA 99: Standard for Health Care Facilities
396 Object-oriented software engineering                       Bruegge, Bernd
    Online journalism: principles and practices of news for    Foust, James C.
397 the web
      Operative Produktionsplanung und -steuerung: Konzepte     Rücker, Thomas
      und Modelle des Informations- und Materialflusses in
398   komplexen Fertigungssystemen
399   Optical Waveguide Theory                                  Snyder, A.W., Love, J.
400   Organic chemistry                                         McMurry, John E.
401   Outline of Hindi Grammar                                  McGregor, R.S.
      Oxford applied linguistics language assessment in         Bachman, Lyle F.
402   practice
      Ozonation of Water and Wastewater: A Pratical Guide to    Christiane Gottschalk, Judy Ann
403   Understanding Ozone and Its Applications                  Libra, Adrian Saupe
404   Panchatantra of Visnusarman                               Kale, M.R.
      Parallel programming : techniques and applications        Wilkinson, Barry
405   using networked workstations and parallel computers
      Pathology and Parasitology for Veterinary Technicians     Shapiro, Leland S.
407 Pediatric allergy: principles and practice
    Pediatric endocrinology part II:an issue of endocrinology   Rappaport, Robert
408 and metabolism clinics
409 Persuasion, social influence and compliance gaining         Gass, Robert H.
410 Persuasion: theory and research                             O'Keefe, Daniel J.
411 Pharmaceutical Calculations                                 Ansel, Howard C.
412 Pharmacotherapy:a pathophysiologic approach                 DiPiro, Joseph
413 Phased array antenna handbook                               Robert J. Mailloux
414 Philosophy and the young child                              Matthews , Gareth
415 Philosophy in the classroom                                 Lipman, Matthew
416 Philosophy of education: classical and contemporary         Elias, John L.
    Philosophy of the Film: Epistemology, Ontology,             Jarvie, Ian
417 Aesthetics
    Physical agent modalities: theory and application for the   Bracciano, Alfred G.
    occupational therapist (Bracciano, physical agent
418 modalitites
    Physical agents in rehabilitation :from research to         Cameron, Michelle H.
419 practice
    Physical Rehabilitation (O'Sullivan, Physical               Susan B.O'Sullivan, Thomas J.
420 Rehabilitation)                                             Schmitz
421 Physical Therapy For Children                               Suzann K. Campbell al.
    Platonopolis: Platonic Political Philosophy in Late         O’Meara, Dominic J.
422 Antiquity
    Pocket companion to Guyton and Hall textbook of
423 medical physiology
    Political History of Ancient India:From the Accession of    Raychaudhri, Hemchandra
424 Parikshit to the Extinction of the Gupta Dynasty
    Politics+Partnerships:The role voluntary associations in
425 America’s political past and present
426 Pollen and Spores                                           Agashe, Shripad N.
427 Pollen, the hidden sexuality of flowers                     Kesseler, Rob
428 Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control                      Harrison, Roy M.
429 Practical design of power supplies                          Lenk, Ron
    Practical research methods for media and cultural           Davies, Máire Messenger
430 studies : making people count
    Practical veterinary dermatopathology                       Bettenay, Sonya V. Hargis, Ann M.
432 Prescott’s microbiology                                     Willey, Joanne M.
433 Primordial Cosmology
    Principles and Practices of Unbiased Stereology: An         Peter R. Mouton
434 Introduction for bioscientists
435   Principles of Animal Locomotion                               Alexander, R.M.
436   Principles of economics                                       Case, Karl E.
437   Principles of instructional design                            Gagne, Robert M.
438   Principles of managerial finance                              Gitman, Lawrence J.
439   Printed circuits handbook                                     Coombs,F. Clyde Jr.
440   Probability & statistics for engineers & scientists
441   Problem solving therapy                                       Haley, Jay
      Process dynamics and control:International student
442   version
443   Produktionsmanagement                                         Vahrenkamp, Richard
444   Produktionswirtschaft                                         Nebl, Theodor
445   Program Evaluation Forms and Approaches                       Owen, J.M.
446   Programming the world wide web                                Sebesta, Robert W.
      Prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD: emotional                Foa, Edna
447   processing of traumatic experiences therapist guide
      Promised Lands: Cinema, Geography, Modernism                  Rohdie, Sam
448   (Library Binding)
      Psychological testing: history, principles and applications   Gregory, Robert J.
