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					 Sparrow News
 November 9, 2011             | |
    Young guest dancers from the

    Sparrow Children’s Center
      perform during the 2010                                                         Sparrow nationally
       “Nutcracker” production.                                                       recognized at
                                                                                      Studer conference
                                                                                      Sparrow’s quality initiatives were a star
                                                                                      of the show at the recent What’s Right in
                                                                                      Healthcare Conference in Chicago.
                                                                                      Sparrow received an armful of awards from
                                                                                      the Studer Group, the worldwide healthcare
                                                                                      consulting firm that sponsors the event.
                                                                                      The Emergency Department was given
                                                                                      an Excellence in Patient Care “Special
                                                                                      Category” award, based on outstanding

                                                                                      performance.The ED also received the

Sparrow/C   MN dancers bring on                                                       previously announced award as Healthcare

                   er” producti
                                                                                      Organization of the Month for October.
g race to “Nutcrack             ed by the grace       be match
                                                                                      The prestigious honor is based on high
                                                                                      achievement, improvement and overall
                                acker” ballet will                   s from the
The be   auty of the “Nutcr                      ed young dancer                      performance.
                      x ph  ysically challeng                      work (CMN)
and courage of si                               ren’s Miracle Net
                    n’s C  enter and Child                          . 25-27, at the
                                                                                      “We are thrilled by the Crystal Flame
Sparrow Childre                                  ng weekend, Nov
                       ce s over Thanksgivi                                           award because of the benefits to our
during performan                                                                      Patients,” said Sparrow President and
Wharton    Center.                                              the Children’s
                                             ide members of                           CEO Dennis Swan. “Sparrow’s vision is to
                    w ill perform alongs                       between the
The youngsters                             th collaboration                           earn national recognition for quality and
                     M  ichigan in the fif                       have received
Ballet Theatre of                             t dancers – who                         the Patient experience. We are making
                     an d CMN. The gues                          – bring a joy
dance company                              tly receiving care                         progress toward achieving this high
                      row or are curren                         s and audience
treatment at Spar                          fellow performer                           aspiration because of what Physicians,
                     th at inspires their                          d Language
and enthusiasm                                  atrics Speech an                      Nurses, Staff and Volunteers are doing
                     ad  ine Methner, Pedi
members, says N                Sparrow is a CM
                                                   N hospital.                        every day.
Pathol  ogist at Sparrow.                                    the “Nutcracker”
                                        and coordinates                               “The Studer Award is reflective of our
Methner is a vo    lunteer for CMN                                                    increasing positive momentum.”
collaboration.                                                           with the
                                                      pically perform                 There was more, though. Sparrow earned
                     give kids    who wouldn’t ty
“We’re trying to                                           ethner says.
                                      t up on stage,” M                               an Excellence in Patient Care “HCAHPS”
ballet theatre   the chance to ge                                   and look          award based on a high score in the
                                                 done at Sparrow
                    show    off what they’ve                           rams at
“It’s a chance to                                   e pediatric prog                  category of “Yes, Patients Were Given
                    comes     from CMN and th                                         Information About What To Do During
at the good that
                                                                                      Their Recovery.” Plus, Studer founder
Sparrow.”                                                         scount for
                                              rough SPA, at a di . Friday,            Quint Studer even cited Sparrow’s quality
                           d are available th        are 7:30 p.m
   Tickets start at $10 an        RTON. Showtimes , Nov. 27.                          efforts in his conference keynote address.
   Associates, or at 1-800-WHA         d 2 p.m. Sund ay
                     rday, Nov. 26, an
   Nov. 25, and Satu

SSSSShhhh! Be respectf
  keep voices down for a
        healing environment                                                              Christine Jodoin (right),

