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					Mass PST Migration to Microsoft Exchange
TransVault™ Insight is a Microsoft Windows-
based application that enables PST archives
to be quickly, transparently and securely
migrated to the latest Microsoft messaging
Many organizations planning a switch to hosted Exchange
(Office 365) or an upgrade to Exchange 2010 onsite see an
opportunity to eliminate the costs, support overheads and
data management risks associated with using PST files.                               TransVault Migrator: Unparalleled scalability,
                                                                                     flexibility and auditing for your archive upgrade.
TransVault Insight addresses the challenge of ingesting
large numbers of PSTs, delivering powerful control,
advanced automation and detailed chain-of-custody.
Granular Control: Insight lets you profile, analyze and
manage PST contents according to many criteria* including
age, size, owner, sender, message class, attachments, etc.
Example policies and commands include:
      • Copy items less than 18 months old into Microsoft                   Get Insight, Get in Control
        Exchange 2010 personal archives.
                                                                            PSTs are notoriously problematic to IT departments:
      • Delete all items older than 3 years excluding
                                                                               • They’re difficult to backup when on user’s local disks.
        personal folders.
                                                                               • Large PSTs are prone to slow performance and corruption.
      • Replace any legacy shortcutted items before migration
                                                                               • They’re storage inefficient and even the smallest update
                                                                                 requires a full file backup.
Assurance: Insight monitors every aspect of your PST
                                                                               • Storing PST files on shared networks is not recommended.
estate and ongoing management activity. For example,
                                                                             PSTs also pose a potential, yet difficult to quantify business risk:
you can track the progress of data movement and produce
                                                                               • PST files can’t easily be searched by the business (they are
detailed reports to give you peace-of-mind that your PSTs                        pretty much a ‘black box’).
are under control.                                                             • Staff carry mass volumes of emails around ‘unprotected’ on
                                                                                 laptops, and can easily extract PSTs onto removable drives.
Scalability: Insight has been designed with a highly
                                                                               • They’re excluded from centralised records management and
scalable yet low-footprint framework that eases the                              may contain rogue emails that are not properly disposed of.
process of locating and interacting with PST files across
complex and/or distributed environments.                                     TransVault Insight lets you understand your distributed
                                                                             PST content, and take control.
*Contact TransVault for the latest list of search attributes.
 For more details and supported TransVault platforms contact your nearest authorized reseller. | North & South America: 646.808.0407 | EMEA & AsiaPac: +44 (0) 3333 404433
      Insight Architecture
           • Scalable, 3-tier master,
             controller & agent model.
           • Ideal for highly distributed
           • Minimal desktop impact
             with clientless & easily
             deployed (optional) local
           • Commands, results
             and status updates
             communicated between
             controllers and agents.

    Get Unparalleled PST Visibility                                                Manage PSTs In Place
    Whether on file servers, local disks, office-based systems or roving           Insight also gives organizations the option to manage their distributed
n   laptops, Insight gives organizations a total, overall view of their PST        archives ‘in situ’, putting a range of functions at their fingertips. Deployed
    content with the ability to drill down on areas of interest:                   as one-off actions or enforced as ongoing policies, these include:
       •    Are there items older than the businesses’ retention policy?               • Maintain a central backup
       •    Is there old/orphaned data that need cleaning up?                          • Delete specified items (e.g. emails older than 5 years)
       •    Are PSTs in places they shouldn’t be (e.g. on removable media)?            • Get a copy of emails sent between Mr X & Ms Y on a given date
       •    Is evidence relevant to an e-discovery exercise out there?                 • Flag all newly created files
    Heat maps, charts, ‘top offenders’ lists and detailed management reports       At all times Insight keeps track of activity, providing progress updates and
    help determine what action, if any, to take.                                   reports to demonstrate policy enforcement.
    Perform Mass Migration to Exchange                                             In short, no other PST management and migration solution gives you as
    The contents of all or selected PST files can be moved quickly, incisively     much power to cope with the PST challenge.
    and securely to Exchange, Exchange personal archives, or a hosted
    Exchange service.
                                                                                   Buying TransVault Solutions
    TransVault Insight supports EWS-based ingestion directly into Microsoft
    Exchange 2010 mailboxes, personal archives or Office 365.                      TransVault products are available through a global network
    All movement is fully audited to maintain chain-of-custody, with the ability
                                                                                   of partners that provide an end-to-end migration service. For
    to track any errors and automatically re-run an import as needed.              more information contact TransVault at
    Tricky issues such as ownership mapping and password protection are            or visit
    automatically taken care of.
    And, if a legacy archive has led to shortcuts in PSTs, TransVault Insight
    Premium lets you manage them as needed, for example, replacing them
    with the full item before migration to Exchange personal archives.
    You can also use TransVault Migrator to move the contents of 3rd-party
    archives into Exchange.
                                                                                   TransVault Migrator is a trademark of TransVault. Microsoft Exchange, Exchange 2010 and Office 365 are
                                                                                   registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other copyrights and trademarks acknowledged.
     For more details and supported TransVault platforms contact your nearest authorized reseller. | North & South America: 646.808.0407 | EMEA & AsiaPac: +44 (0) 3333 404433

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