    Putting islam to work: education, politics, and religious       Starrett, Gregory
450 transformation in egypt
    Quentin Tarantino and Philosophy (Popular Culture and           Greene, Richard and Mohammad,
451 Philosophy)                                                     K. Silem
452 Qutb Minar and its Monuments                                    Pande, B. M.
453 Raku, pit & barrel: firing techniques                           Turner, Anderson
454 Ratnavali of Sri Harsadeva                                      Kale, M.R.
    Reading media theory: thinkers, approaches, contexts            Barlow, David
    Real time UML: advances in the UML for real time                Douglass, Bruce Powel
456 systems
    Realist Film Theory and Cinema: The Nineteenth-                 Aitken, Ian
457 Century Lukacsian and Intuitionist Realist Traditions
458 Records of Jordan 1919-1965 (14 Volume Set)                     Priestland, J. (ed.)
459 Records of Saudi Arabia 1961-1965 (6 Volume Set)                Burdett, A. (ed.)
    Records of the hajj: the pilgrimage to Mecca (10 Volume
460 Set)                                                            Rush, A.(ed.)
    Records of the Hashemite Dynasties ( 15 Volume Set)
461                                                                 Rush, A.(ed.)
462 Records of the Hijaz 1798-1925 ( 8 Volume Set)                  Burdett, A. (ed.)
    Reel Spirituality: Theology and Film in Dialogue                Johnston, Robert K.
463 (Engaging Culture)
    Reflexivity in Film and Literature: From Don Quixote to         Stam, Robert
464 Jean-Luc Godard
465 Regional Economics and Policy                                   Armstrong, Harvey; Jim Taylor
    Religion and Philosophy of the Veda and Upanishads (2           Keith, A. Berriedale
466 Vols.)
467 Religion in India                                               Madan, T.N.(ed.)
    Religion in the making: the emergence of the sciences of        Molendijk, A.L
468 religion
469 Religion, State and Society in Medieval India                   Hasan, S. Nurul
    Religious diversity and intercultural education: a              Keast, John
470 reference book for schools
    Religious education and the brain: a practical resource         Larsen, Jerry
471 for understanding how we learn about god
472 Religious education as a second language                        Moran, Gabriel
    Religious education in a pluralist society: the key            Edwards, John ve hobson, peter r.
473 philosophical issues
474 Religious pluralism and religious education                    Thompson, Norma H.
    Religious Thought and Life in India: Vedism,                   Monier Williams, M.
475 Brahmanism and Hinduism
476 Religiöser Pluralismus und Toleranz in Europa                  Augistin, Christian
477 Remediation: understanding new media                           Bolter, Jay David
478 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation                        Lillesand, T.
    Remote Sensing Application in Agriculture: Using               Elhaddad, Aymn
    Remote Sensing to Estimate Salinity and
479 Evapotranspiration
480 Research methods design and analysis                           Christensen, Larry B.
481 Research methods for cultural studies                          Pickering, Michael
    Response Surface Methodology, Process and Product              Myers, R.H.
482 Optimization Using designed experiments
483 Review of Veterinary Physiology                                Engelking, Larry R.
484 River Mechanics                                                Julien, Pierre Y.
485 Sacred Books of The East vol.1-50                              Max-Müller, F.
486 Saddles                                                        Beatie, Russel H.
487 Sanskrit Syntax                                                Speijer, J. S.
    Scenes of Love and Murder: Renoir, Film, and                   Davis, Colin
488 Philosophy
    Schalm's Veterinary Hematology                                 Bernard V. Feldman, Joseph G.
489                                                                Zınkl, Nemi J. Jain
490 Sears and Zemansky’s university physics                        Young, Hugh D.
491 Secular theories on religion: current perspectives             Jensen, Tim
    Secularism and state policies toward religion: the united      Kuru, Ahmet T.
    states, france, and turkey (cambridge studies in social
492 theory, religion and politics)
493 Small antenna design                                           Douglas B. Miron
494 Smart antenna engineering                                      Ahmed El Zooghby
    Smart antennas (Electrical Engineering & Applied Signal        Lal Chand Godara, Lal Chand
495 Processing Series)
    Smart antennas for wireless communications with                Gross, Frank B.