                                                                                       Director of Medical/Surgical

  It takes everyone to
                                                                                       Nursing, along with Studer
                                                                                       Coaches (from left) Dr. Dan Smith

         keep Sparrow clean
                                                                                       and Mitch Hagins, shows off
                                                                                       two of Sparrow’s awards.
 PeoPle News
                 Sparrow President and CEO Dennis Swan
                 recently received the Alumni Achievement           Help local children through
                 Award from the Department of Political
                 Science at Western Michigan University.            Sparrow’s Operation Santa Program
                 Swan, who received his bachelor of arts degree     This holiday season, Sparrow will continue its involvement
                 from Western Michigan, was honored in a            with the Operation Santa Program by partnering with Bingham
                 recent ceremony at the Kalamazoo campus.           Elementary School to provide lower income families with
   Dennis Swan
                “He very much reflects the attributes of our        Christmas presents.
 best graduates from Western Michigan and we’re proud of            Sparrow sponsored presents for 141 children at Bingham last
 his success,” said John A. Clark, Professor and Chair of the
                                                                    year and is looking to increase that number to cover all 218
 Department of Political Science.
                                                                    students from kindergarten through 5th grade.
 Swan also holds a juris doctorate from Thomas A. Cooley
 Law School in Lansing.                                             Karen Edgar, Bingham Elementary Instructional Assistant and
                                                                    Operation Santa coordinator, said she has truly appreciated
                 Mary Ellen Ruch of Lansing was Sparrow’s           Sparrow’s involvement over the years and is looking forward
                 Volunteer of the Month in October.                 to continuing this strong partnership:
                The Sparrow Women’s Board of Managers and           “When the kids receive their gifts, you can see the exuberance
                Volunteer Services Department selected Ruch,        and gratitude in the smiles of both the children and their
                87, based on her 18 years as a volunteer for the    families. Without the help of organizations like Sparrow, many
                Mercy League at the St. Lawrence Campus. She
                                                                    of these children would not have the luxury of receiving
                volunteers for the League four times a month
Mary Ellen Ruch                                                     presents during the holidays,” Edgar said.
                and has served twice as group president.
 Ruch is known as a wonderful volunteer who works hard and            To participate or find out more information about
 has a bright, happy attitude.                                        Operation Santa, contact Cathy Potter at 517.364.2758 or
 Dear to her heart is the Hospice rooftop garden at St. Lawrence. Any gift is greatly appreciated!
 The garden is lovingly named after her daughter, Carolyn, who
 died in Hospice at age 26. Ruch and husband of 65 years, Emil,
 raised money for the garden for five years through plant sales
 and donations.
                                                                    Associates’ giving makes huge
 The Texas native remains active and vibrant. Her love of           impact at Sparrow Foundation
 people and desire to give make her a perfect fit to be a
                                                                    With the help of our Associates, the Sparrow Foundation was
 Sparrow volunteer.
                                                                    able to invest more than $2.8 million in grants and awards back
                 The Sparrow Women’s Board of Managers              to Sparrow last year.
                 and Sparrow Volunteer Services Department          If you have been considering giving to the Foundation, now is
                 has named Mary Schroth of Charlotte the            the time. Your donation is tax-deductible and your department
                 November Volunteer of the Month.                   could be eligible to win a year-end prize.
                After being diagnosed with cancer six years
                                                                    The impact of our internal giving campaign, Everyday Heroes,
                ago Schroth was amazed at the quality of care
                                                                    is widely felt throughout Sparrow.
                she received and the dedication of the Sparrow
 Mary Schroth                                                       “When we can say to a person and their family that we have
                oncology physicians, nurses, support staff and
 volunteers. She knew immediately she would like to be a part       wonderful people that want to help pay for your hospice care
 of the wonderful support system for those patients and their       not covered by your insurance, it takes away their anxiety
 families who are dealing with cancer.                              and fear. A donation to Hospice is a final gift of love and
 Although Schroth is a full-time teacher at the Battle Creek        compassion,” said Michelle Wiseman, Director of Sparrow’s
 Area Mathematics and Science Center she finds time during          Hospice & Palliative Care Services.
 school breaks and vacations to volunteer in the Cancer Center.
                                                                    Besides Hospice, the Foundation has provided grants and
 She is known to light up the Cancer Center with her radiant        awards to Pediatrics, Oncology, Cardiac Services, Respiratory,
 personality and smile.                                             the SANE program, and more. You can see the impact in the
 Schroth’s talent and dedication are immeasurable as she            beautiful plants of the rooftop garden for hospice patients
 turned her illness and recovery into an opportunity to share       and their families, infant car seats given to new parents by
 her experience and help others on the road to good health.         our Trauma Center, and through the Care for the Caregivers
                                                                    Care for the Caregivers helps fellow Associates who have
 Get more content online                                            experienced a major loss, catastrophe, illness, or medical
 For more Sparrow News content, visit                  condition adversely affecting their – or their dependents’ –
 mysparrowassociates. Scroll down to “Sparrow news”                 well-being. Since 1991, gifts to the fund have helped support
 and click on “Additional online content.” You’ll see stories       more than 1,456 requests, representing $830,425 in caring
 and photos on:                                                     aide to Associates.
 » iSparrow EMR validation sessions
                                                                      For more information, or to make a donation,
 » Wound Clinic opens                                                 contact or call 517.364.5680.
 » Care for Caregivers book sale
        « Radiation Oncology Nurse Sandra Mazuchowski                                  « Carbone (left) poses with breast
          shows off her head-to-toe support of October’s                                cancer survivor Debby Harrison and
           Breast Cancer Awareness Month during                                          James Herman, MD, Cancer Center
             a free pizza lunch given for Sparrow                                         Director. Pizza was served from
              Cancer Center staffers. The event was                                        the pink Hungry Howie’s boxes,
                 organized by East Lansing/Lansing                                          commemorating
                  Hungry Howie’s franchise                                                   the color of Breast
                    owner Dominic Carbone, a                                                  Cancer Awareness
                     member of the Sparrow                                                     Month.
                       Foundation Board of

