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									 How To Organize Your Home For Summer
Summer is the season of exterior pleasures - soaking up the sun, enjoying a
refreshing beverage on your deck and cooling off with a swim So with summer
just around the corner now is the time to turn our organizing thoughts to
outdoor pleasures Spring is the perfect time to gather all the necessary
supplies you'll need for summer (I'm assuming you've already cleaned your
outdoor furniture and have set up your porch swing or hammock If not, get to
it No sense, putting it off After all, you'll need a place to relax once you get
everything done ) Let's start with the biggest of your must have accessories - a
heavy duty plastic cooler, a small table and a decent sized trash can
 These are all good to have on hand You may also want to pick up a bag or two of ice
so you never run short Next check your condiment supplies Do you have
enough ketchup, mustard, relish, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise to get you
through the season? If not, stock up now A condiment refrigerator tote keeps
everything organized and easy to retrieve While you're thinking about what
you'll need check out your stash of paper plates, cups, napkins and plastic
utensils Consider keeping a tray of disposables handy for quick table setting
 Don't forget to stock up your picnic basket for impromptu outings Keeping
everything in your picnic basket organized and ready to go will save
considerable time when it comes to hosting your next picnic Keep barbecue
tools and accessories like your apron and hot pads handy Soon school will be
out and your backyard will be overrun with summer toys in all shapes and
sizes, makes and models By establishing a game plan at the start of the
season you'll eliminate considerable frustration Keep swimming and water
related items like floating toys, flip flops, and goggles in one place A great way
to do this is to string up some fish netting
 All you need is a couple of heavy duty hooks and a bunch of toys It keeps
things all in one spot and anything damp dries quickly Use a large lidded bin
to store outdoor toys Insisting on a daily clean-up effort at the beginning of the
season will get everyone off to a good start Fill your cooler with ice, and then
organize it with drinks, snacks and antibacterial wipes so the kids won't have to
keep going into the house for stuff Keep necessities like bug repellents, a
small first aid kit, sunglasses and sunscreen organized together and near your
back door If you find sand or dirt frequently gets tracked in consider placing a
heavy-duty mat outside and another lighter-gauge one indoors
 In addition, place a basket or shoe holder outdoors to encourage family
members to remove their shoes before going inside A broom and dustpan
combo or a hand-held vacuum kept nearby will also help keep your floors
cleaner Other cool summer organizing ideas include: *Using a folding clothes
rack for hanging towels poolside *Affixing bathtub decals to the bottom of
kiddie pools to make them slip-free *Using a small kiddie/wading pool and lots
of ice to keep drinks cool when hosting a large pool party *Using a kiddie pool
to bath the dog, as a sandbox or to wash freshly cut grass off your feet before
entering the pool

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