    Sociological cultural studies: reflexivity and positivity in   McLennan, Gregor
497 the human sciences
498 Sociology                                                      Macionis,John J.
499 Software design                                                Budgen, David
500 Software engineering                                           Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence
    Solid Waste Analysis and Minimization: A System                Matthew Franchetti
501 Approach
502 Sozialwissenschaftliche konflikttheorien                       Bonacker, Thorsten
    Splinting the hand and upper extremity: principles and         Jacobs , MaryLynn A.
503 process
    Statistical and adaptive signal processing: spectral           Manolakis, Dimitris G.
    estimation, signal modeling, adaptive filtering and array
504 processing
505 Statistics for business and economics                          McClave, James T.
506 Statistics for the behavioral and social sciences              Aron, Arthur
    Structural mechanics: loads, analysis, materials and
507 design of structural elements
508 Structured computer organization                               Tanenbaum, Andrew S.
509 Sufism and Society in Medieval India                           Aquil, Raziuddin
510 Surface Design for Ceramics                                    Mills, Maureen
511 Surface Water-Quality Modeling                                 Steven C. Chapra
512   Sustainable supply chain management
513   Switching power supply design                              Pressman, Abraham I.
514   Symbolic systems biology:theory and methods
515   Systems analysis and design                                Kendall, Kenneth E.
      Tabulation of FARAD Comparative and Veterinary             Craigmill, Arthur L.
516   Pharmacokinetic Data
517   Take Care of Yourself                                      Calle, Sophie
      Teaching without indoctrination: implications for values   Tan, Charlene
518   education
      Textbook of Biochemistry With Clinical Correlations        Thomas M. Devlin
519   (Textbook of Biochemistry w/ Clinical Correlations)
520   Textbook of Clinical echocardiography                      Otto, Catherine M.
      Textbook of Nephro-Endocrinology                           Ajay K. Singh MD and Gordon H.
521                                                              Williams
522 Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy                               Dyce, K.M.
523 The Aesthetics and Psychology of the Cinema                  Mitry, Jean
    The American Cinema: Directors And Directions 1929-          Sarris, Andrew
524 1968
    The anthropology of news and journalism: global
525 perspectives                                                 Bird, Elizabeth (ed.)
    The Arab league: British documentary sources 1943-
526 1963 (10 Volume Set)                                         Burdet, A.(ed.)
    The art of the author interview: and interviewing creative   Johnson, Sarah Anne
527 people
    The ASCE standardized reference evapotranspiration
528 equation
529 The Body's Perilous Pleasures                                Aaron, Michele
530 The book of virtues                                          Bennett, William J.
    The Brain Is the Screen: Deleuze and the Philosophy of       Flaxman, Gregory
531 Cinema
532 The Buddhism Omnibus                                         Singh, Iqbal
    The Ceramic Glaze Handbook: Materials, Techniques,           Burleson, Mark
533 Formulas
534 The ceramic spectrum                                         Hopper. Robin
    The changing faces of journalism: tabloidization,            Zelizer, Barbie
535 technology and truthiness
536 The circuit designer's companion                             Williams, Tim
537 The comet assay in toxicology:issues in toxicology           Dhawan, Alok
538 The comparative education reader                             Beauchamp, Edward R.
    The comparative method: moving beyond qualitative and        Ragin, Charles C.
539 quantitative strategies
    The Dhammapada: With Introductory Essays, Pali Text,         Radhakrishnan, S.
540 English Translation and Notes
541 The Economic History Of India 1857-1947                      Roy, Tirthankar
542 The Economics Of Animal Health And Production                J. Rushton
543 The Encyclopedia of arthropod-transmitted infections
544 The Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora                      Lal, Brij V. (ed.)
545 The Essential Guide to Mold Making & Slip Casting            Martin, Andrew
    The ethical crises of civilization: moral meltdown or        Lipson, Leslie M.
546 advance ?
