Common Market Gluten-Free Shopping List by pengtt


									           Common Market Gluten-Free Shopping List

Adapting to the gluten-free diet requires some lifestyle changes. It is
essential to read labels and learn how to identify foods that are appropriate
for the gluten-free diet.

In creating our list, we have taken many measures to be as accurate as
possible. The Common Market cannot be held responsible for individual
reactions to any products. The information provided in this Shopping List is
to be used only for educational purposes and should not be considered
medical advice.

Please read the label. Some products are naturally gluten-free, but the Celiac
Society cautions that these items are sometimes “contaminated” from being
processed in mills that also process wheat products. Because manufacturers
can change recipes, always read the label and check for ingredients that you
may be sensitive to before consuming any product. The Common Market
cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination.

Please note that there may be gluten-free products available that are not
included in our list.

If you are having trouble locating a product on this list please ask a Common
Market staff person for assistance.
Baked Goods
Bavarian - German Breads (Select Varieties)
Cybro's - Rice Rolls
Ener-G - Muffins and Breads (Select Varieties)
Rustic Crust - Napoli Herb Pizza Crust
Sweet n Natural - Pastry Desserts (Select Varieties)
Sweet Sin - Pastry Desserts (Select Varieties)

Baking Items
Arrowhead Mills - Brown Rice Flour
Arrowhead Mills - Organic Pancake Mix G/F
Authentic Foods - Bread Dough Enhancer
Authentic Foods - Guar Gum
Bob’s Red Mill - Baking Mixes / Baking Ingredients (Select Varieties)
Bob’s Red Mill - Flax and Flour Meals (Select Varieties)
Dandies - Vegan Marshmallows
Ener-G - Baking Ingredients (Select Varieties)
Enjoy Life - Chocolate Chips
Flavorganics - Organic Flavor Extracts (Select Varieties)
Gillian’s Foods - Bread Crumbs
Gluten-Free Pantry - Baking Mixes (Select Varieties)
Hain – Low Salt Baking Powder
Hol-Grain - Chicken Coating Mix
Let’s Do Organics - Baking Sprinkles, Tapioca Granules (Select Varieties)
Lundberg - Organic Brown Rice Syrup
Namaste - Baking Mixes (Select Varieties)
Natural Desserts - Unflavored Vegan Jel Dessert
Orgran - All Purpose Crumbs and Pizza &Pastry Multimix
Pamela's - Baking Mixes (Select Varieties)

Amazake - Rice Drinks (Select Varieties)
Bosa Nova - Superfruit Drinks (Select Varieties)
Dandy Blend - Coffee Substitute
Harvest Bay - Coconut Water
High Country - Kombucha (Select Varieties)
Lakewood - Juices and Concentrates (Select Varieties)
The Switch - Sparkling Fruit Juices (select Varieties)

Body Care
Badger - Bug & Suncare, Skincare
Burt's Bees- Skincare (Select Varieties)
California Baby - Kids Skincare (Select Varieties)
Desert Essence Organics - Haircare & Skincare (All Organic Products)
Dr. Hauschka - Skincare & Cosmetics
Jason- Kids Toothpaste (Select Varieties)
Keys- Skincare
Peter Rabbit Organics - Kids skincare (Select Varieties)
Shikai - Shampoo and Conditioner (Select Varieties)
Weleda - Skincare
Zuzu - Cosmetics

Candy Tree - Organic Lollipops and Candies        (Select Varieties)
College Farm - Organic Lollipops Bags
Dandies - Vegan Marshmallows
Dreambar - Chocolate Bars (Select Varieties)
Enjoy Life - Rice Crisp Bars (Select Varieties)
Go Natural - Hard Candies (Select Varieties)
Let's Do Organics - Gummi Bears Organic Classic & Jelly
Spry - Xylitol Gums (Select Varieties)
Surf's - Gummy and Jelly Candies (Select Varieties)
Vermint – Breath Mints (Select Varieties)
Xlear Spry - Sugar Free Gum and Mints (Select Varieties)
Yummy Earth - Lollipops

Arrowhead Mills - Organic Maple Buckwheat Flakes
Bakery On Main - Granolas (Select Varieties)
Bob’s Red Mill - Hot Cereals (Select Varieties)
Enjoy Life - Granolas (Select Varieties)
Erewhon - Cereals (Select Varieties)
Glutenfreeda’s - Oatmeals (Select Varieties)
Glutino - Cereals (Select Varieties)
Go Raw - Granola and Granola Bars (Select Varieties)
Lundberg - Organic Creamy Rice Cereal
Nature’s Path - Boxed and Eco Pak Cereals (Select Varieties)
Pocono - Organic Cream of Buckwheat
Ancient Harvest - Organic Quinoa Flakes

