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                 Types of Backup
          Full A full backup backs up all the files in
          the back up target.
          Incremental An incremental backup
          backs up all the files that have changed
          since the last backup.
          Differential A differential backup is the
          same as an incremental except if
          Windows files systems are involved. In
          that case it is a backup that does not clear
          the archive bit.
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             Backup and Restore tool
          SBackup is a simple backup solution for
          the BOSS desktop. It allows you to
          backup selected files and directories,
          define the file size limit, use regular
          expressions to exclude files and folders,
          and much more.
           These backups can then be saved
          locally, on removal media or even on
          remote directory.
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      Backing up using SBackup
  Once installed SBackup will be available under System \
  Administration \ Simple Backup Config.
  The three main operating modes are
   Recommended Backup
  This will perform a daily backup of your /home, as well as
  system data held in /etc, /usr/local and /var. This will
  deliberately exclude any files over 100MB as well as
  common multimedia file types. By default the archive created
  will be stored in /var/backup.
  Custom Backup
  This selection allows you to customize a profile and modify
  all options such as the include and exclusion rules, the
  scheduling time and where the backup will be made. The
  backup will proceed according to the settings on the tabs
  other than General.
  Manual Backup
  If you want to manually control when the backups are
  performed choose this option.
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