    The ethical journalist: making responsible decisions in      Foreman, Gene
547 the pursuit of news
548 The ethics of cultural studies                               Zylinska, Joanna
    The first great political realist: Kautilya and his          Boesche, Roger
549 Arthashastra
550 The food and culture around the world handbook               Brittin, Helen C.
551 The French New Wave: A New Look (Short Cuts)              Greene, Naomi
    The Fright of Real Tears: Krzystof Kieslowski between     Zizek, Slavoj
552 Theory and Post-theory
553 The future of journalism in the advanced democracies      Anderson, Peter J.(ed.)
554 The globalization of world politics                       Baylis, John
    The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs: 50 Home- Cooked          Donna Twichell Roberts
    Recipes for the Health and Happiness of Your Canine
555 Companion
    The Gorgon's Gaze: German Cinema, Expressionism,          Coates, Paul
    and the Image of Horror (Cambridge Studies in Film)
557 The handbook of journalism studies                        Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin
558 The handbook of mass media ethics                         Wilkins, Lee
    The Haunted Screen: Expressionism in the German           Eisner, Lotte H.
559 Cinema and the Influence of Max Reinhardt
560 The Hinduism Omnibus                                      Chaudhuri, Nirad C.
561 The History of Ancient India                              Dutt, R.C.
562 The Illustrated History of South India                    Sastri, K.A. Nilakanta
    The Image and the Witness: Trauma, Memory and             Guerin, Frances and Hallas, Roger
563 Visual Culture (Nonfictions)
    The Imaginary Signifier: Psychoanalysis and the Cinema    Metz, Christian
565 The labVIEW style book                                    Blume, Peter A.
566 The law of journalism and mass communication              Trager, Robert
567 The lean manager                                          Balle, Michael
568 The magazines handbook                                    McKay, Jenny
    The Major Film Theories: An Introduction (Galaxy Book ;   Andrew, J. Dudley
569 Gb450)
    The Mind’s New Science: A History of the Cognitive        Gardner, H.
570 Revolution
571 The Mrichchhakatika of Sudraka                            Kale, M.R.
572 The Muslims of India: A Documentary Record                Noorani, A.G.
573 The new cultural climate in Turkey                        Gürbilek, Nurdan
574 The New Science of Giambattista Vico                      Vico, Giambattista
    The Nun and the Bureaucrat:How They Found an              Savary, Louis M.
575 Unlikely Cure for America's Sick Hospitals
576 The Oxford Anthology of Modern Indian Poetry              Dharwadger, Vinay (ed.)
577 The Oxford companion to politics in India
578 The Oxford History of World Cinema                        Nowell-Smith, Geoffrey
    The Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian          Pesch, Ludwig
579 Classical Music
580 The Oxford India Anthology of Bengali Literature
581 The philosophy of christian religious education           Astley, Jeff
582 The political economy of communication                    Mosco, Vincent
    The practice of family therapy: key elements across       Hanna, Suzanne Midori
583 models
    The pragmatics of defining religion: contexts, concepts
584 and contests                                              Platvoet, Jan (ed.)
585 The railway journey                                       Schivelbusch, Wolfgang
    The Renaissance Reform of Medieval Music Theory:          Mengozzi, Stefano
586 Guido of Arezzo between Myth and History
    The representation of muslim women in the post-9/11       Elveren, Betül
587 cultural products
    The Rise of Music in the Ancient World: East and West     Sachs, Curt
    The routledge international companion to multicultural     Banks, James A.
589 education
    The sacred and its scholars: comparative methodologies     Idinopulos, Thomas A.
590 for the study of primary religious data
591 The Sage dictionary of cultural studies v.1                Barker, Chris
592 The SAGE handbook of media processes and effects           Nabi, Robin L. (ed.)
    The Secularization of the European Mind in the             Chadwick, Owen
593 Nineteenth Century
594 The Selected Papers of Wolfgang Kohler                     Kohler, Wolfgang
    The service-oriented media enterprise : SOA, BPM, and      Footen, John
595 web services in professional media systems
596 The Shadow and its Shadow                                  Hammond, Paul
    The Taboo of Subjectivity: Toward a New Science of         Wallace, Alan
597 Consciousness
598 The Taste for Beauty (Cambridge Studies in Film)           Rohmer, Eric
    The training of elementary school teachers in germany      Kandel
    The training of teachers for secondary schools in          Brown, John Franklin
600 germany and the united states
601 The uses of cultural studies : a textbook                  McRobbie, Angela
602 The violence of financial capitalism                       Marazzi, Christian
603 Theorizing Desire: From Freud to Feminism to Film          Gorton, Kristyn
604 Theory and practice of education                           Turner, David A.
    Theory of education (Continuum Studies in Education)       Turner, david a.