Condiments, Salsa & Salad Dressings
Amy's - Organic Salsa's (Select Varieties)
Annie’s - BBQ Sauces (Select Varieties)
Annie’s - Organic Ketchup
Annie’s - Salad Dressings (Select Varieties)
Bragg’s - Liquid Aminos
Drew’s - Salad Dressings (Select Varieties)
Enrico's - Salsas
Green Mountain Gringo - Salsas
Melinda's - Hot Sauces (Select Varieties)
Organicville - BBQ Sauces (Select Varieties)
Organicville - No Sugar Added Ketchup
Organicville - Salad Dressings (Select Varieties)
Organicville - Salsas (Select Varieties)
Pepper Dog - Salsas (Select Varieties)
Robbie’s – Vegan Worcestershire Sauce
San-J - Cooking Sauces (Select Varieties)
Spectrum Naturals - Organic Shortening
Toigo Farms - Local Salsas (Select Varieties)

Enjoy Life - Snack Bar Very Berry & Coco Loco
Envirokidz - Crispy Bars (Select Varieties)
Envirokidz - Animal Cookies Organic G/F
Enjoy Life - Cookies (Select Varieties)
Free From - Cookies (Select Varieties)
Glutino - Cookie Wafers (Select Varieties)
Glutino - Organic Chewy Bars (Select Varieties)
Jennie's - Macaroons (Select Varieties)
Jo-Sef - Cookies and Graham Crackers (Select Varieties)
Let’s Do Organics - Ice Cream Cones
Liz Lovely - Gourmet Cookies (Select Varieties)
Lucy's - Cookies (Select Varieties)
Midel - Snap Cookies (Select Varieties)
Nana's - Cookies (Select Varieties)
Pamela's - Cookies (Select Varieties)
Schär - Shortbread Cookies
Sunflour Baking Company - Boxed Cookies (Select Varieties)

Crackers and Crisp Bread
Blue Diamond - Almond and Nut Thin Crackers (Select Varieties)
Crunchmaster – Multi-seed Crackers (Select Varieties)
Edward and Sons - Brown Rice Snaps/Crackers (Select Varieties)
Kitchen Table Bakers - Mini Parmesan Crisps
Mary’s Gone Crackers - Crackers (Select Varieties)
San-J - Brown Rice Crackers Black Sesame
Shär - Table Crackers

Entrees, Mixes and Side Dishes
Annie’s - Rice Pasta and Cheddar
Lundberg - Organic Risotto and Couscous Entrees (Select Varieties)
Orgran - Canned Spaghetti in Sauce
Ancient Harvest - Quinoa (Select Varieties)
Road’s End - Vegan Penne and Chreese (Select Varieties)

In the Freezer
Against The Grain - Baguettes and Rolls (Select Varieties)
Amy's - Entrées, Breakfast items and Pizzas (Select Varieties)
Applegate - Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Sausages (Select Varieties)
Bell & Evans - Chicken Breast Tenders and Nuggets (Select Varieties)
Blue Horizon - Seafood Bites (Select Varieties)
Cedarlane - Entrée and Breakfast options (Select Varieties)
Conte's Pasta - Gluten Free Ravioli
Food For Life - Breads (Select Varieties)
Foodies - Gluten Free Vegan Artichoke Burgers
Foods By George - Breakfast and Pizza Options (Select Varieties)
French Meadow - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Gillian’s – Pie Crust & Bread (Select Varieties)
Glutenfreeda's - Burritos (Select Varieties)
Gluten Free Café - Entrées
Glutino - Entrées (Select Varieties)
Good Karma - Rice Divine Ice Creams (Select Varieties)
Helen’s Kitchen - Entrées (Select Varieties)
Ian's - Chicken Nuggets (Select Varieties)
Ian's - Fish Sticks (Select Varieties)
Ian’s - Pizza's and Kids Meals (Select Varieties)
Ian's - Popcorn Dogs (Select Varieties)
Kinnickinnick - Breads, Pastry Options (Select Varieties)
Nature’s Highlights - Brown Rice Pizza Crust
Nature’s Path - Organic Waffles (Select Varieties)
Olive Valley - Falafel (Select Varieties)
Organic Bistro - Frozen Entrées (Select Varieties)
Rice Dream - Rice Dream Vanilla
S'Better - Chicken Fingers
S'Better - Chicken Party Wings
S'Better - Corn Dogs
Sonoma - Ivory Teff Wraps
Sunshine Burgers - Vegetarian Burgers (Select Varieties)
Tandoor Chef - Dal Rajastani Entrée
The Crab Ladies - Frozen Crab Cakes
Tru Whip - Whipped Topping
Van's - Waffles/Toaster Sticks (Select Varieties)
Wellshire - Sunrise Maple Sausage Patties