Conversion to Microsoft Outlook                                                        ses bravery,
e-mail system starts Nov. 28                                     Pho to project showca
The system-wide conversion from the Novell                       charm of youngste e photos around
                                                                                       onths you’ll notic
GroupWise e-mail system to Microsoft Exchange                    In the next few m              ds, young people
Outlook begins Nov. 28.                                          Sparrow      of Kourageous Ki                    ly announced
                                                                                               . Sparrow recent
                                                                  life-thre  atening illnesses                    ovides free
The conversion will occur several departments at a                                             ogram, which pr
                                                                  its partic  ipation in the pr                   irit of these
time and end on Dec. 13. It will affect all e-mail residing                                    at capture the sp
                                                                   professi  onal portraits th                       d lasting
in your GroupWise inbox, as well as appointments,                                                 e a wonderful an
                                                                   incredib   le children and ar                      featured
tasks, notes and contacts (personal address books).                                             gsters will also be
                                                                   gift to fa milies. The youn            higan.
The upgrade brings a number of positive changes to                                      ughout mid-Mic
                                                                    in billboards thro                           grant for the
Sparrow, including a much-needed increase in individual                                       written a $5,000
                                                                    Spar   row has co-under                     fe Insurance
mailbox storage capacity and the ability to easily sync                                      ckson National Li
with software and applications used throughout the system.           proj ect, along with Ja
                                                                     of Lansing.                                            ve in
                                                                                                       e resources we ha
  Information regarding the e-mail system, dates specific
                                                                     “This kind of   project shows th         n’s Center, which
  departments will be converted, and how to get training                                    ugh our Childre
                                                                     ou  r community thro                      ungsters,” said
  are available at the following Intranet URL address:                                       care to these yo
  http://outlookinfo.                                                 provides such good                  ent of Developm
                                                                      Stella Cash, Sp  arrow Vice Presid
                                                                                                           it’s an opportunity
                                                                                         rtnerships. “And                     ren.”
                                                                      and Strategic Pa                   avery of the child
iSparrow EMR Phase 2                                                  to showcase    the beauty and br