606 Theory of Film                                             Kracauer, Siegfried
607 Thomas Kalkülüs                                            Thomas, George B.
    Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine: With             Robert MD Nussbaum MD,
    STUDENT CONSULT Online Access                              Roderick R. McInnes MD PhD
                                                               FRS(C), Huntington F. Willard PhD
      Towards religious competence: diversity as a challenge   Heimbrock, Hans-Gunte
609   for education in europe
610   Trade in Early India                                     Chakravarti, Ranabir
611   Training Foreign Language Teachers                       Wallace, Micheal J.
612   Training within industry: the foundation of lean         Dinero, Donald
      Transforming religious education: beliefs and values     Gates, Brian
613   under scrutiny
      Transport Modelling for Environmental Engineers and      Mark M. Clark
614   Scientist
      TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 1 -
615   Mathematics for EASA Part-66
      TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 10 - Aviation
616   Legislation for EASA Part-66
      TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 11A -
      Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems for
617   EASA Part-66 (vol.1-5)
      TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 13 - Aircraft
      Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems for EASA Part-
618   66 (v.1-3)
      TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 14 -
619   Propulsion for EASA Part-66
      TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 15 - Gas
620   Turbine Engine for EASA Part-66 (v.1-2)
      TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 16 - Piston
621   Engine for EASA Part-66 (v.1-2)
    TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 17 - Propeller
622 for EASA Part-66
    TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 2 - Physics
623 for EASA Part-66
    TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 3 - Electrical
624 Fundamentals for EASA Part-66
    TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 4 - Electronic
625 Fundamentals for EASA Part-66
    TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 5 - Digital
    Techniques and Electronic Instrument Systems for
626 EASA Part-66 (v.1-2)
    TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 6 - Materials
627 and Hardware for EASA Part-66
    TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 7 -
628 Maintenance Practices for EASA Part-66 (v.1-2)
    TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 8 -
629 Aerodynamics for EASA Part-66
    TTS Integrated Training Systems - Module 9 - Human
630 Factors for EASA Part-66
    TUFFS: Their Properties, Uses, Hydrology, And              Heiken, Grant
631 Resources
632 Turkey and her Arab Neighbours 1953-1958                   Sanjian, A.
    Tutorials in Complex Photonic Media                        Mikhail A. Noginov; Graeme Dewar;
                                                               Martin W. McCall; Nikolay I.
633                                                            Zheludev
    Ultra-Fast Fiber Lasers: Principles and Applications with Le Nguyen Binh
634 MATLAB Models
    UML Distilled:A Brief guide to the standard object         Fowler, Martin
635 modeling language
636 Understanding global conflict and cooperation              Nye, Joseph S.
637 Understanding nutrition                                    Whitney, Ellie
    Understanding other religious worlds: a guide for          Berling, Judith A.
638 interreligious education
639 Universal English-Gujarati dictionary                      Deshpande, Pandurang Ganesh
640 Universals of language today
    Values clarification                                       Simon, Sidney B.; Howe, Leland
641                                                            W.; Kirschenbaum, Howard
642 Vector mechanics for engineers: dynamics                   Beer, Ferdinand P.
643 Vedic Mythology                                            Macdonell, A. A.
644 Veterinary Clinical Examination and Diagnosis              O. M. Radostits (Editor),
    Veterinary Endoscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner Ed. Timothy C. McCarthy
646 Veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics                   Riviere, Jim E. (ed.)
    Visionary Film: The American Avant-Garde, 1943-2000 Sitney, P. Adams
    Wastewater treatment plants: planning, design, and         Syed R. Qasim
648 operation
649 Water Encyclopedia (vol.1-5)                               ed. Jay Lehr
650 Water Resources Sustainability                             Larry. W. Mays
    Water Reuse: Issues, Technologies, and Applications        Medcalf & Eddy Inc.
652 Water-Resources Engineering                                David A. Chin
653 Western civilization: a brief history                      Spielvogel, Jackson J.
654 Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V                                Morimoto, Rand
    Working with families in crisis: school-based intervention Steele, William
      Writing essays about literature:a guide and style sheet   Griffith, Kelley
    Yoga philosophy in relation to other systems of Indian      Dasgupta, Surendranath
657 thought

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