In the Fridge
Bubbie’s - Pickles and Condiments (Select Varieties)
Cascade Fresh - Yogurts (Select Varieties)
Cool Cups – Fruit Gels snacks (Select Varieties)
Earth Balance - Butter Alternatives (Select Varieties)
Emerald Valley - Salsas, Hummus and Dips
Follow Your Heart - Dairy and Cheese Alternatives, Dressings, Veganaise Spreads (Select Varieties)
Galaxy - Veggie Cheese Singles and Parmesan Alternatives (Select Varieties)
Gold’s - Horseradish
Grainaissance - Mochi (Select Varieties)
Helios - Kefir (Select Varieties)
House Foods - Soy Pastas
Kozy Shack - Puddings (Select Varieties)
Lisanatti - Cheese Alternatives (Select Varieties)
Manitoba Harvest - Hemp Seed Butter
Nasoya - Tofus (Select Varieties)
Natural By Nature - Ricotta Cheese
Nature Naise - Sandwich Spreads
Parma - Vegan Grated Cheese (Select Varieties)
Rejuvenative Foods – Raw Cultured Vegetables and Raw Nut Butters
So Delicious - Coconut Yogurts, Creamers, Milks and Kefirs (Select Varieties)
So Yummi - Organic Puddings (Select Varieties)
Stonyfield Farms - Yogurts (Select Varieties)
Sunergia - Tofu's (Select Varieties)
Wholesoy - Soy Yogurts (Select Varieties)
Wildwood - Soy Yogurts and Smoothies (Select Varieties)
Zen Soy - Soy Puddings (Select Varieties)

International Foods
Amy's - Organic Refried Beans (Select Varieties)
Arora - Indian Spice Blends (Select Varieties)
Jyoti - Indian Foods (Select Varieties)
Mori-nu - Tofu (Select Varieties)
Native Forest - Fruit Chutneys (Select Varieties)
Thai Kitchen - Thai Foods and Condiments (Select Varieties)

Golden Valley Organic - Smoked Beef Jerkies (Select Varieties)
Lou's Famous - Chicken Sausages (Select Varieties)
Wellshire - Black Forest Ham Nugget
Wellshire - All-Natural Polska Kielbasa
Wellshire - Morning Maple Turkey Sausage
Wellshire - Turkey Ham Steak
The Crab Ladies - Crab Cakes
Non-Dairy Beverages
Blue Diamond - Almond Breeze Almond Milks (Select Varieties)
Good Karma - Rice Milks (Select Varieties)
Living Harvest - Organic Hemp Milks         (Select Varieties)
Mimic - Sweetened & Unsweetened Cream Substitute
Pacific - Almond, Nut and Rice Milk Beverages (Select Varieties)
Westbrea - Westsoy Soy milks (Select Varieties)

Nut Butters
Arrowhead Mills - Peanut Butters (Select Varieties)
I.M. Healthy - Soynut Butters (Select Varieties)

Nutritional Bars
Amazing Grass - Superfoods
Boomi Bars - Food Bars
Bumble Bars - Food Bars
Fiber 35 - Fiber Bars (Select Varieties)
Garden of Life - Protein bars (Selected Varieties)
Go Raw - Granola and Granola Bars (Select Varieties)
Kind - Food Bars
Larabar - Food Bars
Low Carb Specialties - Sugar-Free Chocolate
Macrobars - Food Bars (Selected Varieties)
Nutiva - Food Bars
Prana - Food Bars
Pure - Food Bars
Raw Revolution - Food Bars

Pasta & Pasta Sauces
Amy's - Pasta Sauces (Select Varieties)
Bionaturae – Gluten-free Pastas (Select Varieties)
Debole’s - Rice and Corn Pastas (Select Varieties)
Glutano - Tagliatelle Pasta
Mrs. Leeper’s - Brown Rice and Corn Pastas (Select Varieties)
Ancient Harvest - Quinoa Pastas (Select Varieties)
Rizopia - Organic Brown Rice Pastas (Select Varieties)
Shär - Gluten Free Pastas (Select Varieties)
Tinkyada - Organic Brown Rice Pastas (Select Varieties)

