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									Topic: Student Disability Services

   1. To learn what student support services are available and how to access them.
   2. Students will learn that they need to seek out support services and such
      services are not automatically given to them in college as they are in high
   3. Students will learn that not all schools have student support services for
      students with disabilities.
   4. Students will learn that they need to take responsibility for getting the help
      and accommodations they need while in college.

Materials Needed: K.S.U. Student Disability Services “The Right Choice” handout,
paper, pens, pencils

Introduction to Lesson:
Students will start off by working in pairs where they will list and/or talk about the
accommodations or help they receive now or in high school from their special
education teachers (one student may act as recorder). They will then be asked one
key question: “Were you given the help you need or did you have to ask for it?”

Procedure (step by step list):
   1) Ask students if they received the help they needed or if they had to go
      after it (see introduction). Gather responses and go over accommodations or
      services they have received from their special education teachers.
   2) Hand out the KSU Student Disability Services handout to students.
      Introduce the interchangeable terminology: student disability services,
      student support services, section 504 office. Briefly define that these are
      all offices on many college campuses that offer the help that high school
      special education teachers currently offer in high school. Explain that one
      key difference is that “you” (the student) have to seek out that help.
   3) Read through the list of services that the SDS office offers.
   4) Discuss how students would register to get those services and discuss
      documentation needed.
   5) Allow the students to ask questions if they have any.

Closure: If time available, students may look up schools of interest and see what
disability services they offer.

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