takes another major step
                                                                                                                     e Kourageous
Hundreds of Sparrow leaders, physicians and staff are                                           s involvement in th
                                                                        Ce lebrating Sparrow’                        ncer patients
                                                                                               t row, from left ) ca

participating in “validation sessions,” another key step                   program are (fron                                         m
                                                                      Kids                                       and (back row, fro
in iSparrow EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Phase 2.                                         d Olivia Whitman
                                                                      Jac queline Wilkes an                       ephen Guer   tin, MD,
                                                                                             Chris Houghton, St
Sessions were held Oct. 25-27 and continue Nov. 8-10                  left) cancer patient                    ildren’s Center, St
                                                                                                                                  ella Cash,
                                                                                                e Sparrow Ch
and Dec. 6-8.                                                          Med  ical Director of th                Strategic Partn  erships,
                                                                                          Development and
iSparrow system validation involves department leaders,                Vice President of                      dham Project, wh
                                                                                                der of the Ol
physicians, subject matter experts, and project team                   an d Terri Shaver, foun
members reviewing the recommended EMR system and                       runs the program
providing feedback to Epic, our partner and EMR vendor.
The inpatient phase of iSparrow EMR will be launched at
Sparrow Hospital, Sparrow Specialty Hospital, Sparrow
Clinton and Sparrow Ionia. iSparrow will be live by the end
of 2012.
“The October validation event was a crucial step towards
easing the transition from paper to electronic medical records
in the hospital setting,” said Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD,
EMR Project Medical Director.
“Each session allowed us to share proposed EMR workflows
with experienced Sparrow caregivers and get their input as
to which standardized workflows will best support them in
delivering the very best care to every patient, every time.
Their feedback was extremely valuable.”
       1215 East Michigan Avenue
       PO Box 30480
       Lansing, MI 48909-7980

             John Foren
         517.364 . 2207

                                            C               ro led on TV
                                              ancer Center pwas ficently profiled by “Healthwise,” anore
Cancer Center                               The Sparrow Can
                                                               cer Center                          m
                                                                                     show distributed
                                                                                                         in October to
                                                                od uced television
                                            independently pr
among only five                             than 20  0 public televisi
                                                                       on stations across
                                                                                            the U.S.
                                                                                                 . For your conven
                                                                                                                   ience, the
                                                                                           d the
U.S. hospitals in                            We invite you to
                                                               view it at sp
                                                                en uploaded     to Sparrow’s YouT
                                                                                                    ube Channel an
                                             video also has be                      page.
clinical drug trial                          Sparrow Health
                                                               System Facebook
                                                               ebsites are: yout
                                              Links to those w
for rare disease                              and
                                                                                       st em.
                                                                                                        MD, PhD, of the Sp
Did you know Sparrow has                                                          Gordan Srkalovic,                      ” production
                                                                                                       m the “Healthwise

one of the largest clinical trial                                                Center, in a clip fro
programs in Michigan?
In fact, Sparrow Cancer Center
is one of only five U.S. hospitals
taking part in an international
clinical drug trial for a rare,
debilitating disease that causes
abnormal cell overgrowth in the
lymph nodes.
The study is open to individuals
over 18 who have been diagnosed
with non-HIV related multicentric
Castleman’s Disease (MCD).
Patients with MCD suffer from
fatigue, fever, and anemia, and are
considered to be at higher risk for
cancer of the lymphatic tissue
“It is a rare disease. When it happens
we do not have many choices in
treatment because there are so few
studies,” said Gordan Srkalovic, MD, PhD,
Sparrow Cancer Center Director of
Clinical Trials.
  For more information,


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