Snacks & Chips
Dirty Chips - Potato Chips (Select Varieties)
Ener-G - Pretzels (Select Varieties)
Food Should Taste Good - Tortilla Chips (Select Varieties)
Glutino - Pretzels (Select Varieties)
Green Mountain Gringo - Tortilla Strips (Select Varieties)
Hain - Mini Rice Cakes (Select Varieties)
Kettle - Potato Chips (Select Varieties)
Koyo - Brown Rice Chips (Select Varieties)
Lundberg - Rice Cakes (Select Varieties)
Lundberg - Rice Chips (Select Varieties)
Mary’s Gone Crackers - Sticks and Twigs Snacks (Select Varieties)
Mister Krispers - Rice Crisps (Select Varieties)
Oogie’s - White Cheddar Popcorn
Real Foods - Corn Thins (Select Varieties)
Michael Season’s - Cheese Puffs (Select Varieties)

Soup, Broth & Bouillon
Amy’s - Organic Soups (Select Varieties)
Dr McDougall - Cup and Aseptic pack Soups             (Select Varieties)
Edward and Sons - Miso Cups (Select Varieties)
Imagine - Creamy Soups and Broths (Select Varieties)
Pacific - Organic Soups and Broths (Select Varieties)
Road’s End - Gravy Mix Organic GF Shitake Mushroom
Seitenbacher - Vegetable Broth Mix
Shelton’s - Organic Chicken Broths and Turkey Chilis (Select Varieties)

Vitamins, Herbs & Other Supplements
Amazing Grass - Superfoods
American Health - Probiotics (Select Varieties)
Ayurceutics - Ayurvedic herbs (Select Varieties)
Bach - Flower Essences & Rescue Remedy (Select Varieties)
Barlean's - Greens Powder
Bluebonnet – Supplements (Select Varieties)
Buried Treasure - Liquid Vitamins (Select Varieties)
Carlson - Fish Oils, Vitamin D, Supplements
Common Market - Supplements (Select Varieties)
Coromega - Fish Oils (Select Varieties)
Earthrise - Spirulina (Select Varieties)
Enzymatic Therapy - Supplements (Selected Varieties)
Enzymedica - Enzymes & Probiotics
Fiber 35 - Protein Shakes
Gaia - Herbal Supplements
Garden of Life - Fish oils, Vitamin Code, Supplements (Select Varieties)
Green Foods - Superfoods (Select Varieties)
Hero Nutritionals - Kids Vitamins (Select Varieties)
Jarrow Formulas - Protein Powders & Supp. (Select Varieties)
Kyolic - Garlic (Select Varieties)
Lakewood - Juices (Select Varieties)
Lewis Labs - Brewers Yeast (Select Varieties)
Life Extension - Supplements
Liquid Health - Liquid Vitamins
Living Harvest - Hemp Protein
Manitoba Harvest - Hemp Protein
MegaFood - Vitamins
Natra-Bio - Kids Liquid Vitamin (Select Varieties)
Natrol - supplements (Select Varieties)
Nature's Answer - Liquid Vitamins (Select Varieties)
Nature's Life - Calcium (Select Varieties)
Nature's Plus - Supplements (Select Varieties)
Nature's Way - Herbs (Select Varieties)
New Chapter - Supplements
Nordic Naturals - Fish Oils
Nutiva - Hemp Protein
Nutribiotic - Rice Protein (Select Varieties)
Nutrition Now - Supplements (Select Varieties)
Oregon's Wild Harvest - Herbs
Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality - Liquid Vitamins
Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality - Magnesium (Select Varieties)
Pioneer - Vitamins & Minerals
Plant Fusion - Protein Powder
Proventive Nutritional Therapies - Protein Powders
Pure Essence Labs - Supplements (Select Varieties)
Pure Planet - Kamut powder (Select Varieties)
Rainbow Light - Supplements (Select Varieties)
Renew Life - Digestive care (Select Varieties)
Ridgecrest - Herbal Product (Select Varieties)
Source Naturals - Supplements (Select Varieties)
Sprunk-Jansen- Herbal Supplements (Select Varieties)
Trace Minerals - Supplements (Select Varieties)
Vibrant Health - Superfoods (Select Varieties)
Wellements - Gripe Water (Select Varieties)
Wobenzyme-N – Systemic Enzymes (Select Varieties)
Zand - Lozenges (Select Varieties)
Enzymatic Therapy - Supplements (Select Varieties)
Flora - Floravita Liquid Iron (Select Varieties)

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